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Subject to the decision of the Whig National
Richmond, Aug. 9, 74 a. m.
We are again without a New Orleans mail
beyond Augusta, Ga., owing to the heavy rains
which have flooded the country between the
Georgia Railroad Terminus and Mobile.
It ia pret'y confidently said, that, if peace is
not nnade hy Mr. Trist, Gen. Scott will be recalled,
and ihe chief command of our armies in Mexico be
given to General Iaylor. It ought nevei have been
taken fiom Old Zuch.
Ihe Institute. The enterprising con'rac
f'?r for this great building, Mr. Cameron, is
about to erect a steam engine of sufficient
power to haul all the stone and materials from
the canal to the site along the tram road which
he is now constructing, to hoist the blocks of
stone to their place on the building, to work
and send up all the mortar ueeded and to do
all other work of a heavy character. The ties
of the tram road from the building to the canal
at 8th street are of pine, upon which is laid an
oak rail. At the bank of the canal is to be an
immense crane. By the by, we learn that the
Esopus stone used lor the Institute will become
of the very highest p:nk color by exposure to
the Atmosphere. If so it will be a gaiu for
the present color of this stone is rather sombre.
We learn that the gallant Lieutenant May,
who had his arm broken at Tabasco is doing
well. The bones are knitting firmly and it is
hoped that he may recover the use of his arm
entirely. We sincerely trust he may realize
so desirable a result.
, Health on Capiiol Hill. It was hoped that the
draining of the low grounds to the North of
the Hill would exempt this part of the city
from the Ague and Fever, but we regret,, that
some entirely new cases of this annoying dis
ease have made their apppearance on the
North side. We are decidedly of opinion
that the damming up of the Tiber near the
outer car house,is highly injurious to the health
of the Hill. Where was the use of draining
the lowlanda if a pond was to be made to re
ceive the draining? 1 It is due to the citizens
of the Hill that this dam should be removed
at once in order to test the 'question of health,
and we hope that the city authorities will at
once cause this nuisance to be abated. r
Waverly House. The attention of the
public is calkd to the advertisement of this es
tablishment in another column. Its situation
is pleasant, and convenient to business. The
host is a man of his word and he is prepared
to make his guests comfortable and at home?a
great merit in a Hotel.
The Pjnw Tea Company.?We refer the |
public to the advertisement, in another column,
of the Pekin Tea Company. The Chinese who
came in the Junk, to New York, pronounced
the teas of this company to be genuine. This
is evidence enough of the excellence of these
teas. We learn that Mr. S. Holmes, on 7th
street, is the Washington agent of this estab
Rot her's Mineral Water. Mr. Rothers was kind
enough to send ui a dozen of hia Mineral Water
yesterday. We do not remember ever to have tasted
a better beverage of the kind. It wai thorough,
ly saturated with gas, and contained just enough
sirup to aatify the most fastidious taste. The bottles
are admirably suited for the purpose of holding this
admirable water, and so well Hecured is the gaseous
matter that the removal in every instance of the cork
is attended with quite an explosion. Mr. Rother ia
a public beneficiary, and we v jto him the whole city.
'A special edict?obey.'
T**m?anck Pic-Nic.?Those of our Temper
ance readers who would like to go a pic-nic-ing will
find some information in aneiher column to their
Depaeture of Troops.?The United States
transport steamship New Orleans, Capt. Auld,
tailed last night for Vera Cruz, says the New
Orleans Bee of the 28th ult., having on bonrd
Capt. Fairchild's company of dragoons, raised
in this city, with a portion of Capt. Besangon's
company, and a detachment of United States
infantry, under the command of Capt. Hunter,
of the 6th infantry.
Express Mah,.?I*ast winter an offer was
made to the Postmaster General, to transport
ihe whole letter mail between New Orleans
and Washington, for $55,000 a year, in forty
eight hours less time than the mail is now cai
ried. But Mr. Johnson said no.
The President lately solicited Archbishop
Eldeston to go on a peace mission to Mexico,
but the reverend prelate declined it.
Charleston Courier, Wash, corretp.
The Prelate was right. He remembered the
article in the Union of the 12th of May, and
the representation hy the Rev. Mr. McCalla,
of what the President said in regard to the spies
Neoro Operatives.?There is a cotton fac
lory at Arcadia, about seventeen miles from
Pensacola, says the Southern Patriot, which is
entirely worked by negroes, mostly girls. It
has a thousand spindles, and makes five thou
sand yards of domestics weekly. This factory
haa been in operation about a year, and, so far,
has met the most sanguine expectations of the
proprietors. This is another of those facts
which go to prove the possibility, if we deem
it expedient, of directing our slave labor to
A JVoman't Spunk. A dissipated young man
in Louisiana, gained the affection of a young
l?dy, and the promise of her hand if he would
reform. He promised to do so, and behaved
?o well that the lady married him. Some of
his friends made him drunk after the oeremony
and the bride immediately refused to hare any
thing farther to do with him, and to this time
^remains in single* blessedness, refusing to see
?>d lire with her husband, !
Pitiimviii District Bi?ctio?v?Oortdvica*
from this District are of the moat encouraging kind.
One account gives Boiling the election by 13 major
ity, while another electa him by 76 over Meade.?
When Dromgoole was on the track the whole Whig
vote of the District waa not brought out, aa the con
giant outcry was, lhat it waa of no uee to make an
effort against hie 800 majority. Different ia the feel
ing now. Not only all the Whigs will go to the
polls, but the gain from the Democratic aide of the
house will be larger than in April, owing to the fact
,hit Meade is a renegade Whig, who could not get
a single Democratic vole, if it were not for the appli
cation of the Caucut whip. We ahall have the first
gui from Peteriburg ic-morrow morning at half
pa.t seven o'clock. The rc.ult will be immcdiat. ly
publi h<d in an extra from our office. The election
will last only one day.^
Battle or HUEJUTLA-Jtfexicaw Account.?
The Mexican account of thei* attack on our
troops under Colonel De Russey, is character
istic of their documents; being a mere string
of exaggerations and improbabilities. Hiey
state that, on their first fire, the gteater part of
the Americans fell dead, or were wounded
the captain who commanded the expedition
being first among the killed. Ihey state that
our artillery in nowise discomfited them, while
our forces soou suffered sufficient to cause them
to retreat. Hereupon the Mexicans were about
to form an ambuscade to destroy the whole
force, so lhat not a single Yankee could escape;
when the American commander, haviDg pro
vided himself with a good guide in the middle
of the night, successfully conducted his forces
through a path which led to Panuco. Hie
Americans are represented as having lost sev
enty, killed, wounded, and prisoners, with one
hundred and seventy mules, horses, and mu
iiiuons of*war. We hope soon to see the offi
cial report of Colonel De Russey.
Extensjih or the road to Dalton.? The
road has nt length been completed to Dalton,
(Cross Plains) about thirty-two miles from
here, says the Chatanooga ( Tenn.) Gazette ol
the 30th ult. The cars ran up on yesterday
evening wetk ago. On Friday we paid a visit
to the infant city, to see what was doing : there
was much excitement; buildings were rapidly
going up i tradesmen were as busy a9 men well
could be; landlord's countenances were wreath
ed in smiles. As to the extension of the road
this side of Dalion, we heard but little said.
The probability is, that a suivey will be made
around the mountain through which the tunnel
was attempted to be cut, and a report thereon
nude to the uext Georgia Legislature. If there
should be an apprdpriation made by the Legis
lature to complete the work, it will be com
menced this winter.
Dreadful Affray? Tfcree persons killed.?
We are informed, says the Little Rock (Ark.)
banner, that on the l-5th ultimo, in attempting
to serve a peace process, deputy sheriff Berch
field, of Saline county, was killed by the elder
of two brothers named Allen, upon whom the
'writ was to be served. As the Aliens had
threatened lhat they would not be arrested, the
sheriff summoned a posse, and, entering the
house, attempted to execute the process, when
one of the Aliens, both of whom were armed,
lowered his rifle and shot the sheriff through
the body, killing him upon the spot. Upon
this, one of the posse, Mr. Low, drew a pistol
and killed Allen, while the younger Allen fired
upon Low, which was also fatal. Sotae one
of the posse then shot the surviving Allen, the
ball passing through his arm, shattering the
bone, and into his breast. The wound in his
case was not mortal, and he made his escape,
but the officers of justice are in pursuit of him,
and he will no doubt be overtaken. We have
heard no other particulars of the affair.
This is quite enough, we think.
I The celebrated Dr. Dickson has resigned the
chair of the Institutes and Practice of Modicine
in the Medical College of the State of South
Carolina, and accepted the same chair in the
Medical University of New York.
More high handed Tyranny.?The Secretary
of the Treasury has issued an order which has
just come to light, forbidding the assistant
Treasurer or the United Slates from paying any
Treasury warrants mote than eighty days old !
The Kentucky Courts have decided that the
property of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
in that State, belongs to the Church south.
Thus has the mystic device of John Wesley
bsen brought to nought at last.
New Rochester flour, in New York yester
day, $7.
Gen. Houston has come out with a card de
nying lhat he ever said that Geo. Taylor was
"unfit to command a corporal's guard."
00-" More Anon," the able Washington
Correspondent of the Baltimore Clipper is out
to-day in a letter handling the President with
out mittens. We shall transfer it to our col
umns as the evidence of a brother Democrat,
who did as much to elect Mr. Polk as any other
man in the country, and who knows Mr. Polk
almost as well as Mr. Polk knows himself.
More Troops?On the 27lh ult. the Gov
ernor of Louisiana, under orders from Mr.
Marcy, called for three more companies of
mounted men, to go to Vera Cruz?to be made
up immediately.
Six yellow lever deaths in hospital at New
Orleans, on the 27th ultimo.
The young exercise freely, of their own ac
cord. If people as they giew older would ex*
ercise in the same way by sports of agility,
they would remain supple and active. The
proper exercise for human beings ia such as
promotes the free play of limbs and gives beau
ty and grace to the form.
TA? H<>mc/e?*. Sarah J one* and her two children
were taken up yesterday in Baltimore,J|8he aaid she
had no home. A lioy 13 yeara old was alao taken
up yesterday in Baltimore without a borne or par
ents. Tbay were all placed in the almshouse. 'A
sparrow falleth not to the ground,' Ac.
If flowers of earth, exposed to Might,
And withering here before their prime,
A ppear so peering sweet and bright,
Amid these dim celd waeteo of time ;
How wondrous, how surprising Mr,
How redolent of lift and love,
Must thoee whom Heaven has called, appeer,
Transplanted, ia the fields above.
The Countess of Mornington has advertised
iu the papers Tor assistance to prevent her from
going to the workhouse.
The Belfast News Letter says, that Mr.
Sheridan Knowles "indignantly declined the
offer of Lord J. Russell," to settle on hiiu a
pension of 4100 a year.
The Morning Post, in describing the Queen's
return from Cambiidge, says, "The Royal
party hailed for a few seconds at Bishop Stort
ford to take in water."
There is a wonderful boy at Vauxhall Gar
dens, named Lois&it, who performs some re
markable feats standing on a ball about two
feet in diameter. Without quitting its apex,
he rolls it about beneath him, by the action ol
his feet, wherever he chooses logo?over blocks
of wood, and up and down inclined planes,
with wonderful facility.
Liszt is now astonishing the Turks, in Con
stantinople, with his powers as a pianist.
Meyerbeer is in Bohemia, for the benefit of hi.*
Prance.?The Chnmbprof Peers had brought
the trials concerning ministerial corruption to
a close. M. Teste will have to refund the 95,>
000 francs, lie imprisoned three years, pny a
tine of 94,000 francs, and forfeit his peerage,
offices and civil rights. Gen. Cabrieres forfeits
a fine of 10,000 francs, his j>e>r.)ge, his military
honors aud civil rights. Parmentin forfeits
his civil rights and a fine of 10,000 francs.
The Sligo Champion states, that Tor the last
ten years Lord Palmerston has not received a
penny of his Irish rental, as the whole of it,
amounting to 48,000 a year, has been appro
priated to improve the estates and the condw
tion of the tenants.
Death of Wordsworth's Daughter.?Mrs.
Ruillinan, only daughter of ihe veuerable Poet
Laureate Wordsworth expired at Rydal Mount,
the poet's residence, at one o'clock on Friday
week, after many week's suffering from put
monary consumption.
The editor of the Art Union Jouiual says he
has recently seen a block of ice two feet lone
and nearly two inches ihick, produced from
pure spring water, in twenty minutes by a
patent process.
The King of Sweden has created M. M.
Schonhetn and Bottiger, the inventors ol gun
cotton, knights of the order of Vasa.
The gun cotton mills at Faversham explod
ed on Wednesday, and killed between forty and
fifty persons.
The French Government has authorised
Prince Jerome Bonaparte to return lo France,
and sent him his passports.
Advices from Rome say that Cardinal Gizzi
entertained the idea of abdicating ; having ac
tually tendered his resignation on the 7th. Ii
is said that he disapproved of the decree es
tablishing the National Guard, which was
promulgated on the evening of the 5th. The
Guard includes all Roman subjects, except mi
nors, soldiers in actual service, ecclesiastics,
invalids and public offenders.
The Wellington statue, which in its gaunt
and tremendous proportions overstrides and
oppresses an elegant triumphal arch at the en
trance to Hyde Park, one of the finest sites in
London, is to remain an eyesore lo the metro
polis in perpetuity.
A curious and startling anecdote of the
Duke's fete is current in Paris. In a carriage
returning from it was a lady who was reputed to
have reciprocated favors with royal gallants;
the mob stopped the carriage; the lady was
made to alight, and compelled to go the round
of her captors, each exacting a kiss ; and then
was suffered to re-enter her carriage, overcome
by fright and disgust, amid derisive shouts and
cries of hostility against princes.
Among the discussions which have recently
taken place, some remarks by Lord Palmerston
in reply to a petition in the House of Com
mons Irom the holders of Spanish bonds have
excited a good deal of attention. After advis
ing the House not to accede at present tcr the
prayer of the petitioners for Government inter
ference against Spain, he concluded by warn
ing "those foreign Governments who had bro
ken their contracts with the subjects of Great
Britain that the time might come when the
Hou?e would no longer sit patient under the
wrongs inflicted."
Retiracy of Old Kit.?Professor Wilson has
published a letter disclaiming all connexion
with Blackwood's Magazine. He has long
been talking of a visit to the United States in
The number of failures declared in Paris du
ring the first six months of 1847, amount to
635, viz., 109 in January, 84 in February, 107
in March, 123 in April, 130 in May, and 82 in
A few; days ago the first stone or the works
of the gigantic steam engine destined to drain
the lake of Harlem was laid.
The inauguration of ihe statue of Frederick
the Great, took place at Breslau on thft27th
ult., in the presence of the King and the Prince
of Prussia. Among those who assisted at the
ceremony was an old veteran, 109 vcars of age,
who had served in the armies of the great
The Malta Mail of the 25th ult. says?"We
have just received intelligence from Kurdistan,
that is rather discouraging. ' It is said that in
an engagement with the Kurds, the Turks have
lost about 3C00 men."
A number of Mormonites or Latter Day
baints, preached in the open air in Carmarthen
during the past week.
Mr. Lasscl, of Starfirld, Liverpool, asserts
that he has ascertained the existence of a satel
lite to Neptune.
Mr. Robert Jamieson of Liverpool has made
a report "to the subscribers to the fund in sup
port of an experimental trial to open commerce
with Central Africa." The trial has been
abruptly stopped by unforscen disasters, hav
ing no connexion with the real difficulties of
penetrating into Africa, but being in that res
Eect purely fortuitous. Our readers already
now that the steamer Ethiope sustained a
damage to its machinery ; two other disasters
were, a quarrel between the sailing-master
and the engineer of ihe steamer, which led to !
a serious delay, and the total loss of a vessel I
carrying out stores and supplies for the expedi
"In consequence of this most distressing se
quence of disasters?such ns perhaps never
before overtook a commercial enterprise?one
ascent only of (he Niger has been accomplish
ed ; while expense adequate to cover all the
three originally contemplated, and the explor
ation of ine Congo also, have been incurred.?
On this one ascent, though totally unlooked
for by ihe natives, produce to a respectable
amount under the circumstances was obtained,
and a very considerable additional quantity of
| ivory might have been purchased.
"Unfortunate as the mission has been, there
may nevertheless be gathered from it proofs of
the possibility of forming a remunerative com
meicial intercourse with Central Africa by the
! Nigel1. We now know that that river contyi
j ues free and open as high as Rabbah,a distance
| of atxait 500 miles from the coast; there are
no duties leviable, no demurs or barriers^ in
passing from one territory to another j chiefs !
and people at all points are friendly, and de
sirous for a continuance of intercourse, seem
ingly aware of the benefits they themselves
would derive therefrom, and there is every
reason to suppose ^tbat the same feeling
would be found to prevail higher up the river.
"According to Mr. Arrowsmith's computa
tion, as laid down in the map, the distance Irom
Boussah to the farfamed Tombuctoo is id a
straight line 740 miles; it must be very much
more, however, by the river to Kabra, the port
of i'ombuctoo. li is well known thai Mungo
Park, in a small schooner which be built at
Sansanding, a town near to the sources ot the
Niger, sailed down thence to Boussah, and in
doing so of necessity passed Kabra; and in
1840 Captain Becrof ascended from the bea as
high as Lever.
"Now, between tliesatwo towns thedistauce
is not more thau forty miles; and this is the
only part ot the river that remains to be ex
plored in order to ascertain the practicability
of opening commercial intercourse with the
mysterious Tombuctoo aud the whole ol the
upper Nig. r. This exploration might be made
simultaneously with trade upon the ri*er? by
ilie employ ment of steamers such as Captain
Bee i oft recommends?namely, vessels of a less j
diauglit of water and mere power than the j
lithiope, by which not only the Niger but its
Tchaddal. branch mi^ht be navigated at almost
ftll season8. . i
??With such vessels running from the island
of Fernando Po, a free communication and
lasting commerce might he formed wiih tjen
iral' Africa, which might very soon be conduc
ted wi ll not more thau two or at .most three
liuropeuns, in any one steamer. Vessels ol
liiis class would r< quire to be made ol iron,
and s -Hi out in compartment?, to be put toge
ther and have their engines fitted at Fernando
Po, But perhaps it might be well in ihe first
instance farther to prepare the way by two or
three ascents of the river with vessels ol the
Eihiope's class; in the course of which the
natuie of the river between Lever and Bous
sah might possibly be ascertained.
?C]f=* The Iron bui'.t British barque Josephine,
Captain Mas'cm, arrived at Galveston on the 22d
inst.,. from Liverpool. She was sixty days in mak
ing the voyage, having put into St. Kittson account
of the sickness of the Captain.
It i? stated in the Houston Telegraph, Ttxas, th.v
a lead mine has been discovered in L mi stone co ,
near the sources of the Navasoto, aud that hundreds
of tons of ore may be procured near the surface of
the ground.
flj" Col. Hay's Regiment has been ordered to re
port to Gen. Taylor.
Rtdnst they will have. The clumber of com
merce of .Memphis, Tennessee, has made a tarifT of
rates for the storage, sile, &c. of cotton, &c. It is a
very high tariff, aud the planters of We>t Tennesse <
have recently beld a convention at Lagrange, at
whi.h they firmly reiolved never to deal with any of
the members of the chamber who sanctioned the
above tariff.
Mure Troopn Still. The President, through the
Secretary of War, has authorized the acceptance ol
a battalion of Volunteer Riflemen of five companies
(Fool) from the State of Mississippi, to rendezvous
at Vicksburg, and a company of mounted volun
teers from Illinois.
rfj~ An Illinois lawyer, defending a thief, wound
up bis s; eech to tbe jury in behalf of his injured cli
ent, wiili the following rousing appeal. 'True, he
was rude?S3 air our bars. True, he was rough?
ao air our buffa'cra, But he wa? a child of freedom,
and his answer to the despot and the tyrant waj
that his home was in the bright setting sun.'
03" Mr. Garrett, ui. declines h>s nomination foi
Congee a in ihe 4th district, of Louisiana. Il is tho
that Alexander D.clonet, w. will take his place.
Bloody Affray in Louisiana. We read of a Mr
Holmes, of Clinton, who intmfercd in a quarrel be
tween two men to pacify them, having hi en instant
ly ki ltd by one of the parties quarrelling. Also ol
a fight between two inhabitants of Hudson, in which
knives were used to the great hurt of the parlies. In
the H Imee affair, one of the parties was likewise
(?j* Two young men, Marks and Koffman, stran
gers, were recently arraa ed in the parish of St. Lan
dry, La., for the murderers of a man, who was af
terwards discovered to have beeu drowned. They
were hi Id to bail, and in default thereof thrown intc
prison, and afterwards released because tt ere was nc
evidence against them!
Anecdote of Geti. Taylor. A little while before
ihe battle o* Buena Viata.a party of twenty athletic
young men, direct from Saltillo, met Gen. Tayloi
near his camp, at Walnut Grove.
'Where are you from V inquired the good o'd man
of the fore moat of the youngsters.
'Just from Saltillo, General,' was tbe reply, in I
voice such as a favori'e son assumes when speaking
to a beloved parent.
?Well, well,' said the General, looking at the party
with solxitude, 'you had better be careful, b^ys, and
not trust yourselvea out on tbe road in such small
force, you will get cut off some tim"; very imprudent
to do so.'
That evening General Taylor and staff seven per
sons all told, started for Saltillo.
Democrat v?. Democrat. The N. Orleans Sou'h
erner, a fierce Democratic paper, holds the following
language resj ect ng Mr. Harmanson, an equally
fierce Democrat.
"We perceive that Mr. J. H. Harmanson is to be
tho Democratic candidate for Congress, for the 3d
district. We wonder whether the v iters of that dis
trict will forget that Mr. Harmanson voted for the
Thompson resolutions of censure on General Taylor
and his gallant band, for the terms of the capitula
tion of Monterey. We hope tv.ry patriot und true
lover of the honor of the country's heroes will consi
der well befi re they can their votes for Mr. Har
The Chinese call going lo law?'losing a cow to
win a cat.' Excellent!
?/? In forming a judgmen', lay your hearts void
of fsretaken opinions, else, whatsoever is done or
slid, will be measured by a wrong rule like them
who have the jaundice, to whom every thing appear
ath yellow.
Mr. Orund of the Baltimore 8un announces thst
Mrs. Polk returned to Washington yesterday from
Uj" Samuel Scudder, whe forged checka on differ
ent banks &c. about a year ago, has been arrested.
Parssiaw Vasaat ow Wa*.?The Amsxon, a
Prussian sloop of war, carrying tt guns, arrived at
New York, yesterday.
A Touching Incident. A little boy, named Wil
liam Hunter, bad been for soma montbg kill, at the
Massachusetts General Hospital, and his mother was
with him. One evening, he sent for the superinten
dent, and asked him to pray by his bedside. Then,
after many thanks for his kindness, he said, 'I shall
die to-morrow morning, and I now am not afraid to
die; but oh! do pray for my mother V During tho
night, he madu repeated inquires, as wiih earnest
longings for the approach of dsy. Morning came,
I and the child sunk into a deep, eweet sleep, from
I which he never awoke on earth.
Mrs. Fremont does not go to the Far West, hot
I remains at Independence, Missouri, to await he
' husband'* return.
From ihe LouitvilU Journal
We thank our invaluable correspondent for
those melancholy but exquiiile stanzas. His
tears are more beautiful thatf other's smiles.
'Tis coming fast, lis coming fast,
The time when I shall die,
I feel Death's cold hand on my brow,
His dimness in mine eye!
There is a weariness of soul
Clings round ma like a shroud,
The gloom of coming death's steals o'er,
Like the shadow from a cloud!
And oh, upon the sunny sky
Stretching so f<r <iway,
And the cool green woods with their muiic sigh)
An 1 the fountain's mossy play?
1 of! en Raze, and wonder if
Another summer's sun
Will come, and glad ine with its ray
Ere yet my lifo is done!
There is a loveliness so dear
In every glorious thing,
In the fair young flowers just bursting forth,
In the fresh and green-robed spring?
And the pure blue vault like an angel's home,
That rests o'er all on high,
My heart grows sad to think how .soon
I'll lose them when I die!
And the gentle eyes in whose soft depths
I love to gaze so well,
And the music, voices 'round me now
With their liquid fall and swell?
I shall lose them all?Jike a bubble burst
I shall pass from all I love?
And die?oh, may the flowers be bright
And the sky be blue above!
For the earth hath been a dark, dark home,
With but few bright sunny gleams
To light the dim and dreary gloom
With the radiance of thoir bcnm?!
And w hen 1 die?may the sky bo clear,
That my spirit may float away,
To the farthest realms where a thought can go
Unfettered to mortal clay!
And there where grief can never come
In tha e pure fields of air,
Away from earth and its heaitle-s ones
Its fever and its rare,
The spirit may find no spell to turn
All happiness to woe,
And feel the bliss above the clouds
It never knew below.
Louisville, .lune 30, 1847.
Too Good to be Lost.?We find the follow
ing amu&iQg incident in the Baton Rouge (La.)
Conservator of the 30th ultimo :
r " One tall volunteer from the pine lands of
t Alabama was unhappy for the want of employ
ment; he sauntered along for '.something to
1 do,' when it occuied to him that he, might, as
he expressed it, ? t?ke a good wash.' He was
a tall lank fellow, with a shockey head of dry
grassy hair, banging down to his shoulders.
With a deliberation consistent with an idle sea
voyage, he commenced rubbing the turpentine
soap of the ship into his hair and skin with
commendable vehemence. He had cause to
take a great deal of pnins> for he observed to
himself. ' that he had an acre of barrck mud
on him.'
" It must be observed, that all this while,
the vessel was blowing further out into the
sea; and by the time the Alabamian rose, and
soaped himself, the Mississippi water in the
washroom bad become exhausted, and he threw
his bucket over the vessel's side to replenish
his basin.
The first dash he made was at his hair, the
turpentine of the soap and the saline of the
water iustantly formed a chemical combination,
?and the oil qualities of the soap disappeared
and left something in its stead resembling tar.
Two or three rakes of the fingers through the
hair elevated it uptight about the Alabarniau's
head stiff as the quills of a porcupine. "Thar's
another trick played on me,' said the unwashed
in a rage, his hair growing still fiercer. At this
1 moment the water dripped across his face and
I he commenced spitting, as if nauseated to the
last degree. Cooly, determinated, he went to
bis belt, took a ' bowie' some fifteen inches
IcDg, and delivered himself thus?." Some of
them thar Louisianians has piuid tricks enuff
on me, now if any one dar let him fotch out
(he one that put salt in this here water."
(?/? Amos A. Phelps, one of the corresponding
editors of the Notional Era, died at Roxbury, Mara,
on the 29th ult. He waa an able writer, and a vio
lent enemy of negro slavery. Two days before his
death his wife, at Cartine, Me, presented hm with
a daughter, but the father lived not to sea it in the
flesh. There is something exceedingly tiichiig in
this circumstance. Mr. Phelps lived and died a
Christian?is the testimony of those who knew him.
The Bos-ton Advertiser hos come to the defence of
Cumberland coal against the interested mi?represen.
tations of Pittsburg.
Mr. Grund of the Baltimore Sun assures us that
Mr. Buchanan stsrted yesterday at 2 P. M., for the
Souih (Old Point Comfort!) and bids us look ont
for an early peace with Mexico ! !
Havana Mail. We understand that Messrs. Mor>
decai and Gouraud, of Chsrleston, have obtained the
contiact to carry tho mnil from thst city to Havana
twice a month in a war strainer of 1000 tons. The
straa.er is to he built iu Baltimore.
Xr. Clay arrived at Whit* Sulphur Springs on
the 30th ultimo in good health.
A Capital Anecdote.?Professor Risley,
who is now iu Italy, says that, recently, when
he was in Venice, an American captain and
an Englishmen met at dinner.
"You are an American, sir ?" said the En?
"1 reckon 1 am," returned the captain.
"You have the name of being good warri
ors 7"
"Yes,''said the Yankee, "we shoot pretty
"But how is it you are so anxious to make
peace with Mexico??this does not appear
much like spunk."
"You are an Englishman 7" interrogated
the Yankee.
"Yes," replied the Englishman.
"Well," said the Yankee, "I don't know
what our folks have offered to do with Mexico;
but, stranger, I'U jest tell you oue thing?I'll
he if we ever offered to make peace with
This home thrust at the Englishman set the
whole table in nn nproar of laughter.
?fn IriiJimnii'* Medicine.?Benognl Daly is
on? of Lever's best characters in the "Knight
of the Owynne." Daly was dining at a Club
House with a friend, when a buck at a neigh
boring table coughed rather insolently at a re
maik he made, when he quietly placed several
pistol balls upan a plate, and requested the
waiter to hand them to thcyauug invalid, with
the remark thai he had found ihem to be ex
cellent medicine for such a cough as he ap
Eeared to be troubled with. They seemed l<
ave an instantaneous effeel! The cough wa:
not repeated.
Tomatoes make exoelleat preserves.
Toads are the very beat protection of cabbag
against lice.
Plants, when drooping, are retired by ? few
grains of camphor.
Pears are generally improved by grafting on
the mountain ash.
Sulphur is valuable in preserving grapes, &c.
from insects.
Lard never spoils in warm weather if it is
cooked enougii in trying out.
In feeding wiih corn 60 lbs. ground goes as
lar as 100 lbs. in the kernel.
Corn meal should never be ground very fine.
It injures the richness of it.
Turnips of small size have double the nutri
cious matter that large ones have.
Rula Baga is the only root that increases in
nutiicious qualities as it increases in size.
Sweet olive oil is a certain cure for the bite
of a rattlesnake. Apply it internally and exter
Rats and other vermin are kept away from
grain by a sprinkling of garlic when packing
the sheaves.
Money carefully expended in drying land by
draining or otherwise, will be returned with
ample interest.
To cure scratches on a horse, wash the legs
with warm soapsuds, and then with beef brine.
Two applications will cure the worst case.
Timber cut in the spring and exposed to the
weather with the bark on, decays much sooner
than if cut in the fall.
rilHE ^Subscriber would infirm his friend* and
the public generally, that he has opened a
and HOTEL, of tho above name,
on Shth ht.ect, a few doors south of Pennsylvania
A*?iue, where ho will be happy to entertain them
in a iimnncr that he hopes will be satisfactory.
His BAR will be furnished with liquors of tho best
ami nio-t approved brands, and the Eating Depart
ment will always contain every delicacy in season,
lie hope* 10 leceive a portion of the patronage of
his friends, while lie endeavors to enter for the pub
lic t"'"- L. H. BE VAN.
Aug 4 tf
SCHOOL BOOK"*, in gree' variety, for sale by
jy 31 il Corner of Ilth st. and Penn Avenue.
B*rber, Hair Dresser, and Sbatnpooner;
Gadsby's Hotel, Corner Pennsylvania Avenue and
3d street. jujy 31 tf
Ii^OUR-AND-A'HALF street, five doors above
, Penn. Avenue, East side. A. M. H. performs
all op-'ru'-ions in the line of hi* profession such as
plugs'^, cleaning, and inserting artificial teeth,
from ono to a full set?also full rets made with ar
tificial gums. Having bad great experience in his
line of business for many years in the city of Phil
adelphia, he pledges himself that he shall not be sur
passed for beauty or durability, and having very great
facilities for such work, it will be done much lower
than ever done in this city.
I rotn four to live o'clock each day devoted to the
attention of children'a teeth, to regulate their proper
positions, for which there will be no charge for ad
vice, but only for actual operation.
aug 2 tf ,
RMcCUBBIN, Barber, Temple of Fashion
, No. I, aided by that superior workman,
l1 elix Dean, 8th st., between Pennsylvania avenue
and D street.
I jun 25?
THIS has been the the secret principle of too ma
ny of the wholesale dealers in Teas up to 1I1L
time, and they have practised the most shameful im
position on tho Country Merchant without any fear
I of detection. But a new era in the Tea 1 raJe h i
1 come and the Pekin Tea Company claims tbehocor
j of iu introduction. Tbey wi re the first to raise the
banner of Reform, on which it has inscribed the sim
ple words:
A comp'ete revolution has been the consequence.
Let consumers of Tea everywhere look at what we
have done.
1st. We were the first (o send them Tees that
used to be called too good for them beforo.
2d. We have driven out the market a vast amount
of trash, and intrn li.ee,I n better cIsM of Teas tbsn
has ever yet bu n Importers of Tea often come
to us to get for tlx ir own use, and for thejr friends,
fine qualities they can find nowhere else.
3d. We bave reduced prioes more than 25 per
cent., both in Black end Green Teas. The whole
ssle grocers say we are ruining the trade and call
us humbugs. This we have done already, and now
see what we are resdy to Jo.
1st. We will eell 'JVrss by the single chest, half
chest or 14 pound box, a- 'he same prices that whole
sale grocers pay to the importers when they buy by
(he hundred pacliages.
2d. The wholesale groceis allow only 13 or at
most 14 pounds tare to the half chest. This is a
cheat We allow, in mo?t instances, 15 and 16 lbs
tare on the same.
3d. We hereby undertake to sell every kind of
Tea, from from tix to twelve cents per pound chea
per than the wholesale grocers do.
How can we do this? asks the Country merchant.
This is our answer. We are content wiih seven
per cent profit instead of 25 and 50 per cent., a la
wholesale grocer.
We deserve the tl anks of the country merchants
for saving tbem bcrti.fter from being cheated. Let
them come to tho Warehouse of the Pekin Tea Com
pany, and con-pare samples of Tia they get else
whore; and if they buy bad Tcai then at high prices
it is their own fault
An Englieb importer lately boasted to ns that he
could make m >re money by s nding bad Teaa to the
New York market, than on g?>od Teas. We an
resolved to overthrow this fraud ; and now call upon
agents in every town in the United States to come
forward and buy Teas i i ported by the Pekin Tea
Company ; and we pledge ourselves, that if in six
months ttey do not sell more Tea than tb? oldest
and Isgest dealers in the town, we will give them
our Tea without charge. This is plain English and
cannot be mi*uudeMood. We appeal for testimony to
the immense success of our Agents in any part of
the United States.
itjp-Agents waut-d in every town in the United
States for the sale of those Teas, by which they can
make money, and confer a benefit upon the Public
by sutplj ing the puie article.
75 77 Fulton street, jVetc York.
*?* The leas mentioned in this Catalogue, are
done up in quarter pound, half pound and one pound
packages?the first or inside wrapper is lead, the
second wrapper is water proof paper, and the third
or outaide wrapper is of Chinese rice paper. The
Company sell none but good teas, dona up in thi*
superior msoner, all of them grown in the most lux
urious d stric's in China. Country dealers may
aelect as small a quantity of each kind as they like,
and have them packed 111 one chest. These teas also
come in five pound Chineae packages, called quat
toona, a very convenient fanciful and portable shape.
1 [Persons in any part of the United States or
Canada, caoor jer a y of the taasinthia Catalogue,
by Itt'er, in quantities to suit their wishes. We
pack ttiem in Chinese boxes end deliver them to
I the Porwarding Merchant free from charge for pack
ing or cartage. The money ahould always accom
pany the order.
| YOUNG HY80N, good, % 38
] do do sweet cargo, 50
do do do do finer,
do do Am ??*<>.
do do astro fiae. 87*
Jo do Silver Le,if, ? *>
Si/ixr W.?Seldom ?otd own by large deelers, ba
of tha very smsll profits mod# on Ua sale.
This u s w?J ?npo'K* Tea.
? * ??2?2?~>?
-*nt3rx%r ttsErxrA
hu m^iW *" ?W ?"?f ?
lou ?? preeents to Importers.
HYSON, vsry fine, . ^
do Plsntstioa growth, IZ
GUNPOWDER, good, "
do ?uperior, , ,
do until leaf plantation growth, 1 ?
IMPERIAL, good, 1?
do brisk; and fragrant, J "
do curious leaf, very superior, 1
HYSON 8KIN, good, fine flavor,
do do extra fine, ?
POUGHONO, good, lull flavor, ? 3*
do fine, *?
do wj supsrtor,
80UCH0NG, good, 7
do extra fine, i!
OOLONG, strong, flsvor fine. , . -
Oolong.?This Tea is a great favorite, and givee mn
versal satisfaction.
do very fine,
do in one pound and half pound
cattys, extra fine, 76
I. A'e Plus Ultra.?This Tea is aa fragrant and sweet
a? a nosegay. It y-W. a perfume that is truly
delightful. It Is of garden growth, sod enpenor
to anything of the kind ever sold in this country.
do do do extra fine, 82 J
HOWQUA* MIXTURE, a strong and rich _
b'sck Tea, Pekoe flaror, '
CONGO, good,
do very fine. '
PEKOE PLOWER8, good, 88
do do garden growth, I 80
? ? Besides the above, we expect daily from
China, several splendid chops of Tea, exclusively
imported by the "PEKIN TEA CO." and which
we intend to copyright to prevent trickery. L?1 our
agents get ready.
Heretofore it has been very difficult, indeed im
possible, to always obtain good green and black ten*.
But now you have only to vieit the warsrooms of
the Pekin Tea Company, 75 and 77 Fulton street
to obtain as delicious and fragrant teas as you could
with for.?Daily Sun.
We have tried the teaa imported by the Pekin
Tea Company, 75 and 77 Folton street, New York,
nd if we live will try them often. They are sell
ng the most delicious teas we ever drank, and re
tail them at wholesale Prices.?Evening Poet.
? The finest specimens of green and black teas ever
sold in this ooqntry, are imported by the Pekin Tea
Company, 70 and 77 .Fulton street. Those who
want good teas at reasonable prices, can always get
(hem there.?Tribune.
A Word to Tea Drinkers. The Ptkin Tea Com
pany, 75 and 77 Fulton street, have imported into
this market some five hundred thousand dollars
worth of the finest grades of green and black teas,
grown in the Celestial Empire; done up in all the
various fancy pscksges, that Chieee ingenuity can
invent It is a privilege to bay teas at this great es
tablishment, ? and a luxury artd a comfort to drink
them. They1 sell good teaa only, and retail them at
wholesale prices. Country merchants who with to
always sell good teas can always obtain them at thi?
place on reasonable terms.?New York Courier and
Inquirer. *' Jf
The Pokin Tea Company, 75 and 77 Fulton st.,
are performing a great and good Work, and will, in a
few years, beyond all doubt, drive all the poor teas
which have deluged this country, snd defrauded
consumers of the article, out of this market. They
import none but pure fragrant teas, and retail them
by the single pound at wholesale prices. Fainttiew
are always sure of obtaining good teas at this great
warehouse, in quantities to snit their convenience,
and at the same price that the merchant pay* who
buya to sell again.?Daily True Sun.
Fine Oolong Black Tea. The Pekis Tea Com
pany, 75 and 77 Fulton-street, sells a deOcfous Oo
long Tea at fifty cents per pound. Consumers of
tes, who have been paying six shilling per pound
for this article, are requested to compare it with the.
above and judge for themselves which is thebest. If
you can buy a better tea at four shillings per pound
than you have been getting at six shillings, jron will
be obliged to ua for this notice. Try the Young
Hyson, sold at this groat tea 'establishment, at 76c.
It is better than any thing of the kind we hsvs ever
bought elsewhero at one dollar.?Com. Advertiser.
| If any of our readers desire to have good tea, th^y
can obtain it of tho Pekin Tea Company, 75 and
and 77 Fulton street-?Mammy.
The Pxkjm Txa Co*past.?We very cheerful
ly call the attention of all lovara of pure and fragrant
Teas, both in town and country, to the groat Tea
Warehouse of this Company. Our long acquaint
ance with the Proprietors enables us to bespeak for
them the entire confi Jsoce of the public. We knout
that their Teaa, both in quality and price, are all
that is ststed of than. Many a lover of the fragrant
herb has been compelled to eschew the drinking of
Tea in consequence of its injurious effects, until at
length he haa become hopeless of finding, among any
of the imported varieties of Teaa in oar market, a
kind which had not such an effect In this, howev
er, auch persona will be egroaably disappointed.?
The Pekin Tea Compauy have commenced the
importation of choice varietiea of Garden Teaa, of
most delicious flavor, cultivated and picked with great
care, which have heretofore neve< beeapntroduced
into thia country, except as presents to importers.?
Among thsse they have an (Mmg-.mild ss a zephyr,
and fragrant as a rose, which wo specially recom
mend to all nervous persons. Its effect upon many
of those who havs tried it haa been to make them
confirmed tea drinkers. Ladies who have used it,
say they nsver before drank such tea. But all taates
can here be suitsd, with the groat advantage over
the others of gstting a pure article at wholesale price,
however smsll the quantity. The Company's ware
houie is at 75 and 77 Fulton st?Golden Role.
Tea.?The Pekin Tea Company, No. 75 and 77
Fulton street unquestionably sell the beet Teaa im
ported into this msrket. That they can eell them
chesperthsn any other establishment, is a fact proven
in a thousand instsnoes since they have opened
their store. We would advise our friends to call at
this pIsco, and if they don't wish to buy, at least to
obtsin a little pamphlet kept on . their counter, enti
tled 'Hints to Tea Drinkers,' snd therefrom loam a
little useful information on the eubj?ct The pam
phlet is given gratis.?Journal of Commerce.
We drink Green Tea, and for many yeara have
been paying one dollar par pound for it But
thanks to the Pekin Tea Company, we now get a
better lea from them at 76 cents per pound. We
drink one pound per week, by which we are mw
saving thirteen dollars per year, and enjoying better
tea in the bargain. Command ua to the Pekin Tea
j Company say we.?Mirror.
You may be sure of obtaining at all times pOrs
snd highly flsvored teas by tho single pound, at
wholessle prices, of the Pekin Tea Company, 76 and
77 Fulton etreet. The* have probably the largest
atook, and greatest variety of fine green and black
teas, of any eetab'iehmeot in ths Unitsd States.
They are doing a large business, snd a groat benefit
to contumero of I
QC7 Editors and Publishers of Newepepera in the
United Statee, Cansdas, West Indies, etc., who will
give the sbova 19 insertion* in their respsctive
Journals, including this notice, will bepeid for the
asms in any Teas lhay may chooee to select from
ths above Catalogue, at the prices there named, and
by their purchasing of the Company twice tbs
amount of their bill, which they are at liberty to
dispose of ae they please. , .
l'apeirs who advertise, must drectcoptes?ar*T'
to the Pekin Tea Company VmttU, J* j7
Fulton street, New York. s?f??? V

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