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PropoMli tor Stationery.
House or l<r>n?T>Tiru Urmr Ititu.
Clerk's Olhce, March 31, 11147.
IN pursusncs of I ha Mnhlniilli sccliun of lha act of Congress of
Ota uthli ilupM, IWJ, loinl.d " An aci legalising and makivg
appropri.uoaa tor aach ttcnurji tl.jsela aa bava txi usually lacTuiad
la iba general appropriation onia wulioui aulboruy of law,
and lo hi and provide fur certain luculaotal expense* of ibe depart
ueou and uCcaa of government, and for other purpoaoa," aealed
proposal* will he recelvou al Uila olhce uuUI vtonaay, the lat day of
June nail, at IS o'clock, in , for furnishing the billowing articloa of
atauoaery for tae uae of toe House of Representative* during the
J hiny fifth Congress, via:
CLaaa No. I.?Tayrr.
Itaai 1. MO reams while laid .junto post, extra tuperflae, fa'ut
0. 100 rearus white-laid quarto poal, estra aupeifiae, uiituhd
IT 75 reams wliiie laid Kalli poa , eaua supeiOuc, laiui hard
t 30 laaius wiilio-lald Haiti poal, eaira auprrSnr, uuruhd
8. I TS rrama eaira auperliue cieain laid Imle paper, large sine,
fatal llutd and gill edged
8. I'-IS reams same article, un uled
7. TrS rtani* extra super due cream laid note, medium tiae,
gill edged
0. 100 trams wh.te cap papsr, eaira superdoe, faint lined
0. 01 reams same piper, unruled
10. 103 reams commercial-laid lute paper, large rise, faint
Proposals for the above must stale iba price per ream.
Of items I, 0, 3, and 1. a portion, not to exceed one half of each,
to be furnished gill-edged, if re quired.
Clsss 1. ? 1! relapse.
Item I. 873,000 envelopes, thick laid, while, large Inter sixe
3 103,000 do do di small sixe
3. 40,000 do do small no e sixe
4. bo,OtXJ do do oihclal sixe, off i 3 Ij ,0x4,
and Wjg x 4 inches
3. 130,COO do I iilT laid, large letter ilea
0. 0a,000 d i riot fflclal sixe
7. 100,000 do bulf medium, between letter and odiciat
rixs, smooth and strong, for newspapers and docuasenls.
The envelopes a e In b le all ca.es adhesive. Piefereuca will be
given lo those having full pockets. P.iiposals must slats the price
per tbuu'snd.
Item 1. 100 dozen four-blade pearl hand!** pocket knives
2. HI do tainr article, lag handle
J. fto do two-blade p.arl and shell handle pocket kn.ves,
mull aixe, ban of each
4. SO carei *ci?s?>rs
5. 10 pair* Ami-rate stflce shears ,
b 8 dozen ivoiy handle eraser*.
PrupoMU for knives and rriwri must state the price per dozen
Ileum No*. 1,9^3, aod 4 are to be of the beat quality and flrst style
of Anisb.
Class 4.-r-Pf?u, Ptnkjlderu, Feiui ?, and Q ?7?.
Item 1, SO gmm Perry 'a double patent largo blue barrel pens, One
2. SO gross Perry's three-pointed pens
3. 400 do fine quality metallic pens, in boxes containing jg
gross each
4. 10 do bullion pens, on cards or in g.lt boxes of one
dozen each
ft* 3 do porcupine quill penholders
0. fi do rosewood penholders for large barrel penj
7. ft do do do ?utali do
ft. 3 do penholders, best styles, for pens without barrcli
0. 2 do laucy penholders, laiidnume styles
10. 2u do Kaber'rf No*. I, J, and 3 black lead pencil#
11. 39 dosen gold pubs, Ar?t rat* quality, half with stiver ca?eo
and half wiuuut cases.
Class 5 ?Ink and Inkitanifi.
Itim 1. .*0 d< sen ink, in pint bottles
2. 30 do hull pint do
3 I ft do quart do
4. 3 dozen r?d ink or carmine, in small glass bolt! *
5. 6 do standisbes, china or cu'.-glass inkstands, with
racks, fee.
6. ft do fln? china inkstands, pump und d flies, gill
7. 10 do handsome cut-glass iiikstnuds, large size
ft. 10 do d? do do medium siza
V. ft do do pressed glass inkstands, various pat
10. 4 do do porcelain ladies' inkstandr, various
Class 6 ? Memorandum Hock?9 Foitfolioit Tablet*, and Diariet.
Item 1. 20 dozen memorandum books, a-sorted sizes
2. 20 do portfolio*, quarto, with locks, tablets, aud of fine
ft. 10 do por tiiios, cap, with locks, and of flue qua'l'y
-4. 10 do pearl tablets, with pencils, and of >u.nnur qua'
Uy and finish
5. IS do pocket dmiies, of line paper and tiiiih.
CLaaa 7.? Wax and Wajtr?.
Item 1. 200 pound* red wafer*, of fine quality
3. 2u0 do red Wat of very Hue*! quality.
( La.** (.-Payrr IKrljUi and Paper t'oldert.
Item 1. JO doteu cut glass paper weight*, finest quality and pattern*
9. .70 do ulne inch Sue i*ory foldera, one inch wide, nnd
not lea* man 3 on tu the dozen
3. 80 do nine-inch floe i* ?y foldera, one inch wide, and
not has than 9uz. to the dozen, nnd with
atrong handles
4. 10 do line pearl folder*, assorted palfrna, and strong
I.Lisa 9.? Muetl'.aneout.
Item I. 300 dozen red tape, No. 19
8. 350 do do No. 33
3. 35 do while tape. No. 35
4. 85 do veaia tuper stands, with wax lepers, fine qtii'liy
5. 1,000 pounds black aan-1, pound papers
fi. 10 d' zen letter clips, (ill
7. lu do do brunae
0. 30u fine ivory handle letter stamps, cbcqu>red
8. 100 do do d i plain
10. 13 dczen pieces best quality twihed ulticn taste, various
11. 19 do bot'le* adhesive mucilage, he's! quality, wl h
metal ! p? and pencil* attached
18. 5 pounds indiu ruboer, in usnnlsize plecs* native gum
pret' rred.
Ci.ssa 10.
Item I. 1,000 reams buff or nrowti envelope piper, smooth surface,
strong and lough, 10 x 34 inch' a, lu weigh
not less (nun V3 pound* to the reaut
9. 500 rcam* of buff or brown envelope paper, smooth
nrfic *| strong ai d tough, '.0 x 91 incite*, to
weigh not leas than 35 pound* to the ream
50 lennm strong and smooth Manilla paper, 37 x .'II
in: he*, to weigh n? t leas than 4i>pounds to the
4. 1,000 ream* white flat cap in half sheet*, to weigh not
Irrs thftu 13 p-Hinds to the ream
5. 2,(MKI4000 document envelopes, hue LuW pup* r, 7jg inch**
long and 3fc inches wide.
Proposals for the above must state the weight and pticc per ream
for paper an I price per thousand f r envelope*.
Br the act approved June 17, 1844. the Clerk of the Ilou*eof R*p
resenuiives Undirected toeoi tine his purchases . xc u-iv. iy to articles
the growth and inauufrtCiure of the United titates, provided
the same enu be procured of mch growth and mauiiffac are, of #uit
able quality, and ol r? anonablR prices, upon as good briM as to
quality and p ice a.* can he obtained of foreign growth and manufacture."
A prefercrc? will th?ref ?r? b-svon to the productions of
American industry ; and ah persons making proposals to supply any
article will state whether the same is ol the growth and maiiufac
lure of the United Hmn.
The articles are to be delivered, fiee of any charge for carriage,
^ at the office of the Clerk on or before the I5lti of October next, and
to be paid for as soou a* the Committee on Accourts shall audit th<
Bneh bidder, though he may desire lo propose for the whole of
the articles above enumerated, will he r> quired to make s tepurate
and dutinet propotal Jot taik item ; and no proposal or pajwr e;u
bracing mere than a sinrle item will he considered- Bach proposal
to b? endorsed ' Proposals for item No ?, class No. ?, of station
cry for House of Rep esentatives of the United States," and ad
dressed to the undersigned. They will be fiee of postage.
Sufficient specimen* of each Hum accompany Hie proposal, marked
with the name of the bidder and the nuui ?er of the class nii4 item,
according to the above anvertis* irunt.
The person offering to furnish any description of articles at the
lowest price, quality com id-red, shall receive a contract for the
same on executing n bond, with two or more sureties, satisfactory
to the Clerk, for the performance of the name, under a forfe t .re of
twice the contract price in the care of failure ; which t>ond uiu-f l?e
filed In the office of said clerk within ten day* afler the propo sis
have been opsr.ud and the resu't declared.
The right is reserved, in case it shou'd be necessary, to rrd*-r a
further supply of or any of the articles contained in the above
Clerk Of the House of Hi itreapotafiv** IT a
Ap 8?lawtlalJune
United State* Mail.
PniT Orrica Pipaitmimt,
February 0, 1857.
PROPOSALS for carrying the mailt of the Unllril Stale# from
the dm July, 1M7, te 9Dih June, 1858, on ihi< following route
la KENTUCKY, and Id the time Unrein alaled, will ba received et
the Contract Office el thla department umil 3, p. m., ol the Slat
March aeit, In ba decided by the 4-Mli April followirg :
Na. 830*. Pram Loniaallle, Ky , by l.arona, Saline, Oraeay Pond,
Wert Paint, G irnel avilla, MeadWIln, Hi-wlayvilln,
? H* dinahurg, Cloverpori, Hawa-rilla, Yrlvingten,
Owtntbero', McLean'# liotrral, llehbaritavllle. Hi m
derann, rtmilh'. Mill#, H-iwillaville. MnrraiiSnld, at-il
Haietgh, In tihawneetnwo. III., 1M1 milee and bark,
da ly in fonr hnraa caarhea. Rotk Haren aud Bran
d-nhnrg In ha aupplied from Oarneit>tille by aide mail
* ail time# a week. Web-tar and Clillnn Milla from
Bewleyaille three ttmra a week, and dig Spring
from bewleyaille aii timea a w eek, all la due eon
nation with main line.
I.eaae Loni-atlle daily al 3 a in;
Laaea 0<r?r'k'ro' daily <1 4 > m,
ArriTH at Sbnwneetnwo ?nme day h> It p m;
I.nave Phawneetnara dally ai a m;
Arrive al Owenebern' same day by 8 p mi
Leave Owenabnro* daily allaa;
Arriya at LooUviila neat day by 8 p at.
Tar forina of proposal, guaranty, and cerliilcnie, alao Inatrnrttona
and requirements to be embraced in th- cnnlraet, ree adyartlaement
la pamphlet form at the principal peetnmcen.gnd nleo lha advertinameat
ofjaiiu .r) H, 1854, of roti w ia Krntnky, Tenne-aea, ke.
Feb 7?iawdwf Poetmaalar U.-nnal
11/ J HISUHAH M HtlNtt' itTaet Ikbaal _ffca (a leaaVv
. rioti will rmrnrnc* Inly 1Mb. .Number limped None but
good and dorllo boya wai ted. Thorn ready to begin I. tin gianimnr
itin h pre ened. Are and advancement of appliranla de.
airad Par tsima, be a ldrna
w.j ItlMflHAbf.
March ! ?Iaw3m* Oabs, Orange connty, N. 6.
NO Pit R la hereby elven ibat appllmtloaa^aill be
made Oar a duplicate land warrant, ia b, half of the belra of
Neleoa Naw, deceaeed, whose warrant (imperfectly aaaigned) wat
lout or rtolea from the mall in Ihr month of December eat. A ramu
bee been died in the Oeneral I.and Oldce, and the Commlaai'iner of
Pension" emitted of tla loa-.
Ei.koant town cahhiaom-jamra rrkwatkr '
S. Ai'V, IN Broadway, New Turk, would matte the attention '
of the eiitacaa ?l' Wanblniti'n end vicinity ro their etorh of elegant
veh'Ctrr. in new and baauiifnl deelgoa, i-nmprletug
Haninner eloih cnaebee, barnncbea, [
Rerlieaa, ealeebra. and eoupra.
Having the Inrgeet and moat varied atoek of Aral elaea eatriage. |? f
New Torb rr ey part ten aely invite the am niton of genrlemen who y
may ba unable t r viait New York, to whint draw*age of any atyie of f
caea ay- w<tl ii- .ent by mail*
Jl< >?al'dMlf '
Sale of Indian Trust Lands lu Kansas Territory.
y tub rassiDisT or tub ubitbd status;
. N puf.umce <4 law, 1, Fit MMK1.1N riEKCK. Prwkicat ( iht
i Uuue4 Muu-a, do bcintiy dcrlws aad >.*? known lli.l a public
* tie will be held at Iowa Point, Doniphan county, in the Tt-r I'ory of
Kansas, commencing on Tuesday, the fifth day of M-y next, Air lite
disposal of such of ihc land* held in Iru.t by the United dial*-a for
the benefit of the Iowa mbe of Indiana aa are situated within the
undermentioned townships of Isiio In asid Teiiltory, and ceded by
said ludiaus in liust aa aforesaid, to wit:
S*ufA / IA? bate line and rail of tkt serf A principal meridian.
Townships No. o?s, in ranges fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eigb
teen, nioteen, sud twenty.
Township# No. l*o, in isng's seventeen, eighteen, nineteen,
sud twenty, excepting tl)?refro.ii a few social grants designated
in the treat) , amo jnting in the whole to eight hundred acres,
a. d situate in townships two, of ranges nineteen nud twenty.
Also, nt I'aoii, Lyhina county, iu said Territory, commencing oi
Tuesdnv, Uie iwemy-aix h d ?y ol May n? it, for the isposnl of such
of the land* helo in trust by ilie United aisles for un benetit of the
confederated bands of Kaaksski t, Peoria, Piankeabmw, and Wea
Indiana as are situated within the uoderin* iitiom d townsliip< of
aid Territory, and ceded by ?aid cuufe.tfeia.ud bunas as ufon said,
to wilt
South of the bate lint and <a?t of the e'xth principal meridian.
Townships fifteen, tixleen, and seventeen, of rang* twenty*
Townships fifteen, rueen, and setenie* n, of rang** twi o > on#.
Town-hips fl teen, sixnen, and rtmnuen, rf range >w?nry two.
Townships fifteen, aixu-er, seventeen, and eighteen, of range
twenty three.
Township# fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen, of range
Township# fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen, of rauge
Provision having been made by the second cud third article# of the
treaty of e?Mion that each individual member of said confederated
baode should be ciitih d to one tuudred nud sixty acres,of land;
and, in addition, iliat ten section* thonld be selected and set
apart aa a national reservation ; and by the fifth at tide one section
of six nu. <1r**d 'tod lorty acres shou'o also be elected and set apart
for the bereft' of the American Indian Mission Association ; and aaid
lands4, anoun ing to about fort) eight li.ooyand acres, having been
selected in the loliowing townships above named, to wit;
Townships sixteen and seventeen, range twenty-two.
Township* fiiteen, sixteen, a^scntecn, and righteon, range twen
17 inrcc.
To?rii?bip? ?iil?rn or?d imnlrfn, range twenty-four.
Township* sixteen and s?vatccn, range iwtntyhvo, arc brreby
sot apart and reserved Iroru ante.
Also, at Lecouipton, in mid Teir.tory, commencing on Tuesday,
the twenty third day ul June n?*xl, for lb** diopneal of >uch of the
lands he Id in trust by the United States for the benefit of the Delaware
tribe of Indiana as are filtrated wi bin thu und* ruten'ioned
township*, comprising the irtttcrn portion of the lands ceded by the
said Del .wsre Indiana, in trust as aforesaid, to wit;
Sjuth of t\e ktue line and earl of ike xih principal meridian.
Townships live, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, of range
Township* seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven, of range sixteen.
Townsh p? six, seven, e?gin, ntuo, ten, and eievet, of range
Townships six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, of f ngs e-ghtceu.
The terms of said sales will be cash, and no bid will be received
t clow tn? valmtiota placed upon the Mtvrral trecis by the commissioners
duly appointed for the purpose of classifying aud valuing the
. ami* ; and upon payment being made, receipt* in duplicate will be
| exfeu ed therefor, one of which wilt he delivered to the purchaser.
Talents will subsequently b-. issued for tbx lands go purchased in
accordance with the laws in force regulating the Issue ineieof.
Tl.e offering of the above land* will be commenced on the days re
speciively api*i>iiit* d, and will proceed in the order in whi.h they
! are advertised, with all convenient deepa'cli, untii ihe whole shall
have been offered nnd the vales thus closed.
AH pu.chair* not paid for o lie day of sale will be rcoffired on
Ihe following day at the risk of the defaulting purchaser
Given under my hand at the city 01 Wash ngtou this twenty six h
day of Febru ary, eighteen hundred aud fifty-seven.
By the President:
Gbo. W. MAwrvifsv,
G'Wtniteioner of lndiau Affairs.
N B.?No newspaper ii authorised to publish the foregoing ad
vertiseoient with iutsp-cial Instructions to that efT ct from the Uoinmi<su>n*:r
of Indian Ada its.
Feb i8?lawil luue
Change or the Place of sale or the Delaware
Trust Cauda In Kuuaat.
VJOT'CE is hcre' y given, that the place of mle of the Data
IV ware trust lan?*s in Kansas Terr.lory, advertised to tike place
at Leooiupton on the day of Juoe net', his been chang* d to,
and will commence a', Osiwkee, in said Territory, on tfcft same dry
and dote.
By order of the Secretary of the Interior :
Commisiioner ad interim.
DirAl*MK?t of THI ihtcri"*,
Office of Indian Affitrs, AprB 6, I(57.
?l>7 .
United States Tatent Uftlre,
Washington, Apt! X, 1057.
ON the pi'itlioii of Harriet V. Tirry, ndmlnlrrairis ?f W'm D.
Terry, deceased, of Hoffn, Mn?sacliii>eils, praying liar Hie eg.
fOB ol n pateut granted lo ihe raid Wui. I). Ti ny, on the 1 Hi
day of July, If W for an impi-iruirni in " rut iron pvrcnicnls,"
for acorn yraia from Ihr expiration of end paloiil, which takes
place on Hie 13 li djy of July, I8i7?
Ilia ordsred that Ilieaaid petition lie hrnrd al Hie Patem Office
on Mouday, llic MDili of Jure not, nl 13 o'clock, m. < and nil
prraon* arc notified lo appear and show cause, if any lliay nsve,
why anid pclilion ouclil not lo he granted.
Peraonsoppnsing the extension arc required to flic lo Ibe I'aicnl
Office their ohjcctiona, apecially art forlli in writing, nl Iraki twrniy
daya before Hie day of heating. All testimony filed by eillier party'
to be ueed at theaaid hearing ninat he taken nod transmitted in aceordance
with the rulea ol Ilia oilier, which will be furnuhed on application.
The leeiinionr in ihe caae will be close J ou Hie IVib of June;
deposition*, and other papeia relied upon aa tatliuiony, must be
filed in Ihe office on ur belore the morning of Hint day { the
arguments, if any, wlihin len dais thereafter.
Ordered, aim, thai litis notice be publiahed in the Union, I nielli
gnncer, and Kvrning Sinr, Washington. l>. C.; Bepublicaii, H?l
liinoro. Mil; i'anneylv.irnan, PhiUdt Iphn, I'm ; Dally N'ewa, Nerv
York, N. V. ; and Poel, Roaion. Man , once a week for ihree succeaairc
wcrka previous lo the 13 h of June neat, I lie day ol hearing.
Commissioner of Paienta.
P. 8.?Ediiom of III* above papera will please copy, and tend
their bills lo the Patent Oilier, with a paper containing this notice.
Ap 9?lawfiw
Wlllardi' Hotel.
J. 0. A H. A. WILLARD,
Pennsylvania avenue and Fonrtaentk efreet,
Washington, D. 0.
fan **??Hi I
111,11 KO \VAUK, Alh.eis Forks otiil lipiHiai, 'labia
cuHcy, Ac.?M. W. HALT A BKO. have J net received a
large assortment of very elcgnnt plated ware, of superior quality,
consisting of?
Itielilr-engraved waiters, from b lo 1*1 inches
Tlain and cbaacd inverts, 0 pieces complrta
i offae urns, water ksilles, cake baskets, pastors
Albat* f?.ks, spoons, Ac.
The boat Hngti-h and Ameriean table sutler*.
Thu above are lha bnsi goods made, and off. red uim?ua|iy low.
JIM Pennsylvania avenue, between fill eu.l 10th streets
Feb fO??t
W AIVHICS-'lhe la geii M?ortinciit ever offered 10
our customer* ?Tboe iu search of very superior time keepers
will find our stock to em mice all the more celtb-atod makers, suitable
bo h for ladiss am) gentlemen.
onfident that our assortment is as nomp't te h* any hi this conn
trv, and possessing every advantage in getting i* no on the best
terms, we are prr (wired to offer unu-otal Inducements to purchasers.
Members of Coneress and strangers who design purchasing
watches would do w? II to moke an early selection, that their q-'ul
ity may he thorough!* tested before leaving the city.
M. W. OALT fc BBO.,
JW4 Pennsylvania avenue,
FsbfiO-flnf Between. 9 11 and lOib streets.
Proposal! for Erecting Marine Barraeks at
I'ensacolit, Florida.
navt !?rraetmbnt.
Washington, Match J, I?67.
OEALKD PROPOSALS, endorsed "Proposals for Building Marine
O Barracks at Pensacola, FlmMs," will bo received at this depart*
men! until 'lie 7th day of April. *t 9 o'clock, p. m., for tho eon
strnction of the Mama Barracks authorized to o erected nt Ppsii*
rola. Florida, according to the plena a. d specifications prepared by
llin direction of the Navy Department, copies of wliirh may be seen
at the offices of the commandants of the navy yards at Boat n, New
York, Philadelphia, and Pensarnhi, and at the office of th* juar*
tsrtrnster of the marine corns at Washington ; the work is to he divided
into five par.s, for each of which a separate proposal rnust be
1st. Proposal for building men's quarters and outbuildings.
Id. Proposal for building officers' quarters and outbuilding*.
Id. Proposal for building coium uidants' quarters and outbuild
4th. Proposal for building enclosing will.
ftth. Proposal for building entrance lodge.
The proposals mu*t he for furnishing all the materials and completing
the work tinder each head, in a mannr r saUsfactory to the
person who mar b* appointed by the Navy Department to snpetintnnd
the sine ; and the de attmrnt reserves the right to reject or
accept the proposals herein invi'ed, or any part thereof, when it
deems the Internet of th ? United H tales requires if.
Ninety per cent, nt the amount of work done and material* delivered
will be paid from time to time, aa the work progress*, upon
estimates roads and certified to by the superintendent on the part of
the United Slate* and ten per cent retained until the completion
of the contracMpind acceptance of the work hv the said superintendent
and to* department, and he forfeited in the event of
non-fulfilment of the contract, provided that no bill shall be made
Each proposal most he accompanied by a whiten ruaranfea, s-faed
by iwa responsible persons, (certified to- be m by ? new nee nt.
postmaster, district judte, or ' me other officer of the United St a tea )
in 'he -am of flee Ik tttai-d dollars, tbnt the bidder will, when required,
if hla proposals, or ?n?of them, hi accept'd, enter into a
contract and bond, with proper and sufficient security, fdr its faith
fhl performance.
Bidders ere incited to examine the plans and epecillcnttnna at the
office# hereinbefore tariioned.
The proposals mast be sealed end addressed ? this department,
ind plainly endorsed '-proposal# for Rtnldiuf Marine Barracks at
PceMM Is, Plorida."
Those only whose offers m?r l e accepted will be no ihed, aad
he contract will be forwarded as soon thereafter ?a practicable,
which they will be required to eircuie w I thin ten daya after i?e re
eaint at the post office samed by them.
i. n. dobrin.
Mar 4 ?fawi7 4prll Recretnry of the Ware.
IXMt Land Warrants.
SIN< R the let of November Net I deposited In the pa t office at
RMiseiHe, Oro fit. enveloped in e peck*fe, and directed to
Hon. Howell Cehh. Wn?hin?e>a city, the following bounty land
warrants to be sold, fo srit ; Wo. I6.14J fw (n acres, tanned under
ict X\ March, I8M, !a fill and No. S7,4h7. for 1 '20 acres, lulled
ttndrt same act, f-? Jonathan R-nioH, and both eesifned in
dank, and purchased by me. | am informed aaid warran's hare not
cached the person to whom they were directed j they a-e, there
h-e, believed to be lest I have filed my caveat In the General Land
>ffic? to present patents fVom iesnini on said warrant", and hereby
brewnrn the public amln#' tradinc for them. It ka my Intention to
voceed, neeordint va law, to obtain duplicate* of the same from the
Uommlssioner of Ten Nona.
n?r#a??i 10. is.*. JOflV BUTT.
Dec 11-lwla
Proposals for GrecUof tts Post OfBco and
Court-house at Rutland, Vermont.
TtiAiniT Diriimiri.
Washington, December IS, ISM. i
IjKOroS \l 8 will be received at lilts department until the 16th day '
I of febiuary, A. U. Ibb7, at 9 o'clock, a. at , fs* the eoastrtictma 1,1
OI the |M?t odice and court boase anlhoriaed lo be erected at Rutland,
Vermont, according to tb? p ihi aud pecidi-auoiia prepared
ill this department; aald proposals la be auber fur ibe whole build lu
ipg or aeparale for different kiade of work ( btila of parcele matt in
every cur accompany each bid, with (be amount of each ktmd of
work, and the total aotaant earned oai; tbe departaenl reserving "
ibe rigiit to r? J*ct or accept Ike proposals hereby iatitrl, or any pana
thereof, wbea it deems the interest af tbe United States requires it ;
lite department also reserves tbe right to exclude the bids of aay
per sou or pe sons Who there is Just cause to believe will aot faiihl
uily peii n si !he contracts, er which they i.ave attempted to obtain
by indirection ; and ail uius when there shall he patties in interest
who do not Join In tbe bids, and ail bids that, upon in vet ligation,
are below a fair | rice for the work.
Bids wi I uot be received in groea. and no contract will be award
cd to a bidder unluaa do lulls are furaiahed the department of the
p ices of tbe different kinds of work and Materials, which shall be
ubjret to the revision of the department, so that it may ad?pt tbe
whole or part ol tbe bid, aa ibe inter eat tf ibe Untied Stales may
require. 11
Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and malarial* delivered,
according lo contract price,(said amount to b - ascertained by
ibe < siiraaie of an agent of the department appointed for thai pur
pose,) a i I be paid from lime lo lima as Uie work prog:eases; and len
percent, retained until the completion of the contract uml acceptance
of the work, ke , by ih* agent aforesaid, aud be forfeited In
tbe event of non-fulfilment of contract.
Contracts will h>* awarded only in maref builders and ineehanics, 1
and tb< aaai^nniert thereof, except by constat of th? Secretary ol
tbe Treasury, will be a fnrfeiturs of the saaie.
Each proposal muri he aceompanisd by a written guarantee, signed
by two icspons ble persons, (certified to be so by ibe United Htates
dish let Judge ik attorney of the said district,) in the sum of |5,0ull
for tbe whole work, or of a proportionate amount, if for any part,
that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, en
tar into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient eecuriliee, for
its faithful perfi'in.auue.
Form of bond and certificate required will be frrnlahed en appti 1
cation to the department.
Plan*, specifl -ationa, and working drawings will he ready after
thirty dajs, when they can be bad on apptfOatic.-u te the depart
No hid will *s tontldered unle?v ?'# fully to eflieo in all lit ietaiU
wit\ ihe requirement* oj t/is advertiaement.
The prop.?sa's mini be sent to this department, addressed lo the
Secretary of the Trttoarv, and plainly endorsed iVspotofs Jar IA?
Rutland Post Ojfire an I Court kouie," and Will le op*ord at 10 1
o'clock, a. m., of tbe la-t day tiaaied for receiving the sHOie
Secretary of tho Treasury.
Dec 1H?R.wtiei'Vb (Int. k Star ]
CkUtion-LoiUry Frauds.
? i
Ornca or thi Mastlans Com sou n ate d Lottcries,
Raitimore, Maryland, July 1, lc&5.
TIIK commissioner of the Maryland dtgte lotteries has deemed it
his duty to caution the public agaiuat the numerous swindler*
who circulate by instil and otherwise fraudulent lottery schemes,
and pretend to be the agent for the sale of tickets in lotteries which
are wholly fictitious
The only legal Jotteidea in Maryland are those drawn daily, under
the superintendence of tho commissioner elected by tbe people of
the State under the uew constitution to examine and approve the
*ch?ima and to attend to the drawings.
All the tickets in those lotteries, and all certificates of packages ol
nor IS, rwre mr iiin-'i n|HI?u "ifcusinie I . ja. niouuii,
lor Iho contractor. Othcn of the Mary I nod Consolidated Lotteries,
Ualtimom, Maryland." All others are fraudulent.
For lull information on the subject of those fraud" address
8ept 28?dly Baliiuioro, Maryland. (
Nassau Hall College of New Jersey, l'rluceton.
" Hhould auld acquatnrnace be fbrgnt,
And oevvr brought 10 tnin' i .
Should auld acqu.naianee be Rrrgot,
And days o> auld lang ayna."
The members of iba acninr clana of tba year ending In June, 18XJ,
he junior data of the year ending in June, 1833, (lie Soph.>mur?
class of the year ending in June, 1831, and (he Fmhman elaaa of the
year ending in June, 1830, are hereby requested le assemble in j
Washington, D. C-, I y the ihlrd of March, A. U. 1 h.87, al (he lateal,
to brigbien (he link* of (be chain ofloee and friendship which lime
nor tide can ever entirely ecvcr, in eiebangn onre more in (heir j
livee grrcling and sympathy, and to lament the untimely fate ol
aoma of thrir moat promising compeers.
A preliminary meeting of the aelf.appninted committee will be I
held on the flret Monday In September, A. I). IBM, el the United
Slate* Hotel, Cbcsnut atreet, between Fourth and Fifth atreeta,
which these membrra of the ar vrral cla<aea to whom It may he con- |
venient nr" invited to attend, when the nccreepry measures will be
adopted to aecure aa full an attendance at possible.
In the mean time, those to whom this notice I* addressed will be
good ruougb to furnish tbe secretary of the committee by mail witb
their respective poet office*.
of Trcmcn, N. J., Chairman of Committee.
ol Philadelphia, i'uunsylvunla,
of Lancaster, Pennaylvanle,
niiur rENDi.ETON,
of Winston, AMrghajiy Co., Ml,
m umst<> iroa ana uiui woii?, ?. J..
of Montgomery count/, Maryland, ,
Jonn Wiidkii, of Lebanon, fa., Secretary.
March97?lawtMsrJ | Intelllgcoo. r]
All newspapers In the civilierd eoantiies of tha world am request
ed to notice this advi rltvameat in their rdiloiial Columns, aa mem
bcrs of the several clas?<?? are ratlcred through !h? four (real di
Tiaiona of tha globe ; and all aewapepera throughout the Uniteu
S'atca of Amrrira etc requested I" give It a gratuitous Insertion o?
caelonally between Una dale and the 3d of March, A. If. 1(117.
Til 1-7 ONLY (INK Al TI10R1ZKDI?The Kob ofDK. BOY
VKAU I, ib'hfch TEUB is A r superior to tho sirups of Cniai
aior, or nam iparilla, or other eiuiilar remedies. It radically curea
without mercury all affection* of the akin, dartraa, scrofula, ihe con
sequences of Hell, tileara, accident* from accouchmonla, the crilica'
period of life, and herodiiary acrimony of huniora. Aa a depura
tire it ia powerfully effcaciou* In catarrh* of the bladder, in contractions
and other weaknoee of tha organ* arising from abuaea of
Injeatlona or eoundinga. Aa an aati-eypbilitie tha Rob ourea in a
aery abort lima recent er inveterate diaaaera anatling from the nae
of ha'eam of copavia or eubehe, or from injectioas, which only repnl
the virus willmut neutralising it. The Rob Bnyventt in, above all,
recommended in eyphilitir dteoaeee, whether recant or long Mending,
and wbieh have rariated the powere of mercury, or the iodure
of potaaaiuni.
General agents far the United Blatea: Gabriel Blondrn, caq., 97
Wl'llam atroet, New York, for wholeoala ardera ; Ouillot Dnconge,
New Orleana; Bcuilly, San Franeiaco.
The Rob Laflectcur ia aold by all tha druggists throughout the Unltad
flutes Tha pamphlet of Doctor G. da St. Gerraia on the medical
propertlca of the Sob will ba abtained by writing lo G. III on
din,97 William atraet, New Yark, who will give every information
G. B. la prepared to (111 ordere for floalh America, the West In
dlea, kc., tree of tha United Btaiaa duties, aa ha haa the Rob In bond.
March 1??dl?'
[No. 572.J
By the President of the United States.
IN pursuance of law, I, KRANK1.IN PIEB'.'K, Presldenl of Ilia United
flutes ol America, do hereby deslare and make known tnnl
poblic aalea will be held at the undermentioned lend offices, in Ihr
flute ot Iowa, at the periods hereinafter designated, lo wit: d
Al the Mud - Hire si i'SAGK, commencing on Monday, the fourth q
day of May need, (or throii?fM?sal of the public fund* situated within
th* following- chum d townships, Tit: n
North oj the taue lx:ti and w&i of the fifth principal meridian. *
Townships aiuety-ni** und one hundred, of range ten. v
Townships ninety eight, ninety nine, and oat hundred, of range a
eleven. p
Townships uin??y tight, ninety-nine, and one hundred, of range u
twelve. o
Townships ninety-nine and Mt hundred, of range thirteen.
Townehipe ninety nine and one hundred, of range fourteen.
Tows ships ninety nine and one hundred, of range fifteen.
Tovrndiip one hundred of range trvenUcn.
Township one hundred, of range twenty. H
Townsh |w nlnnty-?:ght nod one hundred, of rnnge twenty-three. 11
Town-hip* ninety four, ninety flee, ninety six, ninety Minn, B
ninety eight, ninety nine, end one hnnd*cd, of rnnge twenty four n
At the land office at FORT DODGE, commencing on Monday, j*
the fourth day of May nemtt for the disposal of the public land*
ftittkit'-d within the foliowinc named townehipe, Til t
North of the hate line and went of the fifth prmtipat meridian.
Totvu?hip? ninety four, ninety five, ninety-six, nine'y-seven,
ninety eight, ninety-nine, and one hundred, of rnnge twenty-fire.
Townships nini ty-'nar, ninety-five, ninety eii, ninety seven,
ninety eight, ninety nine, ami one hundred, of range tveniy-*ix.
Townwipe ninety four, ninety-nine, and one hundred,of range
twenty irrrn.
T??wn.hip one hundred, of range twenty-tight.
Townehip one hundred, of rnnge twenty nine.
At the land office at MOD J t'lTT, commencing on Monday, the
fourth day of May neii for tb1 disposal of the public laade situated
within the following uano d township*, vis t
North of the hate line and went of the fifth principal meridian.
Townehip ninety four, of range thirty-four.
Townships ninety-tour ami ninety five, of rang*: thirty-fire.
Towntlilp ninety flvr, of rsnge ihirty-tir.
Townships ninety-six and nine'y sev*?n, of rango thirlyight.
Township* ntntfty-six and niaetyaeT* n, of range 'Afrfy nine.
Townahip ninety seven, of ronge forty. ,
Townehipe ninety-six ami nin-tv *ev# u, of ranfe forty-one.
Townahip ninety-six, of ravgeforty three.
Township ninety fix. oCrsnge forty-four
Town-hip ntaMf-ili, of nnge forty-fioe.
Townships ninety five and nin?-|y-tixt of range forty-eir.
Town-hipe ninety five and ninety-six, of range forty-teren.
Fractional fownaliipe ninety four, ninny Ave, and ninety elf, of
range forty eight.
Land* appropriated by law for the nee of schools, military, end
other purpose*, together with those "swamp and overflowsd lands,
made thereby unfit Air cultivation," if any, granted to the State by lh
in* nci pnuiirn "An nci in rnnmr m?i r iatn 01 nrsansas nnn owe:
Btstss to reclaim the 'swamp lands' within their limits," approved
PriiifniSff 08, 1W0, wilt Is exrluAeA /rsm tie $oUt.
The offerin* of the above lands will he commenced on the dsvr ?
appointed, and will proceed In iho order In which they aro advertised.
until the whole shall have been offered and the soles thus
closed ; but no rale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and
no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted nntil after the /r
expiration of the two weeks. [
Given undei ray hand, at the city of Washington, this fifteenth |r
d*y o? December. anno Domini one thousand ?*tght hundred and ar
fifty sit riTAVITLIN PSP.HL'B.
By the President: rn
Commissioner of the General Land Office.
Rv.ry p.l?on rnrillnd to lb. right ?f prn .mptloa '<> any of iht
land* wilhln lb. town.hip. find pnru of townrhlpa above .niimera _
tod i. r.qtiir.d tn nauiiliih lb. .am. fo fb. aatiafariion of ilia raft.
I.rand rreei v.i of th. proper land afllc.,aod make paym.nt Ihnrrfm
ci or. oiyrocfiraX. nflcr racing l*i. nofiee, and hefor the day ap |J
painted lor (h* commencement of th. pa Mi. Mia ol the land. ?m
bracing Ih. tract claimed ; athnrwlr. .it?b .lalm will |.? forfeited.
f?oiamt?Mna.r of th. General Land OIRca.
pHIUIHKa * ROOKK AT lUU' PHICI;.. 'I iir tinder
1/ algn.d haa laid a-ld? mm hla rtnrk, lo be cotd al a aacrlrtc, a f
larg..amh.rnl Jav all. book* which bora b?cn thrown anan.what Li
Inin Ih. baekaroand by lha large nam'mr uf n.w publication, of Ibia he
clnc i.*alnx fiom ih. prca In lb. laai r.v.rat vcara. Among tbotd r*
will b. loocd atmc nfthc work, of Mr*. Hofland. Mra. Ra.haald,
and oth.r each anthorn, hooka which I a*, be.a popular In ih.lr I"
day, and ara auppoaed till in r.ialn whaicrar m.ril tb.y lonn.rly I1'
poena.d Th.y will h. .old al oa. half, In many caac. al on.
nvtrth, ih.lr omial prlo, PR A V< K TaVLOR.
DhII ? 1
l ulled state* Mall.
Povt Ornoa iwatiut,
Waamugton, D. C., Juaw; It, IS*.".
BOPOSALS (Of conveying the maila of Uia (jailed Siataafrom
September 1, lail, te June ati, 1848, mclueive, ua Uia following
>utea la die Buta ol Cmruiiu, a ad in i*a Territories m One
W?"Ui""i??. and I'na, will be received at Uia Cuatract
dice of Uiia depaiuuri.l until 3, p. ia., of tbe 15th of June, 1857,
be decided by tbe UDib of Jaue t
>371 From Orlrane Car, by Beotl River, Happy Caaip, aad Ottiliawa,
ta Yieke, 12U aiilaa aad back, oace a f?rtaifbt.
I.ea?e Orlrune Bar every otber Monday at 7 a at;
Arrive at Yreka ant Wedneaday by 5 p at;
Leave Yreka every otber Tbuiaday at 7 a a;
Arrive at Orleaaa Bar neit tfalurday by 5 p ia
Bidj for weekly iripa will be coaeldeied i elao MHa to eoaraience
route at Cre cent City, oauitta* Orleaaa Bar.
1574 From Pntaluma, by UloomAeld, io Tomallev, 15 iiiilea and
back, once a week.
Leave Peialuaaa Tueaday ?Uanii
Ailivb at Tbraailee by 9 p in;
Leave Tourallea Wednesday at 8 a m;
Arrive at Pelaluma by 9 p ai
157J Fruai PUcerviUe to Oenoa. in Careoa county, Uleb, Mmilea
and back, oace ia two weeka.
Leave Placervilia every other Moaday at T a ait
Arrive at tieaoa next Wednredey by 8 |> ai;
Leave Ucnoa every other Tliuraday at 7 a ui;
.arrive at Flacervilie next Saiur-ey by 6 p ai.
Propoa ila io carry weekly from April 1 to Jaauary 1, and once
a fortnight the residue of thn year, are invited.
9674 Frnin Ban Franciaco to Hooiboliti Bay, (Cuiontown P. O.,)
95* uilee and back, twice a mouth.
Leave Bxu Fraucieco at 1 p in ou the 9d and l*th of each
Arrive at lluinbnldt I) ((Jnimtown P O.) in 48 hourv;
Leave lluinboldt Buy lUnionlown P O ) on the tin and 90th
of each inunth;
Arrive at Ban Franciaco in 4ti houra.
I'ropoaala lor tri monthly, ulao for weekly tripe, will bacon
"74 From .in Bernardino, by Fort Tejta, io Vivelte, 9*3 uillee
and .acx, oncu in l-vo weeka.
Leave Ban Bcinardino every other ThuraJay at 7 a in,
Ariivc at Viaelia next 'i'neatloy by 5 p in;
Lowe Viaalia every other Thurvdny at 7 a m;
Arrive at San Betnardiuo next Tueaday by 6 p ni.
Bid* embracing Monte and Loa Argclca will be e?n?ld?r?d ;
nlrn bida ft commence at Loa Aug. lea iaaltad of Ban tier
257b From Trinidad, by O.lrana Bar nud Forka of Salmon Diver,
to '.'evtviiie, ll? lailea anil back, once in two weaka.
Leave Trinidad every other Monday ai 7 a in;
Arrive it Bvslville next Wednesday by li p m;
I,ears Beslville rvciy uiher Thursday el 7 t in;
Arrive at Trinidad neat Saturday by 6 p in.
liid* iu carry once a week, also bids to extend to Pclersvilie,
will be considered.
3677 From Uuincy, In Pluinaa county, to Nelson Point, 10 nnica
nnd lieck, onee it week.
Leave Q linry Tuesday at 1 p m;
Arrive ai kelson I'onii by 4 p in;
Leave Nelson Point Tu.sJay at It a in;
Arrive at U'liney by 11 a in.
Utile lor more fr< quent trips will be considered.
37Jd Kioto Corvallia, by Kinney's. Murray's, Puerile City, Collate
Grove, and the i.ousi Poik of VVillainrtlc, to Oakland, 84
miles and ber k, once a week.
Leave Uervallla Thursday at 7 a tut
Arrive at Oakland Baurrdny by 4 p in;
Leave Oakland Tliureday at 7 a to;
Ar ire at r'orvalUs Sounds; by * i> nr.
Bids to end at Uiiielaw, or at v> inch' iter, will be considered.
ilt] Cram Cowlilz Landing iu Rise Port Prairie, IS miles aad
back, once in two wi tks.
L'-ave Cowliia I ending every other Thuraday at B a m,
Arrive at Uo.ee Port Prairie by 0 p m;
I cave Boise Prut Preiri - every other PtiJnj at B a in;
A rive at Cowli'z Landing by 3 |i in.
3744 Prom Oak Point, by Boise Port Prairie, to Orand Mound, .40
n line a. d back once in two week*.
Leave I lak Point every oilier Monday alt a u;
Arnvo nl urand Mound next a iy i?y opra,
Leivr Grand Mound every other Fridcy ?i S a m|
Arrive rt < >nh pittni,next day by 5 p in.
97 IS Fir in Oiyinpia to Catbl??niet aid back, once In two week*.
Bid.lor* to ?citn achedule oi arrival* and departure*, anJ distance.
9716 From Olympia, by Tort Montg ?mery and N. Eaton Hi, to 8< i id
Pr ?ir?n and back, once in two weak*.
Bidder* to Mat# t-chrdule and distance.
974? From Pari Ac City, by Olyxipiu and Oys'.crvllle, to Bruoepoit,
and back,once In two we. k*.
Lidd ia i" mutt schedule and d'atnaee.
.9719 Front m?mI?oom:i Lit) to Ucatlle, 55 in ilea and back, once o
derive Hteilacorni City Saturday at 6 a mi
Arrive at dentin by 6 p m;
Leave Seaitle Friday Rl6 an;
Arrive at dteilacoom City by 6 p in.
9749 Fr ni bfeilacoum City, via the military road, to Fort WaMa
w.illa,9At mile* and bark, onco a ni??nth.
Leave Bieilaco^m City on ihe 1st of each month;
Arriv at Fori Wr.linwatia in one week;
Leave Fo'i vVol!a*.vall? on the COitt ot each month}
Arrive at KtriLaooni City in one week.
Propo-t'* to carry twice a month, and by a vch^dule connecting
wi k ilie mail* from San Fianclaco, California, will be
eon tide ted.
9916 From C dar City, by Harmony and Pine Valley, to Santo
CI* r*
Bidders to state < hrdula and distance.
1. No pay w ill be mode for trip* not performed, and for each of tucb
imsaion* u?a eaiUfuLierily explained three lime* (lie pay of (be trip
nay be deducted, t or arrival* mo fir behind time an to break eon
icxion with dep< uduig luaila, and not sulftcinuly excu?**d, or.
'ouith of the compf to at ion for the trip i? subject ?o forfeitme.
indue i 'it wi.'l nko be ordered for a graclu t. pciiormanee 4of. itor
0 that cp* c fl d in life contract.
9. For leaving behind or tbr wing ofl'iha mail*, or any portion of
be in, lor ill** a.laiiciion id' pa**ei;gcra, or for t-eiug concerned in
1 lung up or ruoniitg an cxprts** conveying intelligence in advance
if the nl ill, 4 qu rt^r'a pay may be deducted.
2. Fines wilt be imposed, utiles* the delinquency be promptly
mil aii?fuciiirite pinlitnmd bv ceilificatea of naa'niUMlata. or Ihe
ktiidavitfl at" other credible persons, Ior tailing to arriva in contract
iino; for neglecting to tnke the m-'?il from, or deliver It into, a
tost office ; (or sutler,03 it (owing eitbrr to the uni.nitsh|ci.a*s ol
he fine* or manner 01 cirrting it) to he w? t. injured, destroyed,
ohbed, or lost; and for refusing, tiler demand, to convey the
nail as frequently as tilt contractor runs, or it concerned in ranting,
a cot 1 li, car, or *t< a about on a route.
4. The Po<.mauler General may annul the contract for repented
allures to run r^recaldy to contract; for violating the pott office
avrs, or disobeying the instructions of the department; for ref ting
n dikchaigc a rarri^r a ben required by the department to do to;
'or aligning the somract without the aa<ont of the Posrmaster Gen
iral ; for luruirg t 1 express as aforesaid ; or for transporting per
nm or phekmces cooveying mailable metier out of the mail.
The Postmaster General may oidcr an increase of service on a
outs by allowing therefor a pro rata increase on the contract pay
10 may change ?citeriu'e* of departure aod arnvala in all cases,
nd particularly to m-ko ?hcin conform ?0 connexions with radon's,
without increase of pay, pr.?vid? d the r'-nulng time be not
bridged- The PnstmaMer Gef.eral may also curtail or discontinue
he service, iu whole or in part, at pro rata decrease of puy, alfowng
one month's extra c?>nif?eiisa*ion on the amount dispensed with,
rhonever, iu his opinion, the public iu crests do n>?t require the
ame, or In c.tae he disirc* to supersede it by a different grade of
fl. Payment* will ba made for the service by collections from, or
rafts on, poctaiaaters, or ofherwise, after the expiration of each
usitter- say in February, May, August, and Nov. ntbo".
7. The distances are given according to the hest information ; but
0 increased pay will he allowed should they be greater than *dertised
if the f^oiots to he supplied he correctly stated. JiidJcri
iwrf m/otm h irnidwi on th * point; and also 111 rfUBWwa to the
might of the mail, the cond" ion ??f nads, hill*, atrcntrsa, fcv., and
11 toll biidge-*, len jes, or ob: tructione ??f any kind 1 y which x
>en*e may he incurred. Offices e-tablirh d after this advertisemrnt
1 isaued, ard also during the contract term, are to be visited withal
extra pay, if the distance ba not in, rea-ed.
Jan 15?Iaw4'v Postmaster General.
JK.HBKU8 of Congrrsi* and Visiters") Wastilujgton
II ate respectfully Informed that at TAYLOR ft MAllKY'b
took and Stationery P.torc, war #!?? street, they w ill meet all th?ii
squimmnnt*. Their extensive stt>ck, in addition to the following
j.j <n taut work?, comprise.* every d?:partmeat of literature,scieuce
nd art:
Now books received immediately on publication
Weekly importations from England
Calhoun's Works, rolumrs
Jefferson's Works, ti volumes
Webster's Works, ft vo1*., autograph vdilios
Everett's Ora'inns and Speeches, 2 volume#
J ? ? nvsw: vwinriwuatBM , .
8. 8. Prentiss's Memoirs, % volume*
Bancroft'? History ?i the United Stale*, H volumes
fltAfffman'a Maimn!, 4 volumes
Hlckey'a Const!union, I volutin)
Jeflbruon's Ms bum I, I volume
Tho Constitutions of the United States, I volume
Elliot's Urba.es and Madison Tuners, 5 volumes
Marsh's Orators ami Statesmen, I volume
ttlory's Works, 3 volumes
Lives of Chief Justices of the United Htatea, I volume
Lieber's Civil Liberty and 8elf-fov? rnmert, 9 voUuiu
Wlrt*a Lite of Patrick llenry, I volume
Kennedy's Life of Wirt, fi volumes
Garland's Life of John Randolph, I volume
Party Leaders, by Baldwin, 1 volmno
He Toequt'ville's Demw raey In Am* ri?a, 1 volume
The Federalist, I volume
Grimke's Nature and Tomleney of Tree institutions, I votum*
Constitutional T til book, I volume
Carer's P.i t. Presort, nnd Future, 1 volume
Seaman** Progr*** na, I volume
Mcfiilinntt'H American Debater, I volume
Pn tare Wealth of America* I volume
Rmilh'e Wealth of Nation*, 1 volume.
Every dMCiiption of American. Knic'iih, aud French ataiinncry o
ic Anr-*t qualifies, nt the lower! price*.
VUiting card* *.art a ved and printed with the greatest ~"nn?pti?udc
Drc 7?dlf Near flth atreet.
St. Joseph'* Academy for Young Ladies,
A'tar F.mmitUburg, Frriitrirk County, Md.
IHR annual atmim* t.f *111 !? e at title institution eommeact a on the
94th August, and terminal * on the lost Thursday in June. The
rmr for board and tuition are * i0 per annum, payable n?.tni annufy
In advance. There are csira char^ca for rnnaie, drawing, paintg,
and alao for Ppenlah, Italian, German, and Latin. The terra*
r the primary drynmnenl./iimp1 i d ?i pnpur umtrr nine year/ of
?, are 0100 per annum. payaUI.- >>?Ji f?arl? in adannee.
Lritera of limuiry ho'ild hn addteaa. ,1 t> the MOTIiPH BUfR
[<|R of St. Jo?? pVa Aoad-my. limroituburi, Fioderlck noiinljr,
Jol n?dlynat.
OLD.afhrer, Una ataei and plati'd apeciacl?a, eye (laaaea, he., of
all focoaea. avlih perifocal. pertaanpie, and parabola fla/aoa. A
?|etp?Ti?n' i jl?e? na pernllar adrintacca id a-lxttnc flaaaea
aptad lo the yea of wearer*.
M. W. HALT h RRu.,
3W Prnn. aaetioa. I?la?/ii Klatb and Tan 111 atrcrta
Ian 98?If
OAT AV A It It A NT ?The onde nrned fieea puhlir notice Ibnl,
at Ihe ripiraiton of ala wi rl' from ibit dale, application Will
inauV to me C," minla/ionrr of Peraliuia lor a dnplieaie land war
at In lien of one iaaned r.n il>? lUih Aufnal. 185(1, No. 3B 981, to
njamln Travia, for I9U arr/e, wliirh haa been Inat in the iranainle
n of the aame ilitoagh ihe mail heiwe/n Hml-n poai often, Vlrlia,
and Philadelphia, on Ihr Md October liter.
TH. LllhlPKIN, Attorney.
Pee 97?lawliw
Ci?tbtB( tud Clothiug H.ttrlUi.
Navv Pir?*in??T,
Bureau ol I'rurmwua a?8 Clorblvg, '
ap'U a, ir*?.
SUP A RATE PHOPO8AL0, acalcd and radoraad ' Prupnaala Im
Navy Ctotliirg aad ClotMtig Material.," will ba recaivtB at
lira uibre aalll M o'clock, a. UI , on I he lal day ol'May next, lor
lurni.birg aad delivering (en (reviving amy da>a' nolico) al aru ta
or anlier of ib? navy tarda al Cbaritalown, Muaaacbua. n* ; Brooklyn,
New York , or Uoa|Mrt, Virtiaia, Ibe quaaiil ea below area !
lionet! ol any or all ol ilin following claaata of arttclea of navy
clotbirg and cio.bii'g inaiiriala, and audi fu iber quaulilleo of Ibe I
-Blue aa may ke oid< red by ilia cblef of ibia bureau, or by the com I
naif aula uf Ibeaaid I av> yarda, ri apcrltvtly, during ilia Bar al year I
commencing on tbe lal day of July m il. and end ng i n tbb blllh
day ol June, 1858, via :
Cbaaa t.-Cirri* Catkin,.
Blue duib pea jackote 3,800
Kouu-I jacket. 3,0 0
Blue cluib Irnwaera t,?(P
Blue aalmel irowaera 5,i 0'<
Blue clolu cape 5,000
Clavb *.? Flanu*t Clelkleg k
Blue flanne1 Ju 5,000 i
blue dinnel ov? r>blria k,)00
Blue fliiiurl underah in 5,0C0
Blue Beuuel drawer. 5,1KB
Cl-aaa 3 ? lentn C'alilaj.
Camarriuck liowaer- 3,0(0
Barual y abetting frocka. 3,009
Cbaaa 1 ?Bio* Solfnrf.
Blue aatiael Jirfr, I0,00n
Cbaaa S.?B'.ut Funntl.
Blu- fl mil I >erda, 10',0(0
Cina 0?Sterling, Dtck, end A'aak'n.
Beru-ley ahaellng aid-, u0,n8u
Canvxa duck do.. IV,0.0
Blue nankin do.. I',0.0
I'liii 7.?Steer.
Culfaklii elioea palrv, 5,
Kip,km thoea do.. 3.UMJ
Cixaa l.-Jnli
Woollen aoekr peire, I0,iOd
CLaaa 9?Mall, ewer.
Va tro'B'a 1/00
Clxaa 10.? B'anktl*.
Blnrket* 1. 4 oo.)
Cuti ll.?HanMteftkit/i.
13 laic K f ilk hand kef chief* 8#0W |
Of!Vr? may be mad* for one or more clA*?er-, a the opinn of the
bidder ; but all the article.* eiai'nrcd in a clam must b-i bid for.
tiacb cUm ? ill bo cuodderfd by lUrlf, and lb*- conimcl f*?r that
ci'ibP w.ll be awarded to the bidder whom pr.p<*aU .or (be an.clou
coiupiiM d iu the ciaee are lowe I in tbe apgrrgniv.
The cloili lor ibe j ea jackets rbail be trilled pilot cljtli of Ainer
icati OMii'Kacture, pur* induo blue, wool dyed. it etiall l?e o4 inches
* id*, and weigh ounce* per > ant It La** a h*i on each
ddge coap'i3 .1 of 24 while thread*, of all wool. All pie c? wrigiin,{
1l ien 'J5 ounce* per ynrd will bo rejected ; and cacb bale *i'
about CfOO yard* must average 'M ounce* per yard.
'I be do h for round ja- k?ta?, blue clotb Irow* n, eni l.liii cap*
ahull be twitleJ, a'l wool, ol Aim n-ra.ii uianu acluie, and puie ind g
oiue, wo J dyed it ehill have a iiat oi rucb edge eoiopored o -J4
*hi e tinea'*, < f 11 woo?. AH p ece under I7)f ounce* per yard
will be rejected ; and ca;lr La'e of about cbo yard* mujt *v?.aj,e Id
ounce* per )*rd.
The tamet in at be American manufactured, 91 incbea wide inside
of li t, which list muvt consist of not less than IU white woolleu
thread* on eich edge of ibe cloth, wo . en in the who;* lengh of
the piece j iuii*i weigh not leei than 9% ounce* per yard, ^ con ]
tain in inch piece ah.oil 91 yards; ibe warp wuhi be cotton, p ire ;
indigo j!uc, \ am d>ed; and the filnug wool, pure indigo I kc/wod-j
d)?d. Each bale pi 4uo yard* ?ha.l i.verngM nine aud a ha'f ounce* j
to the yard and no piece ah ill be below ounce* to ibe yard, j
Tee >;i!inet trow-? r? iuu?l be ma Je of material like the above Toe
< loih, I* oadcloth, And ttalinst ot winch g. ruieuts are mane,
I IihU be we I sponged beiore made up
! Th? flannel must be HI wool, American mtinufnclJ r d, wool djrd
par indlgu b.u , and fwillt-d ; rim-n M I* ju-cr- ,.!<<> u (U yard*
in lrtugth(8? inches wid*, weighing b ounces* per >?rd, with a Xtet on
each edge of 4 white woo Irn ihr< ads woven i . the whole length of
th- piece. To be packed in bals a of 10 pieces, the ptec?s l ? be r 'lied
rep trHitly w.tkiut c'.o n board* ; neb lu'e to contain ;G0 yards and
15014 pound* fl ?"nil. No |ittcc to have 4 le? average weight than
4 fc iu ounces per 3 a* dThe
eve ah rt*, undcr*hlrt?, frawvrs, and jumper* must be mid*
of ll inn< I like the above.
The B?riia!ey sheer ing must bo free f om colon. 8> Inches in 1
width ; weight, twelve ounces 31-lUO per ya d, text re, -4 by 4 10 :
1-10 tilth.
The canvas duck must be free from cotton, 87 lot lies in ?I tilt,
a id uhnut .'Hi ytrd.i iu t'ie piece, doub;e thread warp and filing;
weight,?ight ounces iMOo per yard ; texture, 3 by 10 10 14 I tch.
'I be rhoes must be stamped w th the contractor's name, number
of rhoc, a..d year v. Inn made j the sizes t ?br. in the following pro
p srnoii for esch 50 pair , unless o her wise ord- red, viz : 4 of No. 5 )
V of No. ti, 18 of Nr. 7, 18 of No. 8, K of ,Nu. v, J it N . 10, 1 01 No, j
They are to conform in til respects to the sample* et the yards, and J
to be ctlne.'ed in good s'roug hoxe?, NO pn-rs in each. Th-* name of j
the cot rector, contents, a ?d t ie year when mad*#, marked on ea li
'I he Culf-skin end the kip *knt shoes to Lu pa ked In arparatt i
Thnwoolle.t sicks be woven Or knit, imltg ?-mixed, ribbed, j
all wool, and of American in nufaciurr. No. 1, lug 13 inches, loc?? j
It iuchn* ; ten Cozen shall average time p-uud*, and no one pcir
#h 11 be loss ihsn three nod a half ounces. No. 8, lux '9 infhsv, toot j
10 inches ; 1 u di-zeti vh ill average t *0 pounds twelve ounces, and
no one )*tt> shall In -ess than tnreo and o??e-?jaartrr ? a'?ces. The j
sucks Hull be evil scoured, and m c? lor ai d gu lity fully ij
The trie ?r?**sn* mud weigh ten pounds, in? ludit g ticking, w hich 1
is to be cut ti 1 el in length and 31 inches wide. The so*- rs ntui i
iueu?are 7i Indus in ! rgtri an! &9 incite* in width. The Lai ,<
licking, ard covti* must conform 10
The i b kin must be the l? 1 b 'ti A.oertcan nankin, 80 Incbs*
wide, tr? itrw 5 thread* b> 4 tlne.dM # tlio lfiU* of ju inch, dyed with j
jnure Iitvgal indigo.
Ton bltukels must weigh si* pounds per pair, and n&ra ure 56 by [
7b inches ea ji. A bah- o. 50 pans uiuM weigh d) p -Ui ds, and no '
""" t.h it.oil .1 ii.-ui.ii* 13 iiuhcm 'Ihsv must be of !
Aon nc.tn n a iufacture, mute o' Mean wool. tu.d each Ujiihtt must t
beinatk'd 4,U. t*. Kavy.,v
The llack silk ha-dKercliie;"* must be 31,bv.H\ iticbn, and ;
weig mic ounce and 12 gruitis Troy ; texture *4 b> Kf 11 oiHft-e:gfc:li
bl an iucli.
A of the three sixes for each 100 | ice.es of node up [
cloiliu g will be lOfind with the sample* h. the iwtCfMt yards ; and ,
ail lite above articles, inclu Jn k the necessary buttons, lines, he,. |
?ro to be fully equal m.lh qu> liy, bilvra, e?li>r, w* if hi, and flatab j
of luateiicl, and conf rui in pattern, '*?*, and w orkifiuiisMp to said
wnwpii a.
The nu i<iiT or quantity w hich will ba n quirsd of each of the j
fo fqoing a:iic1e? cautiM be preii civ slated it will not ba less,
however tliau tlie quantity sp? cified in the foregoing list. Tha con ;
tracts will, therefore, be made for the quai tity at i ach srucle so.
specified, im l tor such further quantity is tha bureau may r? quire.
The price mu>t It unt/ottn at atl the station9.
All the utn?v.*. articles must If subject to Mirh Inspection at Ihs
p! -c*i of d* I Very as the chief of thi- burr uu may direct! and no articl
will be rtcivrd lint is not fully eqsai to the s in.pie in every
f septet, and which does not conform to the stipulations and provis
ions nl ttie c mtract to be made.
The whole iuu*t be delivered at the risk nud expens of the contractor.
Kach U??x anil bale to bs marks.! with tha contractor'*
tiMiiii*. The nop cling ctiicers t> be appointed by* due .Navy litpirinient.
The cffVrs tnttsl distinguish ?h? price* for eaah article manttnned in
h cin*#. arid inus' be Calculated to cov? r every rx;? a#r aK-BtUug
Ibe rutdhkcut of the contract, including the nec*emury buttons.
In cii.<e of failure on ttir pari of the t-?ntiacl< r* to d liver the sev
cral nrtclcM which mat b* ordered from tbcin, in .rapsr nine and
of pioprr quality, tha chief of tha hur.au oi frovis.ous and limbing
?ba*i b?j atltliorixid to purchase or i t.ect pure as* s to t?? mads
of what may be r quired to stfp|i* the deficient y, u i er the | ana 'y
to bu i x. rt etfi-d hi toe ?o t.ecr; tha r- ?: r I ot a requisition. or a du
plicate copy lb# rcof, ut tb** durum of rr?>vi?ioii< and t l* thing,? r a:
aimer of the ?aty-yard* afore. aid, a* uli bt evideucs that such is
quiait on has been u a c i.nd re. sived.
Two or more approved sureties in n mm r quid to th*" rstinrated!
miMUini I'l l?I*T ir^icmtr ?^t
centum will be mi IiIuM fr n? t??e amount of all payments ??u a
Count then of an coltub rat security, un.i not in any nveut to be p-.irt
mill) it i tti all raspeet* compt e.l m*?tn ; and e-uh y |. r centum of
the nni'Mim of a I d? l?va?i< # mad** * .ii be |-aid l.jr ilie navy ?g* i.t
with ii thiry d lya Hit r triplicate biha, duly authvaticavd, sti. lf
have been pr? vented i? him.
It ddera white proposal* shad ha an: plod (nnd none o here) will
Im? foitliWilli notifl d and as i a 'y m? prnctcahla * c 'ntiret *i I be
iranrui't Art toiliem for execution, wiiicueoa ri"! mu?t Lh returned
to the bureau within five days, exclusive i?i the n tun requ n d for the
reyulart an-atie* ion of the mo I
A ren rd.or duplh a'e of the letter inf ruling a bdihr-nf the rccfpiiitco
of hw proposal, wii be d t-mrd a notification thereof
w itlnu tho mi aning if tH? a- i of e ifi, mo hi* hi 1 trill be made curt
accepted in conformity witn tint. undent mritiig.
lSveiy l iter niartn mttfl b? accompanied (u? directed in the nri of
Congrrer mikrc appropri.itinn* for the naval service for 1*46 !47,
appr??v d 10 !i Angiiat, IMf) by a * r to n guarantee, signed by one
? more rwpondl?ln pe-ann*, t the** ffc( thai lie or tb-y underfak**
thai ihe tiddcr or t iJd '* ffiH, if Ilia or their bid be accepted, outer
intu An nli'igatioii within Ave daya, Willi good mid sufficient wrrtiev,
to furiisli the mi pi e* propped. The bureau will not be nbhgat-d
to con*< d raiyu'op^val unlurn n?*cinip inied by the guaraat* e re
quired by taw ; ihr competency of the euarantec in fee ran-A* by ibo
nav* agent, d atri I attorney, or the c? Hector of the ? urtma^. ^
Jila* k form* of ;iro/i t<ih mi y be obtained on apphcaPoa f? 14a
nnpy ogentn a P-.rt mouth, Sew Ilumpthire. Bo*4on, New I'orA',
Philadelphia, BxtUimovt, It ail.ng'on, Nor/oik, Pc .eazol i, ?nd mi
lh'* burton
The attention of biddem it called to the ample* rnnd 4eoerif'ion of
arlirlft required, at, in the inepreler hcfzre recepi on, a j met but
rigid rowpnr eon %c*U be made hehcten lb artiel'i ojfrrtd nyd the
luwplet and contract, re? eirine aoni* that fall below it.O't* ; and their
attention it ulet p r titular lp directed {.> thf.f -i?4 resolution of M irch
V7, IH 4, in uddiion to the act of the 10'A August, I HI.
April 3 -la- 4w
Completion (if Pniiama Railroad.
Redo ti'jn of Fare to California.
United dtfttoa mail strnnmliipa loam Ifew York
-TiWL^r Aepinwall on tbr 5th and ?0th of mrh niop'b,
V-*ta3ltli4l^dCconneclir.?r with mail Nio&utr.ra from Panama to r*au
WwHnEttJ Kriuioiaco.
Thcac ateamnMp* have been invpected and approved by the Mfav*
r>ct>ar?T*ic??t, and eiieranry tpeed and safet\ .
The Panama rattrond (47 miku long) ??* now cnmolwiad from occar?
to ocean, and l? cMAard in 3 or I honra. The br.%gage of pmwca- |
gem ia checked in New York through to Hnn Pran< ia< o, and p???m |
Mr* V* rmharheil m l'?i.ni?n tiv r.iainei it trie rvinpent trjprwt,
Vnr money paid in S'ew York crerra .ill eipriuM .if rlir trip.
Rin.-ivnalran.ora are kept In port in N?w York, I'aitatnn, and
3*n Prar.ciaco, 10 prevebt detr.utinu In cut of accisrot,no that
Hi- root' In enilrely rettatla.
IWnyeta leatre Pinnmi the ?n? day thcr irrlrn at Aapintrtll.
Conductor* yo tlttmiah by-each ntearocr, nod take cbarre of
women nnd elwilim without other protector*.
por through tiekei* at the lowed rata* apply at Uto agenrr, 171
Went atrret. New Yolk, to I. W. RAYMOND.
LO* WAIt t ANY'. ? I he midemlgA'd (iren public uolien thai
atthn explrnlnnnf .It wirknf omthiap eaet.t notice, application
will h* made to to* t'ontutlanlo...r of Pennlonn for a duplicate land
warrant in li?a M one Innaed on the 57th l~ehroary, 1M8. for eighty
nreen, No. l.'.i,RU9, ti Owen Vvnek, which line netrnr coin* to
hard. TH. l/'MPK'N, Attorney.
W XHtnOTOn, n. c , Herein be I R, IPM.
Dec -lawlte f
I O.UT hAtd WAKUAKT.? When.a* a land warrant waa In
li rued from the p. nap.a i Ultra, an lli? lSlh day of /one, in Bidrr H.
Winder, No. .m.S'd. fnr 1(10 aeeea, and mm led to him at Cambridge
Maryland ; and wltnraaa he arid n arrant it' ver cam* to hand, and
oar berooiR ln*t, the nndrrniyaed flea notice that, at the ntplra'ina
*f alt wrekn ftotn the date nereof application w II he mada lo ihe
Unmiulan uirer of Puialon. for a dopllinta land warrant In lleta of the
tne no i net.
CHAN. fl. WINDER. Attorney
One Id?lawflw
l?IUd Paual UAu,
* aa d*"*! Mint AX, UH,
UN ik* petition ol E. A. Flil'uiaa * loiuwiuinn'l Altmd Bullmae.
d r?i?r<, ?f *'? V?ik, New York, praying in m* aiuuiv,
of * panml giuMo* to mi* nuu*M lot i a-pro re mem i* art,
I. uug tactLtiiiK J* ee-,loi * ?? a >-are Lout uia exptiatina of rani
patent, wbtck lake* flue* ? ill* 17th day of Auguet, 1467 ?
It la ordeied Iliac ike raid petunia be beard at ibc Patent Oflce
on Monday, ibc lOUl day of AtlgUel Belt, at It or lock, ft. j
aad all perron, are nouAed lo appeal and rhow caure, it any tiri
bate, why aaid pennon oafbl not 10 ha (mated.
ftranni oppoeiug lb* cxtcnrluu ara required io Air la lb* Patent
(idler Iheir iibjacuona, rpectai'y act forlb in w ruing, ai I ear l twenty
daya before lha day ul bearing; ail tealimoay Aled by *iiba? party i?
be uaed ai lb* aald hearing kiual be lake* and Itanamiued la accordant
* with ibc rule* of the oAre, which will be furniabed oa apply
tail on.
The teahmony la the caac will be cloaed oa tbe 30ik day of
Jay aril; depuaiuona, and nlhei pat?re relied upon a* Wauwoay,
in uri be Aled ia Ibc office on or bcloie ibe mcniung of thai day i
the arguiueuta, if any, wiiitlo lau daya Ibareallcr.
Ordered, aUo.ihallhia notice be publubed ia tbe ICaltonallatelligeocer,
liaioa, and Hlar, Waahingloa, II. C.; ID-publican, bal
I injure, Md.; Peuneylvauiaa, Philadelphia, l*a. ; Daily Nana, N>w
York, New Vail, aad Poet, Boatoi, Nia.e , oace a weok for ibiea
aucceaaiva wecka praviuaa la Ibe 3d day af Augurl Belt, the
day al bearlug.
Camtmaatoner of Piteau.
P. 8.- Kditore or ibe above papera will pleaa*copy, and aeadlkelr
bill# 'o Ilia Patent < iftee, wilb a pd|>Of containing tnia notice.
March SO?I aw3? f
Called blaloa I'hleut Omit,
Waahingloa, Maica tt, 18S7.
ON the petition if Isaac D. Rnaeall and Cornelia We let lata, ad
inn 1.1* acii x of 8. Hi riaiaa, ircraied, of New I oik, N, Y ,
praying lor Ibe nxlrnalou ol a pulrnl granted lo 8tephra Waterin*.
, dc-eeue.l, aad laatc U. Burn II, lor an improreaicel in aa.
cl.i ca for rawing, lor oeron yeara from ibe rxpirauc-o of aaid pal
em, which taker place on the Idtb or May, lev7?
II la nrdeird lhai Ibe laid pennon be beard at the Patent OBIca
on Tucaeayr, tbe llih day ul May nail, at 19 o'tlm k, *i. ; and all
prraone are notiOed to appear and abow caoie, if any they hare,
why arid pcltlfin ought nd to ba grant d.
!" reom nppoaing the xtenrton ara rtqulred o Me ia lha Patent
t cfite their ohj. etiona, rpreinliy ret forth .n w riling, al l> aal Iwtaty
daya before Ibe day of hi artng ; all lartimon) Aled by Other party
to he lined at the raid l.cauag tunrl h* taken and tranrtiiltied ia accordant
r w jilt tbe mice of lha office, which will ba faraialitd oa
Tba rnmnny Ik the eaaa will be clnrcd oa Ihu 9ib of May
next j depoacli'oa, aad other p&prrr tailed upon aa taatituony, aiua
be Alad in lha office on ot before the morning of that doy | Ibe argument',
if any, wilhia teu daya thereafter.
i Tdrfrd, aim, that ikir notice be published in the National Intelligencer,
Colon, and Mar, W'Lebingtnn, Li. 17.; Brpubbcaa,
llaiuinore, Md. ; P* nieyliaulan, Philadelphia, Pa.; Daly Nrwr,
Now York ; and Poal, Hoeion, Mara., oace a wei k for three rut
crruve wtiki ptetrioue n> ilia ihih of May next, ibe day of bear
Coaaiouxlouer of Talenta.
P. 8.?Editorr of lha above papera will pleare copy, and rand
Ibeir Id lie to the Patent riffle a, with a paper comaiuing Ibia aoliar.
March 31?l-wdwf
[No. 67T.J
0/ I fie R.monl of the Land Office from Sault Sit. Marit
to Marquette, in Michigan.
IN ACCORDANCE wlih ibe proreiMie of Ibe aei of Corgreea, la
litbd "Aa *cl aoik -r-xiug charger -o Uia location of land ffl.
cea," apprised Match i, iril, u ! inr>by d c rrwl and made
known Ibal the fflva for the rata of poMie I mdt at Bum
dra. Mint, in the Htrte > ( M i login, will be it movi d to the
town of Maaqcr rrr, ih arid ktate, .geeenr'y a jtirioJm pracdi
further holier ar in the rrcclre time of tetuoral will he leeticd by
lb* r giater and receiver of Ibe Patalt die. Marie land office
Liven under mv band, el ;he trty of Wanbington, ibla lllih day ol
Man h, A. D. iKLT.
By o;d r of tie rirrident r
Cmuminaioni r of tbn Ut narxi Land Office.
March 81?lawdw 1 Int. and Alar J
Uryhicr' Cihll, Bairhtl, 1837.
!> inter eg Cot* via. Wa Ittngtua county, in will
I N the rare f ( David Rfdffr'rjr, a mini tratcr of Alfred O Ridgelry,
I <>< e i #*.1( lb* f dm n'?f?atoi llWiil iMMy Vi h lii approbation
of the orphan** e-Hut, of VVaobin^toa county aforesaid, appointed
lut-rdey, tb? Mill day of Apr I i-ext, for ibe fionl mU lenient and
d*?tnbi uuu of <kc prr onal male of aa>d dece&Hd, of iha a*?e?a
in hand far a* the same h oe b?en co lectrd ai d III ned into
inoiii y, vk hni aid w here all the n?dtt< r* and ho r* ? I said dec* acd
are n<H.fVd to anmd (at Uio ??rp ;??.?? ' emit of W.ir luug'on county)
wi'li ih< ir e>: im? prope rly uou? bed, or >i.?y may <>Uer*i*, b> law,
he ? iciu . ?1 tr in nil hei.tfli o: rr.i l r!?-i nsij'i r=?r i#, provided a
top| o this aticr b? yrob Isltod o.ice a WMMI tor lur c Wwakl in the
Union pre viou < 11 the said Hin d ?jr of April aril
Tr t ! [? RO U II Kegtrlir nf Will..
Tr?eop;-Twt; Kl). ROAOtf, Regn-ter nf Wills.
Marth S1-1**3* *
l>iop??al< for Ftiriiitfciii^ Marble end Marble
it ork for the Morth Front of the
Paten Offlco Build.ng.
Dtra?thbht or tn< lr?itnR,
Ututtmher 10, 1*36.
S'F.ALBH I'H'T'iBALB will he received at this tie pa run nt until
*Ur t ?b eeuth day of P? b-tnry next, IS o'clock m noon, far far*
utaitti $ eucti utnrbiB and marble work na may be required in th?
er# Clou of the i <?r?li front of ihr Patent Office bu.ldinx*
The bid* ttSSf b# in the Jt-rui ?f the fallowing schedule, and clear*
if specify the priori tor mh^iiaJ. hautlr i irfuinf, nud netting, In
cittfjint; :ktk the machinery end other expea en.
* kafmU.
Cut e rt'oie, per snperfioial loot.
tl* d? and falls, do do
?xIra cub* rtoHo, per cubic foott
(iinicc in two b? d , p? r tupeifioial f ?ot.
Working coutsc, ? o do
Pii* xe tocntab'aTare, do do
Archi rare, d> do
loops io codiitH, p?r lineal font*
Triglyphs, each.
Cap* of planter*, each.
' lia u? l- i*.f l.ast meiit, per lineal foot.
Marble tiling, por stI.* idcial foot.
Window ti. a, do do
The ittzub'u M?u?t be similar in kind find quality to C at used
III the* ( 'l I .. l-'i. tin:, ol ihe I ast .* I'li \V?sl WIUC4 of (lie l>ut:d<llg, t?p' ci
.1- t?< I t.? .1 .r, ll.it h.H.
Lach Sxd will n?i?. i* ftiiHVliM work will be coirp'eted, ard
none will b? comidrred i?om alum (ban those known lu Ihi of lb?
trade and hollared lo h? I illy coinpstvat to fulfil in good lailh the
obligations ill* > pin|^k?a to as-tima; and no assignment of bid ??r
coot.act will bu rcc pi.iat d, unitt.* uisde wall too apprc ral of Ibe
lit flrf ??l the (l? partmtM.
Nine') r t ml. wi I be. paid from time to lime, at the work progr?we,
upon th? e?timnl.- of tt#*- stent of the d^artmepl in charge
inert 01, a d ton pi r cvot. reserved until (be ioaip!iti?u ?i the cutitraci
end aacaptunce ol he wmk by ?aid i:g? r.t
The dep^rltu- ni ini rvti to itatif >l?a right to rsjecl or accept tin
prof-una** he.thy ittri'cd, when <t drama the imnt'lof tiin I'nitt
d ?nri require* it, a? writ i? to exclude the bida oi any pcraoa
or permit* wl o it h*? ro d ma on t?believe will not, ft m auy
cause, faiililU'ly Krrnrtu the c?* a treat.
Plan?,?petrifications, unri working drawings rnn bo cm mined, and
other lnfi.r!:iat?vn ohointd, on ?j?pl.e;.tioii at the ?tficc ?>f the hi periaior.dei
'I he piopnanla, which must be v n? to thla departments addressed
to the Kfiirh'T n' tho Interior, (eurfnr ed "Proposal* for ths
t rvctioi of (hi tier in frr.nt of toe PatM Often buihiinf,") will he
ot??*ne.i at 1 n'cloi k, p ui.,of tha luet day named for receiving the
l^ecttlnry (4 the Interior*
lire Ifc? ftnwilBFah (lat k Star]
Tha Aew 1 ork and Ltverpiftl tuutu state*
Mail 8team?ri.
The ships comprising ibia !il? are the followingt
The Atlantic Capt. Oils* r Rldridge.
The Baltic Capt. hn. I'wwicr.
The AdrtlU* Capt. James West.
jgt . These ships hiring been hutlt by ton tract hi
pmeaiy far pn'-rntnciil Mrrtcn, errry care has b?*a
lahi n id their contraction, a* also in their engines,
4auoi<* for pavtenjers *r+ HMothllrd for elegance ?nd co?uft?rt.
Price of pasftdgt- from Now Vorfc to Liverpool in (ir*t cabin,I1*In
erond cat*. n, ?75. Prom LiTrrpcol to New York, 30 and *0
An etpefieftOMi nn'groti aiu?.*iu?*. laeach *Wp.
*fr? ?.?-j| id c?n ? t KC?ntl MftUI pM '
Th?* ohifrti of ilbia line hare in jtrntH ?u?ler-tiytt bu!k headr.aad,
to avoid r fmni ire, will not crime u?? ttuuka north of 4w d*i?
until utter llie Ui .?i AngiML
nuiuiu ?I?,M ??
Ntv Port, IVon JUvrpfi*
Saturday 4prll36,10S?. Wtda'aday May 'I.'?*Saturday
Ma; 10, IMP. Wednettiay May ?? J
Saturday .May 94, IPS6. Wrdnnda; Jttna 11 'USJ'
-atjida) Ji.ne 7, lJVi. Wrrinrrday Jaoa
Saturday JuarSI, I KM. Wrdlirada) Jnty *, IfW.
Saturday July A, f. g Wrdnerda) July B. JSJJ'
Saturday July 19, IMA. Wrdnmdr.y Aw.
Snttldr.y Ai 9, IS*. V. ? dnraday A?? S!',Vi'
ta'nrday Am Id, Wtdnrrday Srp?. JJ 1
Saturday '?{ ?, IH4. Wi dseaday u?pt. 17, IMJ.
'rturday Sept. 13. IBM. WrdUrwda'y <>et. I.'*-*
Satirrdiii p..97 ltd*. Wrduraday Out. IS, IM'
Saturday Ort. 11, IMS. Wadowday <?! '"J'
Saturday .0,1 9A, IM?. w.dan-day >"? !* *?'
s?l?r?v N? v. s, IMS. Urdr.xHiay K?*. ?i "*
-air.-'ay Not M, 1858. Wadnraday 1"*- l<>. " "
SatarSny D.-f. ?,! **. WrdnMday I**-- s4>1P:*"
Pntarday l>vc. Bu, i?56.
r .r iiv-fht otpnneete J ? ?
unvjiKti k iroi.i.i'ai',
HI.* W WalUtreet.N. T.
BROWN, siiirLBV, k CO.,
STKPHBN K pnna RD k co.,
97 Ainula Frier*, l.ond""n.
o. wain wright k co.,
Tbcowaoiaor theae aMpa sill not be accpuainbie for ao'di
bnllinn.apeete.jeweiry. prertna* Mnnn, or nub, ttnlrar bBto"
ladirt are nened therefor, aim! lb* ralae thereof ih*rela#?prrw*<!
May I?rltf
K- a. O I LL IT,
Cbwilbr al tw,
Ha* removed hi* nlBee in bta reaid a e ia Ftanalla Briar. coraer
ol K and Thirtramh ttrraw. Ha will continue in denote bla *?'' '
una prim ipally in eaae* in the United Bute* Supreme Coort.
Ilaalnf denoted nmeh time ro 'ha law eoncernlnf patent*
my* advice and optninna on legal queationa arialn* ia eaaa* J* ""
the Patent often, and on appetl# lo ike chief juede# ar aaarwa*
Juattcea of the [riatrlrt or Columbia , and will alao aaaral ' u
preparation and trial of auita concerning patent*.
lie wi I atw. five written opinion* and prepare argtrmaatr for P* '
tlea having claim* before Crngreaa or either of the department*,
will almi proaemiu eJalma before any board eatabliahed for w
ANNt!PL. of Srlentlfl. Ulaeovarjr I - r. bear Met k.?<
fart* in Science and Art. lor IM7. tilillMririf the moat
ant (Iikoti rlrf land imp ovnn? ni? ia mrrhftBirt, ri
pb'loBfiphy, rhen.i iry, Wolwy. mMerm loff, ..a, ?
nihieralnfv, r<^f? r^rnr^i nr.; |rfel?er
! ?? of rtfwm rtrniihr pnWlrnl^il ? rla?lft?d li?t ci I*1 J
otii'airtM i*tf oeMiflc nth ; o? ?h* p*ir( ..
Ml*?i dorlnf ib* jptr l?W, tie- Rdtfed b> Dmrtd A. * *'
Frijm.BR in., pahriah^. TAVL0B

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