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^ I /
|E % L TEAM*.
tally paper by the year, in advance >10 00
I " " for U?? than a year, $1 par month.
I (ami-Weakly paper by the year, in advance . a 00
\ " " for lea* than a year, 60 eta. per
fokiy paper by the year (with an index) 9 00
| " for aut aiontUa - 1 00
1 fubaortptiona to the Daily for ieea than two, to the Sam.
Weekly for leaa than four. or to the Weakly forleaa than
in month*. wrU not bo rocoivetl
If net paid within the Ant aix month., the Daily paper
Mil bo >19, the Semi-Weekly M, and the Weekly *9 61) a
SMabecribera may dieeontinue their paper* at any time by '
eying for the time they have received them. *?. nut wUMunt.
Theae who aubacribe for a year, and do not at the tine oi
aubeeribinf order a diecontinur at the end of it. will be con- I
entered atibacribera until they order the paper to be atopped,
and pay arrearage.
raicc* roi advketisin*.
liaci, er lin, thnM uuertioue $1 00 '
vary addttioual insertion U '
l.toftr advertlaemente chamed in proportion. I
A liberal discount mad* to those who advertise by the i
bo made ? advene*. Theae eke bare not 1
l m appaetanity of peyiae otherwise, may remit by mail, at '
Our risk, pamatr umd. The postmaster's certificate of such ,
remittance shell tie a sufficient receipt therelor. The notes
: at any specie-pay bank will be received.
No mtttntion unil ht tirrn Im any order iml*i* tkr Sidney, or
* p**fma*tr> '* rcrty.e*?* thai it An* keen nnilM, eccwapa- i
aim ii.
09-letter* to tie JVeprietere, charged with pottage, wilt not
I* tehees ant u/lAe poet iigice.
^ | PHIA.
i ptARPtTINOS, floor furniture, ailk and carriage
I \y oil elotha, mattings, and window ahadea.
I Ilouae-keepers "attention!"
I 100 piecea Brussels and Wilton carpet ings
T- ] 600 do super three ply imperial and ingrain
1000 do medium and fine ingrain do
500 do renjtian and damask, assorted widths
500 do hemp, cotton and psyrAardhUi
\ 500 do Nankin, Canton dntTspaiualt matting
]00 do druggets and woollen floorcloths
100 do furniture oil cloths, 3-4 to 6-4 wide
1 3000 yards floor oil cloths, from 1 to 8 yards
HAH Irsnans mitt rkil*f1 winHnw ftlmilpfl Itrtlinn
moonlight and landscape views
4000 New England patent blinds
100 bales alieant mntts, assorted sizes
! 200 do manilla and jute mats
500 Wilton, Brussels and tufled hearth rugs
5 cases embroidered Parisian muslin curtains
< 2 do worsted carpet binding
500 dozen brass stair-rods
5 cases embroidered cloth and worsted piano
and table covers
This mammoth stock, laid in for cash, comprising
> every variety of pattern, will be sold wholesale and
retail, at the warehouses, 18 and 20 north Second
Street, up stairs, at five per cent, advance for cash or
city acceptances, with interest addedJ.
Jan. 28?ly
New goods, silks, lawns, balzaRINES,
this day received, for spring sales, many new and
beaut'ful dry goods, to which we invite the attention
of customers generally. We name in part?
15 pieces rich heavy plain camelion poult de soie
I 20 " rich figured and satin striped do
5 " extra width, rich black satin striped do
10 " corded and plain black do
25 " new style lace lawns
42 " French jaconet do
jfi 25 " assorted balzarines
|| 50 " low priced mousse de taines
25 " cambric muslins
25 " jaconet do
25 " plaid do
50 " extra super Irish linen, cheap, and all
50 " medium and low priced do do
25 " birdscye diapers
10 " 12-4 Russia sheetings
10 " 10-4 11-4 do do
10 " riimhrir HimiiiM
1, 10 " furniture do
100 " grass cloth skirls
100 JX corded do
10 black alpacas lustre (silk chain)
10 " blue Mack do do do
i 90 " black and blue black French bombazines
! 10 " do do super mouaselin de
I Also for party dresses?
f Rich pompadour crapes
White, plain, and figured satins
Tarlton muslins, of all colors
CrepCleiaaes do
New sty|e thin material, together with blonde
I : nets, illusions, Ac. Ac.
Super white long and short kid gloves
do plain and embroidered silk hose; together
Tilth every variety of fancy and staple dry goods,
which we will sell at the most reduced prices.
Jl has just received by the erepress line from New
| York5
dozen Pate Foi de Gross
6 do troffle
1 6 do mushroom
6 do asparagus
10 do green peas, or petit poes
1 5 boxes assorted preserves
l | 10 do English cheese
| 5 do gruaire
1 I 10 dozen Nachoutel cheese.
! A large assortment of pickles
10 dozen boxes fresh lobsters
3 cases French bonbons
I 10,000 cigars, prime quality
He is also ready to furnish parties at the shortest
! notice, the best French style, with every article in
1 his line of business, made of the best materials, and
at the most reasonable prices.
Comer of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue.
Jan 30?tif
! TTTAYERLEY ACADEMY?The undersigned
W respectfully informs the public Ihrfthis institution
will be continued the ensuing year Terr the benefit
of his own sons, and such qfhera as may be desi rous
to avail themselves of it. The course of instruction
_ is extensive, embracing the ancient languages
and literature, the modern languages, ana a lull course
of mathematics, history, ana such other subjects as
comprise a sound and practical education. In con*
sequence of several of the pupils having finished
their education, there are several vacancies at
Terms A140 per annum, payable quarterly in advance.
This charge includes everything but books,
stationery, and clothes.
8 Jan 4?
i. v just returned from New York, where he has
been replenishing his slock of stationery, blank
books, drawing materials, perfumery, fancy articles,
music, and musical instruments, embracing articles
of every description in his line. To a due appre
ciation of his-stpek, and of the qualities of the arti
I dee, an inspection will be necessary, and which he
respectfhlly invites at Stationers' Hall, where tha
largest and most tensive assortment in the DisJ
trict is kept constantly for sale, wholesale and retail,
at low ana uniform prices.
j April 18
completed.?Dictionary, geographical,
'statistical, and historical, of the varioiM aountricR,
'places, and principal natural objects id the world,
t i>f J. B. McCullocn, esq.; now completed, in two
j ibuge octavo volumes of over 1,100 closely printed
'pages each, American edition, in which the articles
relating to the United States have been graaly multiplied
mid extended, and adapted ta the present con
(wwra ui int country anu to ine winoi iu citizens.
Just completed.
VV SLIPPERS.?Just received, a fresh supply
of the latest style. Fine kid and morocco Paris
lies and slippers, for $1.
Comer of 11th and F streets; and
Between 3d and 4) streets, Penn. avenue,
Sign of the large boot.
| Feb. 99
IjT day received an additional supply of seasonable
garden seeds, to which I invite the attention of gardeners
and others. Tbey are all warranted fresh
had genuine.
Also, Tuberose and Jacobean lily roots.
For sale by
April 19 J- E CALLAN.
XIT FISCHER has just received one o I
VV Brown's splendid rosewood improved
Patent Double Action Harps, Testimonials from
the best professors in favor of these instruments can
be seen at Stationers' Hall, where live Superior
Pianos are for sale at the manufacturers' prices.
> March 4
1 -mmr 1
To mail contractors, applicants for the appointment qf
Postmasters, Ift., Sfc.
THE undersigned having been associated with
the General Poet Office Department for more
than twenty years, and being perfectly familiar with ( J
its details of business, now oners his services to such 'J--'
?f his old friends Ike contractors, as msy be disposed devt
to patronize him, to transact any business which C.T 1
they may have from time to time with the depart- rlou
ment, and on such terms as will not fuil to be aceeptable
to them. A letter to him at any time, post "fj
pout, will be promptly attended to. . *;1
To applicants for the appointment of jxatinasters, J1***
ii? win, upon inc rouuwiv" * ?? ?* ?w ?. >
postage paid, see tlmt their petition* or recommendu- ?' '
lions are received and on file at the department, or, if J? '
not, give theni due notice thereof, and also give at- On*
tention to their interests until the decision of the to> '
Postmaster General is made, and then notify them ^
of the result, be it favorable or adverse. It must be c<,m
certainly no small satisfaction, after the trouble of 1
E rooming such testimonials, to be assured that they I'?*1
ave been duly received and brought to the notice 'y '
of the appointing power. To such as may favor l,?"
him in this particular branch of his agency, he cannot
fail to give entire satisfaction. 'javl
The undersigned will also attend to any claims or ''leJ
other business which may be intrusted to his care ''eBI
and supervision, before any of the departments of venl
the general government. wne
Washiagton City. Pro'
April 3?6m
2J>4 Broadway, opposite the City Hall, New York,
IMPORTER and dealer in carpetings, floor oil- n,-u
cloths, Ac., would respectfully solicit the atten- ]tttel
lion of dealers and others visilinir the citv. to his ex- nih?
tensive assortment of French AuIjuhsoii, Exminster, L
Royal Velvet Wilton, Geneva Velvet, Tapestry, may
Brussels, Threeply, Ingrain and Venetian Carpet- ba,,
ings, Floor Oil-cloths, Ac., to which he is daily add- the
ing the newest and most elegant patterns, received
by the latest importations, comprising the largest
and richest assortment of carpetings and floor oilcloths
in the United States. The strongest induce- w|,i
menta are offered to purchasers, as, from his great fy-on
facilities and long experience in the business, he is tura
enabled to furnish them with the latest and best tury
styles of goods at the moat moderate priceB. the
March 3?2m plea
ROCKV1LLE ACADEMY?The classical de
partment of this institution has been for more ^
than twelve months under the care of Mr. Oth C. ^
Wright, A. B., as Principal. He has proved him
self to be an able, successful, and highly acceptable "T~y
teacher, and a gentleman of dignified deportment, J*
correct morals, and agreeable manners. a thorough hou
course of the Latin and Greek classics is taught, to- one
gether with the West Point course of mathematics, a gC
including the different branches of the sciences, Bry
belle-lettess, Ac. Students are well prepared for heal
business or the higher classes of college. nevi
Mr. McClenahan, esq., well known and fully conl
competent, a gentleman of high mathematical at- an
tainments, has charge of the Engish department. moc
The price of tuition is from f 10 to |25 per an- casl
num. Jiur
Boarding can be had in highly respectable families ated
at about one hundred dollars. f
Rockville is remarkably healthy. The trustees
can honestly and confidently invite attention of
parents and guardians to their institution, as pre- ft
senting advantages rarely found for their Bona and ?
wards in thorough instruction, safety of morals, O
health, and cheapness of tuition and board.
JOHN MINES, President. the
Richard J. Bowie, Secretary. the
Jan 30 his
Office or Com. of Public Buildings, eleg
March 18, 1845. satu
Proposals, sealed and endorsed *
"Proposals for painting the President's Man- "ilk
aion," wilt be received at this office until 3 o'clock, w"(
p. m., on Wednesday, the 21st day of May next, C
tor painting witn two coats 01 paint tne outside
stone, wooa, and iron work of the President's mansion,
which has been heretofore painted, including
the wings, terraces, porticos, root, and ballustrade; ?
also for painting witn two coats of paint all the inside
stone, wood, and iron work of said mansion, \J\
which has been heretofore painted, with the excep- ,*
tion of the east room, which will require but one . coat
of paint; also for painting with one coat of P
paint all the walls which have bean heretofore painted;
and also for varnishing all the mahogonv doors,
window sash, hand-rails, und balusters. All cracks
and breaks to be stopped with putty by the contractor.
The proposals to state the gross amount for which
each work will be executed. The materials to be __
of the best quality, and the work to be executed in I
the beat manner, subject to the inspection of such
person or persons as the commissioner may appoint l'j!
for that purpose. The contractor will have to enter , ^
into a bond, with approved security, for the faithful 'e
completion of the work by the first of October next. .1
March 18To
be published twice a week in the National In- 1
telligencer. env
1 app
BOTELER, DONN A CO., Pennsylvania avenue,
opposite the Centre Market, nave in store
the most extensive stock of house-furnishing goods
that can be found in the District, and all laid in at \ft
such prices as to enable them to sell as low ns can ,
be found (of the same quality) anywhere. Their '
atuckAibraces a general assortment of? "u?
Cabinet ware and chairs . v
China, glass, and crockery ware "
Plated Britannia and German silver goods '
Knives and forks in sets of 51 pieces, and de- '
tached _. i
Cornelin's celebrated solar oil and lard lamps
Waiters and tea trays .
Hall lanterns and lamps ^
Shovel and tongs, andirons and fenders ^
Cooking utensils of every description in common D L
use Br?
Tin and wooden ware ..
Banket*, table mat*, and looking glasses "P*!
Beds, mattresses, and bedsteads *
Brushes, combs, spittoons, Ac. '
Persons furnishing can find every article used in ?
housekeeping at fair prices, and all delivered safe *j
without charge, or packed securely to leave the j
city. *
N. B. We have just received from the importer a ~
good stock of superior French china dinner, desert, {j
and tea sets. ''
FRESH AND GENUINE?The subscriber re- "
spectfully calls the attention of the agricultural and donr
horticultural community to his Horticultural Ware- "
house and Seed Store, adjoining his Green House, vole
corner of 15lh and G streets, opposite the State De- V
partment, where the farmer, gnrcirner, amateur, and T
seed-dealers, can provide themselves with fresh gar- urm
den and flower seeds, all of the best quality. ' N
If any garden or flower seed* should prove to be N
bad, when sown in proper time and manner, and N
season the least favorable, for such fresh seed will icim
be given, or the money returned. V
Seed-dealers supplied by the pound, bushel, or Cap
barrel, at a liberal discount, and on terms equal to fit) i
anv wholesale and retail establishment in anv of the Lib
northern or eastern cities. A
Florist and Seedsman.
March 22?dtfif rp
ILKTNSON'S CEMENT?for restoring Chi- iud
na, earthenware, glass, wood, and marble, (jve
that are broken, to their former state of usefulness, <3^1
without disfiguring in the least, and in such a man- L?,
ner that fire, air, or hot water will not affect them; neo
and the article repaired fit for use in thirty minutes.
Also, Chinese diamond cement for the same pur- a
pose. For sale by ?
Jan 30 Corner of E and 7th streets. X
NEW BOOK8.?Veronica, a novel, translated sagt
from the German; Isabel, or the trials of the but
Heart, a (ale for the voting, 1 volume, fust received pmi
for sals by F. TAYLOR, or for circulation from the
the Waverfey Circulating Library. ge
Also, Medicines and their Uses, and Mode of at?. |
Administration, 1 volume, bv Doctors Nellignn, of J(
Dublin, and Reese, of New York.
Webster's Dictionary, octavo, complete in one Tt/|
volume. 1VJ
Pictorial Rible, No. 24. to i
Pictorial Shakspeare, No. 47. cent
I j?dv> Book for May. 1845. stre
April 83 A
of business through their agency,
awyers, public officers, contractors, and others
Ing business arising under contracts, or under
pension, post office, or patent laws?merchants
ring remission of duties, Ac.?mechanics or in;ors
requiring patents?and farmers having buss
with the General Land Office, may find this
icy conducive to their interest in the way of
nptness and economy. Claims undlr treaties
i the Indian nations or foreign governments
attended to.
[lecial attention will be paid to those who wish to
or sell lands in Virginia and other southern
es; and inquirers, from the North or South, are
ectfully referred to our circular concerning "agItural
improvement in the southern States,"
y published in the Globe, Intelligencer, and
ir journals.
etters must be post-free, to insure attention; and
r be addressed to the subscribers, either at Aly,
New York, or Washington?particularly at
latter place.
Sensible of the manifold courtesies with
ch he hus been honored by editors of all parties,
!i the time when he established the first agricul1
journal in America more than a quarter-cen
ago, JOHN S. SKINNER adds this note for
purpose of saying that it will afford him great
sure to maintain the intercourse thus lon? coned,
and to reciprocate the services of editorial
ids who may now favor him with a few insers
of this notice,
pril 1
OR SALE OR RENT.?A neat framed cottage
house containing six rooms, kitchen, cowse,
&c., with two squares of ground attached,?
of which is enclosed with a new fence, and is in
tod fltnlo r?f rMilrivntinn nitiiAterl neiir the hnnnri
of this city. This property is in a pleasant anil
Ithy locality; and having upon it two large and
sr failing springs, so elevated that water may be
Jucted to any part of it, is admirably adapted to
early garden, or a dairy. It will be rented on
lerate terms to a good tenant; sold cheap for
x; or exchanged in part payment for a new men
sized comfortable brick dwelling suitably situI
in the 1st, 2d, or 3d ward of the city.
'or further particulars, apply to
Druggist, cor. 7th and E streets.
lar 28?dlf
The subscriber, owing to the great demand for
beautiful new style of hat introduced by him into
city on the 1st instant, has been daily adding to
stock, and now announces a full and complete
xrtment of different fabrics finished in that syle of
ance characteristic of his establishment, and so
sfactory to his numerous customers,
futria, Beaver, Moleskin, Cassimere, Russia, and
: Hats, and at prices that cannot fail to suit any
> would wish to purchase a good article,
aps of all materials in the greatest variety and at
iced prices.
W. B. TODD, Sign of the
Golden Hat, west of Brown's Hotel.
lar 28
TE promise our customers to keep on hand a
I supply of our f3 boots. We are happy to find
t please so well, and shall not spare pains to
ise all who may favor us with a call.
J. E. FOWLER & CO.,.
11th and F streets,
and W. MANN,
Sign of the LARGE BOOT,
Pennsylvania avenue, 2 doors from 4i street.
IHE AMERICAN REVIEW, a whig journal
of politics, literature, art, and science, pubed
in New York at five dollars per annum, or
r cents per single number. The first numbers of
above work may be examined at the bookstore
the subscriber, where subscriptions will be rered.
'he numbers will be regularly mailed, strongly
eloped, to any post office in the United States, if
lication be made to
F. TAYLOR, Bookseller,
larch 21 Washington City.
~*T M. FISCHER, Pennsylvania avenue, two
r doors east of 12th street, has just received
following new music, which will be sold at a reed
Vill you come to my Mountain Home? By T.
never Knew now dear thou wert; composed by
lappy and light of heart be those: Bohemian
The land we lire in;" by C. Woolf.
lake me no gaudy chaplet; arranged by H. W.
ament of the Alpine shepherd boy; by F. H.
'arewell, we meet no more below; by A. Phil.las!
the days are gone; poetry by H. P. Gratton.
'he Minne singers' serenade; by J. A. Wade,
lumber, infant, slumber; duett, by H. S. Saroni.
Ivery land my "home; by N. J. Snrole.
Iflien tor from my own native home; by J. C.
upid; a ballad, by Miss A. Blackwell.
el mc perish in the early spring; by H. Saroni.
ock'd in the cradle of the deep.
alut a la France; arranged by George Lodcr.
EW BOOKS this dny received, for sale by F.
Keeping House and Housekeeping," a story of
lealic lite, by Mrs. Hall; 1 vol.?50 cents.
New Orleans as I found it," by H. Didimus; 1
ime?25 cents.
Pandering Jew, parts 9 and 10.
hirlwall's History of Greece, complete in 2 vol:s,
'umber 43 Pictorial Shnkspeare.
'umber 22 Pictorial Bible.
lumber 4 Copland's Dictionery of Practical Meds.
oyages Round the World from the death of
tain Cook to the present lime, 1 volume, price
cents, being volume 172 of Harper's Family
pnl 1
PAMrio rau DAnira
HE 8UBSCRIBER has for rale seta of all the
booka ordered, or aubacribed for, by Congr
i a* American Archive*, State Papera, War?
Dor omenta, Journal*, Lawa of the > TJaited
e?, Debates in Congress, Political RejjpinKrs,
v Booka, and many rare and valuable mYac*llaua
larch 5 Opposite Fuller'* Hotel.
iRESIDENTS^ MESSAGES, from Waahington
to Tyler, complete in one large octavo vol.,
tracing not merely the inaugural and annual mea s,aa
uaual in foriner compilations of this kindi
embracing proclamations, recommendation#,
leata, vetoea, and all messages of moment, since
foundation of the government, with the advantof
having them paged and indexed for immedireference;
price 13 25. F. TAYLOR
in. 7
L is the beat median* in use for children subject
diolic, flatulence, Ac.., and may be had at I3|
la per vial at the drug store corner of E and 7th
,pril 19 J. F CALL AN
)t i
Lawyers, Merchants, Mechanics, Farm
ers, and PvbKc Officers, tire.
N retiring from his official station an Assistant
Postmaster General, JOHN S. SKINNER
lUMNKts, particularly in connection with the vaa
departments of the national government?buaii
in which he ia henceforth aaaociated with
NRY O'REILLY, of the State of New York,
eraona in any part of the United Stales, who
; business to transact with either department of
general government at Washington, or with any
te State governments, or who require researches
>e made in the public records any where in the
an, can have their requests promptly alttended
>y addressing the undersigned,
xtensive acquaintance throughout the Union,
iequcnl on the long-continued connection of both
underaigned with the newspaper press, with the
office and other public organizations, will greaticilitate
the prosecution or inquiries and transac
tract will be limited to the materials only, and is not
intended to include the labor of paring.
All materials delivered for the above works must
be subject to the inspection and control of the engineer
and his assistants.
Payments will be made monthly, after deducting
15 per cent., to be retained as security, and to be
forfeited in case of non-fulfilment of contract.
All communications in relation to the above
works may be forwarded by mail, under cover, to
"Col. J. J. Abert, Topographical Bureau," endorsed
"Repairs of Pennsylvania avenue."
Capt. Topographical Engineers.
To be published three times a week in the Madisonian,
Alexandria Gazette, Potomac Herald, and
Baltimore Sun, until 20th May next.
April 23
Bureau or Ordnance and Hydrography,
23d April, 1845.
PROPOSALS will be received at this Bureau until
3 o'clock, p. m., of Wednesday, the 4th
day of June next, for furnishing and delivering
the following pistols, swords, and copper powderflasks,
for the naval service of the United States,
1,200 pistols,
1,200 swords, and
1,200 copper powder flasks.
All the above arms must be made of materials of
the best quality; and all arms and materials to be
subject to such proof, teat, and inspection as is now
applied to similar arms and materials in the army of
the United States.
The materials and the forms and dimensions of
al the parts must conform to those of the established
patterns. The workmanship and finish must
be equal to those of the model arms; and the several
parts must be browned, blued, case-hardened,
or polished, as in the standard models. The forms
and dimensions of the parts to Ire verified by verifying
gaugesalready established.
Patterns of the aforegoing pistols, and copper
powder flasks, may be seen on application to the
commandant of either of the navy-yards, or to this
All to be' delivered on or before the 4th day ol
June, 1846: one-third at the navy-yard near Boaton,
and two-thirds at the navy-yard near New York; to
be delivered free of charges, except ns to packing
boxes?for these a fair allowance will be made.
Proposals for all or either of the above named
articles will be received, to be sealed and endorsed,
"Proposal for furnishing pistols, swords," &c., as
the case may be.
Bonds, with two approved sureties in one-half the
amount of contract, will be required, to be entered
into within fifteen days after the time limited for receiving
bids; and ten per cent, of the amount of all
bills will be retained as collateral security, for the
faithftil performance of the contract, which will be
paid only on the satisfactory completion of it; and
ninety percent, of all deliveries made will be paid
on all bills properly authenticated, according to the
provisions of this contract, within thirty days after
their presentation to the navy agent.
To be published twice a week in the Globe, National
Intelligencer, and Constitution, Washington;
Daily Keystone, and Pennaylvanian, Philadelphia;
Evening Post, Morning News, and Journal of Commerce,
NewYork; Morning Post, and Daily Times,
April 23?Saw
Orrici or the Clerk or the House or Rerreientatives
United States,
April 16, 1845.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
office until Monday, the 5th day of May next,
at 3 o'clock, p. m. for the delivery of three hundred
tons of the first quality Butler coal, and one hundred
cords of the best hickory wood, at the Capitol,
for the use of the House of Representatives.
Said coal to be delivered, well broken and screened,
on or before the 1st day of September next, and
put into the vaults of the Capitol.
Said wood to be delivereu, sawed into lengths of
two feet, and piled away in the vaults appropriated
to the reception thereof, on or before the let day of
September next.
Payment will be made for said coal and wood,
after the accounts therefor shall have been audited
and allowed by the Committee on Accounts of the
House of Representatives, at the next session of
Clerk House of Representatives.
(Intelligencer, Constitution, and Madisonian.]
April 16
Not*?April 19th, 1845. When I caused the
above advertisement to be inserted, I supposed Butler
coal f which is a favorite coal with the furnace
keepers tiers) was generally in the market nnd open
to competition. 1 now understand that it is not.
Proposals will therefore he received as above, for
other coals of a similar quality to Butler coal.
J Intelligencer, Madisonian, and Constitution please
d the above note.]
April 19
is this day received, containing two engravings
and original literature, by Miss Leslie, Miss Qoukl,
Mrs. Hale, Messrs. Grund, Otis, Frost, and others.
Published for three dollars per annum; single numbers
115 cents.
Persons residing at a distance are informed that
after the 1st July next the postage on this periodical
will be reduced to 41 cents per number.
_ Apply to F. TAYLOR, Bookseller, Washington
April 23
noN." , \I
r 1, 1846.
Bureau ur Const'n, Eouiqm't ard Repair
.April 18, 1845.
SEALED PROPOSAL8 (endorsed proposals foi
hemp) will be received at this Bureau until the
31st day of May next, for furnishing and delivering
at the navy-yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts, or
or before the first day of July, 1846, four hundred
tons of water-rotted hemp.
This hemp must be equal to the Riga Rein hemp
now at the navy-yard, Charlestown. In deciding
upon offers, preference will be given to American
hemp, if offered at equal or lower price than may be
asked for foreign hemp. The hemp must be subject
to inspection and approval at the navy-yard,
Charlestown, Massachusetts, by persons to be appointed,
by and under instructions frem this Bureau,
and none will be received which shall not
pass such inspection.
Persons who may wish to furnish hemp perfectly
free from tow, and ready for spinning, can forward
separate proposals for such hemp; which hemp, il
the proposals should be accepted, must, like the other,
be subject to inspection and approval at said
nuvy-yard before il will be received.
Persons making offers must state the price asked
per ton of 3,240 pounds, delivered at said navyyard,
and must forward with them an obligation
from two persons of sufficient property to become
sureties for the fulfilment of the contract to be entered
into, in one-third the amount of said contract.
To diminish the hazard to contractors of forwarding
hemp from the western States, which may not
be of proper quality, or sufficiently well prepared,
.. , y~ '
'JK '<i~ r . *~'-<
Washington, D. C., April 33d, 1845.
PROPOSALS, seeded and endorsed "Proposals
for paving and repairing Pennsylvania avenue,"
will be received at the Topogiaphical Bureau, until
3 o'clock, p. m , Tuesday, the 20th day of May
next, for graveling fourteen feet wide, on each sid
of the centre line (making in all twenty-eight feetl
of Pennsylvania avenue, between 1st street west anil
15th street west, or so much of it as may be required.
Before depositing the gravel on the roadway
aforesaid, the present Macadamized surface
mimf onrwfiillu clpurttd nf nil flirt nun! loono
atones, Ac., which must be removed from the
avenue. The (travel must be of the very beat quality?clean,
free from clay and other impurities, subject,
both as it regards the size and quality of the
materials, to the entire control of tlie engineer and
his assistants; and to be deposited in layers not exceeding
three inches in depth?each successive
layer to be carefully rolled with a roller of sufficient
weight to thoroughly compress the gravel, the upper
surface of wnich must be finislted to auch levels
and crosa sections as the engineer may direct; and
the work must Lie commenced at such jHaces and
limes, and executed with as much rapidity, as he
may require. The pi >tXM*U must state the price
per cubic yard of gravel actually deposited on the
road-way, which price inwat.i elude the cost of
clearing the road-way, gravelmg, and rolling as
above, and removing the paving stones at the crossing
Proposals will also be received, at the tame time
and place, for laying a double line of curbstones between
1st street west and 15th street west,
(or so much of the same as may Ire required,) on
Pennsylvania avenue. The curbs to be of the best
Potomac or Port Deposile granite, (or other stone of
equal quality,) four inches thick on the upper surface,
to be carefully hamster-dressed on the top and
ends, and for two inches in depth on the one side
and four inches in depth on the other. The stones
to be not less than three feet in length and eighteen
inches in depth, to be carefully laid (in trenches) in
continuous lines, close-jointed, to a smooth, even
surface, and to the entire Mtisfaction of the engineer.
The proposals will stale the price per running
foot, including materials, labor, trenching, and
all other things necessary to lie done for the laying
of the aforesaid curbstones.
Proposals will also be received, at the same time
and place, for the delivery of ? sufficient quantity of
hard, oval, water-rolled paving stones, of tnrte
inches smaller and of five inches larger diameter, to
pave 39,400 square yards for so much of the same
as may be required) on Pennsylvania avenue, between
1st street west and 15lh street west; the said
stones to be delivered at such times and places, and
in such quantities as the engineer or his assistants
may direct. The proposals will state the price of
the stone by the square or superficial yard, to ka
mansnroH oAar tli<> ulnna lina tiaon Uiil* kill ika onn.
the becretary of the Navy has appointed two agents,
who will, when requested, inspect hemp that may
be prepared and intended to fulfil contracts lobe made
under this advertisement. One of these agents will
inspect the hemp that may be sent to Louisville,
Kentucky, and the other that which may be sen
to St. Louis, in Missouri. These agents will be
furnished with samplea of the Riga Rein hemp, excepting
for hemp fully prepared for spinning, and
with the means of testing the strength of hemp, and
will be ready to give all information in their power,
to enable contractors to have their hemp properly
pre|>ared, and to ascertain the strength anu character
of it, before the expense of sending it to the navy-yard
is incurred. It must be distinctly understood,
however, that the inspection and opinion of
these agents is merely to diminish the risk to contractors,
by furnishing useful information. The only
inspection by which the hemp can be finally received
and paid for will be that at the navy-yard
where it is to be delivered.
In addition to the bonds which will be required
for the faithful performance of the contract, ten per
centum will be deducted from the amount of all bilh
for deliveries, and retained until the completion ol
the contract, as additional security for its performance.
The remaining ninety per centum will be
paid within thirty days after bills, duly approved,
shall be presented to the navy agent at Boston,
To be published once a week for four weeks in
the following newspapers, viz: The Globe and Intelligencer,
Washington, D. C.; Morning Post and
Daily Times, Boston, Mass.; Hampden Post,
Springfield, .Mass.; Hartford Times, Hartford,
Conn.; Journal of Commerce, Morning News, Evening
Post, New York, N. Y.; Pennsylvanian, Public
Ledger, Philadelphia, Pa.; Morning Post, Pittsburgh,
Pa.; Union, Harrisburg, Pa.; Republican,
Baltimore, Md.; Enquirer, Richmond, Va.; Chronicle
and Old Dominian, Porthmouth, Vs.; Jeffersonian,
New Orleans, La.; Union, Nashville, Tenn.;
Appeal, Memphis, Tenn.; Gazette, Lexington, Ky.
Democrat, Louisville, Ky.; Statesman, Columbus.
O.; Enquirer, Cincinnati, O.; State Sentinel, Indianapolis,
Indiana; Register, Springfield, III.; Demo
crat, Chicago, III.; Free Press, Detroit, Mich.; Missourian,
St. Louis, Mo.
The above papers, containing the advertisement
will be forwarded to the Bureau as evidence of publication.
April 18?law4w
French and English seminary/or Young Indies, cornet
oj c. ana wn srrteu, muiungion an.
THE location of this seminary is one of the mos
desirable in the city, on account of its healthy
and airy position. The house is lane and commo
dious, with ample grounds and other facilities foi
amusement and recreation. The principal, so wel
and favorably known in this city, and in Nea
York, from her long experience in teaching, hopei
to give entire satisfaction to all who may confide
their daughters to her care. She is a native o:
France, and familiar with its language and literature,
and conversant with the best and easiest model
of imparting to her pupils a perfect knowledge ol
that language, so that tney can not only read and
write, but speak it fluently. She has secured able
usristants tor various departments, so that all
branches of an English as well as French education
will be thoroughly taught. Pupils who reside in
the family have the peculiar advantages of hearing,
and conversing at all times in the French language,
and of perfecting themselves in the science of music,
being under the surveillance of an experienced
teacher. The course of instruction, besides the
usual elementary branches, includes all the higher
studies pursued in the most approved northern seminaries.
The discipline is mild and affectionate, vet
decided, and is maintained by appeals to the affections
and conscience of the pupil; it is desigued, by a
proper development and cultivation of the bettei
qualities of the heart, to bind more affectionately tin
pupil to her teacher, and by it to secure obedience
As sound physical, moral, and intellectual improvement
and culture, are the great objects desired, it ii
the aim of the principal not so much to crowd the
memory with words, as to draw forth and train the
systematic and vigorous action, the observing, reflecting,
and active powers of the mind. Th<
charges to those who reside in the family are, foi
board and tuition in all the branches of French and
English, J200 per annum for a single pupil; bui
when two or more are entered at the same time, t
liberal deduction will be made. The additions
ckarges per quarter are for music, piano, and guitar
115; use of instrument, fS 50; vocal music, fp. Tc
iay scholars, the charges for tuition in the firsi
department in French or English, are $10
together, $15; in the second department firm
class French or English, $8; together, $12; ir
the second class French or English $7; togethei
*10; in the third department, first class, French
or English *6; together $9; in the second
class, French or English $5; together $8; Latin $4,
other languages, drawing, painting, and dancing:
at professor's charges. Pupils can be entered at any
time, and will be charged only from the date of then
entrance. No deduction will be made to those whc
absent themselves after commencing a quarter, unless
prevented from attending by sickness. Bills in
all cases to be paid in advance. Every attention if
paid to the religious as well as moral and Intellectual
instructions of the pupils, but no sectarian peculiarities
are ever inculcated. Those residing in the family
will attend such churches as their parents may
select, under the care of a teacher. Tney will attend
the Episcopal church with the Principal, when
no other directions are given. Any other information,
and the moat satisfactory references will b<
given on application to the principal.
April 25?3tawGm
SPLENDID American and French paper-hong,
ings.?I have just received a large and superl
assortment of paper-hangings, amongst which inert
is a collection of Fresco pafier, the handsomest evei
offered for sale in this market. I have also received
several patterns of embossed paper, which is altogether
of a new style.
Every thing in the upholstering line executed in
the latest and neatest styles and with the greatest
despatch. 1 have a large quantity ofnreboard prints,
which I will sell exceedingly low.
Penn. avenue, between 13th and 13th streets.
FOR RENT, a store and cellars on Penn*ylvan.a
avenue, south side, between 9th and 10th streets;
having been newly painted and put in good repair,
to a good tenant the rent will be moderate. Apply
to J. ALEXANDER, Agent.
April 13?3taw3w
Pennsylvania avenue, two doors east of 13th
street, has just received the following new music for
the guitar, which will be sold at a reduced price :
Gems from Norma, arranged by Jno. B. Coups.
Every Land my Home, by N. J. Sporle.
Introduction, Theme and Variationa, by John
B. Coups.
La Valse d'Adieu, par Norma, by Deporoski.
Isabel, with variations,-by John B. Coupa.
The Heart bow'd down, arraged by L. J. Martini.
I Dreamt that 1 Dwelt in Marble Halls, by L. J.
Six u nitres for the guitar, arranged by John B.
April 3S
It. !
? i
r Hone or Rkpkkikhtativei United Statu,
I Clerk's Office, We.hin.ion, March, 1845.
N pursuance of the 17lh .eJion 0flhe actofCon*tmb
or the 26th Augu.t, 1842, entitled "An ac
[ legalizing and making appropriationa for ?uch no
/ ?J u.uany included in Ul?
, general appropriation bills without authority of law,
, and to fix and provide for certain incidental expenses
of the departments and offioea of government,
, and for other purposes;" which said 17lh section is
, as follows:
"Sac. 17. jfnd be it further enacted, That all stationery,
of every name and nature, for the use of the
two Houses of Congress, and all stationery and jobprinting,
of every name and nature, for the use of
the several departments of government, and for the
bureaus and offices in those departments at Washing,
including all stationery, blanks, wrapping-pa'
per, and twine, and mail-bus, furnished the post
offices and collectors' offices throughout the United
States, shall hereafter be furnished and performed
by contract, by the lowest bidder, as follows: the
Secretary of the Senate, the Clerk of the House of
Representatives, the head of each department,
ana such deputy postmasters in the |>ost office
i establishment, and such collectors in the customhouse
establishment, as the Postmaster Genera!
and the Secretary of the Treasury shall respective
ly designate for thai puepaee, ehalf seepsHi>ei|
advertise, once a week for at least four weeks, in
, one or more of the principal papers published in
, tlie places where such artices are to be fumiahed on
such printing done, for sealed proposals for furnishing
such articles, or the whole of any particular
class of articles, or for doing such printing, or
the whole or any specified job thereof, to be done
at such place, specifying in such advertisement the
amount, quantity, and description of each kind of
articles to be furnished, and, as near as may be, the
nature, amount, and kind of printing to be done;
and all such proposals shall be kept sealed until the
day specified in such advertisement for opening the
same, when they shall be opened, by or under the
direction of the officer making such advertisement,
in the presence of at least two persons; and the per'
son offering to furnish any class of such articles, or
r to perform any specified portion or job of said work, j
and giving satisfactory security for the performance |
thereof, under a forfeiture not exceeding twice the r
. contract price in case of failure, shall receive a con- c
I tract for doing the same; and in case the lowest bid
der shall fail to enter into such contract and give *
such security within a reasonable time, to be fixed r
' in such advertisement, then the contract shall be o
i given to the next lowest bidder, who shall enter into 1
' such contract and give such security. And in case j
of a failure to supply the articles, or to perform the a
i work, by the person entering into such contract, he
, and his nureties shall be liable for the forfeiture
i specified in such contract, as liquidated damages, to
be sued for in the name of the United States, in any
i court having jurisdiction thereof."
Sealed proposals will be received at thia office unI
til three o'clock on Monday, the 5th day of May
, next, for furnishing the articles of stationery
lk. .... "
Reprerentatives, during the ensuing session of ConKeaa?each
article to be of tlie beat quality, and to
approved by the Clerk.
, 50 reams satin finish wove letter-paper, unruled,
white and blue
150 reams satin finish wove letter-paper, ruled
white and blue
; 50 reams ejctra superfine letter-paper, ruled,
, blue and white
50 reams extra superfine letter-paper, unruled
100 reams fine French letter paper, one half
25 reams satin finish laid letter paper, ruled,
, white and blue
100 reams satin finish foolscap paper, ruled,
white and blue
25 reams superfine foolscap paper, ruled, blue
and white <
r 25 reams satin finish foolscap paper, unruled,
blue and white I
t In the above descriptions of paper state the price \
r for gilt and ungilt.
150 reams extra superfine note paper, gilt, half ]
r blue and half white, in packages and
I boxes
r 1,000 reams satin finish extra sire cap, for folding I
and envelope I
i 50 reams satin finish cartridge paper, medium,
f for envelope
400 reams cartridge paper. State the price of '
i each size
f 5 reams pink blotting paper I
I 1,000 cards of steel pens, assorted, 100 of which
i to be three points; Perry, Qillott and HayI
den, makers; the price of each description
i to be given
i 10 gross W indie's bullion pens
, 4 gross red lead pencils, large size
8 gross black lead pencils
300 nine-inch ivory holders, 1J inch wide,
I weighing about seven ounces to the
i dozen
100 large letter stamps or seals, ivory or wooden
handle, plain face
; 100 ivory handle letter stamps, checkered
100 pounds medium sized red wafers, in four
i ounce papers
r 200 dozen red tape, No. 19 *
200 dozen red tape, No. 25
150 glass inks, with metal tops or covers, to be
used in the desks in the hall, 1} inch
i square
; 150 glass sand stands, same size as above
! 250 glass inkstands, various patterns 1
260 nests ianannea tin. each consisting of a '
> sand-box, a sand-holder, and a wafer-box '
r 5 pounds black sealing-wax, extra superfine,
I sixteen sticks to the pound t
t 300 pounds extra superfine sealing-wax, sixteen '
i or twenty sticks to the pound
I 200 small boxes, fancy colors, sealing-wax
, 1,000 pounds extra superfine sealing-wax, eight
> sticks to the pound
t 400 bottles, half pint, black ink
; 100 bottles, quart, black ink
t 100 bottles, half pint, unchangeable blue fluid o "
, ink
500 English penknives, four blades, best pearl, -1
i stag, or buck handles, to be of the highest <
| finish and best quality, and of the patterns r
( well known as the "Congress knife" f
12 dozen ditto, two-bladed 1
2 dozefc ivory handle erasers, in cases
100 embossed morocco portfolios, cap size, containing
pocket-book apartments, and 12
sheets blotting paper
50 ditto, lefter size, with locks
300 memorandum books, faint lined, best qualig
ty, not less than 40 sheets, morocco cover,
about 71 by 4} inches
4 dozen pieces best quality office taste
4 gross penholders
100 counting-house morocco cases, pocket-book
50 counting-house morocco cases,pocket-book
form, with locks
4,000 best opaque quills, No. P0
2,000 best clarified quills, No. 80
Every article to be of the best quality; no second
. or inferior article will be received, unleea herein ape,
cified, and so ordered.
The articles are to be delivered at the office of the
Clerk on or before the 15th day of October next,
I and to be paid for as soon aa the Committee of Ac.
counts shall audit the bill, and an appropriation be
made therefor. 4
. A sufficient specimen of each article proposed for '
, must accompany the proposal, to be marked with o
the name of the proposer, and numbered or marked B
so aa to correspond with the proposal. a
The whole of each article specified in the forego
ing list will be deemed a class, and the person offering
to furnish any class or description of articles at
the lowest price, quality considered, shall receives
contract for the same, on executing a bond, with
two or more sureties, satisfactory to the Clerk, for
the performance of the same, under a forfeiture of ~
twice the contract price in case of failure; which /
bond must be (lied in the office of said Clerk within V
ten days after the proposals have been opened and w
the result declared. II
The right is reserved, in case it should be neces- tl
sary, to order a farther supply of all or any of the o?
articles contained in the above list. y
Proposals must be endorsed "Proposals for eta a
tionery far House of Representative P*
ed to tne Clerk; they will be free of postage' ?
Clark of House ot Reps. U. S.
March 17?law4w (lot-] |
dh "I Morocco slippers, and Pans ties. A fresh
1 supply received by W. MANN, ?
^ Sign of the LARGE BOOT, 1
and J. E. FOWLER, I
April 1 11th and F rtraett.
Li Theaubacribor,ofthalataAmef Bndtafp Wt*."
p, and of the aMMei*aaMdmeffe?p*Qtf>att.
rowld reapect&illy inform the pmtromtfmt "oil #akliahed
houae" that he haijuat wHwS Awn the
Worth witb aa|4endid MdMnmrt ofFaaey andStar>'?
Dry Qoode, oonefotieg of Fi*ch, Bntiah, and
American wanufcciurc, ami nhiaaiiif awry rariety,
*rle. and deaeription of aaaeafnli* arear, aM of
rarai ha offer# for eaah, art* promptoartomar*, at
ha aaoat reduced aiarkat prince* Kadwan uv 10
|ueeted to aall and fine hie atoek a hanurt cTeentation
before making their aalirriana He aamee,
I) pari
In thin notarial
Rich Paria beregae, new atyle
Do betxarinee, great bergenia
Do balaanna lawaa
Do jaconet mualine
Loudon chintxaa, lawaa, and muaiina
Do organdie ginghama .1
Rich chameleon poult da eoia
Do plaid do i
Do Mtriped do
Black and aatin-atripad Amur* ailk
Do plain do do
Do mourning do
Half-mourning Foulard do
Fancy do do
High-colored poult da aoie
Plain do do
In shawls and scarfs.
Extra rich embroidered crape ahawla
Medium do do do
Low-priced do do do
Rich Hernania do
Aeaortad berege do
Do ailk do
Rich Caahmere acarfa
men oerege ao In great variety
In Alpaccat and Bombatint.
Blue-black Aipacoa, ailk chain
Jet do So do
Medium and lowprioed Alpaoca,atlk ehatn ?
Fhney eoloeed da
Btoo-olaek bombasine, cheap
Jet do do do
Together with Iriah linens, ah eatings, diapers
Table linen, damask table clothe, and napkins
Oauee dannela, testings, garebroona, drillings
French linens, Swiss muslins, jaconet cambric
Plaid muslins, ailk and cotton hosiery
Cotton sheetings, shirtings, and pillow-case
Birdseye diapers, and a great variety of goods
for boys' summer wear
5,000 yards low-priced calicoes
5,000 do longcloth cottons
5 bales cotton Oanaburgs
April 98?eo3uf
<J CHEAP CASH STORE.?The subscriber
espectfully informs the public that he bat just reeived
a large and beautiftil stock of paw spring
ooda, which he intends selling, as ha has hssstoftse
lone, twenty-five per cent, lest than thsy can ha
lurchased elsewhere in the District. His edvaota;ea
being such ss to have enabled himiopumijMe
lis stock very cheap, induces him to bier to the
mblic great bargains. Please ceM and axamiasmy
i tock before purchasing elsewhere, consisting of?
A Urge assortment of new style balsarine lawns
and barsges
A large assortment of new style cambric lawns
Do do silk and bangi
shawls and scarfs
A large assortment of lace mualins and msshrics
Do new style Polks and Nebe
A large assortment of new style prints
Do do Neapolitan, Modena,
Rutland, and Braid bonnets
A large assortment of new style sunshades, para
soleu, ana paraaoia
gentlemen's wear.
A spelendid assortment of wool-dyed black and
blue clothe
A splendid assortment of wool-dyad black and
blue caaairaeres
A splendid assortment of light raaaimws and
linen drillings
A splendid assortment of fancy twaoda, all colors
and qualities
Stunmer cloths, cashmerets,drap d'etat, and plaid
Also, a very extensive assortment ofdumeatiee of
svery description.
Gentlemen's garments made up in the naatsatand
nost fashionable styles, at the shortest 00000, 01id ,
warranted to fit and to please in all eases
s tTwall,
Pennsylvania avenue, between 8th and 9th streets,
opposite Centre Market.
April 19?9aw3w
<fc Co., 11th and P streets, and W. Mann,
3ign of the Large Black Boot, Pennsylvania avenue,
wo doors from 41 stmt.
We beg to call the attention of our (Viands and the
Miblic generally to one of the handsomest and beet
issortments to be found in the District.
Among which may be found?
Ladies' white satin slippers
do colored morocco and I0d slippers
do Eats'* do do do
do fine French morocco slippers
do do kid Pari* ties
do do kid and morocco village lise
do do gaiters and half gaiters
Misses1 colored morocco villege ties
do do do slippers j
do French morocco and kid riippen
do gaiters and half gaiters
Children's boots, slippers, ankle ties, and gaiter*
Gentlemen's boots of every quality, from AS 5(1
ip to $8 per pair
Gentlemen's bootees at almost any price
Gentlemen's gaiters
do slippers j
Boy's fine dress bootees and coarse wear
In a word, we feel confident to say. that we offer
nducement* seldom to be met with. Times are
isrd. Money scarce just now. Drafts must be
net and paid, and we must nil, and will, low.
Half soling, heeling, patching, anything in the
vay of mending done to mve our customers a penny
md put one in our own pockets.
J. E. FOWLER 4k Co.,
11th and F ahum, and i
W. MANN. Kan of tho It
two door* from 41 Mwt M
April 34 ?
EW GUITAR MUSIC, just received.?WAf. ffl
FICHER, Pennsylvania avenue, two daw a 11
ant of 13th street, has just received the following II
lew music, which will be sold at four eeate pee Jl
{ou say we nest forever, arranged bv Weil land I
n forest glatles; do do do I
rVhen night comes o'er the plain; arranged by Wetf- I
land fl
leaven light this scene of misery; arranged by I
Weilland I
dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls; arranged by I
W i Hand a
Ay heart returns to thee again; arranged by Weilland I
"he pilot; do ao do I
Icautiful Venice; do do do
>ermot A store do do do I
>h! why desire to light that face; do do do I
londo from da Ftlle du Regiment; arranged by ll
Kuffner {
lix popular German waltzes
Twas ten o'clock; arranged by Weilland .fl
"hen you'll remember me; arranged bv Weilland ffl
tome thou art no more; do ao do jS
have come from a happy land; do do do |H
Inry Gray; do do do
The Gondolier, arranged by Balfe.
April 31
^tHEAP SHOE STORES.?You are hereby no
lifted to be and appear at one of our shoe worse
u.r .L- c. . A_- . ?u ~r
(i w uciun; iiic nm nine jruu wvuiv m iivw mut im iih
loot* or Shoe*, and then and there fit yoaraeff IVom i|H
large asaortment at pricea to aoit the lime*. JH
J. E. FOWLER * Co., H
llth and F atraata, aad H
Sign of the LARGE MOT, J9
Penn. a*., naar atreet.
April 17 I
3REGON SEED CORN.?1 hare to-day ra- 9
ceired a few baehala of thia axtmordaaary
>rn, introduced by Gbaand Waa. H. Mamaoain '
439, and which la* year yialded 1911 buahala to
le acre, and ahelled 7| bweaalato the barrel. Thia <H
Mm ia well worth ilia afriaafoariet'a attMMiao, aa Ra H
ield ie at laaat 90 par cent, ewr the aaawaoa. Tor
full description of it aaa Patent ufofo tap till, IMS, 9
ige 434. Thoee in want ahouM dfyfy aarly, at the j9
ippiy ia limited. ^ 9
J. y CALLAN, -9
March IS Corner of Band Tlh anUt^ f
7 MENT.?A few copiaa far aala by ,9
Jan. fi F.TAYLOR. I
}LOWER SEEDS ?A auparior la* of afcatea 19
Flower Seada, to-day raeeerrad for aala by
Mar 18 J. F C.M.UN- 9

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