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rjcckption OK the newb or thb democratic
Tbe news Of the nominations ?d* b, *? Dewoorntk
K.uw-1 Convent*. MUMd tb. taunt ctbu.ia.tkeM.te
'IU?, in lb. City Of New York, a. indeed In ev?*y dtJ,
U,wl, and fitogt i? the United But. wbwe the mtelli
_00t has reached. The Herald sejn;
0 The announcement of tbe nomination of James Buchanan
^JaoftoeofFredd-t of the UnitedI KUto. created no
Lui. ??:uu?nt in tbe city yeaterday. Tb. placard, on tbe
...paper bulletins ware esgetly patuacd by uitiWd tsroada,
thedifferent democratic headquarters ran up lag., and
til Uk- new. P"??*d up for tbe cdittcatiou of tbe democracy,
X. thronged together in large number. to exobauge eon
ratalation. on tb. rCttlt. At ball past eleven o dock,
!' on tba reception of tbe new., a hundred and
' ?UIU were ?red in tbe Hark. ThU wa. done by ouUi
d!r, not connected with either tbe bard or .oft faction, lu
the .renin* one bundled gun. additional were fired by oidei
1 >be aoft-?beH general committee. Old Tauimany had her
flu Hung within half an hour after tbe reault wa. known.
The nomination, were received in Philadelphia with
more enthusiasm, if possible, thau in New York. A grai.d
ratification meeting is to be held in ludei-endence Square
oU Tuesday evening next. The call for thi. merlin*, a.
uublUbed in tbe Pennsylvanien, i. follow.:
.. The democracy of Philadelphia, and all who des.ro the
.Jo, of .1 a trie. Buchanan, of .Vnu-, Irania and John C
Hrtckinridga, of Kentucky, for President and Vice 1 resl
Lt ar.r5q.clod to assemble in ma., meeting in lnde
ndence Square, on Tuesday evening next, June 10, at T/?
Tcluck, p. to ratify tbe nomination, oi the Cincinnati
1 ""lit "the heartfelt joy of the people of the Keystone State
,t the nomination of her beloved .talesman find utterance.
Let the love of our citizen, for tbe constitution, tbeit nlon,
for dril and religion, liberty, and their regard for the wel
fare of our beloved country, be manifested bj a grand dcin- ^
""'?Tbe different wards are requested to eoese in their might
and strength, with their transparencies and banners, trim
med and burning, aud the con.titution and tolerance inscrib
ed upon tbeir folds.
? 'Come as tbe wind, come when forest* are reuded ; >
Come a. the waves oorne when navies are .tranded.
"Let the I. lends of oar noble ticket?the glorious Buchan
an sod the gallant Breckinridge?turn out e? mossr.
" Invitation. have been extended to the following eminent
Maskers, who are expected to be present: General Lewis
Cut Michigan; Hon. Henry A. Wise, Virginia; Hon. R.
M T Hunter, Virginia; Gov. Lowe, Maryland; Hon. J.
r' Thomson, New Jeraey ; B. F. Hallett, ?M., Ma-.achu
tett8 Hon. Htiwell Cobb, Georgia ; Hon. Wm. Higler,
Pennsylvania; Hon. Wm. L. Richardson, Il inois ; Hen.
W McCandleas, Pennsylvania; Hon. James M. Porter,
Pennsylvania ; Hon. T. B. Florence, Pennsylvania ; Hon.
J (ilancey Jones, Pennsylvania ; Hon. S. A. Douglas, llli
aoi, ; Hon. Jatnea A. Bayard, Delaware ; Gov. Wright, In
diana; Hon. J. D. Bright, Indiana; Hon. II. Seymour,
Kew York ; Hon. D. 8. Dickinnon, New York ; Hon. John
Blidell, Louisiana ; Hon. Pierre Soul#, Louisiana ; Hon.
liaac Toueey, Connecticut; Hon. Wm. Wilkins, Pennsyl
vania ; Hon. John Ca<lu alader, Pennsylvania ; Hon. Wm.
Wilte,' Pennsylvania ; C. W. Carrigan, e.q , Philadelphia,
and other distinguished speakers.
" By order of tbe Democratic City Erecultve Committee.
" JOHN A. MARSHALL, Chairman.
From the New York papers we also learn that "the
news of Buchanan's nomination wa3 received by the demo
crat. of Brooklyn with the greatest demonstration, of en
thu.is'm. Captain Hogan, of the Napper Tandy artillery,
fired iwsalute of two hundred guns from the bridge over
Montague street, near the Wall street ferry; and the
Eleventh Ward Democratic Club also fired a salute of one
hundred and fifty guns from a Tacant lot above Fort
Grreo. Meetings were also held of the various clubs in
the Eleventh, Fourth, Third, and other wards, last eve
ning, to respond to the action of the convention.
From Connecticut, too. we have tbe same enthusiastic
response. The IlaitTord Daily Times of Friday evening
" This result was received by ns at balf-past 11 o'clock to
day, and was placed immediately upon our bulletin. Tbe
announcement wa. reoeived with the greatest inUre>t, and
??it a thrill of joy through the masse* of tbe people, while
every democrat especially seemed overjoyed at the glad
sews. The black republiaans and know-uotbing. read tbe
announcement in siltooe, and turned away from it with tbe
looks of sorry and disappointed men, for they generally ad
mit that Buchanan is destined to be the next President of tbe
United States.
?' A national aalateof SI gnns was tired at 2 o'clock by the
Hartford democracy in honor of the news.
" Oar flag-staff already bears the name of Buchanan, float
ing to the breexe over the national ensign, on a pennant K
yards long, and in letters two feet in length
Tbe Pennsvlvanian has tbe ing eloquent notiix of j
tbe democratic candidate for tbe vice presidency :
? If anything could have added to the general gratifica
tion procured by tbe selection of Mr. Buchanan for the
presidency, it would have been tbe exceedingly appropriate
and satisfactory nomination for the vice presidency. No
man of bis J ears occupies at this moment a prouder and
more enviable position before tbe country than Mr. Breck
inridge. On hut entrance Into Congress, a few years ago,
as the successor of the immortal Clay in representing the
Ashland district, he was subjected from that cin nrostaoce
to a sharp scrutiny, which resulted, greatly to his honor, in
tbe general conviction of bis worthiness to occupy tbe post
which bad long been adorned by that great man. Mr.
Breckinridge's eulogy on the character of Mr. Clay was as
able and effective an nddtees as was ever delivered on the
fcjor of Congress, and was universally admired as one of
the most appropriate tribute* ever paid to departed great
* Thrngh roong in yfars?be is now bat about thirty
live?be has* already deservedly won many honors and
dis'inetions, and many more, we trust, are still in store
for htm. He is lb? son of Oahall Breckinridge, a distln
gaished lawyer, and the nephew of the celebrated pulpit
orators, John and Hobert J. Breck'rridge. When quite
young be was elected to tbe Kentncky legislature, and du
ring our content with Mexico he accompanied the celebra
ted Kentucky regitneut, in tbe rank of mnjor, to the seat
of war, and bore himself gallantly through that strug
"Soon after his retnrn be was elected to Congress and
then re-elected after one of the moot desperate contests in
whtch toe sympathies of the whole country seemed enlist
ed, ever known in the United State* Among hi. eon
grswtonal associates he was universally esteemed for his j
rosily bearing, his statesman-like aldlilitn, and great ora
torical powers.
"President Pierce voluntarily t?ndered hint, a lew year"
since, a vnrv honorable position wc think the mission to ;
fipai n?which be declined, and, we believe, be also de
clined running a third time for Congress; bat we are glad j
another opportunity is presented, by the action of the Cin
? cinnati Convention, of securing th? country the service* of
sn able, patriotic, and distinguished a man
"Rarely. Indeed, bare the peop,e of thi* country been
presented with n hett?T ticket than that formed by our two
illustrious nominees, Buchanan and Breckinridge. They
are With worthy of the fullest confidence of the country.
an<i both men whom all may f?el proud to voir for."
The following prophetic paragraph appeared in the New j
Yor'< Journal of Oommer'-e of the lasne r4 April It!
"The know nothing enoneil? of Philadelphia have refased
th. ??? ef the Hall "f lnd<-j>?i?4euee for the reception of tbe j
H?s. James Huehansn. Nevtr mind ; the people will for-1
??*h klm s hall, after the 4th of March next, which will
b? 'saffhitsit for nil practical pnrfn>???.'"
The conclusion of tile leading editorial article in tbe i
Ssshville I'nion of Toenday last is as follow. ;
"One thing wa peediet with the troat perfect eertainty?
all the bicketiags they way have will be over ???? and not !
??er priatiftln. Tbey Will he a ssil on the question of a .
platform. Democracy Is the same everywhere. Its nation- |
ality wit] secure it sgainst any Internal food, npnn all the
Importaat ?|aosti<m. of principle. And therein ennaists Its i
strength and its pride the safety and stability of the (sv
srament. Every member of the Cincinnati Convention
wight torn black cepabtican to-morrow, and the demo
rratir r>?rtv would still remain soSad. It* foundation U
based npoa the great eardhnal dnetrlnetf of eivil and religions
lihertv, a strict conetrnctioa of Use oonstitation, and the
sovereignty of tbe States. Men are, therefore, but Its advo
cate.. not its vita) parts."
Tbs ot pRsr riri EOATl.?A New York paper say*:
" Among the delegates from New Yosk to Cincinnati is
Major (ieneral 8. O Hathaway, of C^iurtland onunty, one
of the oldest delegare* to the convention, being in hi* 7?th
year. 11? yote-1 for Jefferaon.
The subjoined deepattii *ti rtctived at too Ute au hour
for insertion In our but iMUr
CmciMKATi, Jium d.?After the auuitualioa of Mr. Mrcck
iuridge, biuuelf, Mr. I'reitoo of Kentucky, ud others, made
spwxsbe#, ooogratnlatlng the oooveatloa and the democratic
party upon tbe singalar unanimity exhibited in the aoiaiaa
tiuaa, aad the amicable adjustment of the difference* in Ket
York, Ac.
UktilutoD was tixud upon aa the plaoe for boidiug the neat
Natioaal Ooavealiua.
The National Committee ?u appointed.
Ike convention adopted a reaolutioa authorising the east
in| of lota for the New York member of the committee ; bat
tbe aotta declined participating in the game of ehanoe, and
August** Schell, being tbe only name in the bat, waa eleoted
The oonrention then adjourned tint dit.
Subsequently the President made aa eloquent speech.
The amount paid to-day at 11 o'clock, at the Treasury I
I'epartuieut, to tbe creditors of the late republic of Texas j
<*?* 1M.872.SC9 74.
From the New York Frttntuu'e Journal.
the crisis.
Jrgr that ,he Americ*n ?e remarkable
Sl i?'i,Pr'UOD ,0 ^'e readily concede
the justness of this remark, abstracting it from tbe many
hasty and absurd ones which have U,eu hazarded upon the
people and country. Crockett was tbe man who started
the motto tnto circulation, in this form, "Be sure you are
Jil, then go al*ad." Analy*. it carefully, and wmetbiofc
of this sort may be got out of it, "When you think you are
wrong stop." }
For some time we have been noting, In these columns
the progress of certain religio-political movements, and
predicting a catastrophe as their natural result. We even
ancied that the people concerned would themselves come
to suspect that their speed whs a trifle too rapid, and could
jffer abatement without serious damage to anybody ljut
truth compels the avowal that there were no apparent mis
givings on their part as to the entire safety of their head
long and foolhardy career.
Does any plain, sober man, of common sense, doubt that
this country has, for a number of years, been steadily tend
ing towards revolution? Is it necessary to cite evidence '
SmS 7k T,m?n ,be WriliUKil 0f Garrison CJerrit
Stn 'h, the abolition journals, the rank sectionalism of the
Tribune and the Times, the Uncle Tom of Mrs. Stowe, the
philippics of Theodore I'arker, the creed of the know-noth
?gt? Or shall wc recall to sad rooollcction the dying
struggle* 0f ,he immortel Clay-the broken heart of the
peerless U ebster? This ceases assault upon tbe founda
tions of the government cannot go on so forever. Nobody
ever imagined that tbe constitution can survive the aliena
tion of the affections of the people of tbe United States It
Z;r? ^ " bOD<1 10 bind hostile Ser
Uons n a hateful discord. If the j^ple are dissatisfied
with their government-if its principles and its oririnal
compacts are become odious to tbera, if they ctnnot consci
ihilTh t, U^tr "nd are aeriou,1J' >*ot upon some
thing better or diflerent-then tk* ,y.Um ha, oWv faU.J I
. n J 8 BCeDei 0t ,he *reat dra?a, and digas- !
ens all that remains behind. Was it ever b?rore known I
that a nation unassailed by disease, unvoted by tbe first
ofvo7hf >'hl 118 P"de ?f iD Uie buovaucy
ofyouthful vigor met an end so mournful and so shame
ful And bow ? The welfare and the hopes of twentr
^ur millions of while men sacrificed on account of thr^e
mil ions of black men-the whole confederation of existing
?* inev'ILl 10 frag"enU for ""p^plod rerritori'.
Such inevitefclv must be the disgraceful record of this
i~p" "?keo,ubt
We have among us a body of men who are the mall J
Zr mZV /11' g?rernment- Their daily avocation,
g y dream, is self-aggrandizement. Tbey are
pursued, beset, posted by that devil, tk, lov, o, j'.ou-rr
Tbey have mounted upon the neck of the American peo
ple as the <Ud Man of the Sea got upon Siubad the Sailor
ud there ? no shaking them off. With a detestable dex
terity tbwe incarnations of mischief seise upon everv im
pulse of the popular feoling, and direct it to tbe profit of
tbeir own advancement and importance. Tbev are soec
ulators, gamblers as much so as the dealer in stocks or !
faro-end some of tbem have amassed large fortunes, ??d
others are umaseing them, by administering to the excite- i
' y '"fallibility of tbe people. This recnt unbappv !
canmgaflair in Washington ha. been for them a fZZ\
mrt, A,f_JU?tas the wooly borae was to Bamum Pro-1
J7LT ^UritJL?Ttor Wisdotn. higher patriotism j
ban the founders of the republic, tbey are at boltorn
dx^ T ''H'" government, (he flatterers and
TJ . il reside, and tbey hare
EnIf i'k r?UD,rJ ,0 ,h* ^ ^ rniB Th' ?~nm?a
Uo? of tbe.r ecur^ ? hindt ?d ,t c,a ^ j
br the you^d indignation and energy of the people !
tb.Mli0Dg Vb:,>f0p,etO,"ate ,h" Umpwing with,
inHillTT*' krir ? How Jong permit
individuals among then, to eul.ivate latent tr^aon ,s un |
R 'O follow up agitation as "tbe chief end of man
, , " " tbe to be la ilon, T When are tbe at- '
Uoks npon it to cease ? Is there such a crime in a Stat*
M tnlddn, or s :ch a right as poliUcal eelf-defence'' Shall
tbe m,n who sinkee down a single lift be brwnded as a
,>norWoI,, Till?n "?>o foments arxJ *ar
Th T .r*tribBt,?0 T Thi? must not and will B0t be
The time u gonr hj wbcn th, muMotthf p< u)d
be hurled into conflict and mutual diacussion. while tbe
projectors of Ibe mischief patted nnscatbed An mtelh i
JD;U,T<1 PC?PI<' Wi" *"k oot' wiUl ? fcnlttea. mi
gadty the ime authors of their undoirg Tbey covet a I
pUr? bf',0'T ,b* *"ited multitude ; they may 1,?, to
mount one higher than they bargained for. The L,d. of
Danton Marwt. and Robesp.erre fell at length bv uT?i,
licu"lT " '?,OBfr '"w- wi,h K|
Are Ibeae gentlemen endowed with (hat degree of de,
rdfU game tbey are p,.^in?
Mr. Theodore ) arker, full of brave words and Huiat I
?*rce denunciation, gn-w pale atthe sight of blood .nd
hiTd2 ,!!fhC;rd '?r >>rOUclion th?t I" he thought be
.W, .7^ w m'n Wh? rUih ,0U> MCi,?1 ???'-meef.
mgt at tbe whirnnK of a gutta-^rcba stick and
?liinper m alarm at the smoke of one Kanaai village are
not yet strung to the mood which is fitt.. to ,
the terrible agonies of an expiring Htate Tbe? fanau"
<rf mo'k beroea who* courage mount, with th. abeenc, of
Ibe danger. It is one thing to cull the vo?h?larr of
? IM ThJT' tbf prrtU "
^ "?0'' "?<1 " '? *n?tber to stand where blow, ere
ridre* "A h "J*d*"h fr?m Xht Wd ?r ? f*rt
r dge or flsshe, from tbe point of a bavonet We ...
that the emergency which is hastening on demand, tbia
are aboot to Mae into stem deeds There is no ground to
tban tboae of"LTa m
w, M^?I:n0t ,er f"rt?ni Tb* dilT'renre
* FVClltlidtof th* raUMk ftlnna ft
rrc, k~*. ?>-" ?? ii.
whether H *<""*?"??< *M. to protect itself; or,
masw. lnd 'rr ^ds and
T"" W" tru" th" ,h' with
England wilt p.M hy, a?d not operate a, a d.vemon of
the more ..portent queation. We pray ,b.t tbe foroe of
the government may be tested, and that the national M-irit
?ay U^eW xht poW(.ri ^ di,onion ^ '
k are the A merican people capable of ^filling the destiny
which was shaped out for tbem and worthy of the bk??^
H held in store ? W e want that question to be tried now
before mountebanks, charlatans, and politic*! adventurers
VJ'trr lb* f*brir ^ lh' and up
rooted the loyalty of the American people.
M"?v Bnmsi. a?o?rT7o.?rrom India we have news to I
-Tk , Ar"'" ,,rofonnd continued to prevail
inn." PT ?in*nM for ^ ?t'T*'* Of tbe Barod. lomin
ions were beginning to be taken V
Waxc.^ New Ymk Timet of Friday My,:
boat, nwtnu-tm* ? T* nV"* /"'?wday. The
m with n ..M?r>k ? m. "JJ) fro"1 Boboken at 11, tL
thronged with the familL Z th.'Pr2V>n' A *irmrn9T
^ .adron Three ^ wJ^SZaJI'T'^
!hm - *>*
OJk-HVMl ?t.n
Indian Bureau.? Tks Attask upon the Cascades by lias
tiis Indians.?Htmoval of tVundly Indians to tks Messrva
turns.?Outrages by both Wkilts and Indians.?By the last
mail from California highly-important information respect
ing tbe Indian difficulties In Oregon Territory was re
ceived from Um superintendent of Indian affairs for this
district. It appears from tbe superintendent's report that
tbe steamer Mary was lying at tbe Cascades at the time
tbe Indians made their first descent, but fortunately ?*
taped, and immediately proceeded to tbe Dalles to (ire no
tice ot tbe outbreak. The attack commenced oa Wednes
day, tbe 24Sth of March last, at 8 o'clock in tbe morn
lng, aud continued three days. Eighteen men defended
tbe block-house, and tweety Bradford's store, which
were tbe only positions which could at all be main
tained by the lew brave men who were there, determined
to sell their lives as dearly as they eould. Tbe number of
Indians engaged in this attack was estimated at about 400,
who maintained their position until the relief-forces ar
rived, when tbey retreated into the woods.
As soou as intelligence of this outburst reached the
Dalles, and other points in its immediate vicinity, volun
teer forces and several companies of United States troops
went to the relief of tbe inhabitants of tbe Cascades. In
the attack which easued, tbe Indians were surprised, and
Cbenowetb, tb? chief of the Cascade tribe, together with
fifteen others of bis tribe, wus captured. Four companies
of regulars were stationed at this point for its protection.
| The whole number of tbe killed is stated at 17, and tbe
number wouuded at 12.
I The report further states that " these outrages and tbusu
I in Southern Oregon have created a state of feeling amoug
; our citizens almost incontrollable. Active operations were
i on foot to gather in the scattering bands upou tbe Grand
j K'jnde and coast reservation, but this unexpected outburst
of popular plirensy came well nigh upsetting and defeating
tbe whole project."
The order for furnishing troops to guard and pro
tect this reservation could not be complied with. A
lieutenant and twenty privates were all that could be
obtained, and the threatening attitude of the commu
nity caused apprehensions of a general and combined
attack upou the camps of friendly Indians located
at the Grand Konde, aud the slaughtering or driving
into a hostile position of all who might be residing
in that valley. Consequently, a force of armed citizens
were organized and placed upon the eastern line of tbe
reservation, thus cutting off all communication between
the settlements and the Indians. Instructions were also
issued for tbe construction of a fence from mountain to
mountain, as a line of demarcation acrosB which none
could i>ass, which course it is thought will effectually pro
tect these friendly Indians.
In the mean time, active measures were taken to collect
all tbe scattering bunds?many of whom were found to be
in a destitute condition ; and if left to themselves, would,
most assuredly, have gone over to tbe hostile tribes?und
place them on this reservation. Aunng those who were
provided for are named the I'pper Klamathi, who have for
several years past been in the habit of residing in this valley
during the winter season. With tbe exception of a few fami
lies, scattered along the Columbia rivwr below tbe mouth o'
the Willamette, all the bands of this valley have been placed
on tbe (irand Ilonde purchase, together with those of tbe
Umpqua valley and three hundred and ninety-one friendly
Rogue River Indians. Tbe confidence of these Indians, it
is stated, though shaken at times, still appears to be un
bounded, aud they cheerfully come forward and deliver up
their arms of every description, and seem to be willing to
conform to any rules which may be imposed.
No recent intelligence bud been received from the Port
Oxford district. Agent Olney went down on the steamer
of the 28th of March last, with instructions to collect the
Indians at an encampment near tbe fort, and, as soon
as an escort could be obtained, to remove them to tbe coaat
Agricultural Division of the I'atent Office.? Cotton in
A'ctxi Scotia.?Tbe Commissioner of Patents received an
answer to a circular making inquiries relative to the1
growth of cotton, addressed to a gentleman residing at
Plcton, Nova Scotia, stating that "there is no establish
ment, either in the province of Nova Scotia, Prince Ed
ward's Island, or Newfoundland, for tbe manufacture of the
raw material of cotton. The supply of the manufactured
article has been, until within a few years past, obtained
almost wholly from Europe. Recently tbe importation of
coarse American cottons exceeds largely that of the Eng
lish, being considered better adapted to tbe climate; and I
have no doubt tbe quantity will be greatly Increased, as
tbe prejudice heretofore existing against anything of Ameri
can manufacture is fast ^rearing away ; and this is one of
tbe beneficial results of the reciprocity treaty."
porr ornci tisrartmxxt.
JtTsv Post Offices?The following-named new post of-1
Sees have been established, and tbe following gentlemen j
appointed postmasters:
Old Fort, Centre cocntj, IVnnivlvaoia; George Oten
kiuk poatmahter. He-established.
Sycamore Grove, Putnam county, Virginia; Eliaa Wheel
er, postmaster
Ziou's Mills, Lee county, Virginia, Abraham D. Zion,
Supply, Brunswick county, North Carolina; John Mer
cer. (>ostmaster.
Salt Creek, Amherst county, Virginia; John S. Kyle,
Wolf Pit, Onslow county, North Carolina; Edward 1*
Funville, postmaster.
Elkin. Surry county, North Carolina ; Richard K. Gwin,
Barpsborough, Johnston county, North Carolina ; W
Karp, [K>s?inas'er
Stony Creek, Caswell county, North Carolina; Jackaon J
G. Pinning, postmaster.
JAsnmtinued -The poet office at Chalkrllte, Chester
county, South Carolina, has been discontinued
Change ?/ Same?Tbe name and rite of tbe post office
at Perrv ? Store, Taitwell county, \ irginia baa been
changed from Perrr's Store to Croftsville. and David Croft 1
has been appointed postmaster, In plate of David H. Perry,
On the saoming of Monday, June 2, Bishop Baker an
nounced the following Order of holding annual confer
ences ;
June 12. Western Virginia. June 57, Vermont.
" 18. Burlington. July 2. Main*.
" 18, New York. J, East Maine
* 18. New York East. J Wyoming.
" 18, Black River Erie.
" la. New Hampshire. " Is, Oneida
" 1", Pitubnrg
Pr. Floy, frctn the tract committee, reported the follow-l
Ing resolution ;
AP<???/? ed, That tl-e book agents and tract secretary be.
and they h?reby are. instructed to publish, in tract or book ,
form, sorb antl-slavery matter as the subject of slavsry I
may demand, including Mr. ^ rufey's "Thoughts oo Sla
The resolution gwe rise to a long explanation from the '
Rev Abel Stevens and considerable disenssion, but it was
Anally adopted.
Tbe following resolution was offered by tbe Be* Dr
Dnrbin, laid on the table, and ordered to be printed :
Kesmlr'd, That the next suasion of the General Confer- '
ettre shall commence on the first day of May, A. D. 1861.
and shall he held erery four years thereafter, commencing
on the firat day of May.
Id the afternoon tbe election of conference officers took
Rev Mr. Carlton was re-aleelcd senior book agent at Now
York by acclamation; the assistant agent. Rev Jasnea
Porter, by 114 votes ; the Rer. B. Griffen had 85 votaa.
Rer. 8.8wonnstedt, senior book-agent at Cincinnati, was
re-elected by aodametio*; Rev. Adam Poo, assistant, by
118 rotes; the Rev. Lake Hitchcock had 81 rotas.
Rer. Abel Stevens was elected editor of tbe Christian
Adrocato and Journal by 136 rotes ; the Rer. T. O. Hib
bard had 06.
Rer. Oalria Kingsley was elected editor of the Western
Christian Advocate by 11C rotes; Rer. Charles Elliott had
Rev. D. I>. Whedon was elated editor of the Quarterly
Reriew by 108 rotes; Rev. Dr. Mcdintoefc had Ml.
Rer. D. Wise was elected Sunday School editor by 11<
rotes; Rer. A. M. Osborn had 61.
Rer. James Floy was elected editor of the National
Magssine nod Traces by 1 >8 votes; Rer. J. H Perry bad
Re*. D. W. Clark ?s< re-elected editor of the Lad lea ;
Repodtory Mid Book* at the Cincinnati Book Concern by
?c Uuuuiou.
K?v. T. Q. Hibbard >u elected editor of the Northern
Christian Advocate by 118 fete*; iter. W. Hoftuer uad 94.
Kb*. J. N. baird waa circled editor of' the PitUburg
ChrUtian Advocate by acclamation.
Rev. i. V. Wataon waa re-elected editor of tbe North
wee tern Chriitian Advocate by 131 vote*; Rev. T. M. hddj
bad 69.
Limn osvi'RHTti.?Hon. John M. Nile#, who died on the
3d alt., bequeathed I gays tbe New Haven Journal) $20,
000, to be held in trust for the poor of Hartford, one-half
the income to be applied toward* payiug the want* of the
deserving indigent, and the other half to aupply them wiib
fuel. He alko bequeathed bit library to the Historical Li
At a meeting of the Democratic Association of the 1th
ward, at Potomac Hall, tbe following resolution was unan
imously adopted :
Retulved, That the nomination of James Buchanan, of
Pennsylvania, and J. C. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, meets
with tbe hearty approbation of this association ; and that
we pledge ourselves to use all honorable means to secure
their election as President and Vice President of the Uni
ted Slates.
Resolved, That the papers in our city favorable to the
nominations be requested to copy.
JAMBS BSPEY, President
Jko. M. Thornton, Secretary.
Msshiksii'i-unh.?Bi ck and Bmcckinkidue.?We arc re
quested to say that a meeting of MLssissippians in this city
is solicited for Monday, the Oth, at 7, p. m., to be bolden at
the rooms of A. G. Haley, esq, northwest corner of 4i and
C streets, to organise a "Buck and Breckinridge Club."
Alabarnians are also invited for the purpose of con
sidering the propriety of uniting the forces of these two
"Taii Keystone State" Buchanan Cluh.?The demo
crats of Pennsylvania temporarily rending in the city of|
Washington, and all other Ponnsylvauians who are in
favor of and desire to co-operate to promote the election
to the presidency of the United States of the distinguished
statesman, "Pennsylvania's Favorite Son," are requested to
meet on Monday evening next, June 9, at seven o'clock, at
the residence of the Hon. Thomas Bi Florence, northeast
corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 17tb street, to adopt
measures to enter warmly into the campaign by the forma
tion of a Pennsylvania Democratic Bucbnnan Cluh, and
having for its object the preparation and distribution of
lucb documents and "facts for tbe people" as will promote
the dissemination of wholesome democratic truths. Let
there be a full attendance of sons of tbe "Old Keystone,"
which promises a round majority of 50,000 for James Bu
Ratification Meeting.
Boston, June 7.?The democratic ward and county com
mittee ban taken preliminary Heps for a grand Buchanan and
Breckinridge ratification meeting at Faneuil Hall.
fatal Accident.
WoaccsTca, June 7.?Lawrence M. Leary wan inrtantly
killed to day by the premature discbarge of a cannon which
was being tired in honor of the nomination of Buchanan and
Breckinridge. Two other persons were badly hurt.
DiriiTSinr or Btiti,
WaaUiagtoa, June 7, lbJf
Infor (nation itai been received at thia departmei.t from lamon L
Sancbex,evq., connul of ihe I'litcd M.tfs it Cartagena, New Gra
nada, that the Coofreaa of Uie republic of New Granada p**?rd on
tbe 29tb, and tt?e Executive approved ou tha 3i*t day of March la?t,
a law declaring ''urUfeiia a free port, to coiac into operation on Uie
firM day of beptember n? xt.
June t
DM1 U no ">OK??DC. MUNBON has removed hi* oAce lo
2TI< P<a>?)<rula avenue, formerly occaiurd by Mij. Ketwuriii
Jim :euuJt't
J WIT rxrl>rS ? nrw iljrlf of Bat hftnm fmh sal
under pack can, a very gr ireful and rlrgaat garment ; also,
Ibf Kcflin duatrra, wiih a nipeiiur a?eorttnriit ui aunitnrr K"<ida.
v? aL k (tlBfHBMA,
Jane 7?dint P*an avenue between IKh and I oth Ma.
Bank of Plrtropoll.,
Wa*kln|ton, June 7( 1B56.
I N election for ten tmatera of tbi? bank, lu aerve Tor ibr >ear
/I Iben nail eaawi.g, wilt be held ai tt>? banking bourn on Mon
day, lb* 7U> day of Jttljt Beat. <
1 Ik polta atll open at 10 o'clock, a. ni., a?d cluae at ? o'clock, p
a. By urdor uf llic board ?
iaaa 7eodtXJtiae4i7Jaly Ca?lncr
United Mtatcs Malli.
Porr Orrir* Pirilrsm, JaaeT, IBM.
niOfOMIJ for carrying Uie Caitrd ttiaim mail* triMo tbe l*t day
I of < letnber at XI to the 3i>?Si Jane, IBM1, o? the following rriu>
IB Tenne**e?i| will be raealvi-d al the i oniract tilhce of 'hie dr '
purtaraai, la the ettr "t Waalilagtoa, until 9. a. m , **t ihe IMi day of
A ugaM aril, |o be decidrd tbe aeii day, via :
Ho IMI Piam ( ooeo'd Depot, Tea , lo Uoaisvltka, ? utile* aad
back Ibrrt tiaaea a week
Leave Concord Depot Monday, Wedaeaday, Bad Pndav.
ou arrival of tram f.om Kaui villa?-eaj at Kant
Arrive al LoaUvtNe by '? ? 1
Lu?UanvllliM?4iy, Wedaeaday, and Friday at U
P ?.
Arrive el Concord Dapei br I p m
projroaala for ail tripe a waek are laviled.
We pay will be mdr for trlpa ant perthraaod, and for each of *aarl ,
omtaaiuo* oat aattelbemcii) eiptan.cd three iintra the pay of the ir p
aaay be lodarled. Por arrtral* after aehadale llm*, raot aaBcien > I
'i uwd, Mae |..?rtb of r a pey Iter tbe trip aaay he dadacWii Ttn
contract mar he aanafled f m repealed failurea, for violating tar
p>at nir- iivyar f? diaarheyteg Me departm- at'a laatmru???
Tha Pnotnaoetev Oeneral may onler nn liafranoe rf aeiviee at a jrrt
rata lncre?ee an IB* e?Mrnri pay. He aiay eNer ihe arhadnle, pro
vtiled ihe raantng tlnae be not dimlnladaed ; ulen. he aaay eartaM tha
aervree or dM4>?o<iiNie II altogether, at pea ealo decrenae ?f pay. on
rrrnd'tMe of hi* alio wing aae tamnth^ extra pay aa the brioubi of
?ervlrc fitafww-ad with.
Ma hineaatd Bay trill be Slowed foe eteaaa. If aay, of aelaal
a**e arlveeUaed * lean a re, if the pa4nta t? be nappliad are enrrectly
araind. Tbe cnauacta are lo be eieeatrd by the let rat fteptenber |
nail. iAVfcX Ol PBKI.I.,
roaraaaoar Gen real
iaaa 7-lltrtwt
T> e fWlewtng are Ihe drawa a inhere of (lie OannaMdated t ot
Irry. for ike ben* At of Carroll coaaty, ha, ctaaa It, draw a J aae 1,
11 T3 15 22 4 9 28 37 TO 27 74 23
TV <oli"Wing are ihe dr i*ra naaahara of the Patapeco Inautate
I.rrtMO, r iaaa IM, draw a Jane t, latt i
M 16 M TS IT 33 49 31 75 59 2:* 10
I rt*WCt h CO., ?aaar>*
D. H McPbiil, ('oBiaalantoaer.
lata* 7-11
L. J. Mlrl file ton,
Dealrv an fee.
OBrr and depal eaalhwaat comer P a ad ltth etreeta,
ra??7 dd?u
nrRlranfBlly prriarved ?TOIID h f O. will receive oa
r depoawe am i the Jeh of Jane ralanMe A>a, anH Aaa * aaaa'i per
I latBji I near'1 thenr froaa tnfarr by ai<?i Uaroaga Ma aaan' n Hai-a
raoin ander hrr,? a'a HrHel, weal ead.
May M?Tlealf
rnlrfriltj of Vlrflnla.
Ttlf viaiiera of the (7nierrr*Hy af Virginia having at a rneeat
? aaeeUng eetaMwaod a profe?w<n>IMp af the Orael and Hebrew
language, aa.i a pmfce-o?hip of htatory aad general literature, ay |
plicatmna Mi All them win he received arm! tha Bell regalar aacet 1
lag ot the hoard on the tail of Jaae.
The rneotntioa eatahliahlng Ihe prrrfenaorahip of htatory Ml g-a |
era' ftteenrarv penvidea, i|m ?? 1b Ihe aUhnnl af hl-lorr ehall be
langht the irae oh)eeta and heat ateuioda of the atady ot hlaamy j |
the general raarae af haaian aBalra, wiih parti' nlar development*
aad lllnatrallona of tboee eporha and ret nta which haee had mo-t J
iaflaence upoa man , Ihe effect* of ayroata of religion aad Jarta 1
prudnaee npna the moral ead jdiyMcal eawdinoa af the hamae
raee | the principle* of hHHortcal crltacirm , die moat authentic
aoareea and heel aatborHlea lo which tbe ?radeni ermntd be referreil
la pnrean af the ver'na* hraacbea af hl-iory. ethnogra|*y, the pna
cinle* af ebi nailingf, the Inffaooce rt dtvervt'iea la race and etiamt*
apon tbe condition rt man. and whatever penal aa to the hietory al |
Ihe general pcogre*. of human oleiltaallon."
"la the eehoal rt gene, al literature el.all be tangbt Ihe hleiory af
tbe rive and ptaagum of g-neml iiteraaare. arltb panic alar develop
taenia and iliaatratloaa rtibo r epoch* *?d aatbnra wbaae tnBaotace
apon that progreoa ha* been moat aaaaked ; Mar be*i method* awd
anihora Mr ib? *<ady of tbe iilerarore af tflffereni langoagea, with
? development of lit partieater g-niaa mad rbarnrter rt eaeb hai
It ahall nr tb* *taec al Ohj. eI of thie erhool la leva* the rtee nod pee
ere** af Knglta). Ntovatare, m llla*lr*t tlenae *iag^* a It* growth
arhl-b are mm worthy of raaiark. a-d to trace tbe effect af par
ttealar aattaora ead grant maati^a aptaa tb' r*ow rh of the P. glieh
laantap and literature, la the erbrwd of general Ntoratiire, th*
etad-nt ahall b* rrgalarly aaarciaod la P.aeH?b eoaatpoaltion, and the
paofewaor may Invite aar member al hitiaaabi debver loeiarre, or
' eed eaaat*, tipon *a h Itran- hea of lii'ralare, or each eatbme, n*
be aaay be nk-lj an lllaatrale with credit lo htm*all aad Ibe iaatt
tellrm ^tai lddf, k*a aalI, that a thing eoate'aed la ibla caai I
mem ahall be en enatetrood a* In take from the ehatra of aaoral phi
loaopiiy, BI d anneat end Bandera languagea, any af the ?whjeet* of
iamractioa now eanltdcd to thrai."
Aapucm one -boaId he addr*e**<1 to 'he Sector and VMlera, oar*
of ih* t"ha rman of the Pacuity, l.'bleeraity of VWflnl*
May 31 ?* a IMMiJaaeep Oiaiman of Ihe PBeatry.
f ffo. 8.181
Suit, of alternate .tciivnt it, tht Slat* of Arknnotu and M*t
???ri, mt rootorattun of uilhilraun (and* to markot.
I f ?* ???. KRAKKL1M 11KRCK, PnaideM of the Cki
I I'?6i?la at Auinlca, do hereby declare and wake kn wn lUai
public aale* will be held at the place* and dale* liereleaft't mm
Honed of ike vacant land* in ilie aectiuna kwiiiii add i umbeme wki, k
remain la Ika United Sue. Wllku .U mUe. an aecb ,ui. ul tHe
CoMowid huiiuu taiiruad, in lii? Main of Miaatuai and Au.n.t>,
*ad ilia law branefce. Ibervol from Litllt Km* l i Mriunb'* and
Port Small, aubjecl Is a minimum of fro itollart aud fifty ct, b per
acre, aa provioed by ibe act apt-roved Dili Pebruary, iBii, gianiiag
a 'MM" ol way, and waking a (rani of laud lu ?a><l Hiale. la aid in
cottatiuciitig ?<tid I*?uload*, and vpccully *-icri?!t d fioui r&du?Uo;i
aa lu RfiM by tbe act of 4Ui Aufuat, Idii, to wit;
In ttKJ Hlftlc Of iKKtMtA* :
The p hl.r sale will b? torld ml tbe land ode# ol
cojUBiewciif ?*i Muiidaf, #h* tmrUtmli day ol itil, I Of
W ilifMil ol litf, vuc<iu' | uUiic laod* w> thiu ?0c!? teeuon* bearing
o4M uauilir-i?, above rei?ir?d l"v aa are aiiuaitu vtuhiu Ibe m*d*r
iututiouf*d iowii*tMpi viq:
Ifartk of the la.t Hot and ru.t of tht fifth principal meridian
Towoeblpa |, 4, 5, |3, 14> |4> 4#i. ,Ti w ^ ? ,
|"?n,lup. 3, 4, ?, ,4. lu |7,* Id, ID, ?i tatc 8
TowHahip. i6, 17, 18/ 19 -JO. of range 3.
IWueblp. 17, Id, 19,98, 81, of range 4.
TAwaafalpa 8, 19, 90,? ill, js. oi range5
Townahipa (W 80, ill," 88, of lauge #.
North o/ tin late Hot and w**< of tht filth principal meridian.
Townehlp* 9 3,- 4,5, IS, IS, 14.* 18,- 16, 17, of ranee I.
?owuiliip. a, 3," 4 10. II li, IV l?. IS, l?,ofran%9.
TowukIiiiu, 1.8. 3.* 4, 9, 1(1, II.- .8, IS. id, of range 3
loiauaiiipa 1,8,' 3. 4. 9, III,- II, 18, of range 4.
Towiirhip. J, a,' 3,6, 7,9, 10, || oftauge 5.
Toe imhij.. 8, ?, uf range 6.
Towuabip 8, uf range i.
The public aale will be held at Ihe land nfllre al Bri an* com
m i.ring tin Monday, ibe iwentieih d<y of iicinber iicki, lor lb'* til
poaai of inn vaeanl imldlc lauda w.iliui ?Ucb . dd uuiukered at'Ciiuna
Iowa I'"""1 10 "" "e Ju ",v lollo?ing unwed low alupa,
Noilh of the bate lint and teti of tht fifth principal meridian.
TowneMpe 3, 4, S, 6. of range a
I owimlupa 4, .*>, 6 of raugi*H 4, 5, 6.
Towuabiua 4, 5,6 7, JO, 81, 88. of range 7.
Tnwiiebipa 5, 6,* 7, VI, ol range 8.
Towuabipa S, 6, 7. uf large 9.
Tbe public aale will lie beld ?t the land office ai I.itti* Hoci
COinmencli g on Moudiiy, ihe -inb day of Ooiokef n*il, lor Ike dui'
poaai of ihe vacant public If nd? wiilnn aucb odd-r.unil . red aeciiom
above referred lo aa are aituaied hi ilie following lowiirbipa, viz :
South of tht hait Hat and wcit of tht fifth principal meridian.
Townahlp I, of ranee* 11 and la.
Townakipa I.* a, nf range 13.
Townaliipe I '%? 3, of range 14.
Townebipa I, 8, 3 4. ft, of range. 15 aud IC.
1 owoabipa 3, 4, 5. fl, 7, 8, of range 17.
JVorth of tht hare lint and wt.t of tht fifth p.inripal meridian.
Townahipa 2>. 3] 6, 7, of range 8.
T?Wuahl|ia I, 8 ? 3, 4, ?. 6,- 7, of ,ans<- 7.
Townahipa l,a,> 3, 4. 5,? 6, 7, of rans* 8.
I ownebipa 1,8/ 3, 4,- 3, 0, of ranee II.
Tnwnel.l*. 1,'J," 3,- 4, s ? range lO.
Townabipa 1, a * 3,4, of range 11.
Tuwuahipa I,* 8,' 5t, 4, 5. of rang- 18.
Townahipa I, 9, 3,? 4 ? 5.' 8, of range 13.
Townahipa I, 2. 3, 4, 5, 0," 7, of range 14.
7'owitahlpe I, 5, ?,? 7, of rang' 15.
7'ownthlpa 5, 6,* 7, of range a 18 and 17.
TH. public aale will h? l.eld al llu. land offiee al WaamitoTeii
coimm iiting 011 Monday, ibe twenty aevnnih day of Ociolier next'
for th' difpoi-al ol ihe e.carit public lands in aucb odd number, d
",,e ",u"ird in
South of the butt lint and wtrtoflh, fifth principal meridian
Townahipa 4, 5, 8,* 7,* 8, 9, ofrnn;e 18.
lowimbip. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, of rnngc 19.
Townahipn 7. 9. of range 80.
Townalilpe 8, ?,* 10, 11, of range91.
Townahipa f, 9, lo,? II. li, of ranee 82.
rownahipj g, i(lj )t). J8i of range 91.
Townahipa 10, II, 18, 13, of range 84.
lownalnpa 11, 19,? 13, 14, of range 25
Tonnalnpa 11, J a, 13 ? 14, ia> of range 2(1.
Townahipa 19, 13, 14,* 15, 10, i.f rang'27
Townakipa '3, 14, 15, IB, of range a.-.
The aale will be held al Ihe land office at C1.4aa.viLi.
?enciig on Monday, the iwemleil, d?y 01 Ormber neat, for ibe di.
f "J1 v?"ni public landa within auch odd numbere d aee
lima aa above rtfetind 10 in the UBdeiBMUltloaed lownabipa, via :
North of the ba.e Unt and ut.t of the fifth principal meridian.
Townai.ipa 5, ?,? 7, of range 1!.
Townahipa ft, 6 ? 7, 8. nf rang# 19.
T >wn?hipe 6, 7,* 8, of range 80.
l ownabipa 6, 7.' 8, 9, of range 31.
Townahipa 7, 8,* 9. 10, of range 88.
Townahipa 7, 8, 9 " 10, of rang' 23.
Townahipa ?, 9 ? 10, of rangea 84 and 85.
Towneinp* 8. 9,? 10, II, of tang'a 87,88, 29.
Townahipa 8, 9," 10, ol rangna 30, J,.
'J owuabipa 7, 8, 9, of ring- 38.
In tile tftale of laaotal 1
The puirlic nla ? III t?e beld nt the land "fllce al lac?aoa, c 01.
ntencmg on Mood y, the ihlric'iitn day ol (icioix r n'li for tl e
dMjMaal of Ike vacant paklu. laud, in ru. li <^d-numkered a'. li.,i;a
towli. " ?"ual?<1 "> followiirg named lownabipa.
North qf tht bate line and tart of tht fifth principal meridian.
Townahlp 88, of -aoge 5.
T 'wn.lup- 28, 23, of rai ge S.
Townahipa ?V 83, ?4, 01 range 7.
Townahipa ?, *3 84, S5, of range 8.
Townalupa 88. 83, 84, 85, of range 9.
Tuwikwhip* v3, 84, 85. 9t, of range 10,
Townahif.. 25 W, r.( range II.
Townahipa 96, /7, of rarg>- 13
Townahipa 85 96, ?7, of range 14
Mm lialf of 1. wn.l.tp 8i and iawoabi,>a 98 *7, of range 15.
I owntlnpe 85, -6, 8', 88, of range 18.
1 uwaabl|? 36, 87, 88, cf range 15.
A public aale will hi hr Id at Ihe land nilre al Pauavga ton
menc ng on Monday, >he !.??.? u, day ol <irt?,r h? ih' d?
poaal of the vacant public land, in aucl. odd numbered aecii.*a ?
Ii!L','n T'^'""""" ?*? ?"? of Hanuib ' aad s>i
Joaepb railroad, in Hi' follown g nan, c iswkekipa, in wn :
North of tht ba.e Unt and m e,I of the fifth prtaet^J meruhow.
Tew.ai.ip. 56, 57/ 48, of range 13.
TI.e lown.kipa d'aignated tnua ? are wh'rfty wirhia the lia. ia nf
?, .a. tirma la w.dih on . ocu aid'" of ... ? rn.^ n.aorfc..,
and ihe rea.an 11 g lonnakipa ar- only partly wi-hm eatd I nulla aa
deaig aied rm lb' aiagraei. which have b^, furnr'h'd f.. ihe re
Land' **ffil t*U,< * "ftc" k> Coiwmaauoner of me G-iaetal
Land, reaerved for acboola, military aad oik' 1 porpoac. wUl ba
egc.adrd from Ibe aale*.
Tbe lar da will be aoid n^ed to the rljkt of nm granted bv Ihe
acta of 10th Jane, I85T, ,?d vtb r-kniarf, m.U.7 j
and branihe*, and Ike pari raw KMMacal iy ihe nwiea wl I be .old
aa conia nlrg ih- quanuliea reapectleely abown on tbe oMcial niata
wlikoui deduciioa. r I
Kaeh aale will be kepi open fo, a time anllteienl to admit of offer
ing a 1 ilie lan a, I,at noi eaoeeding two ?erka. and app'ieaiirnie to
nuke pi vile eniriea al Ih' minimum of ft 5ii i?er acr' id ibe landa
off-red under Ihla proctamatMMi nltt not ke received until a(\ir the
clnee of Ml' pnkllc aale.
(Iieen ond.r my band, al ike c.ty of Waaln .gloe, ikla flfil, da> of
June, an *1 laamiul one ibouaaad elglu kandred and ftfty-ott
- . _ . t KANKLIN fir-RCE.
By the Frranirm i
Tana A Hani III aa,
< ommiaaiourr of tbe General Lud Offiee
GENERAL LANfl urricc notick.
Kolb-e la hereby given, ikai all Ibe roeerved landa not taken for
ihe gram and remaining lo di Un led Mir.ine, oarfa it 0) tht ate
T ? ,hf ln*^' ky tbe net ol <*.?, r,rk.uaiy, 18J3 lor
ike I'aire and Fa ??. ran road and in braneh'., not klrker ? rratorrd
to markei, and wklek ware Mh^eet 10 ealry and karaitrm .1 ike da e
of nnkdrawal, will ke opM'd lo aal* and entry at ibe ordinary mia
imnm price "a aad after ihe dave herein liter menaoned, to wH ?
et Jaekw a. Mlaimurl, oa Monday ike ? day of ? , IBS6
I'ffier al Rateeviii*, Arkaweaa, oa Monday, Ika ? day r?f ?, 1 A.V.
f tffi'e at L*ltlle ttaaek. Arkarwaa. on Monday, Ihe ? day of ? , 1856,
Olkre al rleteaa. Arkanaaa, on viuaday, ibe ? day of ? leM
1 H?ee at rtir*?elite. A'kaa aa, oa Monday, the ? day ? 18M
flAeaai Pavll'vula, Arfcaneaa, on M -ndai. ibe ? day of- !?M
IWd*8* " Aikaaoae. aa Moadar, lb* ? day of?,
ItyT** Artaaaaa, oa Meat day, the ? day of-,
tveey perwrn eatljled to Ike rtgkt of praampu * la a,r nf ,a,
akove I aad- lo ke nff red at poktic aale, or tkoM to k* raMoeed tn
market te ee,.r^d to eerakri^i ike Mme W tke mitlofceti^ oflkr
rag let,, aad reneieer nf t. a proper land ritee. .M to p...,.,
,h;'r^w ,to* f p*e*rikad k. law , orkerwtae en. n claim
[ wilt be foeietied ill'id A. HKNDRICIt*,
Jane 7f? lawl.lw fPiarkl.telJ OmaMwr.
Departmaiat of Ihe latartor.
Jeoe I, 1896.
1 II. rdB'era '?( ibi. d'rartm'al having in tkerr f 1 >.n I koofca
L el * gmg lo It* llarari age re^a ?ted at owe. to rraarn il.e uinia
to tke librarian.
Jaoe 6-31
New Fnncy Homli.
I ? ap?end.d atock of new (ani-y good*, an. ? ; wklrh
P'arl-e'iek few*. ?ilk Bad kid kaeka
9n toe pier .tick do
9* aondal wnnd wltk *?ee| aettNig
It Very dee morning Ian.
With a (real variety of aeweal etyleg tinea aad paper laa*.
A choice aaanr'meai of Ihe *e*ad pa tier a. of aliall aad knffale
tuck and iwral Mimb*, with ivcty variety of comb, hair, and lootb
braatin*, ltd., kc
100 docen of l.nhiaV Mae egtrarta fen ike haadkerrliief
Pnmade, oil, aoap , ke., kr
Ceraaaa cdnfar, rmnax.a cologne la quart aad plat bottle.
Bay ram, m., ke.
raney f'nwik and Perfumery Btore, ander Vatlonal Hotel,
J.a* 7?d3t
Bp J. C. He?rllU, Anetleaaer.
H'RDrrtR'A pale or very vai.L'arlt improved
I property oa fourth at reel, opp-~ne J utile I agy konare.?fla
r>o.^.y aftertmnn . Jaae U, .. ? o'etoefc, I. fca*M of Ae premwe*
by *|rt?* i.fg deed of t en. dated tlcion r M Ik'l. iM7.roH.it
" -* ?"* ^ ,U"' *??d?.i." Z lZ*
r?<*ivd* fcar Kaatiingmn toaetv, la ike laietrtet af 1' luuibia ihe
?i> wjrlber arltt *eH, m He Mgii..| Mddf, *>l mat part ot IM nun.
number^ 6v,. bnndred and thirty ???., In
* 4 an,' M ,M 'I""' m-rk.a and
' down aa tke ptai of Mid ellv. a* He* anerb af a line eiawk
~ y'Z T. r",H1h mr*** ?! ? ptnat in
^-.^1T W,,M Un- iwft h^?i?td-t mmt*i| ??? ?? A i<??
mrooffi ft?? I^rntrp of RftM fmrtf or dmdtof wall in a rift.t !!??? l#?
tke mar of Hne of aald lei lugatbrr <vilk tbe taaprovnmr uta, cam
mating of* nande?me aad well flaiabed four a lory hri-k liouae. with
latye back hoildtnga altar ned
rent ?3.MI? la rank; Itae reaidne tad. W, and 18 eron lie, with
laierawt, aerared by deed of iru-i oa Ike pr> mine*.
If tbe tertwa of aale age pot coo,plied ?nh n Itnia Readaya thr ee
after, Ike traaiee reeeree* ttie tight to reeelt at the rtak derl egpaae*
t f Ika defaulting pit re tracer.
B. M. I.IV7 BfCf'H,
? , j ah. c. nam ,
May g| ttntJunelkdt. Ak- thlkeer. 1
May M. IMS.
NO I'ICt u bn?t>y givee in tin holder* of lb* Mock i**oed paim
inl lo U>< .tot of Coagre** of July, I IMS. that Mck Muck m K
(lremaUe ky lU term , aud will be (Mid at Uir Treasury oa the Mil
riirfn of the cenilntci thrr*of, on lb* IM of Vavuikw aril, ?k?>
Interaal thereim wil. cru?.
Title department will couunue lo pwrliiH Mick Mock prior ?? Mid
day of redemption, aad will pay llieirfor ike followtag premium, m
addition tn ike inirrnl accrued to the da/ itfpun lime, wttfe vae
day'* iultiril fut Ike liiouey lo track lb* vendor i
On luck Flack r*cclv*d at 11.? Treaaary between Ik* IM d*y a#
JaiM! aad Ike 31M day ad July, tat itutva, oar kail m uaa pet caw a*
tin auinuiiia specified la ibe certtttcatee i
? lu audi ai'K-k received between lb* let aad 31*1 day* of Aagu.t.
tine fourth of one per cent ;
And ea each Hock received ailci Ike 31m day of Auguet, tke inter
e*? acciued thereon, aad one day 'a addiuoaal inieitM ably, t*<
Certificate* of auck clock iraiiauiitted under thi* notlte
duly aneirned lo lb United Mlalea ky Hit- party entitled 1 IMW?
ike (nirctiaae uioney ; and when eanl (trior lo tile lM Jul ?
! rent halF-year'* inter.*! ami alao be aawgned by Ike ??<??? ' <4
| bolder, otherwise aucb intercut will be payable a* bemeAire.
Aud notice ta furlbei gl veil lo boldeia of othef ?lock' of li ) IfnM-d
I tttalea ibai Una dcpaumeui will purubaa* U?* wait lelwevi ih< ]i
I diy of June and Ike lat day of liecembar neat, anlena tl. . * .1 *i
$1,500,00(1 ahull he previously obtained, and will pay for inr ? i
la nddiiitin lo Ibe later tot accrued from ihs day of the In-t dt ? *'
of imrreM, and one day'a addition*! interest lot toe mar..y lo < *
the vendor, the following rate# of premium:
On atock of tbe loan of IMS, a premium of 10 per cent ;
On nock of the loam of IM7 and 1848, a premium ol Id per real.;
J And on atock trailed audi r tbe net of iib September, 18S0, com
tnonly called 7Vz?n indemnity Mock, a premium of 6 per c ut
Oertifl' kte? nan-milled under ikia noitcr akonid br duly aasigued
I lo ibe Culled Stale* by Hie parly ruiitled In receive (lie nioaey i and
: if ftnl prevtou* lo lite lal July, llie current baif year'* inleieM mum
' alao be nsatgord by tbe present Mockbolder, otherwise the later eal
1 foi the half year to HihI day will be payable lo klm aa heretofore
I I'uyment for all the foregoing aioek* will be made ky draft* en
'tie aaata anl treaaurera at Ho*itin, New York, or Philadelphia, a?
the parties entitled lo receive the money may direct.
May 29?dlrtlBVov Secretary of tbe Treanur).
Pk,Kl \ 1\.\ 1.1AM) at the lowe*i cash market price.
Columbian yuuno, coulainilid large proportion* of neutral pbo*
| phate of lime and Iter: phosphoric acid. In ba(a of 161 Ika. e*cb.
Super plniapkutb of lime, in bag* of 160 lb* each, or la barrel*, a*
Allen'* celebrotid reaping and mowing urarMaaa that cannot
! cine.
Every deacription of plouglta and agricultural and h'?e*tct?itu**i i **?
I pleinema
A lull aaiurtmenl oftlia cbolccat field and garden Men.
189 and 191 Water trtreel, New York
N?w Yoaa, May lat, 1C50. May ft? dlmtf"
TIIP. nen ordinary drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, coa
ducled by the ripuinali governkient under the auperviaion of tka
captBin-genera' oft ubi, will tnke place at Havana oa
Borleo nuinero .'?60 ordlnatia.
Capiul price 900,000.
I 1 prize of Jfin.r-OO 15 priaea of.
i do so,?io wi do am
| 1 do Ifi.mO CO do 4*?
! 1 do b,or ill 101 do m
10 prize* of 2.OHO 18 approiimaliou 4,MU0
i 4 approximations to tlr? $60,000, of (100 each 4 of $410 la
f2U,o0u. 4 of i"M> to &m|?0G. 4 of $>V0 tn $8,000.
VS hole ticket* flo?italvca $5? quarter* $9 SO.
i I'rlzca caahed at e-glit at S per cent, diacount.
j Utlia on all aolvtnt bank* taken al par.
A drawing will he lutwatded aa aoon aa lUc reMiU become* known.
Coniuiurfcatinria addrer.?ed lu HON RofrRIOCKZ. (care of city
po*i, CbarleMon, ttoutk Carolina,) until the 11 Ih of June, will bo
| *11 ended 10.
i May b-dloi*
I F. CALDWBLL, Dontlat. of Virginia, tat more
J . recent'y ?f PhilndelpMa, I* located on the oornor of Ponnaytva
nia avenue and 11th atreet. where h* ia ready lo operate no lb*
trrth for any nerrding hia aeivicea TeMimtMriala, ezpmaiag sail*
lacitnn from mi inert u* peraon* in reference to hi* aa|Mmutity a* an
extractor ol teeth and cure of tlte tooth ache, treatment of derange
ment ol the head aarl jaws, correcting freaularity of the taelk,
I'luttinf leetb, bealirg dwaaed gum*, he., can be aeen ia felation
lo l i< aktll and judgment. Alao. mouth* prcpaiad for aad artificial
teeth imertcd in the beat poeaible manner.
N II ?(aralurloui opt ration* for Ike poor.
May 17?lm)
! Win. M'. Ilclknup, Attorney-at-Law and Land
Ac rut, Krokuk, Iowa.
LAND WARRANTS located on cbtHce land ia a aaliafkctory auaj
tier, aa.l oa Ikvorahie it rn>*, aad all boaiaea* la lawa repair
I ing the attenu .u ol aa attorney promptly attended to.
I Pairo k Nonrie, Wr.ahlngtoo, V. C.
| Alexander H f van*. "
Keller fc McKennejr, "
| Dec 13?Cmoadacp
nHlkl'HU'l'lIEk^ for aalc. cheap far ? tuk.?A d able
1 cylinder Hw't prnitinf-araaa, now m rood rannin* aider, kei- g
tbe )>re*o apon which lit* Waabington tnion newspaper i* a-w
'printed. Apidy at ItU* otftce.
J May 15-dtftf
Life Ttrini Death.
Jum publoked. tke 5th et'iutm, prior ?M diate only,
A popular ireati*. ,
? y ?. d i OKtlTKR, M. U.,
^HHW'IM. K a tare * true aaudoo lur lb.*- iriglitfk! aci?rg. el tb<
O human race, log. lie r with the proper treotmanl of hi r.<br i.
?Miinia. ' ongba. ?ot* tlirrj , h'gbi aneata, pulnwiiary aud heart up
eaaea, king' evil, eruption*, luatora. r rtmwo.m. *. *1? ear?.
and urcer# aall rheum, paii* aait ?wel|..L? <4 Ibe j luta, u.? . ?, and
, giaror., and all iweaeea arlalug from an i . pure naie of tio '..?i
Tlrw liltlo book, wrttien in plain kul f.?< ible mi gua*. , t;i.-?? n
\ ibe nece.ury advice for a new, rational, cheap, and htg'ii> a ?< ? e*.
Iul w if ttea'tnenl, ailkvtl diurging of aat ku.il. ana ia altoi k r?
i nmawndrd lo the aMiuled, lu torada ol lamlliea, kc , aa a ai.<*< ?a
i able (aide in lima of aied
j It nt?o coatalw* inlereeting information for llKiae kdlirreil fr>"
i deateOM, Mitilu r bodily defotluitie*, kc
Mor* Iban lO.ra O o..po-? htW been aold, or mailed, * ith e the ''?? I
few week*, ta every part of tbe eoaatry
I'riee lu eeriia I'o be bad of book.eller* ge- eraily,or, by r.ill
poal free, o4 V.e**ra. UKIUl'MlN a CU., lit Ijlli.d .n*'t
j Y nrk.
*an* 3?dkepSmif
Reward of $600.
Orrtca or Uairrb Htitrt Maa*nak, litar. t suaan.
? a.In. gt"B, iaae 4, laid
THE aader? gaed I* anrbnelted to pay a reward <1 B?* bandied
doi ae? in Mick irren nr per* m* a* Mtall appeebead aad br>ng
be for. any ju?rr< e of tha peere, la aad mr tbe rminty afWa?kt?.
' ton, ifillM f.KHRX, who being ta cnMody rtarftd with the mo'dar
nf r iw' n Uargley, la thi* ollr, na ibe Sd laattni, avayod fma
rrfll e of th' magrairile pendn g lb* ^llmtaary t zamtaaOaa *poa
| tbe raid charge.
Tbe above named John E**et I* about M yean old, pboer Mz
feet htgfc, hghl hart, amnotb fare, enA vote*. It a* looking, a f?**k
?eat tin the left hand ; kad oa, wkea be left, light rateee] aaaraier
| clothe*, aad k tight colored aloarb rap, and ta a a*on* cutter ky
, trade.
June i-l* M?r?b*l fir the Dietrict of Calaahta
Hr JANKI C. ItrUt lHK. Aaelieaaar.
FiRKT-^n-Aas Hotmr. in the rmrr waid ro? palp.
at anciioa-?At the ret|treat of the proprietor, Mr l? f> Addl
?oa. I wi I **ll ai public auction, oa Krid<y, th* Ikb Inataat. *t ?
o'clork, ikal large and eabMaattany ball! hnatae now aeraper by
klm, oa H, between l?tb and IPth atreera, aearir oppoefta ??namr
Pl'h'a, containing aeventeea room, thirteen of which are of large
, MZe.
Tke location la ?a* of th* rout healthy aad deMrabl* la the city,
i? within a few huudred j*rd? of the Pre.ir1n,r< manMoa, Lafayette
, Poaair, and the ez> r nrtve btrtldlngi*
Toe hi.a*e wa* built f"Vr year* ego. with all modern Imptov*
menta.aad there are attrherj |n It a brtek arable, earriage bona*,
wood norm, bath room, tank hotding I^4 gallon* of water, pamp
In tbe yard, be.
Tti" lot coataia* over 5.38# rquare feet, ta XI feet front, raaalng
keck IW feet lo a J > feet alley
Tho*? dear'lag to * t ami r.e tkla progeny are Invited M call aad
, tn an.
Term* fin fboaaam) dollar* ca*b la hand, and th* kaiaaee in
nine, twelve, abd aigliieea nob lb*. f"l noma bearing inter MM, aad
?reared try t deed al tia? on the properly be. Tilie Tndteaaiakie
JAB C MrOn**,
Jane#?d Aeetfoneer.
Paaqaler W bile lalphar Rprlnga, rirgiala
THIS w,ii eatabtiehed watering pine* will he epeaed for vtMteea
an ?he IM of June, under tbe Joint manngement of tbe *a karri
bera, havieg beet, leaned bjr one of litem frt- a t?em al yean Tbe
i improvement* are taateful and n tenerve. and Mi nee unary reaava
none and addtlton* have le. n made to render tbe betel neeommoda
I tinea "trlrlly of be IVret elnaa. Tbe *prt"g* ai* dm'*ar Prom lb*
railroad ai W?ereni?a Mr mil**, hr * gr*ded road Tke awtreiag
train* aa tke Orange road frem abtandrm weM, and from Gee
donevlii* enM, conn eel by ikr lyaark road with VS anangaa, where
e< mf irtahla eaaehra aw ti tn* arti*al m th* t.aMt* fa?*?ngir?
fmai Ual'imaee, V\ aehinr' " . ai d Atezaadria mrtve al Ibe apringa
at II ?Vle- lt, a m , and from Pla?nt<m and HrehaMMMt la dknacr
Hoard (or foar nonll." iW pr tnonfti ; three month*, g.'a ; two
moath*. #:c.; and one month 040 per mwtith j per week, (l? ; day,
$t. Children and **rvaata half priee.
May 90?end'm A l.f'X A *?'D? It RAKKB
tllflre of the (*nitiil*ilaner ef IMte,ta*
PitTiao.a, April l(. iHg.
THK aadarMgand Oamatiaatnaer of Lotteries nf the Pan of Mary
land, being I?? racetpt daily a' teller* from v*?iaua poe'n>a* m
j Ibe roar irv amk t g inquiri a* ta lonrry ache me. with which iba
eoaatry la Aowied and wbien parpori m br ? d- ci*ed hy the draw
.agaoi tbe Mart and I...neo.nl.le* nra." lake. tbt? method fo
? i ewer a I ear b teller* a* in<,tiiry, and inform th. paldie mat all
toiler ire p? porting |n be deeid. d by tbe M ,r) landd ewitg* are mm
Ir ada i tlmr eertma ptrtw* wlm ? lyte ii.ametdee* W. rri* b I e . aad
prntead m be mmtag- a w a~ka ageni* fo- IHr graod . ba> lav Iniirrtea
<tf t'ieveland. t a.Ht, are lmpo.|are aad aet.t lolpry a fraM havtef
neitbe. lerai nit preaumpuve > udeaee , aad the aeotb. r ?riitioa*
Prm. "IVled Mnr y a t o., ? lev land, Ohio, are alao imptwrra, aad
aM IgMerle* which Ibey prnfee, bi be mmiag. ra ot agral* far are alao
1 fraitde.
BI' HARD PB Alt P., nf ib a eley, la the re-lent tar for drawing
th* Mnreland knur a* Ibe haett.e.e rot dart d tin. r, It,. nt
B n A VI R k ni., %e n.a^agrre, and it.?y lave tin rot* apeat* ta
( the eily of lu lilmor.. There a**, however x.m- %ety hera?ed
vender* fnr the' Mtaie nf M?nAnad wbn d-rree lie en. e ander aim
' fhinttfh th'en?r*,tn *e l tiekel* Ml Ibe Maryland IM rlee
If H. Mrrivft,.
| i imnlai.oMt of Lotgeltea fur the Plate of Maryland

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