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lor ? girl! What are you, prey ? What
art you ?"
w) have pat the question to myself," said
Edith, ashy pale, and pointing to the win
dow, "more than once when I hare been
sitting there, and something in the faded
likeness of my sex has wandered past out
side: and God knows 1 have met with my
reply. Oh, mother! mother! if you had
but left me to my natural heart when I too
was a girl?a younger girl than Florence
bow different I might have been ?"
Sensible that any show of anger was
useless here, her mother restrained herself,
and fell a whimpering, and bewailed, that
she had lived two long, and that her only
child bad cast her off, and tli.it duty towards
parents was forgotten in these evil days,
and that she had heard unnatural taunts,
and cares for life no longer.
"If one is to go on living through con
tinual scenes like this," she whined, "I am
sure it would be much better for me to
think of some meins of putting an end to
my existence. Ob ! the idea of you being
my daughter, Edith, and addressing me in
?uch a strain!"
"Between us, mother," returned Edith,
mournfully, "the time for mutual reproaches
is past."
"Than why do you revive it ?" whim
pered her mother- "You know that you
are laeerating me in the cruelest manner.
You know how sensitive 1 am to uokind
ness. At such a moment too, when I have
so much to think of, and am naturally anx
ious to appear to the best advantage ! 1
wonder at you, Edith. To make your mo
ther a fright upon your wedding-day !"
Edith bent the same fixed look upon her,
as she sobbed and rubbed her eyes; and
said in the same low steady voice, which
had neither risen nor fallen since first ad
dressed her, "I have said that Florence
must go home." .
"Let her go!" cried the afflicted and af
frighted parent, hastily. "1 am sure 1 am
willing she should go. What is the girl to
me ?"
"She is so much to me, that rather than
communicate, or suffer to be communicated
to her, one grain of the evil that is in my
breast, mother, 1 would renounce you, as I
?would (if you gave me cause,) renounce
him in the church to-morrow," replied Ed
ith. "Leave her alone. She shall not,
while 1 can interpose, be tampered with
and tainted by the lessons I have learned.
This is no hard condition on this bitter
"If you had proposed it in a filial man
ner, Edith," whined her mother, "perhaps
not; very likely not. But such extremely
cutting words?"
"Tbey are past and at an end between us,
now," Mid Edith. "Take your own way,
mother; share as you please in what you
have gained; spend, enjoy, make much of
M ; and be as happy as you will. The ob
ject of our lives is won. Henceforth let us
wear it silently. My lips are closed upon
the past, from this hour. I forgive you
your part in to-morrow's wiakedness. May
God forgive my own'."
Without a tremor in her voice or frame,
and passing onward with a foot that set it
self upon the neck of every soft emotion,
aha bade her mother good-night and repair
ed to her own room.
But not to rest; for there was no rest in
the tumult of her agitation when alone. To
?ad fro, and to and fro, and to and fro again,
prepaVafiotHiIfo'r adornment on the morrow;
with her dark hair shaken down, her dark
?yes flashing with a raging light, her broad
white bosom red with the cruel grasp of
the relentless hand which she spurned it
from her, pacing upand down with an aver
ted head, as she would avoid the sight of
her own fair person, and divorce herself
from its companionship. Thus, in the dead
time of the night before her bridal, Edith
Granger wrestled with her unquiet spirit,
tearless, friendless, silent, proud, and un
At length it happened that she touched
the open door which led into the room
where Florence lay.
She started, stopped, and looked in.
A light was burning there, and showed
her Florence in her bloom of innocence and
beauty, fast asleep. Edith held her breath,
and felt herself drawn on towards her.
Drawn nearer, nearer, nearer yet; at last,
drawn so near, that stooping down, she
pressed her lips to the gentle hand that lay
outside the bed, snd put it softly to her
neck. Its touch was like the prophet's rod
of old, upon the rock. Her tears sprang
forth beneath it, as she sank upon her knees,
and laid her aching head and streaming hair
upon the pillow by its side.
Thus Edith Granger passed the night be
fore bridal. Thus the sun found her on
her bridal morn.
The Wedding.
Dawn, with its passionless blank face,
ateals shivering to the church beneath which
lies the dust of little Paul and his mother,
and looks in at the windows. It is cold and
dark. Night crouches yet upon the pave
ment, and broods, sombre and heavy, in
nooks and corners of the building. The
steeple-clock, perched up above the houses,
emerging from beneath another of the count
less ripples in the tide of time that regular
ly roll and break on the eternal shore, is
greyly visible, like a stone beacon, record
ing how the sea flows on ; but within doors,
dawn, at first, can only peep at night, and
see that it is there.
Hovering feebly round the church, and
looking in, dawn moans and weeps for its
abort reign, and its tears tricklc on the win
dow-glass, and the trees aeainst the church
wall bow their heads, and wring their many
hands in sympathy. Night, growing pale
before it, gradually fades out of the church,
but lingers in the vaults below, and sits up
on the coffins. And now comes bright day,
burnishing the steeple-clock, and reddening
the spire, and drying up the tears of dawn,
and stifling its complaining; and the sacred
dawn, following the night, and chasing it
from its last retuge, shrinks into the vaults
itself, nnd hides, with a frightened face,
among the dead, until night returns, refresh
ed to drive it out.
(To be continued.)
Laziness grows on people; it begins in
cobwebs and ends in iron chains. The
more business a man has, the more he is
able to do.
Coaious Awaobam.?The following will tel
J * ownsuthor's name?William Ol.lys.
In word and WILL I AM a friend to you.
And one b'mti Of*D 18 worth a bun . red new.
History for Every Day.
July 27, 1565. The unhappy marriage of
Mary Queen of Scotts to Henry Stuart, whom
"he had lately made^Duke of .Albany, in
Scotland. ?'
July 28, 1540. Thomas Cromwell, earl ol
Essex, beheaded. His history is most graph
ically portrayed by Shakspearc, iu the play
of Henry the V III.
July 29, 1771. Died, Thomas Gray, the
distinguished poet, who wrote u An Elegy''
of great note, and other first-class produc
tions. He composed with much care and
unexcelled beauty.
July 30, 179b. Died, at Rushcomb, near
Twyford, Buckinghamshire, England, Wil
liam Penn, founder of Pennsylyania, aged
74 years.
July 31,1743. The celebrated English po
et, Kichard Savage, died in his 45th year.?
He was intemperate and thus rendered his
1 fe one of poverty and wretchedness.
August 1, 1498. The discovery of Amer-1
ica by Columbus, after whom the new world '
should have been called Columbia.
Same day, 1589. King Henry the III. of
France was murdered.
Same day, 1759. Died, Queen Anne of
England, in the 50th year of her age and 13th
of her reign.
Same day, 1790. Nelson gained a famous
victory over the French, in Aboukir Bay, in
the north east part of Africa.
Same day, 1801. Died, in Schenectady,
N. Y., the distinguished Jonathan Edwards,
D. D., a man of powerful mind.
Same day, 1807. Died, in London, John
Walker, author of the "Pronouncing Dic
tionary," aged 70 years.
August 2, 338 B. C. Was fought the bat
tle of Chaeronea in Greece.
Same day, 1100. King William II. of En
gland accidentally shot by Walter Tyrrtl, a
celebrated archer.
August 3, 1492. Columbus set sail from
Palos. on his first voyage.
Columbian Fountain.
Fauquier White Sulphur Springs.
^aLTHId establishment. so favorably known foi
JU1L the curative qualities of iu water and the ele
gance and comfort of its accommodation, will be
opened for the reception of visiters on the 1st June,
ft is situated 50 miles from Alexandria, 36 miles
from Frederickebur?. and Stt miles ea?t of the Blue
Ridg?, In one of the most healthy and delightful cli
mates of Virginia. The direction ard management
will be the same as heretofore, and the same atten
tion paid to the accommodation and comfort of their
guests. We have an abundant supply nf ice.
The season, commencing the 1st of June, will end
?he 1st of October, embiacing 4 month*.
Lovers of music wilt find the band unsurpassed.
Board: $10 per week, #'J pet week for i weeks,
?30 per month, $80 fvr the season.
, For more than one day $1 SO per day, 50 cents
, for a singl- meal, 25 cents for lodging, children un
der 12 years of age, and seivants, half prite; horses
1 SO cents per day, per week {2 60, per month #8.
Tri-wcekly Stages will run from Washington un
til 1st of July, after th.a lime daily.
There will be a line of stages from Fredericksburg
after the 1st of July, fevious to which conveyances
will be furnished on accommodating terms.
Fresh groceries, butter, & cheEse
The subscriber has on hand, a fresh supply o
every description of goods in his line, which he of
' fers on reasonable terms.
66 bags Java, Rio, Laguyra, Maricaibo, and Af
rican corFEfi
25 chests and half-clients Gunpowder, Imperial,
Old Hyson, Young Hyson, and Black
10 cases very choice Tea. 12 lbs in each, for fa
1500 pounds double refined and 2d quality Loaf
1500 pounds crushed and pulvered Loaf Sugar
1000 do white Havana do
1000 do brown do do
Porto Rico and New Orleans do
Do do and St Croix Molasses
Kugar-house and New Iberia Sirup
Ground and ungrouud Upiccs, of every va
Catsups, Curry Powder, French and other
Olives, Capers, Sardines, and Anchovies
Salid Oils, in flasks and bottles
700 gallons winter-strained and common Oil.
60 whole, half, and qr. boxes Raisins
2 casks Currants
4 bbls. Dried Apples
30 do Green do
2 cases Prunes, in jarsand fancy boxes
30 drums Smyrna Figs
26 bbls Eastern Cranberries
TOO pounds soft shelled Almonds
150 do Filberts.
28 tubs choice Welsh Butter
30 boxes superior Cheese
Sapssgo do
31 bbls pin k-eyt, Potatoes
40 do extra brand New York Flour
40 do Virginia do
50 pockets Buckwheat
12 boxes do '
23 bbls hslf and qr. do.
Xackerel, Cod, Mhad, and Herring.
20 boxes Sperm Candles
10 do patent do
10 do Adamantine do
Brooms, Mats. Pails, Baskets, Ac.
20000 Regalia, Ls Norma, Principe, and other
brand Cigars.
ap d!4?tff 7th street.
Randolph b. reeves, sth street,
south of the General Post Office, would re
spectfully invite the attention of his friends, the
citizens of Washington and its vicinity, to bis
stock of Furniture and Housekeeping articles;
comprising in part?
Mahogany spring-scat Sofas
" rocking and prrlor Chairs
" centre, card, and dming Tables
" Bureaus, Sideboards, &c.
" and gill Frames, Looking-glasses
Wardrobes, Bedsteads, Cribs, Cradles
Shuck, hair and straw Mattresses
Feather Beds, Sacking Bottom*, kc.
Glass, china, stone, earthen, and iron Ware
Knives and Forks, Brushes, and Wooden
With numerous other articles in the House
keeping line too numerous to mention.
He is prepared to manufacture all kinds of Fur
niture at the shortest notice, and on the most rea
sonable terms. He flatters himself that from his
long experience in the cabinet business, ail work
made by h-m will be done in a faithful and work
manlike manner, and give entire satisfaction.
N. B.?Old FuiMTuaa taken in exchange for
may 27 131
FOR aal? at the
near the Railroad De_ ot,
mi J 18?if
Earthenware, china. & glass,
Thus. PiumcU has just iuipon. dt per ships Lib
?irty and Ohio, from Liverpool, aud other sources,
ighty-toor packages of the above articles, anougst
which are?
French, English, India, Bluestone, W. G. and
Ironstone dinner, dessert, tea, coffcr, and toilet
Rich gold hand white and figured China Tea sets,
" or pieces detached
Cut aud plain hall laiups
Solar, side, Liverpool and Unci lamps and wicks
Lamp glasses, girandoles, tec.
Ivory handle and other knives and forks in sets o!
tiliy-one pairs or separate
Real silver and imitation table, tea and dessert
Plated and (ierman silver castors
Brass and plated candlesticks
l'latcd cakc-baskuts, waiters, in Sets or detached
English and American tea aud collet sets
Cotlcc biggins and unij
Looking glasses, shovel and tongs, &tc.
All of which will be sold wholesale and retail at
very low prices for cash
i irst i|Uality stone and Britannia ware at the fac
tory prices
An extensive and good assortment of common ware,
suitable for retail groceries
The subscriber ?olitita a call from his friends and
the public generally, at his store, opposite Brown's
Hotel, Pcnn. Avenue, assuring th?m that he is deter
mined to sell as cheap as the very cheapest for cash
spectfully inform their fiiends and the public
in general, that they have now on hand at their new
WARE KOOMS.'on 7th street, opposite the oliice
ol the National Intelligencer, a general assortment
of SPLENDID F UliNlTURE, embracing in
Italian marble top Centre Tables
Egyptian do do
Fancy dreaming BlireaUs, marble !op
Do do do mahogany
Mahogany spring seat Sofas, latest style
Do do Divans
Do do Rockers
Do nu'se do
Do high-post Bedsteads
Do French do
I)" dining Tabid
Al.-o, a lot of Common Furn ture: such as plaiu
mahogany Bureaus, cherry and pine Tables, Cribs
Cradles, Bedsteads, plain and fanqv tine and wood
seat Chairs.
All of which they will sell at such prices a will
suit the times, for cash, or to punctual customers.
Having in their employ experienced workmen
they are prepared to manufacture at the shortest no
tico Furniture <?!'every description
N.B. Those who have old Furniture which thev
wish to exchange for new, are renpectfully invited
to give him a ball.
mayS'i lwflw
Dr. Christie's Galvanic Rings and Mag
netic Fluid.
T^HIS remarkable invention, which has received
the almost universal approbation of the medical
profession of Groat Britain, comprises an entirely
new application of Galvanism, as a remedial agent
by means or which the ordinary Oulvatiic Batteries,
Electric and Magnetic Machines, Ac. aro entirely,
dispensed With, and the mysterious poWer of Galvan
ism applied without any of thb objections Which are
inseparable from Ihe general mode now iu use.
The Galvanic fling* have been ucmJ with entire
success in all oases ?f rheumatism, acute or chronic,
applying to the head, face, or limbs; gout, tic-dolo
reux, toothache, bronchitis, vertigo, nervous or sirk
headache, indigestion, paralysis, palsy, epilepsy, fits,
cramp, palpitation of the heart, apoplexy, stiffness of
the joints, spinal complaints, lumbago, neMralgla,
nervous ttcluorS, dizziness of the head, pains in the '
chest and side, general debility, deficiency of hei
vous and physical energy, and all nervous dUordor*.
In cases of confirmed dyspepsia, which is simply a
nervous dcrttngeimhl of the digestive organs, tl.ey
have been been found equally successful. Their ex
traordinary effects upon the system must be witnessed
to lie lie bclived, and as a ccrtain preventive for tho
preceding complaints they aro equally recommended.
Tho rings are of different prices, being made of all
sizes, and of various ornamental patterns, and can
be worn by the most delicate female without the
ilichtrid iitr/iiiMninn^n fr% f--? ?? iu
nor a^reeaolo Mian otherwirtt.
TliE tlx LV A NIC Bracelets, Banks,Gar
ters, Necklaces, &.c. Ac.?-These articles are
adapted to the waist, arms, wrists, limbs, ankles, or,
any part of the body with |>erfcct convenience. The
Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater benefit in
cases of bronchitis or attbcllons of tHe tliroat gener
ally ; alto, iii ciwes of nervous deafness; and with
almost uniform success as a preventive forappoplexy,
epileptic fits, and similar complaints.
Christie's Magnetic Fluid is used in connexion
with the Galvanic Kings, and all their modifications,
''his composition has been pronounced by the
French Chemists to be one of tho most extraordi.
nary discoveries of modern science. Full explana
tions and directions accompany it The combined
inventions are in every way perfectly harmless; they
are at prices within roach of all. and the discover
only requeets a fai: trial, as ft lc8t of their surprising
efficacy and permanent benefit.
CamsriE's Galvanic Sthensthenino Plas
ters.?These articles form another valuable applica
tion of the mysterious influence of Galvanism. They
are an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic
Rings and their .-odificalions, acting upon tho same
principle, but having the advantage of more local ap- '
plication- They are confidently rccomeuded as a
valuable addition ill thfc spebdy cufe tff rheumatism,
acute or chronic; in all nervous complaints, and as a
'positive remedy in cases of pain and weakness in the
chest or back, pain in the side, in asthmatic affections,
and in weakness or oppression of the pulmonary or
gans. In spinal complaints iheir effects arc of the
most decided character, and they have often been
used with complete success. They are also of the
greatest advantage in pains and weakness of the
breast, and are highly recommonded for many of
those complaints to Which females aro especially li
able. As an effectual means for strengthening the
system when debilitated with disease and other cau
ses, as a certain aid in constitutional weakness, as
a preventive for colds, and in all affections of the
cheat generally, the Galvanic Strengthening Plas
ters will bo found of great and permanent advan
(C7* CAUTION. The celebrity and success of
these articles have caused them to be counterfeited
by unprincipled persons. Dr. Christie cautions the
public against spurious imitations. He has o it one
authorized agency in each city of the Union, where
the genuine articles can be procured. The only
agents for Washington are?
Nos. 1 and 1 Brown's Hotel, Penn. avenue.
Explanatory pamphlets, Ac. may be had grati.-,
with the strongest testimonials of success and bene
commo,''ous steamer Coli'*
9K3nbia, Captain Geo. Guyther, having
icsumed her regular trips, will leave Kiley's wharf,
in Washington, at 6, and Alexandria at 7 o'clock,
in the morning of Wednesday, the 2;iUi inst., and
of every succecding Wednesday, for Baltimore; and.
returning, will leave Commerce street wharf, in
that city, for the District of Columbia, at 4 o'clock
in the afternoon of every Saturday, taking off and
landing passengers and light freight at all th? usual
landings on the Potomac river.
Freights will bo taken at low rate# .and withou
any charge lor whatfnge at Baltimore.
WM. GUNTON,President.
W 11.1,1AM SPEAKING, having commenced
bu-iness in the abovo line, immcdia.oly in
front of Coleman'* Hotel, respectfully informs the
citizens of W?- hington and i's vicinity, that ho man
u'sctutes Looking Glass and Picture Frainis. Plain
and (Irnamental Cornice*, aa well as every othci
kind of work in hia line of hnaine/s. William Spear
ing'a charges for all work done at hia establishment
will be <|u te remona^le: he icupectfully solicits a
share of the public patronage.
N. B. Old Fr me? re^ilt. may 14 U
LI'AKMhLE, firm of Dodge snd Parm?le, I
, Surgical, Operative, and Mechanical DEN- I
I'lBf, may be ??t>n professionally from 9 a. m. to ft
p. m., at hi* office, Whero he tins been located f >f the
last thiee years. Orrtc* and Kesim .ck J enn
avenue, between 9th snd 10th sis.
april 14-lm
Attorney and Counsellor at LAW*
WAkUlHQTON, 11. C.
Practices in ihe Supreme Court of the United
States, and in the courts of Maryland, Virginia, and
the District of Columbia, and
for peraons having business with Congress, the
War, Treasury. Navy, and General Post Office De
partments, tbe General Land Office, Pension Office
Office of Indian Affairs, Patent Office, <Stc. &c.
Missouri Avenue, between 3d and 4 J streets.
OCj" Particular attention paid to t! e procuring of
the Bounty due to Soldiers o' the Unitrd States un
?ler the law cf Feb. 11, 1647, and to the procuring
of Patents for new Inventions.
ap 14dtf
Washington City,D.C.
THE SUBSCRIBER for more than twenty years
connected with the Patent Office, and lor many
years official Surveyor of the City of Washington,
having relinquished all business connected with hi"
Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying depart
ments, in oriler to devote hi) whole time and atten
ion to the gcrvice of Inventors, Patsntcea, and per
sons interested in Patents, and to establish a perma
nent Agency at the 8eat of Government for the use
iind benefit of that important class of t>(e communi
ty, offers bis services to All persons desirittg to make
inquiries respecting the originality of Inventions and
discoveries, and the practice or obtaining Patents in
the United Stdfcs, and totaling to all kinds of busi
ness required to be transacted at the Patent Office :
such as making searches, ftnd preparing papers and
drawings for applicants for Patents, Caveats, As
signment*, Axreemen's; amending Rejected Claims,
-tnd presenting them for re examination; attending
to Appeal Cases, Interfering Applications, and draw
ing up papers relating thereto, and to taking evi
dence respecting the originality t>f Inventions. Ho
will also attend to making out petitions for the re
issuing, renewal, extension, arid ret tor at ion of lost
Patents; apply tor Withdrawals, And for Patentn for
Addition*! Improvements and Designs; make D.-.
claimers, and procure copies of Patents, Deed*,
Drawings, &c., and have them rcconltd. He will
also superintend Commissions for tsking testimony
relating to Patents, to be used in the United States
Courts in the several Stales. He wi'l likewise at
tend to thb diawlng of Bills in Equity, in cases ol
Appeal, dud attend to thb cases at court; to g:ving
opidiHns on the lega'ity of Patents granted, and le
gal opinions on till other points touching Patent
eases | to futhidiiing copies of decisions on poitits of
law relating thereto ; to explaining the practice of our
courts in deciding Patent cases; und to all business
of a legal character relating to Patents. In the dis
charge. of the abovena"ned duties, the subscriber wilt
t>e assisted by gentlemen of the highest legal allain
inents, and by artists of tbe first enilneiicu.
The subscriber having (during a ttllit through Eu
rope) made arrangements with able and responsible
Agents iri LitKIfojr and Pahih, will attend to the
procuring of Patents in E.nOlash and Fhanck, and
will explain the practice of procuring pateirU in other
Foreign Countries.
Tbe undtrsigned offers his services to Agents and
Applicants for Paten's residing out of Washing on,
whoso cases may have been rejected at the Patent
Office, on account of defective claims, or the misap
prehension of the Examiners, arising from obscure
descriptions. In stitll cases he will niahe the re
quired examinations aud personal applications, and
necessary amendments to the paper*. His long ex
peiicnbc iii this branch of the business Kill enable
hitti to give satisfaction. When ii is known that
many of the rejected claims might be rallied through
the office successfully, if properly presented and ex
plained, the importance of this hianch of the Agency
will be duly appreciated.
The-subscriber will also attend to procuring Mod
els where required to bo made from drawings ol
written dercriptioqa. Also to having drawings done
in Lithography.
ins terms win w) Rccorume to the nature and ex
lent (if the services to tie performed. This ustitil re
taining fee, however, of five dollars, will generally bo
expected in advance. The charge for making an
examination will be about five dollbrt.
Tbe other charges for the simplest cases will be as
For preparing papers?vis: Petition, specification
and oath . . . . Of?
For preparing original drawings . 0 00
Do. duplicate . . 5 (10
For Agency fee ... 5 00
For complex cases the charges will vary from
$20 to $100.
For integrity of character, person* unacquainted
with the undersigned are respectfully referred to
members aud ex-members of Congresj Who huve re
sided in Washington ; and for qnalificatiiins he N>
fets to his own works, (otib of'which is tfie design
of the building in which the Patent Office is arrang
ed,) and to the annexed testimonial of an individual
well known to the whohi country, and to whom,
more than any one else, it is indebted for the present
?idendid establishment, and exce lent code of laws
totaling to Patents, that reflect so much credit on hi
Testimonial of the Hon. H. It. Ellsworth,
Late Commissioner of I'ulrntt.
Patkht Oitice, February 15, 1843.
Mr. William P. Elliot, who has been formerly
employed in the Patent Office as Draughtsman, See.,
having established a Patent Agency in the City of
Washington, I take great pleasure in recommending
him as a gentleman worthy of confidence, and as
being particularly qualified to takn charge of any bu
siness requiring a knowledge of Mechanical Soiei-c?,
Progress of the Arts, and Patent Improvements.
Mr. Elliot is also well acquainted with the practice
of tbia Office. Hinkt L. Ellsworth.
Office dirtelly opposite the Patent Officc, corner
of F und Eighth ttreet*.
(Xj'AU Letters on business must lie tost paid.
junell?ly Solicitor for Patents.
TI1HE UNDERSIGNED having examined a sot
JL of Cochran's Maps of Sacred Gcogiaphy.
submitted to their inspection by Mr. Wm. Hubert
JMuuroc, take pleasure in certifying that, in thcii
judgment, they cannot fail to be greatly useful to
Sabbath Schools, and highly interesting as well a
useful in families. They would therefore highly
recommend them to the iavorahlc notice of r'l Sab
bath Schools and others.
Alexandria, July 28th, 18IB.
S/V^*B?ake, ( Pastors M. E. Church.
John McCorniick, Supt. M. E. S. School
Elias Harrison, Pastor 1st Pres. Church
James McKenzie, Supt. " S. School.
John S Reese, Pastor JW. P. Church.
Thomas -WcCormirk, Supt. " S. School.
Jtf. S. Eliason, Principal Female Boarding
School. .
Washington City.
N. J. B. .Morgan, Pastor, Foundry Congrcga
J. W. French, Rrctor Piot. E. Church.
Geo.- W. Samson, Pastor E street Baptist
Septimus Tustin, Chaplain U. S Senate
Wm. 11. JMilburn, Chaplain Louse Reps.
Almira H. Lincoln Phelps, l'riuciple otPatapsco
Female Institute.
W. B. Edwards, Preacher in charge. Charles st.
,\f. E. Church, Baltimore, .Wd.
W. Robert Monroe has submitted to our inspec
tion a set of Cochran's Maps of Sicrrd Geography,
and wo have determined to use them in theis Insti
Alexandria Boarding School. 7ih month 28th. '4fi.
W. R. MONROE, 1)6, Fayette st. Baltimore
is the principal agent south of N. V
march 13?
l\A I NT AJNlX Oft, STORE. ~
^ kegs pure White Lea 1
O? 100 gals. I.inserd Oil
250 boxes Window Glass.
Pami of aII?shades mixed and prepared for use.
A cons ant supply of LAMPS, PINE OIL,.
Wh'k* and ti1as?er.
Pure Sperm, L rJ, ?nJ Solar Oil',, for sal' rn
tl e lowe-t t rins for cash.
jnay 19 if U ?tr*-t, Buildings. 1
Corner or Gheen and Olive streets,
Georgetown, I). C.
TPHB SUBSCRIBER having commenced tbe
JL manufacture of Miheral Watih, lakes tbe
liberty to inform hie friend* and the public in gene
ral, that he is now prepared to supply them regular
ly every diy with this delightful leverage by leaving
iheir orders at Mr John Buthmsnn's VVino store
Pennsylvania avenue, between 4 j and 6th street*
Washii gt 'ii or at his residence.
The water used is taken Trim a spring on the pre
ui.tea of the Sub criber, well known to ilia physicians
ami the public for yielJing the b-st and purest water
either in Washingtun or Georgetown.
The u'most caro will I>e paid in manufacturing
the Mineral Water, and the public can rely upon re,
ceiving a pure and superior article.
The rub-icriber takes pleasure to call the attention
of the public to the annexe J certificate.
GtouoETown, .tune 10, 1047.
We, the undersigned, physicians, hjve, at the in
vitation of Mr. J. H'?tt er, carefully examined his
Mineral Water Establishment, and lake pleaaure in
pronouncing otir entire satisfaction with hiu superior
anil neat arrangements.
The apparatus and botiing machine annexed, is
a product! n of the latent American Invention, to
constructed as to ensure a full diid pcrf??t saturation
of gas to a degree herctoru uuknowu to us.
Tbe water used for its manufacture is pure and
wholesome, and the care taken in the process, as
well as the cleanliness pervading thn whole establi h
meht, meets wi;h ottr entire approbation, and induces
us to recommend it to tixo public, as a very superior
and healthy artie'e.
H. MAGRUfJER, M. i).
J. RILEY, nr. D.
' THOS. MILLER, M. 1>.
T. B. J. FRYE, M. D.
July 27 4l J. ROTHER.
The United Slates Reporter,
I ftErtS,
rilHE SUBSCRIBER is now enabled to on
JL nounca the completion of his arrangements for
the establishment of a well organized and independ
ent Journal of News ii'. tile a dt of the General Gov
The. loading features of the United States Reporter
will be tbe following :
I. Early intelligence of the movements of the va"
Tt us Departments of the Government, in reference
to domestic affairs nnd to th * foreign relation* of the
country; will be given wlill sCrlpuIiUs llJelity. Pos
sessing peculiar facilities Ibr oh aining it formation,
the "Reporter" ?irill be enabled frequently to com
mmicate, exclusively, intelligence of tbe most im
portant character.
II. The Verbatim Reports of the Proceedings and
Debutes of the United States Senate, which the pro
prietor is bound to furnish daily to that body, in ac
cordancc with the terms of ih? contract made at the
clone of laM session of Congress. Thearrang nients
now made wil at onCo fully secure to tho Senate of
the United States an authentic and Complete record
of its d>bites; and to the people?in a greatly cn
la-gcd degrefc?the benefit of the experience, sagaci
ty, and statesmanship of that b'odjr, td Which they
have ever looked with solicitous and respectful re
1U. The Proceedings and Debates in the House
of Representatives w II also bo given with fulluess,
impartiality, and promptitude. Each day's record
will t o completely mado up, and appear in the "Rc
IV. A Synoptical V iow of the Proceeding< and
Debates of all State Legis'slures w II t>e regu'arly
Siven. Members of Gongre s, and all classes ol
rtaiers, will thus be kept fully and systematically
informed of domes ic legislation in all sections of th,;
United fr-'tati s.
V. Early fntill gtnee of all important movements
j in the Legis atures of Great Bri ain and France, will
fc'3 communicated hv every steamer from Europe,
through rPpoftefrt In L'dncloh nhd Paris, v?ho posses.
peculiar faciluiea for obtaining inforirffitlon.
VI. The General News of the Day will be given
in a condensed form, with indu try and attention.
Such is a briet view of wha the "United Stales
Reporter" is designed to be. All the plans a- d ar
rangements hive been well matured, and the hope is
Confidently theris' ed, that the "Unit d Slates Re
pilfer" will prove ilseir aft encrg tic, industrious,
dignified and perfectly indejiendent Journal, it will
have no paly viows?no political bias. The pro
prietor, by :he (errtiB of his contract with tbe Senate
of the United States, is bound to tfft condition that
the pip r shall c n'ain nojtolitical discussion except
the debates." It will be a vehicic of newt?not the
organ of any set of opinions. The grand aim .of
the subscr.ber is to establish at the seat o! Govern
ment a fa thful and prompt repoiter of all sorts of
intelligence?a respontible agent, en which the pol
itician, tlrt burners msnj the manufacturer, the mt
chanic, and every one iiitcrcS sd In the afl'^irs of
Congress and the Government, may rely at all time#
wi h implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of such a re
liable Journal of intelligence, on terin3 which place
it within the reach of tbe gieat mosses of tho peo
pie, b( the commencement of what promises to be a
most intere- ting end evmtful period in the hist ry of
Congressional proceedings, will be regarded with fa
vor by oil classes of community; and having thus
stated bis objects, the subscriber respectfully solicits
a literal and general support from tho cn ightencd
public of thu United States.
Stenograph r to tho Senate of the United States.
The "United States R porter" will be printed on
a large and handsome sheet, and issued every morn
ing, except Sundays, at the rate of six dollars per
annum; single copies, two cents.
In connection with the drily paper, there will be
issued from the same establishmen'.
This publication will contain eiclu-ively tbe re
ports of the proceeding' and debates of the Congress
of tho United States. It w II be issued semi-weekly,
in an elegant rjuarto form, throughout the session?
of Congress, and will be furnished to subscribers at
'he ra e of two dollars for the long session, and o: c
dollar for ti e short session. It is htlirved that thi
Rrcat national work will bedwmed indispensable in
the library of every public institution, politician, ami
professional man thr ughout ttie country ; and that it
will be icgarded by tho great mass of the people as
the very best political text book for their own in
struction and that of their children.
Throughout the sessions of Congress, Extras wiH
be issued from the office of tho "United States Re
porter," containing the reports of all such debates at
may po sc*s particularly exciting interis*.
All newspapers tliroug' out the United Sales, wh.
publish this prospectus once a week from this datr
i ill the meeting of Congrpsa will be entitled to an ex
change with the "United States Reporter," and wil;
be plac d on the list of those to win m tbe Extra*
will lie despatched.
All subscriptions and communications to Ire post
paid, addressed "J. A Houion, United States Re
porter, Washington, D C."
Washington, D. C, July 20, 1847.
(O- Agent for Baltimore : W. TAYLOR, 4 and
5 Jarvis Buildings: who is au:hori*ed to recciv.
july S3? lawtNl
WL containing two large rooms, three small cham
fer* snd kitchen; there i? also a stable or wood house
on tbe prerni* s. Situated in ? beallhly location
near Mr. Machtui on Maryland avenue. Inquire ol
Uk Vai'ohan, Cupper and Lcecher, Ninth sirert.
june 33if
EMcCUHBIN, Barber, Temple of Fashion
' r? '' by that superior workman,
f cnx Dean, bth st., between Pennsylvania avenue
and D street.
jun 25?
T BARNARD, Latter Press Printer, corner
, I Un iitreet and Pennsylvania Avenue, Wash
ington. Terms cash?Price* lower than ordinary.
WOI/IZ & CONWAY, Cabinet and Chair
manufacturer*, on E, between 10th and llth I
street*. july 2*
MRS. E. REEDER, Milliner, Dress and Cor
tel Maker, Peno. avenue, between let and
2d streets. jnoaia
CloLUMBUS O. WALL, Cubinct MaJier ant
J Undertaker, corner of 6ih ami G streets.
june 11
JOHN WILLIGMAN, House Furnishing Ware
Rooms, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and
13th street, south side.
jun 25?
TT KINO, Boarding-house, F street, directly
Y i opposite the General Post Office.
jun 25?
MRS. NEWMAN, Milliner and Drew-Maker,
Pa. avenue, between 17th and 18th strevt.
july 14
, ton City, Peon. 4v. between 9th and 10th bt.
june 11
A Luxury Indeed!
rpHE subscriber, (through the persuasion of many
X iutimule friends) has beeu induced to fit up the
above establishment, (a bath never before known
to this community) for the purpose of rendering
every uccesatry convenience and luxury to the citi
zens of this Metrrpolls.
In offering to the public the advantage^ of this
most delightful bath, he would say td those who are
in a slate of physical debility, that th< re is nothing
known that is so well calculated to restore the ener
gies of the human system. The mostdrlicate female
under its influence improves in strength with most
astonishing rapidity.
Conucctcl with this mrtdo of bathing, he has in
troduced ihe Salt-water Vapor, and Shower Bath,
giving to those who desire it, all tlie a(!*uiit?ges of
Sea-bathing, without the trouble and expense of a
trip to Ihe Capes.
His rooms are situated on tho corner of 4* street
and Missouri avenue. Open at all hours from six in
tbe morning till nilie at night.
7/iursduys of each week are sat npart for the impe
rial tfecomrttodation of Ladies, when a lady will lie
iu attendance to wait on those who may please to
visit thin establishment. The public are iuvited to
give this Bath a trial.
Terms: Single tickets 37{ cents, or three tickets
| for f\ 00.
june 29?2m W. WHI I'NEY.
TPrtC fltttiarrjlicr begs leave to retoru his thank?
X tn his friends and the public generally for the
very liberal patronage which they have bestowed on
him, and would respectfully inform them that he
has on hand a general assortment of Cabinet Furni
ture, which ha will sell very ch-ap for cash, or ap
proved paper. He is constantly manufacturing al!
kinds of Furniture of tbe latest style and most aj
proved pattern; such an?
Mnhogany dressing Bureaus
" spring seat Sofas
11 rocking and paflor Chair*
" card, centre, and dining Tables
" Wardrolics I
" Bcds'.euls
And, in fact, every thing usually found in a cabinet
ware room.
He is also prepared to attend funerals at the
shortest notice and on tbo most liberal terms; and
he Is Confident that from his long experience in at
tending funerals, that he will give entire satisfaction
to those who may favor him with (heir patronage.
7th street. b*>ween H and I.
may20 ly
Washington to Baltimore.
HAVING been put in complete) order tfill, on
Sunday the 11M July, commence plying regu
larly between the above places, leaving the lower
end of Frederick street dock, Baltimore, every Tues
day at 4 o'clock H. M. Returning, will leave Wash
gt^ on tilery Sunday at 7 o'o.'ock Jl. M.
ho will stop regularly, going and returning, at
Cono River, Va., Leonardlotvn, Md.,
Currloinan, Vs., Pott Tobacco, Md.,
and will louth at the following landings for signals,
or to land, vii i
Point Look Out, Blackstone'*,
Piney Point, Pope's Creek,
Nanjamoi, Sandy Point,
Chapman's, Md.; Bluff Point,
Cjuautico, Va. Boyd's Hole,
The 08CE0LA ^ ill leave WASHINGTON
every Thursday, at 9 o'clock, A.M., for NORFOLK
Returning, will leave Norfolk every Friday at 4
o'clock, P. M. Passage and fare $5 00
july 10?tJanl
13Y1NU, soouringTand silk
South side Pa. Av.t opposite Jackson Mali
FCUDLIPP continues to carry on the abovo bu
i siness in all the various branches. Ladies'
and Ciem lemons' garment* of every description,
| cleaned and dyed in a superior manner.
Silks, Satins, Crapes, Gauzes, Ribbon*, Cashmere,
, Bombazine, Muslin, Velvet, and Merino Dresses dy
j ed any fashionable color. White ('rape. Merino,
and C ishmcre Shawls cleaned and btoachcd. Also.
Moreen Curtains Dyed and Watered.
N. B.?Leghorn, Straw, Bra d, and Bonnets o!
every description dyed brown, lead, or drab color.
1 Thompsonian Medicine for sale.
july 27?2t
rpiIE SUBSCRIBER is now receiving an |
j_ additional supply of groeerie-' comprising
Frjoah Teas, Coffee of various kinds
New Orleans, Porto Rico, and Su Croix sugar*
Do do do molasses J
Hugar hou?e sirup and molasses
Fresh apices, ground and unground
Sperm, adamantine, and mould candle*
Tomato *auce, cranps, anchovies, Ac.
Sardine* and Curry powders
Sarsajiarilla sirup, fancy soap
Military ahaving soap, Ac.
Orange county butter
100 sugar cured hara*
100 su|>erior shoulder*
A large supply of cigars and tobacco
To which he invite* attention S.HOLMES,
june 19?d3w 7th street
ft i\ lb*. Potash for *ale. Joat received by
may 29 7th street and Penn. avenur
TOOTH-ACHE DROPS. An immediate and
Perfect cure. For sal* by
Dntggint if Apoth. corner of 1th $ I'm. ere.
may Hi?tf
Earthenware, China, and Glam. T. Pub
ski.I., importer and dealer in K. Ware, China
and (?lass, wholesale and.retail, at his store, oppnsita
Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue Washington
! citj, I). C.
LLOYD has ingeniously succeeded in in
venting a Compound of such a delightful
nature m to render the hardest and roughest skin soft,
fair, ant) dalicately while.
Ladies Riding, Gardening, or Painting, and Gen
tlemen Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Cricketing,
Rawing, Ac., or any amusement or exertion preju
dicial to the hand*, will find the improved ROUGH
pleasingly efficacious in removing all hardness, stain,
redness, and all other cutaneous disfigurement; pre
venting and rendeiing the skin soft, fair, and pliable.
From the nice combination of Balsamic ingredi
ents introduced into the composition, they form a
line Creamy Lather, with the hardest or Sea Water,
which renders them very desirable for Salt Water
Baths. They produce the most softening and re
freshing sensation, and will be tound an excellent
substitute for the Flesh Brush.
They are highly recommended to Captains of
Ships Merchants, ami all who trade with foreign
countries, as they will retain their virtue in any cli
mate. For sale by CHA8. STOTT.
Drue 4r Apoth,, corner of 7th 4" Pa. of.
may 13?tl
i taints, Oils, and Paint Brushes, Ac.
I The subset ibcr has just received a large and
fresh supply of PAINTS, OILS, Ac., partof which
are named below. They are guaranteed to be pur*
an;! good, and from the best manufactories. Ail
persons vr on ting such articles would find it to their
advantage to c^ll, as I am determined to sell lower
than similar artici* can be got at any other place
in this city.
350 kegs White Lead
130 lbs. Chrome Green
120 lbs. Chrome Yellow
30 ILii. Chrome Red
100 lbs. Pure Verdegris
300 lbs. Red Lead and Litharge
100 Its. Imperial Green
000 lbs. Venetian Red and Sp. Brown in oilj
300 lbs. Yollow Ochre in oil
100 lbs. Paris Green, dry
50 lbs. do. do. in oil
A large auortiuciU of Paint and While Wash
400 lbs. Latnp Black, dry and in oil
10 lbs. Hp. Whiting
1000 lbs. Putty
200 Boxes of Window Glass, all sizes
5 bbls. Linseed Oil
0 bbls. ('opal and Japan Varnish
3 bbls. Bp. Turpentine
1 cask bleached Lamp Oil, at 75 eta pr. gait.
Also, PURE PINE OIL, received fresh from the
manufactory evory week.
CHARLES STOTT, comer 7th street
april 27?timo and Penn. A v.
Buit'a extract of Sarsaparllla
Sand's do do
Leldy's do do
Tow use ltd's do
Schwartze's do
Houck's Panacea
Sw Aim's do ?
Syrnp Sarsaparilla Compound
These medicines are all of Standard Merit, and
are warranted pure and genuine. At this season of
the year they will be found highly beneficial for pu
rifying the blood aiid invigorating the system.
For sa'e by CHAS. STOTT.
Drug & Apoth corner of 7th A Pa av.
may 21 tf
1,600 pounds of Alum,
For sale by CHAS. STOTT,
Drug A Apoth corner 7th A Fa.
mny lQtf av.
Coach Tarnish
No. i Furniture do
" 2 do do
Scraping do
t Japan do
Leather do
For salo in five gallon tins by
Ding and Apoth corner of 7th A Pa a",
may 21 tf
Strengthening Plaster.
IN all cases where it is thought advisable to keep
up ]>crmanent stimulant impression on or near
the organ disoated, these plasters will be found high
ly valuable. In fact, all the benefit that can accrue
from a continuous counter-irritant will be produced
in the most efficient manner by them. As in Rheu
matism, Lumbago, Gout, Enlargement of the Joints,
Chronic Disease of the Liver, Spleen, Lungs, or
other internal organs, in short, in all other casea
where warming or strengthening plasters are bene
ficial, these will be found to be superior to any now
in use. For salo by
may 21 tf CHARLES 8T0TT.
Drug <f- Apoth corner 7ih A Pa av.
The und>rs gncd begs leave to call the attention
of those desirous o''using a good article in Blacking,
to th:< atiovenamed. The Manufacturer, knowing
the excellent properties of his Blacking, sent sam
ples to various persons (such as Boot Makera, Ac.)
also to s vural of the Newspapers. The extracts,
underneath are from some of the papers, they spealc
Tor themselves; also several persons who tried it have
called and said that the Japan Liquid Blacking
was superior to any thing thwy had ever used.
Wt l/ai '* Patait Japan blocking is the name of
an excellent article; wo have aeon it used, and can
high'y recommend it?N. American, April 16.
Wellar's Blacking is one of the most superb and
satisfactory articles of the day. It imparts a brilliance
and polish beyond description. We have tried it.?
'Go and do like wLe.'?Spirit of the Times, April
By reference to another column, an advertisement
will be found lor an excellent ankle of Blacking, in
a Liquid form for Boot-, Ac. It has been highly
recommended by many who have tried it. It not
only gives, with very little trouble, a beautiful jet
polish, but retains it much longer than any uther. It
is sold by the Agent of tho Manufacturer at No. 60,
Chesnut street. Buy a hottlo, one trial will prove
the fact.?Phil. Ledger, April 23.
Wclfur'x Blacking is one of the most shining arti
cles in the market.?Spirit of the Times, Apnl 2.
Pa lent Blacking.?Mr. J. Wellar, No. 50, Ches
nut St., has prepared a Patent Liqu d Blacking,
wh ch produces a lieiutilul jet Polish, and does not
iiijare the leather. Those who would have a polish
d understanding sh< ul I read the advertisement in
another column.?U. S. Gaaette, May 1.
Wellar's Pahnt Japan Blacking is about the
liest article of the kind we have aeen. The polish
which it imparts to the understandings of man is
brill-ant and lasting: we have tried H and it boot*
us to say all this urirs behalf.?Evening Bulletin,
June 7th.
The Manufacturer can produce numerous testi
monials similar to the above, from private individuals
and from other papers, but the above extracts are
sufficient to convines any person that the manufsc
tur- r has not exsggeratrd; but that upon a lair trial
the Slacking will be foand as represented, excellent
in every respect.
J. WELLAR, Manufacturer, No. 50, Chesnut
rtrort, Philadelphia. 1 a
CHARLES STOTT, corner Penn. Avenue and/^|
7th street, A gent for W atbington, D. G. mtM
july 16?tf

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