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J, I I I ~ll '??
JOHX APPLETOJf, Editor and Proprietor.
o?nA,p*'r? t18
,IMMVBKKLT, (pnMl.htd Irlwrekly during the aaaaloa
oft'rt?CTT?!),.,. SIX
Ooii wMt* JumukcU at fallolet ;
pw^lH^of lh? HAlLV.fbr 40 W
ritr6op,a.oftheSKMI WEEKLY 90 M
Ifie.pitaallha " '* M?
So deduciioa for ',,uba on WEEKLY.
TI1KHE TRAINS DAILY from Baltimore, for Cumberland
Whealing, and aH |taiU of Ilia Wcm.
1,1. Tba ACCOMMODATION TRAIN trill laata (rxrrpt nu?
,i t.C>, a. m , connecting Willi Iraiua front ttMlailelphw, Art
train from VVa.lnngion (at Junclion) will nop ai way ataili ua am
,rrite al Cumberland al 4 o'clock, p. ui.
Sd. The MAIL TRAIN leitvee Camden Bunion dally (eierpt Run
dj.) ,1 H..T0, a HI . and rtarlMa Wheeling by 4, ?. in., coriurcling a
nmrood Willi IraiiH lor Colutnbua, Ijnclnoali, Dayton, Indlanap-i
I|. Laai,rille. Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Bt- l.ouia
Calm, ?ad Internrnditie nolmn
M. i be EXPHKBS TRAIN leaven dally al 7, p. nr., eeanecilni
wilt aiprmt irninH lor Cincinnati, Bt. Lnn a, Cairo, Chicago, am
laiatmedtale |i acea. The dialance to Ciuainnau and oibor can
inUHM.li.oaih. nl pltcaa in tka Wrat, la nearly let) mile, aliorir
iban by any oiler inula. 'Tlia lima to time placet la alao une
llaigM0 rl.crt.'i nirou|h to Columbus, Clncinnali, ludiauapolia
anJ il Loula.
faaaenkera anil lutkfiige Iran. I'm red at all pninla free.
THROUGH TICKE I H will be told to all the large totrna In tb<
Waal, al Ilia lowrtt poaaible rama, at the ticket office, Camden file
una, and al IVi eltington cliy.
A aecond-c'OM. cur la alluchol to the mail Irain.
Paaeencera In lit Haiti more or Wnahinptoli niny view- Ike entir.
ncl h dnylitk , by tnk ?( atconinuxluiiun or in.il train, and lyiru
oyer at Cun.lnil nil or Uakland. l in y return, ncil MOfiriit, b<
We ript?a? l,mn, which leave* Cuiubniland at S.ftU, a. m., am
Mitbff Wheeling nl 3, |i
I'^MCni' ia t "ni Washington havn ain|ilo time for incala al Waeh
I14100 JunCt'OU
Tkie i> (be only roate by ?Mch through ticket. and baggnfi
tbrck> ran be obtained in Washington.
Tke aeenm. .ndntion train, al 6.4ft, will amp at all ataiinna rnat 0
Canbatiand, . lid Ihe (niri'ii at alationa beyond Piedmont goin,
nut tbuiwi rdly, the null train leavea Wheeling nl 7.15, a. m.
1111! acconiniodaiion Iravea Cumberland at 8114, reaching Italtimon
at i 46, p. m
Tb* FREUKRICK TRAIN etorte al 4, p. no, (except Sunday,
ttnppiu. *1 way itat'oaa. Laavta Preduiirk al #, a. m., arilvlsi
ol Kaliunore al 12 34, noon.
Til* KL 1,1 COIT'8 MILLS TRAIN leavea f.'nuiden Station al 0
a m , and ft W, p. in. Leave. P.lilcott'. Mllla at 7.30, a. 111., a 1:1
7 Nl,a cacepl Pundaye.
W. 8. W0008IDB,
Jan 17?dtf Mauler of TranapoMaltan.
t(% m
TRAlNfl leave Washington for Baltimore?
Alti and 8*. n. nr., urid 3 and 4*, p. ru.
Ou rtunday, at 4f, p ??
J*?av? Baltimore fur WabhiDgton?
At 4# and 9*, n. ru , and 'J and 5*, p. ru.
Oa 8unJay,M 4#, * m.
PaiaeRgfrH lor Philadelphia nnd Ne*v York wilt take trains at 6
8k, and 4tf.
ia?rug. r? for Annnpolis will toko trains at 8# and 4X?
Do. for Norfolk 44 *- nnd 3.
Do- for the West 41 14 0 andlXt tODieal
Ida at Washington Junction.
T. H. PARHONS, A|ent
Jan 17?dtf
To Our Customers.
WB declined doing buslne Ihe second tlnm and forever f??r a cer
tain company ; mo.e tlian paid ull indebtedness. Aficr whicl
they published that Him agency w?a discontinued. The object war
so ;.pparenl t!ial the effuct tin? been to increas j < ur business.
Wo has? within a few month* eca^ril io act for two others, foi
which we have done soma little nnd paid them in full. Wi
hops they will not publish it uuitl w? huvn had time to find a gooi
additional clttk, tut ua have now our hands quite fu!?, tbb pre
uiiutnH for life snd flru insurance t.nviug exceeded one thOu-a:id dot
lam tho present week.
You wisely Inter that composit-a thnt would quarrel with u? wcnU
tie morn likely to quarrel with you. as you itave long known w<
were psscesbiy inclined, having paid to widows t*iul orphans, am
for Are looses, without any iawauita, over $?I49,0C0 sinco me havt
been is bueinese.
Aonunl viau incuts of our life company are ready for delivery, snr
shew that it is equal to any, if not superior to ell, ntt'.riling $3:
dividend fbr every bunded paid in.
We have alio a Hre hi*ui*nco eotnpjnv, nmoiig others, witlu
vety large capital, that du tributes among its customers three-fourthi
of all Re pirtlu
j We ahull continue to waivii jour inte est with ceaseless vigl
f J. LEW 13, .Superintendent.
Office 191 Seventh street, below the Gmt-rbl Post Office.
r. 8. All losses thnt have become due have been prrmpt'y paid
either bv ourselves or the ?ompaitl ?.
| Feb 94?eolm
militant Schemes Tor April, iwT.
Wilmington, Delaware.
To bs drawn under the toper intr wile nee uf coitiMlwMOMarf *pf?<dnte
by the governor.
I.miery for iho benafti of (hr
btatk op dki-awarb.
Ciaa* 6", for 1867.
7'n ha rlran u hi Wilmington, p?l., on Saturday. April 4, 1N67,
76 mimhar lottery? 13 drown ballot*.
kkih iiilin.
I utile of. .$411,000 I 1 prlae of
I do 80,000 I 8.1 priaea of. 1,00
I do I0,00u | VO 30
I d ) 6,0001 87 do 40
1 do .V'h0 | 80 do H.i
I do 4 000 | 109 do SO
(Sc. tec. a?.
Ticket* J10?halve* $7?quarters ?8 60,
Certiorate* of park**** ijl '6.1 whole* ..$190 C
P? do 2j iialTua 60 0
I'o do 83 quarters 90 0
l.ottnry for Ilia hnnefll of lh*
Clan* 76, for 1937.
To be dii.wn at Wilnilnrlun, Dal., on Batu.Jay, April II, 1837.
78 number lottery?13 dmwn hnllota.
nan uakt roHiHi.
I rtruiid price of $31,334 1 1 price of $7,00
I rpP ndu yriaa of 8o,?l<(l | 1 do 6 00
1 aplemld do 80,DIM) I 83 prir.es of 8,00
1 pine of H.&eol AO do 1,01
I d? 10, Of I) | 901 do 60
be. itc. Ac.
Tick-Is $15-h-j?..* $7 30?quarter* #3 75?ElgMlii ?1 87?.
| CariiAeate* of oackee.e. neon n,h..i-<>..e...
ho 'it" 38 hair" TT'lO
"" do 98 quarter in .'
"? do 98 eighth do 9
Lottery for iho benefit of the
Cine* 81, for 1857.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Dal., on rlalurdny, April IB, I8i7.
7e nnu.her lottery?13 rtrtwn kollott.
taiLMAMT *cit*ui.
1 pr'te a? *37,J,10 | 1 p'ir.rt of *9 .70
J rt" UO.nnol 40 preen of. 1,00
} di lil.WMIi 80 do 30
1 do b.006 ! 180 (lowed 3 No. price*). 30
1 0,0311 J Ac. Ae. At.
Ticket* A|i|?halvu* #5?qiinrlort .$3 30.
Oertidettt, ,? whol* ticket* #140 Oi
do es hell do 70 O
"" du 30 quarter do., OS 0<
Lottery lor Uie benefit of the
t.'let* N, for 1837.
To be 4r*wa Wilmington, Del., on Saltirdity, Aptl: fit, 1?67.
73 number lottery? 19 drown ballot*.
MiamrtoiitT *nn?M>.
I Itrnnit pr|?, of J?,(NI | 5 p ine* i.f #4 00
1 P"*'?f 31.1:0.1 I A do 9,00
1 * 9.1,000 1 40 do ,90
do l.Si(j0u . 41 da 1,901
do 0,000 194 (lowest 3 No. p.l(et). 1,00
1 4" 4,800 | Ac. . Ac. A?.
TirkeU #70? tinier* #10?quarter* #0?Atghth* #9 .V).
Certificate* nf package* of 33 whole ticket* #970 00
Dn do 99 half do 193 00
Do do 95 quarter do #7 90
Do do 93 eighth do 83 79
Order* for ticket* and ?hare* and oartiflctne* of package* In tb
above apUndid lotterioa will receive the re oat prompt attention, an
? arrottat of each drawing will he *ent immeifldtely after It I* o?e
to all who order from nie.
Adtlieai p. J. Ht'OKP.Y, Agent,
Mat 13 VVtlmingtnnr Dataware.
Manual of Etiquette in Washington.
'J""'' Manual i* lailiepenenhlfl I , in. inhere "f COngreea and etrang
--- - j Miming m wavmugmn. nvery lady nen fetiiifimii
heald h?v? ar?py. Junt pnbliatird and for Mir ? 'h* bnok atan<
a tka Capitol, 3.,d m iti# booketorta In Washington.
F*b 4?codiat*
NKW hPltlftO UOODS.?The ladiea of Washington nod vi
rlnliy ?rr roiptfiful'y informal that we have thin day opened i
feat Tfirirtv oi the It'eat at) Ira of French dr?** and other material
adapted to the n|>fr>>? hint icmo.), am-ng whleh may he found th<
nrtliie of the m et recent New York importation*, a few of whicf
we nnmcrnte, vi*:
R*if| tlch lUymlerft brocade alike
F.tin rich leymlere rh*ne aillta
Ultra rich Bayiiderr flounced rnbw
l'xlrn rieh Bayadere rhane robea
Tniajed *ilk -velfrt flounced robet
Bayadere flounced challl rnhea
On twieted eilk ehenl'e flounced rob en
Flounced berrgn and grenadine rnbee
Mitaea' Bayndrr chilli roiw*
French chinia robe d<: chamber
?eh flounced Organdie rohca
French Organdie inovlina
Flak, bine,cherry. maiaa, and white Frenchr rupee, and man>
ether dreea mnt'oiala.
French embroideries, Urea, handkerchief*
Vella, )ace mantilUa, nhnwla, hosiery
Mhta, glovea,gauntlata, ?klrt?, murine
OnmHrtea, iltntnn canee, riband*, fee
1 fthat -fllawWlll HOOK, Btu.f It c;o
Washington Aqueduct.
Orrtca or tss Wiammor AqraonT,
Washington, March 3,1067.
UROrOdALS are Invited for material* and work for the Waaltia
I ton aqueduct.
> Proposals received up to 7Ui May will be opened al nooa of lb
Slope, profiles, and specification* of the material* aud work to
J lal will b? teady for examination at Una olhoe ou tad altar the SO
' April next.
The work to be let will embrace maaonry of aoine of (he brldg*
graduation, excavation, and embankment of re/ervotre, iron pip
1 eoaaeetrd with die reactvt Ira, 19-Inch iron main, (ate houses, brick
aan.l, rubtde, aud cut alone, he.
i For din particul.r worka end materiala reference la made to ll
a pacific lione and plana.
Aa apon a porilon of the line the litlra ore uol >et acquired by tl
United Htuica, there nuybe aomc delay In the no
* therein ; bat for eurh unavoidable delaya due allowance will I
' made in llie time of completion.
Portions only of eorna of the worka can bo completed under tl
preeent appropriation ; but all conlracta for unfinished work w
i lie eubjeel to niutrc appropriations by Congrrtia. The engineer r
verve* the right to prescribe the amount of work to be doue and ra
of progreaa und-r ditch contract for each appropriation ; and in ca
! of the appropriation not holding out aufOcienlly, to decide when ai
what work* abail be tloppcd urn tl funds become availuble.
In caee of the entire stoppage of any particular work for want
funds, the rcnerved lea per cant, will be paid, If, tu the Judgment
the engineer, tbo work has been properly executed go far aa tl k
( gone.
[ Payment! will he made in apeclc cheek* upon the United Hiai
1 ireecury U|Min the monthly estimate* of Ihe engineer, reaervlag
per cent.; and It will be a condition of all contract* that the wor!
nton eball be paid ibelr full wage* monthly, and in apocle.
8 materials on the Washington Aqueduct."
The United Htntee reserve* the right to rejist any or all the bf
Hould tlmy not be deemed advantageous, and to make ettch arrang
t menu at tnty h.t considered turnl conducive to the jirogros* of tl
5 work.
, tvery offer ututbe accompanied by a written guarantee, signed 1
, one or more responsible persons, to the effect that lie or tltoy undc
take that the bidder or bidders will, If hie or their bid bo accepts
) ciilct into en obligation, within ten days, with good and nuff.ctu
I securities, for the completion of lite work undertaken ; said guaraut
to be accompanied by the certificate of the United States distrl
, Judge, United dlntesdistrict attorney, navy agent, or some officer
j tlt'o general government or individual known to the Engineer or D
pariiitent of War, that the guarantots aio abiti to make good th?
Bids will be opened !tt ptelrnce of bidder/, If any of the
oboose to bo pmmm.
Cspt. of Engineer*, in cbotge.
To Uapi. M. C. Meigs, U. *. Engineers.
Wo, tho undereisttsd, residents of , In thr Slain of
horsby, Jointly and nnvcrally, covenant with tho Uuitod Suites, ai
guaranty, In case tho foregoing bid of be accepted, that he
they will, within ten days alder tho acceptance of the said bid, ex
cute the contract for ilia satua, with good and sufficient sureties
i perform or furnish the articles proposed In conformity to the tort
oflhs advertisement under which It was made. And lit case I
said??shall ftdl to cntertntoeontrnct as aforesaid, wo guarnn
to make good thr difference between thr, ofl'rr by the atiid a
tho next lowest bidder.
(Sighed) A. B.
0. D.
ITinroby certify thai, to the bffl df mV knowledge and bnllef, t!
above-named guarantors uro good and sufficient.
(Signed) K. F.
Mar a?eodTUtMnyAUawlf
r _
' TIIB course of etudy 'mbrnces the usual English branches, ancle
' L and nioda'ii languages, ma hrma>lcs, and natural sciences, i
advuiiiages sro :
I. Spacious and well ventilated buildings erected for the pnrpos
8 A full corps of wi II qualified and experienced teacliura.
' a. A rollrgiate course oi study.
4. A full sol of apparatus?philosophical, chemical, and null
6. Full courses of llliulra cd Irt litres an natuial phllosopb
clieutUtiy, and astronomy.
fl. Special advantages t fferrd o jcung men <o qualify lltemsefv
by s'tidy and practical operations in the llaltl aa surveyors and o
7. Comfortable boarding rrrctigeincnla t but two Student* a
placed in ike rams room.
?. Reading runtu constantly rutplied wtlb papers, lie.
II. A location heall <ful, attractive, aid ncceisllis from all dtK
lions by railroads.
lu. A prevailing Clttislinn Ions and aim in all its instruction ui
, Trent*! Board and Million, gldl. Students end rhtei at at
time, and are charged from the d?tb of ihuir stttrunue. Send a1
got n cui?lutfU'n
Mart-h T-fltawflw R. L. BROCKBTT, Principal.
The College or St. James, Maryland.
THH second term of tho present autiunl pension opens Kcbrsn
Full preparatory commercinl and collegiate courses
study ?r i pursued. tOuriei'ls Join whatever class their exaniliiatii
1 ?ltsws them In bp qualified tci enter; bud the college charges, h<
count limn the dulc uf entrance. Am; In arrangements are illnr
affording every fai itiiy, notwithstanding Ilia loaa of Kemp llall
flu ia January. College charge foi the entira aimuul >1:0.-1011, cu
ering nil ordinary expenses, t|9o<).
Application lor fuller ittfumkloo, or fltr the admission of ar
students, 10 be inadnloths meter, Colli go of SI. James l\ O., M
Feh M-2;iw4Wift
iii'oifrAiiTTOto^roN mjiTiikv,
5 By wblch Ibtlr Incomes must be doubled,
" rpilE undersigned haa invented and obtained letter* pntcnt from t
0 X United Siataa fur |b? arrangemnnl and coinbiriation of machlr
0 rjr for converting reed cotton Into yarne by one ennilnooUa proeei
u from the gin through the varioua preparation and spinning maebli
0 ry, until It U ready for hlpiucnt or weaving.
The aaving from wsstv by ttna proccaa will be at least ten pit ecu
tad yarna made front the fibre (unbroken and uainjnred by the 01
radons of the machinery ofthn present process used to open and d
J! Untangle It) will be ebont fifty per cent, stronger and heavier, s
1 eill coram Hid iho markets of Uiu world, distancing all coitipelill
at advanced | ricn?.
The undersigned Is prepared to dl<.|>ote of privileges to tire I
patent ; and planters will be informed na to ternie, with completn i
structlons how to use It, how to obtain the best machinery, not
other neceeaary particular*, on application addressed to
Dec tt?Sawlylf GEORGE (1. IlliNKY, Mobile
Washington Insurance Company.
Subtcriptiont to Capital Stock Authorized.
0 IN accordance with the provisions of the 2d section of the " act
y I incorporate an Insurance company in the city ol Wasblngu
0 approved February 18, 1837," Ihe subscribers, being the perse
q netni'ri In the let section of said act, do hereby antlioiise a suhecr
0 lion to be opened for the eapltnl stock of said company at the H
tlonnry Store of Wm. F. Bsyly, on Penn?ylvauia aveime, hetwu
lull and 12ih streets, *n Mandtiy, the 9th of Murch next, bntwe
thn hours of 12 and 3 o'clock, n. in.
0 The provisions at the said 21 section are as follows, and must
0 rlctly comp'ied with:
0 " efnd be il further snorted. That the persons nnintd in tlto foi
*> going station, or a majority of them, arn tomby authorized In op
a s b-eriptlnu in the cits of Washington for rnising acnpiisiato
of Iwo hundred thousand dollars in shnrns of twenty dollars ear
nd tli 111 inch pemnn 011 uib.rriMng altitll pay to til* pertona abo
incnllnyail four dollar'on each ahara auh'crilicd for; and that I
rrmairtdnr of lha aalrt twanty doltaia ahall Im acturcd by nraoilal
n.'tea, nigntd and nndnrncd >o It a aattafnctlon of aaid paranna, 01
uajortiy ol ilii m, and paymrnt tharanf may lie dnmanVrd at au
timra and in auali | r iroirtlona a? lha prcaident nnd diractora heiei
tar nientlonrd aball Judn? advUabla. aivlna alx waeka'notlca in thr
? of tlta jna'llr. priu ed in tha Dl.lnci of Columbia."
M. W ti ALT,
Wabhinotok, February t3, lt57.
Feb t5? dtawlMarFfcd
D. feernoie9 Hotel, Pennsylvania avenue, between 17fA at
18fA eft tele, Washington, D, (7.
> WIIR PROPRIRTOR bega to inform bin friends and the pnbl
0 X fU.it thia restaurant, recently eulnbli-hcd on the inoet mode
D and improved principle, with saloon, private dinlcg ro ?ma, nnd fr
nUhid in ill* I ami tyle, hn* now engaged n competent nnd pi
fesBionnl French cook recently arrived from Pari*. where he h
gamed an extant ive reputation aa a flrif rate artist at hi* luiHtnee
and nt the proprietor In ma* if line a distinguished reputation, ho
in France and in thia country, a* one of the be-t artists and euti
era, he Mattera hbr.aelf (bat he cannot fail to give aatUfaction
th<?*e who may favor hlin with their patronage.
J Attached io i*e restaurant i? a bar well supplied with the choir#
" of wine*, liqu ira, gna.c, nnd other delicacies of tho season. H
1 and ooid lunch from II, a. m , until 19, p. m. The proprietor h
Just received, per lam atcMmcr from Kurnfu, a large stock of chat
pegne, claret, e gn ic, with a general assortment of the finest
liqueur*, prcacrvee, triifHee, fce., kc., which he can offer lower th;
any other house in the city, per box, banket, or single bottle.
Private dinner or cupper parties futu.ehed end attended to on tl
w ckorteat notice in any part of tha oily, fee cream, jelly, plumbii
? and all daacr'ption of confectionery business.
I Jan 7?eodSm
Bohn's llnnd-honk of Washington.
THIS book ahould be in the hand a of averjpptranger eojourniag
the city ; being a complete guida witli a panoramic view of t!
t city, public huitdinga, nnd atatuary.
, A naw map of Washington with nil the new improvements, At
. for eale in the Capitol, at thv book stand, end at the bookatorca,
Fiih 4 ?eodlm*
IMIH MAL.K or rml, Ihul very (trainable lot rKmnn
P on tlm rorner of Third atrrat and Indiana avenue, cr.ntalni
about 11,01 0 tqwitr feet, more or leea.
Alan, a rety largo double hou?e, i'J by I) I'oet, three etory, wi
bnaement and collar, Willi all thn modern Iniprerem-nla?far, h
and enld water h uh mem, water eloaet, turner*, tin ; elan, atahl
earring* hnuat, nnd ire hour*. Tbia property would ault a forel|
niinlatar or meml-er of lha rahlnet, or any gentlemen deairone
obtaining a Una houan.
Apply to Mainnal t owlar, P atreet, No. 4U7, balwMii dth and 7
atrarta, or to H 0 Fanl, al the banking hen;o of ftweeny. Rlttn
hnuee, Kant, li Co. Fob In aotw
Amy-* ronfectlonftry,
M fridge afreet, Switrlora, 7). C,
WHF.RP. all klnda of enfrrtatnmanhi arn fnrniahad, with tho ho
lea ere <m?, rakea, water leea,roofer!, lie., at the ahorteat n
Urn, and on lltu moat modnrata tarma. Medal awarded al lha la
ntthlhlilnn of Metropolitan Mm hauler' Inatlttile,
Keh .1?dtf
\ Peri)
Maryland State Lottertm far April, 1867.
a. France a co., Mamma*.
Clan B,
" To be drawn In Baltimore, April 4, 1847.
tl. pioii acitaMM.
ih 1 ptiaa of 14U.0U) | 10 pilaoa of. ft.UOr
I do 10,000 1 90 do 1,840
.g 1 do lo.oon 80 do <*<
eg 1 do 4,067 80 do ioo
;g| 3 pi 111* of 1,000 | 143 do 400
All one number ticket! draw ?10 nail.
1"" he. ho. he.
M Ticket! ?I0?liglrea 03?quarter* ft 08,
r|i Ccrllrtoala of imrhage 80 wliolea ,,..91 b
be Do of (hare* in aaiue propoitloN.
11 IWI.fit'O capilnl i
14 drawn ballot*.
,, Can 10,
id To be drawn In Dalliuiora eltjr, April II, 1017.
78 number*~14 drawn,
oaann rental.
j, 1 priae of 040,100 1 4 prlaa* of ,...03,0011
I do 10,4341 S dr 8,000
H i fii> !!!!!!"!!.'!! <i!ioo|io u<> l)5io
, ,1(1 priara lowest tlirve number* I'll*
TUMI #10?baiaa* #5-quarter* #9 80.
o' Certlflcate of paekago 96 whola* ...... #140
Do of ilinret In eaina proportion.
#.15,000 cnpilil priae I
busquhiianna canal lottery.
Cilia 14,
\ To be draw n in Baltimore clijr, April 15, li5T.
ee 1 pilar (if #115,000 1 0 priara of #0.0'W
CI I itn .... 10,997 8 do 1750
ol I 6,000 1 9 do I,MX'
?. 1 do 5.00IM 10 do I,00<
,ir I do 3,0' 0 80 do 000
I do 4,i 00 I 178 lowest 8 number*...., 400
m At. An. 111.
Ticket# #10- halve# #3-quarter* #9 60.
Certificate# of CO whole*..., .#1.18
SlixtHr in auuie proportl ii.
#47,tt 0 capital I
nd Clara 11, *
To lie drawn In llnlttmorn, April IB, lf57.
to men aoHixa.
na 1 iiilas of #10,0( 0 I 10 prize* of #9,000
lie' 9 prize* of 10,000 | 90 do 1,900
ity 4 do 5,0001 iO do U0O
nd 90 of #100 and 143 of #100, belli# iowaat three number*.
Ticket* #10? halve* #5?quarter* #9 50.
Cortiflu.itn pickagu 99 wholci.,.,1 #158
hi #40,(1001
Claa* F,
? To be drawn In Dalthnure otty, April 83, I85T,
Kiamnrm anaira.
I prize of #10,0(0 I 8 priaee i f #1,(00
I do 15,0:0 5 do 9,W0
I do 8,148) | 5 do 9,000
nl I do 8,('00 | III do I.ioo
4 prince of .'?,(fid 189 lowcal 3 number* b'O
3 do 4,0001 Ac. Ao. Ac.
Ticket* #10?halve* #5? quarter* #9 Ji.
Coiiiflcato paekago 96 whole*...... ...,#';B
0 Shares 111 proporlinn.
All order* for ticket* la (lie nbo?* will meet with prompt aiteny,
lion, and drawing* will be forwarded lu all who order as ao n as
orer. Addreee.
n Met 97?3uwlJ Pallltaore. Mri.
" [No. RT5. |
e | V pursuance of law, I, FRANKLIN IIBRCB, President erilte Cat
. 1 led rtlniea of Ainriica, do hereby declaia nu4 aiake ka >wa lhai
publia rale* wi'l ha held al Hie uhdrrixeiilloned land oflleaa In the
_ TanaiToaT or Onzoou, al the parioda liarcliniJi.tr dominated, i?
A Wi,:
At the land office al Oaaooa Cut, commencing on Monday, 15a
IcnfA ioyof .iufwt we#i, for the disposal of lb? pablla lendt writkln
_ Hie following nauiad lownfhlpr, via :
iVav 14 oi (Ae drua lino and to it of IA f tTMlamolla meroiiun.
ry Towaihlp one anil frnetlona! lowaelilp two, of range ono.
DdelA oflkt bore line and nul of lie WWIetacMa tntrldlan.
8., Townahip* one, two, end three, of range on*,
le, Townahip* one, two, and three, of range tie*.
No. 14 of 14# t?a# line and tceil of Ik* It'illamo I* nrridian.
Towuahip one, of ranger one, lieo, and Ik *e,
'* ?ou/A of Ike bait fine and ?of ?f Ik* WtIhmtlit uteriJlan
Towrtrhlp one, of raugcaotia, /*y, nnd /Area.
Towuahip three, of ranger ane and k?o
- Tnwnahtp four, of rangaa ona, two, and tiro*.
Towrirhip aeveii, of raugrralwe, three,./ew, end ./re*.
Township eleven, of ianger lkrt>,Jonr, and JWo.
. Tewiirhipr arvcnteeu and eighteen, of raaga thru.
'I'utrnahipa aevea'Cen and eighteen, of rnngeyour.
!? At the land office at WiDciterTaa, commencing on Monday, Ike
' tenlk dnyoj -ltiguil ner/, for the dlrpoaal of Ilia public laudr tita
>0" ati'd within the lollowing-nnined lownrhipa, via :
it.; ttoulA qf Ik* (ore Una and marl of Ik* fTt/lamr/la meridian.
M' Bectinna one to fifteen, Inclueire, the nortUeaet quarter of eeoilou
'*! aeveutarn, Iho uortbearl quarter nl acctinu twenty-two, eeeilnnr
nd twamy three, twenty-four, twenty-live, twenty eix, and thirty dee
011 of tuwnahip twenty two, of ranger or.
'1 lie roathwoat quarter of aeciton aeren, the aonlhwe.l quarler at
V aectlon Afinen, t)u norlhweal quarter and ll.a aouih half ol raeliou
aereniecn. auction* eighteen, lonut 'eii, twenty, nnd twrniy-ona,
lk" the nnrthwrfct quart. r et aertinn twanty tWo, the northwaal qnarter
of aeciton twenty eight, eectiona twenty-nine, thirty, Uilriy-oua, noil
thirty two, of townehln twenty two, or range reran.
Lota one to a<x, tncluaive, ofaectlon lour; Iota one to four, Inularive,
of aectlon Ave; lota one to five, inclurive, and Ilia aouthoaai
quarter of the eotnbeaei quarter of auction acvrn ; tola oaa to aavan,
inelua ve, nnd the aouthwrat qunrter of the nariliO.rel of auction
(? eight, the eaat half of auction, the eaet hull of the northweai quarter,
the nonhweat quarter oi the northweai quarter, and Ilia earl half ol
!" the eonlhwrat quarter of nine; the southeast quarter of lha aouih
[J" east qunrter ot erclioii ten t the aeiithwoal quarter of the seuihw at
'* quarter of ruction elevun ; ttia aoiithenat, quarter of aeetion twelv.-,
aecliona thirteun, fourteen, and fillecn ; the nonhweat quarter of the
en northraat, nnd the norlhweet quarter of aration eighteen; Iota one
to nine, inclurive, and the northeast quarter of the aoiithuaat qtinr"e
ter ? ' auction twenty, aecliona twenty-one to twenty-aeven, iucluaive;
the eaat half and the northweai quarter of aeciion twenty,
to- eight; lota one and two, and the aouiheaat quarter of the northern
en quarter of aeetion twenty-nine; the northcaat quarler of auction
"k thirty-thr. e'nnd auction* thirtydour and thirty five ot towaahln
'h, twenty-two, of range ctgAI.
Loir onfi and two of action seven ; lot* ene te five, inelmivc,
b* ami the east half of th? tout least quarter of a< etinu eight, the west
de half of tlte louthwwt quarter of eecloa nine, the worth half ofthe
r a northeast quaiter, the north half of Ilia norm west quarter, and lota
ch one to (our, inclusive, of aea'iou thirteen I the north half, and l<*to
if- one to (our inclusive, of section fourteen ; the south half of tUn
i.oriheast quarter, the eouih half of the northweat quarter, and lota
una to four, inclusive, of sect on fifteen ; the northeaat quarter ot
the northeast, and lota one and two of at-cfllon seventeen, and lot*
one 11 six, Inclusive, of section eighteen of te?vn?hlp tweaiy-iwo,
of range nine.
Township* twenty-six and twenty-seven, of range Jfvs*
Townships twenty six and twenty--aevnn, of range shs.
Townships tinny-six, thirty seven, nnd thirty-eight, of ran^c ens
That part of township thirty-six, south and east of the Indian re
servatinn, township thirty-seven, sections one to nix Inclusive, sections
eight to fifteen inclusive, and section twenty-four of town hip
thirty-eight, of rnnge two.
That part ot township thirty-fix south of the Indian reservation,
ef range three.
That part of township thirty-six south and west ef the Indian reservation,
of range Jour.
flections four to nine inclusive, sections fifteen and seventeen to
? twenty-four inclusive,and suctions twenty eight to thirty*three, inclusive,
of township thirty tlx, of range fn a.
Township thirty-six, of range si*.
1(* flections one, two, and len, to Aft-eu, Inclusive, and sections
t weniy-two to tweetv-six, Inclusive, o( township thirty-six; see
I lions oun to eleven, inclusive, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and
thirty, t? thirty four, Inclusive, of township thirty-seven ; sections
two to nine eo, Inclusive, and twenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-seven,
the southwest quirsrof sac Ion twenty nino, soctions
~ thiity and thirty one, the wtst hnlf of eection thirty two end eection
thirty-faur of township thirty-eight; sections nineteen te twamyih
,wo twenty seven to thirty-four inclusive, of town
,r ship thirty nine; sections four te eight Jncludvo, uud eighteen et
lo township forty, of range toeon.
South of tko lass lino mud sail of tko MAUcmtfis meridian.
Township thirty-eight end sections one to sir Inclusive, nine to
'' fifteen inc'ufife, end twenty-three, Iwenty-font, and twenty five ef
township thirty-nlnn, of range oes.
1 Lauds appropriated by law (or the use ef echoole, military, and
Other purposes, will be excluded from the sales.
The offering of the above lands will hs commenced en the day
, appointed, nnd will proceed in the order In which they are adverlifea,
nntil the wuote sha'l have been off red, and the sales thus
' closed ; hut no an shall he kept open longer than two wesks, nnd
no pr V'tte entry of any of the laods will he admitted until aftai the
__ expiration of the two weeks.
Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this thirteenth
day of Fchrunry, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred end fifty
In seven
!i? franklin runes.
By ttm FrnaMaal:
i , tioi. a hiimioii,
('finmfutnnpi nf ih*' General I,anil OtRce.
l<* F.rery pcrann .-milled In iho right of prnrmptloa in any nf tba
" landa wiilin ihn lownahip't and pari* nf tnwnahipn nhnyn annme
rnted I* required in raiahliah th? aama In Ih* aatiafartl** of ihn
, r?gl*n r and receiver of ihn prnper land nfllen, and make pay,***!
thtrifor v ?oo*t ni prhrtU ol't ajter icving I hi Mile*, and before Ih*
*' day app dnind Inr ihn commencement nf ihn pnhlln aal* nf ih* land*
,n. nir hmrlng III* Irani claimed ; otheiwia* auch claim wHI h* fbror
Unmmlaalnner nl llan General l.anri Oflkea.
" rvh 18-lnwI3w (Int. k Btar-1
| (WT LAND WAIIHAAi I'.?Thr tmderalgnad give* nnilnc
Li ihat h* will apply in ihn I ivmiainnfl nf renelm,* (by a dnpll
rale loud warrant la li< u nf mt* i?ei**d t?> Thnmaa Birhardaon,
at dated Hlh day ol December. IIU6. for IM, No. It.Vji), which line
r?- Iwrn Inat In Ihn ir*ncniiv*ion hy mall from fllenweod, Inwa, dlraclnd
el in TIhhmi h. Suiter, Waahlnglnn, f>. c . aanilral I7lh Una amber,
Maf ?S?lawSw*
hj Mm
rtiii.ADUt.rniA. i
t'irc, Marine, and Inland Incnra net.
UI'PICB uarthtrMl cornel* of Peitn*)iviuli avenue
?il leveMtiiuih nrtct, Wiutiluguin illy, I>. t). u
uTfectors. i
' Hea. Tliomaa B. Floranca, t Uarlea Dinger,
tloarge II. Ariualrong, 'i'boiuiu Maudrrfteld, 1
CUatlea A. Rubiuam, Edward U. Ilrlmhulcj, *j
George Nilnibold, F. Carroll Brrwaier,
lamna K. Neatll, Iinu Leeoli,]r. "
THOMAS B. FI.ORKNi K, Prraldeul. *
Enw??< R. IIiLaanLn, dec-rotary.
Charted Walter, No. 397 D atreet, op(ioelle City Hill.
Jubu M. Thornton, aomur 1st streul aud Virginia avenue, lalaud. <
Juinos Wllllama, No. ite atrial. r
John Rlggtee, No. Sill 'Thirteenth atreet, below Tennaylvanla
avsatia. II
("aptalff i. P. Levy, No. W7 PnnaeylraiiU aronue, opposite Na v
doual Hotel. q
J oho Tboullnldu. '
Juuies M. Will,
lu.Aurga IPuiAi g'on city o'Jici,
North ten.i corner Pennsylvania areuua and SuTeutuoutb alrcet.
A othoritcd Capital antl Accctc, $1,47 J,057 07. ji
Assets, *639,96? 07,
lacct+d in Dondc, Mortgafas, a?<4 flood SiOHrilif. *
The fHle*l><| euitemeut exhibits lha bualneoa and condition of the *|
company to Noramtn r I, IBJd t '
Preeiintu received ou inniiue sad Inland roke to November 1,
1(36 $411,681 Wi 1
P re premium 176, Wi 01
lalixaal uu loan b, 304 47
Total recelpla . 10e,td3 0S "
Paid uarlua luaara ?0I,4.7 04
Paid Art Imava 30,737 30 ,
Btpcate, aalariap, and boMmlaataw...... , 4.-,469 00 ,
Kriurnrance, return premium*. and agent-y
obrrgea ..,.. 97,471 CO (
"177,194 CI J,
Uil.tucn remaining wllb lha company..' #93,"37 (17 |,
The 3 icli *f He Cent/xinp are a* fnt'ont: i
Philadelphia city nndfcdltnlybnhdrriM $18,81818 e
Hailload nontle 11(0(10 00
Fir't murigigra, real estut" lis,-.no On
rttneku, rollitleriila, oa oall :i miiii lid "
Uirnrd and ennanlidrtiun bank alack o, i3u I'll
Depoehed with Duucnn, Bln-mian, h Co., N.wVork., He, 000 00 "
Deierrcd payment mi mack net yet ilna 97,700 On '
ne'?i lor luailco prrmiuiin,.!... 10b,060 59 *
Due front ajenie. ai cured by Omnia jn| 176 Id
f'ri-mlume an pollette recanily leaned, and d-ibta due il.o
company ?0,470 3b '
Balance In bank 10,430 74 =
473,037 07 l.
The knalpc*a ?f thin company trill compere favorably With the t
moot auecoaalill of kithller IMtHulinrta In the United tJtatea ?
Prom iha lal day of Arigiirt, infl3, In I! (cell lildnlhk, rip ( > (lie Ut I
dry af November, 143d, the pietmoma aad Interusta received nnlnUM- I
ad in iha large rum uf fear hundred ihoeeend one hundred and I
cigb'y live doHate and eillj el|ht c'epta, Willi lh? p.iiitcnt uf luaarr
and upenaen of dtie hundred aati eevnuty nerr* ihodrakd tnc I
namlred and Iwnmy eight dollara and aixly line centa. t
With llieae evidence, nfauceeaaaud good management, the direc- I
tnra feel JuetiOed In anlleitlag a abare ?f puhlle patronage, believing 1
thai the arenruy offered ia ample, and thai all fulr clalma Kill be ad- t
Jnaied more according to equity than legal Icchiiicaliliea. ?
The company la prepared to Wane policiaa ngatnat lu a or damage
by lira ea I
All deeorlpllena of BUILDINGS and their content', or all (Unclear t
MKlU'UANDIBK.Iraii'poncd by ,
and the aaaal conveynaeoa to or lYmn nay poiliun of '
and ea the bulla ef STEAMBOATS navigating iha veertern .
The ruler af premium will ba aa low at other aompan.aa, audio |
firing tbciu avory luiprovemant In cooalr-ctlou end nrrntigi ineul |
will bu token Into comodnrullun.
All leaaoaapatdlly udjuatad and promptly paid.
Offlea northwert corner Pnnueylvaniu avenue and Seventeenth |
rtreet, tVanhlngton elty, D. C.
jamh.1 M. whit,
Aaslatanl btarelary.
/iwnranrc may mitt be greeted < the Horn? O0U?,
JVeelAmeei earner frolnul artd Second rlreetr, 7'AilaHcIpMe.
Aad In other principal eltlee of the Untied Slatoeby authorlavd
offlcera of the eompeny.
Jane U-dly
United States ftfall.
Pint Crur a DiniTaaKT,
Murcb 4, 1847.
PROPOSALS for eerryinglUa uaile of >be United Htntea front let
June, 10 7, to 30ih dime, 1839, on Iha following route in Hie
Htnfu til* L'iori,la. Btiii In Iha Unit rtiH miliar .iu..r.J ?Ml
It* rrcolvad at the Contract Offica of tliia department unlit 3, p. ni.t I
af ilia athh April naxl, lo ha decided on the nrzt day:
6341 from Ilninbrldge, (la., by i hai'nhnochee, Fla., Oeheesee,
Aepnlaga, LoigCaae, Rldleyaville, Rirkoa'a (lliilT, tola,
and Fori Uadadau, lo Apalarlitcula, 90# mi lea and back
Ihraa ll'nea a weak from lite Uiii of October lo the 15lli of
J ana of eaoli yaar, and twicn a week the reeldue, In Aralclaaa
teimbnnta, with the nrivilngn of mlng two-horao
eoachea from flainbridge lo Chattahoochee whan (ho river
la loo law for navigation.
J-Voin 151k October lo 15 h Juwe.
I.eave Builibridga Tuoaday, Thuraday, and Saturday at 9
Arrive at Apaiaeiiieola aoil YVedneaJay and Friday by 4 p
iu, and Monday by II a m j
Leave Apalnoliloola Sunday, Tueaday, and Thursday at S
a m i
Arrive at Balnhrldge next daya by d n re.
FVam IIU5 June la 15(5 October.
I.eava Balubrldga Tneaday at 3 p m, and Saturday at 9
P nil
Arrive at Apalaalileola neil Wodneeday by 4 p in, and Sun
day by 8 p in |
Laavn Apalaebionla Monday at 19 m, and Wadneaday at 1
p tn;
Arrive at Baiabrldge nail Taeaday by I p m, and Tliuraday
by 10 p m.
For flirta of proposal, gaarantce, and certificate, alao for Inatructlone
and rartnireuenla, eae pamphlet adverliaateenta of routra la
Virginia, Florida, Ira., dated January 19,1655, and February 9, 1657.
Frnporala ihnnld be rnperiaribed "Propoaala for route 0849, Florida,"
and neat by mail la the "Second Aielataiit Poainioater General,
tloatiaat UMce."
Mart? Iaw4w Poatmaater General.
JO. In FAST, Jr., A CO.,
Land Agenta and Dealer* In Kxehaaga,
LAND WARS ANTS located and aold an commlaainn. Land warrant*
(Old Ui pre ampler* on Una.
I.ovation* made on "joint account."
Tbn active partner of ilia Aral Wna engaged lo Ike United Silica
nrveye la Kaneaa, and wDI bt able lo tnake choice In -aUoaa.
Bnnlacce acnt through Sweaoay, Kitianhouac, Pint, h. Co. will I
be forwarded to ?i, ^
Kivtenav Vtlltnnhnnau Put Jk (In. R,nL?r, W..U>eim
"b e." ' " ' J
R. W Clark, (Icdfa. k Of., Bankera, Now Vnrk. ,
Ilrexel k Co., Banker#, Pilladalphia. (
Joaiab Lee k Co , Bankere, Baltimore. ,
rawle. Baowdeo, k IV., Baakara, Alexandria, Va.
It. 8. Maary k Co., do Richmond, Va.
II R. Marrell k Co., do New Orlaana.
jchn I. Aadaraon k Co., do 81 Lnula, Mo.
Mareb 18?wlkde.lni
TO A LI. PRRAtlNd CONCKItNKIk. ?Notice 14 hereby glron ]
thai altar ptik'iaatioa ol ihi# advartieenipnt ail wraka, applica- ,
8na will bo miide In tha Commlerionar ft rrnilouiifor Iho lama of |
a dnplleatn warrant. No. 18,738, for lot) acrae, ia tho nama of Clark
Wrlebt | No. 34,IFF, fir 180 aarra. in tha anna of llarnay Caateel,
and No. 7,078, for HO acre#, In ilia naaio af Jeaaa Four, all laauad undar
act of March 3d, 1M5, tha iaa? baring been loat and a ravaat
ax.inet ihotr location aatorrd In Iho (laaoral I,and t tfflca.
' Feb 17?lawilw JOIINRON T. WF.LI.BORN.
CkNNlRALdl AI.L| orklaero wllhanl Haatara. By Ooo I
Ollaar Twiet; by Dlokooa. Now edition, 9 Tola., Illuatratcd.
Frank Poruater'* Bp rti.it Bcauee and i haiaciare, 9 enliimra, II ^
Paat Morldlaa ; hy Mra. S!|onraey.
Tho floldoa 1, of icy.
Hiatnry af the Capture of Waahiaftnn City j hy Major Jilin 8.
Willi a ata
Lnva after Marring* I by Mi*. Oarolla* l.r* ll?nt*. 1 vol.
Th* Two l,nv*r* ; or a Riater'a nevotton. * dntnratle alory. |
SOl'THKH N HOOK. Ori(in of the conetitution ; incorpnta '
Hon of th* general government by th* Bint** a* national public
ng#nta In tin?i, with a* anvereignly ; Imuory of eoparirarrhtp Terrl 1
tarlea, from lb* Virginia deed. I7M, In Iba traaty with M*itrn 1Mb ;
U?.l puiition of the agaregat* negaired Torrltnrlea; apeclAe <lntkta;
otlgin nad blatory of th* railian* ; origin and eau>* of trouble
between the North and ftmith, and Jeopardy or the republic ; le:-al
atoda of redriwe pointed <nil. By W. B l>" I", Wilmingioa, North 1
Jual received, and for rale at BIHIIOP'B <
Bonk and I'crindinal ft ore, I
Nn. 1KB l*?nne>fY*lrth avnine, under Willard'r Hotel.
/- '
8, 1857.
Navy Supplier?1867-'68.
JfaVg DirAiTHiirr,
Buraau of Frovlalona and ( lottilng, Match IT, 1847.
^BPAltATB PHOPOBALH, aealed and rndoraed "Pronoaala f<
J Navy Buppliea," will be received ai Ibia Bureau until 8 u'alucl
i. m., on Mouet/i lUe 30lh day of April aeit, fir lurniabing and d<
ivcring (ou receiving leu daya' notice, except for bi.aull, for wliic
Ire daya' notice abaft be riven for every (wealy tuiurnnd ptmnr
equired) at the Uuiled Ulatea navy-yarda at Uhailealown, Matn
buaclta; Brooklyn, New York | and Guapert, Virginia, aucb qunal
ieaon/v ol' the following ariiclea a* may be required or ordered fmi
be coutraclora by tlie chief of thia bureau, or by tba reaper five con
uauding otflerra of the eaid navy.yard*, during the flacal year em
ng June 30, 1MB, vis:
Uiacuit, flour, rice, dried appiea, piakala, tngnr, lea,coire?, beam
nolaaeea, vinegur, and whiakey.
The biacuit ahail be made wholly from aweet anpertlne flour, t
he manufaclure of tha year 1836 or 1867, but ahall in all caaea b
naoufactured front fleur lu ide of tbe crop fnimedialaly prccedin
lie dale* of lh? reqmaiiloiia lor Ihuaauir , and at-all be fnily equal i
luality, and conform In also and ahapo, to the aaruplea which ur
lepoaiied in the aaid navy-yarda; ahall he properly baked, iborougkl
ilo-drled, well-packed, and delivired free of charge la Hie Unite
daieai in good, eouud, well-dried, bright flour barrela, aa ubovo d<
cribod, wllh llie hi nda Well aecuied ; Or in air and wulur-light whii
ey or eplilt barrela, at tba option of the bureau.
The flour ahall be auparniw, and of the manufacture of whet
town in ihe yeur IC.'li or 1U47 , but ahull in all eaiea Do manufai
ured from wheat of the crop immediately pieccding Iba dub a of lb
equiaitiou for Iba aame; tliall be perfecily aweel, and iu all reaped
f the brat quality, and ahall be delivered in good ehipping ordei
rea of all charge to the United Btutea, in tlio beat new, well vet
oued, aonnd, bright barroia, Or half barrela, aa Ilia caae in iy l>a ? th
Uvea nnd hcadiuga to be of ted oak of (lie beel qaulny, alrong an
veil hooped, with lining lioopa around each bedd, end equal I
lualily toaauiple barrel at aaid navy-yarda; two hull buitela to b
nusidered aa a barrel, and not more than ove-aixlh Ihe require
uanthy to be in b ilf barrela.
Tba ijcr aliall be of ihe very beat quality, and o' Ihe crop luuucdi
lely preceding tho dntca of the reiiuieiliona tortile anme
The dried ap; lea ahall he of Ihe beat quality, and ahall be prepare
iy aua-dt-yin* bnly, and alialf bo of llie Crop or the autumn innuedi
tela preceding tlio atiit* of thu rcquiailioiu lor the name.
'I he picklea ahall be put up III !r"n bound ca-ka, und each caa
bull contain one gullon of onioua, one galloii Iff peppera, and eigh
allona of medium cucumbera, fllly to the gallon, and llie geinh a
11 each tlia'd weigh Illy uevun pounda, and they only he ; nld for
>nd each caek ahall then be filled Willi white wine vinegar of at leai
gdcgiee* of aienngth, and equal to French vinegar; the caaka, veg
lablea, mid vinegar ahall conform and be equaj In all rcapecia lo Ih
impleadepoaited at llin above naindd navy yarda, and (he contracl
r? shall warrant and guaranty thru they will keep good and soun
or at least two years.
The iron hoop- on the barrel* containing whiskey, intf'astes, vine
[ar and pickfcH 10 be *^ell p-?intnd with rod lend.
The augnr shall be accoiding tO samples at the said n?Vy yards
iiid be dry and fit for packing;
The tea shall be of good quality young hyson, equal lo the sample
it said navy yards, and he delivered in half and quarter chests o'nlj
The coffee shall be equal to the bust Cuba, according 10 sample.
The brans shall be ol the very best quality white b aus, mid aha
ie of the crop immediately preceding the dales of the rtquisitlon ft
he same, 04 pounds to be taken as one buthcl.
The molasses utull be Hilly equal to the very be?! quality of Net
)ileans molasses, and shall bo delivered in well-seasoned red oal
arrels, with white nice heads not le.s than 1Jtf inch thick; th
tavrs uot leas \jint\ ^-iueh thick ; the bftrrclH to bo threc-quariei
looped, and, in addition, to have four iron ho6ps, One on each bilgf
X inch in widih and 1-I6th loch thick, arid or.e oa each chime l J
itch hi width and M6th inch thick, ana shell be thoroughly coopei
d and placed in the best shipping condition.
The vinegar shall be of the first quality, quul to the standard t
he United Mtatra Pharmacopeia, and shall contain no other tha
ci u acid ; r'nri shall b?- delivered in barrels similar in all mxpeci
?llioce rcquir. d for ril'dieeee, with the exception that while oa
laves and hcuds shall be substituted for red-oak staves uud wbit#
doe IivihU, nnd rh ill be thoroughly coopered dud ptaeed in the be<
hipping order.
The whiskey shall be made wholly from grain, sound and inoi
hiuufll)/.-, and be full first proof according to the United Hiutes cu
oin hi'tijo tftdhd'.rdi nnd shall be rectified. It aha'l be delivered i
;oo4, new, aonnd, tfffht. iNt ottoriers hooped, well aeairmie
vbite oak barrels, with white-oak lieifds, the heads to be made <
lirec piece heading, and well painted ; the staves not to be less thn
if-inch thick, and the heads uot lc*a than M -inch thick ; and cac
tarrcl thai be coopered, In addition, with one three penny iron hoc
in each bi'ge IX inch in width, and 1-ltlth inch thick, and 01
hree-p? nny hoop on each chime, Jjf-inch In width,and I Kidi inr
hick, it* set diagram. The whole to be put in good shipping circle
ice or nil charge to the United States
^ 11 the foregoing described articles, embracing casks, barrels ha
lar'H*, nnd boxes, shall be subject to such inspection as the chief
hh bureau may direct.tlie inspecting officer lo be appointed by tfi
Wuvy Depur incut. Alt inspection* io he at the place of deliver;
liscuil iuajs however, be inspected at the place of inanulucture, bi
will in all cases be subject ?o a Anal iaspsction at the plate of deli
ry before hi'ls are signed therefor.
The prices of all the foregoing articles to be the same tliroiighni
he year, and bidders may offer tor one or moru articles.
All the casks, barrels, and half barrels, boxes, or packages, shall I
un'ked with iheir content" and the contractor's name. All the ba
el j and half barrels of fl ?ur, bread, and pickles Khali hava, In n !?i
ion to the above, tho year when manufactured or put up, mark*
ipob ihafci.
Th* samples fef.jrcd loin il*l? aUvorlisrman: arc those attach
or the ensuing ftscdl rbftp hate no reference to-inch at ha
\een i rcvlou* y exhibited
The quantity of these arising which will be required cannot I
lrecieely stated. They will probably be i.""1'"
To be f?r
lli'.cuit I,8u0,000 lbs per l0'J
flour ..? 1,4b,'i bid*,...per bbl.
dice 950,(00 lbs par lb.
Dried apples ? 150,000 lbs per lb.
Sugar 3:15,010 lbs per lb.
Tea 35,'KW lb* per lb.offoe
35,' 00 I In por lb.
Dean'..., 7,000 bush .. .per bush.
VIobifBra ;...., 90.000 gala... .per fill
('incgar 93,000 gala....par gal.
VThlttby 60,000 gala,,,,per gal.
The quantities of any or all may be increased or diminished aa II
lertiee may ha.eafter r. quire. The coniracta will Uigrefbre be mad'
rot for specific qnaiiiliira, bui Tor aueh quamltlea aa the service ini
1 quire to be delivered ai ihoee navy-yards respectively.
Contractors not residing at toe places where deliveries are r
juirrdiaust establish agencies at such places, that no delay mi
>riee in furnishing what may be required ; and when a contra '0
'aria promptly to comply with a requisition, the C'lii. f of the Buret
>f Provisions and Clothing uliall he autborlxed to direct purrhaaea
:ie made to supply the deficiency, under the penalty to be expfc.st
n the contrdct; the record of a rrquieltlon, or a duplicate ?o|
lierrnf, at the Burenu of Provisions and Clothing, or at either o tl
tavy-yarda aforesaid, almll be evidence that such requisition hi
>cen made and received.
Ke|iarata oilers must be made for each article at each of tl
n'oiesald navy yards; and In case more than one article la co
allied in the offer, llio Chief of the Duie.-iu will have the Ight to a
epi one or more of Die nrticlee contained in such offer, and reje
lie remainder; and bidden v hose ptopoaala a:e accented (and nor
iibers) will be forthwith notified, and aa early as practicable a coi
ract wilt be transmitted to them for txecuiion, which contra
nnst ba mimed to the bureau within ten dnye, exclusive of tl
ime required for the regular transmission of the mail.
Two or more approved sureties tn a sum equal to the ealiinati
trnountof the respective contracts will be required, and twenty p
lenluui in addition will be withheld from the amount nf all pa
tenia on account thereof as collateral security, In addition,
neure its petfiirmanca, and not in any event to he paid until
a in all raspecis complied willi; eighty pel centum of the anion
if oil deliveries made will be paid by the navy agent within Ihi
y days ufter hills, duly authenticated, eball have been pre anted
Blank forms of proposals may be obtained 03 application tn tl
tavy agents ni Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Boston, New Vor
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, Penaacola, and
bis bureau
A record, or duplicate nf the letter Informing a bidder of the a
eptnnce of his proposal, will be deemed a notification thereof witl
n 1 lie meaning of the net of 1840, and his bid will he made and a
'.anted in conformity with thie understanding.
Every offer made tonst be accompanied (aa directed In the nctj
Tnnireaa making BDDroDristinni for the nnvnl service fhr 1846-M
Improved 10th Auguat, 1840) by a written guarantee, aigned hjr ai
ir mora roaponaible peraona, to the affect that ha or they undcrtal
hat the bidder or biddcra will, If hia or their hid be accepted, cut
nto an obligation within flee daya, with good and aufficlcnt anr
lea, to furuleli the auppliea propnaed. The bureau will not be obi
|?ted to conalder nny propoaal unleaa accompnnied by the guaranli
equtred by law; the competency of the guarantee to be ccrliAed I
lie nary ngent, diatrfct attorney, or collec'or of tba cuatnina.
TAe tittgntion of bidder* it called to the sampler and descriptk
>f articles required, at, in the inspection for reception, a juit b
'igid comparison will he made he/ween the articles offered and ti
'ample and contract, receiving none that fall below them; and the
tilention is also particularly directed to the joint resolution qf B7i
More*. IM4, and to the act of tho let A August, 1840.
March 18?lnw4w
Washington Ininranoe Company.
Meeting of the Suhscr.brrs to its Stock.
rHE protrlalona of aection 4th of the "Act to incorporate an inae
nnca uompany in the city of Waalilcgton," approved Fetirua
Otb, 18.17. having been complied with by a aubacription and pa:
aent of tho number of ahate* of the capital atock tbereln require
intlre ia hereby given te the eubacribera of aaid atnek that a meeiir
'or the ehoien ofdlrectora will be held at 4 o'clock, p. m , of Tue
lay, March 81, 1817, at the office, in the aecnnd atory of the bull
ng over the savings Bank, corner of Tenth atreet and Pannaylvan
tvenun, Polla to he opened from 4 to 7 o'clock. p. m.
HII.A-ri 11. HIM.,)
PAM'I. BACON, t Comtuittea.
Mar 17?Itawhd
POIt REST-A l.trge and eommoillotia Ihree-alory brick dwel
Ing, with buck building, bnaamvnl, Me , lie., on the eorner of
tnd 14th elraeta. Inquire of l>r. Lanadale, room No. 10, Windn
Mar 17?Qawtf
John H. Hnthuiann,
Importer ami Dialer 1* If'fTie*, Bramliei, ?.,
IVnnaylvnnia avium*, anotli aide, between iX and 6ih alreeta,
[1AH in atnre a very choice aaaortment of champagne, In qnat
(I arid pin la, ol tin mort dcalrnblr brand*.
Alao.apnrkling Hi. ferny, white nnd pink ; Madeira, Hh*rry, Toi
renerin*, Htctly, Rhine wince, Mnaell* ; French win**, red ai
vhile ; t'ngnnc, Hrhcidem *in, Jamaica mm, Hcotrh whi.k*
tmertcan wlilekry, Cnragnn, aniartt* ; and, of lila own prepnratin
Hid cherry brandy, blackberry Jnice, aiainnrh hitler*.
Alan, genuine ahainlhn, Kirarhwnaanr, and Havana dlgnrn.
Dee 11?Stifwdm
NOTH R to Rood Contractor*.?It being the Intention
the hoard of directors of the Washington and Hockvi'.le Tun
like Company 10 gravel the road from the first toll-gnte to its term
ma at the Uiitrkt line, contractors are requested to address or a
ilv to the undersigned on the subject 011 or before the I5lh of Api
No. !h) fjouieiana avenn*.
Feb *4 -3ttwtf 4W ierenth alrcet.
LTUAII not)It I)f Facta In Kclnairc nnd Art for IHb'
I One volume. Condon. Embracing the mora important di
ioverics and Improvements of the past year in mechanics and tl
iscful arts, tiatnraJ philosophy, electricity, chemistry, gootugy, he
my, vcnlngy. and mineralogy, meteorology, astronomy, he.
.. Ij,
Tha uae of bo person will be entered spun our looks, u alt as
payment or Ik* aubssnpuou be made In M re nee.
DlaUni subscribers may form aril ue inuney by letter, end all rtgk
will kouenin?4by ourselves in i .ale transmission.
T?? (J')UMHV LA'LHi-p h'l.h. 4 iri-wrsk'v durmg the ae
,0"? u{L'ang-ees, and eeim.weekly derm, ike recce.
Babacriptinn. fern period Im. tkaa a rear will bo recniaed o.
- terms proportloaed lo the aboee annual raiee.
Q(/-POBTMA8TEK? are authorised to act aa our agents ; aid
by sending ua piti DAILY aubacribera, with ?S0 ancleaod, or
rivs I EMI-WEEKLY aubacribera, with (90 enclosed, will be aa titled
to a copy grafti.
? - Baltimore
Female College.
N. C. BROOKS, A. M? Praeideet.
? THUS seminary of learning, inaiiluled for the lihernt ednration or
l, ? young ladies, was creeled e college proper by tbe legislature or
I- Maryland, Deceuibtr Session, I Mil, witlr aaihorpy lo comer degrees
h and endowed wilb all tli? lights ami privilegaa of the moot favored
le Iriuale man eilou.
I 'J here are iwu depar'nirnta in tbe insfilutinn-the collegiate deI
parimrnt and lb' preparatory itupai tni< hi, with th'-ir appropriate
i branches of leamiiig. The rourae of rtudy In Cathie liree yeara,
I d< signaled by aa many different alarece.
i. The coaree of lnelruction ia intended lo develop tlio Intellectual,
eocigl, and moral faculilea ; end by imparting a iburuugh, practical,
)l nccompliabrd, and Cbrieiiin educaliun, lit the pupil for iliefaliliiui
? diecbnrgaof Ilie reepoiiaiblii duiiea thai await her lit life,
g Ureal palna will be taken in promOta Intelleclual edvanernient by
n rendering Ihe acquisition of knowledge pleasant, and by training tbo
e pupil to correct bkbita of tbouglit and r< flecuou.
y Tire proper exercise of the social leellngi will bo encouraged If/
d Inculcetlng whatever belonge lo radned manners and dtgnikcd couri
toy in our intercourse Willi others ; while rending, reciigtlsii*. and
i- expositions Irom the Hible, will fnmillarite ihe inliid wnh Ibe irulhe
of our holy religion, aod Imbue tlie bnurl wilb right principles of aoli
lion end rules fur the government of Ida.
i The couree of instruction embraces ilie following beads of study :
r The pbiloeopky of the mental econrmy and of government aid
e. Ilie great subject of murals, net merely spuculativ.i, hut ua
e they nlTect the beuft and influence tbe lift, will be taught with cere
d end fldelity.
n Subjncte : Morgl Pblloeophy, Men el Philosophy, Political Eacntse
my, Conslitulluu of the Untied Statue,
I The position of Die Christian mother in aoclety, and her peculiar
fitness In fashion ihe plastic mind and heart of ihe young, demand
d til t situ should be thoroughly instructed In nil Hint pertains lo ibn
truths of religion ; end hence the word of God, with the evidences
of Chrsiinnliy, forma a pari of the rourae of instruction.
k riubjecis: Bcriptural History, Chronology, end Geography , Brill
deuces uf Christianity, Christian Ethics.
' The cobras of study iu tha ancient lengung.s la KiatlicieiiIly extrusive
lo train the mind lo earefnl and patient tlioughi, as well aa to
' Insure abetter acqualn.anee with Ihe English Inuguuge. Betides
trnnslatiou and uualysis, tbo doctriace of quanrliy ami the metier
Z will claim attention, while the classic authors will be Illustrated by
the light of ancient history, chronology, and geoxinphy.
Subjects : Greek Language, llietnry of Greek Literature, Grecian
Antiquities ; Latin Language, History of Latin i.iteratuif, Roman
in the matheiiinlica great pains will be taken to Insure an ac
Oumntauce with the subjecis pursued, and efpecittlly lo teach principles
tdthef than bnrden the mi niury with a multiplicity or ni es.
Natural philosophy ono chemistry will hereafter he taught with it
lustrations and expeflfnenta A cabinet of minerals will Le fitted up
to afford faciliuea lor the altldf o.r mineralogy ; and physiology will
be studied Willi such nssistaace it* inny be derived from anatomical
outline plates.
Bubjecta: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algol,Mensuration, Natural
Philosophy,Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Uolany, Physiology,
Astronomy, Aucinul Geography, Natural llleiory.
As this forms tbe basis of nil the subsequent branches of study, especial
pains will he lakeit lu render instruction in llefficient, unit
lltt,a facilitate the pupil's progressive acquirements. Conip,notion
will engage ? portion of Ihe pupil's time commenvuruta with us importance
; so that young Indies will ho enabled lo conduct a correspondence
with credit and express ihelr ideas upon any ?uhjeci qf Interest
wilb case and elegance. Arithmetic will he luughl with cape,-.ml
regard lo practical utility,and the pupil will he rendered familiar
With such calculations as occur in marketing, in sltnping, and
! at the grocer?. As ilie circuinstnnces of a family depond not only
upon what 1- mad* In business, but what ia anisd . t horn., bookkeeping
will be taught lo (He young ladles, as a great auxiliary iu
domestic economy. _ ....
Subjects orthography, Heading, Writing. Arithmetic, English
Grammar, Geography, History, lluok keeping, Rhetoric, Logic, Criticism,
lllsiory of Literature, Composition,
The exercises in this department will be conducted in a manner to
,r in-ure to tire pupil not merely a knowledge of the grammatical con
" -.?.1?, ?r,h? I.nenssa studied, but ubilltv lo write and speak It
|p rriili fluency.
v Mub.ect*: French Language, French Literature, Hpaulah I.aniil
?? '??'. Spanlab Literature, Herman Language, German Literature.
'I'llia department of instruction shall afford every facility to the
Indent, and ihe heal pre: ear ore be enpruted. Thorn nlreody in the
institution are ofackimwh ilgoit nbilily end approved experience.
Hublecla : Vocal Music, Inatrmuttuul Muaic, Drawing end Point
, ing, Ncedltwork.
. Mincing furina a per' of the daily religion* exerciaca of Ihe Inetltuttnn,
accompanied by Ihe marie of a parlor organ.
. Tlieinaiiiulion, ihouxh but In Ita eighth year, already tekea runk
' with our oldest iwnviiariea, and enjoya a liberal patronage Iroui Uia
city of Baltimore, and from Ihe middle, southern, and waattrn
,e Stale*.
a. N. C. Brook*, A. M., Profaaeor of Ancient Lnnguage*.
Kev. W. F. Paxton, A U., Maihemallc* cod Nalurul Science.
J, A. Jlnnroc, A. II., Malhenralicaand Aeironomy.
Miaa M. 'J- 3 lrPar<|i Belies Lotlrc* nud tiialory.
Mia* M. L. Bi."-""d Phyaiolorry.
Miry J. La K?in?rlf, *T?i h an*! fpaniin.
Mom Kinile K><t, Drawi."* ?nd rol?Ui|. J
Mona. J. Bohacrter, Piano.
Mr* Elixa A. Keirle, Guitar.
.Miaa Ellen C. Gobrlgni, Piano and Ringing.
Mia* I lir.ii A. Brook*, Piano and Singing.
I Mia. E. A. Krlrle, Vocal Mnalc.
ly Board and tuition, per annual ier*ion,#X>n to 4910.
Muaic, modern language*, and pointing, extra.
in The following gentlrioen have, or have had, daughters la (he
o .College :
id Rev. II Blicer, lale Chaplain U. A. Benale, Baltimore.
iy Hon. O F. Moore, M. C., Porlamomh, Ohio.
le l)r. John FortKmilh, Arknnaa*.
a? Dr. Henry J. Ilolnieo, Jackson, MiMiaaippi.
Her. B. A. Mark*, Washington, D. C.
le Itav. Edward R. Andofaon, Chnailanaburg, Ya.
a- Oeorge Brown, ?*q., Hague, Va
on. ?i?.nrinaaaaainn will oneu April 1Mb, but papila will be
cl received ninny linn*. j
ic 1'ur circular* containing full informaliuii addreaa nt No. 51 81.
a- I'aul mrcd, Baltimore, Md. N. 0. BEOOKH,
ct March 8 ?IMdfccp Prealdcnt.
d UJATP'I Kcpalrln|( and KnpaTlng.-Wilrhcr, chrorV
nometera, mid pocket timekeeper* ??f ceery daacrlpllan repaired
' hy skilful workman and warrnntad ro perform accurately.
[" Engraving of arary dracription dona in lha beat atjrla, Including
tha culling of arma, cretin, inottoaa, and Initial* on atonu
?. * * Visiting and wedding earda elvganlly ergraved and primed.
At. W. OALT A. CRu ,
" Jeweller*. P'J4 Pennaylvonia avenue,
Jan SO?if BaKretin Bill and JOlb atrcci*.
la ~?
*, The Congressional Bank,
Corner of I.ouhiana atnwr and BcrcnM tirotf,
c Waahlnptoa City.
Collection* made on all tha clllaa in tha Union. Marine and fire
af riaka a (fueled in all the principal office* In (he
7 Unitod Stale* aud Canada.
Deu 80?d3oi|
le -
" ^PIUXG GOODS.-E. OWEN fc 80N, miliiary aud naval
1,1 incrchnnt lailora, (19 Peiinaylvanla avenue, make knuwn m
their iriende nnd rnatotricrs ihal Ihey have Juat opened lhair fecund ]
invoice of apring good*, embracing a choice aelertrnn of elolha, ce?-?a
>.r u.1 M h. .ilcntrtl in havii then call and ea
(n aiulnr. Marfl?dlw
a?_____ ??_ .
Ir U/AJiTKI)-A cnlnrrd errvant In conk, wash, and Iron. Apply ?1
it 7T at No. 915 F elreet. Mar ll?dlwf
I* I
Oty-Tlie Plret Annual Kxhlbltlon of ?lia Wuhlng>
ton Art Areociaiion, cnmprialng picturoa, etataary, Ac., by the moat
? eminent artlata In the United fltatee, will ha openad to Ibe public at
Mr. Cnicoran'a naw building on 11 airaet, between 13ilt and Mth
eliceta, on Saturday morning next, the 7tli luatanl, at 10 o'clock, and
will cmi'inue open, until further notice, eyery day between thn
if- bourn of 10, a. in., and 10, p m. Tlekeia of admlaalon maybe pro
ry cured at the door, and at Ihu principal bnokatorea in tl?c ciiy. Biugle
r- adntiaaion, twenty-Ave centa. flenmn tickeu, Ally eenla.
d, Mnrb-dtf
Uuitrd 8txto Naval Court or Inoniav.
Wi Mngton, February 99, 1857.
TUB Judge ndvoaete givea notice, for the information of rmrtiee
coming before the court under the lei aection of the net of Januaty
16. 1857, that tliey will rrapectively be adviaed by thrd'-pitrlmctil
when their cases shall have wm rnerrea in :nr couri ; inn .nm
it is deairab'e that In presenting thetii'rives ihey should come pre_
ptrert with ii li't of inch Wilm s?*-* n* they may dssfre to have sumu"
monad, specifyint to which ni tin* i*t[ relive heads of "Omnia for -I
j, Ihe naval ?er?ic?" menir-ned in lh*i nci, their teniimooy Ij to b?
,, applied rerpoetively ; and suggesting Bin delay, if any, which majr
be required: and in respect or wlint wiin*'?aea.
PebSSt-'f 1 M. CARLISLE, Jod*n Advocate.
New Spring f.'oodi. <?
1} J. BTEF.R, Merchant Tailor, has received Ilia stock of new
I spring s**od?, selected by himx II lioiu the best iraportint homes,
Ho soliciia an examination of them by tils customers and the pub ?
All work warranted to give sail*le i-on, and no disappointment*
r,i in time permitted,.
' Mar iv- .ttawiwlf No, 488 Beean'h street.
n? ilanbtng lloaaao of fhnbb lit others,
Washington, January 1, 1857.
JOHN D. BARROW and HENRY llflLMK* are this day admitted
aa paitnera in the Banking House of Chubb Druthers. The
" Arm from this dale will be composed of Charles Dt J. Chubb. John
II. Burrow, and Henry Holmes, The lions* in flavenp-ir*. Iowa, is
J composed of Charles ft. J. Chubb, Wm. H. Dongs', and Alexander W
' H. Barrow, nnder the (inn of C'hulib Hiothere, Harrow h On.
Win- J. ROSK, Tran?lator.
TiRAN'SLATIONB of legal and liteiniy documents sttd manuscripts
of every description ma* the Italian, German, Fianch,
? flpanbh, Portiimieee, Hutch, Danish, Nwedlah, end otlmr Ian
y. gusges, prepared with neatness and despatch
a- Also, manuscripts revises, co*reeled, and prepnred (br llie press,
in and speeches, Ii it rs, essays, I. clurrs, niticles, and corrrspondent n
I- of evary kind fumlshnd on si oil noiica.
Addr?-so WM J ROBE,
Mnr-'ll Jl?din * 189 Nassau street, New York,

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