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? tow 4oon below UwKsiIro ^ fofi
t^w5sip-?s.-?'',?u" wlowi?g
pl,eft?loo Richmond, CwcinaUi,
Eft**, Petersburg,
Philadelphia fcc. fcc.
Baltimore, forward specie and other
*- - ?"
the above places at reason" McELFrESH
?nay 37?eo2m AgW>t'
r?? BECK'S #1 60
Reuwotd t? the corner of 7 th Uru* and Pean.
a CCUJUTE^d ??/^hfd Portraits for
ludo and certain success at a reasonable advance.
A share of the public patronage i? most respect
fully j, H. B. BECK.
for eale on very low terms, at the Fountain
Bookstore, near the Railroad Depot.
mil 18 tf ?
)R HENlf.?the Second, Third, ani fourth
V0.^. of the Fountain Building* are for wot
on accommodating terms. Abo two basement rooms,
one being next to U>e avenue. Apply at Uus oflice
?ul, 3d Lumber Yard, Hth *
A fpp more left, at fifty cent* a pair.
ALSO, running off at auction prices, a good
assortment of 8 U M ME A CLOT H,
Tweed and Linen <C?ats, Satin, Silk,,and White
Marseilles Tests ; Cassimere, Linen, and G&m
broon Pant* j with Shirty Suspendars, Drawers,
Handkerchiefs,.auda^ra?et^ofFariM (Joods.
Penn. avenue, near 11th street
.J Chrono-Tliertaal Ague Pills,
warranted tio c&re in eigllt hours!
" r AU0%
suitable for every month in the year, wattsnted to
relieve Rheumatism, Bronchitis, ScrofulajVeuralp.i,
constitutional effect* of 8yptulis, eruptive diseases,
and all other* arising from Impurities of the blood.
The above medicine, may be had wbobsale ot
retail, st the proprietor s st?d, ??">? avenue, 3d door
east of 3d strtet, WaehUgtoti pity.
juneMeotf -
1] A*?f Charleston, Jcftrxm eo? Kk.
J. J. Abell, Proprietor.
I have LEASED for a term of year* this de
lightful WATEltlNG PLACE, and will have
it open for the iffetftitidf company on the 1st of
June. The p?8|4iol?rpkdges himself that nothing
?hall be spared -on part, of of Uueeinhja em
K" ' , to render the tin* of hi* visile* agreeable.
fare, Ac. sba? be second to that of no*her
watering place in Virginia. His bar will W fur
nMbe<l ?>U> the best of liquors of every kind; and,
in fact, it will be the proprietor's determination to
render this one of the most pleasant end delightful
summer retreats in Virginia. The ?pi?ee of the
water have been full, tasted In eases of the am a -
liana, dropsy, or dyspepsia, and persons afflicted
with ather of thoss Jmssirs will find Kr?*t relief
from the bathing, dtc. The proprietor has a fine
coach and which will meet pessmgem daily
at Charlestowa, on ths arrival of the ears, to convey
them to and/?om the Springs.
Terms. #9 for tits first weak, $8 thereafter; $1
60 par day.
may 1? tf
at Washington city, D. C., a depot for the sale of
tbe above celebrated compound, at Wm. Adam's
Bookstore, No- 3. Elliott's Buildings Pennsylvania
Avenue, near Jackson Hall, which ttiey offer
to the American public as a sure antidote for Con
ammptim, in its c+anced u well as incipient stage*.
Acting directly upon the LUWGS, and arresting
their decay, It not only soothes and quiets at once
the distress and pain attendant upon this hereto
fore regarded fatal disease, but reslones the lungs
and their sympathising organs, to natural and heal
thy action. Accompanying each package are gen
eral instructions and directions (translated) for il?
use, adapted to all cases, and it strictly followed,
will not fail, in every instance?If the lungs are
not wholly consumed?of restoring to health
which may be permanently secured by future care
and avoiding too much exposure to atmospheric
changes. LOUIS FOlfTAIN.
Pries, eight Francs.
fJ3?For the information of persons residing in
the interior; any part of the government?he would
stale that the remedy is prepared and imported di
rect from their Laboratorie, Paris, and that the
same can be transported through mail, as he is ad
vised by officers ot the Post Office Department, to
any post office in the country, at the same charge
as for a double letter. Any persons, therefore,
residing distant from this city, who may wish to
avail themselves of the remedy, can do so by ad
dressing him through the mail, post paid. Two
dollars accompanying an order, will entitle a per
son to one whole and one third package.
IltaWr and Manufacturer of. Inside Vcukisn Win
dow Blinds, south side Pann. sv. between 9th
sad 10th streets, Wsshingt n.
?LIN 1)8 of sll sses and styles furt, bed to order.
) Split Blinds, plain and painted, at all eiaes.
H-s-< fixtures and trimming* furnished.
Linen and transparent Curtain* put up in the
best style.
Eire-screens snd wide paper for curtains, very
All work done on reasonable terms and with
N. B. Old Blinds repaired snd repainted.
,K C A. Van Zandt's Health Rettora*
live Pills is a medicine which not only cures
hut prevents disease, capable of great results, and
equally calculated to be safely used lor apparently
small ones. We all know how dreadful and dan
gerous a seated bilious disorder is, snd ws ara also
well awsre of the seaming insignificancy of its first
warnings or incipiency. The individual suffering
fioin slight pains in hi* chest, back, or atoioach, or
frotn occasions! nausea, dull headache, extreme ner
vousness, sleeplessness, trifling prevarication of ap
petite, and other disagreeable visitations so c mmon
ly snd foolishly looked upon as unimportant, may
* no1 know thai these symptoms, treated ao contemp
tuously, are the consequences of s diseased state of
the liver, which if remedied, will lead either t?
speedy death or a long tiain of unbearable alia which
are known by the following names: Hypochondria,
mama, dtsxmeas, alow epileuey. asthma
dropsy, rheumatism, chlorsets, convulsions, nausea,
nervoumess, crapms, gout, pleurisy, jaundice, Irrita
bility, and violence, dyspep.., hysta.ic., scurvy,foul
atomacfc, dry eo?hs, glandular action., colds, lin
gerie sore throats, various disorg.nttations of the
great tartartine, strictures and apasnofe eomplainu
iniaraaMy, IWftims, shurtneas of bfr.ih heartburn,
neuralgia, vital InfUmnmtion, flatuler^, ^tnc fc
WW ?iwioo in ution
?f the heart. Take these pill, and snflV, ^ more.
131 FultCO rt, N;Y;Oewr?lA,m,; and soM
afril U faao. ?>
Magnetic Telegraph.
Reduction <jf rates for the transmission Pjmeuafes,vu:
For a message of ? .
1 'i 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 or 10 words 10
11 12 13 14 15 19 17 18 1? " 20 " 15
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 " 30 ? 20
31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 " 40 " 25
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 "50 " 30
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 " 60 " 35
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 " 70 " 40
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 " 80 " 45
81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 " 90 " 5U
91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 " 100 " 55
The same rates will be charged for every suc
ceeding hundred, and pari of a )?undred words,
except upon communication* for the press, which
will be charged at half the rates for every hundred
and part of a hundred, after the first hundred.
Numerals and initials will be charged as if the
words they represent were written in full.
Telegraph Offices open every day fiom eight
o'clock, A. M. to seven P. M.. Suudajs excepted
N. B.?Persons availing themselves of the Bal
timore and Washington U. S. Line of Telegraph,
have their messages delivered immediately, if within
lite limits of either city. A brief busiuess Icttm,
or inqniry in regard to friends, will not cost over j
twenty cciita.
It is hoped the public will sustain the reduced
rates, made by authority of the Postmaster Gen
eral, the object being to test fully the capacity ol
the Government line of Telegraph.
By order of the Superintendent,
ALFRED VAIL, Assist. Supt.
Washington Tel. Office,
in 2W story City Post Office
ly added to his facilities for manufacturing parts ol |
Watches that may be rcqwiral, by instruments for thai
purpose ; and having obtained a knowledge of Watch
Repairing, by practice in Boston, New York, Phila
delphia, and elsewhere, will be able to attend to w hat
ever may be oflered in this department of mechanic*
Chronometer, Duple*, Lever, Lepine, and Repeat
ing Vetches, accurately repaired ; also, Common
Hatches and Mantle and Eight-day. Clocks put in
order1, north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between
Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, on the comer ol
the alley east of Coleman's Hotel, sign of the Watch,
with Guard-Key and Chain, and Models reprnwitinn |
the exterior of a seH-*egistering Meteorological Ob- |
servatory. dey 25?ltf
fUST RECEIVED, and lor sale at the
J Book Stor?: of A. ADAM, on Pennsylvania
Avenue, the following lite and attractive literary pro
ductions, via:
By James. The Ancient Regime, 25 cents; Chas.
Tyrrel, or the Bitter Blood, %> cts; The Robber, 25
ets; Corse de Leon, 25 cts; Falee Heir, 25; lleidle
berg, 85; Step Mother, 2 vols. 50j the Smuggler 25.
Beauchamp, 25.
By Miss Pickering. The Quiet Husband; the
expectant; the Sijuire; the Prince and l'edler; the
gecuct Foe; Agnes Serl; Nandarrel; Cousin Hinton;
Ute Fright,ea<X 25 cents; the Heiress, 25; Who shall
be Heir, 25.
By Charles Lever. Tom Burke of Ours, 50 cts;
,be Nevilles of Garretstown, 25 cts; Jack Hinton, 50;
Charles CPMalley, 50-, Arthur CLea^jr, 2a cents;
Knight of Gwynne, 25.
By Alexander Duiitas. Genevieve, 50 cts, Che
valier de Harmental, 25; Lady of Monsoreau, 2 vols
41, the Throe Guardsmen, 25; the Counte of Monte
Christo, 2 vols $1; Duke of Burgundy, 25, Joan, the
"Heroic Maiden,25
By GEOftfcE Lippard. The Quaker City, 2 vols
|1; Blanche ol BraAdywine, 3 vols 75 cts
By Samuel Lover. Handy Andy, SOcts; Legends
and Stories of Ireland, 50 cts; Rory O'Moore, 50 cts;
Songs and Ballads, 85
By W. H. AinsWorth. The Towerol London, 50;
Chrichton, 25; Diana of Mcridor, $1 for the 2 vol.
The Dutchman's Fireside, 25 cts
Voting Kate, or the Rescue, 25
The Y tying Prima Donna, by Messrs Grey, 25
- Kruitzner, or the German's Tale, 25
Wilfulness of Woman, 25
i Evelina, by Miss Burney, 25
The Danerreotype Miniature, 12J
Lives of Statesmen, by Hon J Q Adams, 86
Confessions of a Pretty Woman, by Miss Pardoe -5 |
Amelia Wyudham, 26 Father Darcy, 25
The Prairie Bad, by Murray, 25
Love and Mesmerism, by Horace Smith, -5
The Female Minister, 25
Rose Marie, or the Gogo Family, 25
Archibald Werner, 50
Sylvester 8omnd, the Somnambulist, 37 1
Stories of Waterloo, by Maxwell, 25
Guy Rivers, a Tale of Georgia, 25
My Own Home ami Fireside, 50
History of the Bastile, by Davenport, 50
The Protege, by J E T 25 The Tartar Chiei, 2a [
The Venice Orange Girl, 124
Freak* of Cupid, in three parts, each 121
l,eon(inc, 25 Ormond, or I he Secret Jfltness, 25 |
The Chronicles of Clover Nook, 12Jets
Charmed Sea by H. Martineau, 25
Groves of Blarney by Mrs. Hall, 25
Sijge of Vienna, 25
Eucretia by Bulwer, 25
Leila, 12*
THESE Bitters are purely a vegetable torn
pound, and are offered m the public from
principle of benevolence, under the fullest convic
tion that they will be found a safe and sovereign
emedy for Dyspepsia. They have been trium
phantly tested) not only by some of the most re
spectable families and physicians in the Slate of
South Carolina, who have furnished ampin testi
mony as to their decided excellence, but also by the
proprietor, who. for len years, suffered all the gloom
incident to that stubborn and distressing disease. ,
They possess the peculiar excellence, denied to
moat other Bitters, of not proving injurious by con
tinued use. Tl?ey contain not a single deleterious
ingredient, and, as seen froin the directions which
accompany each bottle, may be given with entire
safety to aa infant iu the month.
With pleasure, and for ?he benefit of mankind, I
send you a certificate relative to the Colleton Bil
In the year 1838, when the cholera was in
Charleston, 8. C., I was compelled to send a servant
to the city. On his return, he was suddenly attack
ed with moat violent pain in his bowels, so much so
as to cause apprehension that he would expire in a
short time, if medical aid could not lw procured. I
iimnediaiely resorted'to the Colleton Bitters, by giv
ing a wine glass full at a dose. In the course of a
very short time it acted a* an emetic, and throwing
him at the same time into a profuse perspiration. I
then continued to give it in small Hones, from two to
three tea spoonsfull, which resulted in a happy re
covery. Since then I have been using it constantly
in my family, in cases of cholera moibus, cholera
infantum, diarrhma and general debility, and in
every instance found it highly beneficial. Some
constitutions, however, require much larger dose.
than others. Joa D< JENKINS.
Bluffkm, 8. G., 1846.
It is with feelings of gratitude as well as pleasure
that 1 lake this method of giving my testimony of
the great estimation which I entcruiu f r your ill
valuable compound. In justice not only to the me
dicine, but for the benefit of others who may be suf
fering from the same umlady, Dyspepsia, with which
I was for years aflluU-d, 1 feel it a duly incuml?nt
on me to state that I am now restored to perfect
health When 1 commenced taking ?he Col U-ton
Bitters it was aa a last resort. My debility from m
disestiou was so great that a euro was looked upon
m almost hopeU-a. After taking it regularly and
perseveringly for some tune, my strength and di
gestive powers were eutireiy restored. I have never
Uken a single do* of any other m. dictno for more
than five years past. I can now eat the richest food
without any unpleasant feeling, whatever- have
also used Colleton Bitters freely in my f?"n.ly for
ehulera infantum, Mem morbus, general debility,
and as a tonic after fever, w.th great success. A. a
family medicine I deem it invaluable, and do con
scientiously recommend it A M. K.
fH. John's Cotlrton, S. C.. December, 184ft.
For safe 1* the only Age-l for the D.strict ol
Columbia. HtlMAWo,
Between 10th and llth strdete, Washington.
WingTscouring, and si lk
South tide Pa. Jiv., oppotite Jnckum Hull
FCUDLII'P continue* to carry on the above bu
, aineas in all llie various branches. Lediet.
nnd Genilemens' garme-ts of evtry description,
cleaned and dyed In a su, erior maonrr.
Milks,Maiius, Crepes, Ueuioe Ribbons, Cashmere,
Bomhaaine, Muslin, Velvet, and Merino Drasers dy
ad any fashionable color. White Crape, Me.mo.
and Cashmere shawls cleaned and bleached. Alee,
Moeren Curtains Dyed and Watered.
N. B.?Leghorn, Straw, Bra d, and Bonnet# of
every deecription dyed brown, lead, or drab color.
Thompson tan Medicine for sale.
july rt?%K
I *bov?f?nadlo?taare raptiuted in N. York.
1 immediately on their arrival by the British
steamers, in a beautiful clear type, on fine white
pap?r, and are faithful copies of the originals?
Blackwood'* Magazine being an exact fac-6imilie
ol the Edinburgh edition.
The wide-spread fame of these splendid peri
odicals renders it needless to say much in their
praise. As literary organs, they stand far in ad
vance of any works of a similar stamp now pub
lished, whilo the political complexion of each is
marked by a dignity, candor, and forbearance, not
often fouud in works of a party charactcr.
They embrace the views of (he three great
parties in England?Whig, Tory, and Radical.
iSUckwood" and the 44 London Quarterly" are
Tonr, the " Edinburgh Review" Whig, and the
'? Westminster," Radical. The "North British
K?vicw" to of a more Religious cast, and has for
its editors Sir David Brewster and Dr. Hanna, son
in-law of the l'?te Dr. Chalmers, of Edinburgh. Its
literary articles are of the first order, and it is lib
eral in its politics.
TJ16 prices of the reprints are less than one
third ol those of the foreign copies; and, while
they are equally well got up, they afford all that
advantage to the Jlinerkan over the Ettglish reader.
Payment to be made in advance.
For any one of the four Reviews, A3 00 perann
For any two do - - 5 00 ?'
For any three do - - 7 00 "
For all four of the Reviews, - - 8 00 "
For Blackwood's Magazine, - - 3 00 "
For Blackwood aud the four Re
views, - 10 00 "
Four copies of any or all of the above works
will be sent to one address, on payment of the
regular subscription for three; the fourth copy
being gratis. rj
.% Remittances and communications must be
made in all cases without expense to the publish
ers. The former may always be done through a
postmaster, by handing him" the amount to he re-1
nutted, Inking his receipt and forwarding the re- 1
ceipt by mail, pdsl-paid; or the money may be en
closed in a letter, post-, aid, directed to the pub
lishers. r
^?B?-The pottage, on all these periodicals is
reduced, by the late Post Office law, to about oiie
thtrd the former ratu, making a very important sa
ving in the expense to mail subscribers.
In most of the large cities and towns in the
United Slates lying on the principal railroad and
steamboat routes, these periodicals will be deliv
LEONAKD SCOTT & Co., Publishers,
jun 28?lyr' 79, Fulton St., N.Y.
ARRIVING in the'United States, or others, desi'
ous of purchasing a permanent Country tesi
deuce in Pennsylvania. The subscriber oflcrs foi
?ale hi* farm, situated in Montgomery cuunty, Penn
sylvania, 14 miles north of Philadelphia. It contains
308 acres of land, 288 acres of which are in the
highest state of cultivation, producing wheal, rye,
Indian com and hay, cqoal to any upland farm?the
remaining 20 acres being woodland. On the pre
mises is a fine stone rransion, 60 feet by 46, with a
verandah attached, 10 feet wide, extending the
length of the house, and a large piazza on the eusi, f
the whole giving ample accommodation fi)r a fauiily
of twenty peifeons. The pleasure grounds surround
ing the house are shaded with elegant evergreen",
and aro very beautifully laid out. Theie are on the
farm three stone bouses for farmers or tenants, to
gether with three large stone barnb, containing sta
bling and conveuioncca for a hundred bead or cat.le,
and for the storago of 260 tons of produce, with |
coach houso, wagon house, granary and corn cribs
attached. There aro also the advantages of a fine
spring house, ice hoive, fi.h pond, a garden of two |
acres, orchards stockod with the finest fruit, green
house and grape wail, a stream of spring walur in
e*?ry field, s daily mall, by which the Philadelphia
and New York papers of the same day aro received,
and an omnibus pasting the gate morning and even
I In the Immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Luther
en and Presbyterian churches.
Further description is unnecessary, as all penons
wishing to purchase are invited to call and examine
the estate. It may, however, bo added, that for beau
I ty, healthful situation, and advantages, it i? not sut
passed by any in the Unilod States. It inny be weli
also the inontion the price, which is ?220 ix i acie.
Apply to
CEORGE f^HAFF, Whitemsrsh,
[ ?j"'j 2 2awlm* Montgomery Co., Pa.
Fauquier While Sulphur Springs.
.THIS establishment, so favorably known for
L the curative qualities of its water aud Uie ele
gance aud comfort of its accommodation, will be
opened for the reception of visiters on the 1st June.
It is situated 60 miles froui Alexandria, .15 miles
from Fredericksburg, aud 20 miles e??t of the Bluo
R dgp, in one of the most healthy and delightful cli
mates of Virginia. The direction arid management
will be the same as heretofore, and the same atten
tion paid to the accommodation and comtbrt of their
guests. We have an abundant supply of ice.
The season, commencing the 1st of June, will end
the 1st of October, embracing 4 months.
Lovers ol music will find the Itand Unsurpassed.
Board: $10 per week, $9 per week for 2 weeks,
! $30 per month, $80 for llic i-e.iuon.
For more than one dayH 5t) per day, 50 cents
for a singl.; meal, 26 cents for lodging, children un
der 12 years of age, and servants, half price; horses
| 50 cents per day, per week *2 50, per month $8.
Tri-weekly stsges v ill run from Washington un
til 1st of July, alter thut lime daily.
rheio will be a line of stages from Fredericksburg
after the 1st of July, p'evious to which conveyances
will be furnished on a< commodating terms.
jnsy 17?U ? DAN'L WARD.
CHALNCEV WARRINER has recently added
to his facilities for manufacturing parts of
Watches that may be required, by instruments for
that purpose; and having obtained knowledge of
Watch Repairing by practice in Boston. New York,
Philadelphia and elsewhere, will be able to attend to
whatever may l>e ottered in this department of rnc
! chanics.
Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Lepine, and Re
peating Watches, accurately repair.il; ala >, Common
Watches and Mantel arid Eighi-day Clocks put in
order, north side Pennsylvania avenue, between
Four-and-a-half and tsixih streets, on the corner of
tho alley east ol Coleman's Hotel, sign of the
Watch with GuasfrKcy and Chain and Models rep
| resenting the exterior of a scll rcgulcriug Meteorolo
gical Observatory.
Tho above location is in part occupied by STE
1 HEN LDD\ , who deals in the American manu
failure.! Patent improved Perifocal S|*ciacle Lens,
an instrument evidently .lolui'd to aupcrsede i.li
other aid to the human vision; judging from testi
monials of their sii|i?rior properties over other lens,
it will only Iw lioceeaary to refer in observation and
lacta to establish for thciu a far higher character for
usefulness than has hitherto been attained by the
eiorls of art J sciencc.
8. Eddy also deals in Jewely, fine Watches, Sil
| vcr Ware, Biowii'a and other Ciold Pens.
The public are respectfully invited to call, particu
larly those a III it ted with defective sight;?nothing
no desirable as it* preservation and improvement;?a
little attention in the selection ef glasses will accom
plish the one, in some instance both. It is highly
important to see clearly. *
MISS ANNA M. BEt'K would respoetfully in
fomi the Laoics of Washington that she is now
prep .red with her Spring Stock to execute all order,
in Millinery or Mantua Making with neatness and
despatch. Residence E street, opposite Rev. O. 1J
Brown's. eptil 21-3m
HHHE SUBSCRIBERS have on hand a large sop
X p'y ,ol pure Potomac lee. which they will sell
at their lee-, ouse corner of Maryland avenue and
Eleventh street, for Twenty-five cents per bushel.
rn, ? . i_i: B'RU&0UNNELL.
N. B.?lee delivered tn any put of the city at the
shortest notice. B.&tl.
juno 23?if
MR^. NEWMAN, Milliner and Dress-Maker,
Pa. avmue, between 17th and 18Ut stre.t.
Georgetown, D. C.
rpHE SUBSCRIBER having commenced tbe
I manufacture uF Mi***ai Wat**, lakes the
liberty to inform his friends snd lb* public iu geu< -
'?I, thai he is now prepared lo supply them regular
ly every d ly willi (his delightful beverage, by leaviug
their orders at Mr John Buthmaun's Wine *tore,
Pennsylvania a?enu\ between Ii and 6th streets
Washington or at his residence.
The water used is taken from a spring on the pre
mises of thti Sub critter, well kuown to th<" physicians
and the public lor yielding the best aud purest water
either in Washingt' n or Georgetown.
The utmost care will be paid in inanufactuiing,
the Mineral Water, and the public can rely upon re
ceiving a pure and superior article.
The tubsciiber takes pleasure to call the attention
of the public to the annexeJ certificate.
Geonciktown, June 16, 1847.
We, the undersigued, physicians, have, at the in
vitation of Mr. J. Rott er, carefully examiued his
Mineral Water Establishment, and lake pleasure in
pronouncing our entire satisfaction with his superior
and neat arrangements.
, The apparatus and bottling machine annexed, is
a pruducti >n of the latest American invention, so
constructed as to ensure a full and perfect saturation
of gas to a degree heretore unknown to us.
The water used for its manufacture is pure and
wholesome, and the care taken in the process, as
well as the cleanliness pervading tin whole establi h
limit, meets with our entire approbation, and induccs
us to recommend it to the public, as a very superior
and healthy article.
J. A. RITCHIE, M. ?.
J. M. THOMAS, M. I).
T. B. J. FRYE, M. D.
july 87 4t i' ROTHER.
The United States Reporter,
I^HE SUBSCRIBER is now enabled to an
nounce the completion of hia arrangements for
the establishment of a well organised and inde|>end
ent Journal of News at the a?at of the General Gov
The loading features of the United States Reporter
wilt be the following:
I. Early intelligence of the movements of the va*
rii.ua Departments of the Government, in reference
to domestic affairs and to the foreign relations of the
country, will bo given with scrupulous fidelity. Pos
sessing peculiar facilities for ob aining information,
tho "Reporter" will be enabled frequently to com
irtnnicate, exclusively, intelligence of the moat im
portant character.
II. The Verbatim Reports of tbe Proceedings and
Dvbates of the Uuited Stales Senate, which the pro
prietor is bound to furniah daily to that body, in ac
cordance with the terms of the contra t made at the
close of last session of Cougress. The arrangi tnents
now made will at once fully securo to tbe Seuate of
the United States an authentic aud complete record
of iu debate* i and to tho people?in a great'y en
larged degree?tbe benefit of the experience, sagaci
ty, and statesmanship of that body, to which they
have ever looked with solicitous and respectful re
III. The Proceedings and Debates in the Houre
ot Representatives will also be given, with fullness,
impartiality, and promptitude. Each day's rrcord
wjll l>e completely made up, and appear in the "Re
porter4 uekl morning.
IV. A Synoptical View of the Proceeding* and
Debates of all State Legislatures will be regularly
given. Members of Congress, and all classes of
readers,will "thus be kept fully ami systematically
informed of domestic legislation in all sections of the
United stales.
V. Eai^ Intell'gence of all important movements
i the'Legis'atures of Great Britain and France, will
bft communicated by every steamer from Europe,
through reporters in London and Paris, who possess
peculiar facilities for obtaining information.
VI. Tho General Nowsof the Day wilt be given
in a condensed form, with indu try and attention.
Such is a Uriel view of what the "United Stales
Reporter" i* designed to be. All tlio plans aud ar
rangements have been well matured, aod tho hope is
confidently clierlsled, that the "Unit-d Slates Re
porter" wilt prove itself an cncrg> tic, industrious,
dignified and perfectly independent journal. Ii will
have no party viewr?no political bias. The pro
prietor, by the terms of his contract with the Senate
of the United States, is bound to the condition that
the pip r shall cintain uo political discussion except
the debates." It will be a vehicle of new)?not the
organ of any set of opinions. The grand aim of
the subscriber is to establish at the seat ol Govern
ment a fa thful and prompt reporter Of all sorts ol
Intelligence?n responsible agent, on which the pol
itic an, the business man, the manufacturer, the me
chanic, ond everyone interes ed in the affairs of
Congress and the Government, may rely at all times
wi h implicit confidence.
It is believed that the establishment of such a re
liable Journal of intelligence, on terms which placo
it within the reach of the gteat masses of the peo
ple, at the commencement of what promises to be a
most interesting and ?ventful period in the hist 'ry of
Congressional proceedings, will he regarded w.lh fa
vor by all classes of community ; aud having thus
stated hu objects, the subscriber respeclfuHy solicits
a liberal and general support from the enlightened
public ot the United States.
Stenographer to the Senate of the United States.
The "Uuited States Reporter'" will be printed o
a largo and handsome hlicet, and issued ev?ry morn
ing, exeept Sundays, at the rate ol uix dollars per
annum; single copies, two cents.
In lonneetion with the daily paper, there will be
issued from the fame establishment..
This publication will contain exclu ively the re
ports of the proceeding < and debates of tho Congress
ol the United States. It w.ll be issued eemi-weekly,
in an elegant quarto form, throughout tho sesaion*
of Cougi'css, and will be furnished to subscribers at
the ra e of two dollars for the long session, and pi e
dollar for ti e short session. It is txlbved that tbU
great national work will be deemed indispensable in
the lihrsry of every public institution, |K>liticiaii, and
professional man throughout tne country ; aud that it
will be regarded by the great mass of the people as
the very best political text hook for thuir own in
struction snd that of their children.
Throughout the sessions o: Congress, Extra$ wiH
be issued from the oilice of the "United States Re
porter," containing the reports of all such debates as
may po-se?s particularly exciting interes .
All newsp?|iers thmug out the United Sates, who
publish this prospectus once a week from this dale
till tl.e meeting of Congress will lie entitled to an ex
change with tbe "United Stales Reporter," and will
ho placed on the list of thoee to whom the Extras
wilt be despatched.
All subscriptions and communications to he post
paid, addressed "J. A. Hou. ton, United Suites Re
porter, Washington, D C."
Washington, D. C? July 20, 1847.
(jj Agent for Baltimore : W. TAYLOR, 4 and
ft Jarvis Buildings: who is authorized to receive
july *3? lawtNl
containing two large rooms, throe small ch?m
liers snd kitchen* there i> also a stsble or woodhou<e
on the premis< s. Situated in a beallhly location
near Mr. Machen on Maryland avenue. (injure of
Da Vil nius, Capper and Laecher, Ninth s.reet.
juue 23tf
IP Mc.CUBBIN, Barber, temple of Fashion
rit fto. I, aided by that superior workman,
Felix Dean, 8lh ?t., between Pennsylvania avoow
and D street.
jun 25?
UNE REPORT.?The Mutual Ben
' wftt Life hmimnrfi ^'finmanY /offioANo 11
Wall street, New York) issued during (he month of
Jane, 1647, 131 new Policies, vix:
ToMerch'tA Yinkn 48To Tewhen 3
Gierke, 19
Manufacturers a
Mechanic* 11
Physiciane 4
Clergy oieu 4
Lawyers 1
Engineer 1
If 8 Officer* 3
Ltdiei 3
Agents, 9
Far mere 6
HU-a inli. Capt 1
PmUowIw 1
Editor 1
Servants 6
Other Occupation* 9
94 37
New policies issued in June, 131
KOU. L. PATTERSON, President
BEN J. C. MILLER, Secretary.
Washington Agency.
J. C. Lbwis, Agent, 7th si., Washington.
Hnvj LiNufciT, Physician, corner of C and 4$
july 14?fit
McClellakd, Engraver. Pcnnsylva
. nia Avenue, east of Third street, Washington,
city, dec I?6m
"fresh groceries!
THE SUBSCRIBER is now receiving an
additional supply of groceries comprising
Freeah Tea*, Col fee of various kind*
New Orleaiis, Porto Rico, and St. Crois sugar*
Do do do molasses
Sugar house sirup and molasses
Fresh spice*, ground and unground
Sperm, adamantine, and mould candle*
Tomato sauce, catsup*, anchovies, Sus.
Sardine* and Curry powder* '
Ssrsaparilla sirup, fancy soap
Military shaving soap, &c.
Orange county butter
100 sugar cured hara*
100 superior shoulders
A large supply of dgdrs and tobacco
To which he invite* attention & HOLMES,
june 10?d3w 7th street
Earthbwwarb, China, and Glass. T. Pua
sell, importer and dealer in K. Ware, China
and (jla.iK, wholesale and retail, at his store, opposite
Brown's Hotel, Pennsylvania Avenue Washington
"House furnishiinuaNd
Randolph b. reeves, sth itreet,
south of the General Post Office, would re
spectfully invite the attention of his friends, the
citizens of Washington and its viciiiity, to his
stock of Furniture arid Housekeeping articles;
comprising in part?
Mahogany spring-seat Sofas
" rocking and prrlor Chairs
" fceutre, card, and dining Tables
" Bureaus, Sideboards, &c. ,
" utid gilt Frimes, Looking-glasses
Wardrobes, Btdsteads, Cribs, Cradles
Shuck, hair and straw Mattresses
Feather Beds, Sacking Bottom*, &c
Glass, china, stone, earlhcn, and iron Ware
Knives and Forks, Brushes, and Wooden
(Si Ware
With numerous other articles in the House
keeping line too numerous to mention.
He Is nt-epdred to manufacture rtll kinds of Fur
niture at the shortest notice, and on the most rea
sonable terms. He flatters himself that from his
long experience in the cabinet business, all work
made by h'm will be done in a faithful and work
manlike manner, and give entire satisfaction.
N. B.?Old Furniture taken in oxohanfe for
neeP. ; ? '
may 2712t ? ,
FOR sale at the
noar the Railroad Depot
may 18?if
Superior Madeira Wine, Ac
JAMES FITZGERALD respectfully invites
Members of Congress, citizenx and other*, who
may desire to have superior Madeira Wihe, fine
Cognac Brandy, and other firat-rate apirilous liquors,
to rail at his Confectionary and Fryit Store, on the
north side of Pennsylvania aveuuo?next door to
the United Slate* Hotel.
James Fitzgerald keeps constantly for sale the
very best wine, liquors, fruit and confectionary art-.
icles, which can be procured oi the most resectable I
house* in the counu>. His Madeira Win* was
imported by himadfiu 1840, and cannot be excel
led at any wine or liquor Blore in this city. His
Brandy, Holland Gin, and old Monougahela whis
ky, are of the very first quality. Call, to&te. and
judge for yourselves.
03" The Fine Brown Stout, and' good Philadel
phia Ale constantly on baud.
Fresh groceries, butter,& cheese
The subscriber has on hand, a fresh supply o
every description of goods in his line, which be of
fers on reasonable terms.
66 bag* Java, Rio, Laguyra, Maricaibo, and Af
rican COFFEE
25 chests and half-chests Gunpowder, Imperial,
Old Hyson, Young Hyson, aud Black
10 cases very choice Tea. 12 lb* in each, for fa
1500 pounds double rellncd and 2d quality Loaf
1500 pounds crushed and pulvered Loaf Sugar
1000 do white Havana do
1000 do brown do do
Porto Rico and New Orleans do
Do do and St Croix Molasses
Sugar-house and New Iberia Sirup
Ground and unground Spices, of every va
Catsup*, Curry Powder, French and other
M ustards
Olives, Capers, Sardines, and Anchovies < I
Salid Oils, in flasks and bullies
700 gallons winter-strained and common Oil.
60 whole, half, and qr. boxes Raisin*
2 casks Currants
4 bblx. Dried Apples
30 do Creen do
2 eases Prunes, injarsand fancy boie* i
30 drums Smyrna Figs
26 bbli Eastern Cranberries
?00 pounds soft shelled Almond*
150 do Filberts.
28 tubs choice Welsh Butler
30 boxes superior. Cheese
Snpsago do
31 bbls pink-eye,Potatoes
40 do extra brand New York Flour
40 do Virginia do
60 pockats Buckwheat ,
12 boxes do
23 bhl* li?lf and qr. do.
Mackerel, Cod, Shad, and Herring.
20 boxe* Sperm Candle*
10 do patent do
10 do Adamantine do
Brooms, Mats, Pails, Baskets, dee.
20000 Itegalia, La Norma, Principe, and other
brand Cigar*.
?P 'H4?tff 7th street
LS. BECK would take this method of notifying
i hi* friend* and public generally that he has re
moved hi* hou*e Furnishing Store from Pennsyl
vania,avenue to E street north oppoeiie Rev. O. B.
Brown's, on* square west of the General Post Office.
Having a largor house and a lower rent"/ can and
will sell any and ail kinds of House-Furnishing
Goods die*per than at any time heretofore. I will
try to prove this to any one in want of goods that
will give me a call.
N. B. Rooms for rent, furnished or unfurnished.
spril 81-3m
FOR RENT.?The dwelling over the
?tore occupied by Mr*. Hamilton, on
Penniylvania avenue, south side, between
I Ninth and Tenth street*, containing men
fine aiied room*, and in good order. To a small
fa?iliy the mit will ha moderate. Inquire of Mrs
H<* i Vrew. ? ST }m* n?tf>
? HA5DBJJLLS, Ac. ~i
Neatly printed at the Office oi the Nat. Whig
0UK8 OF DEPARTURE of the passenger
(rain* on the Main Stem and Washington
Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, let
May, 18 U.
main Stem r
For Cumtttrland, Haucock, Marliiibburg,_ n ?>
Harper'* Ferry, Wincliester,'Frederick, / 7 ,cjr
Eittcotl's Mill*, and inteiinediatc depots ( ^ m
by the regular train,
For Frederick and intermediate stations, ^ e M
by extra train, except bunday, 5
From Cumberland, daily, regular train, at 8 a. n.
Hancock, do th> 104 '
Martiruburg, do do 11J '
llarper'bF?riy, do do 12J r.
Frederick, daily, except Sunday ex
tra train, 8 a? m.
Do do by regular train, 2r,x.
Ellicott's Mills, daily, by several trains, at 7
a. m. 12 m. and 4J r. m.
Fare in ritber direction between Cumberland and
Baltimore, $7, and for intermediate distances at the
uuiform fate of 4 cents per mile.
Through tickets are issued between Baltimore
and Wheeling, respectively, $ 11
Between Baltimore aud Pittsburgh, 10
Between Philadelphia and Wheeling, 1J
Washington Branch.
From Baltimore at 6} i. *. and p. u. daily.
So do 0 a. m. daily, except Sunday.
From Washington at 6 a. m. and 54 r. K. daily.
Do do . . 12 p. m. daily, except Sunday.
By ordrf: D. J. FOLEY, Agent
may i8?r-tf ;<>.
MORjVLYG LIJfE at 6 1-12 o'clock.
Landing at Caldwell's, West Point,
IVewburg, Hampton, Poughkeepeie,
Hyde Park, Rhincbeck, U. Red Hook,
Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie, and Kimler
hook. Fare reduced. Breakfast and dinner on
board the boat. , <
The steamboat Niagara, Capt. H. L. Kellogg,
will leave the ateafol>oal pier, foot of Barclay St.,
011 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at half-past
6 o'clock, returning on opposite days.
For freight or passage apply on board, ?or 4o F.
B. Hall, at the ollice on the wharf.
From the foot of Courtiandt blreei, Now York.
Pussongeis taking this boat will ariive in time to
take the morning train of cars from Troy west to
Buffolo, hud north to Saratoga and Lake George.
The low?pritssure steamboat Empire, Captain
B. Macy, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
at 6 o'clock p. m. ?
The low-pressure steamboat Columbia, Captain
W. Tupper, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fri
days, at 6 o'clock, p. m.
No freight taken after 5 o'clock.
For pawtage or freight apply on board, or at the
office 011 tho wharf.
may 19 tf
Daily, Sundays excepted.
Through direct?at 6 o'clock p. m.?from the pier
between. Courtiandt and Liberty streets, New
8tcamt>oat Isaac Nevuton, Capt.Wm.
H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wed
nesday, and Friday evening*, at 6
Steamboat Hendrik. Hudson, Copt R. O. Crut
tendon, will loave on Tuesday, Thursday, ami Sat
urday evening)*, at 6 o'clock.
At 5 o'clock p. ??., landing at intermediate placet.
From the foot of Barclay street, New York.
Steamboat South America, Capt. Thomas N.
tfdlae, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
and Sunday itlefftooiia, at 6 o'clock.
Steamboat North Am'rica, Capt. R. H. l'urey,
will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday af
ternoons, at 5 o'clock.
The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany
in ample time for the morning cars for the East and
Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken
after 4 1-3 o'clock p< m.
All persons are f.irbid trusting any of the boats
of this Line without a written order from the cap
tains or agents.
For passage or freight apply on board, or to P.
C. Shults, at the office on the wharf.
may 10 tf
V. S Mail Line to Coiocg and Southampton, and
The splendid new steamship WASHING
XlSsK TON, 1750 tons burthen. Frednic Hewitt,
commander, will start fiom New York on the 1st ol
Juno next, carrying the U. 8. Mail. ,
She will touch at Cowes and Southampton to land
passengers and freight, and deliver the mails for
England, France, and Belgium, and will then pro
ceed to Bremerhaveni Returning, will leave Bre
mer haven ihe 261b of June.
The Washington is built in the strongest manner,
with a view to being converted into a ship of war,
and subject at any lime to inspection by officer* ap
pointed by the President, both during and after con
She has two engines of 1000 horse power each,
and aecommodatious for 140 first clai.s, and 44 se
cond class passengers.
Passage from New York to Southampton or tf
Bremen, first class, $>20; second class, #00.
Pa?sage from Bremen and Southampton to New
York, lirat class, (150; second class, $00.
She will carry about 300 ton* freight, which will'
be charged according to the nature of the good- of
fering. All letters must paw through the Post Office.
Parcels, for which bills of lading will be aignod, will
be chargcd $5 each.
For Freight or Passage, apply at the Office of the
Ocean -Steam Navigation Company, 44 William at.
corner of Well street. New York.
E. Mills, General Agent.
Agents at Southampton, Day, Choskct, & Ross.
do at Bremen, C. A. Hmkkkkh &, Co.
do at Havre, William Iheliw.
The second Steamer of thia line is in doe coarse
of constitution, and will be in readiness in the euau
ing fall. may 14?tf
By the fast and splendid steamers Rhode Island arid J
(Xj'Hour of leaving New York changed to fi p. m
THE steamers Ithode Island, Capt. Potter, am) I
Oregon, Capt. Thayer, will run throughout th<
season, in connection with tho Sianington aud Pro
vidence and Boston and Providence railroads, leav
ing New York daily, Sundays excepted, from pier
No. 1, North River, at 6 o'clock p. m., or upon the
arrival of the mail train from Boston.
These steamers are unsurpassed in speed, splen
dor snd comfort, having each of thorn 60 large com
modious private state rooma and berths for 500 per
sons, besides large private rooms for families, and
These steamers are officered bj tne most experi
enced men, and will shorten the passage between
New York and Boston from one and a half to two
hours, thereby arriving in ampls time for all the
line* from Boston, north and east.
The Orseon will leave New York Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday.
Leave Stonington Monday, Wednesday and Fri
The Rhode Island will leave New York Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.
Leave Stonington Tueeday, Thursday and 8*tnr
N.B.?Passenger* on the arrival of the steamer*
at Stoniugton proceed immediately in the splendid
railroad car* to Providence and Boaton without any
delay; and a baggage master accompanies each
train through to Boston, to take charge of the bag*
For passage, berths, state rooms, or freight, appli
cation may be made to the agents on the wharf, and
at the oflics No. 10 Battery place, New York.
najS2 tf
jiSk 1^ j||^[
1 rPO nil from Philadelphia the 36th at svery
X month, and from Liverpool Iks 13th of svsry
I meoth t ITfY i in
Thos. P. Cope, Oapt.
H. F. Miercken
Sarank, (new) Capt.
E. Turley
Susquehanna, Capt.
A. Turley
IVyomitig, (new) Capt.
J. W. Miercken
Feb. 35
Matt 25
April 35
|June 35
July 35
Aug. 35
Sept 35
Oct 35
Nor. 96
Dec. 35
Jan. S5
| May 35
Sarank, (atw) Capt.
Fab. 13
Mar. 13
May 13
| June 13
July 13
Aug. 13
Sept. 13
faov. 13
Dec. 13.
E. Tut ley
?Susquehanna, Capt.
A. Turley
Wyoming, (new) Capt.
J. W. Miercken
Thos. P. Copt, Capt
H. F. Miercken |April 13 |
Those are first-class Philadelphia built Ship*,
having opacious and elegant cabina, and oombtn
lug every quality to render them safe and expedi
tions conveyances. They are abundantly supplied
with store* of the best kind, and sail punctually,
taking advantage of the low and ice-boats on the
Delaware. n v > W
Ptissage to Liverpool, $80; to Philadelphia, ?30,
without wiues.
H. * A. COPE & CO., Philadelphia.
BROWN, SHIPLEY & CO., Liverpool.
tons, and 400 horse po*er each. Under contract
with the Lords of the Amiralty.
HIUEKNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie
CALEDONIA, I'aptain Edward G Lott
BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt
CAMBRIA, Cap. Chaa. H. E. Judkina '
ACADIA, Captain William Harriaoh.
The four steamship* now building. ara
Will aail from Liverpool and Boston, via H?liftw(
as follows:
From Boston. From Liverpool.
Hibernu, on 1st ap. 1847. I Cambria, on 4th ap. 1847.
Cambria., un 1st may '47. Caledonia, on SOtkap '47.
Caledonia, on 16th may'47 | un 4th may '41.
Pasaiengcrs. luggage to be on board the day previa
| ous to saHing. r
Passage money?from Beaton to Liveepoei, #130
do. do. to Halifax, $'i0.
No berth secured until paid for.
Them ships carry experienced Surgeon*^
No freights except specie received oQ dais of sail
ing. D. BRIGIIAM, Jr, AbotI, ^
At Harndon 6c Co.'s, No. 6 Wall at., N. Yt
may 14 tf ?>? ,?<a?
CCT I" addition to the above line betweep Liver
pool and Hullifax, find Boston, a contract t^s been
entered into with Her Majesty's Government, to es
tablish a line between Liverpool and New Yofk di
rcct. The stonin ships for this service are noto being
built, aod early noxt yoar due' notice wMI be gftfan
of the tiiM when they will start. Under the new
contract the steamers will sail cvory SaUudqy during
eight months, and every fortnight daring.lhe other
four months in the year, going allernaetly between
Liverpool and Halifax and Boet<?), and between Liv
ei|>ool and New York, nay 14-tf
Merchandize delivered in advance of Canal or
Fare reduced. Cabin passage |2y Deck do. $1 38.
The new staunch and fast sailing sea strnainr
John Marahnll, Captain E :ward Huntington, will
start from pier 3, N. R., New York,en Wednesday
noxt, 12ih instant, at.4 o'clock p. m. ? . ,
For light freight or passage, having handsome
I state-room and cabin accommodations, apply to tba
| captain or board, or to n t ?,
TOOKER A. PIERSONS, Coenties' alio, or
GEO. W. CORLIE8. 383, Pearl st., N. Yoilu
I Or in Philadelphia, to ' *
_ , ALEX. HERON, Jr., 35],' North Wharves.
1 he J. M. was built in Baltimore in 1845, ia 450
tons register, furnished with a good and powerful
engine, and is in <11 respects well colon toted for a
sea steamer?her qualities as such having been ful
ly tested ou an eastern route. ,,
It- is proposed to makthire a regular Lino
throughout the season, providwl sufficient encou
agcinont is given.
From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York.
At 5 o'clock, p. m.?Landing at intermediate
placet. J ' ' '
The steamboat Rochester, Capt. A.
?Hitchcock, will leave on. Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday af
ternoons, at 6 o'clock.
The Bteamboat Columbia, Capt. W. W. Top.
per, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur
day ? ternouns, at 5 o'clock.
.A) i persons are forbid trusting any of tko
boats ol this Line without a written order from the
captains or agept-A
For passage or freight apply on board the boats,
or to P. C. Shultz, at the oltice on the wharf,
may 19 tf
From Peck Slip, East River, New York
Viii JYeio Haven.
THE steamer Traveller, (.'apt. Bowers, will leavo
every morning, Sundays excepted, at 6 o'clk.
Returning, will leave New Haven at 1J o'clock
p. in. #
Railroad cars will leave New Haven on the aid
val of the above boat, conveying passengers to Hart
ford, Springfield and Northampton and intermedi
ate places. AI<so to Boston, arriving at the latter
place at about 7 o'clock same evening.
The steamer New York, Capt Peck, will leavo
New York every Tuesday and Thureday afternodk.
at 4 o'clock, ard Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Returning, a boat will leave New Haven ev*ry
evening at 11 o'clock.
N.B Freight will not be received for the day
boat after B o'clock p. in.
The steamer New Champion, Capt. L< fevm, will
leave every Monday, Wednesday add Friday after
noon, at 4 o'clock.
The steamer (ilohe, Capt. Roath, will leav every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternorc, at 4
For furthor information enquire of J. Saxton, 113
South atrect; G. W. Coriies. 283 Pearl street, or at
No. 8 Battery place (up stair*) New York.
may 26 tf
" Some things can be done as welt as others.'*
rn c. FAItQUIIAR A CO., corner of 15th
1 , street and New York avenue, are now pre
pared to furnish the public the above delirious bev
eiagu, with a full assortment of Syrup, carefully
pre|*red by themselves.
Tbcir apparatus is entirely new, and constructed
on the lateat and most approved principle. ?
They flatter themaelvea that their 8oda Water ia
equal, if not auperior, to any in the city, and invito
the public to call and judge for themaelvea.
Soda Fountains filled to order at the shortest no
may33 d3m
A AA bushels fresh, burnt Lime for eale by
u. WARD * SON,
at their Lumber Yard on 13th atrect.
MRS. M. A. CAMPBELL would respectfully
inform the ladica and gentlemen of Washing
ton, and visiters to the metropolis, that she baa to
ken the house formerly occupied by Mr. Barnes, on
Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 9i streets,
weat of the Depot, whera she will at oU times be
prepared to wait upon those who may give her their
Ladies and gentlemen visiting the Capitol grounds
will find this establishment a convenient and plea
sant resort; while do expenae pr pains will be
spared to make the Ice Cream and Soda Water se
cond to none in the city.
AN the luxuries usually found in ? confectionary
constantly kept. Call and sea.
maySl 3m

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