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UAILY, pe> .
tfUil-WKJUlLV, 0mW?b?4 Ul ?ukljr during Urn
of Uoafraaa)
WfctkL -
(W> will i* /umUJui at JoUow. i
five cop*c8 of Ills DAILY, tof
Tan elllw " " ........a..
po dcdui uuu A.i clalra ob WEEKLY.
.#10 00
t W
1 00
40 00
90 00
% Ml
VOLONt: l |
/ _
The ueuie of mo fntimm mil be cuieird ?|~? mi b??B*, iuiIvm
iBe pn>Biri*i uj'ihe >ul>tcri|iuuii be Uiimr la advaaic.
UMaBi wlkc/rtm rn.y iwm??I m am**/ l?> I slut, 'It*
of wfetcB Mill Be paid By tu, and Bil ink uauuud b oui.aiiaa IB IU
?1c uinaiirnin.
Tba OOUNTKY PAI'KM i, piblwb.d in WMkly dunag IB* aaa
ttou of COngew, Bad >?ail weakly Burl Kg iBc mil?a.
Hubucrlpiiua* for a period Ira* than a year will be received SB
term* prupoilioucd lo (lie above mutual rate*.
ttZ-fiiB! MA? IKHM aie uuilioiurd load a* our ngrui. , and
by aendluf ua fivs DAILY ?ubacnlwn, wiUi $&U eacloecdi Of
riva ?EW1-WL1:KL V aulwciiUx*. Willi #*i KBclOMd, will be ea
tiiled lo a copy grain. '
Brlillaut ttciieiaei for June, umi.
UUXmilY k MAIJUY, Mauagvra,
Wilmington, Delaware.
T? U' diion mxtar Ui? ?u(x run codenee of eotuuitniauer* appoints*)
by the governor.
Lottery for Uic benefit of the
state or DKLAWAUK.
Cla** 194, fur IB. C.
?f? be diiKK at VVIIkiiiiviub, Del., on Saturday, Juue 7, IBM.
75 number*?13 drawn ballot*.
I wl?? "{ 940.UU111 1 pria? of %3,V.*>s
, a., 90,010 jii pnt.-.nf l.oso
: jo i(Mh? I *> ?i" :uu
fo ?000I 90 do 400
J iu b.OOO ?9 do 300
, ^ 4,0001 IK9 do 900
fcC. llC, kC:
Ticket* #10? hulve* 96~- quarter* (V 50.
CfetUAcale* of package* of 35 wliols ticket*, (j\'M
Do do 95 half do 80
IK) do 91 quarter do 30
Lottery for the. linn oil I of ihe
Olaaa 130, for l?A6.
To be dtawn at Wilmington, pel , on Saturday, Julie M, i850.
78 number lottery?13 drawn ballou.
1 srand price of f5l,564 I pine* of. $9,000
jj ItHe* nf 30,000 | 50
?2 r IU.0C0 I 304 do 000
2 do A.OvO I fce., Ike., he.
Tick'tr 415?halve* SO?quarter* $3 75?eighth* $ 1 87^,
CeitlAcale* of package* ol *S whole tick-1* ,jv(J0
Do do 96 Italf do luO
till do 96 quarter do AO
Do do 90 eighth do 90
Lottery for ihu benefit of the
t!la?* 195, lor 18IG.
Tobed'awnat Wilmington, Dei., 011 Saturday, June 21, 1850.
76 number lottery?13 drawn ballot*.
?ten ?CUKHE.
I atitr of ?:I7, 00 | I prize of.. 9MM
I -|iii'iiil 'I prise of* 98,000 I 4" prima of I,00o
1 price ol 19 Oiill I W do :i0o
I 8,<8>ll IttO iuwi'Ht 3 No. prize* .. 300
1 do 6,0001 fc?., lie., tic.
Tiekeu 9111?halve* ?IJuarU'rt. 93 50.
ONidcatf.* of package* ol 90 whole ticket*,
Do do 96 half do 70
Do do 96 quarter do 95
967, 00!
Lottery for the herielli of the
Claw O, for 1856.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, Jane98, 1856,
75 number lottery?19 drawn ballot?.
I grand prile o'. $87,500 I 1 priite of f6,l'0O
I iplendid do at,000 | I do .... O.OUu
I do do #5,0001 1 do 3,lfit
I do do 1 -*.,<Hi0 '213 |owr?i 3-No prixee... I,0e0
1 do do 10 DUO I fcc , he . lie.
ticket* ^20?halve* $10?quarter* $5? Eighth* $2 50.
Cntificate* of package* ol 35 wh In* 9960 0<i
tin 00 9i ha ve?...... I3u itO
|)o do 35 quarter*. 65 10
Do do 95 eighth*..... S3 50
Orderc for ticket* a'd *hare* mid certiAcut* of package* in the
above aplendni lotterien will receive Ihu moat prompt alHlDtton, and
an account of each drawing will he aunt immediately alter it ii over
to all who order from me. Addrea*,
P. J. BUOKEY, A pent,
May 16 Wilmington, Delaware.
The New Vork und L,iveri>?ol U||M States
Mail Steamers.
Tbeahlp* eomptialng thl* line art lb* following:
The Atlantic.,..... Capt.Oliver Eldridge.
The Baltic. Capt. Jo*. CohhHOOS
The Adriati* Capt. Jaine* Wat.
m ^ Thi'*o alnpa having been built by contract ei
f>?e'Bm?nl aervlce, every care haa been
S^^^^^fftaaen in thrlr con*trUi'ti<m, aa alio 111 their enjmei,
?HBm ln*u'? atrength and ?pecd; and their accommo
daliuaafor paaaenger* arc uncouallodfbr rlBgancr and comfort.
Prie* of pauagc from Ntw Yi.rk to Liverpool in tirat cabin,9'30
la >ceond cabin, 975. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and SO
Aa ? iperienced aurgcon attached to each ahlp.
** keriba r^n aecured until paid for
Tbe nl.tpn of thl* lin' have improved wamr ilgl t bulk-head*, and,
10 tfoid danger from ic?, will not cro*a thr Bank* noith ot 49 deg.
auht afier tbe lat of Augu?t.
Prom Slit York. /Vein L(?*rf**l.
Bntnrday April 36,1856. Wedneaday May '4. 18f6.
dataiday Mat 10, IBJ6. Wedno*day May 98,1^6.
Hatarday May 34, 1H56. Wednesday June 11,1856.
I?at?-d<y June 7, 1856. Wedneaday Ju. e 35. 1856.
Saturday June3t, 1056. vVeowe*aay..... .Jo'y 0,1856.
datarday July 5, 856. Wrdneaday.... ..July 93, l?M.
Saturday July IV, 1856. Wednesday Aug. 6, IK'6
8aMrday ,.Ao*|. 3 ln'.n. A'ednetday Aug. 90,185b.
Xaiarday Aug. 16,18511. Wedneaday Sept. 3, KU6
dataiday Aug. 0, 1856. Wed&erlay. Hept. 17, 1856
balurday Sept. 1.1, '856. vV. ilnea.lay ?>cl. 1,18^6.
Snarday ??, pt.37 18 ?. Wednesday Oct. 15, I8f*.
Saturday Oct. 11,1856. Wedneaday tret. 89,1856.
Saturday Oct. 95, I85B Wednndav Nov. 13,1856.
eaujeajf.. kfov. 8, IS56. We4t?ieaday,.....Kov. 9t, IIH4
Saturday Nov 84, 185R. Wi-dn-?.'?) B?c. 10,1856
Saturday t?-e. 6, 1886. Wedne*d?y Dec. 94, 18t6.
fenrday Dec. 30, 1866.
Tur ftelghl 01 paaaage apply to
Ho. 56 Wall afreet, tf. T.
97 AiMtin Knar*. l.ond< a.
Tka owaera of the** akip* will not be ace<m_atbie for aold, ailver.
bulhia,apecie,jewelry, prerloaa *tonaa, or metala, unle*? hill* oI
ladiagare algned Ihercfbt, and th* value tharaof tberaiaeipraned.
Hay I?dtf
F- L. MtH>ltK la prepared I* fnrnlik the l?eet white
?ad red aah eoal of all eize* and I'emberlaod coal uf all kiad*
IB ku raatomen at tbe Voweal marker price*
3.M1 poand* gearaniled to the ton.
Hirkriry, >hiU, and pine wood al very low price*.
Agond article and full moaaore may be relied on m all ri.?ea.
Yard aide 0th alraet, between D and E, oppoaita " Old
Hot *<?PTnThtl
UIITH K.-Net,Mi I* hereby riven to the unknown heir* ard le
'? 1*1 r*pre*ent*ti*ea of 'ttMtd ab Wonrtaon, ?eeea*ad, who In hie
hfeiwnr .erred In tbe revolutionary war in 1779 a* a ii* nteeanl In
tbe cempeny commanded by Captain John Morion, of Ihe 4th Vlr
f'?i? regiment and ol tbe eontlnestal line, that aatd ftbedlnh
w?ide.n died wbile In aald rervlce no or about lb- tall of 177*.
ikai, <>? appKrat.on, a Virginia military land warraat, No. 6^M7, ?a*
"??cd in favor 01 the beir* of aaid Ouedlah Wrmdeon for aald ?er
rice* for *84 -ere. j ihat raid warrant ?** iran.lerrtd to Henry
?ariley and Joeiab Betile, in wh mr hand* Ibe anme wn* Inet or
aiMnd, *r,d application made and a depurate obtained on or sbont
Ibe year A II 1837, being No 6JW7, calling ?>r 9J9 acrea i aleo,
l^aceed 1 ng? were had In Itie court or c mm -n plea*.Clermont roon
ly. (Ibi , in eha eery anting decre. teg title in *nkd ararrem to
ll'-iry R'ttley and Jonah t'etile who i.-ign'rl the aame to Al*ene
r* * Petiicrew, wbn I* new an appli ant to have acrlp leaned in Iren
*f ?aid warrant, according to aet net entitled " An act in*kin* fur
">er provl.lne. Sir lite aadafaetion <tf Vtretnia tand warrant.ap
yrexd Autiiet 31. A D. 1852.
Eir 90?lawSOdiy.* A *. PETTfCEEW,
I nlletl Nfntr* Mull* for Halt I.hKc City.
Po*r Orncr f>?e?nT??*T, May3t, ISB6
ptOftXALS thr conveying the maita of Ihe f'niled State, ft m 'be
? *e.t *?v of December, iWdt, to Ibe .1 th day of November, terttt,
na b* balnwing rent., will be received nt the Con tract f >SI e
Iblt *? par met 111,111 0 o'clock, a. nt., of the l&th ol ttrmber, 1858,
I" be derided the lie *1 day. In wll:
No. rtt| f rorn lttd"|iendencc, Mo , rtm Port Kearney end Port
i.aramle, in Nebra. Iia Territory, 11 t>alt l.ake city. In
Utah Tcrtl ory. i,i|0 mile* end back, once a moeth.
I.e?ra Independence ihe (lr?t day of every month at 8 a m j
Arrive at a.'t I ake eitf on t e le.t dar of the nt- nth ;
??**?e *ait Like et'.r na the 3d day ?f every inontli at 6 a m ;
Arrive at Independen e by Ihr laat day of Ibe month.
8tddefa ,,r required 1* Iwforrn Ibeeiaelvea of tbe actnal diatnnre,
tie Weight ard bulk of ibe mat ? in be carried, (Ihe while teal I re
quired Ui It* taken each trip.) and on all other potato eeeentiai in a
e"reer, u.-d- r-Mndlng of heir Imbl try 1 or ihe proper petformance
J* tbe repaired avrvtce, beiore mnkieg their prnpo*?l*, i/ltteh miwi
' (naratiiied by iwn reeponaible peraona, cert.Ae,; ,0 a* *urh by a
eetai., 1.1 w j?dg? of a court of reeoett, and contract ten 'I I a en
??red lam lit the -uceeaafui bidder, with tttreiy, before Ihe l*t dnt
?' "ecentb. r, IS86.
*" pny Will be made for tripe not performed, and for each of encb
ato'talo". ai<t .att.fai tortty erptai?ed three lime* ihe pay trf th* trip
*a> he deducted. Kor arrival* ao far behind Itme aa to hrnak con
?en** enh depending ntalla, and not auSlcienlly rim., d. one
mutb ?>( ihe rompen-eibm fhr the trip la aubject to forfeiture
>*e? win be impo-ed, unle** the delinquency be promirtly and *at j
'orVy explained, ftrr neglecting 10 take Ihe mill from or into
? poet "Ikee; fur *uEering it to be Injured, deatroyed, rubbed,
ln,i; nnd for refhaing, after demand, In convey the mall aa
jetja*-nitv ** the contractor rone, or la concerned in rU' ntng, ve
btehi nn ihe rnnte The Poarniaeter Qencral may annul the croi
o'tlT'i. fbllurea in rnn agreeably to contract er for di?
'be po*l nflloe lawa or lo*trttctton* nf the department
be roatmaiter Oeneral mar alter 'he eehedule. lie may alao order
a inrreaa. nf aerviee by allowing then for a pre rata increaae nn
* '' "'tact pay He may alao curtail or di'eoniinue the aertrlne,
wn?le nr m part, al pro re'o decreuae nf pny allowing owe
" r,!fa compenaa'ton on the amount of eervlee dlapenacd
' b Hid. ationld be aditrcaaed 10 the 'Second Aaataiant l*o*l
In,"?r?Ji netal " rnperacrlbed " Propoanle fttr Halt l ake City Maile"
*'?y ?l-lawtw| Poaimneter General. |
1 UK letter* of Madame de Uevlgne to her Danghter
rl . nde. edited bv Mr*. Sarah J. Hale I vol. 91 95
rJ r of Lady Mary Worllcy Montagu, edited by Mr*. S?
M >?nl. 4l 95.
United Stutea Court of Cluiiu?.
Tfllfi uudendgued, Jobu C. Devereux. of New York city, and M
Thoinp-011, of YVurdiiuglon, U C.t attorney* and coutisellors
at-law, art' associated tor tfir- le^al prosecution of claim*, for eredit
o<* of government, in the Court of ( laims.
They will nn>oper*|e in iaunediuftt uod careful atleuliou to busi
ness matter* ut Washington which may be ititiusitd to their otl?
by gentlemen of the pioieiiiloQ and claimant*, in e city of New
York, or elsewhere in any part of the Union.
They may be consulted nt any time, personally or by letter, either
?I New York or Washington, Particular information a* to claim*
wbich have been at any time bttforn Congres* or department* can
be furuiahrd at once upou application by the narli*- interested.
No. 9o Broadway, corner Wall street, Nfw York city
Wellington city.
N. II. - ?J. C Itevereux ia a coutuiisaioner of the Court of Claim*.
Jan 31? 3tnwtfif * [Intel.]
[No. 555.J
Of the removal qf the land ojfice from Cahaba to Greenville,
in the State of Alabama.
I N accordance with the provision* of the act of Congress entitled
I ' All act authorising change* in the location of land offices,"
approved March J, leftii, it l* ligreby declured and mnde known tint
the IujiU olltcu lor (he **le ot public laud* at Uahapa, in the Stale
of Ai,a u4Mi t will ?i? removed from the town of Cdiiabi to Ukkk.n
vm.uk, in *a?d district, from and after the tipieenth day of June
(liven under my hand, at tho city of Washington, this 24th day of
April, A. D. If&tt.
Ily order of the President:
Coinmi**ion? r of the General Land Office.
April26? law(jw [Intel n-tttarj
To the hoUleru of Loiuis, certificates, or other evidence* of the debt of
the State of 7Vxai, or the late republic the 1 eof, underact qJ Sib/A
February, 1&M.
Tkkani'ry UarxaTMKMT, April 14,1656.
WilRRHAS (he 4th section of the act of 90tb Februnry, 1W55, enti
tled "An act to provide for tke payment of audi creditors of
the la'e republic of Texas an are comprehended in the art of Con
ere * of fteptenibar 9, IBM*," require* the Hecreiaiy of ihe Treasury
10 give nonce by public advertisement lor the npuce of ninety day*
of die lime wlieu payment* will be made uuder said act;
Awd wherea* notice waa lamed on the 97th Kebrunry la*t by this
department, and duly published, setting forth said act of Congress,
a<*d the act of ill* legislature of the tftute of Texas assentiug thereto,
requiring the ceriitlcates or other evidences of debt therein provided
fi>riobt- filed ut this department with aM^igninent*, release*, and
affidavits, theiein pointed out, ihiriy day* prior to the 1st of June
And wherea* the said 4th section further providea that no pay
ment sliul he mnde on any bond, certificate, or evidc< ce of debt
which shall not, thirty du>* bt fore the time limited by said nonces,
be 1 MsMl at th?' I r?'u-ury DsputiMnt:
Notice is her- by given to the hoi >ers of any bonds, certificates, or
other evidence* of hui<i debt, thai unities the saint* ?hall be received
at this d port merit wi Inn sixty day* from th?* date heroof, tht v will
he excluded from ail beucfU* of said act, agreeably to the 4tu sec
? ion of the same.
Ap 15?I aw'Jin Mccrelary of the I'M-asuiy.
Law Partnership.
K OB Ear i. WAi.KKK II LOUIH JANIN have I'm uit'i] h paM.
nur-Uip for the iiMniigeuieiit niul trial of r.t-t'- in the tiupri-ior
Court of the llmti-d tftatea and in Ihe Court of Claim. Addren
Wanhlngloii City, D C. Jan 9-eodtfif
Willards' Hotel.
J. 0. & II. A. WII.I.ARD,
Ptnnrylvanta awnu? and Fourttintk tlreel,
Waahintton, D. C.
Jan 38?tli'tf
N??'I'ICK?Buuutj-land warrant No. 19,661, for 160 acien, iuued
ill my favor in March, 1886, under ilie act of 3d March IP55,
for military aervuea in the war of I*i9, havini; failed t.. rt*ach me,
nnttc. i. her*by ?i*en that I am the aole and rightftil owner of
?a d warrant, mil having allnnale.l or a.mgord Ihe aaiue, nor convey
ed the power of doing either to any pcr.on whatever.
April 95?law6w
ProponalH for Stationery.
I)>p*rtmknt of tii* Intshkr,
Washington, May W, 1856.
OKALRD PROPOSALS for furnishing ihe stationery of this depart
O ' mcnt or the flstral vetr r nding JOw June, MS7, will be received
until J o'clock, p. in., on the W h day of June next.
Tho*e unacc mpanied by sa'isfactory testimonials of ability to ful
fil a contract will not b?* considered.
All ifie article* must he of the very best qjiulity, sample* of which
mm accompany the b?d*i and the department reserve* the right to
retain such t-amplrs, and pay for the same at the prices staled in the
offer, or re urn them, at its option
tUcli propo*al must be signed bv the individual or firm msking it,
and must apecify u price, and but one price, for each and every arti
cle named in the schedule Hhould article* be requir* d not enu > er
a ed they are to be fumulied at the lowest market prices, according
to quality.
Alt the articles to be furnished and delivered without delay when
ordered, and to the aatisfaction of the head of the office for which
tiiey are required
The depanment re erves to itself the right of ordering a greater or
lets quantity of each and every artie'e contracted for as the public
service nay require.
Bonds, with approved security, to be given by ihe person or per
son* contracting; and in ca*e ot a failun- to supply tire article*, the
contractor and bt sun ties shall be liable for the forfeiture specified
in ?uch bond as Itouidated ?<-image*.
The su^j 4ned list spectrin*, as nearly as iow can be done, the
((Usntity and d*?"er|Hn?o of the articles that wilt ?>? wanted via :
16 reams folio p??st, aaun or piain finish, faiat lined, and trim
m? d, to weigh not less lhan 17 lbs |ier ream
SO do fool cap, hand made, faint lined, ai d trimmed, to
w?i(h not lens lhao ? I ha. per r? am
16 do foolecap, plain machine, faint lined, and trimmed, to
weigh not lags than III lbs p?r ream
10 do foolscap, blue laid, hand made, faint lined, garden
pattern, commonly known as despatch or consn
lar paper, 'o weigh not less than 16 lbs. per ream
150 do quarto poof, hand made, plain faint lined three sides,
per ream
135 do quarto post, machiae, plain flaiot lined three aidea,
per ream
6 do quaiio pos>t, hand-made, plain faint lined four sides,
per ream
ft do qusrto poet, French, plain faint lined three sides, per
lft do note pap**, flit, per ream, Inrge slae
ft do do plain, do do
It do do gilt, do small si a*
ft do do plain, do do
l?> do envelope pamr, yellow m bnfT royal, per ream
AO do do fiat cap, white or Mne, do
It do large brown envelope, per ream
AO de billing pap* r, royal, do
lft do*mi oatent blotting pnper ^ ?
90 sheet* drawing paper, antiquariae. p*r sheet
ftft do do d"?nt* elephant, de
50 do do 'leph.nt, do
AO do traring pnper, larv *t aiaa, French, per sheet
94 do driiwinc paper, royal, do
ft^ 000 binders* board*, 6 If by 10 \ laehe* per 1,000
450 dozen card* Perry'? h st metallic ps?ns, f*r doi. card*
850 d'? do of nil other manufacture In me, do
do groas metallic p*n*, par grooa
lft.000 quills. Wo. 80, per M
|0 doaen teer ptdnted pencils, silver, oer d?t?n
10 do do ailv r desk pnncila. with rosewood han
dle*. per doara
40 gtons of leais lor ever pointed pencils, assorted slsea, per
7ft deaea Contee's best bla^k lead pencils, graduated, per
100 do Mrrnroe'* or other manufactured, graduated, per
do ten
10 do red l^ad pearMs, per doxen
.1 do drawing pencils n*?orted, per d"*aen
90 do 4bi<i*>rs, iroey, f inch, do
M* do red-Imen taf?e, aas ?ited, do
Bt do silk taste, ass??rted colors sod width*. In hanks, per
9 dn pounce bote*, ef Ivory, per doaen
I dn do cocoa, do
90 do paper weight*, assorted, do
I do quarto portfolios, frith loclts
1 do cap do do
1 do dn d t wlib- at foctie
.% do heat fold pen*, artth ativer cnera, per doceti
19 da wind boiae, nf c**roa, do
10 do do tin, do
lft do wai?r stan ? or boles, cocoa, do
9.% do era-ers, R.^ r* k icon's, ivory bandies, g**mtne,
per dores
Ha do p*siknive?, Rodgers k fot'?, foar Made*, buck liom
handles, genuine, per d??fte?
ft do d?*?k kaivtrs. Bo'ge a k bon*a, one blad#, Ivory hao
dies, genuine, per doaen
t do wnf'-r stamp*, ieo?y handle*, per doaen
ft do do llgnuMvra> handles, do
4 do o#re shear*, II tnche*, per doaen
4 do 0#ce sri?nors, do
19 do inkstamla, Draper's pnte* f, movable t?pa, per doaen
4 do do eaet-tma, large, dotiMs, do
9 do do single, do
600 bottle* iak, black, Maynard k Noyea'f, in bottle*, per
7ft do ink, black, Cooper k Phillips's, or equal, per
a isrt
.100 do la?, red, Arnold*a,or equal, la quarter pint bottles,
per boftla
190 do carmine Ink, small aian, French, nr equal, per
hott e
M.000 waOrs, large sd, f??r olBee seals, per Mf
100 poueds wafers, common siae, red. per pound
l.V> do stallnf wai, best eitra superfine, scarlet, per pound
Ml 4*9 do saperOne, do
lft do do blnck, do
40 do India rubber, prepared, do
ft do do n 'prepared, do
3*10 quarts black sand, per quart
Ifto ounces p.mace, per mince
I doxen India Ink, beet, ( nr doaen
9 do earners heir pencils, aesorted, per doaen
9 do eahle pencils, do do
1 do riaborne** best water rotor*, per doxen rake*
400 proinda twine, lin* n, per pound
100 do do cot for*, do
S0,00n pocket envelope*, of white or vellow paper, of the follow
ing eigne, vlx ? hf inches, per hundred
30,0oo gn envelopaa, letter also
6 doxen mlers, mahofur y, ronnd or flat, per doaen
9 do do hgnnmvitr, round, do
ft pound* "f?on/e, He?t, per (totind
It do gum arable, nest, de
I,000 white ceed envelope*, pliln. per hundred
ft,001) email a?ae white eote adhesive envelopes, per hundred
ft.# 0 | rge do do do do ^
ft. too letter do adhesivg gnveiopeg. di
J tine 3-lawtw
United Stales Mailt.
font- Orntii UinixauT,
Mny ID. 1UA.
DROPOSALS for carrying (lie United tHalen mails hum the lir.i
I day of July, ibiti, Ui llir firm ul July, 1C3B, on (lie lull,mint
rnule, will ku received hi IIi? UotiUact IJrh e of Uie Poll Ofbce He
paiuueni, iu the clly of Washington, until 9 o'clock, a. ui of tli?
IBih of June ucxt, 10 be derided Uie iwxl day:
No. 14304 Kioui Iniliunapolta, via Hridgrport, Plaltlisld, Reiiville,
HllU.-rvsllv, Greene* tie, jVlaiilininu, II. -el's Mill, Har'
niotiy, lirazii Van liureu, and Clover Land, lo Terra
Haute, 74 Uitlea and back, an lime* a wank, by such
Oiinle of traiisporiaUon as will iuclude the enure mail.
Leave Indianapolis daily, except Kunilay, at 1 p in, anil
Atrivv at Terra ilame next day* by 4 a in ;
Leov- 'J'erre Haute daily, ? zcept Huuilay, ul b p ui, and
Arrive at ludiauapolis iimt da>a by 10 a iu.
Kucli proposal should be accompauieU by ? guaraalcc, aicned ky
Iwo rcepoiisibie ptisans, in tbe following manner:
I, , Of , county of , Stale of propose to
convey Hie uiallf.OMi ? lo ?.?, on route No. , from
10 , agn eaoly to tbe advcrtisi tii. nl of the Po-tmastcr
(jeueral, dated Way IU, IttJS, and by Uie lullowing mode of convey
ancu vig ;
tot tbe aunttal auin of ??? dolUra.
Til* undersigned, residing at , Htaie of , undertake
thai, if the foregoing bid for carrying iho mall on rniuo No.
be accepted by ibe Poelluaslur Gem ral. the bidder sliall, prior lo the
istduy of July, li*58. or us soon thereafter as u.ay be, enter into the
muuiied obligsti.iu lo |ierform Hie aervica proposed, with good anil
PUIIicient sureties.
(Signed by two guarantors.)
This Should be aecompanicd by the certificate of a postmaster
th a the gtiaratitois are men of property, and able lo make good their
The linderaigned,, postmaster of , Bute nf , certifies,
under hut i.alh o) ojfic*, Unit he it acquainted with the above emir'
amors, and knows iliem to be uteu ol propeily, and able to mke
good their guaruuiee.
? . . JAMES CAMPukfcl,
^May2 ? lnw4w PoetiuaMet G neral.
l'rojionals for Mutionerj.
TaKsHuav DaeaKTMCMT, Mav 17, I?i6.
^I'.PAIIA I E proposals for luiiiieiiiiig the elalinni ry n quired by tliis
O depailmeni during tlie fiscal year ? ntlinif June JO, tU57, will be
eeeived until 13 o'clock, in , on me ^OIB d.iy of June next,..nil
?liould be accoui) allied by satisfactory tcstimoiiials of abtlily lo fulfil
tlie eon'ract.
All the irtieles must be ol Ibe very beat quality ; fourtei n samples
of euco article must accmiip ny tin- bid. Tlin s ? tuples of the party
to whom ib<- con tract may lieawardcd will be p.i'd lor l.y ilio aepait
ineiii , the others will be r- turnud In the resp.ctive parties Nn hid
will be considered wiirn the art'Cles accompanying H are not of tlie
bed quality, and Milled to the wanla ol the department; and infe
rior, spurious, nr mi tal on articles will subject the bid te rejection
ai the piuusuiu of ll.e ibpattmeiit.
Eicli propn ai must be sinned ny the firm or individual inakii.g il
<*n.i must apeetly a price, and lui one price, for encn and eveiy ar
ticle contained in tbe schedule ; and, as with.nn uiufi.rtniiy therein
the dep .itmeiit wou'd And it ditnctil' to make a d ci.ion, no. e will
be taken Into con id' laUou unless substantially agreeing therewith
The atticles required must be delivered without delay when or
deied, Ui the satisfaction Oi tbe head or tlie ..(tire ord. ring the same.
J he d.-paiimeul res. rvea in lUelf tlie nghl ol ordeiing a grever or
less quantity ol each aud every article contracted tor, as Uie public
aei vice may rt quire.
eupphiug an inferior article at any lime will be deemed aufficicnt
cause forthwith lo annul the contract.
Hoiks, with approved security, lo be given by the person or per
sous con raciieg ; and in case of a failuie lo supply the articles re
quired, the contractor ami hi.< sureties shall be liable lor tbe iorftii
ure specified in such bond as liquidated damage*
The department may accept the prupo als lor all or any portion of
the articles coiituinwd therein Articles lint specified in the propo
sals shall lie supplied at the lowest market price, or the department
may, -.t its discietiou, purchase the same In open market.
The subjoined list specific*, a> nearly n? now can be done, the
ant unt, quality, and deaciiplion ol each of the kinds of articles
required :
08 reams folio-post, satin, or plain finish, faint lired, or plate
and trimmed, to weigh not lest than 17 lbs per ream
200 teams foolscap, fiunt lined one or mure sides, or plain, and
trimmed, 'o weigh not less iliau 13 lbs. per ream
4-11 reams quarto poet, machine, taint lined ou one or more aidee,
or plain, per ream
. 45 ream* note paper, sizes 8 by S and 7 by inehes, plain or
rulnd, p' t teais
a reams of medium paper, for books, per ream, plain or mled
48 do envelope paper, sizes 40 by 9u laches and l'J by 12
Inches, yellow or buff, per ream
3 reams large brown envelope, per team
29 do I.lotting paper, roval, per ream
65 do copying paper (Mann's) per ream
100 gross metafile peas, of ml kinds required, beat quality, per
IS M quills, Nn 80. per M
I M do No. 70, per M
917 dozen best Mack lead pencils, per dozen
IV do rod-lead pencila, do
15 do lold ra, Ivory, V Inch, do
lift) do red linen tape, assorted, do
1 do pounce botes, of cocoa, da
8 do aaBd-boxe*. of cocoa, do
9 do waler-slauds, or b.*zee, cocoa, do
17 do erasers, Rodiei. Ii Sons', ivory handles, genuine, do
% do prnknleae, Itodgera k (tons', or equal, 4 blades, buck
horn or pearl bandies, genuiue, per dozea
4 do oMre shears, 11 inches, jo
4 do office renews, do
II do ink.tanda, rut glaM, do
Iu gallon* best ink, black, lite department to have cboioe of the
??*?. per gallon
in bottle* ink, black, the department to have choice of ibe mar
. . per quart
5 quart* ink, red, th* department to have choice of the m r
? '1| . per quart
287 bottles Ink, red, the department to have choiec of the market
ia Jk pint bottles, pe, b?ule
148 bottles ink, best ci.pying, in pint bottles, do
1,0 <i wafers large red, for department seal, per M
109 pounds wafeia, common size, red, per pi und
117 do sealing waz, beat egirn superfine, acarlef do
94 do India rabber, prepared, do
178 quart* black sand, prr quart
* ounces pounce, p?r ounce
170 |io?nda twine, linen, prr pound
154 do twlae cotton, do
1?4 M pocket tnvrlep?s, nf while or yellow paper, of following
aiaea : 8k ftj .1% a d .*1 s by 3 Sj inches, per hundred
II dozen rulrra, mahogany, rimed or flat, per doz? it
44 do elae'lc pen holders, do
May 17?lawtSD bJane)
United SUtti Mall*.
Poer Ornca Dir?st*s?t,
may 90, 1858.
llBOPOSAf.8 fbr carrying the United States mails from the A ret
' day of Jaly, '8M, to the first day of July, *858, on the following
route, wll be received at the ? ontrnct Office of the Poet tiffiee l>e
partnaent, In the city of M'aalungtoa, antil 9 o'clock, a. a.., of tlie
loth of June neit, to be decided the nezl day:
No 1.4MI from Indianapolis, by Cumberland, Plnladelphin, Green
Held, Cleveland, Chailotle*vllle, Kmghtaiown, Ug
den, Lewlsvllle, Dublin, Cnmbrlilge, East German
town, Centreville, UlcbiiMind, and New Parte, lo
Dayloa, Ohio 119 miles an l back dally, *ze*pi at,?
dev. by each mode of iranepurtatloa ea shall Inctmte
the entire mail.
I.eaee Indianapotla daily, ezeept Sunday, tt 11 m ;
Airlee ai Dayton by 8 a m neit mon..tt| |
M.ve D?yion d iiy eicept Sunday, at 7 a m ;
Arrive at Indianapolis nezt morning by 4 % m.
Recti proposal should be eccompsnled ky a guarantee, algned by
two reeponsiMe perennr. In itie toll..wins manner:
'? , ri.a.ity if . rials of , pr.ipoee to
convey the m ill from July I, I8S?. to June 30, ib58, on r ute No.
, from agreeably fo the nd'erilsemsat of the
Postms-i. r tjeneiai, dated May 90, I8'dl, and by Ihe lolluwing mode
? of conveyance, via i
for the annual ettm of doll*ra.
This pr?pos*l l? minte with lull knowleilge of the distance n( the
route, ihe weight ol the mall to be carried and ail mta< r fwnlmlan
! In reference to ill. route and service, and *l?i after cnreful egaml
nation of the instntcuona nnd requirements attached lo ihe adver
tb* mrftt.
The underslg ed, reeldlng at , State of . undertake
thai. If Ihe foregoing bid for carrying the mail no r?tre No. ?_ he
I accepted by the Pweimastcr tlenerat. the hinder shml. prior to the
1st dat of Jul*. Ii.'i1, or aa ao n thereafter as may Hr, enter into the
requi ed obligation to perform the service prop aed, with ginn) and
, sufficient sit f ties.
1 This we do nndi rslanding dialiactly the nhlignilona and llaMHilea
assumed by gnarantnra onder the 't7th section of Ibe act of Congress
I ?f July 9, 1838.
^ (Signed by two guarantors )
The undersigned, postmaster of , Stale of ?cenlfie*
nnder Kit oath of n/flrs, that Ire Is acquainted with the above guar
antora, and knowa tin m to be men of properly, and able lo make
good their guarantee.
..... . ?,AMM "amp^lC* '
may 91- lawtw I'ostirtaeler t;eaeral.
rilffi 557.J
Notice of \\IIIhIih wiiI of I.ntula in low*.
TN ptir.uance of an act approved ISih May, ISM, "making a grant nf
I lands to ibe Ptafe of Iowa, in alternate sections, fo aid In the con
Strnrtlon nf renal- railroads in said Hiale," Inetrurtlnna have been
leaned from this office withdrawing from market, un>ll further
orders, all the lands in lhat i?taie eicept those situated in Ihe fol
lowing named districts which ore still op-n lit puirhasen fur efT-ci
Ing sales and location*, tig :
Officr at Par or rah , *11 the landa In Ibe dintrtct.
Official Dodge, .11 tbe landa north of the line between township*
Hi and 93.
Office at Sioti. city, all the landa north of the line between town
shine 91 and M.
Aire* under my hand, at the General Land Office at Ihe eilv of
Wa.htngton, this 91st day nf May, tk.18.
May 9*-- lawfiw (Int. and SimL OommDMotiar.
Maw UiPAlTHMT, May 45, 1?M.
S?EPA1ATK HHAI K1) PROPOSAL* will be received at ihe oftce
0 ol the tiecretary of the Navy until three o'clock, p. ur, of Moil
day, the 3*?tl? of June neit, lor furnishing all the si*tioo?ry that may
be requited by ihe Navy Den* lutein ami ii?t several bureau* for Ibe
car commencing iho 1st or July, IPafl, and eliding on (lie 30th of
une, lb67.
All the urlicles furnished must be of the be?t quality, delivered
without delay when ordcied. end 10 ihe traiiafacuou of ilie bead of
U?? ort.ee lor which lliev arc: icqulred.
If u be rebuffed, eacli bidder for stationery must furni b with his
pfunocal a sample of each article bi?l for.
To insure uniformity in tin- pritptwtii, blauk forms wiU be fur
! uikiied to those disposed to bin ; and no bid will be considered which
doe* not fully conform to the advertisement, and in which each and
every article is not bid lor, and in which more than one price is
named lor any one article.
Ilonda in suffieicnl amount, witb two or more approved sureties,
for the faithful execution of the contract, will be required of the pcr
| nun or persons contracting The authorised name* f ihe sureties
thut will b- given, a* ul.?o autiafuctory testimonials to fulfil the con
I tract, must accoiu'iauy the bid; otmuwise, it will not be considered.
The department renervea to itaelf the rightoj ordering n arealer or .
less quauuiy ol each aad every article contracted for, as liie public
aervice may require.
1 Hhould any article be required not enumerated in the contract,
i i* to be furnished at the lowest markat price, according to it*
Writing payer, oj linen niock.
'J ream* folio post, blue or white, Matiu finish, faint lined, and |
trimmed, weighing 17 pounds per ream per ream
5 do heavy blue laid, despatch cap band made, atop-ruled, |
weighing 10 p ?undf per ream per ream
15 do laid hand-made foolacap, ruled, blue or white, weigh
ing 13 pounds per ream per ream
10 do Owen & IIu Iburt's wove foolacap, blue or white,
ruled, weighing 12 pound* per ream, or of any other
manufacture of tquhl quality per ream
10 do lirst class, baud made quarto post, wove or laid, blue
er white, weighing pounds per ream p? r ream
40 do extra superAut ? biue or while, hid or wove, 4to poet,
ruird, weighing b% pounda per team per ream
SO do be*t yellow or buff t uvelope paper, royal, flat, weigh
ing 24 pounds per ream per ream
4 do best sup. rny. writing-paper do
5 do best Fr? nch 4to post ruled do
5 do note paper, gilt?dged do
flu do copyiug or u?-ue piper, 4lo po-t do
10 do c<-pyiiig or tissue puper, foolscap do
15') sheet* brat tiacing pap-r, 4il by i!7 ncbes, per aheat
100 yard* tracing cloth, per equare yard
1U> she' l? hast prepared pan hmeiit, 14 by 16 inches, per sheet
'J r?'uiih blotting paper, royal, per ream
6o quires patent blot ing paper, iiiediuin. per quin
tal sheet* drawing paper, "Wha'inau's Turkey Mills," from
medium lo aunquarixn, per rbeci
ft.000 crenm laid envelopes, lett raize per 1,000
1,500 do do note sue do
500 d?? do cam size. per 5"0
1,000 patent clofh lined envelopes. riX by 4 Inches, per 1,0f0
*50 patent c.oth-lin* d envelopes, 5ft by inches, p. r 2 0
'450 patent cfotb linen envelopes. 6 if by iijf inches, per 250
10,000 b? Bt buff ?*nvebipes. government paitern. ofticial size, per 1,000 j
5,00 best buff envelope*, gover. Hi on I pa'iein, letter M?a do
6.nor ber-t heavy white envelopes, band made,official ?ixc do
20 gror-a *te? I p'ii?, on cards or in boxes, (ttie department to I
have Ihe liberty of selecllug from all thu differ-ut kind*
manufactured.) p?r gross |
100 cards Perry s pen*, assorted per card ]
6 do engineer** pens do
:> no litl<i*araphn- pen* <'u
24 g<4d pens, larg* sue, with silver holders, beat manufacture, j
per pen
40 quarts ?;aynard fc Noyes'a bls^k ink, in bottlea
;H> do best L? ndoa copying ink, Arnold's or Terry's
ti dozen ounce-b??tlles I'erriue. Guyot, k Co.'a superfine car
mine, per bottle
200 awiinquills, best quality per 100
l,0oo quills. No. bo, opaque or clarified do
100 crow or branot quills do
75 dozen red tape, No. 15 to 25 per dozen |
6 do tilk tuate do
4 do penknives. Rodgcrs's best, pearl handle*, large
aize, 4 blades do
4 do erasers, lorge size, ivory handle*, in eases,
Kodrers'a beat do
2 do paira of shears and scissors do
9 do v-incb ivorv foldera do
1 do Carrington'a parallel rulcra do
2 .do aand boxes, cocoa wood do
9 do wafer-?landa do do
1 do pounce-boxea do do
1 do do ivory do
U do wafer atampa, ivory handlea do
10 do black lead peiH'ilf, Fabcr's best, a.*aorted do
4 do best American drawing pencils, assorted do
1 do Cohen's led lead pencils do
U do aabfe brunhea, assorted do
2 do camera hair bru?h?*s, assorted do
2 do w bite French pump ink?tands, I rge size do
2 do draper's patent air tight Inkstanda do
2 do ittaaa best India ink per stick
30 pound* extra superfine searlat sealing wax per pound
20 do second quality aealing wax do
15 do L?*at qu lily wafera do
10 do best white gum arable do
3 do best pounce do
10 do best hemp twine do
10 do beat linen twine do
1,000 large othce writers f* r department seal per thousand
24 pap r wHght? of brass, composition or lead per weight
60 quart* b?-*t l>l i< k ? sml |M |W|
4 pounds best prepared India rubber per pound
2 do unprepared do do
May 97 -Iaw4w (Intel fc Bur.]
A Card*
Miaa Brooke?* KngtitK and French Boarding and Day School,
Sepon BuiUUngt, No. 13n /'rssiylvsnia arntsr.
TilK second seasum of ibis lustitutiou will continence on Monday,
i tr -i , . '
Da ly instruction in Ihe Trench lanrMge i? riven by a lady, re
osntly troai Parb, who resides in 'be family ; the higher branches of
Kiifloh iitr under the ? special ( barge of Miss llrooke, mud every
usaans 1a afforded for lbs acquisition of a thorough and el*gaut edu
cation Jan 97?eodiw
pBOMICW WOULlii a nor ??e> and OfMssttai * t
II Isw, I'nitrd Stales elrralt coart e??mo.i??lon??r, eoaiiniaaioaer
Air the Court of Otnisss, No. 44 Wall aireet. N?w York.
, Uef'i rs to Hon d. Nels*?n, Justice United Htates Hupreme Court ;|
Hon H Pish, United fliaies senator; General J. O. Tatton, Catps
of Engineers. (Jailed Htates army ; M. Hlair, Holn nor to the Conrt
of ? latins ; R. II. UiUei, ?aq , and Major Arnold Harris. Washing
ion city. t>ct 10?WFfcSuuJni
Ntrilt'K Is hereby glv?n thst I will s. ply to the
i omrnissioner of Pensions te grant ine n duplicate ot a 40 acre
land bouaty warrant, issued to me under the law of (September,
ICLV), and numbered 54,0*3, for my services in the war of ISlt-'U
which warrant has been hist, aad which has never been assigned,
pledgrd or located by me, or by my authority.
jni If?iawlw JOBIW IQli.
| 'pllK undersigned begs to annovnre to his pafrens and the pnhlir
1 that It* he? just completed his seppiy of ttoe above, direct from
England and ib?* conliseni, among wb.cb he woald speeially call
attention to Ihe ine stock of eitra early. Prince Albert, and oihe*
peas; abort top 'adiffc, early York, large York, heart-aliaped, flat
Dati-h, drumhead, aad nib* r choice cabbages, eanutowrra, bro
coll, lettnres, oaions, beau, beans, carrots, parsnips, ctlery. Ha
vuys, leek coctimbers. egc plants, tomatoes, herbs, lie., wilb all
mher vegetable ?e#*da, In gr^al variety.
Prom his long ezperience and connexions in the seed trad * he
enn warrant them of flrst rata sic el la ice, aad at very moderate
pries s.
Flower seeds, of choicest kinds, selected with care, and specially
??lted to ibis climate, are offered, either In single pa<kets or collec
li??n?. a> vsry loss rate a.
Cstalegaes can be had on application.
Beed Warehouee, JWS 7th street, corn?r of II.
Mnr M_?,w3w*
United fttstra l'?lrnl
VVaabington, April M, 1856.
0' N the petition of Alfred Hall, of Perth Awbijf, New Jersey,
praytng "?r the ett*asioa of m patent granted 10 him th 3d of
! Hepiember, If48, for an impeovement In leiek presses fm ?even
irin from the expiration of smd patent, who It takes pi ice or the
3d day of Reptemb^r, lull?
it Is ornered that the aaid p* titlon be h?ard at the Patent office
an Monnay, the I0fti of Aago?t neat at 19 oVIark, m ; ?od all per
s ns are notified 10 app ar and anow canse, If any they base, wh>
said |vi|i|on outfit not 10 be grwM 4.
P? rem* opposing th** ?l*en-i??a are required ?o file In the Patent
I ifftce th"lr objections -pertal') set farih n writ nt at I* asi en y
dsy? bebiee the da) of hearing ah testiraon fll^d by > Itbar party
to be ns?d at the said t ea? Ing mnst be taken nd tranamltie* |(i ar
e -rdaore wllb the rulee of the ofltc*, which will be farnl%hed on
The t. stimony In tbe ea?e wilt be elo.ed on the fhh of Aagn?t ;
depnsifi ns, and other pipers relH ti(e ? n? testimony, n?ast t?e n < a
In th' o4Hcr on or m-ore tne morning ot that day ; th^ arfnment*.
If any, withoi ten da* a theeeeft^r.
?'eder# d, also, that hi* n? tiee br pablle^ed in the IToloe, |n
telliteneee, and i.ffsiris rtar, Waehmg'on. U. C] lepuMicii
Haftunoee ; \ r?ws, P- 1 lade-Ipnia ; Day Hook, New York t and Pes?t
ItrMton onee a are. k for thr? e *uccw?lve w?ek? peevl >us to the
IHth of August next, the day af hearing.
(Nimmissionei of Patents
P. A.?F.ditors of the above papers wilt pleaae copy, and send
their Mile to the Pat? nt ' >flt< a, with a paper containing this notie*
May I? l iw.lw
, 'llhl. another rhalee lot of Wraw Rnnneta, Nhakera,
P lliooaaera, b ?ys' hats and cana of every de?crip'ion.
A splend d a?so tment of lh?? finest Prsnch flowe a.
Kibands, the most fvatttlfal styles, at Ihe lowest prteea
Oapes, malioea, illusl ms, silks, tarltoos, bonnet frames, crowns,
A select aseortm?et of dress trlmmiega.
Fancy roo?t? in all their variety at WM P. ftHROD'i
aarrn 98? I w 502 Eleventh atreet, above Pean. avenue.
[No. 558]
Of withdrawal of lan'h in Florida and Alal>ama.
IN pursaance of the a t. entitled 14 An act granting public land?,|
I in alternate ?ertions, to the rftatet nf Florida and Alabama, to
? MM ? nrtafta vailf Mil la saHl Hiiaa." ap
proved 17th >iay, IR>A, all the land- lying within fifteen miles on
each side of t e following rsllreiaifs and branch named in said act
to wit : from tft. John's river, at Jacksonville, to the wstera of Fs
camhia bay, near Peneacola , Irnm Amelia Island, on the Atlantic, |
to the water* of Tawpn bay, with a branch to Peder Key, on the
Half of Mexico, (except the Tampa bay portion south of Ita )?inc |
tioo with the Ceder K? y branch i) and from Penaacota, Florida, lo
Montgomery, Alabama -have, by Instructions rmm hla office, been
sn?pended rrom sale snd location nntll further orders.
ftiven under my hand, at the General Land ^^flice, at the city of
Vfaahingtou, thla twenty third day of Mav, IMd
May ?4?1gw6wt ("far k tafal.J Commiaaioner.
U t- are 'nJebttd to the Cincinnati Kurjuirer for the fol
owing complete report of the third fty', preceding* of
the Democratic Nutional Convention :
Third Day', Proceed^,.-Mumiuy Seuion-June 4, 185tJ
tbMir^id??tClrk Urirnru^u w"" to order by
m7?TE' ni'r'11 Ward" The ttUeu<Uu^ *? lar/e
After waiting lost time, Mr. Stuart, of Maryland called
?i?b!?? ,the, ??? ?l? "eceJi of miu !
^Eii 1 ^uUr orJer' ?ud ** Wdiij
iut odi w i ^U''{KJScd rel'0, t <>f the committee on ???
lor it ,n ?rUori ttud if "?> Lo would low cull
(whobad "aceHtied the platform) would!
"ooL ^ L CO?1nWl 0e ? VrC|",r4 j ,0 u,ake '?? "'Port a*
convention i? ready to receive It. I
[Voice*, Now 1 now I]
der be;fore'the Oh ll!? coo^Dlion IU?" come to entire or
tions Chairman wUl proceed to read the resolu
j"hR? KVent!en h"Vin,B (0,n(' to order- Mr- flWlett said:
1 have been instructed, as tbe chairman ot the committee
zztT::\ v? r,epo?to *? pSZLo.
resolution* which limy have adopted. 1 am also iustructed
S.idi Ul?V''u ,'or,io" 01 ll" wrolutlon.
J.?' 'tla?*8 to Kansas and Nebraska, and those proposi
rnent ,b*- "Miration of the general govern
ment, bare been adopted by the committee with entire
ZZTZ'rrr meruber ,roul ev?* State having signi
anothlr ?I h auSu,ei'cence ?>?*? resolutions. There is
another and very important class of resolutions relating to
.1. loroigu policy of the country. While these mo itfons
fhVtlaT reC0.""uendtd by lhe committee as a portion of
ed Jilt r' 18 pr?|,er 10 ,Ute th,,t lh?y vvir? ftdopt
rl7 , tlCe I ??' also instructed to report a
oTth^ oulr*" rtt0,,1,nu"ded b* the committee to be a portion
A.iim&pvrs;!8 ?*?**?*>'
oluIimbs!beBe eXpl"Uati0n,, 1 8ha11 *r0l:eed 10 the res-1
iiJ|b!.C??1uit,eeu" rWulution8' l,y their chairman, Mr!
tlallett, ol Massachusetts, submit the following report: |
Kt-Olveil 'l hat the American democracy place their trust
teSffesA s."'- - z
world, a? the great moral element in a form of govern
ment springing from and upheld by the popular will- and
MS? WUh tbU ttnd ^"tioeVfeder.Tum, un
dei whatever name or furin, which ?eult,? to palsy the will nl
ho constituent, and which conceives no imposture too xuon
?troiu tor the popular credulity.
licHotrrdf ihercfure, That, entertaining these views the
democratic patty of this Union, through their delegates a*
Miubled in a general convention, coming together in a spirit
of concord, ol devotion to the doctrines and faith of a free
representative government, and appealing to their fellow
couen. .or the rectitude of their iffi^ renew"?d re
assert before the American people the declarations of pi inci
tes avowed by th.-m when on tormer occasions, in general
to soffrng"'* presented their candidates lor popu
\h? fedreral government 1? one of limited power,
derived ?olelv from the constitution; and the grants of
power made therein ought to be strictly construed by all the
^!Uie. V.? **>""" of the government j nnd that it is in
powers'" aD Keroul1 10 e*ercue doubtful cimstitutional
'2. That the constitution does not confer upon the general
government the power to commence and carry on a general
sjBtem of internal improvements. |
3. That the constitution does aot confer authority upon tbe
:t.*,rK:;VUrnU,,nVCd,rCC^ ?r indirec'1J,/ to assume the
debts of the several States, contracted for local and internal
improvements, or other Htnte purposes, nor would such as
sumption be just or expedient.
? .i:.!wtj.U,U??*.nd ",und PoIicr fl>rbid the federal govern
ment to foster onebisnali ,y( Industry to the detriment of any
other, or to oherish the interests of one portion to the iniur'v
or another portion of our common country : that every citi
?en and evsry section of the country has a right to demand i
^ mr,r*, nrn r<)U,llty ,of rifh" *nd privilege., and to |
complete and ample protection of persons and property from I
domestic violence or foreign H^yrt-nsion. |
,?5_fThlt U '? the d?lr ft every branch' of tbe government
to enforce and practise the most rigid economy in conducting !
oar public attairs, and that no more revenue ought to b<
raised than is reouired to defray the necessary expenses of IB
government, and for the gradual but ccrtain extinction ef
tne public debt.
C. Ihat the proceeds of the public lands ought to be sa
credly applied to the nation^ ol^jecU specified in th.-consti
tution; and that we are opposed to any law for the dlsti ibu
tion of such proceeds among tho States, as alike inexpedient
iD aDd repuK"ant to the ootuMtotfon.
! ,kI; k1 1C'>n?r<,,,,1 h" ?? Pow?r to charter a rational bank ; !
^?" institution one of deadly hostility i.l
the best ioteresU of the eountry, dangerous to our republi '
can inst t.tionj and the libertie. of tho people, and callula I
I ted to place the buuness of tbe country within th^ control of
a concentrated monev-power, and ab..ve the law. and the will
I of the that the resulU of democratic logislation
i in this and all other financial measures upon which issues !
have been made between the two political parties of the coun
try have demonstrated to candid and practical men of all
1 pursuits ??ondne?s, safety, and utility in all business
! 0. That the separation of tbe money, of the government
, fro,n banking institutions .. lnd,.peD,.ble for the "afetv of the
! n government and the rights of the people.
' i j . #k w*"/e decldedli' ?Pfo*oo to taking from the Pres
! IdMt the qualified veUi power, by which he is enabled, und.-r
i restrictions and responsibilities amply sufficient to gukrd the
' ,u*PBUtl the passage of a bill whose merits
, cannot sccure the approval of two-thirds of the Hi-nate and
ein E r?h. rP^KnU TW' T"! tbe Jadlt??nt of th, people
21 ^ ?ht?lned thereon, and which ha. saved the American
1 ,,&jr-r'Pt MDd ,l-vr*nni<-*1 domination ?f thr
I Hank of the Lnited Mates, and from a corrupting system of
j general internal improvement*. " m 01
; 10. That the liberal principle* i in bodied by J? fferson in
l^"ZT ?1 **nc,'on^ in the oonstitu
tioo, which make ??urs tbe land of liberty and the asylum of
,TerJ nat'"n- h*T# "?r been cardinal prin
ciples in tbe democratic faitb ; and every attemnt to sbrlil^..
, the privilege of becoming dilxens ^
r^ni'th" .*1?* A ^ 1rMi,?,ed ,ri,h th" same -plrit which
j swept the alien and aeditlon law* from our (tatute-books.
I And whereas, since the foregoing declaration was uniform
ly adopted by our pred^ee^rs in National Conventions,
adver* politloaf and religion, teat has been secretly organ
tied by a party claiming to be exclusively Aineri<in, it is
| proper that the American democracy should clearly define
) r*l*tion* thereto, and declare iU determined opposition to
1 *"|,y P *OOUU.?- hJ "b.Uver name Zj msy bs
Weed, That tbe foundation of thl* Union of Stat-.
| *Ting tv"n *id ,n; ?od il? prosperity, expansion, and pre em
1 ' I? , *"T,,Tnm?>i huill upon, enure freedom
n matters of religious concernment, end no respect of o..i s.,ns
inre,*,d to rank or place of blrth.no pStjUmVJJJu
deemed naiioiial. con.tttutional, or ia nooordanee with Ann
j ic*? principles, which bases it. exclusive organisation upon
? !!lm i aod eccldentel birthplace , and h, nee a
politleal eressde in the nineteenth e^ntury, and in the Oil
I ..f'*1?" Ame.ica, against Catholics and toieign born i.
: neither Ju^tiH.?d by the past history or the ru ur.- prospect* ot
j the count, y, nor in unison with the -plrit of toie.aiion aod
j enlarg-d freedom which peculiarly dmtinguishes th? Ameri
j can ivst^fn of popular government."
??e*r* I, That we reiterate, with renewed energy of pur
pose, the well considered declti anon, of formei conventi.ms
upon the *rctmnal issue of do.neetic slavery, and ooncernin^
the roenrv^d right* ot the Hutoe? "
, ,Tbat <;?n*'ee* has m> power, -mder the constitution, to
?J T1:"1 S dor,",,ic ""tltuOoo* ol the sev
r ' U *l "ucb J,,a,M *r* ,b" ,o1' *"d proper
i-dfi*1"* appertaining to their own aff.ii. not
prohibited by I he constitution ; that all efl'orU, ?f th ? sboh
tionlst* or others, made to tmluce t'ongr.w t<. interf -rr with
qaest on* of * *very or to t.ke inc,pi,nt .t?p, ln r,uti<>n
thereto, are calculated to l.ad to the m.?t .i.r.mng and dan
1 fiT.0"! coJ1n",,'l"?'''0?: *nd that all *neh off.,rU hare an inevi
table tendency U, diminish the happing of the people. ,nrt
endanger the stability and p-rm.nen ry of the I'nion and
."nsUtutbrn* C"BnU'na,"Wl b' a?Jr rriM,d of our political
| 1. Th*t the foregoing proposition cover*, and w?* Intended
to embracc, the whole subject of slavery agnation .n Con
| gress; aad, therefore, the democratic part* of the Onion
I standing on tbi* national platrorm, will shide by and adhere
I to * r?ithr.il evecntlon ..f the set* known a. the compromU
mewnre., w>t |ed by the Otlngme of i*M) "the ,et for re
Tm h ?' "a *?m "ryiro nr tnclu<M; which
? ct, being designed to c.rrv ont an expres* prov,,,?e ?t ,h?
2T.^r; Tn0'' WUh "dH,V 'he repealed, or so
Ch*aged a* to de*?roy or impair it* eflicienoy.
Tt"'' the democratic party will resist sll attemnt* at
renewing, in Congree* or out ol It, the agitation of tho .laVer.
^ Motion, under whatever shape or color the attempt may be
' ? ^**" ? "*?*'1|" ~l. -I IU
. w* m"7 'nor,, di,tm?'tJr meet the Issno on which
ti?>r" p,a^l''^? ,uh*istlng exclusively on alavery agita
r:":;,o ,he M^?f?fpeople'
end South, to the constitution *nd the IJnlon^
A-so<?erf, That, claiming fellowship with, and de?irirg the
oo-operation 0f# wbo regard the preservation of the
t uion, under the constitution, aa the paramount iasue,*%nd
repudiating all sectional parties and platforms concemiair
domestic slavery, which neek to embroil the States and lucito
to treason and armed rcsiitauce to law in the Territories, and
whose avowed purposes, it consummated, must end in civil
war and disunion, the American democracy recognuise fin4
adopt the principles contained io the organic laws eatafeJiah
ing the 1 erritories of Kansas and Nebrwka, ii iii)bodvini
the only bound aud safe solution of the ''slavery question
upon which the great uatioual idea of tbu people of this
whole country can repose in iu determined conservatism of
tho Union?NoM-i^TcarBBEMca nv Cokobxks with ?la
vsbv in Htatk and Tbbuitoby, OB in thb Distbict ok
[The reading of this resolution was interrupted for some
time by tremendous and prolonged applause, J
2. 1 hat this was tlie basis of tbe compromise* of l?5U con
firmed by both the democratic and whig parliaa U national
convention!, ratified by the people in the election of 185J
and rightly applied to the organization of Territories iu
1 ,
3. That hy the uniform application of this democratic
principle to the organization of Territories, and to the ad
mission ot now States, with or without domestic slavery, aa
they may olect, the equal rights of all the States will be pre
serred intact, the original compacts of ths constitution
maintained inviolate, and tbe perpetuity and expansion of
this (jnion insured to its utmost capacity of siubraeuitt, io
peace and harmony, evvry future American State tbat may
be constituted or annexed, with a republican form of ?ov
ernuicnt. "
lii.oivtd, That we recognise the right of the people of all
the Territories, including Kansas and Nebraska, actio?
through the legally and fairly-expressed will of a majority
of actual residents ; and, whenever the number of their in
habitants justifies it, to form a oonstitution. with or without
domestic slavery, and be admitted into the Union upon t.-rms
of perfect equality with the other States.
ICtMi'fvtU, finally, That, in view o the oondltion of pop
ular institutions in the Old World, and tbe dangerous ton
dencies ot sectional agitation, combined with the attempt to
enforce civil and religious disabilities against the rights ot
acquiring and enjoying citizenship iu our own land, a hi'fh
aud sacred duty is devolved, w.fli increased i sponaibiiitv,
upon the democratic party of this country, a-- the party o!
the (Jnion, to uphold and maintain tho rights of overv St"at?,
and thereby the Union of the States, and to sustain and ad
vance among us constitutional liberty, by continuing to rr
?ust all monopolies aud exclusive legislation for tho benetlt
ol tlie ftiw at the expense of the many, and liy a vigilant
and constant adherence to those principles and compromises
of the constitution, which are brorul enough and strong
enough to eihbiace at.tl uphold the Onion *s it was, the
Union as it is, and the Union as it shall be i:i the full expan
sion of the energies and capacities ol this grtat aud proere?
sive people.
1. Ht.ohed, That there are questions oonnectrd with the
loreipn policy of this country which arc inferior to no do
mestic questions whatever. Tho time has come for th.i peo
pie ol ibe United States to declare themselves in favor of
free seas and progressive free trade throughout (ho world
and by solemn manifestations to place their jyoial influence
at the side of their successful example.
2 Htnvlveil, That our geographical and political position
with reference to other States of tbia continent, no less than
the interest ot our commerce, and tbe development or our
growing power, requirea that we should bold as sacred the
principles involved in the Monroe doctrine ; their bearing
and import admit of no misconstruction : they should b?
applied with unbending rigidity.
5. lUioived. That the (treat highway which Nature, as
weil as the assent of the States most immediately interested
in iu maintenance, has mark.d out for a free communication
between the Atlantic and the Pacific 00" an a, constitutes
one of the most important achievement* realized bv the apirit
of modern times and the uuoonquerable energy of our peo
ple. That result should be secured by a timely and efficient
exertion of the oontrol which we bave tbe right to claim
over it; and no pot. er on earth should be in fiered to im
pede er olog its progress by any interference with the rela
tions it may suit our policy to establish between aur gov
ernment and the governments of the States within whose do
minions it lies. We can, under no circumstances, surren
der our preponderance in the adjustment of all questions aris
ing out of it.
' Kenolvtd, That, in view of so commanding aa inter
est, the people of the United States cannot but synspa
thize with the efforts which are being made by the pecple
of Central America to regenerate that portion of the conti
nent which covers the passage aorosa the interoceanic isth
6. Jiemlved, That the democratic party will expect of
the next administration tbat every proper effort will ha
made to insure our asccndencv in the Quit of Mexico ; and to
maintain a permanent protection to the great outlets through
which are emptied into Its waters the products raised oat of
the soil, and the commodities oreated by the industry of tha
people of our western valleys, and of tbe Union at large.
11. F? HALLETT, Chairman.
Itfolced, That tbe democratic party recognises the great
Importance, in a political and commercial point of view,
of a sale and sp6edy communication, by military and postal
roads, through our own territory, between tbe Atlantic aad
I'acifie coasts of this Union, and tbat it is the duty of the
federal government to exercise promptly all its constitutional
power for the attainment of that object.
Mr. Hallett. 1 am instructed by the committee to lay
these resolutions before the convention.
W. P. I'anker, of Pennsylvania. I move that this report
and resolutions be unanimously adoptod, without the croM
iug of a I or the dotting of an i. [Great applause.]
Mr. Conway, of Virginia. 1 move that there be a divis
ion of tbe question, and that tbe convention first act upon
the resolutions relating to the domestic policy of the na
tion. There were delegates here, especially from the 8tato
which he in part represented, who were not prepared to
adopt all these resolutions; and it would be neceaaary to
divide tbe body on the reeolutionf.
n. P. Butler, of Massachusetts. Aa this report ia the
unanimous result of the labors of a committee compoaad of
delegates from all the 8Isles, and 1 believe imbodies prin
i ciplcs which have obtained the aequieecence of all the
democrats in every part of our Union, I shall nfofs the
previous question.
f Vo, no ! Great sensation.]
J M. R. If. Gnrnett of Virginia. I riae to a point of or
der. A division of the question lias been asked by my col
league that took precedence.
j [No I Order, order I]
Mr. Oarnett, in a warm and excited manner, exclaimed :
Before such resolutions are forced upon ua?before they
j are forced upon the democracy of the Did Dominion, which
has steadily opposed the doctrines embraced In one of
j them?thnt Old Dominion which has never faltered In de
fence of the democratic faith ? before you force such raeo
| lotions upon us, I ask for a division of the question.
Several members here arose and catted to order, and in
sisted that there could be no debate pending a call for the
previons question.
Mr. tiibburd, of New Hampshire, said that the call far a
division of the main question, under the rnles of the House
of Representatives, was in order after the previous question
was demanded and sustained, and that any one member
was entitled to bave tlie main question uivided.
Tbe President said that the previous question having
been demanded, the question first in order was Khali the
call for the previous question be siieminod? Then, ii if
was sustained, the question would fos, Shall the main
question be now put? Aud if that wtij decided Itt the
affirmative, fhe gentleman from Virginia v.as er.titled to
have tho main question divided.
Mr. Phelps, of Miasourl. Mr. President. I desire to sag
' gee! that the right of a delegation from a State, which
1 casta thirty-five votes upon this floor, to be admitted, hat
not been settled, arid I would ask whether It is not preaie
I tnre to adopt the resolutions just read tiefore Nsw York Is
; heard? I think it is, aud 1 appeal to the gentleman AA>tu
Ohio to withdraw the call for the previous question, tbat
j 1 mnv move to postpone tbe further consideration of this
! platform until the N> w Vork contested case is decided.
Mr. Butler refused to withdraw his call for the previous
I question.
Mr, Avery, of North Carolina, moved that the nonven
1 'ion should consider the resolutions reported and acted
upon by the committee, disregarding tbe extra resolution
relative to a public toad.
Tbe Chatr, however, would not entertain tbe resolution;
| but the previous question, being seconded, was put to the
! body, and Ihe body Sustained it by a large majority. Tbe
1 order was that the convention would now vote apoa tbe
resolutions relating to the domestic policy ot (be country.
The call was for a vote by .States.
The States were severally called, and each delegation
unanimously votfd aye in favor of the resolutions The
Virginia and Mississippi delegations alone retired to con
snlt, but returned with their unanimous approval of tbe
| resolutions.
When the North Carolina vote was announced, Mr. Ave
| ry, who was the organ of the delegation, remarked : u North
Carolina gives ten votes for the resolutions, and will give
ten thonsand in November."
When Alabama was called, her delegates cried out:
|" Msbama votes nine votes tor the resolution. and in No
j vember, as tisnal, she will roll tip her fifteen thousand dem
ocratic majority .
When Kentucky was called, the Hon. 0. A. Wiokllffe an
nounwd that Kentucky gave her twelve votes for tho ??so
lutions, and all she could promise wonld be a majority in
November ne*t, f Ixmd applause )
The President tlien announced that the several delegs
I tions had voted unanimously, to wit: two hundred and
| sixty-one votes in flavor of the resolutions reported by the
I committee relating to the domestic, policy of the country.
Mr. YVickliffe. Before we arc called on to vote on the
remaining portions of the resolutions, I think we should
I bare time from no* till three o'clock, In order that in a

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