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PniLAi'Ei-rHTA, Nov. -7 Flour SS 50_Wheat $1
00-Rve SI R° rn SSc '
■ r-yXftr YorL market same a- rktMrlfhtm.
1 M VJOVKKOCKER, ofColeratn Township, acci
dentally shot himself whilst on a gunning ex
cursion'on last Tuesday afternoon. He only
Jived about half an hour after receiving the in
Co- oistn Ksevv-NuT.nscs.-ln New York colored
ner-o.'is, iK-essing property requisites, are allowed
y Knovv-Norbifitf Eodee, of folwdd persons
uaVoreamzeJ ,n Klmua. N. Y., last week, brine
the eighth of that corr.plexion m tbe btat e.—VatJy
.Voir A.
11 A E2 Bi fi E lit:
On Tuesday tnorniof the 28tb ins!., at the "Men
;ie, e" l.y Rev/ F. Benedict, Mr. WILLIAM
West Providence township, Bedford Co.
' ''A yNI 'yi
- <ul &
_ " Ij ■ , .
On the wit., at the residence ot Daniel Beam.
J„ Bedford Township, Miss CAT ii AK i. M: BKAM, aged
53 years.
w hen first tny wandering spirit came
This trial-world of ours to know,
Tire-Joy- ot youth and (lowers <>' L'pe
Combined to gladden ail below.
lint years pas c.l rapidly away ;
>l v paths of pleasure tiriie-J to pain,
U inch toiii roe of the sinner's way,
I'nie.-s his spirit break the chain.
To Go 1 my heart in secret prayed
To keep me from the power of sin ;
In secret he with meicy heard
And gave me peace and joy within.
Now- I am dead, tny spirit free,
Leave., joytui leaves, this world of woe,
A ('lift ions may come no more to roe
In that bright world to which I go.
Fare-t ell, dear friend-, a fond adieu ;
A happier home 'waits me above,
Where gladly 1 would join with you
To rest in Christ and dwell in love.
B. r. R.vNSFourt.
In this Borough, on Saturday morning la*t, after
an illness of only a few hour-, WU.MA.VI MII.IUT:\,
-(in of Mr. John Crouse. in the 3th year of his age.
lie was a smart and very interesting child.
'•Death came when least expected nigh,
.And in a mon-miit here away
T1 v lovelv hnv to realms on high,
To dwell in an eternal day.
(li! would ye wish him back on earth,
To linger on this dreary shore ?
No. no! he's gained*;) heavenly birth—
lie lives ! he lives! to dp i o more! "
LOOK O;TTcrrfi"iET
[' /=■ For the information of' the public we
present below a list of Banks recently broken,
discmilled, or suspended, the result ol file l.ife
electi 'lis having, we presume, removed all res
traint Iroin tlnse soulless institutions, the con
ductors of which now think they can swindle
their note-holders as much as they please. Ma
ny ; widow and orphan will be made to feel
tlie les of their little ail in this whole-sale
bank robo.'V ! Here is the 1 ist-er-krrr— ■—
Lewis county Bank of New \ork.
Caithage, do. do.
Millrose, do. do.
Drovers, do. do.
Bank of Rome, do. do.
Bank ofGannel, do. do.
Ogdensburg, do. du.
Exchange Bank, Buffalo, N. \.
Fanners' Joint Stock Bank, Buffalo.
Patchiu Bank, Buffalo.
Eighth Avenue Rank, N. Y.
Knickerbocket Bank, X.
Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, Oswego.
" Bank of Canandaigtia.
" and Merchants' Bank, Md.
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, Memphis.
Merchants' Bank of Macon., Georgia.
Milford Bank, Delaware.
Merchants' Bank. Burlington, "Vermont.
River Bank, Connecticut.
Cumberland Rank, Maine.
Ky. Trust Co. Bank, Covington, Ivy.
Newport Safetc Fund.
Commercial Bank, Pedurah, Ky.
Trans. Allegheny Bank, Ya.
Kanawha Bank.
Massillon Bank. Ohio.
Ohio Savings" Institute, Tiffin.
Cochituate Bank, Boston.
Bank of West Killinglv, Connecticut.
Bank of Ellsworth, Maine.
Bank ol Circleville,* Ohio.
Clinton Bank ot Columbus, Ohio.
City Bank, " "
Canal Bank of Cleveland, Ohio.
Miami Bank, Dayton, Ohio.
Wooddury Bank, Connecticut.
Shipbuilder's Bank, Maine.
We append a list of the ONLY Banks in O
hio, whose circulation is secured by State or U
nited States Stocks, deposited with the officers
of tlie Stale:
Bank of Geauga.
Canal Bank of Cleveland.
City Bank of Cleveland.
< ity Bank of Columbus.
City Bank of Cincinnati.
Commercial Bank of Cincinnati.
Franklin Bank of Zanesville.
Mahoning county Bank, Youngstown.
Sandusky city Bank.
Seneca county Bank, Tiffin.
Western Reserve Bank, Warren.
Bank of Commerce, Cleveland.
Bank of Marion.
Champaigne county Bank, 1 rbana.
Franklin Bank of Portage county, Franklin.
Forest city Bank, Cleveland.
Iron Bank of Jronton.
Merchants' Bank ot Massillon.
Miami Valley Hank, Dayton.
Pickaway county Bank, Circieville.
Springfield Bank.
Stark County Bank, Canton.
I."nion Bank, Sandusky City.
Seven more Indiana Banks are under protest,
Wayne Bank, Logans port.
State Stock Bank of Indiana, Peru.
Cpper Wabash Bank, Wabash.
Perry county Bank, Canneltoti.
Steuben county Bank, Angola.
Traders' Bank, Terre Haute.
Great Western Bank, Terre Haute.
' Tot'cuiNc.—The Boston Traveller, ofSntur-!
Hay evening last, says that when the Arctic!
was about to sink, and alter the boats had push
ed as far from the vessel as possible, to prevent
being; drawn into the vortex, which it was
known would draw everthing near, Mr. Coin
stock, of Rhode Island, was seen to jump into
the water and swim towards the boat which
contained,among others, Mr. C. T. Mitchell, of
Charleston, S. C., to whom he was well known. ;
j Recognizing hiin in the boat, .Mr. Comstock ,
called to him. "Have yon room for another
man !" to which the replv was, "No: we are
almost sinking now!" He thin threw up
his hands, exclaimed, "Cood Cod ! tell my ;
wife and five children I am gone!" and was!
seen no more.
The Lutheran Church in Pleasant Valley (on the
i land of Jacob Fetter, of John) will tie consecrated on
, Saturday, the 9th of December. Exercises wilt corn- j
| mence at 11 o'clock, arid continue over Sabbath.
• Several Ministers will be present. The public are
invited to attend.
15itihihie (' n / i miller.
I*Bl bilk' NsUe
j Bv virtue of an order ot the Orphans' Court
jof Bedford County, the undersigned will oiler I
at public sale, on the premises, on SATI R
! DAY, the *23 i dav ol December, 1 H.>4, the loi- |
| lowing described REAL ESTATE, situate in
■ Bedford Township, containing two hundo-d and !
fifi\-tour acres of lime-:,tone land, with an iu
exhanstalle sj ring of watei. The improve-|
ments are a two-sto:v log dwelling House, dou- :
hi" log Darn, Spring Hcqse, Sn.oke House, and
: other out-buildings thereon erected: also, a
large apple orchard of choice fruit thereon.
Terms: : §1,200 in cash, and Enhance in I
two equal annual pavments.
i Admfr of 'he Estate of Henry Aliif r, deceased.
I Dec. 1, 1854.—4f.
A Tract of Land, in Monroe Township, in
the name ot "Johnson's Heirs," one hundred
acres, more or less, lately siuveyed and patent
ed iy Surveyor Sams, as 107 acres. A small
improvement by Henry Mills has (I under-j
stand) been made upon the tract, but without ;
i anv authority from the undersigned, whose deed
i is of record in the Clerk's Cilice, R.-dlord.
i This land, which is good and lays well, w ill be
i sold at a fair price, it application be soon made
to the Hon. Job Mann or to the owner.
Dec. 1, isre.
! __ _ _ i
The subscriber, determined to have all his hu- i
si in *ss sett led up by the first day of January j
next, requests all indebted t<> note the fact, and :
those who have claims against him will also
j resent them for settlement in like manner.;
All who neglect this notice will subjeet thfin
selves to costs.
' Dec. 1, lS5k JOHN MILLER.
All persons are cautioned against trespassing;
upon my farm, in West Providence Township,
Bedford County, either by hunting or otiierwise,
; as the law wilTbe enforced against all who do!
|so without respect to persons. So look out !
j Dec. 1, IS ok
I desire to invite the attention of the public to
a few•\vordjf~in regard to these appliances in
; tilt' cure of various diseases in which drugs and
medicines can be of but little use; and il the
common sense of the community vviil but exam
ine thoroughly what 1 say, lam disposed to be
lieve that they, as well as myself, will tie bene
| fitted. Tiie principal mechanical supports used
j in the cure ol disease, are known by the names
of abdominal support< rs, body braces. and shoul
der braces. The first of th.es>- are used to give
j strength and support to the lower part of the
j hotly, when there is weakness and relaxation of
1 the abdominal muscles: and where this weak
ness and relaxed condition exist, it induces many
diseases, not of the region affected onlv, hut
also ofthe upper part of the tody, which droops
and drags for want of tone and power of these
muscles— When these are weakened, and the
bowels press downwards, the diaphragm, the
liver, stomach, lungs, and otic r organs of the
upper portion of '.he trunk, must likewise drag
from their places, and disease ol those organs
i if these organs are displaced, you have func
tional disease already, which, if not arrested,
must end in organic iesions of the parts, that is
beyond the power of medicine to cure—for no
astringents, either local or internal, can con
i tract them to their proper locality. A proper-
I iv fitted (.upporter or body brace will do this;
I will prop and sustain the pendant and dragging
' vicera, until nature restores them; here inetii
; rines to aid and strengthen, will be proper, un
der the advice of a physician. A well fitted
, brace or supporter not only supports and pres
; ses upwards the contents of the trunk, but also
supports the back, presses inwards the spina!
column at the small of the back, and gives it
additional strength by its bracing, hv ;ts giving
|as it were an assistant spinal column. I have
j know n many cases of disease cured by the stip
i porter nlon", without any medicine: but do not
| understand me to sav that medicine should nev
!er he given—the majority of cases require it
j but the physician having charge of the case will
!he the best judge, as to the kind and when it
should be given. The Shoulder Brace is used
j not so much for support as to bring the body in
to a true position : the hollow-chested, the con
tracted, narrow-chested persons, should never
use suspenders: their tendency is to pull the
1 shoulders forward and make the chest hollow,
and the back humped. The suspender shoulder
shoulder brace, which 1 use, obviates all this, as
! it suspends the pantaloons by straps that pass
j from under the arm-pits; and, when persons
. once become used to them, are not at all un
i comfortable. Hundreds of persons, I doubt not,
I could be greatly improved in health and strength
j hv the use of my shoulder brace : all who stoop
much, or bend writing at desks, would be great
ly benefitted by them. Women who are bur
j deiied with heavy skirts, tied around the spine,
j would find great relief from my suspender shoul
; der brace, 1 should like to extend this article
to a greater length, but am fearlul that I will
j occupy too much of your space. 1 may, how
! ever, resume the subject at another time.
No. 1 to Wood st.
JOY' FOR THE INVALID We rut the follow
ing from the Philadelphia Saturday Gazette, arid ie
corntneiul ror readers to peruse it carefully, and
those suffering should not delay purchasing:
This celebrated medicine, prepared by Dr. C. M.
JACKSON, a' the imposing German Medicine Store,
No. 120 ARCH street, is exciting unprecedented pub
lic attention, and the proprietor, who is a scientific
physician, is selling immen-e ijiiintities ol it. Ihe
virtues ot this remedy are so lully set forth in the ex
tended notice of it. to be seen in our advertising col
umns, that there is hardly any room left for us to
speak of it. This much we may add—Of the long
train of physical ills to which humanity is hair, there
i- none more distressing than general derangement
of the digestive apparatus, which never fails to ac
company a disordered state of the liver. Headache,
piles, languor, fretfulnPSS, a billions tongue, a mor
bid breath, loss of apppetite —in short, an indescri
bable wretchedness of exi-tence, are its insufferable
and life-waiting attendants. These di-ea-es, which
have bafiied the skill ol the ablest Doctors, have been
radically cured by Hootland's German Bitters.
See advertisement.
votis Di-eases, Liver Complaint. Neuralgia, Dy-pep- |
ria, Costiveness and Pile-, are all relieved and cured
in an incredible short space of time, bv Carter s
Spanish Mixture, the great tonic and purifier ol 'lie
blood. Jr contains not a particle of Mercury, Opi
um, or any noxious drugs; is perfectly harmless,and
has cured more than fi-e hundred cases of disease.
We can only refer the reader to the certificates, a
few of which may be found in another column, and j
all of which are detailed in full around the bottle, j
It is the greatest of all Spring and Fall Medieir.es, j
• and possesses air influence over tbe blood truly ie
i markabie.
| See advertisement.
('nrne to the premises of the subscriber, liv-i
iiig HI Bed lord Township, almu.t the middle of
. November hist, a large Brindle Cow, two white
■ spots on hind legs—no marks—supposed to he
! about live vears old. Jhe owner is desired to •
come lot ward, prove j rofn rty, [ ay charges, and ;
j take her away.
Dec. I, IS.Tk
Yiiluablc liuk'3 PrcpiTly
THE subscriber will s-II at Private Sale,!
that well-known THREE STORY lißK.lv.
HOUSE, in the town of Berlin, Somerset coun- |
: ly, Pa., now in the occupancy of John H. (
Smith, situate on the south-east courier of the |
upper square, Main street, in the most public
i and pleasant part ol the town—with every con- i
i venienee for a first class Hotel. Abundance ol
! good water on the premise*, and hut a few feet j
; from the kitchen door. Easy of access from j
cv iv part of the town by all kinds of vehicles, i
and with good stabling sufficient for Fifty j
horses. Together with three Lots, containing
' an acre of ground, at a short distance from the i
tavern, and easy of access. Ibe j>roperty be- i
! ing entirely new it i- consequently in excellent -
j repair, and is one of 11 j.• most desirable Hotel <
I properties between Cumberland and Pittsburg,
j Terms easy.
If not sold before the latter part of Jan-j
uarv, the ah- vt* property will be for rent. In-t
qui ties can be addressed to the suhscnl - rat Her- i
j lin.
Nov. 8, iSfik
Public Sale of Valuable Real Estate.
The subscriber, executor of the \\ ill of Jacob;
! Werking, (feci as- j d, will sell, at public sale, on
the premises, on FRIDAY , the loth day of I)e
--! cember next, the following
i One Trsct of Patented Land situate in South
; Woodberrv Townsliip, Bedford County, contain
ing dO acres and allowance, m arly all chared
and under fence, and an adjoining Tract of
| mountain Land, containing (if) acres and allow
ance, about 14- acres of vv hich are cleared, the
i balance good timber land.
The improvements on Ihe Tract first men
tioned are a large well finish-d I raine House,
two stories high, with a hack building (or din
ing room, Kitchen, kc. Another frame build
ing, the lower jait used fur a spring bouse and
was!) house, the upper pail fur a ( abinet ma
ker's shop, an excellent Bank Barn, recently
built, with v,agon shed attached, asmoke house
and other out buildings. Ihe buildings, fences,
ccc.,are in good repair.
There is also a large orchard of choice fruit
trees on the premises, and a great variety ol
plum, chert v, pear and other trees in the yard
| and around the buildings, and as the propetty is
i near the mountain oil the east side, there si gen
-1 eraliv an abundance of fruit every year, and of
1 tile best quality—this, together with the hand
some situation, good spring water, and other ad
j vantages, makes this property a very desirable
one, worthy of the attention of any person wish
! ir.g to purchase land.
! As the subscriber is also authorized to sell, at
I private sale, any person desirous of purchasing
i-i that wnv will please call on him at any time
: revious to tbe day of sale.
Terms—One third in band Ist April next,
wherv possession v ill he given, ! lance in three
equal annual payments without interest,secured
in the usual manner.
Nov. 17, 1854.
ROOKS! liOOKSu iiOOhS!!!
| Just received a very large assortment of
Cobb's series of School' Books, to which we
I would respectfully call the attention of the
Merchants of Bedford County. M e can sup--
j,lv them wholesale as cheap as they can be
bought in small quantities in the cities. Our
stock of miscellaneous Books, Stationery, fx.c.,
is also verv extensive, and our facilities lor pro
t curing goods are such, that any thing ordered,
| if not already on hand, can be procured • in a
verv short time,
Mansion House, Chambersburg, Pa.
II Nov. 17. 1554, —3nn
' A large assortment of MUSIC for the Piuno,
, Gui/ur, I iolin , tS'c., always on hand. Orders
promptly attended to.
Chambersburg, Pa.
Nov. 17, 1854.—3 m.
Just received, a lot ot . Melodeons, flutes,
\ Guitars, tVr., cS c., which we offer on the
• most reasonable terms.
Chambersburg, Pj-
Nov. 17, 1854.—3 m.
The subscriber would announce to his old j
friends and customers, and the public in gener- j
al, that he lias permanently located himself in j
Juliana Street, next door to Dr. REAMER'S Drug; j
& Book Store, where he is prepared to execute j
all orders in his line in a superior manner, on
reasonable terms. From long experience in the
business, he feels confident he can render satis
faction to all who honor him with a call.
He constantly keeps on hand ready-made j
clothing, of every description, for Men arid
Bovt.—also, a superior assortment of CLOTHS, i
TIN, and other VESTINGS, and Summer Wear, |
which lie will sell as low as they can he bought j
elsewhere, and make them up to the taste of the j
He also keeps a general assortment of Cravats, ;
Stocks, Collars, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs, N.c.
He hopes to merit and receive a liberal share
of public patronage.
June 9, 1554-.
Win. attend in ail business entrusted to h'.s care.
Having secured the services of a competent Agent !
in YVa-hington, D. C., lie will give '-special attention i
to Soldiers 7 Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Lands.
OCT" Office on Julianna Street, one door Noith of,
the residence ot Samuel H. Tate, uud immediately
opposite Capt. Beckvvith's Hotel.
Hi* lias for sale one Farm situate in Monroe
Township, containing ISO acres of land, 70
acres cleared and under fence, with bouse and
barn thereon erected. There is an orchard ol
excellent fruit on the premises.
Also, 300 Acres of Limestone land, situate in
Woodcock Valley, one and-a-hall miles north of
the town of Bloody Run.
Also, 500 Acres of first rate timber land, sit
uate in Hopewell Township, lying south ot the
contemplated Chatr.bersburg and Bedford Rail
Also. 1800 acres of unimproved land in Bed
lord and Fulton counties which will be sold low
to actual settlers.
The above lands will be sold in large or small
quantities to suit purchasers.
April 21, 1854-.
Apple Butter and Milch Crocks can lie had
at mv Pottery in Schellsburg, bv any quantity,
tor Cash. In all cases of sale, a reasonable per
cvntage will be allow ed to storekeepers, but no
carriage will be allowed bv me.
Sept. 1, 1854.
THE undersigned have associated themselves in tie 1
Practice ot the Low, and will attend promptly to all
busilie:- - entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad
joining counties.
L Office on Julianna Street, three doors south of
'•Mongol House,"' opposite thSTesideiice ol Maj. 'late.
June 2, 18a!. G. H. SPANG.
The-subscriber will sell, at private rale, hi* valua
ble Property, situate in llmon Township, Bedford
County, Pa., on wht-rh he at present resides, contain
ing tjt> acres ol* patented lain!, 30 ot which are cleared
and under post ami rail fence, the balance well tim
bered with good saw timber. this property is on
the wateis ot Bobbs' Creek, J miles north of Adol
pl.ua Ake's .Mill, on the public road leading l:om
Bedlord to Johnstown or Jefferson, within 12 miles
of Jefferson, and lit miles of ffollidaysburg. The im
provement- are a Stone Grist Mill, with two run ol
Stones, one pair first late French Burrs, with good
merchant and country Bolts, and a complete Sinut
Machine. The Machinerv is all good and substan
tial, and is partly new. The water power is suffi
cient during the entire year, and the custom i- good
and plenty <>l it. There is nl-o a new Saw .Mill on
the premises, which will cut from I.TO to 2000 leet
I of Lumber a day inch measure, which is ready sale
: at the Mill. <>i ■' ot the Dwelling Houses is a three
story frame, suitable for a public House or Store
House, arid is well finished. There are three other
; dwellings, two frame and one log l.ou-e, ul-o a frame
■ stable and Wagon Shed, and other necessary build
: ings.
Also, will be sold, another Tract of Land rontain
-1 iug 300 acres, about 7-* i acres of which are cleared.
' ot which 10 are good meadow with facilities for mak
i nig 20 or 30 more. The balance well timbered and
| well watered by the Bobbs' Creek running through
it. There is on the premises an excellent site cal-
I ciliated lor either Grist Mil! or :-uvv Mill, with head
and fall ot 22 leet. There is a variety of choice fruit
trees on the farm. The building- are one good Log
: House and Stable and other outbuildings. A! o. will
, be sold. 040 acres of good timber land, convenient to
tfie s-aw Mill, on which are tiie very best ot saw
i logs. The above land is all patented, and a clear
and indisputable title will be made to the purchaser
or purchasers. '1 hose w i-bmg to purchase good pro
i peitv. will learn the conditions, (which will he mod
crate.) by calling with the subscriber, residing on
the first named property.
| July 21, 1851.
5 OTIC %
| Notice is herein 7 given that Letters 1 csta
! mentarv, on the Will ot George Reighart, have
I been issued to the undersigned, Executors of
| said Will—that all persons having claims on
! .-aid Estate are requested to present them for
settlement and those indebted are notified to
i make payment.
Nov. 3, IS.NT. Executors.
All persons indebted to the .'state of Henry
1 Miller, late of Bedford Township, deceased,
will make immediate payment —and those hav
; ing claims will present them properly authen
! ticated fur settlement.
Sept. 29, 1854. * hi mini strut or.
ALL persons indebted to the estate of David
, Thompson, late of Bedford Township, Bedford
' County, deceased, are requested to make imme
! diate "payment—and those having claims will
! present them properly authenticated for settle
i ment.
Oct. 27. 1854.
| The Stock, Fixtures and GOOD IV ILL of
; the old and well established Clothing Store sit
! uate on the corner of Clinton and Locust sts.,
! Johnstown, Pa., being one ol the best locations
; for a business of the kindin town, and doing a
I very good business at the present time. Ito
present propretors wishing to retire from busi
i ness, being tlie only reason for selling oft. for
! further particulars address
Nov. 17, 185 1. —1 m.
The undersigned respectfully inform their
friends and customers that they have just re- .
reived a verv 1u J1 assortment of FALL <S" VV IN
TER GOODS, which will he offered at very j
reduced rat-s.
Oct. 13, 1854.
IVews for the People!
Fellow-Citizens : We take this opportunity
of returning you our most sincere thanks for the
liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed
on us. We would also inform you that we
have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with
a large and well selected assortment of (foods,
,uch us Cloths, Cassuneres, and Satinets : Peter
Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' fine dress
goods, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coborg Cloths,
Bombazines, Merinoes, and a large assortment
of Bav State Shawls, Hosiery, for Ladies, Com
forts, (.'rapes, Collars, &.C., &c.- —Mens,' Wo-;
mens,' Boys' and Childrens' Shoes and Boots, j
and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush- ,
<d and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Teas)
of ail kinds, N. 0. Molasses, Golden Syrup,
Mackerel, Salt bv the sack, Baker's Chocolate,
Ilroma Cocoa, and a general assortment of Goods j
usually k>-pt in a country Store.
Of/"' All kinds of Produce taken in exchange
for goods at market prices.
Oct. 13, 1854.
Tavern Proper*y 9
TUB subscriber, being desirous of discontinu- j
intr his present business, will sell or rent the
tavern-house at pres< nt occupied bv him, known
as the "VV'IT.UAM TEN." House, situate on Cen
tre street, not tar from the Market house, Cum- j
The property is in good repair. The House j
commodious, having, bar-room, dining room,!
parlors, 14 bed-rooms, and kitchen. There are !
also a good smoke-house, carriage-liouse, and
stabling for 25 head ot horses. There is at good
spring of water on the lot, and the town race
passes at the bottom of it.
The house, with the bedding and other furni
ture, which is in good condition, will be .-old a
bargain, if early application is made. If not
sold in a few weeks the house will be for rent.
Cumberland, Oct. 2S, 18:)4.
All persons indebted to the estate of David
Barley, late of South Woodbury Tow nship, Bed
ford county, deceased, are requested to make
immediate payment —and those having claims
i against said estate will present them properly
authenticated for settlement.
| Oct. 11, 1854.
H a-: AU YVO J \D 55 ¥ !
The subscribers respectfully beg leave to in
form the people of Middle Woodberry Tow n
ship, and tb'- country at large, that they are now
pre pan d, al their establishment, one mile south
of VVoodb. rrv, Bedford County, to furnish four
; horse Threshing Machines, Pierponts' Patent
! Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrip
tion. Keagy's Cooking Stoves, txvodiflerent pat
' terns, and two different patterns of Coal Stoves—
Plough Castings, NVagon Boxes of all sizes, and
ca.-t Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also,
Mill Castings of every' variety. We are also
prepared to tit up Machinery in the best and
most durable style, and will give prompt atten
tion to all orders in this line.
The public ate respectfully invited togivp us
I a cail, a* we feel satisfied that both our work and
terms will please all w ho do so.
Oct. 27; 1854.
Pub licSa 1 e of Va 1u ab 1 e
The subscribers will sell, at Public Sale, on
the premises, on IRJDAN, Ist of December
n<xt, at one o'clock, P. M-, a
tof 70 acres, 95 perches, and allowance situate
about one mile from the Holjidnysburg Turn
pike, and six miles from Bedford, on Dunnmg's
i Creek, in St. Clair township, adjoining lands ot
! Joseph Blackburn, and Herr and Beeler.—
The improvements are a good two-story log
! dwelling house with a cellar, a double log barn,
! two apple orchards, a never failing pump at the
' door, Rc. About G5 acies of this land are
| cleared and under fence.
I {LP": Terms made known on tlx? day of sale.
Trustees of Rebecca Blackburn.
Oct. 27, 1854.
Letters of Administration have been granted
i to the undersigned on the estate ol Peter I isher,
i late of Bedford Borough, deceased.
' All persons indebted to said estate will make
' immediate payment, and those having claims
| will present them duly authenticated for settle
• ment.
O. E. SHANNON, Adm'r.
Nov. 10, 1854.*
[£/=" Court People can obtain cheap private
bonding during court week—and scholars from
the country, going to the Academy, can be ac
commodated with weekly boarding at Mrs.
! Fi.ETcfcr.nN. Nov. 17. IS.*>4.
Overcoats, Cassimere and Cassinett (oats,
Vests, fx.c., cheap, by A. B. CRAMER R Co.
Mens, Boys, and Childrens, Boots and Shoes—
j Womensand Misses morocco, Seal and Calfskin
I Bootees and walking Shoes—received and for
i sale bv A. B. CRAMER Sc Co.
Hungarians, Cuban, Young America,Tylores?
and Pearl Slouch Hats, for men and Boys—also,
Caps in great variety, for sale bv
"A. B CRAMER & Co.
A two-Horse Wagon, and one Top Buggy,
new, and work warranted, for sale cheap on a
liberal credit, or for Country Produce.
New Firm! New Store!! and New Goods!!!
The subscribers, having just received and o-
at the old stand of J. H. SCHELL, a
rif\v and splendid assortment of Goods, respect
hilly invite the patronage of the public.
Their stock consists of
Staple fc Fancy Good*,
of the finest and newest styles also, a i*rge as
sortment of
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuifr,
Hardware, Nails, Glassware, Qneensware, Hat-,
Caps, Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas, and, in tact, ev
ery article that is kept in a well regulated
country store, all of which have been carefully
selected, and will he sold on the most favorable
terms tor CdISH or PRODLCb.
Srhellsburg, Pa., ]
Nov. 10, 1854). | ,
The undersigned thankful to their numerous
patrons tor their kind and very liberal patron
age, respectfully informs them that they have
just received from the eastern cities, a handsome
assortment of new style Fall Goods, suitable
for the present and coming season, comprising
French and English Broadcloths, Cassimeres,
Tweeds, Saltinetts, Kentucky Jeans, Flannels,
Satin and Worsted Nestings, Cravats and hdkfis.,
knit M> rino Shirts and Drawers, Cashmeres,
Mansseline De Rege, Monsseline Delaines, Go
burg and Thibet Cloths, Alpacas, Silk Poplins,
Black Gros De Rhine, and Fancy Silks, Prints
from a fip up, Muslins bleached and unbleached
from a fip lip, all widths, Thibet and Bay State
Shawls, Ginghams, Checks, Linseys, Tickings,
Drillings, Cambrics, Nankeens, Ciash, Diapers,
Damask Table Cloths and Covers, White Goods,
Embroiders, Sleeves, Collars, Dress Trimmings,
Ribbons, Gloves, Hosiery, Hats, Caps, Boots,
Shoes, Queensware, Hardware, and Brooms,
Groceries, N. O. Sugars, White Clarified, Pul
verized, and Crushed do., Golden Syrup, N. O.
Molasses, good Rio Coffee 12£, Prime do lb
cents, Spices, Teas, Chocolate, Extract of Cof
i fee, Tobacco, Flax Seed, Sperm and Whale
Oils. Drugs, Patent Meoicine, Cattle Powders,
together with 1001 other articles adapted to the
wants of the people, all of which they will sell
at the very lowest possible prices for cash and
I approved produce, or upon short credit to good
| and punctual customers. And, as our motto,
I short profits, many sales, and quick returns, has
i been fully carried out, and will continue the
! ruling feature, we feel assured we can make it
j to the advantage of all in search of cheap bar
! gains to give us a call before purchasing.
All kinds of Produce taken for Goods.
Bedford, Sept. 2*2, 1854.
!J] Choice Assortment of the Finest Quality,
For Sole at the Lowest Cash. Prices, at
IV M . B . EL T<)A' H EJD'S,
No. IS I South Second Street, between Pino and U
■nion, ITe-r Side, PHILADELPHIA.
The assortment embraces a Large and Select Stoch
of Pine, Watches, Jew ley, Silver Ware, Albeita Ware,
/'fated with fine Silver, in. Spoons, Forts, Ladle*, \c.
j — Jet Goods, Puns nod Fancy Article* of a superior
i quality, deserving the examination ot those who de
! sire to procure the best goods at the Jgtwest Cash
j Prices.
flavin" a practical /. iimctcilge of the business, and
I al! available facilities tor Importing and Mannfuctnr
ing, the subscriber confidently invites purchasers,
believing that he can supply them on terms as lavor
able as any other establishment in either of the At
lantic Cities.
tEr"AII kinds of Diamond and Pearl Jewelry and
Silver Ware manufactured to order, within a reason
able time.
CZN Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully
repaired. WM. 15. ELTON HEAD,
No. ISI South Second Street, a few doors
above the Second Street .Market, West Side.
y In the South Window of the Store may be seen
the famous BIRD CLOCK, which commands the ad
miration of the scientific and curious.
Oct. 13, 1631.—1y.
Reeve L. MBlight,
(Successor to Hartley Sr Knight,)
A'o. 148 South Second Street,
Pivr doors above Spruce Street, PHILADELPHIA,
I Where he keeps constantly on hand a full assortment
: of every article in his line of business. FEATHERS,
FEATHER-REDS. Patent Spring Mattresses, Curled
j Hair, Moss, Corn Husk am! Straw Mattresses, Velvet
Tapestry, Tapestry, Brussels. Three-Ply, Ingrain,
Venetian, List, Rag and Hemp Carpeting-. Oil Cloths,
i Canton Mattings, Cocoa and Spanish Mattings, Floor
1 and Stair Druggets. Hearth Rugs. Door Mats, Table
i and Piano Covers, to which he invites the attention
j of purchasers.
Oct. 13, IS3l—ly.
Cassinetts cheaper than ever—Kentucky
Jeans—Flannels, Linseys— Cloths atul every
I description of Winter Goods, we offer at prices
I that cannot fail to please.
A. B. CRAMER & Co.
Oct. 27, 1854.
] DR. CALVIN M. PITCH, of New York, would
! announce to the citizens ol Western Pennsylvania
that he is at present delivering a course of LKC -
TERES at PITTSBURGH, where he will remain till
December ISth, during which period he may be con
sulted daily, at his rooms at the City Hotel, corner cf
Third and Smithfield street-, for
and all others connected with or predisposing to Con
sumption, in the treatment of which his ample expe
rience and unrivalled opportunity for observation
have given him the most marked sorcess.
Dr. Fitch desires to see his patients personally in
I every instance where it is possilde ; where it is not,
i a careful statement of the case may be sent by let
: fer. to which a prompt reply will be returned, giving
I ins opinion of the case, and when he is willing toun-
I uertake the treatment, will state the expense ol the
j remedies requisite.
Nov. 17, 1801.
Iron, Nails, Spikes, and Grain and Grass
1 Scythes for sale bv
I * 'A. B. CRAMER & CO.
Wool, Rag, List and Hemp Carpeting, from
' 18c up, for sale by
i Delaines, Cashmer.is, Alpaccas, Thibet Cloths,
' &c., &c., of every color, just received and for
Uale by A. B. CRAMER & Co.
j . .....
For Sale Cheap!
One large Ten Plate Stove —with doors com
plete, by * A. B. CRAMER sN Co.

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