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?Jjc Btusfjinfltun Union.
Osagrma).. ''i' of fte^n aml -.-tuI wrwkly 4"ring tlM rwcao
IfUKI.V 1 04 _ . _ _ _____ . _ ' _ _ : I miWnori|>clnii? ?>r ? pnrlint l.-iw llinu ? jr??r will rn*t*n4 ..u lorn.i
t't.J* mil U A,i,.i k"t i i,4 ~~ o <? 1 ?
(1,?v?.r ' VOU'MK XI.L MBKRTY, THE UNION. AND THK < ONHT.Tl-T.ON " NUMBM<iM? ^muw*. ,
.i Uif >KMl WKKKI \ *,' . '. .. .. .. m, , ? ? , ? .=l.: , ... ? - - ' ' ?riuluw u* ?.%* lull \ ?u?mo .nt, rji 'liwul; ? ___
_ Yf hJCKiY nutiaerlV-r*. with $2U fa?-lui?sl. will Ihi enlilltU lu * W
city of Washington. Saturday morning. February b, i858.
gold and silver purchased
jircoubl* will be opened for dei*wdU?rr, pttyabio iu Mine funds MAI
or id gold,chargia# th?< current rnten. checks ir'w! ihi marked &c NBC
cording I j. ?? tfc
Sight dralin <?u all the principal ciuea in the Cnunu .-old |q sums to July
-ail < AH
ttnud* *nd atiNli *?W on acMiimi?xi? ii. . roul
ructirrenl money bought aud sold. trae
land warrants fxtrchased at the highest rate.- deol
HWiSCNV, HITrKMKH'SE. KANT, 4 ill., est*
lire 4 < 3p Hankers.
PKOFESHOH J. K. CHURCHILL, Artist, reapedfully
return* thank* la hut Brleod* and patrou* for past encourage
ni. ui and -ulicit* a continuance of Lto' *atne
Mudio at McHtrtey'n Gallery. No. 448 Pennsylvania avenue, three
,luun and of 41. ?treci
|K 4?tf
? ?- ..., IS
George C. Thomas,
(bnwtitmontr of /feeds for nil the Suite*,
)lay 14?1/ San uth nirevt, No. 4tHl.
Marble Manufactures, Tombs, Statuettes, Etc.
rplIE SUBSCRIBER respectfully invites the atten- ! 1"'
| uon of the public to hi* large and clegaut ulock of
At Id c*li?bll*hm*nt ou K stm t north, M*?o Twelfth and Thirteenth i
lie ha* in In* employ carver* ami other experienced worker* in line !
.ml coarse m?i bleu, and In every nlher description of simpMARBLE
of hi* own manufacture, and of superior quality.
la fact, everything itmi is rtHfQirfH! tu the marble und *tono bu?i- 1 jh.
now, eitl?<*r for utility <?r Usto for tb<- Hot* art.'*.
Ho u |%artivtilar description nt his *tock UnuocawMiry, but cordially
invito* a visit to hht yard, where every one can judge lor him- j
In addition to th? ubove enunnTitted article* he lata a number of
beautiful^/-wrought statuette*, suitable for either the tomb or the gar '
den: some of them imported by himself from Italy. If these pHewse '
not the fancy, he will manufacture to order audi an may be deal rod. J
By Ida varied facilities, prompine**, and atrict utteuttou to
he hope* to uieet the expectations of hla patrons.
K etieet north, between Twelfth and Thirteenth street*. |
.Sep J?ddtu
COMPLETION of Panama Railroad.?Reduction !
of fare to OolUbrnln. United Stated mull steamship* l?*?e New 1 :?G
York for Aaptuwoll >.u the Mb and HOlb of each month, connecting
with niall ?tcam?i B from Panama to Nm Krancisco.
Tbewo rtoamsbipn have Uceu inspected and approved by the Nary
irpartuirnt. and guurauty speed and so/ify.
The Panama railroad (47 miles long) is now completed from ocean
to (s can, and is crossed In 3 or 4 hour- The baggage of |?aaongera
14 cheeked in New York through to Pan Francisco, and passengers aro I 4 So
embarked al Panama by steamer at the company's expense. The
inonty paid in New York covers all expenses of the trip.
deserve steamers are kept In jxirl In New York, Panama, and Siuu
rrancisco, to prevent detention in case of accident, so that the route Is i 4 ad
entirely ririiMt.
Passengers leare Panama I lie same day they arrive at Asplnwall.
lYinductoi s go through b> each steamer, uod take charge of whnien 447
suit children without other protectors.
for through tickets at the lowest rates apply at the agency, 177
Wind sireet. New York, to 1. W. ItAYMONU.
May ? dtr
J id
Southend Oarnrr of Srornth and F
Iter 4?If
Pnntylvania Averutt, bttwttn Smienlrenth and Ffyhtrrnth Mrftin,
I'm establishment is newly furnished au l arranged on the ma t mod
ero and Unproved principle, with private apartments
for oithcr ladies or gentlemen.
41#" The bar is supplied with the choicest of wines and liquors.
(.Nine aoii other delicacies in msMou. ^75
Hut ami cold Junrh from U o'clock, a. m , until 12,111.
Soy 22- tf
I.S3UE circular notes and credits for travellers,
available In all the principal cities of the world. Alno, tnerran
tile credits, for use in Europe, China, &r. (44^
Jau 31?3md
WATCH Repairing and Engraving.?Watches,
uhronometoro. and pccki-t timckc<-pcr? of every description
r<'|*l[wl by akiirul workmen and warranted n> perform accurately.
Kbfrruvlug of every description done In the liest style, including the
t ailing of arnui, crests, mottoes, and Initials on atone. 1141
V Visiting -nil wedding cards elegatillv engraved and printed.
M. W. GALT k HRO.,
Jewollers, 324 Pennsylvania avenue,
.Ian 30?tf Between Oth and 10th streets
1 441
Georgetown, D. C.
' piUS large hoarding and day school for young
| ladies. bo long nnd favorably known us conducted by Miss L.
8. English, is now under the direction of Miss M.J. ilarrover, principal, 1441
assisted by a corps of competent and experienced teachers in every 1
department of learning.
Members ofCoiigre^ and others whose duties cull Ihciu to Washing
ton may place their daughters or wards hero under their own super
vision, as many have been accustomed to do?the graduates of this I
e?miuary representing nearly every Mate in the Uuiou. 1 Ul
For particulars addre.^ M. J. HARROVF.R,*
Principal of ??< (ieorgetown Female Muni nary,
fcjep 12?eoU* tJeorgotown, I>. C. i
Washington Insurance Company. U4,
(ipiul MOO,0001 i
rpilIH Company in now prepared to receive appli-I
1 ialioug for insurance on buildings, merchandise, Ac., at the j
usual city rates, without any charge for polict, at their ofll? *. corner
ofTeuth wired and IVnn. avenue, over the Wellington City Havings
Win F. Hayly, Haluuel Uacotj,
Jim. Bryan, .lauies F. Haliday,
NVin. Or me, Hudson Taylor,
Mauris Mohun M. W. Halt,
Ben). Heull.
JAMM C. MctiUKK, Fre-ldeut. I
ti I). 1U.ns.-n, Secretary. j
*a> 29 dly
Washington Branch Railroad.
Trains run as follows :
LEAVE Washington at G, a. in.; 8, n. in.; 3, p. m.;
4 20, p. ra.; 5. 15, p. ni.
The trains at 6 and a, a. in., and 4.20, p. m., conuect directly at
Baltimore for the Fast, and at Relay lbr the West; thowo Ht R, a. m, 3511
and 5.13, p. m., fur AnnrtpoHs; au?l at 3. p. tn.. fur Frederick and
The It, a UJ., Ud i.'JU, 1' U., IraiMi ar- < jpr.tiv uud Hop udly at
lnutpoli. and WuNlilLgl'aj .luiirtiotw.
Tb? eautarn Iruiu ot .Saturday, at 4. 2d, p. in., gd" "illy to IMiiladol
[ tla. 852<
OodtnoJav only .hio train, at 4 2d. p 10.
Jaa'41 T. H I'AKSiNH, Agont.
George W. Bray,
(.W/nfnr and Agrnt for //on*'.?.
lktwri'U It and V atrrrda,
WASH I N til 4) N .
Itou.io ranting and collecting promptly attended to. and punctual r?tnrm
roodo. J?n 22 drtni :n,j2
WOHTHY OF NOTICE. Intending i?. retire
from my prevent bw>\i\<*n, I oflTer ft rare opportunity to any
oob di-jxvuNl to take charge of e hotel conducted upon the Kur"j>ean
plan. The h<?ii"' hM boek favorably known to citizen* andstraugora,
^nd command* a largo *hure of patronage, which can be iuereaavd by
attention. Water, gn#, and all the other convcnk nce? upon the preni
>?** The -ittiHtion if the Imom command* the whole thorough
fare of Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4', street*, and i? but
a short distance from the CapHol. To inaurc a profitable invfMtn^nt
<all early, or addrtH* :,:>24
.Tan eodlw WM Rl'HP, Proprietoi.
MB. BRADY respectfully announces that It.i
hM < ?tabb*bed a galfery of PhotngraphhS Art in Waiting
too. He I* prepared to execute cotnini?idon* for tb?* Imperial Pboto
graph, hitherto made only at hi* well known cat-ibUahmaat In New
A \ariety of uiiMjrio ?u<l rare photographic specimen* ore iorliMlaJ
a his cohort loe, together with portrait* of many of the most di*
hkfulabod oitiUM of the Fnlted Plate*.
Mr HRADY bring* to hi* Washington gallery the result* of fourteen
y**ra' eiperience In Europe and America, and the choicest produeta (
"f bis art during that period, lie (Ms confident that tlie resource* at '
hi* oo?umnd and tin arttaUc nudity ot hi < works will commend hi?
falitry u>tho attention of I bo Washington public.
Jac eod3mn
THE American Almanac for 1858.
Anal reortvad atn! for aale be
* * > Bi.ANoiARn k Monro, I
Puai (OMd February 1, 133s.
iKOl'OSAliJ for conveying the luailu of the United 5ft:
State* from July b? Juue 39, 1861, in I he Hut?* of
vk, new Hampshire. Vermont, Massachusetts. con
TILTl , and NEW YORK , troin July 1, to June 30. 1300,
i* HUH* of PENNSYLVANIA, MARYLAND, and OHIO , aud 1'roui
' 1,18ft8, to June 30, 1859 in the Sutes of VIRGINIA, NORTH
ea and id tUv tune* herein specified, will bo unlived at the uAt
t Otto of this department until 3, p. m., of March 31 next, lo be
ded by Ajwil 24 following. (Being, with eoine exception?; rout**
MihImm! by act of Cong re v approved March 3, 18f?7.)
AVom July 1, !8ftS to Jum 30, 1861.
t From Skow began lo North Aiwon, 11 Dull** and back, aw tour*
a week.
Leave Hk>>w began daily, except .Sunday, at 6 p in. or (to ar 4IK
rival of curs;
Arrive at North Anson by 9 p ui;
Leave North Ansop daily, except Sunday, at ft a ui;
Arrive alSkowhegan by Hkui
> From Rockland, by Kockvillo, Wont Camden, South Hope,
lTnton, Mi'UiiuV Mills, North AppleUm, Searimmul, South 401
Montville, liberty. Moutvtlle. South Freedom, Weal Free
lom. Centre Albion. Albion, Kust Bont??n, and Benton, to
Kenitall's Mill*. 47 mlU.it and back, three time* a week,
l.eave KnckUnd Monday, Wedne?ida> , and Friday at 7 ;? m;
Arrive at Kendall'** Mills by Hpm; 401
Leave Kendall's MIIIa Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nt 7
Arrive at Kockl&d by 8 i? in.
t From Nortli Caxllne. by West Brooks ille, South firookrille, and
BrookvIIW\ to Sedgwick, 1ft milos and back, three time* a
Leave North Gas Uue Tuesday, rburaday, and Saturday at 4
p m; 401
Arrive at Sedgwick by 9 p ui;
Leave Sedgwick Tuesday, Thurndgy, and Saturday at 6 a in; j
Arrive nt North CaaUne by 11 a m.
I From Fatten, by island Falls, to Smyrna, 20 miles and buck, |
once a week.
Leave Patten Thursday at 7 a in: 401
Arrive at Smyrna by ftp m;
I.cave Smyrna Friday at 7 a iu;
Arrive at Patten by ft p iu.
i From Wen ton, by Bancroft Mills, Barker Tract, and Heed Plantation,
to So itU Molunkus, 30 mllen and back, twice a week- ,
I/ave Weston Monday and Friday at tl a m;
Arrive at South Molntikii* by 4 p in; i 401
la-ave South Moluuku* Tuesday and Saturday at 0 a in;
Arrive at Wow ton bv 4 p m. |
1 From Mars Hill, by Utter C aUd Maple Grove, to Port Fairfield,
10 inihvi and buck, three time* a week.
Leave Mars Hill Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 a in;
Arrive at Fort Fairfield by 1 p m;
1/^ave Fort Fairfield Tuesday, Thur. dav,andSuturdnv at * p Hi;
\rrive at Mar* Hill by 8 p m.
Prom July 1, 1858. to J\mt 30, lt?6l
From Keeno, by Hwansey and North Richmoud, to Richmond,
12 lAllea und back, three times a week.
A viltablo schedule of departure* and arrivals to 1?h arranged.
Prom July 1, 1858, to Junt 30, 1561.
From Cabot, by South Waldon, Waldcu, KantHard* it k, aipl Ka>t
firvcnaboro', to Glover, 2ft miles und back, three time* a
A Hiiltable schedule of departures and arrivals to be arranged, i 94
From Jonesvllle, by Jluntingtou aud Htorksboro', to Bristol,
23 milo? and back, three times a week .
A editable schedule of departures aud arrivals to bo arranged.
From Arlington, by Went Arlington, to Saudgute, 8 mile* aud
back, three tintm u week,
leave Arliugtou Tuenday, Thursday,and Saturday at 9 a ni; j
vrriv<* ?i Rauuguv oy u m
I ,i<*v i> Samlgutu Tutwday, Thursday, awl riaturday at 12k, |i in;
Arrive it Arlington by 2*; p m.
>Vom July 1,1?M. to Jutu ?u, 1HA1.
Krmn South Wralport, by Wcctporl Point, U> Arlm.iivllle, R. I.,
H mile, unit hack, alt lime* a work.
A unliable .schedule of departure* aud arri.il' to bu arranged
by the iioslmastcra.
From July 1,1858, to Junr 30,1 HOI.
From Waterbury, by Middb'burv, to Woodbury, 11 milea and
hark, twice a week,
leave Waterbury Tuesday aud Saturday at H a m; ,,
Arrive ui Woodbury by 11am; "
Jefive Woodbury Tuesday and Saturday at 12 to;
Arrive at Waterbury by 3 p tu.
From \Vok>"ttvillo, by T?>rringlou, to Gosheu, 0 miles and back,
six Unit's a wvek. .
leave Wolootlvllie daily, except Sunday, at IS p tn, cm* on srrival
of car*; " ^
Arrive at (kwheu by 4piu;
l,eave Go-iiion daily, except Sunday, hi 10a m;
Arrive at WolcottviUo by 12 in.
From July I, 1858, to Junr 30, 1861
\ From Ix>w ville, by West Martinsburg, Weet IjowvIIIc, Harris ?
burg, Copenhagen, and Rutland, to Water town, '27 miles and 531
back, three times a week,
leave I/?wvlllft Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 0 h ui;
Arrive at Watertown by 11 ^ a m;
leave Watertowu Tuesday, Thursday, and .Saturday at 2 p in;
Arrive at I/>w ville by 9 p m.
From llud-von, by Humpbreysville. to lavtngstou. 9 nnhv and
back, six times a week.
Leave Hudson daily, except Sunday, nt 11 a in;
Arrive ut Uviugstou by *2*? p rn;
lA'ave JJvingKton daily,except Sunday, ut 8 ti in; 531
Arrive at nuusou uy u in.
i From Oneida, by Oneida Cuatlo, to Vernon, dt,' in ilea and i
back, twelve time* a week.
f/*avo Oneida daily, except Sunday, at 9*.j a in and 3^ p in;
Arrive at Vernon by 11 a m and 5 p in;
Ijravc Vernon daily, except Sunday, at 7^ a m and 1 p in; 531
Arrive at Oneida by 9 a in and p m.
r From Com?tocl;'x lauding, by North Granville aud Middle Gran
vlile, to Granville, 12 miles and buck, nix limes ;t week.
1/^ave Com^tock'H landing dally, except Sunday, at 0 a m;
Arrive at Granville by 10 u m;
1/cave Granville dully, except Sunday, at 11 a in. . 631
Arrive at Comstock'n landing by 3 p m.
< From North Hector, by Hector, to IiOgaii, 6 mile^ and back,
three times a week. 551
I/*ave North Hector Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10 a in;
Arrive ut Ix>gun by 11a m.
l^eave l/'gan Tueaday, Thursday, and Saturday at a ni;
Arrive at North Hector by 9*? a m.
I From Elizabethtown, by Ijewi*, to Keese\ille, 21 miles and
back, three time* a week.
Leave FJixabethtown Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 | 601
a m;
Arrive at Keeaevilie by 12 m;
I*ave Keeueville Tuesday, Thursday, and .Saturday at 2 p ni; i
Arrive at Eliza bethtown by 8'* p ui.
) Frotn Havunna,by (Mohkm, Mecklenburg, aud Ferry City, to Tru |
maiihburgh, 25 miles and back, three times a week.
I/?avo llavanna Tueedny, Thurxduy, and Saturday at 9 a in;
Arrive ut TrumuiiHburgli by 4 pm; 531
I,oavo Truiuuiiaburgb Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 :
a m;
Arrive ut Havumm by 4 p m.
lTopoeala to run by a schedule dili'eriug from the foregoing, to |
bo stated by the bidder, will bo considered.
Proposals to ruu bul twice a week are Invited. I 631
l From Owego, by South Owcgo, to Warreu Centre, Fa., 18 mile9 '
and back, twice a week
I.eAvc Owego Tuomlay ami Friday at 1 p in,
Arrive at Warren Centre by 8 p ui;
l^eave Warren (Vntro Tuesday aud Friday at 6 a in
Arrive at Owego by 11 am. 632
from July 1, 1858, to June 00, 1880.
t From Oonneautvllle, by CroMiDgvillc and Kdenboro', to Water
ford, 30 miles and back, twice a week. ' OIL
lxavc ConncftutvHIe Monday rind Wednesday at 7 a ui:
Arrive nt Waterford by 8 p in;
Leave Wulorford Ttieaday and Tliuraday ai 7 aui;
Arrive at Connruutville by 8 p ru.
) From Hanovf r, b> IJttliwto^rn and Ifonaracyvilla, Mrt., to Km*
mittsburgh, 22 miles and bark, three time.-4 h week. a;;,
leave Hanover Tuesday, Thursday, and Pat-irdny at I |> lu;
Arrlva at KromiUaburgb by 6pm;
Leave Fjnmittsburgh Tuesday, Thursday, and -sUtirduy at 4
a ed ;
Arrira at Hanover b) Oam. 6.?,J
I From Bn*okville, by RichatUavlUe, Mary Anuvdle, *b+tiher'ti
Corner's, Reach Bottom,and Bear Creek's Mill*, to Kidyeway.
36 mile* ami bark, ooro a we*k.
leave Brook . die SaMrdav at 7 a ni;
Arrive at Rldgcwa* by 6 pm;
Ixwv* Rldgewax ' r It lay at 7 a ni;
Arrive at Brnoi dllc by 6pm. WJ
; Frac*. fIniir by silver Spring ami Hempfkdd, to Lancaster,
I2>? mile.'and back, dally, except Sunday.
fg*ave Marietta daily, except Sunday, At 1 p m;
Arrive at !*ncj?Kter by 6pm;
leave Lancaster dally, except Sunday, at 8 a m;
Arrive at Marietta by 12 m.
I From Lnncuatar, by Willoxx Street, K&wllttfx I1W, aud lb the^di,
to McCaJl'e Kerry, 18 miles and back, twice a week
U?ave UocMtar Monday and Thursday at 7 a in;
Arrive at Mr-Call* Ferry by 12 m;
I/'avc Met'all's Ferry Monday and Thursday at 2 |? ni;
Arrive at Lancaster by 7 pm.
From f/wa*t?r. by Oreo u laud aud Senders burg, to Paradise, 9
miles ami buck. "?ix times a week,
leave Lancaster dully, except Sunday , at 3 p lu;
Arrive at I'art dive by 0 p ru;
1-oano J'aradUe dally, except Sunday, at 7 a ni,
Arrive at Lancaster by 10 a id.
t From TV-aver, by ParkifNm aud Service, to Frankfort n^rtop, i
20 mile and back, twice a week.
Laare Leaver Tuaaday aud Thursday at H a in;
Arrive at Frankfort Springs by 3 p trt;
Loavc Frankfort Springs Monday and Wedoeaday at 8 a in;
Arrive at B^niver by 3pro.
I From F.xansburgb, by Shermanvilie, to lJnefville, 6 miles and
back, tbre?? times a week
Leave Kvanaburgh Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 n in;
Arrive at IAn< svtil* by 12 m;
laave IJncavlllo Monday, WedneeiUy, and Friday at 2pu?; W
Arrixo m! Kvansburgh by 4 p n?.
Fn>m Hollidayaburgh, bj I rankxtOwo and Cauo* Creek, to |
William burgh, 12 utiles and baefc, tlmea a week
Ieavc Ilollldayaburgh daily, except v inday at 2x4 p rn, on ?i
rival *>f western mail
Arrive at WiilUmaborgli byfJ>? piu; at
I-aave Williams burgh flatly , enmpt Holiday, n 7 n in;
Arrive at Hollidaysburgh by 11 ft in
n> fiubmcti (bti Yellow Spring* ofiloe ere invito J.
i6 From Orcutt Creek to Chemung, N. Y., 4*4 mile* and buck
twice e wuek.
Leave OrctiU Creek Tuesday ami Saturday at 9 ? hi : d
Arrive ftt Chemung by 10ft in,
Leave Chemung Tuesday and {Saturday at 11 a iu;
Arrive at Orcutt ('reek by 12)* p ru.
JO Kroui SCtruuoa loTallmausvtlle, b miles aud back, twice ft week1
<** v? Staruccu Tuesday and Saturday at 1 p m,
Arrive at IfcllmaiiMville by t% p id ;
Ivcave Tallman.sville Tueaday and Saturday ftt H))4 a iu;
Arrive at Htarucca in time to connect with the mail from Sua*
quehanna Depot?day at 12 id
Kvm July 1 to June 20, 1860
hi From Allen * Freeh to lY'mpktnsvUip, 10 miles and buvk, twice
a week.
I .raw Allou's Fresh Wednesday aiel Saturday at 11 H uui
Arrive at TorupklnaviUe by 2 p in; HI
Lrava Tompklri^vlite Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a ru,
Arrive at Allen'* Freeh by 11 ft m.
10 From iNwt Tot>.icr?? to Plxgah. 10 mile* and back, twice a week,
h ave Port Tobacco Wednesday and Saturday at 9 a iu;
Arrive at I'isgab by 11 a m;
l eave Pi-Hgab We?luctulity aud Saturday at 12 in, ttl
Arrive at Port Tobacco by 3 p in.
LI From Frederick, by Uwislun aud Gator tin Furnace, to Me
ehamceiowti, 20 miles and back, six Uma? a week,
leave Frederick daily, except Sunday, nn arrtval of the Fasten*
mail by railroad?say at 3|>m;
Arrive at Mech?irwlawu by 0 p any I trl
Leave MochaniCNtowu daily, except Huiuiay, at b a iu;
Arrive at Frederick in time to connect with the mail for Baliimore?eay
by 11a in.
Li From Bnttle Swamp, by Went Nottingham. to Hieing Kuu.fi
miles and back, three tinie.s a week.
h*ftve Battle Swamp Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 12 in; !
Arrive at Rising Sun by 2 |t m;
lA'ftve Rising Sun Tuesday, Thursday , and Saturday at ? a ni;
Arrive at Battle Swamp by 10 a n>.
U1 From Oukland, by Shiry's Re<1 House, Fol ks id Horse Hboe Run,
Bouuifield's Mills, aud Holly Meadow^ to New Int*rr?t. Va., ^
49 mi lea and back, once a week.
Heave Oakland Monday at H a tn;
Arrive ftt New Interest uuxt day by 12 ui;
leave New latere-1 Wednesday at 8am;
Arrive at Oakland next day by 12 hi.
14 From Cockeyaville, by Sbawan and Butler, to Black Rock, 19)4 y,-,
mile* and back, twice a wark.
Leave Cockeye villo Wednesday und Saturday ou arrival of the !
mail from Baltimore say at 9\' a iu;
Arrive at Black Hock by 12 n?;
leave Black Bock Wednesday* aud Saturday at 2Si p ui;
Arrive at t.VK*key?rllln by ft p iu.
Prom July 1, 18M, lo Jtrat'M, HoO.
18 Froui Now Bremen, by Knoxvllle, to WaphkonMa, li miles and
back, once a week.
Arrive at WapakoncU by 12 tu;
Leave Wapakonata Saturday at 1 p m;
Arrive at New Bremen by 6 p w.
fl) From Racine t?> Raveiurwootl, Va., 11 mile-, and back, ouca a |
Leave Racine Saturday at b a m;
Arrive at Itnvenftwood by 12 iu,
Uive Raveuawood Saturday at 1 p in; > y
Arrive at Racine by 3pm.
JO From Reed's Mills, by Kugle Furnace, Wllkavtiie, Kwiugteu,
Vinton, and Pine Grove, to GullipoliH. 87 mile- and back, once
,i week.
L?-av?- Reed'* Mills Friday at 6 a ui
Arrive at GnliipoiUi by 6pm;
Iamvc Gallipoii* Saturday at 6 am; ,
Arrive at Reed's Mill* by 6 p in.
it From link Hill, by Rocky Hill and Key ^toue, to YVllkwvUlo, i?0
miles and buck, once a week
lieave Oak Hill Friday A 7 am;
Arrive at Wilkes vllle by & p m;
Lmvo WilkeNville Hatui'doy at 7 a m;
Arrive at Oak Hill by 5 p in. , '
12 Krotn Greenville, by German, Republic, Taiuplr, aud Hark, to '
Greenville, twice a week, equal to 14 milee.
Lravp Greenville Wednesday and Saturday ui H a m.
Arrive at Republic by 12 m;
Leave Republic Wednesday and Saturday at 1 p n?;
Arrive at Greenville by 7 p m. i
W From Conneaut, by Clark's Corners, Beater, Pa., and lfe??\*-r
Centre, toOtaineautvUle, 20 miles and bark, once a week.
I.eave Conneaut Friday at 6 a in:
Arrive at Conneautvilie by 12 iu:
leave Conneautvillc Friday ut 1 p ni;
Arrive at Conneaut by 7 p in.
14 From Perryaville, by Palmer's X Roads and Hiper'* settlement,
to Ashluud, 16 miles and bark, nno? a week
i.eave Perryhville Friday at 7 am; j
Arrive at Ashland by 12 m;
l/bve Ashland Friday at 1 p m;
Arrive at Harry* vlll* by 6 p m.
15 From New rhiladclphin, by Altona, to New G>mar:,towii, AO
miles aud back, once a week. ?
Leave New Philadelphia Friday at 7 a m,
Arrive at New Comerstowu by 6 p in; \
i.eave New Comers town Saturday at 7 am.
Arrive at Now Philadelphia by & p m.
?.? no
>Vo)n lnt July, 1 to ;?oth J an*, 183W.
2 From Water lick to Burner's Springs, 13 mile* and ba< k, six , 041
times a week from let duly to 80th September, aud one? a
week the residue of tho year. ; ??
Leave water lick Tuesday at 11 >? a in, or after arrival of l,u
Arrive at Burner's Springs by 3\' p in; 1
laavo Burner's Spring* Tuesday ut 5>i a m;
Arrive at Water Lick by 0'; a m;
Daily, except Sunday, during same bourn, from 1st July to AtHli
September. j ne
18 From Woodstock, by SquuhyIU*. to Mount Olive, lo mile* aud !
bark, once a week.
Ixutre Woodstock Wednesday ut 3 p m, ur
Arrive at Mount Olive by 6 p m;
I*ave Mount Olive Wednesday at 12 in;
Arrive nt Woodstock by 2.45 p m. 1 '
4 From iAiicustcr C. H. to Merry Point, 5 mile-1 aud bark, twice a 1>0
week. mi
Leave 1 .a master C. II. Wednesday aud Saturday at 4 p iu;
Arrive at Merry Point by 6 p m; .1
Leave Merry Point Wednesday and Saturday at 12 m;
Arrive at l*in tt*t? r < . H. by '2 p in. 1
,i> From Norfolk, by Yorktowu, tu Kiug and Queen t\ 11., 108 ?
miles and back, once a week. j ufV
Bidder# will |?roj)o-o- a hdicdule of dejwrturea and arrival.-.
0 From WU llama's Wharf, by Green's Wharf, to North Cud, U,'.. . 1
luihv and back, twice u weak. , . ^
I/'avu Williams's Wharf Tuesday and Saturday immediately ! *
utter arrival of Norfolk'mail?fay * p in;
Arrive at North Kml by 4 p in; '
Leave North End Tuesday uud Saturday at 0 n ui; 1
Arrive at Williams'a Wharf by 11 a m. '
7 from Concord, by Spanish Oak-, to Oakville, Umiloi uud back, 'K
<mee a week. .
Leave Concord Wednesday al 1 p ui; J
Arrive ut Oukville by 5 p m;
U'lve Oakvilln Wednesday at 8am;
Arrive at Concord by VI in.
Proposals for a second weekly trip, and to end rout* at Spanish . '
Oaks, will be considered. i"-)
8 From Kowlceburg, by Wolf Creek, Puriuton, and licking Creekf ; . t
to St. George, 2il miles and back, once a week. ^
Ix'uvc Rowlesburg Wednesday at I u in;
Arrive at St. George by 12 ni;
1 rave St. George Wednesday at 1 p lu; \
Arrive nt Rowleaburg by 8 p m.
9 From St. George, by Holly Meadows and Red Creek, to Dry
Fork, UOiutlea and back, once a week I no
Leave St George Thursday at ft a in ;
Arrive ui Dry For-: by 0 pro; ,
leave Dry lork Krklfi) at 6 a m; j
Arrive at St. George by fl p m,
10 From St. George, by laurel Hill, (local name.) to MeadowviUc, ? .. t
lf> miles And bock, once n week. ,
leave St. George Thursday at 7 a m; . t
Arrive at Meadowvllle by 12 m; ey
l eave Meadow vtile Thursday ui lpm: ' .
Arrive nt Sr. George by ft p m. I .r|
!1 From Point Pleasant, by Angerona, to Jackson C. H , mile* i
and lwk, ovmv a week.
Leave Point Pleasant Thursday ut 7 a iu; ' '
Arrive at Jackson I'. II. t?y 6 p in;
Iz-uvr .T.ieksou II. Friday at Tarn; , . .
Arrive at Point Pleasant by A ]> ui. . |j(
"2 From Buffalo t*? Jvkson C. If., 30 it)I lei and hack, once a w eek.
l?*av? Buffalo Wednesday at 6 u m , a".
Arrive at Jackson C. II. by 7 p Hi;
I/*ave Jackson C. H. Tuesday at 6 a in; "*
Arrive at Uuihdo by 7pm.
-I From Now California, by Wm. Gandee.*, Flat Foik, FUJah Ir '
lurre'0,And New gen took, to Mason vllle, no miles mid back, I
onoe a week,
i^ave New California Tin 'lay at d a m:
Arrive nt Sianonville by 6pm;
I ??y,. ? IHIIWIH- a, o a m . ,t .
Arriv at NVw CnUlornUt by # p tu. en;
4 from Katitlvillo to Stony (>"k, 13 iiill'f and hark.otic** week. (iel
Iz-nvf Kettllvtllo Monday at a a m ,
Arrtrr at Stony Creek by 13 m; ?
Leave Stony Crook Monday at 1 p m; rl?
Arrive nt Kitillvlllo by i |> tu. , n
| 1M
I AKUU.NA. \s\
From July 1, 1858, to Juiit UO, 1850. j J
6 li-on Durham, by rtmnw's Mill, Orauga Factory, Hound K?I1, ; c*^|
Dial'* Crook, nud He d Mountain, to South Lowell, M<1 back. ; HU
twice a week. | H
I**vn Durham Tuesday lodMrkiay at 7)i a ui;
Arrive at South Lowell by 4)? p m;
Leavo South Lowell Wednesday ami Saturday at 7 a n?;
Arrive at Durham by 4 p ni. j , 1
7 From ('ba|H*l Hill, by Feu r lug too'h Mill, Ana Klggabvo'? More, j ,
TUoiuan 13. FarreoV. Manly Snip*'*, and White i'roni, to 1 1
tjapel HHI fjual to 18 mile* and back, otice a week 1
l^ave C banal Hill Saturday at fl a m; bO
Arrive ait'bapel HHI by 8 p to. fr*
8 From Magnolia, by Pn--?d?'tj aud l'rc- ?tt, to RoekiHb -I mile- I
and Ituck, nor.c a week. ' l**1
Jenvo Magnolia Friday alb a in; J
Arrive at Ilnrkft-h by ti p in; j l/eevc
Hook ll di Saturday at 7 a n?; I /"
Arrive at Magnolia by 5 p in \_
Propowal* to otnll Dresden, aud perform Ibe round trip in one c?i
day, will be considered. (ht
9 From Clinton, by Taylor'h Hi i U.?, to Mm i ell -< H mile* it i
and b?? k, once i\ week *u1
lAive Clinton Friday ?t 5 a ui; ; of
Arihe at HarrclFs Store by 12 in do]
I leave HarrelFa Store Friday at 1 p hi; net
Arrive at flifltno by H p ti.
4ho liwin lil?MviUe, by lUiiiej'n Ferry, to RockiUHltam, l'? mile*
utid liuck, ufay a week
Leave 14h*?ville Friday at dl4 aiu
Arrive at Knrkiughaui by 1 2 m;
Leave HoekUtgliain Friday it 1 y lu,
Arrive it I jle-vilU* by 6ig p m
lit Kiotn Troy, by Auman ? Mil), to Jantr* Page h, (? f*t?Hk Koad,)
21 nillu* and haek , once ;t week
Leave Troy Weduonday at 12 in ;
Arrive at I'age'H by ti p m;
l. 'ave ligtt'M Thursday at 8 v. a m. or en arrival Of High P??lnt
Arrive at Troy by It,' p m.
tor an additional weekly nip arc invited
y,"M Jul) l, law, tu Ju/ir ;.o, l(k,v 14
173 From Anderson C. B-, by Pierce Town, Equality. .Stabluau,
Churubusro, utid Mdlwees, to Audoraon C B <tjuul to 19 K
luile* aud buck, onoe 1 week. ft
Leave Anderson C II Thursday at ti a iu; J
Arrlv<? at Anderson < H. by 9pm %
74 From Anderson C. H., by Vareone* aud Level Loud, to Abb*
vlllv C. H , 31 miles and back, once a week
(nave Anderson C. H. Wednesday at b a ui; n
Arrive at Abbeville C. II. by 7 p in ,
Leave Abbeville C. II. Thursday at d l in; 1
Arrix o at Audcrfou C. H. by 7 p ru.
74 From Horso fHwe, by Holly Spriug*. Loug Creek, and Cherokee, ti
to (.'layton, i?a.. 27 mile* aud beck, once a week {]
Leave florae Shoo Saturday at * a in;
Arrive ut Clayton by d p in; ?
Leave Claytou Friday at h a in,
Arrive at Horse Shoo by 0 p m. X
iiS front Pickens C. 14., by Crow Crack, AMer nn' i M'.'.Ja, twk
Mountain. Table Hock, Tablo Mountain. and South Mahido, to
Greenville, 39 miUw and back, ouco a week. c<
Ijxav* Pirkan* 1'. II. Tuesday at 1 p in;
Arrive at Greenville next day by 0 |? nt; w
l^ave Greenville Monday at (i a in;
Arrix e at Pickens C. II. next day by 12 m 1
i it
J'roiu July 1, 1938, to Juiir 30, leoth
i'M I rout Amoricuf, by Itoiixdie, to Drayton, 21 mile- and buck,
twice a week.
I,ei4ve Amcrlcua Tueoday and Friday at 5 a in; uj
Arrive at Drayton by 12 m; I U1
Leuve Drayton Ttieeday aud Friday at 1 p ui; j,]
Arrive at Atnoricus by 9 p in. pi
.39 Frotu Athens, by Planter's .Stand, Fort Ivuu.it , lUrnesvlllc,
A.piilla. Parker's Store, Fair Play, H. C\, and TowuviUe, to
Pendleton, 70 miles and back, three times a week. H
l^-axe Atbelts Monday, Wednesday, aud Friday ai 13 tu.
Arrive at Peadleton next duys by 0 p in;
I/javo Pendleton Monday*, We<lnenday, and Friday at 13 in;
Arrive at Athens next days by b p iu. In
Proposals to run by u different schedule will be considered. If
:;0 Ft;om CkrksvJUe, by Xaooochee, Mountain Scour, Hiawuvt**,
lliwa usee, N. C., and IV??<di Tree, to Mtirphey, ti2 miles and
back. tw|ce a week,
l.eavc OlArksvlllo Wednesday uud Saturday at 1 p ni;
Arrive tu Murphcy next days by b p m;
J.eave Murphcy Tueeday and Friday at 6 am, I
Arrive at Clark*ville next days by 12 in.
10 From Coyiiigtou, by Rocky Plain* and Snapping Shoal.-, to ller- . H(
riheba, lb inilt?s and back, twice a week. . 11
e Covington Tuc-day nnd Friday at 12 tu; ; j(
Arrive at Borsheba by b p ui;
iienv? BeroUeba i'ue day and Friday at d a in, ! rtl
Arrlvo ot Coviugtoo by 11 a m. tl
41 Prom Uimpkin, by Florence, to Glonnville, Ala., 'id tailed aud i tr
t?ack, once a week,
lieave Lumpklu Tu^itay at 9 am; '
Arrive at lilennvilic by 4 p m ; "
Leave Glennville Wednesday at 9 a m ;
Arrive at Lumpkin bv 4 pm. r,
Bids (br an additional trip per week w.ll beceualderoxl. ,
42 1'rom Newman to Weedower, Ala., 43 mlley and back, ouce * :
week. tf
Ixave Now nun Thursday ut 7 a in;
Arrive at Woodowee next day by 12 iu; yM
I/rave Woedowwe Friday at 1 p iu;
Arrive at Newnau^noxt day by ti p m.
4S 1 rom Rocky Mount, by ilolly, to Grantville, 18 All I cm and back, ll
twice a week. I'
loave Him ky Mount W^ilneedAy and Saturday at 8 a iu; ii
Arrive at Grautville bv 12 in.
J<nave Grantvllle Wednesday an<l Saturday at 1 p ui; ! *'f
Arrive at Rocky Mount by 5 pm. 3 oi
4.4 From the tormluus of tho ItruuHwick and Florida railroad, wwt (X
of tho Salt I la river, to th* terminus of the Savannah, Albany,
and Gulf railroad, west of the Altatuahu river. "j ^
Bidders will state the distance, name intermodule points, pro- j 11
|Krt? the amount and kind of ^erviro, and present a suitable j ^
srheduhi of departures and arrivals. j
hjoreda. 11
From July 1, 1858, to June UO, 1831) , *.
SO From Orange flprlnga to Flemlugton, 26 miles and back, once a I
week. j 3>]
l.oav? Orange Sprit)** Monday at S a tu; ! tl
Arrive at Flemington by & p in;
Imxp Fleming tup Tuesday at 8 am; ! 11
Arnv? at Orange Bpr.ngaoy 5 p in
Bids to embrace tola will be canaldared. !
mlaining condition* to U incorporated in the contracti to the esUnt lc
the department may deem proper. j jn
Aeven minute-: are allow \ to each intermediate office, when not
tiorwUe spccltlod, lor opening and examining the mails.
No pay will be made for trips not performed; and for urn h of Much ;
iUrtioiM, not satisfactorily explained, three times the pay of the trip
iy be deducted. For arrivals no far behind time us to break eon- ! f
xion with deluding mails, and not sufficiently excused, one fourth 1
the compensation for the trip la subject to forfeiture.
Fines will lie imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and tc
Uef&etorlly explain**! by rortiflcalea of postraaeters, or the affidavit* j
other credible persons, lor failing to arrive in contract time; for pj
glin ting to take the mail from or deliver it into a post office;-for #uf | *
ing it to be wet, injured, destroyed, robbed, or lost.
The l'OHtmuster General may annul the contract for repeated fail
oh to run agreeably to contract; for violating the poet office lawn, or
obeying the instructions of the department; for refusing to dfechargc ,
arrler when requested by the de{iartmeut to do ho; fl?r assigning the ' 1
ntrart without the assent ol the Postmaster General; or for trans ! ill
rting persons or packages conveying mailable matter out of the .
1,1 1 m
The Postmaster General may order an increase of service on a I
uto by allowing therefor a pro rata increase on the contract )sy
? may eliange schedules of departures and arrivals in all cases, and j he
rticularly to make them conform to connexions with railroad*, with- I
t increase of pay, provided the running time he not abridged, lie ,
4v also order an increase ol speed, allowing, within the restrictions
the law, a pro rata increase of pay for the additional stock or carriers i
i*ny. The contractor may, however, in the cane of increase of upeod, | at
liuquMi the contract by giving prompt notice to tho department that j:l
prefers doing no to carrying the order into etfect. The Postmaster j
neral may al*o curtail or discontinue the service, in whole or in
rl, at pro rata decrease of pay, allowing one month's extra competition
on the amount dispensed with, whenever, In his optmou.the fj(
blic iutorests do not require the Fame, or In case he desires to ?u at
rnede it by a different grade of transporiatlon.
Puyments will he made for the service by collection.! from, or
aft* on, postmasters,or otherwise, after the expiration of each quor- j m<
- ?say in Februury, May, August, and November. j
The distances ure given according to the best information ; hut
Increased pay will be allowed should they be greater than adver- | fill
ed, if the points to be supplied bo correctly stated. bidder * mud j
form themeelvc* on thix point.
Bidders are requested to use, as far as practicable, tho printed i
*m ol proposals furnished by tho department, to write out in full the
in of their bids, and to ratal n copies of them.
Each bid must be guarantied by two responsible person.". Gen- ' lu
*1 guarantee* cannot be admitted. .,r
The #.d should be sealed; superscribed "Mail Proposals, State of'j
" addressed Hreoud Assistant Postmaster Genera), Gontract ;
....I .'..III l.v .?/?;/ IUt( hi' ..) th U|. ai'iml. nl.al ruutniualu*.< < >11 I
" * *V " ? ..f,-..., ...? ^Hiuaicin ?>... 7t)
t onflow? proposals (or letters of any kiud) in their quarterly re !
rh? contract ? are to lie executed anil returned to the department I
or bolbre the 1st of August, lS&tt, hut the aervica must he com- ! w<
meed on the lat July, or the next mail day thereafter, w hcther "f
* continent be executed or not. P
^ etUm It of an art of Congress, approved Kirch 3, 1H4."?, prolea
that contract# for the transportation uf the mail iliuil be let -iu an
cry case to tho lowest bidder tendering sufficient guarantees for
thiol j?erfonnanee, without otlmr reference to the mode of' auoU :
importation than may be necessary to provide for tho due color tftjr, 1 '
rlainty, and pocurity of Mich transportation." Under this law a ! 3uc
w de-? ripllou of bid has been received. It doe# not specify a j
wieaf conveyance, hut engagas to take tho entire mail oh? h trip with j 1
leri#>\ certainty, and security, utdng the terms of tho law. Thcuc ! ll"
i-i ?r- afVlcd, irotn the manner in which they are designated on ; lv*
r books ot the department, '-rtur bid*," and they will bo construed i
providing for the conveyance of the entire mail, hmeeeer lory*, and r"
lafrvrr may he the made ii'ctsan/ to irmtri iu *4cderHy, certainly,
4 security." *"
In all cases where the lowest grade of service 1-believed to bo
tficicnt, the lowest hid will be accepted, if duly guarantied, in prtfcneo
to k or f peri tic bid. tf
Whfn tho lew eat bid U not a star bid. tuid Hpcciflo* either ho mode ly
ou inadequate mode nf cou\cyance, It w ill nat be accepted, but set pv
;dcfor ? specific bid proposing the noccHsmrjr service. j.
Wb?Q the lad does not specify a mode of conveyance ; also, when ]
propones to carry "according to the advertisement," but without wi
i b specification, it w ill be considered ur a propo-al ?>r horseback at
Postmaster# nr?j lo 1 careful not to certify tho Btiflh -m v of j
arnnior- <>r furcth*3 w th.-ut knowing that thev are penmen of bind- '
... vrim.r , ?,<< ?, I ?, gU.M ?u?"?r, ?i. . rui w.-v -?u 'I.nctly
notified itiMt, oo lb# iktiaro to color into or perform the contractu
the etrtfoo proposed l<?r in tho accepted bids, their legal liabilities J Nt
11 be enforced ngainrt thctn. !
Present contractor*, ami pcfmUui kuuwn ?tt tl??t d-'juitinunt, must,
iinlly with others. procure guarantors and certidcfci*'* of their , '*
Ifideiicy Kuh*tuntially la the form* above prewrlbcd. The cortifl In
[ex of sufficiency must bo signed by a postmu-t^ or a judgoof a j ^
nrl of record.
Postmaster Ocneral j UC
If owl Annual hibilotfou <?t tbo WunbiuKt"n Art Aaocilliotl iw
x. opou at tbu Gallery, an II -trcct, between 13th and 14th street.-,
ni 10,1. m.,tol0, p m. Mb
Admiaafon 26 cent- Season tickets $ I To bo bad 4 Ibc principal CQ
Dkatores and hotel*, and at thr door.
Dec 26?tiff 'l<
. ???. ... In
\RPHANti' FAII* removed to Iron Hall, K'giijihj'1- | cp;
J vania a von ue. Tho inclemency of the weather having prevent j cv
many persons who were nnvfou- to do ao from attending the fair at f
dFeUowa' Hull, the manager* have been prevailed upon to continue
1 Ibw days more, and It will bo opened at Iron Hull. The articles for t Rr
e are marked down at tin* lowaet poaalhl* prices, and tho putrouuge , au
tho charitable i* earnestly goUclted. Nearly ir?0 orphan girls are ! n
ponding upon the reanlt of this effort t?? pro* tiro what I* absolutely I
.'* ary for thalr pr.-ent v. ant- I > ''
/an :v?d p?urfcfcUte?] j pi,
iacttt of Ike existing slate of nllaiis in hans>. Allien
ioiut ?i re tuudc of traud, which, it true and by then
stiun thrv ondon**! them they became accessories aftei
he fact. It hum title to theuiHclvew. us inernbiTb of the
ioUMt', um repiis?clitati ve? of the people, (lint these in' te iq
houlil lie olitnintsl in nn authoritative form He trusted
lull no gentleman would desire to pus ipitnti it vote upon
he tuliuwmon of Kuiimum until they had all tin- tacts con
tectud with the origin of the oonntifution, and the facte
rhich have lianxpirod aim e its formation by the conven a
ion, mo far us tlx we facta affect the (|uontIon of the odinls J
ion of Kansae. Jie naked for no fact* lieyonil those pei i
lnent to that question. He deui?*d that his object wg? '
o prolong the excitement of the country and effect delay
>n the contrary, it was to haMtcu the work they had to
Mr. Ft said he wished now to withdraw the resolution
iu hail offered the other day aa an aiueiidment to tiiat ot 'h
iired by the Keutleioan front lodianu. [Mr. Hi'oiian, j and .|
aquired of the Choir whet lie i he could move the reaolu
ion which he held in his hand um a diatinet and indepen ?;
ent proportion. He would Mtibinlt it as a distinct mo
ion, atanding by itself upon Itn own merits, without yield
ng the door.
The resolution wus read ua follows :
/tittjivit, That the mos-age of I tie Proiiioul rjk'luoln|| its isutiin
on framed at 1 wroriipten, iu I lie Territory of Kansas, t>y a COQvari
ou <>f tleirgaUM thereof, UU'I the p*|Htr* arwutpany tng Itin "anill, tw
lor rod lo a .-elect eoiuiulUee of lilieeii. to be Hpprxiited by the S|w*V
i, anil I bet eqlil eonimllte* be Invtrueted t? taqotew Into all Kaa Owl
sineeicd with (he tUrnatleO sT swal cwwUlirtton and the law* uadvr
tiicli Ihe >am? was erlittueteit. airi into all tocli Urt* Mud proceed
i(H as hove traiupirrd since the lermatlun ?i mid enn-liiulion having <
datlon to the question of the propriety of lb" adfWasloa of said Terrl
>ry Into die Union under said roustnulion. end whether Iho same p.
orepUhlo anil Mliataolory to a majority of the legal voters of Kanaas,
ml iluii -aid committee lutvo power to send for peroona and paperThe
81'KAKKR at atod that the resolution could not lv
utcrtidnod us a distinct mid independent proposition
'lie oulv way iu which the gentleman could Arvojuplish
ThirO-Kifth Coixgreaa- Firat tinwiou. J
I t
Till' Semite WUn not in M'nniou to duj. 1 t
Mr. HARKIH, of Illinois, presented certain papers ' i
aunectod with the contented election from the State of ?
Uryliunl, in the case of Mr Brooks against Mr. Davis ; j t
ml they were laid on the table and ordered to lie printed. : t
'ITie HFKAKER laid Wore the House a oertlficato in re- J t
ard to the number of persons employed in the I'oat Of- J
co Department during the fiscal year ending "Oth of '
une, 1857 : which was laid on thu table and ordered to i |j
e printed. | ft
Also, a statement of the expenses of the nationul ai - I ji
lories ; which was laid on the table and ordereil to lie I t
rinted. ( d
Also, a communication l'roin the Postmaster General, | t
rnnsmitting u detailed tatement of the expenditure of ii
lie contingent fund of that de|Hirtment ; which was laid
n the table and ordered to be ptiuled.
Mr. QUITMAN, of Mississippi, from the Committee on )
lilitary Altuirs, reported the following resolution : J.',
Ilaoltfl, Tluu llto I'rnsl.lsiit of lbs mueil Sisl.n t>? r?'V'"Vt'~t m "
luimunlcste tu lias House ? ' "
1. What is th? nlinle number ol ..lit.: rs, nou remmloiisi;..! officers. w
itisirlaiM ami lulvales. wtwltiei II'gul.irs or voluutw r?, Ural lot men "
r militia, ul any Itiur engaged to or miinlarod into tbe servles of tli? ri
uil?.1 Stales lit the last war with (Ireat Britaia. <
X Also, wiisl is thu w hole number, in lik manner, engage I in any Il<
idlan wars ilurlni! the -.hiiim period, ill .tinsuiitilnj benri -u ihe nuin
cr of thoae engaged for the greater or ie..? period of one montti.
S. Also, whsi la llie whole number of peraoris to .?Iium brmnty lands ,.
ive been granted for services in Ilia; said Indian wars Iron llie clo?r
' the revolutionary war to the eoimm neement of the war of 1S12.
AVsoh'sf/, further, That the President lie requested atwi to rrimui'i- I b
catci, from any Information iu the [Kie.. salotl o| tliv cxrcutlve de|airt I.
isnts. showing the estimates or approximate cMuiuit. - of the proha
le nnnuiil ronl of Die extension of tlio system ot revolutionary ism
oils to the soldiers eugag. d iu the war c'sf lHl'J am! In the hidion \,srs.
After ? brief discussion, the resolution was amended on jj
lotion of Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, by oddiug the ltd- I
-wing : I u
And thai the will" loloriusUou .. itolhnse tugagod ill any el the
tdiau wais from tlin rtov> of lie. rerolutlonary war to ilia war oi j
The resolution, its amended, was then agreed to
mi omo oo.\Tisim> r.LXCTioy. o
'J he House resumed the consideration of the Ohio j *'
ditostod-election case- the question being on the!
(option of the resolution reported by thu minority of '
iu Committee of UlectioDs, granting further linio ol ,
irty dujs to the coutestouts, anrf for taking supplement- ''
ry testimony iu lieu of tliat reported by the majority of i
lot committee, deeming it inexpedient to grant sta ll exmsion
of tiuie. u
Mr. WA8I1BURV, of Mnitie. was entitled to tlic floor, , "
ut yielded to
>lr. GLI.MKK, of .North i xrolina, wlio replied to the
marks of Mr. Nt? phk>n, of Georgia, defending the action , J'
r the minority of the Committee of Elections, and nm- '
nding that Mr. Camc?iu.l is fairly entitled to an exten- "
on of time in consequence of the difficulties which had
en thrown in his way by the contestant.
Mr. HARRIS, of Illinois, dosed the debate, contending
tat the question for the House to decide was : "Has Mr. j'
Avi-uiai. used tlint diligence that would entitle hitu. on
ic facts represented, to further time." Upon his appliition
lie ought to state what he expected to prove
ight to lay the foundation in such a way that the House
>uld determine, if his expectations were realized, wheth- ! ''
the result would 1st attained Hut he hail not laid *
iat foundation, arid he would submit that his business
orked no disadvantage to him and no advantage to his
yponent. His opponent had not appeared before the 1:1
immittee, but was represented by counsel. They lsitli
nod in precisely similar situations, anil it was no objec- i "
on now- lor liim to appeal hero and say that he was not
resynt, for he was represented by counsel throughout
le whole time, lie thought the House was as well preued
lor the question now as it ever would is1, and for
tat reason railed for the previous question : but after- v
arils withdrew it for | 1
Mr. VALLAN DING HAM, of Ohio, who nslted unaniious
consent to lewd from tiie journal of tiie Ohio State '
gislatnre the portions rf it which luul been referred to ll
i debate bv Mr. Gilmkii, of North Carolina. fiI
Mr. WASHBURN, of Maine, said he must raise a jsiint
' order.
Mr. CAMPBELL, of Ohio, appealed to that gentleman
jierinit the gentleman frotu Ohio to proceed.
Mr. WASHBURN, of Maine, expressed iiis willingness ' '
> accede, but
Messrs. MORGAN of New York and SEWARD of Geor- 1
a onjecicu.
Mr. HAHllIS then irailed the previous question.
The previous question having been socomled,
Mr. STEPHENS, of Georgia, moved that there ben call
the House ; which motion whs agreed to?yean 106, |
iyn 102.
Accordingly, the roll was called, when two hundred
id thirteen members answered to their names.
'The doors were then closed, and the excuses of abut
ees heard ; after which,
On motion of Mr. I'UllVIANCE, of Pennsylvania, all
rtlier proceedings under the call were dispensed with. 1 ' '
The question recuning upon the resolution of the miirity,
that further time of forty days be granted, it was
ken and resulted?yeas 100, nays 113. r '
tio the resolution was not agreed to.
'The question was then taken on the following resold- ]
>n, reporter! by the majority of the Committee on Klec- | ?!
ms: i
Itedolwl, That it is inexpedient to allow further time to uke lenti ,
juy in this Oitse, as asked lur by the bitiiu^ member.
The yeas and nays were ordered ; and lasing taken, re- :
lted?yews 114, nays 101. v
So the resolution was agreed to.
The SPEAKElt called the attention of the House to the I
liowing response by J. D. Williamson to the questions ]
opouuded to him by the House: 1 ''
Washington, 1 cbruarv i, ISiS. j
th* Spfaktr of ihr House qf lltprtsrnlatitvs, Thirty fifth ('(mgre** of j
the. Vnitfd St a Iff:
fhi;: Ju answer to the questions propounded to me by the lloube, i
>u1d most respectfully Ktate that, when the aubpfpua ,
on m?? BiinimoiitfiK trie before your pellet committee. I eouHunted to i
|K?ar. ntul prepared to tin ho, but bcln^ under henvy bonds iu Now i i}
nk not to leave the jiill limits of that city, 1 called u|h?n the shotifl i
d told him that 1 h?d Ihmui summoned to appear before the commit
?, and desired that mv bonds should not b?' forfeited hy my absence. |
replied that If 1 left the city voluntarily my bond* would !>o for l i
ted ami my pledged faith broken; but If n?y attendance wn compel '
I, irwa.-i his opinion, m well as that at my Attorney, that my bail 1 .
mid n??i nuflcr Ion-. l'|?on their advice I acted, HupiMedng it was '
[hi, and m>t knowing that i was commuting a contempt u|iuik your '
norablo laxly. I would checrfully and without hesitation have ep J ju
n.hiii; th* iKv.'sti ;?ti>m tl"'\ were pursuing, hi'l it nut been for the
(traltil thrown urauri'T in" in Vow York. j "
I now bold it ii It in it .til in fit in answer inch prn|wu- qtitvaKwii *.?
ail Im? put to inn by ih" rnuimtttrc. -I. I>. WHJJAWMON.
Mr. STANTON, of Ohio, stated that the witness had ,M
ipeared liefore the committee and answered very prompt ,
witliont equivocation or prevarication, nil questions 111
opounded to him, mm tluit the committee hod no fur- ,u
icr businipss w ith him. He, therefore, moved that the
itnex* he (Uncharged from the custody of the. Sergeant- 1,1
'lire, motion was agreed to.
'tin H(ni*e then resumed the cousidciatton ol the me#- i
>{e. of the President in relation to the I/rcomplon consti- ,
tion, the quettion being upon the amendment of Mr in
aiuus, of Illinois, to the resolution of Mr. Hioura, of it
diann, that it he referred to a select committer' of thiri:n.
Mr. GROW, of Pennsylvania, was proceeding to de- | ni
iiince the constitution, w hen j la
Mr. HARRIS, of Illinois, asked him to yield t" liim j
r a modification of his amendment. j in
Mr GROW consented.
Mr. HARRIS then said hi* object in withdrawing hi* . tl<
uendment was to olitain certain information which the | Ni
untry required ujion one of the most momentous que* j \vi
ms ever presented to the Congress of the t nited States,
tlmatlons had been given out that the decision of this m
lestion might jierhaps result in precipitating a train of
outs of the most disastrous character to the wcl- n?l
re of the country. If these expressions of opinion
cw out of any weil founded state of facts, it was ncces j la
rv that the eonuttv should know what they were. If | iq
ey were about to venture upon a new order of thiugs. '
f fin m know the farts upon which the change mu*-t tak<' i
ace. There was a wide diversity ol opinion us to the | it
is objci t was to luovc his resolution as au amendment
> that ottered by the gentleman from Indiana.
Mr. JIAKl'IS said bo did not liud fault with the ruling
f Ute ( liaii, for lie believed it correct. Ho then aub y.
littod his resolution as an amendment, and demanded U
he previous question. ' jf
Mr. STEPHENS, of Georgia, appealed to tlie gentle
ran to withdraw the demand for the previous question.
Mr. HARRIS declined.
Mr. STEPHENS then hoped tire House would vote it
own. Such a motion h id never larcn made lieforo.
Mr. PHELPS, of MiMOttrl, moved that there be a call
f the House : upon which the yeas and nays were or
Mr. OLINGMAN, of North Carolina, moved that the
louse adjouni. $|flj
Mr. BOYCE, of South Carolina., moved an amendment, |
iat when the House adjourn it adjoum to meet on Mou ' J
ay next.
The question was first taken on tho amendment, uud
was not agreed to?yeas 80, naya 120 ; and then tlm
lotion to adjourn was rejected?yeas "J5, nays 112.
The question recurring upon the call of tho House, t
Mr. BISHOP, pf Connecticut, moved that the Hohse tut ?
urn to meet on Monday next; jicnding which, < J
Mr. KEITP, of South Carolina, moved an amendment J I
art the House adjourn to meet <>n Tuesday nest. j f
The yeas and nays were ordered upon the almvo | r
lotions. 11
Mr. STANTON, of Ohio, raised a jsiint of order that
le motion to adjourn over was not in order, because the f,
ousc hail just decided that motion. * nil
The SPEAKER overruled the point of ordei r>?
Mr. STANTON appealed from that decision.
Mr. HEWAltD, of Georgia, moved that the appeal bo '
id on the table ; upon which motion the yeas and nays
ere ordered.
Mr. COItB, of Alabama, moved that he lie excused
inn voting on the motion to hty on the table the appenJ- .
poll which motion the yeas and nays were ordered ,
Mr. TRIPPK, of Georgia, inquired upon how many
lotions the yens and nays hail Iwen ordered. ,j
The SPEAKER. Only five. UU
Mr. TH1PPK. Is another motion to adjourn in order " V
The SPEAKER. The Chair will entertain the motion
Mr. GROW raised a point of order that the motion . vjBg
Quid not be in order pending the motion to adjourn
flic SPEAKER overruled the poiut of <>rder. and sta ;;
d that if he did not entertain the motion to adjourn. i lev
would sec that they would soon place themselves In
ich a position that they never could adjourn. '
Mr. DEW ART, of Pennsylvania, then moved that the
ouse adjoum ; which motion was not agreed to ? yeas
nays IOC. ,
The question recurring upon the motion that Mr. k '
nu be excused from voting, ? jc:
Mr. HOUSTON, of Alalvama, moved that there Is1 u Tjr!
ill of the House. JfljjJ
The SPEAKER stated that there already was n motion ffjH
>i a call of the House (lending. | f'|
Mr. LKTCHKR, of Virginia, inquired whether it vfouUI j :
in onlor for him lo move to lie excused front voting I < j
t this proposition ? I .i'J
The SPEAKER. The Chair will entertain the mo- |
on. :'wH
Mr. LETCHER. Then I make it. j
Mr. SHERMAN, of Ohio, i appeal from that dr ^
-ion. i,| 1
Mr. LETCHER. I move to lay tlie appeal upon tho
,i.lc, and call the yeas and nays. .
Mr. KENT, of South Carolina, moved that the Housu ;
Ijourn ; upon which motion the yeas and nays were (r
Pending the call of the roll, ;
Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, inquired whether it was in 'mxjM
der to move that when this House adjourn it adjourn j mM
> meet in the old hall. If it was, he would make that 11
lotion. He thought there was a majorit} ready to go 1'?J
lere, and who wen- satisfied with the experiment. 1*5
|Mr. JoNi.s was called to order amid peals of laughter.]
'(lie roll was then called, and the motion to adjourn
as not agreed to yean 11, nays yz. a *-;
The question recurring upon the motion to lay on lira I ? ^'
ible the appeal from the decision of the Chair, >' *, j
Mr. SHERMAN, of Ohio, withdrew the appeal. T
The question recurring tipon the motion that Mr. ? .
KTCiran be cxcuwhI Troiu voting upon tlic proposition to | if
tcuBe Mr. Cobb, W , *
Mr. GARNETT, of Virginia, asked to be excused from j '"l
>ting upon that motion. '
Mr. 8HKKMAN raised a point of order whether that J
lotion eould bo entertained three timer. Icf.
The SPEAKER. Tito Chair is of opinion that, under -"
ie rules of the House, whatever may be the result, it it J
'injietent for the gentleman to m ike the request. i"?. ;
Mr. SHERMAN moved to lay the ap|ieal upon tin- I'll
Mr. KEIT1' moved that the appeal !? laid on tha
lde ; pending which, t
Mr. HOUSTON moved that tin- House adjourn ; whirl. '
otion was not agreed to?yea* 72, nays 03.
The question recurring upon the appeal of Mr Sues ?> >
\x, that gentleman stated that he htul taken no appeal fc'.'s
Mr. STANTON then took an ajqteal ; .
A Mkmiikr from Pennsylvania moved that the appeal I *
laid upon the table ; pending whicii. ?*,:
Mr. WARREN, of Arkansas, moved that the ltouv
Jjourn; which motion was not agreed to yea* 70, . ?'
lys itti. ; ?
The question recurring upon tin; motion of the gentle- | 'J
mi from Pennsylvania to lay on f le> table the appeal :
' Mr. Stamo*. of Ohio, from the decision of the Chair. |L
Mr. KKl'JT, of South Carolina, asked to he excused 1>
om voting. ?'
The SPEAKER decided that the motion oould not Ig- j!
A Gbntuulan from Oiii'o inquired whether it would foe jJB>
order to move that all thorn* Kcntlimwti on t'uat side of * " <
le Houie (the democratk j ho iicux-d troiu voting. ' 1
The HPEAKKR. Not in the iui<T<vak ' ?,
Mr. STANTON demanded the yew and m?>s upou I foe i
otiou that hi* appeal from the decision of th?* ( hair In* j;;#.
id 011 the table, and they were ordered. f '
Mr. MAYNARD moved that the lions* i i|ontti : whi< h 1 1
otiou was not agreed to?jthh 74, nay* 99.
The question was then taken ou the motion ot the gen tJa
rinan from Pennsylvania, that the last appeal of Vt, a
akton, of Ohio, foe laid on the table ; which motion "
?* agreed to?yean 150, nayi> 1!'. , ji
The ijueatiou recurring upou th motion II ,i Mi (Ja*
;tt. of Virginia, l>e excuued from voting. J
Mr. I'HIIdPb, of IVnnaylvania. moral that the iAi
ljuiirn ; pending which, &Hj
Mr. CAMPBKlJ., of Ohio, inquired how h*n;., it would CV
ke to Imve the yea.i tiu'l nays chDi I upon ev*>r\ motion |e
Km which they had been ordered by ti e Tfni | ?
The SPEAK Kit About four hour- " J
The ,juration was taken on the motion to adjourn. Hid *
n.i: not ,k;iued to?yeaa 68, nays #ii. 1
) s,

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