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Mtf, p*r y* ?lo uu
fEVI W EEK I V (Putitt-'Unl trt weekly dunu* Iko milw of
.... ?> ?w
*'WKIV 1 00 .
<7Mm mil *?/?/ iiiikr,! *1 fijliim :
? ?? * tkr IUB.V, tar W Oo
n? ru|?? ?T Ibr SBMJ WKMCI.V 1' ? OU :~
M rftto " *; M* 00
d.-Uii, iHm (*? l UilM UU * KKK I V
tiik ruins or thb art. ami i.vla.xh tma.xsj'Omta
n I l?ra
j iti'H
P'irt, Mai ins, aud Inland Innurame.
mmnun) nouaKH 1 '"i
OKPN'E Norlhwrnl corner of I'ciiiinvIv aula av- '''J
rnur miuI Nevciilrculh ntreet, W ushiiiKt"" cily, m,
d. i*ii
nuuxTuK-1. ,:ul'
in c
iluii WoNUf H Klnreuce, ( Irirli'ii Pingcc, ^
tieorge H. ArmHlnma, Thomas Munderlteld, j|ul
tbrN A. Kubicam, IMwiiitl K. Hi'liubokl,, rujj
(let*** Hrlmbold, V. Carroll Brewster, i
James K VfOll. hoar U'w'b, Jr.
FjiwankH Secretary 'I
Ouriea Walter, No. 3S7 P street, opposite City Hall.
Juliu M Thornton, corner Klrst street unit Virginia avenue, Inland.
Jaroe* W illume, No. UJ F?air ami a half street.
JoAu No. 501 Tbirbvuth street, 1m?1ow I'eniLsy Ivuiiu hvciiuo.
Ciptuiti .f I1. I.vy. No. 3ti7 iVmnyLutiiu avenue, ophite National
John Thomnsou. ^
Jaiue* M. West,
In chary? Washington ci/y ojjke, gjv,
Kortliw.st corner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street. ,UJ"
Aulhonml Capital and And*, $1,4713,057 07. i jjjjj
Assets, $623,057 07, Uqt
Iwrslnl in Bundu, Moilyatj?.*. arid (rood Stcuri'ica.
Tb* Mkming Htatemeut exhibits the b?*tne*4 uud condition of I be! I
vam|wiiy to Voventber 1, 18">ti: * ijuy
lYcminm received on murine and inland rnks to November 1, Vl1'.
ISM ItlMM "u
fire premium. 170.790 til
Inter*?t on loan. a.704 47
Total receipt * 400.185 ?S i,uJ
Paid marine 1?m?mh $04,427 04 . .
J'.iid.Ure kHSe?" - 39,737 39 |,H'
pvpetwes, sulariee, and commission* 45,480 00 0Q1<
^vmruuee, return premiums, and ageucy
.l?ar> 27,474 08
~ g> pec
ILlamv r. with the company 223.057 07 j?j|
HO (
Th> a 'v^ lf Comfxmif arc aj follow*: ere
rUlladrlftiu i lly uihI . Xml.v ?ld HIS IN ""'j
lLilruiid lauid.-. 11.000 00
Kir>t mortKugi^,real ed.iti' - 1)0 ?in
N.wli?, mHuli?nil*. <*?i mil ... w ^
(ilrurd and runmlidutian bankytPfk w.l'io 00 vfH|
jV|iojit?'d with Ihtm un. Mir'noGi'-Fn , \'.?w \ork 30,000 00 ^
Inferred jMynu ut on stock not i\*t duo 97,700 00 '
l-.r murine premium- . . lOH.OHO f?9 Jorl
fine frmn flpeiii-1. secured by bowiy - 04.370 I*
I'lvnuuiiH on pohebs recently i-^eu' cU*l?i < dyp I bo
rompMiy.. , s 4/0 I
Balance In bunk .. # 10,456 74 jfl-|
The hiplnc.* of tUU company vv ill mmjfcr** fdi'orably with I ho incwt H
freer '-flul of slinilur institutions in the thieVd Sf.dys. ,wiM
From tho 1st day of Augurl, in fifteen mtuitltf, up to the l-t '
day <m Wnember, tIk* premiums uo>t Intercut* received amount
eft to the largo sum of'four hundred thoiukuid one hundred ami eighty '
live dollars uutl sixty-eight centt, with tile payment of Jonee; unit ex 'Ion
l?. nsrs or one tnmdro.! jtui-evenly sevrii thousand one fcu*Jred and 1,1 JJ
Fventynitjlit dollar* ami sixty one c?ui-. j f **
With them evidences of fmecosx and poot' management, lb<* Altec |
tors tool justilbd in soliciting a store of pitjdic: patronage, !)*!? ifl/ ^
i!ut tho Hccurity offered i* ample, and that at4 fuir claim:* will be ad ,
Justed nipre according to equity than legal l*c Ifruealiliea.
flic ?a^|Hiity It prepared to i<sue paMcies ugfciu'-t to/ or damage vNAl
?>" lire on | w *
l)wefMnK?. Oirnitiire, mills. m.iunfiirtoihx.
warehtmvx. i v
All dfcriftion* of mif JHNto* nli'1 lhtlrco#|cni.sf ??r all kinds of t
MFftfTfAVPISE, transported l?y ,(
and the usual olnveyanivs to or from any jHirtion of Kl'HOI'K and ^
iiu.l on the hulls of tsTKAMllOATS navigating the western waters. j
The rates of premium will be rn low as other rom (MUile*, and in fix j ^
ik', them every iniproveineni in construction uud arruiigeiueut w ill he *
taken into roa4|f ration. S
All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. 5
Oflkv tmrtliwoM.corner of Pennsylvania avenue and .seventeenth '
ht;eet. Washington city, P. C.
Axsbtaui HecreUry. j *
71) iiimiir/ m(tu (llitt be effected at the IL>me MAr*
Xorthtwt corner of Walnut and Second Mrfr**, I'hiladfIphid. | ^
And it? other principal cities ??f the United State-* by authorized oflfl 1 j0^(
cor* of Ibo company. . |
Juno 13?dly | |
BOUNTY LAND \VAimANT.?Wherea*, on the I I
15th October, 1855, a bounty land warrant, No. 7982. for 100 j
acres, was issued to the undersigned in his name, (October 15, 1855.) i ^
umd by the Commissioner ol Pensions sent to George II. lb kmaii, < f [ ?j
IBulUmorc. and liai boon kiut, to tbat I have iicVW Qwcfrai aaM wit
rant, i hereby gWe notice ih.it I have ?u>t transferred or assigned ui i
warrant, or atittmrlzed any person-to acll or assign the same for me
*'i" in uiy name, and have tiled an affhluvit as a caveat to prevent the ^
iwue of'a patent to a fraudulent cluimaiit, and will apply for a dnpli
al?* for the same at the proper time.
LOST LAND V\ aItHANT.?Tho undurtiigned gives -*
notice that ho Mill apply to the Commissioner of Pensions for u j
duplicate land warrant in lieu of one hsiied to Thomas Klchurdsnii, ^
dated 17th day of Deeemher, 1858, for 160, No. 12,759. w hich liu? been ^
t"?t in the transmission by uiail from Glen wood, Iowa, dlreelect to j .!
Thomas H. Suiter, Washington, D. C., mailed 17tli lVcemh *r, 1856. ;
Mar 25- lantfw* THOMAS H. SC1TKK. 1 u"
arTbc First Annual Exhibition of tlio Washington
Art Association, comprising pictures, statuary, kc.., by the xt^ni /it 1
nuluent artists in the United States, will bo opened to the public at ^
Mr Corcorau's new building on H street, betweeu 18th and 14th
lAivtiU, ou Saturday morning next, the 7th imd&ut, at 10 o'clock, and /
til continue until further notice, every day betweeu tho hours
ofJO, *m <;i?d 10, p. m. Tickets of admlsalou may t>o procured Voi
at the ttoor, and at the prinrlpul bookstores In the city, single ad- wit
itiKMuu, twenty Uvo cents. Season tickets, Ufty cents. T
Mar tt?dtf D?)
; T
? V. of the Foreign Commerce of the United States, chow lug the IbrcfgW u,9>'
commerce of each State, with the aggregate imports from and o$por#s *VV'
to each foreign nation, from the year 1H20 to the year 1856. unit .1 ho H
foreign commerce ??f the United States with every Important maritime Era
country iu the world during the same |?erM; Including a row'tv of the o#L
progress of Americ.ni commerce,it ud n preliminary sketch of the trade F
of the American coloules. Compiled hy .1. Smith jr. pof i C
aaleat TAYIjOK k MA lit) S 4tf?1
Ap 17?3t Bookstore, near IHh street. f
j Wei
J) Tim Household Manager, lvol. I/mdon. 85 cents. I a
The istacher. Hy Captain Marryat. 38 rent-*. I /I
The ladder ef l ife. Hy Amelia II. Fdwaid 88 cents. j
The Spendthrift. Hv Ain* worth 38 cent*.
lapliet hi Seuirh of a Father. 38 cent*. i :,II<
iiwi'n Tuder. f4rents, i '
Hr Uvingstmi's ej-Jes jp CVntrul Africa. 15 cents.
Solitary Huuti-r. By .lolni l'?IU-w '>0 cent <.
KMraiirillriorj ihr*ir tarlUov-t y^rl KaOv ljfr\ 7*1 *
iKnlry T?Im. By Oo*r|tiHI. 7.0 .viy-. ! ' "V
17airy BnU fur V.HiMg .nut (Hrl. 7f 'ltl.. , J
iWarrv (Hilt.'. Uv lirnnt. 7ircni? I l"lr
Wwaaiy v.-iirit .*i.T. By Unman. 75 rciil?. 7
urthur UXwy. -Ill (luiiini lover. 75 cent*. V
Wk* Pa dur e hiroilc. By Man Flirt ?r. 75 (Villi.
Who nuwJoiiio j?gary. By Albert CmHIi. 75 ceuu.
*? ( .'vu.yv Bfbtel** By InjohWiy. 75 couU.
1 MkJ?Ki<w\iMliinii By Mmioll. 75 rent
liar. *? i I'.YIUI!
IU'h'^K (JKNEUAI. X'AliKJJ; by Littul. (iom- ,11!
J r.il N Yt*>r 'J. v.iliiiin- ixmdiKi, I* i7. f
TUe Tltec V? W?r. u l by mlMai-v M-im-) ; bylJrot. uinl
Gdnnol B.in I volume, lundon. 1*57. ridH"?
ioC*| *w.e "'Kl Gibraltar. I volume, lmiton, 1*57- 51
Military Eny Wrlnc and KtiidcmouK of W?r ; hv B. Korrent, Wool
?H-I| 1' vnliin. *t "nilwi, many I'lirrmlngy A
S. I ' I ill. Kilobit. 5*ii*in It, ll.il.an, Olid O.-i /I
|?.iu lai.y.ivyr j **)ume 1/>ihI(hi, ih'.r "J- '
Holler Knym.-gi W< , A; Amilraig and Bourne 1 volume, Inn
d-i. 1157
IV Ih.-uxtry of .Vtatta Mi Iivhl 1 volume l/todon, 1*57.
Sclo-errr ou lh? Ilk. *t?pc 1 1 nblMc, louden. Is.'.ti
t'rabV'-Tcdmlftal 1 Vimboty oi tin- UK and *ieni-e?. 1 volume I
I 'Uldon
Imported per la-tslea ?" by . I 1
1 end
r|MIE IMUUiKi:. RttVEI'H; lUv Kmernon Bennett. 1 Knu
1. 1 \ ol. IV
Vnu, or the Secret (il Power; by Mi -..jl.uorlh 1 vol. . . ||ei
Major Jones'.* Seeoei la OeWgle 1 vol., Muafruded. [ ,l p
Paplalu Slmou Suae' A*lvOLViirs and Travel* 1 vol , Uluptrate 1. ! cer.
March 2V. JRANCK TAYU*. j
HI AT 111 \ r Idi tli.- .A 1 in v "I iln-I'nited BUUtb, I prat
1*57, Jnat pul.lldie.1, pi.'- fl in...led. free of |>oNa(;? on r. . I Ind
ertpl of || mi . l'i
l*..r gale at TAYI.OR ft MAl'RY'rt
Af U Bovkatof., utlt ?U> street. ' U
<riK i
) A. M., President.- Tin* *eiumury of iBAmiMg, hietiMled lor the
rul education of youuk ladies. was created u c. dirge proper by tin
*laturc uf Maryland, December hcs>iou. 11(49, with authority to
fer degrees, imd endowed with ull the rights aitd privilege* ul the
-t fav*?rcd female institution.
lure urc two AfMrtWiib in the institution IIm< collegiate do
tuient anil the |'fr|?uiutoi\ dcjiart nieiil, with lb?-4r appro|*rtale
lu'Uois of learning. The course of nindy in ?*? u I* thr? t> yw,
iguutcd by ma many different clauses.
In? WHjr?? d tuntructUi b intended to develop the iati'lbrlual, hu,
ami moral faculties; ami b> mi|?*rting a (borough, practical, uc
i plus bud, ami Christian education. lit tin* pti|?al lor ltn* Jaithlul di*
rge ? ! tin* r<*M|H*u>lbl? duties that await her iu tin*,
ivut |M*iiiH will be token to promote intellectual advauouicul by
deriug tin* ioja|Kitk? of know ledge plcasuut, ami by traiuiug tin*
>il to correct habits of (bought ami rclht-tton.
be |>iii|N*r exercise of tin* social feeling* will In* encouraged by iualing
wluttever belong* to refined maimer* and dignified courtesy
ur intercourse with others; while reading, recitation*, ami cxpoei
la from tin* Bible, will familiarise tin* iniml with Urn truth* of our
y religion, ami imbue tba heart with rifbt prlBeipiHiiifactloii mil
h for the government ??t lift*.
be course ?ii instruction embraces tbe following heads of study :
in* philosophy of tbi* mental economy ami of government ami the
at subject of utoruls, not mere speculative, but a* they allied the
it uud influence the lift*, will IM taught witb car* and fidelity,
ubjects: Moral Philosophy, Mental Hiilonopby, Political Economy,
dilution of the Putted States.
lu? position of tin* Christian Mother in society, ami ln*r |?ceuiisr til*
to fashion tbe phiMic iniml and heart of the young, demand that
should bo thoroughly Instructed in all Ibut pertains to the truth* of
gion;und beiice the word of God, with the evidence* of Christianity,
ins a |Mirt of tin* conrsu of instruction.
'Objects: Scriptural History, Chroiioloify, and Geography; Evidences
hrld unity. Christian Ethics.
tie course of study in the ancient language* is aofiWueutly cxten
e to tralu tie* mind to careful uud jtuticiit thought, as well a- to
an- a iwurr ut^uuunaiuv wuu mm- r.unii-u urn;.-uuK?- ixviurnalutiou
and analysis, the doctrine* of quantity ami the metres will
in attention, while the claaalo author* wfU tialllmtrttod bj libit
of undent history, chronology, ami geography.
tobjecta: Creek language, History of Greek literature, Grecian An
lilies; latin language. History of latin literature, Roman AuliqutMATIIKMAT1CS
n (lie mathematics great pam* will he taken to Insure an acililtuiice
with the subject* pui'Mied, ami especially to teach prtn
les rather than burden the memory with a multiplicity of rule*,
oral philosophy and chemistry will hereafter be taught with illtia
lions and ex(>*riuicut*. A cabinet of mineral* will bo lilted up to
ird facilities for the study of mineralogy; and physiology will bo
died with such assistance as may bo derived from auutomical out
? plates.
killed*: Arithmetic, Geometry. Algebra. Mensuration. Natural Phi
>pby, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Dotuuy, Physiology, Astrou
v, Aueient Geography, Natural History.
is this forms ilia busts of all the subsequent branches of stud}', os
iul pain-, will be taken to render instruction in it ettlcieut, ami thus
lltate the pupil's progressive acquirements. Composition will eue
a portion of the pupil's time cotuiuoniurato with its importance;
hat young ladies will be enabled to conduct a correspondence with
dit, uud express their Ideas upon any subject of interest with ease
I elegance. Arithmetic w ill be taught with especial regard to proc*
I utility, and the pupil will bo rendered familiar with such rulcului
as occur in marketing, in chopping, and at the grocery. As the
must.tore* of a family depend not only upon what Is mad* iu bud
*. but what i< xrtrv?l ht hoiue. book-keeping will be taught to the
itig ladles, as a great auxiliary to domestic economy,
ubjects; Orthography. Rending, Writing, Arithmetic, Kngli-h Gram
r. Geography. History, Book keeping, Rhetoric, I/iglc, Criticism, Hi
i of l.iieralure, Cotnpo-iilon.
he exerci rs in tbi deparliimut w ill he conducted iu a manner to
ire to the pupil not merely a knowledge of the grammatical cou
lotion of lite language studied, but ability to w rite and speak it w ith
nhjert : French language, French Literature, Ppanish Ltnunge.
ni h Literature German language, German literature.
ornamental branch?*.
hi - department of instruction shall a I lbn I every facility to Ihwtdu
t. and the be t professor* be engaged. Tho-r already in the In-ti
on are of acknowledged ability and approved experience,
object*; Vocal Music, liidrtiment.il Music, Drawing and Palming,
'die work.
inging forma a part of the daily religious exercise of the institution,
am ponied t?y the music of a |Ktrlor organ.
he institution, though but in if e ighth year, already takes rank
bjQilf /)ldf-t seminaries,aud enjuys a liberal juUvnage from the city
HitfilflOJTV jiua irom iiir niiuuif, Mmuicru. una wenerri su;m ~ .
jacfi.ty of ixsTKt'rnoy.
!. (' Brook . K. \i,, Professor v4T Ancient looguugei?.
lev. W. F. ritlon. A H., Mulbemntic-; and Natural Science*
. A. Mtiiiroe. A II., Mathematics and Agronomy.
Ii<s M. ('. Shcpurd, Belles Ix-Urcs and Hi lory
4M* M. I.. Beet. English and l1i> ndogy
lurv .1. I, i Keintrie, French and Spannli.
Ions. Kmilo Kelt, Drawing and Painting.
|on? J. Schaefler, Piano,
ire K'i/a A Keirlc, Uuit.ir.
lias Wiru i' (jobrlglit, Piano and Hinging,
lis.s Eta A. 44|VK>k*. I'iano and Hiiigiug.
Irs. K. A Kelrlo. V?val Mil lc.
lo.trd mid tuition, |>er annual session, $*200 to $2U)
IuhIc, modem language, atul painting, extra.
lie following gentlemen baye, or have had, duugbten iu the Col
lev. If. SJicer, lute Chaplain jLT. H. Scpalc. Baltimore
fon 0. V. Moore, M. 0., Port-mouth. Ohio.
>r. John Smith. Fort Smith, Arkansas.
>r. Henry J. Holmes, Jackson, Mississippi.
lev. K A. Marks, Washington, I>. C.
lev. Edward R. Anderson, Christians burg, Vu.
eorgc Brown, esq., Hague, Va.
'he regular spring session will open April 10th, but pupiU will 1h?
Piyed at utiv time.
or circ ulars containing full information address at No. 53 Ft. Paul
hH, fl#W|pore,Md. X. C. BROOKS,
larch tl HddN'P Pre-ident.
Washington Branch Railroail.
1I1AINTH leave Waal|ingh<n Baltimore?
. At h ami 8?,. a. in., and 3 and +>j, p u;,
hi Sunday at 4 '4'. p, in.
x-ave Baltimore lor Washington?
it 4 *4 and 9'4, n. ill., and U aud 6/4, p. uj.
in Sunday at 4 Cj, a. 10.
'assengors for Philadelphia aud New York will take trains at kfo,
I 4 V
'nssengers for Annapolis will take trains at 8 'a uud 4 }?.
Do. fur Norfolk 14 14 8,'a and 3.
Ho. for tin? West 44 44 ? and 4 ??, connecting
tVasiiington Junction. T. H. PARSONS, Agent.
?U )7?dtf
COMPLETION of Panama Railroad.?Reduction
) of faro t?? Culttbruia,-~irnk<>d mail Ktoamshlps leave New
k I'or Aspinwuil on the 5iti and aoh'i (if u/outli, connecting j
li mail .-loamer* from Panama to San Francisco. J
1ic#o steamships havo been luspccted and approved by tbo Navy
Kirtnieut, and guaranty fptt&and urfe/y.
ho Panama railroad (47 miles long) is now completed from ocean |
Koan, and is crossed in dor 4 hours. Tbo baggago of paflsetigora
hocked in New York through to Sun Francisco, and passengers are i
)grked nt Panama by Mourner at the company'a expense. The '
uey ou/d pi New York covers all expenses of the trip,
loiteryc fl^fajffOTB are kept in port in Now York, Panama, and Son i
pelseo. lo prcycm dcycidiqii in case of accident, so that the route is !
irejl ' refynblt. '
yssengers Icayc Panama ll?9 Afiuo dav they arr?vt ul Aspinwall.
oiKtucjtoro go jlm?ugh i?y each sfeam^r, and lake Cjharifo of wo^n
children w ithout Other protectors. '
vM^wngJ; tickets m the lowwt rates apply at the agency, 177
*4 streW. X?\yr \'Wb to J* JV. KA.Y MUNI I.
lay 6?<VI
LEX A NI )B| J .\<\\ Jjl; \/)' \ lt \ iinlria Y;i.
L Klgblcenth annual BesAlon. Ibe co'grjc ,yf sfudy ct^tyrofn?* the
ul English branches, anelent and modern language?!, ma4Jieu#a4^.J,
natural sciences. Its advantages are ;
. S|ni< i<Nis mid well-ventilated buildings erected for the purpose.
. A full corps of w ell qualified oud experienced teachers.
. A collegiate course of study.
. A full set of apparatus philosophical, chemical, and jtMrnhotni
. Full cotir es of illustrated lectures on natural philosophy, client y,
and adrouomy.
^uocj^l advantages oflefed to young men to qualify themselves
-tuny u^jd prac^;:?l flperuiion* in the Held as surveyors and eiijp
li. ''
. Comfortable boarding arrangements ; biy student i arc j
ed in the same room. ' ?..
Heading room oottrtintly supplied with papers, Ac.
. A location healthful,'Attractive, aud Accessible from all directions
railroads. !
0 A prevailing (liri.-liau tone and aim In all its instruction and
or ins : Board and tuition, $180. Mudeuts mi enter at any time,
are charged from the date of their entrance. Head and get a j
dog tie. It. I.. ItKiH KKlT. Principal.
[arch 7- 2taw0w
HMV K i ON f W TIONAIIY, No. 84 Bridge Htivot.
^ tieorgeb'wn, 0. "XM ere all kinds of euterlaimnents are
it*hcd, with the best iri tpfhw, flkr?; water |c*a, coofeetiou I
4ic..:U I tm i.tioi|.-t Wifr >n.t uo in* U,n.t rajo miniul
awarded at till' lit I exhibition <?f th<> Metropolian IJtmlMtiV
itnle. .
,i>3 air _
I KT the host Wi lmtor's Quarto Dictionary.
r WL..I mora - enlinl to every IjiihIv, rnimiiuK rnoin. indent,
imbed .very one wbn would hit"* lb.- riebl ??.- < ? !'
lit. unine r.ilWr.ipliv r.od prnOUBeUtlmi of nw.li> than 1 cool
li.ib IHcuooorv f at 'bitty ?een?uy end pormonent value
'elMM * tTMMMpd In now lb.! recnynled "tandurd enn-l.otly
j j,0<1 relied on lu ..ur court# of Justice, tu ojr lo?UUtive bodies, aud
ubk- Jt-1 " entirely .ooelu.nr, .?ys Hot) .l?bn C. F|> it
For ootfonaness, enactltudc of deGnibon in' idawedoe'a fo ib?
nnt -t it., of eeience ami literature, the most \elunl.le work of Inn
I lb li I bavo ever <tcrn In our l,inju.i?.v"- Prwident H .tjlxnA
ibb-bed by tf *C, Mf KHI AM, Ht>rinr?. 1.1. Meee
Id by a" lioobscMirs lb >t>l'injton nod eitewhrre
nrrb 7~~\mitey*f
United Mulea I'Mtrut Oltlie.
M a?him:to.n* Aptil 20, 1857
ON tlu* petition of Pliny RoliiiiHon, of l^otntnl
ville, NYw York, prayiug f??r ibe eiMUloB <4 l lukMH |8nl
| i?* bun tbe 20th July, 1843, fur mi iiufHuvt'intsil in * machine-* I
i Iwiiilug i-lwu.'' for seven jms fVou? the rijiiriliQll (if said p.itn
which bike* place mi ll*e 204 li tiny of July, 1*57
II in or dared (hut (hi* said petition be beard ol tli?* Patent Of Are
MiNMtajr, tin* uh of July next, ol o'clock, m ; und oil (lereous m
tioiuird to appear show ciiimi, if Miiy tliey have, why said petit i
j ought not lo I** granted
IWftuH opposing tUo externum arc rwuirtd to tile iu the Pale
onicc their objection*. specially forth iu writing, at leust tweti
, <luys Imbue the liny of hcuriug; all le?litnouy Med by either (mrty
! be used at-1 ho said bearing must be ink en aud transmitted iu or* ?n
wee with t lie rule* of the nfllte, a Inch will be fiiruisliod on tipplU
j lion.
The tcrtiimuiy iu I be case will be dosed oil tlu* 2oth June: depo
I lious, and other papers rrllt il mi ni mi iriHaanny. ipiwf In- fllr ' In 1
olfbv on or before the morning of that ?4ay; tl*o arguiueul*. ft on
willnu leu day* tbercalter.
1 Ordered, also, ibut Ibis notice Iu* published iu the Cuioo, Intel
| geiioor, and Evening War, Washington, I>. C.; Republican, Uultimoi
.Mil ; Penusy hamuli, Philadelphia. Pa.; Dully News, New York, N. \
and Post, Hosinu, Mass., once a week for three successive weeks |?i
Vloua to the '201b of July ueal, I be duy of lieariug.
Commissioner of FolenH.
j P. 8.?Editors of tbe uhovo |>u|H*r* will pleuse copy, and scud tlu
i billa to tbe Patent <>tUce, with a (taper containing Ibis notice.
Ap 22?latrihr
Ntivy A|Mt**OMN,
Wn*hin#tiiu, U. C., April 20, 1867.
1 ffNUE Fniteil States Blcanier Engineer will he sol
1 at public au< tiou at (lie l iuted Stales navy-yard, WlsbMgUi
i a I 12, hi., on the 2?ith day of May, 1857, subject to ratlllcaliou by t1
I Navy lH*|iarttiient.
Tbe vessel was rebuilt at the lintel Stales navy yard, fioeporl,
i 1848, being in length 108 feel, iu breadlb 17% feet, oud ill deplb
I feel, measuring uImuiI 120 Ions; lias a beam engine, diameter ofcyli
' ?ler 25 indie*, stroke of |>hton 7 feet, and ail iron boiler. Tbe vese
cau Ik* seen and the inventory cxuniincd on uppllrutioa to tbe out
luamlaut of tbe yard.
| Terms cash. A. (iRKKM.KAF,
j April 21 law4w N'uvy Agent.
[NTo. 577.J
! <Jf the Removal of Ik' Land Oflice from Snail Sir. Marie lo Marqurf
in Michigan.
IN accordance with the provigimtB of the act <
Oongr^t entitled ' An act authorizing changes in the locution
laud offices," approved March 3, 1853, it is hereby declared and mai
known that the oflice fbr the sale of public lands at Sai'LtStk. Maki
in the State of Michigan, will hi* removed to the towu of Mahip kh
in Haid State, at as early a period at practicable.
Further notice ua to the precise time of removal will he issued I
1 the register and receiver of the Saul! Ste. Marie land office.
, (?tveti under my bund, at the city of Washiugtoii, thin 19th day
M.ar? h. A. IV 1857.
By order of the Prtuldcut:
Commissioner of the liouerul I-aud tnilce.
Mar 21 luwtiw (Int. and Star.]
Wushiugton, January 1, 1857.
this day admitted as partners in the Bunking House
. Chubb Brothers. The firm from tills date will he composed of Clin
St. J. Chubb, John P. Barrow, and lienrv Holmes. The Houm* in B
i venport. iown. Is composed of Charles St. J. Chubb, Wm. H. Dongi
and Alcxtiuder H. Barrow, under the iiruiof Chubb Brothers, Ha
row . & Co. CHl'HB BRfiTllKRH,
Jon 1?dtf
the intention of the board of directors of the Washington ui
Koi kvllle Turnpike Company to gravel the rood from the lirsl toll gu
to |t-> terminus at the I>|-ti i< t line, contractors are reijuestod lo a
dress or apply to the Undersigned on the subject on or before the 15
or April next. JOHN C. BRENT,
N'n 30 1/mi Una avenue.
.1. ( . IF WIS.
Feb 24 -Otawtf 402 Seventh afreet.
"VMJWTCIl I!o]>airiii^ and Engraving?Watolie
clirouomM^r''. nnrt |>iirki?l limpkicprr-; of cvi'ry il.'-rilptii
repaired by kilful workmen and warranted to perform accurately.
Engraving of every description dime in the best style, including tl
cutting of urm>, creM*. mottoes, nod initials on stone.
*** Visiting and wedding cards elegantly engraved and printed,
Jewellers, 324 J'eunsylvuniu uvenue,
Jan 30-? tf Between 9th and JOth *t reels.
scar Kminitt-hurg. Frederick cmnty, Mtiry kutL The annual *
i<?n of Mildic. at thi insilUUiiHi cnDtmomv" on the 24th August. at
terminates on the In I Thursday ui June. The terms for IhsihI at
tuition nre l:*0 per annum, payable acini annually in advance. Th.
*re extra charge* (or music, drawing, painting, and uUo for FpinL
Italian, Herman, and Lniin. Tito terms lor the primary dapartuicn
composed of pupils undi r niue years of age, are $100 per nunutu. pi
ably finlf yearly in advance.
Ij-tiers of mqujrv should Im? addressed lo !he MOTHER FIT
; RH)R of M. Jo cpit's Academy, KmmitPburg, Frederick muni
; Maryland.
July S?dlyear
rjll) LKABE, for a term of years, tlie mansion of tli
.1. late tieuerul Tow son, ('nitcd Mates army. It contains nil il
i.lei n improvement.*,'aa water works, furnace, ga*. range. Jw. ,\
ply to J. B. ijl. SMITH, esq., nt liii offlcej on V street.
March 21 livvjtl
ClOITEE, FRI IT. Ste. td li t .-rr.n RiqcoAm
/ Also, on consignment
300 boxes oranges,
j ^ lo ll'lllOU*.
Jaef ri'i ci.voil :ui<l for wile by
j tfurcb 21?'oo^Llr" MPRRAV k SESfW*.
Dlt. M. V. ){. IJOO.IN iJ wjCnll^- ijg'onjjN lii
friends and the public that lie has removedids omcc and re
denee to No. 451 Massachusetts avenue, south side, between fltli ai
J 7th streets, w here he will be happy to receive the calls of his frlem
w ho may require Ids professional services.
March 10?eod4t*
has Just received direct from the Mory n largo lot of tl
: ubove Ruporior refrigerators. Tliojr emue very highly rccommeudc
1 by the best Judges iu the eastern cities, and are offered ut the ver
k>Woat prion
I Wo have also in store other varieties of refrigerators, which uI
i ut? %ifr/dolj}A p> gj'T HHlisfaction In every particular, together with
p?j?tU jc</ lvHtf ri
Patent butler miTuitf
Patent water coolers.
AH of which are ottered wholesale or retail at tho lowest figures ft
ronh or to prompt customers.
Hign of tin* (jilt Haw, IVnu. av.,
I March 2&?dfltif Hetwcen Tenth ami Kleveuth street.
VALUAbTe TRACT OF LAND In lowtt forSale.
V The undersigned offers for.sgle the 8. W. frii<-tU?ii?f1 quarter (
section lH, lu township 72, liprtb jH" ranjje 5 west, in the State of Iowi
This luml is too, rwn, rolling pralrloj near lhc fyucklrv'* brunph <
Crooked Creek. It lies close to the llurllftgtAil awl Washington Nth*
and is 30 miles from Burlington. 10 miles from Wuxhlugtou, 10 mile
from Mount Pleasant and ColumhuR city, 0 miles from Crawfbr da villi
and 11 miles from the Pluuk rood. Timber and stone obuudant wit hi
Uys miles; saw mill 2 miles and grist mill 0 miles distant. N'elghlxn
ImnmI settled, with church and school privileges. A tine grove i
huilding s|h>i (Hi the land.
Patent Agent, 401 F street,
ool W < "Mill dt /III Hi V, I
VJi'lllM'XiOI! St CO.'r Kxlensivc lloiise-litriiialiini
rw WdlWnVml*. b99. G28.* rtnd o2l He vent h afreet.
* Vol I sets of Parlor, Billing ro6m, IfaiH! and Cttamhcr Furniture, I
mahogany, walnut, rosewood, and oak.
And a general iHsortmcnt of all housekeeping good* always on li irn
it lowest price-.
Kycry aiicniinn fc.Wfl ff) f]nr customer*.
Houses furnished *nliir a( sdmri tooticu,
Ap 9?eodlmo
I7REI BURNING COAL. Imhi received one cerg>
X? free hurniug coal expressly for cooking.
All coal well screened before delivery.
A superior lot ol wood now on buml.
Fair weight and measure may be relied ou in all canes, ami the pric
a low as the Wflt article will admit.
Onl kept under cover, 2.240 pounds to the ton.
T J. K W. M. GAI.T,
Northwest corner 12th and CspracH. No. 517,
' (ftp squaje south of IVnu avenu ?.
Ap 10?d2w ' " ' u
Cii \i{i.i:s KiNtiHf.KY'H NKW .BOOK.?Twi
Years Ago; i?y the lb \ Onirics Kingtley, author of 0411*11
l.eigh " ?1 2.Y
The Amor ten ns ill .lii|inn, an abridgment of the government nsrra
live of the Fluted Hates expedition to Japan under Ommodnre IVrry
by Robert Tonats. $1 25.
readily nerMt-lble to lltiratitre, hi t?>ry. end edllcd by I hay I
A Wi-IW *1 a.>
Waverlev Novel--. hMMtliold edition- City M um. rim; 2 VolttMM
The WorM' Hull; by Julia Ward Howe. .'.0 cenlJtleW"
by ftfarlf* Hv?!1). J volume bine ?n.l nW 7"> font'.
lx*g#>lk?w'* Priiie Wibt*, ifil', U*i# e*M lAM ft <*
I-uteri, Tli.. V-hiuu Wile ??i'l lb? OW l"V?; b) John I'ird) Jeafliv
-on. 7irenl
It. utiuK Without Tear-, or a lira ant Mode of UlarniOg to Read l>
thf author of lYep of Hay." f>0 ortl'.
1b. ("bit.t'- Book of Niiture: by Wu hlnploo ll-mker, M. I?. II iW
MlM Wf Mtkmd'" Mureua of hc-tijnd volume tl. II
Jurl imblivbc-l un?l for . alt. at
April ;i Book-lore, near lib ?tro?t.
If y Hjutnilics-mu y.U (:!<!?r,.eb..' -!n|;- Kilt N'nmiW (Ufl
It'll." Nine but gA"l unit dofllo t'Of r1 u imlwl Ihora ready io b.yu
lalln grammar'mofh pref- rred Age au-r ad\une'tuent of appliratil;
de'tred tor tertn*. fcr ad-Ire l
W J IHM.1H.tM.
March 10?Jawdny* Oalr, itraage conMjr, N. C
ujUm K
riieOrphiationoniie Kxeculivr Department a
?f tlif ( oveiiiuieiit of the Vnitnl States.
' li .!
H- ;
j TUe wlmle machinery employed tocoudud (Im* biiku'w?ri4ii| Mt
ui. ! u( iMir r^lMioaH wilh ill tlu* iMiwcrii ii the world U fur iimnw
j ample than m fA'ioH.ill) coi>Cc(vcd. Tint number employed in the
on U'piirUkftil of Huifl of the United HlotM in 4Mily on follows:
?rc ; <1w?' li < rKir* ?i'Ail0. (Holt. l?ewi* Cue*,) one A*fti4tattl Secretary of
?Mi ! Slate, (Hull. John Apple ton,) one chief clerk, twelve clerk*. one Iran* |
j lat?e, Mini ouc librarian
>,l! j Diplomatic Hianch.--Thin brunch ??f tin* Star Departiurni haa
1 c burg A of all cornN)|MMideuce between the dc|Mirtiuout and other di
l" | |?|(rtu*tic ugeulf of tl?e Cuited State* abroud, ami thime offorclgu |*?w
ei acrridited to tlii oveintneut In n nil diplomat!* III It H'ti n
11 aeut frota tin* department, and commit niuuioti* to coiaiut*?iou*r? uu
dor treutiwi of hoondaric.s, be., ure prepared, copied, and recorded; und
J" all of like dwrm tcr recelveil ure registered and tthnl, Ihdr couteuts
( being It rat eutered iu un analytic tabic or iude*.
Consular Hianch.?Tilt* branch Iium charge of the OBfffipnttdiBCI. !
IU Jk<between the detriment aiid the eon*uls and coiuinercial agent* j
of tin* fulled States |u it imdrucUoua to thom> officer*, and anawert*
l . 1 to their despatches and to letter** from other |x?r*om? asking for cotiau j
0 | hir agency, or relating to consular altairx, are prepared and recorded.
TAe injur ing AgentHe kM charge of all correspondence and |
j other matter* connected with accounts relating to auy fuud w ith llu
| disbursement of w htch the department 14 charged.
I Tfu Tn,H*laior.?Hla dutlea arc to furuhib Bttch translations mm the J
j department UiaV require. Me ulao record^ the commission* of OOQaul* I
. aiul vU:.1 miMuls wiuui not In Kiii/li^b iiimiii u hit b i>\.niiuinm un>
- iStfUfd.
Cfrrk"f AfptinhmmU and Ctimmimiim*.?Ho make* out and record* ,
I ouUiiiii*M<>b?, ioMon* <?f up|N?inltiiciit, und nominations In the Heuate;
l<i 'nit-' ?>?oui.i;.v ?u d.-- exequaturs, .ma i.m M(,i \\1i.mi in Kuglish. die ,
,j, coinim?st<>n* cm kroch fhey are Issued. Has charge oftho Ulnarv. |
he ( Cfrrk of the Hulls and Archim.?Ho takes charge of the rollx, or on j
1 rolled acts und resolutions of Congress, in ihoy are received ut the do J
'n ! purtineui from the President; prepares tlio mtliinitlcatod copies tliorool i
* h hich nro callN for: pronaroi ftir, and Hui??rlnte?ub? their publication,
n and thai of treaties, in tiio nc\vspa|>crs and In hook form; attends to
1(1' ' their distribution throughout tho United Slate*, uud that of all docn11
moots ami publications in regard to which this duty is assigned to the 1
I dei*i-(incut; writing and answering nil let tens connected therewith. |
Has clini''goid'all Indian treaties, und business relating thereto.
Cirri </' AnthritfioUioit* and ('<>pyri<jhtt.?Ho has charge of the !
I seals oft be United States and of tho department, and prepure* and j
' attaches ctili Urates to paper* (VMMtcd for authentication; receives .
and accounts jbr the fees.. Has c liar go of publications transmitted to i
the do|Uirtment under the laws relutiug to copyrights; records aud iu
It, dexes their titles; records all letters from tiie UeiNirtmeut. other than ;
the diplomatic aud consular.
Clerk of Pardon* and i\u*jmU~ }\6 prepares aud records pardons ,
ni mid remissions; und registers and tiles the petitions und palters on j
(|t, w Inch they are founded. Makes out mid records passports; keeps a I
|fr! daily register of all letters, other than diplomatic uud conaular, re- '
rK" cclved, and of the dhpotfitioa made of theut; prepare* letters relating ;
to tlih business.
)Y ,
ot Hon. JeremUh S. BU< k, Attorney (ienerul of the United State*; R. !
H. (Jillet, esq., chief clerk. The ordinary busiuoss of this office may be j
classified under the followiug heads:
1. Offleiul o|duU>ns ou the current business of the government, as I
; called for by the President, by any head of department, or by the Ho j
licitor of the Treasury.
2. Kxuuiiuation ot the titles of all laud purehused, as tho sites of
arsenals, custom houses, light houses, nud all other public works ot
the United States.
3. Applications for pardons in ult casesof conviction in the courts |
P of the United States.
of 4. Applications for appoiuUneiit in all the judicial aud legal business
of the government.
w 5. 'Hie conduct and argument of all sups in the Supreme Court of |
it, tho United States in which tho government is concerned,
r- ti. The supervision of nil oilier suits arising iu any of the depart
inenls when referred by the head thereof to tho Attorney tJeiieral.
To these ordinary heads of the huviue.sa of tiie olltcu are added at I
lh? present time the followiug, viz.
|t, PiraC The direction of all upi?culH on lan^l claims in California.
Second. The codilleation and revision of the laws of the District of
Jt Col nip Mn
tXfKKIOR hKI'.ll'l MK.XT.
.Secretary of the Dc|inrtmcnt of the Interior, Hon. Jacob Thomp !
J hou, of the ?tyate df Missis.*'ippi. 1H clerical force consists of one cl||ef |
flerk, (Moses Kelly, esq.,) two dMxtrsing clerks, and loll other regular
clerks; aud to its Mi|H'rvi. ion and management are committed the
follow lag brat* hen of the public service:
let. The J'tUMje /Mini*. The chief of thjs bureau is called the CoinTO)turner
of fbe (.'onerat Jnnd Office. Tin* Ijuid Bureau Is charged |
'd. with the survey, management, and sale of Hie public domain, und tlx*
issuing of ritfCH therefor, wbetlgtr derived from continuations of grams .
4,t upide by former governments bv pales, donations, of grants for .school-*, i
miliUry bounces. or public improvementand likewise ||)e revision
of Virginia military bounty-land claims. mid the issuing of .scrip iu
lieu thereof. Tile land Otflco, ubm. audits Jts o>vn accounts. j'he ?
i nre ient ( omini>sioin'r is 1 Ion. T. A. Hendricks, of Indiana. Its in in- !
j eipal officers 3 i reorder, chief clerk* principal clerk (if siirv< > -j J
- i besides a draughtsman, a- islam draugbcioui), and "some 160 clerks j
; of various grades. ]
{ 2d. jPwjrfin*' The present W of this bureau is George C'. I
\ Mritiug, ?# Virginia. The cmwini*-ionm i- charged with the exami
jji iiafM'ii and mtjud (cation (if all claims at i ing under the various and j
muii. iou law i i '' i t.v (A nig re ftrnnliDjt botintj land ot pension
wht the military or naval services in the revolutionary and subsequent :
( wars in which the United Stales have been engaged. 1I?* lias one I
N cWef elerk. (?. tide, esq.,) and a |hm maueiit corps cmtsirdiug of some
FOVentv other clerk", to which Congress, to enable him to meet the j
j,. extraordinary requirements ??f the new bounty land law. Im* added a j
v temporary farce of about fifty clerkships <?l" (titlerent denominations
3d. Indians.?Oiinudssknter of Indian .AHairs (ut intrrim, Charles K. I
Mix, of Georgetown, Ik U. lie is provided with a chief clerk and about
tulei'ii other subordinate ci.'i'ks.
4th. J'atent Ojjlr*. To this tiureatt is f(nitmjbed tljo c'xeniuiou and
if* performance of all "acts and tilings touching aid respecting tlu? graVil.
t,> ing and issuing of patents l'??r new and useful discoveries, inventions,
p. nud improvements," (lie collection of statistics relating to agriculture;
the collection nnd distribution of fteedM. plants, and cuttings. It has u
chief clerk?who is'by law the acting Commissioner of Patents hi
the absence of the Onitnlssidn^i'?twelve principal. and twelve a"
sistuut exaniiiicft of patents, sonto dozen subordinate |>ertnanent i
ejerks, besides a considerable number of tctnporuty cmptbyccs.
Ilc-ides these Hmi4 iriiK'hHil bfanfhcs pf this new executive deport
iiieut, the orgaiiic iu t ??f 1H49 transferred' to It IroYn Ine $rtapmry Ik'
pdirtmcnt tl?e supervision of the accounts of the I'hi led. States hiarslmlH
and nttorneyB, and the clerks of the United States courts, the itiatnge
ftient of the lead and other mines of the UnitWl States, and the alfairs
of (lie penitentiary of the United StuKkt In the District of Columbia; and
' from Jhe Sfalo Ik'parttneiii the duly"of taking and returning the ren
; susos of the pu|prd SWifes, iii|d of aupurvlsjpn HWd directing lt)c pels of
t j the CotiimWioufr o! nihljc Buildings. The hospital fttf the' Insane of
' the army and navy and of the'District of Columbia is also uuder the
management of this detriment; III addition h> w lllrh, hy laws recently
|>assed, the Secretary of the Interior Is charged w ith tb??rau,
strm tiou of the three w agon roads leading to the Pacitlc coast.
The department requires an additional building JOr Its ?coonim<xla
r lion, and the erection of one has been ropcutedly recommended during
ie j the last few years for that purpose. At present the Pension Office is
at | provided with rooms in what is known as "Winder's Building," while
y the other branches of the dc|>ortmcnt, including the Secretary's otllco,
are ail crowded into the Patent Office building, tlio w hole of w hich
ill : w ill 1?4? required ut an early day for the use of the Patent Office, Tor
? which it was originally intended.
i The Treasury IVpartmont consist* of the offices of the Rocropiry of
>r , the Treasury, two comptrollers, commissioner of tlie customs, idx uu
(litors, treasurer, register, solicitor, light house hoard, and coast survey.
The follow ing is a brlof indication of the dutio* of these several ofl)
res. and of the force emidoved therein, respectively:
_ Secretary's Cffltp.- Hon. Howell Ctibb, Secretary of the Treasury;
, Hon. Philip Clayton, Assistant Secretary; one engineer in charge; ono
' architect, and three draughtsmen temporarily employed, and twenty,j.
three clerk*. Tho Secretary of tljq 'rrfsa*i|rv ;? ^pU Ifec gen
j oral supervision of the tyipfti trau'soi liutitf uj (no government, and of the
' execution of the lawn concerning the eommoroo and navigation of the
Uuitod State*. He superintends tlto survey of tho saisl, the lighthouse
tj establishment, the marluo hospital* of the United States, and the con
druetmn of certain puhllc building; ft>r custom--houses aud other pur,r
Firti Cimijitroller't Office. Hon. William Mnlill, Comptroller, and
I llfleeti clerks. lie prescribes the mode of keeping and rendering accdunt*
lor the civil and diplomatic service, as well us the public lauds, '
, and revises and certifies the balances arising thereon,
j Scam A Cotojit roller's Office.?John M. Rrodlirad, esq., Comptroller,
? and -i \oti?c? u liorU' \\o preJfribes mode of keeping and render
Ins tin* accounts of the iirmy, navy, and Indiandepartments of the
u pqldic sett Iceland feviseM und certifies the balances arlsiug thereon. |
'Office of Commissioner of the Cudom*.?Hugh J. Anderson, esq., i
' ! CqnintlsKioner, and eleven clerks. He prescribes the mode of keeping
.?nd rendering the qcoonnts of the customs revenue and disbursement*.
and for tlie building and repairing custom houses, qpd re 1
Vjscu gud pcrj|t|es pie kMMb*0 *i>-?ug ^jon-orf, " n
First Auditor's Ofbcv,?1Thomas ?. Smith, esq., First Auditor, and (
nineteen clerks. Ho reeelves and adjusts the m couuts of Hie customs | ,
i) revenue nud disbursement*, appropriations and e.\(tenditures on ho (
count of the civil list and under private acts of Congress, and reports i
the balance* to the Commissioner of the Cuatoma aud the First Cottip 1 j
troller, respectively, for their decision thereon,
e Second Auditor's Office.?Thomas J. I). Fuller, ft'eond Auditor, aud !
twenty-one clerks. He receives and adjusts all accounts relating to '
' the pay, clothing, and recruiting of the army, as v e|| p-s armortc#, I J
arsenals, and ordnance aud ?.U kcivubM relating to the Indian depart ! ?
' mout an<| report* tlie iimtanrc* to the Stand Uomirtdollcf ft* bis deut- !
l^nuiitMob. ! T? 1 a ? i t . . ... .
' Akltyar't Office.?Robert J. Atkinson, esa., Tbjfd ^ud|(Of, jpid i
Ncyeniy euthf clerks. He rcfoj\roa and qdpisp ;pl aycouti|s foy sub ;
1 s|sfenfe pf (lie gripy ror|jqcati<*i*, Military Afadeipv, military roads,
$ aud the giuuiterniaster's demrttneut. as \v<*M fur peu-ioin, claims '
art-nun iron military service, prcvioiw to imu, and lor tnii-o ami
other rly liwl In Hm' military service. utldnr tartntw art? of Codgross.
unit repot I-ilio balances to i|i<> Hecoud Comptroller lor hi- de
l i-ioft thereon
't ' Fourth .ladder's <)/?;.*?Aaron O. Ihylm, eq. fourth Auditor, and
I -lipon cler k- He receives and adjusts nil account, for llie service of
the Navy Dciatilmcnt, and reports the balaures to the Pernod Cntnp
Irotler for hla dcisMi thereon
Fifth Awliinr t Ojtev-Xtnrray VcConnct, e-q , Hfth Auditor, and
Ix iderka. He receives ami ad lint - ull account, for diplomatic ami
I i.uiilar -sef > ,ce? performed uodea the dkyecufin id |t|0 St?|e p?|iarl j
Ipitt. *ud fi'imrf i 0|e Mt(m ?? (6 the KiM llmiiti oiler for h|'< dcn-iou ,
i. Firth Amtitn'l Ofi.-r \t llllain f l'lillh|w, eq, S'lMh Auditor ami
nue bundled atnl one rinks lie rci clvc aud adjusts all account*
arising from the n,MOnl the Poat Uffioa Iteparluant Ilia dec Pinna
i are final, Ut?le s an appeal Im taken In twelve months to Hie First Omip j
troller, auit he superintends the collection of all deblj due the Post
Office Department
Trtuurer't Offirt - Harouel f'atey, e?p, Treasurer, and thirteen
< lerke. He tfCMveg autl keep- the moneys of the tutted Mate, In bit
own office, jtlil that nf I In- depositories created by the act of tlin o;h uf
- Angus!. 1846. and puts out. the eut,,o upu, warrants drawn by tbn
twirefary nltho Irnoeurv,<AoMer?igund by the Ural Comptroller, and
i ! itpuu a an unit drawn by ilia Pogtmaater General, and countersigned '
t l,y the With Auditor, and recorded bv the Register. He alto hold! |
pnhlio money* advanced hy warrant to di-bui-lnj; officers, and paya
out the same upon thetr ohecka.
I JUfirttr i Ofk* ?Kinley lUcyer Rcgiatar, and' twenty-nine clerks
Ini o n.
MMBkR 10.
!5, 1857.
i t l?* keeps I lie account* id" public reieijds and I'lyNKlllHlfi; rw
lite rcUtrufl and make- out the nffl< UI utatciuenl <?( r(n?tuier< < am
ination of lite l ulled huton. ami receive* frmi tii^ M Ctwnpl
and Com mUii toner of fidom* all MfooiM* mid voudtfM (bfid
, tli-'Ui, aid u charged by law with their ante keepiug.
Wirflw'i Ojfivt Kraitcn B. bU?vter, Solicitor, aud *l\ ^brku
superintend* all civil fiHHIIIWil l?> I lie United Haley, a
limit Uu* Unmui state* auoruci s. tninlbb, and clerk* ui all ui
relating 1? iheiu mid their rwuhn. He received return* from
leitu Of the UitHed KUU* courts, alio* tit* the prOKMM and roil
<4 such mills; ban charge of nil lamia ami ??thcr |?roperi.v us.
; the I ailed Stile* ill |*ay Uit'lit uf delrt* ulid IMM er lo^ell Mil
[tone of Hit* saute li?r lUe benefit of the Uutted Stale*
i l.iyM llnuju Hoard. Hon H"HcII Cobb, president Com. W. H
| brick. United SI a tea liavv. chairman; lieu. J. 13. Ti*lcu. United I
aruiv; Uupt. A. A. Humphrey?, United state* army Ft of. A. I?. 1;
So|?ci luteudcnt of Omsi Harvey: l*ii?f Joseph iloury, wrreU
huiithsouiau liutituliou. Uupt. S. K Uu|K>ut. lulled Slute-* navy;
i uiander Thornton A. Jenkins, I'liUed State* nuvv, engineer; lieut
John i}. Parke, lulled State* army, w?cretury uml ttve clerk*.
| board directs the building and re|tairiug of light home*, light ve
I buoy*. and beacon*, contract* for mipplie* of ollt JLc.
United State* Coad Sur ivy ?lYflfenifll A. II Bacbo, I J.. II
pvriutendcut, and superintendent of weight* uml measure*.
d'upl M I* Smith. Io|m>kra|tliicul engineer*, UnMiUlt, tu rhar
tin* CouhI Surv ey Ollhv.
. A. W. Huiaell, chief cleric.
C. B. Suow. lu charge uf urchivo*.
Frofeiwor A. II. Pendleton, United State* navy, computer of !
A>*?Utaut J. K. Hilgard, hi charge of c-oiuputiug dlvlslou.
Assistant I.. K l'oortalea, lu churge of tidal division.
i.ieut. J. C. Tidliull, United State* army, lu churge of drawiu
lieut. Haxlou, Untied State* unity, lu charge of engraving
Himuel Hem. dishunung agept.
George Mathlot, eleetrotyplsl
Itv?eph Rixton, asrlirtanl to superintendent of weight* and wen*
post omck luci'aatmknt.
Hon. Aaron V. Hi own, Postnuutor General. The. direction
management of the 1'iwl (Uloe Department are assigned by tlie a
tutioii uud law* to the 1V*U master General. That in busmen* uu
the more convenieutly arranged and prepared for hi* linn I action
distributed among several bureaus. on follow*: The ap|m>iiitinci
lice, iu charge of the First AHM-tunt Ko*tmatter General; the Con
Office, ill charge of the Second Assistant Poet muster General: tl.
nance Office, lu charge of the Third Assistant Postinostcr General
the Inspection Office, iu charge of the chief clerk.
Appointment Office.?Horatio King, esq., First Assistant Postm
(ieneral, and nineteen clerks. To this office are assigned all que*
which relate to the establishment and discontinuance of post ot!
changes of situ* uud names, up|Hjintiiicut and removal of postum
and route and locul agents, as, aIm>, the giving of iustiuctions to
musters. Postmasters are furnished with marking and rating sh
and letter ImlancoH by this bureau, w hlch is charged also with
vidiug Idunks and stationery lor the use of the department, and.
the superintendence of the several agencies established for stlppl
postmasters with blanks. To this bureau Is likewise assigned Hi
perviaion of the oceuu mail steamship lines, uud of the foreigu an
tei national postal arrangement*.
Ct/n/rart Office.?William H. Dundas, esq., Second Assistant Post
ter General, and tweuty six clerks. To this office Is assigned the
ucss of arranging the mail service of the (Tinted States, and plariuf
same under contract, embracing ail correspondence ami proceed
respecting the frequeucy of trips, mode of conveyance, and times o
lairturea and Arrivals on all the routes; the course of the mail bets
the different sections of the country, tin- poiuts of mail distribution,
the regulation* for the govcrutnetit of the domestic mail service o
United Hates. It prepare* the advertisements for mail proposal*
reives the bids, aud takes charge of I lie annual and oocusionul mai
tings, and the adjustment aud execution of the contracts. All up|
lions (or the establishment or alteration of mail arrangements, am
appointment of mud messenger*, should be sent to this office,
claims should be submitted to it for transportation service not u
contract, as the recognition ot said service U Urst to be obtained tlir<
the Contract Office a* a accessary authority for the proper oredi
the Auditor's Office. From this office all (Mhttnasters ut the em
routes receive the statement of mail nrrangemeuts presetibed for
respective routes. It reports weekly lo the Auditor ail contracts
ruled, and all orders affecting accounts for mail transportation;
i hi res the statistical exhibits of the mail service, aud the retorts ot
mail letting*. giving a statement of each, bid; ulso, of the couti
made, the new serviee originated, tha curtailments ordered, and
additional allowances granted within the year.
fiSiHince Ofitv.?-John Marion, esq., Third Assistant Postmaster'
oral, and twenty one eJerks. To this office ore assigued the mi
vision ttnd management of the flnunclal business of the de|>arin
not devolved by law iqion the Auditor, embracing account* will
draff offices ami oilier depositaries of the department, the issiiii
warrant^ and draft* in pu)jpcn| \?f balances reported by the Am
to be due to mail contractor* aud other per.sous. the supervisit,
the uccouuts of office.-under orders to deposit? their quarterly
ance* at deslguutcd poinb*, and the superintendence of the repd
by |M>dmasters of their quarterly returns of postage*, U has clu
of the dead bdter ojUcc, of Hie issuing of postage stamps and stnu
envelopes foe the pre pa> uicut of ponpige, and of tl?c accounts,
nected therew ilh. 4
r i ?? ?n,u .III ifO.-.tmuiHCT" ?M'
direct their quarterly return# of |Mt.<tAjrr; ttiORG Jit draft office*, 1
letter* tc|>orti"g quarterly tUc net procmd* of their offices; and tl
at de|?o?iting offices. their cei tllieaies of deposit#; to him should
he direetcd the weekly and monthly returns of the depositaries of
department, n* well a* ifll applications and receipt * for postage *trv
and stamped envelope*, ami lor deud letters.
/lUprMpn Ojh<*. - .Iwlui Oukford, r/iq., rbjef lork, and govern
clerk*. ToIbis office b aligned the duty ofrwelvlug and examining
registers of the arrivals and departures of the mail's eertillcates of
service of mute agent*, and reports of mail failures; of noting the
linquenciefl of contractors, and preparing ease* thereon fur the uc
of the Postmaster (letieral: furnishing Plunk* for mail register*,
re|K>rts of mail failures; providing and pending out t^ud-bays
mail loek* and keys, and doing all other |t|ipgs whiy|\ may he no
sarv to peon re a faithful qnd exact |f rformnofc pf Ail vfpflt contra
All epso* of m;ql dejucdaupti, of violation of law by private
presses, or by the forg(rtg or illegal use of postage stuni|?, are un
the supervision o| this office, and hhonld he re(>orted to it.
All communications refqH'Cting li?Mt money, letters, mall depri
lions, or t?ther violations of law, or mail looks and key*, should be
reeled ? Chief Clerk, Post Office IVjMrtmeut."
All registeiM of tin* arrival* ami departure* of the mulls, eerlifici
of the hoi vice of route Hgcuts, reports of mail fuilufCA, applica'ti
lor blank register*; and reports of (tyluros, and nil rnmpluiti(s ngu
contrao)or* Atr'irregular or lttiperutCt service, should he dircctetl
Ppectioti Office, Post Office Department.M
mu .>uvj iN-|*uriiiH.-ui iihimmh 13 Mejxii imcm proper,
Ing the office of the Secretary hfid of five bureaus attached thereto,
Bureau dfKaVy.Jtordil add iWfcs, Uuieaut?f Construction, Kquipui
and Hopalr. Bureau of Provlsinall and Clothing, Bureau of Ordnance
Hydrography, and the Bureau of Mcdlclue and .Surgen .
The following is n statement of the duties of each of these office*
of the force employed therein:
Xecrdarft OJftiM.?Hon. Isaac Toucey, Secretary of the Nuvy; C'Uu
W. Welsh, esq,, chief clerk, and eleven clerks. Hie Secretary of
Navy has charge of everything counected with the naval establ
inent, and the execution of all law* relating thereto U intrude ! t? I
under the general direction of the President of the Uulted Hutes, v
hy the constitution. In cominunder-ln chief <4* the army and iui
All instructions to cotnmauderH of nquadrotiH and eotnmauden
vesaeU, all orclerit of officers, commissions <?f officers both in
navy aud uiariiio corps, ap|M>intmciit* of commissioned and \van
officers, orders for the enlistment iifid dlsoharae of seamed, emai
fruiq ihu ytHTCfsry's ottica. All \\vB duties hf ino iffneretttj bureaus
performed uudor the authority of the ft'crcuVy. uhd their orders
considered as emanating frdtii hiih. The general superintendent'
the marine oorp* forms, also, a fiart of the duties of the Secretary,
all the orders of the commandant of that corns should he approved
Bureau of Xary-VartU and Dockt. ?Commodore Joseph Smith, 4,
of the bureau, four clerks, one e4vll engineer. ami 'dlatfgotsir
All the ua\y yards. -1?.? kh ! . l,..? >en, 'tMttamfc* and machinery
uavy ygy(Is, iind^\crytttm^'immediately connected w ith them,
under tho superintendence of this bnreau. It is also charged with
management of the Naval Asylum.
Hiuvati of Conut nation, Equi[mi nt, and liejiair?John Ienthall, e
chief of the bttrean, eight clerk <, and one draughtsman. Tho olllc
the engineer in chief of the navy, Daniel B. Martiu, esq., is attache,
this bureau, w ho is assisted by three assistant engineers. This bur
has charge of the building and repairs of all vessels of war, pure!
of materials, ami the providing of all vessels with their equipnie
as sails, anchors, water-tanks, kc. The onglncor-iu chief eoomviu'
the construction id" nil marine steam engines fyr 4b*' Invy'i and, v
the approval of the Secretary do yle* upon plans for their const 1
Bureau if l*rn\H*i(m? and Clothing,?H. Bridge, purser Tinted Sti
navy, chin of bureau, and four clerks. All provisions for tho use
the navy, and clothing, together with the making of con tract 9 fh;
nishing the same, come under the charge of this ht'jAViitd.
Bureau if Ortln*mce 0*4 Upitfffivjihy. ?Oapt. Duncan Ingrah
cb|ef of Uuroau, fiwir clerks, ami one draughtsman. This bureau
rharge of all orduanre and orduunce stores, the manufacture or |
1 fu cnmioii irtiu-i. iM>\vder hIioI uhells kc nml llio eniiim.
A vsusel* of-war, Willi everything connected therewith. It al*o \
rklc* them with maps, chart*. chronometers, barometer*, Ac
rethfr with itich bookn u arc furnished phips ofwar. "ThoCir
tale* Naval Observatory and Hydrographical Office" at \'v'u-bipjj
Hid the Naval Academy at Annapolis, arc alao t,he general
pniBlftMifaee of the chief of this feurjftau.
Bmmunf Af jU vt? amiSutyi-y.?Vr. William Whelau, surgeon I
led State.-? navy, Cldcf 0T ftntvaiU one passed a^ in taut surgeon Vn
ftato* nary,Add ttnk>'Clerks. Everything relating to u\r*dtv^?*
uedieal Ptorca, treatment of Sick uipl \\<uuvl<d, uud Itinnageincn
iMipttal*, fom<?si within \\t$ supi.rtmeudcnee of this bureau.
war MPAftnrarr.
Hon. .?, B. Floyd, Secretary of War ; W. R. Drinkard. chief eh
icveo subordinate clerks. two messenger*. and tour wuichmeu.
Allowing bureaus arc attached to Ihi* department:
CaMtunnding O'rtumVt Oft*' This office, at the head of whic
JootenatH (Jenerel Scott, if at New York.
Adjutant fautraVi O0kv.~~Gal. Samuel roo|?cr, Adjutant One
\<-ostunt?--Brevet M?>h* E. I). Tow us end, Brevet Capt. H. Wtlliu
uid Brevet Capt. J. P. t attache. Judge Advocate, Brevet Mwior A
l/?c; nine clerk* and otic messenger. In ttih? office *?re kept
he record* which refer to the pcraonnol of the y y^y* ?U- roll*,
t U here where all military urn made out.
ib - ml Ope*. ? Brevet Major General T. H. Jcs
jturtefmaster general. A.??Mant* Odonel C Thotua*. captain M
-III bur, uud Brevet \taJor J. Dclycr; eleven clerk* and one itie?*eiif
PaytuQder (i*nnaVi Offrv Col. B. F 1 annul, paymaster genei
tajor T.J. Ltfiie, district paymaster; eight clerk* and one mr^
CtimmiAFitnt GentraH Oeorgo Gthton, commissary *
ral; ar*i*tnnt, t upt.nu M. It. L. Simpson, clerk* and one mess
Surg?.n pryfra|'? <icu. Thftwat lawiou, surgeon gtuei
Afbtaui*, Dr. 'C C Wood and IV U. K. Wood; tl*r?K5 clerks.
KtttfiiM Offlct.?tleoeril Joseph Q. Tottcn, cWef engineer; sssfetn
aptain II (?. Wright; ffivo clerks aud one messenger.
TniMfp-itpKkal Rut fan.?CM. J. J. Abort, colonel of 0?e corps;
Ut an I, Oiptaiu J. C\ Wood rn ft; four clerki and one irie^i*nger.
Orduanr* ft una* ?Col. H. R Craig, colonel of ordaance; agitata
'apt. Win Maygg4|(r; fi?h| cleik* aa l one moasenger
/ ft
Tlte luinc of uo person will be entered upon our book- uole-n (be
|m> meat of the miIim ritdiou be made iu advoi* e.
hi - iuiii *ntn ittxvi may far ward u* iu??nev by letter, and all rUk
^ will be afeuiie d by mtr.-etve* in it ale li m-iin- i?m
; The COUNTRY CAPER l> publtdied tri-weekly during the Marian*
i ?f Coniffw#, and M?mi weekly during (he reread.
Z-S. j Subscripts** tor a period Uw? than u year will be received ou tnmti
pt o| tor tinned U? the above uutiuul rated.
, | n^-hiKT.U.VITKHH are auilmrixed to act a* ?mr lai^nb; ami by
seudlttg tt* rfVK DAILY Itbrfrlbfrs, with f eneUwed; or mikHKMI
WKKKY.Y subscribers R"lth cuclosed. will be entitled to a copy
0 rati*. ^
rehre* Ovrrlaml Mull Kmite ?? Cttlifnriun.
I tut
ir.4K r H*?rr i mi* IM.rmur. /
i'il bt A|mUM,IM7.. ^
AN' ACT of CougreHM, a|?|iri?vfd H?l March, IH.'>7,
making appmprinttofl* for the service ul tin* IV-1 idttio Depart
lid iu tiieut for the fiscal > eur ending 301b .lutie. 1M.-H, provide*
alters Sx*\ 10. That the PutfUnaHer Hcueral he. aid he is hereby , autts?r *
each lietl to coutra* t for the convey .tUfc <4 the t ulu o letter uiuil Irotu Mrvb
iihtioo |MHiit ou the MK-ussippi river, u- the contractor* may selert, to Km
ii* d to Sr.mci-co, iu the state ofjCUIIiorutu, lor six yours, at a c<wd not ?*\t.<?d
d di lug thiee hundred thousand dollar per atiiiutu l?H* mmo! monthly, four
hundred and fifty thousand dollar* tor weekly, or fix hundred thou
rtalld dollar* for heiui WAWkl> r-WVMt', 1* lie pprfiiruiwl :>eltlt monthly .
' weekly, or acini we ekly, ul the option .if the tVietmaster (Mueral.
' Hat*. 11. That the contrail . trull require the service to t??? perladle,
funned with good four horse roach*?* or K|tring wagon*, tumble fin*
4I* ; the conveyance of |iu?*X'iigcr* a* well us the nuiety and set;only of the
toul mail*.
eiiivtit 12. That the contractor .-hall have the fight <?i pre emption to
"Jf5-4 , three hundred and twenty acre* of any laud not then disposed of or
reserved, at catti print necessary h*r u station, not to I?e nearer thuu
ten mile* from cm It other; uud jwovldrd that no mineral Una -hull he
, su thus pre eniptod
'' ! "Hmt. 13. That the said service *hnll lie |*?rft*rnicd wdhiu twenty Uvo
'go of duy* for each trip; and that, twfore entering into such contract, the
1 Postmaster tiencrul shall la* >ati-lled of the uhiUty and disposition of
the panic*, hrmrt jiiU and Iu |iknI hllh, to perftirth thu Mid (Milrut, *
I and shall requlro good and Mufilcietit security for the performance of
ItHU'l- ' katne, the service to commence withlu twelve months alter the aigu
j iug of the contract."
; Proposal* will accordingly bo received at the Contract tUllca of the
| post Office Ilepurtmeut. until 3, p. ui.. of the 1st day of .luua, 1K67, for
a tll 1 conveying mail* umler the provUkm* of ttm abovo act.
| Btwide* ttie *tarting |N>int on the Mlsslssip|>t river, bidders will name
(1IVI ' intermediate |iotiit* propowad to 1m ?inhnic44 iu the routa ami othor
msc de*igruite it* course a* nearly a* practicable.
So|iarato pr??|Kwals aro invitcil for eai monthly. urrUy, and Mini
J wnMjf trip* aath way.
WMhi I ' "I*0" ti?* proixiKals ??ft* nHl w ill ln? nude after tln? hat ^
muster ticneral ahull lie sutialied of Hie ability and dispoftilion at tho
(Kirtlea in good faith to perft>rm the contract.
A giiaratitee is to Ik* executed, with giaxt and MUtHcienl wueatia*, thai
and (he contract nliall be executed with like good aci'iirity, wtieuci er llw
tiusti cuntractor or contractor* shall l?o required t<? do m? by the hmtmastci*
ty be (ionerol, ami the aervlce must commence within twelve luouihx ul^er
?i* the date of auch coutruct.
it Of ?
itruct Form af Prnpmal.
le I *i - # t
ttl,a f, . * county of , Hum
I 0f f propose to convey the entire letter mall, fur the term
of six yours, from the date specified in the contract for commem-lug
aater service, from ? , on the MWi*ri|>pl river, by to Suu
tiona j Kraiieisco. California, agreeably to the advertIsemeut of the PbtftniAster
tlces, (Ieneral of the 20th April, 1857, in good four horse coacbe* or sprtug
sU?r* wagons, suitable for the conveyance of paaaengers, oh well a* the
po-t- safety aud security of tho mails, remi monthly, each way, for the nimuai
unjw i sum of dollars; urrkly, oach way, for the annual sum of ?
pro dollars; remi KveWy, each way, for the annual sum of ? dollar*,
with | Dated. (Signod.)
lying : ?
0 sti- j Form oj a Guaranty.
^ The undersigned, residing at ,Sut?(?f ?> ? , uti
j dertako that, If tbe foregoing bid for carrying the mail on tho roils
mas- from , on the Mis*i*sip|>i river, lo hun I'runcisco, t'aldor
hud- uia, be accepted by the Po*tmaster Heneral, the bidder shall, when re1
the <|uired by the P(MUnu*tor GomtiI, enter into the necenanry obitga
ling* tion to perform the service |>roposed, with good ami sutlli lent sureties,
ifde ThU ux do, imdtrrtaruling dikindly thr obligation ami iial>iHlir.i tu
vceu nuMtd by guntvuUor*, under the '11 th action of thr tut of Congress of July
ni.it 2.1830.
ftbe Itoted. (Sigmul by two guurautors.)
i, re- ?
I h't - Jtwm (/ f'rtlijicale.
f i?a dhdorsignixl, postmaater of , State of , ,
"J certlUes, under hik oath <>f uj^'Vs, that lie Is acqootnted with tbe above
j*'| guarantor*, and knows them hi be men of property, and uble to make
n4 .r good their guarantee.
("ui Ikdcd. (Sly ued.)
1 llH
c^o- < \?4toiniiiQ conditions to 1* incorjiomted in l he amtracti to the orientthe j
pi p. tlr)*t>iin<nt may deem p/vjxr.
!'lc 1. No pa)' will bo made for trips not performed; and for each of stir
'" j1"4 ouiUstons, not -uti iioioi ilv three times the pay of the trip
to? j may be deducted. Inductions will also be ordered tor a grade of performance
inferior to that sped fled initio contract. For rcjteuieit'deliu
Geo- (jucnolcs of tbe kind herein specified, enlarged penalties, proportioned
I'4'1'- to the nature thereof and the Importance of the mail, inny l?e mude.
-j. For leaving behind or throw ing off the mails, or any portion of
i the them, for the oil mission of passengers, or for being concerned in setting
U? up or running an express conveying intelligence in advance of the mail,
'^ol If a quarter's pay may be deducted.
" Of : Fines will he' iiu|>osed, unless the delinquency be pi<ynptty and
' -atislaciorUy expjntued by certiorates of postmasters, or the affidavit-*
ition of other flredibt* |K?rsona, for (ailing to arrive in contract time; fta*
11K'* glecting to tuke the mail from t^r deliver it into a |>ost office: for Htiflfer
M**d : jn^ n (owing either to the unsiiUablciuv* of the place or maimer of car
con- J tying it) to he wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost; and for refu-lug,
nfu*r demand, to convey the mail as frequently na the contraetoe
ould i*uns, or Is concerned in running, a couch on the route,
heir t 4 The p(?t master General may annul the contract lor repeated fkll
I lose j ur<M ^ rim agreeably to contract; for violating the |>ost otlice taws, or
:,,w? f dhohcylug I be instruct ions'of the department; for mhFitig to discharge
ibo a carrier when required by the department to do no; for assigning tin*
h,l^ | contract without the assent of the PoNlntwlcr GcwW. for luuiuug *u
f etftrcss ns aforesaid: or for transporting pm.-eas or )*ackaj|?Mi convey
l *rn iug mailable mutter out of the mail.
thfl i f?. A bid received after tl$ Kyd d^y and hmir named, or without the
1,10 | guarantee required Vi\ Hlty, ,M* $ou*iffof#d Mi coiojtetilpMi with a
*1? regular pl\yfr'ty) reus suable in amount,
lion ^ The route, the service, foe yearly pay, the name and rcsidoncd of
u,u* the biilacr. (that Is, bis ustpd j?ost office address.) and those of each
aV,?' member of u brm; where a company offers, should be distinctly staled.
K**' 7. Altered bids should not l>o submitted; iiot should bids oiu-e sub
x%*4' initted be withdrawn.
e v 8. Km It bid must be guarantied by two (4 more responsible poraons
l4b r satisfactory to the Italuiustcr General, General guarantees cannot bo
admitted. The bid and guufft\dv*t should bo tinned plainly with the full
''fo name of each person.
di- p. The il^r^enf re^ervea the right to reject any 1*1 which tnay $
I be, d^o^icd (\\tra\agant, au,d also the bids of futftag contractors and
-? i nuincr.*.
inns ; |o. The lii<t should lie soidcd; eupptKetbed Mail propmals throvcr
'"sI laud rniile in California," addftusea "Second Assistant Vuetnculerfleir
cral," Ounlriu t Otllco.
1 11. A of a bid In any of its rsaooiiul terms is laulainonnl
ft now 'ml. mill cannot, bo received, uq tee to interfere with a regular
1 i i impelillon. after the last hour set fur receiving b*ls.
)i0 12. 1'ostmiinters are to lie eareful not to certify the uuflh.ienrr of
, guarantors or sureties without knowing Mint they are |icrsons of sufll
" elent responsibility; ami all bidden, guarantors, ami sureties are ills
in I bin'I) noli lied that. <hi a failure to enter Into or |K'rform the contracts
' ' lor the service pro|K>sed Ibr In the accepted lilda, their legal llabilltluH
. will Ik' enforced nguiurl them.
13. Present contractors, and persons known at the de|>urtuu'iil, uii?J .
equally with others, procure guarantors uud ecrlillculos of then audi
rles 1 i leney substantially In tin* lorniH above prcocritied. The rurttttcatev of
the ; Mifllcienev must be signed by a postmaster, or by a judge of it court of
l.sb- ' record. I
iim, The attention of bidders, guarantors, nurelttw, 4c., h directed to the I
iho, following laws, viz: I
ivy. | Hoc. 2. Ael of March 3, 1&2V Knuguig contractors, Carriers Jre.,h? I
i of heswnru. I
Iho iter, yj Act of \Joyi li 3, 1323. in relation to failure to niter into cou
rant tract.
lute Hoc. 27. Act, of inly 2.1836, liabilities of guutttwhws.
are Hit. 24. Act of July 2. 1836, authorizing IwU ol fading contractor* to i
are he rejected.
0 of Her. 28. Art of July 2, 1836, Ift rotation Ui eouibiiiatious nmoug-t blitand
1 by Art of April 'Jl, tad 8, provldea that no mcniber bt Congress can li* a
blef f'oe. 4'J. 'let of March 3, 1825. provides Mml no |n>stiiiustor, assistant
lati poetmasler, or clerk In a poet otjtciy shall be a contractor.
ui 7 Act of March 3,1820, provides that no other tliau a trco
|iro white male person atoll Ik employed In carrying Mie null.
t|l0 The lYslmaster ticueral will reserve to. himself the rfcht of annul
ling any contract uuoli) under ibe ultovo act whenever he stlstl dls
cover that the satqe. or any I<uj tof It, Is nib'I'd 8>r sale In tire market.
sj i for the purposo of apecnlatlou : and tr ?iH In no. caaca sanrliou a
e <4 transfer of the same, in whole ttf Mi part, to any assignee or wutlsou
it to tractor less qunhttcd, In h|S opinion, than the original contractor hi
eau Carry the same ItiVcl success fill operation.
inse AAIION V. URtltTN.
nts, Ap 21?Saw tlslJune j Postmaster Ceneral.
t'ds _ .... ;
S Unite,! Stairs Wait
MoB ?
ol Poor OrnrH PmMimrv.n.
fur WanUittftiHi, April 18, 1857^
PROP08A L8 for carrying rho niailst of tlw United ,
Hatea, from July 1, 1857. to Juwo 30, 1861. inclusive, no ttio
""" lollow ing routes in the State id Vmmoirr, will lie received at ttie Coo
'"r tract imice of tins |apai loicnl until 9. a. m.. of May 86, 1857: Its lut
decided IUe SH(W> 0uy :
,ro (In tin tool" under name numbers In tlx' ndvcrtiiement or LH
January, ISM.)
451 From Woodatotk to Wind.-ur, lft miles and Imh-Ic. m limes a
I**1- week. ;in<l from Woodetoek, by llaruard, to Bethel, 1H wiles
l'u an<l heck, rlv tUin-s a week.
IMV? Wood-hick ditty, except Bnnday, ai j a in:
;-ui Arrive it Windsor l..v'? .,? u m:
ited leave Windsor doily, except (Uindny. at > |> m; or ou arrival <>r
and cars;
I of Arrive nl Woialstoek l>y S)? P .
l eave Woodstock ilally. exrept lunula) . at S a in:
Arrive at llelliel by 11 ? m;
leave Bcllad dally, except Hnnday. nl 4 |> w,
Arrive at Woodatork by 7 p m.
' 457 From llelliel, l>y (laynvllle, Htnrkhrldar, Plttsflt-ld. North Sber
hurne. and Mrndon. to Kiillatal. :41k miles and hack, als Uwea
a week.
h ia Bidders inay propone srhedulea nl' de|?rtnrea and arrivals lobe
approved by llir pun una-tent at IheeiidH ol the rmile.
45S From Stoekhraltfe, Uy Roelieeler, to Hancock. II miles uu-t
back, fix tinier a week; and Irian lUptou. by Fast Mr Ml. ?
I?1' . Iiury, to Mkldletmry. * miles and Iwek, three lime* a week
' ileldei a may pro)*>.-e acln dulcs of de|>artiirea and arrivafti In be
*" appriiveil by tin- |*><tma?lers at the ends of the cwm.For
form id proposals and loslrui lions and rvapitremenlr. see ml
, vein-euiriit inviliinr prnieoels l'o|- mail lervra in Uw K?w im.i.?.i
?1>. I Hull-' ilatol lit! Jauiury, IS.'i". to hr Mupit at Uui priiiti|iul |xMoflr>'
. K. 1 AARON V. ItK'iU ",
par ' Ap 1#?Uw4wf Po?ttii*?t?r Oner*).
r.!' J rTNiTKD riTATffiT laws, Tho StitI
) tip-* at lar)t ami Trratirs of the tniled Slaton of Atwarten ruu< i
?? ! i-Tut tho Ttiinl fox -ion of the Tliirly fourth t'tHifri-.rt, ntn.1 m
tiy Oro Minot PiitiH'btoi h* authority "?f Oinrre-t KotalHvo $t
1 JihI puhli.-.bvd by lit(U NBUWN. It CO.,
! ! Ap It?Stfflpo 1\J W valnftoii airnrt, IV.
'i B Animal*. Air, TVator, Hmt,Jk*.; bf VV llookrr, M R. I vif
* l-ahf-l. Tin- Youtij; Wtfi- anil Uir ol.t boye; by J- C. JiMPTrt?on
Hamlin* Without '(Vara.
,ni ' StTli klaiid'i" l|ua?n* of Hrothml Vol. ?.

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