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IttfUCC to Ike Creditor* or tue lute Kcpoblie mt
February #7, ln?.
Wbenu oa tt<? i<MU> uf fikruvf, 1856, Cuii|i?m |num4 ths Ail
?wtH| tci, ipuu the eobjcct of (he debl due lu the creditors of the
republic ? Icau I
AN ACT lu |nuv?l? lu# iImi payment of such creditors of the lale re
|mMi? of TelM M atr comprebended in llic Ml oI Cong res# of B?p
IratlKJi mar, ciflilecii buudred and filly.
Jls 14 o?acted by t ho Senate u?d Uoumo of Repi enntatiueo o/ the
United Male* u/ America In (?h/k>< aooembled, Thai la lUU of (be
?sin of Ave miiituu* of dotlajs, |>ayaM? lo lbs feiala of Texaa la tive
per ccni. aun-k of Ui? lulled otaice, by the aci entiHed * Am act
p?opueing lo ili? Smie of Texaa Uie rstahluhiut ul of brr northern
and ?M(crii bounds* i? ?, lbs rcliuquirbmsnl by lh? said Siau ol all
territory claimed by Iter exterior to ?aid boundaries, and of all her
claim* upon the United riiai'-s. and to establish * lerri tonal govern
Hicni lor New Mexico," pnssad Sep ember ninth, eighteen ban
drad and fifty, ibr. issuing of which ?lock w?? restricted by the
Ant prwvi*w to Uie fifili |MO|?;aiuou contained in lha Ar*l arc
Hoa of raid eel, tbe Secretary of the Treasury lie, and lie in
hfffeby, aathorlxed and directed lo pay lo tbe creditor* of tbe
late republic of Texas who hold aut b hoads, or other evi
deacea of debt for nhi h llic revenue* of that republic were
piedfad, aa were reported lo be within the provisions of the
aaid act of September ninth, eighteen hundred and fifty, by the
report of tha late Secretary of the Treaaury ta the Fresidcul of the
I 'mted Stairs, and approved b> him on ih? liiirte. nth .iu> ul |?f m
her. eighteen hundred and Afty one, or which comr ivitlua the pro
vtetnas of aaid act, according lo the opinion upon the Texas compact
of ihe preaent Attorney General of the United Slates, *ddrese*-d to
lha (Secretary of the Treasury, under dale of September twenty
eixth, eighteen hundred and Ady three, the ?um of seven mill on#
eevsn hundred and Afty iboaaand dollars, to be apportioned among
lha aaid holder a jos rata ; fioiiJed, Thai the inures! on the debl
embraced in thia act ahali be determined by the dialing laws of the
Stale of Texaa.
Sac. a. ~1nd be it fuuher enacted, That in all c*ses where the Hlale
?I Texaa may have i*oi?i any portion of (he debt deaenbed in thia act,
the aaid Secretary shall refund lo the proper officer of aaid Hlale the
amount actually ao paid by ihu State, upon the preaeniauon hi the
Treasury Depai tuieni of the evidences of smd debl on which the
aaid Slate may have made such payment: Provided, The had mi in
ahali not excetd he proportion which would have been nllowed lo
the creditor or creditors if such payment on ?;?id evtdencea of debt
had aot been made by the State of Texaa; and where (lie aaid auin
(hat may be refunded to the State of Texaa by the provisions of tlii?
aection i* leaa than the proportion which would have been allowed
tinder thia act to the holdera of *uch evidences of debt had such pay
ment not been mad** theIS, Mich holders shall he entitle.) lo VU
caive the difference between aaid auin and the proportion Ihey would
have received under Ihia act if no payment had been made ihetn ; and
where any original certificates or other evidences of debt have hern
anrrendered to the authority of the State of Texaa, and new certiA
cats* issued therefor by aaid State of Texaa, auch new ccrtificnu s
ahali ha received aa evidences of Ihe original amount of the claim.
Sec. 3. And be it further exacted, Thai no payment shall be niadf
under this act lo any holder of said aecurities nr evidences of debl,
ualesa the said holder shall Airut execute to the United Stale* a re
eeipt for ihe said payment, in which aaid holder ahali forever release
all claim against the United States fir or on account of the aaid ae
ctirilies or evidences of d*bl;alao similar releases lo aaid Stale
?f Texas ; and the auid cert ficatca or other evidences of debl ahali
then be deposited with the Treasury Department
Hac. 4- And be it further enacted That before payment of the
moneys aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treaanry shaM give notice,
by public adverliaement, for (lie apace of ninety days, of ihe. time at
which said payment will be made, and no puymt in ahali V-e made on
nay bond, certiAcaie, or evidoffce of debt which shall not, thirty days
before the lima limited by laid notice, be presented at the Trc&aury
Sac. 5. And be itfuriKer enacted, That the anm of seven milliona
eevru hundred tliojeund dolUm be, .mil li.c mhii* is here
*y. appropriatedsHiBf any ni^iieyn In the treaaury not otherwise ap
propriated, for thv^Bf|?ose of c irrying into cfTect (he provisions of
this act
Hac. fl. And be it further enacted, That this act ahali not lake ef
fect until it shall be assented to by an ad of tho legislature of the
Hlale of Texaa. and a cop/ of the act of said Slate, duly authentica
ted, deposited m the Transnry Department at Washington , qor un
til lha legislature of the Stale of Texaa ahali paas an act withdrawing
nud abandoning all claims and demand* again*! the United States
growing out of Indian depredations or otherwise.
Approved February '26, 1&5.
And whereas on Uie IM of |>liruary, 1856, the Slate of Texaa
I the following aci, giving tW'arfserit of thai Utate to lha alore
aaid aot of Congress, and specifying the several debts of the late re
public of Texaa, among*! the holders of which the ,750,000 appro
printed by aaid ael of Uongresa is lo be divided, pro rata, in dia
charge of Ihe principal und interest due on said debt, according to
the laws of Texaa: .
AM ACT giving the aaaent of the State of Texa* to 14 An aci lo pro
vide for the payment of ?uch creditors of Ihe late republic of Texas
as are comprebcuded in tbe act of Congress jf Septeiube' nice,
eighteen hundred .*nd flftv," which was passed at the second aes
?io?of the Thirty third Cong-en* of the Uuited states, and ap
proved February twenty eighth, eighteen hundred and fifty Ave.
Where**, at the second neaaion of the Thirty-third Congrevs of
the United Stales, au act waa paased entitled "An act lo provide for
lh? payment of such creditors of ihe late republic of Texas as are
comprehended ia the act * {( ongress of September nine, eighteen
hundred aad fiCy," which act waa approved February twenty-eighth,
eighteen hundred and fitly Ave, and provides that in lieu of Ihe aum
?#f live millioua of tive per cenl. slock of the t imed Stairs still due
to Texae, under ihe provisions of the act of Congress of the ninth of
September, eighteen hundred and fifty, the United States will pay
to the creditor* of the late republic of fexa* who h Id such bond*,
or other evidences of debl for whirh Ihe revenues of thai republic
were pledged, as were reported to be within the provision* of the
<f wl of September the niuth, eighteen hundied and Arty, by the
* p4#rt o: the i ale Secretary of the Treasury m ihe 1'residenl of ihe
< ru*ied ftatee, and approved t*y htm on the thirteenth dny of Sep
trw.hrr, eighteen hundred and hSXy one. or which <-ome within the
pr? vu.ont of raid net, nccording to 'he opinion upon the Texas com
pact of the present Attorney General of the United States, add re??ae?l to
t*e Secretary of ^e Treasury, under dam of September twenty sixth,
eighteen hundred and Afty-three, the aum of eevsn millions seven
hundred and Afty thousand dollar#, to be apportioned among the ?aid
holders pro rata; the interest on the said aebt lo be determined by
tfce exi.Ung law* of the State of Texas :
Aad whereas by the terma of the said act of the twenty eighlh ol
February, eight, en hundrrd and Afty-Ave, it is not to take effect un
til It shall he absented to by an act of the legislature of Texaa, nor
until the legisieturn of said Slate ahali pass sn act withdrawing and
abandoning all claim* and demands agatast tbe Uaiied Slates grow
ing oui of Indian depredations or otherwiae : Now, therefore?
rtecrtoe I. be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texae,
That the said State hereby consents mid agrees, that in lieu of ihe five
millions of AVe per cent, slock still due to *ald rttate, under the aci of
Congress of the ninth of Hepieiuber, eighteen hundred and Afty, Ihe
United States shall pay lo the said described creditors, whose debts
Mfteaetbiy amount, with interest thereon according lo the laws of
Texaa, to the aum of U*n millions seventy eight thouaand seven hun
dred aad three dollar* and twenty one^cenla. of which Ave uiillious
Ave hundred and two thousand nine It und rad and sixteen dollar#
and thirty four ceuts principal, and three millions two hundred snd
eighty-four thousand iwo hundred and forty one dollars and ninety
IWor cents interest on said prmcfnal, are evidenced by the certificate#
of the auditor and comptroller or the State of Texaa, issued under
the provisions of4?An act to provide for ascertaining ihe dcMof the
late republic of Texas," approved March twentieth, eighteen bun
d/ed and forty eight, and other acta of said tftate passed subsequent
thereto ; ninety eight thousand Ave hundred and forty five dollars
*nd sixty si? cents of prlectpal, and one huedred and three thou
?and two hundred an'*, ninety-nine do! srs and iwenty seven cette
?f interest oa at?1 principal are evlJenced by ten per cenl. bondt of
IherepuWKi of Texaa, i*sued ander an act of Congrrae of said re
p**6 Ike seventh Jane, eighteen hundred and thirty seven ; two
K>ia4is| and eighty thouaaud dollars of principal, and three hundred
twenty Ave thousand and Avs hunored dollars of in'erest on
?nid pnnripel are evidence* by a lea per cent, bond isaaed by the
t'#iiWlc ol Teiasto Frederick Dawson, for naval veneris, dated the
lMmarnh of September, eighteen hundrt d uad thirty e?s;ht ; forty
mm* thousand and on* hundred dollars of principal, and forty one
tfcou?aad two huadred and seventy one dollars and twenty-four
rents of Interest on aaid prtseipal, ar* evidenced by ten percent
konde of the repuMie uf T?*xa-, imued under the provision# of an act
m? Ongmes of said republic, entitled ' An a< t lo provide for the re
demptinn of ihe pitmi#e>ry notes of tbe gorrr#ioent now in clrcela
Son, aad for funding other liabilities of the government," approved
?Ah of February, eighteea hundred and forty ; ibr?-c hundred d ?llar#
nf principal, and two huadred and thirty-six dollar* of Interest on
m^d principal, are evideaeed by eight per cent, bonds of said repub
Ua, Issued nn ter the provisions of the act ol < oogrese of the raid re
Cbiic, inet before named; Iwenty four thousand and one hundr< d dot
e of principal, and eighteen thousand three hundred and sixteen
dollars of interest on said principal, are evidenced by eight per cut.
t/oeemy bonds of said republic, under tne provisions of an act of ihe
Oe^gres- of s.iid republic, entitled "An aci Aw creating fund# for
tne support of th# eovernment Air the year eighteen hundred an I
Awty," approve* February Afth eighteea hundred and forty ; Iwo
fboueaad mae hundred and thirty dollars of principal, and eight hun
deed and ninety <?ne dollar* and twenty one centa of Interest on raid
principal, are evidenced by the Arrt i#?ae of promissory aotes of said
rnpuMte, under the provisions of an *ct of Omgrees of the said
ru public of the seventh oI June, eighteen hen Ired an I thirty seven ;
aiiteen thousand Ave hundred aad thirty sevee dollar# of principal,
nod three thousand six hundred and nfty one dollars end ninety one
? Hb of Interest on said prlneipal, are evidenced by the second issue
wf Ihe promissory n#tes o? the said republic, under the provisions of
the net ef the Congr- sa of said republic laet Nrfore named, and three
hundred aed thirty frmr thoa'and eight huadred and "lily six do!
lurs and slity four cents af principal are evideaeed by the protnis
?ory notes of said repnhlic, without Interest, issued tinder an ncl of
tfrt Congress of said republic of tha nineteenth of June, eifhteep
fcuodred and thirty nine, the sum of seven million* seTen hundred
had Afty thousand dellara, to be apportioned among them pre rata;
and the mid fltate hereby assent* to said act of Congress of ihe twen
ty-eighth of February, eighteen hundred end Afty Ave. with the fore
going declnratioa of the rtehta thai she underatnnd* to be embraced
n lis provisions, sad among which the aaid sum r.f seven mil lor#
aevea hundred and Afty ihou*and dollars ire lo he apportioned pro
See. a. /?# it further enacted That lha Plate of Texaa hereby
withdraws and abandons all claim* and demanda against the United
States growing out of Indian depredations or otherwise, which orlg
I as red on or befKre the twenty eighth day of February, eighteen hen
dred nnd fifty Av ; Provided, Thie abandonment shall not spply i
In claims nf individual* for loese# ??f property ihe ?nemy. I
?an. J. Its a /ttrfher enacted, T>at thl* act rh>?l take r fvw^t *nd
w In force fVom and r>fter the date of Its Anal p*?eage or approval. !
II F Df.K,
speaker of the Rouse of Aepreseetaiivra.
V! M ft I N N KI.H,
. , . _ Trealdent of ihe Senate.
Approved 1st Fehruarv, 1Mb
F* If.
^?tAnrutPT op SraTt,
Aaatm, Tei- , frbmary Q, 1*3$.
1, lid ward nun, Hoc re tart of State of the Plate of Tsiaa, do
hereby certify that the foregoing eight page* hereto anneted is a
true and eoereet copy of the original eet entitled "An act giving the
??set of the State of Tevas to *Ae net tn provide for 'He payment
of sueh creditors of he late republic of Tevea aa are cornpr. bended
n the ael of Coogrees of Sopt'mber nine, eighteen hundred and
whieh was pnaeed el the second session of ths Thirty third
Oasrees of the ITnlted Statee, and approved February twenty
saghlh, eighteen hundred snd Afty Ave."
Wttaeesmy hand and tbe seal of the deportment the dtv and
(seal.) year aA?re?eld.
Secretsry of Plate.
Burtnnva DiniTVfirr.
T, VL M. Feese, Governor of the State of Texaa do hereby cer
fffy tbst PdwsrH riark. who signed ;!.*? eSfUlsSI *n the f>re. . d ng
page as Secretary nf mate, Is and was at the date of raid certificate
the Secretary of Utats for the Utate of Texaa; that be le, by law, Ihe
keeper of tt?* original statute lews of raid Stete, and that his altes
ta* '? le la due torm.
fa t rlmony whereof, | hereunto etgn my name and cause the
great aeal of the flta*e to he afhved. at the city of Austin,
m J this the sixth day of February, A D. 1AVI, and In the year
af rhe lud-peod?er? of the United States Ihe eightieth and
ef Texae the twentieth year
Aad whereas the creditors referred to In raid act of Congress are
Seemed Identical with Ihe holders of the debt deeerihed ia the said
ael of the State of Texas j and whereas it is alleged that there exist
arged certificates of said debt, the holdera nf which may assert to
he genuine and rleim payment of j and wherees the 3d section of
aeld eet of Congress requires the holders of Ihe eertlAeatea snd other
evidences ef said debt shall execute releases in ths failed fates,
wud s?eo te the State of Teres before peymenl; end Ihe ?th section
niaaad et referee that puldic eeSce iltould he glvts Ibr fhe spao
Uf MI<Uj> trfiu. Mm. WI.CU Mtd parent will b. mad., ?** wunea.
u>< TiiMHf Depmtmont ha* **?!*?* <*? to?' A * '"***?,
Uaii.d SUM, and the form ? <* ? w ,b* BMm *}
uu.l.? u hereby IU Mid credits. payment,
b. aiad* .1 the tr.a.ury ?f lb* U??"< k? "* ***f'
d.afU ?? WM uflb* w.letaul UMMMH ?? dcpO*ll*rl?? ?f *?
Catted Mat*. ou and .?*. U? * f i?. <**' ?'
er. of U.. genu e.l.rie.t*. ?
,.rt,nM wiiu ,b* p.uvlalons of **?d net*, whuafcoM bav*a?M?..ed
their Mid certificates ?' u4,le' at ?*id debt to tbu United
n. ?d . uud it. ..>?H ln t* I"i?. A .o tb* UMM???.
>? tb. luru. U .u lb. #Llc utTea.*, and tiled tha
.?,ne with tfc* BrcietWJf uflbe Treaeury ?<??*? "?hw* lh? let
afJune ue.i, ibe 30 d.y. betug it quired to iuvu.U4aU> U>?
MM ol U'C CHIIIMIM i I Of Winch purpoec, ibe d.pailu.aat uadviaad,
Tnw will .end an sgeul ?h? !?????? kuowledge of U?* d?<" ?
?.. created, and the h.ndwrin?g ?' ?>e ottie lata whose ng..*iure.
.ttsehod ui tbi in. ll I* deniable that all the certificate. and ev
idence. of debl .bould be filed 30 d.y. b.fotu ?'<> '?? ?' J""* .
ibe bolder, will lake notice that .11 c.ruflcale* and evidence. MM
bled before lhat lime wilt be telalued for examination and iBVe.tlga
lion umi.I lb. department .h.ll be fully salt.fied of the genuine..... |
of the certificates aud evidence, produced. 'I be asrigntnrnl .od re
nr.y be executed ud acknowledged in ?bn |KmK. of ibe
Ani.lbbl Beeietbry of Ibe T.en.u.y, or ibe chief clerk U.ew?f, In the |
prevent-e of. notary public, end be wtlne..ed by (bo AwUtanl Hoc
leury. or chief cl.fk end notary, ?t. I be e.rUbnd by lb. notary un
der bu notarial .eal i but when the bo den de.lre to make the ??
and execute the release, oul of the cily of Wukt?|lun, It
,?ay be done in the pr?.euc? of an a..l.tant treiwurer, or collector [
or .urveyor of the cu.loin., In the prewrnce of a notary public, aud
be wituMMd by the collector or .urveyor aud the nolary public, and
be certified by Ibe notary under hi. notarial ?eal i and it there bo no i
collector or .urveyor of the cu?toru. at the place where the party re
.Idee the M.l?nrneui and relea.u. may be executed b.lore any
court of record, tu ti e pre.et.ee of the ju. je und clerk thereof, and
be wttoe.aed by ll'em, aud certtfled by the clerk uuder hi. .eal of
ofUcM 1 and if the holder be oul of the United Btale., Hie aa.lKnment
and retea.e. may be e.eculed before any United Slnlf. con.ul, ...d
he wttue???d and ctftiflrd by hiiu under hi. aon.atar veal. All per|
?oil. executing ?uch a.r>ijfninenu> and releaie. inu?t al.o declare, un
der oath before the nolary, clerk, or con.ul, a. the ca.e may be, that
they arc the real owner, of the certificate, or other evidencesol
debt, Ol that the .atue have bce? assigned to th?u>, konafijt, for col
lection , and lire notary, clerk, or con.ul mu.i Inctudv the tact of
ihut declaration in their certldcato of acknowledgment.
The prorata dmdeud, when allowed ty the accounltrig odtcer.,
will be reunited to the parite. in ?ceordiince wilb theif direction.,
or the dtafta bauded to Ihctr regularly cunstttuled sg nts for ttaus
jamkh tjuruuit,
Secretary of the Treasury.
iVrvt J.
Know all person, by Ihe.e pre.enbf that ban released,
and hereby releasee, the Untied Slale. of America Iroin all urUier
lability or claim lor the paymHntorcertiaenl*it*e* "^Je0|l
number , for Ihe .uur of * , l?ued hy the late rcpul c ol
and re.leen.ed by 111. United B ate, in accordance w Ih the
nrovtstou. of un act ofCoiuress entitled " ^n ?et to provide lor Ihe
>a)t..eoi of .ucl. creditors of the late republic of T<sxae M^are com
i.rt'iii> ml I'd in ilif act ofUoitcrrut of ftfutember eighteen liuii
ofllitt of Tc-xa*, ?ppr?v?d itx* lit of tebruury, 1?36.
Aii wilDCM my 1?MU?1 aud *cal.
Fbrm B.
k'rtfiw all D<'r??on?i by these pre?cnw lhal ? niloasftd,
at id lit reby releases, Ihe U t ale of Texas from all furthtr 'ability or
?liim for the imyjieul of eerliflcale or evidence ol debt i.nm
M, , tor the sum of # , l?ued by the law republic ?
Texas and rede med by ihe llnl e.l Slates In accordance with he
Sr-fan act of C..ngre,s, eol.il. d ?? An act to p.ovide tor I he
Garment trfsuch eredib re ol the luie. republic ol leias a. are com
[irelienii'd in Ihe act of Con,re-, of tfrpteruher nine, eighteen hun
dred and tllly," bpproved the 4Blh day of Kebruary, l?5, aud an acl
of the State ofTexa., approved Ihe 1st of February, 1056.
Aa wiineti my liaud aud seal.
In answer to various inquiries, claimant* will take notice that
the affidavits of ownership required to be tiled with ihe certificates, or
other evidences of debt, must show whether the holder i? the real
owner, or holds the saute for collection, or in pledge for moneys ad
vanced. if for collection, or in pledge, the name of tbo parly hold
ing the beneficial or residuary interest In the claim ruusl be slal.d in
the affidavit, and an a.signmei.1 and " lease to the Untied Slates
and release to Texss must be duly executed by such party, together
with an assignment and rolea*. from the pert? m wbo.e l.vor set
tlement and payment It rcque.ted.
ciawunt. under the 9d .eel,on of the act of 28th February, lt-53,
who have .unendered their certificate, to Tela, upon payment of a
portion of the amount, .nd now claim the difference b.lween the
amount so paid and Ihe proportion payable ll.ereon uuder that act,
must file affidavits staling tbe surrender of eucll certificates, and de
scribing each, the amount receited Ihereou, whether the party who
?urrendered to, and received tbe amnuiit iron., Texas was tbe real
owner, or held the .arae for collection, or la pledge. The party
claiming any beneficial or re.id* iry interest in the d.ffereoce, as
well as the person in whose favor settlement and payment is re
nue.ted, must, respectively, file un ...ign.neni and .elea? to tbe
Uuilcd State, and a relea.e to Texas In the .ante manner as in
other caae.. After the amount pa d by Tela, upon such cert.fiea e,
?hall be refund.d, claim, of Iht. description will be examined and
drilled IB conformity with the proviso of .aid id section.
Cl.imakts will also lake notice lhal oae or more certificate., n,
one or more ev.deuce. of Ihe same character of debt, may be In
eluded In tbe same affidavit of ownership, assignment, or rel.nse, If
each certificate or other -vidence of debt Is correctly de? rtbed
therein by Its number, date, amount, and name of payee. It should
also appear whether tbe certificates were issued by the authorities
of the State of Texaa upon claims aga.n.t the republic, or were w
.u. d b? tbe republic of Texa., according to Ihe facts in each ca?e.
Secretat) of'lt,* Tresaury.
Taas.ctr lUrsaTuanT,
March 8, 1836.
Feb 18?law4w
llounrkcc|>tiiK Article#.
T'llC Mbarnber dealre. to call public attention to hi. eiten.lv?
aswinn.ent of bam furnishing good., which I. now rendered
complete In every department cors'sung in part of?
Gold band, plain white, and richly-decorated dinner, deaaert, and
tea sets . a large a..ortment of va.ee ; dinner and tea ware m de
tached pieca. . rich cops and saucers, with and without uiottne.(
Bite her.. perfume b?tlle?, card receiver.; w.lh ? large variety of
Kncy article, appropriate to decorate etagere, parlor, table, and
Dinner, tea, and toilet .et.; al.o, In detached plecee; a large
?lock of Edward.', latent .tapes.
American, French, and Bohemian, such aa decanter., flagon.,
roWeu, ch.mpagne., claret., hock.,.heme., Madeira-, Burgnodle.,
liquor., tumbler., Ilncer bowl., celerio., water bottles. Boat bowls,
di.be., >aiw, pitchers, k.c.
In .et. of half-doaea or fifty one and fifty three plecee; al.o,
ivory handled knive. only j carve-, and fork., Me.l., kc.
Burh a. chafing di.be., from 111 to 91 Inchee; coffee and tea urns,
eoffee pot. ten pot., coffee biggins, be.
Bneh a. coffee ?od tea new., ten ?ets, .poons and fnsk., cn.tora,
covered dtabe., pitcher., cake and fruit ba.kets, wallers, k.c.
japannbo atxyns.
Such a. waiter., lea tray., and in set. , plate warmer., .lop jara,
fool tub., water can., ha.
From the factory nf Cornelius It Baker, Philadelphia, for sale at
the manufacturer.' retail price*.
Solar I.nip., glrandolea, wood ware, fender, and Irons, bru>hee,
shovels and tongs, coal hods, step ladders, door mats, rattan goods,
waffie Iron., willow wnre, Britannia ware, broored iron good,
cooking requl.lle. of almo.t every de.eripilon ; together with ?
largo UMonnieni of article, of utility and ornament not deemed ne
c*?*arjr Ui |wirliriilarl*f.
Housekeepers will find It decidedly to their Interest to examine my
?lock and pricc*. Tbey will not only find a large simoftnient from
which lo make .election*, lint I pledg" myMlf la .ell a. cheap as
Ilia lame d.K-rlption of good, can be pun-ba ed in nnj of Ihe >a-l
e.n cities
flood, delivered to gny part of the Ity or Georgetown free nf
tlatulogoe. containing a complete list of every article kept for
aale can be bad on application at the More.
Nov II?9taw4wtf Iron Hall.
baslneaa anil profeu*l?i?.
FUL KjmvrUMWJR. for IBM.
One ??!., Itru, X* lo *** rf
Price fl paper, ?1 SJ bound. To be ready In n few day*.
TUP, AMERICAN ALM ANAC I. filled with matter of the greatert
importance to every American. It contain* the fullest Info*
mail en re-pecting lb* general go. > rnmenl of the United ntato., and
of each particular Slate ; al.o, .neli Acta relating la tha Stnlca of
I H'ope *. are n?ef.tl to ? ttr people.
The Monthly Magaxlne .ay* t " Thonannds of literary men, and
ItfT-iry productions of laege fame and showy preten.t*m.f will stand
Indited to thl? mode.1, thin, paper covered volnme, tn il. rich and
orderly mas. of .tatlMic., It. table, of dry figure-, and c*nden.ed
chapter, of nil manner of Information ! Every pro'e*.lonal man, to
?ay nothing of the man of hu.lnem, who owns II, will be *aved a
va.t deal of running and borrowing. ?nd gi.eMing and blundering.
In the rourae of the yenr 1 Itles.lng. nh the man that' not' mveat
ed' b?t' arranged fact*!'"
t)e.lgned for letter writer*, anlhoe., printer*, and corrector* of fh*
prem, and for the u.e of school, and aco4emIe. With an appen
dlx. containing rules on the use of capitals, a list of abbreviations,
bints on preparing copy and on proof reading, specimen, of proof
Sheet., kc. Fifth edition By John WlWon. l?mo. Trice ?l.
It i. an exceedingly valuable book, and a copy of If ahould be at
the -ervlee nf every one who I. directly or Indirectly Iniereeted tn
the large ...hject of whleh It treat, all who have to wilt* Important
let lets, record*, and documents, n* well as thoae who writ* for tha
It. title I. * very full -ipo-tnon of It* content. ; nad a render of It
will be *^ .ally ...rpel-ed and inetrneted by the amount nf knowl
edge which it. pero.al will Impart ?CMdlr. F.ramintr.
Dvc 19?Saw.'lw 111 Wa.htdgten alreat, Boston.
RrmoTkl.- Paper Wurehoute.
MEGARGEE BROTHERS, piper manuOictnree. and Importer,
of manufbeturera' material*, Noa. 3 and J llecatur Street, Phil
adelpbla, beg ?? call the alter ,n nf purtha.er. to thelt eiten.ive
aMortme-tof paper., .ulted to tha w.n-a nf dealer* and con?umera
la every Ion of the country. All order, wttt receive prompt at
tendon, and be filled at *. low price, a. by any bo.i.e In iba Union.
1 ton* of raga wanted for e?ah.
Feb 93 e.Kfihn
[Mo. ?44. J
Oiiiial La?? Orrici, lept 19, 1156.
IMTftUCTIONS have till* day b?e? u*A*tuuu*d u? tbe r? *u?tr,t
and irccivor of lbs DmiviUc land v(Bc? ia IUihum to prepare l??u*
??l ib? vac an 1 lands reniainlnf in said district, and lo give ihirty days*
public uouce from th? dale of U?e receipt of said instructions of ihr
reopening iti tUttir uftcc and Uu> tnannei in which applications wiU
be received by thetu.
8epl SI?2tt*4w 'Intel k tttar. J Commissioner.
[!*?. 647.J
Of the discontinuance of certain United State* Land Ofioo* **
tk? Slate* of JUinou, Jkltchiym, ^ucwniih, and Iowa.
DNUKK the provisions of the sveond section <?f (be act of Con
greaa, approved June 12, 164v, which declares "thai whenever
lUe ?ju?utilv of public land remaining unsold la any lauU district
kliuSI be reduced to a number ol acre* less than one hundred thou
?and" such districts shall be discontinued, *.?. ? *nd,tu conipll
ance Willi other law* on (tin subject, Hie Hecrelary of ihe latefior
Las directed Ibai Uie following offices be discontinued, ru:
rtbawneeiowci and Kaekaslua, ia iUiuote.
Kolainaxou, Michigan.
Mllw.tukie, VV itKunain.
Fairfield, Iowa.
Lands re ui sluing unsotd and undisposed of in the above districts
will cease to be subject to entry at ihosa offlCN front tbe dale of thti
rectipl of notice Ui that street by tbe registers and receivers at those
points, and will be made subject lo entry a? follows :
SbnwneetoYvn and Kat>ka*kia, lo be att?c ed to the tfpriugfield
district, Illinois.
Kalnmaaoo to the Ionia dietricf, Michigan.
Milwuukielo the ftl?ua*ha district, Wisconsin.
Kairfield lo the Charitou district, Iowa.
The officer* at Die points o( consolidation will give public notice
of ihe deys on which they will respeclively be prepared lo roceive
applications for entries ot any such land* at llicir oaicti.
Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, ibis 1'itU day of
November, A. D. 1B55.
Commissioner of the General Land Office.
Nov 14?l?w6w
HLKNWOOU CKMKTtttV -Office No. M Pennsylvania
tX avenue, c.orncr of H'lh street, over tbe Havlnn Hunk. Tilts
cemetery is laid out on the plan of ihe celebrated Greenwood of
New V ork, and situuted on th?: liigb ground disunion*- and u quar
ter mile north of the Capitol, North Capitol street lending directly
to the gntewav. 'J'hls coiupauy have received a charier from Con
ftess appropriating their ground forever to burial purposes, making a
fee title to the purcltaner, and prohibiting all encrouehuieuts irora
legislation or otherwise, which is of vast importance in those who
wish their dead to repose where they have placed them ; lor il ha?
bacon e a custom In all cities when the burial ground become
valuable for other nurpoees, to sell it, and throw the dead pro
eilecunuHy into one targe pit; and legal measures cannot prevent it,
as no (ides are given t?> the ground.
N. 0 ? Office open from 10 to 19, a. m , where namphlets, with a
map, the charter, and by laws, and all other information, can be
?btained i also, ail orders for interments let! with Mr. Jumas K. Har
*ny, No. 410 devfttlli street, or any other undeitaker, will be proiupt
aitaaoad June 17?dly
[No. 548.J
NOTICE or the location of the two land offices and
tin; office of the surveyor genera! In Kansas and
Nebraska Territories.
BE it known, that, in pursuance of ilia 13th auction of Uie act,
approved ftld July, 1851, creating two new land offices for the
Territories of Kansas ?nd Nebraska, and of Ihe first section of the
same act, establishing the office of surveyor general for said Terri
tories, the office for the "Omaha dihtriuT*9 li'is been located at
On ail a Citt , the seat of government of Nebraska Territory ; and
the etllce for the "I'iWitit district," and of tha suavavoa ukm
kriL, al " Lk ConrTon," the seat of government of Kansas Ter
Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty
sixth day of November, A I). 18&5.
By order of the 1'rcsidrul:
Commissioner of the General Land Office.
Nor 98?lgwflw [Intel, and Star.]
? K- U. O 1LLKT,
Counsellor at Law,
flas removed his office to bis resid u e in Fitnulin Bow, corner
of K and Thirteenth streets. lie will continue to devote his atten
tion principally to casea in the United Hiates Supreme Court.
Having devoted much time to >he law concerning paicuis he will
give advice and opinions on legal <|ueslions arising iu cases before
ihe Patent Office, and on app^sl* to the chief justice or assistant
justices of the friairirt of Columbia ?, and will also assist in the
preparation and trial oi suits concerning patents.
He wi I also give written opinions and prepare arguments for par
tied having claims before Congress or either of the d<*-pnrtments , and
will also proeecute claims before any board established for their
Oct 98?dtf
[No. 549.1
NOTICK of the dl.roiitlnii.ilre ot the United HUUi
land office .1 VANI) tLl.l.in the ol IM.INnid.
Nuuce i> hereby |ive. tli.l, In |>ur<u?.CR ?T law, and in view M
Ihe report of the lanit ullirrr' at Vi?iui, luiaoia, the vacant
land in ..lit riiatrtat U redocrd belnw one hundred iliou>niid arte.,
ihe HtcKTin or t.i. I.T.aioa hai dirrcti-d that th? land office
at Vkdilu be discontinued, and the land, remaining unaold al
the time of Ihr ditconti. nance be wade aubjvcl tu aale and eutry at
IntMIIM, Hi ? i J Hlatr
Landa irniaininf unaold and unappropriated by law, ami ?n''ject
to private entry at lb. land offic. now diernatinued, ceaae tu
be autijecl lo enlry .1 .aid office froai dale of tbe rec-ipMi notice lo
that effect br ihe rriuler and receiver thereof, and theHnd officer,
at u paiauriKi.n w.ll give pub'ie nolle, f ibe day on which they
will be prepaird to teaeiv. application* lor anlriea of ar.y suck landa
at their office.
tiiven under my hand, (t Ibe oily of Wiuihlngton, thia Mb day of
Uecambcr, A. D. IMSi.
TIIOS. A. HKN liRI' 'Kri,
Cominlielonar of Ihe Oearrtl (.and Office.
Dnc 11? lawfiw [ invrliij.ncnr fc Star]
rllK.r Jl VtHiLK. BUUKU ?TIni underaig.rd hM act
aaidefrom his slock of recent book, for childrrn a lat|c and
vailed collection, the accumulation of paat yeara, to be sold at halt
price, or al less than thai when need be. Tney are suited to youth
of all ages, and may he niamined at Ills bookstore.
Among them will be found ?ome of the works of Mr*. Hoffmd,
Miss K,!feworth, Mrs. Btrbiuld, and Mher such writers?book*
which have been popular I. Ibeir time, and whiaiming lo culli
vate fxtd ta?te, g Kid ft'linga. and g'vul principle-, aieauppoard l y
. few to have Mill aotne merit, although not leaching ail the aci
enrea, in worts of one syllable, to children of f >.r year, old
I tec 18 FEANi K TAY LOS.
Law Hchool of D.mbsrlsnd I'nlrei-ailj-. .1 Uinnon.
KAOULTT, Fin.. Abraham Caraihers, late one of the circuit
Jidni of Teal'W*.
Hon. Nathan Hrec, I Me one of lb. ndges of the supreme coart
Hon. Bromfield 1, Uidley. oae of the ea.nr.Mors of the fltil*.
Jadges Caru'.htrs and Crec. der I. then irbols lime aiclaaively
lo Ihe school.
/?!.? ?/ indrnellon - 1 Daily examinations of easb class on lha
tm books. No regular course of lactarM, but etplanalioas ol ihe
daily lessons in the progreu of Ihe eiamlnations.
i Weekly rr.iml court, of comiaen law and equity, In whlsh aiu
dents cimimencs suits on a statement of fSels given byiheprnfes
Mirs, ud prosecute (hem lhr< ttgh all Ihe proce.?c. knows In actual
practice. The cases are so framed a* to require them to prspara
deads, wills, records, and all sorts of documents, to be read aa evi
dence In Ihe trtats. Home of tne caaes are taken by appeal lo a
supreme moot court, which Is held monthly ia Ilia Claris, anal la
yublic at the ead of .very session. The stud.nts act ar clerks, ahar
ifa,)nror?, circuit judgu., and chancellors, and in other offi. ial ca
/acitiss r onnccted with t(i?lr saiu.
8ra.<?M ? Tile flrsl aassioa commence* Ihe third Monday In ?.p
tember, and ends third Tbunday in Febiyary. The second cm
mriices the auiccotliag Monday ia Krbrua/y, and ands sesond
Tbursdsy ia July.
Kz.sauea r" trsrioa.?1Tuition fee ^.V) In sdvanc. ; conl: ngen
f*f n | boarding about t*l Ktudent* furnlah lh.il own bints
which can be had ia the Lebanon bookmoraa.
Four session* required lo complete tne cram., unless the sta
dent, enter aa advanced class, no previous sluay required A>r ad
mit.ioa. There are four regular claa^a. KiudiaU may satsi at
any lime darlag the cntlrgiate year.
Tbers is a moot Ingi'Iamra connected with Ihe school
Number afstadeals tbe last col legists year eighty sit
Feb 11?col y Frasid.nl B.mrd of TraWee.
AMKHKAN HUVIK, llaasvsr direst, 11 oat on | by
l.ewia Bica. Brtaiit,anlarfed. nad elafaaily furuiabr,!, ,Hw..Mlng
lailthe modem iaaprorsmena and roavanlamcaa (br tbi acr nmmoda* |
lea ol the travelling pi bile.
Imm II -dly
Caution?Lottery FritaiU.
Orncg or tii Mitman Cnaaniiparaa Lanaain.
Baltimore, Marylaad, ialv 1,1*45. \
11IIF. commisvlonar of the Maryland ftair lotterie* has deemed It1
bis duty to caution tbe public against the nameeoas sw.ndlerr
who circulate by mall and otherwise fraudaltat lotwiry seb?me?,
and | ret' nd to be tbe agent for the sal. of in kata In lotteries which
are wholly Bctilioua
I he only legal lotteries la Maryland are those drawn dally, under
the >u pert men dene, of lha cot'imlaal"rier ntected by Ihe people of
the fltaie undei ihe new coc'ltiilien to ittaialn* and approva Ilia
tchemes and lo altend to lha drawings.
All the tickets in thew lottrrlea, and all certificate* of packages of i
tlckrls, hsve tha litiiog iphed signature" F. X. firman, gencrnl ngrnt
for Ihe contractor, (ifficeofthe Msrylsnd Consolidated Lotteries, i
n*ltloiore Maryland " AH otharsarafrandnlent.
For lall information on the alhjeet of Ihos. frauda address
ffept W dly Rail!more. Maryland.
?-r,i Is.lelpt.to ^l.a-r., set Ur.sl Western I.tne.
PAMENOKftN can leive the depot of rhe rbliitdelpbla and Bead- I
log Railroad Coiupey (flrntd and Viae rrr.sia) dally al TU,
a. m.
Tlira m 00
natron m oo
Wi^gata Falls in on
Baffhb* 10 00
rtntitis ( no
Rochester H Ml
Canandalgua.... || 00
Rlmlra 7 00
Freight Iralns leers the Philadelphia and Heading Railroad Depoi
(Broad and Clierry streets) dally for Chicago and later mediate
polala. AtrangemenU bare beea made which lawre great deapateb
JOHN TUcKRR. rresldeat
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad i nmtrrf
Feb Ift-dtf
rtBIK KHiM. WIN KM. l.ll4?OH?, /he ?We beg leave to
' I call Ihe attention of onr IHends aad the public lo aur slock of
fresh groceries, consisting of?
Fins green and Week tea*
Java. Bio, and l.agnayra coffees
Beftneal and brown 'ugars
family, sun? rllae. and eitra Bour, la bble. aad haga
('her**, lard. ham*, and sbonlder.
<;rsln ~nd ground e^lcss ..f every aeseriptlon
Andevary o?har article aeceeaary to make ap a complete aMort
Wlaea. I.la|wasra, and ri|ara.
Madeira, sherry, port, claret, and cbampagnr wlnaa of favorite
braads, and part vary superior
Fine brandies, whiskey, gins, he , la wood and glass
Together with a large slock ef Havana, German, aad domestic
e will offer the above goo,I., with many other article, which we
?ball he re einng. at au. h prices as to make It aa Indocemaal Bw
Attain*, and tha trade in give as a call before supplying their wanla.
to Siva as a call before supplying their w
TiioMPnoN, Hamilton, a oo.,
? . . "Mt P'"" *ei*eia 4* and ?th stn-cia.
Oct t? IgwSwW
? sw totek. mmjLMmm, amiu tuirrii.
To* skips e?ipfMk? ikim \ium arc the WAHHINU
10W, Cspl k Csscudy ; UKKMANN. Copt. Ed
1 TlitH aleasuasa Mop ft! tSoutha.iupu>ji haUt going &mU returning.
From Froui Fron South j
New York. Bremen. ainpton for
n?w yoik
tfaturdsy. Haturdny. Weduesday. !
Hermans ?*i Feb. KJ Fell. *7
Washington Fen. Kl Mar. tt Mar. ?6 \
! Ileriuaiiu Mai ?J Annl 1U A|**i 4i3 |
; Washington Apul ly May 17 May 4il
| ficriuHun...........Muy 17 June 14 June 18
| Wasbingiuu ..???? ?.June 14 July ltt July i6
(Irruidxii July IV Aug. 9 Aug 13 i
| W*rh:*flou .. Aug. 9 Rrpt. 6 Itopt. 10
, Utimaun...........He pt. 6 Oct. 4 Orl. 8
i Washington Oct. 4 Nov. 1 Nov. 5
! Hermann*..........Nov. | Nov. M lire. 3 |
Washington... Nov. i4l Dec. 147 Dec. 31 j
| B topping ui Mouthaiupton, both going and reluming, they offti
i pavesugtir* proceeding to London end Havre advantages over any .
| oilier rout#, for Uie economy of tliue. aud money. i
Pa?age from New York to Southampton and Hitmen.
! Kirsi cabin, main saloon, $130; tust cabin, lowtr ?aloon, ?110 j I
j second do., $t>ti.
All letter* mid newspapers must pass through the post office.
No bill* oi lading will be signed or paroels received on Uie day of I
1 nailing.
An expmicncod surgeon 1# attached to each ship.
For freight or pusssge, apply to
U. H. HANI). II South William at., N. Y.
C. A HKINEKKN a Co., Brum en.
CUOHKEY k (Jo . Houtb ainpton.
WILLIAM IriELlN.llavie.
Feb *7?dly
Time between WiuUlugtou and Wheeltng but I7|
horns I
Kunning time between Washington and Cincinnati, 'J7 hour* I
Through Ticket* mid Uar^age Checks to be had lx? :
THE Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, having greatly improved its
western connexions, now oilers the fullest inducements to trav
eller* between Washington, Italtimore, and all portions of the WeM,
the Northwest, und the (Southwest.
The conneiion between the trains from Washington and the
trains bouml Weat from Baltimore is always promptly imule at the
Washington Junction, (lately called the Relay House,) ulne mile*
from Ua tiniorc. '1 hia it tlie only change of cars required between
Washington and the Ohio river. linkage is ehecked through t<>
Whveiing at the Washington stution, and rechecked and transferred
there, (ivith the pasNengers,) without charge, for those holding
through ticket* for points beyond. The connecting trains leave
Washington daily at 6, a. in., and 1 J*, p. in. i on riundays at the
latter hour only.
At Wheeliug direct connexion is made with the trains of the CKN
TBAi OHIO RAIL It QAD, running firan BtMv, oittboObio,
near Wheeling, through Cambridge, ZntieBviile, and Newark, to
COLUMBU.4. Thene trains connect at Newark with the Newark,
MAnstfeld, nnd Handusky railroad for Banduaky, Toledo, Detroit,
Chicago, St. Louis, fee.
At Columbus the C. O. railroad triini connect with the fast trains
Of the MNll Muani vuiiroud to Xcnia, CINCINNATI, LOUM
ViLLK, kc. At Xenia, on Little Miami railroad, connexion is
formed with the trains through linyton to INIH ANAPOLI&, Terre
Haute, Lafayettr, Chicago, Kock island, rft Lottie, kc.
Passenger* holding through tickets for Memphis, Vicksburg,
Natchez, New Orleans, kc. which are also sold at Washington?
are transfericd at Cincinnati to the mail steamers on the Ohio.
Tickets for Evausvillc, Cairo, and fc>t. Louts are sold by this
FOB CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo, Detroit, Chi
cago, &.c., tickets are sold when the Ohio ia navigable bettreen
Wheeling and Welliville, (forty miler,) where a connexion with
the Cleveland and I'itfeburg railroad is node.
Travellers are requested to notice that, while this is the only route
aifording through tickets and checks in Washington, it ia also the
shortest, most speedy, and direct to nearly all Hie leading points in
the great West. The distance from Washington to t incinnati is
but 6.*>3 miles, being about i00 nules shorter than by any othet
route !
Fvre by through ticket from Washington: To Wheeling, ,f 9 tj:?;
Cofumhus, $13 65; Dayton, #15 50; Cincinnati, $10; Louisville,
by railroad, $!8 6 ; by steamer from Cincinnati, Altt; Indianapo
lis, ?17 5u ; Cleveland. $12 15; Tolt do, $15 ?<0; Detroit, $15 20;
Chicago, $iio 65 and .$19 50 ; St. Louis, f'2b 50 and $25 ? Memphis,
/|i6; New Orleans, $31, kc.
For Frederick aud Harper's Ferry, Martinshurg, Berkeley Springs,
Cumberland, Bedford Springs, Piedmont, Oakland, and Fairoiount,
passengers may leave Washington at 6, a- m , or 4|, p. m. For the
minor way ?tatlons between Baltimore aud VVheeling take G, a. m.,
train Ooin Washington.
For trains to and from Baltimore, Annapolis, ke., see special ad
For further information, through tickets, kc., apply to Til. 11.
PARSONS, agent, at Washington station.
Master o( Transportation Baltimore and
May 5?dtf Ofaio itailroad, MiltiOOrt.
Notice ot Liuiitcil I'artncrshijt. ,
THE undersigned give notice 'hat they have this d>?y formed a lim
ited partnership, umlrr the firm of Appletnn k Co ,who?e place
o: business is the city of Baltimore, for the purpose of buying and
selhng stocks, iK>ie?. draft*, for* igu aud domestic exchange, bonds j
aud checks, aud the trausaetion of a general st?*ck brokerage and I
exchange business ; that William Btuart Appletou aud llenry W. I
Howell reside in said city, and are general partners, aud (Jeurge 1
Hust resides in Loudoun county, Virginia, and is a special partner; ;
that said Oeorge Hurt has contributed as his part of the capital to the
common stm-k ill - ruin of twenty thousand dollars in cash and that
the said partnership commenced tilts 1/ith day of March, 1H56, and u
to terminate on the 15th day of >larch, 1057.
11 W. HO ? ELL,
Mar 25?iNw GBOHUU HUriT, of Virginia.
HAVING associated omselvrs ti?gether as indicated in the above
notice, we tender i.ur services in the purchase and sale of
stocks, bank-notes, coin, foreign and domestic exchange, collection
of sight and time bills, negoMat'on of corporate loans, bonds, bills,
or promissory notes, or any bu^inem in public securities or exchange
of money. We will Make city collections, recede depoMtes. pay
checks, and allow inteiest on Mtanding accu I* '
We hive arc nr. d the nrficsi of Mr L \ WRKNC8 P IIA \ N E, |
(of the late tirm tl?-hleii, Witlwrs, k Co., Washineton, D. C.,)
who will g-ve his undivided attention to the general <u?iness of our j
house, and all acts of hi# therein will be fu!ly recognised by us.
A pri' 3 - 6?v 414 Haiitmore street.
j^(MlllKKhANi) COAL.?The subscriber has a good article of!
\j Cumberland ccal on hand al preseut which he will sell cheap
fur cash.
Also osk and pine wood of a good quality.
April e<>2w Cor. 14th aud C streets, neat canal.
A I.N V\ l< K I Ii sin! I it. i l - h 1 ? ihhI< "?* in I it n i
for boarding pup Is, situated 16 miles on the tiahiui>'ra as
Washington railroad and turnpike, two miles south of the village of
M A. Tyson and Pistcrs respectfully inform their patrons and
others th*t it ia their intention to close permanently their day school
in the city on the 21st April, and that the summer teiui of their
Alnwick Institution will npen on Monday, the 5tli May. ery fa
cility la a IT #rded lor the ac<|Ui*ition of tha French Isngusge a ?d mu
sic. Applications may be made at their city residetiea on F slreet I
ti.itil the first of M*y, or by letter addresaeti to the Laure' post office,
Md. April l'i?43tknudtI5?h May 1
t^lmngr of flours.
.N and a(Vr Monday, the a.1d instant, the trains will feave
) Wa hington at 6 and 8Jg . a. in., and 3 aad 4J|, p. iu.
On HnnJsy, al 4 H . P m.
Leave BalUmore at 4^ snd 9*, n. n , and 3 and 5*, p m.
On dunday, at 4|, a. n>.
T B. PARFON8, Agent.
April it-dtf
Completion of Panama Katlroari.
fiidwts n of Fare to California*
United Htates msil stesmihlpe leave New York
for Aapinwall on the 5th snd *Hh of eaeb month,
connecting with mail steamers from Panama to flan
These steamship* har* been Inspected and approved by the Jfavy
Department, snd guarsnty *j?eed and talety.
The Panama railroad (47 wile* long) Is now completed from ocean
to ocean, and Is crossed In 3 or 4 hours. The baggage of par*<?ti
gees Is checked in N**w York through to Han Francisco, and p**aen
gers are embarked nt l>? ?n*a br "tcarn'r at ihe csmpany's eipense
The money paid In New York covers all expense* of the trip.
Rsaerve steamer* are kept In port in New York, Ponama, and
flan Pmnclspo, to prevent detention in rise of accident, *o thai
the routs Is entirely reliable.
Pnseengers leave Pan.ima the name day U?ey arrive at Asptn !
troll I
conductor* go throogh hy each steamer, and take charge of
women and children without other protectors.
For ttiroiigh tickets at the lowest ra'e# apply at the afcncy, 177
West street, New York, to I. W. RAYMOND.
flOLO. silver, flne steel ami plated ?peeticles, eye fta?se?, Ac., of
I sll fbcusea, with perifocal, periscopie, and parntKili glasses. A |
long experienee give-* in pecnllar ad^nntrifcs in selecting glasses j
adspted to the eyea of wearer*.
M. W. OALT k DKO.,
.121 Penn. avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets j
Jan ffl?tf
Falrvlrw Cotton Works,
Near the O'tnal Putin, Alexandria,
FIT7.PATRICK k WtlRNfl, proprietors, and mannfkctnrers of i
cotton yarns, carpet chain, aotl twine, wrapplnf twin*, cord j
age. cm ton bits, kc
Orders from merchant" In WssMnffoo res:4?ctfn!ly solicited for
any of the ahovs article*, whtcti we will deliver In Washington
lower than can he had in Baltimore or othet northern markets. All
orders will meet With prompt attention hy addressing as above.
Ort II dim F. o I
fit. Jowph'i Amdfmy for Yonng rntllrs,
Nmt Kmrnittehitrp, frrdrriek County, PM.
THE annual session ofstwd?e? at this institution r ommences on ?he
94th Atign??, and terminal* s on the last Thursday in June. The
terms 0>r board and tuition aie $1M per annum, payable semi anna
ally In advance. There are ejrtra charges formwsie, drawing, paint
iag, aad also fr?r H(?anish. Italian, Oerrnan, aed l.alin. The terms j
for the primary department, composed of pupils under nine years o( ;
age, are f 100 per annum, payable half yearly In advance.
Letters of inqniry should bs addre.a. d ti the MOTIIEft flUPE
RIOH of Ht. Joseph's Academy, Emmlttshnrg, Frederlek roonty,
Jnl B-dlyear.
iltlM H KI4I.A N O'fl Mlemolrs | a* rliten t?y Icitaelf t con
V taining an account of his Life nnd Wiitings, in tempered with
anecdotes and charasters of several of the most distlninishcd per
sons of his time. With f7of?4otta 'llnstrstive Notes; hy Henry Flan
ders, stithor of ?? The Lives of the Chief Justices " I vol., fro. ;
Cloth, fl 50. FKANCk TAVl.OR.
The Intimaey which the author enloyed with snch men as Horace !
Walpole, ftnrke. Nir J ?slnt i R?%nolds, Lord Haltfat. Ooldsmith, Dr I
Johnson,Cowper, Pitt, snd others of the mo?i distinguished chsrsc
ters of his time, ha? enabled him to Ititrodncs pertoaal anecdotes
and sketeltee of the most Interseting kind, and which render his
Memoirs eieeedingly Instructive and > ntertaining
" The sketeho's and a need ?tea winch he has tntrrdneeH into his J
Memoirs sre In ihe highest d'gres Milan Hog, while hla habit of]
observing and discriminating character gives to hia deflorations an !
authority, and cooseqimnfty a rains, which it ia *tfl|ruit to over es
timate " Rn?yctot*1la Rritaanisn
April 3
Jfftssnti 11*11 College of New Jersey, PrluceUm.
" llhould miM acquatatauce he forgoi,
And never brought 4?? uua1 i
Should auld ?ciju'iiiiuucc Ami forgot,
And day* o' auld iangeyue."
The members of the senior class oi ihe yoar ending m June, 10X1,
li?e junior class u4 tins year ending m Juue, ItKfci, the lioptiumois
cla** ul ilie year ending iu June, lo3i, and the Freshman cla*s of the
year ending in Jum, I WO, are hereby requealed (o a?-eiutW? m
Washington. D. ?., by the Uiiid of March, A. U. 1067, at ihe iateet,
to brighten lite link* ol the chain of love and friendahio which time
nor tide can ever entirely lever, to exchange once more in (lieu
liven greeting and sympathy, and to lament the untimely lale ol
fconiv of their tuuel prouiiaiug compeers.
A preliminary meeting of the self,appointed committee will be
held on lite first Moudiy in Heptsuiber, A. i> ItuM, al the United
tttate* iloiel, UUmuuI street, between Fourth and Fifth air rein,
which those members of the aeveral classes to whom it may be con
venient are luvtied to attend, when the ntsc* ssary measure* will be
adopted to metre aa full an attendance an coeaible.
Iu the mean luue, those lo whom this uoUeu i? addressed will be
good enough to furnish the aecretary ol the cuiaaiittee by mail with
their respective |H?st office#
?DWAftD J. GRANT, M. D.,
of Trenton. N. J., Chairman of Committee.
oi Philadelphia, i'ennsylvaaia,
of L&acaater, Pennsylvania,
rmur pendlbton,
of Winston, AHeghany Co., Nd.,
of' H&lato Irou and Glass Work*, N. J ,
of Montgomery county, Maryland,
John Whuman, of Lebanon, Fa., Secretary.
March '27?lawt.Mar3 [ intelligencer)
All newspaper* in the civiliied countries of the world are request
cd to notice this advertisement in their editorial c'lttmin, a a mini
bera of the aeveral clashes are scattered llirough lite four great dl
vision* of the globe ; nn l all nowapapera throughout the United
fc*?ni? a of America are requeued to give i' a gratuiioua iuaertiou on
caaionally between Uiia date and the 3d ot Much, A. I). I&>7.
Trle?euiar?Tlte Ureal European Discovery,
UftOTRCTED by r<?ynl letters patent of England, and secured by
1 the aeala ol Ecole du Pharw&cic dc Paris, and the Imperial Col
lege of Medicine, Vienna.
rrimiem.tr No. 1 la the remedy for general and local debility, ln#a
of virile power, premature decay, and all the diMrrcsina conse
quences uridiig from an early abuse, he. Ita elfecta are etncaciou*
in youth, manhood, and old nge ; the virile powera would noi be
come impaired, even iu the decline of life, if the Trie?eiuar were
universally adopted ; all physical impediments vanish like mag e
before it* influence, thus rendering i.a use invalu ible to those eu
UtfiBC the BftrfllM stale.
Trieaemar No. & completely and entirely eradicate* nil traces of
ihose disorders which copaiva and cubeb* have so I out; been tlionghi
an antidote for, to the ruin ol the health of a vast ponton of the pop
Trieaemir No 3 is the great European remedy for that clan* of
disorder* which, unfortunately, the ilnjflirh physician treat* with
mercury, lo the inevitable destruction ol the patient's constitution,
and which all the aar?u;>arilla hi the world cannot remove.
Trieaemar Not I, 2, and 3 tire alike devoid of taste or smell, and
nil MMIiHUn qualitie*. TlM| may lay on the toilet tabic without
their tine i;entg deter!?:d
Bold ill tin cues, nt $3 each divided Into neparnte doaea aa ad
ministered by Valpenu, Lallf Imaud, Hour, kc.
To he had, wholesale a id retail, of Mr. II. A. Barrow, No. 31
Green street, near Canal, New York, specially appointed by the
proprietor and patentee a* agent for lha United States, and every
other part of America. Immediately on receiving a remittance,
Mr. Harrow will forward the Tries'-uiar to any part of the world,
?eettrely packed, and addressed according lo the instructions ol the
Retail agent* required. Terms ca*h.
Nov 1)?dlyr
Washington Aqueduct.
Orrtcc or tui Washinoton Aquiduct,
Washington, March 7,1855.
PROPOttALH are invited for graduation atone nod brick maaonry,
dams, tumrel*, and other work of the Wanhington aqueduct.
Propoaala, received up lo the 15th of May, will be upened at noon of
that ?iay.
Mapa, profiles, and *pcciflcnlions of the work will be ready for ex
amination on and after the *Jhih day of April next.
I'ropo^aU will be received lor the work of particular culvert#,
bridges, flic., fee , a* dencribed in the plan* and specification*.
Portions only ol some <>i the works ean be coinpleied under the
Ceseiit appropriation ; but nil contracta for unfinished work will
subject to luture appropriations by Congress The engineer re
serves the right to prescrih* the amount of work to be done nnd rate
ol progress under each contract lor each appropriation ; and in case
of the appropriation not holding out sufficiently, to decide when aud
what works sliall be slopped until funds become available.
In cas>! of the entire stoppage of any particular work for want of
funds, the reserved ten per cent, will I e paid, If, in the Judgment of
tlir engineer, the work has been properly executed so far as it has
Payments will be made in specie checks upon the United Plate*
treasury upon the monthly estimates of the engineer, reserving 10
per ceul.; and it will be a co dition of all contracta that the work
men shall be paid the!*' full wage* monthly, and in api'cie.
All bids should be sealed, and endorsed "Proposals for work on
the Washington Aqueduct."
The United States reserves the right to rej$?t nny or all the bid*
should they so* be deemed advantageous, and to make such arrange
merits as muj! e considered moat conducive to the progrea# of the
Every offer >?a*tbe accompanied by a written guaraiUce, signed by
one or more reaponslbie persona, to the effect that he or they under
take that Ihe bidder or bidders will, if hi* or their bid be accepted,
enter into an obligation, within tan days, with good and aiifficient
aeeuritiea, for the completion of the work undertaken ; said yuar- ntee
to t?e accompanied by the certificate of the United States dixirici
judge. United Hlates district attorney, navy agent, or so*oe officer of
the general government or individunl known to the Engineer or De
partment of War, that the guarantors are able to make good their
Bids will be opened in presence of bidders, if any c them
choose to be present.
M. C. MEJCkl,
Capt. of Engineers, In charge.
To Capt. M C. Meigs, U. * - Kngineers.
We, the undersigned, resident* of , in the fttate of ,
hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with Ihe United Htales, and
guaranty, in case the foregoing bid of ?? be acccptad, that be or |
they will, within t^n daya aitei the acceptance of the said bid. exe j
cute the contract for the same, with rood and sufficient sureties to
perform <>r furnish the articles proposed in eoaf?<mit) to the lerin* :
of the advertisement under which it ?vs* made. And in case the |
said shall fail lo enter latocootract ?* aforesaid, we guaranty
to make good the 4.derence be I w sen the offer by the said and ]
the net! lowest bidder.
(zMgaed) A. B.
C. !>.
I hereby ecrtify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the |
above-named guarantor* are good and sufficient.
(rtignrdi E. F
Mar t<--3tt*i*<lhMaylUftwif
TI1K ONLY tlNKA( lil()Hl/,KI)l-Th' Rot, of DR. BOY
VEAU LAFf R? TEI'R is Air superior to the sirups of Ceiei
nier, or ear* pari I la, or other similar remedies. It radically cnre>
without mercury 4li afTrctiont of the skia, dartres, scrofula, Ihe con
sequences of Hch, uki r?, accidents from aceonchmenls. the critica'
period ??f III*', and hereditary acrimony ?f hum >ra Aa a depura
live it is po*eifully atficacious m catarrhs of the bladder, in con
tractions and other wraknesa of Ihe organ* arising from abuses ol |
Injections or soundinga. As an aati sypinlitic the R ib curra In a
very short Mine recent er inveterate di*e.i?es ensuing from the use ;
of balsam of capavia or eubebs, or frt?m lajsciNi, which only repel
the vims without neutraliaing it. The Rob Boyvean is, above all.
recommended in syphilitic diseases, whether recent or long stand ?
ing. and which hart resisted ihe powers of tucrcury, or tha iodure j
of pornssium.
General agents for the I'nited States : Gabriel Bloudin, esq., T. j
William street, New York, for wholesale orders ; tiutllot Dnconge :
New Orleans ; Heniily, '?an Franeiseo.
I he Roll LalTecteur is sold hv all the drurcsts throughout the Uni
ted Elates 7*he pamphlet of ft>ooterH- d* Ht. OervM|s on ihe m*di j
cai properties of the R..h will be obtained by writing lo O. Blon
dm,97 William street, New York, who will give every inforroauoe
(J. B. Is prepared lo fll! orders fen Roulh America, the West In
dies, fee , free of the United states duties, aa he has the IU?b la bund
March 14-dlv*
I tmtiKKI.MiVV'l !tl*%v Porm. - -The B.w| of Hiawatha;'
li by llenry Wad-worth Longfellow Price f I
Curiou* Htories ah?itit f'alrien and o*her Funny Feople. 75 centa
Just publisbed and for sale at
Nov IS lt-K?lislore. near thh el.
f?ll*C*Cfl .IPVIONIliK BIMUCI. ? A well seleeted Nlfftloi^
I* nf Frnneh juvenile boolts, vartoos In lh"ir styles nod prices, and :
adapt< to various eg* a ; ntinv of them, heaulifully illustrated, may
b* fo ifd at the nook-tor? of the nndersign*d, imported by him*eM .
direct from Paris.
Dec i! Fit A NCR TAYLOR.
PIKMmF^ of Itellglona I'lsaa | hy L. Maria C MMa.
3 vols.
The New Purchase, or Early Year* in the Far West * new editioa
Lilly. 1 Novel I vol.
Works of Cha* l.sntb 2 vids
Harpers' 6lory B^ok. Vol 4.
Meilco and Its Rcliffion; by R A. Wilsnn. Illustrated.
Border lleagles j by W Oilmore Himans.
Hmike j b" Charles J>lckens.
The Chfla IVHi' ; hy Charles Dieken*
Mysteries ^ the Cotnl of the Htn*rts ; by William Harrison Ains
wort a.
P'INK tdbrarv Krflllons of Gibbon. Ilnllnm, Itstssel,
Robertson, llnme, ttmotlett, Irving. Prescotl, Bancrr?A, Mack
tntosh, ftosee?e, Webster, Hcott, Thiers. Tepr-, Mae an I ay, ffharnn
Turner, Mills, Bitter, Burnett, Clarendon, Gillies, Frrfuson, Ar
mdd, Rolfin, Pmtarrh, and many other of the standard hi?tor?ans
maybe fotnd *1 thr most mod'rate prices at the bookstore or the
und? rslgned, In flne library bindings, most of ih*m imported direct
fr-?m l.ondrm by th*J tinders?gned. and bound Ihers.
I A WM of lbs l olled Amies Relative lo the l*uV*tl?
li Land*?Cf>mp!e*e np to ia?r~~ with Acts of ihe Congress of the
Confederation, Treaties, Proclamations, Bpnnish Regulallons, fcc.,
Re., Re. I vol
Continuation of |h* above ? enmplelc to 18.13 I vol.
American State Papers Relttivn to the Pnfdie Lands, snd f>nro
meni*, legislative and executive, on that subject. 3 volumes, Mio. |
Indian Treaties mad by ihs United aiates?compfeie from com
naeneement to IR53. I vol. |4.
Laws made by ihe Colonies sod Wlare governments, from 1633 lo I
tH3t, relating to Indians and Indian affairs. 1 vol.
Official Opinions of Ihe Attorneys Gsnersl, from l7W to 1^50. 9,
vol*. f7 AO
l.aws. Charters and l^?esl Ordinance* of Grest Britain, France >
and Spain, relating to ihe Public Lands in their respective t olo j
nies ; collected by Jotefdi M While 9 vols IW.
Johnson*s Insti.ntes ol tha Civil Law of Bpain. I vol. London j
#10 50.
SebmMCs Civil Law of Spain and Mstleo. 1 vol. $V
Roekvrei|*s tTompfltlfon of Spani-b and Merlcan Law in relat'o
In Mines and Real Ksiare Title* I eel. $01 .Vi.
Statu e Regulations of ins Westera snd Northwestern States con
certking Land*. Titles, Re. 1 vol. Rl *?.
Flet*e|?s Military l.sws Hnnnly Land and Pension Laws ol the
United States I vol. W.
Triplet!'* Pension snd Bounty Laud T awt. 1 ml. fa.
Benne?t*s Pension Laws. 1 vol, M M.
Mayo and Moufton?s Pension and Bounty f.and Laws. I vol.
#3 Ml
E?cricl?e ; Wcclonarlo Raronado de LegMacion y Jnrisprndcncia
3 vol* , quarto. Mad-M |l*|.
The Virginia P*y and Musf'-r Rotla of MIHila entitled m Land i
Bounty. Bound in I volume, a 15.
J.d? rHASf^l TAVLOB. 1
las bmIImmi UrvaM l?w?. U, UM.
W ILLIAM H. Wu>t> .mi Mtir *. Me wifc. Simeon A Weaver
aud JuiMi his wife, ploluulfs m cfcaatery , ??*'?? ">? t-hudr.,
of Jamb Cnfller, whoee auw are unknown; Ibe chtl
dien of Rosnnua '/.uiiuiiiuo, deceased, Wbnee nmnee ore sa
known i Joshua Crltfer, ibe children of Lewi. I ri?ter. tectum
wbw...? am uuknown | f So* en aud Abu his wit. , J J
Crigler ibe cbtldreu ol Margate! Ctem. deceased. wlioes names at*
aukoown i Nicb-lws Crigler? Joua. Ciigler, and Jeremiah Ongtor.ia
his own light, and a* admtuisuulor ol Aaron I rtgle , deceased, ds
fend 111., aud Sinclair Graves and William H Wumi, *c., ua pe
KtlraUe dscrss.
Tin. cum cumiua on to be beard on iba papers formerly road
iu itie county court u( M&dtton, and the r* port William II- U e?
ver, the cihWiui upoomled U> at.II Iba land and negroes an u
turned IU ilia Hid lepori, also, a pciuiou of Sinclair l.iave., con.
plaiuiug ol Uia Mild Weaver having sold lo In in aa unsound u. (io
bi tile ??.? In the report mentioned, end prncttetug a fraud an lust
tn tli* aale of tbe said uegro, ?ud prayiug lo be relieved Iroiu hi. .aid
purcliaee, anil e.ku>( to have tbe land ia Uie aaid repuii mentioned
it.oid, and sundry au.wers (lied lo .aid petition, fcc
Bui in Hie nieaulime, Hie court, in order lo beve Iba right. 'tall
I arlie. luleio ted lb Ibe said luud spooiOad, and ibe auiuuni. due io
liicm tispecuvely ascertained, dotb adjudge, order, aad dec se it,at
one ol liiecoinloir.iouei* of till, cotwl, bnving llr.i given n uc<
thereof by putiltcnllon in s.iuo newspaper pMbUsbM III Hit cil> ul
Washluglou for four weeks .occeeelvely, and al Ibe marl hem.
door of the county of MadUon, do lake an account of tbe .aid
fund., anil account of the amount In the band, of the .aid Wea?.l(
allowing bini a reasonable time for briugiug the mum ? into mutt,
and it> hu did not do.o, cbar|;e blui with interest on lhal which k<
may not bava properly i>atd ?w? lo tb? paruo. ensiled ihei.w,
from tUt eipiratiou of the time so allowed , and ilie .aid comma
amuer is to ascertain Ihe number and names of all tba parlies sell
lied lo participate In Uie dl.lilbuliou ol tbe .aid fund, and then it
speclivc .hare, and pioporiiou. thereof, and also the place of ml
deuce of each party, ... far a. the same la practicable, and make re
porl thereof lo ibe court, Willi ou)thing detmed pertinent by hiai w
WCopV"!?X"y ?"y ",,U'r*" UKLK.ELD CAVE, Clark.
The partita intereated In laking and aiallng Ihe accounla direcitj
by ihe above deer, e ure licit by notified lhal 1 li?ve ap|oi?i?j lm
that puriKHM! Monday, Ihe 4ih day ol rebruary, l?W, aa ih? nat,
and my office In Ihe lowu mid county of Mudieon, Irgiuia, a. lit.
place lor the aaid account, to be luken. and Haled by meat coniuiik
Atoncf > VV IIjIjI AM L* A?" . i
Coniiuitaiouer of MtidUou Circuit Court.
Dec 30?Uw4w
MK.HUKIttl ot t:oi?urc?. ???tf Vla'teiato UMliia(io.
ate ic.pcillully Inlormed lhal at TAVl.OH k. MAI'liY'd
llook and Mlalloncry Slore, near 'Jill atretl, Ihey will met! all thrir
retiiitrtmi lill'. Tticir eilen.ive mock, in addilbin to III# f? lln?m
imporiani work., compn.ea every departaieul ofliteralur., .cn-i.e,
and art:
New books received iminedialaly on publication
Weekly IwpoiUtioua front England
Calhoun'. Work., 8 volume*
JiflVraon'a Works, U volume'.
Wetiaier's W oiks, 0 vols., ?uiofraph edliior
Everett'. Orations and Hpeechee, 'i volumes
Clay's Private Oorre.poudence, I volume
8. b. frentiaa'. Memoirs, U volume.
liuncrofi's lii.tory of the United Stales, 6 volumes
Ftale? mail's Manual, 4 volumes
III.'key's Constitution, I volume
Jefferson's Manual, I volume
The Constitution, of thai United States, 1 volume
Elliot's Debates anil Madison I'uper., 5 vslumes
Mnrrli's firalor. and Hlalesinen, I volutnu
Htory's Work., 3 voiimie.
Live, ol Chief Ju.lice. of ilie linlied Slates, 1 volume
Meber's Civil Lilierty and Self government, 2 Voiuaies
Wirt's Lilt* of Patrick Henry, I volume
Kennedy's Life of Win. 9 volumes
Uarland's Life of John Randolph, 1 volume
Party Leaders, by tlaldwin, 1 volume
lie Tocquevillc's Democracy in Amcrica, 1 volnnio
The Federalist, I volume
tirnuke's Ntilure and Tendency of Free Institution', 1 volusti
ConsUluiional T tit book,l volutna
Carey's Past, Present, and Future, I volume
Seaman's Progress of Nations, 1 volume
v.cBlltfott'a American Debater, 1 volume
Futurn Wealth of America, 1 volume
Hmith's Wealth of Nation., 1 volume
Every description of American, English, and French stationery ol
ihe flutM qualities, al Ihe lowest prices.
Visiting card, enjraved and prioted^wUh^tlie^greal*M prmii^titude.
Dec 7?dlf Nuar 6th slr.M.
M yule lien of the Post Offlce.
It A mail bag i. an epitome of human lift."
Or, Sola from the V.ary 0/ a Special Afr.t o/IU Port Otf<<
ISmo., 432 pp. Price $1 25. Beautifully illu.trated with t? st.itl
portraits, by Kilclue, and 12 wood engiavinga, from design, chtelly
by Darley.
i rr\ |||s w.rk?undertaken wilh the ssncllon of Ibe chief officers oi
i. ihe I'o.t Office Department, by a gentleman who ha. long t/cen,
1 and is still, one of tbe .pei-ial agents of lhat department? is the (list
I book of the ind ever Issued calculated to give tbe public an iosijht
I into the practical operation* of ihe post office e.tablishment, and Ilie
almost certain mean, which .kill and eipertence have tarnished loi
! the detection and punishment of offender, against ibe law. en.CI I'd
for tbe security of the mail, and the inviolability of private curri*.
j pondence. .
Never ha. a volume been offered to the public under a more hearty
' and universal commendation of that enlightened and powerful een
.or, Ibe press. Brief extracts fiom some of tbese many Battelts|
j notice, are anneicd :
| Tlie book will prove one of ibe mo?t entertaining of the set."T!
] and, in livi lineis, inlereM, and general truth to nature, will luris ?
pleasant addition la our slock of popular light literature.
p (if Y. Kvtnlni Put.
We are bo nd to concede to Mr. liolbrook's narrative of his p*wt
offee expire nee. the merit of being an exceedingly intere.um tnC
suggestive book.?N. Y. lltrald,
Tbe eu'est and must entertaining book we have recently wee.
Some of Mr. Ho*brook', true, unvarnished recitals beat all lhal o?'
Hods in Reynold.", monstrosities, and any one who read, tbsiu will
realize at once thai rouiauce .till lives and thrives amid oar uitider*
lift ? botlon Port.
Thi. work commend* itMilf, by Ibe nature of its cabled. i?j rvery
. ncrson who cau it-ad a book or wrlle a letter.
[ Philadelphia Pmniylt ani^n.
A more amusing, and. at tbe rame lime, interesting work, of in
kind, ha- never bctn published in America.?PMJudci/>M? isildia.
A ? ill written and amusing work, from which we shall mak. ts
extract or two lor the benclll of tbe community.
(PhilridflpAia Safwdey Po-<.
It abounds witli skeicbes of novel and tnsirueiive malur.
? [ Philadelphia Inquirer.
This book is indeed a novelty, exceedingly entertaining, niid "pea
leg a new source nf amusement ?Hartjori Daily Qosesnl.
I There is sulrstsnee emiuiii in ibe incidents, plots, and cbaraefr
contained tn his .ketchea to All a doaeti novcla.?*??*?-??? *>???""?
No person whs has ever allowed himself to hsrhor for a
tbe idea m opening another per-on'e letter on read the book will,
oat shuddering at the Olghtlui precipice on which lie ha. '<?"*
I rncie Haven
PuMiahed by 11 ?!nwper?hwall It Co., riiilai|rl|ibia.
F. r sale bv all booksellers and news-agent*.
Dec -Ji?dftl
Asruci or Fasncn HrouaTton Cl'lJ'i
Waabingion, November *1, I'M
IN Answer to many inquiries nddreeoed to me by claimant, agi wi
1 tile United Hiataa on account of spoliation, couinii ted i*
Fiench prior tn tbe ralifteaiion of the conventmn witn I iaiii?
IHtMi?vl?: July 31, 1001-sa In the ceuise Of proceedingli |?'
ii iw par.an t ivtrdf obtaining redress, I deem It most eipediet, <
publicly to Inform all saeli lhal, after consalting cmpeteat ndt seis.
It has been t unclad- d a. most Jaditioas not m vidonlarll) ssbm
tUeir claims to the claim. Crn-A-a. Ihey wonlil be wiled "P *
thousands of other proaii.cnou. elsrms and therefore i.oc.? >"
for many resrs, tn rueniion no other otojectbin? bat lo snHnni
('.,t,gress (pss-o-rrtng the Senate) In Ibe nsual mi.nner st ilie "I-"
mg of the cuaiing .e..)o?, ia Ihe lull eipertalloa 1(1*1 dire*'"
will be provided for tbern througli a special Uiard of
ere ; or, if the I latin. < ?nit "ball tliea be rtaoUed nn as the
tribnual Congre.s will grant, thsi reference of these claims n.?f
made la it bv a direct legislative act.
The adjustment ol these claims won id fallf and constant y
copy a board of Hie highe.l class for three )si.r? . and Justte.
,,,rfc s bo"rd"Wm'
The I sllegs of?t. J.m.e, Marjrlaw^.
rpilB second term of the present ses.loa begins on Moad.y.
Tbere sre fall eonree. of cellegiate, prepiratory, aad eatr"'-e"
Addres. *ev Pr KERFOOT, Beetor, fce.
Feb H-9aw4w
slKOHUK WOOI)** ?KW WORK.?Modern P lgran,
U showing lb' Improti wenls In travel and ihe newest a^?o<i
reaching UM Celestial Cllv ; by George Wood, author of ? I
Prbelmthl In America." * volumes. Trice *1 74.
Letters to s y.oing ahveiclaa Jttst enterlui upon practice i
^"j Jpi'i" a**II 'Was and I.'; by Blchsrd WlWrelh, nothor nf Hi*0"
''c.-te? A'stmy n" R^tiMleftn Finality i by Hydney A.
* paMUhed, and fb, sale .1 ? vi AI RV'H
U R'i?k*wre, Mar bib rareei
Kn*H?h. Kreirrh. niltl A.nfrlf l??l PaahlMt. l?6b
it Wilt; r. P FOX ha. arrived at WHIetd". Hotel.Wnsteogtsa,1^
(l c In the delay nWendlnt the organlattoa of the I lease,??
s^T?i..fof rwHicmtMiaifNi lhat th?? nf Voifc br?n< '?
Kntio???| li fMntorr enn, Without vIolttiMff Ihrir pol?lic?l
"i'le ?;?lme pe-p-lsr' eand.d.te for Ihe.r favor V, F-. > ^
rgrr,iy n? ? rrpwniMif .-ommrrc^, tw *??*???* 4
rnnl?nur. to rrcHir,, ,
rotrr* in ?hr rrulm nf Imhlom, ai?4 nnw n pf*9r?? lh^?i li? #
Hividfd p^utimtnl. 'Ih* Haom nf R^pwtimlv* lm* b*(
ln?? f??r n Ir^df.r lor *f?nir h?l Ihf- i?f W*"1' ^
ntwuft orgnnitfd' The fnthlon* In the hnnd m "* 10
tli of Ow ?rti?l wh?l tb*? di^orr^ni**-!! of l**' rf f,r"V,
nee a.sembi) are to the genlu. of tbe orapir. The one .aeeuin
ibe taste ol Ihe *rti?t. the other t. .ebdned by tbe etooneeee ? |
orator V\ hit Ihe latter I* U> the eongr-Mismal assemlsly
Fm Is to the popnlnr a^embly of fashiod. We hare Ihu'
luted n parallel, btit parallel, onty ran closely to s~,J
thence they diverge I and thus It Is with oar leaders or lap,,,',r mlU
our leader, of politic. The speaker of ftebion (fbr ,?
designate onr tr presentarlve) Is never at a la*e ft* 'herig ^
the right man, nnd Ine right man Is never at a loss for lb" ? nj>f
when he applies lo our leader Hi. vole ts never ca.l*
yet his money. Both are equally well and safely la?e.ie<i
TO Til K I.AIIIM. Mr R. L. IIARPF.R.:* Broomfteld
Bo.ton, ha. lust received a choice aswrlmeni of llmee ri
elegant straw embroidered ball dre?es, nf the lste.| Pan. ' w
which were mi universally admired at New port last seasoo ^?_, i
was riert then able to supply ibe demand, he lake, this opp" ,
to inform the Indie, that be Is Just opening a fresh snpp".
wbn h are white, nnd very nppmpriatn for bridal eostiimes_ ^
Also, head dree.ee, c- iffare., enpote., collar., nianlles, ? ^
which are in embroidered straw on black or white lace. ?
ety nf wreaths of straw flowers, feather flowers, Re. . ,h_r
N. B ?This is the only house la the United Rules where
good* ean he obtained.
RosTon, Jattnarjr I, 1RS4.
Jan Mitrlw
f WA KB*m Tbe high-, eajh J*ROl
Jan 8'-lfli

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