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Duly paper by the year in adranoe $10 00
" " (or leu than a year, f I per month.
Semi-Weekly paper by thi year, in advance 00 '
" (or lua than a year, *0 car par
Weekly paper by the year (with an index) ? 00
" " (or aix months . . I 00 '
Subscription* to the Daily (or leas than two. to the HamiWeekly
for lees than four, or to the Weekly for leu than
six mouths w ill not be received.
II not paid within the first aix months, the Daily papei
will be fi 14, the Semi-Weekly pi, and the Weekly <0 40 a
Spheeribera may discontinue their papers at any time by
paving (or the time they have received them; Out??( without
Thus who subscribe for a year and do not at the time oi
subscribing order a discontinue at the end of it. w ill be considered
subscribers until they order the paper to be stopped,
and pay arrearages.
Twalva lines, or leu, three insertions $1 00 ,
Every additional insertion 44
Longer advertisements charged in proportion.
A liberal discount made to thoaa who advertise by the
year. 1
.til jtsywsul* to ba made in advenes. Those whe have not j
an opportunity of paying otherwise, may remit by mail, at
our risk, The postmaster's certificate of such
remittance shall he a sufficient receipt therefor. The notes '
of any specie-nay ing bank will be received.
No attention will be (ism to any order unless the money, ot
? postmaster $ certificate thai it has bean remitted, accompanies
Letters to the Proprietors, charged with postage, will not
be taken out of the past ojfUe.
Opposite President's Square, I street, Washington,
(house of Col. Bomford, between
the residences of Mrs. Gen. Macomb and
Commodore Morris.) <
MISS HEANEY, of Boston, Massachusetts,
Principal Instructress, respectfully invites the
attention of her friends, and parents and guardians
interested, to the re-establishment of her Academy,
hoping in their favor for the early entrance of the
boarding and day scholars she may receive, and for
whom every arrangement is made to insure, by her
own unremitted attention, thorough instruction, and
improvement in elementary and elevated learning,
with the beet advantages of residence.
Mies H.'s Academy, being so eligibly placed in
the quiet neighborhood of many well-known families
near the President's House and the Departments,
in the family residence many years of Col. Bomford,
spacious and convenient, with its large garden
and pleasant scenery, is esteemed the most desirable
in the vicinity for the charge. Miss H. resumes the
useful and liberal education of young ladies.
Employing her best abilities to make her Academy
permanent in this community, and encouraged
to trust that her task will ere long be favored by the |
support it bespeaks, resident instructresses and other |
professors of the highest skill and character will al '
ways be engaged for any required aid; while Miss J
Heaney, as Principal, will instruct her pupils individually
in whatever pursuits of learning or accom- J
plishmenta they may engage. ;
The government of these young ladies will be J
that of home education of daughters, of her early
study and much experience in Miss HeAtiey's
charge of pupils in Boston, Washington, and elsewhere;
simply for the best individual improvement
of the talents, moral and mental culture of such .
youth; regulations and order prescribed for them in
this family mode of living, as of tuition, study, em- ployment,
and recreation, those only which are due 8
to insure the entire welfare of daughters by mater- ?
nal education and care. '
Young ladies may thus be residents in Miss Hea- 8
ney's Academy, having instruction for any acquire- 8
mcnts desired, exclusive of others, and may have
that leisure and intercourse with society, to which 8
the attention of parents, guardians, or Miss Hea- 8
nev, may be duly given. t *
Morning exercises of instruction in the English
and French texts alternately, reading, elocution, c
grammar, composition, geography, history, belles 1
lettrea, arithmetic, &c., including plain ana elegant e
penmanship, linear drawing of maps, dbc., elements ^
of music in singing, and the primary exercises of 8
dancing, especially these most improving the demeanor
and health of the young.
Introductory class, $6; junior, $8; senior, ?10- I
Tuition in the Latin, Italian, and other languages,
may be given per auarter. f
Music, vocal and instrumental, $10, $12, or *15,
according to the lessons. 1
Drawing and painting in crayon, water, and oil c
colors, flowers, landscapes, heads, portrait and miniature,
as above.
Dancing tuition at professor's lessons, $6.
Needlework mostly without extra charge. }
Board, $25.
Testimonials of Miss Heaney's long engagement
in the education of young ladies, on the principles |
S'ven, will be made known by the kindness of D.
. Hall, esq., in the writing, of early and recent '
date, of many of the following references:
Hon. James Savage, Hon. Edward Everett, R.
G. Shaw, eaq.; Rev. J. Pierpoint, Hon. Richard
SUIUVan, Key. J. F. UlarK, Huston.
James Larned, Hon. J. P. Van Ness, Rev. Septimus
Tuston, Chaplain U. S. Senate, Major T. L.
Smith, Dr. Wm. Guntnn, Wm. G. Eliot, Win.
Fischer, and lata Captain De Lagnel, Washington.
Hon. Philemon Dickerson, New Jersey; Gen.
John A. Dix, New York; Hon. Louis McLane and
N. F. Williams, Baltimore; Joseph R. Chandler,
Philadelphia; Col. R. M. Johnson, Kentucky; Gen. ?
Cass, Detroit; Joseph L. Locke, Savannah; Col. J.
B. Walback; Hon. Eld ward Turner, Mississippi;
Hon. Alfred Henner, New Orleans; Hon. J. Thompson,
do.; Orville Dewey, D. D.. Wm. C. Bryant,
Thos. Nesmith, Rev. H. W. Bellows, Hon. Wm.
Emmerson, Col. N. Bunell, Carville A. Co., S. Colman,
G. F. Beateau, Dr. 8. G. Foster, C. S. Francis,
New York; Major Eklmund Piriby, Brownsville,
N. Y.; Charles S. Wallach, esq., Washington;
Dr. E. H. Barton, S. J. Peters, esq., New Or*
leans. March 31?w2mif
t _ e
To mail contractors, applicant* for the appointment qf 8
Postmasters, Sfc-, Ife. c
THE undersigned having been associated with
the General Post Office Department for more j
than twenty years, and being perfectly familiar with ~
its details of business, now oners his services to such I
of his old friends the contractors, as may be disposed
to patronize him, to transact any business which "
they may have from time to time with the department,
and on such terms as will not fail to be ac- "
ceptable to them. A letter to him at any time, post
paid, will be promptly attended to. i
To applicants for the appointment of postmaster*, J5
he will, upon the remission of a fee of l{
postage paid, see that their petitions or recommends- "!
tions are received and on file at the department, or, if cl
not, give them due notice thereof, and also give at- "
tention to their interests until the decision of the
Postmaster General is made, and then notify them J5"
of the result, be it favorable or adverse. It must be ~
certainly no small satisfaction, after the trouble of 1
procuring such testimonials, to be assured that they 81
have been duly received and brought to the notice .
of the appointing power. To such as may favor 11
him in this particular branch of his agency, ne cannot
fail to give entire satisfaction.
I Til* ?n,T..-:_.w..i ....it .1 ..... -I-;? n
other business which may be intrusted to his care
and supervision, before any of the departments of ^
the general government.
Washington City. ^
April 3?Gin ^
254 Broadway, opposite the City Hall, New York,
IMPORTER and dealer in carpettngs, floor oil- N
cloths, Ac., would respectfully solicit the atten- f*
tion of dealers and others visiting the city, to his ex- u1
tensive assortment of French Aubusaon, Exminater,
Royal Velvet Wilton, Geneva Velvet, Tapestry, Br
Brussels, Threenly, Ingrain and Venetian Carpet- ra
ings, Floor Oil-cloths, Ac., to which he is doily adding
the newest and most elegant patterns, received I
by the latest importations, comprising the largest
and richest assortment of carpeungs and floor oil- R
, cloths in the United Slates. The strongest inducementa
arc offered to purchasers, as, from his great
facilities and long experience in the business, be is
enabled to furnish them with the latest and beat
My lea of goods at the most moderate prices.
March ??2m
FH I OR BAUS OR RENT.?A neat framed cottage
house containing aix roomi, kitchen, cowhouse,
Ac., with two eniiare* of ground attached,? '
one of which ia enclosed with a new fence, and is in th
Rood eta of cultivation?situated near the bound- w
><ry of this city. This properly is in a pleasant and n(
healthy locality; and having upon it two large and M
never wiling springs, so elevated that water may be
conducted to any part of it, ia admirably adanted to -
ian early garden, or a dairy. It will be rented on
moderate term* to a good tenant; en Id cheap fbr
raah; or exchanged in part payment for a new me- d
urn aired comfortable brick dwelling euitably aitu- 71
ted in the let, 2d, or 3d werd of the city. 1 j1
For further particulars apply to t0
To Lawyers, Merchants, Mechanics, Farm
ers, and Public Officers, 6(C. J
N rttfirin<r fW\m hia aIK?i'iiI aiatinn na AftHlMfitnL >
I ) Postmaster General, JOHN S. SKINNER J
levotea himself to the transaction o general agkn- a
;t auriMBis, particularly in connection wnh the ya- a
ious departments of the national government?busi- >
ieas in which he is henceforth associated with p
HENRY O'REILLY, of the State of New York. ,|
Persons in any part of the United Stales, who f
lave business to transact with either department of p
he general government at Washington, or with any 0
>f the State governments, or who require researches i]
o be made in the public records any where in the v
Union, can have their requests promptly amended ?
o, by addressing the undersigned. b
Extensive acquaintance throughout the Union, v
consequent on the long-continued connection of both t|
he undersigned with the newspaper press, with the a
lost office and other public organizations, will great- a
y facilitate the prosecution of inquiries andtrnnsac- b
ion of business through their agency. p
Lawyers, public office.s, contractors, and others u
laving business arising under contracts, or under g
he pension, post office, or patent laws?merchants j,
lesiring remission of duties, &c.?mechanics or in- d
entors requiring patents?and farmers having bu- p
ineaa with the General Land Office, may find this p
gency conducive to their interest in the way of t,
iromptness and economy. Claims under treaties p
villi the Indian nauons or foreign governments /
Jso attended to. ?
Special attention will be paid to those who wish to |j
uy or sell lands in Virginia and other southern n
bates; and inquirers, from the North or South, are s
espectfully referred to our circular concerning "ag- fl
icultural improvement in the southern States," c
ately published in the Globe, Intelligencer, and b
ither journals. j
Letters must be potl-frte, to insure attention; and v
nay be addressed to the subscribers, either at Al- |j
lany, New York, or Washington?particularly at c
he latter place. a
jT3=*Sensible of the manifold courtesies with t,
vhich he has been honored by editors of all parties, c
rom the time when he established the first agricul- t|
ural journal in America more than a quarter-cen- a
ury ago, JOHN S. SKINNER adds this note for 0
he purpose of saying that it will afford him great c
ileasure to maintain tne intercourse thus long con- 0
inued, and to reciprocate the services of editorial (l
riends who may now favor him with a few inser- p
ions of this notice. e
April 1 a
Office of Com. of Public Buildings,
March 18, 1845. "
Proposals, sealed and endorsed [,
"Proposals for painting the President's Man- p
ion," will be received at this office until 3 o'clock, j|
i. m., on Wednesday, the 21st day of May next, 8(
or painting with two coats of paint the outside t(
tone, wood, and iron work of the President's man- n
ion, which has been heretofore painted, including tj
he wings, terraces, porticos, roof, and ballustrade; g
lso for painting witn two coats of paint all the inide
stone, wood, and iron work of said mansion,
vhich has been heretofore painted, with the excep- ?
ion of the east room, which will require but one
oat of paint; also for painting with one coat of
>aint all the walls which have been heretofore paint- I
d; and also for varnishing all the mahogany doors,
vindow sash, hand-rails, and balusters. All cracks .
ind breaks to be stopped with putty by the contractor. {
Die proposals to state the gross amount for which tj
ach work will be executed. The materials to be ),
if the best quality, and the work to be executed in ?
he best manner, subject to the inspection of such |(
terson or persons as the commissioner may appoint n
or that purpose. The contractor will have to enter j
nto a bond, with approved security, for the faithful t|
ompletion of the work by the first of October next.
March 18? ?
To be published twice a week in the National In- t|
elligencer. gl
:arpet hall and depot, philadel n
phia. 0
CARPETINGS, floor furniture, silk and carriage ]j
oil clotlis, mattings, and window shades.
House-keepers "attention!" f,
100 pieces Brussels and Wilton raroetings 0
?00 do saper three ply imperial and ingrain
do ?
1000 do medium and fine ingrain do t]
500 do venjtian and damask, assorted widths n
fiOft do hfimn. rntton nnd rnrr mrnptfi _
500 do Nankin, Canton and Spanish matting ?
100 do druggeta and woollen floor cloths f,
100 do furniture oil cloths, 3-4 to 6-4 wide s
2000 yards floor oil cloths, from 1 to 8 yards t]
wide f,
100 transparent oiled window shades, Italian
moonlight and landscape views t;
4000 New England patent blinds
100 bales alicant matts, assorted sizes ft
200 do manilla and jute .mats
500 Wilton, Brussels and tufted hearth rugs h
5 cases embroidered Parisian muslin curtains
2 do worsted carpet binding p
500 dozen brass stair-rods
5 cases embroidered cloth and worsted piano
and table covers
This mammoth stock, laid in for cash, comprising
very variety of pattern, will be sold wholesale and
etail, at the warehouses, 18 and 20 north Second t(
treet, up stairs, at five per cent, advance for cash or tI
ity acceptances, with interest added.
Jan. 28?ly i,
JT L. SMITH, late Register of the Treasury,
nd A. THO. SMITH, Attorney and Counsellor at g
.aw, and late Chief Clerk of the Navy Depart- c|
lent, has associated for the transaction of a general (,
gency business at the seat of government of the 0
In i led States, under the firm of T. L. & A. Tito.
mith, and will attend to the prosecution and col- n
iction of claims in the several executive depart- Hl
tents and before Congress; to the receipt of unlaimed
dividends on the old funded debt and the ?
ew loans; to the refundment of moneys paid for
uties under protest; to the settlement of public ac- t|
:>unts; to claims under Indian and other treaties;
> business connected with the French, Mexican,
leapolitan, and Spanish indemnities; to pre-emption _
nd other land claims; to the procuring of patents
ir public lands, and for scientific and useful invenons;
to the obtaining of pensions; to the purchase 1
nd Rule nf r#>n! enOilf Mtorkn. Ac..: and to whatever J
usincss may require (he aid of on agent or attorey.
The long experience of the members of this firm si
l their late official connection with the government b<
as made them familiar with the forms nnd modes
r procedure required to be observed in the transacon
of all kinds of public business. In addition to
le advantages which they are thus enabled to offer,
ley pledge a prompt and faithful attention to all
isiters which may be intrusted to their care.
The charges will be regulated by the nature of the
jsiness. Letters must be post paid.
This firm has been appointed the agents of the
alional Loan Fund Life Assurance Society of
ondon, whose capital is |2,500,000, to effect life
Office on F street, near the Treasury Department,
id opposite the banking-houne of Messrs. Corcon
A Riggs. April 29?dlw3taw2w
ShEAP SHOE STORES?You are hereby noJ
tified to be and appear at one of our shoe stores' h<
i or before the first time you want a new pair of w
oots or Shoes, and then and there fit yourself from ci
large assortment at prices to suit the times.
J. E. FOWLER A Co., gi
Uth and F streets, and at
Sign of the LAROE BOOT, -a
Penn. av., near 4| street.
April 17 _ th
jrr ILKINSON'S CEMENT?for restoring Chi- *
f\ na, earthenware, glass, wood, and marble,
at are broken, to their former state of usefulness, b<
ithout disfiguring in the least, and in such a manir
that fire, air, or hot water will not affect them;
id the article repaired fit for use in thirty minutes.
Also, Chinese diamond cement for the same pur- &
*e. For sale by
Jan 30 Corner of E and 7th atresia.
VA is the best medicine in use for children subject a
cholic, flatulence, Ac , and may be had at 191
in la per vial at the drug store comer of E and 7th th
April 18 J. F. CALLAN. ,,
J? Ps
'VencA and English seminary for Young Ladies, corner
of ? and 9Ih streets, Washington cite.
rHE location of this seminary is one of the most
desirable in the city, on account of its healthy U
nd airy position. The house is large and commoious,
with ample grounds and other facilities for
musement and recreation. The principal, so well ' 0
nd favorably known in this city, and in New
fork, from her long experience in teaching, hopes '
3 give entire satisfaction to all who may confide *
heir daughters to her care. She is a native of "V
'ranee, and familiar with its language and liters- 1U"
ore, and conversant with the best and easiest modes wnl
f imparting to her pupils a perfect knowledge of n,U!
fiat language, so that they con not only read and stor
rrite, but speak it fluently. She has secured able nvei
sristants for various departments, so that all fV~~
ranches of an English as well as French education Ject
rill lie thoroughly taught. Pupils who reside in "l*1
he family have the peculiar advantages of hearing,
nd conversing at all times in the French language, feel
nd of perfecung themselves in the science of music,
eing under the surveillance of an experienced wel
sacher. The course of instruction, besides the Per.
sual elementary branches, includes all the higher
tudies pursued in the most approved northern sem- .
laries. 1 he discipline is mild and anecuonate, yet
ecided, and is maintained by appeals to the anec- ""lions
and conscience of the pupil; it is designed, by a P?r
roper development and cultivation of the better tt<
utilities of the heart, to bind more affectionately the <-'?a
iupil to her teacher, and by it to secure obedience. . 0
is sound physical, moral, and intellectual improve- "HL
(lent and culture, are the great objects desired, it is *
be aim of the principal not so much to crowd the an"
memory with words, as to draw forth and train the 'we
ystematic and vigorous action, the observing, reecting,
und active powers of the mind. The *,en
harges to those who reside in the family are, for "ot
oard and tuition in all the branches of French and ?1u
English, $200 per annum for a single pupil; but 'a<*
/hen two or more are entered at the same time, u enjj
beral deduction will be made. The additional a
hnrges per quarter are for music, piano, and guitur, '? ,
15; use of instrument, $2 50; vocal music, $5. To lnc
ay scholars, the charges for tuition in the first 00,1
epartment in French or Engjish, are $10; BUrl
jgether, $15; in the second department first n?ei
lass French or English, $8; together, $12; in n'n<
be second class French or English $7; together a" '
10; in the third department, first class, French '
r English $6; together $9; in the second *
lass, French or English $5; together $8; Latin $4, an"
ther languages, drawing, painting, and dancing; '
t professor's charges. Pupils can be entered at any ,n<*'
une, and will be charged only from the date of their Pav
ntrance. No deduction will be made to those who tts r
bsent themselves after commencing a quarter, un- ,we
;sb prevented from attending by sickness. Bills in ?t0'
11 cases to be paid in advance. Every attention is ln 8
aid to the religious as well us moral and intellectual r'm'
istructions of the pupils, but no sectarian peculiariles
arc ever inculcated. Those residing in the fam- J??1
y will attend such churches as their parents may
elect, under the care of a teacher. They will at- lnt*j
snd the Episcopal church with the Principal, when "
o other directions are given. Any other informa- f
ion, and the most satisfactory references will be ne?j
iven on application to the principal. "
April 25?3taw6m
iign of the Golden Hat, west of Brown's "R<
Hotel, Washington.
U SUMMER BUSINESS?The proprietor of 1
lie above extensive establishment, in announcing to gn|(
is customers the arrival of a part of his new and .
plendid stock of spring and summer fashions, begs
save to assure them that every article not of his own
tanufacturc has been purchased with the greatest PIS
iscrimination as regards style and quality, and at
he very lowest rates for cash, and trusts that the
eputation it has so long enjoyed as the place for the
tost tasteful articles in his line will be fully susuned.
The moHt assiduous and unremitting per- TJ
onal attention will be given, it being his wish to flake
his the most popular establishment in the d?y
Gentlemen's splendid black beaver hats, extra A?*1
ght, for summer. v'z:
Gentlemen's splendid cassimere hats, extra light,
ir summer, unsurpassed for fineness and evenness
f texture aud symmetrical figure.
Gentlemen's moleskin hats, richly lustred and A
lost elegantly finished. The undersigned believes
lat the manufacture of this most favorite wear is Bub.
ow perfected. Its peculiar qualities are, first, the aPP
ichness and permanence or its color; secoqd, its
real durability, from not being liable to crack or ^
reak; third, being entirely water-proof, and its ? ^
hane not altered bv the heat of summer: fourth. I'*h'
ic price being only about one-half of the sum asked be 4
sr a hat bu ta few years since. I
The Parisian steel-framed hat, for some peculiari- or P
ea very desirable. J11?
Gentlemen's pure white Oregon beaver hats, very fy'J]
ne and rich. ''
Gentlemen's white, pearl, and blue casaimere P?w
ats. com
Panama hats, with extra wide brims, "Orleans buri
attern," very while and beautifully shaped. "
Gentlemen's leghorn, double and single brims. Jun
Ladies' riding hats, new style. ftnd
Boys' Genoa hats. . he ?
Do. Parisian hats. box
A few cartons children's Florence caps, believed P
> be all of the kind ever imported, most tastefully arl''
immed. "I>r
Infants' fine leghorn hats, of select patterns. the
A very large assortment of boys' and children's B
:ghorn, seanette, and other summer hats, une- arnt
ualled in extent, variety, and style. into
The undersigned will give his attention to the !
nishing of these according to regulations Also, * .,
liapeaux for the diplomatic corps; together with P?
lue cloth cops, embroidered to suit every branch
f service, as? ? '
General staff, medical staff, topographical engi- Rj
eer, ordnance, artillery, infantry, revenue, marine, ~
[id navy. .
Leather and other hat boxes, tones, umbrellas,
C* ... pv?
Articles ordered sent as directed, and delivered in
lis city free of charge. Terms cash. J?er
W. B. TODD. Bo?
April 22?d6t3tawtf
BOTELER, DONN A. CO., Pennsylvania ave- gj?r
nue. opposite the Centre Market, have in store ,JL
le most extensive slock of house-furnishing goods y
int can be found in the District, and all laid in at pu^
ich prices as to enable them to sell as low as can j,gl,0
5 found (of the same quality) anywhere. Their ^
ock embraces a general assortment of? L
Cabinet ware and chairs
China, glass, and crockery ware
Plated Britannia and German silver goods
Knives and forks in sets of 51 pieces, and detached
Cornelin's celebrated solar oil and lard lamps
Waiters and tea trays
Hall lanterns and lamps
Shovel and tongs, andirons and fenders
Cooking utensils of every description in common
use c
Tin and wooden ware q
Baskets, table mats, and looking glasses t
Beds, mattresses, and bedsteads q
Brushes, combs, spittoons, Ac. q
Persons furnishing can And every article used in
)usekeeping at fair prices, and all delivered safe jj,
ithout charge, or packed securely to leave ^ In
B. We have just received from the importer a
Kid stock of superior French china dinner, desert, met
id tea sets. H
\l nia avenue, two doors east of 13th street, has
is day received the following new music, which
ill be sold at a reduced price:
Air from the Opera La Double Echelle?vansins.
Composed by H. Rosellen.
II Deaideria Pensfe Romantique. Par H. Cramer. A]
Le Diadfmo?brilliant variations. Par Hunter. ?
Fantasia for the Piano, or the ssoat favorite airs in f\]
ossini's opera of Othello.
Transvlvanis Waltt. By Wm. Jucho. corn
Transylvania March. ByWm.Jucho. IB39
Oh! native acenea?aong. By Phillips. t),e ,
Sort murmurs the Kale. Music hy John A. Still, com
1 remember, I remember the aged alma so gray? yield
song. Music by Wm. Jueho. a ft,)
The Lyre?a collection of airs, marches, Ac., for page
eruitar. By Weilland. eupr
Fra Dirolo Gallop. By Viereck.
May8 M
lily llti
Waihinoton, D. C., April 33d, 1845. ?
iROPHSAI S hpaM Mild iniiortAii ^PrnnoAuL Rnnviii or fnuiTfliirTinw Run
for paving and repairing Pennsylvania avenue,"
I be received at ihe Topographical Bureau, until T)ROPOSALS, sealed and
i'clock, p. m , Tuesday, the 90th day of May ? eeived at this Bureau unt
.?, for graveling fourteen feet wide, on each aid t>,e jfoh June next, for furnish
be centre line (making in all twenty-eight feet) following quantities of flax ant
Vnnsylvama avenue, between 1st street west and mock und bag stuff, and flf
a street west, or so much of it as may be re- vjz.
red. Before depositing the gravel on the road- CO r
f aforesaid, the present Macadamized surface TtaX Lanv
it be carefully cleared of aH dirt, mud, loose
les, Ac., which must be removed from the
nue. The gravel must b? of the eery but quali clean,
free from clay and other impurities, sub,
both as it regards the size and quality of the Lbs. av<
trials, to the entire control of the engineer and 600 bolts of No-l.sach bolt to w?
assistants; and to be deposited in layers not ex- **? 2? 0?E0'!' a0 5?
ling three inches in depth-each successive ^ d? ?f n?0. 4, do do dc
sr to be carefully rolled with a roller of sufficient eon do of No. s, do do d?
ght to thoroughly compress the gravel, the up- l*> do of No. e, do do dc
surface of which must be fin isheato such levels J?? ?C20,J? A.? "Jo d?
cross sections as the engineer may direct; and 100 d.? of No' 9' do do d<
work must be commenced at such places and Cotton Can
es, and executed with as much rapidity, an he 400 bolls of No. 4, each bolt to wsig
f require. The proposals muet state the price wo do of No. #, do do do
cubic yard of gravel actually deposited on the j?? JJo.e do do do
1-way, which price must inclede the cost of M Jo of No, g( do do do
ring the road-way, graveling, and rolling as wo do of No. w[ do do do
ve, and removing the paving sU-i's at the oroea- do ?' Mo. id, da do do
Place?- , . Cotton Hammock ant
roposals will also be received, at the same time , ,, , , , _
place, for laying a double line of curbstones be- bolts hammock stuff, eat
en 1st street west and 15th atteet west, Pounds avoirdupow ^
so much of the same as maybe required,) on oolu bag stuff, each bolt
insylvania avenue. The curbs to be of the best avoirdupois
omac or Port Deposits granite, (or other stone of Twine.
al quality,) four inches thick on the upper sur- 3 600 flax twine
1, to be carefully hammer-drasaed on the top and a 400 bounds twine,
s and for two indies 1.1 depth on the one side 'The7ttI to be 20 ii
four inches in depth on the other. The stones to contain 40 running yart
? not less than Oiree feet in length and eighteen Btrength of the flax ^Va w
tea in depth, to be careful^ laid (in tranches) in exce?t for No. y whlch will fc
tinuous line*, close-jointed, to a smooth, even mck 1
race, and to the entire satisfaction of the engi- The mUm un,u to be 20 i
r. The proposals will state the price per run- bo? to contain 50 running yarc
S foot including materials labor trenching, and The hammock .mflrto 42 in.
Dther things necessary to be done for the laying 50 mnning yar
he aforesaid curbstones. The bag stuff to be 42 incbea
'roposals will also be receivid, at the same time t0 ^^50 ru??ing yardi.
place, for the delivery of? sufficient quantity of The twin? must Binform
J, oval water-rolled paving stones, of three threads nd in other re8 ctl
lessmalerandof five inches larger diameter, to which 'Bhft|, ^ mad# fr? ,
e 39,400 square yards (or so much of the same vanjs
nay be required) on Pennsylvania avenue, be- &>obols No. j flax
en 1st street west aid 15th street west; the said 100 bl>lu> No. 2 do do
ies to be delivered it such times and places, and 95 No. 6 do do
uch quanu ies as die engineer or his assistanu j5b0iu.No. 7 do do
Miroct 1 he proposals will state the pnee of 40boltaNo.8 do do
stone by the square or jm,ierficial yard to be 400 lbs. flax sewing twine
isured after the stone has been laid; but the con- 7n i^\ta a
t will be limited to the materials only, and is not I?, ?? ??' i ^
nded to include the labor * paving. *J?' ? d?
ill materials delivered for the above works must . Wy.it. a i?
hiAd to the inftrysdinn and control of the en?i. -~ . ! . 0 a.? _U0
r and his assistant ? Bl,m
ayments will be made monthly, after deducting ^ |ba Kwin twine
per cent., to be retained as security, and to be Tobe delivered ftt?he navyeitcu
in case of non-fulfilment of contract. . ..
ill communications in relation to the above nf nM h
ks may be forwarded by mail, under cover, to
,L J. Abort,Topographical bureau," endorsed J-JAvy^.ChaXt
ipairs of Pennsylvania avenue." and Brooklyn,Vew York; and
cpu Topapg,Siw ?S?L 2?"
'o be published three times a week in the Madi- u,mmnJi. J i?, , ? _j
ian, Alexandria Gazette, Potomac Herald, and *"? J*
sra.8""."--*? "*"?? 5?S?3';:
'' ' named. The proposals for
~ ' ' hammock and bag stuff, mwf (
DER FLASKS FOR THE NAVY. Ono-half the quantity to bt
said navy-yards must be deliv
be head of Ordnance and Htdhosrapht, i8t December next, and the rer
23d April, 1845. the 1st May, 1846.
iROPOSALS will be received at this Bureau un- r> n
til 3 o'clock, p. m., of Wednesday, the 4th . -ff131 anvo
of June next, for furnishing and delivering ; The wan) and filling to be s
following pistols, swords, and copper powder- |on?> well-dressed flax, water-r
ks, for the naval service of the United States, best quality, without any mixt
The yarns to be evenly spun s
1 200 pistols the warp to be rather more tw
1 ,'200 swords, and P16 ?"* to be boded in asoluti
1,200 copper powder flasks. le R<? ?he proporta
ill the above arms must be made of materials of to every hundred pound,
best quality; and all arms suid materials to be one gallon of water to every
ject to such proof, tost, and inspection as is now then to thoroughly washed
lied to similar arms and materials in the army of water, and carefully dried. T1
United Sutes. prepared between April and I
"he materials and the forms and dimensions of tenoua substance, starch, tali
re parts must conform to those oi the estab- description of weaver's d
ed patterns. The workmanship and finish must the manufacture. All cylin
>qual to those of the model arms; and the seve- pccasing^and beating, is strictly
f>arta must be browned, blued, case-hardened, The cotton canvass, hamimx
olished, as in the standard models. The forms 'twine, must be of the beat qua
dimensions of the parts to be verified by veri- workmanship, and, with the da
>g gauges already established. to such testa and inspection as
'atterns of the aforegoing pistols, and copper bur?*u may direct or authoria
rder flasks, may be seen on application to the BP*ct* to his satisfaction, or to I
imanuani 01 ciuier 01 tne navy-yards, or to uus wh.w?j??? v. MU.
blue thread to be placed at sucl
.11 to be delivered on or before the 4th day of ?dv?g? of all the canvaaa aa m
e, 1046: one-third at the navy-yard near Boston,
two-thirds at the navy-yard near New York; to All delivenea must be at the
telivered free of charges, except aa to packing i ",e contractor; and the articles
es?for these a fair allowanoe will be made. | stipulations and conditions of tl
roposala for all or either of the above named tered into; proof of which mui
des will be received, to be sealed and endorsed, satisfaction of the commandant
oposal for furnishing pistols, swords," Ac., as Bonds, with two approved su
case may be. estimated amounts of the contn
tonds, with two approved sureties in one-half the an(i,en P?' centum in additi
lunt of contract, will be required, to be entered from the amount of each pai
within fifteen days after the time limited for re- collateral security for the failhi
ing bids; and ten per cent, of the amount of all contract, which will not be pa
i will be retained as collateral security, for the ha" bnve been fu"y complied
iful performance of the contract, which will be The Bureau reserves the rij
I only on the satisfactory completion of it; and from persons who have her*
sty per cent, of all deliveries made will be paid contracts,
ilf bills properly authenticated, according to the Two persons, whose respom
visions of this contract, within thirty days after by some navy agent, com
r presentation to the navy agent. yard, or other person known U
'o be published twice a week in the Globe, Nat- must state upon the offer
:l Intelligencer, and Constitution, Washington; come sureties for the persons
ly Keystone, and Pennsylvania!), Philadelphia; should be accepted,
nine Post, Morning News, and Journal of Com- To be published once awe
ce, New York; Morning Post, and Daily Times, the following papers, viz: Unit
ton. Constitution, Washington, D.
pril S3?Saw Daily Times, and Boston Coui
, Journal of Commerce, Morninj
HEAP CASH SHOE STORES.?J. E. Fow- phpsdc'nhi/p!*1ler&Co.,
11th and F streets, and W. Mann,
'doo^m^/iSt800''P8nMylVanl# aVenUe' will be forwarded to tlAurea.
ife beg to call the attention of our friends and the IT w4w
lie generally to one of the handsomest and best " 1
rtments to be found in the District. TRANSPORTATION OF f
mong which may be found?
adies' white satin slippers Navt Dzri
do colored morocco and kid slippers Bvrrac or Provisions j
do Esle's do do do
do fine French morocco slippers "DROPOSAL8, sealed and <
do do k.d Paris ties JT for freight to Pensacola,'
do do kid and morocco village tios this office untd Monday, the Sd
do do gaiters and half gaiters 3 0.dock p. m for
lisses colored morocco village Ues thousand barrels (including a
i? u TCS7 r Ac., Ac., Ac.,) of government
do French morocco and kid alippers yard Qosport, Virginia, to the
do gaiters and half gaiters cola, Florida. Offers muat ap
hildren's boots, slippers, ankle ties, and gaiters b^i without distinction!
entlemen's boots of every quality, from #11 50 and a half cubic feet ofmea
u yu jx? pan thirty gallon* to the gauge of
entlemerTs bootees at almost any price called barrels, to be considered i
entlemen'a gaitera they may contain; no primage
do alippera fair-weather lay day* to be al
?y'? fine dree* bootee* and coatee wear port* of Qoaport and Pen?ro
i a word, we feel confident to say, that we offer discharging cargo. Proposals
cement* seldom to be met with. Times are script ion, the name and the eoi
I. Money scarce just now. Draft* must be ,?d the vessel must pa- the t
and paid, and we must tell, and will, low. be ready at the navy yard at
a)f soling, heeling, patching, anything in the by the 16th day of June,
of mending done to ?ve our customer* a penny j?g jn ,|| K*pecta to thia *dver
put one in our own pocket*. considered.
J. E. FOWLER A Co., To be published once a week
?r in the Union,Conatitution, and
Baltimore Republican; Event
LARGE BLAt K BOOT, New*, New York? Time* and 1
two door* from 4) street. 10?latlt '
r?ril 94 ? i " 1
HeOON seed CORN?I have to-dny re. JL PALE ALE.- For?lea
reived a few buahel* of this extraordinary JULIUS
, introduced by General Wm H Harrisoni n Win* store, Pa. aw
i, and which last year yielded 191 f bushel* to Jan 39
icre, *nd shelled 7J b?h*l*to thebarrel. Thi* ??- - - - - - a "
i* well worth the ngrteultwriat's attention, aa its SUPERIOR GUITARS, A
I ig at leant 90 per cent. over the common. For 8tationer* Hall thirty Ipi
1 description nfit aee Patent office report, 1845, ft-om 'be celebrated makers, ]
434. Thoae in want should apply early, aa the *' intermediate prices, from 136
.ly i* limited. ?* ? qu?'"y ?f ntnnga for J
J. F. CALLAN, toe eaah. 1
arch 13 Corner of Eand 7th atr?U. May 1
lion. .
sr , -r r t- ??- - .. ,? tt, .| l-v-n'f. vi'
V , , >. ... ? I*,.*.'
ND COTTON CAN* Navt Agbht'i Office,
BAG STUFF, AND Wa.hh.otow, May 12, 1841
PROPOSALS will be received at this office i
3 o'clock, eo Saturday, the 14th day of J
ipmbnt, AND BEr&iA, next, for the delivery of the following articles at
13th May, 1845. navy yard in this city, via.
endorsed, will be re- Timber.
il 3 o'clock, p. m., of 2,000 cubic feet ash logs, 16 to 20 feet long,
ing and delivering tlie 20 to 30 inches diameter, (for blocks and d
I cotton canvas, ham- eyes.)
ix and cotton twine, Iron.
3,000 lbs. 7-16 inch round iron, (for small eh
ass. and rivets for blocks, Ac
Weights to be 4,000 " 1 44 do do do
do * 3,000 44 3-16 " do do do
1,000 " 1 " do do do
croJT lathwiae. 50 tons best gray pig iron, or No. 1. (for <
>r<iupoU. Lb.. Lb., ?ngs for tanks, cambooses, and chains.)
ieh ? 470 sis 6,000 lbs. English or Java block tin, for ma!
> so 430 380 brass and composition.
' S3 mo mo Copper.
> 39 330 3is 90 sheets braziers copper 72 by 30 inches,
, 3? son 300 30 oz., for cambooses, dtc.
! 5 M0 313 Miscellaneous.
2 boxes double sheet tin, lam arte, for c
vtu- booses,
h 88 pound, svoirdupoi. 50 lbs spelter solder, for brazing.
J J J 1 ream fine sand paper, various purposes.
83 do do Paint*.
so do do 300 lbs. Spanish whiting (dry)
'? ? ? 400 " do brow..
. o " . 100 " litharge
i Bag Stuff. 85 verdigns
li boll to weigh 100 10 " umber 44
100 " French yellow ochre "
to weigh 75 pounds 100 " black lead "
10 " stone ochre
50 gallons raw linseed oil
10 " spirits turpentine.
The above articles are to be delivered at the n
yard in this city, or on before the 1st day of Aiq
nches wide, and each next, free of expense to the United States; to D
Is. Strips to test the the very best quality, and in all respects satisfact
ill be one inch wide, to the commandant of the yard. Offers must
? one and a quarter made for each classj>( articles separately, and
dorsed on the back, as none others will be con
nches wide, and each ered.
Is. 10 per cent, will be retained on every payn
ches wide, and each till the completion of the contract,
ds. r WM. B. SCOTT,
wide, and each bolt Navy Agen
To be published once a week until 14th J un
in size, number of the Union, Intelligencer, Constitution, and Un
i, to the requisitions States Journal, Washington; and Republican
the respective navy- Sun, Baltimore.
Mav 13? lawt!4J
Naval Storekeeper's Office,
Navy Yard, Washington, May 9,1842
SEALED proposals will be received at this 01
until 12 o'clock, m., on Thursday, the 15th it
to furnish pood and approved vessels within ei
days from that period, to take the following frei
from this yard and deliver the same as follows, v
At the U. S. wapyfaid, Boston, JUatt.
2 chain-cables weighing about 25 tons.
1 cam boose (boxed up) measuring about 250
bic feet.
pard at Philadelphia. JH the U. S. navy-yard, Mhv York.
quantities of the dif- 3 chain cables and 9 anchors, weighing aboui
mock and bag stuff, tons; and about 250 cubic feet measurement blo<
, to be delivered at &c.
own, Massachusetts, The bids for each parcel to be made separate.
I the remainder at the J. M. SELDEN, N. S. K
l. Proposals to be April 10?dtl5
vass, cotton canvass,
twine; and separate War Department, May 1842
id considered for the fT^HE appropriations applicable to such obji
fc of the navy.yards X are so limited by law, that no books, alia
all the canvass and maps, newspapers, or periodicals, sent to the \
ie by the bolt, and not Department without suDscription or order previc
ly given, can be paid for, or considered public pi
s delivered to each of erty. All claims and accounts against the dep
ered on or before the ment must be rendered at the close of the quarte
nainder on or before which supplies of any kind were ordered and
nished, except for newspapers and periodical
isg, ordered, which will be rendered and settled yea
pun exclusively from Th? ?co ,jn* <! ** ? ?r 1
otted, and of the very nate onthe 30th of September, 31st of Decern
tuie of shorts or tow. MjL?f Mych, and 30th of June.
tnd properly twisted; May 13 2awlm
1STaU"11 ?he petition of John and Charles Bruci
^ Jersey city, praying for the extension of a
Or .2 tent granted to them for an improvement in a si
? ot yeen yarn, and ^ cwcker machine for seven years fl
pound or green yarn, ^ a^^tion ?f Mid patent, which takes plac*
Z ?? the 13^ day of March, 1846.
le yarns to be thus It is ordered that the said petition be heard at
November. Wo dele- patent office, on the drat Monday in 8eptetr
ow, glue, paste, nor nextj at 12 o'clock, m.; and all persons ore noti
reaving, to be used in to appear and show cause, if any they have, v
dermg, calendering, Mid Petition ought not to be granted,
prohibited. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in
uc and bag stuff and Union, United States Journal, Constitution, and
dity of materials and telligencer, printed at Washington; the Sun, prii
c.rU*^i at Baltimore; the Keystone and Sentinel, pnnte
T1 l ,, Philadelphia; the Journal of Commerce, printw
e; and be m all re- N#w York, and the Post, printed at Boston, on
ihe satisfaction of the k for successive weeks previous to the
aid navy-yards. A Monday in September next V
i distances fromeach EDMUND BURKE,
ay be directed in the Commissioner of Patent,
_i j _/ P. S.?Edifnm nf nhnvA nsnsra will nit
rimv anu expense 01 - * ? , , , . 7" , L i " " rmust
conform to the ??Py> **>& Mnd the,r W'* to 1116 P??*nt Office, i
tie contract, to be en- a W* containing this notice.
it be furnished to the ay ^ w3w
L k. d.? FRESH AND GENUINE.?The subscriber
apectftilly calls the attention of the agricultural
KlS horticultural community to hi. Horticultural Wi
,Vn-' house and Seed Store, adjoining his Green Hoi
with w all re pecm. umr of j5th q Btreets, opposite the State
? ' partment, where the farmer, gardener, amateur, i
itofore failed to fulfil provide themselves with fresh <
...-r;. . ...... den and flower seeds, all of the best quality.
ubility must be certi- ^ a Mrden or flower weds should prore t?
rXfSL&VrF bad' "" *?wn in prop?" *?? and manner.
ihet rS^ tot '^JZ'lTrmiurned'"011 *"*
offering, if their bid J^Uler. .upplied by the pound, bushel,
. , - . . barrel, at a liberal discount, and on term, equa
i ?ur w * "J any wholesale and retail establishment in any of
>n, Iotelligencer and or eastern cities.
'o . rn^f ' JOHN DOUGLAS,
net, Boston, Maw.; Fk)ril|t
{ News, and Evening March
uin, and Keystone,
, Baltimore, Md. NEW GAMES.
above advertisement . - . .
i as evidence of pub- T\T FISCHER, importer of fancy and.t.
' V V stationery, has just opened the follow
new and interesting games for children and adul
Characteristics, an original game.
f AVAL STORES. The Spirit of Genius.
Master Rodburv and his pupils.
taTMKNT, Doctor Bushy illustrated.
lND Clotrino, The beautiful game of kings.
May 10, 1845. The Pickwick cards,
indorsed "Proposals Shakspeare in a new dress.
" will he received The National Game.
day of June next, at Scientific amuaementa for the old and the you
irtation of about two the grave and the gay. Alao, a large aaaortineni
quantity of lumber, Chessmen, Backgammon Boarda, Checker Boa
ilorea, from the nary and men, Dominoea, Graces, and Battledores, k
navy yard at Penaa* conatantly for aale at Stationers' Hall, at re9u
ecify the price aaked prioea for cash,
wtween wet and dry; May 6?^w4w
aurement goods, and . ?
oil caaka not oaually fTNITED STATES EXPLORING EXPE1
aa barrels, whatever vJ TION, Cheap Edition.?Narrative of the I'
to be allowed. Tan ted Statee Exploring Expedition, during the y<
lowed at eaoh of the 1838, 1839, l&O, 1841, 1843, by Charles Will
la, for taking in and United 8tates Navy Commander of the Expediti
must alAte the de- with illustrations and maps, in 5 vola. Vol. 1
idition of the veaaeL handsomely and strongly bound in cloth,
taual inspection, and This edition contains precisely the same ty
Gosiiort to receive page, and reading matter, aa the one in imperial
Bias not conform- tavo?(he difference between them being in the at
tiaement, will not be ity and aire of the paper, and the omiaaion or
atael platea, and three of the maps. The num
until the 3d of June of wood illustrations in this ediuon is nearly th
Intelligencer, D. C.; hundred. A volume will be published about evi
ing Post, Morning two weeks, until the whole work shall be complet
Poet, Boston. For asle by FRANCE TAYLOR, Bookseller
May 8 Washington Ci
PHILADELPHIA A THEODOLITE in perfect order, imported
t il Charles Ranald, esq., from Paris. Price fil
., near 10th street. Wine store, Pa. sv., near 10th Mreet
Ian 16
L?Just opened at -*ttoRM81 WORMS!' WORMW"
intah guitars, (some W FrvyV Vsrtmfnge
Martin and Couna,) Fanneatock's do
0 to f60 each. Alao Weaver's Worm Ten
ihe same, at the low- Sherman's and Peters's Worm Lozenges
VM FISCHER For aals by
, | ApnJ 19 J. F. CALLAN
JUST RECEIVED, 100 cmaea Clarat wine, direct
importation, part tow price end in half
10 half caaka prime Madeira wine
5 quarter caaka Aiuontitado pale Sherry wine
15 do do brown and pale Sherry, part low
We hare alao to etc re, a fcne aaaortment of
draft and bottled wtoea and liquore, mnaiatmg ui
part aa folio we:
Mmkirm Wines.
? Nnwvoar, Goaoow, Menu oca A Co.
Reeerve, vintage 1815; Bual; London particular
Qaoaea ? RoaaaT Blackburn 4 Co.
? Reaerve; London pardoalar.
Howard, March 4 Co.
Superior Sercial, Malnaeey, and Orape Juice,
y Sherry Wines.
"2 ^
the Wines of Prance.
Chateau Margeaux, aubacription wine
Chateau Lafitte, equal to anything in the country
j La tour and Sbrville.
ead Wines of the Rhine and Moselle.
CtlekraUd Cabinet wine*, none better ever imported.
Steinwine, vintage 1839
.. Hockheimer. t in tars 1831
.) Sparkling Hock
115 baskets Champagne, part very low price.
Port Wines.
Superior old Port, for medical purpoeee
iaat- Superior while Port do do
I Marachino di Zara
cing Curracoa, rod and white
Creme da Roae.
Otard, Dupuy A Co., vintage 1605
Do do do 1816
m Do do pale do 1886
Old Peach.
Jamaica Spirit*.
London Double Broom Stout.
Dunbar's Brown Stout) . . ,. ...
Scotch Ale \ 1uart and P,nl boWle'All
of the above in bottle*.
Wines, in wood.
BT Madeira, Sherry, and Port, with a great variety of
nli, other winea.
e of Whiskey, in Wood.
ory Iriah, Scotch, and Monongahela Whiskey, very
, be fine.
en- Also, 50,000 very superior Cigars.
aid- May 13_3t SIMMS A SON.
lent NT GOODS now opened and ready for sale at
-L v the Fancy Store opposite the Centre Market.
J. H. GIBBS, having just returned from New York
t with an elegant andf extensive variety of foncy
e jn goods, begs to call the attention of the ladies and
ited Pu^''c generally to the following articles:
a|1(j A selection of the choicest extracts and perftimery
of Lubins, Bayley, Blews, and Gueland, latest invention.
Several descriptions of the richest feather and other
Also, beautiful finished plain fans
' Ladies' and misses' Lisle thread gloves, equal to
the finest silk.
! { > Beat French kid gloves, of the moat fashionable
jSjjt colors, silk mita, Ac.
'ffht A beautiful assortment of ornamental hair pins,
,l: breastpins, bracelets, neck chains, store chains, arrows,
gold and silver pencils, thimbles, Ac.
A quantity of hair brushes of every quality and
cu- size.
Shell, side, tuck, and dressing combs
Buffalo and English horn do.
I 50 Tooth and nail brushes of superior manufacdts,
finest soaps, oils, pomades, shaving soaps,
creams, Ac.
Also, some very elegant toilet bottles, suitable for
presents. > ~r
? A variety of the newest style of gimp cords 4br
1. dress trimmings, conlr< ana tassels, fancy buttons,
sewing silk, purse twist, work and other baskets,
m reticules, carpet bags, satchels, portfolios, dd&e, ana
a number of useful and ornamental articles too'ttu,us
merous to mention.
PQp. J. H. G. has now on hand a handsome and wellfinished
stock of ladies' hair work, to which he
r in would respectfully invite their attention.
fur. May 9?6tif
*? /CHARLES S. FOWLER, importer, store on *
* *" seventh street, opposite the rfatietuvl Intelli7 '*
gencer office, is now opening afresh supply of
' goods, consisting, in part, of?
White and gold-band China dinner sets
Casseroles, eompotiers, fruit baskets, and most
j 0f other kinds of dishes required to make large
'pa. and complete dinner sets, which are sold as
Jjjr they are wanted
rom B?ch China tea eats, plain white do.
, on Beautiful coffee and tea cup* and saucers, by the
dozen or singly, plain white do.
tj,e Vases, allumet Holders, cologne stand, Ac.
,j>er Flowing blue, white griunte, and other Liverpool
ged dinner sets and detaehed pieces
Toilet sets end tea wares, Ac.
Rich decanters, various colors
the Wine and champagne glasses, hock do. goblets
|n. Cut ana plain glasa bowls and dishes, Ac.
ited Solar lamps, for lard or oil, girandoles, hall land
Bl terns ana (amps, chimneys and wicks
I Bt Elegant waiters, plated baskets, castors
M a Britannia coffee and tea sets, looking glasses, Ac.
fjr8t Fne ivory balance knives and forks, in sets of 51
pieces, and by the dozen: also, an inferior arti
cle bm silver-plated forks
g In store, a large assortment of ware suitable for
' common purposes, which will be sold at reasonable
prices, wholesale or retail.
wth May 7?9aw4w
F. WniATLir, ofOeorgegpj
town, would most respectfully inform the citizens
of Washington and vicinity that he has taken the
^ stand at the corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania
M(l avenue, south side, formerly occupied by J. Berk>re_
ley, where he invites his old customers, and as
many new ones as may be pleased to try his skill in
DeJ the art of dying silk, woollen, and cotton goods, and
an(j cloth dressing. The preference which has been
given him by a large portion of the citizens of
Washington, m carrying their work to Qeoigetown.
, ^ hasinducedhim,fortheconvenienceofthepublic,and
an(j with a view to enlarge his business, and by an exhiwjH
bition of superior work to extend his reputation, to
take a stand in the metropolis, where he is prepared
or to receive and execute all manner of ladies'ana gen|
tlemen's apparel in a superior stile. Shawls of
every material and texture cleansed, bleached, or
dyea, and the border preserved.
He oonceives it unnecessary further to commend
, himself to the public, as he has long been known
and extensively patronized from every part of the
country. He has lately built and fitted up an extensive
and complete dye-house, and is prepared to do
, all kinds of work with despatch, ana in a style not
ins 10 k* urPM*e^ 'n tb'* country. He especially calls
' * the attention of gentlemen to the superior manner in
which coats and pants, and gentlemen's apparel
generally, are done. The shape and set of the coat
are noi in me siigntcsr ucgrec injured; ana uie color
i? warranted to atand, ana not in the least to rub.
All kind* of work will be thankfully received, and
done on moderate term*.
N. B?The preaent is the beat season for cleansing
and dying curtains; and he would call the attention
of boarding-house keepers, tavern-keepers, end
?1 others having curtains to cleanse or color, to the
present, as a more propitious time than the fall.
The work can he done better m good weather; and
^ there is less hurry in summer. May 6?dim*
Taylor has just received from
Paris volumes 5 and 6 of the above valuable aeries,
DI. completing and concluding the work.
Volume 5 contains the military writings and cam?rs
paigne of Federie, Lloyd, Guibert, Cessac, Camot,
:ea, rhibault, and Jomini.
on) Volume 6 contain, the military campaigns of Nopoison;
each volume beiog a large octavo of nearly a
thousand pages, and accompanied with an sties of
P?, engmvsd maps, military plans, Ac., Ac.; price |3 35
of for saoh volume, and 25 for each atlas,
ud- The earlier volumes of this series treat of the eamthe
paigns of Caesar, Alexander, Xenophon, Ac., Ac.,
ber the tactics, strategy, Ac., Ac., of the Greeks, Rosea
mans, Ac., as detailed by Polybius, Thurydides,
W7 A man, and others; the series commencing with the
sd. earliest authentic military records, and coming down
, continuously to the present lime,
ty. Msy M
CHER baa juat opened a choice election of
handsoBM paper and feather ftma, at intermediate
prkea, from 6 centa to |3 each. Ladiee would do
well to examine the great variety of uoaful article*
for aale at Slationera' Hail, before porchaamg elaewhere.
April as 1
juat received 30 pieces colored Canton mattings
of auperior quality, 4-4 q. wide, juat arrived from
. I Canton. D. CLAQETT A PO.

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