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Duly paper by the year, in advance $10 00
' " lor lass than a year. $1 par month.
l Ssmi-Weekly paper by the year, in advance ? 00 ?
% " " lor lee than a year, AO oU. per
Weekly paper by the year (with an index) 1 on _
" " for eix moutha . 1 00 ?
Subscriptions to the Daily for leae than twe. to the Semi.
Weekly lor leet than four, or to the Weekly for leae than
ix months, will not be received. ,. W
If not paid within the 4rst six months, the Dally *pepei
Will be $1*. the Semi-Weekly $A, and the Weekly AO t
i yeah
Subscribers may discontinue their papers at any time by f
paying lor the time they have received them. As/ ??/ without
Those who subscribe for a peer. and do not at the time ot
subscribing order a discontinue at tha end of it. will be con- f]
sidered subscribers until they order the pa|>er to be stopped,
and pay arrearages. (h
Twelve linca, or leaa, three insertions - $1 00 ,
Every additional insertion h
Longer advertisements charged in proportion. to
A liberal discount made to thoae who advertise by the ih
y?ar. n,
Ml payment i to be mails in adranct. Those whs have not
an opportunity of paying otherwise, may remit by mail, at ct
eur risk, pestogrWd. The postmaster's certificate of such ft
remittance shall be a suHloient receipt therefor. The notes
Lof ahV specie-paying bank will be received. l.
v? >? .... ,~J.r ...a... It. ?.
? poetmaeter t certificate that it hat been remitted, accompa. Pl
eetee it. til
(gy-Lettare to the Proprietore, charged with pottage. will teat n(
he taken out of Ike pott office. (e
* - L-aaHH-H-S?--WBBM-" p
|l PHIA. ce
/"1ARPETINGS, floor furniture, silk and carriage P1
\J oil clotha, matting*, and window shades.
House-keepers "attention!" ?!
l 100 piecea Bruaaels and Wilton carpetings hi
500 do auper three ply imperial and ingrain nt
1000 do medium and fine ingrain do ot
500 do venjtian and damaak, assorted widths ar
500 do hemp, cotton and rag carpels 1,1
500 do Nankin, Canton ana Spanish matting
tng do druggets and woollen (loot clmhs
100 do furniture oil cloths, 3-4 to 6-4 wide
^000 yards floor oil cloths, from 1 to 8 yards ?
wide "
000 transparent oiled window shades, Italian
moonlight and landscape views
4000 New England patent blinds T
100 bales alicant matts, assorted sizes I
200 do tnanilla and jute mats j*
500 Wilton, Brusse ls and tufted hearth rugs (e
5 cases embroidered Parisian muslin curtains ^
2 do worsted carpet binding q
500 dozen braes stair rods
6 cases embroidered cloth and worsted piano jn
and table covers ^
This mammoth stock, laid in for cash, comprising al
every variety of pattern, will be sold wholesale ana c|
retail, at the warehouses, 18 and 20 north Second m
street, up stairs, at five per cent, advance for cash or j-?
city acceptances. With interest added.
Jan. 98?ly
dec., JUST RECEIVED?We have |
this day received, for spring sales, many new and ^
4 , beaut:ful dry goods, to which we invite the alien- y
lion of customers generally. We name in part? 8e
15 pieces rich heavy plain camelion poult de soie [e
20 " rich figured and satin striped do t(.
5 " extra width, rich black satin striped do cf
10 " corded and plain' black do
25 " new style lace lawns Pn
42 " French jaconet do l
25 " assorted balsarines [))
50 " low priced mousse de lames
25 " cambnc muslins C(.
1 25 " jaconet do
25 " plaid do
50 " extra super Irish linen, cheap, and all n|
I 50 " medium and low priced do do a(
j 25 " birdscye diapers
10 " 12-4 Russia sheetings
10 ." 10-4 11-4 do do "
10 " cambric dimities10
" furniture do
1UU " grass cloth sKirts ,
100 " corded do
10 " black alpacas lustre (silk chain)
10 " blue black do do do
30 " black and blue black French bombazines
i 10 " do do super mousaelin de
3 v Also-fbr party dresses?
Rich pompadour crapes 1
White, plain, and figured satins -j
Tarlton muslins, of all colors
Crepi leisses do P
New style thin material, together with blonde R
nets, illusions, Ac. Ac. 81
Super white long and short kid gloves [ ?'
uo plain and embroidered silk hose; together i tl
with every variety of fancy and staple dry goods, al
which we will sell at the most reduced prices. si
"T ti
has just received by the express line from New p
York? ei
5 dozen Pate Foi de Gross w
6 do troffle ui
6 do mushroom 1
5 do asparagus ei
10 do green peas, or petit poes o
5 boxes assorted preserves tl
10 do English cneese p
5 do gruaire ft
10 dozen Nachoutel cheese. ji
A large assortment of pickles a
10 dozen boxes fresh lobsters
3 cases French bonbons
10,000 cigars, prime quality U
He is also ready to furnish parties at the shortest notice,
the best French style, with every article in
his line of business, made of the best materials, and "|
at the most reasonable prices. J
n. i i.u ,i
Jan 30?tif si
WAVERLEY ACADEMY?The undersigned j,'
respectfully informs the public that this institution
will be continued the ensuing year for the benefit
of his own sons, and such others as may be desirous
to avail themselves of it. The course of instruction
is extensive, embracing the ancient languages
4 i and literature, the modern languages, and a full couTsc
of mathematics, history, ana such other subjects as
comprise a sound and practical education. In consequence
of several or the pupils having finished
their education, there are several vacancies at
Terms 4140 per annum, payable quarterly in ad|
vance. This charge includes everything but books,
stationery, and clothes.
Ja n4?
"vj ew~8tatTonery.?w. fischer" has h
ii just returned from New York, where he has ?
been replenishing his stock of stationery, blank ci
books, arawing materials, perfumery, fancy articles,
a i music, and musical instruments, embracing articles g
J of every description in his line. To a due appre ai
ciatton of his stock, and of the qualities of the arti ?
^ clea, an inspection will be necessary, and which he | I
reqpecifullv invites at Stationers' Hall, where the1 '
largest and most extensive assortment in the Die- i *
trict is kept constantly for sale, wholesale and retail, ''
at low ana uniform prices.
April 18 JJ
TEER completed.?Dictionary, geographical, p
statistical, and historical, of the varioua countries, ?
places, and principal natural objects in the world, d
by J. B. McCullocn, esq.; now. completed, in two
large octavo volumes of over 1,100 closely printed b
pages each, American edition, in which the articles ?
relating to the United States have been grealy mulu- b
plied and extended, and adapted to the present condition
of the country and to the want# of its citizens, b
Just completed. ai
SLIPPERS.?Just received, a fresh supply
of the latest style. Fine kid and morocco Pans Uea
and slippers, for >1. "I
w . J. E. FOWLER A CO.,
Corner of 11th and F streets; and tl
Between 3d and 4| streets, Penn. avenue, n
I Sign of the large boot. ai
Feb. 93
Garden seeds and roots ? i have to p
day received an additional supply of seasonable
Ssi-den seeds, to which 1 invite the attention of garroars
and others. They are all warranted fresh 1
and genuine. J
Also, Tuberose and Jacobean lily roots j.
For sale by f(
April 19 J. F< CALLAN. t]
W FISCHER has just received one o I
Brown's splendid rosewood improved
Patent Dnnhle Action Harps. Testimonials from v
A the beat professors in favor of these instruments ran
m he seen at Stationers' Hall, where live Superior
^ Pisnoa are for sale at the manufacturers' prices.
March 4
0 mail contractors, applicants for the appointment if ?,
Postmasters, Sfe., tfC.
rHE undersigned having been associated with
the General Post Office Department for more
an twenty years, and being perfectly familiar with
1 details of business, now offers his services to such
'his old friends the contractors, as may be disposed
patronize him. to transact nnv business which
ey muy have from time to time'wtlh the depart- the t
ent, and on euch terms as will not fail to be ac- pu|,|
ptable to them. A letter to him at any time, post
nd, will be promptly attended to. '
To applicants for the appointment of vostmastrrs, ?
) will, upon the remission of a fee of *5, of th
>staqt paid aee that their petitions or recotnmenda- an(j
>ns are received and on file at the department, or, if .
>t, give them due notice thereof, and also give at- t,on,
ntion to their interests until the decision of the (he t
ostmaater General is made, and then notify them aCqu
'the result, be it favorable or adverse. It must be ^ |
irtainly no small satisfaction, after the trouble of
-ocuring such testimonials, to be assured that they k"*'
ive been duly received and brought to the notice W
" the appointing power. To euch as may favor vanii
m in this particular branch of his agency, ne can- , ,
it fail to give entire satisfaction.
f'1- 11,1 't*.?? > It "1? BllAnil lA ft it v f. Ill i ma AP the 0
her business which nmy be intrusted to his care [l88 1
id su|tervinion, before any of the departments of '1"er
e general government. flum
Address THOMAS B. ADDISON, lf"*e
Washington City. ^r'!',
April 3?flm w
1 , . and
4 Broadway, opposite the City Hall, New York,
MPORTER and dealer in carpelhtgs, floor oil- enj0,
cloths, Ac., would respectfully solicit the atten- aca)j
Jn of dealers and others visiting the city, to his ex- des
nsive assortment ofPrench Auousson, Exmin^r, his p
oyal Velvet Wilton, Geneva Velvet, Tapestry, admi
russets, Threenly, Ingrain and Veneuan Carpel- |>ene
gs, Floor Oil-cloths, Ac., to which he is daily add- pheu
g the newest und most elegant patterns, received ourn
y the latest importations, comprising the largest the f
id richest assortment of carpetings and floor oil- prov
oths in the United States. 1 he strongest induce- whlc
tents are oflhred to purchasers, as, from his great exec
cilitics and long experience in the business, he is they
tabled to fumish them with the latest und best jmn,
ylesof goods at the most moderate prices. fr0,?
March J?2m atrev
JOCKVILLE ACADEMY?The classical de ^
\ partment of this institution has been for more (0
an twelve months under the carc of Mr. Otis C. p|(}r
Bright, A. B., as Principal. He has proved him- c?1>n
ic i ?ui? 1-..i |,;?|,1? noPe
acher, and a gentleman of dignified deportment,
irrecl mora's, and agreeable manners. A thorough
>urse of the Latin and Greek classics is taught, tosther
with the West Point course of mathematics,
eluding the different branches of the sciences, . "
dle-letless, Ac. Students are well prepared for tl0nl
tsiness or the higher classes of college. r"on
Mfc. McClenauan, esq., well known and fully t,'or
irnpetent, a gentleman of high mathematical at- "j""'
inments, has charge of the Engish department.
The price of tuition is from #10 to #25 per an- nn"
im. open
Boarding can be had in highly respectable families nev^
about one hundred dollars. 111
Rockville is remarkably healthy. The trustees . '
m honestly and confidently invite attention of tlvnt
irents and guardians to their institution, as pre- 18
mting advantages rarely found for their sons and 5JJ1"
ards in thorough instruction, safety of morals,
ealth, and cheapness of tuition and board. "
JOHN MINES, President. me"
Richard J. Bowie, SecreUiry. \"oc
Jan 30 l,le'
is ad
.... rs... a. a.,*,.., nm.rtitr... it is
March 18, 1845. '? e3(
L "Proposals for painting the President's Man- tj,e t
on," will be received at this office until 3 o'clock, tj1|H
. m., on Wednesday, the 21st day of Muy next, tent
ir painting with two coats of point the outside (rue'
.one, wood, and iron work of the President's nuin- g|)rl|
on, which has been heretofore painted, including 1 j{en
le wings, terraces, porticos, roof, and baliustrade; j8
Iso for painting with two coats of paint all the in- T
de stone, wood, and iron work of said mansion, '
'hicli htis been heretofore painted, with the excep- (|)at'
on of the east room, which will require but one |(
>at of paint; also for painting with one coat of olirs
aint all the walls which huvc been heretofore naint- yyc
1; and also for varnishing all the mahogany aoors,
rindow sash, hand-rails, and balusters. All cracks
nd breaks to be stopped with putty by the contractor,
'he proposals to state the gross amount for which ftn<j
ich work will be executed. The materials to be ^ ^
f the best quality, and the work to be executed in
le best manner, subject to the inspection of such |-c
erson or persons as the commissioner may appoint ence
>r that numose. The contractor will have to enter n...
ito a bond, with approved security, for the faithful |'u/,
jmpletion of the work by the first of October next.
March 18- b
To be published twice a week in the National In- , '
dligencer. ,^w
BOTELER, DONN & CO., Pennsylvania ave- a?
nue, opposite the Centre Market, nave in store aa ,(
ie most extensive stock of house-furnishing goods eQC|]
mt can be found in the District, and all laia in at -p
jch prices as to enable them to sell as low as can ovcr
e found (of the same quality) anywhere. Their ,
lock embraces a general assortment of? ' -p
Cabinet ware and chairs w
China, glass, und crockery ware
Plated Britannia and German silver goods kl|1(j
Knives and forks in sets of 51 pieces, and de- _i,
tached JJ,_
Cornelin's celebrated solar oil and lard lamps :
Waiters and tea trays
Hall lanterns and lamps
Shovel and tongs, andirons and fenders m
Cooking utensils of every description in common 8j1()(
Tin and wooden wsre
Baskets, table mats, and looking glasses arr (
Beds, mattresses, and bedsteads pralr
Brushes, combs, sriittoons. &c.
Persona furnishing can find every article used in
ousekceping at fair prices, and all delivered safe ?
ithout charge, or packed securely to leave the 'pjle
N. B. We have just received from the importer a '^1^"
ood stock of superior French china dinner, desert,
"d ___ ing i
'RES11 AND GENUINE.?The subscriber re- , '
pectfully calls the uttention of the agricultural and
orticultural c mmunity to his Hor.icultural Ware- P?w.
ouae and Seed Store, adjoining his Green House,
orner of 15th and G streets, opposite the Slate De- a,v?
artment, where the farmer, gardener, amateur, and an"
eed-dealers, can provide themselves with fresh gar- v,ou
en and flower seeds, all of the best quality, cour
If any garden or flower seeds should prove to be a va
ad, when sown in proper time and manner, and ,er ^
sason the least favorable, for such fresh seed will "P01
e given, or the money returned. "ere(
Seed-dealers supplied by the pound, bushel, or "'8'
arret, at a literal discount, and on terms eqtial to mur
ny wholesale and retail establishment in any of the
orthern or eastern cities. C"i?
Florist and Seedsman. ,aeai
March 22?dtfif lhe I
ITT ILKINSON S CF.M ENT?for restoring Chi- aa
W na, earthenware, glass, wood, and marble, l,,nn
>at are broken, to their former state of usefulness, we
ithout disfiguring in the least, and in such a man- ,nl"
er that fire, air, or hot water will not nfleet them; ,e,ld
nd the article repaired fit for use in thirty minutes. r,D
Also, Chinese diamond cement for the same pur- n"e
ose. For sale by "l 1
J. F. C* .LAN, Con
Jan 30 Corner of E ami . Ji atreeta. 'anc
Nil, w ncsoiv."}.? v ernnira, n novei, iniuswni ?
from the Oerman; Isabel, or the trials of the the i
leart, a tale for the young, 1 volume, just received ed ji
>r sole by F. TAYLOR, or for circulation from ofoi
oe Wnverlcy Circulnting Library. we i
Aleo, Medi ines and their Uses, and Mode of Duel
Idministration, 1 volume, by Doctors Nelligan, of we I
)ublin, and Reeae, of Mew York. diss
Webster's Dictionary, octavo, complete in one Uni
'olume. our
Pictorial Bible, No. 94. pre*
Pictorial Shak*peare, No. 47. abrt
Lady's Book for May. 1843. us a
April 93 ' Ir
)t pfti(i)
PROSPECTUS according lo the good old JtirrEBsoniAN standard, co
iiJ.Lj.,. _i Ltr,..A.\..s? - _ In this respect we are happy to know, that we ahall co
publishing nl Washington a newspaper, but carry out the deliberate wishes of the present
to be called President of the United States. The time once was, _
''THE UNION.1' when a rery different rule prevailed, and when the
latitudinous conatructionisla of the federal school ?
Tit the* pitdi ir stood at the helm of affairs. A powerful National
*1 ou . Bank had triumphed over the ConstituNon, and
sving purchased from Messrs. Blair and Rives threatened our very liberties. A ttigantic system of y,
vhole establishment of the "Globe," we propose *"***?" iMfaoveMtNTs was projected by the gen- w
;_L; | j erol government. An unequal ami oppressive
isiimg ?ii t? o?im.(Siui. paper, w uc aijricu Tastst of duties was established. What limit, in- .
IE UNION." deed, wtu there to be to the encroachments and ex- 1^1
re approach the task before us with adeep ser.se cesses of the jover lment, if these principles prevail- .
e responsibility which we ere about to assume, ed in iu Jminiatratio.i?' But thanks to the superior
r. ' 7 - ... genius and the "iron will" of Andrew Jackson?he _
not without much diffidence of our qimliflca* came to redeem, by his vetoes, the constitution from K
I. We have some acquaintance, indeed, with violation, and the country from abuse. He strait
- - - .1.- AM Um .at limila (.V ika urilil 1
luUes of mi editor of a newspaper, but it wtl I 6"=" u?n?. ~
i?dupo? .,h? ,h?r,m?h limited *
less conspicuous than the metropolis of our con- Revenue uses.
uted and wide-spread republic. ^ But the federal party was not yet extinguished. 1,11
e can scarcely be charged with any inordinate Their extraordinary efforts in 1*40 to defeat that
.l ? .u # . able statesman, Martin Van Buren, aided aa tbejr
ty ? saying that upon the success of our insu- were by U)e vile'(t deviaea| ulld by lhf'gr0Me.t abusi .
ns depends, in a great degree, the destiny of of the money power, contributed, with the singular
Idest countries of Europe. A distant posterity condition of the country, to place them again at the rer
i deep interest in our fate. The bleseinge of head of the government. It is not necessary for us IT"
ty are essential to the prosperity of the whole 10 recapitulate the struggles which have since en- 8U
an race; and where are they spread out on so sued, to describe the indomitable ejiirit of our friends, P*
i a field of action( or illustrated by so many their final glorious triumph ut the.election of '
ant examples, as tn these United States? James K. Polk. Another era is then opened to us.
'e have only to realize them in our own history, His administration has just commenced. He comes mt,
in the happiness of our people, to spread ine to carry out the principles of the Uepi kucaw Pare
of libef-ty ofjet the Eastern World. We iV, anil the pledges to that end under which he was w"
only to perpetuate these bles'smgfi by preserv- elected. He takes the Jekferaoniax Era for his
he sacred Union of our States, and there is no standard, and we, too, come forward to support the ,
;nable limit to the prosperity which we may principles of the Republican Faith, and to give to
p, or the glories to which we may ascend in the his administration a fair, liberal, and efficient sup- j*
of nations. We have already wrought mira- port. We will oppose a latitudinous conutruction of
enough to astonish the foreign tourist amid all 'he constitution?a National Bank in any of its
irejudiccs, and to attract the curiosity, if not the forms?an extravagant and unconstitutional system At
ration, of Europe. We have displayed the of National Internal Improvements?ail insidious
fits of Liberty and of Union in a series of Distribution of the Proceeds of the Public Lands? s[omena,
w hlch are almost calculated to surprise the Assumption of State 1 ebls, and such a Bank- ^
elves. What can be more remarkablet even in runt Law as disgraced the statute book in 1842. de;
ireseni dnv. than the snirit of enternrise and lm- We shall contend against an unjust and unequal rl
emrnt which pervades our States^ the schools tariff. We will support a (air aitd just revenue ^
h they ore erecting; the canals which they have standard. This rate should be moderate in itself, ||e(
tiled; the more than 4,000 milesofrailway which and sufficient to raise adequate means, along with jj|
have constructed in less than twenty years; the the prooeeds of the public lands, to rheet tne e*> ]
ense bodies of land which they have redeemed penscs of the government economically administer- |)a
the wilderness; the towns which they have ed. We are, therefore, in favor of the most en- tjle
vn over the West; the multiplication of our peo- lightened system which has been suggested by the ()f
rorn three to twenty millions of souls; the aug- experience and the wants of the treasury?"a sys- (o
auon of the number of our States from thirteen tem adjusted on a scale consonant with all the great
tenty-nine, including the three flew States of and various interests of the Union without sections." tH
ida, Iowa, and Texas, which, as we write, we "bw hoped that the lime is near at hand where- '
; uve now probably starting into existence? ic a just and equal system of revenue may be intro- C0J
. ... . . , . duced in order to silence complaint, and to equalize ,u.
"W eitward the course ofempire takes Its way: ,l_ li?.; . ,, , . rc ' , V l ""
The four first acts already uaat, the blessings and the burdens of government. Such.
A fifth n hull clone the ilrams with tha day, we are satisfied, is the true spirit of the President's L
Time's nobleat ofi'spriug is the last." late admirable inaugural, whose gentr&l views of the tj0
is principally the influence of the free inatitu- character and principles of our government may j
i we possess, and which were never dreamed of ?? / , . X a". the liberal criticisms of the late ^ft
i than a hundred years by the philosophic au- knghsh journals. It looks to a revenue standard of thc
of these beautiful lines, that has wrought so ?"^s, honestly levied for the purpose of raising tbe dei
y achievements here. Liberty excites man to n?c*S8ary funds to defray the economical expenses vej
t for himsblf, to cast off antiquated prejudices, of ,he government; and to be levied m such manner sin
to start in a new car er of improvement. It "" '? us fur as practicable, the public buris,
besides, in this new country, as it were, h de^ Upon all classes and sections. pr(
asylum to the oppressed of all nations, which, , ehall deem it our solemn duty to respect wj
ispite of the "Native American" prejudices of th??? e?^ntiaJ compromises in the constitution a,g
lay, still continues to invite other fUople to cul- wl?lch. 8eciircd Jts adoption. These were "the re- ,
suit of a stunt of amitv. and of that mutual deference u..
e our tanas, ana conirimue 10 our progress. 11 ? \ v'"if h .. . - ... . uu
ir free institutions, more than any otEer cause, conccsa.on which the ptcu .arity of our political S(i
h are drawing "the course of empire" to the ??'?Uon rendered indispensable." 1 hey directly rcl
itf.rn World condemned the rash and meddlesome disposition on rjc
re live, too, in an extraordinary age. Improve- ,he of the abolitionist, to interfere with the
t seems to be the order of the day. Science is Peculifr ?n??utiOM of one portion of the confedera- 0,j
iting forth in all directions. Art is obtaining *h,c!| 18 "twngljr calculated to distract our pub- j
nost brilliant triumphs over Nature. The age J'c councils and to create some alarm about Uie m8
Ivancing with the impetuosity of steam, to which 'V?r'v \ j , ... . . , bai
so mucli indebted for its prioress. Commerce ,We l)lcd6? 0,'r8el^a to 8uatu,n lh? ud" th?
tpanding her wings* under the impulse of a new nunistrauon in the efforts which will be made to
stronger principle There seems indeed, to be ??cure to the United States the undisturbed possesion
to the progress of discovery; and it is in .",on ?,f ?*S?n- However much .he late English ;
nidst of suui an age, and at the metropolis of journals may have pretended to dep.^iate-however wl
great country, that we are about to erect our ?dly they may have ridiculed our right to the coun- frfl
for the responsible purpose of maintaining the try-we entertain no doubt "bout the just title of tuI
principles of our insm.itions. We almost f?'e American govern i.e..t. We feci assured that, tu|
tk back from the enterprise we have underta- |n the mttlemMt of ibii mamenwusquesuon noth- th(
But we at least bring to the task a spirit that '"5 W,U 1,8 ?""lU;d <* ,he U'"led pk
.voted to Lisertt, to Union, and to our Coun- Siate8 *h":h may be demunJeffiy a proper Apirt
a heart that is proud of the name of Ameri- ?{ conciliation, and a due regard to the rights and fr|
some little experience in our business; a zeal 0 f>ur country. tj0
nothing can subdue, and an industry that fears Jut other subjects now cal upon our attention;
ibor. With these feelings, we come to throw and atfthl8 tlmc ^nscending all others, is the queaelves
upon the liberality of our countrymen. t,on of annexation or Texas. It is scarcely tie- T
trust that we shall receive, if we deserve, their cessary for us to pledge all our efforts to the final ?
Rirt. If we fail in an enterprise which might consummation of that great question. None have ho
.st appal the stoutest spirit, they will at least be been more zealously devoted than ourselves to the on
al enough to ascribe it to the want of power, adm,"'on of. l^e ,l01"t ?ar into our constellation. a,
not of will-to the head that guides us, and not Sho,,ld any df ct.lttcs occur on the part of her gov- ar;
io heart that impels us. ernment, or of the- whig, of the United States, we he
r one thing we may confidently assure the pub- """" 0i,ulu "u >? ...v,.... ?c
we approach the task with the deepest rever- These important questions once adjusted, and the co
for the true theory of our political institutions, tariff system brought to the proper revenue point, un
confederated hefcsue is making a new and wc may then expect more tranquillity in our party mi
experiment in the science of government, relations?but peuce, never. The danger can never cn
en we look to the original form of the constitu- be over, so long as we have n [tarty to contend with dn
we arc indeed struck with us novelty and beau- I'ke the federal whigs?a parly which is actuated by ati
We sec in it an attempt to ascertain how far "uch h?'8e principles, which is so strong in itself, so
er can be so distributed between two govern- ably organized, so closely cemented together, so idolits
as to prevent an exceseive concentration, and alrously attached to its leadeis, and so fatally iiKicquent
abuse of it, in the federal arm; at the pclled by its excited passions, and its mortified pride,
e time that jo much power was conveyed to each, I They ore even now preparing to attack the adminis- ~
> enable them to accomplish the objects to which i tration, to misrepresent its meastirea, abuse itsap- ^
i of them was best adupted. pointinents, and pull down the republican party, '
he federal government was principally to watch j ' > order that they may rise upon its ruins.
our foreign relations; thai of the States was I For ourselves, we are prepared to resist them ''
icularlu to take care of our internal concerns. I now, and hereafter, as vigorously as the editor of
he federal government should have adequate (his paper has done for more than forty years,
ers to maintain the peace and the rights of the j With such an opposition we must expert a constant
in abroad; but at home, its office is to ansist in encounter,?and we go to Washington with a detering
the Union together, by the benefits which mined spirit to resist them?to expose their _
lowers around it, within certain prescribed lim- hetcredox principles?to clear away misrepre- n
-leaving the great mass of local matters to the sentntions, and to baffie the election of their
idiction of the States, which can better under- leaders. We shall attempt to discharge this duty, rJ
dand more properly regulate them. Keeping Wc hope, under a due sense of the dignity of the It
general distinction in view, the constitution has press. We shall be willing to cope with our ndver- .
ked down ihe limits of the federal power, and it; saries, not in personal abuse, but with fair urgument ,
ild be the duly of its authorities religiously to j in the open field.
crvethem. Dissolution on the one hand, and For the purpose of resi.ting so formidable an op- M
lolidation on _the other, being the extremes which | DOsilion. w'e 8f,all 8pare l(0 h*nornblo effort to keep en
lo be carefully avoided, the constitution whs so ?ur own party united. We hold that thi. govern- ar
,ed, and the government ahould be ao admin.- mem belongs to the rcor..e of the 8xAXE.-U.at it P
1, as, whilst the federal power exercises its le- (hejr l0 jve d aw ^ fci hel,
nate functions, .t should sacredly respect the office, o^the REruiuc-and that every man,tow- _
.x. of he States and the rigl.U of the people. ever dlaljnguighed by al)ilily or 8ervyicc#) ;hou)d ^
federal government must therefore, ever re- calml waft unli, it 'tha|| plJa(le lhe people to call f
iber, that it ha. only certain limited powers hlm jhm their service. Such was the iWrse pursu:h
are either specified in the const,tut.on itself, ed b al thc e|rction. 8llrh w'ag lhe do
-h.ch may be "necessary and proper" for carry- inrwhi'ch jalllC8 K. Polk has been called
?ut the spec.fied powers. It cannot pass these from hig retiremenl nnd au,.h ia ^ examp,e which
is with impunity. It cannot interpolate any the |c wj? here'after imi,al if the 'sent adersby
a forced or factitious construction, with- mjn?mtion aha|, l)e crownMf wilh ? benefits
producing some opposition from the parties to which d mao Wlahe and which cvcry
compact, or some remonstrance from the people. ho,)cgt p(,trifltBwjl| atlemrt t0 ac'co,npl,sh. In any
would never do indeed, to give an unlimited eve wi? sefk to ?^ke ^ mor^ ,emnn rffecl7.
er to the federal head, over the local interests and, for this purpose, we go to Washington to
,c several narts Our country covers an exten- ou| ,he ..fejge ,in?l.r which Mr. Polk has ,c,
empire. It embraces a great variety of dimates elected, and to keep oor party united,
soils, ofoccupation. andof interests. The ob- We flf co with the firm determine- C,
s danger of too much federa legislation is, of |joB * 'avoid a|| prcmalure con,eata for ,he auc. 54,
se, that it may affect these d.tlerent interests in ceasion p,ed . no candldale> colnmuled u, Ll
ry unequal degree. Whilst it seeks to adminis- no c|1(,ue prejudiced against no portion of our partenefits
to one section, it may impose burden. ,y, anMxiou; ^ extcnd the right hand of fellowship ,
another. Ivor does the mischief terminate every section, and to every honest republican, wc
. Inequality produces complaint. rho suffer- p, ,0 0hr poe, of duty) not,o diaturb, but to unite? fl
5 8 dissatisfied. One aection not only to ofre'nd but lo Jonri|iatf; yet, every case, to J
mura alxiut U.e partmlity shown to another,J?ut d|ach our dul ,?king for our best guides the su
list mo gvTcrnnicm wimn ^un.m.ui pnnc,p|c8 0f the constitution, ana me interests 01 in
in itself is lest respected, because of the injustice ?ur country St
Mr Polh has pubhel,pivernment
within the iLtatton. of .he ine.ru- -?- ??? hi/ffuA ?? S??
ngsl thi whole Ukion. In no other way can pubbcan principle.,u'J*. ?? h/ml hl^ ^ T
prevent the federal government from rushing ability, by zealous y g . , . . . J
schemes of consolidation, or the Sutte. into a "? "e .. anx.ou. to do all the good whwh he er
ency toward. dilution. If we permit the can ?Ccompl..h in the coura. of to admiaudwrtow, M
iral oover*,?*t systematically to adopt any ?nd ?? ite <le?,fo.i? of.^T ^ 1 ^ b<
of construction, which may enlarge it. powers ?D?. and an humbler sphere, in the aame pi
he expense of the State., or of the people?if PB,rK)tJ'' object. th
gress may adopt any measure which they may The "UNION" will not, however, be exclusive- g
y to be "necessary and proper," then power ly confined to politic*. We shall embrace within at
' lie so augmented as, in the progress of time, to our design the great interests and improvements of
>unl to consolidation. Then, we must extend the States, occasional excursions into the field of lit- ?
executive department to carry out these extend- erature and science, and, in fine, all such matters as jl
owers; then, as one of the celebrated resolutions enter into the miscellaneous contents of a newspa- 1
ne of the first Siatee in the Union showed in *99, per, whenever we can find sufficient apace to intro- to
ihould gradually merge into a limited monarchy, dace them to our render*. Our position at Waeh- ee
led with power end fortified by patronage; or, ington will enable us to collect information from a at'
must fly to the other fatal alternative?we must correspondence with the enlightened agenta of our
olre the Union itself to recover our liberties; that government abroad, and to report the condition of -
on, which has been consecrated by the bkiod of distant countries, through the accomplished officers I
forefathers; that Union, which is so necessary to of onr naval aqnadmns. We shall not fsil to avail
erve our tranquillity at home and our peace ourselves of these and other favorable opportunities ?
tad, that Union, wnich ought lobe aa dear to to improve our columns, and to inform our read- 1
a "the ruddy drops which warm our hearts." era. J
i a word, the government must be administered We shall launch our bark in a few daya, and
n." NUMBER 3
LY 3, 1846.
mmit it to the liberel epirit of en enlightened LIST OP LETTERS
unlry. Remaining in Ik, Peat Office Washington City, Mm
lily paper by the year, in advance #10 00 JCJ-Pereona inquiring for Utter* in the following
" " for lee# than a year, f 1 per month. liel, will please aay they are advertued.
mi-Weekly paper by the year, In advance.. .5 00
" " " for lea# than a year, 50 eta. Allison, Sarah Arinetrong, Qen. Robt.
per month. Anderson, Mr*. M. A vard, Thoa. l!
'eeklV paper by the year. S 00 Adams, Nathaniel Addiaon, Henry a
..III.. rnrllT mnnlln 1 (Ml A ?J n?: L' All? I? n
-- nnuiiw?, uciij. t. mien, n.n.
Subscriptions to the Daily for lew thnn two, to Ankenny, Gen. Joaeph Anderson, Gen. Alex, a
s 8emi-Weekly for lew than four, or to the Alburtis, Capt. Wm. Appelhoff, Chae. T.
eekly for leas than six mouths, will not be re- b.
'yed< , _ ., Browne, jr.. Jerome Brevett, E. W.
If not paid within the first six months, the Daily Beall, Ann J. Baker, J. V.
per will be #13, the Semi-Weekly <6, and the Brown, Mrs. Sarah Ann Bronough, Mrs. Sand
eekly 60 a year. Bliss, George A.
Subscribers may discontinue their papers at any Baum, Wm. Clerk Besket, Mrs.
ie by paying for the time they have received Brown, John Barnard, Edward 3
m; but not without. Brooks, Miss Theresa 3 Bennett, Wm. 4
Those Who subscribe for a year, and do not at the Brent, ivm. L. Brown, John W.
ne of subscribing order a discontinuance at the Birch, Wm. S. Brandt, John D.
i of it, will be oonsidered subscribers until they Banks, T. U. 3 Brooks, Miss Adeline E
J(r the paper to be slopped, and pay arrearages. Brown, James W. Bontz, Mrs. Elisabeth
All paymenti to be made im advance. Those who Bleek, R. F. Brown, Wm. K.
ve not an opportunity of paying otherwise, may Brown, Mr. Bond, Wm. C.
mi by mail, at ourii?k, pottage paU. The post- Broom, Mrs. Mary E. Bretain, Jas. D.
uster's certificate of such remittance shall be a Bell Miw Lydia Butler Geo W
fficient receipt therefor. The notes of any specie- Beed, Thomas Berry,'Mrs. Catharine
ying bank will be received. Bier, Mid. Geo. H. Beatfen, Mrs.
attention irtU be gwen to anyorJeruneu the Browne, Alex. Porter Boteler.Gco. M.
nop, ? o /MMhr'i c*rt\ficaU that a km bun re- Brooks, Charity Bronough, Mrs. Ann E.
Uta^Kcom/unMi ?. Ooll. Mies Mary ?. 4 Beavin, John W.
Kj-LtMers <o tke propneton charged tciih postage Birth, Jaa. ' Bowsn, Dr. W. 8.
U nolbt taken out then,fqfict. Sam, Lt. Simon F. Bretain, Calvin 9
IMI?V u Brooks, Richard Barry, Miss Emily
w ,. . .. 1QfP HE18S. Buck, David H. Burnet, Joseph
Washington, April, 1845. Birch, Wlu. H. Bohrer, Mid Julius S.
, Farm fSS^itT
era, and Pubhc Ojficera, Sec. Beck, Walters Barlow, Tbos. H.
ilERlfcAI* GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, Boatty, Wm. 2 Bergen, C. J.
WASHINGTON. Buckley, Samuel Bergen, A. J.
)N retiring from his offielal station as Assistant ... ? ,
Postmaster General, JOHN S. SINNER ^d^bari proekeTjCol. Alvsh
rotes himself to the transaction o general agen- J j?hJw Campbell, Mrs. Amelia
business, particularly in connection with the va- p ? i~? t ' ttamJUiHS.'^ut ui
us departments of the national government?busi- f, .' ^?5 ??' minings, Mrs. Helen
is in which he is henceforth associated with ' Mi' *i ? C.rr* Mr
ENRY O'REILLY, of the State of New York, ??**'
Persons in any part of the United Stales, who I?
re business to transact with either department of n ru^ii ? s'
i general governmental Washington, or with any c , ^|eXBflder a Co^fry', Cap't. Dennis
the State governmenta, or who require researches ? ' T * c * ? " pP ATa
b. -4.1. the public ??*. .fjtobS. gf&S, 3 *
non, can Dave meir requests promptly tmicnucu , , ? , -
by addressing the undersigned. n Corder, Chris.
Extensive acquaintance throughout the Union, ^'beVC1!arle8 B- ^bapman Alex,
isenuent on the long-continued connection of both r .?, *f r ? ?om?^ ^ a?8'
i undersigned with we newspaper press, with the ch??UUr.Edw. II. Crocketu G 8.
.t office and other public orgVnWlons, will great- firman, Wm. S Crawford Mr.. Sarah C.
facilitate the prosecution oFinquiriea ?d tranaao- ??hen' CoPMend? J- Coryall, L.
n of business through their agincy. ?harma^ Henry Caru.i, Nathaniel
Lawyers, public officers, contracfors, and other. Cull?", Mr.. Catharine Cunningham, Gen. Waiving
busineaa ariaing under contracta, or under z*!?*'!' m 01 7
1 pension, post office, or patent l.w?Aierchanta Gallagher, Mrs. Clement, Thomaa
liring remission of duties, dec.?mechanics or in- ? ~ n 0 _ n.. /1 ur now
ltors requiring patents-land farmers having bu- f?0-? 3 ?0*. WJl ? S. N.
ess with the General Land Office, may fina this n Y'.? "M * _ w P"^.enP*>ri; ? 5*. w
:ncy conducive to their interest in the way of fowling MraJC. W DeKraft, Frederick W.
tmptnees and economy. Claim* under treaties Dromond, Miss A. S. Denham, Lemuel J.
th the Indian nationa or foreign governments . . . iJeBree,Joltn
o attended to. Donehew, Andrew Dixon, James
3pecial attention will be paid to those who wish to Deayer. Miss E. Douglas, Francis
/or .,11 l.nd. in VirgL .?d o.h.r^u.h.rn glXlS ftr&fiSStau.
ites; and inquirer*, from the north or ?oum, are W" T v T. ...
ipectfully referred to our circular concerning "ag- J?" J-f'-', Denniaon, Wm.
iltural Improvement in the southern Sutte?" ^? Davis, Geo. R. 4
ely published in the Globe, Intelligencer, and p
Letters must be pott-free, to insure attention; and Ellis, James ^ _ Evans, Edwin G.
iy be addressed to the subscribers, either nt Al- r' T I!' *!' 25* S l"'w
nV New York, or WM^-p^ieul.rl, .. P*" ?325 JC" *' *'
CJ-S.n.ibl. of the manifold courleeiee with Edeliit.CV.J~
lich he has been honored by editors of all parties, bc 0 h' p
2 ??? inhwrire^hfhd?nhs Fields, Wm M. Fowler, Miss Ellen
y 4". JOHN S. SKINNER adds this note for E0"!' ^isa An" Fleming, Miss Gertrude
3 purpose of saying that it will afford him great 'pJrirk F^lT^Robt" R
sAsure to maintain the intercourse thus long con- p u w it ! vr a # #k
KflfcSEi* KfcSs An,h ""
E"J" J Freeze, Jefferson Franklin, Sarah
j # Foy, James Feeisoon, Miss ?lizabetl
^OR SALE OR RENT.?A "neat framed cot- Gj y. John .. . _ Gallagher, Daniel
' tage house containing six rooms, kitchen, cow- Q "b Mim Mary A. D. Grimshaw, Miss Lizzy
use, dec., with two squares of ground attached,? Grimes, Wm. Gordon, Thos. F.
e of which is enclosed with a new fence, and is in Grant, Miss A. A. Gamis, A.
food state of cultivation?situated near the bound- Gates, Stephen F. Graham, Mrs. George
y of this city. This property is in a pleasant and Gray, Mrs. Matilda Goodwin, Stephen R.
althy locality; and having upon it two large and Gassaway, Mrs. Sarah Goldsborough, T.
ver failing springs, so elevated that water may be Griffith, Mr. Garrett, Geo. W.
nducted to any part of it, is admirably adapted to ?!.,!en' f??*. Gilbert, Anthony P.
early garden, or a dairy. It will be rented on Gilbert, Morris Galbraith, John 2
oderatc terms to a good tenant; sold cheap for "
sh; or exchanged in part payment for a new mo- *Ja"> JJaJI, Bim
sized comfortable brick dwelling suitably aim- Hum ea, Sam uel C { le' %
:d in the 1st, 2d, or 3d ward of the city. ?an?l, Fdwerd B. Hurst, Wm. Decatur
For further particulars, apply to Hoyt, Miss Mary Humes, George
JOHN F. CALLAN, Ho?s, Alfred Hague, Mr.
Druggist, cor. 7th and E streets. J|oyt, Mfni. 2 Haas, D.
-- ? - - 68 ' Hsfl. Wm. H. Harris. Joel
Mar as?att ? ?. .
? Harden, Gen. Edward 2 Henaon, Miaa Celia
T7~E promise our customers 10 keep on hand a Harvey, Thoa. H. 3 Hamill, Samuel R. 2
>V supply of our |3 boots. We are happy to find Harrison, Columbus Hunter, Capt. H. D.
ey please so well, and shall not snare pains to Hamill, Samuel Hopkins, Maj. Joseph 2
^ise all who may favor us with a call. Hardy, Robert Holman, Gen. Amery
J. E. FOWLER & CO., Hilten, Wm. E. Hayward, Elijah
11th and K streets, Hecter, Uriah Hooper, Charles H.
and W. MAjVN, Henry, Richard P. Harris, Thomas D.
Sign of the LARGE BOOT, Hasworth, Mr. Harrison, Miss Louisa
Pennsylvania avenue, 2 doors from 4| street. Hooper, Charles Hoffman, Leonard
? Harrison, Wm. Z. Harvey, Thos. M.
PHE AMERICAN REVIEW, a whig journal Hamilton, Miss M.F. Harris, J. Geo. 3
L of politics, literature, art, and science, pub- Hazwell, G. R. Harris, Henry C.
hed in New York at five dollars per annum, or Hackleton, Samuel Harris, Joseph C. 2
ly cents per single number. The nrst numbers of Hubel, Miss R. Helfenstein, Wm. L. 4
e above work may be examined at the bookstore J*
the subscriber, where subscriptions will be re- Jones, Capeland P. Johnston, Thomas J.
ived. Joyce, Mr. F. M. Johnson, W. T.
The numbers will be regularly mailed, strongly Jones, Geo. H. Johnson, Col. John, or
veloped, to any poet office in the United States, if Jones, James H. Martin
plication be made to Jones, Miss Gravelle Iardella, I. A.C.
F. TAYLOR, Bookseller, Jones, Benjamin Jarvis, G.
March 21 Washington City. Jewitt, Col. S. B. Joline, Charles O. 2
Jarvis, Leonard 6 Johnson, Wm. Cost 4
.TEW BOOKS this day received, for sale by F. Ingle, William lngbam, Samuel 2
M TAYLOR? Janney, E. A. lngersoll, Lt. Harry
"Keeping House and Housekeeping," a story of K.
mesne life, by Mrs. Hall; 1 vol 50 cents. Kinney, Jacob W. 2 Keen, Jesse
"New Orleans as 1 found it," by H. Didinius; 1 Kinycon, M. L. Kearney, Col. Philip
ilume?25 cents. King, Charles
Wandering Jew, parts 9 and 10. L.
Thirl wall's History of Greece, complete in 2 vol- Laiigtry, Hillary Lindsley, Wm. A., L.
iea, octavo. Locke, Joseph L. B. Harrower, or Levi
? PiHorinl Hhalranmra. Lee. HeilrV StOWell 2
Number 32 Pictorial Bible. I Lynde, Wm. P. Lucaa, Mr*. Ann
Number 4 Copland's Dictionary of Practical Med- Landaill, Gen. Wesley Laralette, Captain, U.
ne. Lnccheai, Joseph S. N.
Voyages Round the World from the death of Lowell, J. A. 4 Lufborouch, H.
iptain Cook to the present time, 1 volume, price Lively, Robt. A. Lamed, If. F., U. S. A.
i cent*, being volume 173 of Harper's Family Lowry, Rev. David Lavender, Frank
ibrajy. Latimer, Mwa Louisa Lewis, Charles D. 2
April 1 Lockart, William LiuJe, Miss Arabella
rr? Larville, Joseph H. Lowry, Nathaniel A.
CONGRESS BOOKS. Lewis, \Villiam
PHE SUBSCRIBER has for sale sets of all the m
L books ordered, or subscr.^d for, by Congr Mount M?. Martin, Wm. H.
"? American Archives State Papers, Lxecu- M j,me. D. Morrison, James H. C.
re Documents, Journals, Laws of the United M Wm. H. Miller, A. W.
ate* Debates m Congress, Political Register, M(K)rB, Geo. Marshall. Jas. B.
IW Book?. "nd m".ny nnd valuable m.scella- Mraf|, Miss Elisabeth Miller, Miss Harriet
ous works. nenR-v TirMnIru?w Msddison, John Merrill, Mrs. Margaret
GEORGE TEMPLEMAN, Morewood, John R. Murphy, John P.
March 5 _ Opposite Fuller's Hotel. Martin, Joseph Morion Marcus 3
)RESIDENT8' MESSAGES, from Washing- Malcolm, Wm. B. Miller John
ton to Tyler, complete in one large octavo vol., rja*?n' ~,wl" Marsellea, Warren
ubracing not merely the inaugural and annual mes- w"1**?' 5"*^ M?uJr' Rdw.Id
gee, a* usual in former compilations of this kind; Miller, Edward
it embracing proclamations, recommendations, vl ' u??rK? Manning, IJr.
otests, vetoes, and all meaaages of moment, since aririer,Jiin)es Mattox, Mrs. Jane
- - ? Murdock. Mrs. Eliza C. Milstead, Isaac
e foundation oiTil*e goveirn^i, w.u. m.5auran - Mou|der Mr, M,_.Jan< Maxwell, Geo. P.
! ?<h??ing them v*g^ end indexed for inunedi- M MiaaU m7 Mitchell, Patrick K.
c reference; price $2 25. * 1A1LOK Marshall, Alfred 3 Montgomery, James 3
J*n- ? Middleton, Mm Eleanor Macomb, Mm Martha H
FX ie the beet medicine in use for children subject McLene, Robert Maclcey, Philip
cholic, flatulence, Ac., end may be had et 124 Mclntire, Donald 3 McDonald, James
nta per vial at the drug store corner of E and 7th McCurdy, James R. ^
Tp'ril 19 i J. V. CALLAN. Nelson, Mias Cecilia Noma, Mrs. Ann L.
")R0FE880R JOHNSON'S COAL DOCU- f^7? W"V - Nugent, Wm
MENT.?A few copies for sale by Newton, Isaac 3
Jm> * F.TAYLOR. RK,h(l Owings, William
H LOWER REEDS ?A superior lot of choice Olvey, Mre. Martha Ann Owens, Fenton
Flower Seeds, to-day rececired for sale by O'Brien, Miss Margaret A 0'8ulli*an>
MarlS J. F CALLAN O'Conoell, Rossnna Ogtlby, Joseph
/ /1 r
p. , > i
Pope, Lt John Pelfcam, Wm. *
Price, Wm. P. 3 Parker, Wm. J.
Parke, Qorham Parrot t, Lt. E Greenlaaf
Pool, Rev. Wm. C. Pendleton, P. H.
Peck, Elijah Powell, R. W.
Pbelpe, Hiram Primroae, Jaa. I.
Plilt, George Pmtlereon, Pindley
a Pelt it, Wm. T. 8 Pinkham, Eliae
Pillabury, Amoe Pierpont, John C
Palmer, A. S. U. 8. N. Pat ion, Jamee
. Purcell, Wm. F- 8 Pitchlyn, Col. P. P. ?
Quimby, Thoe. R.
> R
Repp, Johanne* Reining, Marge ret la
Rand, Chaa. W. Rawaon, Clark
Roae, Miaa H. C. Riley, Mra. Barbara
It Robb, O. D. Royer, A.
Ruaa, Truman Rockwell, W.
r Root, Mr. Roberteon, Win. H.
Riaque, F. W. 3 Randall, N.
Roberta, George Reeaide, jr., Col. Jaa.
Rawlinga, Wm. E. Rowan, John
Ritchie, Henry Robinaon, Wm. ThoaRinggold,
John H. Rogera, Henry W.
Reynold*, Robt. B. 8 Rogera, Benj. F.
Rueeell, L. A.
Stelle, Thoa. J. Smithey, Joseph
^uuiks, M. 8 Schwrar, Miaa Mary E.
Scou, (iMirn Q Sheldon. R.
1 M?M?ry Savage, Thoa. J.
Smith, Thomas T. Shelton, Chaa. T.
Smith, Mr?. Souhia Sailer. F. W.
Smith, John C?\ Stowell, Levi
Shields, B. O. Simeon, B.
Smith, A. B. Stockton, Capt. R. F.
Swan, Lvdia Sherwood. W. 8.
. ?**"! John S. Stephana, Ira H.
Smith, Jacob Sawyer, Mr.
Smith, Mr*. Mary Ann Stanley,.Henry
Starke, E. Shannon, Stanhope M.
Scott, J. B. Saltmaran, Orlando 9
Spice, Wm. * Simmons, John
Scott, Henry Stanton, Frederick
Simms, Act'g Mid. R. M.Sefui, Thomas
Smith, Miaa Sarah J. Shorter, Mrs. Caaa
Smith, John and Edward Shepherd, J. T.
Smith, RichVi W. Schneider, Chto Augustus
Swift, W. C.N. Stevens, Matthew Henry
Scott, Lt. Henry L. BmaHey, D. A. S
Sinclair, John 9 Saunders, Win. E.
ThriA, Wm. H. Thompson, Mr*. Win. I
Tail, Alexander Tirrel, Mrs. Eliza
Towle, Jeremiah Taylor, Capt. G. W.
Teal, Col. Wm. Tucker, Enoch G.
Thomas, Meroein Tucker, sen., Mr.
Trabue, S. P. J. Thompson, James
Tyrrell, Miss Susan Toomey, Jeremiah
Thomas, Miss Martha Thomas, Wiisman
Upham, N. G.
Van Buren, John 3 Villegrand, Mrs.
Viers, Hezekiah W. Vogel, Mrs. Susan M.
Webb, Mr. Willis, Geo.
While, James Whaley, John T. and H.
Welsh, Chas. W. H.
Wright, George Winslowr, James Z.
Wheat, W. H. Williamson, Thos.
Wood, George Watkins, H.
Walch, Lt. Lewis Walker, Zachariah
White, Col. Geo. W. 3 Weaver, Capt. Wm. A.
Wade, Nelson Washington, Eliza
Wright, W. C. Watkins, A. H.
Wood, Henry Weedon, Jas. H.
Westcott, Gideon G. Wallace, Thomas
Watson, James Warring, Miss Ellon
Williams, Mrs. Cathar- Waching, Ignatius
ine Williams. J. L.
Wallace, Dr. Wm. F. Williams, Henry F.
Waters, Miss Harriet J. Wilson, Agnes
Walker, Lt. Wm. M. Whitelock, Mrs. MaryWilliams,
Captain Wm. Weatherall, Miss Mar/
G. 3 Williams, Wm. A.
Woolaey.M. D. U.S.N. Waring, Joseph H.
Warren, Miss Ruberta Walker, Mrs. Mary
Williams, Chas. G. Washington, Q. C. and
Whaley, Henry H. John S. Mason
Yates, John Younger, Edward
Younger, Mrs. Sarah 3 Young, Mrs. Harriet
Mrs. A. C. B. J. G. C.
C. M. H. 0.
J. M. H. P. 1
Miss M. C. L. To Nicholas S.
J. L. Z.
JT5=?The inland postage on all letters intended to ,
go by ship must be paid, otherwise they remain in
this office. _
May 1, 1845.
& Co., 11th and P streets, and W. Mann,
Sign of the Large Black Boot, Pennsylvania avenue,
two doors from 4J street.
We beg to call the attention of our friends and the
public generally to one at the handsomest and beat
assortments to be found in the District.
> Among which may be found?
Ladies' white satin alippers . 1
do colored morocco and kid alippers
do Este's do do do
do fine French morocco alippers
do do kid Paris ties
do do kid and morocco village Uea
do do gaiters and half gaiters
Misses' colored morocco village ties
do do do slippers
do French morocco ana kid slippers
do gaiters and half gaitera
Children's boots, slippers, ankle ties, and gaitera
Gentlemen's boots of every quality, from |3 50
opto *8 per pair
Gentlemen's bootees at almost any price
Gentlemen's gaiters
do slippers
Boy's fine dress bootees and coarse wear
In a word, we feel confident to sav. that we offer
inducements seldom to be met with. Times are
hard. Money scarce jaat now. Drafts must be
met and paid, and we must tell, and will, low.
Half soling, heeling, patching, anything in the
way of mending done to save our customers a penny
ana put one in our own pockets.
J. E. FOWLER & Co.,,
]1th and F streets, and
W. MANN, Sign of the
two doors from 4} street.
April 94
NEW GUITAR MU8IC, just received.?WM.
F1CHER, Pennsylvania avenue, two doors
east of 19th street, has just received the following
new music, which will be sold at four cents per
^ou say we past forever; arranged by Weilland
In forest glades; do do do
When night cornea o'er the plain; arranged by Weilland
Heaven light this scene of misery; arranged by
I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls; arranged by
My heart returns to thee again; arranged by Weilland
The pilot; do do do
Beautiful Venice; do do do
Dermot Astore do do do
Oh ! why denire to light that face; do do do
Rondo from da Fille du Regiment; arranged by
Six popular German waltzes
Twas ten o'clock; arranged by Weilland
Then you'll remember me; arranged by Weilland
Rome thou art no mote; do do do
I have come from a happy land; do do do
Mary Gray; do do do
The Gondolier; arranged by Balfe.
April 91
CHEAP SHOE 8TORES.?Vou are hereby notified
to be and appear at one of our shoe stores
on or before the first time you want a new pair of
Boots or Shoes, and then and there fit yourself from
a large assortment at prices to suit the times.
J. E. FOWLER A Co., ^
II in ana r nrccai, ??
Sign of the LARGE BOOT,
Penn. sr., near tj street.
April 17
REGON SEED CORN ?I bsse received
a few bushels of this ?*traordti?ry
corn, introduced by General Wn>. H. Harrisoni n
1839, and which laat year prided 191} bugh^Ato
the acre, and ahelled 7| besides the barrel.^hie
corn ia well worth the attention, at it*
yield is at least 90 per cent, over the common. For
a full description of it see Patent office report, 1845,
page 434 Those in want should apply early, as the
supply is limited.
" rr J. F. CALLAN,
March 13 Corner of E and 7tb atreeta.
I A THEODOLITE in perfect order, imported by
XX Charles Renard, esq., from Paris. Price AlOu.
I For sale at JULIU8 A. PETERS*
Wine store, Pa. sr., near 10th street.
Jan 16
London stout and Philadelphia
PALE ALE. For sale at
Wine storci Pa. as., near llhh atrert.
i Jan 30

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