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I j0u5 APPLETOJf, Editor and Proprietor.
ofLhpif**' a
^jn.wsextr, Ipabli.bed W-??ekl? during ike anu*?a
at t'.mgreaa) 3 in
aptxi-r i p
0. W A? f?rni?ke4 m* folio**:
OAlti.Al. Hi. it w
fitr eopwt tke SEMI WEKkL Y SOW
inco/if ?ltM " ntvt... ft
Nu daductioa fut cluke un WEEKLY.
pi. - .j a
ipHBKH TRAINS PAILY t un Hsltipiore, for Ouaberlnnd
I ft'hretiag. "J A'l gaC. of t'le VA'
lit. Tie Ali.'OMEODA'flUW TRAIN will leave (viaept Hus
a. hi , caanuctiag wife baiaa Now F^dulphia, Rial
una now Wa-iiiag'uu (?i Junelt .n)* ill v"l' >1 auto n. ji d
at Cuah rlai.il at 4 <JWk, p. nr. ^e "" ai "
M. Tm MAIL TRAIN k-OaelCauidi.il Hindoo daily (rjcept Rum
day) at *.?, a iu tad rcartlea Wheeling by d, a. a.. conmming ai
Boawood wilb trana* lor Colunil.ua, Cincinnati, Hay ton, Indian "p..
IP, Lauiaaiilc. Cleveland, To), d", Detroit, Chicago, St. Loui.
Cairn, tad ialrrn.(diite p>uaia.
M. 1 be EXI-KEhA TRAIN leaaea daily at 7. p. nr., caouneUna
wild aapra.a iraoia for Cincmnaii, Bt. I,nu a, Cairo, Chicago, and
Ktoraadiaia p.acev. The draiaace to Cincinnau and mliur cea
ualaadv.HllU.ia plica. in the Wear, la ueirly IIMI n.ilea aborier
ibaa by aay iMLer route. The tiuie to Ureaa plaeea la alao one
' dujflji! clllvk'"J nrOUgl 10 uuioiunua, X/inctlmail, liiuiiuyvnx,
Jli Lwii.
Pueeagera >n<t baggage Iran-faired >1 all pointa free.
TUUiU'CII TICKETS will be (Old lo all Ibe large lowaa in Ibe
Wwl, at ibe lowaal poaaible ralea, at Ilia ticket office, (,'uidrn Mia
line, and at IViabinrton city.
A Mcoad-c'ana rai ta attached lo tlta mail train.
Pxreengera in Ualtimor* or Washington may view the entire
road to doy'igA , by tab n| accommodation or mall train, and lying
at Humbert >ud or Oakland. They reaumc nen morning by
die ciprcu l ain, which laavea Cumberland at 9.50, a. m., und
roacbaa it her ling al 9, n m
faaeaagcra f.oin Waaoiagloa have ample linic for aieala at U'aali
Imiod J unci on
Tku I* Ibe only route by which through lickela and baggage
cbfolio cao be obtained in VVaelilnglon.
The accom utlatioo '|ainf at 8.45, frill atop at nllataiioua eaat ol
CMbeilaiKii .aid'lba e geeae at. auttona Feyond Piedmont going
ail. Bitafwi rdly, lb? mail train Indrra Wheeling at 7.15, a. m.,
and acaoauMalalloii leaver Cumbatland at 8 20, teaching Ualtimore
" nra'tOlfwiICK TRAIN rtaria ai d. p. in , (except Monday,)
tapping el wayitdtiotu. I.earca Frederick at B, a. m , arriring
at Hdliimore at 19.311, aooa.
The ELLICOfT'8 MILLS TRAIN Irama Camden illation at #,
? ai, and 3 30, p. m. I.caret Klllcott', Mllla at 7.JO, a. in., and
7 30, p ai, except Buudiya.
Jan 17-dlf Ma-ter of Tranepoitation.
Trains leare Wa>hlngtna for Rultlaora?
At and 8*. a. m., and 3 and 4J<, p.m.
On Sunday,at 4). p aa.
heave Baltimore for W "ihlef H>a-Aldlf
and lib, a. iu , nuil 3 and 5g , p. m.
0a8anJay,ai C*f. n. m.
t'aaaengnre lor Philadelphia and New Voik will take tral..a at 8,
DM, aad 4 If
rtMtaicra for Annapolia will take trnlna nl dig and
Do. for Notfnik " " ?Jf and 9.
Do- for ike Weal " " 8 andtjf, connect
lag ai Wxahinxton Jnnclion.
^ T. H. PARSONS, Agant
Jan 17-dlf
To Our Customers.
WE d'clinrd doing hualneHi the aerond time and forever for a rerUla
conipanv , more than pud all ludrbiadnaaa. After which
.. .H- ?... 0.uc....ll,.,?.rf. Th> nl,l.rl a,..
lary puimaovu HI?I - - J ?
o ..uiNiienl tnat the elfeei han been to increae : ur buelneaa.
We haro wi'liin a few rnonlhe eelutd 10 ?c< lor iwo other*, for
which He have done Minn l-ulu and paid llii'Oi In full. We
hope they will not pu'ulieh il umil w. ham had lime to And a gooj
Iddiiiuatl cltrk, lor wn lave now our hand* quite full, the premium!
tbr lii'o and lire uwurance i.uvuig eiceedod one thousand dot
lore ihe prerenl week.
You wieely in'ir ikat compenlre ?'ia' would quarrel with u< w< aid
he more likely to querrel with ton, n? you iitve long known we
wore pwueibiy Inolined, having paid to widoWe and orphan#, and
for Are Io.mc, without any Inwculhi, over $140,000 aince we have
been ia liuriueee.
Aauual utatriueuo of our life company are ready Air delivery, and
howih.il it li equal to any, If not superior to all, i IT rating $32
dividend Air nvrry liunj.ed paid In.
We have tUo a fire ineii'ancn compinv, among olh*ra, with a
very lerga capital, dial di-iributee among lie cuelomure llireefouilbe
of all its profit!
We ihall cominue to welch your inle eat wl h oeaeelees vigilance.
J. ('. 1.8WIS, Superintendent,
Office 191 Seventh llreel, holme (he Qrn> ral i'oat Office.
P. 8. All loeeea thai luivo become dua have been prompt y paid,
either hp oumclen or (lie oompani v.
Feb 94?eolin
Brilliant Sthenics for April) 18hV.
USF.UODY A MAURY, Maitaocae,
Wilmington, Delaware.
To be drawn undrr Ihe euperiulnideuce of uumiutMionera appolntod
by the governor,
$4 -.O'tO!
Lottery for Ihe boiicfil of Ihe
Claw 69, for 1047.
To he drawn at Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, April 4, 1817.
79 number lottery?13 drawn b allow,
an h ecnaica.
I priao o'. j*41,000 | i priae of 83,8tS
I do 90,000 9) prizea of g.O'Jci
I do 10,000 I Su do 1O0
I do 0,0001 on do #oo
) do 1,11001 10 3 (I
1 do 4 000 | IPS do S0C
he. lie. fcc.
Ticket* $ 10?halvee $1?quartern 9# SO.
l'ertlfieale? of pHCkagos of 9S wholea flail mi
Ho do 9* halve' AO 00
"9 do ltd quartern 30 0U
l.iulrry for the benefit of the
Clan IS, for 1857.
To be dn*u at Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, April II, 1CS7.
<8 number lottery?13 drawn balloto.
aatuuiT iohmi.
1 I'inl yritdof $3l,S54 I 1 priae of $3,000
I *plt-n.D pr ze of 8n,0i 0 | 1 do ' 00"
1 aptonild do ?0.1 00 1 83 prtxee of 8,000
1 priao of 1(10 0 SO do I.OoC
I dn 10,0(01 TCI do 500
be. Ac. be.
Tlekeu $13? linlven $7 50? quarter* A'l 73?Eighth* 01 87J$.
I'riubrim of packngea of 20 wbola ticket* Sri 0
Do do 00 half du 10?
bn do 8rt quarter do fd
Do do ?8 eighth do ...... 83
Lottery for lha benefit of the
Clan 81, for loS7. '
T?h^J ?...
iTiimin|U)n, Del., on Saturday, April 18, I8ft7.
number lottery?13 drawn ballota.
au.i.iANT ariiBMS.
I P"?" ? $J7,l'jO 1 P'lie of $3 3M
; 4 40 pr'xea of 1,000
! " WWW 60 d< W>0
J" B.OtlO 180 (lowcM 3 No. priiea). 300
' 4 O.OOo lie. fco. lie.
Tit'keia $ lh-lialvra $5?-quarlera $9 50.
Oriufl.'iir* of of 09 whole lickaia $140 00
f" >1.. 06 tiMlf do 70 00
"? do 96 qnirter do 33 00
Lottery lor the benrBt of thn
CI tin N, for 1837.
Tnhrdrawa at Wilmington, Del., on Baturdny, Apii. 33, 1887.
75 number lottery?II drawn bnllow.
r??4 prlxa of $9."i,03O i j p inn of $4 000
3.00.. 3 do 3,000
J* a i.tnm I 40 do 1,901
7" 18,000 1 43 do 1,300
J" 9,MM IS4 (lowost 3 No. p.Ilea). 1,000
40 4,9t?u | lt?. lie. lie.
7lck?t? |J0 ?hnlvea $10?quarter! $5?elghthi $3 SO.
DarttBraiea ,%f pockagea of OS whole tlckrta $370 00
I?o do as half do li'i 00
In do 95 quniler do 97 90
I") do 93 eighth do 33 75
Ordar. ft,, tlrkrta and ahnree and certlficitei of pnekngea In lha
wctpkedid lottcrim will receive the moat prompt attention, an?
. *J-rfM?tit or each dm wing will be eent immediately after it i? oeei
In whn "rdor from ine.
Addreei P. J. BUCKET, Agent,
*1 Wilmington, Delaware.
T Manual or Etiquette In WaitilnRton.
lit Manual la indiapenanhie 11 members of Conireaa ind atrnng
We'!! r)oorn'n* 'n Washington. Kaery lady n?d genilemnr
lii is Vf * c,,py- J'tet ptiblixhcd end for eale et the book-Mind
' ipitni n.,4 Bt Hi(i bookxtor?? in Washington.
' h 4?-eotllai*
NPiiinu CiOOlM*.?The ladles of Washington end ?l
f /'""y to reepectful y informed iliet wa here thie dey opened e
'JT*h*{y nf ,h? "t>lee of French dr?*? nnd other material*
^ eppr- a lilni eea-on, nnung which may be found the
r 'it of the nt >*t recent New York imporlalione, e few of which
' (Matritt, Ms:
Kurt tich Bayadere brocade at Ike
Ktlra rich Bnyrideie cliwne ailke
^*'re rich B Wndrre flnttnewrf ?nh,t?
fciirn rich Bayadere cliene rol.r-n
"'"led ?ilk vrlru flounced robae
y?d<>rr flounced chilli robes
"o iwiS.-a silk cheuile flounced rtihee
ounced hrregr and grenadine robes
""" e' Raradrr- chtlli robes
?renrh ohum robe de c'lamhra
I oho need Organdl- rnb<.s
?r?neh Organdie muslins
* ??, cherry, matte, and while French crapes, ?nd mnny
other dress materials.
"nkro,<'ertee, laces, handkerchiefs
v??e, lane mantillas, shawls. Hosiery
nuts, alnsaa, rauntlets, shirts, muslins
frr, si e ** '"" n capes, ribands, he.
rrt dl - liawtwifl HOOF, ??<?., h CO
: ggj*
Washington Aqueduct.
' Wasbiugion, March h, 1857.
L'BOFOBALB arc Inflict for material! and work for Iho Washing
1 lou aqueduct,
i froKxaln received op ta 'lb May will ba opened at noon of thai
dair. ? . , I v
Maps, prod lea, and spociAcallutte of the material* aati woik to m
Irt will be ready for examination at thif oilier ou and nilrr the 90th 1
I April neat.
Tint work to ba let will embrace mawinry of *ome of the bridg e,
graduation, rxcaratlon, and < urban k meal of rarer voire, iron pipe* 1
conacctr d with the rterrv. ire, 19 inch iron main, gala houeca, bricla, '
Hind, nibble, and rut elonr, he
For the particuln woika and uiaierlala reference in made to the
tpeeiflc l ot e and plane.
A i apon a pot toe of the iiae the nitre are aim rat acquired by the
failed Hiatcs, Ibere may ba una delay in a uuuancing the work '
ilie.e u , but for tucii unavoidable drlaya due allowance will be
made in lire lime of completion.
Portlone only ol noma of the wnrke can be completed under the
preaent appropriation ; but all contract* for unfinished work will
be eubjecl lo lulnre appropriations by Congress. The engiaecr reeervea
the right to prescribe the amoaui of work lo he done and rata
of prog re aa under each ooairact for each appropriation ; and la caae
of the appropriation not holding oui audtcicnily, lo decide when and
what worka aball be atopped unlM fundi become available.
In case of the enure stoppage of any particular work for warn of
fuadii, the reserved mn per c?nt. will )e paid, if, la the lodgment of
lite ciifiacei, the work ha* been properly executed so tar as it kit*
Payment* will b? made la apecie check* upon Ui? (Jailed States
treasury upon the monthly estimates of the engtnser, reserving 10
per cent.; and It will be a condition of all coniracu that the work- "
men ahall tie paid their full wag?* monthly, and in apecie.
All bid* aiiould be auaied, and endoraed "Ptopoaaia for work or (
niaierlal* on the Washington Aqueduct."
The United Slates rcaerrna uie right to tejiel any or all the bid*
should they not be deemed advantageous, and to inake such arrange
inenta a* mi y hi considered moat conducive to the progress of liner
Every offer n nstbe accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by
one or more responsible persons, to the effect that be or they under
ake that the bidder or bidders will, if bis or their bid be accepted,
entei into an obligation, within lea days, with good and sufflcisut
securities, Air the completion of the work undertaken ; said guarantse
to be aceonipnuisd by the certificate of the United Stales district
judge, United States district attorney, navy agent, or so rue officer of
the gsnerni government or individual known in the Engineer or Department
of War, that the guarantors sre able to make good their
Bids will be opened in presence of bidders, if any of them
choose to be present.
M. fi. MEIUS,
Cnpl. of Engineers, in cbaigs.
To Cap*. M. O. Meigs, U. ). Engineers.
We, lha undersigned, residents of , in the Stale of ,
hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and
guaranty, in cass the foicgoing bid of be acceptod, thai he or
(hey will, wilhin ten days sllei (lie acceptance of (lie said bid, execute
the contract for the same, wlih good and eufficient sureties lo
perform or furnish the articles proposed in conformity to the terms
ofti.s advertisement under which it was made. And In eactc the
said shall fail lo enter intocontraci as aforesaid, we guaranty
lo make good the difference between the offer by the said and I
the next lowest bidder.
(Signed) A. B. ,
C. D.
1 hereby certify that, lo the beet of my knowledge and belief, the
abovo-named guarantors sre good and sufficient.
(Signed) E. F.
Mar #? eod ?ihMayAlawtf
aL,lCXANLI 1(1 A ac.VOK.IIV, alslcxanullla, va.
eiubtckkth annual biasion. j
TI1E roune of sledy embraces the usual English branches, ancient j
and modem languages, tua heiuaiics, and natural sciences. Its 4
advantages sre> j
I. Spacious and Well ventilated bUildinga erected for the purpose.
8 A full rorps of Wi II tlual'fled snd cxprrlcnoed t> scltars.
3. A cbllegiats course of study. *
4. A full set of apparatus?philosophical, chemical, and astro
5. Full courses of illdura ed Ucturea on natural philosophy, I
ehcmisuy, and aalrohotuy. <
6. Special advant?g?t offerr d 0 jell: g nteh *6 qualify themselves
bv s udy and practical operations in the Bold as etliVcyors and en
pn. era.
7. Comfurtablu bonriilng rrrangonieiit. ; but two .ludeut. two
placed in ill* -?ni? room.
8. Reed I op room idi'.i.ntljr lupplled Willi papri., lit.
V. A location Itcalt f\tl, altracliVe, ai d cectscctblo from all dirvc- .
Hone by rallrnnda. j
It). A prevailing (.'luUli.m (One and aim in all ita inatrucllon and '
diacipline. I
Teirna: lloard nod tUllian, Student. can rp'.er at any
time, and are clnirgtd litt.it the data of Ibair iniranee. bond and
get a caialoau".
March 7?lltttwUw R. L. RKOCKBrT, Principal. |
The COHPge of St. Jniufts, MHpyluuri.
rfc second term of the present annual session opens February
So. Full preparatory commercial and collegiate oeuraca of
study an pursued. Ftrdrnis Join whatever class their examination
sIimws them to he qualified to enter; and (he college charges, flu:.,
o?oiut front the date of entrance. Ami le arrangements are made,
affording every fm ilify, notwithstanding the loss of Kemp llall by
lira ia January. College charge for the entire annual section, covering
ail ordinary expenses, i&iLO
Application for fuller informal on, or for the sdnrssinn of new
stndt nts, to be made to the rector, College of St. James 1*. O., Maryland.
Feb 14?9aw4wiff
iMFuui AhT TO torrOiV mmits,
Hy whlrlt tliclr Income* mint be doubled.
THE undersigned has invented and Obtained letters patent from the
United States for the arrangement and combination ot machine1
ry for convening seed cotton into yarns by one continuous prnces*, .
1 (Ism the gin through the various preparation and t| inning machinery,
until it is ready for shipment or weaving
The saving from wasU by this process will be at least trn p"-t cent.;
ind yarns made from the fibre (Unbroken and uninjured hy the ope
rations of the machinery of the present pro?? fcced to Open and din .
| entangle it) will be about fifty per cent, stronger und heavier, and ,
"ill comm .lid iho markru of the world, distancing a.I competition ,
it advanced pfices.
The undersigned is prepared to dispose of privileges to use his ,
(intent; and planters will he informed as to tmms, with complete in- ,
structions how to use it, how to obtain the heat machinery, an 1 all ,
other necessary particulars, on application addressed to
Dec 0?Sawlytf GEORGE G. HENRY, Mobile. j
Washingt in lnBiiran< e Company. ,
Subscription? to Capital Stock Authorized. <
IN accordance with (he pro isione of the Sid section of the "act to ,
ineorpora r an insurance company in the city ol Washington, ,
i approved Fehruriry 16, 1637," the subscribers, being the persons ,
i nami d in the Ut section of said act, do hereby authorize a ?ub?crip ,
\ lioa to be opened for the capital stock of said company at the 8ta- (
tionery Store of Win. F. Bayly, on Ptmi?y'vania nvennc, between (
1 tli and 19th streets, *n Monday, the Itth of March next, between ,
the hours of 12 ai d 3o'c'ock, n. in. i
The provisions of (he sa>d 2 I section are as follows, und must be ,
> s rictly complied with * ,
' going Motion, or h majority nf them, are hereby authorized tn open
aa b-criptuin in ih? citt of Washington fur ralaing a capital amck
of Iwu (luminal thouaand dollar* In eharoa of twenty dallara each,
and thai aacli peraon no aub-erihing ahall pay to Ilia peraona above
mentioned four ilollara on each almre eul> cribed for: and that the
remainder nf ihn aatd twenty dollara ahull lie aerurrd by negotiable
notee, aignrd and i ndorvrd '0 ti e aaiiafiirtinn of raid pcniona, or a
niajoriiy of ihem, and payment thereof may be drnmnded nt audi
liinea nnd in audi pg 'pnrtlona aa the preaidenl and directora hereafter
mentioned ahnll Judge ndei>able. giving viz weeka'uo'Jce iu three
of the gaxi'ttea prin ed in the Ihatriot of Columbia."
8ila8 ii. hill,
J. C McfllJIRE,
AOflliarUS e. perry,
o. miller.
wm. t. nova, i
walter lenox, i
m. w c\lt, i
walter aiut.r,
w. wall, i
wm. p. bayly.
WaaniKOTOH. Frbrnnry 13, 1837. I
Teb 8.1 ?SinwiMnrVRd
D. /remote' Hotel, Penneglrania avenue, brtween 17lb and
| 1 HfA etreete, Washington, I), V. I
THE PROPRIETOR hege In Inform hla friend* nnd the public J
that thla reeianrnnt. recently ealabll-hed on the moat modern
I ami improvi d principle, Willi e.ilnnn. prlvnm dining ro .ma, and far
nahed in Ike l.iteat rtyle, haa now engaged a competent and pro
trad inal Prenah ?onk recently arrived from Paria, where he haa
gained an riten>|va reputation aa a Brat rate arliat at hla bnaineae ;
and aa tna proprietor tnmavlf h la a diatingitiehrd reputation, bolh
in Prance and in tlil? couniry, aa one of tlir be I arliaia and cater '
era, he Rannra himaelf that lie cannot fail to gtve antiaflction to
thnae who may f.ivnr him with their patronage.
1 Attached in the reatauranl la a bar well eupplled with the choireal
' of winea. Ilquora, game, nnd oilier d. Iicaclea ol Ilie aeaenn llnl .
and cold lunch irnnt 11, a. m., until 18, p. m. The proprietor liaa
Jnat received, per laat airniner Ironi Europe, a large clock of chant
pagne, claret, cognac, with a general aeaortmcnt of the linnet nf (
liqueur*, prt aervea, trnfllea, kc., Itc., which he ran offer lower than
any niher ho-iee In the city, per boa, haeaet, or eingle hotile.
Privaic dinner or aupper partiee turn alicd and attended In nn the
aknrtrat notice in any part nf the oily. Ice eraam, jelly, plumbler,
, and all deacripiion of confrclinnery huatneaa.
I Jan 7?eodSm
Holm"* Hand-book of Waahington. ,
TIIIA book ahould be in the hand* of every atranger enjniirnlng in i
the city ; being * complete guide Willi n panoramic view of Ihr
city, public building*, nnd aiaiuary.
A new nmp of IVnahlnginn witli nil the now improvement*. fcc ,
for aole lit 'ho Capitol, at in. bunk aland, and at the bnokaioria.
Prb 4?andlm*
|M)H SAL.K or roil, thai ?ry dnlrabla lot of P(round
r on the minor of Third rtrool and Indiana avenue, containing
about tl.Oirtl equate fret, mora or loaa.
Alao, a any laiga doiiblo hnnre, 4'i by 4> fart, thro* atory, with
baaomont and collar, with all the modern imprnvominl* -ge?, hot
and cold water hath-rooni, watt r cloaet, hirnaco, fcr ; atao, Mahle,
carriage bouao, and Ire hou-r Thta proporty would anil a foreign
aalnlalor or member of ilia rabinoi, or any gcnilrman dralroua of
obtaining a flan bouao.
Apply to Samuel bowlnr. F alreet, fro. W7, boiwren 8th and 7lh
Iraota, or In II O. Fanl, at the hanking houae of Bwaony. Rltten
bonaa, Fa.it, It Co. 8"eb ?eoRw
Arny'a ConlUbr ilrtnary,
So. 84 Xrfga rfraat, flraritlara, h. C, <
WIIRRB all kind* of ontoruiamonta ara furiiiahod, with the boat i
ten cream*, cakna, water In ,< ?inVot, he., at thaaboitoai no- I
tiro, and on the moat moderate lorma. Medal awarded al Ihe laal I
exhibition of Metropolitan Mechanic*' I naif lute. I
Feb 3?dtf n
Maryland Slate Lotteries for April, 1867,
- IBM ?;
To be drawn In Baltimore, April d, 18Tt.
ftcfc zones*. r '
I prlae of fd?,uuO I .0 prLea 01 ..... ft
I do Hi.uoO I to do I
I do 10,000 HO do
0,057 SO do
I prize* of 5,000 | 143 do
All une number ticket* draw (16 null,
lie. Ac. Ac.
Ticked 810?halve* 95?quartered 50.
;ertl8caia of package SO wbolea ,.,,4
Do of aharea in aaniu proportion.
$10,000 capital!
M drawn ballot*.
C aa* 10,
To be drawn in Baltimore city, April II, 1857.
78 number*?Id drawn,
oaann tcuiai.
I prlae of $ 40,100 d prize* of #1
1 do 10,431 5 do *
I do 6,000 5 do I
I do 6,(00 10 I
10 prize* lowed ilirec number*
Ticket* 810?halve* 88-quarter* 8*' 80.
Jertllicate of package SO whole* 4
Do of aliare* lu same proportion.
335,000 capital prize I
Did** 14,
To be drawn in Baltimore c|tjr,,April 15, If37.
rLaanio ecnargt.
I prize of 835,000 I 9 prize* of $a
do 10,997 9 do I
do 5,010 | 9 do I
<fo 5.00U | 10 do I
, do 3,0-0 90
do 3,000 | 178 loweat 3 number*
Ac. Ac. Ac.
Ticket* 810? halve* 8*-quarter* 8"! 80.
?'ertiftcale? of t6 whole* 4
Share* ill *arue proporti n.
840,010 capital!
Claa* II,
To be drawn in Baltimore, April 18, 1837.
ateu ac-nana.
1 prize of .....840,01)0 I 10 priaea of ft
9 prize* of 10,000 | 90 do 1
d do 5,0001 VII do
10 of 9500 and 143 of 8100, being loweat three number*.
Ticket* 9IO?halve* 95?quarter* 89 30.
,'ertiflcute package 90 whole* I
Clee* F,
To be drawn in Baltimore city, April 93,1837.
MaehirtcaNT ica*>i.
I prize of... >940,000 8 prizee of..... 9>
do 15,0-0 3 do S
, do 8,1-00 3 do 9
: do 8,000 18 do 1
t prize* of .-1,( 00 189 loweat 3 number*
I do d.oOo Ac. Ac. Ac.
Ticheu 910?helve* 83?quarter! 89 33.
.Vrtlflcate package 98 whole* 9
Share* in nronortion.
All order, I'm ticket, In ihe ntmv will maai Willi primp' a
Ion, and dta?ii>|t? #111 be forwardnd to all who or Jar as aooi
iVah AdJ.aaa.
t II. HlIBiABD It CO.,
MarTT?3tawtd Baltimore, Mi
[No. 1T5.|
IN puraiinice nl'liw, I. ERA NK I, IN PIERCE, I'ri aidant of the I
I tad Pinto* o' America, do hcruhy declare and make known
>ul>lio rales will bfe hold ni (he undermentioned land office# in
I'aaaiToaf vt Ork.on, at (he |ftriodi hereinafter designated
At the laud office at Oiecion Oit'y, commencing on Monday,
enfh day of Jiugutt next, for the disposal of the publio lands wil
he following named towns' dps, vie :
North 0/ the bate line and eoti oj the JPl Home tie meridian
Township one and fractional mwushlp twff; Of range one.
South of the hast line and eatt of the Willamette meridian.
Townships one, two, and Ihrea, of range one.
Townships one, two, and three, of range Itro.
North of the bare line and unit of the IVillauie te meridian
Township ont,ol ranges one, two, and th ee.
South of the bate line and west of the WUicmetie meridian
Township one, of ranges one, two, and three.
Township three, of ranges one and two
Towuship four, of ranges one, two, and three.
Township seven, of ranges two, three, /our, and
Township eleven, <T langca three,jour, and fite.
*1 ownships seventeen and clg Keen, of r.inge three.
Townships stvsn'een and eiguteen, of reuge four.
At the land office at WihcKKTifcR, commencing on Monday,
enth day of Jiugutt newt, for the dl posal of the publio bods i
ited witliin tha following named towuslups, vis :
South of the bare line and west of ike Willamette meridian.
Paction* one to fifteen, Inclusive, the northeast quarter of mo
irvostHrn, the nartheast quarter of section twcuiy-two. a?.cti
wcoty three, twenty-four, twmiy-flve, twenty ail, mud thiity I
>ftuwiiship twunty two, of rango ? ?
'1 lierouthwosi quarter of section seven, the southwest quart*
lection fif.nen, tin.* northwest quarter and the south half of sec
levemcen. sections eighteen, nineteen, twenty, and tweiify-i
!he not thweal quarter of section twenty-two, the northwest qui
r>t section twenty eight, s<ctious twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one,
thirty two, of township twenty tw??, or range seven.
Lots one to six, inclusive, of section Jour; lots one to Tour, in
nvs of section Ave; lots one to Ave, inclusive, and the south
quarter of the southeast quarter of section seven ; lots one t? set
inc'us vo, nnd the southwest quarter of thr northeast of sec
tight, the east half of section, the ens' half of the northwest quai
tne northwest quarter o< the northwest quarter, and the east ha
lire southwest quarter of nine) the southeast quarter of tha a jt
riij.1 quarter OJf Station ten ; the southwest quanrr of the sou'hv
juurt.r ofraction eleven; the southeast quarter of seatton twe
lections thir fen, fourteen, and Alteon ; the northwest quarter ol
northeast, at <1 the northwest quarter of section eighteen; lots
m nine, inclusive, Hinl the northeast quarter of the southeast qi
ler o section twenty, sections twsnty-one to twenty-sewn, in
live; the east half and the northwest quarter of section iwei
Bight; lots one and two, and the southeast quarter of the north
)uarter of section twenty-nine; the northeast quarter of sec
thirty-thr* t, and sections thirty-four and ttoiriy-Ave or towni
twenty-two, of range ?>ght.
Lots one nnd two of section seven ; lots one to Ave, inclu*
mil the east half of the soot least quarter of auction eight, the v
lalf of the somhwest quarter of s?-c ion nine, the north half of
northeast quarter, the north half of the nonnwost quarter, and
?no to four, inclusive, of see.Ion thirteen ; the north half, and
ine to four inclusive, of section fourteen ; the south half of
.ortheast quarter, the sou h half of the northwest quarter, and
?ue to four, inclusive, of sect on Aftcen ; the northeast qunrte
he northeast, and lots on* and two of section seventeen, and
tne 11 six, inclusive, of seotion eighteen of township twenty-1
>f range nine.
Township* twenty-six and twenty-seven, of range five.
Township* twenty six nnd twenty-seven, of range tix.
Townships thirty-six, thirty-seven, and thirty-sight, of range i
That psrt of township thirty-six, south and east of the Indian
tervation, township ihirty-srvon, sections one to s<x inclusive, i
ions eight HI AfthH uirlnsive, and section twenty-four of town
hirty-e igl.t, of range li?o.
That part of towz.ship thirty-six soutli of the Indian reerrvat
>f range three. .
That part of township thirty-six south nnd west of the Indian
tervation, of range four,
Sections four to nine inelu-ive, sections fifteen and seventee
wenty-four inclusive,and sections twenty-eight to thirty-three
dusive, of township thirty.six, of range fine.
Township thirty-six, of range *it.
flection* one, two, and ten, to Aft -en, inclusive, and seeii
Apiuy-nvo |o twenty-six. inelusive, Of township thirty-six; i
ions one to etsven, Inclusive, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen,
hirty, to thirty four, inclusive, ef township thirty-seven ; sectl
wo to nine t en, inclusive, and twenty-one, twenty-two, and tn
y suven, the southwest qmrer of sec ion twenty-nine, sect
thirty and thirty one, the wi st hilf of section thirty two and sec
hiriy-four of township thirty-eight; sections nineteen to twe
wo inclusiv-, and twenty reven to thirty-four inclusive, of to
hip thirty nine; sections four to eight inclusive, and tighteei
onrush ip forty, of range see en.
South of the hoee line and east 0/ the Willamette tneridiat\
Township thirty eight and sections one to six Inclusive, nin
Wren incturhre, and twenty-the**, twenty-feur, and twenty Av<
I?nnd* appropriated by law tor lira nstr of nchoole, military,
>th*'r purnom-a, will bo excluded from lha aalaa.
Tha i ff-ilng of Ilia above land* will ho commenced an lha i
ippoiatad, and will proceed In lha ordar in which Ihay ara ad
lira I, until lha wnnia alia I have bean off rrd. and tho aalaa i
Hoard ; hut no aa c ahall ha kepi opan longer than Iwn waaka,
an pr vala entry of any of the land* will be admitted until aftai
aiplration of lha two ivecka.
Given under my hand, at lha city of Waahinyton, Ihia thirtar
day of February, anno Domini ono thouaatid eight hundred and (
By the praaideat:
Tnoa. A. Ilcanainaa,
< naimiaaiom r of tha General land OCct.
Every paraon entitled tn lha right of pm-emplion to any of
auda Willi n Ilia lownahipr and parte of townahipa above anu
rated 'a required to aatahllnh tha name tn lha aallafaeilon of
region r and receiver of Hie proper land office, ard moke payn
therefor a? ?eon ar yrailhoiic after ininr llinielkr, and before
lay app linlad lor the commencement of the public aalo of the l?
en-bracing the tract claimrd; otherwlae eueh claim will ha
rnmtnlaeinuer or the Oaneral Land Offic
Feb 18?lawllw [Int. It Utar.]
I OUT I.A!MI> WAllRAUr.?The undcraiinrd gfvee no
(1 that ha will apply 10 lha I iimtm-aionrr of Pen?it.na for a di
-ate land wnrrnnl in lb u of one iaauad In Thomna Biehardi
luted 17th day of Daocmlicr. IftTfl. r,,r IB i. Mo. 13,7511, which
tu rn loat in tha iranamtaaion hy mall from lilenwood, hwa, dire
[o Thotnaa R. Rnltar, Washington, P. O , mailed 17th P -cam
Mar 98?lnw6w*
(!) *11
tub rbrus or tub sua, anjd in laud transportation
,000 Fir*, Marine, and Inland Insurance.
Arruoiizio capital, one Million two hundred
OFFICE uorthwrac corner or Pcwurlnele rtnue
rati Hevenl. vulli K,ret, WaeJalutfluu ally, D. V.
Ilna. Tbmune H. Florence, Charlea Dinger,
(Jorge II. AruMrorg, Tbomaa Maude,Arid,
Uliaiiea A. ilubicam, Edward It. Ueluibold,
Ucorge IlclUIT.old, F. Carroll Brewe\cr,
Inur e E. NeaJI, _ lanae Leech, jr.
THOMAS 2. fL'-*?"N( K, rrcaideat.
Kaw.Ki) 8. llahnaoLB, Secretary.
Cbarlea Waller, No. 307 l? alreel, oppoelte City ilall.
Jnhu M. Tb?i?l?u, corner lat alreel uud Virginia aaeaue, lalaiid.
,000 Jhmi Williatna, No. SS 4H aireai.
,000 J>0n Rlgglea, No. 301 Jbirlt cum alreel, below rennaylvaula
,900 k venue.
Captain i. P* L?vjr, No. 307 Peanwjlvam* avenue, opposite N?
tional Hotel.
John Thomaaon
James M. Will,
in charge IVaihi g'en city offer.
Northwest corner I'euns, lvmi i avenue and tJtveulccnili strenl.
,(Hic Autkorized Capital and Arlctr, $1,473,057 07.
,50 m ?
,ij*; As*?tk, ?52?,067 07,
'ym //mooted in Honda, Mortgager, and Good SeonrilUa.
400 ?
The Adla ei-?g tuleineni exhibits the business and condition of the
company to November I, 1850:
>iu Premium received on inariue and inland risks In November 1,
1856 ?4l4,(i84?fl
F re premium 17b, MS 61
lutciaal on loan.... tin 8,701 .7
Total receipt! 'oV'!.5 O.t
Fui.l marina loa.ea $64,4.7 04
Paid ?rn lora'? 39,737 39
Bipcuaea, aalariaa, and commission# 4;-, 469 U0
Reinaurnnce, latum pramitima, and agency
,000 charge# 97,474 68
,900 177,190 01
Balance remaining with Hie company 993, n37 07
(158 The -1 ret of the Company are ce fbi'.oaf
Philadelphia rily and couoty bonds 910,848 18
Kaiiroad Honda 11,000 00
Pirn morlgages, real eilata 143, (Hi 0j
Cloaks, collator da, oa anil 37,400 00
Oirard and annunlidatloii bank alack 5,13.1 00
Deposited with Duncan, aherinnn, he Co., N w York.. .'bi.nCO 00
Dcterri d payment on atock not yet due 97,700 00
,100 ,\n ea for marina premium# 106,080 59
,900 Due from agei.ta, atcurrd by buuda 35, 176 18
,000 Premium* an puliolea recently taaued, and liable dua the
,-Ja0 company 00,470 38
4n0 Balante In bank In,456 74
673,057 07
I'iB The buaiueef of thie company will compare favorably with (he
.noatauccerafUl of oimilar Inatltuliona ill tire United Slate#
ten- Front tin: lat day 01 August, .855, in II teen months, up t > the 1*1
a aa diy af November, 1656, the preunuina and inlareate received amounted
t? the large luu of fnur buodrrd tlionennd one hundred and
eighty nve dollar* and alxty-elght canla, with the p.yaient of losses
1. aad expenses of one hundred and aevanly aeven thousand one
hundred and twenty eight dollar* and sixty One cents.
With these evidence, of success mad good management, the directors
feel Justified lit soliciting a shut!! of public patronage, believing
tnit Inn ircuni} onereu II ample, una timi mi IHI culture win oe BU
, justed more according to eqtmy thin legal technicalitire.
The company l> ptepaxed lo laene potlclea agnJnm lor* or damage
r "y ?re ,,n
'*? All deevrlptiena ?f BUILDING! and Ihnir content#, or all kinds ol
Linn MARCH ANIIIPB.lraiieporied by
and the usual conveyance* to or front any portion of
and on the halt* of BTBAMBOATS navigating the neainrn
The rate* of premfuiil 5111 Ira a* low a? other aomoanlee, and In
dilna thorn every Improvement 111 COflflt:.clloa aod arrangement
will ho taken Into conaideratioii.
All loe?e*apeedily adjusted and promptly paid.
Offloc northweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth
street, Waahlngton city, D. C.
Aaaiatant Secretary.
Insurance rniiu olae be effected at I be Home Offlct,
/fortkwect comer ft'alnut and Second itreets, Philadelphia.
And in other principal cttlea of the United Btatet by authorized
oUlcere of the company.
'* June IS?dlp
Itu .
United States Mail.
iona ' ?
'? Poit Orrica DeraaTNtNT.
March 4, 1SS7.
Pol! PROPOSALS for carrying the nmila of the United Slatea from let
)nr l June, IB 7, to 30th June, 1IJS9, on tho following route in tlie
? ' State of Plmlda, and in Ilia lima and manner herein eperlflad, will
d ba received at the Contract OlAca of tbia department until 3, p. m.,
of the SOih April nail, to be decided on ih* next day :
clu- Wd! Prom Bainbridge, fla., by Chattahoochee, Pla., Ochecare,
call Aepalaga, Lot g Cane, Ridleyevillo, Rtckoe'a Bluff, tola,
roil, and Port Gad. den. lo Apalnchienln, SOti milea and buck
Hon three liiuea a week from the 15th of October to the 15ih of
tor, June of each year, and twice a week the teaidue, In ftratIf
of Ciena ataamliodta, wilh Ilia privilege of u?ing two hone
uih- eoachea from Bainbridge to Chattahoochee when the river
r at ia loo law for navigation.
ilTC. ll.- irji n.r.i *. ii.i r.
mlr Lenve Bainhridge Tueeday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2
iiar- P m i
CIU. Arrive at Apaiachieola next Wednesday and Friday by 4 p
llly iu,and Monday by II a m |
rRat Leave Apalaobicila Bundiy, Turad iy, and Thuraday at 3
Uon a in j
,ptp Arriva at Bainhridge next daya by 9 n m.
>"rom 15IK June to 13M Odohtr.
l.anve Rninbridge Tueeday at 3 p in, and Saturday at 9
the P tn,
lOUl Arriva at Apalnchlcola next Wednesday by 4 p m, and Sun
In, day By 3 p in ;
ltac I.eavu Apvluchicola Monday at 12 m, and Wednesday at 1
loi> P
r nl Arrive at Bainbridfe next Tueaday by 1 p ni, and Thuraday
IdS *>y 10 P m.
wo, For form of proposal, guarantee, and cortifloato, also for instruo
(Ions and requirements, sea pamphlet adrartiseirerrs of routes in
Virginia, Florida, Ike., datsd January 19, 1855, and February 9, 1857.
Propo-ala should he superscribed "Proposals for route 6849, Flori
one da," and sent by mail to tbe "deaoud Assistant Poatmastei General,
i re- Contract Office."
hip Mar 0?law4w Postmaatr.r General.
'on> K. I*. FASiT, Jr., A CO.,
i re- Land Ageitta and Unnlera In Kxchangr,
n lo
, in I AND WARRANTS Invalid and aold on oommiaaion. Lanii villi
rnntaaold to pre emplora on lime.
I.orationa made on "joint araounl."
ion. The active partner ol lha Arm iraa engaged in the United Stalea
lee anrvaya In K.naaa, nnd w|.| ha abla to make choice loraliona.
and Ba.iarra arnt through Awaaney, Rlttanhou.e, Fanl, fc Co. will
ion. be forwarded lo u*.
'tn- nrimicia.
Sweeney, Ritlanhouaa, Finn, k Co., Rankere, Washington,
o c.
V.. W. Clark, Drdg?. A Cc., Ranker., New York.
. Ilr.xel k Co-, Bnakera, Pniladelpliia.
1 Joaiah Lee k Co , Banker", Balilmnre,
Fowle, Snowdcn, k Co., Rankera, Alexandria, Ya.
I. R. II. Maury k Co., do Rlehmond, Va.
? ,n 11 B. MerrellkCn., do New Orlean*.
, John J. Andrraon k Co., do St. Lnula, Mo.
March Id?wlkde ilin
and - 1
till* A I.I, PRItAONN CORCKK4 KD.?Notice ia hereby given
laya L thai after publication ol thi. advertisement aix weaka, appllee
ver w"' " <"? ' ninmiMionri or ranaiona rnr tna ie?un ot
Iiiim * duplicate warrant,No. IH.7.TQ, for 190 acree, In the nnmr of Clark
and Wright; No. 34,IB9, for 190 acre*, in the n'tne of Harney Caeteel,
the and No. 7,0*,B, for Hit aerer, in the tiatnn of Jeeee Four, all leaned un
rlrr art of Marrh "''I. IH.V, rhn eame hatrlni ht-rn loat and a caveat
mill Uainal iltalr location enterrd In the Oeaeral Lnud OAre.
inr Hrb 17?lanrflw JOHNBON r. WELLBORN.
B. iiaNNIHALN AI.l-i or Mieree without Mnatere. . Hy (lee
\i Pitahurh.
Oliver Twlal; by Plckena New edillon, 9 vote.. Illnatraled.
frank Foreeter'a ftportfn( Ore nee and Itaereeteri, 1 volumre, II
Pavl Meridian ; by Mre. Rigourney.
ha The Legiey.
Hiatnry of lha Capture of Waehlngton City ; by Major Jahn 8.
T' Willlatna.
. Love alter Marriage ; by Mra. Caroline Lee tleala. I vol.
The Two I.overa ; or a Siairi'e Dcvollon. A domeatlc atory.
inda r,b '* PBAMCK TAYLOR.
SOUTH RHN HOOK Origin ef lha couetitution ; meorpora
tton of the general government by the fluiea aa national public
e. agenta la treat, with a- aovereignty ; hiatory of ropnrinorahip Terrllorira,
from lha Virginia deed, 1784, to the treaty Willi Meiieo, 1MB;
? legal partition of the aggregate acquired Territorir e; epcclfle dn
eiee Ilea i Oligin end hlatorv of the I'luilae, ; origin and rariae ot troublr
pit be.iween the North and Boutli, and lenpurdy of the republic ; legal
aoa, mode nf redrew pointed nul By W. R Parte, Wiliutngmn, Nortk
liaa Carolina.
pled Juat rerelrad, and for aale at BIdHOP'H
her, Book and Periodical Bmre,
R, No. 91B Pennaylvanla avenue, under tVtllard'a Hotel.
Fab 90? lawdw
lion, f
11. 1857. |
?*Tjr Supplies? lSd7-'6f*.
*t?i Dir.iTuiT,
Buug of FrovistuuJ ?M Clotting, March IT, 1(147
?E1*AUATK FBOI'IIBALH, veulcd and rbd(rfebd -riopoaala tor f
IJ Nqvy tiupplirs," drill be received at thia Buraaa uiilll ? o'clock, I
a. in., c'n Mcueey, ibe QUth day of April beat, f .i fiu in. lung cud de M
hveriug (on raceivihg (en dpya' aoiica, except for bl cull, lor winch 4"
live daya' aonee aball be givrh for every tdraaty loouraud poauda la
required) at lire Uuiied biuira aavy-fdrds aljL'kaile.towu, Hon
cliuceita ; Brooklyn, New York i and Oocpcrt, VnJune,aiich qiianli oa
Ilea anfa of the fuilowiux arucloa aa uiay be required oi of3 red from ur
the conlraciora by ibe chief of ibia bureau, or by ibe reaper live emu #t
ruaadiag ufieera of ibe auid uavy yurda, during Ibe fi.cal year endIn
JI floe Mb I04A. viai
Biecuil, no uf, rlCS, dried appler, pickets, a agar, tea, coffee, team,
uioioaaca, via. gar, and wliiikej. *?
The biacuii abail be made wholly from sweet aaperflne Hour, of ac
the uiauuiaclure of Iba year IbM or IH1>7, but ahull in all cue. be dn
manufacturer! from llaur made of Ibe crup lotmrdialely pVrceding
Ilia datea uf Ibe requiaitioaa for iba value ; and ebail be fully equal in roi
quality, and cobforui in atxe and ebape, to ibe eauipiea which are p"
depeeiifd lb the aaid navy-yards; aball be properly baked, thoroughly
klla-dried, well packed, aud delivered lien of cbarge le Ibe United ia<
Males, la good, eouud, well dried, l.rig .l Hour barrela, aa above de I"
scribed, with tlte beada well aecutnd , or in air and water-tight wbia- ex
krir or vpirit barrela, at the option of the bureau. of
The hour aball lie superliae, and of Iba manufacture of Wheal
grown in (bit >iar I Mil or 14A7 , bul aball in all cnaea tin uiuiiufrt
urad ficm whoat of ihe tfop Immedialely preeedlrg ibe datra of Ibe
requtaiUl'h l?r iba aaute; altull be perfectly awcel, and in all reapacle ,
of Ute beat quality, PRd ahall be delivered In good etiiypiog order,
frae of all charge In the lTniu.'(l Br-fce, ia Iba be.t new. well aee- ?'
rued, round, bright bariele, or half hoi .Tl", aa Ihe cute lit It be ?the
alavre and hradinga to be of red oak of the beat qunli'y, strong and *'
well boopad, with lining boopa around each lieud, and equal in '
qUdliiy lo sample barrel at aald navy-yardc; iwo liulfbairats I-. be 1
coualdcrcd aa a burif-.i, and not tnore lltan oue-ataih ibe required
quantity lobe in hilf barrela.
The lice ahull be of ibe very boat ifffaftlf, And a' the crop lnuucdiaiely
prect ding the tlalea of the rrquisiinip* f'ir the rime '
The drit-d apt lea slull bo of the beat quality, and .half be prepared J '
by mn-drytna only, and vhirll be of ibe crop of ilia uuiUinn mVurtdiairly
preceding ihe dutca of ihe requiaitiona lor Hie name.
The pleklea aball be put up lb trou bound Cbaka. mid each caak
hall couiain one gallon of oaioua, one gallon of |a ppera, and aight
gallona of medium cucumbere, flliy lo tlie gallou, and the vegetafc ea
in each abail weigh IIUy aeven pounds, and tbey ouly be laid fur;
and edcli c ark aball then be fllled with while wine vinegar of at least
IVrC gioey of airabgih, and equal lo French vinegar ; the casks, veg- .
eiuhlca, and yfurgar,Shall ccmiurui and be equal in all reapecia lo llie
iinpleideposited at Ihe aBove-rtamed navy-ya dn, and Ihe contractore
shall warrant and guaranty that tbey >vtil keep good and sound .
for at least two yaara. .
'I'K. iron hftftn. r,i. I lie harrrta enillallliilV whiakev. mo'u.iree, vine
gar and pickles 10 be well p dated with red lead " [ J"
The sugar ?fzsil be according to samples at the said navy yards; |
and be dry and At for paCktrrgi
The tea shall bo of good quality Jirffng hyson, equal to the samples .
at said navy yards, and be delivered in hall and garter chests only.
The coffee shall be equal to the best Cuba, according to ?rnp>. |=
Tnc befttts shall he of the very best quality white b ans, and shall ^'
be of the crop imra<di*uly preceding the datqs of rlis r< quisition for
the rani, ?4 pounds to be taken as one hi. hrl. " '
The molasses shall be fully equal to the very best <rualitv of New .
Oilcans moiasKes, and shall be delivered in wail-aeastfned red oak ?
barrels, Willi white-pine heads not le.a than 1 \ inch thick; the ,
staves not less than ?-iuch thick ; the barrels to be three- quurcrs ...
hooped. and, in addition, to have four iron hoops, one 011 each bilge, *
1^ inch in widih and 1-lOtli inch thick, and one oh each chime \%
inch in widih and l-16th inch thick, and shall be thoroughly coopered
nud placed in the best shipping condition.
The vinegar shall be of the first quality,? qual to the standard of '
the United States rbarmacopsue, and shall ooatain no other than \|
ace tie acid ; and shall he delivered in barrels similar in all reflect1
to tbore required for inolassce, with the exception that urkit* oak
slaves and heads t hull he substituted for red-oak staves aid white- J*'
pine hvnds. and thall be thoroughly coopered and placed in the l est jV
shipping order. JV1
'ihevthifckey shall be made wholly fiow groin, aoutid nnd mor- ^
chaniable, and be full Urn proof according to the United States cus- "J1
lorn house standard, and shall be rectified. It slia I be delivered in
go- d, new, eouiul, t right, three-qunitoiH hooped, well seasoned V{'
white oak barrels, with white-oak heads, the heads to he mule of J**
three-piece heading, and well painted ; the staves not to be less than ,
% inch thick, and the headsuot less than ;4 inch thick; nnd < no.i ?
barrel shal he coopered, in addition, with one three penny iron hoop .
on each bi'ga l>{ Inch In width, nud 1-lOtli inch thick, and one
three p? iiny hoop on inch chime, I inch in width,and 1 16ih inch
thick, as per diagram. The whole to be put in good shipping order,
fief ot all eharge to the United rf tales .
\ll the foregoing described articles, embracing caeke, barrels h?K
barrels, end boxes, shall he subject to such in*portion as Die chief of
this bureau may direct, the inspecting officer to be appointed by the
Navy Depar meat. All inspections to be at the place of delivery.
Bivcuit may, however, be inspected at the place of manufacture, but *
will In nil esses be subject to a u.nl inspection at the plate of delivery
before bills are signed theiefor. '
The priers of nil thu foregoing articles to be the same throughout Bll
'.lit; year, and bidders muy offer tor one or more articles.
All the cask*, barrels, and half barrels, boxes, or packages, tlmll be
marked with their content* and the contractor's name. All the bar i.,
rch am) toqjfbgfwMe of flogr, brandy and niruci shall have, in addition
to the above, the year when manufactured or put up, marked (j(
upon thrm.
The sample* referred to in this advertise men' are those selected w
for the ensuing fiscal year, and have no ro/trence Io tuck at have cj
been freviont y c+hibited
The quantity of ihe#? articles which will be required cannot be ' 1
precisel> stated. They will probably be abou.?
To be offered for
Biscuit I,8t)0,000 lb- per i00 lbs.
Flour... l,40o bfcds....per bbl.
Bice MM),Hit) lbs per lb.
Dried apples..... 1.10,000 lbs per lb.
Pickles IK) 000 lbs per lb.
HuR.tr..... 2 s.tHO lbs per lb.
Tea 25,000 lbs per lbCoffee............
25,? 00 lbs per lb.
Beans.... 7,000 busli...per bush.
"^lasses 20.000 gals....per gnl
Viur.ur 84,000 ..prr,*!.
SEJ? 60,000 ,. pet |nl.
Thf quuiitVii.. "of any or ill ,n.y b.
wrr1o? may hmraft.r r quire. I n. eonlr.cla w>..
hot for specific quantities, but for such quantities as the ?v. ' ^
r? quire to be deliver* d at those navy-yards respective J jr.
tJontructors urn residing at tue places where deliveries are required
must establish agencies at such places, that no delay ihay
arise in furnishing what may be requ red t and when a contra tor
fails promptly to comply With a requisition, tue Chit f of the Bureau
Of Provisions find Clothing shall be authorised to direct purchase to C?
be made to supply the deficiency, under the penalty to be expressed
in the contract; the record of a nqusitinn, or a duplicate copy
thereof, at the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, or at either o. the
? "** *"?-Kail ho uui<lon(<di that mlinh teOUfaitlotl has
teen made and received.
Separato offers muat be mad* for etch article at each of the |
aforesaid navy yards; and in cane more than one article ia contained
in ilia offer, the Chief of the Bureau w 11 have the ight to accept
one or more of the articles contained in aticb affer, and reject W
the remainder ; and hiddera v hone p'opoanla a*? accepted (and none
o(hera) will be forthwith notified, and aa early as practicable a con- '>r
tract will be tranamitted to them for execution, which cdnfriict
muat be re urned to the bureau within tun days, exclusive of the
time required for the regul.tr transmission of the mail. U
Two or fpore approved euretiea in a sum equal to the estimated \
amount of the respective contracts will be required, and iwemy p. r jjV
centum in addition will be withheld from the amount of all paymen's
on account thereof as collateral security, in addition, to tJ>
at cure ifa performance, and nut in auy event to be paid until it
is m all respect* complied with ; eighty per centum ef the amount
of rII deliveries made will be paid by the navy agent within thirty
days after bills, duly authenticated, shall have been pre ented to
Blank forma of proposal* maybe obtained 01 application to the ?
navy agents at Portsmouth. New Hampshire; Boston, New Vork,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, Pensacola, an 1 at
this bureau
A record, or duplicate of the leaer Informing a bidder of the ac
ceptance of his proposal, will be deemed a notification thereof with
in the meaning of the act of 1846, and his bid will be made and no C(
cepted in conformity with this understanding.
Every offer made must be accompanied (aa directed in the act/>f
Congress m iking appropriations for the naval service far 1846-'47,
approved lOfh August, 1646) by a written guarantee, signed by one
or more responsible persona, to the effect that he or they undertake
that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid he accepted, enter ?
into an obligation within five days, with good and sufficient sure
ties, to fhrulsh the aupplits proposed. The bureau will not be obll th
gated to consider any proposal unless accompanied by the guarantee j?
required by law; the competency of the guarantee to be certified by 8f,
the navy agent, district attorney, or collncor of the customs. ail
The attention of bidders is ealled to the sampler and description __
of articles requiredf as, in the inspection for reception, a just but
rigid comparison wtll be made between the articles offered and the M
sample and contract, receiving none that fall below them; and their ?
attention is also particularly directed to the joint resolution of filth
March, 1^54, and to the act of the 1UIA Jtugu*t, 1846.
March 18? law4w to
Washington Insurance Company. m
Meeting of the Subscr brrsto its Stock. ^
TllR provisions of section 4th of the "Act to incorporate an Insur- b<
aare company in the city of Washington," approved Psruary ei
16th, 18.*V7 having been complied with by a subscription and paymen!
of the number of shares of the t"pital stock therein required,
notice is hereby given to the subscribers of said stock; that a meeting ?
tot the choir* r>f directors will be held at 4 o'clock, p. m , of Tuet
day, Mareh 31, 1857, at the office, in the second story of the build
ing over the Havings Bank, corner of Tenth street and Pennsylvania ~
avenue. Polls to be opened from 4 to 7 o'clock, p. nrt. I
HI I* Art H. HILL, ) A
lAM'L BACON, \ Commute.,
.I'M V II A VI. V V *
M?r 17?Suwlid "" "
? P>
POH HB9IT-A large and gnmmodioue Hirer-almy hriek dwell
r ing, Willi hack building, him innnt, hr , he., on tbo corner of II
and 141k elrreta. Inquire of Ur. l.anednle, room No. 10, Windrr*a (,!
Mag 17?tnwtf
John H. Bnthmnnn,
Importer and Dealer in Wine?, Brandioe, 4'< ? |!
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between 4,if and 6th afreet*, |(
11 id in Binr* a ??rv plinlpB Mnoriment of ch.?nim?nr. In aumtji I)'
11 and pinla, of the moat deniable brande.
Aleo, apaikling Hi. I'eray, whila and pink ; Madeira, Sherry, rnrt. in
Tenrrlflo, Rlcily, Rhine winea, Moeello ; Prench^ wlnea, led ami
whila; Cngnac, flrhetdam gin, Jamalra rnm.^airh whirkey,
American whiakey, Curacna, anlartte ; and, of hia nwn preparation,
wild-cherry brandy, blackberry Jolce, ainmaeli hiliara.
Alao. genuine abainlhe, Kirachwaaaer, and Havana cigare. i
Dec II? SHfwdin J
None* to Road Cantraatara It being the laianUmi of 0
Ihe leartl nf dlrretnra of Ilia Weehlnginn and Noekvtlle Tnrn- t<
pike Company in gravel the road fmm Ihe Aral loll gale 10 lla lermi H
nua at lh? Diatrlcl line, ennlraqtoa are rcqneeled to addreea or np
ply In the underatmcd on Ihe rtopet en or before Ihe 1Mb o( April next.
No. SO l.nuielana avenue. 11
1 J. C. LEWIH,
j Pell 34 Siawlf 493 Seventh etreet.
Y' KAK IIOI114 of f'?. : In aad Art tor ISbT.
One volume. I.nndon. Embracing Ihe more imporrnnl die
anveiiaa nd tmprovrmeote of Ilia paal year In mechanlca and ilia w
iiaefiil arte, nainrnl phlloaophy, alaclrlally, cherolairy, inology, botany,
geology, and mineralogy, meteorology, nelmnomy, fcc.
i tic name of III person will toe ul??l epuu owl books, Quire*
'* Pe>nttut of ibe subscription be made la advanc*.
DttUut subscribers may lorn aid us money by louer, and all risk
rUI toe eaettutad by ourselves la aaih trauaimasioa.
1 lie C ll.Nlay i a r.t a i> e a in- w.? rig the s#? I
ms oi < nog ?. ?, and saint ki) during (be imiui.
dnbscrtptioas Ax period lees (baa a year arill be received OB
nu j, -oofdoaed te Hie aboee aaaaal rales.
0(/-P?)8TMa-<,T,?B.* <" eat toon aed to eel as oar sgams; and
r eroding ua ?1V1 ,'*" * subscribers, wilto |3? eaelosad, a<
va UCMI-WEKJILY suba^** ! ?<?b endowed, will be ealed
te a copy grmtu.
a , mawm?_ __ "' j |i . j, i.
Hall: inure Ftuitle College.
N. C BROOR8, A. M , Presided.
Iff IB seminary of Irarmog, inamuted for Uie liberal cduratioa of
yoaag ladioa, was ereatad a college proper by tba lagiajstur* of
aryland, UcsuuIm r session. Itodtt, Willi sutboiily lo confer deg.ee.
id endowed wdh all lb? rights and privileges af ttoe most favored
male I net! ration.
There are two dryer incurs in the Institution- lbs collegiate da
nment sod lbs piepafatory department, witto tlieir appropriate
anchea of learning. The coatsc of study to eucb Is llitre years, 8
signaled by as many dllfrreni classes.
The course of loairuetioa is inteadrd to develop the lateliecioal,
ctal, and mural 1st nines ; aod by iiupamrg a Ihuroagb, practical,
cuniplisbed, and Christian education, Hi the pup I for the fuiibial
tchargeof tlie reeponsible duties lliat swsii her lu 1Kb.
Ureal palus will be ukun lo prmnule intellectual ndvancemi ut by
udenng the acquiaiuou of kouwlcdee (draaaol, and by training tba
ii I to correct habits of thought and r? gectiou.
Tbs proper rxercise of tba social Isaling, will ba ancauiagcd by
:ulcaling wliafevrr belongs to rtltned manner* and dignifiedsour
?y in our intercourse With ether. ; while reading, rscl'anans,and
positions Iroui Ilia Hilda, wHI familiariaa ilia uilod wnh ibe iiuitoa
our holy religion, and Inrboe flla brnrt wllh right pru clplas of ac
u and rules for the government ol life.
The course of instruction embraces Ihe following heads of stud) !
The philosophy of Ihe mental ueounny and ol government ant
s great subject of motels, uot merely speculative, but ue
ey affect the heart and influence toe life, will bo lauglil with earn
d fidelity.
objects : Moral Philosophy, Men al Philosophy, Political Ke< n?r,
Constitution of Iba United Kutes.
The position of the Chfittian muther in society, and her peeuliar
eas 10 fashion ilia plastic irrted and heart of the young, demand
.1 she should ho thoroughly instructed in nil limi peruins lo the
illip ol rcltgiun ; pud hence the word of Unrf, w.lli thy evidence*
Christianity, fi.riup * pntl yf I lie coaisft of inauwetioii.
dnbjects : Hinpiutal lli?luiy, Chronoli gy, and Geography ; Kvl
uCee vf Christianity, Christian Ethics.
Hie course of atuu'j In rbe ancient languages ia auilicianily cxtcu?
to train the uiind to egfefffi and patient thought, aa wall aa In
mre u better acqualn ance with the KdjIo.Ii language. Besides
ualatiou and aualyaia, tb? doclriM* of quantity and tiia metres
II claim attention, while the clonic Rtnhnrc will be illuaiiuted by
' light of ancient history, chionology, and g> ogiaphy.
tubjee's : Greek Language, Hitlnry of On r ? JsiierMure, Grecian !
itiquftles ) Latin Language, Hiatory of Latin L'tweture, bullion
In the mathematics great paini will he taken lo ineute nn oramtance
With Ibe sukjecls pursued, and especially lo leac.li pnn '
ilea rather tiian harden the memory with a multiplicity of in ea.
itural philoaopby and cheunitry will hereafter be taught with ilitrrtlons
and experimenu A cabinet of rninerala will be fined un
afford facilities lor the atudy of mlneialogy ; Hnd physiology will
atudicd with each aeelctance aa may be derised Luiu aiiau-uiicul
Uinv platea. .
Subjects: Arithmetic, Oeometiy, Algebra, Mcnaurntion, Natuml
iloaophy, Chemistry, Mine ralcgy, Geology, botany, Physiology,
tronomy, Ancient Geography, Natural Hiaiory.
Aa Una forma ihe bans of all the subsequent krancbea of aiudy, esdial
palna will be laken to render instruct ion in itt fflclenl, an.I
ia facilitate the pupil'a progressive acquirements. Composition
II engage a portion of (be pupil'a lime commensurate with tie Iturtance
; ao that yonng ladles will be enabled lo conduct a cones- >
ndence with credit and rxpreaa their ideas upon any subject of in i;
eat with case and elegance. Arithmetic will be tnugbi with esciai
regard to practical utility, and Ihe pupil will be reuduicd foliar
Willi such calcula.iona aa occur in marketing, in ehoplng, uiu!
the grocery. As the circumstances of a fuu.lly depend not only S
on What ia mode in business, but what la laisdi.t huiu-, houkeplng
will be taught lo Ilia young ladies, aa a great aunlitry to ;
nieatia economy.
Subjects Orthography, Heading, Willing. Arithmetic, English
ammar, Orography, Hiatory, Book keeping, Hhatoric, Logic, Cttlism,
History of Literature, Composition.
The exercises in this department will be conducted in a manner lo
sure to Ibe pa ail nnt merely a knowledge of the graminatical cotiuction
of the language studied, hut ability lo write und e|ieak It
itli fluency.
Kub,ccn: French Language, French Literature, Hpnw.h I.an. j>
age, Spanish Literature, German Lantuage, Ocruian Litcraiuris.
Thle dapartmenl of iiia'nieiion shall afford ereiy facility lo Hie
ident, and ilie beat pro casora lie engaged. Those already III Ibe
solution are of acknowledged abilily and approved experience. '|
Hiibjecls : Vocal Music, Inatruuieiitil Music, Drawing and Paint- . if
g, Needle woik. }'
rtinging forma a par' of Ihe daily religiuua exerciaee of Ihe iustitum,
accompanied by the music of a parlor organ.
The institution, ihouth but in its eighili year, already takes rank
ith our oldest aeni naries, and anjny* a liberal patronage from Ihe
ly of Baltimore, and front the middle, southern, and wash rn
N. C. lllnukl, A. ?].. rrtlltMwn U1 A?cicuu.1.|,v..
Rev. w. F. Paxton, A II., Mathematics and Natural Science. '; ?
J. A. liunroe, A. II., talhtutwitics anil ft
Mi's M. O. S teparil, Itches Lettrn* aad History.
Mlaa M. I,. Ile.t, Kngloh and Physiology. 1
Mary J I.a Keioirir, French nnrl r-panish. wj
Mona Entile Kelt, Drawing and Painting.
Muna. J. Hiliai tier, Pinun. ,
Mra Hllen A. Keirle, Quilar. 5
Miaa Kllea U. Uobright, Piano and Rioting.
.Miaa Lttsa A. Brooka, Piano and Singing. if
Mm. E. A. Kettle, Vocal Muaio. ,j
Board and tuition, par annual session, $T0? In ijriio. it
Aluaic, modern languatca, unH painting, extra. ;;
The following gentl.rncii have, or have had, daughtera In ilia
rllege : U
Rev. II Plieer, late Chaplain U. S. Senate, Baltimore, ^
lion. O F. Moore, M. C., Portiniouih, Ohio. .jj
l>r. John Bm tlx. Fori Hmith, Arluiieas. 4
Dr. Ilunrjr J. Ilolinra, Jackson, Mississippi. ,
Rev. B. A. Marks, Waahinglni., D. C. J
Rev. Edward R Anderaon, Chriailanaburg, Va.
(Unrge Brown, asq., Hague, Va
The regular spring aasaion will open April 1.1th, but pupils will be |
celved at any lime.
Forciteulara containing full information addreea at No. 53 at.
ml alrert, Baltimore, Mil. N. O. BROOKP, i
March 8? ISldfcep Prexidenl. i
If ATOM Repairing and Rngrnwlng.?Watrhee. chroi
i.nmeterx, and pocket titnekerpera of every dcacrlptlon repuirtd
skilful workmen and warranted to perform accurately.
Engraving of every description done in lire beat atyia, including
e rutting of anus, crests, mottoes, and initials on stone.
*,* Visiting and wedding enrde elegantly oi-graved and printed.
M. VV- OALT fc BR t , fl
Jewellers 39-1 Pennsylvania avenue,
Jan 30-tr Between b'.'>t pud 101b itrecte. ?
The Congressional Bank,
Corner of Louieiana avenue and Seventh elrett,
Washington City.
illautiona made on all the citiee in lite Union. Marine and Are
risks effected in all the principal offices in tke
United Btatee and Canada.
Deo*)?dJmf ?
PHIKO UUODH.-E. OWEN * SON, military aed naval
merchant iniloro, 319 Penneylvanie avenue, make known to
elr Irienda end euatnmora that Ihay hava J oat opened their eecond
vniae of apring gooda, embracing a choice eelection of cloth*, ceaiierra,
and vcetinga, and will h* plcaeed to hero them call and rxnine.
[fANTED-A colored aerrant to cook, waab, and Iron. Apply
r at No. 313 K atreut. Mar It?dlwf
(pj- Tlie Flrat Annual Exhibition of thai Wathlaigu
Art Aaaoclalion, coniprlaing picture*, alatuary, he., hy the moat ,
ninent artiala in the United Stat**, will ha opened to the public at
r. Corcoran'* new building on H arreer, between I3tli end Mth
recta on Saturday morning uext, the 7th Inatanl, at 10 o'clock, end
ill coniinue open, until further notice, every day between thu
mra of 10, a. m , and 10, p in. Tlcketa of admiaaion may be pro
irad at the door, and at the principal bookatorea in the city. Single
imieelon. twenty Ave cant*. Saaaon tlcketa, Bfty cent*.
Mar b?dtf |
Uhitbd STaTB* Ninr. CouaT or Inqoipy.
Wui.htn|ton, February 98, 1857.
1IIE judge ndvoaale glvea notice, (or the information of pan ire
. coming before the court under tha let auction of the act of Januy
IC, 1867, that they will r. apectlvely be adviaed by the department
hen their rave* ahall have been referred to the court ; and >hat
la rieairablr that in praaenting themaelvea they ahould come pre
ired with a liat of aueh wimi taea a* they may deaire to have auinoned,
apeelfying to which of the reapecliva hr ad* of "Itinera for
e nnval acrvic*" mentioned In the act, their tealimony ia Ir be
rplled rerpectively ; and euggaating the detay, If any, which may
I required ; and in reapeet of what wirneear*.
Feb98}?tf J. M. CARLISLE, Judge Advocate.
New Spring Goods.
i J. STEI It, Merchant I nilor, ha* received hi* etock of new
*prtng gooda, aelectcd by him?< If from the beat importing hou-e*.
e aolicita an examination of them by hi* aualomar* and the pub
All work warranted to give *ath>htetion, and no diaappolntmcnta
, tuna permitted.
Mer 3d?SrawVWIf Ne 488 Seven'h ttreet.
Hanking llonee of Uhabb llrotliera.
Waebington, January 1, IK57.
OHN D. BARROW and HENRY HOLME* are thia day admit
ted an partner" in Iba Hanking Mkuee nf Chubb Brother*. The
rm from thia daln will b? enmpo*d of Charlm St. J. Chubb, John
, Harrow, and Henry Holme", The Houaa in llarenport. Iowa, la
mpoeed of Chart' " St. J. Chuhh, Wm. H. Dougal, and Alrrand?r
. Harrow, under lha Arm Of Chubb Biothera, Barrow k Co.
jan i dtf jjfoSt liorflm.
ran, aathor of Rniahti and their Daya, ke- 9 *ola. $0
Va?eonaelna, a Romance of the New World ; by W. Gilmure
Hlmme. #1 9V
The Hbndow Worahippar, and oilier Pnema ; by rrank Lee Ben
edict. 7? cent".
The Ytn.erian l'apera of Ibe late Wm. Maglnn.LL. I)., annotated,
lilt a life of the euther; by R. Bhelton Mackenzie, H. C. L. 41.
Juet ptiMMi'd, and fir aale at
Ap 4f Oookatora, near Bib etreet.
????????, |

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