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^^I I I ? ? p
"W^pimpw^ >ipiwiii>ii^n!iaip^^^mp.i|i i^iui,'[' < W'tpp^p? - *
EDITED BY THOMAS RITOHIE. (^ ^1 ^ jk ^ WB*,^Bwu!!^^rlc?!w^r^wwr?^^^^!!^
THOMAS RITCHIE ft JOHN P. HEISS, /I . I 1]1 IW UM I (1 jlf |1 I |1 ^ I X I ]1|| |W i ]| II ] CEAUtD PROPOSALS (mmIo^^IJ^omJ. for
P>OP>,.tor? aad ppiumiii. \VF >! ?? Tg, I B1 (Idl, m:I I M jjl I I I II ?,
Duly paper by tbe y?r, tm ?drmno? . . $16 00 v1^ ^n, of w,lM- mHj V._tl '
.i /Kr iH1 .J,,,,. IIU al Mr BaniL _____ ______ , "72" uemp.
i?mi-We?kly pupt-r by tin y?ar. in aivance *00 ' -- J . ... - J--1. . . ' 1 . . ' ^l^1"^"^**,g*^;; g?^Wg^B^BagBBHWWWIIW?BHPIWiKg Thm hemp mual be equal lo the Rija Rain hetup
Weekly paper by the )?*< <*??*?? > : ten -r? ' : ' 1 "" '[*' "V '' ' "" 1 """ ' ' ' I?**1 orJ?T P*?? than amy be
.sr/r."^; K XWRSS&Mt. WASHINGTON CITY, WEDNESDAY NIGHT, MAY 7, wis. ^t&irJ5fr?5a
^rT"7*f 1 - ' - - - -----? 1 ti.-" 1 ... -JgggSg^?WSB?WWeHgH^^ 1. .Xi..ill! L... ..i-l.. Charleetown, Maaeaehuaeita, by pereone tote ap
ii uui |mi'j wuuiu mi urn ? nomm, uw iTmUT |?|w
will be ?l*. the Semi-Weekly X, end the Weekly */ M) e
Buhaoribers may dieeentinue their paper* at eay time by J
paving lor the time they have received them: far no/ mahout
Thus* who *ub*cnb? tor a year, and do not at the tune oi
cubaerfbing order a discontinue at the end of it. will he con- T
eidered tabseribere until they order the paper to be (topped,
and pay arrearage*. J
Twelve line*, or la*e, three insertion* - |1 00 '*
Every additional inaartion a '
Lover advertisements charged in proportion. t(
A liberal discount made to those who advertise by the tl
yew. ?
Ml papeniif* to bo made te edseiee*. Those who hare not
an opportunity of payimr otherwise, may remit by mail, at ?
our risk, pe*iage-i?ud. The po*tma*ter's certificate of such p
remittance shall n# a sufficient receipt therefor. The notes
af may specie-paring bank will be received. l.
As gfm'iss will fa |imi to eay order unl*** tfa money, or
e *sifas*trii cuts/icon that it fa* fa** rvmitud, occaaspe- I*
nit* It. tl
npliffm I* tl* Proprietor?, charge 4 with postage, will not n
I* tail* out of the pott office. (<
"LilJJL.. ? P
PHI A. c.
/~"t ARPETING8, floor furniture, milk and carriage P
V J nil ofalho m.llino. h
House-keeper* "attention!" ?
100 pieces Brussels and Wilton carnetings "
500 do super three ply imperial and ingrain 1
1000 do medium and fine ingrain do 0
500 do venftian and damask, assorted widths *j
500 do hemp, cotton and rag carpets "
500 do Nankin, Canton ana Spanish matting
100 do druggets and woollen floor cloths
100 do furniture oil cloths, 3-4 to 6-4 wide
2000 yards floor oil cloths, from 1 to 8 yards
wide ' t
000 transparent oiled window ahadea, Italian
moonlight and landscape views 2
4000 New England patent bhuds
100 bales alic&nt mutts, assorted sises
300 do manilla and jute mats
500 Wilton, Brussels and tufted hearth rugs u
5 eases embroidered Parisian muslin curtains j
3 do worsted carpet binding j
500 down brass stair-rods j,
5 cases embroidered cloth and worsted piano j,
and table covers j.
This mammoth stock, laid in for cash, comprising a
every variety ui paucru, win ue nuiu wuuieaue ??? g
retail, at the warehouses, 18 and 30 north Second n
street, up stairs, at five per cent, advance for cash or f
cite acceptances, with interest added. .
Jan. 38?ly
this day received, for spring sales, many new and t|
beautiful dry goods, to which we invite the atten- ^
lion of customers generally. We name in part? 8
15 pieces rich heavy plain camelion poult de soie t(
90 " rich figured and satin striped So c
5 " extra width, rich black satin striped do c
10 " corded and plain black do
35 " new style lace lawns ft
43 " French jaconet do j,
35 " assorted balzarines b
50 " low priced mousse delaines
35 " cambric muslins
35 " jaconet do ?
35 " plaid do
50 " extra super Irish linen, cheap, and all
50 " medium and low priced do do a
35 " birdscye diapers
1(1 " 19-4 Russia sheetings
10 " 10-4 11-4 do do" c_
10 " cambric dimities J
10 " furniture do
100 " gram cloth skirts ,
100 " corded do "
10 " black alpacaa lustre (ailk chain)
10 " blue black do do do
90 " black and blue black French bombazines
10 " do do super mousaelin de
Also for party dresses?
Rich pompaaour crapes
White, plain, and figured satins
Tarlton muslins, of all colors "
CrepCleiases do F
New style thin material, together with blonde f
neta, illusions, Ac. Ac. *
Suner whits Ion? and short kid gloves a
do plain and embroidered auk hose; together t
with every variety of fancy and staple dry goods, *
which we will sell at the moat reduced prices.
JT has just received by the express line from New f
rorx? ?
5 dozen Pate Foi de Gross >
6 do troffle ?
6 do muehroom
' S do asparagus c
10 do green peaa, or petit poee t
5 boxes assorted preserves t
10 do English cheese f
5 do gruaire f
10 dozen Nachoutel cheese. i
A large assortment of picklea c
10 dozen boxes fresh lobsters
3 cases French bonbona
10,000 cigars, prime quality t
He is also ready to furnish parties at the shortest notice,
the' best French style, with every article in
hia line of business, made of the beat materials, and
at the most reasonable prioes.
Corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue. t
Jan 30?tif s
AVERLEY ACADEMY.?The undersigned jj
respectfully informs the public that this institution
will be continued the ensuing year for the benefit
of his own sons, and such others as may be desirous
to avail themselves of it. The course of instruction
is extensive, embracing the ancient languages
and literature, the modern lnnguages, and a full course
of mathematics, history, ana such other subjects as
comprise a sound and practical education. In consequence
of several of the pupils having finished
their education, there are several vacancies at
Terms A140 per annum, payable quarterly in advance.
This charge includes everything but books,
stationery, and clothes.
J an 4?
just returned from New York, where he has >
own repiemsning iiih iwcn ui i?wih?icij, ????? books,
drawing materials, perftimery, fancy articles,
music, and musical instruments, embracing articles ?
of every deecription in his line. To a due appre ?
ciation of his stock, and of the qualities of the arti cles,
an inspection will be necessary, and which he
respectfully invites at Stationers' Hall, where the
largest and most extensive assortment in the Dis- '
triot is kept constantly for sale, wholesale and retail,
at low ana uniform prices. [
April 18 j
TEER completed.?Dictionary, geographical, J
statistical, and historical, of the various countries, a
places, and principal natural objects in the world, ?
by J. B. McCullocn, esq.; now completed, in two
large octavo volumes of over 1,100 closely printed 1
pages each, American edition, in which the articles "
relating to the United States have been grealy multi- 1
plied and extended, and adapted to the preaent condition
of the country and to the wants of ita citizens, k
Just completed. a
SLIPPERS.?Just received, a freah supply
of the latest style. Fine kid end morocco Parts
. Use and slippers, for gl.
Comer of 11th end F streets; and t
_ W. MANN, s
Between 3d and streets, Penn. avenue, r
Sign of the large boot. a
Garden seedsand roots?i have to r
day received an additional supply of seasonable
5m arden seeds, to which I invite the attention of garenera
and othera. They are all warranted freah
and genuine.
Also, Tuberose and Jacobean lily roots. j
For sale by f
April 19 J. F. CALLAN. t
W FISCHER haa just received one o i
Brown's splendid rosewood improved
Patent Double Action Harps. Testimonials from '
I the beat professors in favor of these instruments can
| be seen at Stationers1 Hall, where five Superior
Pianos are for sale at the manufacturers' prices.
March 4 ;
V mail contractors, applicants for the appointment qf
Postmaster*, Sfc., ifc.
rHE undersigned having been associated witli
the General Poet Office Department for more '
tan twenty yeure, and being perfectly familiar with
e details of business, now offers his services to surli
f his old friends t'" contractor*, as may be disposed
) i>atronize him, to timisact any business which tey
nuty have from time to time with the depart- j
tent, and on such terms us will not fail to be ao
iptable to them. A letter to him at any time, post ?
sid, will be promptly attended to. ii
To applicants for the appointment of postmasters, h
e will, upon the remission of a fee of 15, t
ostage paid, see that their petitions or recommenuti- v
ons are received and on file at the department, or, if a
ot, give them due notice thereof, and also give at- ii
mtion to their interests until the decision of the *
'ostmaster General is made, and then notify them
f the result, be it favorable or adverse. It must be t
eriainiy no biti&ji wukscuuii, cuter mc iruuuio w
rocuring such testimonial!, to be assured that they <j
ave been duly received and brought to the notiee f
f the Appointing power. To euoh ah may favor ?
im in thia particular branch of hia agency, lie can- "
ot fail to give entire satisfaction. u
The undersigned will also attend to any claims or
ther business which may be intrusted to his care e
nd supervision, before any of the departments of 1
ic general government.
Washington City. J
April 3?6m '
54 Broadway, opposite the City Hall, New York,
rMPORTER and dealer in carpeting*, floor oil[
cloths, Ac., would respectfully solicit the attenon
of dealers and others visiting the city, to his ex;nsive
assortment of French Aumisson, Exminster,
loyal Velvet Wilton, Geneva Velvet, Tapestry,
Irussels, Threeply, Ingrain and Venetian 'Carpctngs,
Floor Oil-cloths, &c., to which he is daily addng
the newest and most elegant patterns, received
iy the latest importations, comprising the largest
nd richest assortment of carnetings and floor oilloths
in the United States. The strongest inducenents
are offered to purchasers, as, from his great
itcilities and long experience in the business, he is
nabled to furnish them with the latest and best
tyles of goods at the most moderate prices.
March 3?2m a
p OCKV1LLE ACADEMY?The claasicaTthT f
l ?. panmeni 01 mis imiuuiiun una uccn iur iiimic
hen twelve months under the care of Mr. Otis c. j,
Vrioiit, A. B., as Principal. He haa proved him- ^
elf to be an able, successful, and highly acceptable
eacher, and a gentleman of dignified deportment,
orrect mora's, and agreeable manners. A thorough
ourse of the Latin and Greek classics is taught, toother
with the West Point course of mathematics,
ir.luding the different branches of the sciences,
elle-lettrsa, dec. Students are well prepared for 8
usiness or the higher classes of college. r
Ma. McQlsmahan, esq., well known and fully
nmpetent, a gentleman of high mathematical atlinments,
has charge of the Englsh department.
The price of tuition is from f 10 to $35 per anum.
Boarding can be had in highly respectable families t
about one hundred dollars.
Rockville is remarkably healthy. The trustees
an honestly and confidently invite attention of
arents and guardians to their institution, as preenting
advantages rarely found for their sons and (
vards in thorough instruction, safety of morals, ?
lealth, and cheapness of tuition and board.
JOHN MINES, President.
Richard J. Bowie, Secretary. !.
Jon 30 j
Office or Com. or Public Bciloinos, ,
March 18, 1845. i
Proposals, sealed and endorsed i
"Proposals for painting the President's Man- (
ion," will be received at this office until 3 o'clock, (
i. in., on Wednesday, the Slat day of May next, j
or painting with two coats of paint the outside s
tone, wood, and iron work of the President's man- >]
ion, which has been heretofore painted, including ]
he wings, terraces, porticos, root, and ballustrade; ,
ilao for painting with two coats of paint all the in- c
lide stone, wood, and iron work of said mansion, ,
vhicli haa been heretofore painted, with the excep- t
ion of the east room, which will require but one {
oat of paint; also for painting with one coat of
Mint all the walls which have been heretofore paint- <
id; and also for varnishing all the mahogany doors,
innilnw sash hand-rails, and halustera. All cracks
ind breaks to be stopped with putty by the contractor, j
The proposals to state the gross amount for which
inch work will be executed. The materials to be
if the best quality, and the work to be executed in {
he beat manner, subject to the inspection of such
>erson or persons as the commissioner may appoint
br that purpose. The contractor will have to enter
nto a bond, with approved security, for.the faithful
ompletion of the work by the first of October next.
March 18?
To be published twice a week in the National lnelligencer.
BOTELER, DONN & CO., Pennsylvania avenue,
opposite the Centre Market, nave in store
he most extensive stock of house-furnishing goods
hat can be found in the District, and all laitf in at
luch prices as to enable them to soil as low as can
le found (of the same quality) anywhere. Their
itock embraces a general assortment of?
Cabinet ware and chairs
China, glass, and crockery ware
Plated Britannia and German silver goods
Knives and forks in sets of 51 pieces, and detached
Cornelin's celebrated solar oil and lard lamps
Waiters and tea trays
Hall lanterns and lamna .
Shovel and tongs, andirons and fenders
Cooking utensils of every description in common
Tin and wooden ware
Baskets, table mats, and looking glasses
Beds, mattresses, and bedsteads
Brushes, combs, spittoons, Ac.
Persons furnishing can And every article used in
lousekeeping at fair prices, and all delivered safe
vithout charge, or packed securely to leave the
N. B. We have just received from the importer a
rood stock of superior French china dinner, desert,
ind tea sets.
FRESH AND GENUINE.?The subscriber reipectfully
calls the attention of the agricultural and [
lorticultural community'to his Horticultural Waretouse
and Seed Store, adjoining his Green House, :
orner of 15th and G streets, opposite the State DeMtrtment,
where the farmer, gardener, amateur, and {
leed-deaJers, can provide themselves with fresh gar- !
len and dower seeds, all of the best quality.
If any garden or dower seeds should prove to be
tad, wnen sown in proper time and manner, and
eason the least favorable, for such fresh seed will
* given, or the money returned.
Seed-dealers supplied by the pound, bushel, or j
arret, at a liberal discount, and on terms equal to f
,ny wholesale and retail establishment in any of the ?
lorthorn or eastern cities. .
Florist and Beedsmnn. ,
March 22?dtfif f
WILKINSON'S CEMENT?for restoring Chi- J
na, earthenware, glass, wood, and marble, f
hat are broken, to their former state of ueefulneas, {
vithout disfiguring in the least, and in such a man- (
ler that fire, air, or hot water will not affect them;
nd the article repaired fit for use in thirty minutes.
Also, Chinese diamond cement for the same purK>ee.
For sale by
Jan 30 Corner of E and 7th streets.
NEW BOOKS.?Veronica, a novel, translau 1 t
from the German; Isabel, or the trials of the j
lesrt, a tale for the young, 1 volume, just received
or sals byF. TA^R, or for circulation froni
he Waverley Circulating Library.
AlaOj Medi'ines and their Uses, and Mode of
\dministraiion, 1 volume, by Doctors Nelligan, of
Dublin, and Reese, of New York.
Webster's Dictionary, octavo, complete in one
Pictorial Bible, No. 84. t
Pictorial Shakapeare, No. 47. c
iducation ok Young, ladies in the English
and french languages.
Opposite President's Souare, I street, Washington,
(house of Col. Bomford, between
the residences of Mrs. Gen. Macomb and
Commodore Morris.)
\/l IS8 HEANEY, of Boaton, Massachusetts,
LVJL Principal Instructress, respectfully invite* the
iteiition of her friend*, and parents and guardians
nterested, to the re-establishuMint of her Academy,
toping in their favor for the early entrance of the
toarding and day scholars she may receive, and for
rhom every arrangement is made to insure, by-her
>wn unremitted attention, thorough instruction, and
mprovement in elementary and elevated learning,
vilh the beat advantages of residence.
Miss H.'s Academy, being so eligibly placed in
he quiet neighborhood of many well-known famiiea
near the President's House and the Departments,
n the family residence many years of Col. Bombrd,
spacious and convenient, with its large garden
ind pleasant scenery, is esteemed the most desirable
n the vicinity for the chnrge. Miae H. resumes the
taeful and liberal education of young ladies.
Employing her best abilities to make her Aeadmy
permanent in this community, and encouraged
o trust that her task will ere long be favored by the
upport it bespeaks, resident instructresses and other
irofessors of the highest skill and character will a!
vays be engaged for any required aid; while Miss
leaney, as Principal, will instruct her pupils individually
in whatever pursuits of learning or accomilishmenta
they may engage.
ine government or tneae young lauies win ne
hat of noma education of daughter*, of her early
tudy and much experience in Mise Heaney's
harge of pupil* in Boston, Washington, and elsewhere;
simply for the beat individual improvement
if the talent*, moral and mental culture of such
routh; regulation* and order prescribed for them in
hi* family mode of living, a* of tuition, study, emiloyment,
and recreation, tho*e onlv which are due
o insure the entire welfare of daugnter* by material
education and care.
Young ladies may thus be residents in Miss Heatey's
Academy, having instruction for any aequirenents
desired, exclusive of other*, and may have
hat leisure and intercourse with society, to which
he attention of parents, guardians, or Mis* Healey,
may be duly given.
Morning exercises of instruction in the English
md French texts alternately, reading, elocution,
grammar, compoai'ion, geography, history, belles
ettres, arithmetic, &c., including plain ana elegant
lenmanship, linear drawing of maps, Ac., elements
if music in singing, and the primary exercises of
lancing, especially these most improving the deneanor
and health of the young.
Introductory claaa, 16; junior, 18; senior. 110.
Tuition in the Latin, Italian, and other language*,
nay be given per Quarter.
Music, vocal ana instrumental, flO, $12, or $15,
iccording to the lessons.
Drawing and painting in crayon, water, and oil
:olors, flowers, landscapes, heads, portrait and minnture,
as above.
Dancing tuition at professor's lessons, $6.
Needlework mostly without extra charge.
Board, $25.
Testimonials of Miss Heaney's long engagement
n the education of young ladies, on the prtncij pies I
riven, will be made kqown by the kindness or D.
Hall, esq., in the writing, of early and recent
late, of many of the following references:
Hon. James Savage, Hon. Edward Everett. R.
J. Shaw, esq.. Rev. J. Pierpoint, Hon. Richard
Sullivan,' Rev. J. F. Clark, Boston.
James Lamed, Hon. J. P. Van Ness, Rev. Septinus
Tuston, Chaplain U. S. Senate, Major T. L.
Smith, Dr. Wm. Gunton, Wm. G. Eliot, Won.
Fischer, and late Captain De Lagnel, Washington.
Hon. Philemon Dickerson, New Jersey; Gen.
ohn A. Dix, New York; Hon. Louis McLaneand
1. F. Williams, Baltimore; Joseph R. Chandler,
'iniaaeipnia; v.oi. xv. ivj. jnnnson, ivemuciiy; utn.
vans, Detroit; Joseph L. Locke, Savannah; Col. J.
1. Walback; Hon. Edward Turner, Mississippi;
Ion. Alfred Henner, New Orleans; Hon. J.Thompon,
do.; Orville Dewey, D. D., Wm. C. Bryant,
rhos. Nesmith, Rev. H. W. Bellows, Hon. Wm.
immeraon, Col. N. Bunell, Carville & Co., S. Colnan,
O. F. Besteau, Dr. S. Q. Foster, C. S. Franis,
New York; Major Edmund Piriby, Brownsrille,
N. Y.; Charles S. Wallach, esq., Waahingon;
Dr. E. H. Barton, S. J. Peters, esq., New Oreans.
March 31?w2mif
To Lawyers, Merchants, Mechanics, Farm
ere, and Public Officers, Sfc.
ON retiring from his official station as Assistant
Postmaster General, JOHN S. SKINNER
levotes himself to the transaction o generai. aobn:t
business, particularly in connection with the vaious
departments of the national government?busitess
in which he is henceforth associated with
SENRY O'REILLY, of the State of New York.
Persons in any part of the United States, who
tave business to transact with either department of
he general government at Washington, or with any
>f the State governments, or who require researches
o be made in the public records any where in the
Union, can have their requests promptly atttended
.0, by addressing the undersigned.
Extensive acquaintance throughout the Union,
:onsequent on the long-continued connection of both
he undersigned with the newspaper press, with the
x>st office and other public organizations, will great?r
fnoililntA fti* nPAMrnlinn nf inni t iripn nnd tmnunr.
:ion of business through their agency.
Lawyers, public officers, contractors, and others
laving business arising under contracts, or under
he pension, post office, or patent laws?merchants
lesiring remission of duties, Ac.?mechanics or inrentors
requiring patents?and farmers having buliness
with the General Land Office, may find this
igency conducive to their interest in the way of
promptness and economy. Claims under treaties
ivith the Indian nations or foreign governments
ilso attended to.
Special attention will be paid to those who wish to
>uy or sell lands in Virginia and other southern
States; and inquirers, from the North or South, are
espectfully referred to our circular concerning "agicultural
improvement in the southern States,"
ately published in the Globe, Intelligencer, and
>ther journals.
Letters must be pott-fret, to insure attention; and
nay be addressed to the subscribers, either at Allan
v, New York, or Washington?particularly at
he latter place.
{l^Sensible of the manifold courtesies with
which he has been honored by editors of all parties,
rom the time when he estabbshed the first agriculural
journal in America more than a quarter-cenury
ago, JOHN S. SKINNER adds this note for
he purpose of saying that it will afiford him great
ileaaure to maintain the intercourse thus long coninued,
and to reciprocate the services of editorial
henda who may now favor him with a few inserions
of this notice.
April 1
FOR SALE OR RENT.?A neat framed cottage
house containing six rooms, kitchen, cowtouse,
Ac., with two squares of ground attached,?
me of which is enclosed with a new fence, and is in
i good state of cultivation?situated near the boundiry
of this city. This property is in a pleasant and
isalthy locality; and having upon it two large and
lever failing springs, so elevated that water may be
onducted to any part of it, is admirably adapted to
in early garden, or a dairy. It will be rented on
noderate terms to a good tenant; sold cheap for
ash; or exchanged hi part payment for a new melium
sized comfortable brick dwelling suitably situited
in the 1st, 3d, or 3d ward of the city.
For further particulars, apply to
Druggist, cor. 7th and E streets.
_Mar9R-dtf _____
WE promise our customers to keep on hand a
supply of our boots. We are happy to find
hey please so well, and shall not spare pains to
ilease all who may favor us with a call.
Uth and F streets,
and W. MANN,
. Sign of the LARGE BOOT,
Pennsylvania avenue, 9 doors from 4) street.
LV1 is the best medicine in use for children subject
o choUe, flatulence, Ac., and may be had at J9J
rots per vial at the drug store corner Of E and 7th
TpU 19 J- t CALLAN.
Sign of the Golden Hat, ivest of Brown's
Hotel, Washington. rP
SUMMER BUSINESS.?The proprietor of
the above extensive establishment, in announcing to u
hie customers the arrival of a part of hn new and a"\u
splendid stock of spring and summer fashions, begs y
leave to assure them that every article not of his own * or
manufacture has been purchased with the greatest ' f
discrimination as regards style and quality, and at pe"
the very lowest rates for cash, and trusts that the ,ral
reputation it has so long enjoyed as the place for the "re
moat tasteful articles in his line will be Ailly bus- jjj '
tamed. The moat assiduous and unremitting per
sonal attention will be given, it being his wish to w
make hia the most popular establishment in the fsrM
country. "J."
Gentlemen's splendid black beaver hats, extra T .
light, ftrt- summer.
Gentlemen's splendid enssimere hats, extra light, .
for summer, unsurpassed for fineness and evenness .
of texture and symmetrical figure. "
Gentlemen's moleskin hats, richly lustred and 0
most elegantly finished. The undersigned believes " ,
that the manufacture of this moat favorite wear is
now ptrfecttd. Its peculiar qualities are, tut. the
riohfwi#s eml permanence of its color; second, tie "j"~"
greet durability, from not being liable to crack or "
break; third, being entirely water-proof, and ita P I
abape not altered by the heat of summer; fourth, J*
the price being only about one-half of the sum asked v ,
for a hat bu la few years since. 1 " ''
The Parisian steel-framed hat, for some peculiar*- J??"
ties very desirable.
Gentlemen's pure white Oregon beaver hale, very e
fine and rich. .7*
Gentlemen's white, pearl, and blue caasimere .
hate. V
Panama hats, with extra wide brims, "Orleans j?
pattern." very white and beautifully shaped. j*
Gentlemen's leghorn, double and single brims. ...
Ladies' riding bats, new style. . ??
Boys' Genoa hats.
Do. Parisian hats. J '
A few cartons children's Florence caps, believed . *
to be all of the kind ever imported, most tastefully P
Infants' fine leghorn hats, of select patterns. .
A very large assortment of boys' and children's .. ..
leghorn, seanette, and other summer hats, une- * '
quailed in extent, variety, and style.
The undersigned will give his attention to the Rt p,
finishing of these according to regulations' Also, tjme
chapeaux for the diplomatic corps; together with entr)
blue cloth cans, embroidered to suit every branch .h?
of service, as? |?Ba
General staff, medical staff, topographical engi- a|| e,
neer, ordnance, artillery, infantry, revenue, marine,
and navy. [natr
Leather and other hat boxes, canes, umbrellas, t;M
. ily V
Articles ordered sent as directed, and delivered in
this city free of charge. Terms cash. lend
W. B. TODD. n0 0
April 32?d6t3tawtf llon
D. C.?CiiAni.r.s Da Selsino, Qen- j
eral Agent, No. 11, Todd's buildings, Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington, D. C., offers his services to I -2tbose
who may have claims on either of the executive
departments, or Congress, or private claims on 5"?
individuals. *
Particular attention paid to the settlement of ac- m
counts of disbursing officers who may find it incon- W*.1]
venient to attend personally, especially those of the
n"TC: uZZ
aibu ttitciiua ?? ugQiii itir mni-iowuriii |?ni|icrij
holders, collecting rents, procuring pensions, &e. .
Charges will be moderate, and regulated by the c
amount claimed, and the extent of services required. j??*?
Communications (post paid) wdLraotiva immedi- auUl
ate attention. ff?1
He has the honor to refer to the Navy Depart- ri
ment, and the several bureaus connected with it; ??
Second Comptroller and Fourth Auditor's offices, *
and the senior pursers in the navy; and also to Hon. J?r '
C. C. Cambreleng, New York; Commodore Charles
Stewart, Philadelphia; Commodore John Downs, "
Boston; Hon. Henry L. Ellsworth, Washington;
Hon. E. H. Foster, Nashville, Tennessee; and neZ,'
Thomas M. Blount, esq., Pensacola. . ..
April 11
BOYS' HATS!! BOYS' HATS!!!.?I shall of P
open to-morrow morning another large aasort- tion
ment of boys' hats?all sorts and kinds adapted to the t
the present and approaching season, consisting of? the?
Leghorn hats, double brim nw"
do do curled edge T
do do single brim bust
Double brim white palmetto T
Single do do Nati
Variegated do Con
Seanette, (a very fashionable hat, nnd warranted insu
to wear well.) ?
Genoa hats an<'
Also a beautiful assortment of Bohemian Gipsy n 1
hats for misses and children. rrr
W. B. TODD. T*
Fashionable Hatter.
Sign Golden Ilat, West Brown's Hotel. "u
M?y a~3t SET,
THE SUBSCRIBER has for sale sets of all the moa
books ordered, or subscribed for, by Congr netti
such as American Archives, State Papers, Execu- colla
live Documents, Journals, Laws of the United cape
States, Debates in Congress, Political Registers, oner
Law Books, and many rare and valuable miscella- >
neous works. of'b
March 5 Opposite Fuller's Hotel. fronl
THE AMERICAN REVIEW, a whig journal will
of politics, literature, art, and science, pub- cap i
lished in New York at five dollars per annum, or to 31
fifty centa per single number. The first numbers of flow
the above work may be examined at the bookstore left <
of the subscriber, where subscriptions will be re- chea
ceired. pins
The numbers will be regularly mailed, strongly renti
enveloped, to any post office in tne United States, if very
application be made to from
F. TAYLOR, Bookseller, very
March 31 Washington City. I am
??j ' storr
NEW BOOKS this day received, for sale by F.
"Keeping House and Housekeeping," a story of ?
domestic lite, by Mrs. Hall; 1 vol 50 cents. fi]
"New Orleans as I found it," by H. Didimus; 1 Vj
volume?35 cents. re,*p
Wandering Jew, parts 9 and 10. eeivi
Thirl wall's History of Greece, complete in 3 vol- good
umes, octavo. don<
Number 43 Pictorial Shakspeare. pUrc
Number 33 Pictorial Bible. gen |
Number 4 Copland's Dictionary ofPractical Med- his
icine. publ
Voyages Round the World from the death of sioc|
Captain Cook to the present time, 1 volume, price a
50 cents, being volume 173 of Harper's Family
Library. A
April 1
ton to Tyler, complete in one large octavo vol.,
embracing not merely the inaugural and annual messages,
as usual in former compilations of this kind; A
but embracing proclamations, recommendations,
protests, vetoes, and all messages of moment, since
the foundation of the government, with the ad van t- A
ge of having them paged and indexed for immediate
reference; price pi 35. F. TAYLOR
7 A
A fresh supply of Dr. Rush's justly celebrated *
1HAVE just received another supply of pills A
msde from the recipe of the late Dr. Benjamin
Rush, of Philadelphia. A
In the short space of six months since they were
first introduced in this city, they have done much 8i
good, and gained great celebrity.
1 have left a few for sale with Jones & Clark, Al
Qroenleafsnoint; James Cull, near the Navy-Yard; ever
and John T. Killmon, Pennsylvania avenue, near G<
the railroad depot. most
They may also be had at my office on Pennsylva- wan
nia nvenue, between 13th and 13th streets, (south
side.) Pent
Olds hMJee-and-a-fcrf/ e?U* pet- hox. op
General Agent.
April 5?eo3t [Intel.] <4
FLOWER SEED8.?A superior lot of choice
Flower Seeds, to-day receeived for sale by
Mar 19 J. F- CALLAN. Ja
tr Idl Ik HrttU, H'aMngfo* city.
uoation of thia seminary is one of th? moal
desirable in the city, on aceount of ita healthy
airy position. The house ia largo and coaamo1a,
with ample grounds and other facilitiea foi
sement and recreation. The principal, ao well
favorably known in thia city, and In Now
k, from her long experience in teaching, hopes
pre entire aatiafaction to all who may confide
r daughter* to her care. She ia a native ol
nca, and familiar with ita language and litem,
and conversant with the beat and easiest modes
mparting to her pupils a perfect knowledge o!
language, so that they can not only resul and
a, but apeak it fluently. She haa secured able
Hants for various departments, ao that all
...i.? ?r ... t?,.i.k .. ....ii .. L- u .,i ....
be thoroughly taught. Pupils who reside in
family have the peculiar advantages of hearing,
conversing at all, times in the French language,
of perfecung themselves in the science of music,
g under the surveillance of an experienced
her. The course of instruction, besides the
il elementary branches, includes all the higher
ie* pursued in the moat approved northern asmiea.
The discipline is mild and affectionate, yet
dad, and ie mwiainad by appiali to the effeesand
conscience of the pupil; it b designed, by a
>er development and cultivation of the better
ities of the heart, to bind more affectionately the
il to her teacher, and by it to secure obedience,
tound physical, moral, and intellectual improvet
and culture, arc the great objects desired, it it
tira of the principal not so much to crowd the
lory with words, a? to draw forth and train the
emetic and vigorous action, the observing, reing,
and active powers of the mind. The
gee to those who reside in the family are, for
rd and tuition in all the branches of French and
hah, |900 per annum for a single pupil; but
n two or more are entered at the same time, a
ml deduction will be made. The addiiienal
gee per quarter are for music, piano, and guitar,
use of instrument* |2 50; vocal music, 45. To
scholar*, the charges for tuition in the fine
irtment in French or English, are 410;
ther, #15; in the second department Brat
French or English, 48; together, ?13; in
second class French or English |7; together
in the third department, first class, French
English ?6; together |9; in the aecond
i, French or English |5; together |8; Latin |4,
r languages, drawing, painting! and dancing;
rofessor's charges. Pupils can be entered at any
, and will be charged only (him the date of their
ance. Mo deduction will be made to those who
int themselves after commencing a quarter, unprevented
from attending by sickness. Bills in
uses to be paid in advance. Every attention ie
In it.. ?l?,;??. .. .,,.11 .. _.~?i .?,i i
actions of the pupils, bat no sectarian peculiar!are
ever inculcated. Those residing in the ftitovill
attend such churches as their parents may
st, under the care of a teacher. They will atthe
Episcopal church with the Principal, when
tber directions are given. Any other informa,
and the most satisfactory references will be
n on application to the principal,
pril 25?3taw6m
L. SMITH, late Register of the Treasury,
A. THO. SMITH, Attorney and Counsellor at
and late Chief Clerk of the Navy Departt,
has associated for the transaction of a general
icy business at the aeat of government of the
;ed States, under the firm of T. L. dk A. Tho.
rn, and will attend to the prosecution and colon
of claims in the several executive departts
and before Congress; to the receipt or tinned
dividends on the old funded debtpnd the
loans; to the refundment of moneys paid for
M under protest; to the settlement of public Belts;
to claims under Indian and other treaties;
usineas connected with the French, Mexican,
politan, and Spanish indemnities; to pre-emption
other land claims; to the procuring of patents
lublic lands, and fbr scientific and useful inven ;
to the obtaining of pensions; to the purchase
sale of real estate, stocks, dtc.; and to whatever
ness may require the aid of an agent or attorhe
long experience of the members of this firm
icir late official connection with the government
made them familiar with the forms and modes
irocedurc required to be observed in the transacof
all kinds of public business. In addition to
id vantages which they are thus enabled to offer.
' pledge a prompt and faithfiil attention to all
tera which may be intrusted to their care,
he charges will be regulated by the nature of the
mm. I Altffrff vnuffit m r\n?t nnid
itock very cheap, tivdueee him to offer to the
ie great bargains. Please call and examine my
< before purchasing elsewhere, consisting of?
large assortment of new style balsaiine lawns
and bereges
lame assortment of new style cambric lawns
Do do silk and berege
shawls and scarfs
large assortment of lace mualins and cambrics
Do new style Polka and Nobe
large assortment of new style prints
Do do Pfeapolitan, Modena,
Rutland, and Braid bonnets
large assortment of new style sunshades, parnsolets,
and parasols
oi>f lend id assortment of wool-dyed black and
blue cloths
splendid assortment of wool-dyed black and
blue cjuwimeres
splendid aaaortment of light cassimeree and
linen drillings
splendid aaaortment of fancy tweeds, ail colors
and qualities
immer cloths, cnshmerets, drap d'etre, and plaid
i ho, a very extensive aaaortment of domestics of
y description.
en (Jensen's garments made up in the neatest and
t fashionable styles, at the shortest notice, and
-anted to fit and to please in all cases.
8 T. WALL,
tsylvania avenue, between 8th and 9th streets,
iposite Centra Market.
r>ril 1!??a>w3w
B8YNTHB, from 8wftseiisnd, just received
and for sale at
Wine store, Pa. ?v., near 10th street.
nia avenue.
i _ D- C., April 83d, IMS.
r P R0P06AL8, imUd and ^iilmead "Propoaal
paving antlrepairing Pennsylvania avenue,
. will be received ex ike Topegrephioal Bureau, tint
I 3 o'clock, p. m, Tueeoay, the 90th dap of Ma
, next, for graveling fourteen feet wide, on earh aid
, of the centre line (waking in all twentp>?igbt feet
, of Penaapleania avenue, between let a treat wrw an
j- 15tb atreat wast, or ao much of it ae may ba n
quired. Before depoaiting the gravel on the roar
\ way aforeaaid, the prevent Maeadamiaed eurfa
r must be carefully cleared of all dirt, mud, looi
etonea, Ac., which muat be removed from tl
, avenue. The gravel muat be of the eery Wat quel
i ig?clean, free from clay and other impurities, aul
ject, both m it regard* the size and quality of tl
materials, to the entire control of the engineer an
hiii assistants; and to be deposited in layers not ej
ceeding three inches in depth?each encceaeii
layer to be carefully rolled with a roller of eufficiei
weight to thoroughly compress the gravel, the a|
per surface of which must he finished te such leve
endorsee sections as the engineer may direst; en
the work must be com messed at such places as
times, aad executed with aa much rapidity, as I
. amy require. The proposals must stele the prii
per sulMe yard of gravel actually depmutsd ee ti
. road-way, which price must include the Seat <
clearing the road-way, graveling, and rolling i
above, and removing the paving stones at the oros:
ing places.
Proposals will also be received, at the same tits
and place, for laying a double line of curbstones tx
tween lat street west and 15th street wee
(or so much of the same as may be requited,) a
Pennsylvania avenue. The curbs to be of the bat
Potomac or Port Deposits granite, (or other stone <
equal quality,) four inches thick on the upper sui
u*. i J i n .ui...
mis, and for two inches is depth on the one M
end four mohes in depth on the ether. The etoM
to be net las* than three feet in length end eightee
utehae in depth, to bo carefully laid (in trenches) i
continuous lines, close-jointed, to a smooth, ere
aurfaoe.and to the entire satisfaction of the eng
neer. The proposals will stats the price per rur
ning foot, including materials, labor, trenching, an
all oilier things necessary to lis done for the layin
of the aforeaaid curbstones.
Proposals will also be received, at the same tin
and place, for the delivery of a sufficient quantity <
hard, oval, water-rolled paving stones, of tan
inches smeller and of five inches larger diameter, t
pave 39,400 square yards (or so much of the sum
as may be required) on Pennsylvania avenue, b<
tween let street west and 15th street west; the ssi
stones to be delivered at such times and places, an
in such quantities as the engineer or his assistant
may direct. The proposals will stats the priee <
the stone by the square or superficial yard, to t
measured after the stone has been laid; but the cor
tract will be limited to the materials only, and is n<
intended to include the labor of paving.
All materials delivered for the above work* mui
be subject to the inspection and control of the eng
neer and his assistants.
Payments will be made monthly, after dedurtin
15 per cent., to be retained as security, and to b
forfeited in case of non-falfilment of contract.
All communications in relation to the abov
work* may be forwarded by mail, under cover, t
"Col. J. J. Abert, Topographical Bureau," endorae
"Repair* .of Pennsylvania avenue."
Capt. Topographical Engineer*.
To be published three times a week in the Madi
soman, Alexandria Gazette, Potomac Herald, am
Baltimore Sun, until 90th May next.
April 93
Buns at; or Obdnancb and HrnaoaaArnT,
93d April, 1845.
PROPOSALS will be received at this Bureau ui
til 3 o'clock, p. m., of Wednesday, the 4t
day of June next, for furnishing and delivtrin
the following pistols, swords, and copper powdei
flasks, for the naval service of the United State*
1,900 pistols,
1,900 swords, and
1,900 copper powder flasks.
All the above arms must be made of materials c
the best quality; and all arms and materials to b
subject to such proof, test, and inspection as is not
applied to similar arms and materials in the army c
the United States.
The materials and the forms and dimensions c
al the parts must confbrm to those of the estat
lished patterns. The workmanship and finish mui
i be equal to those of the model arms; and the sev<
rai parts must be browned, blued, case-hardened
or polished, as in the standard models. The form
ana dimensions of the parts to be verified by veri
fying gauges already established.
Patterns of the aforegoing pistols, and ooppe
powder flasks, may be seen on application to th
commandant of either of the navy-yards, or to thi
All to be delivered on or before the 4th day c
June, 1846: one-third at the navy-yard near Boetoi
and two-thirds at the navy-yard near Mew York; t
be delivered free of charges, except as to packin
boxes?for these a fair allowance will be made.
Proposals for all or either of the above name)
articles will be received, to be sealed and endorsee
"Proposal for furnishing pistols, swords," tfce., a
the case may be.
Bonds, with two approved sureties in one-half th
amount of contract, will be required, to be entere
into within fifteen days after the time limited for rt
ceiving bids; and ten per cent, of the amount of a
bills will be retained as collateral security, for th
faithful performance of the contract, which will b
paid only on the satisfactory completion of it; an
' ninety percent, of all deliveries made will be paii
on all bills properly authenticated, according to th
provisions of this contract, within thirty days afte
their presentation to the navy agent.
To be published twice a week in the Globe, Mat
ional Intelligencer, and Constitution, Washingtov
Daily Keystone, and Fennsylvanian, Philadelphii
Evening Post, Morning News, and Journal of Com
merce, New York; Morning Post, and Daily Timet
April 33?3aw
ler 4b Co., 11th and F streets, and W. Manr
Sign of the Large Black Boot, Pennsylvania avenui
two doors from 4| street.
We beg to call the attention of our friends and th
public generally to one of the handsomest and bes
assortments to be found in the District.
Among which may be found?
Ladies' white aatin slippers
do colored morocco and kid slippers
do Esle's do do do
do fine French morocco slippers
do do kid Paris ties
do do kid and morocco village ties
do do gaiters and half gaiiaru
Misses' colored morocco village ties
do dp do slippers
do French morocco and kid slippers
do gaiters and half gaiters
Children's boots, slippers, ankle ties, and gaiters
Gentlemen's boots of every quality, from (3 51
up to 18 per pair
Gentlemen's bootees at almost any price
Gentlemen's gaiters
do slippers
Boy's fine drees bootees and coarse wear
In a word, we feel confident to aay, that wa ofFe
inducements seldom to be met with. Times ar
hard. Money scarce just now. Drafts must b
met and paid, and we must t*U, and will, low.
Half eoling, heeling, patching, anything in tb
Way of mending done to save our customers a penn;
ana put one in our osrn pockets.
11th and F stream, and
W. MANN, Sign of the
two doors from 4) street.
April 34
OREGON SEED CORN?I have to-day re
ceived a few bushels of this extraordinary
corn, introduced by General Wm. H. Harrison 11
1838, and which last year yiolded 1911 bushels tc
the sere, and shelled 74 baaWs to the barrel. Th>?
com is well worth the nflitwlls*ill's attention, as tu
yield is at least 90 par cant, over the common. Fm
a full dear notion or it ass Intent office report, 184ft
page 434- Those in want should apply eany, as thi
March 13 Corner of E and 7 th (fees*.
his firm has been appointed the agents of the
ionai Loan Fund Life Assurance 8ociely of
don, whose capital is 12,500,000, to effect life
ffice on F street, near the Treasury Department,
opposite the banking-house of Messrs. Corco&
Riggs. April 29?dlw3taw2w
HE LADIES of Washington do know that
they can buy their laces, edgings, ribands, netta,
em, &c. die., cheaper at Roby'a lace store than
other store in the District, not even excepting
real genuine.
lave just received the richest, cheapest, and
t beautiful assortment of laces, edgings, ribands,
i, flowers, gloves, mitts, ruches, French worked
rs, mourning collars, Polka bands, nett caps,
s, and a new style of dress cap, ever before
?d to the ladies of Washington,
have just opened about 100 different patterns
iread edgings, from 6{ cents to 37(. Metis of
atest patterns and styles for capes and caps,
i 3 cents to 100 per yard. Lisle laces and edgof
all prices and descriptions, none of which
be leas than half cent per yard. Bonnet and
ribands of all styles and colors, and from 1 cent
I per yard. A most beautiful assortment of
ers of allprices and qualities. Only a few more
if those French worked collars, which are very
p. Met caps only 5 cents; good solid headed
5 cents per paper; twisted silk mitts only 19J
i. A very beautiful assortment of riband edges
cheap; dress caps, from 95 cents to |1; capes
i 75 cents to $9; cambric edges and inserting*
cheap; and ten thousand other articles, which
i determined to sell cheaper than any other
i in the world.
pril 30?fit
CHEAP CASH STORE.?The subscriber
ectfully informs the public that he haa just resd
a large and beautiful clock of near spring
Is, which he intends selling, as he has heretofore
s, twenty-five per cent, less than they ran be
hased elsewhere in the District. His advents^atna
mink mm (a Via if a ana kloil Kim Ia tuiaakaaa
pointed, by and under inatructions from this Bureeu,
and bom will ba received which ahall not s
pm ffwlt inspection.
Persona who may wiah to famish hemp perfectly
(fea from tow, aad ready for spinning, can forward
aaparais propoaals for such hemp; which heap, if
? the propoaals should ba accepted, must, like the oth.1
ar, ba subject to inspection and approval at said
navy-yard before it will ba received.
' Persons making offers must state the price naked
i per ton of 3^40 pounds, delivered at said navyyaril,
aad must forward with tham an obligation
. from two persons of sufficient property to become
[ sureties for the fulfilment of the contract M be enteretl
into, in one-third the amount of said coo tract.
? To diminish the hmcard to eontractore of forward,<
in* hemp from the wsatsrn Slates, which may not
p '>? of proper quality, or sufficiently well prepared,
^ the Secretary of tha Navy has appointed twd agents,
? who will, whsn requastad, inspect hemp that may
d be prepared end iateaded to Aildl contracts to be made
c. u. r. ui>> ?i?eniNMnt. UM?f (MM agents Will
inspect the hemp that may be MM to Louisville,
. Kentucky, and the other that which amy be sen
to 8t. Louie, in Mieeouri. Thooe agents will bo
I, furnished with samples of the Riga Rem hemp, extATOnffiSafe
will be ready to give all mfctmaliaa ia their power,
to enable ooMiaeeere to base their hemp properly
vy-yaru ia incurred. It moat ho dtMntotty understood.
howerer, that the inspection and opinion of
these agents is merely to diminish the risk to contractors,
by furnishing usefttl iniormalion. The only
inspection by which the hemp ean be finally received
and paid for win be that at the nary-yard
| where it ia to be dalteured.
In addition to the bonds which will be required
for the faith Ail performance of the contract, ten per
centum will be deducted from the amount of all Wis
for deliveries, and retained until the completion of
the contract, as additional security for ita perform
a a rice. i he remaining ninety per centum will be
_ paid within thirty deye after bille, dety approved,
n a hail be presented to the navy agent at Boston,
n Massachusetts.
: To be publiehed once a week for four weeka in
K the following newepapers, vis: The Globe and Ind
tellieencer, Washington, D. C.; Morning Poet and
, peijy Times, Boston, Mass.; Hampden Poet,
Springfield, Maes.i Hartford Times, Hartford,
ie Conn.; Journal of Commerce, Morning Newt, Evenine
Post, New York, N.' Y.; Pennsylvanian, Publie
Ledger, Philadelphia, Pa.; Morning POat, Pitteburgh,
Pa.; Uaioa, Harrieborg, Pa.; Republican,
e Baltimore. Md.; Eaquiier, Richmond, Va.; Cbrooicle
and Old Dommian, Porthmouth, Va.: Jsdhrsod
nian, New Orleans, La.; Union, Nashville, Tens.;
d Appeal, Memphis, Te?n.; Gazette, Lexington, Ky.;
, , Democrat, Louisville, Ky.; Stateeatsn, Columbus,
*f O.-, Enquirer, Cincinnati, O.i State Sentinel, lam
dianapolia, Indiana; Register, Springfield, III.; Demo
erat, Chicago, 111.; Free Pit*, Detroit, Mich.; Mk
(( sou nan, 8t. Louie, Mo.
The above papers, containing the advertisement,
, will he forwarded to the Bnreeu as evidence of publication.
April 18?lawdw
Nsvv DaraamRMT,
, Barren (tf Jh uiifilau sad Rdktf,
n May 9, IMS.
d "PROPOSALS, scaled and endorsed "Proposals
I for Tobaeeo," wi? be reeeived at this bureau
until 3 o'clock, p. m., on Tuesday, the third day of
June neat, for furnishing and dafivaring at the Uni
I. ted States navy-yards at Bnaum, New York.anJ
d Norfolk, whsre samples are deposited, auoh quart
tity of tobaeeo (probably, id an, about one hundred
thousand pounds, mora or I era) u may be required
by the chief of (hi? bureeu, di* by the respective
commandants of the said nsvyy?rds. daring the
Seeel yeer eoeeeoeMinC oh IM drat day Of July
next, end ending June 30, t84fo
The tobscco shall be equal in quality to the nearplea
at the mid navy-yard*. None of it ahall ba m
. manufactured during the itillMr dHHtfos; all shall *
h have undergone a natural sweat, anibe braadot
. with the name of tha madafocturar, year whoa, an#
* the place when, it wan manufactured; end be delhe,
erad in wrong boxee containing from fifty to ana
' hundred pounde each, and ahatl bo focpsekd at the
place of delivery by the inapeotor at th* yh*4 appointed
by the Navy Department. ''
Contractors not reeidfof ar thd plaeea where do>f
liveries era required, must establish agvntiea at
^ such places, that no delay may arise in formMng
? what may be required; and when a contractor foils
,f promptly to comply with n raquiaition, dM navy
agent at the port where the tobaeco k raqaliad to bo
,f delivered ahall be nuthorizod to porohdsedse Same;
H and the contractor ahall be liabie for any eXOeae of
? cost over the contract price.
Bidders whom proposals era aeeepted (and nono
l" others) will be forthwith notified thereof) and three
J days over and above the ordinary time raqarirtd for
l the regular transmimion of the mail will be Mokmt
for them to signify their readiness to Ontar into eonr
tract; and ten days over and above the ordinary thnn
e required foi the regular tranemieaion of th* mail
a wih be allowed for the execution kid return of a
contract end bond; at the expiration Of which pert
node, if no answer be received or cOntraet and bond
, returned, the supply will fa* offered to the next low0
eat bidder, according to law.
_ The department reserves the right to reject ell bid*
8 from persons who have heretofore foiled to execute
j tlieir contracts.
1 Bonds, with two approved sureties in one-third
the estimated amount of the respective contracts,
will be required; end ten per eentnm in addition will
e be withheld from the amount or all paymente on aoj
count thereof, aa collateral aaoarity, in addition to
. the bond giran, to aecnre ita performance, and not
I in any event to be paid until it ia in nil ree
apeeta complied with; and ninaty per centum of tha
amount of nil dcliveriea mada will ba paid by tha
d Nary Agent within thirty daya after bills duly aud
themicated ahall hava been paeaanted to Mm.
e To bermbliahcd once a week until June S, in tha
r Union, Constitution, Intelligencer, Washington, D.
C.; Post and Timea, Boston; Brsning Beat. Morn[.
ing News, and Plebeian, New York; tfannsylvanian,
J. Philadelphia; Republican, Baltimore; Enquirer,
,! Richmond; Republican, Petersburg; Old Domtnioe,
^ Portsmouth, Virginia.
, Proprietors of tha abort paper* will be pleased to
' send a copy of the paper containing tha aboraade
rertiaement to this bureau.
May 51?InwtJS
NEW OUITAR MUBtC.jdatreceived.?WM.
FICHER, Pennsylvania avenue, two doom
' east of 19th street, has lust receired Urn following
new muaic, which will be eoM at four cants per
' ew we naet forerer, arranged by Weilland
In forest glaaes; do do do
When night comet o'er the plain; arranged bf Waitland
Heaven light this scene of misery; arranged by
I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halla; arranged by
WiUand '
My heart returna to thee again;arranged by Weilland
pilot; 40 00 oo
Beautiful Venice; do do do
Darmot A at ore do do do
Oh I why dcaire to light that free: do do do
Rondo from dm Fille du Regiment; arranged by
" Six popular German waltzea
Twaa ten o'clock; arranged by Weilland
Then you'll remember me; arranged be Weilland
Rome theu art no more; do do do
I have eofne from a happy land; do do do
Mary Gray; do do do
r The Gondolier; arranged by Balfe.
' April 91
e __
CHEAP SHOE STORES.?You are hereby notified
to be and appear at one of our ahoa atorea
r on or before the firet time you went a new pair of
Boot* or Shoea, and then and there fit youraeif from1
a large aaeortment at prioja to auit the tineaa.
J. E. FOWLER 4 Co., /
11th and F etreeta, and
W. MAHftT^
Sign of the LARGE BOOT,
P?M. ae., near 41 atreat.
April 17
A THEODOLITE in perfect order, imported by
Chartea Renard, ma from Peru. Price filOU
For aale at JULHT8 A. PETERS*
Wine at ore, Pa. ar., near 10th atreet.
Ian 16
PALE ALB. For aale at
Wine atore, Ph.1 ar.. near 10th (treat,
1 Jw 10 T *

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