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?ggSBgS^^??? -1 -I1""J' i
NUMiMii aid nmum?i
UAIL Y, per yni, - - - ?1? Ml
tfKMl-WBJKKJL Y, (published ui weekly dunag Um hMw
of Confreaa) - 8 Otl
dull iftii tl /?? iiIjM Ol f?Uo?4:
Fl?e tuple* uf the DAI I. Y, it" 40 W
riwMpioorUf.itKMi-vvitKKi.v, .... wuu
I'M ?#? ?( ?>? " " 36 Utl
flncafMirfUM WKKKLY, 0 00
Taa cofH?? of du ? ...... 16 uo
T???.oa? ItarABTMnDT, May *?, 1861
SKfAHATK aruiHul. fur I uruUIUu^, lite alitUuurry
KA(1 for executing (lit? p inuiin of this dr|i?iliiieul during lilt*
year Bad lag Juim 9U, 10U8, will be (?c?iv?d mtul J u'ctuck, p. in-, on
lite aWiday of Juue uext. TIimm* uuaccouipauied by Miitiu iory les
uiaoalala of ability lo fulfil a coutracl will tuii be coupid?*r?d.
All Ilk# iftlclM ol stauonaiy uiuil bo uf Uie very InmI quality?
???ptii of IIm principal Vll?le? of which. such ax paper, quills,
UttlHlf pea*, lead pencils, kuivea, kc., must accompany ilw bids,
p?| up la claMMii a* per schedule, and tlie department rwHjrvei the
**>? to retain such Nuiipltt* aud pay for the amine at tlta prices stated
1b the offer, or to return die in, at his option. No bid will be con
sidevad where Hie article* accompanying it are not of tile very beat
quality and entirely autnd to Uie want* of the department; ajid in
ftrior, fpurioua, or imttntlon articles will subject the claas to which
they belong, 01 the enure bid, 10 rejection, at the pleasure ol' the de |
Kaeh proposai must be signed by the individual or Htm making it, ?
and inuatapecity a price, ?m?i but one vrice, for each and every ar
tide contained in the schedule. Blank forms for proposals will be |
furnished at the deparUneut tu persons applying lor them ; and, as
without uniformity therein the department would And it difficult lo
ieaka a Oecnuon, none will be taken into consideratioii uuh as sub
stantiaily agreeing therewith.
The printing must be executed wiih new and perfect type, and on
the best paper used for the different descriptions required, 'l he pa
per for the printing will be furnished by the contractor ; the depart
moat, or the office ordering it, to desiguale Uie kind of paper and
whether acript or otherwise, and the number to go on a sheet,
when the matter or article will admit of more than one.
Kach claaa will be aonsidered separately, and, all otfier things be
iBg equal, it will be aesigiied to the lowest bidder for auch claas, or
to tha lowest bidder on tlie aKKregale, as the department may deem
most advisable. Where inore than one claas is as igned lo a bidder,
they may all be eiiibracril In onn contract; unil each buMt-i, who
may have one or wore claeaae auigut'd to liiui, ahull lake ull nucli
daaaaa, or forfeit his right to any portion of the coulract
All Mia articles to be luruisltad and work to be executed must be
fH?y? mmI deilvataA aMMtMay arhea orders*, awl
to the Nlhteetion uf the head of the office for which they are re
The department reserves to itself the right of ordering u greater or
leas quantity of each aud every article contracted for, as Uie public
service may require.
Supplying an inferior arUcle at any time will be deemed sufficient
forthwith ta annul the contract.
Boada, with approved security, to be given by the pereon or per
sona contracung; and, in case of a failure to supply the arucles or to
perfbrai the work, the conuactorand his surctiea shall be liable for
the forfeiture specified iu auch bond aa liquidated damages.
Writing faper, made of linen, laid or wove, white or blue.
Class No. 1.
80 reams folio post, satin or plain finish, faint-lined and uimuied,
to weigh not less than 17 pounds per ream
foolscap, haud-made, faint-lined and Uimmed, to weigh
not less than 12 pound* per ream
foolscap, machine, faint-lined aud trimmed, to weigh
not less than 12 pounds per ream
foolscap, plain, hand-made, faint-lined end trimmed, to
weigh not less than 12 pounds per ream
foolscap, plain, machiue, faint lined aud trimmed, to
woigli not less than 12 pounds per ream '
foolscap, blue laid, hand made, faint-lined garden pat
tern, commonly known as despatch or consular paper,
lo weigh not less than 16 pouuds per ream
quarto post, hand made, plain, faint lined three sit^i,
per ream ?
quarto post, machine, plain, faint lined three Hides, per
quarto post, hand made, plain, faint lined four sides,
par ream
quarto post, machine, faint-lined four sidea, per ream
quarto post, French,faint lined three sides, per ream
note paper, gill, per ream
dd plain do
Clasi, No. 0. "
royal paper, for books
medium paper, for books
copying do do
envelope paper, yellow or buff, royal, per ream
envelope paper, Hat cap, while or blue, per ream
large brown envelope, per ream
blolUng paper, royal, do
Class No. 3.
450 doxen caids Perry's bent metallic pens, per dozen cards
350 do cards of all other manufacture in use, per dozen cards
40 gpoaa metallic pena, per gross
15,000 quills, No. HO, per thousand
4,0110 do No. 70, do
4 do ever-pointed silver pencils, with gold pens, per dozen
5 do gold pena, per dozen
2 do silver cases for Uie same, per dozen
15 groas of leada for ever pointed pencils, assorted siz?*, per
75 doxen beat black-lead pencils
10 do red-lead pencils, per dozen
Class No. 4.
90 do folders, ivory, 9 inch, per dozen
450 da red linen tap**, amor led, do
00 do silk taste, asnorted colors and widths, in liank.", per
120 do
&5 do
15 do
10 do
0 do
'*50 do
140 do
70 do
It do
40 do
12 do
0 do
3 do
3 do
50 ?|o
125 do
Ift do
3 do
30 do
3 do pounce boxes, of ivory, per dozen
10 do do cocoa, do
19 do sand boxes do do
10 do do do do
15 do wafer stand* or boxes, cocoa, per dozen
15 do eraser*, K<?dger* k HoaV, ivory bandit s, per dozen
30 do penknives, Kodters h. Hon'*, or equal, 4 blade*. buck
horn or |?earl bandies, p?-r doirn
90 do \\ atervillr Manufacturing Company, do do. per dozen
0 do wafer stamp*, ivory bandies, per dozen
ft tfo do lignumvitv tinndles, do
6 do office shears, 11 inches, per dozen
6 do office scissors, do
Class No. 5.
It do inkstands, cut glass, recently invented fountain, mova
bis top*, pel dozen
t do inkstand*, caat Iron
4 do Prvucn pump China inkstands
16gallons best Ink, black, the department to havs choice of the
600 bottle* ink, black, the department to have choice of the market,
per quart
? quarts ink, red, per quart
S$ do Ink, blue, per quart bottle, the department to have
choicc of the market, p?*r quart bottle
300 do ink, rrd, the department to buve choice of the market,
in Jg-pinl bottles, per b?Ue
75 do carmine ink, small *ize, French, or equal
MJO do Ink, best copying, per bottle
Class No. 0.
10,000 wafeis, large red, for department seal, per thousand
100 pound* waller*, common size, red, per pound
160 do sealing waz, bust extra supeiflns, acarlet, per pound
10 do seal in* wax, superfine, per pound
15 d# do Mack do
B da India rubber, prepared do
3 do do unprepared do
<J00 quarts Unck sand, prr quart
Class No. 7.
190 ounces pounce, per owe
1 duuun India ink, bu*t, per doiten
U do camel's hair pencils, per dozen, assorted
100 pW?iis twine linen, per pound
100 do twine, cotton, per p >und
90,000 potket envelope*, o( white or yellow paper, of the following '
?izes, viz : HJk by -i% inclie*, per hundred
6 doten rulers, mahogany, round or flat, per dozen
* do elastic pen holder*, A (den's, per dozen
The printing of all kind*, which may b* required to l?e executed
fer the use nf the Treasury Department, or any of the ofllcus thereof, |
whether the sam*- be rircuiars, In* true lions, warrants, lorn*, returns, |
blanks, solid matter or not, leaded, nil** work, or rule and figure
work, faint ruling or lining, and red ruling or lining, or by whatever |
name, title, or description the *arne *hall be known to or i??tlttHy j
designated by the office requiring it, and including, also, folding,
stitehing, pasting, kc., on lite fallowing description* nf peper, to
Wit :
No. of sliest*.
On qusrto po*t 1 page en a sheet, p 100 sh., 75,000
q do do 30,500
J do do 6,000
4 do do :i,ooo
('Hi fbnl*cap I do do H,.V(l
4 do do GO.OHO
3 do do y/voo
i do do 1,000
On folio |??*t ... I do do M.00U
'J do do 7,900
3 de do q.OOO
4 do do q.ouo
On every other description ??f paper, niK designated
above, but in be so by tha offies ordering it, whether
circular*, Instructions, warrants, form*, return*. kr.f
as specified in the fir?i paragraph, for
I page on a *he*?t, per 100 *be*ts, 9,700
Htate the price per page for every additional page i
any of the above ov? r lour f?ng< 4, estimating at 10,o
? 10
l tonai* ot any othi r d?'riiplion iif printing rr
quired broad.id. on any <rI the above paper, li
MM*M> to he rounted ?? on. png.
TlfMvrrr'i weekly rtatrrnrn' at ureaaary draft. Mid
aperle, oa imperial writing |> per, per l(jti?iiert. 1KH)
Ml* eiareeely to h. ii.rt.rMmd thai no ??ira rhar,. rrf ar ) dr.rrip
Um will M allowed The prtrra bid lor printing moat rarer and in
rl^e All roaitlnjenclra and aitraa.
T1?? department reaerre. the right to have any d<?erlpt>nn ?l
prtatlaf wlaarti My properly lie railed "booh or pamphlet work"ea
KjMV .penal rontrart.
Tlae MiMaia for pr In ring will arrompany Ihrir hida with .ample
ofaMklMr the dtflerrnt kind, or paper tliey |*?poer to inrru-h.
NiVtf Iaw4w
?MBit t* glee aalli* thai (he inhwrlbrr h.lh ?h
4 Mtee4 U" "rphan.' fonrt of Wa?tii..gton rouniv, in the
l>l?nli| Of f'nllimtila lettrra ?< admim-traUim oa the peraonai eaUie
of Ma ft leaMla, lata nf Buttlmore, .taryland, derea? d All per
Imlndlla agal--1 are hereby warned to
eihlhlt the aame, with the rimrhera thereof, Iri the .ubarrlher, oa
or before the ?Mb day of May neit ; they may otherwtae, by law, he
?arlatrd fram all bataeflt of the .aid rmate.
Ulran ander my hand thi* 9lat day of May, IKSI.
May n- law:i? Adrniat.tralor
tpHI Pahllr are warned not to trnat any one on my
X Mtoant, einepi my daughter., without a written oriV r In eaeA
raaMItMB awe ot then ar knm niF TH JKalTP.w
May 17?lawSw
,KW BOOK? A'l HU.OK v >|\| ||\ M llaipei.'
I Magaajaa for Juav
1* Matt Of Waat Wavlnnd- A Tale j by Mary Hnwltt.
. VMM1) TritMi or, 1'ale. and Hgetrb-. from the Life Arnuad
aiST$? Arthur.
MefMOAl ?y Arth.r
w|r?a j or, l.oat .nd Won ; by Arthur
4 Ornte'a HIMory of Urrer.
W??r Trareltef." and Tmirl.ta' Ualdr riirrnt(h ihe
iM Canada, with a flue map nf the United rtiatea and
Partner*' aM Unrtaw'Knryrlopedia; by Jnhnaon new edition
kflirdan.r ?a? ediaon May Su
By tike Presides* t of (lie lulled Mates.
IN pursuance of law, I, MILLARD FILLMORE, Preside Ml of the
limit 4 ti tMUw of Allien cm, do hereby declare and make known
that public sales will be held at tlie undermentioned land offices in
the IS lair of VViH'oiw*ji. at ihc periods Itereiuallei dt-MinakMl, lo wit; j
At the land ollice at WILLOW KIYKH, commencing ou Monday, j
the fourth day of August lien, for the disposal of the public land*
situated within the undermentioned townships, to wu:
North of the bate tint and uesi of the fourth principal meridan.
Towialii|? tweuty seven, of range one.
Township* iweuiy-lour and Iweuiy eight, ef runge two.
Towu?ht|w? twenty three, twenty lour, twenty live, twenty-ail,
tweuty aevcu, and twenty-eight, of range three.
Township twenty nine, of'range lour.
Town?hips twenty nine and thirty, of range live.
Townships twenty-eight, twenty nine, and thirty, of range six.
Tow ?ships twenty five, iftnt) tlx, tweet} HvtMj twtot} ?i,
tweuty-uine, and thirty, of raufe aeven.
Township* tweuty live, twenty *11, twenty-seven, twenty-eight,
twenty nine, and thirty, of range eight.
Townships twenty-live, twenty-six, twenty ?eve?, twenty eight,
twenty uine, and thirty, of range nine.
Township* twenty-six, twenty-seven, and twenty eight, of range
Townships twenty nix and twenty seven, of rauge eleven.
Townships twenty live, twenty six, twenty aeven, twenty eight,
and 1* enty nine, of lange twelve.
At the Maine place, coiuuieuciiig on Monday, the eighteenth day
of August next, for the disposal of the public hinds situated within
the undermentioned townships and parts of townships, to wit:
North oj the but* line and went of the fourth priiuipal mtruhan?.
Townships twenty-three, twenty-four, twenly-flve, twenty mix,
twenty-neven, twenty-eight, and twenty-nine, of rauge thirteen.
Fractional township twenty-thrue, and townships tweuty four,
twenty-five, twenty-six, tweuty seven, and tweuty eight, of range
four lee 11.
Fractional lowrifhip twenty three, and towuships twenty-four,
tw ire, twenty six, iwaaljf-wicn. tweuty eight, of range
Fractional townHhips twenty-three and twenty-four, and townships
twenty-live, twenty-six, twenty seven, and twenty-eight, of range
Fractional township twenty-four, and townships twenty-five,
twenty six, tweuty seven, thirty, thirty-one, and thirty two, ol rauge
Fractional townships twenty-four and twenty-five, townships
twenty-six, twenty seven, thirty-one, and thirty three, and fractional
township thirty-four, all east of the main channel of the river St.
Croix, and lownMhii>? thirty-five and thirty-six, of rauge eighteen.
Fractional townships twenty-five and twenty-six, township twenty
seven, Pactional township twenty-eight, township tweuty-uine.
and fractional townships thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five, and
thirty-six, east of the main channel of the til. Croix river, of luuge
Fractional townships twenty-six, twcniy-aeveii, twenty-eight, and
thirty-six, all east of the main channel of the tit. Croix river, of rauge
At the land office at MINERAL POINT, commencing on Monday,
the fourth day of August next, for the disposal of the public lauds
within the following named fractional township and tracts, vit :
North of the bate line and writ of the fourth principal meridian.
Fractional township twenty two, on the Mississippi river, of range
North of the bate line and ea^t of the fourth principal meridian.
Hectious four to eighteen inclusive, on the main land in township
twelve, on the Wisconsin river, of rauge eight
At the land office at (JRKEN IIAY, commencing on Monday, the
eighteenth day of Augusi next, for the disposal 01 the public lands
within the undermentioned township and tract, to wit:
North of the bate line and eatt of the fourth principal meridian.
Fractional township twelve, ou the right bank of the Wisconsin
river, of range eight.
The southeast quarter of section thirty-six, (Ijing within the Fox
river grant,) iu township twenty-one, of range sixteeu.
Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, and
other purposes, together with 41 those swamp and other over Mowed
lauds made unfit thereby for cultivation,M if any, which shall be se
lected by the Htate authorities before the days appoiuted for the
commencement of the public sales respectively, under the act entitled
" An act to enable the Htate of Arkansas and oilier titates to reclaim
the 4swamp lands' within their hunts," approved September
1850, wtl be excluded from the talet. And no iocatious for laud boun
ties heretofore granted by any law of Congress for military services
rendered to the limited Stales will be permitted cm uny of the above
mentioned londt, as provided by the act entitled "An act making ap
proprialious for the civil and diplomatic expense* of government,"
Ate., approved 3d March, 1851.
The offering of the abovenientioned lands will be commenced
ou the days appoiuted. and will proceed in the Older in winch
j they are advertised, with all convenient despatch, until the whole
I shall have been offered, and the sales thus closed Rut no su. ?
shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of
i auy of the lauds will be admitted until after the expiration of the
I two weeks.
i til ven under my hand at the city of Washington, this twenty eighth
day of April, anno l>oniim one thousand eight hundred aud fitly -
By the President:
J. BmnrifiB,
Commissioner of the General Land Office.
Every peraon entitled 10 the right of pre ? mption to any of the
land* within lh? lowuahipti and part* of townaliip* above enumerated
la required loeatabltah the ttamo to llie aatiafacuon ofUie register and
receiver of the proper lurid office, and make payment thvrefor a? iooii
m yt actual,I? ujitt termt tku notice, and before tin day appointed
for the commencement of the public aale of the land* embracing the
tract claimed ; otherwise, audi claim will be forfeited. And every
person having the right under the act entitled "An act to create an
additional land district in the Territory of Wisconsin, and for other
purpUMt," approved 3d March, l&4?.a* orc.f>ant?} or yer
mttlcei, to enter, to the eitent of their |ea*ea or permi!*, any of the
I undo mi Ui in the towushipaand fractional lovsn?h)p* above enume
rated in the WXllow Un er ditirit t, and who are entitled un !er the act
entitled "An act to reduce the miniumin price of tin uiiaer*! land*
in the Lake Superior district in Michigan, and in the Clupp*awa dm
trtct la WiwimilB," approved QBrti September. lKrjO, "to enter the
land covered by iheir lease*, occupancy, and i-erunt# |t?pectlv?ljf,"
at the mintu-um price of gl UA i*r acre, or. If coverirn more than
one full section, entitled, "on the surrender ol rticli I* a?c or permit at
the proper land office, to purchase, if he shall elect to do sn, one full
section,*' at the rate of QQ .V) per acre, la required to *?taMiah the
same 10 the satisfaction of tire register and receiver al Willow River,
and make payment therefor at noon at practicabU after leefeg thin
not tie, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the
public aale of the land* embracing tne tract claimed ; 0 "herwise, such
claim will be forfeited.
Commissioner of the General Land OflW e.
May ?? lawl3w
$l,4NO,OOU |I
STATEMENT of the alfair* of tiie Mutual Lift Insuriace Com
pany of New York, No. JS Wall street, for the year ending Jan
nary 31, itttl :
Net aaaets on band, January 31,18."?0 $9^1,161 OQ
For premium* g4.'>4,142 0?
For interest 60,1137 17
For profit 011 sale of United Mate* and
Wtate of New York stock.<v, .. 1 5,&)6 24
? .V?,906 3*
1,3ft ,06ri 00
For iMiei, paid $ 1 60,640 00
For surrendered pohciea 16,641 9.1
F??r salaries, rent, physician*' ?ees, sta
tionery, printing, postage, lie .... ...... 21,619 1ft
For com in burton*, advertising, exchanges,
he 'Mjnv 40
? ? ? 54
Asset* .Hat January, 1651 1,9PH,2N# 46
Loase* incurred, not yet paid, awaiting proofa of death 1*,.#M) 00
Vet assets, all loss** and expanses being paid.... I,JM0,068 46
In Rank of New York and caah on haad.. ?16,410 91
In Mercantile Hank, temporary depo?ite
on interest 8/>n 75
In Imnd* and mortgage* on real rotate,
principally ia the cities of New Vork
and Brooklyn, worth deuble the amount
loaned 1,DI6,63I 82
In stock*, rniiwd Htales and corporation
of New York,coat value 117,911) 00
Halance doe from agent* 96,538 49
JOHKI'll B. COLLI NH, President.
CHARI.fcrt GILL, Actuary.
f * a *r An att, Hecretary.
Charlea De 8 aiding, No. 1 Todd's Building, Pennsylvania avenue,
W. P Johnsimi, M. D.,o;>poeite City Poat Office, 7th atreet, phy
Pamphlet* explanatory of the principles nnd operation* of fhe com
pany can be obtained on application at the agent"* office.
Feb 16 'iawtf
^I PKItlOlt <\VIO? M VITHtiH. The auhscriber* re
0 spectfully inform all Imuaekeeper* in want of a superi?>r article of
Canton mattings, that ihey have an additional supply of the follow
ing descriptions, of wbh h they can fnrno-H 101 v #|n mtity :
Maiiking while, of superior quality, in ft 4, '? 4, and 4 4
Do cf ?/ led red, and white, 6 4,5 4, and 4 4
Gowqtia white, super, <M, 5 4, and 4 4
DO in variegated colors, or eottnge, very heavy, 6 4, f> 4,
and 4 1
Do in cheeked, red, and white, very henry, 6 4, 5 4, and 1 4
Alao, a few more piece* of that eitra h?-avy arid fine white and
checked mattings, the like, all will admit who aee them, were never
aeen in thi* city before.
These goinls were aent out by a young man now in Canton on pri
vale account, and were made to order.
We have also just received a full supply of super and low priced
oil cl?>ths, which will be cut to 6t any rt*?n?, ball, or pa??agc, to order.
All are re*|MTtfuHy informed that we sell a* low as the lowest
May 97?.Ttdif CLAORTT k POIWOlf.
hONICMTK and Omnuicnfal CoMagei and ljfin?lacnpe
Gardening ? - Dealgn* Adapted to the United fliM<M ;
by Hanleti. Si vola.v IH4D.
Dealma for Country and Village Residences in the ITnited Htales 1
by RHeh ; with DMMi, Hpee.aemlons. Plan* and Direetlona, and
ReUmttea of Coat of I ich Design Ivola., 18A0
fjofhic Arrhitectnrc Afiplied to Modern Rewidenceat by A mot. 1
vol., iHfiO.
Two Hundred Ilesigns for Cottages and Vlllaa; by Messrs Walter
fc Hrmth I vol.
Downing'* Architecture and Designs for Coliagea, Farm Donees,
and Villas I vrd HM?t
Downing'* I "ndseape Gardening* find Rural Architecture, adapted
to North America. I vol., iUSO
Downinr** Architceture and Designs for f!heap f ottages snd Farm
llou?es 1 vol , 1651.
T'lgefher with many other work* on the atme and all other
branches of architecture and bailding
PMII.ir BARTON KRV will *l?etifl to any bnalneaa
h. may be Intrusted with before either of the eoartg af this | Hs
Iricti a,J will alao attend to the proanrutJoa of claims ! efore ( on
gress and the Departmenia. Office out' atreet.
WiagiR*Toi, inly li. Joly 17
Oeueml Uiid OIHrr,
April 4,1801.
JiT I.'MKKOCri application* having been made to this office for in
J.1 lot man u lii rclminn to Uie maoner lit wiucit laud warrants, uu
dei the act of 88(h September, 1K60. should t>? located, ibi (Ulowiun
answer* thereto have been iMepmea, lu wit;
There are three uiodt'0 by which these locations may be made:
1st. ity the warrantee in person ;
2d. liy Uie won autce through the agency of Uii? office i
3d. My an agent or atturney
If tiie first or second mode 4a adopted, the application must be made
in writing, specif) lug the tract, land district, or seclion of country in
which the location is desired, and be accompanied by *11 affidavit
I according to the following form, No. 1.
I Where the third mode it adopted, a power of attorney muni be
I produced, executed by the warrantee 1 a the presence of a witness,
| according to the following form, No. 3, which uower of attorney must
be acknowledged or proved, a? the case may be, before tome officer
authorised to take the acknowledgment of deeds, according to form
No 3 or 4.
| In all cuier the patent** will be transmitted to the land office
where the location is made, unless special directions to the contrary
! be given.
J. BUTTKRFJRLI), Commissioner.
FORM No. 1.
Htxtit or )
County or $
Before me (a justice of the peace or other officer authorized to
| take affidavit*} personally appeared [here insert the name oj warrant
I ,ettl who being duly sworn, depores and says that he is the identical
I [heie insert name oj warranteet)u? whom warrant No. for
acres under the act of September, 1850, wan issued on tlie day
day of ?. , 185 , and who now applies to lacate the same.
[Jtfflant'$ Signature.]
Bworii to and subscribed before me this ? day of ?, 185 .
[Officer11 Signature. J
FORM No. 2.
I Know all men by these presents, tiiat 1, [here insert the name oj
warrantee,] of (tie county of , and State of , do hereby
constitute and appoint , of ?. my true and lawful
attorney, for me and 111 my name, to locate land warraut No. ?^
lor acres of land, which issued under the act of September,
I Power oj substitution may be inserted, if desired.]
Signed in presence of ^
[Warrantee's Signature.]
FORM No 3.
Stateor )
County or ?
On this day of , in the year , personally ap
peared [here insert name oj warrantee.] and acknowledged the with
in power of attorney to be his act and need ; and 1 certify that 1 well
know the said [Aere in*erf the name oj warrantee,] and that he is
the same person who is described in the within |?ower, and who ex
ecuted the same.
[Officer's Signature.]
FORM No. 4.
State or >
County or \
1 hereby certify, that on this day of in the year
personally came before me, [Acre insert the name of the wit
nest,] and [here insert the name oj the warrantee; J and the said
[here insert the name 0/ witness.] being well known to me, was duly
sworu by me, and on his oath declared and said that he well knew
the said (here insert the name of warrantee,} and that he was the
name person described in, and who executed die withm power of
attorney, and his testimony was to uie satisfactory evidence of that
fact, ami the said [Aere insert the name oj warrantee] thereupon
acknowledged the said power to be his act and deed
[ Officer'* Signature.]
Ap 12?lawGvv
Kotlee to ilia Creditors of Texas,
Tar*scry Dcrahimknt. March 'iii, 1851.
THE Htate of Texas having, by act* of its legislature, passed during
the sescion of'1840 and IMD, o.**l?#-?! upon tiie creditors ol the late
republic to rile at Ihc iressui) the Hint", previous to the Intoi
September neit, the evidences of tlicir respective claims, and Con?
Kress having, by an act approved 9th September, 1850, authorizing
the issue of ten millions of five, per cent, stock to the said Mate of
Texas, directed that five millions of said stock should not be issued
to Texas 44until the creditor of the Htate holding bonds and other
certificates of stock of Texas, for which duties tin imports were es
pecially pledged, shall first tile at the treasury of the United States
releases of all claims against the United .stated for or on ac
count of said bonds or certificates, in such forms aj shall be pre
scribed by Uie Secretary of the Treasury, and approved by the
Til sodent Ol tin- United ItltM Now, ill order that Hum depart
inent may authentically know the amoutit of the claims fbr which the
duties on import* were thus pledged, the holders or owners of all
such claims nre required to file the amount and description of them
at tin* deportment previous to the lot "t October, 1831, and toexe
cute .1 release t<< the United States of their respective claims, agr?-?
ably to the annexed form, which has been approved by the President
of tiie Irmtcd States, in pursuance of the above act of the tftii of
September, 1850.
I Acting Secretary of the Treasury.
j Whereas, by an act of Congress, approved September 0, 1M50, len
millions ol dollars in Ave per eent. slock are to be paid to the State
| of Texas for considerations 111 said act mentioned, with a proviso
| than no more than "live millions of said stock shall be issued until
the creditors of the Stale holding bonds and other certificates of
! Stocks of Texas, for which duties on import* were ? pea ally pledged,
| shall first file at Uie treasury of the tTutted States release* ol all
I ciaim* against the I'mled Stales for or on account of said bonds or
certificates and whereas the undersigned i* a creditor of Uie Histe
ofTeias, holding and Uie ownei of tiie following described bond* or
certificate* ol stock of Texa?, (as the case mat be,) and for which
the dulis- mentioned in Uie said act wre specially pledged
(Here describe the bond* or certificate*.J
Now, for the purpose of comply in* wiUi the provision* of said act,
and for a g<?od and valuable consideration, thereby release to the
I nited States all my claim 111 law or equity sgainst them, for or on
account of ike (bond* or certificates) above described.
Witness my hand and seal at ? ? ?? , Uus 1 day of
Healed a ad delivered in presence of
[Two witnesses.J
Mar 4W ?di3lfcwtSepJl
.llexanJria, Virginia.
THIS I* ? opaciotii mansion, Just finished in the best modem style,
ftfront* south about thirty two feet, run inns back, including ike
back buildings, one hundred and fifty feet. hverjthiug necessary
ha* been provided for the accommodation and comfort af a large
family. To a geaUenan holding publi? ofllce in Washington city it
offers Uie following inducements, to wit: perfect healthiness of sit
uation, a short and pleasant drive from city to city, mm h cheaper
rent, much cheaper living, and Uie very beat society. If sold, a lib
eral credit will b? given ; lait if rented, the rent will be rnoderste.
Immediate possession can be had For further particulars apply to
Dee 19?lawtf Alexandria.
PRUT!! IHIBOI MKMI*AKY. Phi* intmution. aft rding n
Hi rough Mir ? oT training lor rol|< g? or huMiH-M*, t .. ? u.. r w n h
inaimction in modern iauguagc* ami minor, will ? omiuen* < it
twenty **igiitli lewKiu on Wedneaday, May 7.
! The building i* iarfe and comiiiodtoua, aud it* internal arrange
: merit- an drmgned to promote the comfort of Uic (mpila ami encour
ag<! habit* of rientnea* and *y?tem.
f'leaaant retirement, ea*c of ru.ri-M, proverbial health fulneaa, the
Iluxartc* o( the eea breeze and aea-bathing, a valuable phibatophical
and chemical ;?i?paratu?, a reading room with library and peri<?di
cal*, a Im tin rig room and gjrmnuum, provided with reference to
| health ai>d pbyaical tiaiuiiig, arc ?oiiic of Uic minor advantage* wi thin
I institution.
The Principal, poaaeaaing the advantages of early devotion to hi*
IWOfuMiori ami large experience, pledg* -a hut mo?t untiring effort* to
make hi* ln*tilution all that an ? nligliUned Christian parent could
dcilre for hia Km.
Term*: f?A per *<>*aioa of 39 weeka for board and tuition, with
an*' of book* for Kngliah atudie*.
hYom the Facvlty */" (Ac College of Nru- Jcrtey.
Having had an opportunity of knowing the talent*, literary and
ecientiAc attainment*, a* well a* the prndence arid eiemplary moral
character of Mr. N. ti. Wood bridge, while be w?? a emlmi In thi*
cotlega, ami al*n having found that student* prepared by him for
college were well taught, with pleasure we recommend him a* a
teacher in whoee competency and fidelity in giving inetrnctlon, and
in forming the moral habit* of youth committed to Ma care, parent*
and guardian* may have ftill confidence.
J A Ml!* CAKNAHAW, Prudent
Jo?m M ACi.KAN, Viae Pr* aident and Prof of Oreek
HTRfHRW AI.KX \\I?KR, Prof of Math and Astronomy.
Ool.v.rok of Nvw Jraaar, April 1, 1H51.
Jr??eph llenry, LI#.I)., Hmitbaoninn Institute, I). C.
Iter Jniint W Alexander. I?. II , Princeton, New Jer*ey.
He* N i? hoi a- Moray. I> ll
Rev. llMvid Maffie, |> II., P.flvabethtowu, New Jer*ey
For circular- containing further particular*, with additional feati
moutfilftand refer* nee*, apply to the Principal,
k. 4:
Ap .To dI w Perth Amboy, Mew Jcr*ey.
BAIjTIMOIIK Female ( allege. -Thia inwtitution, llMPorpo
rated by the Ingialature of Maryland, and enjoying a liberal patron
age, afford* every facility for the acquisition of a thorough and ae
compliMlied edm aiion. f he buildlngN are pleaaahlt^ located, with
?tudy and recitation r??om*, and every modern convenience for the
aecommodalion of a large nurnhar of hoarding and day acholar*.
racftf.Tv or tee-rat? mow.
N. ('. Brook*, A.M., ptf*fhm?or of ancirnt Imgunge*
Me v. II II Nadal, A.M., biblical literature
llav H. H Waugii, A M , mafhematlcn and natural ecleeee.
H If Pratt, M l> , a?W??*nf In do ,lo
Mi? M "v. f>l?on, F.ngflab and Itdlee Lettre*.
44 J. Roelmet^r, aa*i*tnnt in Hngttah.
" (?eorginna A. Ilttlae, Preneh langonge.
44 KM en V. CJohreeM, instrumental mu-ie.
41 M A. Porter, n*ai*tnnt do
H KHtabeth H Wicer, painting.
Mr. A- J. Cleveland, vocal muale.
Tva?t* : hoarding for aeealon, (11 Week*) M
Tuition In eoMe^ietc departi?M-nt IW M
44 in prepavttfAT) department from . ,, .....rtiolO 00
^/Catalog***, with every nirceaaary information, to be had on
application to
Ap J4 9awQw N. t:. ItKOfJK*, Principal.
||ANi?'l\0 Academy Plrat ( otirvr. Mr F. R. Linnn hi"
I f the honor to annonnee to the driven* of Washington and tleorf
.o?Vb, that h?? rtr*t enurweof dancing l??*?0n* for the nea*on Will
menee On Tueaday. October IWtb, at hi* reaidem ? on Pano*yl^anla
avenue, op|ro*i(e Willard'* hotel.
Day* of tuition VVa*hft?g1??rt -Tneadaya, Thurtdny*, and flatnr
day* Oe irgatown KVoiMVaya and PWday*.
Oet9 dtf
Jam*a O. Iter ret
Wll.l attend tn the pm??ctig|rin of claim* before I'onffreaa and the
n. Ion* eiecutfVe department* of the government
Ofllre and dwelliaa K atreet, between i*h and HHh irtraeta.
<>et? tf
fur I'liiry Cttlnl ind (Hko w? lk> 1'ulu
!???(-, and Unlllm??.
The public ai t* informed that the splendid low pres|
sure itenaor BAl/l'i vniKK, Capt. A. McC'auslsnd,
tied up with state rooms aitU one huiidred ami filly bertlis, and *
apacious hold, will run regularly as a freight and passenger boat be
tween Washington and Alexandria and Baltimore, commencing on
tlie 3d of April next.
Leaving Washington on Monday* and Thursday* a( 7 o'clock, a.
in., and Alexandria at 7# o'clock, a. ui., tin- Baltimore will take in
wood at Ai|uia Clock, and arrive at Piney Poiut about 5 o'clock, p.
in., and at Baliiuioie in the course of the night. Keluriiing, the Hal
tiiuore will leave Coin mere e street wharf, Baltimore, at 5 o'clock,
p. in., un Tuesdays and Fridays, arriviug at Alexandria at 11 o'clock.
I a. m., and at Washington at 1 o'clock, p. ill?, oil Wednesdays and
Parage from Washington to Marbury $1 00
Uo do Piney Point 2 00
i Do do Baltimore 2 00
Excursion ticket* to Baltimore, with privilege of return
ing next afternoon *2 50
The Baltimore will stop at the different landings ou the Potomac
|0r passengers and freight.
Myitis and state rooms extra.
For further particulars, or for freight, apply to the Captain on
boaid, or U. B. .Smith, agent, in Alexandria, or to
Mar 96?2awl5t
PVliNITVHK Dry Uaodi for the SeaMit. CLAGETT
V fk DODHON respectfully inform the public that the following de
suable good*, now in season, have ju*t been added to their stock ou
le, 12 4, 11 4, 9-4. and 6 4 Russia, German, Barnsley, Hcotch,
and Irish linen sheetings
7 y, 3 4, and 5-tt linden Baden, Bloom, Albert, basket, Huckaback,
with and without borders
Rouble satin, damusk, scotch diaper and crash towellings, in
dozens and by the yard, all very abnorbent and wall adapted for
bathing purposes
4 4 brown French linens, expressly for covering chairs, divans,
solas, fee.
4-4 brown Holland* for do
French and Kuglisli chintzes, in pretty little figures, ail for similar
3 4 und 9-8 striped and damavk furniture dimity, in corn color and
white, pink and white, blue and white, and all white, for bedspreads
and drapery, chamber curtains, fee.
Fruit and wiuc cloths, with doilies to match
Always to be had at our ware rooms a general assortment of car
petings, from the most elegant Aixminster to the lowest priced rag
or cotton
Also, rugs, mats, druggets, and all other dry goods useful in house
keeping, all of which will be sold low. May 98?3tifd
Second Course.?Dancing A cade my,
Mil. F. tt. LAB HE lias the honor to announce to the citizens of
Washington and Georgetown that his second aourse of dancing
lessons for the season will couiiueuce ou Thursday, January 2, at hu
residence, on Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Willard's Hotel.
hays of tuition: Washington?Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur
days ; Georgetown?Mondays ami Fridays.
Dec 2b?dtl if
A. A ii. A. \IC\OI \,
No. 303 Broadway, corner of liuane street,
A hove the Irving House, New York,
REHPECTFULL Y invite the utteution of friends and the public to
their assortment of new spring goods, of the newest patterns,
wkich they are prepared to make up in the best mauncr and most
fashionable style at their usual moderate prices. Fresh cloths,
cassimeres, and vesti(igt,of latest importations ; elegant light silks
for vests ; dark do.; new patterns of Paris embroideries.
There ure three skilful artists employed in this establishment?one
to cut coats, one to cut |units, and one to cut waistcoats. Each de
partment is complete in itself. Army and navy uniforms made to
order with accuracy anil despatch, and in the most approved man
ner. tit rangers who visit tlijd metropolis will find at this establish
ment everything to their taste, and a perfect lit is always insured.
N. B. I'kkmiwm waistcoats.?These elegant waistcoats that
were so much admired at Castle Garden, have been uwarded the
tlrmt premium by the American lustitute at their late fair.
Fen 1 5?d I m
LA IMKS* llreaa <Joo?ls.?The subscriber has now in store?
25 piece* plain barage, embracing all the shades
50 do li|{urwd barage, ooimc beautif ul styles
20 do do ti?sue, entirely new styles
150 d' borage delaine, from 25cents to 37# cents, princi
pally very rich patterns
25 pieces Bohemian grass cloth, a new and pretty article
?J5 do linen lustre, very pretty shades
2,000 yards gingham*, all prices
10,000 do printed calicoes
5,000 do printed lawns, to run off at 111# cents, fast colors
and line quality
2,000 yards plain colored Swiss muslins, a very beautiful article,
at 12^ cents
The ladies that could not get waited on for tlie last few days will
have the kindness to call again, as 1 shall make arrangements s? that
all may be accommodated.
Pennsylvania avenue, between "Jtfi and ttth his.
Mar 8 d2wif
\EW l'ork and California Millionaire AmkocUiIIuii.?
Obi tlioaaand share* of one tbou-aml ?1<?lI tr?. I'apitnl, $ I ,o<Hi,
000 A iui itr/< number of sharee br?? to be ahi lined by innnentiel
parties who have capital to invent an special partner*, admitted in
conformity wilb the revised statutes ?1 New Vork, free from per
?onal liability or future a?*e*sment, At the par of $1 ,(MJ0 cash, and
certificate** ?f share* issued therefor, to return ten percent, annually,
with a fair prospect of doubling the whole, in safe operation* in
trade and milling in the United ritslvs, under the direction and con
A* the General Partner and Chief Aceut of the Company,
No. 71 Wall ? treet,New Yoik.
California!!* and other responsible partie* throughout the Union
who can aid in obtaining contract* with the United Htatcs, on appli
cation and investment ia the association, are to be employed at dif
fi iit points, where ? lai o4 ate amsra end re?ela one he ma-i
available for trade, carrying the mail*, passengers, and freight to and
from Europe, A*ia, Africa, and the America*.
There i* a very large and increasing business doing with Califor
nia, the Pacific, lie.; and so long a* the *upply of gold continue*,
the demand for capital, goods, and manufacture*, will a*toni*h the
in ? ? lib* mi \ n vs* iiiiti calculation* Uiereloi And it i- t?? meet thin
demand and profit thereby that tin* association i* being formed, uu
der the Arm and *tyleof O. IIOLDKN & CO.,
Mercantile, Comtnerclal, and Commission Merchant*, Banking,
Insurance, and Mining Agents, New York and Han Francisco.
Capital $l,0U0,WW.
PHI VATIC TUTOR-?A young t'.ngiiah gentleman, who ha*
received a good education, and rwrtded pome year* In Paris, i*
aniiou* lo obtain the po?ition of tutor or companion to young per
aona in some private family of,respectability.
References a* to iieraooal character and ?-only connexion! can be
given to pnrtie* of the highest re* pec lability either in tin* country or
in England,
Address Alei. Vance, box 109 |H>*t office, Oswego, New Vork.
| Mar It*?duf
CirPKRIOIt Dajruerrrolypri! First Premium J?J. If.
O WHlTKHUWr has extended the field of hi* operationa over
wore ground than any daguerreotypiat In the country. Hi* galleries
may be found on Pennsylvania avenue, betwe u and 6th street* ;
No 4J0? liaJtimore *treet, Baltimore ; corner Broadway and Leonard
Strut, New York; Ma 7t M*m street, Rlt nmond ; Hy cantor e
street. Petersburg; Main street, Norfolk; and Main street, Lynch
burg, Virginia
Hi* heautlftjl and highly Aniwhed electro daguerreotype* are an
extraordinary Improvement, in*uting faithful and highly flni*hed
likeness** in a fWw second*
The rotary haok ground, InvntM by J. II. YVhitehiirst, gives an
airy and liviMg appearancs to the picture.
\\ hitehurst's c*tabli*hiuc.ni4 now distribute more than tbirtythou
?and picture* annually, and have never given dt?*ntMftirtion ! Thin
is certainty a rt altering proof aftlte superiority of his liken esses.
J n \\ call* the attention of Uie public gen* rally to his elegantly
famished gallery over Lane and Tucker's new store, where a free
exhibition of pictures will be given.
Notwithstanding the unusual competition In daguerreotypes al th**
recent Pair ef the Maryland Institute, he was awarded the first
no dal by the judge*.
Likenneeea of every description copied, and post mortem ra*es
attended to. Nov 98? dly
?Sen AYanrtgro, California.
RtrsaKsrti: Hon. H. W. Inge, M. C-, Alabama; John 8. Taylor,
esq.. Mobile, Alabama ; Me**r* Rhodes. Wright, fc Co., New Or
leans, Louisiana ; llenry PI Clark, esq., rarfeoro', North Carolina .
Hon W M < J win, M C California ; flsnj K True, e*q , New York
city ; J P Ilesley, e*q , Ifostoa, Massachusetts ; A. R Hatch, esq.
Portsmouth* New Hampshire. Majr 7?'iswly
AOVCWCX, Waslilnften.- The undersigned, late of the in
speetlon branch of the post OtRce l>? partment, offVrs his servl
ces to mail contractors generally, and to those of ths southwestern
section particularly, with the assurance that his removal from office
d'?e not militate against the character he has for many years hi*
tamed In the department for honesty, rapacity, and fidelity, and
refer* to his associate* In office of both parties, with their hearty
< onsi-nt, to sustain him therein.
All orders to attend to business, of cvenr nature, at the seal ol
government, will be thankfully received and promptly de?p?t? h?d.
July Mir tale of Poet Office Department.
I KNOX WAIiKKR will |*reetJs* law In the Supreme
Court of the United Rtates, sod attend to the prosecution of
claims against the government* Address Washington, 1). C.
Mar. iV'tf
I) II. IKKHC CO., Wholesale and Itetail llrah mTii
I i carpeting, floor oil cloths, mailings, rugs, curtain material*,
sheeting, blankets,and house ftirnlshing good* generally.
Pennsylvania avenue, between 7tb and #lh streets, Washington,
I) C
Aug ?-if
HKMOVAI*. f?K HF.LDINC; h WYI.IK have removed their
Oensral Agency and Law Office to Heventh street, between !>
and K street*, opposite Odd Fellows* llall, and two doors from the
National Intelligencer olhce.
Mar iO?3tawtf
Ilonra of Daparlnrr ?f III* Train..
From WiwHInifton ru ? i. m. and *1 A p. m. daily, and ( *
nri .lull, i Sunday.
Friini lUlilm'tr. ?? n ? m. .nil It m dully, .fid 9 r. m dnily ?i
t?nl Hiinilni-i
V?h T. M. TAHHOXK. Af.nl.
tTWnmnNHINT* ??,<? nrawrra. (hi |f.ll.m.?'i mm
t^ mrr nrnr, of pllk. cotton, .nd tn.rfno, torn. *.ry light .nd ftw-,
of n?.ort.'d ?l?^? AI?o, * gr?-?t variety of .nmniri glovr.
For .air, at uniform prlc*. at
IFndur liar Alhcnnim, oppo.it. th' Ad.lphl Thratr*.
May iV ?od3t
I%y the I'rtaid* u( of (lir t a?llc?J Minim.
IN ourauanc. ollaw, 1, MILLARD Hl.LMORE, prendeiit of the
11 Uniled Hlafes of America, do hereby declare ami m.ik? Known
I that public attlrn will be ii?*ld ui (he undermentioned land offices in
?i" Slam of luw.t At (h< pt-nod* In tt-iiiafo-r designated lo wif
ai ?in kmd "Hi. , ut IOWA CITY, coiauieuciag on vtouday, tin
ttr?tday ol ticpiember next, lor (tic di?po?*l of (lie public laud* *ltu
ated hi the following -named towiishijw, vi/. :
A'oi Ih oj thu bate line atid w*?t of the JiJlU yi iruipal meridian.
Township lie v billy mm, ol range twenty nine.
Township* seventy nine and eighty, of range ibirly.
Townships seventy nine and eighiy, of range thirty one.
Township* seventy nine, eighty, and eighty om , ol runge thirty
Town*hip eighty one, of rang*- Uiirty tiiree.
At the land oftice at KAI UKlELii, commencing on Monday, the
fifteenth day ol September next, lor the di^poxal of (he public lands
Within the undermentioned towu*>liips, lo wit :
NortK of the bm*e line and will of the fifth principal meridian.
Township seventy, ol range thirty.
Township seventy, of range thirl) two.
Tow iism p seventy, of range thirty-thiee.
At the luud office at Dl/liumJE, on Monday, the eighteenth duy
of August next, lor the disposal of the following tracts, to wit:
A small island in sections seventeen and eighteen, in township
eighty-two north, of range one edit, and the soiitheftM quarter of Sec
tion twenty-seven, in township ninety six north; of range runts, west
of the lilth principal meridian.
Lands appropriated by luw for the use of Hchools, military and
other pur|M>?eR, together with "thorn; swaiup and overflowed lands
made uuut thereby for cultivation,*' if any, which shall be selected
by tlie State authorities before the days appointed lot the commence
mentofthe public stiles respectively, under (he act entitled uAu act
to enable the Htate of Arkansas and other States to reclaim the
'swamp lauds' within their limits/' approved September U8, 1860,
will be excluded from tAc bales. And no locations lor laud bounties
heretofore granted by any law of Congress for military services ren
deled lo tin- United Hiatus iujjl be permitted tm any of the above
mentioned lairds, an provided by the art entitled "An act making ap
propriatiotiH for the civil and diplomatic expenses of government,"
&c., approved 3d March, 185L
The offering of the lands will be commenced on the days appoint
ed, and proceed in the order in which they are advertised with all
convenient despatch, until the whole shall have been offered, and
the sales t- us closed ; but no sale shall lie kepi open longer than
two weeks, and no private entry of any of the lauds will be admitted
uuiil alter the expiration of the two weeks.
Given under my hand at the city of YVaahingloit this sixth day of
May, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and fiity-one.
By the President :
Commissioner of the Ceneral Laud Olfice.
Every person entitled to the right of pre- emption to any of the lands
within the towiiohip* and parts of townships above enumerated is
required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and
receiver of the proper laud olfice, and make payment therelor at soon
at practicable a/tcr teeing thit notice, and before the day appointed
for the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the
tract claimed ; otherwise, such claim will be forfeited.
May 13?lavvlUw Commissioner of the General Land Office,
t'liltcd Htatefl Patent Olfice.
ON the petition of Richard Jmlay, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
praying for the extension uf a patent granted to huu U 1st Sep
teinber, I8J7, for an improvement in the mode of supporting bodies
of railroad cars, fee., for seVen years from the expiration of said
patent, which take* place on the 521 at day of September, 1851?
It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Oftice on
Monday, the 1st day ol September, 1861, at 152 o'clock, m.; und all
persons are notified lo appear and show cause, if any they have,
why said petition ought not to be granted.
Persona opposing the exteiifion are required to file in the Pate (it
Olfice their objections, specifically set forth iu writing, at least
twenty days before the day of hearing. All testimony filed by either
party to be used at the ?aid heating must be taken and transmitted
in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished
on application.
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Intelligencer,
Republic, and (Jriiou, Washington 1). (.; Daily lies, iiostou, Mas
saehusetts; Tribune, New York; Albany Register, Albany, New
York; Providence Journal, Providence, Rhode Island; and Penn
sylvania Inquirer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, once a week for
three successive weeks previous lo the 1st day of September next.
Commissioner of Patents.
P. *l. Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send thdtr
bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice.
June 13?law3w
1 lilted HUUh Fa(?nt Office.
ON the petition of John and Charles Hunt-on, of England, praying
for the extensidfti of a patent granted to Benjamin Tathain, jr.,
and II. It. Tathaui, an assignee* of Uie Maid Hansons, 011 tin* ii.'th
.Vlarcti, 1641, for un improvement in making pip? h or tubes of lead,
for seveu yean from tiie expiration of said patent, which takes
place "ii tM Slat 4ay if AumiI, 1851
It is ordered that the said petition he heard at the Patent Office on
Moudny,tfie ltHli day of August, 1661, at 13 o'clock, m. ; and all
persons are notified to appear and show cause, il any they have,
why said petition ought not to be granted.
IVrsons opening the extension are required to file in the Patent
I Office tfieir objections, specifically set forth iii writing, at least twenty
4ftjra bnforti tlx day of hearing. All testimony riled by either party
> to !??? aeed at tin: said hearing mum be taken and transmitted in mc~
j conlant c with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on ap
j Ordered, also, that thm notice be published in the Intelligencer,
! Republic, and Union, Washington, 11. C.; Daily Bee, Boctou, M i*
| sac h use Us ; Tribune, New Vork ; Pennsylvania Inquirer, Philadel- i
phia, Pennsylvania ; and Albany Register, Albany, New York, once I
| a week for three successive weeks picvious to the lBth day of Au I
gustaeit. I
Commissioner of Patents. j
P. H. Kditors of tlie above papers will please copy, and send llieir |
bills to the Patent Office, witii a paper containing tin* notice.
June 13?taw3w
Untied 84*tea Patent Office.
ON the petition oi Keubeu Daniels, of Woodstock, Vermont, pray
ing for theextension of a patent granted to him October 7,
1837, for an improvement in shearing machines, for seven years
from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 7th
day of October, A.I). 1*151?
It is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on
Monday, the loth day of September, 1861, at Pi o'clock, ui.; and
all persons are noufied to appear, and show cause, if any they have,
why said petition ought not to be granted.
Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent
Office tbeu objections, specifically set forth in writing, at least
twenty days before the day of hearing. All testimony filed by either
party to lie used at the said hearing must be taken mid transmitted
in accordance wiUi the rules of Uie office, which will be furnished
on applu ution
Ordered, al- >, that this notice be published in the Intelligencer,
Republic, and Union, Washington, D. C.; Daily Bee, Boston, Massa
chusetts; Vermont Journal, Windsor, Vermont; Providence Jour j
rial, Providence, ft. I. ; Tribune, New Vork ; and the Albany !
Register, Albahy, New York, once a week for three aucccastve
weeks previous to the 16th day of September next.
Commissioner of Patents. |
P H. Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their
bills to the Patent Office, Willi a paper containing this notice.
June 13?law3w
t ailt? (I NUtra !*?? trial OfftaM ?
GN the petition of John Thomas, of Plainfleld, Vnw Jersey, pray
ing for the extension of a patent granted to him on the *i0th |)e |
cerubcr, 1H37, for an uuproveiueui in dry-dorks, for seven years from j
ike expiration of said patent, winch lake* place on tlie 'iOth day of
It is ordered that the said petition be heard st the Patent Office on
Monday, thu ilth day of Novemhar, 1861, at Pi o'clock, m ; and all
pvrsuiu are notified to appear and show cause, if any Uiey have,
why said petition ought not to be granted
Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent j
Office their objections, specifically net forth in writing, at W ast twenty (
days before the day of hearing. All testimony filed b> either party t<? ,
be used at the said bearing must In: taken and transmitted in ae |
eordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on ap j
t irdered, also, that thte notice be puhlDhed in the Intelligenrer,
B psMj I ? ? WiaNing i . I? 11 Ihti Bin ton, Mas
sachusetts; Providence Journal, Providenca, Khode Island; Tri
bune, New York; Fredoman, New Brunswick, New Jersey ; and
Pennsylvania Inquirer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, once a week for
three successive weeks previous to the '24th day of November next.
Comunsslontr of Patents.
P. 8. Editors of the aliove papers will please copy, ai;d send their
! bills to the Patent Office, wiUi a paper containing Uits notice.
! June 13?law3w
l)V ItLH SALIC. By virtue ol a deciee of Charles county court,
I sitting ns a Court of equity, I will ?ef| it public sab , on Wed
nest! ay, the U3d of July next, at the court house door, in the villa**
of Port Tobacco, Charles county, Maryland, between the hours of
3 and p. m , the whole of the r?al estate of which Johatim?- D.
Htarke died sei-ed and poss? aaed, and which ii gencrell) called and
known by the name of ,4i lifton,*" and remaining about 1.000 acres,
more or less This farm lies upon the Potoina* river, adjoining Pop*'*
Creek Lauding, and is one ot the most desirable and valuable, farms
in t! !? It he upon it i new in 1 plmidtd do 1 ag i i
and every- out house in |wrfed rejmlr. The land is in a high Mate of
improvement, arid is well adapted to com, wheat, and tobacco. If
has upon it a large oyster shell bank. It will bo offered in two
sepsrate parts, about MXi a< res aich. Parsons desirous ??t purchi'tng
are requested toeximlne for themselves. George Dent, esq., whose
farm lies mljoining, will show the premises.
The terms ol sale 1-ive hundred dollars c*sh,rot>e paid on the
dav of nab . and the balance in three equal instalments in two,
four, and six years, the purchaser giving bond with approved secu
rity, bearing interest from 1st January, Kll, at which time posses
sn?n will be given. By the terms of tha decree the land cannot be
sold for le than $9 76 per acre.
June IV 1a4w
| NhTKl CTIONH In Oymnaatlra, contalalng ?? fall d?
I scrlption of more fhsn eight hundred engrnving* ; by J. K.
D'AUOnce, lite Professor in the Military rtehoot In M. PeteratHifgh
and in Paris- 1 vol ,4to.
I. TCIlKMaar Ira l>efetaae Active flea Plscea t pur Oem?
l> ial Pieot i .i
Histoire dc la Fortification Permanente, on mantiel des meilieurs
system** et manleres de fortific ation, Iraduitc de rAllemand ; par
Dunnreg, eapitame dn C??nie \l vols, and ailas of plates.
hs*ai sur la Fortification Moderne, analyse comparee des sysfemes
mod ernes Franeais et Allemande ; par Maurice, capitainadu Genie
1 vol and atlas.
Fortification Polygonal* et a Caponniercs ; pa? un efllcl#r du Genie j
Prussien, trade it par Parrnentier. capitatne de fJenie I vol and stlas I
Trait* des Heconnaissanc^a Milit.iires, ? I'asag* de* officiers d'ln
fanterie at de eivalerie ; par l*ofes?irur Pnger I vo'
Cntira Abrege d'Artlfleea, public avec I'auforisatlon dtl mlnntre de
Is Juerree? I vol. and atlas.
For mules. Tab ea, et Renselgnemmts Prstfqaes . side memoirs des
ingenleurs des arehltects, Ike. kc.; par Clandel?I v*l.
Many other works on the military science# and servlcei, and their
various branches
Just Imported direct from Paris, by
TIVK VVarahliqifrm tar. The Bays We Mvc Ia??
a furore hfatoro-si novel; by the author of '* Whiteftiars.
llarinonv of Pr**phecyj by tha Rev. Ooetor Keith
'l'O Oil K SC U&? iti IthlO.
The aunt) of uu (fciwii will be enicitxi upou oui books uule** tilt
payment ofthe subscription be made m advance.
iJJ#U?ut ?ui>?ciili?ii may forward u? money by I etter, Ukvpoilkgc
on which will be paid by us, and all riak afcauincd by wuiselv es In it*
sale UaimiaUMioii.
Ths COUNTRY PAPER l* published iri weekly during me ???
aions of Cuiigu#., and wiiu weekly during the rectss.
Mubtfcripuoua for a period lee* tban a year w be received eu
term* proportioned 10 lite above annual raiee.
(fc/~fOHTAlAt*TI?ltb aiu auihoriatd lo aala* our agent*, and, by
?ending u* nva DAILY subscriber*, wiUi # itenclosed, o* n*s
HKWl WKKKL Y *ub?cribers, wiUi $td& cue lose c ,or nva WKKKL V
subscriber*, wiUi $10 enclosed, will be enude 4 lo one copy of tbe
?aine edition a* they tarnish u* subset ibers for, gratU.
J W . MAURY fli Co., ftt*NAOfc.as.
1^70,000 '.?a prize* of $10,000 !
For the benefit ?f Monongalia Academy.
Class F, lor IH5I.
To be drawn in Alexandria, Vii., on .Saturday, the Ittth of June, 1861.
15 drawn number* out of 78!
(Making nearly an many prizes an blank* !)
1 splendid prize of #70,000
1 do
1 do UJ, no
1 do 'Jo, oo
I do 10/475
5 prize* of 5,000
II prizes of #J,500
7 do
b do I ,'-AU
do I,o00
15 do 7uo
& c., flio-, Jkc.
Whole ticket* #40?Halve* #10 ?Quarters $5?Eighth* 60.
Certificates of package* of '2d whole ticket* ?040
Do do ilti halt do lilO
Do do 1M> quarter do 60
Do do 20 eighth do 20
(((/-Orders for ticket* and shares and certificate* of package* in the
above splendid lotterie* will receive the most prompt attention, and an
official account ol each drawing sent immediately utter it is over to all
who order from us.
Address J. St C. MAURY. Agents,
May 'JO Alexandria, Virginia.
KuriiUUlug Mull I.ocka and Keys.
Post Orric* Dxpartmsmt,
March 14, 1H51. ,
I T being desirable to substitute lock* and keys oi some other kind
1 for those now in use lor the mail service of the United titales,
specimen locks and keys, with propositi* to furnish the same, will
he received and considered ai the Post Office Department until the
hrst day ol July next, i he different locks will be submitted to a
commission lor examination and report. Upon this leport contract*
will, a* soon a* practicable, be entered into for furnishing such lock"
and keys for four > ars, with the right' on the part of the Postmaster
General for the time being to extend and continue the contract in
force for an additional term of four yeais, by giving to the contractor
a written notice to that effect, not more than nine nor less tliau six
months before the termination of the first term of four years.
With a view ol procuring the best lock nt the lowest price, no kind
of lock is prescribed as a standard ; the department relying for a se
lection on the iiieehauical skill ami ingenuity which a fair coiupeti
lion, now invited, may develop. liis, however, proper to state lliat
a lock suitable for the mail service should po?ses* the following
qualities, viz : durability, uniformity, lightness, and strength.
For the purpose of displacing simultaneously ull the moil locks
and keys now in use, about thirty tliousaud new locks and twenty .
thousand keys adapted thereto will be required to be furnished by
the contractor within seven months after the contract shall have
been entered into ; afterwards the annuul supply will depend ou the
durability of the locks and keys adopted, as well as the increase of
thv mail service ; but it will probably never exceed in amouiil three
thottituud of the former, and one thouRaud of the latter.
No lock will be considered if it be like any already In general use ;
nor will any one with whom the contract may be made be allowed
lo make, sell, or furnish any lock or key similar to those contracted
for for any other purpose or use than that of the Post Office Depart
The kind off lock adopted must be patented, anil the patentee will
be required, on entering into contract, to make an assignment of his
patent for the exclusive use aud benelit of the department, if the
Postmaster General shall deem such requirement essential to the in
terests of the service. In case of the failure of the contractor at any
time to fulfil faithfully the terms ami conditions of bit contract, the
Postmaster General shall have the light, besides a resert to the penal
remedy hereinafter mentioned, to annul said contract, and to con
tract anew with any other |?arty or parties, as he Amy see fit, for fur
nishing similar locks and keys.
In deciding upon the propoMils ami specimens offered, the Postmas
ter General may deem it ex|iedient to select for the through mails the
lock of one bidder, and for the way-mails that of another. Here
serves, therefore, the right of contracting with different individuals
for such different kinds of locks as he may select, aud also the right
to reject all the specimens and proposals, if he shall deem that course
for the interest of the department. The party or parlies contracting
will be required to give bond, wiili ample security, in the sum ol
thirty thousand dollars, for a faithful performance of the contrai l.
TIm- contract is to contain provisions for the due and proper inspec
tion of the lock* and keys, and also for guarding against thqjr pass
ing into improper hands ; the terms of these provision* to be ar
ranged between the department and the successful bidder, if a hid
should be accepted.
No application wilt be considered if not accompanied with satis
factory evidence of the trustworthy character of the bidder, and Of
hi* ability to fulfil the contract.
N. K. HALL, Postmaster General.
March 16?lawtlstJuly
TO OWNKHS of I?amla in Texan.?A gentleman in Virginia,
who im a good surveyor ami lawyer, desires iu remove lo Texas *?'
the present season, and would like lo become the agent for some
owner of lands in that country, with a view to briug them Into
lie luu* a family and small capita), and ia desirous of engaging in
agriculture Mo can give the iiKMf satisfactory testimonial* ol capaci
ty, integrity, ami responaibtlity, and in* general acquaintance in such
;ia to enable him to control a considerable emigration to Texan.
Any euroer ofTexaa lands who would be inclined to avail himaelf
of such an arrangement can be. placed in correspoaideus-e with the
advertiser, and get auitable re*i>on?es, by addresaing, post |>a?d,
General ageut and collector, Richmond, Virginia.
Mar 13?tf
Ctinrlea Do aiding,
No 1 Todd 'a Iluilding, Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, eemmis
sioner of deed-for New York, California, Minnesota, and all the
other States of the Union.
/IHARLEt^DE SELDING, having been appointed by the respect
V; ive governors of the Stales of New York, California, and the
other States of tlie United Stat<?, and of the Territory of Minnesota,
a commissioner to take the ackr.owledgiuent of deeds, lie., otters
hi* services loilie ciUaens of Washington and elsewhere*
tub 14?2aw
S~ TAM.MEtilNU Cl'KRV)*?l>r. Coraatock's vocal gymnasium,
for the cure ol stammering and other defective articulation,
and lor instruction in elocution, is now open lor the reception ot
pupil*. This institution has been in successful operation for more
lw< ? \ ?hould b< p??st paid and dir? < ted to
A < OMST?K K, M II ,
98 Mulberry street, Philadelphia
Pub'.ahcd by A. Comstock, M. D., Philadelphia.
[The following world are in the American phonetic alphabet, the
only pertcct alphabet that has been given to tiie world, because it Is
the only one thai ha* s distinct letter for every eleuieutary sound,
and the only one that has sign* for the various modifications of the
voice in speech, as accent. Inflection, Intonation, Rc.1
The New I eatament, $1 1ft; The Fhonetie Speaker, $1 ; The
Phonetic Resder, fg I ; The Pboneticon, The Phonetic Magazine,
(two volumes,) #2 'U) ; My Little (Geography, Mt cents ; Treatise on
Phonology, 85 cents ; The First Ho >k of Pope's Homer's Iliad, (liW
octavo pages,) 56 cents; Miniitrel^'J^ cents.
Dr. < . publishes a monthly periodical, entitled Comstock's Pho
netic Telegrsph, at 50ceuta a year. A pionouncing and etymological
dictionary t? in course of publication in the Telegraph
AU orders should be accompanied with the cash, and directed to
A. COMftTOCK, M. I)., Philadelphia.
Peb ID - 3lil*
WN. B. D. ( UOMN,
Attorn** <t*d CVunat/Zor at Imw9
Washington City, T). C.,
Practises tn the court*ot the District of Columbia, and will attend
to the collection of debt*, und to the pr-ecutiMi ol claims of every
description, iiiciuding Ihoee lor bounty land under the act of Congress
lately passed. Olhci in the ( ity llail
Vet J?If
|H\ K\TY DOhUim It K\V Altft>?~IUn away from (he
I '>ii Hi M "i M 11. 1 I, o;v colored Worn.-in ' V I H v
RINK, alut? Kittv Francis. She ia suppowad lobe about live feet
one or two inches high. She is of rather delicate appearance, and
about years ol ag'*. She is supposed to to hiring out in Waah
ington a* a free woman, or secreted by some free (arsons of colol.
All persons ?r< forewarned against nlriog or hsrborlng her. Tbe
abo\? reward will be paid on her delivery to me.
Mar?^3uwtT J. f. HILTON.
MKLV ILL'S Nrrmuiu -II volumes.
Maoiiiug** Sermons- ihrec series, in three volumes.
| Ifoffrn ?n on the I,aw of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
fh< i a if' >i \t? - * ?'
It i? nop r'hort's History of the Church of England lo th* Revolution
of 1 vol.
Meander's History of the Christian Religion and Church?I vol.
Thornton's Family Prayer- and Commentary I vol.
Old Truths and New Krnna; by Rev. C M Butler 1 vol.
I Karne*tne?s ; by C H. Taylor.
j Lady Mary ; by < 15. Taylor.
The Angel's Song ; by C. II Taylor.
Mark Wilton ; by C R Taylor
.Margaret, or The Pearl; by C. It Taylor.
Heenesin a (Clergyman's Life ; by C. H. Taylor.
| Wystt's Christian Offices 1 vol.
fill K< II < AHFKTIlfl*.?Just received an additional supply
i * ) of carpeting, matching that In Trinity church.
The ladies who were not supplied from the last bale are respect
fully informed that they now have an opportunity of furnishing their
pews In uniformity with that of the church.
I *2 bales Cocoa SeHitou door mat*
li do list carpeting
V do rag do
Always on hand a gener.il assortment of carpetmgs, mattings, cur
tain materials, bed and table linens, which will be sold aa low in
price a* anv retailing hou-c in the country.
May 0?ill eon OLAOOTT ? POPSOW.
rnow WRKN?#* New Testament! Amsrlaau ??HUaa|
1 edited by I'r. Coit 1 vol., Iarg?- octavo, ftf 7ft.
1 own?enu*? 'Wd Testainenl, stniilar edition, ffl 75.
Critical Commentary and Paraphrase on the Old and New Tista
menH and the Ajmerypha; by I'a trick Louth, Arnauld, Whitbv, and
Lowrnan 4 vols., larg? o? tavo, % 11.
Wainwrigbt'a Hhort Family Prayers. I vol., 31 cents.
Wilherfor. <>'s Pamilv Prayers. 1 vol., ?.'? cents.
The Whole Duty of Man j new edition; by Rev. W. B. ffawklna.
Oaford, 1 vol,, ?.r? cents.
Mo?bieru'a Kccleslastical History; new edition. 3 vols. 8vo.,
I' (2 .
Puley'i Works; fl vols , Rvo., complete In .'I, Aft 80.
Htndies in Christian Miogrnphy ; by IlnglNl. I vol.
Morell's Philosophy of Religion. 1 vol.
Juat receivod.
HATtlu Rdltlona of Mnllert, Rarlne. Ha?w"i
I teatibrland, Madame (*e t^vlgae, Rossnet, Lesage, La Bruyeee^
lleaii march sis, MawiHon, <'orn?*il|a^ Voltaire, Kah?'lnis, Feueb'n.
Paul Louia t'ouriar, Mariuontel, Hilvfo Palllca? Scribe, Pascal, Mrm
tesqiiieu, Mah branehe, Ma mier, Capeflqoe, Ml. Pierre. Prevost,
Madame de Stael, Thierry, Ooethe, f>m is, Rotrou, Retnard, RaHae,
< ir.-tn ? ? o<dn. Bodesu Floru id many ? "ithors wei.
of them beaiitifully illastrared, others finely houml, a* also many of
a cheaper description, to sell ?t low prices.
Just Imported direct from Pttt1s?

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