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'~:~:~r ^1) C |fjlOpt)l|f ^ffsS^S?
BAILY, per y*l $10 0. W UOIU of CoagrMa, and toad weekl; darW Ih. -Tn
OLMI WKKKLY, (publiehe. tri-weeklp during tbo teuton - Subeerlptione for a period leea than * <hi wMbe wetted eo
ot (ongreat) .... -ami ??-- ? ' ????lermt proportioned to tho abote aaaoal retae , i
CWi mil it ftmiiiti at /tlUwt: ' " ' ' ' ; , ... n'| . .; . ? aotet of tmluecie-pariag boitk will he receated *
rite copie. of ih. DAILY for f40 00 *DML??????? Sih^TSi^lir.
, : l,: :.bcity of Washington, Friday night, October 22, 1847. '
Ttu copict of the I I ( .... 16 It. 0&^ ^ C^wrtatonaa Rauntaa will be fttrnlthed thaw aw Ibn
'- ? i. ? _ J
jitiH; g?s?B
Tro?|li by Nail Train from Wuklngtan, Tit Alcx ndrla,
to Kredti Kluburn, Klchmoiul, and PtUrr
burg, Virginia.
rpH L undersigned, having made the necessary arrnngeJ.
meats with die Steamboat and Railroad Companies Cettveen
the above named place*, are now prepared, under
the name and style ol llOCKKS, DAKRACUTT dc AL1,1,N,
to receive every description of light goods, and lorward
the sume (as above stated) on reasonable terms.
We trust, by giving our jiersonal attention to the business,
to meet with oncourngemunt, and assure our friends
lliat nothing shall be wanting on our purt to alford satisfaction.
All light articles, such as parcels and packages, which
may be consigned to our care, will be delivered tree of cartI
age; and merchandise or other articles, which may be too
heavy lor the mail train, will have our particular care by
the freight train.
J. W. ROGKRS, Master Steamer Powhatan.
B. F. DAKKACOTT. Train captain, R. F. iSr P. R. R.
WILLIAM II. ALLLN.Detwt agent, do
Richmond, Va., May I, Rot?May 1?dtf
To Piuty Point ami the other landings on the Potomac,
and to persons wishing an agreeable excursion by the
Chesapeake bay to Haiti more,
r 11','?*> THK public is hereby advised, that on and
iaAdi iiaia afler Monday the 5th instant, the quick and
beautiful steamer POWHATAN will run semi-weoicly, in
connexion with the steamer AUGUSTA, between the
liiouth of Aquia creek, Piney Point, and Baltimore.
I'assengcrs by the Augusta, leaving Washington at 9 or
Alexandria at 9i, a. in., on Mondays and Thursdays, arrive
at Aquia creek about 12 in., where they take the superior
steamer Powhatan, arriving at Piney Point between
6 slid ti, p. m. The Powhatan thence proceeds to Baltimore,
where she nrrtves by 4, a. m. the next morning.
lh. Usulknlii., uilll I..UU 1t.lli.n,?. .1 s ?
on Tuesdays and Fridays. Passengers by her breaklust in
I'iney Point, and arrive at Aquia creek by 12, in., wliere
they take the until steamer Augusta and arrive at Alexandria
by 44 Hnd at Washington by 5 p. in.
The Powhatan will take in and put out passengers at all
the landings on the Potoniuc.
passage and Inre between Washington or Alexandria and
Piney Point, and return - - ?3 (HJ
Passage to any other landings on the Potomac below
Aquia creek - - - 2 50
Passage between Washington or Alexandria and
Baltimore, (including meals,) with the privilege of
returning the next duv at a charge ol'&l only - 3 00
For lurthor particulars apply to Capt. J. W. Rodgers, on
board die Augusta, or to
June 80?Staw
Touching at Gibraltar to land pa***ngera.
ri illE undcriiientioned ships will be regularly despatched
JL from New York on the 1st, and lroin Marseilles on
the 10th of each mouth, as follows!
Ship Prince de Joinville, (new,) Capt. W. W. Laurence,
Oct. 1, 184ti.
Ship Aicolc, (new,) Captain W. R. lloodless, Nov. 1,
Ship Gaston, Capt. James Anthony, Dec. 1, 16-46.
Ship Nebraska, (new,) Captain James Watson, Jan. 1,
Ship , , Feb. 1, 1847.
Ship Prince de Joiriville, (new,) Capt. W. W. Laurence,
Dec. fo, 1840.
Ship Arcole, (now,) Capt. W. R. Hoodless, Jan. 10, 1847.
-Ship Guston, Capt. James Anthony, Feb. 10, 1847.
Ship Nebraska, (new,) Capt. James Watson, March 10,
Ship , . April 111, 1847.
Tht-ae vessels are all ol the lirst class, and commanded by
men of experience. Their accommodations lor passengers
are unsurpassed lor comlort and convenience. Goods sent
to the agents will be lorwarded free ol all other expenses
than those actually paid.
For height or passage, apply to
103 Front street: or to
BOYD & HINCKEN agents,
No. 9. Tontine ouildings, corner of Wall and Water
streets, New York.
Sept. 18
gi m ti THE STEAMER OSCEOLA having been
njJjiif i>ut in complete order, will, on Suuday, the
july, coiiiiuence plying reguluily beween
the above places, leaving tlie lower end ol Frederick
aim ' dock, Baltimore, every Tuesday, at 4 o'clock, p. in.
T burning, will leave WasUington every Sunday, at 7
o'clock, a. in.
Site will stop regulatly, going and returning, at Cone
river, Va., Currioiuan, Va , Lconardtown, Md., and Port
Tooucco, Md.
And will touch at the following landings for signals, or to
limd, viz:
Point Look Out, Piney Point, i'lackstone's, Pope's Creek,
Nanjainoy, Chapman's, Md., Sandy Point, Blull Point,
Jloyd's Hole, and Quuntico, Va.
For Norfolk.
The steamer OSCEOLA will leave Washington for the
above place (touching at Piney Point and Old Point) every
Thursday alb o'clock, a. in. Returning, will leave Norfolk
every Friday at 4 o'clock, p. m.
Passage anil tare $5. Passage and fare to Piney Point,
and return, Sj'd
Coal Depot,
Lenox's WharJ, near the Long Bridge.
THE subscriber would respectfully inlorin his patrons
and the public that he H receiving daily the above
article of its various kinds and qualities, (which will make
lus pretent stock equal to any in the District,) consisting ol
butler, Red Ash, Pine Knoi, Broad Mountain, Clover lltll?
suitable lor cooking ranges, radiators, grates, turuaccs, Arc.
I have hud, at considerable expense, my yard |>lauked,
unci have erected a commodious shed lor the preservation
of the coal from the dust and weather; and would state to
those persons who may obtain their stock of me in the lull,
that, in case the quantity purchased should be found not
suhicient lor the season, (as is the cast" very frequently,)
only a small udvauce wtii be made oil the price to supply
the deficiency. ,
1 would request the citizens generally to call before making
their purchases, us 1 am resolved to dis(>ose ol the
utticle at reasonable rates.
N. B. Each load accompanied by the certificate of a
sworn weigher.
Orders will be received at the " Butler Coal OlllceMr.
U,. massolettrs Drug wore, on rennsyivania avenue,
opposite Coleman's Hotel ; or they may bo left with Mr.
John F. Caitan, Drug Store, corner ol 7th and K strerts,
( nlier ol whom will receipt lor tne ;) through the PostOlhco
; or at tlie yard, on 13k street, near the Long ltridge.
juhn rbrriBOiNE.
Sept 6?2aw6w
HAND BOOK of Practical Perspective, London, 1847.
Lanzi's History ol Puinling, translated by Hoscoc, 2
vols., London, 1847.
W time's Hand Book of Engineering, Drawing, and Mapping,
quarui, London, I84W.
iluys't Principles of Symmetrical Beauty, 1 vol., London,
Shuttleworth on Landscape Painting, London, 1816.
llayter's Introduction to Perspective, Practical Geometry,
Drawing, Painting, and Colors, London, 1846.
Wood s Manual ol Perspective, 1 vol., London,
lieacon's Elements ol Per?|)ective Drawing lor beginners,
i jondon.
Cawse's Introduction to the Art of Painting in Oil Colors,
1vol., London.
Sopwith's isometrical Drawing, London.
Jophng's Practice ol Isometrical Perspective, London.
Manual lor Teaching Drawing ol Solid Forms, Machinery,
Models, and Pers|iective, by Butler Williams, civil en- i
gmeer, 1 vol., London.
V Brown's Principles of Practical Perspective, 1 vol., large
quarto, Loudon.
1 Brooke Taylor's Principles of Linear Perspective, 1 vol.,
Arithmetical Perspective, by C. E. Bernard, civil engineer,
1 vol., London.
(iwiltou Shadows, 1 vol., London.
TUs Art ol Paiutmg in Oil, and in Fresco, by Meriinoo, <
1 vol., London.
Painting and the Fine Arts, by Hazlilt and liaydon, 1 vol.,
Phillips's Lectures on Painting. 1 Vol.. London
Just imported by K. TAYLOR.
Oq blind a collection I books, troth English and American,
on the same class of subjects, too uumcrous lor the i
'tniils o: au advertisement.
KOKRKKT, the new and commodious house on P
Lj'jl street west, now occupied try Thos. Kiiohie, esq
*JL it is m a healthy and beautiful location, and has ail
t Milages possessed by lew placet of residence in Washing
ton : a lurnace which warms the whole house, bath room.'
si'-ciieti range, <5ec. Possession given on the 20th of thi:
f or terms inquire of Wj?. A. Gordqh, Quarterraastei
benerai's Olhoe, War Department.
I'tlr ft?tftawtt.
MH?. WUITWCLb,hstrlng >ssMit< flea her lah
raoderico in Dull Ureeu'? Row. Capitol Hill, ha
'-u.jQIheiHrtiMT uu:iy occupied by Mr. bent, on street
best duor to the first 1'resbyterian church, and it now prepared
to receive tioarriem by the week, month, or year,
families can be comfortably nooommode tod, also gentlemen
wishing only their meals.
0?t U-ebtttw
The last olTVr of Valuable Stock Farm.
THK subscriber, having twice heretofore ottered for mile
liis plantation, (iltnlhorn, (under unfavorable circumstances,
however,) without elieeling ii sale, or even attractn>K
many buyers, now oilers it for the last time. And, a*
advertisements seenl to lie considered extravagant, or to be I
disregarded altogether, he hereby gives a public assurance
that the representations about to be made shall be strictly
true, while ho respectfully invites purchasers to examine
the property for their own suiislhction.
This place, then, is situated on the sou^h fork ot Rockfis)i
river, in Nelson county, State of Virginia, twenty-three
miles from Howardsville, (which Is ninety miles above
Richmond, on the James River Canal,) to which point,
from this region, a well-graded turnpike road is now in
progiess of construction, whereby an easy and cheap trans
poriaiion will bo insured to an excellent itiRrket. The
tract contains about 1,25(1 acres, of which 230 are superior
low grounds, with much meadow land, a largo portion of it
being so situated and supplied with water that it might be
readily and thoroughly irrigated. About 000 seres of the
highland is of excellent quality, anil lies favorably for cultivation,
half of it being already cleared and substantially
enclosed, and, where not in corn, being well set in clover,
timothy, orchard grass, and herds grass, all of which grow
luxuriantly on every part of the land.
This place is remarkably well timbered, having an ample
supply of oak, hickory, and poplar for fuel and other pur |
poses, and an inexhaustible slock of chestnut and locust,
which furnish the most durable material tor fencing. It is
also unusually well Watered, there huing upon it numerous
springs of the linest water, and at least one nonMuntly running
stream in every held. Whilst the place produces tobacco
to great perfection, it is admirably well suited to the
stock business. When we consider us large amount ot
meadow land, its great general productiveness in the various
grains mid grasses, as well as its abundant supply of pure
water, we are justified in regarding it one of the best stock
farms in the State, whether lor cattle, sheep, or bogs ; lor,
besides the advantages presented by the cultivated lauds,
there is an extensive range which affords grass for cattle or
sheep, and mast lor hogs, sufficient to sustain tlietn for
severul months in die yeur.
The improvements are decidedly good. There is a spaeiott
and handsome brick dwelling, occupying a romantic site '
nuil lavored Willi scenery peculiarly varied ana Ueuumul
The yard and adjacent grounds are thickly set with lorer
trees and ornumentul trees and shrubbery, and at u prope,
distance are orchards of choice fruit, which, rarely, it ever,
fail to bear. The other buildings are such as are u.stiiiUy
Ibund on a well-improved place, and are of a neat and substantial
character. The situation is us healthy as any in
Virginia, and to the neighboring society belong morulity,
intelligence, wealth, and refinement.
If a sale be not effected belbre Wednesday, the 29th day
of September next, the property will be ottered at that
time, or on the lirst lair day thereafter, on the premises, to
the highest bidder. Immediate |>osse-sion will be given
for seeding; and, as upwards of 150 acres of the land is
now in corn and tobacco, tlmt cpiautity will be ready for
seeding tins tall without the labor of preparation.
There will be a good supply of corn, lodder, hay, straw,
ite. on the place ; which may ho had on reasonable terms.
One-lonrth of the purchase money will he required in
hand, and the balance in three equal annual instalments;
the purchaser giving bonds, with approved security, for the
deterred payments.
The subscriber, who will generally be at home, or Mr.
C. T. Estes, of Nelson court-house, will at any time show
the lands to any one wishing to see them ; and as he, the
subscriber, is anxious to sell out and remove to lite south,
lie is prejiared to propose terms which must bo consideiod
A perfect title will be conveyed.
Aug 30?ts Mount lloreb, Nelson county, Va.
(jy - Circumstances having been such that tt was
not deemed advisable to oiler my place to the highest bidder
on the"29th ult., it is still unsold. And it will, consequently,
he subject to private sale until Wednesday the 3d
Jay of November next, when, if not sold before, it will
poiitively be offered u? proposed in the foregoing advertisement,
if there should be even two reliable bidders present.
In the mean while it will be neatly seeded with wheat, of
the host quality, and In good time ; the purchaser paying for
die griiiu and lor the labor of putting it in.
4,<H)0 Acres of I-and In Montgomery county, Md.
| X)Y virtue of a decree and further order, of tiro chancery
.D court of Muryland, in the caso ol William Holmes,
complainant, nrrd George W. Holmes and others, dufendnnts,
heirs of Richard Holmes, late of Montgomery county,
Maryland, deceased, now ponding in said court, the undersigned,
as trustee, will offer lor sale at public auction, at die
residence of William Holmes, in said county, on Tuesday
the 2d day ol November next, if lair; if not, on the next
lairdny, at 9 o'clock, a. m., and continue by adjournment,
from time to time, und place to place, until all is sold, the
right, title, interest, and estate, both in law and equity, of
die parties to said cause, in and to ubout4,000 acres of land,
the bulance remaining unsold, situated in the neighborhood
of bandy Spring, in said county, about 2ft miles from the
city of Baltimore, from 9 to 20 miles from the city ol Washington,
and from (i to 1ft miles from tho Baltimore and
Washington railroad.
Said lauds comprising the, "Home Place," part of "Wilson's
Place," part of the ''Old Place," the "Cracklin District
Place," end the "Soapstone Tract," divided into and
will be sold in lots ol less than 200 acres each, Willi the exception
ol the Cracklin District Place of about 200 acres,
undone oilier tract, par*, of the Home Place, containing
about ft:(0 acres, upon which stand a superior large arid
well built two-story brick dwelling-house and commodious
out-buildings?such as barn, stable, carriage bouses, granaries,
inilk-lioiise, Arc.?having upon it a large peach and
apple orchard ol' vonng trees in lull hearing, and being one
ol the best and most productive farms in the State, which '
will be sold entire. Said lands are situate in a thriving
l part ol'said county ; arid while sonic ol them are among the '
best lands in the State, they arc all, by proper management,
' capable of being made productive of tonaceo und grain. '
Grass and vegetable of every description in tbundauce.
Upon several of said tracts there arc buildings which
with little repnirs will he comfortably adapted to farming
purposes, and besides Icing generally weft watered, there J
are streams passing through some of them upon which i,
there are several mill sites.
Part of said lands are heavily timbered, and they are so I
divided that each lot will have sullicicnt lor consumption,
while many lots are entirely in wood, comprising a large J
growth of valuable ship timber convenient to the railroad,
upon which it may be taken to Baltimore at about #1 per
tun ; heavy growth of chestnut in abundance, and large a
quantities of pine, hickory, and poplar.
Said lands are in a very healthy section of the county, in
the midst ot a highly respectable neighborhood of Friends,
near to one of the best meeting-bouses of that denomination
in the State, and in the vicinity of two Episcopal, four ,
Methodist, and two Catholic churches, two academics, and
a cost office. *
The present offers n rare opportunity lor members of the ,
.Society of Friends or others to locate lOeinsclves near to
churches and schools, upon Innds at low prices, and in one
of the most desirable sections of the State, and neur to two
grcnt inaikcts.
The above lauds and pints of the same may be examined
priorto the sale by applying to Win. Holmes, who now resales
on the " Home i'laeo.
Terms of sales The purchase money to ho paid onequarter
part thereof in cash on the (lay of sale, and tho balance
in equal instalments, in one, two, and three years
from the day of sale, except in selling the "homestead" ol
about 639 acres, in which case one-quarter of the puichase
m?"?" ' > ? ??.!. /?? ?ha .loir rtl' AhIm ttrMI thft
""""=1 >? " < ??,
ance to be paid by instalments, the last of which to be on
time, not exceeding five years, at the discretion of the trustee;
the whole to bear interest from the day of sale, and
the payment of said credit payments to be secured by the
bonds or notes of the purchaser, with a surety or sureties to
be approved by the trustee, or cash to be paid lor the
whole purchase money on the day of sale, or on the ratification
thereof by the chancellor ; nud on the ratification of
such sale or sales of u patt or the whole ol said real estate
by the chancellor, and on the payment of the whole purchase
money, principal and interest, and not belore, the
said trustee, by n good and utficient deed, to be executed .
and acknowledged agreeably to law, shall convey to the
purchaser or purchasers of said pro|?etry or ai^ part the reel,
and to Ins, her, or their heirs, the properly to hint, her,
or litem sold, Iree, clear, and discharged of all claim ol the y
parlies to said cause, and ol any person or persons claiming
or to claim, by, lroui, or under lliein, oi either of them,
in compliance with the terms and dime linns of said decree.
And said trustee is further authorized by order of
said court, at his discretion, to sell any or all of said lands
oy the plats thereof, at private sale, subject to the ratification
by tho chancellor, the terms above set forth, and the
iurther directions and requisitions ol snul decree and or- l
JOHN WADE, jr., Trustee.
Oct. 11?2a wu
\TR.. P. C. LAHKE has the honor to inform the ladies]
iVI i.iul imntlrmnii of Washington and Georgetown that |
IIS dancing academy will re-ooon on Tuesday, .November
id, at his dwelling-house, 011 Pennsylvania avenue. Days
A tuition, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 3
in. to 5 |>. in. for young Indies; lrotn 6 to 7 p. ni. lor
young masters.
N. B. Those ladies and gentlemen who may feel desirous ((
lo receive instruction at Georgetown, will pleas? leave their ^
tarncs at his residence in Washington. ?
Oct U??Saw3in
Library or Cojkirxss,
October 11, Idl7
j^OTIc? U hrrtby glvsn, that the Library of Conle
gi" ,i will he cosed on Tuesday, the 28tn oi October,
nd will not .ga.ii be opened until Thursday, the 29th ot
November JOHN S. mEeHA-V, 0
Oct 11?eodlm Librarian.
0t.vr.fL huhukhv,
Br 0. 11 Va.v Pat r un, MI) t'ermanent
otlico and residence next door to Todd's Hat :
Store, near Brown's Hotal, c
Deo 81?ly
Bp A. UKKNJY, .Auctioneer.
day, (lie 2otb last, wo shall sell at 10 o'clock, a. m , at the the!
late residence of the Hon. S. Barton, on I street, between i don
lHtli and 17lh streets, immediately north of the President's I Mai
House, by virtue of a deed of trust to the subscribers, bear- and
iny date S?th June, 1HJ7, and duly recorded, an extensive and 1 hold
superior assortment of furniture, viz :
Superior mahogany Spanish rocking and roiliug arm I
Do do rouud, end, and union solus
Do do 2 dozen slutted parlor chairs
Do do marble-top bureaus anil washstands ;
Do do bureaus, wardrobes, and French bed- |
Do do dining, breakfast, centre, and card !
Do do sideboards and mirror hut-rucks
IX) gilt frame minors, mantel clock, Ate.
Do rosewood piano forte, ol tine tone and touch
Maple wardrobes, High and low-post bedsteads
Cane and wood-seat chairs, settees, Arc.
Feather beds and bedding, hair mattresses, Ale. of the
best quality.
Superior parlor and chamber window curtains, with I
fixtures complete, window blinds, Ato.
2 cut-glass Gothic hall lamps and chandelier
Girandoles, candelabra*, astral lamps, Arc.
Mantel ornament*, vases, cornucopias. Arc.
Bronzed candelabra*, candlesticks, and brackets
Splendid silver-plated castors and candlestick!
t nuia, gmss. anu crocxery-wnre, among which un- ?
largo French china dinner sot anil lea set
A great variety of splendid cut glass
Gothic waiters, dialing dishes, cotfee biggin, Ate.
Andirons, shovels and tongs, and lenders
Brussels, three-ply, ingrain, and other carpets
Oilcloth, heurth-rugs, matting, Ate.
With a good lot of kitchen utencils, cutting hoes, garden
tools. Ate.
Also, an excellent milch cow and calf
With many other articles not necessary to enumerate.
Terms: All sums o{ and under #30, cash ; over #30, a
credit of sixty days, for approved endorsed notes.
G. H. BARTON, S lru?u-es- Ai
A. GREEN, Auctioneer. plac
P. 8. The attention of the public is particularly invited nnd
to attend the sale, us they will find the furniture of a very brai
superior quality, and worthy their attention. Ti
Oct. 16? Auctioneer. dors
tty H. II*. W 17.71, Auctioneer.
0 AhK of Valuable Property In the City of Washing- Iron:
1 J u<ii uud in Alexandria county, VIrgluiu, ut public auc- G(
tion.?By virtue of a deed of trust, executed on the 4ih
day of August, 1847, duly recorded in liber W. B., No. 135,
lolios 24 to 43 inclusive, one of the land records lor Washington
county, in the District of Columbia, the subscriber
will offer lor sule at public auction, at the' auction rooms ot Dl'
Robert W. Dyer, on Wcdnesduy, the 3d day of November -D
next, to commence at 11 o'clock, a. in., die lollowing vulua- style
hie lots in the city of Washington, with die improvements N.
thereon, or as many thereof as may bo necessary to aceom- best
plish the objects for which the said deed was given?that is betv
to say? C<
In square No. 128, lots Nos. 1 and 2
" 129, " ? 1 11
" 144, " " 1,2, 3, and 4 il
" " 147, " " 8, and part of 1 No
" " 148, " " 1 rarqj
" " 167, " " 6, and part of 7 lorn
? m> .. .. 3 4 s ? 7 8 9 10> u 12 w
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, good
21, and part of 20 mar
All of square south of No. 173, die Mansion House square they
in square No. 200, parts of lots Nos. 9. 10, and 11 otlic
" " 229, lots Nos. 1 and 7 Ot
" " 288, lots 22, 25, 2t>, parts of lots Nos. 17, I
18, and 24
" " 293, parts of lots Nos. 7, 9, and 2 //
" " 319, lot 6, part of 18, and hall of 9
" " 345, Nos. 8 and 14, parts of No. 7, and mC
half of 15 her,
" " 348, No. 16, and part of 15 Ri
" " 374, partofNo. 2 amp
" " 877, Nos. 3 and 21, and part of Nos. 2,16, Pa
and 20 Pa
" " 378, partofNo 5 .Fc
" " 382, Nos. 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9 gatu
' < .11 lit no rl, nl' Inl. 111 ? ,wl lit 11,
' " 4i 1, lot No 4
" " 429, lots 8, 11, and 12, and parts of 3, 4,
0, and part of 18 T F
" ' 4t>3, part<#f lot No. 1
" 466, lot No. 21 * . "'"I
" 487, " " 14 l2'b
? " 632, ? " 15 .,L.
AH of square No. blfl
In square No. 572, 44 44 1
" 673, " " 2 "f v
" " 674, part of ,0? '
?? 677, lot No. 2 L"
east (142, lots Nos. 5, t>, and 7 take
" " 788, " " 7 duo
" " 810, " " 3 gl? P
? tf26> << ? 17> 22, 24, 25, and 20 ?"l?<
" " 833, part of No. 2 vA
?' " 840, fot No. 6 ! from
All ol square 908, ! "I' 7
" " ?' ?, i PIn
square No. 959, lots Nos. 7 and 11 ; i i
And immediately alter the sales of the said lots, the sub- halls
icriberwill also otlor at public auction some valuable lauds P'ea
n Alexandria, county, va., lorming a part ol die properly *
tnown as the Glebe Lands, divided in parcels of front 1U0 (^IT,
o150 acres each?thb same being also included in the O s
leed of trust be/ore referred to. 2d
The square south of square 173 is the property latoly oc- 3<l
mpied by Gen. Van Ness, beautifully improved, and too at lei
veil known to require further description. There are also 4rl
;ood improvements on many of lite other lota. with
The terms ol sale are as lotlows, viz : one-fourth of 5tl
lie purchase money to be paid in hand, and the and
esidue in one, two, and three years; the purchasers to (ill
[ive their notes with approved endorsers, bearing interest less
rom the day of snle, and deeds of trust on the property, to Mi
iccuro the pnyinent of said notes ; and, on full payment ol 548
ho purchase money, with all interest and costs, il any, way
he subscriber will convey, lit the expense of the purcha- Lit
icrs, all the right nnd title vested in him by the belore- in e\
lamed deed 01 trim. 11 mo terms 01 Bale do not complied i?
vitliinteu days alter the sale, the trustee reserves the right N.
if selling the property bought by such delinquent purcna- Oc
era, at their risk ana expense, after ten days' notice.
RD. SMITH, Trustee.
Oct. 13?eodifts R. W. DYER, Auctioneer. i
After the sale of the foregoing lots and tracts of lands, the
ollowing lou in the city of Washington will bo offered ut jJBr
mblic auction at the same place, lor the purchase money . *
if which a credit will bo given of from one to live years, yilor
tearing interest, if satisfactory security bo given, viz: lions
In square No. 128 lots Nob. 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, and 14 furni
" 144 " " 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16
" " 146 " " 3, 4, 5, and 6 Hi
" " 171 " " 10 and part of 9 Rich
" " 227 " " 6 and 10 warn
.. 2S3 .. 28 aud
" " 324 " " 11 his h
" " 346 part oflot No. 6?say one-half wani
" " 850 " " 9 tlietn
" 411 lot No. 40
" 163 " " 3
.< 492 .. .? ? piJ
.. 494 .. .. 7 A I
" 531 " " 0
" " 982 " " 8 Boat'
" 535 " " 13 ^rt"
? 570-" " 8 Pl,n"
" 643 lots Nos. 26 and 27 ' .
All square No. 646 1IrlnU
In square No. 791 lot No. 3 I ln?-n
All square No. 861 ( t,r".1
In square No. 583 lot No. 18 aniJ1
d .. M2 .... a . . =*1
" " 810 " " 4 Oct. 16
Cook for G* in PhiUip**s Cash Stars. rious
[XMflCH 1 will have made to order, and in all cases war- oihet
VV ranted ta tit. Among thein will be louud? An
6 pieces Bonjean's black cloth low t
5 do Byilley's do Sei
5 do Simonl's do An
10 do low-priced English black, blue, and fancy ,
colors. Id
-T-l .Mnurin, in a .. trt 1. I ?. .. I ml t
ad in (lore- braci
20 pieces plain, ribbed, and doe-akin eaaaimerea of publi
Bouiean's, Byillcy's, and Simon i's make, eel n
which cannot be excelled in this or any An
other market Ko
16 do new atyle French plaid eaaaimerea, tome- Ro
thing entirely new Pa
20 do fancy eaaaimerea, aome fine and othera low Ca
10 do rich black aatin for vesting bask
2 do Deimout black ailk aatin lor vesting Bri
20 do colored ailk aatin for vesting c
Aa 1 have made arrangements with one of the best cutsr?
to make lor tne tliia season, purchasers may depend on Oo
heir clothes being made in the best maimer. '
Also, 1 have tins day received?
itentlemen's ailk handkerchiefs, linencambrio do. Chtu
Gum suspenders, lamblwool and merino shirts and .
drawers j npyj
Silk and lawn cravau, kid, silk, and buck gloves , J[ ,
Cotton and silk umbrellas 1 t0 h
And in fact every article Used for gentlemen, of whom I j
rnly ask a fall. narv
tin. ?~diftf G. W. PHILLIPS. "an
. styla.
a TLAlEI to Tltlsrs's History of tits Consulate and IO, M
fx Kmpire?geographical,, topographical, and military, that
i tew copies, numbers 1 to 6, this day received from Paris eVori
,y F; TAYLOR. rt
Oct. 16 and
By M. IT*. HWKH. JtfctUmeerKEY
Carriages, ,w at auction.?on Wednesday,
i7lJi instant, at 10 o'clock, a. rn., 1 ?hall sell, al the resioe
ol the lit it* Homy S. Fox, esq , late her Hrltarinic
esty's minister to the United State*, at the corner ol' K
21'h street*, by order ot the orphans court, the house1
furniture, plate, wines, ice.
AtnOOg which are eiiunierated?
Very handsome rosewood escruloire*, utnoirrs, pier
tables, commodes, arm ami parlor chair*, stand*,
Ac , all made at I'aris, and in the most superior
Very large mahogany book-ease*, with glass doors
Very handsome mantel clock, 1 handsome French
tf large and handsome Chinese vase*
Very handsome gilt and China chandeliers
Candelabra*, girandoles, candlesticks, Arc., bronze
A very handsome engraving of Queen Victoria elegunily
White and gold dinner and dessert sets
Tea ware, untique India chiuu dinner set
Glassware, very large and splendid plated dinner set
I'latcd candlestick*, castors, teakettles, Ate.
A large quantity of .superior table linen, napkins, Ate.,
English manufacture, most of which has never
been used *
rteveral full pieces very rich silk damask for curtains
Silk, dainask, and muslin window curtains and ornaments
iirusscis carpets anil neurtn rugs, straw matting
Parlor and easy chairs, lounges, cane-seat chairs,
dining tables, Are.
LkAlanotelescotie, microscope, and thermometers
A number of blank books and i>orifohos, wrapping
Alujile and iron highpost bedsteads
Bt >i lia^i iualtresses, wardrobes, and closets
Toilet sets, Arc., 1 chariot, 1 barouche
A largo number ol pine packing boxes, several pine
ollioe tables, &c.
With a number of articles not necessary to enumerate
And it lot of kitchen articles, bath tub. Ate.
[ live o'clock the same day, I shall also soli, at the same
e, 10 dozen wine, such as madeira, sherry, port, claret,
champagne, very old and superior, and a small lot ol
idy ami whiBkey.
rui.s of sale: All sums ot and under $50, cash; over
it credit of three and five months, for approved cited
utiles, hearing interest.
le house will be opened and the furniture ready forexuation
on Monday and Tuesday previous to the sale,
i !), a. in., to 3, p. in.
:t. 18?eodAcds R. W. DYER, Auctioneer.
Military and JVM Merchant Tailorit,
JG leave to submit to their patrons and the puldie generally
their stock of Fall and Winter Goods of the latest
s, just received.
. it. Three or lour coat hands wanted ; none but the
workmen need apply. Store on Pennsylvania avenue,
veen 14lh and 15th streets.
m 15?eolm [Intel.]
BAMS CO.'S KXPIIENS?We are still receiving
and forwarding goods of every description, as usuah
intermission has tuken place, as we have mada ar;emems
to convey our packages through with our
ler dospntchand punctuality.
e would respectfully request those who may order
Is mid packages sent by our express, to have them
keil plainly " Per Adams Ac Co.'s Express otherwise
may he detained on the road by getting into some
r conveyance.
:t. 18?lin G. S. McELFRESH, Agent.
IwM3f? WASHINGTON ?For Bremen, via Southampton.
The above sltip will leave New
HIHHk York lor Bremen on Thursday, 11th NovemMuppuig
at Southampton to land passengers.
^turning, she will leave Bremen on the 3d, and Southitom
on the 7th December.
issage from New York to Southampton or Bremen, $120.
issirgelroiu Southampton or Bremen to New York, S'loO.
>r frt ight or passage, apply to the Ocean Steam Navi)n
Company, 45 William street, New York.
:t. 13?2w _____ .
tAnvsrs sxtiooat.
:WIS CARUSl has the honor to inform the citizens of
Washington and vicinity, as also his former pupils,
his dancing academy will be re-opened on Tuesday,
C. will instruct in waltzing, gallopadn. Polka, the
ua Waltz, and all the other lashionable dances as
tised at the assemblies, in a style peculiar to the society
Washington, and to the most select circles in the UntStates.
C. also announces that his "toiriet damantrt" will
pluce as soon as the subscription list is Tilled, of which
notice will be given. Private lessons to classes, sinicrsons,
academics, at individual residences, and at the
asses for young ladies on Tuesdays and Thursdays
. 3 till6 o'clock, p. in. For youths, same days from 5
p. m. For young gentlemen, sume tlnys from 7 till 9
to saloon will ho rented for cotillion parties, concerts,
i, exhibitions, lectures, Arc., on the most liberal and
sing terms. Oct. 4?3tuw2w
tlONO'S PATENT LAMPS.?1st. These lamps cast no
. Are free from smoke or smell.
\trut i....... ,i... ,.;i I .. ... i:,.i.#
. >. >11 l.l.l .i mi; . Ill 1. t .Igl",
as expense, than any lamp now in use.
i. Are more brilliant than camphine, or spirit gas,
out the same risk to life unil property.
i. Are not liable to get out of order, are easily elenned,
warranted lor one year.
t. The hand lamps will not spill oil with the most careusage.
urufaotured solely by 8. D. VANDERHEYDEN, at
l'earl street New York. Wareroom No. 804 Brondaiuleliers,
bracket, hanging, parlor, and mantel lamps
rery variety.
alers supplied on lilreral terms.
11. Solar and astral lamps altered,
t. 11?3m
On Pennsylvania avenue, between 9d and -1J streets.
[O Ml'SON TYLER would inform his friends and the
public generally, that on Monday, the 80th of Septemlie
will open his house lor the accommodation of
ders. He occupies the house formerly kept by Miss
mard, on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue. The
e has undergone extensive repairs, and every article ol
dure, including linens, it directly from the handt of the
s long experience in hotel keeping in this city and
imond, Virginia, has enabled him to anticipate the
Is of those who may favor him with their patronage ;
no exertion will bo spared to render their residence at
ouse us comfortable anil pleasant as attention to their
is, the best of fare, and comfortable quarters can make
i. Sept. 21.?2awlm.
is now receiving his fall supply of Pianos, Jto., per
Marianne, from Bremen; barque Maryland, from
jn ; and schooner Seguin, from New Y'ork. His asleut
comprises the largest and most elegant stock of
os ever uttered in this District.
0 su|>orb Grand Piano, from the celobrated factory ?f
sr, lormcrly .Schamback he Merohant, Leipsic, trery.
This instrument has been made to order, and
;s with it the highest testimonials of superiority of tone
ideganco of finish.
nare 1'ianos, ot l> and octaves, of the same m&nuire.
tnos, by Chickering, Boston, of 6 and 7 octaves, of va1
styles ; also, try Buocn he Raven, Nunns he Clark, and
rts >Sr. Fischer, of New York, of o and 6| octaves, of
re and round corners, tablet and other patterns; and
1'ianos 01 neat and plain nmsh.
lencan Pianos at factory prices ; German Pianos as
ts they cuii be bought in the United States,
cond-hnnd Pianos taken in part pay.
extensive stock or guitars, violins, times, accordeons,
from the plainest to the highest finish,
addition to his former stock, he is now opening sevehousand
pieces of music for piano, guitar, ate., etning
the newest anil most popular as well as standard
ications; superior guitar strings, and all kinds of musiterchandise.
elegant assortment of fancy goods,
sewuod and mahogany writing desks,
sewood and other work and drossing-boxes.
pier-tnnohe portfolios, of various styles and sizes,
rd cases, perfume sachets, extracts, Set.
gnnt flench vases, solar lamps, silver-plated cake
ets, candlesticks, See.
tannin ware, Rodgers's table and pocket cutlery,
ombs, brushes, See.
t. 8.?eod3t Pennsylvania avenue.
*ut tirut abovt levtnth, ntxt door to tk* MtuoHic Hail,
13 Hotel hu been great]/ enlarged and refurnished,
wd the proprietor has spared no means 10 Insure
its visiters every ootnlorr and eonveniene. The
ig saicen for gentlemen, as well as the private ordifor
ib dies, ate large and convenient The pa riots and
thero are capacious, and fitted up in the most modern
1 rus house being in a jentral position, tht proprieiliciu
a continuance oi public favor, pledging bun sell
no etiort on his part shall be spared to rocure them
r luxury thu city altords.
B. A bath house is attached to the hotel, where warm
ootd bathe can be hadfat any hour.
Vurlbar Kltrutl from Kn|(ll?ta Papers.
Mr Saunders, United States representative at Madrid,
has arrived at Bayonne, on his way to that capital.
Mr. Macauley, the American consul at Tripoli, has
arrived at Malta by the French steamer Cerbere.
The Hon. Judge Marshall, of Nova Scotia, is preaching
and lecturing on temperance in various towns in
The American minister and Mrs. Bancroft returned to
Katon-square on Tuesday evening from the continent.
Lord Howden had been received at the Brazilian court
as representative of Great Britain.
On Wednesday, the American vessels in Liverpool
were decked out with flags and streamers in honor of the
victories gained by General Scott.
The sentence of death recorded against Lieut. Munro
has been commuted to twelve months' imprisonment in
the jail at Newgate.
Greut preparations are making at Hamburgh to give a
banquet to Mr. Cobden, as he passes through that city
on his way to Kngland.
The position taken by Kngland in the Fcrrara affair
was regarded on the Vienna Bourse as likely to lead to a
pacilic solution of the question.
In the Surdiniait States there are 408 convents, which
are said to have received froin the government during the
last fifteen years, grants amounting to 100,000,000 francs
The eruption of Vesuvius still continues, hut the
stream ol lava has changed its course, and now flows to
the right of the crater instead of the left.
Letters from Rome of the 20th ult. announce that
Prince Lucien Bonaparte had been arrested on his return
to that capital.
It is stated in a Dutch journal, of the 15th ult., that recent
advices from Berlin announced that the Prussian
government has concluded a new treaty of commerce
with England, the principal features of which are not
j et ascertained.
The commander of H. M. ship Bramble has taken possession
of New Guinea in the name of her Majesty, which
circumstance is strongly confirmatory of the reported intention
ol the British government to found a penal settlement
in that vast island.
Several French engineers have arrived in Egypt for the
purpose of making surveys of the Isthmus of Suez, in
order to ascertain whether it will be practicable and advisable
to cut a ship-canal from the Mediterranean to the
Red sea.
The cultivation of tobacco has so much increased in
Algeria, that nearly 30),000 kilogrammes (300 tons) will
be purchased during the present year for the French government,
which monopolizes the sale of tobacco in
According to letters from Milan, of the 20th ult., 15,000
Austrian troops, mostly Croats, were marching towards
the frontier of Piedmont, where they were to form
a cordon of observation.
Mr. Nigre, a Frenchman, who has carried on a large
silk manufactory in Vienna for seventeen years, lias lately
left for Erike, in Asia Minor, where he is charged to
establish a silk manufactory for the Turkish government.
He has taken with him 150 French and German workmen,
and the machines he will require have been forwarded.
The municipal council of Bologna voted, on the 24th
ult., a sum of 43,000f. for the armament of the National
Guard. On the 22d ult. the people of Ferrara carried in
procession to the municipality the banner presented to
them by tlie inhabitants of Florence. The Austrians
made no attempt to prevent the demonstration.
An extraordinary piece of copper, which is one block,
weighing nearly two tone, has been brought to Liverpool
from Pittsburg, in Pennsylvania. It is a most curious
mineral specimen, inasmuch as it is almost free from
quartz, and appears as fine as if it had been smelted,
whilst the chrystallized crust on the surface clearly betokens
that it is a piece of mineral ore.
The great tunnel through the mountain on which
stands the town of Weiburg, in the Duchy of Nassau,
formed for improving the bed of the Latin, nas just been
terminated after five years' continuous labor. The waters
of the Lahn were to be let into the tunnel on the 12th,
and 2,000 gas lamps were to be lighted and always kept
The great iron-works of the park of Moeskirch, in
.1 _J .I...1... ?r U...1 i? ' 1
me giuiiu uucny ui imiucii, uciuiigui^ iu me rnuce ue
Furstenburg, have just been destroyed by lire. The loss
is estimated at several millions of francs, only a ]>ortion
of which is insured. The destruction of the buildings
alone is estimated at 150,000 florins (390,000f.). About
nine hundred men were employed in the works, all of
whom, with their families, are now without resources.
Mr. Cobden at Moscow.?The celebrated Cobden is
still among us. He came from Nishni Novgorod, where
he had been attending the fair. The immense variety ot
articles which were exposed for sale, and the admirable
order which prevailed at the exchange of goods, have
quite exceeded his expectations. On the road to Nishni
Novgorod Mr. Cobden visited several manufacturing districts,
and here it was that the industry of our peasantry astonished
him. Here we have manufacturers in full perfection,"
he exclaimed at Wochna, where it was well
known that silk goods to the value of several hundred
thousand rubles are annually manufactured. At Moscow
also several manufactories nave excited his*astonishment
and admiration. Mr. Cobden assured M. Gutsekkon, the
proprietor of a calico printing mill, that he had nowhere
seen so completely organized a manufactory of this kind.
He highly complimented Mr. Procherou, another manufacturer,
for the care whih hecbestowed upon the children
in his mills. In the cloth factory of M. Koton he was especially
pleased with the der which prevailed there,
and the admirable combinations of the isolated divisions
of the manufactory. Mr. Cobden said, " You need not
be afraid of any competition, cloth weaving is in the most
favorable state in Russia, and all circumstances combine
to bring this branch of industry to the highest jierfection."
He expressed his satisfaction, and his desire to become
better acquainted with the state of the manufactures and
of the laboring closes.
The cholera.?We regret to announce that this dreadful
scourge is again making its appearance in different
parts of Europe and Asia. Its approach is creating alarm
with thnsn wlm hnvs watched its nrnirress from the nlains
of Scinde towards western Europe. About eighteen
months since it ravaged the banks of the Indus with
frightful severity, inflicting serious loss upon the Britisli
troops at Kurracnee and Hyderabad. About the same time
it raged in Afghanistan ; spread from thence into Persia,
which it traversed from east to west, spreading to
the northward into Tartary, and southwardly into Turkish
Kurdistan, and the jiachalic of Bagdad. Early in the
present year it made its appearance to the west of the
Caucasian mountains, and committed great ravages in the
Russian army acting against the Circassians; and we
just now learn of its reappearance in Europe, having
broken out at Taganrog, Marianopolis, and other ports
on the westerly shores of the sea of Azof, Kief, Smolensk,
Riga, Tifflis, Kara, Kontais, and Trebizond. Great
alarm is felt at Warsaw, where the authorities were preparing
hospitals. On board the Peninsula and*Oriental
Company's steamer Sultan, Captain Brooks, on her late
voyage from Trebizond to Constantinople, several cases
hau broken out; in consequence of which, she had been
ordered by the health authorities at the Inttet port to
Prince's island to ride out hes quarantine of ten days.
The Tiger will therefore be despatched to MalUi in her
stead, to carry home the India (bulky) mails and passengers.
As in its former progress towards Europe, in the
years 1830 and 1?31, the general course of the pestilence
has been nearly due northwest; and it seems, so far, to
have travelled at about the same rate as on that occasion.
In is.11, it made its appearance on the shores of the Baltic
(at Riga, Lfantzic, and Memel) in the month of May,
at V ienna and Berlin in August, at Hamburg in October,
and reached England in the beginning of November. We
regret to state that the accounts from Berlin and Frank*
foit announce the rapid approach of the chojeru to Poland.
The Duke d'Aumale Having been appointed to the dignity
of governor-general of Algeria, by a royal ordinance.
15 anoui ue|iariin^ nuiu c??iilc iu wm?c powt'TOiuu ui
government. A royal ordinance has also been issued
railing out ftO.oflO nriem for the contingencies of the preeent
year. Of thia number, 53,050 are for the army, and
0,35o for the navy.
The dtain on tne French savings banks still continues
The deposits in the savings tianks of Fane on the 19th
and 20th ul>. amounted to 436.101 francs, and the withdrawal#
to 013,033f.
The Ptttte announces, in the following uncivii terms,
fhe payment by M. Eynard of the bill for JBtOfiOO, drawn
on thatM friend of Greece" by General .Coletti, to whom
he had so incautiously given the power to value on him:
*? M. Eynard paid, on Friday last, the bill lot 500,000
francs, the amount of the first half-year's interest (Hi the
Greek debt, so brujglly exacted by Lord Palmerslon
" We have been assured" says the Courrur Frai^ait.
"that the last conventions concluded by Mr Levaaaeur
with the republic of Havti have been approved of by the
French government These conventions defer until 1*1*1
the payment of the first instalment to be made by that republic
to its French creditors."
Prince Napoleon, the son of Jerome Honaparte, exKing
of Westphalia, has arrived at Paris. The King and
Court are on a visit at Cooipicvne. tin the '13d ultimo
Louis Philippe admitted the ambassador of the Shalt of J
Persia to a solemn audience
The amount of beet-mot sugar made in France during
the present year is 107,390,1 I nibs , being an increase of
2t>,5M,'l32lbs, on the quantity manufactured last year.
The duty Paid in the 12 months wan iXVi.000 sterling
Marshal Soult, after a service of 63 years, has at
length retired from the presidency of the council m
France, and M. Guizot has been officially appointed in
his stead. The King, in acknowledgment ot the services
of the veteran soldier, lias raised ?im to the rank of
marshal-general of France, a dignity formerly held by thn
celebrated Marshal de Turenneana the Marshal de VUlars.
The retirement of Marshal-General Soult from
the scene of politics will not occasion the smallest change
in the councils of France. M. Guizot has been viituai- ,
ly, for several years past, the principal minister of tins
crown; but I^otiis Philippe, under any change of ministry,
incessantly governs as well as reigjis. His will, his
ambition, his family interests, influence the destinies of
one of the mightiest empires of Europe. At this moment
Italy, Spain, and Greece are in a state of the most violent
political excitement, brought about bythc intrigues of
Louis Philippe. In order to comjiass his schemes in
Spain, he has clearly tampered with Austria, and en
r*. irn.l k?r u,w.r.,o-k I.ol., ... 1
acquiescence into his views with Suain. The result has I
been, that in Sicily, Naples, throughout the I'apal States, ;1
Tuscany, Modena, anil Lucca, the people have flown to 11
arms, and demanded the institution of a civic and consti- I
tutioiml force, to i>rotect life and property. Austria has I
been checked in her advances. The accounts which I
reach us are so varied and conflicting that it is almost im- I
possible to glean the truth; enough can be seen, how- J
ever, to assure us that the cause of the people has been 'ij
almost everywhere triumphant; and although France is "1
not quite so active in the cause of Italian liberty under 33
M. Guizot as she was under M. Casimir Perrier, still the .:!j
tide of events is too strong for any French minister to '
stem, and his only alternative is to discover the readiest
excuse to join the cause of progress, and preserve his in- . ft
lluence by following the stream of public opinion in Fatrope.
Such, we trust, will be the upshot of all the present
warlike demonstrations in Italy. Greece, having \
lost M. Coletti, who on his deathbed avowed himself the 1
especial friend and instrument of M. Guizot, will doubt- j
less again become the scene of commotion. It is said ]
that the whole line of the frontiers, from Volo to Arto,
is one series of insurrections. The Turks have begun to
make reprisals, and everything is in confusion. King ' a
Otho, pressed by M. Piscatory, the French minister, was
about to appoint Riga Palamedes, the avowed enemy of
Kngland, as the successor of M. Coletti; but wiser councils
prevailed, and General Kitz.o, minister of war, has.
we nave just learned, been nominated to the presidency of
the council of Greece.
Spain. *
A fresh ministerial crisis is threatened in Spain. It is J
said that French agents are actively engaged in foment- $
tug intrigues in Madrid ; and the exasperation shown by s,
tlie journals devoted to Narvaez indicates but too plainly
that important results must follow. The vacillation of |
the Spanish ministers had proceeded to such an extent $
that measures had been taken to prevent Espartero's re- |
turn to Spain. The Heraldo asserts that orders had been
sent to the frontier to prevent his entering the country, *
which appears to bean exaggeration; but it seems that ?
he has been advised not to return. 1
The last accounts state that General Serrano, having J?
quarrelled with M. Salamanca, had passed over to the |U
party of the Queen-mother and of Narvaes, and that 11
through his influence the latter would immediately be |||
empowered to reconstruct the cabinet according to his f|l
own will. Another rumor had it that Narvaez and M. *9
Salamanca were on the best footing, having met at din- 1
ner at the house of M. Buchenthal, and that Narvaez 5?
appeared at the opera in the course of the evening in the 3
box of M. Salamanca. 9
The Gazette publishes a royal decree, appropriating the i
revenues of all the national property of the mines of 1
Almaden and others in the kingdom, and the surplus of M
the colonial receipts, to the payment of the interest of the 91
domestic and foreign debt, three per cents, conformable 9|
to the 51st article of the organic royal decree of the 11th M
June last. The directing junta of the public debt was to |
negotiate a contract with the Bank of San Fernando, in J
virtue of which that bank will undertake, during ten "
years, to place at the disposal of the administration of w
the public debt on the 30th of June and 31st of December I
of each year, the amount of interest due agreeably to the
budget approved by the Cortes.
The attempts made by the Moderados to seduce the
troops in garrison in Navarre have hecome| 6o bold and
open, that the captain-general has found it necessary to
make a formal report on the subject of the government, i
but nothing has been done to puiush the authors of these
dangerous practices. ?
'Idle Infanta Luisa Teresa and her husband, the Duke
de Sesa, arrived in Madrid on the 18th ult., and weie
most graciously received by the Queen.
Portugal. ?jj
The government has published a decree, signed by the ;
Queen and countersigned by all the ministers, rescinding
lha /tnnpan nf (lin Iftth flf 111 no I aat ItV whipK mvmnnfci
one-third in paper and two-thirds in metals were estah- f.l
lished, and returning to half paper half metal payments. I
The defective registry is so apparent that the Porta- il
guese ministry have resolved to apply a stringent remedy, ; I
and for that purpose have determined to extend the 1
period of the registry, and the meeting of the Cortes will |i
accordingly be postponed to March next, instead of the fl
commencement of January, and it is anticipated that the I
next Chambers will be the purest ever yet assembled in M
Portugal. &
Marshal Saldanha has accepted the Madrid embassy, fl
but has no intention of proceeding to Madrid?at least
until the elections arc over?being determined to oppose
the Cabralists strenously, and exert himself to secure the
triumph of the new " third party."
The Cabralists are not indisposed to an armed pronunciamiento
in favor of their return to office; but the court is
s'rongly opposed to anything of the kind, as well as the !
hulk of the Chartist volunteer battalions, and even the
Lisbon Municipal Uuard. Any such project is, therefore, '
postponed, although it is known that it would be supported J
by the bulk of the garrison.
The last Ktiglish packet brought to Lisbon from Vigo,
the royalist general Vovoas, as well as the other royalist
gencruls, Bernardino, Uuedes, and Kebocho, lately in
the service of the Oporto Junta. ft
The same packet brought to Lisbon Mr. Monckton
Millies, the eminent poet and member for Pontefract.
Mr. Milnes has been presented at court, and received
with great distinction. He proceeds by the next packet,
in coni|?any with Mr. Imckhart, the distinguished author
of Ancient Spanuh Raliatb, and editor of the Quarterhj
Review, on an Andaluaian tour, and thence to Madrid.
A deputation from the manufacturers of Prussia have
had a long conference with the King on the subject of 1
manufactures, and prayed his majesty to revise the tariff, f
and afford native industry more protection. The King
replied that the tariff was arranged for the benefit of (be
entire community, and not of a class, and that it was impossible
to grant their request n
Aaatrta. :
The financial affair* of Austria underwent a abort but '!
severe crisis on the lath and IWth ult Haron Kubeck,
the minister of finance, waa, on the imh ult.. obliged n>
withdraw from the market aa a j.urrheaer of railroad
stocks, of which he had repeatedly declared himself to
be a continual and honest buyer, at the price* Axed of
180 for Vienna-Gloggniu, to* for Venice-Milan, and 08
for Central Hungarian stock The attempt of the Austrian
minister to bolster up prices, fir*t led to undue peculation
; then on the I nth he retired from the market,
causing a fall of from ? to M per cent Fran thie mate
of panic the speculator* were relieved by the exertion* >'
of Baron Rothschild, and other eminent hanker*, who
made such representations to Prince Metternich that the*
prevailed upon Inm to resume the govemmeDtal purchase*;
and Baron Kubeck accordingly bought ?900,000 sterling
in one day. Whether this proceeding will jeoparJ the
position of the Bank of Vienna lenains to be eeen. There 1
annot be a doubt of the integrity of the Austrian minisera,
but the bold experiment of attempting to keep up or
rerulste prices by government purchases ha? never yet
succeeded, and, if political events supervene, cannot in
Austria. Protests and counter-protests respecting the occuDOtion
of Ferram bv tbe Austrian* are beinx ex- I
changed, bat as yet there appear* no dopoerthm on the
nart of Prince Mettermch to recede from the peat ton he
naa taken
The Emperor of Rueeia quitted St Peterebuffh oa the

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