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uirw; AND iweuctor.
Oitl.V |Hr for *10 M
KtKI WlLEl Y, , pntilKhtMi trl weekly during fht ?v.,k>u of
<* * -?>) b 00
Cluk wiU kfuruitkei M Jklmn l
KiV* **f*e* of lb* UAII V, 10 00
Kir* rvftr* of I he ?WI WEKKI.V 20 00
~ * ?1?'"" " ' Si oo
So deduction (or fhl* on WKEKI.V.
rm rants or rut: ska, a so islasd jma ssfobtatios.
fire, Santv, ami Inland Insurance
OFFICE Northwest Turner of I'eiinsvlTauin avenue
and NeventeentU slreet, \> ashingtun city,
D. C.
H.in Thomas U. FVwetne, Charted Ittotjee.
<imrt? H. AroMlrofiK. Thomas .ManderArlil.
Charles A. Rubtram Edward H. Helmbuld,
flporifo Ilelmbold, Y, Carroll Hre water,
Jiimra F N'raJI, Isaac Is-arb, Jr.
Tjttnm X. IWi aaoi u, 9?eretary.
(lutrk-f Waller, Xo .1ST l>street, opi?nilo tlty HjII
.lohn M. TWoum curlier tint street and Virginia avenue, Maud.
Jauiea Miliums, Xo. 'is Four ami a half etreet.
John XlKitle- Xo. !W)I Thirteenth aired hek.? Pennsylvania avenue.
t'jplniu J. I'. Levy, X.i. :S7 PennsyltauU avouue, i>|i|>.>.|iu National
.h'lin Thomasou.
.lames M. West,
In charge ? uxAmpfon ritg offc-e,
Northwest corner Pennsylvania avenua and Seventeenth street.
AittHorieed Capilal and .lauds, 1,473,067 07.
Assets, *?S3,0u7 OY.
liiuAad is Bimdi, iluigagri, ami Quid StCurBUl.
TIm following it turnout exhibits ttio bu'ioeu atid condition of the
company to November 1, 1856:
Premium received on murine ami inland risks to November 1,
1050 9214,084 00
Ftre premium. 170,790 01
Intercut on loan ;. 8,704 4 7
Total receipts .' 400,tt>i 08
Paid marine losses 804,427 04
Paid Ore losses .. 119,737 lift
hxpeuses, salaries, and commissions 45,480 00
Reinsurance, return premiums, and agency
charges 27,474 08
177,128 61
Balance remaining with the company 2X1,057 07
JThe Audi iftht Company are lU/oHaun
Vbiladvlphiacuy and county bonds . fid,848 18
Kailroad bonds 11,000 00
Ural mortgages, real ostole 143,500 00
Stocks, collaterals, on call 32,400 00
Guard and consolidation bank stock . 5.125 00
Deposited wltb Duncan, Fiber man, it (Jo., New York 30,000 00
Deferred payment on slock unt jot due 97,700 00
Notes for marine premium-. . 108,080 59
Due from agents, secured liy bonds 25,376 18
Premiums on pollclee recently issued, and debt, due the
company 26,470 38
Balance lu bank 16,458 74
523,057 07
The business of this company will compare favorably ulih the most
auicoasful of similar institutions in the United States.
From the 1st day of August, 1855, In IIIlecu months, up lo the 1st
day of November, 1856, tlio premiums and interest-; received amounted
to the large sum of four hundred thousand one hundred and eighty live
dollars und sixty eight cents, with the payment of losses and expontes
of one hundred and seventy seven thousand one hundred and
twenty eight dollars and sixty one cents.
tVith these evidences ?i success and good management, the diroc
tors fcol .lustifted In soliciting a share of public patronage, believing
thai the security oiTcred Is ample, and that all fair claims will be adjusted
more acrordiug to equity than legal technicalities.
flic company l( prepared In issue policies egiln-t ln.? or damage
by Are on
Dwtlliiigi, furnititre. mills, manufactories,
ware homes,
Ah ileterlpluris of BITLDINfiS and their cont. nt.s, or all kinds of
UERCIUN0ME, transported )>y
and the canal conveyances to or from any portion of Fl'ROPF. and
and on the hulls of STKAM BOATS navigating the western waters.
The rates ot premium will be as low as other companies, and in tlxlog
them every Improvement iu construction and arrangement will be
taken Into consideration.
All ln.se -peodlly adjusted and promptly paid.
OtBce northwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and seventeen!!!
street, Washington city, D. C.
Assistant Secretary.
Ttuuraw wtiy <dM t* ^W?l <1/ /*? 7/nme
Xotthwai oortw qf Walnut^gnd ?ra??d Vr?/s, PltiladrljJiui.
And in other principal cities of the Unllod States by authorized oflD
cms of the coni|ma\.
Juno 13?dly
BOTNTY I.AM) WABKANT.?Whereas, on the
loth October, 1855, a bounty land warrant, No. 72S2, lor 160
acres, vu Issued to tho underpinned in his name, (October 15.1853,)
?n?l by the Commissioner of reunion* sent to George H. Hick man, or
Haltliuere, and han been io>t. ko that I have never received Haiti warrant,
I hereby give notice tbat I haw not transferred or assigned tuid
warrant, or authorized any person to sell or a*.sigu the same formo
or in my name, and have tiled an affidavit as a caveat to prevent the
Issue of a intent to a fraudulent claimant, and will apply lor a dupli?it*
tur ill-- nanif in" proper tun--.
Ap 11?luw*6w* KI13IIA 8. JOHNSON.
10ST LAND WARRANT. -The undersigned gives
J notice that be will apply to the Commissioner of l'en?iona for a
duplicate land warrant In lien of one fawned to ThanM RlcbutlfOO,
doted 17th day of December, 18f>0, for 160, No. 12,750, which has been
lost iu tho transinlHaion by mail from Olenwood, Iowa, directed to
Thomas R. Suiter, Washington, D. C., landed 17th December. 1856.
Mar 25- law6w* IIP>MA> K. HI IKK.
CW' The First Annual Exhibition of the Washington
Art tVBAOcinttou, comprising pictures, statuary, he., by tho most
eminent afjlnU In tbo United States, will I* opened 10 the public at
Mr. CoreorsO> new building on II street, ludwcou 13th and 14th
street*, on Saturday morning next, tbo 7th Instant, at 10 o'clock, and
will continue sped. i?Jitii further nodes, ever) day between the host?
*>t In, u. iu . uud 10. p. tn. Ticket t of ad tuition may be procured
at the door, and ai th? principal ltookntorcs in the city. Single ad
li.i'Si 'ii, ?v.riih itv. rem* >11 ti< L. i,. iltiy litMar
of the Foreign Commerce of the United States, showing the foreign
0?ot 1M h Btefc -Ii b? .?ggr? tt.* im|???rta Irom and ?*x|a?rt^
i? each foreign nation, from the year 1820 to the year 1856. and the
foreign commerce of the United States with every important maritime
country in the ttorld during the same period;including a review of the
progress of Amcrtaao commerf-e, and .1 preliminary sketch of the trade
*a the American colonies Compiled by J. Smith Ho man*. jr. For
-oia at Ttvinn Ar UAt'Rva
?|t 17 ?31 Bookstore, near #th slreot.
Books from london* The
1 Ion-.<?(?>>11 Manager I vol. Istation. S&ceut.s
The Poacher. Ily Captain Marryal. 39 conU.
The ladder of Lib-. By Amelia B. I'-d sard- 11 ditb.
The Spendthrift. 11)' Ain* worth 3d colli'.
JAjj'he) in Search of u father 39 cent'.
leek Tudor. SO cent*.
IV UVluf dona Ihsr'iivei'io.-; iu Central Africa. 11 cunts
Ndltary Hauler. By Johu IHWnr. SO vent*.
Kit inordinary Women, Ihelr Otrlhood and Early life. *5 cents
l'airy Tales. By Alfred Crow-quill. 7i <vun
Idr) Gold for Young and Old. 75 cents.
Harry Ogilva. By i;ram. ..icontTwenty
Yearn Alter, lly puniae. 75 cents.
Arthur O'l.eary. By Charier lever. 7q cvBU.
The Pastors Fireside. By ill's Purler. 74 ccuts
the hotilHnn Legacy. By Albert Smith. 73 rente.
Hy Conain Nicholas. By Ingoldsby. 73 cents.
Luck li Everything Hv Magwell. 75 cents.
I IFF. OF GENERAL NATTER; by Ltevt, <:?ncU
ral Napier, 2 volume*, londoo, 1957.
Ihe Tlieory of War aa illnetraled by military history ; by.Lleul.
Cokmcl Maedongall. 1 volume,!ondon, 1957.
How to Chpture and Govern ttibraltnr. 1 volume, London, 1967.
Military Engineering ami Implements of War ; by R. Forrest, Woolwich.
I volume, london. 195#, many engraving*.
V. * I olver-sl Dictionary oi the KnglDh, Frcneli, Italian, and Gt-rman
languages. 1 volume, I/union, 1957.
Boiler Engineering , bv Armstrong and Bourne. 1 volume, l/>ndon.1967
The Chemistry of ArtlOclal Light. 1 volume, l/indon, 1937,
Crabber lectin leal Dictionary of <ho .irtj aud ?rie?ec?. 1 volutuc,
Imported jkt laet by
r|MIE BORDER ROVERS; l.y Emerson Bennett.
X > vol.
Vivla, or the Secret of Power; by Sire. Sntbuorlb I vol.
Major JournV Seraes In Georgia. I vol , llhialratcd
Captain Simon SuggC Adventurer and Travel*. 1 vol., MluMrauJ.
March It FRAXCK TAYl-Ofi.
REGULATIONS for tlio Army of the United States,
1S&T, )u?t pubttrbed, price SI; mailed, frae of poetage, on re
??pt of II to
Dor tela at TAYIOR k M AYR VP
Ap 11 BooVitora. near sitli Hreat.
?!je 1
rotuMi Mn.
II A. M President.?'TUI? ^uilury <4 lenruiug, instituted tor Ihe
' liberal educaUnu of ynnug Udie*. wait created a college proper by the
: leglalature of Maryland. December newton. 1MV, with authority to
! rotifer degree*, and endoaed with all tb? right* aad privllegaa ut the
I mod favored tenia to tnatiuttioo.
| There are two dapartmeaU in the InelUutkio -the collegiate dr.
Iiartmeiit and the preparatory drpartuieul, with their appropriate
l.rauohe* of learning. The course of study in each h three year*,
designated by aa ntaoy diitereut daaara.
' The course of iiMtruclion 1* Intended to develop the intelleetual, ao
rial, uud moral faculties; and by iniparliug a thorough. iiraetiral, ac
eouipllabed, and Chriatlan education, fit the pupil lot the lalthful dU
I churge of the ru*|?>iuul>lc dune* that await her iu III*.
' ftreat pain* will be taken to promote intelleetual advancement by
j rendering the acquisition of knowledge pleasant, and by training the
! pupil to correct habit* of thought and reflection
The proper ezerclae of the social feeling* will be encouraged by in[
(initiating vvhalm nr belong* to reflned manner* aud dtguifled courtesy
i In our mteroour?o with either* ; while reading, recitations, ahd eipoal
1 Imiia fpnm llin kihk< vrill fkmiUtriiii lhi? min<i it lih 1K0 truikta *vf n***>
I holy religion, aud imbue the heart with right principle* of action and
ralis for the government nflifp.
TV course of Instruction embraces the follow ing howls of alc.dy :
The philosophy of the luetiUl economy and of government ami the
great subject of moral*, not more speculative, but a* they alTect the
heart and Influence Ihe life, will lie taught with care arid fidelity.
Subjects: Moral Hhilusopliy, Rental Hdloaophy, Folltk-al Ktouomy,
Constitution of the Polled Mate*.
The pnelliou of tin ihruiiaii Mother la society, aud her peculiar IU
ties* to fashion the plastic ntind aud heart of Ihe young, demand thai
she should Is1 thoroughly instructed in all that |>ertailis to the truth* of
religion, aud hence iho word of Ood, with the evidences of Christianity,
forms a pari of the course uf instruction.
Huhjeci*: Hcriptural History, Chronology, aud Geography: Evidences
of Christianity, Christian Ethics.
Tlo> course of study In the aurleul languages is sufficiently extensive
to train the mind to careful and palient thought, a* well as to
insure a boiler acquaintance with the English language Besides
translation and analysis. the doctrines of quantity and the metrca will
claim atlenliou, w hile (he classic authors will lie Illustrated by the
light of ancient history, chronology, and geography.
Subjects: Greek language, History of Greek Literature, Grecian An.
Ilquitles; latin Language, History of latin Literature, ilouisu Antiquities.
til Iho mathematics great pains will lie taken to iusura an ae'
quaintanco uitb the subjects pursued, and especially to teach prluCI
pies rather than burden the memory with a multiplicity or rules.
Natural philosophy and chemistry will hereafter be taught with lllus
I rations and ex|>eriui?nt.t. A cabinet of minerals will V lilted up to
I sITord flteilltlea for Ibu stud) of uiinerulogy; and physiology will be
studied with such assistance as may bo derived from anatomical out
| hue platos.
Subjects: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Metisuratiou, Natural I'hl
| l isophy, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Botany, Physiology, Astrou
; omy, Ancient fieography, Natural History.
| As this forms the basis of all the subsequent branches of study, esi
pedal pains will bo taken to lender Instruction In It efficient, and thus
| fucllllHlo the pupil's progressive acquirements. Composition will en!
gage a portion of the pupil's ttuio commensurate with It* Importance;
I so that young ladies will ho enabled to conduct a correspondence with
j credit, and express their ideas upou au.v subject of Interest with ease
| aud elegance. Arithmetic will V taught with especial regard to prac
j tical utility, and tbo pupil will be randercd familiar with aueh calcula
i lions a* occur iu miirkctlug, In shopping, and at the grocery As the
! circumstances of a family depend not only upon what is muds lu husi'
nes.s, but what is sated at home, book keeping will be taught to tbo
young ladles, as a great auxiliary to domestic economy.
I Subjects; Orthography, Reading. Writing, Arithmetic, English Oram
! mar, Geography, History, Honk keeping, Rhetoric, logic,Criticism, Hisj
lory of Llteranue, Compositlou.
The exercises in this department will be conducted In a manner to
! insure to the pupil not merely a know lodgo of the grammatical coni
slrurlion of the bugunge studied, hut ability to w rile and speak it with
i , ."Subjects: Krcnch Language, French Literature, Ppanlsli language,
Siitttin.li literature, tiermau language, uvrnun uutwutt.
This department of Instruction shall uU'ord ovary facility to Ilia slu
| a nit, und llio boat profci.tora bo engaged. Those already In tbo lost!
' tntlon uro of acknowledged ability and approved experience.
Subject*: Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Drawing and Tainting,
. Singing forme a part of the doily religious exercises of the institution,
ocixnnpunied by Uic music of a iwrlor organ.
The institution, though but in its eighth year, already takes rank
t\ Ith our oldest aenttnaries, ami enjoy* a liberal patronage from the city
: of Baltimore, and frotu the middle, southern, and western State*.
C. Urmia, A. M , Profuaaor nf Ancient language*.
Kev. W. F. Taxiou, A. B., Mathematics aud Natural Science*.
! J. A. Monroe, A. It , Mathematics ami Astronomy.
I Miss M C. Hliepard, Belle* ljettres and History
j Mita M. I. Best. English anil Physiology,
i Mary J. l.i Uelntrie, French ami Hpanish.
, Moo*. Uiuile Kelt, Drawing und Painting.
Mon- j. ScliAcffer, Piano.
Mrs. Ellin A. Keirle, (iuitar.
Miss Ellen C. Cohrigbt. Pluuo and Singing.
I Mix* Elixu A. Brooks, l'inno und Singing.
' Mrs E. A. Keirle, Vocal Music.
| Board and tuition, per annual session, t.'OO to 1210.
Mueic, modern language.*, and painting, extra.
The following getithmon have, or have hail, daughter* iu the Cob
{ lege:
j Rev. II. Slicer, talo Chaplain U. 8. Senate, Baltimore.
1 Hon. O. K. Moon* M. ('., Portsmouth. Ohio,
i Or John Fmilh, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
I>r. Henry J. Holmes, Jaeksou, MUfttaippl.
| Rev. S. A. JUrkx, Washington, 1?. C.
j Rev. Edward R. Anderson, Chrbtian.burg, Va.
George Brown, esq., Hague, Va.
The regular spring action will open April loth, but pupils will Ik*
j received ut any time.
For circulars cont lining full iniui imttiou address at No. 6iiSt. Paul
j Mreet, Baltimore, Md. N. C. BROOKS,
TJ Man-h 6?15td&cp Prcaldcni.
Washington Branch Railroad.
RAINS leave Washington for Baltimore?
At 6 and fl'-,', a. m., and 3 and 4 SJ. p. in.
| On Sunday at 4t?. |>. ni.
Leave Baitlmore fur Washington?
At 4X and o;;, it. m., and 3 and 5',', p. lu.
I On Sunday at 4a. in.
! Pasaengers for Philadelphia and New York will take train* *1 4, SJa,
and 4',;.
j FHwtgeri Tor Annapolis w ill take trains at R>? and 4
| Hi). for Norfolk " " R ; and 3.
Do. for the Went ' " t> and 41J, OOMteCtlug
| at Washington Junction. T. H. PARSONS, Agent.
| Jan 17?(111
COMPLETION of Panama Railroad.?Reduction
of fare U) CulKhrnla. -t'nlted Stolen mud MMunHpi leave New
| York for Aaplnwall on the 5th and 20lb of each month, connecting
i w ith mall steamers from Panama to San Franrlsro
i Thcso ateanidiipH have been inspected aud approved by the Navy
Department, and guaranty *;ved anil tnfe/y
Tic Panama railroad (47 miles long) U now eomplvted from ocean
to ocean, and It crossed in 3 or 4 hours. The baggage of |uuengeri
i is checked In New York through lo San lYateteo, ami |ieeaeiigera are
embarked ai Panama by steamer at the company's rtpenae. 'the
money paid iu New York covers all oI|?tise? of the trip.
Reserve steamers are kept in port til New York, Panama, and Sao
Francisco, to prevent detention lu case of accident, an that the route Is
entirely rrtiaijr.
Passengers leave Panama (be same day they arrive at Aaplnwall.
Conductors go throogh by each steamer, aud lake charge of women
| uml children without other protectors.
j For through tickets at the lowest rates apply al the agency, 177
| West atroet, New York, to I. W. RAYMOND,
j .May ft- dlf
ALEXANDRIA U'UiKMY. Alexandria Va._
/% Eighteenth annual sc.-ion. ?The course of study einbracce the
usual English branches, ancient and modern languages, mathematics,
| and natural sciences Its advantages are :
1. Spacious and well-vent listed buildings erected fur the purpose,
i 2 A foil corps of wellspialiAed and experienced teachers.
I ' 3. A enlb'gtute course of study.
4. V full set of apiMratos- piitlosflptdcal, chondoal, aud a.lronomi.
> fat.
5. Full courses of illustrated lectures on natural philosophy, cliem
I .try, and astronomy.
A . sp'crel advantages oifered to young men to ipmlliy themselves
by study and |>ractleal operations in the Held at surveyors and engii
7. Comfortable boarding arrangements ; Itul two student* are
placed in the same room.
? Reading room cou"tantlv supplied with paper*. Ate.
B. A location healthful. attractive, and acceuible from all direction*
by railroad*
10. A prevailing Oiri .liaat tone au l aim In all ill instruction and
: discipline.
Term* : Board and tuition, B180. Student* can enter at any lime,
and arc charged from the date of their entrance. Send and get a
! catalogue. K I. BROCKET!*, PrtMlpal.
March 7 -Ilawdw
A KM 1 B i ONFBCTION ARY . No. 84 Bridgo itre?(
Georgetown, D. C., where all kind* of entertainment* are
furnUhed, *Ith the best iea cream*, cake*, water ice., confection
dry, Ac , at the shortest notice and on the mo*t moderate term*
Medal awarded at the la>t eihlbtiloti of lha Metropolitan M.chanl.V
GKT tbo best Webster's Quarto Dictionary.?
What mora essential to every family, oouutlng room, student,
nd, Indeed, every one who would know the right ?*e of language?
. the meaning, orthography, and pronunciation of word*- than a good
Kngll-h lUcUouaryt?of dally necxnaity and permanent value
Webeter-* lusbridgcd i? now; the recoynUed sundird. " onealantly
dle<l and relied on IB our roarl* of Justice, In our legislative bodies, and
| in public di-ciisetons, aa entirely oooolu.ire, ' says linn, .lohn C. Spea
, a For coplouaneaa, exactitude of deOnlttoo, and adaptcdhess to tbo
present atala of sdene* and literature, the moat valuable work of the
kind thai I have ever seen In our language "?PrmUtni tTVtylorvf,
I-Ubllabed by 0 A C MERRUM, Sprtngdold. Mas*
Sold by all bookseller* In Washington and elsewhere
March "?lindtcp* f
iHur)laii(l .Htule Lottrrien for April, 1#*?7.
R KRAXCE 4 00, llasacsw.
840,000 capital I
Claaa 11,
To b* drawn In Ualumorc, April 18,1067.
I 1 prii* of Mo.tioo 110 prim of. |2,0oo
2 priai-a ol 10,000 20 do 1,200
A do 6,000 | 20 do 000
20 of 8600 and 143 of 8100, l>eiug low out ttoreo number,.
Ticket, 810 -halves 8a quarter, 12 60.
Certiorate package 20 wltole, . .8168
Claaa >*,
To be drawn In liallimora city, April 36, 1867.
ManMHiayr actwaa.
1 1 CtC 4-1 it 1MB) : & iati 7??ti f.r t.t IMin
I <10 . 10,000 i fi do 2,1100 1
j 1 do d.OOO I 5 |
I 1 d<> 0,000 ; 10 do 1,200 j
4 price* of 0,000 | 1*2 lowest 2 dumber* . 400
| 5 <1? 4 000 | 4c. Ac. Ac.
Ticket* 010 -halve* $' -quarter* 02 00.
Certificate [isck.ige 20 whole* 010* 1
| Share.* in proportion.
All order* for ticket* in the abore will nieel with prompt utteutlMi j
and draw tug* u U1 be forwarded to all who order aa aouu a* over. J
Addreai* 7. II III ?H \K1 A AO , ]
M?r27-3Uwtd Baltimore, Md.
Brilliant Schemea for April, 1MT.
gregory a maury, m.issokk*,
Wilmington, IVlaware.
To be drawn under tbe auperlnteudenca of commissioners appointed
by the governor.
lottery for th? bouefll of the
Cluae 81, for 1837.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Del., on Saturday, April 18, 1837.
78 uuutber lottery?13 drawu ballot*.
hiuu ia vr achasr*.
1 prize of 087 300 1 prize of . 02,892
1 <lo 20,000 40 prize* of 1,000
1 do 12,000 60 do 300
1 do 8.000 180 (loweit 3 So. prizes).. 300
1 do 8,000 I Ac. hhe.
Ticket* $10? halves $6?quarter* $2 60.
OertiQcatee of package* of 28 w hole ticket, $140 00 I
i Do do 20 half do 70 00 |
J Do do 34 quarter do 34 00 j
Lottery for the benefit of the
Clan* S, for 1867.
To be drawn at Wilmlugtoti, IM , on Saturday, April 23, 1837.
73 number lottery?12 drawu haltou
.w.iomticknv acurut
1 grand pile* of $46,000 I 4 prizuo of $4,000
1 prize of 33,000 ! 6 do . ... 2,000
1 do 20,000 I 40 do 1,500 1
1 do 13,000 ; 40 do 1,200
1 do 8,000 124 (lowest 8 No. prize*) . 1,000 !
i 1 do 4,800 I he. he. he. |
Tickets $20?halves $10?quarters $5?eighths $2 50.
! t'ertlfleate* of packages of 25 whole ticket* $270 00
Iio do 23 half do 133 00
Do do 23 quarter <lo 67 50
1)0 dy 25 cfghth do 33 75
{ Order* for tickets and share* and eertlQcate* of |>ack*g?.* in the
I above splendid lotteries will receive the moat prompt attention,and an
I account of each drawing will lie sent Immediately after It U over to ull I
' who order from tne.
Address J'. J. BCCKEY, Agent,
Mar 13 Wilmlugton, Iioluware. '
| 11 the Intention of tbo hoard of director* of the Washington and
| Kockvllle Turnpike Company to gravel tlio road from the first toll Rate
> to Hi terminus at the iNatrict linn, contractors Are requested to ad.
dress or apply to tha undersigned on the subject on or before the 14th
j of April neat JOHN' C. IIKENT,
No HO I-ouistana avenue.
J. t. 1-KWfrt,
i Feb 2d?Ho la tf <02 Hevrlilll street.
TTTATCH Repairing and Engraving.?Watches,
' yV chronometers, and pocket timekeepers Of overjr description i
, repaired bv skilful workmen mid warranted to perfor.ni accurately. 1
Kngraving of every description done in the best style, Including the
j cutting of arms, Croats. mottoes, and Initials on stone.
Visiting and wedding cards elegantly engraved and printed,
j M. W. OAI.T * BBO ,
Jewellers, 324 Pennsylvania avenue,
| Jan 30 -tf Between Oili and lOtli streets.
near Kmmlllsburg, l"roderlck county, Mary land.?The annual session
of studies at this institution commences on the 24th August, and
terminates on the last Thursday In June. The terms for board and
tuition are tlM) per annum, payable semi annually In advance. There
are extra charges for music, drawing, painting, and also for Spanish,
Italian, German, and latin. The terms for the primary deportment,
composed of pupils tindi r nine years of age, are 1100 per anuuin, payable
half yearly in advance.
letters of inquiry should be addressed to the MOTHKR 81'KKRIOB
of St. Joseph's Academy, Kmmitlsburg, Frederick county,
July 8?dlycitr
TO LEASE, for a term of voars, the manaian of the
late General Tow sou. fulled States arinv. It coutalus all the
: modern Improvement*, as water works, furnace, pa*, range, &r. Apply
to J. B. H. SMITH, esq., at bis office, on F at root.
! March 21?2wtf
ClOfFEK, FRUIT, Ac.?70 bag? green Rio collce.
) Also, on consignment? *
:W0 boxes oranges.
200 do lemons.
Jo*t received and for Hale by
| March 21-co3ttt MTRRAY k SEMME8. |
DU. M. V. 11. BOG AN* respectfully informs his I
friends and the public that be has removed hi* ortloo aud real i
deuce to No. 4-"?l Massachusetts iveaw, south side, between Oth and
7th streets, where ho w ill bo happy to receive the call- of lus rriend,
who may require hla professional service*.
March 19 -etxMt*
DR. KANE REFRIGERATORS.?The subscriber j
has ,|u*t received direct front the factory a largo lot of the
I aboro superior refrigerators. They come very highly recommended 1
I by the liest Judges In the eastern cities, and are offered ut the very
! low eat priori.
I We have alio In atoro other varieties of refrigerators, which will j
I lie warranted to give satisfaction In every particular, together with?
Patent ice pitchers
Patent bettor coolers
Patent water coolers.
| All of which are offered wholesale or retail at the lowest flgures for
; cash or to prompt customers.
Sign of the Gilt Sow, Penn. av.,
i March 23--ddtlf Between Tenth aud Eleventh street*.
Dlveraioiui of Purley. 1 vol., Sto. N*w tdlUon. j
! Jepling's lsometrieal Perspective
Walsh's Domestic Economy.
Almannth do Gntlia. 18f?7.
Clarke's Dictionary of the English language
New Vnivsraal Dictionary el the English, French, Italian, aud German
Languages. 1 vol.
tme Hundred Songs of Scotland: Music and Words. 37 cents.
A Shilling's Worth of Practical Receipts. 37 cents
Armstrong A Bourne's Modern Practice of Boiler Engineering. j
llardwleke's Shilling Peerage 37 cents.
Darling's Cyclopaedia Bihllographica. I vol., 9 ro.
Imported by EP.ANCK TAYLOR
Ap 11
Tho ?ind<>rMisrD(Hl oflerrf for auto the H. W. fractional uuArtcr of
, "i oiloo IS, Id townanlp 73, north of rouge A went, In the Sum- of Iowa.
Tbhl land u 6ne, rich, rolling prairie, near the Sbookley'a branch of
j Crooked Creek. 11 Ilea elore to the Burlington and Washington road,
! und la 30 miles from Burlington, 16 milea from Washington, 10 miles
from Mount Pleasant and Columbus . ily, $ tnlls-i from Crawfordaville,
I and 11 miles from the I'lank road. 'limber an-l ator.e abundant within
1 2)? miles; saw mill 2 miles and grid mill d miles distant. Neighbor
hood settled, with church and school privileges. A tins grove or
I building spot on the laud
Patent Agent, 401 T street,
April 14?eolwr Corner of 7th street.
MeGREGOR & CO.'a Extensive llotiso-fnrnishing
wareromui, Jfoa. US, 128, and :-2l Seventh street.
Full sets of Parlor, fitnlug room. Hall, and Chamber Furniture, is
mahogany, walnut, rosewood, and oak.
i And a general assortment of all housekeeping goads always on hand.
; at lowest ptioes.
Every attention given to our enMomers.
llonses furnlahed entire at short notice.
I Ap #?eodl mo
FREE BURNING COAL.?Just received one cargo
free burning coal expressly for cooking.
I .Ul coal well screened before delivery.
A superior lot of wood now on band.
! Fair weight and measure may be relied on In all rases, and the puce
I ss low as the best article will admit.
| Coal kept under cover, 2,240 pounds to tba Inn,
T J. k W. M. OAtT,
Northwest corner 12th and C street* No. M7,
One square south of Peon avenue. i
I Ap 10?d2w
POCKET MAPS at Taylor & Maury'#.?Township
and Sertlooal Maps of all the States and Territories Just received
Ap It Bookstore, near Ninth street I
gtou 1
The Organization of the Knecutive Department*
of tlie (internment of the United State*.
MATE UtfiktEkM.
Tl?? whol? mai-Jiiu'rjr employed lo conduct iLe buahic-u urliion out
uf our fijfcifu relations with all ibe power* of tbe world to far more
-imple than h geueraliy nQOdrnd. The number employed in the
1 In iMUfci.ni of ?tai? of the United Stales is only aeventeon, a* lollows: j
Ono iMrcUry of State, (Hon. lewis Cm*,) one A>siat,ikt Secretary at
fkute, (Hon. John Apple ton.) ou* chief clerk, Hmvo clerks, one trans
la tor, and one librarian
Dijinmctfic Htanrk -Thi* branch of the State Department, lias
charjtedf all cori eppondeuco between Ute department and other diplomatic
agents of the United Stale* abroad, and those of foreign powI
era ncredited to thU gorerumrut. In it ail diplomatic instruction*
: *cai from the department and ooiumurdcatiorui to commUsionera un!
der treat lea of boundaries, kc., are prepared, copied, aud recorded; aud j
ail of like character received are registered and filed, their content* '
i>eing first entered in an analylio table or index.
hraiuh ?Till* branch ha* cbarga of the corrc<*|>ondence,
4u\. betweou the department and the couauU and comti**rriAl agent*
ofAha United Slat"*. ]u it instruction* to tho*c officer*, and answers
to their despatches and to letters from other poraong ankuig for rotisu- i
i?r agency, or relating to couuular afialra, are pr? pared und recorded. 1
The iHdmrung Agent.?Bo hag charge of all corn*s|>ondfltice and
other matters ooauooted with account* relating to any fund with the
dl.<hur*eriiont of w hich the department ut charged
The Tmrulnlor ?Hh? duttea are to furtii*h xurh translation. a< the
dopuitBtent may require. He aUo record* the coin mission* of consul*
and consul*, when twd In Rnyfish, upon which exequaturs are
?f AMiMtmfui* end Cmmtmfmc- II?- luake* out uj records
onnitalMWi't,toller, of ap|Kllnlmeut, and nomination, to the Senate;
makes out and rooorda exeipiattir*, and records, wlwu iu Kugllsh, tbo j
rouiniixstoua on u ldch they arc Issued. lias charge of the library.
Cirri of Ihr Rot It and A reiki irt?He taken charge of the ml la, or oil
rolled arte aud raaolattooa of Cocigrosi, us tliey are received at the de :
partmenl from tlie President; preparr* the iiullimdlniled copies thereof
which are rallod for; prepare, for, aud superintends their publication,
and that of treaties. in I lie nr. .littler, and in book form; attend, lu
their dlalribuliou throughout the l ulled fltatoa, ami that uf all doeu
neul, ami publications lu regard to which Ihl, duly ia assigned to the
department; writing aud nnawerlng all letter, counseled therewith.
Ha, charge of all Indian treaties, and business relating thereto.
Clerk of Autkrnlkalimu tutd Oajjriffi*. ?He ha, charge of the
seal* of the fulled btate, and uf tlie department, and prepares and
attache, cogtlflcales to i*per, presented for authentication; reeoives
and accounts for the fees, lhi, charge of publications transmuted lo
tlie department under the law, relating to copyrights; records and In.
dele their ftties; records all idler* from the department, other thau \
tbo diplomatic aud oousular.
Clerk of Parduni and/'turforU~ Ue prepare, and record, pardon,
und remUsiaua; and registers and dies the petition, and isipcr, ou
which they are founded. Makes out and record, psunports; keepi a
dally register of all letter*, other than diplomatic and consular, re
reived, null of the dlsjioaltlon made of thein; prepares Inters relating
to this twines*.
Don. JuroiulahS. Black, Attorney General of tbo United States; R. !
II. Glllct, esq., cliiof clerk, Tho ordinary business of tliia ollice may be
classified under the following heads:
1. Official oplulona on the current business of the government, as
called for by the President, by uuy lieud of department, or by the Holioitor
uf tho Treasury.
2. Examination of the titles of all land purchased, as the allea of
ursenuls, custom-hoiiaes, light houses, and all other public works of
tho United etAtcs.
3. Applications for pardons In all cases of conviction in tho courts
of tbo United States.
4. Applications for appointment in ail tho judicial and logal business
of the government.
6. The conduct and argument of all cults in Ihs Supremo Court of
tho United States In which tho government Is concerned.
d. The supervision uf all other units arising in any of the depart- (
taonu when referred hy the bead thereof to the Attorney General
To these ordinary heads of the business of the office are added at
the present time the following, vli:
First. Tli1 direction of all appeals on land clalma in California. i
Second, the codification and revision of the laws of ihs 1 ?i-strict of
Scsretary of lha Department of the Interior, Him. .Jiicoh 'ibomp- |
ton, of the State of Mississippi. Its clerical forre oonalsW of one chief
i lerk, (Moses Kelly, o>q.,) two disbursing clerks, and ten other rcgular
dorks, and to Its supervision and management arc committed the
following brunches of tho public service:
1st. The I'ubli<: Ia??U. 'Die chid of this bureau is railed the Coin- I
missionor uf tho General land Office. The land Bureau Is charged
with tliasurvey, management, and sale of the public domain, and tbo
Issuing of titles therefor, whether derived from confirmations of grants
made by former governments b\ sales, donations, of grants lbrsoboole,
military bounties, or public Improvements, and likewise llie revision
of Virginia military bounty land claims, and the issuing of scrip in
lieu thereof. Tho (And Utflce, also, audita Its own accounts. Die
present Commfaaiofier la lion T. A. Hendricks, of Indiana, lu prim 1
dpal officers sro a recorder, chief clerk, principal clerk of surveys,
besides u draughtsman, assistant draughtsman, and some ISO clerks ,
of various grades.
2d. JVsd<w.--Thti prcsoul head <if Ibu bureau la George C.
ATliifihg,' fit vlrgltnnd The commissioner la cluirc-d wtih the rxfcml j
nation and adjudication of all claims arising under the various and ,
numerous lawa passed hy Congress grunting bounty land or pensions 1
Par the military or uoval services In the revolutionary and subsequent
wars lu which the l ulled Stale* have been engaged. Ho bus one ;
chief clerk, (S. Gobi, esq.,) and a (sirmaucut corps computing of nouns J
tevenly other clerks, to which Congress, to enable him to meet the '
extraordinary requirements of Ibe new iKiunty land law, has added a
temporary force of about fifty clerkships of different denominations.
3d. /ndfnnr -CommlsHloncr of Indian Affairs rut interim, <diaries E. 1
Mix, of Georgetown, I). C. He in provided with a chief clerk and about j j
fifteen otlier laborditute oh rk?.
4th. rafent Ofibe.?To thh bureau is committed the execution and |
]performance of all "acta and things touching and respecting the grant ,
ing and Induing of patnnt* for new and useful discoveries, inventions, j
and improvementsthe collection of rftalwtlea relating to agriculture; j {
the collection and distribution of seeds, plants, aud cuttings. It ban a ! ,
chief clerk?who in by law the acting Commissioner ot Patents in j
the ahseuce of the Commissioner?twelve principal, and twelve as- J
aUtant examiners of patents, some dozen subordinate permanent , j
?lerks, besides a considerable number of temporary employees.
Beside* these four principal branches of this new executive depart ! 1
incnt, the organic act of iWU transferred lo it from the Treasury I>e- ! 1
Itfirtiuent the supervision cf the accounts of the Culled States marshals
and attorneys, aud the clerks of the Culled Stab * courts, Qo manage
men! of tho lead and other initios of the United States, and the ntfairs '
of the penitentiary of the United State* in the District of Columbia ; and j
from the State Department the duty of taking und returning the ecu I
mihch of the United States, and of supervising and directing the acts of I .
the Commissioner of Public Buildings. The hospital fof tijo jna^oeof
the army and imvv unri of tho Distrtcf df folupihju U ai*p under lb?
management of till* department; In addition to \vuhii, by law* re- | ,
t ontiy passed, the Secretary of the Interior is charged with tho con- i
b tructiou of the three wagon road* leading to the Paritio coast.
The department require* an additional building Ibr it's acconmv>da I
tion, and the erect Km of ope hs* besp rnpoatodly recommended during I
the lasi few years for that purpose, At present the PmiMon Office is
provided with room* in what is known a* "Winder's Building," while j
tlw other branches of tho department, Including the Secretary's office,
arc all crowded Into the Patent Office building, the whole of which
will be required at au early day for tho use (*i the Patent Office, for
which U was originally Intended.
Tho Traasury Department consists of tho offices of the Secretary of (
tbo Treasury, two comptroller*. commissioner of the customs, six au
ditors, treasurer, register, solicitor, lighthouse board, and coa-U *ur J
The fhllowiug U a brief indication of the duties of the.-.? several offi- j
ct*, aud of the force employed therein, respectively:
Secretary'$ Office.?Hon. Howell Cobb, Socrctary of the Treasury; j
Hon. Philip Clayton, Aasistaut Secretary; one engineer in charge; one !
architect, and three draughtsmen temporarily employed, aud twenty 1
three clerks. The Secretary of the Treasury la charged w,m tj|C ?[,. i ,
I.p..I ?n.w?ri/lalnn nC llut trurwnrliima nf the am onniioul an.l .?f t).? 1
execution of the law's concerning the commerce mid navigation of the ,
t'niled States. lie superintends the survey of the const, the light houso
cstaMWimenl, tile Iiiarmo hospitals ol the fluted St itrs, and tli- con
. i i,i certain pulilic buildings for custom liouses end other pur ;
Pint ('omptroHer'j Oficf ? Hon. Willlsm Med HI, Comptroller, and
I'nteen clerks. He presences the tnodo ol keeping and rendering nc
ronn)? lot the rtvll and diplomatic service, as well us the public lauds,
and revises and ccrllQoi the balances arising thereon.
Jtevsuf C(m)lroltrr'a O0i? - Jolin M Brad bead, sup, Complroller, j
and ?yvenieen clerks, lie proscribes the ntode of keeping und tender
ing tho accounts of the artny, navy, and Indian department* of the
public service, and revives und oeitlQes the balances arising thereon.
Ofkv of Coumittioner of Ihe Citfrrmt.?Hugh J Anderson, esq , i
( dmmkwiuorr, and elevou clerks. Ho prescribes the mode of keeping !
and rendering tho accounts of the customs revcuue und disburse ;
moots, und for the building and repairing custom houses, fcc , and re
vises and certifies the balances arising thereon.
Pint Auditor's Office. Tltonias I- Smith, esq., First Auditor, and
nineteen clerks. Ho receives and adjusts (he accounts of the customs
revenue and disbursements, appropriations and expenditures on accmint
of the civil list and under private acts of Congress, and i eports
the balances to tho Commissioner of tho Customs aud the First Otnp.
iroller, respectively, for their dcciehui thereon. i
.Saauuf Atnlilor'i Office Thomas 3 1). I'll Her, Second Auditor, and
twrnly-onc clerks. He receives ami adjusts all ncoouots relatlug to |
the pay, clothing, and recrultlug of the army, as well as armories,
arsenals, and ordnance, and all accounts rclnllng to the Indian depart I
lucnt, and reports the balances to Ihc Fecond Comptroller <br hU docf
sioo thereon.
Third Atulilnr't Ofk'.- -Kobert J. Atkinson, e;q, Ttilrd Auditor, and
seventy eight clerks. He recelrea and adjusts all account* for sub- j
-islcncc of the army, fortifications, Military Academy, military roads, | <
and the QuartermasterV department, as well as for pensions, claims . 1
arising from military services prevlons to 1 ltd, and for horses and I
other property lost In the military sei vice, under various acts of On. |
friMi-. till r<>Drirt? thv linlanri?s In tho Sf^Hiiti ronnittolMr t??r liiw tli* I
rtaktti thereon.
fourth A wtitor'l (fac*, -Aaron 0. Dayton, MM)., Fourth Auditor, and |
-inoon clerk*. IIo receive* and adjneta all account* for the service of .
ily Kavy Department. ;u>d report* tlio balance* to the Second Oomp j
(roller ror bla deei-aoo thereon.
Fifth Amtjnr'i Ojftc*?Murray Mcfoonel, ewj , Filth Auditor, and
nix cwrk.?. Ho reoolToa and adjust* all account* lor diplomatic and
intllar servient performed under the direction of tlio Wale Depart
meal, and reporli the Iwtlancoi to the Flrat Comptroller fbr bin declektu
Sixth Awiilor'i Qffia- William V. Phillip*, eaq , Hlith Auditor, and
ono hundred and one clerk* Ho receive-, and adjuata all amounta
arltlnj from the aervlee id' the That fKBoe Department. Ilia duCMtme
are Una], uule** an appeal be liken in twelve montha to the Flrat Oomp
I roller; and he rnperintendl tbo collection of all debt* due the Peat |
Office Department. j
Traunnr't Offkx... ftaumct Caaey, e.vy, Treasurer, ami thirteen '
i lark*. H? receive* and ke*|ie the moaeya of the Fnltod Htaleti in ble
own office, aud thai <.( the depoettottee trffbd by tbo act of the fifh of
AntfUrt, Ikte and pay* out tho aame upon warranto drawn by the
Secretary of tbe Treaaury,oouDterslfDvd l>y the Flrat Comptroller, and
upon warrauu drawn by tbe Po?tma?tcr General, and countersigned
by tbe fllitb Auditor, and recorded by tbe Register. Ho al?o bolda '
publf money* advanced by warrabt to disbursing officer a, and pay
out Hie aame upon thetr check*
Jtyiret OjlotFinlay Digger Regular. and Iwfntjr n|ne clfrka.
1, 1857.
He keep* the account* of public receipt* aud eipendllurca; receive*
lb. return* aud make* out 111' -rtlcul statement of commerce and nav
igatlon of the United State*; aud receive* Irom tltc Ural Comptroller
iud < <iiuuii.->*mner of Cuatom* all account* and vouchor* decided by
litem, and to charged by law with Ibetr ante keeping.
Mtcuor l Hjfkr - VYancia B. Strreter, Boltellor, and all clerk*. He
aupertutend* all civil bull* commenced by the ('ailed Hun, and in
alrurla Jbe U oiled Stale* uUuruey*, marshal*, aud clerk* lu all matiera
ielating to tliein and their reaulta. Ilo receive* return* from each
term of the United mate* court*, *hmvin? the program and ruodiiioti
oi such uili; bit* charge ol all laud* and oilier property a-dgned to
the United SUtcs in paymeul of debit, and ba* power to aell and dtspoae
oT the nauie for the benefit of the United State*.
LightHutu* Buanl. -Hnu. Howell Cobb, president; Corn W. B Simbrick,
United State* uuvy, chairman: tied. J. 0 Tigten Uniled State*
army; Capt. A. A. Humphrey*, Vailed State* army; Prof. A. 0. llacbe,
Superintendent of (mud Survey. lYof. Joae|ib Henry, eecnotary <*
Stuitbaonian loalilutiun; Caph K. K. l)n|>ont, United Statu* navy; Com
inuiidcr Tlioruton A Jenkins, United Mate* lutvy, engineer: lieutenant
tobn <1 IWrke. foiled State* army, secretary: and live clerk* Hit*
board direct* the building and repotting of ligbl house*, liglitvesarls,
buoy*, aud beacon*, coutract* lor eu|i|>lioa i* oil, In.
United Amies I'ooV 8?rvg OjJby-Professor A. P. Paclie, IJ_ p., bu ;
pcriutendcut, and su|wrinleiidriil of weight* .Hid measure*.
('apt M I. Smith, topographical engineer*, an*l*tuiit, in charge of !
the Coast Survey Office
A. U* Kiuaell, chief clerk.
C. B. ftnow. in charge of archive*.
.. ...... , .viuj...., . ...
Assistant J. K. llilgard, iu charge of computing dlvuioil.
Assistant I.. V. I'uurtalos, iu charge of tidal ill visum.
ljeut. J. C. Tidhull. United Stales army, Iu charge of draining di
Mcut. Huxtou, United ten teg army, lit charge ot engrat fog dirla
Samuel flein, disbursing agent.
flearp Mathiot, electrotypiat
Joseph Sexton. assistant to superintendent of weights aud measure*.
roar orm k lutiviRrniLvi.
lion. Aaron V. Brown, Postmaster Geuerul. The direction and
management of the Post Offloj Department aro assigned by lite cotisti
tutlon and laws to the Postmaster (iennral. That iu boslncjs may be
the more couveulently arranged and prepared lor lite Qnal action, it in
distributed among soreral bureaus, as loilows: lite Ap|siinunciit Of !
lice, |u charge ot the Kir.si Alain taut PiiHtiuueter General; the Contract
Olllce, in chargo of the Second Assistant PoKtmaster General; the Finance
Ofllcc, in clt^ge of the Third Assistant Postmaster lionetal; and
lite Inspection Office, in charge of the chief clerk.
Appointment Office.?Horatio King, can., Kirat Aaslslant Postmaster
Geuerul. und nineteen clerks. To this office ure assignod all qtiesteina
which relate to the establishment and discontinuance ot post offices,
changes of sites and names, appolntmoul und removal of postmasters
and route and local agents, ns, also, the giving of Instructions to post
masters, IWunuters are furnlthod with marking and rattug stumps
and letter balances l>y this bureau, which is churgod also with providing
blanks and stationery lor the use of the department, and with
11)0 iuporinlendence of the several agonrtes established for supplying
Iioatmastcrs with blanks. To this hurean Is likewise assigned the sn
perx ision of the ocean mall stearnship lines, and of the foreign and in
icrnailoual postal arrangements.
Contract Office. William H. Dundas. esq., Secoud Aioivtanl PosUnas
ter General, and iwerny-slx clerks. To litis office is assigned tho busi- !
ness of arruuging the mail service of lite United Stales, and placing the j
same under contract, embracing all corrus|x>uilence and proceedings '
respecting the frequency ul trips, mode of conveyance, and limes ol'du
patturt-s and arrivals on all the routes; the course of tho mail between !
Ibc different sections of tho country, the points of mail distribution, aud
the regulations for the government of the domestic mail service of tho
Unlled Htatcs. It prepares tho advertisements fbr mail proposals, re
ceives the bids, and takes charge onhe annual and occasional mail lettings,
aud tho adjustment and cxeeiitlou of the contracts. All applications
fbr tho establishment or alteration of tuall arrangements, und the
appointment of mail messengers, should be sent to this office. All
claims should be submitted to It for transportation service not under
contract, as the recognition of said service is tir-,t to he obtained through
the Conlract Office as a necesanry authority for the proper credits at
the Auditor's Oftloo. kYoun this office all postmasters at the ends of
route* receive the statement of mail arrangements preset ibed lor tho
respective routes. !t reports weekly to tlto Auditor ull ountracts ere
cute.l, and *11 orders allVctlng accounts for mail triuisportatioti; pre
pares tho statistical exhibits of the nuul aervtoo, aud tUe re|>orts of the
mail lotting*, giving a ststemeot of each l.fil; also, of tin. contracts
made, the new service originated, the curtailments ordered, and the
uddilmuol allowances grunted within the year.
AVmtace Ofkr.?John Marron, esq., Third .Wulaut I'ostinaster Geueral,
and twenty one clerks. To this office are assigned the super
\ iaion and toahagem. nl of the financial business of the deportment,
not devolved by law Upon Ihe Auditor, embracing accounts with the
draft offices and (.titer dci>Oolt*rte.s of the department, tho issuing c.l !
warrants aud drafts in paytneut of balanees reported by the Auditor I
to be due to mail contractors aud other persons, the supervision of
the accounts of unices under orders to dejawite their quarterly bah j
ain*s at designated points, and the nuporintendenco of the rendition |
by postmasters of their quarterly'returns of postages. It has charge t
of tho dead-loiter ofliee, of the issuing of postage stamps and stumped i
envelopes lor lite pre payment of jswinge, and of llio accounts connected
To the Third Assistant IVwtma-ter General all postmaster* should i
direct their quarterly returns of postage; tlx wo at draft offices, thrtr
letters reporting quarlerly the net proceed* of their ofllcetv; and thesu '
nt depositing offices, their certificates of dejawite; to hitn ahuuld also
to due, (,.J II,.. wxukl) and monthly returns "1 tie- tlcposiiajiox of the j
de|uirtmeui ; as well as all applications and receipts for postage stamps
and stamped envelopes, and lor .load teltora.
liuftrfiaH O0t$.?John Oak ford, esq., rhlef clerk, and seventeen j
clerks. Totbis office is assigned the duty of receiving and examining Hhs
registers of the arrival* and departures of tin; mafia, certificates of the
service of route agenta, aud reports of loall failures; of noting lbs delinquencies
of contractors, and preparing cases thereon fbr UtgNyttop
oi the Postmaster General; furnishing blanks for tuail regtoS^pfcod
report! of mail failures; providing utxi sending out mail bags and
mail locks and keys, aud doing all oilier things which ntay he neoealary
to secure a faithful and exact performance of all mall contract'.
All cun ol mail depredation, or violation or low hy private ex
presses, or l>y I In- ii?rsrii?K nr Illegal use of (ssduge stamps, arc under
Lite supervision ol tills offies, and should tie reported to it.
All communications rcsiiecting lost money, litters, mail drpreda
Hons, or other violations ol law. or mall.kicks and key*, should be directed
Chief Citric, Kw OAot ikllilnit"
All registers ol' the arrivals nnd departures pi the mails, oerUdoates
or the service of route agents, reports of inall failures, application*
for blank registers, and inpnrt* of failures, and all complaints against
contractors lor irregular or im|ierfert aervlre, ahould he direvted " Inspection
Office, Dn*l Office Department."
xarr naraiiriortT.
Tin- N'avy Department consists of the N'avy Department proper, be ;
.tig the ollloo of the .Secretary and is five bureaus HUavlo d thereto, viz:
I tor rail of Navy yards and Itsks tiureau ol OttnstrncUoii, Kqutpmcitt,
and IP-pair, Bureau of l*rnvisious ami Clothing, llnroaii of Ordnance aud
Kydrogrnpiiy, and the Bureau of Medicine and .Surgery.
The following Is a statement of lite duties of eaeh of these offices and
of the three employed thereiui
.'hrio'ory'i O(fco?Hou, Isaac Toueey, Secretary of the Navy; Chariot
W Welsh, esq , chief clerk, anil eleven clerks, The Secretary of [lie
N'avy lias charge of everything connected with the naval establish
meni, and the execution of all laws relating thereto Is Intrusted ta him,
under the general direction of the President of tlio United Plates, who,
hy the constitution, is commander In-Chief of the army and navy.
All Instructions to commanders of squadrons and cotnmsuders of
vcsacls, all orders of officers, commissions of officers bolli in the
navy and niariuc corps, appuintmeuts of commissioned aud warrant
officers, orders for the enlistment and dlsehurgo of seamen, emanate
rroin the Secretary 's office. All the duties of tlio different bureaus arc
performed under the authority of tho Heofotary, and their orders are
ronsidered as emanslliig from him. The general superintendence of
the marine corps forms, also, a |wrt of the dutleB of tlio Secretary, and
ill the ordors of lite commandant of thai carps should be approved by
Bused!/ nf .Yitry Tanh ami Dorlt.?Commodore Joseph Pffiph, ehlcf
nf the bureau, four clerks, one rivil engineer, and one draughtsman.
All llie navy yardf, docks awl wharves, buildings and machluery lu
navy yards, ami everything immediately connected with theiu, are
under the superintendence of this bureau. It la also charged w ith the
management of the Naval Asylum
buirau <f Ouniti-wiirm. Eqiiipmait.aiul Repair ? John Ijenlltgll, esq.,
rliief nf the bureau, eight clerks, and one draughtsman The office of
Ihc engineer in chief of the navy, Uauiol 11. Uurllu, esq., is attached to
Ibis bureiiti, w ho is assisted by three assistant engineers. This tiureau
luis charge of the bnlhllug and re|silrs of all vessels sir war, purchase
nf materials, and the providing of all voosels with tliclr equipments,
IS sails, anchors, water tanks, kc. The engineer-In chler superintends
the const ruction of alt marine steam engines for the navy, and, with
the approval of the Secretary, decides upon plans for tboir construction
Bureau if Proririoiu awl CUHinfi.?il. Bridge, purser United Stales
aavy, chief of bureau, and four clerks. All provisions for the use of
Hie uav y, and clothing, together wilh the making of contracts for flir
rtlsliing the same, come under the charge of this bureau.
R.I.-SMU nf (W,1nn.wf nnd I fit, I rnnrnnl,*.?-fattl. Dnnr&n Intrrnlium
hiof 111 bureau, four <dorkn, and oue draughtsman. Tili* bureau ban I
harge of all oriloatmo ami ordnance iHrw. the manufacture or pur- l
;haec of i-aunon, gum, powder, abut, nlicll*, Ac., and tbe equipment !
if vewtela-flfwar, with everything connected therewith. It alio pro- '
i idi'i them with mi pa, cbarta, (Jironomelcra. barometeia, fcc., to !
.-other with audi hooka a* aro lurnlahed abipa nl war. 'Tbe United !
Oatca Naval Obaei vatory and Hydrographical UBIro" at Waahlugion,
mil tlio Naval Academy at Anna|>oli-i, arc aleo under tbo general au- }
lerlotendrnce of the chief of thii bureau.
/In..HM1/ JMMkvim and Surgny.?ltr. William Whelan, aurgOon Unl
ed State* narv, chief of bureau; one panned ae.ilateiit Burgee* United I
Hates navy, and two clorka. Every thing relating to inedictnea and
iii.-dicAl atoree, treatment of nick and wounded, and manavemenl of
HNpitala, cotuoe within the ruptriatcndencu of ihii bureau.
wan iiEraitTKut.
Hon. I B. Hoyd, Secretary nl War. In the Heerwbiry*e offlce proper
here are one chief clerk, arfven anbnrdlnalo clerk*, two iiiiwaiaigon
mil Ihur wat. bmen. The Pillowing bureaua are attached to tbi> de
or Uncut
o.ntMitwHng (/fP'txtl't fifieg.?Thle oflloe. at the bead of wbk.h in I
Jeuteiumt Concral Scott, ia at New York.
Adjutant Omural't O0<t.?CtA. Samuel Cooper, Adjutant General
iMiatanta- -IJcot. Od. W. 0. Freeman, Mtjor George I lean, and CWpt
lelli Williams. Judge Advocate, Major Jolin F. In#.- Niuo clerk* aud
me meaaengi I, In iliia ofllce are kept all tlio roonrd, which refer to
he peraonncl of the army, Ibe rolls, te II l? here where all inlllury
umuit'hlona are made out.
ViKiifei-miijtf.r Cncrol'i Oflir*Goo Thome* H. Jcetip, quartermaa er
general j ( hatlew Tlminaa, aaatataot quartermaatur general; Capt. j
I M t.lark, dietrlot quarter mat ler, Major H. C. Warnw, tn chary* of
lotblog branch, eleven clerk, and one nieeaenger.
I'aymm/rr Gtneral't Oftrr Col. B. F. Tamed. pajnaoabr general;
lajor St. Clair IKuay. dlatrlct paymaster, eight dirk* and ouu aire
OwtwuMiy iiriural, Ortir/.--G?n. George Gibana, oOnuauaary geb
ral. aaaiateut. Captain A. a. Sliriaa ; aia clerk* and one mcaaengor.
Surmm Omtral'i Ojku- Gen Ihomaa Uwaoo, awrgeoo general,
igdatanu, Dr. R. C. Wood ami Dr. Pochard H Cnottdge; three ilerki. j
Knflmar Off**.?General Jneph u. Tottao, chief engine, r; aaaiatant,
oeuteuant John I). Kuril; live rlerka and one taeaemger
Tbpntrvpk-cat Buna* ?CoL J. J. Abert, colonel of ibe vol pa , al
lietanl, Lieut If. L. ftnuh four cirrke attd ooe aeaaangur,
OrBnancr Bureau ?Col H. It Craig,CUfeud (if ordnance; *44*Want,
ajit. Win Maynadler, eight vltfk* agdette ipeageogur
V "j
Tha uaine uf bo per.on will be entered upon oar book*. ?nl*?? the
payment of the subscript nut be nude In adveu<.<
| 1 islam subscribers Bi*j forward ?s money by teller, end all risk
will be assumed by ourselves la it.i aa(e Irannnwuu.
I ^ COOYIBY PAI'EU i- published triweekly 4etiii| Una atssem
, of Control, aud xml weekly during the reoass.
Subscriptions lor a psinal to* Ilien e year will be received i>n term!
proportioned lu the nbeve annual rates.
a^WOTllA.TKIW are suthorLed to net an our agents; end by
sending us rrrn DAILY subscribers, with $60 enclosed; or ml Skill.
WKKKLV subscribers, with #21 eoctoaed. will be entitled to a e?py
Ovrrlaml Mull Route to Californiu.
I'our (hen n IknuarnvxT
April 20, 1M7.
AN ACT of CougrcM, approved 3d March, 1857,
nuking ap|<roprialKj|i? lor the service ol the I Vol OMce Depart
1 meut fbr lite U?al year ending 30th June, Ibid, provides
" Sat- 10. Ttial the postmaster Oner a I be, and ha la hereby, nulhor
iaed to oontraet lor the conveyance ol Ihe enure loiter uiail from -"a ll
point on the Mississippi river, as Ihe eonlrartors mar select, to Kan
Kraurisco, In tin- Statu of I iliforrts. Ibr Six ye.u al a c<?-l not c.xived
ing lliree hundred thousand dollar- per annum for semi monthly, fhur
Uuudred olid IMlv thousand dollars for weekly, or six hundred lle"l
sand dollars for semi weekly service, In lie performed send monthly,
weekly, or st-ini wiekly, al Ihe otdlnn of Ihe iiMmaM.r tleueral.
"Stir. 11. Tliat the contract shall require the service to he per
formed Willi xood four horse coaches or -|u lug wagons, suitable lor
Ihe conveyance of pnsseuger* as well as Ihe satcly and security of the
Sac. 12. That Ihe contractor shall hare ihe right of |>re emption to
three hundred and twenty arret of any land not then disposed of or
reserved, at each |ssiit uecea-ary for a station, not to be nearer than
ten miles from each other; and provided that uo mineral laud shall be
thus pre rmpted.
"hs1. 11). That the-aid sen kc shall l>e performed withlu twenty live
days for each trip; and llial, before entering Into such rouiracl, Ihe
Postmaster Oeucral shall lie satisfied of the ahillly and disposition of
tb> parties, hma ftid* and in gooit AsitH, In perform the sakl contract
and shall require gust ami suflleleiit aeeurlly for Ihe )>erlurmauce of
Ihe same, Ute service locommence w dhiu twelve months after the ahtn
lag id Ihe ooutraet."
Proposals will accordingly lie received at tltc Contract OtBce of ihn
liMl lifflce IS-purtmeul, until 3, p. in., ot the 1st day of Junes lhi", Ibr
conveying mails under the provleksia if the above ai t.
Ilwidos the starting point on the Mississippi river, bidders will sun
intermediate points |iro|iaerd to lie emhrnceil in the route and oihoi
wise designate Us course at nearly us practicable.
Se|iaraU> proposal* are inviteil for sewi monthly, itvwl/y, and vwitrcslfy
trips each way.
The decision ujsiu ihe proposals offered will he made after the Pu t
master tlencral shall he aaluflad of tlie ability and disposition Of the
parties In good Igilh to perform the contract.
A guarantee is to lie executed, w ith good and sufllcient sureties, tliat
Ihe coulract shall he executed with like good security, wneuevrr thu
conlractor or contractors shall be required to do so by Ihe Pn-lnuotor
(Jeueral, and the service mu-t cotumcurc within twelve months after
Ihe date of such contract.
form <f fnyMMl.
1, , of , county of , S'Uto
of , propose to coovey tho entire letter uwtl. for the term
of six years, from the dato s|>ecide4 in tho coulract for comaaetiring
service, from on the Mississippi river, by , to Han
t inuiiM u, ? alien M*. ugrveii?iy in ill*.* auveri'-euieill U uo I'Odllll-ter a
General ??i the JOlli April, 1847, in go**! four-hors* roacttca or a pilug
wa gt*ns, suitable for tbe conveyance of passengers, aa noli iu the
safety and security of the mails, *sm* mot*lUy, each way, for lite anatinl
Bum of ?? dot tare; teaUji, each way, for the annual aunt cf ? dollar.';
trmi ttw.'.ly, each way, for Ihe aunual aum of ?? dollar'.
lXtled. (Mgned.)
Aliru </ a Ouarunlet
The undersigned, residing at , Slate of ?, uo
dcrtake that, If tbe foregoing bkl for carrying the mull on Ihe roup*
from , U?1 tlio Mississippi river, to Htm Tranche*!, Qallloi
nia, be accepted by the Postmaster General, the bidder shall, when required
by Ihe Postmaster Oeueral, <*nter Into Ihe uecesaary oltUgn
lion to perforin the aervloo propo 't*d, with good nnd "UfDclenl sun-net.
Tkit ut Jo, undergo,irfiiifl dutindly (Ac Miqatvm ami liaMiiim o<
tuuud by (/Itam.tl'iry. mulct* (Ac St Ik *\tion of Ike ad of (Await, i o)' July
U, lHDd.
Dated. (rilgued >?y two guarantors.)
tbrm Ccrdjkalr.
The undersigned, postmaster of ??, Slate of ?certifies,
under l,i? colli nf ojirr, thai he la acquainted with the above
guarantors, and knows tlu-m to be men of property, and able to mal.e
good their guarantee.
Dated. (Signed.)
Cimlaiiiina cowHtfmti la In in<wjw?il?t in Ike amhvcie ta IktaUnl the
il'jxartmriil iwi) deem pro/*T1.
No pay will be made for trips not performed; and for each of aucli ;
omission-, not satisfactorily explained, three times the pay of the tilp
may be deducted. Deductions will also be ordered for a grade of per
formauce lufi-rtor to lhat specified 111 lite conlrucl. Tor repented dalin
queucles of the kind herein r|iccilted, enlarged penulttaa, proportioned
to the iuitiire thereof nnd the Importance of the mull, may he amide.
2. Tor leaving behind or throwing oil the malla, oi any portioii of
lltetn, for the admission ofpHsaeugera,or for being concerned inaetiimt
up or running an express conveying iutclllgenoc lit advance of ihe mail,
a quarter's i?*y may be deducted.
0. Fine will be imposed, unless lite delinquency bo promptly utul
satisfactorily explained by ccttulCMlOH of postmasters, or the affidavit*
of other credible pcrstuw, for falling to arrive tn contract time; for neglecting
to take the mail from or deliver it into a I lost office; for sutler
iug It (owing cither to the unsultatriaMM <*f Die plac e or tnatiner of ear
rylug it) to be wet, injured, destroyed, robliod,or foal; and for refti
sing, alter demand, to convey the mail as frequently as the contractor
runs, or is couorrned iu running, ft eoaeli on the rout*.
4. The Postmaster General laay annul the contract for repented failures
tn run agreeably to cotitract: for vlol?tlng the poal office laws, or
disobeying lb<* instructions Cf the deportment, for ruins*ag io discharge
a carrier when required by the department to do no: for miMiirulnv ih>
contract without the assent ol tho Postmaster General; for running tut
express as aforesaid; or for transporting por ous or packages conveyIdk
msllilttr nutter out of the mail
ft. A bid received alter tbe la?t day and hour named, or without the
guarantee required by law, cannot be considered lu ceiapgtltton with a
regular proposal reasonable |n amount.
6. The route, the act rice, the yearly pay, the name and residence of
the bidder, (that la, hl-> usual |)0?t oltlcc address,) and ihoee of each
member of a Arm, where a company oflHa, nhould be dlatluctly atated.
7. Altered btda ahottld not l>o aubmitted; nor should bid* once submitted
be withdraw n,
S. Kach bid must be guarantied by two or ntoru responsible j*ntc>ne
satisfactory to the Pnstuaster Ceueral. (leneral guarantee-. enunot be
admitted. Tlte hid and guarantee should be rtpaol plainly with the full
name of oat h person.
0. The department reserves the right to reject bay bid which may
be deemed extravagant, and nl-o the bids of fe.iliiig contractors and
10. Hie hid should be sealed; superscribed "Mail proposals for oror
land roulo to California," addte.- ed "focond Assistaut Postmaster Gen I
oral," Contract OfBco
11. A inialiucatitai of a bat iu any of lis essential terms U tantamount
tq a uew hid, and cannot l?e received, so as to Interfere with a regular 1
conuM'lilion, nfler tho lasl hour set ior receiving i'ids.
12. Postmasters are to he careful not to Certify the mifflciency of
guarantors or ettrctfoa without knowing tlutt tiny are iwrsoue of suit)
cicut responsibility; and all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are tils
tinctly noiillcd tliut. on a failure to enter lnln or nerftirt.. the s?tr?o
fur the lervteo proposed lor in tlio acceded bid J, tlieir legal liabilities
trill he 00 (tweed iigstDnt tlicm.
13. l*rt?:?"Ht contractors, and per-on* known at the department, must, ,
et|0?lly with "there, procure guarantors and rertlQoalea of their sufit
dcncy aubataotially In the forma above pruecribed. T)k> oertlffcate* of
sufficiency must he signed by a postmaster, or by a Judge of a court or
The attention of bidder*, guarantor*, sureties, Ire., U directed to th?
following law*, viz:
See. 2. Act of March a, 1823, requiring contractors, carriers, &r>, to.
ho sworn
Hoc. at. Act of Match 3,1825, In relation to failure to enter into con
rVc. 27. Act of July 2, 183d, liabilities U guarantors.
Hec. 24. Act of July 2,183b, authorizing blda Of falling contractor- to
he rejected.
fee. 28. Act of July 2, 1830, ill relation to cotuMnalious amongst bid
Act of April 21, 1808, provider that no member of Congress nut be a
bee. 42. Act of March 3,1825, provider that no |gistuiaat*r. assistant
postmaster. or clerk in a pn-l ofilce, shall l>c a contractor.
boo. 7. Act ol Mart h 3,1825, provides that no other than a free
white main (lOP-aii shall he employed in rarrying the mail.
The. tv-tiuastcr tieneral will reserve to himself tire right of aiutulllog
any contract made under tb? above act n beaevsr ho shall ill*,
eover that the same, or any |>urlof It, Is oaored fir sale In the inaikrt,
fur the purpose ol specuiatiou ; and be will tu n? cases sanction a
transfer of the same, tn whole or In part, to any assignee or tub-coo
tractor less qualified, tn ltls opinion, than the original contractor to
carry the snip* Into sttcccvM operation.
Ap 21?ffawtlstJunr f lv.slmaater tleneral.
United 8tnt?* Mall.
Post Orrtoa Pgrtttmcr,
Waghlnglou, April 19, IV.7
?R01'08A1.S for carryilip tlio mails of the United
HtiUw, from July 1,1857,"to June 30, 1S81, loeluaire, on lbs
s ing routes tn the Stale of Voiwwcr, w ill bo received at the Con
tract Office of lhi* Department until 9, a. m., of May 90,1957; to be
decided the same day: r Jj
January, 1*57.)
451 from Woodilnck In Windsor, ID mile* and bark, tlx lltn-4 a
week; und from Wno<l>lock, by Barnard, to Baltic), II ralbt
and l?ck, aix limes a work.
Leave Woodstock dally, exoopt Sunday, at 0 a tn;
ArrlTC at Windsor by 7 >4 a in;
Leave Windsor dally, cm*pi Sunday, at ? p to, or on arilyil of
Arrive ai Woodabick by p m;
leave WondatnSk dally, except Suuday, at S a m;
Arrive at Belliel by 11 am.
leave Belliel dally, except Sunday, at 4 p in;
Arrive at Woodstock by 7pm
457 Krom Bethel, by Oaynvlllo, Hnekbridhe, pituAeld, N'orlta Slier
burnc, and Meudoo, to Rutland, 20 miles and back, aix time*
u week.
Bidder < may propos* schedules or departures and arrival' to
he approved by the postmaster* at the euda of the route
454 llcsn Storklirtdye, by Roclieiter, to lUncoek, 11 aiilea and
back, etx time a week; and I rota Kiptou, by Kaet Middle
bury, to Mlddlebury, * tndet and back, three Umei a week
Bidder* may propoeo schedule* of departure* and arrivals to b>
approved by the |*> -imaater* at tlio ends of the route.
I'ur form of iiroposals and instruntioas and requirement*, nee ad
rertiaetnettt invllitix propo-sta for mail service in the New Bagtand
H.ilea, dated I t January. 1157, to be lonnd at the prlmdiiel post ndke
AplS-- law4wf I'oatuiMter General
UNITED STATEd~LAW3. 1 K5^-'57.-Thc 8Uitile*
at Large anil Treatiee of tlie United States of America enert
ed at Um Tldrd Sea don of the Thirty fourth Congress, 1 lhn-'47; edu?t
by Ceo. Minor Published by authority ofOoogree*. Royal It o gi
Just published by UTTLK, BROWS, | 00.,
Ap 14?2Ufro 112 Washington street, Boston
k Animals, Air, Wafer, Ileal, Ac., by W. Hooker, M. I). 1 vol,
1 Unmeant.
Isabel, 11m Young Wife and the Old Lov?; by J. C. Jeaffreaoy
Heading Without Tears
btrk-klsad'* Queens of Hcotlssd Y?l 4
*p?? ? nUWlTAHOT.

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