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town, ami La tlraugr, tu Otuullvu, dU Ditlu tul * 'P
back, tin lnii' - a week, Hale via lo Im> supplied h j A
ode mail 111 iluu connexion throe Unas a Weak 11
hud back. ! I -"i
Leave Flirtdil dill/, except Sunday, at 12 ui; j An
Arrive at Chariton in it la) by fi p tu, I
Ixnve ' 'hartlon daily, except Sunday, at 8 a m; A'r
Arrive at Fairfield ar*t day by 2 p m. ItWP K(o
| (918 From Fairfield, hjr Liberty rille, lowaville, New1 *
Market, Salt Creek, Florin, aud I 'hequist, to Hkioai I
field, 'tilt mi lee ami bark three tittles a week. "
lx>ave Fairfield Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at j Leo
1 p m; I Arn
Arrive at BiooiuHt Id next days tiy Jam; !
l.eave Blooinhild Tuesday, Thursday, and Satuiday j Arr
at & a m; ^"li
Ariire at Fairfield l?y 3 p in. ^ r"
Hid* lor six-timca-u-weck service iovitrd. 1?
igl'j Fioiu Fairfield, by Rh bland, Wiuiej'a MilKapd Lan- C
caster, to Sigourncy, 31 uiilet and bark, take a U
Lime Fairfield Wednesday and KitgnliJ at 7 am; n
Ariire at S'gonroey by 6 p ta; Arr
Leave Sigourney Tuesday and Friday al i a in, La;u
Arrive at Fairfield by >< pw- I
Bids ftir three, and !*> for six trips a week united Air
*20 From Faith. I I, hv Brookull", Abingdon, Compttins, Ittdi
Puller, Fremont, and Cherry, lo Uskaloota, -M |0!tl3 Km
mill a aud ba?k, once a wick. o
Lea ve Fairfield Monday at 3 a in; V
Arrive at tbkaloosa by t> p oi; n
Leave O.ikxlooaa Tuesday at 7 J a m; Lc?
Arrivest Fairfield by :>l p m. Arr
Hula lor two, and also for three trips a week, iuvj
ted. Arr
,>l From Otlunnva to Ualilouegn, 1 mileg back, Bid
three times a week.
L' me Ottuuiwa Mundr.y, Wednesday, and Friday at I,
11 a in; ,,
Arrive at Dahlonega by 11a m;
Leave I lahlonega Monday, Wednesday, and Friday An
at 12 tu;
\rrive at Ottiimwa by 3 p m.
( h9jJ From l\ludiiugtou, by New flaxen, Dutch Creek, Air
Valley, Sigonrney, Springfield, lloja.weil, and Rose iyyi7 p'r?i
Hill, lo (.Iskuloosa, t>U niilcn ami lack, twice a (t
week. ?
la-ate Washington Monday and Thursday at 6 a tp; iJes
Arriveat Oskaloevsa next dayB liy 12 ui; Arr
Louie Orkaloo-a Tuesday and Friday at 1 p m; iM
. -i? .. ivu.s;n?t?n n?v. A... l? i a W. V_.
Bide for throe, an<t also for six trip* h week, invited. 1094(8 Ifrt
PJ23 From HiROUrney, by Martinaburg, Butler, aud Dab- 1
loaega, to Oltutnwa, 26 miles and back,' once a p
week. C
Leave Sigourncy Friday at Hum;
Arrive at Oltuiuwa by r> p in; An
Leave Otlumwa Saturday at 8 a m; L? s
Arrive at Sigouruej by k p m. An
Bids for two trips a week invited. 1091'J *ft?
,5j4 prom Mount Pleasant, by Salem, Flillaboro', UUea. J
and 1'niou, to Kroe&uqua, 35 miles aud hack, six f
times a week. V
Leave Mount I'lcas&nt daily, except Sunday, at 10 ti
a in; Le;
Arrive at Keosattqua by 8 p m; An
Leave Kio*atu|ua daily, except Sunday, at 5 a m; Le i
Arrive at Mount Pleasant by 4 p nt. Arl
525 From MJmnt Pleasant, by Wayne, Crawfonlnville, L.r;
Aniboy, Davis' Creek, Yniton, and Seventy-e'gbt, Art
to Iowa City, 51 nnles and hack, once A tVwk. L?r?
Leave Mount Pleasant Friday at 10 a to, Ari
Arrive at Iowa City next day b.r 5 p u>; 10'J50 Fit
Leave Iowa City Wednesday "at do a m, I
Arrive at Mount Pleasant next day by 6 p nt. C
Bids tor two trips a week invited. o
.526 From Mount T'leatniit, by Tr. nton and Oermanvllle, lao
to Brighton, 25 juilcn and back, twice a week. Ari
Leave Mount Pleasant Tuesday ami-Saturday at lo Iv i
ant; An
Arrive at Brighton by 8 p nt; 10951 Pn
Leave Rtighlon Monday and Friday at 8 a no; [
Arrive at Mount Pleasant by -I p in. 1
1927 I nun Mount Pleasant, by To nton, Marsball, and Leu
MarvelI'us, to Washingtoti, 26 utiles and back, ouce a
awc-.k. Ari
Leave Mount Pleasant Tuesday at 10 a m; ,Lce
\rriveat Washington by 7 p ui; Ari
Leave Washington AVminced ly at 6 a H>; Hid
Arrive nt Mount Plcaimnt by 5 p m. ? lli'Jhd Frt
Bids to luminance at Trentou and run two trips a X
week invited. r
s28 From Salt in, by Mount Pleasant, Winfield, and Spring t,Ci
Bun, to Columbus City, 30$ miles pud back, once Ari
a week. ](r,
Leuve Silent Friday at 7 a m; Ar
Arriveat Columbus City by 8 pm; Hji]
Leave Columbus Oily Saturday at 7 a tn; lOt'.'d Frv
A rrive nt Salcni by 8 p m. |
Bids to commence at Mount Pleasant invited. |
129 From Burlington, by Dodgeville, Yellow Springs, Ls>(
Linton, Wapello, (irntul View, Ouonwa, and For- Ar
eat Hill, to Muscatine, 52 miles and back, six times Lei
n we. k. a n
t jif I'.u11inpfton daily, except Sunday, nt 5 p n>; Bid
Arrive nt Muacnliiie next day liv 11 a no; Fn
Leave Muecatiini daily, except Sunday, ot 8 ? w; I
Arrive at Burlington by 10 pm. Lei
Mi) From Buthngtou, by Middlctown, I>auvillo, New 8
Loudon, Mount Fleasnnt, Home, nnd Lockridge, Ari
to Fairfield, 51 miles and back, daily, except Sun- Lei
day. ? a
Lcwe Burlington daily, except Sunday, at 8 AO a m; An
Arrive nt Fairfield by 1 l.lio n in; Bid
benve Fairfield daily, except Sunday, nt 4 p m; Bid
Arrive ut Burlington by 7 p in. iOAi>5 Fit
?J1 From Burlington, by I'nrisb, Lowell, and Last Urovc, 1
to Salem, lit) miles end back, twice a wwk. I
Leave Burlington Monday and Thursday at 8 a in; !
Arrive nt Salem by & p m; (
Leave Salem Tuesday and Friday, nt 7 n ni; La
Arrive at Burlington by I p m. Ari
'MI From Burlington, by Albright's, Kingston, l.itutMotto,
Vlnwaeye, l'nlo Alto, loo'slairo', *nd Fort Ari
Lords*, to Muscatine, 50 in ties and back, twice n mtir.fi Frt
week. 11
I.cave Burlington Monday ntid Thursday at Bum; v
Arrive a'. Muscatine next days by 2 p m; I
L ive Muscatine Tuesday ami Friday al 3 p m; Lcr
Arrive at Burlington uext days by 3 pm. An
Ihda fur thrw; trips a week invited. Leo
JW3 From Lmlou, by Morning Wun, Virginia Grove, An
Cairo, Columbus City, Altonn, Port Allen, Fid- lO'.ljV Fr<
crime, nnd Seventy-Seven, to Iowa I'llyt 55 a
milca nml hark, onrr. n week. Leo
Leave. Linton Wodncaday at lfl am; Arr
Arrive at lown C;ty next day by fi p m; Lea
Leave Iowa City Friday at t> am; Arr
Arrive at Ltohui next guy by 3 p rn. Hid
Bid* for tartr iripa a week invited. 10938 Fro
")'ii From Wapello, by Cairo, Sprtr.g Run, and Craw- |
fordaville, to Wnahingurn, 30 nulea and 'tack, t,
once n wick. lyw
Leave Wapello Thursday at 8 a m; Art
Arrive ai Washington by t> pm; Le a
Leave WaaliHilton VVeducaday at li a m; Arr
, Arrive at Wapello bv 4 p ill. Hid
13,15 brum Wojk!Io, |.y Morning Son, to Mount L'lea#- |0d59 Fro
ant, ."lit miles and back, once a week. II
Leave Wapello Fittlay nt 8 a in; b
Arrive at 511. Pleasant by ftp in; Lea
Leave Ait L'lrasanl fhitimlny at 8 a in; Arr
Arrive ?t Wapello by fi p nt. Iyu
Kat? p.r (WO ?|R? for three trip* a week invited y\rr
)3li Fro'n Tooleslmro to New Boston, 111., 4 nulea nnd Hnl
back, twice a week. v
Leave I'nnlridtoro Tiiesdii y and Friday al 8 a rn; ri
Arrive st Now Bnaton by |tl a in; |l)%0 Fro
Leave [Sew Uohioii Tueaday nnd Friday at 11 a in; ()
Arrive at Toalealmrv l?y '3 p m. |^r,
I 137 Fron Mpriiif field, by Itidianopolls, Union Mil's, and ^r(
Agrimla, to Montezuma, 28 milca and back, once
n ww k. Arr
la'ave Spri:i{;fi(id AVcdncS'lny at 8 a m; |l,i<it,l Kr<
Ainvr. at Mnntry.umn by 4 p m; ' y
L>avc Montezuma Thutsdny at 8 a in; ^
Arrive at B,?inpfirl.l by 4 p in. -J
old* lo*. two tri|?R rt week i .VIIPU. .
)J8 ro?v.i Butler, by Mfiritusbiirt:, OIcah. RkAIimmI. audi rr
day, to Brighton, 3D miles ami bark, vu.re h
wctk. An
Leave Roller Friday at 7 a m;
Arrive si Rriglilon by fi p ni; T
l-eave Brick mil Thiireday at 7 a in,
Arrive, at Butler by b |> in. 10902 tfro
Hula for two iripa per week invited. b
139 From Brighton, by Kick land, Joker, Martmsburg, Lra
Huller, ami k reinont, to (Jaknlooiia, ;>o nnlc* and Arr
l>ac.k, onec a week. , Lea
Leave Brighton Thursday at7J a in; Arr
Arrive at Oakalooor next day by |'2 m; Iy'jb3 Fro
I.eave OaknlooNn Friday at i p in; ,s
Arrive n( Hiightnu next dny by b pin. |,,
Hide for two and aliro for three tripe a week invited
'W From Iowa Oily, by Belle Air, Richmond, Wnnh Lea
1115100, llnjtliiuii, I'teoaAnt I'lain, and Walnnl, to K
Fait field, Y.l mild ivod back. Kit 11 "tee a week. An
Lrave luwn Ony deily, exeept ,SorvW?y, at 12 111; Lea
Airiveat FinInld next day l>y 12 ni, 11
Li an Fan held daily, except Sunday, at 12 111; Air
Airiro at Iowa Oily in xt day by 12 111. Hid
'II li.un Iowa City, hy Solon, I'-nnnir Valley, Kmc H'.tM kVo
ton City, Cedar Itapida, Marion, Spring villa, v
kairview, Anemaaa, Monneello, Bowcii'n 1'raiiie, b
' 'areadc, Fillmore, Mtlleroy, (I.IIy Clung h, and 11
Itnrkdalr, to Dubuque., 99 rntlca and baek, lix Ima
'"nee a wor t. Arr
l<ca?e low a City daily, except Sunday, at 3 P in, Len
Arrive at Dubuque next day by 7 p ni; Are
Leave Dubuque daily, txee.pt Sunday, at H a m; l*ro
L-r"%e Ht Luy next day by 2 p ni. ft
rrnnt Iowa City, by ('apt, Oxford, Homestead,! Ir
Mate ago, pownnid, Victor, Bear Creek, Girinnill, j I (j'jtiS '"to
'v . r'-4i *'vr f'?Trt Vinr. Hewttm, and
11lu Ui? Uuium, idj miiea and back,
ik limes ? wt? k.
,?c 1'iwa t'ny daily, exi e.'l Sunday, at II u iq,
ivc ul lbj Motnce ml 40 hours say by J a in,
ve Mf Moinrw dally, exi*pt Sunday, alii a ill;
ivc ?t Iowa Cky iu 10 hour*- euy by 10 11 tn.
hi Iowa City, by Frank Pierre, Aiinah, Wasson- lo9l>
illc, North Kiiglirdi, .South Kn^liah, and Weber,
t?r Str^oOntcy (C. H.,) 07 miles and back,
tier n week.
ve town City Tucttduy and Friday at 1 p in;
iv? at Stg vuruey n< at daya by ?i p in;
vc S'gourney Monday and 'lhursday at 6 a m,
ivc atiiowaCtty neat days by 12 in.
i for three trip* n weak iiivilod.
ui Iowa City, by Lcoin, Windham, Jonca, Mil- Jooti
isbure, Duytou, Deep River, Monte/.nnis, Hug.ii
rove, North Skunk River, and Pleasant View,
i Newton, mile* and luick, three times a week.
,ve Iowa City Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
ivc at New ton next day* by 8 p m;
ve Newton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at
I a ni;
ive at Iowa City next daya by 8 p in. I09(i
i to end route at Cumuli invited,
m Iowa City, by North Hand, oti the went aide
f Iowa river, Roberta Ferry, Shclhyville, and
Vi f,tern, to Cedar Rapids, 2b mdo*and backbone*
ivc lown City Friday at San,
IVc hi Cedar llapidit by 5 p in;
'r* Cedar llapids Fntuiuay at 8 a lit; 10l>6
'iveat Iowa City by o p nt.
h for two trips a week invited,
in Muscatine, by Strawberry Hill, Altona. Coimbus
City, l'oitarillc, and Amboy, to Washtngin,
41) miles and back,six limes a week,
ivc Muscatine daily, except Sunday, at 11 a m;
rive nt Washington by Jp in,
ivc Washington daily daily, exedpt Sunday, at 5
in; 1097
ive at Mueouline by 8 p m.
im M iinealinc, by Fairport, Fountain, and flufilo,
to Liuvenport, 31) uitlca and hack, twice a
ivo Muacntiiic Tueoday and Friday at 10 a in;
ivc at davenport by 8 p m;
ive Davenport Monday and Thursday at 8 a nt;
ivc at Mum aiinc by n p m. 1097
mi l>avcii|?ort, by Amity. Round Grove, New
.tbcrly, 'bland, Tipton, Woodbridge, Gower's
\.rry, Newport, and Newport Cenlie, to Iowa
Jlty, 55 miles and back, twice a week.
ivd DavcitpOTt Monday and Thursday at 5 a ID;
ive nt Iowa City next day* by 11 a at;
ire Iowa City Tuesday and Friday dt 1 p ID) 1007
ive at Davenport next d* jm by i p in.
mi Davenport, by Walcolt, Durnnt, Wilton
unt'HOli, Moscow, AuIii.hu, West Liberty, mid
hiwncy, to Iowa City, 54$ miliTand buck, daily,
villi a branch from Wilton Junction to Muacaiuc,
121 miles mid back, daily, in due connexion.
tve Duvenport daily at 7.85 a. mi
ive at Town ClI.V by f" 9? a ni;
ivc lovn C8y Unity at t'>J a in;
ivc nt Davenport by 9| a in;
nit Willnii Junction ilnilv hi H a iii! men
ivral Mum-aline l>y 0.59* m;
ive Muscatine doily ut 7.05 a m;
ive at Wilton Junction by 7.55 am.
mi Davenport, by Ruin Urova, Allen'* Win vet
(lxoii, Big Rock, Toronto, Mrss'IIou; Ce'uai.nnd
hiiuii (hove, to WnlntU Fork,51 milts and back,
ncu a Week.
ive Davenport Monday at 7 a nt; 1097
rive at Walnut Koik next day by 17 ni;
we Walnut Fork Tuesday at 1 p m;
rive at Davenport next day by tj p m.
>m Wilton Junction, by I'lcasnnl lldl, Rochester,
'edec, bpringdalo* West Hranch, and Carthage, to
ova City, Jo mi ca ami hack, twice n week,
ive Wilton June.tion Monday and Thiirndny at *
rive at Iowa City by K p htt
nr. lowu City Tuesday and Friday at 9 a in;
riW at Wlllon Junction by b p in. 1097
a lor three Innca-iiinrH a-wt k orrvirc invited,
nil Tipton, by Red Oakf Pioneer '.'.rove, Lisbon,
tlount Vernon, >Si .Mary a, and Si. Julian, to Maion,
3* mi'VS ftnd i nek, twice a wcik.
Oo Tipton Tuesday and Friday at 8 a in;
nve in Marion by 0 p is;
ive Marion Wedneiduy and Saturday at 6o is;
rive nt Tipton by (> p im
is to end at Lisbon invited. 109I
>ni Tipton, by Spring Hock, Big Rock, Dixon,
tirantt Vista, and Orange, to Dewitt, 36 miles and
i-jrk, once a we* k.
we Tipton Saturday at (J a ni;
nve at Dewitt by 6p in;
ive Dewitt Friday at 6 am;
-ive nt Tipton by 0 p m. 1007
Is Tor two and also three trips a week invitul.
i n Tipton to Harwell, i0 miles and back, three
hues it week.
ivc Tipton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at
a m;
ivc at Harwell hy 11a in;
lVo. Harwell Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
t 4 p m;
rive at Tipton by 7 p !it,
s to extend to commence at Rochester invited.
Is fbr Kix-timea-a-wis'k rcrvice inviird.
ini Tipton, by Wtthntl Fork, Highland Grove,
Vn:nnoia, Dunne,' Curt'e Grove, Grove Crcik,
Jnioniow;;, Delhi, Cold Watery Yoik, VaUkre
^V.iemrot, Joule !* ? t, tulkudcr, and Road, to
Jamavillo, 10J miles and hack, oucc a week. |
ive Tipton Tuesday at 3 p in; 10'JI
rive at Gainavillo next Friday by 13 in;
ivc ( luriv.llc Friday at 2 p in;
rive at Tipton next Tuesday by 13 lb.
ini Fulton, III., I'y Cdbt'on, Iowa, Low Vodr, Cit
ami h?o, Tlaiiinssa, Dewitl, Grand Mound, Hnritell,
L'sbou, Mi. Vernon, and St. Julian, to Ctdnr
!apids, 81 miles and hack, six turns a week,
ire Fulton daily, except Sunday, at Ti u m;
ive at Cedar Rapids hy 13 p tb;
ive Cedar Rapids daily, cxreptSunday, at 4 a in;
iVeiit h'ultou'by 7 p nr. 1017
mi Catnanche, Iowa, to Albany, Illinois, 3 milea
ml hark, once a week,
ivc Chiilouche Monday at 13 m;
ive at Albany hy 3 j> in;
ivc Albany Monday at W a m;
ivc at ('amain he by 10 a in.
s for three trips a wrek invited
on Marengo, by Kotx'a, I'rairie Cieek, KmisitvV,
lele.nn, Ola, HuiterVille, Le Grand, arid Marshallrwii,
to Mnrietia, K'l miles mid lmck,oncea week.
iVe Muit ngo Tneaday nl 7 a ni;
ivc at Marietta next day hy 7 p m; ?
iVr MarieltJl Thnrsday nl 7 a m;
ire at Marengo next day by 7 p m.
s for two, and aim ilirtv. trips a week, invited,
an Marengo, by Cono, Buck Eye, Gwinville,
oilman, mid Tamnville, to Toledo, 40 intlca and
nek, owe a week,
ivc Marengo Friday at 7 a m;
ive at Tolrda hy M p m; lOWS
,vc Toledo Snluiduy nt 7 a m;
ive at Marengo hy 8 p nr.
s for two, ami also three ti ips a wr? k, aie iti>fi
it ulon I.nil. In evlrnd. i iit Reedhttlle. In Ma
in Marengo to Mitlcntliurg, 20 miles and back,
ncc a week.
ivc Marengo Friday at 6 a m; lot"
ive at Millr.raburg hy 12 m;
ivc Millcralnirg Friday at I |i m;
ive at Maiengo by 8 |? m.
mi Marengo, by Toledo, Marshall, Latnyrtte,
l.iru lta, and Flilnra, to Iowa Fall*, lot) mile* and
*< k, once a week.
ire Marrngo Tneadny at 7 am;
ivr. at Iowa Katla next day by 8 p in;
ivc Iowa Fall* Thursday at 7 a in;
ivr at Marengo next tl*y by 8 p in.
* for two, and alxo for tbicc lnps a week in
oera will elate other internicdiate pointa, if any.
in Centra Point to (j'lRMptcinn, 15 nnle* and
Htk, on re a week.
vc t Voire Point Saturday at II a ni;
ivc at Quaac|oeton by 12 in;
vc Qnaaqtieton Saturday at I p m;
ivc at Centre Point by ti p in.
in Cedar Rapid*, by Mondieu, P.ilo.Ouk drove,
hellabiirgh, Viiilon, Laporte City, Cedar Val
y, and Waterloo, to Cedar Fall*, 70mil?a ami
ai k, three time* a week.
ve Cedar Rapid* Monday, Wedncaday, and
riday at b a in;
ivr, nl Cedar Fella next d iy? by I'd in;
ivc Cedar Fall* l uceday, Thursday, and Satid.iy
at I p m;
ive ul Cedar Rnpid* neit days by 7 p in.
- for arx-timc'-a-xrvck aerviie inviied.
in Cedar Rapid*, by Vinton, Toledo, Battel
die, Marthalltown, Mnrimia, Nevada, and lloonaofo',
lo New .IcfTrrann, in Oirec.ne county, IM)
illr* and back, once a wci k.
ve. Cedar IU|<idi Monday at H a m;
ive at New .Irffermtn next TMiaday by 6 p m;
ve New .lelTcreon Monday at 6a in;
i? ?i C< u?r 'i'l? ne*i I'hurxtay by 6 p m. |OftH<
p<i*.lU inri?<-il In iiinil Vinton unit go by Hisley
rove, ItMmp'a (Jrovr, Snli Crei k. He Irnon, Toito,
m Culm Rnpfda, by Lsfuycitr, Centre I'oint,'
lfAVfvitlc, Burke, ftrundoiv, Kmcrpfu e, olid iCfti*
U> Waterloo, 11 uit|tg umI liwk, oiwe a woii.
Leave C'ttlar IIm|xUu Monday at ri a in;
Aititt an WMellon uacal day by lip Ml,
1-i*h Waim I"*i \Yiducaday at 8 u in;
Amv< at Ccdai U.i|u<l? hi it day by (i |> in.
Hid* for two trip* n w> < k invited.
it From Cedar Rapid*, t-y Sneer's Grove, Hi Iwi
Grove, Retiiuau, Tamavdle, Toledo, and Kei.J
ville, lo Allnon, 73 mile* ami buck, once u week.
Leave Cedar Rapids Mondays! C a in;
Arrive, nt Albion ne^t day by 0 |i n<J
Leave Albion Wednesday at 6 a in;
Arrive at Cedar Rapids next day by > p ni.
Uida lor two, audi aiav for three tri|*> a work n
I From Cellar Rapid*, by Hi ah y 'a Grave, Rental
Bishop's (irorc, and If'dinuii, to Toledo, 00 liltli
and bark, once u week.
Leave Cedar Rapid* M mday ai 7 a ni;
Arrive nl Tolrdo next day by I'd in;
Leave Toledo Turnday at U p in;
Arrive at Cedar ftnpi.le next day by 7 p ill.
Hill* for two, and nl*o for three trips a week, arc I
H From Cedar Itafiidx, by Kiiiiaa, LinwKxl, "lid TV
ltd 'a Grove, to Marengo, .70 mil en and back, once
Leiavc Cedar Rapids Friday nt 0 a in;
Arrive at Maruitpo by ti p my
Leave Marengo >S?iiird*y at H a in;
Arrive at Cedar Rapids by 0 p hi.
Hula invited for two, and also for three Irion a wee
9 From Fairvicw, by I'rospei t iidl, Mi. Vernon, fi
Mary's, and Ivanhoc, lo Solun, ii5 mrlci and bar]
lb roc times & week.
Leave Fairvicw Tues'ay, Thursday, and Hatu
day at I'd in;
Arrive nt Solon by 7 p w;
Leave Solon Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
I'd ni;
Arrive at Fairvicw bv 1 p m.
0 From Vinton, by Woods, Collirr'a Grove, Wt
Creek, Crystal, Union Grove, Sprint; Cnek, ar
Green Monulain, to Aibiou, 55 miles and bat
once a week.
Leave Vinton Thursday at G a in;
Arrive al Albion next day by I'd m;
Leave Albion Friday at 1 p in;
Arrivfc at Vinton next day by h p m.
1 From Vinton, by Woods, Kldorn, Point Pleaaai
anil Webatrr City, to Fort Dodge, |t/0 nillrs at
back, once a week.
Leave Vtlilon Wednesday at ti a m;
Arrive Ml Foil Podge next Kriduy by fi p m;
Leave Fort Dodge tenturday .it fi n lit:
ArriVe tit Vinton next Monday by t>|> to
1 From Saluda, byS.crling, Mount Algor, Van Burr.
Summer 11 ill, Holley, Mauuoketa, Waierfor
Cobh, Monmouth, Fierce, Wyoming, Murium
and Isabel], to A namom, 07] nulcti and buck, the
liinr h a ww k.
Leave Sabula Tuesday, ThurmlnW, and SnUirdr
st 8 ft rtt',
Arrive at Aunmnsa next days by 5 p m;
Leave Anamoxa Tuesday, Thursday, and Satu
day at A a m; Arrive
at Sabuln next days by 5 p m.
J From Sabula to Savannah, 111., J mile* and hac
three limes a week.
Lrnve Sabula Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
10 A mi
Arrive at oantmiHh by ll? am;
Leave Savannah Monday, Wednesday, *nd Fi
day at 4 p m;
Arrive nt Sabula by 5J p in.
'4 From Andrew, by Fulton, Iron Hills, Kmelin
Canton, Johnson, Seotch Prove, Edinburgh, An
iiiohh, Necot, Boulder, Ford's Prove, Valley Fart
Spring Prove, ami Atlanta, to Qeutmpieion, I
miles nnd barb, once it week.
Le.ive Andrew Thuraday i t Ha m;
Arrive at 4jua?t|uclnn next Bator-ray by 12 nr;
L'ftVc IJunF'p J'lon Saturday at I p m;
Arrive at A tube* nuxt M niluy by 5 p nt.
Bid* lor two, and also Tor three trips a wctk, i
'5 From Andrew, by Spring Brook and Uellcrue,
t late mi, I I., 30 nnks aril bark, three time*
Leave Andrew Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Arrive at Paleim by ti p nr,
Lenvc Pulena Mondtik, Wedftesdajr, ntld Ffiib
At 8 a th;
Arrive at Andrew by fi p m.
ib From Bellevus, by Spring Brook, Iliireinspoi
noon .-mrin^, ana c-tiariune. 10 i??nn an ran
and hacV one> a wbfcX.
LctiVe Hellevu: Thursday at 6 a m;
Arrive at Dewitt by 8 pm;
Leuvc Dcwitl Friday nt fia m;
Arrive at B< llcvuc by 8 |> m.
17 From Dubuque, by Sullivan, Lomotil, Oolltmvil
A udrow, Brittfvpurt, Mnntiokhtii, Broik"nlil; m
???, Pbwtti; Walnut OroVe, Mount Joy, Dave
port, ItoiRmghiim, Blue Gir.ss, Melpinc, ai
Sweet'nnd Centre, to Muscatine, 101 miles tit
b?ck, three tiu.oa a we< k to DaVeiipoit and a
tinn aa week residu':
Lcr.Vc Dubuque Monday, Wednesday, and Fridr
a 8 n ni;
Arrive at Duveupoit next day by '1 a in;
Leave Davenport Monday, WednMStay, and Ft
day at 8 n in;
Arrive at pubieu'c nr.?t day b'j T. a w)
LraVc Davenport daily, eirept Sunday, at (i a in;
Ariive at Mu.-wioe by II a in;
Leave Muscatine daily, except Sunday, at 2 p m;
Arrive at DarenjKirt by 7 pin.
'8 From Dubuque, by St. Donntus, Spruce. Milk, Bell
vue, (\Vickllffe, SKbdln, Rik River, Lyons, Olli
Ion, I amanche, Princeton, Le Clair, Pleasant V?
ley, and Gilbert, to Davenport, !?7 miles and bai
once a week.
Leave Dubuque Tuesday, Thursday, and Salurdn
at 5 a in;
Arrive at Davenport net t dm a by 8 p in;
Leave Davenport Tuesday, Tluinidlty, and Satu
day at It a m,
Ariivr at Dubuque next days by 8 p in.
'1 Fro n Dubuque, by Julien, Genitalia, Kp Worth, Fa
lev, Roet. Ville, i'lum CiImk, Delhi, Hu ily's Kon
Collin'a (Jrove, Quusquelon, Fine, Independenc*
and Waterloo, to Cedar Falls, 110 miles and bai l
six tini'H a week to Independence, and three tinru
a week the residue
Leave Dubuque daily, exc?|)t Sunday; at li a ni;
Arrive at Indiqwiidence by |b p in;
Leave Independence Tuesday, Thursday, and Se
irday a( 8 n in,
Arrive at Cedar Falls by b ji n>;
Leuve. Cedar Falls Monday, Wednesday, and Fr
rlny at t> a ni,
Arrive at Indepen lenee by 1 p m;
Leave Independence daily, except Sunday,at bam
Arrive at Dubuque by 10 p in.
Hid a to commence route at Dyemville or at Mai
cheater invited.
Bids for aix-liini A n-werk service on entire route ah
0 From Dubuque, by Dunmuo, JeflVraon, Cotlape llil
Pin ink, Ulaaaiwvin, Millville, and Outienhrirj
to (.tariMVtllo, d(l mile* and back, twice a wrr.k.
Leave Dubuque Monday and Thursday at 7 a ui;
Arrive at (jarnavil o next days 1 v 12 in;
1>mvc (iarimvillo Tuesday mid I'i nlay at U p m,
Arrive nt Dubuque next days by 7 p in.
HI da lor three trips a week invited.
1 From Dubuque, by <>?rny Owen, (hr.ark, Oantoi
Monmouth, c?bb. Burgess, Massillon, llarwel
ami Tipton, to Rochester, 7H miles and bae.l
once a week to Tipton, and twice a week rca
Leave Dubuque,Thursday at (; u m;
Arrive at Rochester next day by ti p in;
Lenvc Roclicsier Tuesday at bam;
Arrive nt Dubuque next day by bain;
Leave Tipton Saturday at I p in;
Arrive at Rochester by H p m;
I and It,>< hosier Silurdnv t?v 10 a n:
Arrive at Tipton l?y IS m.
Bt4n for .1 lri|i? it Wet k Wwfcn I Inrwcll and Rod
rater invited ; nbw oil ihe whole route.
Ilnlit Mrml ai liarwe'i invited.
I From Oubinpir, by Dyeravillc, l'uultne.y, Pint
Spring, Yankee Settlement, York, Siiawberr
Pmnl, Tayloiavillo, Brcndi Crxk, Corn lit!
West field, Orion, Wen Union, K'dnradn, and 0
ainn, to Dccnrrnh, l('U miles unci buck, ihrte tiiio
n wrrk.
Leave Otihaque Tucadny, Thumdity, and HAturdn
at H a nr.
Arrive at Dnoorrah next day'" by H p m;
Le ve Dceorrah Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturda
nt Hum;
Arrive at Dubuipio next dnyRby 8 pm.
,t From Ihibmpie, by OliaonittftlvMIe, Evrrj>rrrr
Oakland, New Vienna, Viola, Colony, Me*
aland, KlkiHni, I'oinnniiiia, klkadei, llardn
Lyhraml, V runkvtlle, and Trout Itivrr, to Utcoi
rah, |oj milra and back, thre? linns n week.
l/enve llnhuipie Monday, Wednesday, and Frnla
at N am;
Arrive at [>erorrah next day* by 8 t> m,
Leave IVcorrali Monday, Wednesday, and Finln
a I R a in;
Arrive at Duburptr next day* bv M p ni.
I Kfom lhlbmptr, by Julien, tVniraba, F.pwoil)
Farley, Hook villa, and Plum Crank, to ii.Ihi, t
inib ?and bm k, three liraeaa weak.
Leave P'lbuipic Monday, Wedne"lay, and Frido
at .tain;
1 1 \ m' 1
I, Arrive n< Delhi by (, p mi,
Leave !) Ihi l'u< d-y, MiuiwUy, and Saluidr
Ainveal Dubuque by 7 p ill.
Bids I'm Iwki n Wi ok aervu,m ontb invited,
j lU'JSb Frm? Dubuque, by Buniowic, Otter (It
FnriltCnV Creek, ami Fulton, to Maquokela
>V i hi ill h ;> i ill ln?. k, unci; a week?
Leavi Dubuque Saturday ?t 7 a in;
Arrive. at Maquoketa by G p in;
Leave Maquoketa Friday at 7 a in;
Abrivc ut Dnbhqtte by t| p ,n
llfjsti From Dubuque, by Dctrmaiie ami Taia, lo 1
C tile, 84 mile* and bark, one* a week,
li- Lrvc Dubuque Friday ?t 8 a in,
Arrive at Cam-tide by i; p ui;
ii, ) Leave Cascade Saturday at 8 a in,
to Arrive lit Dubuque by ? |i m.
I I0DU7 From thick vtUe to Colony, |0 mile* o^id back,
a work , , '
L?uvr Rnckville Wi ilnmdiiy alb am,
Aifivc at Colony by IS m;
Le?ve Colony Widiicwlay at 1 p in;
it Airtvc id Kock vt1h> by 7 p m.
10'ib From K-ukville, by Morcou, ("aiuailr, and IVi
f- I IHI, to Canton, 2fl miles and tank, once a w
a Leave Itoekville Friday at 8 a en;
A rnve ul Canton by n p iat
Leave Ciiiiloii Saturday at 8 a in;
Arrive nt Rorkvillc by q p ni.
10989 From DyeravtUe, by Hickory Drove, bad'a (it
A Him ill, F'orreatvUle, Campion, Ktie, Bo
k drove, Greeter'a drove, Fan bunk, ami Fuigli
>t Wavcily,8.r> nnlea and baek.once a week,
k, Leave Dyersvillc Wcdncndny at ti a 111;
Arrive nt Wnvcrly next Friday by ti a ra;
r- Leave W nvrrly kriduy at H a 111;
Arrive nt Dytmville next Sunday by 8 a ru.
lO'J'JO From Dycnmllc, by Pbultney, Hum Springe, '
et kre Settlement, Honey Creek, Umx's Oioek, V
City, Highland, Klgin, and Clermont, to Lb
nib, Shinties and back, once a week.
>11 Leave L'yuraville Monday at dam;
id Arrive at Docorrali next Wednesday at ti a in;
k, Leave Deeorrnh Wednesday at 8a in;
Arrive at Dyrraville next Friday by Ba m.
10991 Front Delhi, by Hartwiek, lla/.lc drcen. Nog'
drove, Ford a drove, Burkhorn Hill, Wa|i#a
Claik's drove, to Marion, ht> miles and back,
a week. .
1', Leave Delhi Friday at 7 a in;
id Arrive at Marion by 7 p ni;
Leave Marion Saturday at 7 am;
Arrive at Delhi by 7 p m.
lo99d From Delhi, by Mam-.be.aier, Mount Hope, and
cmvdie, lo Strjwlieri y Point, X'ti mitea and L
once a week,
n, Leave De.lhi Tuesday at 8 a ni;
d, Arrive nt Strawberry Point by i |> m;
n, Leave Strawberry I'oiut Wednesday at 8? in;
ee Arrive nt Delhi by 1 p in.
10999 From Delhi, by Almoral, PoiiUnry, Colony,
ly Peck'a Ferrk, to Oarrmvlllo, IS milca and b
once a w?ekLeave
Delhi Tuesday nt 7 a in;
Arrive at Oarnsvillo hy 8 p 111;
Leave d .roavillo WedneMay ill am;
A rnve at Delhi by 8 p ni.
k, D/KM From Delhi, by llarlwiek, Barryvillc, and kirn
QuMOtlCtoii, ii miles and bock, once a week,
at Leave Delhi Tuesday at 8 a 111;
, Arri'.C at ljuB.iquetoa by 4 p ftl;
Leave (tuaaiucton Wednesday ut 8 am;
ri- Ar-ivo hi Delhi hy 4 p in.
Itidalor two, mid also for three trips a wei k inv
l09'Ji From tiarnnvi!lo,by National, Farmt rsburp, dii
e, and Mnnona, to tlardin, 2! ni dee and Imek, t
a- a week.
m, Leave (jainavillo TVcadny and Friday at 1 p n
HI Arrive at Hardin by 7 p in;
Leave llariiin Tmaday and Friday at 6a m;
Attire at '1 trnarillo by I'd tni
Hide for Ihri'fl trips tl wfeth iutittid.
101)90 From Farmwabttrg to McGregor's, t) (Uileantid t
twice ? week. ,
n I>?vr Purrperebtil"fc Wrtlfte,?dtly Hnd Friday.dt 1
Arrive hi ilviirig.i by p m;
le L'uve Metirigor's Wt-diirsdey und Friday nl 8
n Arrive at Fitrmcrwburg by 10 u m.
HiJj for three trips a \y<k invited.
?t 10907 Fr.nn Uuttenhurg, by E'kport and Yankee S<
ment, to Independence, f%:? milee and back, on
, wis k.
)jf J-irtHt (Ju'ienPn'f Wrdor*dk* fit ' n. mi
Arrive nl ludepci ucncc next day by 4 p m;
Leave Independence Friday at 8 a m;
rt, . Arrive at Outtcnbttrfr next day by 4 p (V.
ea John* From 'uttenS'Tf, bv Peck'a 'erry and Ooleit'iir
I lyrr ville, 178 inile-t and back, nnee a wet i..
Leave liutieitburg Friday at 8 a m;
Arrive at DyeravTHo by 4 p n?;
Leave Dversviile .Saturday at Ma m;
Arrive at Outlet)bora by 1 p m
le, 1from ISlkajler, Liy dl>x'* Greek, 3init*brrrr I*
I- Gjr*, tir.e, ituu ! uflilo dfoVfe, (M tltdtip'illll
n 45 inilea and back, once a we-k.
id Leave Elk-viler Thursday at 6 a m;
'd Arrive at Indepcrd. ruie by 8 p.p)t
l* Lienve Iodcb'iHdeqcc Friday at 9? in; ,
Ar.ive m E katlcr next day by III a in.
'y 11000 From Elk drr, by High ft ove, Highland, Lee,
riu. Well Union, Doughts, (ltd Mission*
Atkinson, fend ('.timer, to Doeorrnh, Oil milt*
fl | beck, twice it week.
Leave F'kuder T"e?dn4 anil Friday at 1 h m;
Arrive lit Dfoorrr.h rcxl day* by 7 pn;
Li ove Dccorruli Monday und Thursday tit li u n
Arrivu at Jvk.iiIc next tlitya by 1- m.
liida for tiiroe iripa u work invited.
11001 From Decurrah, by Orleans, Vernon Springs, ]
e- an| Ccnn-c, Saratoga, J mu.stown, Villnuova,
n- j ran, anil Curd ill*, lu Os .gr, 6$ rtlile? and back, l
I j linn* n wctk
I., | Leave Dccoruib Tuesday, Thuradny, and Sntw
at 7 a rri;
y Arrive nl Usigc next days by G p rti;
Leave Osage T'o-c lny, Thumlly, and S.ituiday
k ni;
i- | Arrive, at llecorruli next days by (I p itl.
1 00U From Ilaeor-ah, Ivy New Ulvgon, jlowurd Gtv
J tincHlown, ami .Usage, to AitL'Hell, bl? mites
r-1 ImiI k, once a wcik.
1, j I .cave IJccorr h I buralay Ht. 7 a 111;
f, 1 Arrive hi Mitchell next day liy ii pn>;
t, Ix-nvr Mitchell Tutuday at 7 nnij
w> Arrive, nl Decorrali nexi Jay by 0 (> or.
H1 <1.1 for llneo lri[? n wet k ihvin J.
Uiildnra will name other intermit linlr nffi' ra, If u
liida to curl at visage Invited,
t- 11003 From Hownrd Centre, by Saratoga, Siareyvillt'
Ansgar, and (Han Mary, In Bristol, in W
county, 75 itdlra hoiI back, onee a wtck.
i- Lenvc llownrii Centre Tueaday ?? 6 n tn;
Arrive lit Bristol nexl day I'y 7 p hi;
Leave Bristol Thursday nl 811 m;
; Arrive nt Howard Centre next d?_v by 7 p in
11004 From IWilin, by Cleveland, to Wnukon, ]i> 1
r and buck, once a work.
Ijrave. Ilirdiii Saturday Ht 7 a B';
10 | AiriVenl Waukou by 13 n>;
l/?rc Wiiukon Saturday at I |> 111;
I, ( Arrive Ht Hardin by 7 p m.
E, 11003 From Wnukon, by Wn'vryille Mill's Mill,
Johnson's Landing, to Prairie dn Obion, Win
miles nod back, once a wnk
Leave Wsukon Thursday nt 8 a nt;
Arrive at Prairie du Ohivtvhy <5 jr m;
Ideate Prairie du Okfcn Wednesday at M a ui.
Arrive nt W Hukon by (> p in.
IlOOti From Momma, by Virand Meadow, Pouiville, \
I, in -hoik, CiiHialin, nnd Osainn, to Caiinar, 30 11
?, and back once n.week.
1- 1,1 ave Monoim Friday at 8 a m;
Arrive nl Cniinur by (> p ni ;
J.cnvc t'nliinn Saturday at y a m,
Arrive nl Alouona by fi p m.
11<A*7 From Mononn, by Valney, Rcssville, ami Wi
villi, to LnuRmg, 30 niilen and back, tax
I/iivr Monona Monday and Thursday at ft a 111,
Arrive at LmimiiE by 0 p in,
Leave Lansing Tuesday and Fridny at S a IB,
1-1 Ariive al Monona by t; pin.
Bids for three trip* n week during ruspeualoa
navigation invilrd.
111 11 ntih i roin Motioim, b v C?UDcil Hill, Ion. Willnonii
y A Delimiter., Wrvford, mid (.'oliinibnr, hi Lam
I, 41 mile* and bark, oiircaweck.
t- l.< nvr Mnuona Thursday at b ft m,
a Ariive at banning by 0 p in;
I.??VI! Lansing Friday nt <5 in;
y i Arrive at Monona by f? p m.
Bh1? for lnvo tups prr work invitrd.
11 otib Kr?>m Ronaville to Wnokon, lii mites and h
y i oner n werk.
Leave Itirwville Monday nt li a Hi,
Arr ve at Watiknn by It) a in;
, | Leave Wuilkoil Monday at IV! ni,
( Arrive at Koeaville liy 4 p til
?. (Iu 14) Kiom banning, by Maker, Wankon, Union l'i?
r ( and b'reepoit, to Occur rah, .')f> inilei and h
three time* a week,
y Leave banging Monday, AVedtitttday, and l iide
7 am;
Arrive at Deeorrak by tip in; **
yj Leave. Deeorrah Tuesday, TRrtrMtey, and Satdi
at 7 a in;
.Vriivent La lining by t; p m.
' I I Mil L-Krom LdrtWlhg, by Krenrh Creek, Clear ^rewk,
"t ebe.ter, Ulleville, Min., and Looking (linen
KlliotU, 40 HitIcn mid hark, finer ? nrfvk.
y ialivr LinOi* Tuesday nt Uu in,
Arrive at biiotiaby 7 p m,
L?ktTt- Klliotin Wednesday ? fi * m; I
iy ? Arrive at Liuming by I p m.
11014 From Wem Union, by Clermont, and Moimnit, and
)JttJr?gor1?, to 1'ralrle du Obleni Wl?% 43 mi lew 110.17
and hack, ma limes a week.
ck, Leave Ww Union daily, except Sunday, at to
, 34 fl m|
Arrive at Prairie flu Chkn by 7 p n>;
Leave Prairio du Ubsca ttmly , exrep* Sunday, ui t>
a m,
Arrivi >u West I'mon by 7 |> m
11013 From Wtat I'mon, by Frederickiiiniig, Utiudtoid, llU^b
ILvp- M-< I ark-i City, Floyd, and Caihimuiou, to Osage,
tri iiiib-s unil buck, (line tunc* a waek.
Leave West I nioii Monday, Wtdnccday, end Friday
at 7 n in;
A run ?l Osage lie *1 days by Opto;
Laave CM Monday, Wednesday, ami Friday nt 7
auc? a at; * I kt .t'i
Arrive .vt Weal Union naSt dava by t> p m.
Hid* (or six-tune* a-weck service In uled.
lloll FrtiiiiWi.il Union, by Windsor, Kiebteld, Fv .f pie tow,
Maplm! tile, Jacksonville, Frail leville, Unwind,
Wilkxburg, Nelson, mid i'mditl, to Oaage,
nple 7J iniltuHi.il back, twice u work,
tttk. Leave West Union Monday mid Thursday nt fi e in,
Arrive nt Usage next day a l?y 9 p lu;
Leave ((sage .Monday and Tnursday al 0 a in;
Alrive e.i West Umon noil days by 9 p ill.
KitW l?r thrne trip? it week mvilud. llolo
t've, llOld From Prairie du Cluim, Wir., by Johiuoii's Land,
llajo ing, lown, and Waukoa, lo ixiliolta, Mm. Ty , ou
i, lo nnlee and link, otic* a week.
Leave Prairie du Ulucn Thursday atliaiu;
Arrive at Klliotla next day by 13 in;
Le >ve Klliotl* h'riday at 1 p ui;
A rrivo at I'l.kitu du t'luon next day bv 7 p IS.
11010 From lV?ilie dii Oiien, Wn., by ?te?eknn, Iowa, Hull
Fan- P.iinii'ii IWk, mid Wexford, to Lansing, 33 mile*
olgn mid berk, oiieo a week.
cor- Leave Prairie du Chieii Thursday at ti a m;
Arrive at Lansing by 0 p in;
Leave Lansing Fuitay at b a in;
Arrive at Prairie du CKitsii by 0 pm.
11017 From ilt (jiegur, by Mom iin, Urand Mi.Hil.tvv, Postvilit-,
Wiiine-iirick, Cn." tails, Oaviiiu, Full At
cut'* kiiiHiiti, ami IJowurd, to Outgo, 130 milts and
, and back, once a week,
once Leave McGregor Monday at b a in;
Arrive nl Usii^e next Thuraday by b a in;
I.RVivt; Osage Thursday al R a III;
Arrive at McGregor next .Sunday by Ham. 1 lot J
lints for ibrccnnil also am trips a week invited.
Ilnls lu enuunauce at Prairie uu Chu n invited.
For- I lo 18 Frani M Gregor, by Farme.raburg, Klgm, and Uly'?ek,
tin, to Independence, taj in ilea and Ivtek, oner a
J.CKV" McGregor Tuenday at F a in;
Arrive at Indep. tldrfttc next tlsya by g p nv;
Ivave Independence Thursday ut A a in; 11043
Arrive at McGregor next day by a p in.
end lloi'J From Independence, by Karri ay, Nau'ritlf, Jn\ tin
ack, ville, Vfaverfy, Spring Lake, Polk Precinct, HiftdfnriL
St. rihnilPK Oitv. Klovd. Ilowanlville. and
Ooitge, lij MitMiMl, !?K miles und buck, uiico ?
?wk. uoi l
Leave Independence Monday at 8 a m,
Arrive at Mitchell next Wednesday l?y 12 tu;
'? U<ivc Mitchell Wednesday at 1 p hi; .
Arrive ?t Independence next Fnday by <; p ra
Bids invited lor two and also for three Wipe a week;
also <0 Old ittOm.go ionic.id ol Mitchell.
iid<lO rrnm Independence, by llar.lelnn, Otsego, and Long
Grove, lo Wtsineldy 1'* inilen Mini brtck, once a 11015
' 'd. week.
"rd, Iji-avc Independence Friday at g a m;
wice Airtvcal \v esUicld hy 7 p m;
Leave Westfield Thursday at a m;
1 Arrive at Indrjiendeuce hy 7 )> m.
llO'fl From Quvtqueieu, by Burke, Le Grand, Timlier 1 IU4g
Cieek, and Minerva, to Dea Moines, 136 mibs and
back, once a week.
I.cave Cbuasqueton Mondny ntfitm;
wok, Afriveitt Den Moima next Thursday by (jp m;
iiciivc tics .Monies Monday at n u m;
P m>' Arrive at Qonrqueton next 'I'liftredKy hy g p tn.
Bide ft'i f *tor-f?-wrek service invited. 11o17
" mi 11022 Prom Cedar Falls, fly Taylor Mill, PaVkerehnrg, AN
gorqtiin. Fontaine, Iowa Fails, dud WMsterflity,
to Fort Dodge, 107 miles and back, three time* ?
si tic- week.
ce a Leave CedarFttllfi Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
at 0 a m;
Arrive at Fort Dodge next dnv s by r p m;
W'xi+a Pert D*d?e Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Arrive at Cedar Falls next days by g p nfi{
gi to Bids for six trips a \verk invited.
||;,a-i rr?m Cetlar Fulls, by Jaynesville,Shell Itnck, Leoni,
Kim .Springs, BerWe Grove, It. ckftrrt, (twin's
Grove, ami Muron City, tO Clear Luke City, 75 11048
miles and back, once a week.
Leave Cedar Fulls Widncaday at gam;
oint, Arrive at Clear Lake C tr inxr Fiiduy by 12 in;
sHc.iev Leave Char Lsk City Friday at 1 p m?
Arrive at Cedar Fulls next Sunday by 7 pm.
Bids for two trips per week lft*h?d. ;
11024 From Waterloo, hy Hudson, Grumly (.'fmre, until
l.itiiopolis, to Eldora, .VI miles and buck, once a I |lt* id
W.ek- |
Illy- Lruvo Waterloo "iday at V a ui;
tor' Arrive at Kldcra next c'uy uy ,1! m;
a"'l Leave Elder* Monday at 3 p m;
Arrive at Waterloo next day t.y 7 p m.
110 _?r. F.om Marietta, by Albion, Mormon II<11, Xrrim, Kl(lolrt,
nr.!! Hardin City;!" Iowa Falls, 40milr?and
'? limit, once n veil.
Leave iMiirkitu Thursday hi <; n m; 110^0
A i rive at Iowa Kills by 7 |> m;
low- Leave Inwu Kail* Friday at g a m;
Arrive at Marietta by 7 p m.
ItuL lor two, also three trip* a wtek invb'ed.
1 InVii l'rotn .ilaril'lid, by Timber Creek, to Newton, 3'J
rd?y milep hi d back, oner n tttl Vj
L-nve Muri ate 1 hursday at.o a n ;
Arrive Hi Newton by H pis;
t" ieive, Ncwion W< dastbiy at (; a in;
Arrive mi Marietta by 8 p m.
11027 Front Marietta, by naiifcor, New Frnvlden p, llli- 11031
nlra. nnis IIrovc, Lskht's Mrovr, ami Clear Lake, to
Htiu Wcbsttf City,.ftlmile#ant! back, once a week.
Lci^e Mariella Itodniwlay h( 14 ni;
Arrive ill Webster City ti< *i day by 7 |> m;
Leflvc W'elialcr City Tmaiay at f> dm;
Arrive at Marietta next day by li a fit,
llO'Jrt l'rom Tol< do t" LldoiH, 10 nnlcs ami back, once it
uf- Leave Ttdttfo Hal unlay ut 10 a in;
Arrive at J)l torn next day by 12 ni; 11032
I J" itvo F!.1i>r" Friday at 3 a in;
ortb Airivc at Toledo next il?y by w n in.
Ilids for two, also for lb roe trips a weak Ilivit?d.
Kiddcra will sprc.ify mlernii din e oflb'ea io lie rUpplicd.
Uo."3 From Newion, by I'clln and KnoxviUe, to Oharhou,
liO iiiilen and back, once a wri k. 11033
u,'ed Leave Newton Thursday nl 8 n in;
Arrive at Cbarimn viext day by 19 in;
Lenve Chariton Friday at 1 p m;
Arrive at Newton tic* I day by i; p m
Kidder* will mention oilier In termetlialc offices, it
,J* Kids for two and ulro for thro* trips a week invited
11030 From Ni.wtm, by i'leuaunlviUe, to Cbautoii, t'J
miles and bni k, mire a week. 11034
Leave Newion Tburadtiy at 8 a in; ,
Arrive at (Jharimn next day by 12 re;
l.eive Chariton Friday at I p in;
Arrive at New loo next day by g p m.
*,n Itiddera will nienlion other iniermrdiatcoltieeS, il
mica any.
Kids for two and also for this* trips n week inviieil
11031 From Newton, by Nevada, Amithvilli', (local,) and 11033
Homer, to Fort Dodge, 87 nnlcs and back, ouce a
Leave Newton Th u rtday at 1 pin;
x,rr Arrive at Fort Dodge next Silurday by 13 in;
:c a I/eave Fori Dodgo .Saturday at 1 pin;
Arrire at New Ion next Monday by 12 m.
Itlds tor tw o, and also tor three, trips a week invited.
11032 From Montezuma, by Mill (irore, CrauviUe, ami Ps- llOMi
oria, to Fella, 27 mih sand buck, once a week.
1 Leave Mot)Or,iima Thursday at 8 h in,
Arrive at l*rlla by 0 p ni;
1/favc Fella Friday at 8 ft in;
""?> Amvent Monti/,omn ny ? p m.
11055 From Apple drove, by Midway, Adrlphi, CarLale,
and Fort Plain, lo Lynn, J9 mile* kiid baik, onee 11057
a week.
Leave Apple drove Friday at 7 a dl>;
Arrive at Lyun by 5 p m;
1/eave Lynn Saturday at 7 a m;
nu*1' Arrive at Applo drove by .'? p iu.
11051 From Apple drove, by Freel, Stanford, and i'ajmyia, 11058
to Inilianola, 25 luilge and li.n k, oiive a wevk.
Leave Apple drove Friday at 8 a n;
Arrive al ludianola by (j p in;
1/eave Indianol.t Thursday at B n m,
"fief Arrive at Apple drove bv t, p in.
avk, 11055 I ran Inilianola by llamieorne View, Libertt, thro
la, While llrearl, I'ralriiville fllint. n, ibwetilr, llt>50
iy a' New Hilda, Nine KacleM, and .Saline, to I'rinivtoA,
M? , B.I iinlee and lank, oner a week.
Loaw Indianola Minnlnv at ? a m:
Way Arrive at I'rimtlon next Wednesday by 5 I'm;
Lanve I'riniv-lown Tburaday al 8 a in;
Write at IndiiuinU ni tl NelurAev My_.r> pm.
t>nr- 110,'ti. Frtini KnoxvilK by |)nlla?, New hern, t'havitan, Free- Hide
, lo l.ind, Arjra. (llirin'a, dirdeo drove, anil Oion, tn
I'miiiMr, in milea ihiU heik, ouce it week.
L'vu i Kuoxvjlle TueaiUy at li n in,
Arrive At Decatur next uay by 8 p ui;
Leave J ?n-*tuf Tburedoy at 6 a m;
Arriie ivt KuoxriliC uvul day f,J * 1' >
TUa? tf i?o in},* a wee.1* yavmd.
frota Kndlvijle, by l'leasar,(v'"*i ^ heeltim. ilarle
1 ( it I ?te, Mid Ainu, > Moloc*, 40 nulcd
nud bnck,unre n?ek.
Leave Knoxville Weildi?d?y nt *? am;
Arrive :it IH*8 Muiineki} H p m,
Lear i* I ' * Moinc* Jui m! ny ni } ...
Arrive al Kuonille by ? |> i*
Bid* for two tiipj a vvotk milled.
1 iui Kao* ille, by Uoapurl, (kiiuuikm, ( vdar Giovy,
La Grange, nud Greenville, to South Fork, ii (elite
lOtd hank, once a week.
Leave K uo?viliv Tbnr?day atiiin,
Arrive al South Fork by V |> m,
leave iSoulh Foik Friday at ti a ui,
Arrive at Knoli ille Wv a p m.
From Ottumwa, by I'lddy vtllc, Oekalooee, lifiedo.
Pell*, Newark, Monroe, H dRnek, Prairie City,
Bennington, VnudaUa, Ajfde Oirove, and Kiamc
Sua, In Jjii .Minima, So miles apd back, wi
tin.en a well} iled Iioik, Bennington, and Vandal
iu to l>e uu|<}dicd liy Mde tuaila three tone* a
week. 4
I ,i nvr ouumwa daily, except Sunday, at 5 a ;
Arrive, ul lira Monies iicxi day by Sam}
Lcive Ilea Mojnee daily, cjuept Sunday, at 4a?,
Arrive at (hitunwn next day by ii a m.
Frnin O-katnoaa, by FUnt, Peoria, (Jraoville, aod
Ly niiviJIr, in Nevrten, do mile* and back* a
wei k.
Leave Oekslnoan 'l undoy at da nt;
Arrive nt Newton by 7 p m;
I>cave Newton Muudoy al 6 a uti
Ari ive ui Onkaloo?a by 7 pm.
Hide for two tripe a week invited.
1'rnni OikilioMi, liy iScotl, BoiUfonlauie, Bagjitb
Settlement, Knoxville, Wctlon, FUaaantviMe,
Sandy villc, liidiniiolu, .St. Clinics, Quneae Paint,
Wimernett, Arbor Hill, Uicciilirld, Fontanelle,
Lewie, nrnl Macedonia, to Council! BhiBk, 406
nniee and bai k, tbree tiini k a yveck. _ I
Leave Ofkalooea Monday, Wedniaday, and Friday ft
2 p ni;
Arrive el Con noil Bluff* ueat Wednesday, Friday,
and Sunday by 5 p 0}
T, ..1 .? . ** A ..J hi.
IjCWVC II minis inviiua;, t? j , ? m r*day
al 4 a m; ,
Arrive al Oaknloosa next Wednesday, Frida/, and
Monday bv *1 p in. . ' '
From O?k>ilcosn, ht Auburn, Wilaon'n Fwj.JIi*illoo's.
(local.) limO, Wilson'a Mill, (local,) WoIIm.
Cedar ( ruw-, and.Lin^iS, ? Ckarllua, 4# utiles M?
bmk, once a week. .
Lr??c I tvknloosA Wi-doi-aday al fl a m;
Arrive At Charilon next day lijr 12 in;
Is-iive OhnritOn 'l'buriday nt 1 p 19;
A rrive ?l?i.-kaloosa next day by 5 p m.
From Oskaluota (o Union Mills, 12 aulas and bvk,
once.a w o k.
Leave (Lk.iloos.i Saturday utUnni;
Arrive at Union Mills by 10 a in;
Lecvc Union Mills Saturday at 12 0);
Arrivcnt Oskaloosn by 4 p m. ?
From Eddy villc, by Mstf Creek, Irish roint, Berry,
Golumbup, Ijwmiun's Poia', Ridgwey, and Beaver,
to Idea Moines, Jo nates and back, onaaa
Lenve Eddy vire Monday nlliaut;
Arrive ut Deg Moines next day by 6 pm;
brave Dea Moines Wednesday at 6 a m;
Ai rive at Eddy villc next day by 6 p ni.
From Eddy villa, by Gray's Cfeek, and Half Way
Prsiile, to Albji 15 111 lea and bach, om.e a weak.
Leave Eddy villi: Tuesday at ti a rn;
Arrive at Allun by 12 m; ,
Leu*e Albia Tuesday at 1 |> m;
Airive at Eddyville by *J p ta.
From Eddy villc to Kirksville, 8 mi lea and back,
twice h week.
Leave Eddyvdle Tuesday and Priday at 8 a m;
Arrive at Kirksville by 11 a m;
la ave Kirksville Tuesday nnrt Friday at 12 m;
Arrive at Etldyvillr by .'111 m. '
lints for thio.i ti'ps n week invited.
From Des Moines, by Boone, Adell, Wiscotta, Moirisburg,
It ?r Orove, Hamlin's Grove, Lurn, Py- j
mora, lurkey Grove, Lewis, and Macedonia, to j
Coin.cil Bluffr, 128 miles and bnck, thtee times i
wci fc.
Leave fc? MojncK Tuesdny, Thursday, ami Saturday
at 1 n mi
Arrive nt Council Bluffs next Thur.-dny, Saturday,
and Tuesday liy ?; n m;
Lenve Council Bluffs Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
nt 1 ii m:
A reive at Des Mninrs heat Tim edny, Saturday, and
Turaday by J a m.
Bids fornix trip* a week invitxl
From Dcs Moines, by !J mmerse', to Indianota, |S
miles and back, thtee limrsaweek.
l,enve Des Moinca Monday, Wcdi <> <} ?y, and Friitay
ut 1 p m;
Arrive ut Iiiilinnola by 7 p in;
Lnare Indi.tnola Monday, Wodneaday, and Friday
nt d h in; ! !j
Arrive Id Moines by 12 m.
From Do* Moi.es, *?y Pyr?. Lynn, and Montpo!ler,
to Wintcseti, milen and back, threa times
a weft.
Le a v .: Dei Moines Monday, Wednrnday, and Friduy
at Dm;
Arrive nt Winterrett by 4 p re.
Leave VV interred Tno day, Thursday, and Falurday
nt -1 p in;
Arrive nt Des Moines by 4n m neat day.
Front Dcs A7oii.ce, by Sailorsyille, Polk City,
flwiede Point, Bnpids, Boonsboro', Mineral Ridge, .!
Homer, and Border Plains, to Fori Dodge, 8U
miles and bnck, three linu-tj a week,
l.eovc Des Moines Moll lay, Wednesday, and Friday
nt 4 a ni;
A reive at Foil D nlee next davi If 9 p ?;
Leave Fort Doelg; Monday, Wfldnesdffv,and FiMdy
at 4 a in;
Ar.iveat Dcs Moines next days by 9 pm.
Bids for all trips n week invited. j
From l>oa Mhiiuh, by Hlonmiugloii and Goshen, to
Nevada, 714^ milen nod back, twice a wrolr.
I.eavc Des Moines Tuesday and .Saturday at T a MP,
Arnvo in Nevada by 8 p m;
l.envc Nevndn Monday nnd Friday at 7 a l?{
Arrive at Des Mofnen by H p in.
Bids to cxiwvd route to ehd '?t Eldora, via Quebec,
invited ; ulno to extend (o end at Manatid, ia lira
of Kldo?a. * Bids
for (liter. trips u week invited.
Ftoiu Dcs Moines, l?y Nevada, Mmvrva, fb>?djy ' i
Grove, iloral.i and to Cedsa Calb, 116
inilrs and linrk, oikc a w? elt. i
l^ovc. Des Moines Mondny at b' a'm; J,
Arrive at Crtfar Fulls next Wednesday by 6 p m; ' H' ,j I
Leave Cedar Kslls Thursday at f! a m; t
Arrive "< Dee Moines next i>niiirday by tip m- - %
From Dcs Mot"**, by l.eim.iigs Point, Horn- j.
buckle's Point, Kinney's Mitt, Smith's t*oi*4, and 1
Carson's Point, to Fo/t Dodge, At miles and back, *
oner a week. E
Leave Dcs Moinrn Monday at ti a rt; p
Arrive at Fort Dodge next Wednesday by Bams' .
e?* n?c? iv-Sn-.il-* ii IO n in: . i.
j#?*nvc run ? , ? - -
Arrive at Dea Moinc# next Friday by 10 am. -1 L
Kids tor two trip* n week invited. f
From !>? ? Minima, by tirrenlmnh, H?. Chart##, '
Or.coln, ami llupcvill?, 10 Mount Ayr, 75 mitM
and lifli k, onre a week. " S
Lenre I>c# Muiftes Tuesday at 8 a ms ?|
Arrlrt at Mt. Avr next day liy 8 p ?i, f
Loivv Mt Ayr Thursday at 8 a mf
Arrive, at Des Moines next day by 8 [> m. J
Hula lor two and also three trijm a week invited. *
From Adrll, by CJrernvnle, Fanora, Guthyi# Cfirttr#, f
Brur drove, tixira, fl?venwOod,ISh*lbyvi||#, Man- ?
trno, and Woodbine, io Magnolia, 107 milen Mid |
back, twit n wrckLeave
Ade.ll Monday and Thursday at (i a mt i
Arrive at Magnolia next Thursday and tdndajf by *
ti a in; j 1
Lave Magnolia Monday and Tbilraday at 6 a m; f
Arrive at Adell next Thumday and Snndny by f am. 5
Frmn Adrll, by Pierce's Point, Pndnea, Codal,) nod a
Rij'|?<y, to New J t tier son, 35 mile* and back, Mice ||
a w<rk H
Leave Adrll Friday at 7 am; ;j
Arrive ?l New .!< Hereon by ti |i ni; jj
Leave. New Jcflerron Saturday at 7 a in; j]
Arrive at Adrll by 7 p in. , ?j
From Adyll to Buormboro', SO mile* and back, tm## |1
a week. jl
Leave A1 ell Friday nt 7 a m: f |
Arrive nt Bonnrlsrro' by !i p nt;
/.rave Booiisboio'Sntnrday at 7 a m;
A rrivo nt Adcll by & p m.
From I'aiiora, by Caplin's Glow, (lartsnd'j Grot#,
Htnl Sargrm'.; Bluff, to Sioiltfjhy, HO mil## and |
back, once a week.
Leave PatlOm Monday at 8 n in; C
A111ve hi Sioux Pity next Widnrn. inybyfip*;
Leave Sioux City Thursday nt n a m,
Arrive nt I'nnorn next SitluVdnv l y 6 p in. t
From Wmr.ottn, by Pnnorn, P.it roll ton, D#ni?oa, j
Sinitlilund, niul Sargent's Biolf, to Nioiix City, |Wl I
miles nnd bark, one* a yrek. |
Leave Wiaentta Mniulny at 8 a n; '
Arjivent Sioux Pitv rt< xt Wedm-day by 19 m,
Leave Stout l!llj \Vi dnrMlay ai 2 J> #; : .
UrinM Wirtoba nut tktaflkj IM V d<
From BtooniHeht, bj fkrakearil *, M-unt Pal vary. I
aad Itbartx , to ('< niftVillr, if nvktb #bd tntfll M
three tin on tut. 11
Leave lilihonta iij 1'ucjdny, TI nisday, #nd snlulda / H

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