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IjOH* APPLETOPf, Editor and Proprietor.
liitr 01
Ejl-WK BKUT, (ruMl.ked irt-weekl/ during Ibe mmiou
I ol OngieM) S Ot
Eiiiat i ?*
CUi *iU to furnUStd at follow i
n(urw>?<Ui? OAiLlf.ror WOO
E. a^etollAe " " 39*0
>? leduclioa for club# on WEEKLY.
I baltimoub ANSSSISuuSU?^
H....VV TBAIIIS PAILT fioin HnJuinorc, for Cumberland,
pa limy will nut punnan 11 unni *? : nnvn nau uniu ru nnn a gooo
duional clrrk, <or tvu bare now our liai da quite lull, tbe prelims
for Hie and Urn liieuuoce coving exceeded one thousand dalnke
prevent week.
You wieely In'fr ihat eompeal'e thai would quarrel witk ?' w< old
mare likely lo quarrel will! tnii.au you have loop known we
ire peaceably inclined, having paid to widowa and orphan*, and
r Ire lo?Me, without any lawmiita, uver % 140,000 alnce we have
a la buriueea.
Aanuil rtatniiienta of our Ufa company are ready for delivery, and
aw thai it li equal lo any, If not auperlor to all. iff.rdiug$95
ridend Ibr every huiid-cd paid la.
Vi e have al?o a tire iniurancii compear, among nthera, with a
ly lirce eipital, lhat distribute. uinong ita cualomere Ihree-foutlba
ill iti profit*
Weehalluon'lnue lo waleli jour lute cat wi.h ceaaeleaa 00
J. r. LBWIfl, Btipcrintviidcnt.
Oftict IW tfevcuth street, boi.m the Orh rat Pimii Office.
P. H. All InaiKi thnt bave become due have been promptly paid,
!hrr hv ounrelvtm or the eoiupaiile*.
Feb 2i?colni
Uiilliunt Schemes for April,
Wilmington, Delaware,
e Iw draw. under the eiinertntriidenoe of omiulialoiiera appointed
by the governor.
Lottery for the benefit of the
Claji 63, for 1657.
Tube drawn at Wilmington, ll?l., on Suturday, A| ril 4, 1657,
71 uumlier lottery?111 drawn balluta.
prim of. $4 J,00(11 1 priie of fi't.a'I
do ltd,000 I Si prima of 1,004
do 10,000 I SO on 504
du 9,0001 SO do 4(K
do ft,000 | SO do
do 4 0001 180 do ?K
Ho. fcc. fco.
Ticket* |1<I?halve* JlS?quarter* ?4 90,
rrttflcatei of pitckn|c* of 4> wliolee 10"
Ho do 4? helve* 00 W
llo do 4.3 quertere 00 01
Lottery for (he benefit of lha
Cleu 73, for 1H37.
Tot>?dr*wn *t Wllminfton, Del., on Seturdny, April II, 1037.
79 number lottery?13 drawn ballot*.
?mi.Li**T cuim.
I'ind prizenf 31,634 1 1 prize of 3,0O(
ipirtulH prize of J',i*0 | 1 do ft 00'
rpltndid do 80,000 I 93 prize* of ?.00*
rmtof I0,0.,0 60 do I,UM
dn 10,0101901 do SW
Ac. he, he.
Ticket* 13-lielvei " SO?quarter* ?3 73? Highlit* 91 87J4?rullc?te*of
paekigca of 9b whole ticket* }4 <
lb) do 98 helf do ?
w do 98 quarter du 'I
l*'i du 98 eighth du 9;
Lottery ftrr the benefit of the
Clnee 81, for 1637.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Dal., on Saturday, April 18, 1837.
7b number tottery?13 drawn ballota.
laibLUNT acuatta.
put- ' #37 >*) I I P'iaa of **
do -jii.inm to przrs of 1>"
do n ow | An do SOI
do H.thiO 160 (luweel 3 Nn. prliee). IK*
*> A.Otfii | he. k?. AcTickaia
#10 -hnlvna #3?quartere #4 SO.
ettiScatee of puckagca of 48 whole tlcketa #140 (M
do 48 hair do TO 0<
'"d do 48 qaartor do 33 Id
<83.000 I
Lottery lor tha benefit of the
Claaa N, for 1837.
3obedrawa at Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, Ap?L US, 1837.
73 number lottery?19 drawn bnllola.
UaanmcaitT acnana.
rend prlte of ...<83,0,10 ft p liee #4
P'"* of M.OOtt ft S.001
J* 9U.000 40 do Iifl?
d? ).\,t*hi 40 dw I.901
d" 8,1*10 194 (lowe-l 3 No. p.lxee). 1,0th
40 4,80o he. ho. AO.
Tlebete <40? halree <10? qoartrra $3?eighth* <9 SO.
CerllSeaiet ni perkagna of 93 whole tlcbete <970 00
Do do 93 half do 133 00
l>? do 93 quarter do 67 So
Uo do S3 eighth do 33 73
Ordert lor ticket* and eharee and cartlflcntea of package* In th'
f 'P'eadtd lotierlee will receive the moat prompt attention, am
i termini of each drawing will be neut Immediately after It la OTe
ell who order from me.
"wwe r. I. IDQUTi Agent,
" 13 Wilmington, n?l?w?r?.
Manual of Ktl.jurtlp in YVitnliingctnn.
O Manual la ImlMparaablu 11 mrmbrra of Onngtaoa anil 'O*11!
'Honing in \Vn*h'tigO<n. Evrry Indy and grntlrmai
i 'hi r '* C"PT- J??l publi?h# d nn?l for nlfl Ht thf book-ftum
< opitol, a.,d nt ih? book;lore* In Waohinglun.,
** "''Rim; IIOODI Thn Indira of Washington and ?l
wt'JT!!' *" Informed that wo ha*" ihla dny opened I
,, **ri"T Of Ihs U'?*I at) Ira of Kr?neh dr??" and oth?r material'
l" " ?? appmarlilnit ?. n.nn, aniana nlilrh may h" fnnnit tin
? of lh? in at racent New York Importation", a few of whirl
* Raawrata, via;
Jttrn Itrh lliyad'i" brocade allka
n?ra rlrh Bayadere rhana allka
nrlra rich Bayadere flounced robra
t?.* Bayadere chenc robra
wiatad ilkvrlrit llounrail robaa
"?T?dar* flnunrad rltalll mho.
"o twta'ad ailk cheal'a flnuneed rohaa
barege and grenadine robe*
nwaaa' Rayadrr* chilli robra
rraarh ahlnia robe dr ehemhre
J"* Inunord Or*and I" robra
''aar.h Organdie mnallna
w??. rbnrr*. maiaa. and white Preach crape., and man)
oibardraaa maintain.
each ambrnidartee, larea, hnndknrchlnl'a
' da, larr maailllaa, abawla, lioalary
.< . ',n*"a. Mtinllnla, aklrta, mnallna
frb aImirt<,, '"'"Ion eepoa, rlbnnda, he.
*- .'iaw4wli( r MOOR, MO., Ill CO
"wheeling. and " P?rt. of ilie wevt.
1.1 The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave (-inept Hen#
? connecting Willi trataa from Philadelphia, Ural
lifrwn Waahiaf'on int iuacUoe) will ??.>|. at way alaiii.ua and
nnil Cumberland al * o'clock, p. m.
Id Tea MAI I. TRAIN leave# Caiodea (tlalioa daily (except Run
,.i (| Ut, a- ai . ?nd raarhea Wheeling by 4, a ni , connecting al
Lpond Willi train, tor Cohimbiie, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapo
, i^aiavilla. Cleveland, Tul< do, Detroit, Chicago, Hi. Louta,
jd"l'ka e?!'?C.-<a"tBAI& leave# dally at 7, p. m., connecting
lib fiprav# Kama for Cincinnati, St. Lou a, Cairo, Chtcngn, and
t.mediaia p'acea. The diatanee to Cincinnati and ether cen
II and Kiuibrtn pi ice# iu the Waal, ia nearly UN) rrilea ahorier
>a ky any oiler ro-te. The tinia to Uiuae pUcra ia alto tineol'erked
lirougU to Coliunbua, Uincinnali, iiidlauapolia,
d It Lmimrweeasert
and bauut tram far red at all poiota free.
TMIWICI'H T1CKBT8 will be aold to all the large town# in the
eat, at Hie lowcat poeaiblv rate#, al the t'eket office, Camden Hin
a, and al IVI abincton city.
d aaeood-ci?.? car ia attached to the mail (rain,
ruaeafcw In iu Hnltimore oc Waahltigton may oleic tke rniirr
adiydev'iak', b? lak II# accommodation or mall I rain, and lying
(I at CunJtai I .nd or Oakland. They reaumc neat morning by
i axpreaa l.ain, which Inaeea Chiaberland at a.SO, a. m., and
acbet Whrrlindnt 8, p m
fllMn[ri< fto!ii Wiul.in((i)n novo ampin mm- mr mi-aia < >.
gina June) on
Tlii> ! Hie only rnu'* which (hrou|h tickote and baggage
ecka can bo obtained In VViahlngioii.
The tecum .udation train, al 8.45, will amp at all ataiioua eant nl
aibcrlaiitf, - ml the eapreaa al atatlona beyond Piedmont going
?u Kaalw.rdly, the mail train leavca Wheeling at 7.IS, a. nr.,
A accommodation leavca Cumberland at 8120, retelling Ualtimore
Tba'/itEDKRICK TRAIN alarta at 4, p. m., (eirept Sunday,)
opping al wnyitatlona, Leavrt Frederick al 9, a. in., arriving
Baltimore al I'd.dil, noon.
Tbe KLUOOlThJ MILLS TRAIN leaver Camden Station at 0,
m , and 3 30, p. in l.eavea Kllicoll'r Milla al 7.30, a. m., and
10, a m<, eicept Sunday*.
Jan 17-dlf Maaler o( Tranaportation.
RAINS leave Wa?Ulngton lor Rniiimore?
At 0 and 8*. a. in., and 3 and 4Jf, p.m.
On Bandar, at 4). p ?>.
Leave Baltimore lor Woahlnglon?
At 4g and Ug, a. m , and 3 and ft Jg, r- "
0a Sunday, si 4J<, a. in.
Peiaeogera lor Philadelphia and Now Yoik will take trains at 0,
,, aad 4g.
faaacngera for Annapolia will take trnlna at 8J< and 4#,
Do. for Noi folk " " b)g and 3.
Do- for tbe Weat " " 8 and *)4, aonneot
rat Washington Junction.
T. H. PARSONS, Agent
Jaa IT?dlf
To Our Customers.
7B dclined doing bualneea the a> cond lime and forevur fir a corf
tain company ; moie than pilj ell indi litoilneea. After winch
ijf publohra thai Iho agency wee diecuiilinut d. Tbe object war
..ppaient Dial the edMl lina been to Increaa J ur bualneea.
We have within a lew month- ceaard to act lor iwo ntltera, for
hicb at here dono renin little nnd paid iliem In full. We
Wudhiugtou Aqueduct.
Orrioa or van Wasuimotom AqoanccT,
Washington, March 6, 1(167.
UtUfODAU are Invited Ibr material! and work Tor (be Washing
I (on aqueduct. ^
Prop.wall received tt|. to 7U> May will be apeaed at noon of thai
Maps, prodlra, and apeciflcaliorta of the aiatariala and work lo be
lei will be read) Ibr eaaiulaalioa at tbia office oa and alter the fftith
April oext.
The work lo be let will embrace masonry of some of the bridges,
graduation, excavation, and embankment of reservoirs, lion pi pea
I omit c|. li Willi the rtaerr. ira, Ik-inch iron main, galebourca, bricka,
an.l, rubble, and cut stone, he
For Ike particnltr woiki and maiarjals reference ia made u> the
pecirtcM'oce and planeAs
upon a per ion of (lie line tbe lilies are not)el acquired by the
United Huiis, (bare uny be some delay ill c 'uuneticing the work
there -n ; but for tucb unnvotdable delaya due allowance will be
made in the lime of comfiletiqa.
Portioaa only of aome of tbe worke can be completed under tbc
preaaat appropriation ; but all contract! for unfinished work will
be eubject to Allure appropriations by Congress. Tbe eaglaeer reserves
tbe right to prescribe tbe amount of work to be done and rati
of progrcsa under each contract for each appropriation ; and in case
of the appropriation not holding out sufficiently, to decide wben end
wbat worka shell be slopped ual .'I funds become available.
In caae of Ibe entire etoppagc of uny particular work for want of
fundi, the reeerved tea per cent, will be paid, if, In tbe judgment of
tbc engineer, tbc work baa been properly executed so nr ea It has
Payments will be made la specie ebecks upon Ibe If ailed States
treasury upon tbe monthly estimates at tbe engineer, reeerviug 10
por cunt, ; and It will be a condition of all contractu that the workmen
shall be paid tbelr full wages monthly, and in specie.
All bide ehould be ecaled, and eadom-d "Proposals for work Or
materials on the Washington Aqueduct."
Tbe United 8tales reserves me right to relief any or all tbe bids
should Ibey not be deemed advantageous, sua lo make such arrange
menle as mi y b : considered most conducive to tbe progress of the
Bvery offer i-ast be accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by
one or more responelble persons, to the effect Ural be or Ibey under
eke Ibal the bidder or bidden will, if Ilia or their bid be accepted,
enter Into an obligation, within tea days, with good and sufficient
securities, for the comnietlou of the work iinderuken : said euarantee
In bo accompanied by Ihc certificate of the United Stile* district
judge, United Slates district attorney', nary agent, or some officer oi
the general government or Individual known to the Engineer or Department
or War, that the guarantors are able to make good their
Bids will be opened la presence of bidders, If aay of them
choose to be present*
M. C. MEIdll,
Capt. of Engineers, la chaige.
To Capt. M- C. Meigs, U. S. Engineers.
We, the undersigned, residents of , in the Slate of .
hereby, jointly aud severally, covenant with the United Slates, and
guaranty, in case Ihc foregoing bid of be acoepted, that he or
they will, within ten days aftet the acceptance of lite said bid, execute
tha enatraebfor the same, with good and sufficient sureties to
perform or furnish the articles proposed In conformity to the terms
of the advertisement under which it w.i* made. And in care the
said shall fhil to enteriutocoiitmci an aforesaid, wc guaranty
to make good the diffiriineo between the offer by the said and
the next lowest bidder.
(Signed) A. B.
0. V.
I hereby certiiy that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the
above-named guarantors are good and sufficient.
(Signed) E. f.
Mar 0? eod VihMay&lawtf
THE courts of study rmbraors ihe usual English branches, ancient
and modem languages, tua hematics, ai.d natural sri- uces. Ita
advantages sre >
I. Spacious end well ventilated buildings erected for the purpose.
9 A full corps ol w< II quahfled and experienced teacher*.
3. A collrgialo course m study.
4. A Dill set of apparatus? philosophical, chemical, end astronomical.
5. full oou-see of illustra ed licturr* on natural philosophy,
cliemimy, and astronomy.
0. Special advantages i-ffert d o jeui g men'o qualify themselves
ha s'udyand practical operations in ike ileld as surveyors aud engin.era.
T. Comfortable boarding arrangement*; tut two student* are
pissed in Hit >ams room.
8. Reading room ronsianlly rupptlcd with papers, Ac.
II. A location Dealt ful, attractive, ai d ecceulhle from all dlrcc
lions by railroads.
10. A prevailing Christian tons and aim In all Its iustruolion and
Temis: Board and tuition, gtfO. Students can enter al any
lima, and arc charged from the data of their culrause. Scud and
get a catalogue.
March 7?9iawCw R. L. BnOCKHTT, Principal.
The College of St. James, Maryland.
THE second term of the present annual session opens Pebraary
9u. Pull prsparaiory commercial and collegiate courses of
study on pursued IMi deals join whatever class llieir assniiuation
h-ws iliein lo be qualified to enter; and lire college charges, fco.,
cunt fioiu the dale ol entrance. Aim la arrangement are mado,
affording ever} facility, notwithstanding the loaa uf Kemp Hall ky
Are in January. Collage charge for lite eulira annual aea>ion, covering
all ordinary aipanara, gSiO
Applicaiion for fuller' in fir mat on, or for the admission of near
indcnie, to be made lo the rector, Collage of Si. Jamee P. O., Maryland.
Fob 14?Sawlwiff
" lii HOHI'AI'l fO LinTO.I PLANTHtl,
I By wlilcH tltclr Incomri muit be doubled.
' fl'll K underaigned haa invented and obtained Irllrra patent from the
I i United Statea for i>>? arrangement and combination of machlneI
ry for convening eceil cotton into yarna by one continuous proceae,
1 from the gin through the varioue prepnrntlon and ay inning inuehine'
ry, until It ie ready fur eliipinent or weaving
The saving from wnslchy Uile proceae will beat least ton p*t cent ;
ind yarne made from the fibre (unbroken and uninjured by the ope
rations of the machinery nf ibe present process need to open and disentangle
It) will be about dfty per rent, stronger and heavier, and
>111 command 'he markets of the world, distancing a.I competition
at ndvauoed I rices.
The undersigned Is prepared to dlspoee of privileges lo use hir
,intent; and planters will bo Informed na lo terms, with complete instructions
how lo use It, how lo oMain the heal miirhlncry, an I all
other neceseary particulars, on application addressed lo
Dec 6?Sawlylf UKOBUK (J. IIKNKY, Mobile.
Washington insurance Company.
Subtcriptiom to VapiltA Stock Authoriutd.
) IN accordance with the pro isiona of ilie 3d section of tlie " act It
, I incorpnru o an tnsurnnra company in Ilie city ol Washington
) approved February 111, IB37," lha subscribers, being Ilie pcrsoni
, nam. d in the let section of said sol, do hereby au'horiae n ?ub-erlp
I lion lo be opened for Ibe capilnl aloek of said company at tba Sin
llnuery Store of Wm. V. Bayly, on I'tiinsylvania avcimv, hotweei
1 th and 13ili .tieeia, -n Monday, the Oth of March next, between
the hours of 13 nod 3o'clock, a. m.
1 1 lie provisions i-f the said 31 secilon are as follows, and intlit be
) e rictly complied wllh
I i. a.J I. II r?It- ....l.i Thai ihn ncrai.it, nnt.ieil in Ilie fore
* cuing atcilon, or a majority of them, arc hereby authorized In oper
a a 'baeriptinn in ilie city of Washington for tiiUiug a caait.il atoil
of two hundred iliouaand d-llar* in aharea of twenty dallara each
aud that each peraoti niiaub eriMng ahall pay to Ilia peraona above
mantinned four dollar* on each snare rub cribad for : and thru the
remainder of the aatd twenty dollaia ahall lie aecurrd by iirgoilahle
nntea, signed and endoraed >0 tie aniiafnct'on of eaid persona, or ?
mnjortiy of ihein, mid iiaymrnt thereof may be demanded at aueli
liuiea and In 'itch pr -portioni aa the prealdnnt and director* hereafter
mentioned ahall Judge ndvi*able, firing all week*' notice in three
, of the gaaettee j.nn ed In the District of Colunihia."
, J. U McrilllRK,
' \VM. T. lidVR,
W.M. r. UAYLY.
W * am koto a, February *3,1837.
Feb SS-3inwlMar#fcd
I), /tarno*#' llrtrl, Ptnntylvania nremie, fcrfirsen 17th and
18lh ilrieh, Washington, 1). V.
I erilE PROPRIETOR hegi to Inform hla frlenda end the public
1 JL that Ihla reetaurnnl, rrarntly evtaMI bed on the inon maderr
I and improved principle, with aalnon. privaln dining ro w, and far
nlahrd in the Intcat style, has now engaged a competent and pro
fiiaaianal Freneh cook recently arrived from Paile. where he hai
gained un rum hi n putntlon aa a Aral rata artlai at hia busmenand
aa toe proprietor litmavlf It in a distinguished reputation, both
in Franca nnd in Ihl country, aa on* of Ilia he t arlla-a and en'er
era, he fletiera himaolf thai ha cannot fail to give aatiefnctlon tc
thnao who may fivor him with Ihi Ir patronage.
J Attached to the reainurant l? a bar ,vell aupplied with the choieesi
' ofwinaa, liqiiora, game, and oihrr d-licnclea of tlm aeaeon. Hoi
' and cold lunch irotn 11, a. at., until 13, p. m. The proprietor hai
juet received, par laat steamer from Europe, a larga atoek of cham
pagne, claret, cognac, wilh 11 general assortment or inn nneei ot
liqueurs, pr? serves, truffles, Ac., kc., which he con offer lower than
any other lio?i*e in the city, per ho*, basket, or single bottle.
Private dinner or supper parties fum shed nnd attended to on the
. shortest notice in sny part o f the oil jr. leo aream, jelly, plumhler.
? and all dtpcrip'ioii of confectionery business,
j Jan 7?cod3in
Hohn'* Hand book of Washington.
THIS book should be in the hands of every stringer sojourning ir
tho city j being a complete g i la wilh n panoramic new of th?
I city, public buildings, nnd statuary.
? A new map of Washington with all live new improvements, kc ,
^ for sale is the Capitol, at th?r book stand, and at the bookstore*.
, Fob 4?aodlni*
t]iOH 9ALK ar rent, thatvsry dctlrshln Intafgronnd
' on the corner of Third street and Indiana avenue, c<*ntainin|
bout 6,OCO square feet, mora or le?a.
Also, a v?t> Inrga double bou-e. 49 by 41 faet, three story, with
basement and cellar, with all the modern improvements?gas, hot
and cold water bath-room, watr r-closet. farnace, kc ; also, stable,
carriage house, and ice hou^e- Thin prepeg^y would suit a f? >r i,ii
mlnlainr or mrnihnr rf ilia rahlnal, ?r ?B, gnnikman dnaimua ol
obtaining (Inn h?H|.?.
Appl, in rtamonl f o'?l*r. F .(rent, No dS7, ho'w.nn dih and 7ih
treata, or in H O. Fakt, at Ihn hanklng-h"ti?? of Hw.rnjr, Hilton
knuan, Fa.it, li Cn. Fkli 10?wi9w
Amy'* Confectionary,
N". H4 HrUi* lift, Ntot(Hmrn, D. C,
WFICRK all kinda nf cnlrrialainnnta arn fumlahnd. wilh Ihn kail
Ion eromi", cakoa, wntnr ic?",raafM't, he., al Ihn .hortoat notion,
and n, thn mnai mndormn inrma. M?d.l awarded al the In.i
nihiHtlon nf Motrnpoltkin Motharloo' ln?ti;ut?.
Fth 3?dlf
Maryland Mtate Lotteries for April, 1467.
K. PRANCE k CO., MiKiuiu.
CllH 9,
To be drawn in Baltimore, April 4, IS* .
aicu icriuk.
I prino of %40,UOO | 10 prize* of. #2,000
I do 10,000 1 20 do 1,260
I 10,000 *( do 110
I do 6,157 *0 do JoO
3 priie# of 6,(00 | lid do 100
All one number ticket# drnw Si# nett.
lie. kc. fcc.
Ticket# #10?halve# #6? quarter# #1 60.
Ceitiflcate of package 96 whole# *1 *
Do of .hare, in one proportion.
#,0,000 capital !
14 drawn ballola.
C aaa 10,
To be drawn in Rallitnure city, April II, 1667.
78 nnmbera?It drawn,
uaazo rcarxt.
1 prime of '. #40,(00 t prize# of... #3,000
I ilo 10,434 6 do 11,000
I ilo 6,000 6 do 1,90,
I do 0,*00 10 do 1,000
3 6 prize# loweal three numbers. 960
Ticket# #10?halves #5- ?|uarl#ra #9 60.
CeeliAcate of package 96 whole#.,. flte
Do of ?barea la #ame proportion.
#36/09 capit il prize !
Clta# It,
To be drawn in llaltiimlte city, April 16, 1667. ,
arLiNDtD enter#!.
I prize of 935,000 | 2 prize# of #2,(1 x
I do 10,297 9 do 1 '.SO
I do 6,0('0 J 2 do '. 1,50(1
I do fi.OOo I lb do ,00"
1 do 3,0 0 90 do 50(
I do I,( 00 | 178 lowe#l 3 number# ,00
Ac. lie. A e.
Ticket! 510? lialvo $5- quarters $9 SO.
UerliArete* of 16 wholes..,, $158
Plluiea In fame proporti n.
,$4?,010 capital!
Class II,
To be drawn in Baltimore, April 18, 1857.
1 p:Ue Of $?0.0XI I 10 I rlzea of |ri 000
4 prise* of 10,000 | 90 do 1,900
4 5,0001 iO do COo
SO of $500 and 143 of <100, hein| loweat lliree number*.
Tickela $10?halve* $5?quarter* $2 50.
Certificate package 98 wltolee $ 138
$40,000 I
Claaa P,
To be drawn In Baltimore Oily, April 95,1657,
MaONiriCKNT aouiMt.
I | rlze 111 $40,0"0 I > prizes (if J'.'OO
I do 18,0.0 5 do 9,900
1 do 8,*>00 I ft do 9,000
I do 8,000 1 10 do 1,900
4 prize* of .'.,000 189 lowcat 3 numbtra 400
5 do 4,00*1 I Ac. Ac. Ac.
Ticketa $10?halve* $5?quartern $9 3>.
Certificate package 96 wholes $>f 8
Share* In propoition.
All order* for ticketa In the above will meet with pronip* a tendon,
and drawing* will be forwarded to all who order aa *0,11 as
over. Address.
Mar 97?3taWtd Baltimore. Mil.
[No. 673.|
IN pursuance of law, I, FRANKLIN PIERCE, President of the United
Minn-* 01 America, do hereby declare and make known that
publis ralea wi>l ha held at the undermentioned land offices In the
Territory or Oazooir, at Ibe periods hereinafter de.ignited, to
At the land office at Oaeooit ClTT, commencing on Monday. Ike
tenth day of AUfuil next, for lha disposal of the publlo land* within
the following named towns' ipe, via:
ftforth 0/ Ik* kait line and till 0/ the hl.lumetth meridian.
Township ana ati^ fraational township I wo, of raaga one.
South of the hat* line and sail of Ike tfUlameit* meridian.
Townships one, two, and three, of range one.
Township* one, two, and three, of range two.
North of the hate line and writ of the Tt'il/ame to meridian.
Township one, ol range* one, Iwa, and tk ?.
South of the haee line and meet of the IVilit inette meridian
T..tw..al.in ir..? nf And i WM <! Ar#?
Township three, of ranges one mi<l two
Township fuur, of ranges one, tiro, nnd three.
Township seven, if ranges two, Ih rot, four, mid five.
Township i icVsn, tf ranges three,Join-, and fire.
Townships seventeen and elg rieen, of range three.
Townships sevea-ecu and eighteen, of range Jour,
At tilu land office at WixoHeaTKK, commencing on Monday, the
rent* day o/^tigiu* next, for til* di possl ol the publiu lauds ritu
uled ?intra tbe tollowing-naoied townships, vis :
South oj the bate line and veil oj the Ifillamette meridian.
Portions one to fifteen, luclueivr, tbe northeast quarter of aeotlon
seventeen, the uerlheast qitntier of fiction twenty-two, eeoiious
twenty three, tw*niy-toar, twutty-fivv, twenty aia, ai d thtity five
1 oftitwiiahtp twenty two, of ranges*.
1 he southwest quarter of section seven, the southwest quarter of
' aeettoii lif.nen, tin northwest quarter nnd the south half of aretion
seventeen acctions eighteen, nineteen, twenty, and tweiity-ono,
' the noithwcat quain r ot sect on twenty-two, tlin northwest quarter
of section twenty eight, sections twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, unit
thirty two, of towtialiip twenty two, of range eeren.
Lota onu to an, inclusive, of section lour: lots one to four, Inclusive.
of section five; lots one to five, Inclusive, and the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter of section seven ; lots one to seven,
ioc'us v.t, and the southwest quarter of the northeast of section
1 eight, the enst half ol'section, the ess' hall of the northwest quarter,
| lac no-thwrst quarter o< the northwest quarter, and the east half nt
1 the southwr at quarter of nine; lha southeast quarter of the sjutn
eu,l quarter of section ten ; the southwest quarter of Ills somhw si
qunrur of suction eleven ; the southeast quaiter of section twelv-,
' sections thlr eon. fourteen, nnd Alteeu ; the northwest quarter ol the
' northeast, nt d the north west quarter of section eiglnern ; lots one
to nliio, inclusive, and the northeast quarter of the aaotlieast quy'
ler o sialion twenty, sections twenty-one to twenty-seven, Inclu
sive; the cast hall nnd the northwest quarter of section twenty
eight; lots one and two, aud the southeast quatler of the uorlhraM
> quaiter of section iwoniy-nine; the noitheast quarter of ai'clitin
thirty lhr> e, and sections thirty.tour and thirty-five ol township
, twenty-two, of range e ght.
? hois on it hihi iwo oi sccuoii woen , wis nun iu nve, inciu'ive,
i nnri the east halfoftlie tout least quancr of s- rtiou right, the wen
' h?ir of the southwest quarter of sec ion nine, the north half of the
I northeast quaiter, the norlli half of llie norlliwoat quarter, and lot.
1 unn to tour, inclusive, of aceilOH thirteen | the north half, and lots
oho to lour Inclusive, of cttion fourteen ; ihn south half of the
northeast quarter, the sou h half of the northwest quarter, and lota
enn to four, inclusive, of ?ect on flfteen ; the notihenat quartoroi
the norlben-t, and Iota one nod two of e-ctlon seventeen, and Iota
one I six, Inclusive, of teallon eighteen of town, bp twentjr-twn,
of r meo nine.
Township, Iweiity-six end tweoiy-soven, of range five.
Township# twenty si i and iwei.iy-seven, of range si*.
Townships thiriy-eix, thlrty-aeven, and thirty -eight, of range oae
That part of township thirty-six, south and east of the Indian reservation,
township thirty arven, soriir.na MM to (U inclusive, si <:
Hons eight to tlfieru inclusive, and section Iweuly-fmir of town hip
thirty-tight, of range two.
That i att of towi ship thirty-six south of the Indian reservation,
of range firee.
That part of township thirty-six south and wail of the Indian reeervalinn,
of rnngn/our.
Hcctmna four to uine inclusive, rer-llms fifteen and teventeen to
twenty-four Inclusive, and sections twenty-eight to thirty-three, Inclusive,
of township thirty-ail, o' range five.
Township thirty-six, of range tlx.
1 Besliona mis, two, and iwn, to lift en, inciu'ive, and sections
tweniy-lwo In twenty-six. inclusive, ol township Ihirty-eix; sec
tions one to elsvsn, Inclusive, seventeen, eighteen, nlneletn, and
' thirty, la Ihiity Pair, inclusive, of township ihir'y seven ; section,
two to ntne t en, inclusive, and twenty-one, tw< nty two, and twenty-ssvrn,
llie southwest quiver of sec len twenty-nine, sections
: thity and thirty one, tho wi st half of section Ihirtv two and section
, thirty four of township thirty-eight; ecetlons nineteen to twenty
' two Inclusive, and twenty-mven to thirty-four inclusive, of town
ship thirty nine; sections four to eight inclusive, and eighteen of
, township forty, of range wren.
South oj the bate tins and aatt of Ike H'tllatncHe meridian.
Township thirty eight and sections onn to sir inclusive, nine to
fifteen tnc iwlve, and twenty thri e, twenty four, and twenty Ave of
township thirty-nine, of range ens.
. Lands appropriated hy law for the use of schools, mililery, and
oih.r punatwes, will be excluded front the salee.
' The i ff-iing ef the above Innde will he commenced sn the days
appointed, and will pice-ei d in the order in which they are adver
ll.e t, until the wno'e sha I have been off red, and Iha sales thus
no pr v.ue entry of any ofihe lande will ha admitted until nfte. the
expiration of the two warke.
Given tinder mv hand, at the city of Washington, thla thirteenth
dny of February, anno Domini one thouaand eight hundred and fifty
i aeveu.
By the President t
Tuna. A. lltnoktcKa,
Coaimiaaioner of the General Land Office.
Every |ter"on entitled ta tha right of nre emptioa to any of lha
' lande with n lha townehipr and parte or towaahipa ahove enumeraied
ta required to eeulillah lha eama to the aat>afaclion of the
! regiatt r end receiver of ihe proper land officii, and make payment
tkerefor or roon or practicakle njirr racing tAieneltre, and before the
' day app tinted lor the commencement of ihe public aale of the lande
\ eirhracing the tract claimed; otherwise each claim wfil he forfeited.
Commtaaloner of lha General Land Office,
Peli U?InwlSw (Int. fc. Star.]
((1ST LARD WA ARAN r?The undrralinrd glvea notjea
i that he will apply 10 the Ommimloner of Pen-lone fbr a dupll
ea'e land warrant In Hi u of nan issued to Thnaraa R, hardatin,
dated 17lh day of Decimher. Ifi:,fi, fttr IB", No. l?,V.SB, which liaa
lirrn loat In lite transmission hy mall from Glenwond, lown. dlrectnd
to Thtimar R. Fuller, Washington. f). C , mailed ITtli December,
Mm 88?lawfiw"
tg Uu
. li
fir*. Marin*, and Inland Insurant:*. '
i ^ ??.?.?? c
" : . ii
UFI'ICB Dorlliwcut turner at Pcniujilvnuln tveunr
n.xl dtrtni tuili Mncr, Wuklnglou vlly, 1>. V, a
1)1 KLci'i iltd. II
Hug. 1 nomas n. Florence, I tiarles Dinger,
Ueorge II. Armxtroi'J, Tbouins tianderArld, "
Mbailrs A. Rubicam, Edward R. Hulmbotd, *J
I/Corgr Hi IiuIm Id, t. Carroll Brrwslct,
'auies K. Nr.nil, Isaac Leech, Jr.
THOMAS H IXOHKNi H, President.
Buw*aa U- Hsimbold, secretary.
Charles Walter, Ng. 397 i> street, nppoaitr city Hull.
John M. Thornton. come- latrtrnel and Virginia avenue, laland.
J allies William*, No. 99 did street.
John RIgflcs, No. 501 Thirteenth atreal, beluw reuaaylvauia
avenue. I
Captain J. P. Levy, No. 307 Peanaylvania avenue, opposite Na
tlonal Hotel. ,
John Thomasosi.
Jaiuea M. W. at,
J? elargs Ifathi g.'ue city off,
Northwest corner I'enuaylvaiii i nvuuue and dcver.teeuili alrcrl.
Authorized Capital and Arrets, $1,173,067 07.
*54B,06? 07,
Incited in Donde, Mortgage*, and Oood ijecuritice.
The folio flag elatement vihibiia the business and condition of the
company lo November I, 1856 :
Premium received on marine aud Inland risks to November I,
Id.>6 ,>JII,i.bl til
b*.re premium 17V,'96 61
latereel on loan.. 8,701 17
Total receipts 18o,l83(ib
Paid marine loe.re 481,1 7 04
Paid Are lot a-a 30,737 39 .
Bipenser, salaries, and cumniiaalona 1 , ||y IMl
Reinsurance, return premiuma, tad agency
Cdurges 97,171 68
177,198 81
balance remaining with tho company 993,057 07
The A rclr of the Company a s at fol out:
Philadelphia tiiy and oounty bonds $'8,818 18
Railroad bonds 11,000 0(1
Tiro mortgages, real rstule Ir:r. up o.
Blocks, collHtcr .Is, on call .7", ICO 00
Uirard and consolidation bang stock 8,191 00
Deposited Willi Duncan,vliriuan, o. Co., N w Vuik.. 3ti,oC0 00
Delerrid payment on mock nol Vet due i 97,700 00
an* es for marine premiums lot-,oro 19
Due from agei.is, secured by bouda 31, 176 18
Premiums an policies recently issued, and d :bt- due the
company ?0,170 38
Ba unee in bunk 18,150 71
8.'3,017 07
The business of this company will compare favorably with lbs
most successful of similar insutu lions in the United Slates
Prom the 1st day of August, <853, In A tesn months, up ba the 1st
day of November, 1836, the premiums and interests received amount
ed to the largo rum of four hundred thousand one hundred and
eighty live dollars and alily-eight cents, with the p lyuient of losses
and eipantea of one liundrid and seventy aeven thousand l ne
hundred and twenty right dollura and aixiy one ccnta.
With there evidence, nfaucreasand good management, the direo
(it|? iimi III uiiviu>i| Vliaia "I |MIUIIU pfUiiilKl^l-, n?'|ir?lllg
that Ilia ercuriiy nftcrud is ample, and Uiat all fair claims v. Ill be adjusted
mora according to equity tliaii lepal technicalities.
The cuutpany la prepared to I sane policies against lo-a or dtimagr
liy lire on
Al1 deecrlpliana of IIUILDI Vri9 and Ihclr contents, or all kinds of
MHHCHANDI8E,transported by
and (lie naual canycyunuea to or from any portlun of
and an the liulle of 8TBAMHOAT8 navigating the western
The ralee of premluip will be aa lot* as other sntnpauiea, arid In
Bring litem every Improvement In construction and arrang-mcni
will lin liken Into consideration.
AH lotwnaspm dily adjusted and promptly paid.
Office northwest corner Puiinaylvania avenue ami .Seventeenth
street, Washington oily, D. C.
Asaiatant Secretary.
Insurance way air# S* tficclci at Ike Homr Office,
Narthicrtt corner IVuhmi and Second streets, Vliituiltlykla,
And In ruber principal cities of the United Slates by autliuriECd
officers of the company.
June 13?dly
l uitctl states Mail.
Toar Or tick Da ran i m ext.
March 5, 1857.
PROPOSALS for carrying lb# mnila of >h? United State*from lat
June, 18 7, lo 30ih Jiiue, 1859, on the following route In the
Hut* of Florida, and In tho time and manner herein rpeoified, will
bo received at tho Contract Office of ihit department until 3, p. in.,
of ilm 90ii April next, to be decided on ihe next day :
totii From Ilainbridgu, On., by Chat'ahoochee, Fla., Oaheeaee,
Aepalaga, Lot g C.ine, Ridleyaville, Kfcko*'# Bluff', lola?
and Pott Oad iden. to Apaluctiicoln, 200 mile* and tmck
three tinier a week from the 15th of October to the 15ili of
Jnne of each year, and twice a week the teaidue, in flratclaxe
eteambouts, with the privilege of tiring twohnrne
coaches from Uninbridge lo Chattahoochee when the river
Jg too lew for navigation.
Vwas.1 1 A'A IA 1* 'i
Leave Bainbridge Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9
Arrive at Apa'achicola next Wedneeday and Friday by 4 p
in, and Monday by 11 am;
Leave Apalnchic da Bum! -y, Tuesday, and Thursday at 3
a in {
Arrive at Bainbridge next dnye by 8 a m.
From 1 r>fb Jun? to 13th October.
Leave Bainbridge Tuesday at 3 p m, and Saturday at 9
l? m;
Arrivr at Apalachicofn next Wednusday by 4 pm, and Bun
day by 3 p in ;
Leave Apilachicola Monday at 19 in, and Wednesday at 1
p m;
Arrive at Bainbridge next Tueedny by 1 p ni, and Thnreday
by 10 p m.
For form of proposal, guarantee, and certificate, also for inairuo
tiona and requirements, see pamphlet advertisements of route* in
Virginia, Florida, fee., dated January I), 1855, and February!!, 1857.
prnpo nls should be superscribed 41 Proposals for route 6849, Florida,41
and sent by mail to the "Second Assistant Poetmaster General,
Contract Office."
Mnr8?Inwlw PoKtmaatrr General.
K. JL. FA.NT, Jr., Sl CO.,
Lai'd igsnte and Dealer* In Kxchangr,
(AND WARRANTS locab d and ao(d on commission. Land warJ
rgtiH sold to pre emptors on time,
locations made on "joint ncoount."
The active partner or the Arm was engaged in the United States
erveyp in Kansae, and will be able to make choice locations.
Basins** srn' through Sweeney, Ri lie a house, Fant, A Co. will I
be forwarded to us.
Sweeney, Rittenhouae, Pant, & Co., Bankers, Washington,
D C. '
R. W. Clark, IVdgs. k Co., Bankere, New York.
Drexei It Co , Bankere, Philadelphia.
Jnsiah Lee k Co , Bankere. Baltimore.
Fowl*, Snowden, It Co., Bankere, Alexandria, Va.
, R. i1. Maury k Co., do Richmond, Va.
11 B. Msrrell k Co., do New Orleane.
John J. Anderson k Co., do fit. Louie, Mo.
March IB?wlkde dm
f|tO ALL PKIWOB8 ( 04( KR4KI). ?Notice ie heiehy given |
I that after publication of this advertisement eix weeke, applica- ,
Hon will be made to the Commiaetoner of Pcneionsfor the bone of |
a duplicate warrant. No. 18,739, for 190 acres, in the name of Clark
Wrieht \ No. 34,189, for 190 acre*, in Ihe ipha of Barney Caetcel,
and No. 7,0*38, for 80 acres, in the name mf J ease Four, all ieeued un
dernctnt .tmrrn .id, ir.o, Hie nmc having hum Iml and cuvnl
ngalnrt their location entend In tha General Land Office.
Keb 17?lawllw JOHNSON T. WKLLBORN.
(UfflllllAUl ALL| orhlavai wlthant Naatari. By Geo
) Ft tabu? b. '
Oliver Twlvt i by pickena New cdlilnn, 9 villa., Illiiatrnted. .
Prank Foreater'e Np'.rting Keener and I liaravtrra, II volnmea, II '
luet rated.
Baal Meridian ; by Mrn. Slgoarnry.
The Ooldnn Lvriey.
Hlatnry of ibo Capture of Waahlngton City ; by Major John B.
Love after Marriage , by Mr*. Caroline Lee Honlc. I vol.
Tha Two Lovera ; or a Sinter*! Drvollon. A rforoeatie itory.
SOIITHRR.1 HOOK Origin of thv ennetltulion ; inr-orpotn '
tlon of the general government by tha Ktatea aa national public I
agenta In treat, with no aoverelgnty ; hiotory of eopartnerehlp Terrl '
toiiea, from the Virginia doed, I7M, to the treaty with Meilen IMS;
legal paitllion of the aggregate acquired Terrltorlea; apceifte du
Ilea; origin and htatary n7 the Puiltana; origin and nance o( trouble
between the North and South, and Jeopardy of ibe republic ; lernl
mode of redrew poiHtori out. By W. B. Davie, Wilmlng on, North '
Jiiot received, and for aale at BIKH<tl"A t
Book and Periodical H'ore, i
No. BIA Pennsylvania avenue, under IVlllard'a Hotel. I
Navy Sup|>ll?a?l?o7-'dW.
Bureau of Provisions aad Clothing, March 17, 1847
JKI'.V ll.VlK FRUPtlBALH, aaaieil aad * udorrcil "Proposal* fur
3 Navy Supplies," will be rectlved ai Ikis Bureau until U u'aluck,
a., ou Monday, the iWtli day of April next, f.r furnishing and de
vrring (Oil reenvmg len day*' nonce, except fur bl cult, fur which
ive day*' uuiica shall he given for every twenty luuu*and pounds
cquiredl at the Uuited Slates navy yards at t'haileslowii, Mas-a
husells; Brouklyn, New York; and Uuepert, Virginia,?uch quai.ti
lea only of Uie following article* a* may he required or ord fed from
he conlracinra by Ibe cTn.fnf iln* bureau, or by the reapei Uva com
landing oftco* of Ibe ?aid navy-yard*, during tba fiscal year end
lie June Jn, Ifkh, via:
Biscuit, flour, rice, dried applea, pickr.l|, aagar, tea, coffer, bean*,
01 >****, vinegar, and wliiakey.
Tba bivcuit abail be liiade wholly frnui sweat aupcrfine flour, of
he uiauiifaciftre of Ibe fear 1846 or 1847, but off oil in ..II .aa.a be
lanufhcturcd from tluur made of tbe crop immedieiely preceding
ha dalee of the requ.ailion* lor Ihn same ; and ahail be fully equal iu
uallty, aud conform In aiae and tbape, to ibe samples which are
eposted in the aaid navy yards j ahall be property baked, thoroughly
tin-dried, well-packed, aud delivered free of charge te the United
utfa, in good, aound, well-dried, brig it flour barrels, as above de
cribed, with the In ad* well eectired ; or in air aud wutur-iighlwbl*>
y or ?pull barrels, ai tba option of the bureau.
The flour ahall bo riiperflnu, and of tba manufacture of wheal
rown la Ibe year IMff or ldfii ; but shall in all crnea be manufae
ured lioui wheat of the crop immediately preceding the date* of Ike
rquivitiou fur Ibe aame ; ahull he perfectly sweet, and ill all respect*
f the bu*i quality, and abail be delivered in good (hipping order,
ice of all charge to ibe United Sutra, In tbe beet new, well sea>ned,
sound, bugbt barrels, or half barrel*, ue Ibe case m iy ha?Ibe
lave* aud heading* lo ha of red oak of the best qualny strong and
rell booped, Willi lining hoop* around each hend, aud i qual in
uality to auuiide barrel at aaid navy-yard'; tivo hull'barrel* tube
ouslij. red a* a barrel, and not mote iliau one-ritlh the re ittlrrd
uanliiy lo bo In hilf barrels.
The rice shall he of the very linal quality, and ' Ibe crop iiiiuicdl
Icly preceding Ibe dales of the requisition* lor the sninc
The dritd ap; le* alialI be ol the heat quality { und rlioll be prepared
y run drying only, and shall be of the crop ol the uuiuuiu iiunicdtt>
ly preceding the datr a of Ibe requisition, lor the same.
The pickles shall be put up in iron bourd ca>ks and each cask
hall coniuiu una gallon of onion*, one gallon of pepper*, m d eight
allon* of medium cucumber*, Ally to Ilia gallon, and the vegulab un
a each ahail wcljb tiny seven pound*, and tbey only be | aid for;
nd each ra*k ahall then be Ailed ailh white wlue vinegu' of at least
v'dcgreii* of strength, and equal to French vinegar; the casks, vegtublea,
and vinegar shall conform and be equal m all reapecia to the
ample*deposited at the above named navy-ya d?, and Ihe contract
r< shall warrant and guaranty that they will keep good and sofind
ur at least two year*.
Tbe iron hoopi on ibe barrels rnntnlning wliiakey, mo u.sea, vine
ar aud pickles to be well palmed with red lead
The sugar shall be according to sample* at the said navy yard*,
nd be dry und flt for packing;
The tea shall bo of good quality young byaon, equal to the sample*
i aaid navy yarda, and ho delivered in hall aed quarter chests only
The cofli.e >11811 be equal to the best Cuba, according io ?amp'e.
The beam shall be (tribe very best quality while h aus, and shall
e of the crop immediately preceding tbe dales of ill* requisition for
he same, 64 pi unda to be laken as on* bushel.
The molasses shall ba fully equal to Ihe very best qualitv of New
tilenn* molasses, und hull be delivered in well-seasoned red oak
urrels, Willi white pine heads not 16 a thna 1 S inch thick; the
lave* mil l*,s than \-lurli thick ; the barrels (0 be three querent
moped. and, in nddliion, to have four Iron hoops, one on nucli bilge,
)i inch iu widih mid i Ifilli inch thick, and one on each chime l#
rich in width and l-lfilli inch thick, una shall be thoroughly ceoperd
and placed in Hie heal .hipping condition.
The vinegar ahall he of the first quality, < qual to the standard ol
he United ttlutea I'hsritiacoiimia, ad ahull Contain no ot'ier ilian
ceilc acid ; and shall he delivered in barrels ainiTsr in Oil respect'
>ino.e r?quir<i tor in? wun um fueimiui n.?' ?" ?' ?u?
avis und head* liitll Ua substituted tor red-oak naves aid whiteare
Iliads, and (hull be thoroughly coopered and placed in ihe ('est
hipping order.
I l?f ? IiihK? y shall be made wholly f.o n grain, sound and merlmmst<l-,
oho be flill fifr#t proof rf co ding to the United ft-ntes cu?oin
bousr stand ir?t, and shall be rectified. It alia I be delivered in
o-d, new, sorted, I right, three tjiiartera booked, well seasoned
vhitc oak barrels, with white oak bends, the hearts so he made ol'
liree-piece heading, and well painted ; the staves not to be lens thnn
i inch thick, and the heads not lets thun \-inch thick; and t ecU
arret thai be coopered, in additlog, with one three penny Irra hoop
in each bilge IX inch in width, and l-lGth inch thick, and one
hrce-p*-niiy hoop on each chime, i Jf-inch 1,1 width.and J-)6 Ji inch
hick, an per diagram. The whole to be pat in good shipping order,
>ee of all charge 10 the United States
All the foregoing described niche, embracing casks* barrels hah
arrets, end boxes, shall be subject to such impaction sis the chief of
hit bureau may direct, the inspecting trtkar to bo appointed by she
Ynvy Depar merit. Ail inspections 10 he at the pluce of delivery.
Siscuit may* however, be inspected at the place of manufacture, but
vill in all eases be subject o a u.<ul inspection at the ptm c of dellvry
before hi Is are signed therefor.
'i he priorg of nil Ui* foreco tig articles to ba the K?me throughout
lie year, and bidders may offer lor one or more articles.
All the cru>kf, barrels, and half barrels, boxes, or packages, shall be
narked with their com?-nt< and the contractor's name. All the bar
el? and half barrels ol flour, bread, and pickles shall have, in atditon
to the above, the year when manufactured or pat up, uiar^od
ipon them.
Tli? samplnj referred to in this advertisrmant are thoso selected
'or ih? eii'Hing fl.-?cal veer, and ha is no reference lo euch at have
>ecn yreviuue y eahibUed
The quunti-y of the n articles which will be required cannot be
>rcc!?el> stated. They will probab'y la about?
To he offered for
[liccuit..,.. I,8C0,000 Ibt per iOJ lb*.
flour l,4(Jtl bbls...^per bbl.
Rice 250,UK) lbs,,., per lb.
Dried apple* 150,000 lbs.... .p^r lb<
icklea 150 000 lbs per lb.
Sugar 'J<5,(h0 lbs per lb.
Caa 25,000 lbs.. ...per ib:off?e
25,-00 lbs per lb.
IteHus ?... 7,000 bush., .per bush.
Molasses 20.000 gals....per gal
Vinegar 2},000 gals....per gal.
tVhi-kuy 60,000 gals...,per gal.
The. quantities of any or all may be inc ensed or diminished as the
tervicc may hmcafterr quire. The contracts will therefore be made,
jot for specific quantities, but for sucb quantities as the service may
'< quire to be delivered at those navy-yards respectively.
Contractors not residing at toe places where deliveries are retired
must establish agencies at such plac. s, that no delay may
irise in furnishing what may be required ; and when a contractor
nils promptly to comply with a requisition, the Chief of the Bureau
if Provisions and Clothing shall be authorized to direct purchases to
>u made to supply ihe deficiency, under the penalty to lie egpre .snd
n the contract; the record of a nqu'sitioti, or a duplicate copy
hen of at the Bureau of Trovirions and Clothing, or ai either n the
lavy-yn-dn aforesaid, shall be evidence that such requisition ha<
>cen made and received.
.we pur a to offers must b? made for each article at each of the
ttore<i.iid navy yards; and In case more than one article Is eonained
in the offer, the Chief of the Bureau vv II hove the ight to ac
.U.. art-ar u.i.t r.U-t
? |M Ulltr Ml IIIUIO Ml IIMI .41 Ut.?? V#*...... .? ... .??
he remainder; and bidders v hose proposals h:c accsptod (and none
filters) will tit forthwith notified, and as early na practicable a eon*
ract will bs transmitted to them for execution, which contract
nnst be reurmdto the bureau within ten days, exclusive of the
tme required for the roguiar transmission of ttie mail.
Two or more approved sureties In a sum equal to the estimated
imount. of the respective contracts will be requited, and twenty pi r
centum in addition will be withheld from tlio amount of nil p;?vwent*
on account thereof as collateral security, in addition, to
a cure its performance, and net in any event to he paid until it
s m all revpcctii complied with; eighty per centum of the amount
if nil deliveries made will be paid by the navy agent within thiry
days after bills, duly authenticated, shall have bsen presented to
Blank forms of proposal* may be obtained o i application to the
lavy agents at Portfinouih, New Hampshire; Boston, New Vorx,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, Pensacola, r.u I at
his bureau
A record, or duplicate of tho letter Informing a bidder of ths ac
:ept*nca of hi* proposal, will be deemed a notification thereof with
n the meaning of the act of 1646, and his bid will be made and ac
epterf in conformity with this understandingEvery
offer made must he accompanied (as directed in the actjnf
3ongrigs asking appropriations for the naval serv ce fcv lMO-^47,
ipproved lOdi August, 1046) by a written guarantee, eigned by one
>r more responsible persons, io the efTect that lie or they undertake
hat the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter
nto tin obligation within five days, with good and sufficient sure
ies, to furnish the supplies proposed. The bureau will not be obli(ft'ed
to sonsiJer any proposal unless accompanied by tbe guarantee
cqulred by law; tho competency of the guarantee to be certified by
he navy agent, district attorney, or eolkc'or of the customs.
The attention of bidders is called to the samples and description
>f articles required. at, in the inspection for reception, a just hut
igid comparison will be made between the articles offered and the
ample and contract, receiving none that fall below them; and their
itlention is also particularly directed to the joint resolution of 27th
March, If54, and to the act of the 1 Oth August, 1846.
March 18? law4w
Washington Insurance Company.
Meeting of the Subset brrsto its Stock.
rHB provisions of section 4th of the "Aet to incorporate an insurance
company ia the city of Washington," spproved Fe ruary
6th, i8.r>7 having been complied with by a subscription and payrent
of ihe number of shares of the c-'pital stock therein required,
totice Is hereby given t? the subscribers of said stock that a meeting
ror ihe choice of directors will be held at 4 o'clock, p. m , of Tneslay,
March 31, 1837, at the office, in the second story of the bulldog
ovcr ths Savings ll.'nk, corner of Tenth MNMt and Pennsylvania
ivenue. Polls to be opened from 4 to 7 o'clock, p. in.
BAM'L BACON, 5 Committee.
WM. r. BAYLY,)
Mar 17?3tswSr d
COIl RKNT-A large and eomm?*dious three-story brick dwell
P ing, with back building, basement, Ac , ac., on ths corner of H
inri 14th streets. Inquire of Dr. I.an*dale, room No. 10, Winder*!
Mar F7?Snwtf
John H. Buthinann,
Importer and PeaUr in Winer, Brandin, 4"*.,
renneylvanle avenue, enuth aide, between i)i and Sih atreefe,
HAS In etnre a very choice ee?nrtment nf cbamprgiic, In qoa'ti
and pinte, ni the ninal deelrable brand*.
Alan, npnrkling St. Peray, white and pink ; Madeira, ftharry, Port
reneriffe, Sicily, Kliina wlnee, Mnaalla ; French wlnaa, rad and
vhlte; Cognac, Bcheidam gin, Jamaica rum, Reoich whltkey,
American whiaaay, Ouraym, anlaatte ; and, ni hla own preparation,
anld-cherry brandy, blackberry Jnlaa, anmnvh blttara.
Alan, ganulna abaintha, Klrachwaaacr, and Haaana cigara.
Dae U?Jtifwim
NOTICK to llaad Contractor#.?It being ihn Inianlion ol
tha loard of direetnra <>f tha Waehington nnd "nckrllle TurnJike
Company in grnyel the road from the Aral toll-gate to Ita term!
tuaatiha Dletrh'l line, contractor* are renueatad to addraaa or ap
Hy lo the underaigned 0? the enblaat on or before the 11th of April
text. JOHN C. BKCNT,
No. SO l.rmiaiana avenue.
1. C. LEWIS,
Feb 94?Slawtf 494 Seventh atreet.
UK. AH ROIIK of F*rl< lia Science anil Art for IBM,
I One volume. London. Embracing the morn Important die
overlea and Impmvrmenle of tiro peal year In mechanic* and ilia
taeful aria, natnral phllnanphy, clccrriclty, rhrmletry, anolngy, botiny,
geology, and mineralogy, meteorology, natronnmy, ho.
L' ' jl
"* " "? ?f m pessua will aa HHM epua out tamta, ul>n
#< P*1 meal of tha subscription be made la arrvanuc.
I "latani subscribers uisy fixwirf us wouey by letter, and all rial,
will be assumed by uuntlvac ia sefe transmission.
! The? I A fcu. i> i 4-r-week , isrm| tie a*,
aiona of f'oaf eaa, ana seaii-w setty during the recast.
[ Subscript,nus for a period leas tban a year will be received om
' lerata propoa lioncd to the above annual raiea.
i Qt^POSTMASTEKS are antboriaed to act aa our agents i end
by tending ua visa DAILY subscriber*, with 950 ericlosed, 01
rrra blikgl-WEEKLY aubacrlbera, with 99S enclosed, will be e?
titled to a copy grmlit.
... Boa, .
Baltimore Ffuiaio College.
N. C. BKOOKS, A. M., President.
THIS seminary of learning, laainnied fur the liberal education ef
young ladies, Was created a college proper by the legtsiuuie uf
| Maryland, Drcetubi r reaaion, 1049, with authority 10 oonler drgreea
i and endowed wilb all the rigllla and privileges uf Ibe must levered
Icuialc Inati uUon. . ' f
1 here are two ilepcr'uienta in the Institution- the collegiate deptrtiU'
iil and the preparatory department, with their sppioprlelo
branches ol learning. The course of study in eat b is Hires years,
. 1tsignaled by aa many different classes.
The course of Instruction ia intended to develop Ihe Inlelleclani,
social, and moral faculties ; and hy imparting a thorough, practical,
accomplished, and Christian education, lit the pup.I for tlie faithful
discharge of Ihe responsible duties that await her in lilo.
Ureal pains will be taken lo promote intellectual advancement by
rendering Ibe acquisition of knowledge pleasant, and by training the
pup I to correct habits of thought and r? flection.
| The proper eier< lea of Ibe social feelings will be encouraged b'/
I inculcating whatever belongs to reflaed manners and dignified eoyr
C sy in our Intercourse with ether. ; while reudlng, recitations, and
expositions Irohi ibe Bihie, will familiarise the mind Willi ibo truths
of our holy religion, and imbuo the heart with right prii rlplcs of ac
lion and rules for the government of lite.
The coUne of instrbctiou embraces Ihe following heads of study :
The philosophy of the mnntnl econ> my and of government aid
the great subject of morals, not merely speculative, but ue
they affect Ihu heart and influence the life, will be taught wilb care
and fidelity.
Muhjccts : Moral Philosophy, Mcn'al Philosophy, Political Esouo
my, Constitution of the United Stales.
Tin) position of the Christian mother in society, and her peculiar
Atnees io fhsMon tha plastic mind und heart of the young, demand
fli.t she Should bo thoroughly Instructed In all thai psriains to the
ruths of religion ; end h'nee the word of Mod, with the evidensee
uf Christianity, forms a part #f the course of iastrueiiuu.
Huhjocis : Scriptural History, Ohrouoh gy, sad tocography ; EvC
dt aces uf Christianity, Christ,no Ethics.
The course of study in tha ancient languagrs Is eafflciamly eaten
ive lo traiu Ihe mind lo carelul end pstn lit thought, as well as to
insure shelter iicqusiniai.ee with Ihu English langusg'-. it.sides
translation and analysis, the doctrines of quaintly and the metres
will claim attention, whrla tha classic authors will be illustrated by
tlie light of ancient history, chronology, and geozraphy.
- ? ' fJs.sV I-iiJIHilUfB.flppelBil
Subject* : ureen i.anguage, ninuir v? v>a1 .
Antiquities ; Latin Language, History of Laun Lhirarm*, Rouiau
In (he mathematics {teat paint will ba taken Hi iusute aa arquainlance
Willi the subjects pursued, and erprcislly In (each principle*
rslhir than burdrn the memory wiih a uiullipliciljr of nt.e.e.
Naluial philosophy and chemistry will herealter ha taught with II
lustrations and experiments A cabinet ofiiiinerale will kr. fitted ?p> .
Is afford facilities lor tha aludy of mineralogy ; and physiology will
be illldli'd with eucll uaaiaunce aa may be derived fioni anatomical
outline platen.
Subjects : Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Mentor.ilion. Natural
Philosophy, Clieniiatry, Mineralogy, Geology, Botany, Physiology,
Aalronomy, Ancinut Geography, Nuturtl lliatory.
An tbia forma the bntiaof all the auberqurnt brnnchea of aludy, espeeinl
palna will hi taken to render instruction in llefficient, arid
tliua facilitate the pupil'* prugre.aive acquirt ruei.ta. Coiiipoaiiion
will engage a portion of the pupil'* lime commensurate with ita importance
; ao that young Indira will be enabled lo conduct a correspondenne
with credit and expreaa their idea* upon any subject oflltlereat.wtth
rase and eleganco. Arithmelic will be laiigbt with espocial
regard to praclieai utility, and the pupil will be rendered familiar
with auch caicula iona na occur in inarkellug, in ahopiug, and
at the grocery. A* the circumatai.cea of a family depend not only
upon wtuit i? mad* in buaincaa, but whtlie rare.' I lioio-, bookkeeping
will be taught to the young Indie*, a* a great auxiliary lo
douieatie economy.
Subject* - Orthography, Reading, Writing. Arithmetic, English
Grammar, Geography, lliatory. Book keeping, Rhetoric, Logic, Criticism,
llislery of Literature, Composition.
The exerciset in tlfii department will he conducted in n manner to
larurnto the pit til not merely a knowledge of the grammatical construction
of the language studied, but nuiiity to write un l apeak It
with fluency.
bnbect*: French Languid", French Literature, Spar ieh Irangauge,
Spaniali Lileraturn, Unratati Language, German Literature.
Thie department of iuatroclion shall afford every facility In the
student, and the beet pro'reenre he engagrd. Those already In tho
inetlluiion are of ack nnwlrdged ability and approved experience.
Bubjecta: Vocal Mueic, Instrumental Music, Drawing and Painting.
slinging forma a pun of the daily raltgiou* exercise* of Ihe institution,
ticcomp inieil by Ihe music of a parlor organ.
Tho Institution, thou.-li but in its eighth y?*r. already take* rank
with our oldest asm naries, and eojoya e liberal patronage fr in Hie
cliy of Ballimorn, and from Ihe middle, southern, and wesurn
Six toe,
C. Brooks, A. M.. iVofcs'or of Anclrnt Language*,
llev. VV. r. I'axton, A B., Mathematics and Natural Science.
J. A. klunroe, A. K., vtathcmati""*and Aslronoiny.
Mir* M. C. b tepard, Uellea Lclires a"*d lliatory.
Miss M. L. Be*i, Englieh and PliJslolog/.
Mary J La Reinlrie, French and b parish.
Mo"s Einlle Kelt, itrawtog and Painting.
a?- a n.urtvt
Mr* Kllzs A. Kelrle, Guitar. ? I
Miss Kile* C. Gntiriglit, Piano and fins ing.
Mia) Ulra A. Biouka, I'lnno and Singing.
Mrs. K. A. Kcirlc, Vocal Muaic.
Board and tuilina, par onnual teuton, & 10O to ^210.
Muaic, modern languages, and painting, extra.
The Pillowing gentlemen have, or hava had, daughtera In the
College : '
Rev. II Rlieer, Into Chaplain U. 3. Senate, Baltimore.
Hon. O F. Moore, M. C., Portsmouth, Ohio.
Or. John Sin th, Port Smith, Arkansas.
Or. Henry J. Holmes, Jaekeon, Mississippi.
Ray. H. A. Marks, Wathfngtni,, 0. C.
Itev. i;dwnrd R Andeieon, Chrisiiansburg, Va.
George Brown, e?q., Hague, Va.
The regular spring session will open April 15th, but pupile will be
received it any lime.
For circulars containing Pull information address at No. 53 St.
Paul street, Balllnioro, Mil, N. C. BROOKS,
March B?IfudAcp Proaldont.
WATCH Hcpalring and Kiigravlng.?Watches, chronometers,
and pocket timekeepers of every description repaired
be skilful workmen and warranted to perforin accurately.
Engraving of every description done in the beet style, Including
the cutting .of inns, creels, mottoes, and Initials on stone.
Visiting and wedding cards elegantly e> graved and printed.
M. W. OALT fc BR ',
Jtwcllera 334 Pennsylvania avenue,
Jan 90?tf Between Olh and 101 h streets.
The Congressional Bank,
Corner of iAtiUianm neenvs and Sti enlh ttrret,
trnahlr.alnn Hll#.
r.DWARD JABDINK Si CO., Rankora.
Collection" mnde on all tha clime in llm Union. Marine and lira
riaka effected in nil the principal ofllcea In tke
Untied Statee and Canada.
Dec SO?d3m(
OPMIXO OOODK.-F. OWEN fc BON, military and naval
O merchant lailnra, 913 Pennsylvania avenue, make known lo
their irlcnda and cnatnuiera that they have JuM <.|iened their aecond
Invoiae of apriii| (node, embracing a choice selection of clothe, car
alinerca, and veetinja, and will ba pleased lo have tbem eall and examine.
Mar 8?dlw
WANTKD?A colored aervant to cook, waah, nnd Irnn. Apply
at No. 913 F etreel. Mar 11?dlwf
(Kj- 'I'lie Klrat Annaal Kxlitbltlnn of ilia tt aihlliyton
Art Aaaociation, comprising picture*, atmuary, Ac., by tli- inoat
eminent artiala In the United Htatee, will ba opened to Iba public at
Mr. Cnreornn'a new hulldinf on H a'reat, between I3ih and 14th
atrecla. on Saturday morning neit, the 7th Inatant, at 10 o'clock, and
will con'lnue open, umil further notice, every day between ilia
hour* of 10, a. ni , and 10, p m. Tlekata of admiaalon may be procured
at the door, and at the principal bookatnrea in tha city. Bing'fl
admiaalon, twanly five aenta. Baaaon ticket*, fifty cent*.
Mar e?dtf
Outran 0T*Taa N?m CpnaT or Ihnoiar.
VVuibington, February 96, 1837.
THE judae advocate (Ivea notice, for the information of partita
coming before the enurt under the lat aectlon of tha act of Jannary
16, lth>7, that they will reepectively he advlaed by the department
when their caaea ahall have been referred lo the court; and 'hat
it la deairable that In preaentlng th< meelvea they ehould come piepared
with a Hat of aucb wltneaena aa they may deatra lo have eninmnned,
specifying to which of the iteprclive heada of "filneaa for
lha naval aeiviee" mentioned in tha act, their teatlmony la tf ba
appll'd raapactively , and annealing 'be delay, if any, which may
be required ; and in reapeet of what witneeaea.
Fab38| ? tf J. M. CARLISLE, Judge Advoea'c. *
New Spring Goods.
n J. STEER. Merchant Tailor, baa received lita atock of aew
r. eprinf ?ooda, eelected by btmarll limn lha beat Importing hou'ea.
Fie aolicttaaa examination of them by hla cuatotaara and tha pabi
All work warranted to |iva satisfaction, and no diaappnlntmanta
in t>ma parmiltad.
Mar 93?Hiaw9wlf Na 488 Baren'h atreet.
Banklaa llowae of Chaabh Urotlaara,
? I - - - ? I IUT
JOHN D. HARROW and HENRY HOLME* are tbii'day a.lmit1*4
aa parlnrra in ihe Banking lUuaa of Chuhb Rrothi re. Ttio
firm from thie date wilt bo roropoebd of Cbarlea 8? J, Chubb, John
I .11. Borrow, un<t Henry Hotmea, The Hiium in Oavanport. lowo, in t
rompnead of Charleo Hi. ]. Chubb, Win H. Dougal, and Alexander
fl. Barrow, under iha Ann of Chubb Bioihera, Barrow k Co.
Monarch* HETIREII FROM RUNKEMi by Dr. Iloran,
author of Kntghta and their Dayn, fce. 9 ?ola. $i
Vaaconaeloe, a Romance of the Naw World; by W. OUmoro
Himrna. #1 2i.
Tin- Shadow Worahippar, and oiher Poeme; by Frank Lee Benedict.
7i eeule.
Tha riaaorian Paper* of Iha lata tVm. Magina, LL. P., nnnoiatad,
I with 11 lifa of iha nuibar; by R. Mhallon Mackenzie, D. C. L. i|l.
Ju?l puMlah-'d, and h.t aale al
Ap 4f llooRjtora, near 9th atreet.

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