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' 11 "???? I ?
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"=^^5l ?P' Pfttiit ftttiirit w??ai
^sasrswr,..^. '' O ^ ^ viJf -f ' V*
i-?j.W??ki) HM'?r by tb?y*r. in mlvanr* A 00 ^ j J? ? ! upon, and giving a general auperin
"Sf"'"-""-'- VOLUME L .. ._ BTirj? "'Y""- "T'-1" <*"
wrklr P?P?? ^ J^tT ^ " >**a) ? ? - LIBERTY, THE UNION, Awn THE CONBTtTin-.^ ?> "' -J L---^ l?Sl ' HI? wl,lu??W lk?n. '"*y
uiry, thuhsi.AV NIU.IT, AUGUST ?, ISM. = s^S^j^aaSTSSSifir
~ ? CokMWil^J.mc Love, Colonel J.mee Riley. Hon."
? 8 Texwn cher** d'afteiree, Weeh
n", N recmveo.
II uol |?ud witliiu 'he first six months, the l>aily papei
w,lj |? ?I1 the Semi-Weekly 94S, end the Weekly M> a
^"discribers may discontinus their papers at any time by
nanny lor thekunethey have received them. An/net mthau'i
Those * hu ohscrihe lor a year and do not at the time ol
subscribing order a discontinue ut the end ol it. will he com
udcrrd subscribers until they order the pajo r to he stopped,
and pay arrearages.
rmcti rot tnviiriiivo.
Twelve lins e. or le.s three insertions . $1 00
e,sry idditi" insertion ii
Longer 0 menu charged in pro|>ortion.
AUber. 't niade to thoae a ho advertise by the
^"'l noyssvhds to he made in ad-anre. Those whe haee not
an opportunity ol paying otherwise, may lemit by mail, at
aurH?k,p?i/e;i l"i,d The postmaster's certiticate of such
remittance shall be a vnftlcient receipt therefor The notes
sf soy specie pay mg hank will he received.
So attention will Ac emu l? any coder tuilrte Ike money, ev
S yoilmaetci'i certificate Ik ml if A as Aran remitted, arenas/...
"otf-Utteri la '*? Prayritlart, charged milk portage, will not
is taken oat a] Ike port office.
rpHE annual course of lectures in tliin institution
- " in thn Heal lUomlnu
J. will commence, an u?u?>, v,.. ...? ...?7
in November, and continue until the first of March.
Harvey Lindsly, M. L)., Professor of Pathology
and Practice of Medicine.
Thomas Miller, M. D., Professor of Anatomy.
John M. Thomas, M. IX, Professor of Medical
Jurisprudence and Physiology.
William P. Johnston, M. D., Professor of ObMdrica
and the diseases of women and children.
? Charles G. Page, M. IX, Professor of Chemistry.
Joahua Riley, M. D., Professor of Materia Media
and Therapeutics.
John Frederick May, M. D., Professor of Sur**Johnson
Eliot, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatoniy.
The conveniences afforded by the new and extensive
e afiee in which the lectures are now delivered,
ait such ai will facilitate very much the imparting
of medical instruction. The lecture rooms are admirably
arranged, well lighted, and warmed. The
museum is increasing daily in importance and interest.
The rooms of practical anatomy afford advantages
rarely equalled; they will be opened the first
week of October. The infirmary is under the immediate
direction of the faculty of medicine, and
this, with the public dispensary, will continue to
present numerous and valuable cases for clinical instruction.
Clinical lectures will be delivered at least
twice a week, and operations performed before the
The entire expense of a course of lectures, by all
the professors, is |80. Demonstrator's ticket 410.'
Good board can be procured, at from |350 to 00
per week.
(Corner of 7th and F streets,) Dean.
June 12?2aw
The Croton (Mutual) Insurance Company,
OrriCE no. is wall STREET, in THE CITT of
new TORE.
THIS COMPANY insure* marine, inland navigation,
transportation, and fire risks. By its
charter, the profits are to be paid back to the assured
in proportion to the amount of premiums paid by
them respectively. The rates and terms of insurance
will be moderate and liberal, and the assured
subject to no responsibility.
James Harper, Abraham Van Neat,
John B. i aaala, William B. Cozzena,
J. Leander Starr, Charles L. Vose,
Edward Richardson, Joseph B. Nones,
James Phalen, Robert Lane,
John J. Herrick, Samuel Sherwood,
George C. De Kay, Zadock Pratt,
Bamuel A. Lawrence, Herman D. Gould,
Theodore A. Meyer, James Cook,
William P. Furmaa, Elias T. Aldrich,
John T. Gilchrist, Lawrence Hill,
Loring Andrews, Thomas Monahan,
Cyrus Chenery, William H. Townaend,
George Whitaker, John Breasted,
Edwin R. Tremain, Leonard Appleby,
George Palen, James Crutkshank,
William Burgoyne, Asa s. Crosby.
Silas M. Crandall,
JOSEPH B. JONES, Vice President.
N. Carroll, Secretary.
T. L. dfc A. THOS. SMITH, Agents.
Office F street, near the Treasury Department.
June 24?eod3m
Agency for claims at washington.?The
undersigned offers his services aa
an agent for claima upon either of the departments
or Congress.
Particular attention will be paid to the settlement
of accounts of disbursing officers, who may findjt
inconvenient to attend personally, especially those
of the navy. His experience and practical knowl
edge will afford many facilities.
Charges will be moderate, and regulated by the
amount claimed and the extent of service required.
Communications (post paid) will receive immediate
attention. CHARLES Dfe SELDING,
Room No. 11 Todd's Building,
Pennsylvania avenue.
uommodore Charles Stewart, U. 8. IN.
Commodore John Downes, U. S. N
Stephen Cambreleng, esq., New York.
A. 0. Dayton, esq., Fourth Auditor, Treasury
Rev. Septinma Tuston, Chaplain to the Senate.
John C. Rives, esq., Washington, D. C.
John Boyle, esq., "
James Hoban, esq., "
Charles 0. Handy, eflq., Purser U. S. Navy.
John De Brec, esq., "
R. R. Waldron, esq., "
April 9?tf
261 Broadicay, firmer of Ifarren street, ?Yeie York,
CONFINE their practice to diseases of the eye,
operations upon that organ and its appendages,
and to all imperfections of vision. Testimonials
from the most eminent medical men of Europe and
America. Reference to patients tliut have been perfectly
cured of amaurosis, cataract, ophthalmias,
nebular, or specks on the eye, strabismus, or aquinting,
4c. Artificial eyes inserted without any pain
of operation, that cannot lie distinguished from the
Spectacles ? Advice as to the kind of glasses
unable to particular defects. Persons residing at
a distance can receive ndvice and medicines by describing
their case under the following heads:
r~ 1
1 5
i i s
; 5 ? i *
a i i 5 i i a
1' 9 s l? 2 11i q
b! ~ j "3 a I i ? 5. o
1:5 ill ? ^ 1 i = l|M
i -s Is I I s | : t | | o
'I ill iJ Ill.ll I. J_
New York, July 7?2aw6m.
E haw ronatantly on hand a large atipply of
the prrttieat ana beat work in our line of
but "if** '<> be found in the city, conaisting, in
P*rt, of
Pine French morocco Pari* liea
D? Jo kid do do
' ^o do do flipper*
Do do morocco cot tare ahoe
Do do do walking ahoe
Do hall, whole, and ahoe-gnitera, black and colored.
Aleo, one of the handaomeat aaaortmenta of ekiI"?'i
dim to lie found in any entabliahment in the
Diatncu 7
__ Mr. Charlea Mann, an experienced cutter, will take
"icaaurf* for thoae who prefer it, at the aame price
" tore-work. He haa now many ruatomera who
Sjnnlt him one of the beat fittera they hare ertr tried
* heat materiala employed in our ahoea, and all
wor* aold by ua warranted.
?*n of ike large block boot, Pennaylrania arenue, S
won eaat of 4| alreet.
MAP OP OREGON; by the Exploring Expo
uition?price 37 centa. A few eot>ie* for aak
N At r Auent's OrritB, I ^
Norfolk, 7tl> August, 1845. | (
SEALED PROPOSALS, in duplicate, will be received,
until 13 o'clock on the 5th September, f
for the delivery at the navy-vard of the following ^
description of Susquehanna nag and building atone, ?
for building slip No. 48: j
Thirty-live hundred auperficial feet of flag Sua- i
quehanna atone, in any convenient length not lean ,
than 3 feet, and to sqiiure not leas than 2{ fret wide, (
from 10 to I'J lnrhi K ihiek. and free from veins: and i
Nineteen hundred and Torty-five perches of heat
Soaquehitnna building alone, of large sire, for the
election of thick walla?to Imve tint surfaces; and
no wide irregular chunka will be received.
Oflfera will be received for theae two parcels torther,
and must state the price per foot and perch
.r reach,, and be calculated for the total amount of
each parcel, and expressed at foot, in words at length,
for the total amount of both bills.
Deliveries must be commenerd immediately after
the offers are decided, so that the work may be begun
and carried on without stoppage or delay; and
the whole delivery must lie made complete on or before
the 1st day of October next.
Bond and aecurily will be required, and 10 per
rent, retained upon all payments until the whole
contract is fulfilled.
QEO. LOYALL, Nuvy Agent.
Aug. 9?law4w
Navt Auknt's Orrtca,
Norfolk, Auguat 7, 1845.
SEALED propoaala, in duplicate, will be received
until IS o'clock on the 4th day of September
next, for the delivery, at the naval hospital, on the
spot where required by the master mason, of the
following stone, bricks, and lime, for hospital wall:
One hundred perches beat Susquehanna building
atone, good regular stuff for three feet wall.
Ninety-five thousand plain, or common hard Baltimore
bricka. ;
Eighty casks of fresh burnt Washington lime.
Offers will be received for the stone, bricks, and
lime together; but the price per perch, per thousand,
and per cask, must be stated for each distinctly, carried
out for the whole cost of each, and engrossed in
words at length, for the total amount of all.
Deliveries must be made as soon as the offers
are decided, so that the work mav lie commenced
and carried on without delay, and the whole must
be completed by the 1st of October.
Bond and security will be required, and ten per
cent, retained from all accounts until the contract is
complied with.
geo. loyall,
Aug. 9?law4w Navy Agent.
Agency for claims at washington,
D. C.?Charles De Seldino, General
Agent, No. 11, Todd's buildings, Pennsylvania
avenue, Washington, D. C., offers his services to
those who may have claims on either of the executive
departments, or Congress, or private claims on
Particular attention paid to the settlement of accounts
of disbursing officers who may find it incon- venient
to attend personally, especially those of the
navy. j
Also attends as agent for non-resident property
holders, collecting rents, procuring pensions, Ac. t
Charges will be moderate, and regulated by the f
amount claimed, and the extent of services required ]
Communications (pobt paid) will receive immedi- j
ate attention. (
He has the honor to refer to the Navy Depart
ment, and the several bureaus connected with it; (
Second Comptroller and Fourth Auditor's offices, t
and the senior pursers in the navy; and also to Hon. t
C. C. Cambreleng, New York; Commodore Charles (
Stewart, Philadelphia; Commodore John Downs, t
Boston; Hon. Henry L. Ellsworth, Washington; ,
Hon. E. H. Foster, Nashville, Tennessee; and .
Thomas M. Blount, esq., Pensacola. ,
April 11 (
single cott, twenty-vive cents. (
THE price of the Democratic Review has j
heretofore been too high?not for its size, cost, |
and character, but for the means of tens of thousands
of readers who would be glad to receive it, |
and among whom it is highly desirable that it <
should circulate. For the purpose, therefore, of ,
largely widening the range of its usefulness, and of ,
multiplying the numbers of those to whom it may <
be accessible, it has been determined, simultaneous- i
ly with the great reduction in the expense of the
postage, to reduce its subscription price also, from ,
fire to only three dollars; and when several unite ,
in subscription, to as low as fS 50, or even to |2 30 t
per annum. I
This very large reduction in the receipts (accompanied
with but a comparatively small diminution \
of its expenses) involves, of course, an entire sacri- ,
fiee of profit upon it, unless compensated by a vast <
multiplication of its subscribers. There will be at |
the outset only a small reduction in its number of
pages; soon to be restored to its old number, without
increase of price, when the anticipated success
of the experiment shall justify it.
The ptWaits of distinguished democrats will be
continued, engraved in Deuer ana more cosny siyic i
than heretofore. ]
The postage will hereafter, for any distance, be i
only Jive and a half cents; it has heretofore been, for ]
over 100 miles, eighteen cents. i
Wo look for an extension of circulation to be I
reckoned by lens q/' thousand*, as the result and compensation
of this great reduction of price. Every <
friend of the work, and of the democratic principles i
and cause, is confidently appealed to, to exert him- I
self with an active interest to procure it subscribers; i
both to extend its usefulness, and to carrv it sue- I
cessfully through the crisis of this great reduction of i
its receipts.
Those who have paid in advance for the coming I
year, will receive it, at the reduced rate, for a year
and a half.
Single copy, $3 00 I Eight copies,... .$SiO 00 j
Four copies, 11 00 | Thirteen copies,.. 30 00
It will thus be seen, that when thirteen copies are
ordered at once, the price is brought down to alrout j
10 each. For six months, half these rates. |
These rules afford high inducements to agents
and others to interest themselves to procure, subscribers.
The cash system and pat/m nt in advance must be ^
uncompromisingly adhered to. The past relaxation
of it has caused an accumulation or not far from
$40,000 of debts due to the work. Hereafter, this
must be wholly reformed; nor must either the most J
eminent political friend, or the most intimate personal '
one, be displeased on experiencing its application,
in the stoppage of l heir numbers, if they neglect '
this rule; the vital necessity of which, at the prea- '
ent reduced rates, must be obvious to all.
No communications will be taken from the post
office unless free of postage.
All communications, both on editorial and publishing
business, must be addressed henceforward to
I he undersigned. Those relating to the settlement i
of the past debts due the work will be anil addressed
to Mr. H. Q. Langley, 8 Ador house, the past ar- 1
rnngements with whom, as publisher, have reached I
their termination.
July, 1845. 136 Nassau street, New York.
I ii'tMUM nf (?mural Jackson.
The admirable Daguerreotype of General .larkeon,
taken by Anthony, Edward*, A Co., a few
week* before hie death, has I teen purchased for the
use of the Democratic Review. It ia in the hand*
of the nrtiet, and will be engraved in the fineet
stvle of mezzotint, of extra eize. It ia a most beautiful
and interesting work, declared hy Mr. Van Buren
and other* to give a more perfect idea of the good
and great old man than any other likeness; and
ought to be poaaeeeed and framed by every friend
who lovea or revere* hi* memory. Those who
subacribe early, will receive it a* one of the regular
aeries of portraits.
To the Jtmofratie prtu.
Our friends of the democratic press are relocated
to interest themselves in atding to carry the work
. safely and successfully through the crisis of this
great reduction of price. Every editor inserting this
i prospectus, with an editorial notice, (and sending
n copy of the paper marked,) shall receive the Rei
view for a /ear. |
French emit English seminary for Young LsuHts, corner
uf E mul 9th streets, Washington city.
THE locution of this seminary is one of the most
tleMirahle in lite cily, on account of its healthy
md airy position. The house is large and coinmolious,
with ample grounds and other facilities for
tmusemeut and recreation. The principal, so well
md favorably known in this city, and in New
fork, from her long experience in teaching, hopes
o give entire satisfaction to all who may connde
heir daughters to her care. She is a native of
France, and familiar with its language and literaure,
and conversant with the beRt and easiest modes
>f imparting to her pupils a perfect knowledge of
hat langunge, so that tney can not only read and
write, but speak it fluently. She has secured able
isriatants for various departments, bo that all
>ranches of an English as well as French education
will be thoroughly taught. Pupils who reside in
he family have the peculiar advantages of hearing,
ind conversing at all times in the French language,
ind of |ierfecting themselves in the science of music,
>eing under the surveillance of an experienced
eacher. The course of instruction, besides the
isual elementary branches, includes all the higher
it adieu pursued in the most approved northern semnaries.
The discipline is mild and affectionate, yet
lecided, and is maintained by appeals to the affrcions
and conscience of the pupil; it is designed, by a
iroper development and cultivation of the better
piauiies 01 me ueari, to omu more anecuonaieiy me
>upil to her trncher, and by it to secure obedience.
\m sound physical, moral, aitd intellectual improvenent
ami culture, ure the great objects desired, it ia
he aim of the principal not so much to crowd the
nemory with words, as to draw forth and train the
lystematic and vigorous action, the observing, re
lecting, and active powers of the mind. The
ihargrs to those who reside in the family are, for
>oarti and tuition in all the branches of French and
English, $3(10 per annum for a single pupil; but
vhen two or more are entered at the same time, a
iberal deduction will be made. The additional
charges per quarter are for music, piano, and guitar,
>1;>; use of instrument, $2 SO; vocal music, fp. To
lay scholars, the charges for tuition in the first
lepartment in French or English, are $10;
ogether, $15; in the second department first
ilana French or English, $8; together, $12; in
he second class French or Eiwlisn 7; together
|10; in tho third department, first class, French
>r English together #9; in the second
Jaas, French or English $5; together $8; Latin $4,
ither languages, drawing, painting, and dancing;
it professor's charges. Pupils can be entered at any
ime. and will be charged only from the date of their
mtiance. No deduction will be made to thoae who
ibsent themselves after commencing a quarter,uness
prevented from attending by sickness. Bills in
ill cases to be paid in advance. Every attention is
mid to the religious as well as moral and tntellectual
nstructions of the pupils, but no sectarian peculiariiet
are ever inculcated. Those residing in the famly
will attend such churches as their parents may
lei :ct, under the care of a teacher. They will atend
the Episcopal church with the Principal, when
to other directions are given. Any other informaion,
and the most satisfactory references will be
;iven on application to the principal.
April 25?3taw6m
THIS department ia under the direction of the
Hon David Daggett, LL.D., late chief jusice
of the supreme court of Connecticut, and professor
of law; and the Hon. Samuel J. Hitchcock,
-.L.D., instructor in the science and practice of
aw; and Isaac H. Townsend, esq., attorney and
counsellor at law.
There are two courses of instruction and study in
he school?one called the /nrofessional course, and
he other called the genera/ course. The obiect of
he professional course is to give a thorough legal
education to those gentlemen who propose to enter
he profession of law. The design of the general
course is, more particularly, to communicate appropriate
information to those who wish to attend to juiaprudence
as a branch of liberal knowledge. A
course, with special reference to mercantile late, is
ntroduced as often as any class requests it.
The terms of the professional course for tuition,
villi constant use of text-books, and ordinary use
>f the library, are an follows, payable in advance,
inless for satisfactory reasons: For the whole course
>f two years, one hundred and fifty dollars. For
uie year, eighty dollars. For less than one year,
en dollars a month. For more than one year, and
ess than two years, seven dollars a month after the
irct year.
The terms of the general course are twenty dolars
for the whole course, for those who attend that
course only, payable in advance; and five dollars a
Ttontli ft>r any less time. The professional students
will have the privilege of attending the general
source, and also any additional course, at pleasure,
without extra charge.
The professional course commences on the first day
jf October, and the classes for the general course form
in the third Monday of October, annually. Students
ire advised to join at those limes, if convenient; but
hey are permitted to join at any other times.
For further information, reference can be had to
the catalogue of Yale college, or the circular of this
lepartmcnt. A copy of the circular Will be forwarded
to any person who may request it by letter,
postage paid, addressed to either of the instructors.
New Havkn, August 1st, 1845.
Aug 4?2aw2m
Preparatory department of'the
tchool, pupils are fitted for admittance to the col
ege classes, or for other objects. Students who are
tnprcpared for entering a particular class, may here
pursue the requisite studies; while those who are
tot designed for a profession can select such
tranches as will suit their objects in life.
Mr. Thomas W. Tobcy?a gentleman who is
imply qualified, having passed through a collegiate
source, and been engaged for several years in the
tusinesa of instruction?will have charge of the
ichool. His whole time and energies will be devo?.?i
i, ... _,sn >1.... t..
endered worthy of extensive patronage.
This school will be under the constant superincndcnce
of the faculty of the college.
[lending, writing, and elementary arithmeti $4 00
Arithmetic, geography, English grammar, geography
of the heavens, ancient and modern
history - - - - - 5 00
Natural philosophy, chemistry, nlgehra, geometry,
surveying, book-keeping, and composition
- - - - 8 00
Latin and Greek rlassics - - - 10 00
Pupi's who hoard und havp a room in the
college building will be charged, for library,
room, bed, and furniture, per quarter 5 00
Table, lights, and servant, per week - - 2 25
At a less expensive table, where tea and coffee
are excluded, per week - - 1 50
Instruction will be given in French and German,
without additional expense, to those who study the
There ore three vacations in the school?four
weeks in August, or.e at Christmas, and the flrst
week in May.
The next session will commence on Monday,
September 1st.
fl3"Bills payable in advance.
July 30?eodlw
FISCHER, importer of fancy and
staple stationery, has just received, via New York,
Cr ship Vietona, direct from those inimitable manti turers,
James Perry & Co., 2,500 cards of their
best metallic pens, consisting of the following kinds,
which will be sold at reduced prices, wholesale ana
retail, at Stationer's Hall, 3d door east of 12th street,
Pennsylvania avenue:
Perry's three-pointed pens.
Do. side-spring do.
Dp. under-spri'ng do.
Do. elastic, fountain do.
Do. regulating spring do.
Do. India-rubber do.
Do. large-barrel do.
Do. small-barrel do.
Do. curve-cut do.
Do. mapping do.
Do. lithographic do.
And on hand all other Kinua manufactured by the
above makers, which will be sold at New York
prices. July 8
cal romance of the times of the Medici, by
Massimo D'Azaglio; translated from the Italian by
C. Edwards Lester, author "bf "Glory and Shame
of England," Ac. just received at
. V
Bureau or Yard* and Duck*, July 21, 1845.
SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed " Memphis
Navy Yard," will be received at this offiee
until 3 o'clock p. in. of the 20th August next, for furnishing
and delivering materials and for executing
work at the navy-yard, Memphis, Tennessee, as
follows :
For making the necessary excavation to reduce
the bluff to the established grade of the yard, and
for grading Front or Chickasaw street; for furnishing
materials and building about G,900 perches vertical
wall; for the delivery of 12,300 perches alone,
sanilatone, limestone, or both ; for the necessary
piling on the eastern aide of Wolf river, to secure the
shore ; fur lite delivery of 272,400 pressed brick
and 544,900 salmon brick ; for the delivery of
183, 500 feet (board measure)assorted lumber, cypress,
white and yellow pine, for roofing and inside
work of buildings; for constructing the foundations
for nine buildings for various purposes; for making
991 twin viirdu .?r <,?,i r?i
ing the whole ground (ubuut thirty-two acres) of the
undergrowth and trees.
Prisons making offers must state the price per
cubic yard for excavation; the price per cubic yard
for embankment; the price per perch of twenty-live
cubic feet for vertical walls ; the price per perch
of twenty-five cubic feet for slone ; the price per
foot (lineal meusure) for each kind of limber for
piles when driven uud finished according to the
plan; (j^e price per thousand for each kind of brick;
the price per thousand feet (board measure) for lumber
for the foundations of buildings ; the price per
foot (lineal) for piles; the price per thousand feet
(board measure) for any wood work required, and
the price per perch for the foundation walls. For
clearing, the proposals must state the gross sum for
the whole job ; the contractors to have the wood
which is upon the ground. The gravel upon Front
or Chickasaw street must be preserved, and spread
again upon the street after it has Iteen graded ; the
work to be paid for at the same rate per yard as excavation.
The department expressly reservrs the rigtyof
diminishing or increasing the quantity of materials
and the amount of work in the several portions of
the estimates here furnished; and should the quantities
of materiala and the amount of work be increased
beyond the estimates, the same price as is
specified for that kind or description of materials or
work shall be paid to the contractor, and no more.
The materiuls and work must be subject to inspection
and approval of persons to be appointed by
and under instructions from this Bureau ; and none
will be received or approved which shall not pass
such inspection.
Contracts and bonds, with two approved surej
ties in one-third the amount of contract, will be required,
to be entered into within twenty days after
tne notification of acceptance of the bid; and ten per
cent, of the amount of all bids will be retained as
collateral security for the faithful performance of
the contract, which will be paid only on the satisfactory
completion of it; and ninety per centum of
all deliveries made, and work executed, will be paid
on all bills properly authenticated within thirty days
after their presentation to the navy agent.
Bidders are required to accompany their proposals
with evidence of ability, together with the
names of their sureties, whose responsibility must
be certified by the United States district attorney,
navy agent, or some person well known to the
government; otherwise their proposals will not
e acted upon.
Plans of the work can be seen, and such other in
formation as may be required can lie obtained, by
application at the Engineer's office, Memphis.
To be published once a week until the 21st of Au
gust next, in the Union, Intelligencer, and Constitution,
Washington, D. C ;. Baltimore Republican and
Sun; Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia; Morning News,
Evening Post, and Journal of Commerce, New
York; Harrisburg Unicn; Morning Post, Boston;
Enquirer, Richmond, Va.; Nashville Union; and
Memphis Appeal.
Proprietors of the above papers will lie pleased to
send a copy of the paper containing the above advertisement
to this bureau.
July 21?lawtA21
Bureau or Yards and Docks, .
' Jolt 21, 1845.
The time limited for receiving proposals for work
to be performed, and materials to be delivered at the
navy-yard, Memphis, is extended from the 21st
August, to 3 o'clock p. ra. of the 10M of September
In cases where proposals are made embracing
more than one portion of the work or of the materials,
or the whole, as required by the advertisement,
the department reserves the right of dividing and
accepting for such portions, or for the whole, as
nay be deemed best for the public interest.
N. B. Those papers which have copied the above
advertisement, will please copy this notice also.
Bureau or Yards and Docks,
August 11 th, 1845.
THE time limited for receiving proposals for
work to be performed, and materials to be furnished
at the navy-yard, Memphis, is further extended
to 3 o'clock, p. m., of the 10th day of October
next. Persons intending to bid, and wishing
further information, are referred to the engineer, A.
B. Warford, esq., at Memphis.
Those papers which have copied the advertisement
of the 21st ultimo, as well as the "Cincinnati
Enquirer" and "Louisville Democrat," will please
copy this notice also.
Aug 11?td
THE course of instruction will open (as heretofore)
on the first Monday of November, Hnd
close on the last day of February, under the following
arrnngement: ,
Benjamin W. Dudley, M. D., professor of the
1 principles and practice of surgery.
Wm. H. Richardson, M. D., professor of obstetrics
and diseases of women and children.
Thomas D. Mitchell, M. D., professor of materia
medica nnd therapeutics.
, Robert Peter, M. D., professor of chemistry
and pharmacy.
Lotan Q. Watson, M. D., professor of theory
and practice.
James M. Bush, M. D., professor of special and
surgical anatomy.
Leonidas M. Lawson, M. D., professor of general
and pathological unatomy and physiology.
Ethelbkrt L. Dudley, M. D., demonstrator of
The introductories will be given on Monday,
Tuesday, and Wednesday; and the didactic course
will open on Thursday, November 6th. Professors'
fee* amount to $105, payable in all ratei tn adronrr,
in the beat money current where the pupil* reaide.
Matriculation fee, $5. Hospital ticket, with clinical
lecture*, *5. Graduation fee, $25. Dissecting
ticket, $10.
The needful expense* of living range lietwecn
two and three dollar* per week. Gratuitous lecture*
(as usual) in the month of October. Further
information may be had by addressing letter*, post
Dean of the Faculty.
Aug. 8?wfit?Lsxikoton, Ky., August, 1845.
NOTICE.?Was committed to the jail of Washington
county, District of Columbia, on the 18th
July, 1845, a negro man, who calls himself John
Smith. He is a dark mulatto, about 6 feet high,
and about 38 or 29 years of age. Had on, when
committed, a striped summer coat and pantaloons,
a black fur hat, and has other clothing with him,
principally home made. He says he is a slave,
and belongs to a Mr. John Smith, who lives in
Henrico county, between Petersburg and Richmond,
Virginia, and about 30 miles from Richmond. He
has a scar under the left eye, and one on the upper
The owner or owners of the above described negro
man are hereby requested to come forward,
prove him, and take him away, or he will be sold
for bis prison and other expenses, as the law directs.
i Aug. 7?lawtf Marshal D.
AVERLEY~NOVELS, cheap ,eriu, n^
lished in octavo volumes, at the rate of six
- novels for 50 cents, or 8 cents for each novel.
Volume second, containing "Heart of Mid Lothian,'1
"Bride of Lammermoor,""Legend of Moni
troae," "Ivanhoe," "The Monastery," and "The
x 1.1?.. 11 .l:- J...
1AUUIIU, ?? into MB* IVVWTWi I
J?n?17 F. TAYLOR. |
4L. J!J -J U..L- .
Ignatius W. Gardiner, vs. William Fletcher, Matilda
Mudd, Mary A. Mudd, Harriet Mudd, and
In Charles county court, silting as a court of equity,
June term, 1845.
THE object of the bill filed in this cause, is to obtain
a decree appointing a trustee to make a
deed to the coinnlsinant for the land mentioned in
the bill of complaint. The bill states that Ros well
Mudd, lute of the Slate of Maryland, died seised
and possessed of the following-named tracts, pieces,
or parcels of the land ailuuta, lying, and being in
Charles county, Stutaof Maryland, to u it: part of
"Wright's Forest," '^tudd's Purchase," and part
of "Poor Chance," containing two hundred and
twenty-three acres, three roods, and eleven perches;
that said Roswell had living, at his death, three
daughters?Matilda Mudd, Mary Ann Mudd, and
Harriet Mudd; and that said children, if living, reside
in some one of the western Slates, in parts unknown
to the complainant) that sometime about the
2bth of July , 1817, they made and executed a letter
or power of attorney, authorizing Benedict Mudd,
of Charles county, Maryland, to sell said land; and,
in nureuanee thereof, he made a contract of sale
witn William Fletcher, who now resides in Prince
George's county, in the State aforesaid; and that
said Fletcher Datd said Mudd a laree oortion of the
The bill farther states, that after aaid contract,
one Isadora Gardiner, of the county and State
laat aforesaid, waa empowered to close aaid contract;
and that he united with said Benedict Mudd
in a bond of conveyance, or paper-writing, conditioned
for the execution of a, good and sufficient
deed to Fletcher, on payment of the whole of the
purchase money; that some time afterwards, Fletcher,
for valuable consideration, assigned Raid bond to
one F'rancis Beaven, of the county and State aforesaid;
and that Beaven paid to Nathaniel Mudd, administrator
of Benedict Mudd, tha balance due on
said land; and then, for valuable consideration, assigned
said bond to the complainant.
The bill further states, that the complainant is
ready and anxious to pay up the balance to the
proper representatives of Beaven, as soon as he can
obtain a deed; but that he has been unable to find the
power of attorney underwhich the land was sold.
The bill also states that Francis Beaven and his
wife have since departed this life, leaving Rnsetta
Beaven intermarried with Henry Penn, and Henrietta
intermarried with John F. Penn; and that Henrietta
has since died, leaving one child, Noble
Penn; that said Francis Beaven also left two sons?
William W. Beaven, and Thomas N. Beaven; that
Thomas N. Beaven and Noble L. Penn are minors,
under the age of twenty-one years, and prays subpoenas
to issue to said minors.
It is thereupon, this 16th day of June, 1845, adjudged
and ordered that the complainant, by causing
a wpj ui una umoi iu no iiivoi icu ill iirwa|mpcr
printed and published in the District of Columbia,
once a week for six successive weeks, before the
third Monday of March, 1846, next, give notice to
the said absent defendants of the object and substance
of-this bill, and warn them to be and appear
in this court, in person or by solicitor, on or before
the said third Monday of March next, to answer
the premises, and show cause, if any they have,
why a decree should not pass as prayed; otherwise,
as to them, the same will be taken pro conftsso.
June 16, 1845.
True copy. Test:
Clerk Charles County Court.
July 10?taw6w
TERS, and all other persons having business
with the Post Office Department.?The undersigned
having been for several years employed in the accounting
branch of the Post Office Department, is
intimately acquainted with the operations of that
department, and well qualified to attend to any interest
connected therewith. He oilers his services
as agent and attorney to contractors, postmasters,
and all others to whose business his experience may
lie valuable. All affairs intrusted to nim, whether
relating to past, or current, or contemplated transactions
with the department, shall be attended to as
promptly and efficiently as could lie done by the
parties themselves, if on the spot. Bidders for the
southern and western mail-routes, to be declared on
the 1st of October next, will find it to their advantage
to transmit their papers to him for preparation.
They, and all others who may employ him, shall
constantly be advised of all matters affecting their
interests. If collections are at any time required to
be made by him, he will remit the proceeds without
delay. Communications must be post-paid.
Hon. Elisha Whittlesey, Canfield.Ohio, late Auditor
of the Post Office Department.
M. St. Clair Clarke, Washington, late Auditor of
the Post Office Department.
John Murron, esq., Chief Clerk of Post Office
Department, Washington.
Hon. Wm. Cranch, Chief Justice of U. S. circuit
court, D. C., Washington.
Wm. W. Seaton, esq., Mayor of Washington.
Aug 8?2aw2m
Frederick white sulphur springs
?situated six miles east of Winchester, Vs.,
and one mile and a half from Stephenson's depot,
on the Winchester and Potomac railroad?are now
open for the reception of company.
This water is inferior to none in the State, as it
holds in solution sulphureted hydrogen, iodine, and
magnesia, imparting tone to the system, and acting
as a powerful alterative, as numerous visiters can
testify, having been visited for the last fitly years,
and, had it not been for its contracted accommodations,
must hove been among the first watering
places in the Union. For the last five years, the
improvements liave been increased so as to accommodate
between two and three hundred visiters.
The proprietor hna endeavored to put this watering
place on a footing with the most tushionubleand
comfortable places of the sort, in a plain style, and
will use every exertion in his power to make his
visiters comfortable.
It is easy of access for all the Atlantic cities. Persons
leaving Baltimore in the morning cars will arrive
at the depot at 3 o'clock the same day, where a
coach will be in readiness to take them immediately
to the springs.
The proprietor feels thankful for the encouragement
he has received from the public, and will use
every exertion to merit a continuance of it, by making
those comfortable who may give him a call.
BRANCH JORDAN, Proprietor.
June 9?tf
Persons wishing to visit this watering place are
referred to my former visiters:
Ex-President Tyler, Gen. R. Jones, J. C. Rives.
Chief Justice Taney, Mr. J. N. Bonaparte, Rev.
J. A. Collins, Reverdy Johnson, Rev. Charles C.
Austin, Bultimore.
Judge Nicholas, Richmond!
Messrs. A. M. Patton, J. J. Chew, Fredericksburg.
Mr. John Cooper, Col. G. B. Cooke, Mr.
Southgate, Norfolk, Va.
Jos. B. Skinner, Edenton, N. C.
Hon. Wm. B. Calhoun, Massachusetts.
Richard W. Barton, Virginia.
. JVb. l.*5 South street.
CR*?TBR rCfPtTtlAt.
THIS company makes insurances on lives for
one or more vears. or for life, at the following
rate* per annum, per one hnr.dred dollars.
Iff. Onr ynr. Sc ren VOT1 t^fr.
IS *1 00 >> 13 *3 03
3s i 30 1 ft* 'j 78
43 1 01 I 90 3 73
00 4 33 4 91 7 00
and intermediate ages at proportionate rates; and
the premiums payable semi-annually or evARTaaLT,
if preferred.
Buyt and ttlls annuities?grants endearments for
children?make* all contracts in which lift or tht intercut
of money is involved.
The policies of insurance may be made payable
to a wife, child, or any other person designated by
the assured. By an act of the State of Maryland,
1840, chapter 319, insurances made by married
women on the lives of their husbands are fully protected
from all claims of creditors.
The proposals and rates, as well as blank forms
of application, may be obtained at the office of the
company, or its agents.
Richard B. Doatcv, Secretary.
Jamrs H. Caditbm, Agent for Washington.
June dly
MRS. MARY L. ELI A SON will open a boarding
and day school, at her residence, on the
corner of Friucc and St. Aaaph streets, on Monday,
the 8th of September next, for the instruction of s
limited number of ydhng ladies in the several
branches of a thorough English and French education.
The English department will be conducted by a
lady who wus formerly a teacher in the Albany
Female Academy, and has been for several years
teaching in the family of Mrs Eliason.
Great |Mtins will be taken to teach well the principles
of science, the application of which will require
diligent study on the |Ntrt of the pupil; and in
order to accomplish fully this important object,
teachersof the highest qualifications will be provided
for euch department. The French teacher will reside
in the family, and the pupils will be taught to
apeak accurately, as well as to read and write the
i renc.li language.
To those young ladies whose parents desire it, a
course of instruction will be given in Latin, as the
foundation of modem languages.
The government will be parental, und conducted
on Christian principles. Alexandria is admirably
located for an institution of this kind, being retired
and healthy, combining the advantages of town and
country. Members of Congress who have daughters
.1.. - ....11 C...I .L:_ ? :?. r?
(hut purpose, hn steamboats ply hourly between
Alexandria ?nd Washington city.
The scholastic year will be divided into two sessions,
of twemy-two week* each, commencing on
the 81I1 of September, and the 8th of February.
For board and tuition in English nd French, per
session, payable in advance - - -f 125
Day scholars in English and Latin - 20
Day scholars in French - - - 12
Music and drawing at professors' charges, and no
other extra charges will be made.
Each young lady must be provided with a silver
cup and fork.
As the number of pupila is limited to thirty, it is
requested that application for admission be made
immediately, either by letter, or personally, to Mrs.
Eliason, at her residence in Alexandria.
Right Rev. Willinm Meade, Millwood, Va.
Rev. Charles B. Dunu, Alexandria, D. C.
Rev. Dr. Sparrow, Theological Seminary of Virginia.
Rev. George A. Smith, Principal of the Fairfax
Henry Daingeriield, esq., do.
Louis A. Cazenove, esq., do.
Hon. J. McLean, Judge of the Supreme Court
United States, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Chas. M. Thruston, esq., Cumberland, Md.
Hon. Thomas H. Benton, St. Louis, Mo.
Thomas D. Miitter, M. D., Philadelphia, Penn.
Hon. EM ward Stanly, Washington, North Carolina.
Gen. Roger Jones, Washington, D. C.
Gen. A. Henderson, do.
Eustace Conway, esq., do.
Grafton Dulany, esq., Baltimore, Md.
Hughes Armiatead, esq., Baltimore, Md.
July 28?3taw3ni
THE third academic year of this inalilution will
commence on the first Monday in September.
In order, however, to obviate the difficulty and
delay incident to the formation of new . Classen, and
especially to the examination and proper disposition
of new pupils, after the duties of the school
have been formally resumed, parents are earnestly
requested lo send (heir sons as early as possible in
the week preceding the first day of September. A
daily attendance by the pupila during this week, of
from two to three hours, will greatly facilitate future
operations, and obviate much subsequent loss
of time.
The department of modern languages, lately vacated
by the removal of Mr. Qirault, haa been intrusted
to Professor Dovilliers, a graduate of the
University of Paris, and a teacher of experience.
This gentleman will also give instruction in drawing
and painting. Specimens of his performance, ana
of that of some of his lute pupils in these desirable
accomplishments, may be seen at the residence of
the subscriber, corner of J8th and 1 streets.
Six young gentlemen can be received in the family
of the principal, of winch Professor Dovilliers
will be a member, and in which, as far as practicable,
the French language will be the medium of conversational
Parents residing beyond the limits of the city,
either within the District or elsewhere, who
may desire for their sons an opportunity of
enjoying, in the prosecution of their studies, the singular
advantages peculiar to the metropolis for developing
and stimulating the intellectual powers, as
well as for acquiring varied useful information, may
be made acquainted with the character of the High
School by consulting any of the gentlemen whose
names are appended, and of whom all (except those
marked with an asterisk) either now have, or have
recently had, sons among its pupils.
The terms for boarders will be $225 for the academic
year, payable semi-annually, and always in
This sum will be in full for board, lodging, washing,
and tuition in all the branches taught in the
school, except the Spanish, Italian, Qeiman, and
Hebrew languages.
The terinB for day schtdara will continue as heretofore.
Ocn. John P. Van Nus? P. O. Washington, esq., Au
'lion. James Buchanan, Sec- ditnr Post Office
retary of Stale Col. Jas. Kearney, tJ. 8. A.
Hon. R" J. Walker, Recreta- 'Rev. Mr. French
ry of the Treasury (Jen. A Henderson, U. 8
Gov. Wicklitt'e, late Post Marine Corps
master General Dr. B. Washington, U. S. N.
Col. W W. Heaton Dr. Henry Haw
Gen. Roger Jones. U. H. A. Maj. G. W. Camblois
(Jen. T. 8. Jesup. U. 8. A. Thomas Corcoran, esq.
Dr. J. M. Brodhcad llev. Mr. Tuston
Joseph 8. Wilson, esq. Dr. John E. Berry
Hon. W. L. Dsylon, lb 8. S. Gov. A. K. Parris, ad
( om.T. ApC. Jones, ll.S.N. Compt Treasury
Major 'J'. L. Smith O. G. Grammer, esq.
Col. J. I.. KdvVnrds 'TheophUus Kiali, esq.
Gen Walter Jones llenry Kreblis, D. C.
A. O. Dayton, ssq., 4th Aud. *K. P Blair, D. C.
I'hilip H. Kendall, esq. *Dr. Thomas Miller.
George W. Davis, esq.
P. S. Copies of the prospectus, containing a full
exposition of the course of instruction and system
of discipline, with numerous testimonials, may be
obtained on application, by letter or otherwise, to
the subscriber.
Aug. 2?w6t Principal.
CARPETINQ8, floor furniture, silk and carriage
oil cloths, mattings, and window shades.
House-keepers "attention!"
100 pieces Rrussels and Wilton carpetings
500 do super three ply imperial and ingrain
1000 do medium and fine ingrain do
500 do venjtian and damask, assorted widths
500 do hemp, cotton and rag carpets
500 do Nankin, Canton ana Spanish matting
,100 do druggets and woollen floorcloths
1(10 do furniture oil cloths, 3-4 to 6-4 wide
2000 yards floor oil cloths, from 1 to 8 yard*
000 transpa rent oiled window shade*, Italian
moonlight and landscape views
4000 New England patent blinds
100 bales alicant inatts, assorted sizes
200 do manilla and jute mats
500 Wilton, Brussels and tufted hearth rug*
5 cases embroidered Parisian muslin curtains
2 do worsted carpet binding
500 dozen brass stair-rods
5 cases embroidered cloth and worsted piano
and table cover*
This mammoth stock, laid in for cash, comprising
everv variety of pattern, will be sold wholesale ana
retail, at the warehouses, 18 and 20 north Second
street, up stairs, at five per cent, advan^for cash or
city acceptances, with interest added.
Jan. 2S? ly _____
One of the most complete assortment to be
found in the city, comprising every variety. This
branch will receive particular attention. Price* to
suit the time*.
Sign of the large Black Boot, Pennsylvania av.,
two doors west of 4 J street.
July 24
WJ ANTED?a good dining-room servant. None
W rxrd apply unless well recommended. A
slave would be preferred. Apqjy at Uu* office.
J JUI7 '4i?U
ingtnn city; Matthew St. Clair Clarke, do.; Kingman
A Co., do.; Qeneral C. P. Mercer, and the
Texian conaule abroad.
Many forfeiture# arc about to accrue, from feilure
to pay taxea; many clninis, otherwise good, will be
barred by ndverse possession of three years?that
being the limitation; many title# of land# conveyed
in the United State#, cannot be admitted to record m
Texa?, for want of proper authentication. Owing
to aome one or other of thcae cauaea, the beat land#
are in a condition to baJosL
Having made it my buainese to become acquainted
with ull the law# relating to title#, and being determined
to attend diligently to all claim# confided to
me, I require, in all caaea, an advance in caah^aulficicnt
to cover expenae# of investigation. When
that shall be done, I am willing to take a contingent
interest in the lands for attention and services.
Galveston, August 7, 1845.
Fstreet, bthrrm 13Ik and 13tk itricU, IVasfunfton
THE M1SSE8 HAW LEY, daughters of the late
Rector of St. John'srhurchofthiscity, will on
the 1st Monday of next month (September) resume
the exercises of their school, at their mother1# residence,
as heretofore.
They solicit the patronage oftthe congregation of
said church, and of their friend# and the public
generally. Should referencesbe required,satisfactory
ones will be given to persons in the District and in
the diflt-rent Stairs.
The course of instruction includes all the branches
of English education taught in the best schools
in the United States, and is entirely under their
own direction.
French, niuttic, drawing, Ac., by the most ape
proved professors. '
The scholastic year is divided into four quarters,
commencing 1st Monday in September, 95th Novemlier,
10th February, and 98th April.
Boardper annum (payablequarterly in advance)
$150. Washing and bedding extra.
Tuition of the 1st class fit) per qr- in advance.
Do 9d class 8 "
Do 3d class 5 " "
For children under five or
six yean of age 3 " "
Ink, pens, and pencils, 50 cents. Fuel per seaHisses
Hawley, although impressed with
the responsibility of the task they have assumed,
promise to parents and guardians their unremitting
attention to the mental and moral culture of those
committed to their charge.
Their pupils, even during the hours of recess,
shall be ever under the eye of one or more of the
August 25?eo9w
Office of the Che*. a Ohio Canal Co.,
Frederick, August 18,1845.
TN8TRUMENT8 of guarantee, with ample se
X eurity, assuring- to the Chesapeake ana Ohio
Canal Company an aggregate transportation on the
entire canal of not leas than one hundred and ninety-five
thousand tons of tonnage jier year, on an
average of years for five years, dating ftom the end
of six months after the canal shall be completed to
Cumberland, and the navigation opened to that
point, having been executed and delivered to the
company, and approved by the governor of Maryland
and State agents, the board of president and , I
directors of said company are now authorized to
borrow money on the bonds of the company, which
are made preferred -and absolute liens on the entire
nett revenues of said company, to pay for the completion
of said canal to Cumberland, or to enter into
a contract, or contracts, for the completion of said
work, and to pay for the same directly in said
The board of president and directors of said company
are, therefore, now prepared to receive and
act upon proposals, either for the negotiation of said >
loan, or for the completion of the Chesapeake and
Ohio canal to Cumberland, for the bonds of tho ft
company, as preferred liens on the nett revenuee of
the company, as aforesaid. As stated in their report
of the 39th April, however, no contract will bo
entered into for tne completion of the work, fbv
bonds, unless the parties proposing can demonstrate,
to the satisfaction of the board, that they have ampin
means and resources, or have made such arrangements
as to leave no doubt of their ability to finish
the work within the time prescribed, which must
not exceed two years from the commencement of
the work.
More particular information may be had by application
at the office of the company in Frederick.
By order of the board:
thomas turner,
Clerk Chcs. A. Ohio Canal Co.
Aug. 33?3tawSw.
Eclectic medical institute, Ciwcinwati,
Onto.?The Fall and Winter Course
of Lectures commences in this institution on the
first Monday in November, and continues four
months; which is immediately followed by the
Spring and Summer Course, which also continues
four months.
The arrangements for the session are as follows:
B. L. Hill, M. D., on Anatomy flO 00
Jai. H. Olives, M. I)., on Chemistry and
Pharmacy.. 10 00
L. E. Jones, M. D., ffn Botany, Therapeutics,
and Materia Medica 10 00
H. Cox, M. D., Surgery and Medical Jurisprudence
10 00
A- H. BsLDRinoE, M. D , on Obstetrics and
Diseases of Women and Children 10 00
t. v. Moaaow, M. D., Physiology, Pathology,
and Theory and Practice of Medicine
10 00
Matriculation fee, three dollars. Payments for
tickets in advance.
This institute was chartered by the last legislature
of Ohio, and is under the control of a board of
trustees. The course of instruction will embrace
everything of any value taught in boththe old regular
colleges and the reformed or botanical school of
medicine. Candidates for graduation will be expected
to comply with the usual requisitions.
Boarding can be had at two dollars per week. Persons
wishing futher information will address a letter
(pott paid) to the undersigned on Sixth street,
between Vine and Walnut. Lecture rooms at
Fourth Street Hall.
T. V. MORROW, M. D.,
I Jean or the faculty.
Aug. 21?4t
1300,000 CAPITAL. ~
57 Wall atreet) inaurea buildings in general, merchandise,
household furniture, and every description
of personal property, againnt loaa or dnmage by
fire; also, against hazards of inland transportation.
J. 8MYTH ROGERS, President.
R. W. Martin, Secretary.
J. Smyth Rogers, Ferdinand Suydatn,
James McBnde, Peter 1. Nevius,
John Adams, William Leggat,
John Haggerty, Richard Irrin,
Gulian C. Verplanck, E. D. Hurlbut,
John Johnston, George P. Pollen,
Joseph Kemochan, William Colgate,
Joseph Stuart, Lowell Hotbrook,
John I. Palmer, Caleb Bar*tow,
Henry Pariah, Thomas P. Norrie,
Reuben Withers, Robert Colgate.
William Scott,
Agent for the company,
Opposite Brown's Hotel.
The agent is prepared to issue policies, at low
rates, against all losses occasioned by fires, in the
city or country.
Aug. 11?eo6t
English, classical, and mathe- .
MATICAL ACADEMY, on H, between 8th
and 9th streets.?The exercises of this academy will
be resumed on Monday next, August 18th. In this j
school pupils may be prepared for college, or, if it
be not their intention to pursue a collegiate course,
may select those studies which will suit their objects
in life.
Cfisrgai per faarter.
Reading, writing, .arithmetic, modern geography,
and English grammar - |5 00
Ancient and modern history, ancient geogra- lj
phy, and astronomy - 6 00
Natural philosophy, chemistry, botany, alge- |
bra, geometry, book-keeping, and composition
- - - - - 8 00
Latin and Greek classics - - 10 00
james w. h. lovejoy.
j Aug. w?
- - -

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