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Terms of Subscription to the
$6 for lsi mouths, or J5 if paid in advauce.
?3 for 6 months, or 42.50 in advance.
75 cents for one moutli, or 50 cents do
The Weekly National Whiu, Two Dollar* pu
tiwum, invariably in advance.
Fifteen lines or less for one yeur, unewabU 3
times a week, $100?twice a week, $W)?once a
week $60? once a mouth 50?once in two months
|40?ouce in three months $30?once in 6 months
1^5?Fifteen linea or less, standing, $20 a year?
$15 for six months?410 for three mouths?$1 for
two months, and $4 tor one month.
Advertisements of 15 lines or less, for any pe
riod less than one mouth, inserted for 50 cents the
first, and 25 cents each subsequent insertion.
Standing business cards of three Hues inserted
for $1 a month, paper included, or 75 cents if paid
in advance.
Announcements of marriages and deaths, church
notices, uoticos of the various Charitable, Educa
tional, Temperance, Stc., Societies, Fire and Mi
litary Companies, Su\, inserted without charge.
for THE
vsmmsm toboto
Jacob Merritt, Cabell C. H.
P. H. McCullsch, do do
11. 8. Farrow, U rents villo, Va.
J. D. El wood, Miildletown, Conn.
If? Our friends abroad who are willing to act a*
the Local Agents of the National Whig will please
?end ?? their iuuuos and post-towns wit tool delay.
ffj" Whoever will send us the money f.?r five sub
scribers to the Woek'y Na i mal Whig (price $2
per annum) for one year, shall receive a copy gra
" a7D AND COM FO R 'i\"
The Commander Of our Nnval forces iu the
Guif is hereby directed not to obstruet the pas
sage of Gun. Antonia Lopez de Santa Anna
aud suite to Mexico should he desire to return
thither. JAMES K. POLK.
May 15, 1846.
Polk's admission of luiuing granted the pass,
"When orders were issued to the Comman
der of our Naval forces in the Gulf, on the 15th
day of May last, only two days after the exis
tence of the war had been recognized by Con
gress, to place the coast ot Mexico under
blockade, he teas directed not to obstruct the pas
sage of Santa Anna to Mexico should he return.
?Pout's Annual Message to Congress, Dec. 7, '40.
It remains to be seeu whether his return may
not yet prove favorable to a pacific adjustment
of existing difficulties.?Hid.
What luts been seen.
Battle or Monterey.?September 21, 22,
23, 184tj.?three days hard lighting between
(Jen-Zachary Taylor with three thousand men,
and Gen. Ampudia with twelve thousand
men, resulting in the capitulation of the City
?loss of the Americans iu killed and wound
ed?Five Hundred!
Battle or Buuna Vista.?February 22d
23d, between Gen. Zachary Taylor with live
thousand volunteers, and Santu Anna com
manding a Mexican force of twenty thousand
men?resultiug in the total overthrow of the
enemy?loss of the Americans in killed aud
Wounded?Skven Hundred!
Fall or Vera CrVz, and the Castle of Ul
loa, March 20th, 1847, after several days bom
bardment of the town by Gen. Scott with four
teen thousand men?loss of the Americans in
killed and wounded?One Hundred!
Battle or Cerro Gordo?April 17th and
18th, two days hard iigktiog, between Gen.
Scott with twelve thousand men, and Santa
Anna commanding a picked Mexican force of
twenty thousand, resulting in the overthrow of
the enemy?loss of the Americans in killed
and wounded?Two Hundred and Fifty.
triumphant success"
(CONSUMPTIVES, remember that it i3 Thorn
i son's Compound Syrup of Tar aud
Food Naphtha, which is daily effecting such
remarkable cures in pulmonary consumption,
asthma, bronchitis, spitting blood, pain in the side
and breast, sore throat, hoarseness, palpitation of
the heart, whooping cough, croup, nervous tre
mors, hives, liver complamt, diseased kidneys,
Therefore beware of all spurious mixtures of
Tar or Naphtha, and purchase of the advertised
agents only. \
Philadelphia,,April 9, 1646.
Last August a year, 1 caught a violent cold, iu
cousequeuce of getting wet in u shower of rain.
A circumstance so common gave me no immediate
concern, supposing that 1 should soon get rid of it.
On the contrary, however, I daily grew worse; a
violent cough set in, tlien paiu in my breast and
.between my shoulders. I now suffered great op
pression from the great secretion of purulent mat
ter in my lungs. I became greatly alarmed ; and
my friends considered my situation extreme))
critical, tho more so as loss of appetite, hectic
fever, and night sweats rendered mo as weak as
a child, and at night the sweat literally poured off
me! This was my condition vheu 1 commenced
using " Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tar and
Wood Naphtha." 1 procured one bottle, aud ex
perienced so much benefit that 1 resolved to con
tinue it. It is now six months since 1 ceased using
the medicine, and the cure remains perfect. 1
firmly believe this medicine is far superior to
every other remedy for Consumption of the Lungs.
J. J. CHAMBERLALN, No. 8, Carberry street.
Affirmed and subscribed this 9th day of April,
1846, before me. -
John Swift, Mayor of Philadelphia.
JEj* This invaluable remedy is prepared ouly
lyrAugney & Dickinson, (successor of S. P.
Thomson) Philadelphia.
Sold also by Charles Stott, Washington, B.
Rush Roberts, comer Baltimore and llanover
streets, Ba tiinore ; Duval & Pureed, Richmond,
Virginia. Price 50 cents, or six bottles, $2 50.
?3" Avoid all pretended imitations.
For the Permanent Removal of all such Dis
eases as lake their rise in an Impure Blood,
Impaired Digestion, Morbid state of
the Liver and Stomach, Weakness
of the Nervous System, and a
disordered Habit of
Constitution Gen
circulation, strengthening the system ana
itating digestion, Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and
Wild Cherry Bitters will restore the most confirm
ed invalid to health. Where either these effects
are necessary to the restoration, the " Bitters "
will be found to possess every ijuality desired.
They have been used already with the greatest
success, in many obstinate cases of impurity of the
blood, nervous irritation, Dyspepsia, low spirits,
Sorofu'a, palpitation of the heart, chronic head
ache and Rheumatism. Tlicy are indeed a happy
combination of powerful, yet safe and salutary
vegetable remedies, of a sterling and unimpeach
able reputation. They have won their popularity
solely by their intriusic merits, and that they have
been successful, numerous certificates in the
hands of the proprietor, and the greatly iucreasing
sale* fully attest. Those desirous of an agreeable
yet efficient tonic or alternative medicine, need
seek no further, for iu this preparation they will
find all that is desired.
Sold Wholesale and Retail by Wyatt & Ketch
a* 1*1 Fulton Sreet, N. V. CIIARLL8 STOTT,
Washington, and by Drupgiit* generally through
out the U. 8. Price $IL Large bottles.
V M. HOFFAR, DENTIST, 4* street, fire
A , doors above Per.n. avenv*, east side.
Teeth inserted on gold plate *\ better style
than done in the city, nnd cheap accordingly.
junel4 tf
NO. 85
J. Ac J. IV. Weeks.
At Ihtir Manvfactory f splendid and fash
ionable Cabinet Furniture and
No. 14 Veseit Stre*t, Nsmt York,
HAVE just completed iheir full assortment of
Furniture, made iu the most ancient and mo
t'ern Pa uian and other eiyles, consisting in part of
Egyptian, Elixibetbian,Gothic, Louis XIV and XV.
&c , all of which is of their own manufacture, and
got up under their own personal superintendence,
and warranttd to equal any made in this or Europe,
w> which thsv invite the atient on of buyers both to
quality and price, before purchasing elsewhere.
chartered in 1792
Paid up Capital, 200,000?Surplus, $55,(100.
Incures Merchandise, Buildings, Machinery, Manu
factories, etc., in this city and vicinity,
at the current rites.
J. Iin M. Scott, J"hn B. Budd,
Robert M. Lewis, John Stewart,
Charles Mucalenter, Geo. Trott. Jr.
N.Lewis Paleske, GustavusCalhoun,
William S. Smith, James Devereaux,
William K. White Charles 8. Wurtz,
SIMEON TOBY, President,
William Harpkr, Secretary.
Aj ply to B. 8. WHITNEY,
jy 25 if 72 Wall street, N V.
"tiTfanyt ywng; & "musT
respectfully aunounce that they have opened their
new e tabliehrr.ent,
JV\>. 21, Broadway, corner of Chambers
street, one b'.ock t bone Ihtir former
WITH nearly 200 cases, fo m ng an entirely
new and the largest stock of eiegnnt Useful
and Fancy Articles of a higher order of taste, beau
ty, and richness than have ever been exhibited in
New York.
Bronzes; Bohemian Glasa; French and Dresden
Porcelain; Terra Cotta; Papier Mache; Bronzed,
Gilt, and Electro-silvered Wares; rich inlaid Desks;
Dressing Casey; Work Boxes; [Cutlery and
8(eel Goods; Paper and Fancy Stationery; Perfum
ery, Bru-hes, Combs, and articles for the toilet;
Fana, Umbrellas, Ca ec, Whips, Pursea. and Bags;
Opera Glassep, &c. Chinese and India Fancy Arti
cles, and Curiosities; an entire importation of Japa
nese Goods, probibly tho most extensive and magni
ficent collection ever sent out of Japan.
To their former business they will a id
and invi'e particular attention to their large selection
both Foreign and American, of t^e newest, richest,
and most elegant descriptions; beautiful Watches
and Clocks; fancy Silver wares, Diamonds, Camess,
Corals, Enamels, &c., all of which will be marked
in plain figures at prices from which not the slight
est deduction will be made.
Their Jewelry Department will be under tho care
of Mr. Thomas Crane Banks.
371 Broadway, corner of Chambers st.
july 29?tf
Ao. 123 Pearl street, JVerc York,
Has received by recent akmvals
FROM EUROPE, and will continue to receive
by stpamers and Packets a full assoriment of
Bobbinet and Thread Laces and Edgings, New
Musliu Laces and Edgings, new stylo
4-1 ond 6-4 black and white plain and fancy
4-4 black Silk Nets, plain and figured
Black Silk Laces for trmmings
Silk and Cotton Quillings
Men's and women's black, white and colored
8,1k Gloves
Men's and women's black, whi'e and colored
Spun G'ovea
Fancy Cotton "Milts and Gloves
Black, whin andf colored Silk Lace Mitta
Children's Silk Mitt* and Gloves.
1-4 and 1-4 long Silk Lace Milts and Gloves,
do do children's do do
Black and while 8i!k Hosiery
do do Spun do
Silk Shirts and Diawers
Blsck and Fancy Satin Veslings
Fancy Silk Cravats
Lsdieb' Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs
Fancy Bonnetings
Fancy Silk and Satin Trimmings, new and
eonfnicd styles
Bavarian Gimps
Bullion and o her Fringes, from I inch to 3^
inches, in great variety, some very rich
Men's and women's Thibet and Cashmere
Children's Thilwt and Cash merit Gloves
Men's heavy Woollen Gloves
do Chamois lined Berlin Gloves
Worsted Shawls, in great variety
do Cravats or Comforts,
Worsted Hoods, in great variety
Children's do
Children's Muffs, Pelerines, Boas, Slc. See.
tLg* All of which aro offered for sale on the most
favorkhle tcinis. july 22?tf
$500 REWARD.
THE above reward will be paid to any pcrs n
who will wore to her disc nsolnte parents,
their daughter, MARY FOX, or one half of said
reward for such information aa will lead to her re
covery. Said Mary left her school about 5 P. M.,
on the 20!h of May, 1817, and since that time Ins
not been seen. She is only 15 years of sge, 4 feet
9 inches, black hair, small black eyes, rather thick
pouting lips, r d chei ks. small features, pretty and
qute girlish in appea-anee. She wore a small
plaid calico dreas, pink, purple and blue; black silk
cape and apron, black gaiter b wts, pink silk shirred
hat, and green veil; two sma'l chased finger rings,
a gold pencil attached to a black cord, and her nails
quite abort from biting them. It is strongly sus
pectrd that ahe has been abducted by a person
named Michael, alias Martin Hare, formerly proprie
tor of a Bowliiig Saloon, located near No. 202
Broadway, opposite the Franklin House, who ab
sconded about that lime from thi* city, deserting his
wife and leaving her entirely destitute of support.
Said Hare U about 28 years of age, no whiskers
fair complexion, and rather genteel appearance.
He was fcen linking in the neighborhood of her
school a short time previous, disguised with false
whiskers. t
A sister of Hare, named Margaret, waa removed
by him from a boarding school about the tima of the
abduction, and is sup; osed to b? with them. 8hr
is described as follows:?Very daik hair, almost
biick ; dark skin, grey eyes, prominent eyebiows, a
small scar on on# eyebrow, a small scar on the right
cheek as if made by small pox, a scsr formed by a
gash upon the end of the nose, nearly an inch in
length, the tooth next to the first double tooth ou
the left sidrt of the face gone ; she is about seventeen
years of sge.
Any information to be immediately communicat
ed, by telegraj.h, if p?*sil>l*, to Gvorge W. Mai sell,
Chief of Police, New York, who ia authorial lo
pay the pbove reward. jy 21 tf
PLA AND 60 Inch Gentinella Blanketing, of a
superior quality?for sale Uno by
jy 80 tf 35 Pin# Street, N. Y.
or 1847.
52 Exchange Pi,*ce,
Have received by late arrivals
snd ivitl coutinuo to receive by Packets aod
Steamers from Europe, a very large and well select
e<l stock of
English, French Fancy and Staple
dry goods,
A ap'ed to the approuclii-.g tcason, consisting in
part of the following ariicl 's, viz;
i 5}'EcOM4!' I'l^n I will strip and
plaid: Plaid Oregon*, new patltin* and sup. quality
rich color*; Rich Plaid Victoria*, silk and wool, ti<i-Li
colois. "
Figured Silk, Velvet, plain and fancy colored rich
Artnurti, Bilk Vot tings, bla k and colored .tripod uud
plaid patUrns, and dirgns; R.ch Cashmere do;
Ulack and colored striped anil plail Satins do. of ev
ery style, and price.
A very largo assortment from lowest lo highest
cost, consisting in part of the following . vies. v??
IVew 1 ork, Portugal, Brampton, Washington, Turk
ish, Monterey, Pyrenees; Palo Alt.), Ac. Ac. 4c., as
well as many others, all of which are entirely new
n this market.
Almost complete ans rtment of inen'* and wo
men s French Kid Gloves, of all colors style* and
prices ; rlso a largo variety of men's Buck and wo
men s and men's Castor Gloves.
A large and well selected stock of the newest and
moat fsabionable color* and designs, comprising a I
wi Iths and a'yles.
Black and I1 ancy Silk Cravata. a large variety of
new styles ; also Polka Cravats, Cashmere Mufflers,
etc. etc.
Plain and I will Silk Hdks/lighl and dark madder
colors: real India snd British Coraba, 36 inch squire;
h i"* #nt* beautiful atyles; also.
White, Crimson, and Colored Brocade do.
An assortment of entirely new styles.
Including the dilfe ent quantities of Back, Col
ored and White.
Men's and womeh's, of all k.nds, spun and fine
A beautiful assortment of Black and Mole col'd
G mp? and Fn.igrs of all widths, styles and prices.
Also, fancy col'd and Black Silk Girdle.'.
A large assortment of all prices. Also, hraw
nbbd Woollen do.
Rich and high colored, and mostly from lowest to
highest prices.
A very largo variety of Comfortors and Cravata
of styles entirely new In this market. Alsa, a com
plete assortment of Worsted and Woollen Hood*.
M.tts, Boots, Gaiters, Caps, Boas, Coats, Dresses,
etc. etc.
Comprising ? full assortment of men's, women's
?nd children's Worsted and Woollen Hosiery of ev
ery description. Also, frhiits and Drawers of at
of all prices and real Moravian Biuo dye.
Black, Slate and Mode colors. A full assortment.
Black and colored Silk Twist, Vest Bindings, col
ored and Black Silk Braids; etc. ctc.
uly 80 tf
New York.
THE Proprietor begs to inform his friends and
the public, that he has made considerable
improvements in this establishment since the last
season. He has erectcd a large building contain
ing .13 rooms, altogether disconnected from the
main body of the Pavilion. These rooms arc in
tended for gentlemen only j they are of a comfor -
able size, light and well ventilated, and superior
in all respects to those which are generally'deno
minated single rooms in the various watering pla
ces throughout the country. 1
The Proprietor is now ready to treat with fami
lies or parties wishing to engage rooms for the
season. Letters addressed to him at the City Ho
tel, Broadway, will be immediately attended to
A steamboat runs between New York and New
Brighton, at the following hours, viz:
From JVeio Brighton. From North Pier, JV. York
At 8 and 11 A.M. At 9, P.M. and 1:2.
2 " 6 20, P.M. 3 1-2, 5, & ti, P.M.
More frequent communications will be estab
lished as the season advances.
The Pavilion u ready for the reception of com
ply- , F. BLANCHARD.
may 13?tf
JVo. 29 Gold street and JYo. 3 John street
near Broadway,
New York,
for oil and lard.
Gas Fixtures of every description, Solar and
Gas Lamps, Chandeliers, Brackets, Girandoles,
Candelubras, &c.
Private houses, churches, and hotels, fitted up
with Gas, at a great reduction in price, and all
articles warranted.
A complete assortment of Uie richest cut pres?
ed, and plain Glass constantly on hand.
All the above articles made lo order, and all
kinds of Glassware matched to any pattern.
Lamps altered and repaired.
Goods loaned to parties.
Oil at wholesale aud retail.
New style of Hall Lamps and Lanterns,
may 13?If
H. Sf D. H. BROOKS Sf CO.,
JVo*. 11G tnid 118 Cherry Hrctt, N. Y.
HAVE on hand a very large 8TOCK of
Fashionable ready made Clothing, just manu
factured, and especially udspted to the season.
Also, en extensive and comp'ete assortment of
Fancy Article*, embracing every variety pertaining
to a Gentlemen's wardrobe. Alao, Cloth*, Cassi
mens and Vesting*, by the piece, or in quantities
to suit purchasers.
GARMENTS of every description manufac:urrd
to order in the best possible manner and in point of
atylc not to be surpassed.
july 20 tf
Nicholas pike & co.. No. 173 p?,i street.
Importers and Manufacturers, have just opened
a very ex ensive fupply of every style and quality of
American and French Paper Hangings! Borders,
Fire-board Prints, and wide Window Curtain Paper.
Also, a splendid assortment of painted Window
Shades at d futures for the same, which they offer
to Merchants, Dealers and other* at the very lowest
price*. ' july 20?ti
*o 23, William-street, IV. Y.
HAVE hi ttore and now l.u.JIng, an extensive
ssortmcut of Stable and Fancy Goods, adapt
ed to the fall trails.
ORLEANS CLOTHS? Black, colored and fancy,
in great van ty,
ALPACCA LUSTRES?Of superior finish,in all
SILK WARH ALPACCA8?Kiom low to finr,
PLAlp LUSTRES? Mourning and high colored,
SII.K 8TRIPED LUSTRES? Plain an 1 twilled,
THIBET CLOTHE?Single and double twilled,
BENGAL STRIPE"'?Silk ligued Cashmere*
MOUSLIN UE LAliVES?Moumiug and fancy,
23 and J J iticu GLYGHAMS?Earleston and
TARTAN PLAIDSUSilk and 8ilk and Cotton,
VICTORIA CASH ERES?New and confined
3-4 and 4-4 PRINTS?Gfaints. Mourning aud
F urniture.
| CLOTH??Wool blacks and blues, of superior
VALENCIA, Cashmere and Silk figured Venting*,
SERGES, 3-4 and 6-4. a complete assortment,
3-4 and 6-4 WOLLEN PLAIDS, for linings,
LAMA SILECIAS,selected colors. Black Casbans,
&c., Ac. july *0 if
35 Pine street, JVeie York.
OFFER for solo on favorable terms?
Geutinclla Blue Blankets,
do do Blankets,
F incy end Duifill 6c Twilled Blankets,
Dark Blue ai d Green Mackinaw do,
Pilot nnd Beaver Cloths,
3-4 and 6-4 Red Paddings,
3-1 and 6-4 Worst d S.rges,
6 4 Alpaccus and Oileans Cloth*,
Earle ton Ginghams,
Super Wove Oregon*,
British Long Cloths,
Gila Plaids,
8-4 Tartan Shawls,
Drab, Scarlet aud assorted Dainabks,
ALSO, a full and complete assortment of Dun
dee Linens. jy 20 tf
DAW" E S~ & BARK E R~~~
30 John aired, JVcic York.
Hosiery, Cravats, Suspended,
Shirts, Gloves, Collars, A.c.
Under Shirts and Drawers of every kind, wholesale j
and retail.
Fhancis II. Dawks, John G. Barker.
july 23?tf
rLooii oil cl.oths.
Nu. 285 Broadway, opposite Stewart's, N. York.
very Urge assortinont of Flooii Oit Cloths |
in every variety of quality and a'yle. Their new pa
U rns surpass any other in the market, in richness
of coloring and beauty of design, and the original
drawings have heeu securcd by Letters Patent, to
prevent other dealers or manufacturers from copy
ing the same. The following comprises our present
style of patterns:
Orientals Grecian cross
Tapestry scrolls, Antique marble
Gothic pavements OotWc octagon do
Marble tile Arabesquo do
Egyptian marble Mosaic do
Ita'ian do Persian patterns
Dove and white do Bouquet do
New Trinity pattern Tresselated do
Rich t'othic do Queen of the May,
Vine do Drab aud chintz scroll
Ituby and chintz do Ac. Ac. Ac.
N. B.?2000 yards Old Stock, with borders, very
heavy goods, superior, but old patterns, Belling at
low rates.
A choice assortment of Tapestry Brussels, Threc
Ply and Ingrain
of entirely new patterns, (-elected expressly for city i
retail trade.
May t4 tf
475 Broadway. New York,
( Between Grand and Broome streets.)
HAVING just completed their assortment of the j
most elegant and fashionable Cabinet Furni- >
ture in the city, consisting of ancient and modern I
and Parisian styles so much in vogue at the present
day, which have been got up uuder their own super
intendence and inspection, and warranted equal to 1
any in thi city, in "every res|>cct. Those who intend
purchasing this season, are invited to call and exam
ino their assortment before making their selection
elsewhere- july 24-tf
SOLOMAN HART, 243 Broadway, opposite the j
Park, have just received in store per the late ar
rivals from France their assortment of Paper Hang
ings and Border*, which for variety and styles are
un-urpassed. They have been selected ia Paris by
one of tho firm, and comprise the newest patterns
for parlors, bed rooms and halls, embracing new de
scriptions in gold, silver and fresco, particularly !
adapted for room* in this city.
Their stock of Window Shades are now also com
plete, having been selected ard painted by the most
celebrated artists in Paris, and consist' ng of (he new
est designs and at pries lower thau have heretofore
been offered.
S. 4. H. would also beg to call the attention of
families to their stock of Upholstery Goods, which
will be found to consist of every article in (heir line,
embracing the best selected assortment of material-*
for furniture covering and Window Curtains, with
Trimmings, Corni en, Ac., to correspond.
Wholesale dealers suppl ed on liberal terms.
N. B. This establishment always closed on Sat
urdays. july 24-tf
BRANDIES.?Very fino old GodJard; do Otard,
Dupuy A Co; do Hennessey; do Champjin;
do Ssz^rack; do J. J- Dupuy.
WINES?Fine o'd Howard, March & Co. Ma
deira, do Constitution do, do Reserve do, do Brah
man do, do Blackburn do, do London Particular do,
do Wanderer do, do Clay do, do Harmony do, do
Monteiro do, do Bud do, do Rapid do, do Campa
neiro do, do Amontillado Pale Sherry, do Smith,
Woodhouae A Co.'s. Pale ami Brown Sherry, do
Lobodo do, do London Dock Port, do T. J. Smith,'
Harmony do, Champagne, favorite brands.
A large assortment of Bordeaux, Claret and other
French Wines, Hock Wines, Tokay, Constanlia,!
Johannes' erger, he., 6ce.
Hermitage, Red and White Burgundy, in boxes,
each dozen.
july 24 tf 16 Broad street, N. Y.
STAINED GLASS for Churches, Private
Dwellings and Public Buildii gt, Steam and
Packet ahipa, Ac. Ac., 497 Bowery.
N. B. Glass of every color and shade constantly
on hand. Also, Hall Laropa of various atylea and
ahade constantly on hand. Also, Hall Lamps of
various styles and patterns, for private dwellings.
New York^flj ? tf
\ REMARKABLE evidence of iho superior
ll strength of thete Bricks may be witneased at
the Athei.eurn, where nearly 500 Ol'O have l>et'ii
delivered within the last two months, and yet tin
entire waste Iroin this largo quantity would scarcely
till a common carl.
Run of t*e kiln, per ro, $6 all arch. 6 50, arch
and red, $7, all red, 7 50; dellviled at L ght street
or Pratt street wharf at 50 cen'a p r m additional,
or ot any part of the city according to distance
Double pressed Fronts, >tuh as are now laid at
the Albei ajurn. light red for casting fire places, lay- ;
ing hcanhj or floors Of ovens, <Stc. 310 per in.
Hard ba a, par two horse load *, $ I 50.
FIRE BUlCKS, the beat known for blast Fur
naces, $20 to $26 per in, or $'i 50 to $3 per bun- ;
died fCCOnliug t > site.
Refer to Peter Nlowel Munson Iron Works; Jno. ,
Darker, 8. M. Fales, Baltimore; John Gau.br, Mid
dietown, Pa., and many others. Address
FRANC la H. SMITH, Baltimore.
julv 27-*-if
X PAN V respectfully inform the iradf that ihev
have removed to ihe Tower, corner of Front and
Fayeue areots, (formerly known as the Phoenix)
and bave on hand e lull aisortment of Drop ai.d
I Buck Shot, all aixea; Bar and Pig Lead, etc., etc.. to
which they invite the attention > f purchasers. They
alao oiler' tor sale their premises auJ Buildings on
Eut iw atreet, together with an Eight Horse Engine
and Boiler, in go *1 running order. Persona wish
ing to view ibe premises will call at the Tower for
further information. THOMAS J. CLARKE,
Baltimore, july 37 tf Hecrtta.y.
WE are receiving from New York our full
supply of Groceries, Teas, Wines, Liquors,
J Sic., which will be sold low for cash, or short crc
' dit. to punctual customers, viz :
chests Gunpowder, Imperial, Young Hyson, and
Black Teas, which will be sold low by the box
i bags Java, Laguvra, Rio, Sc. St Domingo Coffee
Jo whole and ball barrels Buckwheat
15 bags Buckwheat
20 boxes Colgate's Starch
25 whole and half bbls. Nos. 1, ^ and 3 Mackcrcl
5 quintals Codfish
25 boxes Scotch Herrings, large size
10 dozen Nos 1 and Hi Alicante Mats
35 kegs superior Goshen Butter
30 do do Glades do
50 boxes Sperm Candles
20 nests flour and painted Pails
30 dozeu Brooms
6 do Whisks
10 nests Market Baskets
3 bales Almonds
30 whplc aud half boxes Raisins
10 boxes Vermicelli and Macaroni
5 cases Canton Ginger
2000 pounds loaf, crushed, and pulverized Sugars
5 barrels Steam Syrup
10 boxes Capers and Olives
5 do Citron and Jellies
4 do Mushroom and Walnut Catsup
10 baskets Salad Oil
500 gallons winter-strained and Lard Oil
?20000 Cigars, of our own importation
India Rubber Fabrics!!'!
MIL STEVENS (late Fish & Co ) has
, for sale a great variety of India Rubber |
Goods ; such aa Cloak*, Cofitu, Heds, liarrrtacks,
Saddle Bass, Paper File Holders, Door Springs,
I &,c. 6lc. In fact, nearly every article made from I
i India Rubber on band, or procured at two or three
I days uoiice.
I Also, a full assortment of BLACK &. WHITE
HATS, of the various fabrics now in vogue.
STEVENS, (Late Fish &. Co.)
Gent's Outfitting Store, No. 1 Brown's Hotel, j
Washington, D. ?.
Agency of the N ? w Y o r k
' largest and oldest Tea Establisinent in America.?
1 The public have had full proof of their integrity and
responsibility. But such has tieeu the great and
pressing demand for their I EAS of late, that ihey
have been obliged to enlarge, to a great extent,tneir
two principal establishments in New York, via:
They moreover possess facilities, ia relation to the
Tea Trade, in a very abundant degree, and doubt
less, superior to any other Tea Concern in America.
Their scrupulous regard to all principles that lend
to elcvato tho character of a large house, iu well uu
derstood, and has already secured them a connec
tion, probably, larger than all other Tea Establish
ments united, and they consequently are determined
to sell Teas purer, more fragrant, and pexfret for
the prices, in the aggregate, than any house iu the
world?China excepted.
They most zealously invite the attention ol the in
habitants of WASHINGTON, D. C., to their
Agency, where tho following assortments are always
on hand; and they feel no hesitation in stating that
wherever a tingle trial is made, a very dectdcd pre
ference is given to the celebrated leas of the CAN
Reader, make the experiment!
Retail Prices as follows, suiject in all catu to be
returned if not approved of?
Good YOUNG HYSOJN, #0 50 per lb.
Fine do 0 B2i "
No. 2 fragrant do 0 75 "
No. 3 very fine do I 00 "
Silver leaf, do . 1 25 "
Good HYSON, ? ? "
Very fine do 1 00
Extra fragrant, 1 25 "
Good HYSON SKIN, 0 50 "
Good IMPERIAL, 0 75 "
Very tine do I 00 "
Extra fine do I 25 "
Good GUNPOWDER, 0 75 ?
Fine do I 00 "
Extra fine do 1 25 "
No. 1 SOUCHONG, *0 50 per lb
No. 2 do 0 62J *'
Finest do 0 75 14
Fragrant POWCHONG, varioua prices.
CONGO, various prices.
Fine OOLONG. 0 50 ?
Very fine do 0 75 "
Extra fine do 1 00 "
NINGYONG, varioua rices.
TEA, (very rich Pekoe flavored) 0 75
HO WQUA, or finest Black Tea im
ported, I 00 "
Ne plu* ultra TES, both Green aud
Black, of all descriptions, the
highest grades grown in
China, %l 60 per lb.
COMPANY are the exclusive venders of the supe
rior Black Tea called "HOWQUA'S MIXTI RE."
I They introduced it in America in 1840?and every
other person Or house professing to sell the same at
all, much less at a lower price?deceive the unwary,
as the public themselves will perceive, by comparing
ihe apurioua with the genuine "Howqua" vended by
the Cantou Tea Company.
Every package (in addition to ita containing
FULL WEIGHT, independent of the wrap|ter,)
bear the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the
Tena therein are so thoroughly secured from ight
and air, that their quality and power will remain un
impaired in any climate.
Agency at George Tei (pieman's Book Store,
Washington, D. C.
jan. 6?ly
IOOO libs, of Epaom Baits?
For sale by CHAS. 8TOTT,
Drug & Apoth corner 7th & Pa av.
may 21 tf
Not no the expatriated Native, amazed
supporter of Mis* Tox'u swooning form, I
who, coming straight up stairs, with a po
lite inquiry touching Miss 1 ox's health
(In exact pursuance of the Major's mali
cious instiuctions), hail accidentally arriv
ed in the rery nick of time to catch the >
delicate burden in his arms, and to receive I
the contents ?f the liitle watering pot in |
his rhoe ; both of which circumstances, (
coupled with his consciousness of being
closely watched by the wrathful Major, j
who had threatened the usual penalty in
regard of every hone in his skin in case of
failure, combined to render him a moving
spectacle of mental and bodily distress.
For some moments, this afflicted foreign
er remained clasping Miss lox to his heart
with an energy of action in remarkable op
position to his disconcerted face, while that
poor lady trickled slowly down upon him
the very last sprinklings of the watering
pot, as if he were a delicate exotic (which
indeed he was), and might be also expected
to blow while the gentle rain descended.
Mrs. Chick, at length recovering a sufficient
presence of mind to interpose, commanded
him to drop,Miss Tox upon the sofa and
withdraw; and the exile promptly obeying;
she applied herself to promote Miss lox s
recovery. L
But none of that gentle concern which
usually characterizes the daughteis of Eve
in their tending each other; none ot that
free-masonry in fainting, by which they are
generally bound together in a mysteiious
bond of sisterhood, was visible in Mrs.
Chick's demeanor. Rather like the exe
cutioneer who restores the victim to sensa
tion previous to proceeding with the tor
ture (or >vas wont to do so in the good old
times for which all true men wear perpetu
al mourning), did Mrs. Chick administer
the smelling bottle, the slapping on the
hands, the dashing of cold water on the
face, and the other approved remedies.?
And ?lien, at length, Miss Tox opened her :
eyes, and gradually became restored to con
suiousness, Mrs. Chick drew off, as from a j
criminal, and i< ersing the precedent of the (
murdered kii. Denmark, regarded her
nu>re in anjjer ilian in sorrow.
"Lucretia I1' said Mrs. Chick, "I will not
attempt to disguise what I teel. My eyes
ere opened, all at once. 1 wouldn't have
believed this if a saint had told it to me.
1 am foolish to give vcay faintncbs," Miss
Tox faltered. "1 shall be better presently.'
"You will be better presently, Lucretia'"
repeated Mrs. Chick, with exceeding scorn.
''Do you suppose lam blind? Do you
imagine I am in my second childhood ??
No,?Lucretia! I am obliged to you !" |
Miss Tox directed an imploring, helpless
kind of look towards her friend, and put
her handkerchief before her f-ce.
"If any one had told me this yesterday,
iaid Mrs. Chick with majesty, "or even
half an hour ago, I should have been
tempted, 1 almost believe, to strike them t<>
ihe earth. Lucretia Tox, my eyes are open
ed to you all at once. The scales h< re
Mrs. Chick cast down an imaginary pair,
such as are commonly used in grocer's shops:
"have fallen from my sight. The blindness
of my confidence i* past, Lucretia. It haa
been abused and played upon, and evasion
is quite out of the question now, 1 assuie
^ ?"Oh ! to w I .?i do you allude so cruelly,
my love ?" nuked Miss lox thioiigh hei
"Lucretia;" said Mrs. Chick, "ask your
heart. I must entreat you not to address
me by any such familiar term as you have
just used, if you plea e. I have some self
respect left though j ou may think othcr
"Oh, Louisa !" cried Mis Tox. "How
can you speak to me like that r"
"How can I speak to you like that r re
torted Mrs. Chick, who, in default of hav
ing any particular argument to sustain her
self upon, relied principally on such repe
titions for her most withering effects. "Like
that! You may well say like that indeed.
Miss Tox sobbed pitifully.
"The idea!" said Mrs. Chick, "of your
having basked at my brother's fireside, like a
serpent, and woui I yourself, through me,
almost into his ct . fidence, Lucretia, that
you might, in secret, entertain designs upon
him, and dare to aspire to contemplate the
possibility of his uniting himself to you!
Why it is an idea," said Mrs. Chick, with
sarcastic dignity, "the absurdity of which
almost relieves its treachery."
4iPray, Louisa," urged Miss Tox, 'do
not say such dreadful ibings."
"Dreadful things !" repeated Mrs. Chick.
?'Dreadful things. Is it not a fact, Lucre
tia, that you have just now been unable to
command your feelings even before me, j
whose eyes you had so completely closed. |
"1 have made no complaint," sobbed
Miss Tox. "1 have said nothing. If I have
been a little overpowered by your news,
Louisa, and have ever had any lingering
thought that Mr. Dombey wbs inclined to
be particular towards uic, surely you will
not condemn me."
"She is going to say," said Mrs. Chick,
addressing herself to the whole of the fur
niture, in a comprehensive glance of resig
nation and appeal. "She is going to
I know it?that 1 have encouraged her
"I do n't wish to exchange reproaches,
dear 'Louisa," sobbed Miss "lox, "nor do I
wish to complain. But in my own defence?
"Yes," cried Mrs. Chick, looking round
the room wiili a prophetic smile, "that is
what she's going to say. 1 know it. You
had better say it. Sav it openly ! Be open
Lucretia Tox," said Mrs- Chick, with des
perate sternness, "whatever you are."
"In my own defence," laltercd Miss Tox,
'"and only in my defence against your un
kind words, my dear Louisa, 1 would inere
I \y ask you if you haven't often favored such
1 a fancy, and even said it might happen,for
| anything we could tell ?"
1 "There is a point," said Mrs. Chick, rs
log, not a* if she were going to "top at the
floor, but as it' she were about to soar up,
high, into her native ?kies, "beyond wKicii'
endurance become* ridiculous, if not cul
pable. 1 can bear much; but not loo much. *
What spell was on me when I came into
ibis house this day, 1 don't know; but I
had a presentiment?a dark presentiment,"
said Mis. Chirk, with a shiver, "that some
thing was going to happen. Well may I
have had that foreboding, Lucretia, when
iny confidence of n.any years is destroyed
in an instant, when my eyes are opened all
at once, and when I find you revealed in
your true colors. Lucretia, I have been
mistaken in you. It is better for us both
that this subject should end here. I wish
you well, and I shall ever wish you well
But, as an individual who desires to be true *
to herself in her own poor position, what
ever that position may be, or may not be
?and as the sister of my brother?and as
the sister-in-law of my brother's wife?and
as a connexion by marriage of my brother's
wife's mothar?may I be permitted to add, as
a Dombey??I can wish you nothing else
but good morning."
These words, delivered with cutting sn-'
avity, tempered and chastened by a lofty'
air of moral rectitude, carried the speaker
to the door. There she inclined her h*adF
in a ghostly and statue-like manner, and so
withdrew to her carriage, to seek comfort
and consolation in the arms of Mr. Chick,
her lord.
Figuratively speaking, that is to say; for
the arms of Mr. Chick were full of his
newspaper. Neither did that gentleman
address his eyes towards bis wife other
wise than by stealth- Neither did be oiler
any consolation whatever. In short, he sat
reading, and humming fsg ends of tunes,
and sometimes glancing furtively at her'
without delivering himself of a word, good,
bad, or indifferent.
In the meantime Mrs. Chick sat swell
ing and bridling, and tossing her head, as
if she were still repeating that solemn for
mula of farewell to Lucretia Tox. At length,
she said aloud, "Oh the extent to which her
eyes had been opened that day!"
44 To which your eyes have been opened,
my dear!" repeated Air. Chick.
41 Oh, don't talk to me!" said Mrs. Chick.
" If you can bear to see me in this state,
and not ask me what the matter is, you had
better hold your tongue for ever."
44 What is the matter, my dear?" asked
Mr. Chick.
I 44 To think," said Mrs. Chick, in a state
of soliloquy, "that she should ever havq
conceived the base idea of connecting her
self with our family by a marriage with
Paul! To think that when she was play
ing at horses with that dear child who ia
now in his grave?I never liked it at the
time?she should have been hiding such a
double-faced design J I wonder she was
never afraid that something would happen
to her. She is fortunate if nothing does.*
441 really thought, my dear," said Chick,
slowly, after rubbing the bridge of his nose
for some time with his newspaper, 44 that
you had gone on the same tack yourself
all along,, until this morning: and had
thought iti would be a convenient thing
enough if it could have been brought
Mrs. Chick instantly burst into tearsi
and told Mr. Chick that if he wished to
trample upon her with his boots, he had
better do it.
" But with Lucretia Tox I have done,*(
said Mrs. Chick, after abandoning herself
to her feelings for some minutes, to Mr.
Chick's great terror. 441 can bear to resign
Paul's confidence in favor of one who, I
hope and trust, may be deserving of it, and
with whom he has a perfect right to replace
poor Fanny if he chQoses; I can bear to
be informed, in Paul's cool manner, of such
a change ia his plans, and never to be con
sulted until all is settled and determined';
but deccit I can vol bear, and with Lucretia
Tox I have done. It is better as it is,"
said Mrs. Chick, piously; 44 much better.
It would have been a long time before I
could have accommodated myself comfort
ably with her, after this ; and I really don't
know, as Paul is going to be very grand,
and these are people of condition, that sho
would have been quite presentable, and
might not have compromised myself.?
There's a providence in everything; every
thing works for the best; I have been tried
to-day, but, upon the whole, I don't regret
In which christian spirit, Mrs. Chick
dried her eyes, and smoothed her lap, and
sat as bccame a person calm under a great
wrong. Mr. Chick, feeling his unworihi
ness no doubt, took an early opportunity
of being set down at a street corner, and
walking away, whistling, with his shoul
ders very much raised, and his bands in his
While poor excommunicated Miss Tox,
who, if she were a fawner and toad-eater,
was at least an honest and a constant one,
and had ever borne a faithful friendship to
wards her impeacher, and had been truly
absorbed and swallowed up in devotion to
the magnificence of Mr. Dombey?while
poor excommunicated Mist Tox watered
her plants with her tears, and felt that it
was winter in Princess's Place.
The interval before the Marriage.
Although the enchanted hou^e was no
more, and the working world had broken
into it, and was hammering and crashing
and tramping up and down stairs all.day
loug, keeping Diogenes in an incessant
paroxysm of forking, from sunrise to sun
set-^evidently convinced that his enemy
had got the better of him at last, and was
then sacking the premises in triumphant
defiance?there was, at first, no other great
change in the method of Florence's life.
At night, when tho workpeople went away,
the house was dreary and deserted again,
and Florence, listening to their voices echo
ing through the hall and staircase as they
departed, pictured to herself the cheerful
homes to which they were returning, and
the children who were waiting for them,
and was glad to think that they were merry
and well pleased to go.
She welcomed beck the evening silenco
as an old friend, but it came now with au
altered face, and looked more kindly on
her. Fresh hopa was in it. The beautiful
lady who had soothed and careased her. in
I the very room in which her heart had been
so wiung, was a spirit of promise to her.
Soft shadows of the bright life dawning,
when her father's affection should be grad
ually won, and all, or much should be re
stored, of what she had lost on tho dark
dark day when a mother's love bad faded
with a mothei'a last breath on her cheek,
moved about her in the twilight and were

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