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W*. Owmii. 4tmno' of Norfolk, Virginia.
|j burn H Ttigg, dinrict of Rkbmond, Virginia
win. F Bowden, district of Perereburg. VirkOta.
Ixuah 0. Han, district of St. Jobu't, (Jacksonville,)
Itoiilt _
Kobeit Mitchell. district of Penstcola, Florida.
?Samuel J l^uglas, district ol Key West, Florida.
Benj 8 Hawley, district of AiiaLrclncola, Florida.
Charles W. Hill, distriot ol Miami, (Martinee,) Ohio
Chartee K- Avary, dituici ol Miobiliuieckiuao, Mich
Adam 8 Coe, dUtrict of Newi-on, Kbode J*hmd.
Philip Houe, dittriolol New York, Nf"}M
Wm Biown, dittriol ol Salem eud Beveiley, Matta
OUJU.mT.O Orion, dltiric.of ?*r0,i"
Bryan Morell, district ol Savannah, Ueorgta.
W?. T. I^iiob, pof.o.C^??n. t^Camlloa.
^T^yior'poft'of Middletown', Connecticut.
.^'-.jJ^port Of Easiport, Maine.
feZI'leel Outbman. p?? of Main?.
S/? T Avar)II. port of Ipswioh, Ma<saoi>u<elta.
Allen Puinarrr, port of Salem, Massachusetts.
f\ ? " Na-ii, ikw'oI Gloucester. Maiaachusetts.
Tliom*? Foas, port of Marblebead, Massachusetts
l'rl,Uriel U. Good sell, port t/f llartlord. Connecticut.
Kara Hoicbkiss, portol New Haven, Connecticut.
Odes Hlague, port of Savbrook, Cunurcticut.
Francis w Fitch, port of New London, Connecticut.
A?a 1) Waile, port ol Norlb Kingston, llhode Island.
Jo?epb Paddock, poitol Newport, Khode Island.
John G Nesdhain, port ol Pawtucket, Kbo e Uland.
Johu M. Spencer, port of East Greenwiob, Rhode
W. H. S Bayley, port of Bristol, Rhode Inland.
Cbaa. Kanuuil, port of Wairr-n and Barringlou, Rhode
John D Kellogg, port of Troy, New York
Philip J. Gray, |iorl ol Cainoen, New Jersey.
Henry Woods, port of Pittsburg Pennsylvania.
Jolin B A bell, purt of Town Creek, Maryland.
Win Coad. port of St Mary's River Maryland.
' Elias T. Griffin, port of Baltimore, Maryland.
John Blackisione, port ol Lieu ellensb'irtf, Maryland.
John T. Stamp, port of Nottingham, Maryland.
George W. P. Smith, port of Snow Hill, Maryland.
John A. Chew, porl of Havre-de-Grace, Maryland.
Cbas. T. Smart, port ol Alexii dria, Virginia
Thomas P. Bagwell, port ol Accomao (X H , Virginia.
Iwc H Par Iter, port ol' Norfolk, Virginia.
John Cowan, port of Wilmington, Nortb Carolina.
Robert 0. Stille, port ol New Orleans, Louisiana.
John C. O'Grudy, port of Madiionville, Loulsiaua.
Henry ban, (Kin ol Pontclmrtrein, Louisiana.
Bobert C Tbompion, j?ri of Louisville, Kentucky.
Win. W Greene, i>ort ol S>. Loui*, Mittouii
Win Grav, portol Port Royal, Virginia.
Thomas Bourke, port of Savannah, Georgia.
Cornelius Savage, port of New Yoik, New Vork.
John 0. Martin, |.ort ol Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
John H. Withers, (>ort of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Hugh W Evans, port ol Baltimore, Maryland.
Wm. P White, pod of Savannah, Georgia
Robert F. Canfleld, port of Now Orieans, Louisiana.
? Card.
Washington, Sept. 23, 1850.
The undersigned are authorize I to state that the diffi
culty between the Han. H. S. Foote and the Hon. J C.
Fremont?growing cut of certain expressions used by the
former in relation to the California land bill in the Sen
ate last evening?has been adjusted satisfactorily and
honorably to both those gentlemen.
Public mkktinq ?The mealing apolcen of in our paper ol
yesterday win be heki to-day at half past three o'cio. k in
the court-lrou?e. It I* to take step* preliminary to Ihu great
" Union Jubilee," which it proposed to Ire held early iu
next month. As it will be .a meeting without distu.c ion ol
party, ieluot a par y voice be raised.
[ Valhvtllt Union, Sept. 21.
One of the beat-informed citizens of that State write*
us on the nth iust? that, " so far an public sentiment in
Ten?sen is concerned, 1 think 1 can with confidence say
that ainety-nine oat of a hundred are rejoiced that the
Com promise billa have passed, and peace is restored to our
Dr. Fitch, our able member of Congress, lately admin
. istered a pill to Evans, of Maryland, which we have no
doubt will effectually clean that representative of some
of his (political) impurities. If the pill wan bitter, the in
gredients were wholeKime, and of a kind not often met
with tbeee days. When men like Evans consume the
valuable time" of the House in foolish displays of bar
roMn wit and personal aoute, tlielaahmay very properly
be applied to them ; and if that will not bring them to a
sense of dntv, (to say nothing of dignity,) their constitu
ents should keep them at home, at least long enough to
teach them that ibey were cent to Congress to legislate,
and not to spend their time in a aperies of Kunconade
which even Uie veriest school-boy would desniae.
lOoUcn (Indiana) Democrat.
Statx-riqhts association.?At a meeting in Richland
district. South Carolina, the following declaration was
numerously signed t ?
"Wear* ready, with all (be meant the God of Nature
has given as, to resist all encroachments by the govern
ment Of the Untied State* upon the rights, (he inlerotu, or
tba honor ot the tlavehotding States ol this Union ; ?nd to
the (alt *itecr ol this declaration we pledge ours*lv*>, when
ever the constituted authorities of South Caiolina may
deem it proper and expedient to demand iu execution."H
Am exciting sckmb.?We mentioned yesterday the fact
that the new steamers Franklin and Pacific,of the Havre
and California Imea, bail left New York on a trial-trip,
in company with the Canard steamer Asia. We copy the
following account of the race from the New York Cou
rier.?Bolt. American. _
"Anexciting raoe look place yesterday between the A?1*7]
of the Cauard line, tbe Franklin, of tue Havre line, and tbe
Paoirlc, intended to run Irom Panama lo Sau Franrisoo
Tbe Pacific, having been launched wnb steam uu on Tues
day afternooa, in-de a trial ol her machinery, and timed her
Ced by a short excursion upthe North rive', narryirigabou:
y pounds of tteam lo the loch, and miking twemy-frnir
revolutions per minute. Her owners, being perfectly satis
fled with her machinery, issued inv|taiioii< to a number of
Triendi yesterday to test her qualities in oompnlition with
the above steamer*. Among tbe Invited gnests we noticed
General Paax, H. Nadal, P. J. Roxis, R Francia. K Pa
laeio, and R. Paea, son r>| the General. Immediately alter
tbe arrival of these disiinguubed exiles, tbe Yenazulean
flag was run up to the lore. At hall-past eleven the Franklin
worked into the stream, ami hre<t a gun In challenge to the
Pacific, which shortly after loll >wed her rluwn tba river,
going very slowly until abreast of Governor's island At Ibis
time, (IS o'clock,) tbe Asia came out Irom he/ berth, and
made for the Narrows at a very rapid rate?the Franklru
being clo?e In on the Staten island shore?(he Pacific
meanwhile lying to until ilie A*ta bad loroed ahead about
a mile, in range with the Prmklin, but in the channel, and
under lull headway. The Franklin put alter her with good
?peed, when the signal wa* given lo the engineer ol tiie
Pacific (tbe time being tea tninuint past twelve) to let her
r> I and off toe went, keeping between the waaet ol both
the otbert. At this moment ih* blank smoke from tbe pipes
of the Asia and Franklin showed mat they were tlrrowin*
in the kindling. The Pacific crowded tk? Franklin?ftlleen
minute* past twelve?the eoutett becamc exulting i It was
easily diaoemed that the oonimlleri ol all the tteamert were
Saumg them in lUeir best pos-ibU trim Mors kindlina was
irown in tbe fire? Paciflo alongside the Franklia?twenty
eight minute, past twelve, and the Fiankha Wo king beau
tifally?tbe Asm quarter ol a mile ahead?her quarter-deck
and shrouds orowed with people very tnuoti excited, w.?vin^
IS the Pacific to oome on At this lime all thrae ol tbe
etesMaers were working admirably, the Pacific gliding patt
the Franklin quite easiiy ; abreast of the Quarantine left the
Franklin behind, and gained upon the Asia, pa?*--.l her at
tamnty-elghi mluutes to one o'clock, a tntle U low the
Quarantine, going at tbe rate of eeventeen miles an hour,
making twrn y two revolutions per minute, and carrying
thirty | rounds ol steam totba inch Atone o'clock tbe Pacific
made the Southwest Spit, being four miiet ahead nf her
competitors A*, ten minutes past one tn*de Sanuy Hook,
eighiren and a ball miles (tbe route she look) Irom the
el'jr, in sixty-live minu'es.
The trial of the Pucifio must have satisfied all on boerd
that the i* one of 'be fast -st sea-going tteamert ever built;
a?d bar builder, Mr W. H. Brown, an J tbe furnishers ol
her machinery. Messrs. H. &. Dunham Jc Co., have a riab:
to lee I |iroud other. Her maohinery was yetterday under
the obarge ot Mr. King, and, judging from the ease with
which be controlled lu tnovemen.*, we feel satisfied thai
she oouid not have been better handled
The uip ol the Franklin was an engineer's trip, ai d the
would remain at see until thi* morning "
* BenOlgf, Aoeltaa*evs
MarMe-tep flat laMe*, oeau*
Btama, breekftst eed card t*k|
?aoarda, wardrobes, burtaiw^
?wl lew-sett hrdstseds, wsshst
Uaa*isMsetw, tenhlag gta^st
L| leaip*, ertrcaery sad glass w*r*
i van. ty of rtovw, kiiabea utsatlls, I
,llr* i?r and bar Allure*
Al* pasnp, * quantity of liquors tad dgart
Mg^NSt sad asvalee frame, he.
Ttnati Over f*o, * nadir of two aad Ibe* ?
California C*"*%*^ehAi-&?o?sn|r PhatWra Kst?a*k. |
E?l fact oj a Utter to a gentleman m Watting tun, dated
Sackamcmo City, Aug. 4,1MO.
I mid so terribly mk and InfU of California and Qali
form* liie, end u>v iltstre to get out of the country is so
great, that every duty and civility due to my friends do
not receive a pioper shaie of my attention.
I cuuuut deacribe to you my feelings, without em
bracing in my expressions itacb words us heart-aching,
sad n ess, desolation, sorrowing, soul-sickening. See., fee.
Would to God 1 could ny that my mind was buoyant
with joy and hilarity ! But this I cannot hope for in this
extraordinary country.
, I forget when I wrote to you last, but I think it was
either just before or immediately after I left the mines
Inst fall. Vet I recollect, among other things, that I aJ
vised you not to come to California. What my advice
will be now, when 1 have become so perfectly disgusted
with the country, you can easily imsgine. * * * I
have now been in California just one year this day, and
f am no better off than I was when 1 left New Yolk,
seventeen months ago.
I have observed tl?e most rigid and parsimonious econ
omy in all my expenditures; but, for the life of me. it
had not beeu in my power to " make my pile," and I
have giveu up that idea altogether. I am not alone in
this dilemma. 1 presume the prospects of 100,000 now
in California are no better, aud perhaps not as good as
mine You can form but a faint idea of the preaent de
plorable state of things in this country; and you would
shudder at what is approaching in a short time, were you
made fully acquaiiittd with toe condition of things as
they really are. There have been foity or fifty thousand
emiKrants who have taken the overland route, and tbey
now begin already to arrive. A great portiou of them
are in a famishing state, and will die from hunger and
thirst, and will lay their bones to bleach upon the barren
salxratus plains: those who reach here will be out of
means, and out of employment. Mining by individual
operations is almost at an end : this you may rely ui>on.
1 he beds and banks and bars of the rivers, as well as
the ravuiett which have been discovered to yield gold,
will be completely riddled of their golden contents, so
far as individuals can make it a living business to
work thorn What is done hereafter must he accomplish
ed by capital and machinery, together with the neces
sary manual labor, at greatly reduced prices from the
present going rates, ($7 and #3 per day.) This crisis is
now approuching?namely, the mines are failing, the
price ot labor is falling, tne facilities for travelling about
the country are incieuiting, and consequently the ex
penses of travelling must fall. The prices of provision
and clothing will of course be the last to fall, leaving
the hard-working men in poverty, and the trade* and
commercial classes wealthy?those in particular who are
well established.
I am dow located on the Yuba river, about fifteen miles
above Marysvtlle, and about seventy above Sacramento
city. 1 am trying to get out gold by the use of quicksil
ver machines; but the business draus. I employ six or
seven hands; but the diggings ate so poor that I hardly
make waxes. I have been to considerable expense to
obtain a claim, and gel the necessary apparatus lor car
ryiug it on ; but 1 begin to be fearful that I shall not get
my money back ; yet time will determine.
The false reports of men high in authority, such as
and , are going to produce more heart- rending
misery injthis country than anything else that has ever
happened; and I woo d not vouch hereatter for the safety
ot their lives, should they be caught in this country. 1
have heard many who have been induced to leave tlieir
homes and families, and spend all in coming to this
country, solely upon these reports, swear vengeance
ajptinsi them. Their reports aie perfect fabrication*?
lies from beginning to end?and are made with interested
motives, in order to induce emigration. There are to be |
seen mountains of quartz rock, and it may be impregnated
with gold, in very small quantities; and there is one vein j
very rich, from which specimens have been sent to the j
Slates, and declared to be a lair sample of the quarbt Ken
erally. is well aware of this fact, an i is highly !
cnlp*r>le for allowing such reports to be put in ciiculs- !
lion without contradicting them. Every man who has
undertaken the working of the quartz baa failed. j
made a loaina business of it himself, notwithstanding be ,
nad the benefit of the cheap labor of the Mexicans and
ludiaiis. But the people of the States will believe
but one side of the story; so let them come aud see the
elephant for themselves.
1 write in my tent on a tin pan ; an J my hands troubling
me very much with cramps is why 1 write so badly, j
which you wi;l please excuse.
Most truly aad sincerely your friend,
J. H. C.
?Jenny Unt la ???ton.
[Correspondence of the Sew fork Journal Commerce]
Boston, Sept. 33?3, p. in.
There has been the greatest excitement in Boston to
day, in reference to the auction sale of tickets to the first
concert of JennyLind. The price of tickets was placed
at $3. At ten this morning commenced a spirited bidding
for the choice of seats at the Tremont Temple, where
the concert it to be given Colonel N. A. Thomson look
the stand as auctioneer, and announced the geneial rules j
of the auction, and added that "he was gpout to sell
good* that needed no cracking up." He now called for a
bid tor the choice seat of the bouse. A voice responded
?2S0; then followed Fetridge with $273; then suc
ceeded $300, and an advance ol 923 each bid, up to #30u
Uleason, the publisher of the " Flag of our Union," then
bid 0600, which was followed with great upidause Next |
came the successful bidder, Ossian ?. Dodge, the vo
calist, who hid 9623, and has bis first choice of seats
He selected No. 360, which is in the very centre of the
bouse. This bid waa received with immense applauee,
to which Mr. Dodge responded in bis place, by saying
that " this was a compliment that he could not dolgt "
Mr. Dodge is a native of the State of New York, but
has been an adopted son of Massachusetts many years.
He has been a professional singer for twelve year*, du
ring which time he has sung in twenty-four States of the
Union. He is not far from tbirty-hve yean old. He
style* himself the " Boston vocalist."
He is a very comical man, nnd twpular, though not a
great singer. He went to the Temple prepared to pay
$2,000, il necessary, to secure the first ticket. His bid
was bona fide Theie is no doubt of that
He will get his money back in one or two years. He
lias an introduction now to the millions of our own and
other lands A question that waa immediately raiaetl
here was, " Where is Genin, the batter P*
WoRDcarvL hail storm ?The following letters are
from gentlemen for whose veracity we can vouch, though
the statements they make partake somewhat of the won-1
derful.?Halt. Sun.
WiscHMTia, (Va.) Sept 27. 1850
M?ssr? Editobs i We had a grfat bait storm here ln?i
evening, he we?*u lour and five o'clock Home of lb* cskes
?>t' ioe?Or they were nothing else?were Irnm aix tB eishi
inches l?ng and four inches in diamaiar. Sows oi the met
incredulous tales are lokl about ibam, that none but those
who saw them would believe. 1 measured one that, alter
If .ng fifteen minutes on 'he ground, was 44 inches In di
ameter ; ai.d 1 teet satisfied that if it bad been weighed in
due lime, it would have weighed one pound and a balf.
dome would measure eighteen inches in circumference.
Poist or flocxs, September It, IH30.
Mf??r? Bditoxsi Having been oaught In the storm of I
this afternoon, and noticing the site of ibe bail thai lell.
induced its to forward you an aceiuut of it, a* it was larger
than we ever saw Or h?ard of. Indeed, we feet some deii
uacy in stating tha sixe of it j but we are willing to be qual
ity that some that lell near u* would not psss thrnn/h a
H|-iri>-b ring; and we would say, with all oand ir, that it I
would totioh a i-inch ring ; an<t after carrying ii || miles |
on loot, it measured 71 inches in circumference.
D H. St J. J.
BY OHEEH ? TAtrrr, 4a?U*s?en.
Extensive sale or household and kitchen rrg
Thursday, the M of October, we shall sell stthe Potomac House, on
Penneyivesls arenas, near the corner af 44 street, at I* o'clock, a.
, sa eicelieat and targe assortment of furniture, (be BMet of which
Is nearly new, vis I
Mahogany sofas, Si vase, chairs, I
Do sideboard, dreaatag and i
Do diaiag, brrakfhat, and od
Maple high and low poat b. dateads, wardrobes
Do oiMMes cane-seat and other chairs, rockers
Baise-covaced writing and other tables, waabetands
Feather beds and bedding
, louagee, aad ot*
nd trials bureaus
1 other tabloa
Halt and shuck mauraeaea
?pty, Ingrain, paasege, and step carpets, oilcloth
Toilet seta, looking-glasses, clocks, and eandleeilcfca
China, ftaea, crockery, aad atone ware
Britannia, cotfn urns, caators, aud covered dishes
Alba la forks, Ivory liam> sod other kalvee and (Wrks
Win'low curtains, table clot I. a, towels, snd aapklae
MalHigany pi mo forie of fine idee snd loach
Asdlrona, shorrt and tongs, snd fenders
Cookiag, radiator, and other stores
With s good lot of kitchen requisites, and sway other articles
Which We deem unnecessary to aa a morale.
Alao, a tood milch cow. ...
Terms: Ail sums of snd under 0*3, caeh t over #88, s credit of
two sad four motitiia, fbr notes eatleOctorlly endorsed, bearing In
HOOU neat Uadea-Ust Is. ??Aa Apology hr the tap
tuaglnt By B. W. OriaAeld, M. A. 11 vat, UM.
Life a mi I bees of Lee the i enth. By the London Tract Boclety.
1 vol., IM0. . , _ .
The uid Testament Pocket Commeatsry, compiled from Haeyy,
fin, and other writers, with numerous stplsaatory and IllaatraUve
Ancient Py'thagorUn rragBMMs, kansMSH If The*s Tayt?
I vol. I
The trst sli books of Bomart fftlsd, (Oreek,) with aa iatorpafod
translation, Una fbr tine, s-d nainemas aotes. I vol- ...
J^-e'a Moesra nJrr and uow itoepw. I vjd , MM.
?traehaa'sTables Sw Draining Land. I vol.,
JfcSS-. Slika. '? I
fma M> MUawra t*rrwr<M?M<i.
BntauioBif. He pi IB?A, p id.
TAs Uubtmatmud Shctvm ? A'jiiaaefs uf tks Rtwm'l.?A
Democratic Victarf Prumuing ?iMtmck -JfarJw'i. fc.
The near approach of election dajr kiwi new animation
10 the politician*, and both partieeseeui sanguine ol moo"*
The democrats, liow??[, Hud much difficulty in ge'Hug
their brunn the result taken up?ilis whig* not ^citi* willing
to back ibeir opinion* with their money. Tha knowing
one* (.?climate Mr Lowe'* majority in this city a* certain to
exceed 1,800, and that it oauuot Tall *hori of 1,000 iu Balti
more county. The three upper oouutie*? Allegany, Frede
rick, and Washington?wiU give Mr. Lowe about *X) ma
jority. Cecil and Harford will jointly give him about 300
majority. Carroll will al?o give him at least 100 majority,
and Talbot about the *atne?making hi* majorities aiuuunt
to8,800, at a very modeiate calculation. Mr. Clatke'* ma
jorily in Anne Arundel will not exceed 40; in Calvert, 50;
Caroline, 10; Chailea, 1110; Dorcbeater, 850 ; Kent, 190; Mont*
ginnery, 100 | Prince George's, 180) Whilst Queen Anne'*,
Somerset, Si. Mary'*, and Worcester, will moi jointly gtve
him more than MOinajirity. TbUeatinaale will irkUe the
result fool up about at follow* t
Mr Lowe'* majorities ... 8300
Mr Clarke'* majorities ? - , 1,400
Majority in the State for Mr. Lowe . ? 1,000
Tbi*leave* Mr. Lowe the entire majority that be will re
ceive In Baltimore oity a* hi* majority In the Slate over
Mr. Clarke, which 1 underttund he fully expeo<* and
promises bis friend* However, three day* more, and the
batile will be fought?and a mora spirited oontest ha* not
taken place in this State for many years.
A Hue ship, of 490 ton* bnrden, was lnunoWl this morn
ing front the ship-yard of Mr. FUmnigan? built for Messrs.
Hugh Jenkins & Co.
Tub MAHitrrs.?In the Baltimore market tbi* morning
there were sale* of 300 bbl*. Howard *ireet flour at #4 814
Sale* yesterday of 000 bbl*. City Mills at S4 684. N<>
phtnge in wheat. Sale* of white corn at 88 a60 cents, and
yellow at 60 a 81 cents. Oats, 88 a 38 cents with fair sales
Whiskey, 87 cents
Shipwreck on Cap* Brtton.
Boston, Sept. 27, 1860 ?A letter from St. John, N. B ,
says that thirteen Amerioau fishing vessels are said irt b?
ashore 011 Cnpe Breton Many that rode out I lie- gale have
'Suffered the loss of rigging, chains, and anchors
A fibbing veasel beionainir to Portland, Maine, has been
totally lost, with all bands, fourteen In number.
Boston, Sept. 23.?The Llnd concert passed off pleasant
ly. Auction ticket*,"this morning, runge #10 to SOcenis
Railroad Accident.
Rocrmtbk, Sept 27.?A railroad accident occurred this
morning on the Rochester and Buffalo road. The cars were
turowii off the tiack, and a fir-ma-i l>ad hit log badly frau
tuicd He was at ended by Dr. W. f. Harrison, of Phila
On Hit morning of tbe Mth Inst., In the 7eth year of his *ge, Dr.
BPtNCEK MITCHELL, 1st* of Prince George's county, Maryland,
but tor the last 13 years a resident of this eity.
The friends of the totally are invited to attend hi* funeral this
(Sabbath) evening, at 3 o'clock, from bis late residence on 0, be
tween 8th and 9th streets.
O^-Notlee?Rev. J. H Alls* will preach in the House of Rap
eseutativea this day (Sunday) at 11 o'clock, a. ni.
Notlee I* Marl acre.
Haltsras Inlet bas been examined by tbe Coast Surrey party, under
the command of Lieutenant Commanding Thornton A. Jenkins,
since tbe gale of Augiut 3U. Veiy little change ha* been produced
on the bar.
Bupartnteadsnt Coast Survey.
WiSHi*eTo*,8ept. 85, 1830.
1W Hhawli, karft, Ac., Just rcactved?W* repect
_ I tally Invite tiie attention of tfis public to the tallowing description
of gmn?, wbieu we are prepared to mil cusaper f"t ca.ii, or to punc
tual customers, than can be obtained elaewb' re. A a have?
10 van rich embroidered white crape shawl*
90 medium do do do
A rtcb crimson do
3 do do, lower grad*.
IN WOOLLEN we have?
900 medium and low-priced woollen long shawl*, la beautiful
bright end gran J col r*
So rich bsy Slate 1'iu* sbawU, In new and beautiful desisns
85 rtcb damask Bordered woollen long shawls, an imported article,
v ery handsome.
IS extra rtcb caabaiere long shawls
Vi medium (rade aad price do
IS low-priced do
19 do in small plain patterns, beauufol goods, for tbe Un
meditle icuon
? handsome caafimere long scarfs
? smalt do do
SO plain Mack Tbibrt, in 7-4,8 4, and 9-4
US do do long shawls
IM heavy twilled cloth squaie and long shawls, low-priced
1U beautiful new style b ali-moura'ag mug eaawle.
Bepl 98?9ttf
NEW Prasnh ICuibroiderlee.?We invite the atteatloi uf the
ladies to the following variety of Preach embroidered goods,
comprising the most beauttiul assortments ever offered in Uus mar
ket, vis:
IS cartons embroidered muslin inslds haadkerchieb aad collars
10 eitra rich do do do
lit do do do do, with sleeves
to match
10 canons low priced do de
10 do do trimmed collars
100 beautiful un trimmed collars, vary cheap
& carton* do do with cuRb to match
10 cartons French muslin embroidered sleeves, a pert of which
are exceedingly rich
IN CAPES w* bars
IB rieb embroidered muslin pelerines
90 medium d" do
lu carious medium priced trimmed lace capes
a cartons real thread-tare capea
100 medium a?d mw-prtee unlrinuaed capes.
With many arttclee attached to the femes liae, which we eannot
enamerate. all of which we will offer oa the most reasonable terms
to each as wish to purchase la tins Una.
Hjr DTKit dk Belli IRK, Aasllewsn
Thursday mnrnlM next, the 3d October, at II o'clock, we shsll
sail, at tbe boose lately occapied by tbe Hoe M. P. Oeatrr. Mm faral
tare, kc., belonging to Mr. Robert Greeabow, euasisuag la part aa
follows, vis:
Mahogany hair-seal chairs, antes, leaagaa, aad rackets
Mai Ms lap pier aad ceatre tablee
Mahogany dining, card, aad other laMea
Do aidebuards, maple eaae-eeat chairs
Do dreesutg aad other bureaus
Uo wardrobes, washstands, toilet set
Do Preach aadPrench poet bed steads
1 large passage |la-?
Superior feather beds, hair 1
Parlor, chamber, step, aad 1
De window certains and oraameata
China, erockery, glee, ware, table cattery, toe.
With a general aseorunent of kite bee requisites.
Terms of sale : All sum* ot aad seder R*>, eaeh; veer #30, ?
credit of two aad tear months, tor noma saUatoeSorily sad oread, hav
ing interest.
Bept 90?dlf Auctioneers.
m Heasskrepert aad other*. The subscribers offer tor
_ sale, on accommodating terms, * largs aad complets assortment
of the tollosvtag foods, which bava just been received direct from
Nsw York, aad will be sold at aaesaally lew prices t
rise Ivory-hsndied knives and tork*, la em* aad Setarhsil
BtaM rods, longs sad sbeeels, been sad toaders
Curtain bands sad pins, bronsed andtmne
IIrasa bell metal and enamelled praeervtag kettles
Waiters aad tea trays, la endless va-lely
Together with many other new aad duraM
Peaa. aveaae, soath side, aear #th street
Sspt 9B?9sw4w
ATCMES.?A. C. m Ot'KNIN k CO., awatocturers of
wstrbss of every deecripslea, in fturltaerlaad, aad Importers in
dm United Situs, bag to iaiorm ladies aad geaUsmen thai they have
renewed their 1
10 iniortn ladies and geaUsmen
eat with a new style of So* ws
At the old Stand of J. Moatsadoa,
tveaae, betwsea 19th aad I
Bepl BB- dlw
. -v-tch of s ooures of lee
ADBiriUPnVR Ot.JliaRf asd brtsf IBslertml
Aketcb of Kslsstlne. By Rabbi Joseph rtcb wars - translated by
laaac l.eeeer j Ulnstnled with map* aad numeromi snjraviags. 1
vol., Beo.
Jast published aad received tor sal* at
Books am 1
straction of OMIaae Brideee. 1 vol. 18
Btattstical Companion tor IBM. Bj Ran lie id aad WsM. I VM.
Hhtlllaglaw's History of Arctic Discovery, I rem tbe earliest period
I* tbe time of Sir John Pranblin. 1 vol. (feft
lastlast aad Reason drdasid from Rleetro-Rloliay. By Alfred
Smee. 1 vol. I860.
Franch's tihemteal Experimental Ulustradeg IBS Theory, Pi
Bee, and Application of the rtcleare of Ck mistry 1 vol. IMR
Oeeerlptlee Geometry, and Mi aptdsotfaa la Kbip beildiBg. By
Woolly. B ?oie. WNh many Plats*. PabUshed by lbs A dad laity
Rennis's 0<8ee Book, tor arehUseu, tngfaams, toe 18
^Deanleoa on Clock aad Watetimaktag TenL 1800. Wany piams.
Plaid 's Graauear of Coloring, tor operaties pair ting, decoeatJre
arehiteeture, aad the Ana. l eal. 1Mb ptsisa. 78 coast
rrapoaala Imr ImSUm Goods.
W I?^|? aAin. Mui Mb IBM.
OtALBD MOPOBALB will be received at the oflfe. o? the Coat
O mission*! of Indian A Cam, ai Wukuim ell*, until 1? o'clock
am a turdsy, ilia M day of Nvvutibcr next, for luttualiuig lit* foUow
lug Indian goods, vis:
Cleat *, I?Blahsbts.
8,100 pain 3- point while Mackinac Uukili, lo MMW 00 by 78
inches, woifli 8
1,900 pain *)t point Willie Mackinac biajiketa, lo measure M by M
laches, and weigh 6 pounds ,
1,175 pain* 8-poiut white Mackinac blaaketa,
inches, and wslgh SJf pound*
WO pairs m poi.il wtiua Mackinac blankets, to I
AO inrhli KM V?B 4m IMHUil
800 pair* 1-poihf while Mackloac blankau, to OK xaura M by 46
Incbes, and weigh 3k pound*
400 pair* 3 point leaflet Mackinac blanket*, to maaiure 00 by 78
laches, and weigh 0 uoutide
J00 pair- point ecarlel Mackinac blaakeU, lo ueaeure M by
80 inches aad weigh 6 pound.
100 pair* a^ pwnt ('<wn Mackloac tdaukeu, to measure 66 by
M inches, and welch 10 pouud*
300 pair* 3 point araan Mackinac blank*!*, lo Measure 40 by 78
incite*, and waigli IS pound*
850 pair* ilK-polni green Mackinac blaukeu, lo meaaurs 54 by
66 iih Iu'h, and wmglltf ^omu)d
100 pain 3% point genu i. el la blue Mackinac blanket*, lo t
ure 00 by B4 iiichee, and weigh 10 pound*
400 pair* 3-point genunella blue Mackinac blanket*, lo wea*ure
60 by 78 incite*, and weigh 8 pound*
900 pair* appoint genut.ell* blue Mackinac blanket*, lo ineaMue
54 by ? iuehe*, and weigh ? pound*.
Clou So 8?Ok* Oood*.
1,008 yard* scarlet etroud*
800 do blue rtroud*
1,800 do fancy hit cloth, blue
760 do fancy li*t cloth, *carlet
330 do fancy ll*t cloUi, green
1,000 do gray lift cloth, blue
3,000 do asved II>1 cloth, blue
1,600 do laved Hit cloth, scarlet
800 do laved li*l clotli, green
80S pound* wonted i arn, 3- fold
100 doxen cotton flag handkarchlefi
aco do cotton Madra* hstidkc rchteft
173 do black *11 k handkerchiefa
90 do 8-4 cotton nbawla
80 do 6-4 " "
65 do 4-4 " "
40 do 8-4 woollen shawl*
430 pound* linen thread
80 do nawing *ilk
700 piece* riband, sssorted
ISO groae wonted gartering
34 piece* *llk liHUdkerchieflp, bark and I
Class So. 3?Domino Oood*.
85,000 yard* dontsitlc calico
10,000 do .Vetrlawc calico
3,500 do blue drilling
8,0 0 do Georgia *tnpe*
4.000 do blue denims
1 /W0 do cottonada
4,300 do bed ticking
1,000 do Kentucky Jeana
500 do ?atin*lt*
7,000 do plaid llniey
7,000 do domestic shirting, Meachad
15,000 do " " unbleached
15,000 do domestic sheeting, unbleached
8,000 do domestic check*, atripee, and plaids
400 dosen woollen aock*
1,500 yard* flannel*, asaortad
l,6u0 flannel ahlrt*
700 calico alitrt*
550 pound* cotton thread
400 dossn spool cotton
din So. 4-HiU*ili.
9.080 poundi braas kettle*
876 dosen butcher knives
86,000 gun flint*
85-gros* squaw awls
7,000 flsh-l>ooks
25doxen tiih line*
85,000 needle*
100 doxen comb*, escorted
10 do scisaon, assorted
10 (rose gun worm*
1,090 tin kettle*
76 nest* japanned kettles, Bin a ne*t
Clau So. 5?AasioOLToaAL iMriramirre.
800 drawing knives, 18 inchealn length
700 augers, in equal proportions of J4,1,1, and J Inch
150 pair* haiaee
750 do trace chalni
1,500 weeding boee
175 hand ows
40 croas cut saws, 7 feet In length
40 cro** rut ariws, 6 feet In length
100 hand saw Ale*
100 cross-cut aaw fllee
40 log chain*, to weigh ?5 pound* each
600 Whitlemnre card*. No. 10
600 quarters aocket chisels
90 plane*, (bra and jack.
Clou So. 6-Axx*.
73 dosen axes, to weigh from 4 If to 5 If pound*
63 do half a<??, to weigh 3H pound*
41 do hatchet*, lo weigh l)j pound*
85 broad asee
Clam St. 7?Nostuwxst Ocm.
650 northwest guns, two-third* of which must meaaure
inche* In length of barrel, an4 oue-lhlrd 48 lac he* In
Icngtii of baiTel, lo be delivered In New York or Phila
delphia, as ma> be required.
Samples of all the shove articles ere deposited lo the oAee of the
Commissioner of Indian Aflau*; and it m?y be proper le remark
that those of bird ware, agricultural implements, aad ? rthweet guns
are entirely hew, and of betu-r quaUty than the aMctee *" " ""
ll.rnll.cd under f rmcr contract*.
The propoeal* mar be divided la to ecvea pans, vts i
let. Blankets.
?id. liry goods.
3d. llomeetlc goods.
4th. Hardware
5 h. igriculiar U linplcinnnta.
6th. Axes.
7th. Norlluveal gait*.
The lowest eompetei.t re p.>i<s|lde ladder will receive the whole or
any part of the contract, according to the above scale, lb* department
rcwrving to itself the right lodetenhiBe whether the bidder I* compe
n serving to Wselfthe right .
lent aad responsible or aot __ _ .
The whole .mount la money lo be applied to Ike purchase of
ewlil be about HUOJMiO | but the department reeerras the nght lo
?ee or diminish the quantity of any of Ike article* named, or
aubatltute then In lies thereof, or to require, M similar pricee, such
?node as may be wanted tar prem# or other purposes, la the admin
titration of the affair, ef the department. Uooda of American mano
fbctnra?all ether thinaa being equal?will be preformd i but aa all
the samples of blank-?..-! 3U? are of lore.ga manufectere, It wfll
be neceaaary, wh< n a doomllc article le bid tar, that a sample of It
should aecompany the bid, lo enable ike department m decide
whether It le ef eq al quality with the *amplee lo ha exhibited.
The pony pr.poeing b. supply the article. wlU make an invoice of
all the imam embraced in the abrve Hat, and affli the prlcea in dot
Mrs aad ream, at wWeh he or they will famish them, under each
claaa eeparatety, deliverable la New York, (or, if the contractor pre
fers It. aboat one half of Ike quantity may be delivered la St Louto.
Missouri, free of expense M the government,) oa or before the ISMi
day ?f May aeit, aeaamlag the quantity of each article as speclted la
agent of UM UaiUM Btates, wno win ee *ppu<ni
?d by the department Ibr the purpose, aad H ascertain the conltirm
ity nf article* port baaed with the aamptaa sxMMled, whea the
Contract ah all be made, aad with the terms of the contract Itself,
wh.th shall contain a c'.auae thai, If the .vticlee are not rurniahed
within the time prescribed, or If thev are o'inseMcieal qaallly la the
optaloa of the agenl ribrseald, and if within Ave day* after aotlce of
such IneaArieacy ih* party shall aot lurmsh other* la Ilea thereof ef
the reqa*?ed qeallty, t..e United amiss shall be authorised In pur
chase dtem nf other*, sad lo charge aay leer** aa of price they may
be maip?n~d to par thevetar to the eoetraetor, who *hail pay Ute *ald
difference to the Cnlted Mate*.
; Bond* will be rwqalred la the eawaal of the hide, with two good
suretiee, the aufllrleney of whom la be certified by a United Hutu
judge or dletrict attorney, Ibr the faithful perfctamac* of the roe tree la
fayme.it will be mad* after the cealract la completed, aad the dellv
ery of the good- as Mhrvaald la aa agent of the department, upon a
dapllcafe Invoice . en.tied by hlat.
Commnnlcauona to be marked, "Propnaale tar ladlaagoods."
The Mds will be nMRh with Mm taiewlag bee ding, aad
aoae will he received that are aot made la the form aad terms hers
preeeetbod t
"I (or we) aropoee to faraieh tar the service of the Indian De
partmi al, the Mktwiag geode, at the prlcea aAxed to them respect
ively, els t
/ II*re insrrt thr lint of condi.l
Deliverable la the oHyof New York (or Bl Louis) oa or betare the
day of ?? next; aad la case of the acceptance of bte propo
sac the qaantlty being preeeribed by the depa tmeat?I (or we) will
dxseat* * ooatract accordiag to this agreement, aad give settefhetnry
eecertty to the departmeat within ten day* after the reception of thl*
Md i and la oa*a at rati are m enter Into *erb ooatract, aad give each
security, I (or we) will pay to the United 8tale* the difference ke
rn* bidden by bm (or a*) and the *am which the United
may be obliged tp pay for the i
n and every hid mast also be accmapaaied with ? nsrantre ia
Mm following form, lo be elgned by oae utmrno raeponefMo persons,
wboee auiBeiency muai be oerHAed by omae oae who Is kaowa to the
depanmeai. either personally or by hi* oAelal poatUon :
'?I (or wa) hereby gewaaty that ? .the above bidder, will
comply with the tenaa of the adverti.emaat tar TropoaaU for Indlaa
Sonde,' Mad September 85. 1B80, if the contract rttoald be awatded
?. him, and enter lain bond for the eterittlmi of the earn* wtthla the
The contract! of former years arc opaa for Ike laepection
dors. k. LKA,
fommlieilasr of Indian Affhim
Sept 89?atawtWev ?
Irlrsrl /ram ??r ort of Chngrem of id Mmrtk, IM5.
"Bsc. IB JbU U U /writer rnurlsd. Thai II shsft be Ike daty of
foe Poetmaster Oeaeral, la all ftttara letting* sfcoatiaew for the
rs Deportation of the aMil, to lot Ike same, la rverv race, to tke low
dsl bidder tendering sofllelent gusrsntaee for foltkfel performance,
without other reference lo the mode of *aeh iranaporuiloa thaa MM4
be nenaaaary lo provide lor the due celerity, certslaty, aad secarlty of
such transportation; nor iliall any new contractor hereafter he re
quired to purchase oat, or take at a valuation, the Moefc or vehicles !
ef aay prevloaa contractor for the same roa e."
R kid era will be raiaful to read the forme and lastracttons ap
pend. d to this advertisement. Thev are reqaaetad to Mate. Is My
propoeal a, the mode by which they intend to convey the mail. Where
the site aad weight of the mails, or the speed called tor la the
?rhedele* ehall require It, the contract! will ha made for coach,
momabeat, or railroad conveyance, ae the case May be; aad coase
q.ie.itly aaok r?,ulea will be let to bida prop eing each mode of coa
veynnce. la all other caeca the routes will be aaelgaed to hid* pro
poatag Um olmpftri mnId of iriknportftlion.
U Mia.
ef PrlaL?Letters of Madsme de Bevtgae. fa KagUeh.
Rousieaa*! Confeadoni In EniM. 8 parts, complete ia S vot*.
The Noavelle Hclniee. By Rouaaeau In Encllah. 4 vftte.
Ceailla i the Memoirs of sn Hetreee. By Mies Barney. Avals.
Camilla. By Mice Barney. 5 vaM.
Evelina By Mice Barney. 8 vole. I
'i he Novice ef at. Dominie. By MMs Owsasoa, (Lady Morgan.)
> vole.
Mnllava's Play*, la Preach aad Kagliah. 10 vols.
Meateequleu's Spirit of J.ewe Translated lata fuglkk by NaBcat.
I vote.
?acob'i Law Dictionary. ? vols.
PaBbudorf* Law of Nature aad Nintoaa. Kaaaa?H> Ca^lah tra
Ml on. I vol.
Paattawallt Mtlimaiy ef Commaroe. ? vole., foBa.
Aadessoa*s Hmtsry of Osmmsrce. 4 vols., qaarts
BuHy'* Mrsoka. lu Bagtish- i vole.
Bscimd aaad tnplis bf tha skeve-new pads betas wkoHpi ?u>
MOMUM *> rnmMTftmm tfoe Mil? at Alba (WM
rsiaioi Ihun the 1st of January, "*?, ... tbs Wtb of June, lit*, I
Is NIC MM of Alabama and MiaaUeippi, uu lbs i-uu. aad la uie
herein described, will be received at foe CmKk* O?o? ?f
Um Poet Ofoce Department, to UM cily of H ubi'iakM, uatil V, a. m.
of the ?7lb of November, lBhO, la ha dscidsd by tbe Wh of IWovsm
bn?, 1?50
Hni? AMI. Lsevs Room, Georgia, u 1, pa, ui weekly, Monday,
Wednesday , aad Friday ;
By I'aN Hiring, (Mate Line, Maaaaat Gap, Alabama,
" ' Garden, Ladiga, UnAa's Creek, Ureal
la, Mount NUee, Sprtugvtiie, True, sud
villa j
To Kit (ua, by S. |i m. nut d?y?, hH uilea i
And l?ck between A. a at Sunday, Wedueaday. aad
Friday, aad IU, a ui, aexl day*.
No. 667*. rim Tiwealooaa. ai #, p a, in-wee kiy, Tiiaaday, Tbura
day. and Haturday | . ..
By Triou. McMalbV aad Jonesboro',
ToKlyto.i by A. as nextdays. Mmiles
Aud hack, between A. a a. Tueeduy, 1 bursUay, aad Hun
day. and 7, a ai, next daye.
No. 5478. Front Tuaculooaii, at 8, a ui. trl-weekly, Monday, Wednts
day. aud Friday ;
By Foster's, Buck Creek, Knox ville, *prtngfteld, and
To Cliulou by 6. p ui same daya. 44 uiUaa;
And back betweea 7, a in, Tuesday, Thursday. and Satur
day. at S. u m. astue daya.
No. 5680. FromTuscsJoosa. at 8, am, tri-weekly, Monday, Wedues,
day, and Friday |
By North port, Hipstiy Turnpike, Gordo, Reform, AnUocb,
Providence, and C'arlyle i
To Coluiubue, Miariaaippi, by II, p m, aame daya, 01
mile* j
And back, between 8, a in, Tuaaday, Tbuiaday, aad BaUtr
day, aad 5 p in. aame da>a.
No. 5507. From Greeaaboro', at 5, am, Ul-weekly, Monday, Wed
ne?day, and Friday;
By Hollow Square, Kutaw, Clinton, Fleaaant Bulge, Hope,
Pickeuaville, and Lacy'a Hill;
To Columbue, Mississippi, by 5, a in, next daya, 98 mile* ;
And back, between 3, a m, Tueaday, Tliuraoay, and Bat
unlay, and 8, a m, next daya.
No. MOD. From Clinton,at 7, p in, ui waekly, Monday, Wednoaday
and Friday \
By Mouut llrbron, GaiiteavlUe, Scooter, Mississippi, De
Kalb, and Big Creek |
To Herbert, by 10, a m, next daya, 64 mllea;
And back, between 4, p m, Monday, Wedueaday, and 6, a
m, neat daya.
Proposals to extend four mllea to Muckaluaky, wjth one
hour more time for tbe tripa, are invited.
No. 9604. From Greensboro', at 3, a in, til weekly, Monday, Wed
ueaday, and Friday j
By Macon, Dcmopoils, Belmont, and Bluffport i
To Livingston, by 3, p in, aame days, 4# mllea ;
And back, between 10, a in, Tueaday, Thursday, and Hat
urday, and 10, p in, aame daya.
No. 6703. From Brandon, Miauiasippi, at 0, p m, til-weekly, Tuea
day, 'i hursday, and Sunday;
By Greeiibuab, Hill?boro', County Line, and Union ;
To Herbert, by 3, p ni, next daya, 78 mllea;
And back, between II, a m, Tueeday, Tliuraday, and Sat
urday, aud 8, a ui, next daya.
Froptwala to end at t.ucnaluaky, with one hour leaa time
for the tripa, are invited.
No. *781. From Herbert, at 4, p ui, tri-weekly, Monday, Wedneeday,
a?d Friday;
By Talaaha, Oktibbebah, Dalevllle, Fonta, Lauderdale
Sprinca. and Penola, Alabama;
To Liv<ng-ton, by 9. a m, next daya, 97 rnilea ;
And back, between 4, p in, Monday, Wedueaday, and Frl
ray, nud 10, a m, next daya.
Bida to commence at Muckaluaky, 3 milea further, without
additional running time, are invited.
Each propoaal should be accompanied by a guarantee,signed by oae
or more responsible peraona, in the following manner, via:
"The undersigned, , guaranty that , If
hia id ftir carrying the mail from to be accepted by the
Poetmaster General, ahall enter into an obligation prior to the first
day January n?*l, with good aud aul&cleut sureties, to perform
the service proposed."
Thia ahould be accompanied by the certificate of a poHtmaater, or
other equivalent testimony, Hint the guarantors are men of property,
and able to make good their guarantee.
Tbe proposal aliould be sent to tbe department aealed, endorsed,
"Proposals for route No , ia ," and addressed to Uie First
Assistant Postmaster General.
For tbe prehlt'ittou of bida resulting from combination, and tbe
terius and conditions on which tbe contract is to be made, see tbe
last anaual advertisement.
Bept 9A?wtNovil Postmaster General.
The College of gt. jamea, Washington County, Mary
COPAL CHURCH ?The nintb annual aeaaimi will open
Monday, October 7th, 1860, and continue ti 1 the next u commence
ment day," Um laat Thursday in July, 1851. New studcuU are rec
ommended to enter at tbe opening of the session, but aie received at
any time tbey apply, and the charge ia estimated from tbe dale of
tbelr entrance.
Tba College baa the usual number of classes, affords all the op
pirtu'iiti?a Air a complete education, and, at tbe aucceasful leriuiua
lion of the collegiate coursc, coufcra on its graduates the usual at 8
| demlcal degrees.
I The Grammar acbool, Immediately adjoining Um College, and un
der the au^ervision of the Ueitor, but under distinct discipline, re
ceives I ids at the beginning of tbeir academical course, and prepares
them for the collegiate clashes. Tbe oversight and direction of tbe
Professors of the College secure special advantages to the pupils la
tbe Grammar school
tn tbe Mercantile clasaea, tba study of the Greek language is omit
ted, and its place ?U| plied by additional studies in modern laaguagea,
book-kwDinf. Ntaiiettc*. fcc.
Ttte location of the College la entirely bealfofal, and, by its dis
tance from towns and villages, fcvorabie to good morals mid order.
The whole annual charge?the same in tba CeMeae and Gr inoiei
scliooi- for tlM'aeasion of leu months, ia two hundred and twenty
Ave dollars, payable seinl annually In advance.
Applications to be made to
?actor College of ft. Jamea F. O., Md.
Aut i-aw9a
L'kfclara-Treataaaat aad PrsraatiTe.
V AND APERIENT ?This remedy, composed enurely of vegeta
Me ludredients, and totally free from any mineral subtlervce. com
bining cathartic with cordial aad sVenrUiening powers, was original
ly discovered and prescribed by Dr. Aiuali, a celebrated physician, in
most of tbe diseases of Uie abdominal regions?such as dtarrbaee,
dysentery, bilious complaints, dyspepsia, and all other diaordera of
the liver, kc.
Kaowuig from experience that it operates in tbe most kindly and
eRectual manner in these casern, it is subwiued aa a remedy to tb.ee
who may be attacked by the pre railing fatal scourge, and aa a in
ventive to all wbo amy be so fortuuate aa to escape lis Ant taaidiou*
To he had wholesale aad retail at Cars si'? Music Malooa, Peaa
eylvania avenue, between llth and tilth averts, and ai the finncipal
drug stores in tbe eUy of Washington, Georgetown, i ud Alexandria.
Pamphlets ontataing fell directions tor use, wtui many lateresting
ceruScales, accoaapany eacb bottle of the panacea. A very liberal
discount to dealers. Orders from any part of tba Lolled States
promptly attended to. Ail cominaaicaOone must be poet-paid.
Aug. I?lawtf SAMUEL CASUS! k CO.
IHR next session will begin oa Monday, Um 14th day af October
1C38, and eloee Arst Mai ok, 11161.
Naihaa R. dmitb, M O., Surgery.
V, IU. E. A. Aiken, M. U., Cbemiatry and Pharmacy.
Haniucl Chew, M. !>., Therapeutics, Materia Mediea, and Hy
|HfP P fBlrM.
Joseph Rohy, M. D , Anatomy and Pbyaloiogr.
Wm. Power. M. !>., Tbeory and Practice of Medicine.
Richard H. Tbomss, M. D., Midwifery and Diseases nf Wo a
aad Cbildrea.
tleo. W. Mlltenberger, M. Pathotogical Aaatomy.
The most ample opportuniues fo< tba prosecution of Practical
Anatomy at a moderate sxpeoss.
t'tinteal Lectures Mir liases a week, by Profoenors Smith and Pow
er, la Uie Baltimore InArmary, with the privilege of dally visits to Ua
wards without charge to the student Ibr the ticket.
Fees lor Uts lectures,f?i to fas; Practical Anatomy, #10} Matn
cnlsuon, #5, Gradualloa, |S0.
Aug. 7?SawtlAOe
Vlrgiala lead OAAee.
September N, IA9S
IN conformity tn aa act eatitled ' Aa act m reduce inte one an Um
I several arts concerning eeclisalors," passed His 8th day of Jans
ary, 1810, I do hereby mailt known ui all whom it aMy concern, U?t
it appears by three certiOcata of tba eecheator of Logan county, dated
the Mb day of Apiil, 1850, aad received into tbe Laad OtA e on the
loth diy af September, law, mat by insfsesta held on the Ath lay of
Msreb, IbM, the follow lag tracts ul land lying la the county of i.ogaa,
have been toaad escheated to this t <H?m..uweaUi, via:
A tract o) three oumirnd Ul oae and acres, which was conveyed by
J. J. S Thorn tell, nf France, to a company la Fnaci, styled the
"Virginian company Guyead .tts,'' aad which was eerhealed in the
Oammonwealth becsuse im tine thereto, legni and eqmtaMe. wae i
aa allea or aueaa, aad not ia a ciluea of Virginia, or resident of th
Untied mates ?
Another tract of two bandied thousand acres part af a tract, said
In cuntaia Ave hundred thousand acrsa, of which Jamoa Hwans
died seised, and which was vsalad la Job* Polar Unoma, of Praace,
by aa act<H Uie geaeial assembly ol V.rgmis, phased in the year IHJ8
Also, another l<act of three bandred toousand seres, of which the
aald James uwaaa died seiaed, sod which wss also veetnd la Jnhn
Peter immss, af France, % aa act of Um general assembly of Virginia,
passed ia Um year I8J8, which said tracts of two bundled thousand
acres aad Uiree hundred thoaenad acres, wore see* as lad to Um Com
monweaito, I eeaase the nil- thereto, legal and equitaole, wan ia aa
alien or aliens, and not la a eiuaea nf Virginia or resident ef tha
I lulled Stnans. Tbs said Joha Peter llamas being dead, and Kmile 1
Dames of France, being hia sola heir aad legal renrusoalatfve.
Sept (A?lawAwtf Register Va. Land office.
nOftPOiKD Tr?u*ao's Ratio of Mool Metsate. -8y virtaa
K of two decrees of I hories eouaty court sltUag as acoort of eijulty,
UM undersigned, as trustee, wUI sell, befare Uie court bouee door ia
Port Tobacco, Charles eouaty, Maryland, oa Tbarsday, the 1Mb day of
September next, between Um boors of H and 5 o'clock, foe tract or
land iabariMd by Mary F. Neale trom her mother. Nancy C. Neale ;
aad also foal of whl a Use law Or. Prnncis Neale died seiaed both
together constituting tbe form upon which ths said Dr. Franc la Neale
lived aad occupied at foe Ubm of Us death, called aad kaowa aa
"Gooee Creak," and nontaiali* 4x hundred and Alty-one iA5l) acres,
more or leaa. This form baa apna It a comfortable dwelling, heme,
ataides, and all foe necessary oni bonsea; it la well Watered, Heavily
timbered, and convenient to navigaUon. The land Is in a high state
of culUvalion, ami yield, abnndsniiy the usual products of tbe county.
It life Ml mllea from Tort Tbscco, aad la coavealrnt to church ami
Terms i Four bundled dollars cash oa foe day of sale, or ratification
thereat, and the balance ia three equal aaauai Instalaieats, |u ba so
cured by bond aad eecarity, In ha approve.I by the trustee, bearing
iatereet from Ibe day nf ante. Upon the naymsnt of the whole of tbe
I urehass-monev foe treetee la aethnriaed to enavcy to tha parehaeer
or purcheaiira the Utle of the aald Mary F Neale and the lam ItocMr
VMSUs Neale la foe above deaenbad premises, subject to foe widow's
right of dower In 417 acres?il being thai part of tbe land which Ibe
mid Dr. Fraads Naals held la foe simple?tha balance of KM acres Ave
aad AulMVtthafM*
Aa?AA?law4w N. ATONESTRERT, Trustee.
S. J. ANDERSON, Trusms.
Sept IB . W Aw da A actios sen.
WHtmi) foaMfortoty, a v??m?o Is. do the .MklM
? and washln, to, a small fomily. Nons need appiy bet aoch as
dan Mve tha beet maaiaiiutattaas. A white woman wo?M ba aro
fontNb IhqaMo at |hla MKea, Sapt lt-ft
lb* adjncem '-"''T , b5tye?2
^U^MttJlUU!! dtepUy ?" wlucb Ik* MUMlM* of tbeu pMN?
Mala, an} luiu'? <??
Ixcu iUTlteu. Tliay
in uMirsiiNua
in ?
French mi KugUah ??ivcu. buaat daetgna, aueariaiiv*
Enallab up*?Ulee, very rich
Euftluti aii/AiMHlCMIi loi|Ml4li4? ?*!*? ri?k
U4rt;^K!j?{wW H"**?*
And*Am?ricmb iniriiB, all wool, Iow-prteo4
Tint try tuul foyw Vootiiiw? ^ <wps
Floor oil cloth, In <all 51" *"y *hape
Kitra rich Obeaaill* nag tuited ?*??
Low-L*ic*d -do lio *0 lot ??>??>>??
fr'iyuiuii liaise. and lajge-eiaed cruiub clothe, he.
Extra rlcli Krancb delniiwe
do Uarainn do
do Euglteh do low-priced
no w.**UHl dau.aak, every
do Union do veijf cb*?P
do Branch u4 Eugbah cbiniaee
Twilled uul ?>LUU 'l'uikey (red) caebmereu
Embroidered iac* mill miulin curtaina
mil cornice, late atjrlea, llufi 1,*tT 'IK>f,i^c'i?Wi|
Tbeyaleo uk opKial attention to their large uid carefully ^
"^Liueli elieelinge, b?Me daiuaeha.aelirt damuka
Table. clothe, <J?uia?k UtW* uapaiua
Wir.'aT^rd*l^q"^. ^d"nd crib blanket.
PUIoiv-ca?i; linen.., MM .bceuiig.
rSSSmSS^Sr^ ?"** r**
r- H H00'*?
b/ ?V .1' 4* MeUUlHb, iaulMuMn.
?*TKNHIVE bale ok new rich ROBBWOO
wSnut?aS ?"P?" cabinet furniture, fce-O.
morui^ficu.bc-r I, at IU o'clock, (by catalogue,) we .h^lrtl.J
warH?ouia of Melvr.. Bradley t Hon. on Bia aoullicM eonw,
ESu etreet and Peiiuay ivnnia "Vr,lue> t"1** belnj deitrmiaef hi
U^uuh ti "brancl. of weir buaineaa in thta city,) their eatto,*
couiinUDf of-?
VoltLlc,'^a^cbai" ?nd rocket*, wilb ?#t?, i
t3 SS? drawing-room chun
cSim? ?b2f* waiuutTiuaple, ?" P<"?^ <*?"?
V&l*.., dreaeing aud pWn l.ur?au.
Eticloeed W**h?taU<l?, WliWMMW^.
Maple-top centre, eofa, ?ud P"" "JJ"
Secretary aud book caaea, ?ue?c rack*
Corner .land., hut n*k?, pteno' ?u>oU
Utiiiiu, break wall and cyd table*^
'iw"''*?* ^idX'caab ? ??? ?^i * c,^,l #f J
a?S^ffiuSta, w ?ot?? ia.Ufcclortly ?nd???d, bearty W1
N B?Tlic acknowledged rrpuWUon ? MS* * >*H
faciurert io nutllcienl r?commend?Uoo, wiUnmi y nbo??l
"'The Mcktonw ready for exa?inalion, *? cauioffmrtJ
refNi)[?t^^dlrlbUa0U "" -nSB * McGUIRB, AwboMt
General Jtgmt mt fVa.hi?tton City.
ALL claim* foe land or money, on tbe iO?ernmem or 1
attendedi to. mi to luataln Dm claim
J*JS&Sr~ * '^?d- ??. ]n Kl 01 Cmw
and offer* bU nervice* in all aucb ca*c*, and oUr 'r
OfcM' account* *e?led. "?l c'"u".',n P~??W<d
Wi.umoro*, rtaytainber 8?, ittSO?*y
gnn;n Uw Itatk Imw*m? Ccmfju
?!?"> "P"U ?ock driven to curttrawrL,
uan^??d ?^tb. Yo-^ paid fLrZt2
Director*?Jo*e(?b li. Bown..n, "u"e"?'.'D ?
merrhant: Cti>tm?n \mc Maw, atmrenmi ***%*& ayy i
^t ; Hi?. tSmm Bi^op. "?'?d*'1
'?gaSaa.'a.g ^gjiagaa
Wat. bunch, TrcMUrer?uiercbanl, and j?e?uient viaf*o??ii
1Mb atreet*, VV'aabiajlon City.
8ept *J?dly
i.k.,1 ol'lba aceowji oT 0? >WJ
of tbe lata Robert W. Oyaf, daeaaaad, to ti)WAU> C. DV
U reapoctlttlly rtqunated. f. liVBB.
WAaumoroM, Bcpteuiber 04, IMP
Old Hand of Dyer k Brother, corart of lOtb ?r**t and r-?
kifnmeula, and to caab all aalaa m* y ^ yy ^gj) (; Of
J. C. McOl'lHS
Wiiu?TO', Bapwmbar 94,1850.
tftptH -dtf
i 1LAMB C^ASCB^^r-.U-^de^J^rUj
A country, woald ?lTe ?f ???*?????'"SM
urner, ?co?d bo?? Iroo. ibe ""'U' ^ ^b, X7
and in tlie iuo^I ikauable and buainea. part or in. raj ?
!3 ~*^"S3i?SSC?:u,'J i
will be aold at tbe rery loweet pricey I
Prnna;ivanla arenoe, M?M 7tb aa^ w "*? |
(Tku>? HOTKL roa^i?Sl
li Main .treet, In tbe rtty of tu hmend, wllbin * ^
or l be D?*pota of the Vlr??ia OMWl
railroad,?l..u-ly la ??. r^lauy of lba dock, ^ J ^
with ibe Jamca rtaar and Itaaawna canal, ana ??"" kM|
?iraoiboat and *bipym? wh.V^." ,"I "Jj!! -1 wm*l.
wil br ."Id to **? Mbdkl
fli^TT^-t-? ^ y ^
iii lb. city, and L attuatnd in a raiadly - Ian ncoalai --^y.
?bl^. vary c?darabta Ut-o.TT4.
onSTl pa>mMita ?o b?arda, - -?"1
pn^ortUnate u-rn^, J', ^Tle? *?^|
borTtofor ? attached to the hotel, *ff"r4lB? " r I
kind of mereaotile b^tnaa*. . .. ^
1 be title ? tbe a^ tal wW. DMted K>
milK ann,jal^>wof lecmree wlllro?ae^a
1 la November, IM i
Tboa. Mlltar, M. fi. ?>_ ? ? r of Aaalo?T *^/b^7X
Wa P. Jobaaan, M. ?., Pru*aaao. of Obrtetrlr. ana
of women iwl ? , ? ...... UM>ir. ng
jo?bu? Eilejr, M. D-, frtrfoooor of llslwte
rtRnbeit King Bwma, >? D-i Adjnnrt
nlS^$r n. M. D., Prafbaene of Cbeiatxry
jam.. K Morgan, M. D-, P?-c.mk ?ad ??
Cliniral lecture* tbree U?ea * *" +?<***
Waablnglon Infirmary. OpaliMan pHMN H?JI .1
For a hill romnm Of tacMraa..
Bewwrawfe ticket
?rd caa ba procured at * *J
Aug 9b?bawtDaHf rw.a - ^
- >4eL?tm**2sL..~
**L?a"* Al??andrta at *?-J*'.!?'

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