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trillion next deaiutl, wliiib will be o/ but brief duration,
that it will be i*l aside deafly it would bate been
Uwt tut all parlies U the i|iiewUou luui beau acted uu si
The Htwri Wiliau, I <uu infunii'jd, wili niiurtlv Unl a
new improvement in ?hlp-building < oiuUdrrabie Uiuc
luui been spent iu the umjHr. lion ut models in JCuiupe, an
well a* in this iwutqr, (tutl now Unne eetiUerutm have
ilclermined to put tbrir plans into practieai o(wroUo?i An
iron steamship is builtiiuK, ol auutil tonnage. Her model ;
in well de-iigned, but tii<: iircal novelty couauU in lite
paddle wheels, which, instead ot beii>K placed as liicy or
diuarily in, at Ute sides ol tbe vessel, will be attache* 1
to tbe Iteel ? iu aiuMt, will be enuipletely muier Ute vessel
. lb I! Vowel itself will be built in oUipalUueuU, m.1
do uneirneUil tluvt if, trout injurious .ducts ut a storm, it
should beeoute ne< niawry, lite paddle wheels, engine, ""I
keel i an t? iluuiediately detached. auil Uie vessel worked
by lui-ans ot her soil* In point of *peed,^tble Sew cnta
tion bills lath' to i ii'al the world. It is couiideuUy ex
i !?* -l... will la. able to make twenty ntil.it uu I
Lour willi tin- givnUitt ease. I am also informed that
the number of wheels uced not be restricted, but may Ins
no iramil hi lire or sir.
Ilu- pick pmkch, an? gutting to lie exis-?dm?<ly expert
.iboiit the depots, aiul *. an cly a itay passe* tiiat some
xliangcr i? not mude a suthjrer by it. Y eaten lay evening
JI so were taken Iroin a gwilouun w Idle jjaasing from llie
Washington depot to the cars for New York. At the
..aire time a pocket- iiook wax taken with a considerable
oiui ot money ami most raiuablo paper*. 1'he owner in
not only williug to low thu money, I* the p*|icr* are re
stored, hut advertises that he will |iey a handsome reward
in .ulilitioii.
1'he market* are well supplied with cyerythiitg at fair
price* Strawberries are more than abundant, and pine
applet) and liaiiniiuti threaten to become a drug in the
Menem. K. I*. Blair, senior and junior, have published
in the New York Tribune of the 2!Uh of .VLiy, and in
other |iapent. a letter which 1 pronounced in the outstart,
in the Trihune and iu the New York Evening Tost, and
now again pronounce to be a lilwi on the life and cluuv
acter and 1 ought to have added, and do now mid. on
the liuath-licd?of the lately-deceased statesman, Tuny ?s
li. ltmnuM. The p<milieu and antooadents of the elder
Mr. Blair, and some special circumstances counis-ted
herewith, make it iui:uiul>eut on rue that I should
separate this letter of the Messrs. Blair from tire general
current of scandal and uiisrcpresentation that Colonel
Hetiton's name, as every n.uue that reaches to public
i ..nstderalhm. is subject to, ami to take notice of it.
The letter of the Messrs. Blair is entitled, "C'U. Brnlou'$
.yxiuu/i></ tJu iuliiuiiinlr-iUon -?A rrjilt) lu Mr. Wat. Curry Juurr.''
This title conveys?what shall I call it .' It intimates
what iit not the fact -namely, that I have undertaken to
jjiyo t'ol. Benton's "opinions." I did no such thing.
The <-?tnuiuniratiou to which tike Messrs Blair adibresa.
their "reply" waaconfliitsl, first, to preseut. at the request
is many of Col. Benton's friends, anil to correct idle and
emswous re|s?rt?, aotnu of his last writing in his own
wonts, with the circumstances under wuieli they were
written ; xami, to contimliet a statement of tltc New
York Tribune of 8th April, so ein 'iiinstauiially made as
to In; calculatMi to give it credence, and to which 1 hy
name was called as a witness, and which in essential particulars
was not true.
The letter of the Messrs. Blair, therefore, in its very
caption, eoiitaius a misrepresentation which, if not inteiitiouul,
shows a remarkable facility for blunder ; and the
same misrepresentatio.i runs til1 ouglt tha whole letter.
The htter of tae Messrs Blair holds out the idea, and
sts-ius to he based imi it, that i had endeavored to make
the iiupremioii that the daeMMMtl statesman favored what
the rant of tire ilay called "faMompton. '' I said no such
thing. I said, and now say, that he was "too much absorbed
in his actual labors ami with graver affairs to lie
excited on temporary questions." sncli as t.: it that was
then "vexing Congress and the count./." This is misrepresentation
No. i of the joint lett sr.
Mr. If. P. Blair, junior, avows himself to hare l?v?
the informant of the writer in the Tribune, Init acknowledges
that he was not present at what ho undertakes to
describe, and that the interview that lie reported was
with fat Jfatktr, and nut with any "old and intimate Missouri
friend" of the deceased, as In the report itself he
twice states that it was. Mr V P. Blair, junior, is theteiore
ilisiuiwwd on his own showing.
Mr. K. P. Biair, senior, tries to escape the ilileuima hy
Mr June-', as is evident I'rotu his cord, was aware that tho inter
view 1 ascribed was with '.to. an-1 the mba-iko ofthe Tribune's ism
r. sisuideut was mem laOssmcs. from my relations with Oul. Uonlon,
Ihwt 1 wss sa '.<U ami intimate Jhuuwrt friend ' "
i did know that the report of the interview must have
cows originally from Mr. Blair, senior. But (though I
could not. in my mind, excuse his going into the streets
at all to retail acoouuts of such an interview) 1 was reluctant
to use his name, and determined not to do so tfuli-ss
on compulsion ; and wus willing to believe that wi at
was false in the report was the exaggeration and invention
of third or fourth pickers-up, tutd not his. But I was
nut aware that the designation "old and intimate Missouri
friend" was applied to Mr. Blair, senior, hy "mere Inference."
1 am aware of the contrary ; that it is not |n*c
sitile tliata Washington correspondent of any newspaper
-certainly not he of the New York Tribune, and
chosen, too, as tire organ lor the occasion?-could lie so
icnoraut of the anteceileiils and for forty years whereiil?iitta
of the eltler Blair, as so to mislocate him. 'The
matter is clear enough. Putting the report on an "old
and intimate Missouri friend '' was a device ; and tlie
no iet of tliat device, and of Ukc whole origiiuil relation in
the Tribune, and of the letter on which I am now commenting,
is solved in Ave words of the senior Blair?"my
sex " tub wssouni cwxvass."
Tlio parts of the article hi the Tribune of Kth April,
which the elder Blair step* forward to make his own. that
I pronounce to lie a libel on the life, character, and ileatliUours
of tlie deceased stalcsiiiau. are those thai, in the following
iNiragraplis 1 lutvfc emphasised : The other parts
are true ; just enough truth to give currency to that which
Is not:
Resting a. few miuut afinni his task, Colour. I Beuum entered Into
< .iivi-r?*mm wtlh Uis Missouri frienil. [ualire of Kentucky, suit for
uvar ibrty yeers a resident of thu UMrlct sad otsiffi her bond, tad
never Harm* lived in Mta'.nuri J He Udd hitu tliat in rerU-wmx tha
?rent? of ism he was six! to Hud thai the auimosilles ofthe pant had
'lied out in Ills heart, and lie was md only res.lv hut rstfrr to ihi Jua
hue u> hu former rlvsle uud oppuui-ntK lie k' with much feeling
I Mr Oay, to wtwen merits end snrvno, ho had awarded the high
est |ir?i?e 111 what lie wae writing about Uie miaprnmUe |K-rlod uf
lsaO Ho dwelt partieularly IM the service, the ureal seritcv Mr.
Clay had roudored to Uie republic at that Ume. [hy hajfting and yutlir^
l.ofsi tke traitorous AmiiMudi "J Ihr Smith wko were seeking tu dr
da y Ike r niun awl plunge tke country inta ciuil war fur their <ntm
r-'a.k ami amlntimu purposes )
- flie i Us titration id' thin theiue Ilred (tie lauifiud blnod and reaal
nut.-I ft?r s in. on..Ill the failing fraino of the dying pa (net. In i-n.-f
Selic whisper*. [v' Md Ami rintnr thai Ihr same m ft., kail uiugkt to
dadmy Iks repotti, tn lHfsi wrrr it.' the I' uj tku tuTursrd teerjtmp
'on hiuim'ii. I s..n.i Ihr i/rratrM'>f kit i.'SeWa'u.s* is doing wa, Ike
""""SSI (Jul Ike House UepeesesUnliOn, I,a,I IwJLvi tkrte trea
Mriuddr s hemer, sad jmt Ike heel, uf ike peifd, an Ike mm* if Ike I rat
turt. thwomU at tmr history hat yuea Jtoa a. murk leUiefatum as
he defast '/ terexmvum It, Ityirmlu I <i- 1 1
rupdtt, lMuftcu ibmarratt iad rr*iUnl tit jirwr and tkr mln /
s rrmpl art drludrd admtautmtim )
Mr. Blair. senior, let me invite you. ah a man of at least
induction auil logic, to compare the diili-rent statements
ol tliese paragraphs. ami say how nil of thorn n n be trtie.
How Is it possible tliat in the same breath (and almost his
last ut termors! a man shall "rejoire tint all Uia aniiuosities
of the had died out ." and then declare right on
new animosities T 1 will not pa rune the iilea. f<et your
own rniml. heart, .mil conscience do it. You know that
t "I Ronton did not die with anything "accursed" or denunciatory
<m his lips ; btit with only good am) kind
wools for all to whom, or of whom, lie had occasion to
'Ihe lines that are maikeil in tlic liiet of the foregoing
l noted paragraphs imply in the mind of the reputed
"(leaker wliat 1 have lietiin; denominated "an invidious
"eetionsl distinction." 1 again nav that in tliat con.
vernation Colonel Benton -lid not use wools of that import.
Mr. Blair, senior, would convey the impression
that I was not in heating . for he says that ".lone*
was at work some distance from the bod." 1 was lesa
tlian three feet from tin- lied, i was seated at the side of
s t*Ue twenty seven inches wide, placed against the lied j
"ids. 1 was an interested ami anxious listener ; interest |
of lie ruse the work that I was desirous to do was stopl>ed
: anxious, liecAUsc I saw how the excitement and i
exert ton were exhausting the waning life. As for the interview
itself, at the time of it, the orders (Col. lleuton's ;
orders! at the disir wen- tliat no visitor* shouhl lie ail ;
mitled Col Kenton n-eogtiised Mr Riair'- voice, how
ever, or - aught a glint pse of him, and directed that he
dsinld cisue in. He was alwavs privilegi-d in the house
I tlamght il (iroltahlc thai Cot lt?rf.?i ml.-tt
r IM?ir a |?nv*t?* intwfew. uul uA.nI hit., if T *lt.?iltl
.u .. *"" ">"v<'' Wl* >hr ??rrr, ami I Oid i
I h**r,l whU wm aftkl. liu.i Umim thing* w-r?
' I ^ 1
I futtlwr to this point I wa* amu?ct?*i with <
^ Benton for complete eleven year* before hi* death , * ' '
large i *?t time, at way* when in lid* part of the
worid. I bad my pit** itj hti a<te ul hw table. and lie
WU UVUnUlUwJ tO COItVeine arid to COUtlult With IIM uu
every ubject of m tercet It haa lieen uiy g'H?l ibrtuuc
nuuiy time* to he aide to aaviat him in hi* labor* , me I
there htve been dbteinaiod between u*. ami I have bttnl
but view Utth at hi* titbit- and at hi* tleek on every <|<yp
titiii of public intercut that new iu the ten yean between
thenpriiig of IH47 and lr>57. (when he went to MiiMutiri,
ami i, nhortiy after, to Central America,) a* well a* the
paatami the pnihabilitieti of the tulnre and iu all thin I I
never leant him apeak iu an iuvidiou* or sectional way,
either of thu North or the South I have heoni him tie
uoiiiue disturbing incutmrc* ami intrigue*. without roganl
to where Uiey were begot or broiiglit torth, ami public
uieu, without regard to their domiciliation ; but never of 1
that imariuarv line uiliirti h?,,i?.?l,t t? *?
Disunion both line mul tliongbt the repugnant *nj of hut
lite. We Unve hie owu woriht to thin jKiiut. *(>oken In
the Senate in 18.70, and lately reproduced in the * 'Thirty
I reeuKuiiM tut uuch |iarutt??no two bnlv.Mi tu Utu Tuton. I ;
kitfw no NortUu.ua I kuov* uo r?tutb aiul I repuig^ tiuti r??t>utn*l* u> a i
Uiiux U> Ihi forevor cuateunnxi, tlita ttrhl ?Uou?|* lo ruinbii*U jjro '
Kr.*|am.il imrtlefi tu thw eb*mt>?*r, by u cuotmiUtH' lorut?nl
?>n tW priuciffte (ItotiHto iu 2tko A:unto June, 1850 Thirty
Y?mr? Vivw, It , KurtiuT.
to the same point. Only the day before the
interview that Mr. Khiir no perverts, (that is, on the 5th
April Mr. llt&ir'x interview having been on the 6th.)
lu- wrote a note, whh-h is published in my letter of i5th
May. and whieh 1 have in Col. Benton's handwriting,
to lie annexed to the subjoined paragraph of a apeeeh of
Mr. W clutter'a of like sentiment with the above extract
" 1 am attains! aglUUira (avid Mr WetxiMr) North auil South, I ain
aitaiuat local iilcaa North and South, and against all narrow aud Iim-.I
?uWni- 1 .in an Aulartcui, aud 1 Xuow ru> locality lu Awariua : thai
Is My country.''
'I'o i?i>|a-ml to tliia. Col. Benton wrote, aud nearly the
last words tintt his own band traced :
" lilt. brief .perch or Mr W?b.u>r la a nublo ilimtrattoa of thu
leehnya of lliu iwinotlc .vara of lhal |*>rteiiU?u-, May "
How dare* Mr Blair to pnt other sentiments and word*
into his mouth within a twenty four hour after f
But Mr. Blair is not satisfied witli making himself
s|s>inH>r and author of the original pine in the Tribune.
He takes ailviuitage of wiiat he is pleased to calt a " reply
' to me to aggravate the former anil make another
litiel on the deceased.
Ttiis extract ia one of tlie additional insults to the
memory of tlie deceased tliat Mr. Blair now volunteers :
'-Coknirl tt'iipiu iimWo .at too well what butuutp'il hi proprb-ty
to wound or irrttvle' tlui 1.-.-1 III,; I is Mr J? Iili-s or M-. Halt by de
uouueiUK ao aUmiui-iraUou to per.-, at. ?lu> wort- It. hwueHciarii*.
Mi JouiSI wa. hut returaod fiwu a formsa enniloymcut. h?* lout Ut.
accounts ut .. tale in th? doparluirnt. h > grateful for Uo< inarm
mu ho It. 1 IWMvd. atl might reoaive ill >r -. Mr liall U a lar^c
mail contractor, aud h'u groat ax(MetaUuiu !r an au ilTnulrlt in
wluch itranl. favor to bomu but il. lisvutms. tl wou U hare ti -n
uupiffiomhti'. Intnl. in Obksicl B.-utou tu in iltc either oi tlicu g<ui
IhuiS'U Iwu-uvr. to ileiiiinetanuu. of all aJiniui.trntlon which they
wo.ltd he oliluod to receive in wteucc, while it woutul t thoir feci
hiss and tun lit pwuibly atUsaUu-lr interna."
Mr. Blair, senior, 1 again address you personally. How
is it tintt you -of all men yvu who had known Col. Bunton
so loug, and have had sueit relations with him, and
kuew hia entire self-abnegation -that lie never took office
himself aud ofteu refused it in tiie highest graiies; never
asked otlkse tor one of his family ; lias often declined it
for them when olfetrsd ; was opposed, as a rule, to their
accepting it; never in all his life swerved a hair's breadth
tor favor for h'Uiself or any other ; r'l tliis known to
you?r 'l tlione magnanimous characteristics known to you
an household wonis - how is it thu. you you, I say again, J
of all men -.lam to oonie forward and attempt to put a
double face to tliai open and resolute brow, and a double
tongue to that candid and fearless mouth ' When Home
w.is iuvi-stcd by tlie Cauls, anil luul not men. for its defence*,
and was counted aliamtoned to thu liarlmrian, the
fathers of the Uepublie- tlie old Senators who had grown
gray in its service -had tlicir ivoiy chairs to the Forum,
and seateii there in Uieir robes of State awaiteil the invaders.
These, devastating ail else. stop|>ed before those
grave and reverend men, and lookeil with awe. At last.
one, more reckless tliau tliu rest, dared to touch tlx* Isaril
ul (In! J\ikr Urnatiu. "Til* old hero raised bin ivory j
stall'and smote tin- offender." You will make tlx- application,
Mr Blair. It is well for you that the old lion is i
dead. Though lie has not a successor, you will llnd that 1
he hits a r1''wheator <sie that you tnay well denominate
as you do " delimit " ?a vimiiealor of a good name and ;
of dvin^ hours against your defuniations of them.
Mr. Illoir c uw?3u to use my name in tills connexion. i
The occasion is opportune to put the tnith on record, that i
no future Blair may oi-e me as an rxunpie to contradict '
the words of the uiau woo, after thirty eoutiauous years
of conspicuous and iutlueutial service m tite Senate, and
more tlwu forty years of public life, could say that "he I
never hail office or ooutract for himself or hi* blood.'' 1 I
have lust some employments under the federal govern- I
meut; I have also declined some that were offered to uie ;
hut, so far l'rotu Colonel Hen ton having solicited for me. (
he was not in any instance aware of the find till after it i
hail occurred ; and only in one instance was be in this
city at the time ; anil on that occasion neither he nor
myself hod knowledge of the appointment till the fact of
the nomination and coutiriuatiou was stated in tlie news
|Kt|>eni. The two hoitoralde gentlemen to whom I was
indebted for that unexpected and altogether unsolicited
Compliment are both gone hence ; hut I cannot refer to
the circumstance witliout gratefully mentioning their
names -I allude to President Taylor and Secretary of State
The only civil employment that, as far as I am aware,
has ever been in the Itaiuls of any other member of Col. i
Bi'iiton's family, was the appointment of Colonel Fas
host to he Commissioner for the Boundary Survey lie- I
twee it the United State* and Mexico, under the treaty of
1848. lite tacts touching that appointment are creditable j
and honorable to all concerned, and lutve historical in- i
forest. A lew weeks after the inauguration of General
Tayioh as President, Mr. Clayton sent for nu*, and told |
me that it was the desire of the President and Cabinet j
to offer some murk of respect to Colonel Fremont, and !
asked me if I thought tliat he would accept the place of |
Boundary (suumisskme:', for which he was pre-erai- ,
neatly qualified, and would be a continuation of the pursuits
he had been engaged in. 1 replied that the offer and I
the mauner of it I was certain would be grateful to Col. :
Fremont, ami that I thought the pluce itself would !
he acceptable ; hut I did not think he would like or consent
thai another should lie removed to make place for
him. Mr. Clayton said that at all events he would send
the commission, to signify the desires of the admiriistra
tion and its regard for Col. Fremont. Colonel Benton
was at that time in MifNouri, and knew nothing of these
circumstance*, nor of the appointment, till I communicated
them to him by letter. Colonel Fremont was in
California, and knew nothing and anticipated nothing of j
the appointment till he was surprised by the receipt ,,f
the commission. Tlie whole was gratifying, certainly,
to Colonel Benton, and to all tlie family ; for we regarded
it as a voluntary rebuke, on the pai t of tlie veteran
General?Commander iu Chief of the army hero ol' Palo
Alto, Monterey, and Bueua Vista?to tlie iniquitous pro
<ee<ungs una uii|iihi luugnieuioi toe military wint iiefore :
which Col. Fremont Inn I just previously been arraigned.
A further mention of the mum- of Col. Fronton t by
Mr 111 air the objei t of whii'h mention in plain gana|<b,
aiiiI malicious enough drawn to my recollection another
prominent iiiHhuiet: of tlie entire disregard of Col. Benton |
,iunl 1 may nay, at ooco, of alt bin tribei to ofHeial favor, i
in comparison of personal honor and iiidcjondeiice I
allude to the manner in which Col. Kreoiout refused the
Kit* olive pardon. against the judgment olaive spoken of,
offered liiin by President I'olk, with rank and prospectof
speedy alnaeHMOt the promptings of Col. Benton j
were given that in to say, his counsels were exactly cor
roeimmk'iit to the judgment and foregone ilei inion of the
two younger men who were iu the lutliit of hearing him:
and within ten minutes of the receipt of the official notification.
the writer of this was on his way to
the War Department with a note from Colonel Fre
moot, repudiating the judgment of the court, refusing
the proffered pan ion, and peremptorily resigning his
commission. 'l"he Adjutant Uenenil. to whom I ileliv
erod the letter, expostulated with me, and begged mo to
take it hack for consideration and counsel; and no, after
ward, dkl l'roaideut Polk and otiieia eounecteil with the
aihuiniatiation. The present President bf the United '
States, who was then Secretary of .State, expostulated
with Cal. Benton, ami deprecated, on the part of the ail- ;
uiiuistratioa. the retiring of Mr. Fremont from the army
and the advanced position that he hod attained in tiiait
popular lir.uio.li of the pnblk* *errkv. 'Hie*! i oiiiihcI*,
ill well iuteiMleil, awl muMnahic, and affimling ImbU
enough. if Mich had been the diapuaitioa, to retreat or
retrwt u|mmi. were net ho nmeli mm ootwideml l>y wither
the cliiet or the junior*.
Mi Blair dial I not. then, avail liiiioteli of hi* long in
liin i. v with Col. Hentou to (aieify hi* character. and
inal. the im|MV**ion titat place hunting, plaiv trotting, or
place-keeping for any one warjwd hi* mi oil or restrained
the xprcwdon of hi* ojrinioii*.
The letter of Mr. Blair. *eitior. a* if in aid of hi* "Be
ply," given <miH' paper*, Kohl to luive been preparoil by
the ik-ceaaed Htatewman. going to ?how that ho Mill regretted
tha action hy which the Mi*wiiiri Coinpromiw wa*
net awll, ati<t cotiHuh-ml it wrong, ami that he wa* op
potted to the principle* that govern the political >i*|mh t,
Hi*l that iwluuM the MapreOta Court to take < ogniram*
uf it, in the " Dred Hrott raae Who h?r: ev?i ?ugge*t?d
that Col Boritou I tad changed hi* ftew" Ah rho?e point* *
lid ititiiiu* lu the very nolo. of his that I have published
the wuoe opinion tjnii In- alwu*? maintained of lite ionsUluliouahtv
of tli> principle involved in the ' Missouri
(' mi >10111?it;" of the iiicxpadieacy of it* abrogation
and uf Utt' iegialativc |>owur of Congress over U><- Territories.
But that was not the real luoltvv of Mi. Uitur in l>nt
ting out tilc-m: pU(K-lB '1'ln- same IMS m>rd* (tint I i|Uot>tl
before give the due to the intent "Mv vox" -'fill
Mimmuuu caavajm. "
1 tio uot know to what degree Col. Kenton limy have
forgiven or forgotten to the "hoii'" of the elder Blair, nor
with what weajMiuH or suggestions lie may luive furnished
him for thi; "canvass." But, whatever they were, wli.Uevor
tlie tavurs anil obligations rendered?the Messrs
Blair will know whattliey were that "uou" of Ulair a ??</
did not pay to the honored reutainit uf the great num. lit
erally on whose shoulder* he rude into CoMgreea, the ilecent
respect of attending hi* funeral soh-mtiitifs here in
his own hoime Did Mr Blair, jr., retire to Baltimore on
that occasion on the name principle a* that on which, after
he wan elected to Congress in I8il aa a democrat, hi;
retreated fioiu St. lautiii to avoid the presidential rote '
The retreat front St. Louis lute tieen known to the since
the time. It la only within a few days that I could have
imagined the otlier, ami, until ixudtively matured, refused
to lielieve it.
The publieationa of Mr Blair, sou Lor, which have com|h*I1m1
me to this letter, are not the lint example of liis
ilis|>usitkui to make personal as well as political discont.
In the speeches of Col. Benton, at St. Louis, in the sum
uier ami fall of lHSfi, in support of the democratic nouii|
nee, I Mr. Buchanan having already been uomiuateil. I be
stated, as will be well recollected, that the sup|M>rt was
, political, and that a personal estrangement had existed
I fur some years. It was Mr. Blair?the same Mr. Blair
arriK/r hi wiiuiu linn imuT rcli'rn ? IIO WIU me Itlllliur UI
that estrangement; who sowed the needs ot' discord I*)
tuiwu those two gentlemen, senators, and statesmen. who
! hiul 1k?oii no long politically and |s-rsoiuilly associated in
| eventful crises of the country Whether what Mr. Blair
] reported to Col. Benton, of Juuversatiuii* with member*
of the cabinet of lH4d-'7, want or not according to the
: (act, in a matter of no con*e<pienco ; enough, tiiat he re
' |M>rted them. Bait retailing private con vernation*, wheth|
er with or without exaggeration, ivliout the living, and
! among equals. in a different matter. Mr. Blair, senior,
from abusing for sinister purpose* tiu* amenities of a
death chuiuoer.
The reference maiio in my letter ot 15tli May to Col.
I Jacob Hall, of Missouri, wan out of abundant caution.
1 lie tciu iui "old ami intimate friend from Missouri," and
i highly esteemed, and 1 knew wan tire only person w ho
could come under that designation who had had a private
interview with Col. Benton during the last week of
his life. 1 therefore, immediately on seeing the piece in
the Tribune, (which was alter the decease, i went to Col.
Hall, lent by possibility the uewnpa|ier reporter hail mixed
up something said to liiui with a narrative that I knew
could only have conic from Mr Blair, senior. In nliort,
i 1 wished to avoid the use of Mr. Blair's name in any connexion
so unpleasant .is in thin letter. He lias compel
i led lue to use it.
The publications of the Messrs. P. l\ Blair are plain|
ly enough parte of a preconcerted plan to hike pouetuu/t
| for parly and private interests - the abolition party iu
{ general, and Mr. K. P. Blair, junior, in |wrtieular?of the
; name and fame of the deceased statesman. His life and
I acts are before the world. Whatever aid any party can
| get from them, very good. It in not mv province nor
disposition to interfere. But no (tarty aud no person,
: with whatever relations, anteeedents or position, shall
| with impuuity falsify his hist days, and cite me and mine
tin- witnesses to the falsification. Hence these remarks.
C Sthkbt. WIu/unylon, Hth June, 1858.
Tits N?w York Christian Advocate of the ICtli publishes
the following intelligence from a gentleman whom
we suppose to he an American missionary ill China :
Kuh Ciiait, China, March 22, 1858.
It is currently re|strte?l that the toiperor ildwl. Tlie
Russian emhassv received letters from rckin, dated on
last Christmas day, stating tluit the If uperor then was
very sick ; that his lower liml* were entirely paralyzed, I
and that lie could not live much longer. The English
embassy received news via Cantou from Pckiu, dated iu
February, 1858, to the effect that the Emperor is dead.
This report, however, is uot credited hen*, 'lne report of
the Emperor's dangerous illness seems to 1st well authenticated
; and it is highly probable his death may soon
add a fresh complication to the present negotiations, and
furnish another link to the chain of gnmtavuute by which
Clod is opening up tliis mighty empire to the (hsipel of
his Son. R. S. MAOLAY.
From the Marshall i Texas) Flax of the 5th instant we \
glean the particulars of the sale of the Southern Pacific
railroad, consisting of the twenty miles in running order,
iron, cars, track., appurtenances, and all other property
belonging thereunto, together with the rights and frailchiles
appertaining to the old company. '1 ni' sale took
place on Tuesday. '2d instant, under tile deed of trust executed
sometime Inst summer ; and lifter some little bidding,
the whole of this vast, property, estimated by hundreds
of intelligent men to lie worth fully one hundred
millions of dollars, was knouked off to L)r. .1. M. finders,
of Harrison county, for the sum of forty thousand dollars
An iuiunction hud l>een ianted out against the purchases.
but as a bond of $500,0(10 was required to give it
force, and us that laind liad not tiecn given up to the
latest dates, it W'M not amount to much.
At a meeting of the purchasers, the following resolution
was punned :
Rftolcfd. That the pureliasers of the Southern Pacific
Hail rood from Dr. J. M. Sanders now organise themselves
into a stock < oui|>aiiy, under the law of tlic State upproved
20th of December, 1857.
The following officers were then chosen :
L. P (Irani, president ; Benjamin Long, vice president
; K. A. Blanche, chief engineer ; W. H. D. Ward,
secretary and treasurer ; J. P Henderson, Q B. Adkins,
W. T. Scott, J. M, Saunders, Benjamin Long, L. T. Wig
fall, directors.
Major Steen, U. S. A., and holy, and Mrs. Gcneial
feu land, arrived at St. Louis on tin: i 1th Inst, from Fort
Buchanan, by way of Santa Kc.
Married at Grace Church, Baltimore, on the 8th Inst.,
by the Itev. Dr. Cox, Lieut. lUctnnond Auiick, U. 8. N.,
t?. Miss Marv Ogston, of that city
All the different ilcpailno-nts in tlic Brooklyn navyyard
are full, and the work on the several vessels undergoing
repairs is lieing prosecuted with vigor. 'Hie frigate
Sabine has left (he dry-dock, and is now hauled under
the shears. She lets already received her musts, and will
soon lie ready for sea. The United States sloop of war
Savannah is completed, with the exce|>tion of pnintiug,
which lias already lieen commenced, she will go in commission
'IIik sloop St. Louis is still on the ways, and will anon
lie launched.
The discharged sailors of the sharp Constellation, whose
terms of service have expired, were paid off ut the navy
yard yesterday
Charles Wheeler, esq., one of the oldest memliers of
the Philadelphia Istr, died Wednesday morning at bis
residence in that city. Mr. Wheeler w;is the (list l'hilu
delphian that graduated at Tale College, ami, after laking
Ida degrees in 1K0H, he st udied law under the late
Charies Channcey. esq., otid was admitted to our (Xiurts
in 1812. During a long professional life, parnmi with
nnblemMicd honor and integrity. Mr. Wheeler was also
distingidshml far his many social and domestic virtue*
His memory will he revered by an affectionate family and
a large i-in-Ic of friends.
The Itcv George Mansion, of the Pnglish Wtwlayan ;
Church, died at Manchester. May itith, in tiie H#th year i
of his age, and the tilitli of his ministry. 'I"his venerable |
uuwi ww wen known in tlic I lilted IStutcH Home twenty- |
live ymtk ago lie ewroe to thin country iih Uir rcpmwnta- !
tive of tiie Wtwlcyan Church of (jront Britain to toe Me- :
thndikt KfMiM-o|Ntl general oonfrrotxv of the I "niU-ri State*.
Jnaiiim K (JiiMinirs p*Mblhra iui article in (lie AhIiI.h1> !
ula (<) Sentinel of toe Jtl iimt., in wiiieh belabor* to <to- I
frtul Uk- mitmgi* "f toe British crnww on American vrmdebt
He any* "We Mneerelr hope Knglund will curry
out Iter treaty xtiptllattons : tluit Kite will pnraue Uie I
eon rue the lone ninon ulopicd on tliix Htihject."
The Hon Jowpli Miller whh greeted l>y a serenade fioui i
hi* nuroeiou* friemU upon hie VvU"U to t'WBcotoe.
("Iliio, from Waitliingtoa, on to? U leetont The Ad 1
vertihei ilex, ribea it to a large drmnnntration Mr Mil
let* a address in response to the compliment wan greeted
with enfliUHioufii applause
| Bcami u? XuHHuutx.?The Hoard of Aldermen amu'iu
| bled ycxterduy afternoon, at their chamber la the City
! Hail, lor the imrpMH) of erouritlrriug the bill orgwdac
| it police litem (or the city of Washington, ami to redone |
the ?< ?eraJ not* In relation thereto Into one. There were
twelvu unntU ia pieMtut, itatl Horn the liiMcuwion Una '
. nni.it it wm plal'i that theae gentlemen have the real ,
good of the city at burnt, ami luure determined that law
ami < inter nhall prevail in the future.
fnuaidnfobio iliacuiwiua idmioI in relatiuu to the nee- I
omi necihm, which yrurtt* tor the appointment ot the I
[uilUv, particularly to the following prurigo:
Ami pnrtJ-Ufurther, Thai ito yoUt* uAuar iiUali be ?Uuw?d to be
or lowiaia a mealier at any Are, book ami lailbor, or bum amipni ,
or of amy puUU.al club, aaaosialiuu, or ocgwuetioe, ami ilea mm
lioliiM .fhceia (ball uut be removed ham odhae einefpl fur oeaae. aad
upon rbirpm preferred egatust iburn In eriUea- w the Mayor
Mr. Km? moved that tite word* "or of any political
club, a?ociatlon or organimtion'' lie stricken uut.
Mr. Mooba u .veil to amend by tuner king the worda
after heahalt have keen appointed."
Mr. Mitxm mid ailuaion hail lieen mail.4 to organ Iza
tiona of whteh ha wan a mend) *r. and neither of which
were or eon Id lie political in their character iliere wiw
no danger of their l ecom' ig political, ami there tore no
danger, if they xliould b< iioui policemen, of their acting
in violation of the lawn which govern the [adice Let
them throw aaide all political euuaiderationa, and, if
I hey wiahod to become policemen, let them give up their u
cuius. r. auuu us uim nhmm w uwu, mey wotiui uuve ,
an independent police ; until it should be done, they ,
never would have a proper and efficient police.
Mr Dosouo ?m unw|inintwi with the laniitbations 1
of these poiitionl aasor'ations, sod was epmewhat surprised '
at the remarks that were ius ie In relation to them.
Mr. Rums tin.unlit they might as well include the
"Masons," as it was the duty of thasa to protect their
fellows. __ i
Mr. Smith could not come to any cruel asion from what ;
he had heard. It seeine.i to him that the Mayor would '
have a hard duty to perforin if tie should attempt to up
point one hundred policemen of no political party, lie 1
thought, so many men of this description could not lie ?
found in the city, lie, however, coincided in the opinions
of others, that policemen shor'd not actively engage
in the pat.y polities ; but still he was not in favor
of depriving them of the right of expressing their opinions
ou tile ipiestions of the day.
The i'Hksi moer believed that the Mayor should be left
free to make his own appointments, since he was held reH|sinsil>lu
for tlie performance of their duties. Kor this
reason he should vote hi favor of the motion to strike
Mr. Mooas did not believe the clause restrained the
powers of the Mayor It merely provided that the policemen
should not remain or become members of these
orgaui nations.
T|ie l'mcsiuEXT held a different |Mwition.
Mr. Smitii expressed the opinion that tlie Mayor, in
luakeig his apt>oiutiuciiU under tile bill, could not, witli
the aid of a "line-tooth comb," lind tifteeii men of no
political [sirty.
Mr. Min.uk insisted upon his construction of thu
After further discussion, the ipiestion was token and
the amendment of Ilr. Misne was agreed to?yeas 7.
nays 5.
The munition recurring on the amendment of Mr.
Mr. Di amxoToN moved to amend the clause so that
its provisions would refer to illegal or disorderly political
organisation*. 1
Mr. Rums said ho would not press his amendment, if
that amend nent should lie r.Jopted.
Mr. SkiW would lie compelled to vote against tlie
am. idiucnt because he did not lielicve it meant any
lir. Dumxinoton thought its meaning was obvious for
the reason that an organization might tie illegal as well
as d'sorderly.
The ipiestioii lieiug taken, the amendment of Mr. Dunuington
prevailed yens 7, nays 5.
'lue question recurring ou the remainder of the
clause, *
Mr. Aabow W. v llrr moved to strike out the clause
as amended ; which motion was not agr ed to?yeas 4,
nays S.
Mr. limits moved to strike out tlie remainder of the
clause ; which motion was agreed to?yers 8, nays 3.
Tlie proviso, as amended, roads as fellows :
And jtrnnidrd, furikrr. That, slier lis sliall luiv* been sppotnlril, no
jwIh-s ..nicer sbail Us alto* ml to becomo or remain s member or soy
tiro, look sad halilvr, or twns nmipony, or of say illegal or <MsurHoiSr
piSMnsl club asM?-urttan. nr arysaisstbm.
Several hours were then passed perfecting the Ull
Hut little discussion ensued, ami the amendments that
prcval'od related principally to the government of tlie
police when on duty. These regulations are wise, and
will, no doubt, imikje the police efficient and trustworthy.
After passing through the bill in this manner, it wiis
read the third time and passed.
And then the board adjourned till Monday next.
Oss or tux Oitraors wr brad or.?The Star of yesterday
afternoon handsomely admits that there was no trutli
in the statement made a few days since in Its columns
that a young lady had been stopped by a robber in broad
day light, on one of our public streets. Tlie improbable
story arose bom a family jest, a brot her taking his sis- F
ter's jtorte moniwit ns he met her, anil after opening it saying
: "Hero, hike your pari* mmuiair. hack?there's only
ten cents in it, and that's not worth taking." 'lTiis was
given to all tlie world and tlie rest of mankind ns a
daring attempt at highway robbery, and the Star was at j
first loth to retract. C
Now that the Star "takes back" this outrage, we
would inquire if it has not published other accounts
somewhat exafegeratisl ' There are crimes enough Isith great
and small com milted in this citv, and wc would sug
gest to our cotemjmrary that it would lie well, before
swelling the retold, to Ik; |>OMlive that it is not "im
jmihcxI upon."
a, T?. v I'nniD.Tm, .ft,/, tlul.lu.ll, .?.U,^I., ?C
Georgetown intend, we learn from the Shir t correspondcut,
to celebrate the coming Fourth of July, W 8. (
Dunlop, o;i) , will read ihc Declaration of independence,
0. French Bowie, esq., ?Wivor the oration, the Rev. Dr.
Bocock wltlreKs the children, and the Rev. David It.
Wilson Uie parent* anil teachers. Jewett'a, formerly
I'alro'a drove, lots l>ecn selected as tlie [mint for the cele
brat ion ; and the Bridge street Presbyterian church as the
point at which all the schools will assemble in the mom j
iag, to form t he line of procession.
Pitauo Schools.?Tlie examinations are said tf> reflect
great credit upon the teachers, and to give great satis C
faction to Mm parents The following schools will lie
examined to-day ^
Firtt IhMnrt?Male primary, first department, Mrs
Rodier, by Kith-hoard of 2d diatrkt.
Seotmd Du/rid? Primary No. 4, second departmeat,
Mice Hawkins, by Mr. Brandt; primary No. 5, Miss
Ward, by Dr. Walsh
Thini QiWrirf Primary No. 5, second dc|>aitnicnt. Miss
siinonds. hy Dr. Ironside.
Fourth IHotrvi Primary No. I, second department,
Mrs. Martin, by Mr. Van Ntntvoord ; primary No. 4,
Miss Heisl, by Mr. Randolph.
Ami* ta1 itrpartmriit DiMnri Srhonl Mies Parsons, by "
sub-Niard of 4th district..
Fuihal Comckut The Flower (Jueen, or the Coronatiisi
of the Row. a can tutu, consisting of songs, recitations.
duetts, choruses, and semi-choruses. Icy Mr. d?o. in
F. Root, wi'l he performed this evening at the Aaaembiy
Rooms, on Lonisiaun avenoe, under the direction of Mr. I
J. If. Daniels. 1
The performers arc the pupil* of the First and Second
District Public Sokoola. The idea itnbodied in theixcntnla is !
miH inc movers un i t in a aeclnileil tlell in the for-eat
to rliiMMp their Queen. A pcnton dim on ten ted with the r
world seek*. in the sam<> ptuce. retirement from it* nana
mul diaappuintaaMfcL. The Kinwer* tell of love mil duty. Tl
and (lie lU'i Iiihi' learning that to (ill well the station
allotted hr PratUriiee i* to lie happy?rcaolvcw tore- u
turn again to naetViinc*)- ami contentment among hi*
fellow creatura*." J
KxernsHW KvrnAniu>t*\*Y --We learn from the .Water
that veatenlny mom tug Wr William (tore Oiiuley, hi*
family met a huge miwher of hi* diplomatic friend*,
..tiuUil on iui ci| neutrino excursion anil pic-nic. in true i
Kiutliah style. to the (treat. Kali* ot the I'otoMK. The
cavalcade almiit forty in ninnlier. left t-lie reaidmm of
,-st Wm (tore (hudcy, corner of K and 17th street* at A
sunrise. and attrai t?l great attention an t hey (tamed alomi 1
Pennaylvuuia avenue and through Georgetown.
TiikE\, (,-iiua IV Oa?. ? l'oweru mill piobel.lv
* bong to da* in fee fenl north of the iuH. on tl??- acal
>kl n*ed for the fwrtllfan at Woodward, who won liunu j
?iue Join iuuraafor Uk tuunirr ut hi* wife. 'U?<uu* uom
will be it rfctly private, In ?ompMwni e with the terma
if the low (lie spirituiil luiviauo ant tiie Iter Mr.
>'Toole, of St Patrick's and the Iter !li Kdeliu, of
t Dotnhiick * church.
< >rtbattl' Uatuu. ?In uuuiplkuice with a generally
lpreuard wish, there will be hii (>i>etwUr Mot nice to-day
it the Washington Theatre, commencing ut one o'clock,
?. m Mias Annie Milner, uritll the other uiciuImms ol
he Opcrutic Troupe, will aiiig iheir choicest (tenia, ami
Hi. U. C Cooper, the famous violinist, will perform ?ev
i*i rure pieces. 'PUere will doubtless be a full ami a
uaiiiomUile atUunVncc.
A Counm for tint southweatern portico of the Trews
try extension i* uuw tw-ing prepared to be hnMeri up into
Ih place It is of granite. weigh* about thirty live tow,
iud v?it> brought in 'in Maine iu a veseel constructed fur
hi- purpuNy to tire wharf, from where it wm hauled to
ta present location on a truck, drawn by nix teen oxen
uut four horses. ft will Ire hoisW up and placed on Ma
ledestal on Saturday morning
Tus Oixula. Mr Kraaer had a thin Iioum last night
it bill benetil indeed the good people of thin city do not
leciu to appreciate good tinging, or the Theatre would he
irowileii at every performance, far Somitambul* wan well
erfornied, Mint Annie Milner winning loiul applause m
Anutui, the Hleep- walking orphan.
To night Done Belli* L' Khnr d' Amur* will be prwilwced.
Washington Moncmsmt It in Mated that the fund*
tow in the hand* of the Treasurer of the WaahingtMt
National Monument Association hi hnt between awe and
.wo hundred dollar*. When dorm the present Board in*:ud
to cuniiucucc active operation*, or U> place in pee
DMiioa those under whose direction the work progressed t
Twmnoaiaiu? Rev. Dr. Peck, who wm for some year*
>astor of the Foundry Church in th'i city, in now uU>ut
io de|?art on a mission to California. On Ttieaday evenug
he wan presented with a handsome silver testimonial,
is the {Mirling gilt of frieiuD here, lie v. Mr. Nadai made
die presentation, and L>r. l'eck reS{M>uded in eloquent and
effecting language.
Yacht Hack. ?Tlic yacht Rebecca, belonglug to Jaurrs
Jordou Hennet, jr., which was ho much admired while
u re a few weeks sine 3, lias beeu entered for a yacht-race
Wound Long Island. TP's w'M test tiie exiling qualities
>f the various crafts entered.
PutsosAL.?Miss Juliana May, the Washhigtou vocalist,
ras left on a concert, tour to the West with Htrakosh and
HI err Pomes.
Sals or Paintings.? Mr. McOuire will sell at his aiaion
numih on WisIiii-hiIiiv neit a eoltn-tJoll tif oil uaillt
ugs, lutudMOiucIy <*. auttxl, by McLewl, Carv&lko wul other
u iih.
Tiik Polick iu already improving in efficiency under the
irni yet ritcaily direction of Mayor Berret
tiro urns' Hotel.
t Graltaul, Virginia Mr UMIMMI and daughter, IV***
I V Miller, do I> .t Howard and lady. do
r G tMluwdge, Brooklyn, NY W K ITtoe, USA
ir Dormau, M Auguabuc. kin 11 K Hoyl, Tt-ias
T.'inylelou, Albany, N V J S KuImukuu, (snulaatou, ? L
Jlss J E Temptehm, du J K lllee. km , New Ywt
I Housou, Philadelphia Cupt W Oliver, Cahfarma
i C Bruwer, New orlnana N M Hawaii, Marylaart
lev F Kollurat, Sauls ke, N M H W Moure. Jeraey City
8 Hoaso, 11 81' C J C (.'Unity, Philadelphia
IC Williams, do J H Cbmstojk, U8N
I Po.lhau W A Ocb, ito
Vm Hives N itCham I-era, U 8CC
I tt Boyd, Kansas Territory ? A Thornton, do
IJ Holler J Adair, do
' M Aoosta and 7 dUurs. Habsnu J K koard, North Carolina
I W Wise. Indiana W B Uuwety, MWwisetppi
Gartnichnel, Virginia T J lliybrslu. Rradfhrd Pa.
' U Hbmketl, Philadelphia
National Hotel.
< dlancltard, Boston (I K Fere bee, Virginia
Bowling, Mary land J H Hoeiuau, Baltimore
V YVorthuigtou, do AO Parker, Maryland
i Hill, Vertnout B W Nichols. do
V C l'aine, Boston J H Adaius Arkaimas
I Jurrard, I'tica, NY W P Blair, Jnuesboto, Tenn
IC Johnson, do CO Barrot, Port Gibson Miss
C Itwtlt, ltliuoil J W Williams. Ilulfulo
i Wlialen, Mary land H Strong, do
(Alien, N?w York H T fhiumous. I a A
' Maney, Tomiessee A C Elliott. New York
i Hii.iUi, Maim- J lhivatl, Maryland
V 1' Ik-ail. do Miss Cos. Uluo
> C IhKK*. Mary laud It II Porter, U H N
E II Pendleton, Ofoliinali. O J O Bradford, Calkdrma
1 T Taylor. New York C tugeraoll, Honda
Irs Giib-spu-, do Mlaaea lngeriioll, do
Kirk wood House.
: W Darr. St Isiui* S U McKciixie, Cincinnati
' K Ilaws?u, Philadelphia <1 A IVrdlraris, Treiituu, N J
i Bradbury, Illinois Junius Hoy
I Bruckner, Virginia James Marks, Philadelphia
lloruer. Florida R J Usher Pnnuivtvama
li McCleneltau, New York J J Toou, (Awrlaeton, S C.
C liarreU, U 8 Ji W Hill li daughter, lal'ayelle, Ala
! I) Kltdinrdanu, Maryland Y 0 Uiltm Philndelphln
C P de Kraft tc lady, C 8 N T J lughrain, Bradford. fls
01 IAIUK, C 8 A
United States Hotel.
WTrarey. Alexandria, Va John \Y Onmingtnuii do
horntua TrlpM. do W A llrnwwtog. do
oliu Powell, Fairfax C H, Va Jauiea W Taylor, O A Alex KK
I'm H Ibilany. do E J Hhute, Virginia
>r Bulaiiv, do 1.1. Hyde, Naw York
I lewis -Iu J I. Miller.Btransburg, Va
no M Miiusou. New York Joo M MoCHutoek, jr , UaH Md
M ark km?Wheat?no Hale* ; market quiet,
lorn market active ; ofierintp9 lurht ; nales at 64 a 66
Si'lKKtuvr GtroUuo Antlorstut, JUk??r Mow York, U? Fowl* k C?.
St htwmor Ui*ui|m*i). M Mitchell, Port lto|KMtt. lumber, to Su???*t k
$ liootior I>nrt GriuuHI. Port rvpomt. lumber to Smnot k Ulikr
St it<M?ner Caroline Anderson, Bokrr, New York. coal, by Fowle k
Hi ?k AiU?*)??|m?. Kiuui. St. Julia, N. fl., onwl, by Fowl* ft Go
AHHiNOton thbatkb.
KrCiilnr jiticm?Tbratre wall veolilMMl.
raiiMY ArmtwxMi. Jiiwt i? MM.
At <hw o'clock, A
. C OtfOPKR, tti? I'Atdbratiwl vMtn'nl, wl" oxmub- two aoim ?bete*
Ilia (trnt Hint or'jr Kppoaraaar *- vlotla aolotat
ttT Ki4.ll partlcnUrM In nm?ll liilla
i llin tVBPHI vrffl l? presented,for Ui? flr-t time. DoiiImUI'-i opom
IB wlilrh all lb* abnvr dMHigntabed artiaU will perform
bdrRno.Uy evening, Haydn'* Oratorio of Ui? Croatia*.
Imi* II [Intel. Hut** k {Bar J
HAM <? MBnoeouH.
Warhtngtou, Juno 17, 1*1.1
pilK PlocklioldeiH ira lit'reliy notified flint a collie
oral el onion will lm UeOt at fit* lianklac bame*, m Una crty -ii
nw.lav, ll>- Ml) .lay of July no?t one*IBM. for bum* lrQatar of Una
null. Ui wrvc for lib- year tbeii onl .-tiruinn
Tim (aitla will la. afMHtal at 10 .. " JiW-k a. m ami r.lBBa at IS o ntnrk.
lorlrllan KI t SVIIH. Caalilrr
Job* t* 3u?rt3MIiJaBKbi-mHTilijolylf
fTAIUI IV 8YB-IA; or, Thro* Warn in
fl I''in fif Mr* IWrtrlnv 1 ?rhtfJi 7T. I
moim ;
Marv tVrw*ut Hv Mr*. Attn R JH-optM-mi I vol l*rb?' $1 *ii?.
K-h- imW- by m*ANCHARl> h Mtfll'tf.
18 Citrni'T </ Utlt himI I'mn. avunw j
If a von'* ilvndt
Wiw?itnKin?i, Vnut* 14,
A C-L ju'l rtoiiH liiiviti^ r).?iiiiH tlif* (!oi |?or;4ti4Mi
r\ ul W.utiiiiiKtftr i?( nit kUul kshi^ til* fituit** I itebl. *r* r+
Ui^UhI to llUQif.il It KtoUlllM'Ul oi iWlf ftUOMiOt U? till! olftrr INt?i(4l .
it?'lv J AUK- <1 UEBUCT
Juno 1#?4i Mayor.
m?A>rnin*i gr .-kaaa, J
Vwhui4b?, Jmit 14, i?ii
lufuim.uiu uaa Iwaa raaaiie t ?t tti - ? parlauHit fr.iu tliouu"
Ha. a*a um 1'uiimI hi Jaa uuueiti *1 Havana. UwJ. at (Uv Oat- uf
the ara|?4ih, tana a, mm Km la* re tail h-euan- ,u?t- virabhl uw
A-nariuia v. aaala u putt wet* Inata* maav M thelf awa
June l? ?r
WaabtaflM Mar I4*h 14aa
1 .iiirmatKHi ha* la-en matvml at thu (Vpurttnetil ft* an J Raill
K-.| Ilia I'tnUvl !*al>-? r?iaul at iMi-aa ihu ilu- IVpartmatit </ FW
alga i ijuiui-r. ha- iaa.lv kauwu h> Utr caabatia thai, lit im in ?nuf
a nwaaMki rnwa lie fan nail of *e.lWae ..? Uw Militate. ?r
ilia -K-r-a tla- iBtpuilaUiai M?a afcrnad < Um. Mlaa-u-* drum it I
|ihm uiai auueal pr?|v*raUa4a Baal la. red* hi el-Ml an prnhiUKetl. i ll
1*1, Upi'iitta? 34, HaBlorka ZeKctum. M, Rxtractiuu lulu* gat je*
lanilU ragiaa. Oh. tetrantnai ranwae Mi. Harrnruia n^Makia
wamat; 4Ui, kanaka* Moat: Hk turn 4aa fkaMat 4r aaau*. nth
Symp di< itiaitala r?upa, IMt, Ifcnilas aBlaftfjaa*; Mtb, Bnulra <ivr
K.atne lttJt, Pnalm (mmMUm) wrao rue aawle li iMNMM; lJtb, feu
<b4italinu|ua 4a Lab, lAfc, liqiaar 4a Lartfta. 141k, JMMaa 4a Lo
villaj 1U.Ii hifuabai 4b.|auai Mill, luTUawa 4a B>II>1 17th 1
pet bwala tiakaaOgm 4a tkm***nk; SMfc, Bakr. bakad aim.,
flat, Bxlr. auututl. TU, Kale. digltalM, 4)4. Kalr grauuha- 2Mb,
. Extr larUK-ae virunaa, 3Mtl, bh rhols tuiu-oibUaUT. 4Mb, Ktti
( ranoMi iodlcae" Jau* in ill r
rm upiAc.
rpilK YOLK4; <JAlHOLk? Hi!END MIX : I IT Y
1 ut Wu-.lnin tun lavIM MMM Mflnai -cMcnua u> umi>- r
,* alt (ten m pMaaoa MMta u? tHywattf, a baoMtffcl retrofit ..n I'
tfw Mary bunt lid.' ?r ihrMMW alMM MHHr ? *? dilUlit Tim ?
.wtfl ana naaatadw IMM Mooat V*nwi rwoMT rdMrtwol tor th f
pur|MM?*, will Inw bar wharf, atUo JMMfMktb Mrtwl, ? Monday f
n??t. ab*?'itint,M m, aad mm at I M IN* aHora^m, t
ItavrdM < MpuwbwMl lrip?. fr
Nn grraior tmmhrnr ft pmnmm Ml b? MM aa board than an lw k
I tmaMbrialily aaaoMaaadalMAt
Dm raMnt MM wIMiMI Mb* III, p. m.
Am t*lo arraageaamta hava tmra mad* ft* roflNahMaata, UHiala, Mi.
ibaathaaM Mdt >?00 Um Mavtham Mark at Mr Ma boat at
' lnMoo a,a. ..Mhl MM) wM alMi b.> Ill .1
IMdiUHO obaM the Mo?IT MlbMMbrMM MMMM
tmmu m ormmmbmnm we*** ?h mm ? mmbb nam' mtl,
lVnuaylvania a. taai, at MthAPA IMag mmi MM PMIaii. Dry r?,ii P
*?.ro, Oorrtaao nlra*, Nary Tom* ?#imitM the MMb>? <aI U.?
MuoMjr, aadei MoaoaaaMMoor avMajMlMutav
c. m Juaaa, j. Carrol brabl, p Jordan *'
n Photon, JOuii'ii 3 wmm|; p j lfc-Ui-urv, <i.
f McNorliaay, JamoN N. CMMaa, Mwu1?i,
George Ravaga. WIMaM Ryan. John P EM.,
Coonta Harvey, WM MoUMlMl,
Juuo II If. SatSc-i
(iiaut potmrwrnaai roctr rt? oravok and aixxanwiia
Krnm w.wnrwmr* CJTY to Virginia, Tennaetee, Georgia, AUtMm.
M?Hi,?ippi, fioutMaa*. Arfcaaaaa, amlTbxao.
I Through Tickata caa bo obtained at the groat death w.-l.-.u Rail i
[ rued iNRuo, caraar ut Peaaeylvaaut aeaauo aad ittith Moot, Waahni*
ton, on board ?t the dUaip i'owjr Runt Oaarga J'aaa, or at lb# OBn ,.i
ibu Orange tun) Aioaaadrla Bailruad, at " --ria-lriii
Tu Radianaal, Obaailto. Lyacbburg, RrMn, Kaox villa, Daltuu
Atlanta, Oi?Haaioiani, RuabviUe, HaatevlUe, Uraud JuiuI
Uuti, Moai?l>ia, Muatgi apery, a?d Mom Oflean.
I?y a Direct Bouta and Oaiilpauua Railway Cutuwaitaw to Mmnpbi-i
Aflbrdlng grrator KxpodUlim anil Coudhrt, aad ba?M ov?r 2UU niilro
aburtar Uuut by any other natio.
Tlio atoani frrry IkmU Uvorge Pay# loavaa lilts liiot ut Rrri'nUi ?lrimi
at#>o "Clonk,a. ui.lur AlotAinlru. wbaar iMaaougora lahoUto earn lor
Mcitnoml, ChariothwvlUe, Stauutou, WUiln dulptur ttyrlugn, Wikmi
iduok, Ar.. aud at 7A?, p. ut., lor Rtcbwoad aad ail putidn Naiihwo-i,
taokiug aarr and clono matNoxloMa Ui Mnruptilii
llaggage wogoua aud olnathOOOt laavo IbO idBco, I'a arouuu, al ?
, o'clock, a. at., aad 7, p. w.
J Attn A. KVANd. Agant,
J aaa II?U" Wiatiingimi
TU :ATRK l)E HBlrNAItD. 1 vol. 12n>o. Si 25*
Maxiia.-a tie Rocbi'liocauld. I vol. 12aao. II i".
Ilxwlrii do P A T CbrntMlU; 2 vola. J2mo. U M
IkaiMuot OraUoua FUnehnm 1 vol. I2m? fl 2b.
Ir ftagr Gil Ulan. 1 vol. JSino. tl tS *
Rntron Qirta il'tlCovro Traglnnna. I roi, Rako. tl 2ft
lbwaaoau I* Nonvolla Hulouy. 1 vo[. 12nto. $1 2b. t
(Kurrwo iti' Kabelals. 1 vol. lZrao. Si so. ^
Is'Uriwde Madame fcvigue. I vol. ISnio. 31 SO ?
Mouteaquwrc-Esprit drat Lobe 1 vol. 13im>. ft 15
Panl et Virginia 1 vol. Usi. Rluatratod. $1 26.
Lrn Environs de Port* 1 vol. tSbuo. Illustrated, with 220 vig
ncttes mad 1 maps. S3 20.
IWuagar -LKuvrea CnmpMe*. 1 vol. Uuie. SI 00.
| Juue 17 HUNCK TAYIi IK
LOHT.?A gold honttag-cMti wateli. A rwwarl
of $30 win l>0 twill ft?r Itw recovery If left at Ute oltlce ol tbe
I Limed HfaiUs* Hotel, Pennsylvania avenue
June 17?*
fl rsuTON branch?tooha*; iwnns, mnu wm leave
a* folio wa: " """
0 10, a. m . express MU oeuueaOr at AnhapDilgr Junction Btr An
iiaputts: at Wuslilsglsu JuaeMan (Wall part*?r tbe-wtod; SHNt Bat
i itaaaau for Ptotodaipbtodhil'Meer-WUB. ' * ->
7 10, ?- in., way tram for UaHMawv*, PMMripbia. and Vow York
3 30 p. iu , express train aupneato at Waeblngtun Junction wlili
express train ft>r all parte of tbe Wont, ami at il.illiinura Oar Norfolk,
Philadelphia, and Now York.
4 10, p in., way train for Baltimore connects at Annapolis Jbn<
Uon lor Annapolis, and Wiuthlnglou Junction wilti ex|irrw trams West
s. 30. p. m., way train for Baltimore connects at Washington June
lion with rnrommoditUon train Wenl.
The 0 10, a. in., and 3.30, p. m., trains are express, and will atop
only at Annapolis and Woubutgum Junctions,
(in Halurday, UieS.SO, p. m , train goaa to Philadelphia nuly
on Sunday but (am trout iaevea?at 8 30. p. aa.
June 13 - df T. H. PAKMUMH, AliKNT
/'AOPPER SCALE.?There will bo wold at public
Vv auction, at 13 at., on tin ism day of July, ISM, at tbo
C. H. Navy Yard, Waelungtou, frotn una to eight Uwi ** may lie
otfercd. of CUPPER ."CALK. The aaaiyala af sltoplsa of similar scale
baa given about A3 par cent or metaibe copper.
It can bo examined at any time previous to the note, upon applies
Uon at the Nary Yard. Terma of sale cash.
June 14 Wit FUNX, Navy Age* ;
WANTED?Printer* and Editors.?Tho propriotnr
of the well known and popular waufcly gaper, Ae fan!
Houtberner. Is about moving to ttLeoun?aii.l aranld Mm to dtopnae ol
Uio otHce and paper. Thie a ram upportonity, aa it Wllto only paper
of tbe kind in Uio Houtli, and Uto only paper la a wealthy and popa
loan county Population of tbe town alone a bant * *** Apply to
M MM, Baltimore
A copy may bu seat fa> peraona wtahtgg to aaa*. June S
WANTED?A PUysitUM or Lhwyer, with a caoit
capital ef from OWto to 33,DM, to baamwa pnat prot>tet?r or
an established weekly paper, Rural Beatbornor. Yhia la a rare oppm
(unity U) embark in a lueratts* bastoeaa, to aaanralaa with their pro
fousiun m a llouriahing county town, while, at tha name, ha can mod
thoroughly estiihllsli Uiumelf In bia yndei'smp. Apply to , a
Boa 1M7. Baltimore.
A copy of the paper will be sent to any jieraan wishing to see it
June 8
Red sulphur springs-Mowuw <****,. v?
i.iaix - file He celcbritied Mineral Hprtug* are MM open fur the
r.eepiioo ?r visitors. It Is now wail known Shot no modintao! ogeol
thai have lieen tried lisve bad sunk mgnat MWDaaa aa tbe waters or
tho Hod Snlplinr Hpitaga in liie speedy cure of must rases of puluo
nary consumption, bronchial iittectlnaa, ebroatn dtarrheos dyspepsia,
Oiel diseases irf the t,raiu.
Visitors via Kk-lmuaul mid Lynchburg ahonld have tbe Virginia and
Tennessee railroad at Newburn thpat. TUey will then have hat
thirty eight miles of stagu ' over n gumt rend. Via Orange and Alex
andris and Wbviina Leutial i silnaad, tbsrs la now abont aovanty aahai
of stalling.
Invalids would secure lietter runnui, and bener care andaiiruiian.
by <sMaia>: earfy, as we are usually vary much erowdad through Uie
nioMh of August. T. to IHHI'? I. k to
May 3o d'Jtoo
*u a. hbbhv. - gang ? nogggtoa.
r-AW, aHjjcm>a, vm pun
Sitm %, Aimu, j
Bbter lands with land warranto or cadi, crag
Sup lit dAnw'lr ' |
VHU**i*IA rnuLi imimii,
H?v. VL a. PHIUJWI, A M., Principal
Kvr J C flKUl, A. M . Vlea Prlaripal <
Aaalxb-d by (All eorpa of l*rnfi?ar? and Tiwrlwi
FTIKUSTEtiB: Rt. fUv. W. iimti*. I). tkp UL Rm.
I J Johw. It. I> . R. V J. A IHw. CM. V. MNh, Dr. V T
Hlniiliitit, Win Klnnny, T J MWIilr. P P>?ram, ?. ftwiWit
nrv K C MM'.nlrr P. P., Hon R C. L. RinWH?,
itnv. W *pMT?w, P. D, Pr.iT Mia M Rtaar,
Hon W. C. Mvon, A. T. lain-rUin, tfiaq
linn W MlaiRPmUm. Wm M Btanklbrd, Km, ,
Htm Unrp W Snrnnvr*. David W iterun. Km , '
Wan A H. H. Smart, tbu , ? *.
Hon John lMrfcar Br 11am*. Hon
Onora* W Thompaon, Wm. H fowl*. to*.
Ttiu Imitdii.g*. 'M*?l Tor Xttr pnrpnao* (f a Pnnwln OaPnglau* W
W.Uita. arrmttiinodlmu au<l clagaiM, In A DUuatwm of arru beauty
::::^?Sraggg* SSK?K8?S*K
(Mr.inpmUi^MWvDi MrflSn?or KSnaSsTpSaR-nr
tlW OMMfVMf. * ''
TUts neat m'MMn will c'tumeocc on 0u> 2Mb at Tip nn>p?l
Hoard and b(Ml tauten prr auuoai aaaalna M, BBB, ten
(iMipw, <1 raw lug, Itr . extra.
Circular*. ?.Ui rail lafnruurtaun. muI upon applliullnu la An Mm
opal. H?v. JL U. IWOUPB,
June 1? MKtiir Mauntaa, V?.
Raffle.?a hnk yolnutbottiw; mark,
IwHK. eu Mr aati ?* ynara ?M |n 1*011? aawad and |nUa,
awl irrrtx hu-Mo mT Ummt rtHMNt*. itrMprta*.
fir.il rata top tiuKKy ??? iilrna? amd tmf raaatag. mmb4 prlw
Nr? Ittilky ihmnI but Uirrr ?rMfc?t. third |i>>i
HmmI kbinto HariMXM imnrtv now. AmhUi pftar.
i*w hwkakia Mllv. ?ud id* Bri.il.' Mill prlar
W>11 ba raMtwl iiir aa wa a? .? kaartraA iMaaeaa ar? aaliaiaikail
. ' ii' ii.iUc ... i IJ/>YTV9 Kmrmiiaui
Jium 15 n.i.ithaaakaot?i1 /*! *b4 K >u.

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