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FRIDAY. • : ; OCTOBER 0, 1883.
State Sewator,
rkprksbntati vp,
.0- K. SHANNON, Hertford IJor
.101 IN AI.DSTADT, St_ Cluir.
' SAMUEL DAVIS, Bedford Bor.
J. B. FARQUHAR, Bedford Hor.
HENRY MOSES, Bedford tp.
Election, Tuesday, October 13.
The Democratic Club of Bedford Borough,
wiff meet at the Court House, on Saturday even
ing next. Several speeches will be made. Rul-
Iv, Demoerata, Rally.
Turn Out!
Democrats turn out to the election find bring
your neighbors out also. lxt not a singlo Dem
ocrat stay at home, Poll your full vote and
success is certain. If your voters are not out
by one o'clock in the afternoon, send after such
as are absent. I/st thoso who cannot walk be
taken to the polls in carriages. Txit those who
T > ..._ 7 • *IU DUCU no 1.1
able. Assist the poor in paying their taxes
and seo that no man is defrauded out of his vote.
Men and brothers! ye aro voting for liberty!
strike laird, strike home! JJow's the day Rnd
now's the hour to break tho tyrant's hated pow
er ! Up strong-armed and true-hearted Demo
crats of Bedford county, "up and at them!"
Go to the Foils Early!
The Whole Ticket.
Democrats will lie asked by their Abolition
enemies to split their .ticket, and vote for some
of the Abolition candidates. Tell these scamps
when they ask you to do this, that you are not
in the lmbit of voting for men who call Demo
crats Copperheads and Traitors and want them
hung and their property taken from them.
G. D. Trout
Has said in the presence of respeetublo men
who can be produced that bo would rather have
his head cut off than vote for a.democrat.—
Yet this same jtihy candidato will have tho ef
frontery to ask democrats to vote for him—the
man who thinks it "nobody's buisinoss if he did
marry a niggef."
Millard Fillmore.
That tine patriot, Ex-President Millard Kill
more. has united himself with (lie Democratic
party and will address tho people of Philadel
phia in behalf of Judgr Woodward. His speech
will linvc great weight with every honest reflect
ing man. He is also announced 1o speak at
Gen. McClellan.
The hero of the Peninsula and Aiitictam. is
flow in Philadelphia and appeals to his old
friends, tho soldiers of the Army of the Poto
mac, to vote (or his friend, Woodward. Gen.
McClellan desires the election of Woodward.
How can anj- soldier voto against the favorite
candidate of glorious "Little Mac?"
Barnburning, &c.
That diabolical specimen of mondacity, tho
lledford Inquirer, charges Democrats with burn
ing barns, <£c. If Wheelbarrow, or any of his
correspondents know niiy Democrat to have been
guilty of snch work, why don't they prosecute
him! If guilty he ought to he punished. Wheel
barrow also charges us with having counseled
resistance to tho draft. If this be trao, why
not havo us arrested and tried for tho offence ?
It ißi Wheelbarrow'# duty to have us brought to
justice. Why doesn't he do it I—further the
Democratic nominees aro accused of being "Se
cessionists," "Traitors*!' etc.. If thdy are, why
not have.them at once taken before the U. S.
Court at Pittsburg and tried ? That would put
an cad to such men's troubling the "loyal" peo
ple of the county. Why don't you do it, Abo
litionists? Ah! you know that they would bo
honorably acquitted and- then you would be es
topped froth slandering them in the future
Look at This!
lied lord county's shave of the war debt,
is at present
$4,598,502 002
The valuation of Bedford county, 1)V the
last Revenue Board, is $3,458,223 00. —
How we do prosper under Abolition rule.
Vote for 0.. E. Shannon,
for I'rothonotary. His election will save
you many dollars in the way of fees.
Vote for Samuel Davis,
for Associate Judge. He is a man of in
tegrity, sound judgment and great fjjmncss
of character. It is very important that a
man like Maj. Davis should be on the bench.
Vote for James B. Farquhar,
for Treasurer. He is an upright man, who
w ill sec that the public moneys are safely
kept. He is a good and true Democrat.
Remember Farquhar, and be sure to have
1 his hanie on the ticket.
Vote for Capt. Aldstadt.
for Sheriff. The old J Jomoeratie veteran
who stood up for so many years against the
whelming tide of Abolitionism in St. Clair,
deserves the support of every Democrat.
Let all personal feelings be laid aside for the
good of the cause and let Capt. Aldstadt'
. receive the full Democratic vote.
Voto for George Rhoads,
for Commissioner. The office of Commis
sioner is very important, just now. If the
Abolitionists bad been in power in that o#-
iice during the past 3 years, our county debt
would have been twice as great a3 it is, for
the reason that the leaders of that party
have been desirous of dragging the county
into all kinds of schemes connected with
the war. Beware of voting for a man like
V illiam Smith, the Abolition candidate for
Commissioner, for ho will bo controlled by
the Abolition leaders in Bedford, who are
ever ready to plunge the county in debt to
further their own plans concerning.the war.
Vote For
j 11LNR\ MOSES, for Poor Director, for
j DAN'L. BARLEY, for Auditor, for J AS.
j MATTINGLY, for Coroner, allot' them
) good and true men.
That it is all-important that a Democratic
Senator and a Democratic Representative
he chosen. The majority in tho Senate
may depend upon the result in this district.
The State will be re-apportioned into dis
tricts for Members and Senators, at the coin
ing session. Democrats, if you want to
[ keep Bedford courtty separate from Somer
set, vote for It. F MV.Virij T , (C __
~ very important to the party, and, there
| fore, let every Democrat stand up firmly for
the nominees.
Gro to the Polls Early!
s2l per Pay!
lition candidate for Senate, (eok s2l per
; day, out of the people's pockets for occu
pying a seat in the Legislature which his
own party friends decided, belonged to an
other man. How can any honest man vote
for George W. Householder?
A Change.
Let us haw a change. Co.me, men of
reason, help us make a change. ' Now's
your time! Delay not till next year what
ought to be and can be done to-day.
Miners Laborers!
Men of Broadtop! Look to your own in
terests and vote against Andrew G. Cur
tin, who is in favor of the EmancipJfon
Proclamation, which will operate to send
the negroes North to take your places, at
lower priee.tuin the mines and WQrk-sliops
of the couiiff,' 1 Remember this and vote
Bets and Brag!
The Abolitionists are trying to frighten
the timid by bragging and offering to bet.
They arc furnished with green-backs by
Curlin to do this. After you have voted,
yon can easily back them down by staking
your change on Woodward. "We have seen a
number of tlwm beaten at this game already.
Don't Believe Them.
To bolster up their sinking cause, the
Abolitionists circulate all kinds of stories a
bout this, that and the other Democrat go
ing over 1o their party. These stories are
not true, at least so ijar as Bedford county
is concerned. Those Democrats who are
now with them, went over a year or two ago.
On the other hand, tho Democracy arc daily
gaining from tlie ranks of the enemy. Bed
ford county is all right by an overwhelming
majority. Let the Democrats Stand linn
and turn out in their strength and that ma
jority will run up to J\ooo. The State is
ailsQjigiit and will give Woodward a large
majority. .
Well informed Democrats estimate tlio
majority for Woodward at 40,000! If a fair
vote be taken, we have not the lenst doubt
that it will be 50,000.
Go to the Polls Early!
Fraud upon the Soldiers. ;
The Abolitionists have made arrange
ments to get furloughs for such Boldiers as
will vote for Curtin. No Woodward soldier
will be permitted to go home. The Aboli
tion committee have issued a circular to have
their soldiers assessed, even-though they be
thousands of miles away. Upon this vote,
selected from the army, they build such
slight hopes of success as they yet possess.
But they will he disappointed. The PEO
PLE are rising in their might, and nil the
frauds Abolitionism can resort to, can not
slay the avalanche of public indignation
how rushing upon Curtin and his minions. ;
Wheelbarrow Electioneering!
Fraud and Forgery!
Ia the Bedford Inqtiirrer, of week before last,
appeared what purported to lie a letter written
by 15. F. Meyers to aM r. Reed, in Woodberry.
Tills publication was made to inoense thofiicuds
of Mr. Hall and the Abolition tricksters thought,
when they accomplished this, fraud, that they
would certainly make great capital against the
Dcnicratic nominee for Assembly. But they have
been circumvented and their FORGERY will
avail them nothing.—There arc but two persons
of the name of Reed in Middle and South Wood
berry tps., and they liave made the following
statements which place Mr. Wheelbarrow in
about as enviable a light before the public as did
tins brand recently put upon him by the Burgess
and Council. Read these statements, Republi
cans, and blush for tho fraud and meanness of
which those who claim to bo your leaders have
been guilty.
WOODREUKY, Oct. 5, 18G3.
A letter having recently appeared in
the Bedford Inquirer , with your signature
appended, representing to have hecn writ
ten to "Mr. Reed," of Woodberry, I here
by state that if any such letter as that,
over your signature, is in the hands of the
editor of that paper, it is a forgerv.
Yours, &c.;, N. P. REED.
S. WooomutuY Tp., Sept. 20, 1803.
I see by tho last issue of the Bedford
Inquirer , that a letter to "Mr. Reed," pur
porting to have been written by you, in re
gard to Mr. Hall's claims as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for Assembly, is
published in that paper. Now, I take this
method of stating that I never received any
such letter from you.
cJiiTir"*"* j.
The active, working supporters ofCurtin n;o
nnd these Shoulder-strapped gentry who love
to see "greenbacks" hot fear to go within see
ing distance of the "graybneks." Federal As
sessors, Collectors nnd Deputy Collectors, Mar
shals and Enrolling Officers are the men who
support Curtin. These cormorants fatten upon
the substance of the people flung into their
caps by Lincoln and Curtin, who wring it from
tho honest yeomanry of the country, by laws
passed by themselves and their agents. How
can such men look the hard-working people of
the country in the face and ask them for their
Capt. John Aldstadt.
h'lic Democratic candidate for Sheriff, Capt.
John Aldstadt, has been made tho target of ev
ery arrow in tho Abolition quiver. But lie is
clothed in the armor of purity and honesty and
the shafts of his enemies fall harmless at his
feet. He has been abused by tho branded slan
derer of the Inquirer without stint and without
the slightest reason. Just as Andy Crisman
was, last year, assailed by that miserable crea
ture, so Capt. Aldstadt is now made the object
of his attacks, Crismnn was elected and now
we hear no more of his "disloyalty." The same
will be the case with Capt. Aldstadt. lie will
bo elected by an unprecedented majority, and
then poor Wheelbarrow will go whinin" and
fawning around him to get printing favors, just
as ho does now with Andy Crisman.
That Subscription.
GI DLON D. TROUT subscribed to the coun
ty fund which was promised tho nino months'
volunteers, the people of Bedford county, are
now called upon to pay Mr. Trout's subscrip
tion in the shape of a nice littlo hit of county
[tax. Mr. Trout and his political friends brought
this tax upon the county, by declining to make'
good their promises and subscriptions to the Sol
diers. What think you of that, Tax-payers ?
A Pledge.
The editor of this paper, although a candidate, j
refrained from "blowing his own trumpet" and
bus hitherto permitted his political enemies to
assail him almost without reply. Hq now takes
this opportunity to say, (what is unnecessary to
be said to any man of sense) that he is, as he
has always been and always will be, a UNION
MAN, in favor of the Union as Washington
and his compeers made it, and now pledges him
self, if elected, to use every effort in his power
to bring about a restoration of tho Union as it
ff3?-l'rof. Edward Hrookd, of tho MHlersville
State Normal School, will lcctifrcin the Luther
an Church, to the students of the Normal Schoo'
now in session in this place, on Friday cveniug
next. Subject, "Thought and the Thinker."
The public are invited, and we advise all who
wish to enjoy a rare treat to attend.
Examine Your Tick ets!
When a hunter wants to make n sure shot
lie first examines the priming of his gun, before
lie pulls tho trigger. So let every Democratic
voter tirsi examine his ticket before he presents
it at tlno ballot-box. Democrats, let every man
of you, this time, fire a SURE SIIOT and a
SOLID SHOT. Let your ammunition boas
follows, and compare it carefully with the fol
lowing before you use it:
George W. Woodward.
William J. Baer. ,
lienj. T. Meyers.
I'rotlionotury, Register and Recorder and Clerk \
of the Courts,
O. E. Shannon.
John Aldstadt.
Associate Judge,
Samuel Davis.
James 13. Farquhar.
George Rlioads.
Daniel Barley.
Poor Director,
Henry Moses.
James Mattingly.
Judge of Supremo Court,
Walter H. Lowrie.
The ticket for Supreme Judge must bo cut off
from the bottom ot" tho ticket and tied up with
the balance. Have your tickets carefully pre
pared and tied, before you go to the polls. Bo
sure to have both pieces of tho ticket.
Some of the Abolition leaders arc going about,
the country bragging about what they expect to
do. To hear them talk you would think there
will not be a single Democrat left in all Penn
sylvania by election-day. They are only whist
ling to keep up their courage. They know
that many of their men are daily deserting them
and coming over to tho true Union party, tho
Democracy, and hence they blow loud and lus
tily in order to prevent others from following
their example. Tlicy have offered to bet on
Curtin, but when it came to putting up the
money, they "weren't there." Let no man bo
alarmed at tho gassing of tlieso tricksters.
Cnrtin's Scavenger. •
The Chief of the Arsenal at Harrisburg,
Maj. D. Washabaugh, instead of being at his
post attending to his duties, has been here for
weeks, trying to warm up the tepid veins of
his party in this county. Every "Republican"
fc-ho is found out by hiin to have expressed an
fifcvillingness to vote ho visits and drums at
until ho gets him to promiso that he will attend
tmfflli L 3 It kiuq uC BCUICiIUCi iui
Curtin and is trying to sweep every lane and
by-way with his Aliolition besom. The reason
of the Major's activity for Curtin is the fact
that lie gets a nice little salary of Seven dollars
per dug in his present position and ho knows
very well that if Curtin is not re-elected he
will havo to take his hand out of tho public
crib. Let tho people bear this in mind when
they are approached by this gentleman.
Democrats, Be Firm!
Democrats, firmness nnd resolution on your
part will win a great victory for your principles
on the thirteenth of October. Falter not an
instant, hut march straight forward in the path
of duty. No matter what calumnies aro ut
tered against tho Democratic nominees, or how
loud rtic boasts of tho paid tools of Curtin,
regard them not, but push on the good work
for Democracy and the old Union. The Abo
lition tricksters will say any thing, even if they
know it to he false, to mislead the people.—
They will garble and misquote extracts from
Democratic spocches and papers, as the Bedford
Inquirer is now doing. They will circulate lies
about prominent Democrats refusing to support
the Democratic ticket. They wHI attempt to
stigmatise Democratic candidates as "Secession
ists" and call them all kinds of viUanons names.
They will heart of what they intend doing, and
hating plenty of "greenbacks," furnished them
out of the President's "Secret Service Fund"
raised by taxation of the people, they will of
fer to bet on the success of their Slate Ticket,
Remember that tlicso things aro all more parts
of a game which the Abolition wire pullers are
trying to play for their own benefit. Be firm
and determined and all will he well!
The Meeting at Woodberry
On Monday last, was a grand success. A
bout 500 peoplo were present. Our lilair comi
ty friends turned out in tine stylo. The Newry
Band was present and discoursed most eloquent
music. Speeches were made by M. A. Points,
John Palmer and B. F. Meyers.—On Monday
evening a largo Democratic meeting was held
at Lafayetteville and on Tuesday evening at
Willow Grove. We havo not the room for tho
list of officers of theso meetings.
If you want another Draft, vote for Curtin !
If you want to have more Taxation, vote for
If you want to have the negroes set free, vote
for Curtin !
If you want to have negro labor compote
with white labor in the North, vote for Curtin !
If you want to-havo an early and honorable
peace, vote for Woodward!
If you want to have the Union restored, vote
for Woodward !
If you wmit to have your rights as citizens,
vote for Woodward!
If yon want to have your state protected
agiihst invasion, vote for Wuodwaril!
Democratic Mass Meetings!
Grand Popular Outpourings!
The Democracy Aroused!
The two Mass Meetings of the Democracy of
Bedford county, advertised to be held respective
ly at Bloody Run and Ryan's siore, the former
on Wednesday evcuing, Sept. 30tli, and the lat
ter on Thursday, Oct. 1, came oft' at the times
appointed and were the largest meetings of the :
kind ever held in this county, outside of Bed
ford Borough. The meeting at Bloody Run j
numbered about 1000 persons, according to tho 1
estimate of tho best judges, being about four j
times the number present at the Abolition meet-1
ing at tho same place, notwithstanding the fact
that Bloody Run is the centre of what was here
tofore the stronghold of the enemy. GEORGrE
BAUGIIMAN, Esq., of West Providence, pre
sided, assisted by a largo number of Vice Pres
idents and Secretaries. Speeches were made by
Col. Jos. VV. Tate, Capt. George F. Baer (who
distinguished himself in the battles of Freder
icksburg and Chaneellorsville.) Valentitae Hay,
Esq., of the Somerset Democrat, B. F. Meyers,
31. A. Points and John Palmer, Esq'*. The
speakers were frequently interrupted with rounds
of applause. The meeting was held immediate
ly in front of the residence of Col. S. B. Tate,
where a fino stand, beautifully decorated, Lad
been erected during the clay, by the gallant and
fearless Democrats of Bloody Run. Largo del
egations were present from Bedford borough,
Bedford township, Coleraiti, .Snake Spring, the
two Providences and other districts. Tho meet
ing adjourned at a late hour, amid great enthu
A bright and glorious day for the Democra
cy, was Thursday, Oct. 1. On that day from
1200 to 1500 Democrats met together at Fy
an's Store, Juniata township. Delegation after
delegation came pouring in, until the ground se
lected for the meeting, was literally swarming
with people. The Schellsburg delegation was
quite a tine ona, and when that from Bedford
united with it, the scene was truly splendid.—
This meeting was presided over by DANIEL
W-EYAND, Esq., of Somerset, supported by a
long list of Vice Presidents and Secretaries from
Bedford and Somerset counties. Our memoran
dum of the Officers has becu mislaid and we are,
therefore, unable to give the list. James Cur
boy, sr., was Yico President for Bedford Bor
ough. Speeches were made by John Palmer,
.Esq., lion. A. 11. Cotfroth, 15. F. Meyers, Col.
Joseph YV. Tate and Valentine Hay, Esq. The
speech of Gen. Coffroth was truly able and was
received with repeated shouts of applauso. The
speeches of Messrs. Palmer, Tate and Hay wore
also fine efforts, and the portion of our friend
Hay's speech delivered in the German, was es
pecially well received. Our amiable friend, L.
T. j.->„ —_ iu „e ti.o r>~
mocracy present on this occasion, for his gener
ous hospitality and kindness. That glorious
corps of musicians, tho Berlin Brass Band, were
also present, discoursing most charming music,
for which they are entitled to tho thanks of the
Democracy. As for the Democratic ladies who
graced the occasion with their presence, we can
only say, their firmness and fearlessness in giv
ing countenance to the great cause of their fa
thers, husbands and brothers, will yet have its
good effect. God bless them forever!
According to previous announcement the Dem
ocrats of Juniata and surrounding townships
assembled at Buenu Vista, on Thursday even
ing, Oct.. 1. PETER IIILLEGASS, sr., was
President, Lewis Straney, Jacob Adams, Alfred
Miller, Michael Iliilogass, Crouse Long and
John Kisling, Vice Presidents, and Albert Ly
nn, George Bridge, Wm. Wolf hope and Enos
Wertz, Secretaries. Tho meeting was then ad
dressed by Hon. A. H. Collroth, Capt. Geo. F.
Bncr, Chas A. Guithcr, and D. IVcyand, Esqs.,
of Somerset, and B. I<\ Meyers and John Pal
mer, of Bedford. This meeting was very large,
about 700 persons being in attendance, and the
enthusiasm was intense. After the meeting,
tho speakers and a largo party of Democrats
wore entertained at tho homo of that prince of
good fellows, Wm. Keyser, Esq., whose hospi
tality will long he remembered by tho delegation
from Bedford. The Benin Band was also pres
ent at this meeting, and culivoiied tho occasion
with its soul-stirring straiijs.
On Saturday hist, the Democracy of Schclls
burg and vicinity had a grand rally. Not in
tended for a mass meeting, yet the people would
■ have it such, upwards <<f 200 being in attend
ance. . A finodelegation/eanic in from St. Clair,
with music and flags, t'ho meeting was presi
ded over by WM. ROCK, assisted by Jacob
Dull, Peter Wincgardaer, Solomon Shrader,
Daniel Horn, Feter Dewalt and Cornelius Whet
stone, as Vice l'residents, and A. E. Schell,
Samuel W. Miller, Esq., and W. J. Rock, its
Secretaries. Speeches vere made by J. G. Fish
er, M. A. l'oiuts and John Palmer, Esqs. The
meeting adjourned with three cheers for the U
nion, the Constitution and the Democratic Tick
A large meeting! of the Democrats of East
Providence townshp, was held at the house of
D. A. T. Black, ®q., on Wednesday, Septem
ber 30th, The mleting was addressed by John
Palmer, Esq., and B. F. Meyers. We owe our
East Providence friends an apology for not be
ing able to publisi the names of the officers of
their utceting, c.spur typos have mislaid the list.
Our friend Black will please accept our thanks
for his kind attentions.
Go to tie Foils Early!
"Tho (Ticket, The Whole Ticket, and
Hothing hut the Ticket."
Ai'fur cursing and abusing the Democrats us
"Coop 'heads" and "Traitors" tho abolitionists
a; new busy begging Democratic votes for their
candidates. There is not a Democrat in tho
county who has not been stigmatized as a "Se
cessionist," a "Copperhead" or a "Tory," and
t he Abolitionists will liud out on the 2d Tuesday
of October that this fact will bo remembered.
Democrats can't 'split' nor 'scratch' this time,
to accommodate men who want them hanged- ,
Every true Democrat in Bedford county wilt
lire a SOLID SHOT—a whole, pure, unadul
terated, unscratehed ticket—at his Abolition foe,
at the nest election. Hark that!
to the Polls Early!
HAY'S HILL, Oct. 2, 18G3.
I have concluded to give you a few sfc-ay
lines iu relation to the grand (!) Abolition gath
ering which Davy Over was to have addressed
yesterday at Fairview. Davy was no doubt in
buoyant spirits, thinking of tiio immense gath
ering of citizens he would have under the sound
of his voice to listen to his eloquence in this
stronghold of Abolitionism. At the hour ap
pointed for tho meeting, tho delegations began
to arrive, each delegation was composed of .1
1 sing I': MM, ar.d ere long there were present seven
1 Abolitionisms and one Democrat. Davy thought
i tho tissc-.ablage too small and too much scatter
ed for him to waste his precious breath in spcak
, met (o so few, and the Abolitionists sneaked hack
I Without hearing any of Davy's eloquence. Poor
| Davy 1 there ho sat by tho Liitle King of the
II La bor, who was trying to console him by tell
; ing him that they would bo out on the day of
I election, wringing his hands aad looking to soo
1 the masses gathering, but they wore not visible;
I then turning his head downward, evidently sur
veying those infernal regions, where, ero long,
he no doubt expects to join the rest of his polit
ical friends in sirring praises to Father Abe.
'The Little King appeared anxious tohavo some
I advice from Davy, if his Abolition friends fail
ed, as a great many of them will, to bo present
on the day of election, how lie coiiH rest fold
two tickets together to make up tho deficiency
of absent Republicans, without being detected
again by tho Inspector. This meeting was a
sad affair to soma of those sapient gentlemen in
| this township, who have heretofore led tiiemae
i sos by falsehood and deception, but which they
I can do no longer, as tho decreased majority
| which East Providence will give sluddy Andy,
! will abundantly show. Yours, truly, A.
i Grandmother [Andy G.l Curtin Saving
the State Oapitol I
"Halloa! Seymour and Parker! you nin't
Copperheads any more ! Hurry, for God's sake,
hurry up with your Militia! Lee's going to drive
mo out of house and homo ! 00-00-00-oo! What
I shall I do! Where shall I go? Hurry Seymour,
| hurry Parker
Is Gurtin a Baron and the Soldiers his
"liemoraber, loyal men, that in two years
nearly two hundred thousand men, to aid in
crushing a wicked and causeless rebellion, were
furnished froiu Pennsylvania by Andrew G.
We dip the above from that v ile Abolition
sheet, the Harrisburg Telegraph. We had al
ways supposed that all the soldiers of Pennsyl
vania, exoept those who were drafted, had vol
unteered. But, according to the Harrisburg
Telegraph, the Pennsylvania soldiers did not vol
unteer at all, but were "furnished by Andrew G.
Curtin" —pretty much as an ancient English
Huron used to furnish his King with a certain
number of vassals, in tide of war, or as a
drover supplies a butcher with so many head
of cattle, to be slaughtered. Curtin is a great
man, truly. He seems to think that the soldiers
who liavo gone to the war from this State are
I his property—his slaves—and that he is entitled
to the credit of having "furnished" them to the
Government, while they aro denied all credit
whatever. Indeed, his own heartless words,
uttered oil the bloody field of Gettysburg, after
tho battles, show tnat ho regards the soldiers as
no better than ''food for powder," and that tho
killing and wounding of several regiments .of
them is a small matter. After the terrible bat
tle at Gettysburg, Andrew G. Curtin rode o
vor tho bloody field, and hearing a wounded
officer exclaim, -'thisJs an awful slaughtor of
l'ennsylvanians," ho flippantly remarked, "it
matters little, there tiro plenty more to take
their places." The thousands of widows and
orphans in Pennsylvania, whose protectors \ve?e
slaughtered in that fearful fight, will cherish in
bitter remembrance tho heartless uttcraneo f
him who now shamelessly uspiros to tiic title of
"the soldier's feiend !!" ,
It ia not often that we come in contact with
an nrticlc that we feel justified in recommending
to our numerous roadors, but the artiolo of Fam
ily Dye. Colors, manufactured by Howe & Ste
vens, übvertised in this day's papor, we feel we
can heartily commend to nil who may have nee
for dyes of any colors. For sale by all drug
. wtufrttur i '.-•wiaaawjiMHß—U''.
COMPHER Sept 2ft, 183, Wilaum, in
fant son of Doctor John and Henrietta D. Corn,
phor, of this place.

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