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I ?
rilk, Fairtu.d. FUlWerdaia, Colao.?Tia,
'' jqm IUJ Willou, to Wua^uiut, Iu?- to
back. Hirer Time* a waek.
Laa*e HaaUT.Il* Monday, W ?" ?
M l :
Arrwe at Waiabat bit >1 day by ifi p
!^?Te Walalia t..r M .. '.j, WriLr-aday
day ttita;
Arrive at ffuntariiie 3.1 Aay by 1u f to
?o-? From Hia'j'i if by Vn?(a/rv, Sutopu-i, an
to Kar.ua -aR'-v. *nd back, omae a ?* L
Lemve HuoUi-la FaU.rday at ? a to.
A rriTt- a* Ibfioa M-uday by 3 (.
Marion Ttltoday at 7 a at,
Arrir* at H unlavTTt* Thi.ra?ia/ bj 4 p to-..'7
F'rvaa Haatt*ih% by S.d??r, u. t.?u?, k
aod back, oo>? a weak
lata TV lion tS rill* JJonday at 4 a to,
Artw at iarona by 1? p n.
lieare Leoila T(.r?.ta_v tit aa,
Arrive at Hnnurtlir bf 10 p at.
-adds Fnwn HunuriTV to Pay to*. i2 aula, ami W
a wTit
Leave Hui'?*'iJ!e Suturd-iy at 8 a at.
Arrive at Tlavtoil by II m.
Leave Davton Saturday at J p to;
Arrive a: Hu; :?> ' * t y f, p to.
hs?i FY'in AnJerern bv Brtti, MaJiauti rdla I
and . U 1 rorkrlt, Al uu.ia au.l
once a week
Leave A ilerson Monday a; a a ui.
Am? ?t Croekwt a**: day by 12 at.
Leave Crockett Turmlay at 1 p m;
V nvf at Anderson Bent day by 7 p in
Ball to run twice a artel will be ouemdrrvd.
. u From Anderson, t>y kWlurnr iLlpbux b
Lira Vjt: ?;Jrr?, WiLain'i Stuia, a ad
Hiaacra 'a, to Kairfit Id, 1 >0 nulea and Lack,
l^awe Anderson Bflonfay av <5 a nt,
Arrrre at Fairfield Wednesday by 6 pm,
Leave Fan field Tbnrsdny at c a a
Arr.Tr at AnitTaoe Saturday by 6 pm.
bule to ran twira a week urn iavitod
D6 1 From Andarson, br KeDujaa Spring Lot,
!?rndto.? WH?c>ti * Store, and Hanaoa t. u
field, 11<> milt* and bark; once a week.
Leave Aadmon Mam An y if t a w
Arrive at Fairfield turn Jar by ID p ur
laa*e Fairfield Wedtt'sdi. v at < * m,
Arrirr at Anfietracr net; lay by In p c_
?' ? Anderson . WhAt Sulphur ^pili
office,) Ohnef'i, (ao office,) McMabtiuA.
see Rog?? Furnace, (do ole*,) LuvL
(n.; uffioe,! StewwrA. (no office, ) and fl
(ao office,) u> SpnnfSnlO, 105 rnil^a an
one* a week.
'.wave Anderson evwy Wrdnmday at 1 9 Uj
Amw at SpringSeM every Friday t?j 6 y m.
L?*ve Spnsjflefd every Mondey at 7 am;
Arrive at Anderson everr Wednesday by 11
VJB Ficun Anderson, by SoowrtDe, to Naahi
rtiiee and back, twice a wreck
Leave Anderaon Wednesday and Saturdi
P 03;
Arrive at Noebvifle next day* by 12 m,
Leave N'aahvtBe Thursday and Friday
Arrive at Atikrtoo next days by 12 m
Btda to t^tntneaee at Booc-dle, emitting A>
will be -oemdertd.
ft as ut ertradi aervicv frcrra NaakviUe. by P
t.van Williams Cameron and Bryant's
to Bel'tm, will be coaaidercd.
Btt34 Froin Aadtrsoo to Bavasoui, 25 miles an
once a week.
Leave Anderson Sa'arday at t> a m .
Arrive at Naraaota by 12 m.
utave Navmsota Ratal day at 1 p m:
Arrive at Anderson by 8 p ra.
sn3S From Caldwell to Brazos Bottom, If; mile* ai
once h week.
Leave Caldwell Saturday at ? a m,
Arrive at Braane Bottom by It m;
Leave lirasos Bottom Saturday at 2 p m ,
Arrive at CaWwell by 5 p t?
at36 Frooi Irdeiwcerxv, by Caldwell, Chance
Naabvilli. Port Sullivan, Willow Spring
run and Carotin*, ta Waco Villaye, 1 Ao tr
back, twice a waak,
Leave 1 Dependence Monday and Thurso
a m;
Arrive a; Waco third day by 6 ^ m,
.cure Waco Monday and Tburwday it < at
Amvc at Indrpendeaca tmrd day by A p m
><3~ From WTr,ewtoek, by Proetierity, to Marhn
and La. *, orna a *??.
lywve W hesiook Frtdar iiCiic:
Arrive at Martin by Ml p m:
Leave W nsriwi ciaiuadey at a a in
Arrive at Marltd tf 10 p n.
Sb - From Crockett, by Colthopa, Elys.um, ae
land, to .Nacordvrbea, 5o miles end barl
I wetrkLaare
t Vjfkett Tuesday at 1 p mi:
Arrive at Nacogdoches ar?t day if < p m:
Leave JJar.ogdoehss M owday ax 7 am:
Arrive at Crockett neat daw !y 11 a
? . F rom t rockett, by Clapp t Creek aad t-Vv
to Alto Spring::, 7t) miles and back, usee
Leave t roekeit Wednesday at 6 a id;
Arrive at A!to Springs next jay by ;? a;
Lea r A!u? Spring* Monday xttiia,
Arrive at Crockett next day by t> p n>.
illd- t? run twice a week, will Or considered
Faoaa Crockett, by i'aMisuor, Eletutude, K.
Larnaaa. and Seven I^eagnea, hi Tyler, 1
and back,three Lxseaa week.
L-m r Crockeli. Monday, tVtynetiday. aw
Arrive at Tyler next day* \;f JO p m;
ijeave Tyler Monday, Wadnfaday, and F
Arrive at Crockett next day* by .0 p so.
st-4 From Crockett, by Haiti* liiufT. Ncvwra, ai
gold, to Keeciui, 47 tatles and Lack, ouoe
Leave Crockett Friday at 6 a in;
Arrive at KeaeW by 6 p at;
Leave Kceriiil Saturday at 6 a m:
Arris* at Crock MS by p p m.
tint; From Nacoydocltes, by Rosfe, f'taotown, HUi
Faieauoe. F ali ffekl, AHtaa Gia, Sor
aiui A mouda, to Waco, IfM tniie* and bat
ubh? a week.
Leave N arogidcbai Monday, Wednesday, i
day at t a ra;
ArriVv at M'aco fourth dry Vrtl ;
Laave Wars jMirwday, Wednesday, aad F
P h m.
Arrive at NwwftfaebM fourth day by C a n
Bida to run by a proposed schedule will be
- ..1 1 rom Nacot'Jodx*, by Rainknit'i. Oaieda
U alnut Hill, to Carthage, 35 milr* ai
otirt a * *#.
HecagftMfcB Mtmdav at 8 a m:
ArriTf at ' .?ri b*r? aavt day by 14 m;
L?er* I artbaty Tueeday at 2 p nn.
A .-tit* at Nacogdeebea nrxt dar by A y m
*> ? Krom Narotrd"rJ?ea, by !-?en hat, Iron
Anar.larwo, New HaLm. Trout man, and
villa, to Tyler, 90 mid*a tisd bark, cbre
Laaar N aoogdi>-atee Mmvdaw Vbftmt.ila?
day at 4 a m;
A mv* at Tyinr a*t1 d?y? bv U> n m;
Leave Tya*r id u4ay, Wedm-aday. ead fri
a at;
Amve at Xa> new day try 18 y *
from JVaObiptocitm. by Docirtaa, Linvn
Sit--baa. ?>uckett, P??irie, Cinwiaaatj, Hi
I'rait-* Flatus. Andersen. sad Waabia,
Qtvubaaa, it*l ante* and bee*. Shree timet
Leave N.if-ugaocbea Seadav. Wadaaaiav,
day at 4 a m;
A rrtec at H aata*A m as XI dan by 0 t> or
Laev* Humeri:?." Mnadnr. Thursday and
day at Itivn;
Arrive u Dimun wi aav* ay 12 m.
Lmvc lirf.ttiutin T -lestiay, Friday. aaad Sua
p m.
Arrive at Huatavdie w-i' Uy? ay 3 a id;
Leave Huotavitla Wad?er4?iy,ThurvdaT a
day at 4 a rn:
Arrive at Naoegdw ilea seat days .?y V r nn
B<da tc eod at > aebmjton aac to run da
?W4 F ram NnraprAachaa, by Mi. RnwreAne
Hwtderaen, Seller lew. N ew D*n?iiM l'o?
as', ix mar. and Futatmer. to ttoem
132 miiea and bonk, tbrm tionaj a a aril
Leave AaaopAocbaa Ma?<"!?y. WedeaaaUj,
day at * a m;
Inne at Mi Panaarr neztd.iy* far 1? p aa
Leave Mi. PaMHt Maaauty, WawinnaMiy,
day at 4 a mr
Amr? at Sat ocdoebrt next daya by 10 p 1
>' F o ShrLrvtiie. by at tnu Gotta**- Boat
aaooatta. and Watnvt HiU, to tiaadi
mile* and ua> k. lariat* a week.
Lave* dy-ior Monday and Tbvrvw
Arrive at fbinWaoa otxl day* br 12 m
Loam H< ndrraoe TueaLaj aaU iridj-y at 1
Arnte at SbeibynBe o*?t daya lay a m.
M? From Shell-' ie,by A-bt"<'? a?i MrMi
"it ?k . atii oatjf, ?*cea *vt.
"Vart Hfce.tirTiiie Friday at ? a to,
Amre at F-ilaaki ny - p *>;
Lmrt Pulaaki Se'irlay itti an,
I Ainai at WMilHyrffle by - p tr
*i From Shelto ni>, by HrrieVa Ferry, **
y ' *** La , be it dee * d bark, Met a wm
i'raurk: Leave >1*' t vnlt j e ?j ^ a m,
,,,.? ujd ! ? < *? " '? *" - -?f ttpu
|^r* r? N?t? u ' Lr* T -.r?d?? at be <a,
> .--.-j Arrive at HBeibfiuile arlt day by f y at.
i 8,... k rum &mrn l>J WWoy wBe. kilo*
M ata. C?vltiaya, < alkw B?ia, aak (j
jd Kn- -?r >?*? * Mnildl, luJ MM ?*?* *, I
Uabne ?fci.
Lear* San Aoguetute Mooday, ** Mbaai'i j
j Lakr, K inlay u i I a
Arrive at Mar Mm it mm k*y* ky N Bi
Lmk Vimkil 14*11 < ly. ? itni4f, aaJ Fr
at 4 I sr.
Aouc *t a** Mi mi m ioc ncxa Maya by M y m
Mil K? a Mm AaamM u> Mar.oa, 30 n.tlra auk t
" ; ?ixv a weak.
Leave S?m Au;aaiIV Taeaiiay at 7 a at',
Arrive at Varum letf ?;
Leavr Vtsnaa Wakaaakayut 7ia,
Arrive at 8ar, AaguKM by b y M.
. "*33 from Hbbii iMjww, by Bear Creek, m J-.aee
* m Jca and beck, ffbcea week
Leave Sbbirimevm M-aby at K a in.
Arrive at Jaeper ucrT key by 14 ru;
1/atr JaatW Tbrekby at 1 y ar,
Amve at SaMnelowB aext day by J pa
^ Bid- to run twice ami Uiiwe tunea a week ax
I twrk, eiieBSfcf.J
From Saiut etown, by Hamilton, wHbelbytitl
tnur* arul L.ai'4, onca a waak.
Leavr Sabirmi own Friday itltw
Arrive at Shefbymllr by B f mr,
Leave Shef'.y vilte Tfcunvday at I a at
Amve at Srtaoettiw* by 6 p *.
If rrttga, -".j4 From ."vobu/tutwu, by Fat'mowm, f itu oBc*
Joaeph tturfcevtlle, 4k aula* ami back. M*** " *1
, uti* a Leave Aa i n"u-UiWr; Saturday at a m.
Arrive at BurkeviSe by 7 |i %,
Leave ifairkaatbc Fndty
Arrive at Salvuieutbr: by 7 (> tn.
-t./ From Jumper by A ndenave'a Kerry attd Mutt
Jaw wille, *7 autca aau back. aaca a weak
Iuu ve laaimr Monday at a a at,
Waai- Arrive at JonebVike naxt Ityby My *t.
f Fair- l/tn .Jaaper Watiiaaday alb a ar,
Arnva at iaaeavvUe Mil day by iti p at.
vum From Jaayar, by bevibwr. Paaiyla b Creek
turn'a Creek, Peack frtt Vr-ca, Mm?, i
fa v, and Liviarstna, te kvartwwa, 1*9 male.
t?u.u. ooor weak
'F- < "v Leave iaaber Tvakayai t p to.
f mi w | Arr.v. at awtartwowt Tbaradav by b y ?;
k Creek. Leave fswai tmum Frtday at < a tn.
enttoa., Arrive at Jaapar Bo.tkeyhy 14 oa
id back, i Frotn Jaaper, by Burkevtlle, to Burr'a Farry,
3: tiitiaa aok back, amm a waak
Leave jaaper T it akry ar fi a av;
Arrive at Burr'a Ferry by t p aa;
Leave Barr'a Ferry Maatay at 6 a m.
* Arnae at Jaapar by bp aa.
fille. 4ti ' Ituln in nu I mum ? araab am invited.
*;.> From Cameron, by Bryanta Station, ui Beiloi
sy at 1 uUuuikKk,
Leave Camarcn rmlay at? a m;
Arrive at Baituo by t> p a;
* 1 P ! Leave Boioa Sutuniay at b a m;
Arrive at Cameron by 6 p m.
st.:?9 From Naalivtba, by Wbewe* aa4 Lookwui, to
"Jerwon at, 45 nuie* and l?cA, oaoa a maiafc.
Leave Naafevjjie faulty at i p a;
art Sul- Arrive at Leo;-a ueavday by 7 pat;
Station. Leave Lcona TkarrSay at 6 a m?
Arrive at NajMinbc next d?y by ila m.
4 back, , ^ooii from Waco Village to Meridian, Ml tatlm aad I
once a week.
Leave W mo Village Monday at a a m.
Arrive at Munitan by 9 p ua.
Leave Meridian Taaaiiay at ti a sa:
Arrive at Vaao Vii'aga kf Vpa.
?d back, ie>6i From Waco Village, by Gatawritie, i> CaryeU c
Lam;?n me, bo nnbn and baek,?Mn a wwak.
Leave Waco Village Monday at 4 am;
Amve at f mpiiair n?t Say by lb p m.
Leave I.amnnssaa W edaeadaj at 4 am:
Arrive n Waco i uiage next <U; 6J Hi pa
Prairie. BOd2 Front Waco Village to Gieeowade's Miiie, JO
<, '.'alar ?; : lidch. ilDif* wwl>
ilies and La??-- Waco Village Saiueday at 5 a te
Arrive at (iranwtof ? Mills by 12 at.
'?.> a' < Ltuvr Green wade's Mliie S-urday alipgi;
Arrive at Waco Village by V p a
tfci?3 t ;um Waco V u.age, t>y Fort lirtoaM ?ad B:
0 nan. u> Wealiurfoid ?miles and iust-k o
50 LoiW Bidders will stale ibe distance and propose a is
H664 From Hilkboro* to Crimea, S miles and back, o
Leave Hulaoor* Saturday at Id a mi
Arrive at OrtDet by 12 m:
id (Jhua- , Leave Crimea He.Uwday at 2 p cu.
t, once a A..-neat RUIsbur? by 4 p m.
' 9665 Foam Hiiford to Caving woe 20 mUm sad back,
a week.
Leave MiMbrd Saturday at a a lu
Arrive at Corimetom by 12 nt
Imave Covingeou Saturday at '2 p mi
itie > .lie, i Arrive a' Miivard by s p m.
a week 'tub From iLitord to Grand View 21 kins* ana
once a week
Leave luii'ord Saturday a: 6 a an
Arrive at Grand View by 12 m
Leave t1 rand Vicw .-Saturday at 2 y m;
Arrive at Milliard by 8 p u.
sckapoo, bililT From GatecTilie to Cora, 50 miles and bark o
oil unlet : weekLeave
Galesvilie Friday sttis mi
1 Fridnv ; Arrive at Cora by 8 ;> m.
Leave Cora Saturday at t> a m,
Arrive a: (iaieavilie by d p m.
ridgy at *' * Frota Tarrant, by Bright Star, Hooker. Cedar G
College ttouod. Kaufman. Warsaw Prairie, t
oa 127 sales and back. ?acg a week,
ui ll.r.j- >*ve Tairant Monday at C a m:
a trek, i Arriva at Taos Wedaeaday by * p m,
Leave Taos Thursday at ti * mi
Arrive 42 Tarrant Saturday by 6 p m.
et. From Taca. by Musket.Corsicana, and Rid
Crossing. u> Ti reckon)' springs HO mum
H Creek, uack. oats a week,
ingfield, Tivave Taos Tueedn v at 1pm
k. three Arrive at Tiwot kony oprines next day by 7 p m
Leave Tiwockoay Springs Monday at 1 a mi
and Fn- | Arri re at Taer next day by 12 m.
w?7i From Conitcao?. a, Eiilsboro to Meridian. 75
and tack, once a wvek.
&*T At i I-eave Conaoana Monday at bam
Amwaai Meridian next day by 10 p mi
1. Jesrt Meridian Wednesday at t> a m .
consul- ; trove at Corn- una next lav by lw p m
nin. and : asor a. weak.
rid In k Leave Conn n ht Monday ml 4 mm.
Arnve at taaei .Lie by ? p w
Leave * i?w?a^ Taeeday U4>a
Arrive at ' iBaackr kijr 9 pm.
j6T2 From WexabateM*, by Odar Hill aed J?*t
Station. 10 Ft Wart*. 70 mibi and bark, o
owoU-LI week.
1 K.vi t,eave *? ?:.?*)?< !:>e Mttnday jISisi
e timer * Arrive ?t > Worth ?e?:t day by d p ar
l>eav* Ft Worth Wedneoday at fl a di
and I ii- arrive at WV:ati?frbie next day by 4 p n>
4*73 Fr id Al'a Spring*- by Steele's Crook, H?irn
, j Springfield Tiwrv kiny Spring* Spring BiH
Iinwdeo. to Chambers's Creek, #0 aikt and
( three time# a * ? %
Id iiu i Leave A"a Springs M rmJav Wednesdav, and Fi
. i7 ,(!> ;
" M ' *' Arrive at Chamber*'* Creek 3d day by 8 p a;
J " ' J Lear* Chun.spiv's Oreev kondi.r Wedneodav
Lid Fr Friday at 8 a tn;
Arrive it A.i* Spi n gt 3d day by ? p >
.4?74 From A!ta Spr ng.s. by Bine Ridga, Miariia. Cop
I aati - atui J<?r-a. to Bri ton 60 mi lee and bark, tv
Leave Aito springs Monday and Thursday
il4g|V Mill
Arrive at Briton next days by 6 p m,
I .save Bhiod Monday and Thursday at f> a m,
art Mun- Arrive at Aita Spring* next ..aye bV 6 pm.
* 5 From A!ta Mpnaga, by TsaA, WiHse Omk
a Ayer'l Store, to Oontrevilie, i? mtiar and
iy are ?o- ! omcr a weak.
Leave Vita Spnage M?dsy at 8 a me
Mmdi-c. Arnveat Ceotreeiito aaxi day ?>y C p m.
at leiu- i ' ea ve CbaUeeiDe W <-dne??l*y at to;
yWuni :. A. nv? at Aim Strings aeit rW by a nea
*'"?' Fr m Ctsntrrillv by P?ar?nr;:le, riprvoadwi.J
and Feb White Ro-dc. te ffiilobetw. t iO miles aad
BOSft week.
a iieave Centmillt Monday ?t a a*
and F n- Arrive ?t HiT.sbeoo' nex; day bi My K
ttinUe Itlio:
l A: - at C?nt-?' a?"tt ilar '?f if) f>
? ? ' ''V : - t fcf T-"j ?o4 IKbel to A tb?
MS*. . * " "A >t? -i owe* ?Mt.
'<?*r? F?irfi?ild Moni*/ ax C a in;
?T ?' 6! Arr<- ? .m-hv ?"p m;
l r?t?
Arnw at by M> p m
* *: I Hprs Fr n FairMd. V; K**rb;:' and KidJ'i Willi, ??
tfpriiif 5t aaiUfi .tMiitoi
. ''.-ill ?'.- it at . ^
j limtUOBBtri ,f bj 1^ jm
!/ ??* l>ntrerttl? TMfftaT ?t 6 a a
ArrfM hi F?irfl#id br la J a.
-i 1'rw to ' o : ,tui? .i-i U. t <
? ".-b*- I U?w MUfKUIe fatai-fey aiSam
*- Axrire it C?otrf by J:' iu,
Leavo Outre HatBda* at 1 p m: t gA
rrive at MiBvifte be 5 p >
I -u.?0 FruBi i ju-Ttitl J to F'.allrr 24 iu.!<- Bid back. >?XV a
t 1 a.rbc.2 !Vllrday at 6 t W
M Arrrveat Btitier by 12 tn
j feare BnJVr " aturdut at I p m
tto*"r I Arrive at Fairfield > r ? ; m e
j Abbl Prom San PfclrC bv fonin and Eikfcear! to Palraltae
**J I 2'i ni ir? ami back, twtue a work
Leave Saa Pedrv Tbiaaday and Saturday at t a m
Arrive at PallWdne trr I? ?
' leave i'aiivttine Taead it and Hatu.rd.i7 at 1 pa
A trie* at San Pedro bj 6p m
Bid* to rue tlmr times a work *ffl bo conuid-r.-:
?*. t .ia A!in, by kaak and Trontman to Hummir 1 *
Grove. io mite* aad bark oner a work.
Leave Alio Monday at 1 a m:
Arrive at Summer Grove next day by i p m
leave Summer Grove Wednesday at its
Am re at Alto neit day by S p m
r 9<-i i ma Rnak. by Sulphur Spring, hi Itou^la* 21 "
ui ,o and 'act, unor a a oak
leave Rust Wndnmdny at 6 a m,
Ariirt at Isauglaa by 12 m,
leave iAutglav Wednesday at 1 pin
Arrive at Enak by 7 p m.
" obo4 Prom Ruak, l>y Jacksonville, to I nil kaeaiaa aad ?"
bank, anea a week.
' *J Leave Hunk Monday at b a in
Arrive at Fawn by 1 p u
leave luirwi Monday at 14 p b
Ajrtve at Rank byepm.
j tbnfi Front LtnwOod, by Mt, (umfart, h-u?k. Jaak ?n?i ulir
and I an?, to Beawnatmau 1o mi\m aad bark, j 8'
1 ) "' twioaaweek.
Leave Lianas! Minn dap aad Thursday alias.
Arrive at Bti?i?v? ami day* by ?J>?;
laaat jfeswaanoao Man day aad Thursday at C
Arrive at Linarood nei' day* by b p m. j 9'
*': 9?eb F row Ltawaad, by Kuut Plate sad Mast* k ?. tai
Mogatda Prairve. 4* aMtaa aad La.k antes wank
Leave Lib wood Friday at da at;
Art van at Mopaftie Prairie by 8 p m.
Leave M vallii Prairie Saturday at a wr
' k" j: ttbsT From Palestine, by Bmver, Bartoe, Atbiw, MaiakoS
. k?u|i Kanfaas, Warsaw Prairie, and Heyne to
; Deltas, luf mica and back. three t;uws? mek ^
Leave Paiestiw Mcaday Wrdmsday, and Friday at
t a m
Arrive et Dallas 4th day by lu p m;
Leave Dallas Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at e |
a m
' Arrive at Palrttiae 4lh day by 1? p tu.
soSS From Paiwtine, by Tenia at not Colony and Bethe, to j
Corii carta, 80 taiVs and back, once a week.
Leave Palesane Monday at C a ?, t>"
Arrive at Corn tana next day by (pa,
Leave Corsicana Wednesday at ( a m,
( 3r Arrive at Palestine next day by ti p in.
' " t&*9 From Palestine, by Magnolia and Meeiiul, to Aila
Spring*. 00 utiles and back, once a week.
Leave Palestine Monday at 7 a m,
Arrive at Alto Spring* next day by 6 p m.
Leare Alto Springs Wednesday at 7 a at, IT
Arrive at Palestine next day by 6 p bl
090 From Palestine to Magnolia, i*t awies end back,
once a wee*.
Leave Palestine Wednesday ate an;
Arrive at Magnolia by 11 a in;
Leave Magnolia Wednesday at 11 at,
mck Arrive at Palestine by ip to.
*o91 K rum Henderson. by London, rinmtir Grave, Troup,
Tyler, liaiabcrg, MvownaOocw, Autena. Oatmcaca.
Dresden. and dprmg Hill, to Waus ViMage, 20b
mites aad late*, three times a weefc.
Lsave Usmbsrsoa Monday, Wednssday. ami Friday, "
a., to at 6 a in;
Arnve at Waco Yuiags ,'ourit Jay by* fm,
Leave Waco Village Monday. WedsaaKlaw aad Friday
at a a a;
Am ve al W aco Y iiiage Amrtb dagr by p m.
Mute la convey the Mad by a j -ropssed sabsAnif art
cailra va tiled
4b?Z From Henderson, by A.'taa. Sugar FfiH and Btwbvilie, ,
to brrand B.o# 31 rrniee aad back, oerea wek. {
Laave Henderson Wednesday at 5 a m
iniit al tiruad Biuff by 8 pot
Lsnve < rrasd BSuff Tnuriflay at 5 a at
icka- Arrive at Henderoon by 8 p m.
f-* * Bids to ran twice a week wili be eoasMrfwt.
Pdb3 From Henderson. by Kaoiviile, to Larmsa 40 ntdr*
and bark, taire a week.
Leave Henderson Monday and Thursday al ? a
nee a m;
Arrive at Lar'.ssa by 8 pm:
Leave Larissa Tnet.day and Friday at A a in:
Arrive at Henderson by 8 p m.
8db4 From Adma. by Qarmony Hail, to Sugar Hi!!. 20 *
utiles and bark, once a weak.
? r Isttt Aluaa^Friday at Sam.
Arr.re at Sugar Bill by 4 p ni,
'skri Sugar Hill Saturday at d in;
Arrive at Alma by 4 p m.
8b:?5 From Boena YuOa, by Oueder.ia, U> laooot ruier- "
prise. 25 ni:(?s and Back, once a week
Leave ituena Vista Saturday at S a m,
4rrive a; iloant Bttscprms by 5 p at,
r?a*e Monst Fvttiyriffi Friday al 5 a tu,
Arrive at uueaa Visia by C j. m.
Born From Wailing* Fen > by l-uUua Pleat, aad France
a donia, to Henderson, 40 atlas aad tack, cure a w
Lsare WaiTings Ferry Friday UiitB;
Arrive at Hnadanmn by 8 p tut
Leave Henderson Ma: urday at b a m,
Amveat Walling i Ferry by 8 p m.
rave. m>J7 From Tyler, by M?nnt Canned Belxora Hand .tyring ?
o Ta- tgnittnau. Big IFeliar. Black Oak, Woodlaac Tarsal,
:ind Caarlestown. to Para. 120 miiae and
Leek, Ihree umss a week.
Lnave Tyler Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday al C
a m
Arrive at Farts third days by ? p m;
Land Leave Pans Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 6
and a m
Arrrreal l rmr uiira ai?ys oy tpn.
#69? From Trier. by Jamestown. RdleTur*-, Cut.ion Plant,
and Fredonia. 10 Grand Bluff 68 mites and bark
once a week.
Leave Tyler Monday itito;
mi'<* Arrire it Orand Bluff next day by 10 am;
Lear* Grand hi aff T uesday al 1 p m,
Arrire ai Tj ler next day by ? p an
Sti99 FromTjier, by Flora, Jordan a Saline, Barrett Rid^e
Four-able Prairie, Cedar Crura and Millwood. to
, tCinaey, I!>0 miles and back, once a wetA
*l 1 Leart Ty ler Monday at 6 a ai,
Arn*r at SJcKinnsy Wednesday by Up m,
fleare JL Kinney Thursday tt u > ?, ?
Arrire at Tyler Saturday by lit p ax.
! i'-Ot) Fr?ra lylar to Jiainsa JO pule* and back, once
isou * 1 * wock.
oct. , Laxve Tpier Sat 1 day al 6 a m,
Amve at JaanaWiiwii by IS m:
I ww Janieatewc Saturday at 'i p mArrwre
at Tyler ly Ufa.
) alul From Tyler, uy Larder. Vailf j, OaaUHB. and Prnifnerdle.
tn Kaufman, GS ,-ulea and back, twirr a
Laare Tyler Monday and Thursday at ? a as;
bark Arris* at Kaufman next dam by 6 pa;
Lear* Kaufman Monday and Thursday at 8 a
riday m; 8
Arnre at Tyler next days by 8 p at.
Bids lo tonvey the mail three umea a weak wil. be
, and ' considered.
j SVtnt From Aibeaa, km Faim and Bit Back, ?a Via 1
ka'.edka. Sit aulas aad back, ansa a auk
alin* Laare Athens Monday at C a as;
rice a : Arnre at WaxahaMhaa aera day by ft p m
Leare Waxahatehaa Wadnaaday asS a as;
at 0 , Arnre at Aikaw next
J"U3 From Aliiens. by Buffalo and Tbaa, to MuMhatr toe. a?
niifca sad hack, ones a weak.
Lea re Athens Monday at 6 a ?;
. A rrire a* W axafcafrftie aaxt day by 6 p m;
' Laaes W.xafcatahfc Wednaadsy dtai;
Wt- j Amre at Athens afcxt day by u p m.
Bids to ma rwitx 1 dt'rti win Va neswdered.
87V( From t^uitamn, by Canton and fUg Bock, ta Athena, %
in Haadrrsoa oonnty, #0 aulas and Inek, once a
. I Leave Qu.tmar Hondaf at 6 a ;
h . 1 Amu at Atfeena tut day by * y n;
Leave Athena Wednesday tills.
Amtfi; >nn? irit day lay i p m
f< >6 from Ooflkwvttte, by I M/byaf, (Man Sun, and i
Hooker'*, to vuitmari. M iad?ni MM bmrk. eor* a
? 4- Leave Coffee r ie Thai aday Mian
Arrsea ?t <>WMmaai nm*i *w lay >1 ?i;
LawaQaara Friday atlpat
Amrt at CVtffer.nlie neat day by 7 p m ^
*W6 From DalUa. try Rateflea, Pyjare 0?8, Tokatson
Station. Fort Worth. >"ewlr'.?r;, Weathai ford.
Cee Copper FW!, Heaeant Valley. ff'tapHfr Stn-a, and
Riwyoa ApWf, u> Fen Belt nay, f A3 anife* and
t*f* rwfr* a weffc.
Leave Du'lav lf"nd?T and Tbtivdry at 5 a m
Arrive at For B-Wf^ Wed newt*- ? ^ e?, i y by a
l?p ?. T
Mil ueaee Vwl ftr Wf*a- Mtirdav aid Thurwhtv at
A met at r*a!i?a W- tneedav and SaHerdey Vy lb
A ?
luT i'nMhi 10*11*0 Ui L- uvt 2b fu-t* ?rid back^
mo** * waak.
L*?? r>. r.? S*lUJ ink *1 4 * M>.
A-uvc .1 Luoual au-aJc by 1* tu.
Leave Lo< *?(,'iwiuf -. 2 p .?.
ln.?? L-uiaa by S pa.
IV* Frui* I take*. by falaer tiki, JnhwauWk Station.
k>*nivkt.?, Mao ibaa. r' ilUw .K1 and
t wWavsl'c. 1* AaatM, mm* ium and nark 1-arr *
* rrk.
U?<f Xladbw HdM*t mia m;
Arrii k *i Ai-ai.n katurdav ?f * p a*.
U<*r- Ameta AmkUjf a* 4 a m,
A rrive at D*kas Hmtttriimf Ui>pa
f?S Kmari Hall**, t?? KottMo A*Uim. v> Kntlelke, in *?..?-*
ami t>*ck aaec * week.
Lm'? iMftu KnMjr Mian;
A tart a* Hirdvtk* by lb p nt;
U?w rttrnvibe Mmom*t M ) a m.
A/rive at llaluui by lo pn.
rtb Front A ion t,, TsytorSvikr, 9F fill ten kfid tiark, or,ft
a weak.
Leave Aitua Miiaday *1 7 rti:
Am?e at T?ylo?e4ir by Ipm:
Lrave TayUwaviilt; T at Mia y *1 * a m
Anne m A i lata key i pa.
rtl From Ahofi, by r?aflea*, fctruii, Asbkod, ami Vr*J?
S-etion to Weathecford, "9 wulea ami b*. k, owe
a week.
Leave A bos Monday utia;
Arrive *1 Weaiherford hex: day by t p a,
Leave Wratherfucd Wednekday at C a is.
Aim* at Al'oa next day by i p m;
1'2 From Alloa, bv Plaaridc ami KinJviiie, w Fi W art*
ia uutea ami back, twice a weak.
Late Alton Monday and Tb*i?'ay u Z* m;
Arrive al Ft Worth by 5 p an
Leave Ft. Worth Tuesday ami Friday M&am;
Arrive at AItoo by 7 p ni;
13 From Mhcabak, by Glade Spi-inra, Alywaai Field*
Luacvsiie, and Adasn*. La-, to Kaaaakaa, 50 aule*
and back, three t.iwa a weak.
Leave Marshall Monday, Wednaadny, aad Friday
aliu a;
Arrive at Aeab hie by lb p m;
Leave Keatclue Turaday Thurmiay. ami Saturday
a: C a m;
Arrive at Marai-all by li f to.
'|4 From Marnhpli, by Fnewdohip iimaey, Gilmer, Ho!
ly Si rimis, U-"t*Mui, aad joriion'*. to Kaninian,
112 nulea and back, three tune* a a ark
I - 'V* UvBiliv yhlatendav unit Fr:JnV
at 6 a >;
Arrive at Ki./ma;. tturb ctavs ity fc j? rrr.
Leaac Ken: ma:. ManJtf, W edi.nadev. and Friday
alii m;
Arrive at Marsha.1 third daye by fi p m.
15 Fropi Marshall to Pert Caddo, 17 antes and berk,
U>rae times a work.
Leave Marshall Tuesday, Thsfeday. and Saturday
at 6 a m;
A i nve at Port Caddo by 11 am;
Leave Port Caddo Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
at 1 ? aat
Arrive at Marshall by 8 pm.
ri? Prcan Marshall, by Jefferson, Hickory Hill. tlaiu eriield,
Sr. .w HiR, Mt- Pleasant, and Gouidsnoro',
to ClarkeriBe, 120 miles and back, 'brat
times a week.
Leave Marshal! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Airive at C'.arktvif.i, next days by 10 f> m;
Lcav CVrkuviBe Monday, fVediiesday, and Fiwlay
a: 4 a tn;
Arrive atMarchx!! next days by 10 p nt.
B..'s to run hix times a week and by a proposed
aclieduie an invited.
117 From Marehai", ty Ash S.rtt.g, Earpvdle, Pine
Tree, Point Pie*,;ant, and Starvitle, to Tyler, t>7
tntici and back, tfciee .mien a week.
Lustre Mai shall Mosulsy, Wadiienday, and Friday
it it m:
Arrive at Tyler next days by t> p ?,
Leave Tyler Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at
<> a m;
A'nve at Mat shall next days by C p k.
Bid* to run six tune* a week are nutted
, In From Marshall to Button, 2 J nines and no. k, one*
a w eekLeave
Marshall Saturday at t a sr.
Arrive at Ben-tin by 12 m,
Leave Benton Saturday at 2 p in;
Arrive a: Muranii i by p m.
71* Fiom Serpen he to Freedom, Ml mites and base, once
a week.
Leave Eerpvuie Sauniay ttJau,
Arrive at Freedom by 12 m.
Leave Freedom Stuirday ml 2 p in,
Arrive at Earpvtile by 5 p niJu
From j'etferoon, by Floyd's Ferry, oa Red river, lo
Fulton. Axk, X) mile* aaa bar*, oarr work.
Lesas Jefferaan W atari ay buid,
Arrive at Fulton next Wednesday by let a.
Leave Fulton Wodieartay at Ida;
Arrive at Jefferson next Friday by 5 p m.
Tit From Jefieraon. by Alby'* Mill* and Cotfbet die, tu
Gilmer. ;1 mie? and iwt.iawn uoara a work
Leave v?-rfer?or; ?<odsv Wednesday and Fr,.iay
at 10 a m .
Arrive at Gilmer aex! i.iyr by 1 p st ,
Leave iriiamr atonday. Weune-day, and rr.a?y at
W a ra.;
Arrive at Jeff'raon next day. by 1 p a,
7 1 From .MPererie, by Smrtfclirod, to Print M ntrrey,
2b imloa and bark, one* a week.
Leave Jefferson Friday at 3 p tu;
Arrive m Point Monterey next day by 11 a ffi;
Leave Point Monterey Saturday at 12 at;
Arrive at Jeflrrson next day by llam
723 Fr-vm Jefferson, by Gaiava, Poit Caddo, Cook's
Store, atrf J me*vtFJe, to Poweitou, 4*j miles and
bark three times a w.r.k
Leave Jeffera.-n Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ai
C a *17
Arrive at Powchon next Jay* by 11 ? m;
Leave howeHon Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturiiay
at 1 p rs?.
Arrive at Jefferson nrxldayu by 5pm.
724 From Shrrveporl, La, by Greenwood, Powtiton,
Teitu, \iairiiai., Wa-'itig ? Ferry. 51:!.vole, Hendcraon,
San Cortao, Atiodarra, Sew Salem, Ru.ik
Box Craek, Roadrille, tuid Sao Pedro, to Crockett,
1?0 miles and back, three tone* a week.
Leave SLrevepart Monday. W Jaesday, niid Friday
at 4 a m;
Arrive at Crockett durd daya by Id p m.
Leave Crockett Monday. Wednesday, ami Friday a
Arrive at Shrvveport thisd days by 10 p m.
Bida to run nix inues a week, and to run by a proposed
schedule, are invited,
lab i-roui Gi'.fiuer, t>y Red Hock and tMarvn'-e, to Tyler
50 milaa and ;.ack, threeumea a week.
Leave Gilmer Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ai
Arrive at Tylev .same days by 10 p m.
Leave Tyier Tuesday, Txturaday, and Saturday ai
t> a a;
Arrive atGalane.r mune daya by Id p m.
"at> From Genre ?c Calloway 12 tunes sad r?l, cnae
a wee*.
1 vuTt G*fc?r .Satarrtay at 9 a m;
Arrive at Calloway by M nr.
Leave Cabviy Saturday at 2 y th,
Arrive at Gilmer by 5 p at.
727 Fro? Greenwood, La., by Bethany, Kiysian Field*.
TVi , Kinluck, Grand Bluff, Carthage, Keed'? Set
tlemrnt. Fair Flay, Fine HiPr, aid Murrai, tr
Mount Enterprise, SI mtler and b*<fc. tav-a t
ureenwfxd Monday and Fnday at 1 a m
Arrive at Vannt Rr.trrpne* aert d.ys by 6pm.
Leave Mount ItaC-rpr-ae Wednesday anil Sanda y a
6 am;
Arrive at Grenewood nest daya l.y C m.
Bid* Mi run three time* a wet k till be ronmdered
7 i) From Kaufman, by Mil! wood. Spring Halt, and i ??k
Hi!', to Bonbam, 1?L mile* and heck, erne a
Leave K, .fruan Monday at " a m.
Art;<e at atonhaua next ay by 10 p m.
Leave E?n tiara WeJoraday at v tc
Arrive at Kaufman atxt day by 10 l> m
"29 From Kaufman, by Trinidad and Brocket .lie, ?e
Waxahatcluc, 4'. mile* and back, one a wet k
Leave Kaufman Monday at t a aa.
Arrive at Waxabatcbie try 6 p m,
Laar' Waxanatcbte Tuesday at 6 a m;
Axrive at $- auftaaa by >. p re..
,33 From nemp, bv PrainwiUa. Fvar w?te P?r.e, and
Hooker, to Gfwcwvttta, *! mdaa and back, an
a week.
Leave Kemp Monday aa a m;
Arrive ai i^reravdle next day by Id m;
Leave Geeanarfie Tueaday at 1 p aa
Arrive at kerap am day tiy 1 a m
1731 From Si a "vi He, by Ml Cardial. '"^ar.-W Vniie y, I'm
ton, Ceriar Fork, nyt TdurvkJ, < F anf.nev. *? m
and back, nvtrv a wr y|
Ltava jumfle Saturday ' 1 ? n?Arrive
?t K*neat day by 1J pm.
_!.?<* Kanftnan MiadirW 4a a*.
Arm* at StarvuW; next day by 11 f a
id From 4nni Plmaant. by Inn Bnek. L? ? .Star
White Oak. Tim*! rMaad aa, Tinabar < reek
i. r~rn vt*t*.. MAI" oad. Roea wai and lew Creak
t? [Failer, IVl ro >e* aadbank ' an. a waak
Leave Moasi Plea**at Meaday and Tai.radar at i
Am*c at Uattas f arJ l'ur*d?y by 11
a ?&.
V??? itabai Mar>4<]i ?*.ul TImiv1?t at I p ?
ii.Mt* Mimm ?*?.*?!.: Monday aai 1 m.-Jty by
(fa. I S7il
>U*4? u? rua am- aauea a ??ra are
>173) Prom Ml F>?nm, by Graf H-* k, Mlcntxtfia, i
Webtuer, Wuii ?t?-e<< QvKontr, <. *rJi tl ValVrjr. , i
&tmm. Brnwiwt or*', Kir-earle Hriircoanlie, I
ami f"W-r i*l?. ia Palrenwr, |?9 Mafca and ba> k '
norm a ? ?h ?<7C!
U?r Ma Pmaaant wlay ( < a n>
*?.. >? at Fa.eat.W : Msxiar f 1* !! ;
Juravr Pa catine Mwwtii* ai I p m;
Af.nf i> lit Plotaani Thm-aday by Spa I e-^l
'j 17 Si PrumCiark** :le, by Fiint, l-Urn* Tan Yard, Pioe I
H' iff, arij KMKnalja to tVinkniuU, Ark. 4:7 miles I
ati?i 7m). ffirf tiroes a week
Lsaee Ciark?*iBe TWatay, TVursJay and SataiMta.t
Arrive at Iff** #te by p * , 1
Lrot D"aa?*iUc M?f>4ay, Wednesday, anJ Friday j
all m
Arnre at Carts* die by f pm
jS7**> From CUrk?? >1 < >y Ssfttah, iff kuub. Busum. i
Maori ami Ki. Ark , iu Falimi * nu*^
an<I bark, w ui a week
Ijm vr ClarksTiile Monday and Thursday at fc !
Am re at K)i^o<> nexi day* by (pit,
Leave PukiiV ouday arid Tharaiap ai ?. a n> i
Arrive at CUrkseilV aext Jaya by (p a*.
Bidsui run th ? u? a week will be eawMfcraA j _
8~>7 Frio CWiaiide, by iLiL.iiav.de, flkaaatas. Prairtr 1
Pane, II.-r.ry Crete, Lunar, hffmha o. Win (irott,
Highland, j* h tniey , Spring Ceaek. Plaou, Llab
las, Plenaai.t Rue, (Led ITak, ePaxahauhtr Cham
t*r"a Crtrk, ,'ii:ifi?ru, liiUaemro', ami Bouid
dffriAgp, ui Waco Vuiagt. 2b? annas and Lara
dai'y. .
Uh Clark-ai'le daiiy at 4 a ia.
Arrive *; W?r> Vd-a^e taurib day by ill p m
[> >t Wk? ViU.ee osiiy at 4 a m.
Arrive at Oiarkri>ffr Curth day by 1# pat.
Bida tc embrace While Rrvk are i?vau> i.
?737 From Clarkevb'r. by llapk fc?fieta<>, So*pitur Bluff, _
and PWut-iaiit Hid, Mi Tarrant M tmilmm and imtrk, "'
(Wire a week.
U- e ClarkiiTu?e Monday and Thmaiay ai 8 a
Arrnt ai TariiMrt 'Ui day!, by 14 m;
Leave TarriOil'1 ueaday MM Friday at I p m
Arnrt it Clii> aaniie next day* by Opm.
Bid* t run Ibree timer a week are in* teal
?ii- irum CWk*eii>, by Ma; > ,~>prtny?. Hop-a.. ;>rei
una Lone Star, to L/nitman, S5 miles and l?k
once a weea.
Iueare Clerltiv Lile Monday at 8 a m;
Arrive ai Lfbitman aeat (lay by ?n
Leave Quitman Wedawlay at 8 a m: 87 7(1
Arnee at Oaia.1 ilk aext na* by ? am.
1 H7;it Prbfii W ti e Rn?-k to 10 milfi and ino k
three :mee a week.
White Rock Monday Wednesday, and Kri day i
tl9tn; *7 71
Arriee at Mitldhw i' by 12 si:
Leave Htilsboro Monday, Wedijrsday and Friday *i!
J p w.
Aerieeat White !l?v.-k by S p at.
! S744) Frotn Paris. by Prices Store, Roi Je Arc, and Bompe
8, w? Warren miles and Lb- I: once a week. --i
Leave Paris Mob flat at 7 a la
Arri re at VTarren by 19 p ?;
Leare Wttrren Tewed*j at *7 a a;
Arrive at Paris by 10 p m.
j 8741 From Paris, by Shocky? Prairie, to Pine Bind 21
miies and Imu-Js, once a week.
Lea v? Paris F riday iilats, M J
Arrive at TLutT ly 1 p m,
Leare Pine ftluft Friday at 2 p bl
A ri i ve at Paris by 3 p m.
! 8742 Fr is Paris, by Prairie Mount, Bea kraakltn, North
Snlrdiur, and Sooth Sulpbar. to Greeavflle SS
a-ilea and back, oo<* a week. A
Leave Pan- Monday at 6 a tu
Arti >e at Green vLie nest day by la to; f
j , Lewi*Greenville Tart. day at 1 p m.
Arrive at Paris next day by St p m ' '''
s"43 From Locb..a. bi W-rrert and Sherm.vn, to Gaiaey-!
viile, ;5? mifci and back, twice a week.
I ja. re hoc nam Monday and Tbamdcv tti sa
Arriva at GSneaviiie an t days by 4 p in;
Leave Gatwavi.'le Monday and Tborada? at S a
Arrira at B tcham neat days by 4 p'ai.
Bids to run three time a week will be oowialwed.
s744 Fro? Bos nam t y Tidwell Creek GmenvfHe.. Sbdob,
Davis's Mills, and IL-tina to Quirmnn. f?n Amies sad
tiara. thrw tuna a week.
I.*ev? Bonkaaa Monday. Wednesday and Pridav a*
i Arrive at Quitman next day? by lit pus
Leave Qaiimao Mnmdav. Wednesday s.nd Friday at
6 am:
Arrive at Bnahncn test d?v? I t lOp m
si7-4? Prow Boahttm by K<-<ttaekj Town, to TTnrfuc. 3o
wile* and t.ark twi.-r , ?y<1
L*st? Sesrtuiin Monday and Friday at 5 a ai;
Arrive at Weaten by 4 p tr. H air
Leave Weston Tnssday and Saturday at S b tu.
Arrive a! Bonhaie by 4 p m
Bida for three- t.r.mes-a- week service w?: invttedfc744
From Fort Belknap, by Fort Pkanatos Hill, Fori
CBailhonnti. Fort lie Vett, I ort Ferret and F.-rt
Clark, to Lagle PaEs, or Fori Dun, an, W? mile*
and bark, once a week.
Leave Fori B> itnap lion Jay at 0 a tc,
Arrive at Eapde Pass dm! Saturday by C p c
Leave Kagle Fast Monday at 0 a ip:
i Arrive *1 Fort Belknap nextSatarJay by C p m
8747 From Fort Belknap, by Preston or Coiviile, on Red
river. 175 miles nod tut* k, once a week.
Lei', e port Be, k nap Monday at Pas,
Arri ve at Col viUe Thursday by lij am;
!?ea v e Col ville Thursday at 2 p m,
4rri?e at Fort Belknap Sunday by b p in.
#748 From Gainesville, by Pilot Paint. in Denton rounty,
to MrKtnney. 7b aides and back, out* a se t.
i Leave Goiataviile Monday it 6 i id;
Artire at MrKianry next dav by w p ai.
> Lea ve W.Cinney ^'edu?d*y at <a*: v ,
Arri at (lain,- v..it next ilny by In p ta.
it-id From Gsiaesville, by Clear Creek A 'ton Loaoville
and Farmers E-asch. to Dallas, 75 mile* and back,
twice a week.
Leave Garnet vi'.b- Monday aad Tbersday at 6
* ?;
Arrive at Dallas next days by w p w
Leave Dallas "<lond?v and Thursday atk a ?;
*m.? at Gaicerriile n?v days by ? p n?.
i 87W From Fort Washita, Ark , by VFoodboro". Texas, i^,
?! Sberjrmc rVrranoD and Weston to MrKianey, 75
miles and beak, onre a week.
Leave Fiirt Washita Monday at ? a nr
Arrive at MeKinney next day by 8 p a;
Leave M> Kinney Wedne,day stiatD
Arrive at Fort Wash,ta oert" day by 6' p m.
S'H From inain^wrfiebi, by Green Hill aad FnionviUe to
Boston, 40 Hides and hack, twice a week.
Laave DaingerfWd Monday and Fiuiay at C a is
Arriv, a; B-.-ston by 9pin
leave Bostrra Tuesday and Saturday at am
Arrive at D.iagnHMd by 9 p m.
i 1751 From .Stevens-ilie, by Goi'-onda, to MunntsrviUe,? #W
miles arid .uk, once a week.
> Bidders will state the diet is oe and propone a sehnd
I fT< <m Btoeeiii -...late Fwr taeikaap.? D.lMttl '4Mk
CIU? a fflfV
E.M're will slat* the 4s:aut ard t>*aaa*a a attt-l :
?>- (?M
, : 1754 From Meridian, by Fl<m Pond. 4a Ataphen 4.7 j
m.ioj and bark, ancr a warv
teave Mer>d:aa Monday at 7 a nc
Amen aa .SwpfceocriJte by * p ?
Leave s.tr; tr,? -rtie T ,?i?day at 5a ar
Arri ve at Meridian by ? p m
TV Fru? Meridia (V>ra. tr, tW fit tan re .-**,( of
lirown oonalj, it*, t?il?s and bark <mc a week
I^aava Meridian Monday at a m
Arr.vw at Ooaaty 8e?t of Brown nouaty next day by
11 p*;
, Leave County Seatnf Brown eownty * edwaadar ?*
; la at
Arrive as Mr Jim next day by 1) pa.
I7J? From Meridian, by Waatfearford, to Ta. Iari9fek ?
mijr* tad Vail, owe a we?k.
] liters wfll state ibt distance and profiye apt-bedni?.
, 1777 From Bardvtlle to odcaaa. 35 nalrs and bark, umet a
Ie*e? fcrd?iUe .Saiurdtv.. at Ca tu;
Arrive at (-dm*a. ? y ij m>
veavt c?i?^u Saturday tiipb
Ajyre as Bid-.:* Vj 4 p m.
. i d "" ?Ci!etrd*jl>,) Tiy'orsv :V anl V 7",e to !
Fv. o -.xaj ? mtiea - - ?*. T'.not a
Bidders will state Lb* dist?&f aad prnpmw a erbed- ! '
*m A aru? to (mar, he Feak, aatb* aad 1
ba >- o?.>e H work,
l^eare W ard ratta Hatarrtay a* S a n.
Am" t as ' emeot '? Peak by 12 m
, l.ea *a < aaaatobe Peak sat ar tar U 1 p
, Arrive at Warlnlle by tf m.
<7ab F.taaiirfm.etbe.hy Mekr >ah?? n|-Aerr. Twaa. and ' <y
iialcaaase Mika. ?r. VtrKi.r^t to mMnaaad back
" week J
Leavv i,merit ilia Mood a)' at P a rn . "
Arrive at Mcivifinrf by iV p fBr,
Leave M-konnry Tararfay *'. 5 a tw;
Arrive at tinesvUie by c p ra.
I Frava RratA ta Pnvmdiaa M au'?a aa-l ! ?- k iy.??
ww* I
Lesrr Rre'h Monday at I < m
kr*? .-t PririJae by J j n,
Lwrvr FnoWiu I u-?.;-y at 4 ? 10,
Arrive at Kiath by ? p or. j
! Krot# OW ? rty, byHaraioa'a a..J Jr^** Valiay t-. ,
Sana < bj j Bum >ut :<*u 4, uwa ? ? cc L '
B.-i.trn will p; jr-ae a Sckeuale mi drpa. am a?~ i
I Fr-vpi M-Kiruy t? F'-.'t Pi-u*?, U-> ia?ia? v. J bank
eaoc a a>ark. J
Leave McKini.-y Saturday at 5 a i .,
Arrive at PiUt HAl i?y J2 m, '
Lravr Pil<-t Hid Saiowlav at - ( ??;
Ariivrat M-kiuny by bp ?a '
I Fr.... M kuMiytky LrawvHIt v- BmAwM *
aid back , mmcx. a warfc.
Leavv U< Kmc v M-,udav a: a ai 1
Arrive al Bardvob- ueTi da y Mr a ft m
Laav-- Birdntle Vk r<tttrv ?v at ! a la V
Arrive at M kiuny next .lay by b p ??
> J-rotn Mr.knt.iey, t-y Ibrk Hit! and
A 'ton, tjy lutes not bark eare a a -v
Lea*' Mrk rrnrv Mi.nitev ai 4 a.
Arrive as Atuvn by hi p m
Lravr A iittii I'acakay at ti a la
Arrive at McRiiney by It y a.
i-'rwr niien.uwi by I'tayron. H-?e ? ar t LaUt
Ki:b, ly ATB tniiae and Imu k, a. .4 * as k
Leave .Sr.frtnmn Monday at b a ?i.
Arrive at Alum next day try 4 p w
Leave Ann* Wednesday a.' f> " m,
Arrive at Skcrmao nen day by 4 p m
B.U? so raa t wv-a a wee* aaft fcr -'onaidanA
From Sherman ta Basin SpriatC*, 3b ?.i2a lad haca
one* a vrrrtr.
Leave flbuwaa Sat-i Jay ? m, J
Arnrv ai Ba?m Spriags ay 15 ru, s
(maw Bavin Ppni?g? Saturday a! 2 y> iu.
Arr.vr ?*. Sherman Ey jpM.
I Fr Boston, by Don* !? ? di?, ILvatM, f,W4,t M.mte
ar J Libdeu, a> dethiaoi*, ad tal? aid
tark. or<rr a ? erlt '
Leave Boston Tba.-sJay mi & a iu.
A-rrve at Jei(r>. r? oexi Jay uy a ysu.
Leave Jtferwa FruUy ititn,
Arrrre at Boau.n next Jny by b y at '
Krutii Wiac io Lveum. 4ti vaM ai-d >? *, na.e a i
Lrait W?k. .V -i <iay Mi am; .
Arriva at Laniau by 6 p att;
1 *n vr Denton 1'araJay all a in;
Arrive aS Wiat by b p no
From San Sana ir-Lampa?.??, Sj ntiiaaanj ua ?
iaava San Saba M'-ivrtay at S a ru;
Arrive ta Lam paaaua l.y' 7 pm;
Leave Lii.uapawaa-i 1'iaesJay a: n a in;
Arrive at San Saba by 4 p m.
Fro.-n Weaiberfrirt) y? Cit^roiida, (C. M ,) AS tuJa? y
and trai-k .'moe # Wi?k ,
Laare WeatberFu4 Friday at ? air,
Amre a! Gioieonda lay ill n on.
\jnvt tiolrniuia Sateiday itDtiu. I
Amvt at Weatiieif.rd by 10p tn.
Frrnn Parkersrifle u> Magaoiia, tfi ?* <*? *..j ak, i
"i. -r a week.
.el''.' k.T iaalurday m ? a n . ]
Arr1 re at Ma^noiu. by 12 ni;
IjtMjt Mejts una Saturday at 2 p ?>; .
Aerive ?j Paint aeiile by S p in. /
1 Fr<?ra Ailo ta Sotnwer ff) niVai si. J : * *, or-e ? ".i
weak. "!
I^rere Alio jW. ndav itltm *j
Arrre ot staaartfer ..**1 dav Ny R j> wi.
Leave Sump-wr Wednesday at ? m.
Arrwe at I 'onrr day bySpa
...^ < , *< A I fl
xamtnt rarr/uiij/ iJif forrut *md nMtlrvetkm* *tmrt-A
1 F'roci LouisnHa, t<y West Paint, Braadni. buio,
Maerkpert. twl New JUMtte, LeavenworP
Fredor.ia, Rob.', Stophemrport, Kjr., Clorerpo't, |
fia??irviiie, Oarwriwri, ? ->d Troy Letriapor"
1; I;po t, !nd . Oweiwb- >r:r, Ky, Newburgb.
Ind . Green Hirer, Kr., Erani?vi!!e, Trld , Her
demon K v Mr. Vernon, Tol , Cniortown, ky ,
K: -raw -e-riwr.ni ftwyvillf, Kf- C#v
io-lt<*-k, J'!., iC'izikedrtowrt, Go'coodo, Saaith
end, ky , PaCueah, Metrepolia City, Iil., ar.i
('doiena, to < >?m, .VTA mites snd Berk, tbree
ur.i. a a week m suitable and wafe <t<uwnhi r. '
l>?w Lowtaviiir Monday, Wednesday, ant VrM*Y
a: 4 a rn. 1
Arrive at iiw?n> n j? aovsra be fi a in;
Loire Cairo ttrj >e-lar Friday, as) MaaJav r.
12 m,
Arrive slI L.mtsvilk* m ? iw?urn by ip m
"Rome i:.e ? fed n ?k?rnate day - w?tk fk. pfiacia I
port, and fciawerekW oa aitrao.a e J?n
Bid* Tor daily service iaeuad.
i From Lom?vi<b t.y iaaiv-ia. Der>f?iit,Svn?a, Ciiaaay
r> ... a " "SA r*_. xj ?LjammL 21 a-o
: >TT t73i i-tiji?'.^arrr^ :s WP, URTTTT > IfXftma ^
?ilir, ttrwh-ti.i.ie, Hardrndmrf, CTfcverpori,
tiaWSVL/ifc, V e ?ri?t ton. ft* la ttlWtf, M'LfMto
IV'. - :.. 11 t-MvsriSvviUe. Zaon. Heridrreon-, tajnith ? ( k
ASLa, tiewlUMntUe, ai*l Raieio,-,,
to Sr.awnetnwn, lii., ! *?$ aatlea and hack, daily.
R-tckkaven at.4 Lra.n(lr?R?urf t? he ?ai?plMi< from \
\ -.if nikii. ?l? tMKfl ?' Wlit. atid *
W mtn ?ti.i Cuhno Mult itiam Be*rtkeyv?t ttare*
Uines a wr.u,, ki d Rj >t?rmea fr??n Beerfcevv iill#
?i* ;,iM4j an toe Wltii ma.u
l,..t |
imnaviiie doily at Sam: *
Aeiit m owenaiMM* nasi day i>f<pa:
Lea re (.'erruarior. <l*?y at 4 a m
Arrive a! Shawntvi , oy ?. p ?
Leave Staaraeatown d??v at da an
Arrive at Onrnskwn i?y S jv m; I
Ijfuri OmndtwD' da.i-y at r, a m
Arrive at Lnuiit > ?**' day k? t f ?
Buijfcriwij.nnJ a ae tor taree trv^a treidr *ri entire
i-juie lcvitnd.
1 r^nt L miHe Weat^trt, Madiatto, lad,
etradtan, Ay, Veray, fed., Rjr
VTkHav. Painru. Ind Hevriilwm. Ke Hieing
iud, .Urora, PeJaodwaej.
*?rp. ind , fci.'. ih ? Orrnk, Ky , and OonasarKe
to Cinwtnati, Ohio, ! 3:< -ntVes and hark daj.
Leave f dUifrt'i daily at Jtt a w.:
Anrieat Cinrinaiii ixmi day Ay 4 a an.
Leave cmv inn<iri (L?'y a* iit ? n?;
Arrive at Lew.ill* tfejt day hp? a w? ? |
4 From L"ya? it!t, by WiP rar-i*..ii, Heard's StaiTor
f*..t?ae Valley, Clove e l.TVange, SmitS
fteld, Eminent*. PVaeur** iM". Crupfe/i f?e?K!!
OhrU'iaanatiar;. CoawvUrtne. N?ni, Frafik'n-ii
Hymn? Statna. Mi.)**? end Payne'? filqeot. c?
Lexrartar Vd aerie* end heek, t*wa iffny, *?
rapt S .tiilav " ~ ]
larva louieeiiw tenee daily, eveairt "tunddh, at#
a m and et 2} p m
Arrive at .ri ?;i?t.iWa ?wl fci ,? ?
ljr-%19 f'' Imtrr <4a?4y * WT* StfMMf, .t*?
a a ? 2J p ip; 1 ]
Art.v* at LfMaarifle by 11 i? Bttui ?J p is.*
Fr n Lrt!ii?i!lt. I > She: hunf'-Ti \f, B^inubt .%'??'
Ha?**a Nana I,*:n*Tf>,?n tjfkaiHir. Clf
nuiea ar,d t.^4. iui.y
Lnav* LMUMii<- 4*0y ?L ? ? in.
Ajtit* m Lrbuno* by 13 k , *
UcttLtbliian 4?!y at If u;
Am** at Lowabtta by T p m , jf j
4 Frrpi [/"HttPiV f-y fern Cir.k.Cal*r I rat*
Hay Sprit? M?ari? Wo'Jur gdor , Tug! Ot.it*
r.-.i1* ?'r**k, Bnr4pni*? unJ f^ip'ar Jfcrh t?
N?t* Harra, 5'.. vafest and tVra ?r-*K j
- *nl kx Uinom a wfck mm*,
kaawn.% M?tX?.?T. WMaa-tfay ?* Friday
Amr* si TU-astnw.i t?y dp m;
l^m*e ,im?r e*"jrf .in.rfny ? j p
*'II" 4 HV? Haaan by 4p w
I jam- Hii'11 fai*T, rrrffT ki y
*pib ai Birrf.xnvn by W m:
Lear* Baidf* a<; Tnearfny, TVitrwUry, ?r>rf Saturday
t < a ?: ?
A ititt at I^o;. t":R? by 4 r. ?.
7 rrma Law.*, by ft. M ?**-?*, *Mft*av;,_
^ gb.^y ?> , tafVift**
UW-ferSfTg, ,nrf BT fa 9
rart* ami M ?- t?*r? a -m~+
l'J" Uwii^ daily ,T?. Sunday ? 5 .
m A a
rrfar at PiuuMnri L-y dp m;
l^aaa Fr?T;kfnri daly, rtevpt M*?4kr alia
\rri***' iduavi <*i* by ~ a rm.
* frnm Loa'-rilS by ''Briaa'wi FWbafft* Wrf
aoarUle, T?y1or?*HV *??! SnvVrtmrti CHap
ha ?1 " (b? and hnHt. rbr?? water ? #. ?at
latTf Tw> 'day Tbi-.rsdup, ?nd Itau.r .lay
at Ma?;
Arrrr* m ' "bay*e by "A p m
1 "M?' rW4m M"W4kt W*<Anr' lay anrf Frvlav
(i iia;
A nir* a 1/ by *4 P ?r>
>A Prw* Mount Wai> <n$tnn, by F ?B1| S-naa..
' ' " ' --! -r. 1 ?a-.?1? *- .

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