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liuUUeied lccliugs against lite United Mates, nothing
will be rulei than fur thcu to give us a viut deal of
tumble, ll, u i> generally encoded, we must have poa
w-Miou of Sinora. they will be a stumbling-block in tbe
kijt, ami they will make ua pay dearly fur it. They
must la* . lade to obey tin* authorities of the United
Mates in I Ufa. or thev in not he forced to take up u ie?i I
truce in some other dire.Hon A strong military rule 1
Will I*ion convince the' >1 the folly of their opposition to 1
the government ami it will not be long before a sepaiatiotl
take* plai-e lietwcen Young anil the tuaae ot his
III I lower* We ahoulii be sorry to see them take up their
rmairnre in Nonora. I
The K.ulnar Heruhl of Freedom given a discouraging
view of the times in Kansas, it say* . 'We pity the l
,.oi who is roiuja lied to raise money in Kansas We 1
were told hy a money lender the other day that he was '
receiving froin 10 to 20 per cent per month for the use
money, and ha I la-en paid at the rate of 20, 25, ami !
;0 pet cent jhu month to dlacount notes. The lowest '
i ales, on good |Stpcr security, for the uae of money, seem
to range between 3aud 5 |i?r cent per month. . Business
-II ? .r k'i.KU towns is nearly suspended. Men with
twenty or twit) live thousand dollars cannot sell prop
fily at any priiea to realize even a few hundred dollar*,
heal estate can be bought at ruinous rates, persons feel
iug compelled to sell to realize ready money, perhaps to
save their credit. Hardly anv branch of business ia huh
taining itself.
The Kansas Ledger exprt-sses the opinion that the
coming election will result in the rejection of the terms
annexed by Oougr.-ss to the l<ecoiupton constitution
Speaking of Gen lane and the shooting of Jenkins, the ,
name pa(?-r says, "facta have come to light which make j
it impossible for any disinterested person to consider it a !
justifiable homicide '
(From the Sea Orleans True Delta, June lStb 1
The city was rife witii rumors yesterday of the during
outrages of Thuggery, and the conduct of men beretofose {
leeugniaed an gentlemen and good members of society
tine report was that a I mud of noted Thugs In* I crossed ,
the lake on Saturday night, and, for want of better
amusement, shot a man who kept a coffee-house soiue- 1
where near Madisouville. and luauagod to eaeape the j
vigilance of the people of tliat neigliliorliood, and sucosed- j
cd in making their way to tlie city. From all the information
we can gather we believe the Madisonville outtage
is correct, and the '1 rings who per|>etrated it are now
iu tlie city. The knowledge of this tact does not tend to
a pacification of affaire. Another element of discord has
lieen thrown into the "boiling cauldron, "lied Bill,"
"Bill Ki-tl," or "Bill Bed No. 2," or by wbut name this
ubiquitous Htug is known, it was currently reported
early yesterday morning, was arrested by tlie authorities
of Carrol I ton, and immediately bailed out iiy Mr. Masou,
the mayor of Carrollton, and that he was subsequently
arrested in the first district by the present chief of police.
Colonel Jacques, and we presume be will be bailed out
again by some distinguished Thug behind the curtain.
These movements, we can tell the powers that lie, will
not answer. Tlie people want quiet. The authorities
ruust show their hands. The question is now narrowed
down to Thuggery v*. The People.
The Sumter (Ala.) Democrat, which at first opjiosed
the conference bill, lias changed position and now sustains
it. expressing its "willingness to yield to the voice
of the majority, believing that it requires no sacrifice of
The Boston Atlas aud Bee recapitulates the vote of
Massachusetts for governor in 1857 by congressional districts,
and thinks that the whole eleven districts of that
State may be carried this tall tor the American republican
candidates The two doubtful districts, composed in )>art
of Boston, it thinks, can be carried if the proper course U
taken. Hon. L. B. Cumins has peremptorily declined a
re-election from the 4th district.
Charles Francis Adams, only son of John Q Adams,
is spoken of as. a candidate for Congress in the district now
represented by Mr. Danireil, whom ill health obliges to
decline being a candidate for re-election.
Wendell Philips, in his last abolition speech, said
"Kansas is off the table,'' and Mr. Buchanan wanted it
out of tne way ; and that new issues were coming up.
He remarked:
" The last year has witnessed tlie culmination aud the
end of the Kansas rjnest ion ; before we meet again it will
I lie Cuba, Central America, perhaps the slave trade."
Hon. John U. Pettlt has been nominated by the republicans
of the 11th c-ongreeaional district of Indiana for reelection
to Congm*. He has already nerved two terms
in the House of Representatives
In the 8th congressional district of North Carolina, recently
represented by the Hon. T. L. Clingmau, Col. W. |
W. Avery is the democratic candidate to All the vacate j
ty, and Z. B. Vance the candidate of the opposition. D. j
Coleman, who was also a democratic candidate, lias retired
front the canvass, lest the success of the party
should be endangered by running two democratic candidates.
It is said that the election of Htith as mayor of New
Orleans is to Ire contested, and that Mayor Heauregunl
lias been legally elected Many votes given for Beauregard
were rejected by the cturvaasers, because the names
of candidates fur other offices were improperly placed
upon tire same ballots, and the whole voted together.
All such ballots were wholly rejected bv the canvassers.
Hon. W. IV. Bhyce, of South Carolina, having been
solicited to iieiriiit his name to be used as a candidate for
the Coiled States Senate, declines on the ground that Iris
name is now before his constituents for re-election to the
House of Representatives.
Hun droit writes to Iteorge IVkuer, of Bostou, that his
physical strength is slowly declining, but that lie still
works, chiefly at night, and can stand for an hour without
fatigue. He is in his H9th year. The fifth volume
of "Cosmos" is going through the press.
Charles Dickens appears in his own journal, in denial
of the statements which have been published respecting
ins domestic troubles. He says that they are abominably
false ; that all the domestic trouble be has had has been
brought to an arrangemeut which involves no anger or ;
ill-will of any kind ; and tire whole origin, progress, and
surrounding circumstances of which have been throughout
within the knowledge of his children. It is amicably
composed, and its details have but now to be forgotten
by those concerned in it.
Professor Agassis, in spite of his former refusals of j
Ixruis Napoleon to take the Directorship of the Museum i
of Vstnral IVS- 1,.., I.., II.. .or... ..t
salary of twenty five thousand franca, and the iinme ,
diate senaturship, which bring* another thirty thousand !
tram s ; and at last he lia? consented to go over to l'arii) j
for a verbal and (tentorial negotiation.
Tlie Santa Fe Gazette announces the arrival in lliat !
city on the 6th of May of f'aptain Lindsay from Fort
Union. Col Boouevllle and lieut. Clitz arrived on the
7th from Albuquerque.
'lite sirth column of the Utah forces left Fort Leaven
worth on the morning of the 13th instant under command
of Major Kmory, first cavalry. 'Ihc following
troops compose th!< gallant column . Major I'anl's company
of the aevetilli infantry, and Captains Wood, Carr, '
and Sturgis's companies of the first cavalry, a company .
of mounted recruits under lieut. llerry, tirst dragoons, :
s for the first dragoons in Utuli, and a company ot infantry
recruits under Lieutenant Brothel ton, of the frith
infantry. On the staff are Uie following officers : Lieut
Church, tirst cavalry, adjutant : lieut. Iverson, second
dragoons, quartermaster: Capt. Ttirnlcy, couimissaiy ;
and Dr. Smith, nodical officer.
General Harney and staff were to leave on the 14th,
travelling to Utah by express The following officers
are on this staff ('aptains I'lcasanton and Wbeaton.
"ids : Major Buell, adjutant general : Col dohnston, inspector
general ; Col Crrwman, chief quartermastei :
and Captain Hancock, assistant ; Surgeon Wiight, luoti
The wheat crops are lieiug hureiUd in these part*.
So tar as we have heard, the crop* are hut indifferent
The frost did little or no damage, but the fly and the
luat have made considerable havoc with tt. Wo think
tanners who have not yet gold their last year * crop (ami
there are many who have not) will find a good price and
' adj sale for it soon ?RtnQfoU i<Aj.) Rtprf, J?*r 17fA.
The fnilt crop In Arkansas, say our eiehangita, prom
i?e? to I* very abiirwlant this season t'earh, apple, pear,
and phini tree* are loaded with fruit, which are growing
Mu.mjat, June 21, lSotl.
Ho a an ?? Aldehmex?Au adjourned meeting of the
itoarti t?f Aldermen wa> held at their room in the City
Hall Ht tour o'clock, |>. 111 , the president, Wlllia.ni
Lkive, in the chair.
On motion, the reading of tin- journal wax dia|jetn>ed
The president laid before tin- board a communication
from the mayor, tramonittiug the billowing statement of
the condition of the account* of the corporation : which
wae read and ordered to be printed :
t'.irjhiraitoit NtukinjCen m mxxnal uUk /taut <y WtukiHgUni
Im. Qh.
MukuiK luDtl 44 | lieui-ral fund . . 33 OO0 04
School lull ! #7,004 74 ; Ksdcm|iUun fuuil 2,314 40
Uanai uiiBii .l 11.407 04 J Sui |i!q? fuud 2,040 ho
Kiral ward 11.447 01 j Special lai fuud 1.004 42 ;
11fill ward 7,144 00 (Vn-porMion luti-rcal 4,712 IH ,
-hiIh ward 0,204 03 Seooud ward . 1,432 14
So \,-dI!i ward.. . 3,044 03 Third ward 2,020 74 i
Fourth ward. . 17,104 04 I
40.000 40 j 11alalu - 10.004 77
June 14, 1040. -Balance j
due Bauk i/WaabluK- 40 000 40
loll 10.003 77 j Juii?14,lH48.-BaUner
| lo credit of collector 10.300 02 j
Mr. Donoho introduced a bill for taking up and relay- |
iug the gutter along the cant front ot Hquare No. 37it; j
which was rend three time* and pnased.
Mr. Thomas Muxan presented the petition of William j
H. Burclt and others, in relation to the establishment of
hay scales ; which was referred to the committee on police.
Mr. Hbowm introduced a concurrent resolution relative
to the adjustment of the accounts of J. M. Met'alia, late
city collector.
Mr. Xiooax ottered an ameiidmeut striking out all after
the word "Kesolved," and inserting a substitute authoriaiug
the mayor to take such legal steps an may be neoe*
tutry to secure a just aud speedy settlement of the accounts
of tieu McCnila.
Alter some discussion, Mr. XI. withdrew his ametuliuent,
and the coucurreut resolution was reaol a third time ami
Mr itioue introduced the following resolution :
W. w/w*/ tlx*., Tlutt the city collector be, and m hereby, iiutbonwM
tu hfCtlve tu paytncul for purchMtca uia.lt: at the late UK by cuu
tm. tuirt and other*, btma JLU holder* at the time, the evidence* uf
debt* due by tin* cor|M?ration under authority ??l Law : and tliut the
lutt vor Ir- directed to give Id* draft* for such debt. w hen louud correct,
to In* (mid over to the collmor and to be n ceived at the bank aa
I he juinf resolution was read a third time and passed ?
yeas 11. nay 1?Mr. Pearson voting in the negative.
Mr. XIookk iutroduoed a resolution fot the appointment
of a special committee to ascertain whether there are in
priut any copies of Shealian's Digest uf the Ordinance* of
this corporation, and tit what price they can he obtained;
and that said committee also inquire into the expediency
and practicability of adding thereto, in the form of an
uppeudix, the general laws since enacted by the corporation,
and report to this board at its next meeting.
Mr. Dt'NkiNcmm presented the petition of Joseph Hutchinson
and others, praying permission to use the public
>f hoot room at the corner of .'id and A streets for Huudayschuol
purposes. Xlr. D. also iutrnduced a resolution
granting the prayer of the petition until further orders,
provided the teachers of the Sunday school will become
responsible for the careful use of the city property while
in their charge, and give satisfactory security to the board
of ti ustees of the public schools for auy damages which
may lie sustained hv the corporation inconsequence of
said occupancy ; the alaive permission to be on the further
condition that the 1-oord of trustees concur. Tinresolution
was briefly discussed, and read a tbird time
und ]?sseil.
The special order was then taken up, I sing an at-t imposing
taxes tor the year 1858 at the rate of 76 cents for
every hundred dollars of real ami personal property.
After a verbal amendment, the bill was read a third time
aud passed. This bill is in the usual form, except that
the rati; of discount for )>aymeiits within sixty days is
fixed at eight per cent., instead of ten per cent, as heretofore.
A joint resolution in relation to the bridges over the
Washington canal was -t* dyed from the lower board,
und read three times and passed.
The bill to organize a police system for the city of
Washiugtou, and to reduce the several acts in relation
thereto hit3 one, was received from the lower board, with
sundry amendments.
The first amendment was to strike out that clause
wb'ch provides that no |*?lioe officer shall be allowed to
l?uOBM or remain a member of any illegal or diaoiderly
l>olitical club, association, or organization; which was
not agreed to- yea* 6, nays 7.
'lire next ainerndment wan to strike out the word
" Marshal' wherever it occurs, and to insert "Captain"
in lieu thereof.
Mr. Moork moved to amend the amendment by striking
out the word " Captain," and k: t.Ung the word
"Chief' in lieu thereof: which was uar -_d to, and the
amendment of the lower lioard as amended was then
concurred in.
'lire amendment of the lower board in relation to the
summer uniform of j>olice'officers was amended by the
insertion of a clause that such uniform shall be such as
may he designated by the mayor. The other amendments
having been concurred in, the bill was again sent down.
After remaining for some time, waiting for the action
of tiic lower board on this hill,
Mr. 1'caunon moved that the board adjourn. He was
not aware that the city was on fire, or in imminent danger
of an invasion by a mob, that there should l? such a
desire to complete this bill to-night.
The question being taken the motion was not agreed
to. After a further interval,
Mr. Iiaowx came up from the council chamber and informed
the board that there was no probability that the
Itolice bill would be disponed of to-night, as the amendments
l>y the Board of Aldermen were pronounced by
them to he "not grammatical, and perfectly unintelligible."
[Laughter. J
On motion, the board then adjourned until Monday
next, at four o'clock, p. m.
Common Coi ncil. ?The board assembled at the usual
hour, and proceeded to the transaction of business.
Mr. 'I'mec, from the select committee to whom was referred
the communication of the Mayor in relation to the
reorganization of the polite, reported that, after full consideration,
they recommended the hills passed by the Board
of Aldermen. Although the additional police to be employed
would increase the expense, still the lawless spirit
which prevails demands the expenditure. The population
of the city now auiouuta to nearly sixty thousand
inhabitants, which in itself guaranties the expense, as it
is believed that the force at present employed falls short
of that of other Atlantic cities in comparison with the
population. Tire report was ordered to be printed with
the proceedings.
On motion of Mr. Wallace, the board then proceeded
to the consideration of the hill to organize a police system
for the citv of Washington, and to reduce the sev
eral acts in relation thereto into one. The bill having
been reail through, the board proceeded to consider it by
Mr. W?iu(t moved to strike out of the section in regard
to the appointment of police the words prescribing
that uo policeman shall be a meuilwr of any illegal or
disorderly political club, association, or organisation ;
.which motion was agreed to.
Mr. Lu>ri> moved to amend that section by inserting
the wonts "or of any political club, association, or organisation."
He believed the adoption of his amendment
calculated greatly to add to the efficiency of the
|K>lice. He wished to be understood not as interfering in
any way with the political opinions of any member of the ;
] wilier department.
Mr. WALLACRdid not want anything in the bill that !
would in any way cripple the Mayor in the discharge of
his duties. He was willing to bold the Mayor responsi- ,
hie for the men he apiw -inter!.
Mr. I&otb did not think hi* amendment would inter- |
fere with the power* of the Mayor
Mr. Omsk was surprised by the remarks of Mr. Lloyd.
He intended to have let by gones be bv-gones, but the J
gentleman said lay down our cudgels and have no party. ,
He recollected when the gentleman's party was in a ma- i
ioritr when there was not a single member occupying !
a wat in the board of Common Council who woa not a '
member of that party. Mayor TWers then turned out
every man, and left no man to tell the tale. He wm one
of the victim* of that proscription, but was after* an Is
elected to the Common Council with another gentle- (
man. They were not treated as representatives of the
city. I nt as foreigners representing a foreign jiarty. and
not -i,i American party. Cottld the gentleman find iu ,
the i ity a man who belongs to no jwrty * If lie could,
he would give him '> (laughter]
Mr. Ijsith said the gentleman had mistaken his remarks.
He had mid nothing about the appolntmeut of
men of any party, and all he asked was that certain men
should be removed.
Mr KowmmaoK Name the men
Mr. Ixotii replied that he would name them to Col.
Rerret at the proper tins. If he a< knowledge! all the
gentleman said to be tnie, this was no time for retaliation.
Tlit question viun then taken and the amendment rejected.
Mr. Wauai i moved to amend the fifth section to uu
to make the salaries of the magistratos all alike, at $400
pei annum.
Mr. Ohmk hojied the gentleman would not pre** the
amendment, as they hud not consulted the magistrate* m
regard to it.
Mr W?LUi't did not see why some magistrates should
receive larger salaries than others.
Mi. Onus replied that they did double duty. There
was veiy little service in the outakirts of the city.
Mr. Jonks im|uired whether these gentlemen would I*'
willing to exehuuge with those ou the outekiits.
Mr. Wallack said they were quite willing to do ao.
Mr. Mi l xiv was out; of the special eommittee. and
could not see why these magistrates should not lie put
upon the same footing.
The question l>eiug taken, the ainendment was rejected.
\jll 1111111(111 u1 iii. ik*11 hum, hic duiu ?|iuu1i woe
substituted for (k wunl "marshal," so that the office
should be that of "captain of police ''
Mr. Milu<y moved to ann-nd the eighth section, so
that if the rule* nud regulations for tlie Auxiliary Uuanl !
should be changed by placing one branch under the di- j
roctiou of the captain, it bhould lie the duty of that offi
cer to report to the mayor ; which amendment did not
Mr. Wilson moved to amend no that the salary of the
captain of police, ehould the city police and the Auxiliary
Ouanl be united under one head, bhould not be more
than tl ,.'>00
Mr. Joxn op|?osed the amendment, on the grouud that
they could not get a suitable roan for less than the
Mr. Palmku Raid the expenses of the corporation would
not be increased one dollar by making the salary $2,000,
as the thief of the city |K>lice at present received $1,000.
Mr. Mrixor was surprised that Mr. Jones was desirous
of giving $2,00" to the captain of police, when he was
unwilling to increase the pay of certain magistrates $50.
Mr. .loses was satisfied that the services of a proper
officer could not be obtained for a less sunt than $2,000,
and it was the sentiment of the city that it should Is*
Mr. Hohsvk thought $1,500 would obtaiu a suitable
man, and In the present condition of the finauce* wax as
much as the corporation could aAord to pay.
Mr. t 'ANTuruAji said it was time enough to cousidcr this
when tiie two jiolicc force* should be united.
Mr. Obmb and Mr. Powell Isitli expressed themselves
in opposition to the amendment; and theu the question
was taken, and the ameudment rejected?yeas 10, uavs
(hi motion of Mr. Wallace, the further reading of the
bill was dispensed with.
Mr. loom offered nn amendment providing that any
police officer found loitering in or around tuvenis or
other drinking establishments in the city, unless hi the
discharge of some specified duty, sliull be promptly dismissed.
After a brief discussion, the amendment was rejected?
yeas 10, nays 10.
Several amendments hi regard to the uniform of the
police having been rejected,
On motion of Mr. Mom s, an amendment was adopted
jierniStting the police to wear linen coats of the same
make of those now worn.
And then the bill, as amended, was passed.
The Hoard then took up the hill from the Board of
AMrrnwn simrdeitieiit.'il Li tlie Kill to iirimrii/c it notice
system for the city of Washington and to reduce the several
acts in relation thereto into one. Tne bill authorizes
the Mayor to employ an additional police foroe not
exceeding forty men at $50 each per south, to be placed
under the control of the captain of the auxiliary guard.
'Hie bill also provides that no person shall lie appointed
such policeman who ia a member of a Are company or u(
a political organization.
Mr. 'IVrton moved to strike out that |?art which refers
to political organizations ; which amendment was agreed
Mr. Okmk said it was well known that the finances of
the city were in a deplorable rendition, and no man
could tell the floating debt of the city. He ventured to
say when they got this bill In the floating debt would lie
upwards of $250,000. The water question had been referred
to the citizens and they had voted it down.
Mr. Wallace stated that a majority voted for the proposition.
Mr. Okmk replied that out of the 6,700 votes cast but
350 voted for the proposition.
Mr. Wallace insisted that a majority had voted for the
proposition and that it waa lost, because two-thirds of the
people had not voted in favor of it.
Mr. Osmk charged that the object of that proposition
was to fund the present debt of the city.
Mr. Wallace said he expected this opposition, lie
knew the finances were in a very bad condition, but the
gentleman voted for every appropriation for the improvement
of his ward, and voted against every appropriation
for the improvement of other wanls. Were they to stand
back when their lives and property were in danger ? liesides,
tlie force was only wanted in an emergency. He
moved to reduco the number, however, to thirty, to correspond
with the number of the Auxiliary Guard.
Mr. Okmk inquired wliat was the present jiolice force.
Mr. Wallace. Twenty-eight men.
Or. Obmk said it was fifty-eight men.
Mr. Wallace insisted upon his statement, and added
that, under the bill just passed, the number would >*e increased
to thirty-three.
After further di?cunsion, the bill was pottpoued to il
Monday next?yeas 11, nays 8.
On motion of Mr. Obmk, a joint resolution was adopted
for the ap(M>intment of a committee of two from the
hoard of Aldermen, and three from the Common Council,
together with the mayor, to wait upon the Secretary
of the Navy and request him to cause one or more of the
new si oops-of-war to be built at the Washington navy
A joint resolution from, the Board of Aldermen for the
appointment of a committee to examine ami adjust
the accounts of Mr. McCalia, late collector, was then
taken up and passed.
The joint resolution from the Board of Aldermen authorizing
the city collector to receive in payment for purchases
made at the late tax sales by contractors and
other bona fidt holders the evidences of debt due them by
the corporation under authority of law, and directing the
mayor to give his directions' for such debts, when found
correct, to be paid over to the collector, and to be received
at the bank as money, was taken up, and, after considerable
discussion, postponed.
The hoard then again took up the police bill, returned
I... Ik. U I 11,1.-,.,..,, will, , i I, . 1...I
"J "WW" ui *??? .. ."V.. .w?.. , .....
the president liaviug stated that the amendments were
lu such confusion that they could not he understood,
they adjourned till Monday next.
The June term of this court commenced its session
yesterday morning, his honor Judge Crawford presiding
The court being opened, the grand jurors were called as
follows: William W. Keaton, Michael Shanks, William
A. Bradley, Charles L. Colt man. William F. Bayly, Edward
Setnnies, Peter F. Bacon, Ooorgo Parker, Benjamin
B. French, Robert Beale, Jonathan Prout, Bush rod W.
Reed, John Petti bone, William R. Riley, Eleaxar Lfads*
ley, Hamilton Loughborough, Pearce Shoemaker, Edwin
M. linthlcum, l*hilip T. Berry. Joseph N. Pearson, Robert
S. Patterson, Aaron W. Miiler, Henry Haw, Joseph
C. G. Kennedy.
Having severally answered to their names, they were .
sworn in, ami Judge Crawford delivered the charge.
The petit jurors were called, as follows : James Y. Da- 1
vis, Francis Moliun, Christopher Cam mack. James F. |
Scott, Edwin Green, Terence Drury, Z. D. Oilman, A F.
Kimmcl, Joseph W. Nairn, Z. M. P. King, Samuel
lewis, James H. Hherkeiis, Daniel G. Ridgcley, Adam
Qcddis, Columbiui Alexander, John T. Bradley, John W.
Martin, Henry C. Purdy, John Shaw, John W. Ott,
James Crutchett, Alexander M. Smith, I.udoc Williams,
Richard Dames, James A. Bums, Thomas Orme, A. F. i
Offutt, John H. Smoot, John R. Scale, Thomas H. Miles
The case of the Devlins for the murder of Berry on
Capitol Hill was fixed for trial on Monday next. By the
agreement of counsel, it is expected that the case of .
Heisler and Johnson for the Stoops murder will immediately
follow. Messrs. Bradley, senior, and RatclMTe arc
retained for the defence In the Devlin case, and Messrs.
Morris and Ratcliffe in the other caw. Hii ro Iwing no
cases ready for trial this morning, the jn-tlt jurors were
dismiss*! until to-morrow morning at ten o'clock.
Law and Onnn."?It is admitted by those ever on
the alert to chronicle crime, that (he return of the Auxiliary
Guard for Saturday night "gave the name of but a 1
single prisoner for trial, while on Sunday and Sunday
laiKMfr hm itNH uwvsii wmm tnmmm ium BWHUHIiry,
imwulwinic the lite of thia city, and ii ahcwa tli.it
the election of Mayor Brrret baa aent the know-nothing
"vagrant* and rowdMto tome far-off place,"
Th* Carir H*iL-im>aM ?T''ffentay wm the aoitlveraary
of the gn at hail storui whic h did so ninth damage
a year ago.
Yamuna** mm Mm longest duy of the yenr. uavordinr
to the elmwiiuai, end decidedly the hottent auourdiuK to
oili thermometer, which w?ut cleur up Into the ?ui<, 1
where we keep our Middle-Agud Man 'ilia Uog Mar , ?
hud a raging time of it. aud aeverwl policemen would
liuve periahed if tbe prudent fellow* hud not kept rhady
(Mir iuk turned to hurtling fluid, luid our eollur kept in. v
choleric. Meivliaubt were nimble to prevent protcau, 1
end acoouiiU and hutter were both |>remitted to |,
I \ ?*?- 1 I.?.. yl .1 .,a-(u k nr^ We'l l' i
run i'vavurit were iuokiu^; up ?iiu uuuwmmv^ ?v.v , ^
looking down ; lioiden. of eau-de-vie wore i*?.}', but i
incumbers and other garden w? experienced a live (
ly movement. 'Ilic heat wait excessive in the vi f n
eiuity of Use City Hall, aud only the active exer
tious of our indefatigable rejiorters saved several hot- !
beaded gentlemen from serious bodily inconvenience i
t lur editorial corps experienced great difficulty iu the dis u
charge of their duty?the heat expanding their idi-ae so u
remarkably that their pens continued writing write on, . (
and one was struck badly with a roup de ytu. lite heat ' a
became fearful towards four o'clock, but the a|tpearaiue i *
of our evening cotetuporariea acted like an application of
wet blankets upon the community. We clcee the day *
with the couaolatory rrttecliou that it is as hot as can be, r
although we have the beet authority for saying it is an
ae olated day.
Lux lxsumaxcB.?Attention is called to the advertise
uicnt of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New _
York iu this morning's Union. The company is repre
seated to be prosperous, safe, and well conducted ; its J
liett assets on the 1st of February last Using $4,685,SOU 115,
invested in bonds and mortgagee, bearing 7 per cent, interest
The mutual'system, upon which this oom|iany is
conducted, enables it to sustain and perpetuate itself, and
iiiaareato those who become members thereof a return t
in due time of much more than the amount actually
j said in. lite advantages of life insurance are now well an derstood,
aud every day adds to the number of persou*
who avail themselves of this mode of accumulating something
for the future.
A Kasiiionui.x Itkm. --We clip the subjoined from the Washington
correspondence of the Charleston Courier :
'*lt is whispered that a quiet but highly talented meiu- c
her of the religious world is to carry off the prise of one
of our most courted be'.ics a gentlemau entirely un- ?
known in the'fashionable world.' Oh! what a falling |
off for our fashionable beaux. To be 'refuted' for a man
unknown iu their circle, who wears a short-w .tinted coat !
It is to j, too much. Was it for hbt they excruciated them- *
selves in tight boots? Was it for Mm that they have closeted '
themselves with their tailor with a degree of mystery ,
worthy of Our Fawkks ? To be 'given the mitten' for j
a man who walks with his ears buried in his collar. All |
*i?x? worl.l aAftni In Irituriu' iu flinir it in their teeth."
Uimcs.-Mr McGuire will Bell on Monday, the 28th,
the desks and chain in the old Hall of the House of Represent*tiveK.
About flfteeu hundred yard* of Brussels
carpets, with crimson draperies, will be Bold at the same
time. i
Dkowncd.- William Hudfeou, a native of Ireland, was i
drowned on Sunday last while bathiug in Uuck creek.
He leaves a wife to lament his loss.
Kxn KHioNB.?The Waugh Chapel and the Secoud Baptisli
Sabbath School go down the river on excursions today.
Buofkkhionju. Jirorb.?We are pleased to Bee tliat the
exposure of the " jury business'' in the Union some
months since is now receiving the earnest attention of
the public. 1
Masonic.?The Washington Coramanderv of Knights >
Templar will parade, in full uniform, on the 24th, (St. ]
John's Day,) to escort the Masonic procession. '
Ta? Washington Linirr Intaxtbt have declined the
invitAtion to visit Monticello on the Fourth of July. '
Brow ni1 Hotel.
J A Pudomi, Washington, T?ui. Mia B C faiitree, Baltimore
J ISiun. Tennessee S MoClnre, Nashville, Trim.
A JirkMD.jr . do. R T Andrew, Montevideo.
J M Vamw, Cfch-afo. Ill J 8 Robinson.
It Berwick. Loniitana Col Pedro Uodoz, Chill. 8 A.
W T N'Maiau, Philadelphia. K C'ortcz, Boguu.
liOllinanton. New York. I) Y Main, do.
8 Jones. Jr.. Richmood. Vs. 8 Bum, do. '
J 8 Argodln. lady, and two rhtl- W p Burnett. Philadelphia
dron, and our servant, Cuba. I.Gerrey, do.
(I M Hiss. Maryland. M A IAavidaon. lnuo-iaua.
THhriver, do. p C Freton. Arkansas
Wm TUIey. jr.. New York. C. Myera. ITilladcljihia. I
K W Bedford, Richmond Va T H Osborne.
T Campbell, California J K Mender, Philadelphia.
It N Hiipor, Boston. H Moore, ia-cunptnn. K T
J .1 Yields P Howe, Schenectady, NY. <
A W Hell. Baton Hougr. la. S I lodge, do.
W 8 tirma and lady, Baltimore.
Kirk wood House.
D Richmond, BufUlo, X Y. PG Buclmnau, Sow York. !
I- | agge. AMMliy > 1. .1 nim, iv? uri?T, .* 1.
IT M II Yau Itvke. N Candiuii. C Ikiwkes, Nnw York.
It Hamilton. do. I1WWI, do.
W A Seat*, New York. C A Coleman, Baltimore.
S H Cole, do. ? W Coleman. Virginia
( lWt. do. Mr Kartnu, Maryland
X K l'aine, Bockville, K Y. J Sodden, MaUord.
0 M Bice. do. J B Carter, Virginia ,
James May. Iowa S M Xash, Itoaton.
J France. Massaidiuactts. S ESat age, Xnw York. 1
R Homer Marvlaud 1
National Hotel.
J M Brown,Connecticut II BOardinor, Maryland
A A M (.oily. Buffalo. NY J S llenderaon, Scotland.
J Mitier, Alexandria. Va M lU'ratt. Alabama.
W W liawkea, do IT Wall. IT 8 A ,
A (i Hoy>c. Baltimore. II t Van llenburg, New York
VV T Rioe, do. J S Boelianan, Virginia,
t A BUudv. do .1 A Davis, do
T K Hunlli, Kultuu, Mo. Mr a II II Mean*, Baltimore. I
W 8 Chipley, Islington, Ky J Ijuieasl.r mini lady. philad'a
J S Wilson, do ik|itaiu Jowi.DHA. I
J It Stewart, Philadelphia (. s HuDumett, New Orleati*
W Gerrteii, Utah Tarritory. .IMIa1uglaa.O1ieago.lll. 1
J U Smith. Wiaconslu T(i Ttmnshend, Baltimore 1
1) K I'raM, Mnawachuaclt*. J T OiaUellicr, New York. <
M Streeve, Cuba. Wni Waahhtirn, do I
I Snowden, New York < nl Jaa Polk. Baltimore
11 Souther*, Philadelphia. W T tliUnioro, New Orleans I
II M (\ilier. Sew York J W Watarai, New York
i? T LT ink water Bosloii W O Shaw, Vermont I
Wm Morton. Mas'acbuaelt*. H June* do (
TTowu, do HHOnates I
United Matei Hotel.
Wm MoTrit, Richmond. Ya. J RCarter, Virginia
A W Hancock, do Tho* S ShorI, Missouri
.1 E Young,Charles county, MJ Col lawreuc. and family. Haiti
A J Fall*, District of Columbia more |
I, l.ytina, Virginia Miaa lawreore, do
J Edward'. Virginia (' C Baldwin and lady. N Jersey F
Russell. Ohio Wni Thompson, Montgonwry ro ,
Kdward MeCaun, Washington I'C Md 1
J K Kdmond*. do W Willing, Howard county, Md <
ltd John Tkylor, king Ue.irge co , John King, New York
Va. K I Km lap. lady, clidd. and ser
F H Brown, Baltimore. vant, Peterahurg, Va
Wm H Baldwin, Williamsburg. Va Mr Mo9)M. Ik IS ton. Mast
Ulna J M Moulder, do OPTre-k. do
Mr*. R. Moulder, do '
Near Wa'liington, on the 1Mb inetant. after a brief illnest. MAR ; '
CAKKT FRANCES, youngest child of .Unas and Mssusxitr Satnas | '
agist 4 month* and 23 daya.
tin Monday, 2lst inalaut, alter a loug and painful illDese, XII'HO j
I.AS A. KAX1IAU., aged -J! year. ; t
The friend* of the family are resjieetfiilly invited to attend htafu j 1
neral froo hi* late reildMUM ou 1 street, umr 10tb, 10 day, at 10 i
( 'clock, a. m.
T^A8H1N(*T1)5 THEATRE. j
Two Opor?? ' ScgMtar price* !?Ok>1 Theatre ! j
II. ('. ttoOITCK ('onHwAor
WodneaUay la*t utgbt (if the mumni, Inmeftt of Mr H. C. Oaopor, the j
celebrated viollnut A grand vocal and irmtrmuciiial nvticrrt.
Juuc ti {Bute* A. Star J
aw-Km. on, 'I km peak, Attention.?Wiuvhingtnu !
<lamiaoArxkrv No 1 will aoaentbi- in fntl ufrifortn at thHr A*yIurn,
i 'un^r of Oth ami 1> r4i?rt-, on Thai inlay ne*t. June 24th, At d cluck,
p in to form the oeort >* tlie M W dr^ad I^mIrh of V. and A. Ma
fn?l*. :
By order of the llntiiictii Comtnandrt
Jimm* 22- TuWedATb W S. M?\NAJRN\ Recorder
Ma*.>r ? Drm,
Wt-biaftim. JufM 14,1444 j
ALL perwuut lmv mg claitiiH .ighinst th? Corporation ,
(4 W;?*hini(fe>t> oi any kiud. rarci* the lull led 4eM, arc re- 1 ?
qaeatert tn rum,-l. a tuicn-mit <X IbHr amotnil W Hit* ilkr imuxdi
ately JAHlf (i HKBRKT I (
June 16?<H Jltyi.r. I
Tli* nflfoei and momber* ?C the tfrnt Wflf?Ul|rfui Gr.trd of
rre aud Ati |4vii ii.otou ui ihr ltt?Ukt ? oiuiwlaa and U?. era!
ubordkuite ! odgo*. are r*x|tif*Med lo at Hill. e.>ti?ei
I l> .*#??? 9U< jsUeeLj on Thui*uy neat, the HUi uillant John ^ i
by J at 4 oYI.h k p lit
The pr**oemkm w ill be formed at 6 o'clock, *ud pr*em*< by way oi
tii rlrcet In .Sew York a\unu?\ thence ui 14 etreot, along H ?treoi |i?
7th klrtHH. by 17th Mtreel to lVm?>ylv>tnut a\?juu*. ahum fruuaylva
t?i u venue to the wc?U*jn jj.it.- at the t'ajnud. a>. I Ui?-u? ? along Mary
u?d IVADUf to the Wuuth.?<?mui Institute where an of all >n vvtll j
ebvered by Bro. Hubert Morris, H. W. |Vj?ui> Grand Jtia?ier of tin .
lata of Kentucky . after which the proceaehNi w ilt i<*tuin to Muhotiu
U!l. where a Banquet will be *? rved.
Member* of the fraternity in g<*.?d MiUtdUif rau procure ticket* br
Ire adint i<>n ol theiuielvi-H and ladies to the bunqud from the Grand
ixrotary and ibc secretaries of the *e\cral anbot diuate lodfctv-.
By or<l?r 0. A *TlWA&LttAJf,
J.in? ii*J TuWedJtTh Grand Secretary
r AlK THAN Kb AND OUR BILl^.?Th? former |
\ J tti- jircnMi to the vast and increasing number who purchase ??i
a lor oaalt, and other* who pay promptly w hen failed on It will be
ur constant aim to grow lu their confidence.
The latter (if not called for at our deekj we will piereat in a I ?
ay a to all indebted to u* tte have Mated m> often and clearly that
II our hilb? mutt l?e |?r?*tu|4iy |?aid in cash wbeu preo'uled or that
i oil id be (linxmuuual, lhat we deem it requisite only to My thai we
dhere to tills rule.
" U t* our dolorfimu-d purpose to make our trade** uear a cash bun
iea- as poaeible without diMurhtug the ph-asaM relations which have
aiited betweeu tunny of our c udOBMM and onrklvrs lor a loOtf Mf
uw of year*."
Central blorea," wml botlJiun,
Juut- 2S? lOtdi' upt>o?lte t'culre il.i ket
Lieut, col. graham on the art oe war.
iiWlkA, I H.r?8
lo-udy ? Elements U Fortilicaliou 1 vol. I>?t)doii
Tbn Mooo ? KotiUtuti ou her Alia, by .1 Von Oumptcb, i v.d 1 ou
Fleming's Vocabulary of Philosophy. IadjkIuu
Sh Join* Horachel ? Ensuy*. Addresses, kc , I vol Ixmdou
The Useful Metals and their Alloy*, 1 vol., lihisti atod. Loiidou
Fatnsr < ImIQcmIUm of HouMuialu. I vol. l+HtdouFaber
oq the Doctrine of Trunt?ubatauimlu#ii, 1 vol. IajuUoij
Batrd'a Cyclopaedia of the Natural ScleuoeH, I vol. Ix?ad?>u, IBM
Timixlad, iu Gcograph). Keeour*m*?, Present Condition, and Pro*
Kvta, by Do Verteml, 1 vol. la?udou, IBM.
KiubaAMioa aid Korci^u Courts, by "A living Ktiglnihuuin I?mj
The Pr?M and Public Service, 1 vol. london.
Naval Cuuuarr; by Sir Howard Douglas. last edition, 1 vol Ixui
Cyclopaedia of Universal History, I vol. I/sjtlou.
Imported by FKAN'CK TAYliJR
June 22
IIfIIJ)FLOWEK ; by the Author of 44The Hoiute
of Kltuoce," *'Oue and Twenty," kc.. Ate. Price bo cent*;
iciavo, p.?|**r ooveia.
4 For ? very -me her liked, and every oue iter loved Sptmwr
lite follow i. % arc a few opinions, from the leading English painT#
tad rot lew a
"A book which, wbou taken iu hand, will not be willingly laid down
?y any novel rcarter till be 1m* ended it."?- London Athinurum.
1 Written with much depth of feeling.'*?Lonion Krantiiur
41 A delightful Story, distinguished lor the elegance of its style, mid
he jiatb"<*and nctitiniotit with winch it aboundu. it is entitled lo lake
i high place 111 the literature ol fiction,-Lnuion /-W.
14 The moral tone of4 Wild flower* U elevated, and many of the pussa
|ca arc of striking beauty. We read a from beginning to etui with
deasure.1'?London I'rext.
" Ureal power of delineation in tho pr incipal cliaracturistic of Wild
low er."'London S/xxiator.
' A Novel that w ill not be easily surpassed."- IjtmLm diowr.
For sale by TAYUdK k MAlKY,
June 22?St 334 Peun avenue.
By J. C. McGlJI RJ?, Auctioneer.
EXTENSIVE Sale of Solid Mahogany l>cnkH, Arm
Chairs, Bookc&hc.-i, Carpets, Ate., being the Furniture iu the old
iluii of the House of Representatives! ?On Monday morutug, June
iUtli. at 10 o'clock, iu the old House Hall, I shall sell lo the highest
Didder ?
275 solid mahogany writing Desks, of various siacn, with drawer*,
first rate locks, and brass feet
300 mahogany hair cloth covered Jj^ria Chair*, same with mahoga
ny w riting desk attached
AImduI 1,500 yards BriiiselsCarpets
large quantity of Critr on HUB and Worsted Drapery
lot of Reporter's Desk* and Rtauds, High Chairs, Curled Hair
CUtsbions, {Screens, Bookcases, Pigeon Holes, Tables, Hoiks, Cloc ks.
Chairs, Wa-h tatids, kc.
Terms cash In specie. By order of J. C. AL1*KX,
Clerk of the House of Represent %tiv en.
June 22?d J. C. McCl'IRK, Auctioneer.
SEMI-ANNUAL NOTR E. We are now having all
unsettled accounts made oil' our books, (as Is customary at this
lesson,) and we hereby notify those of our customers having totch
with us, that they ran obtain them at our desk until the 27th instant.,
when those not called for will Is- rendered with a view to settlement
*ti the 1st of July. flllTHINPOX k MUNRn
June 21?d3t*eod3t [HtarJ
Nrl askcta February 1, ISf.N, ?4,085.808 81. Secured iu Stair
Solid, and mortgage* of ftral r !a.-*.
Fredericks'. Win*too, president. Isaac Abbott, kecrrtary.
A. Y. H Garnet!, M. I) , examining phyilrlu, Mb Ninth Mrwt
i'atuptilet* and farther information may lie obtained at the office of
111*111^ IIK* rwJULi. Agmi'.
June 22?dfirn* No. b07 Seventh street.
of lk?ttra glossy" wide and narrow Black Silk*.
Ab*>, in large lots of moat choice quality Mourning Hi Iks of new and
select style*.
We name also a Urge lino of while, figured, and doited Swiss Mas
linn, remarkably cheap.
20 piece* colored Linens for gcntlonieu\> shirt* and children's w ear.
With a large stock of Fancy and Staple Dry flood*, specially and
<>ue price only, marked in plana figures, and no deviation.
A visit to our establishment incurs no obligation to purchase.
Good articles, low prices, and fair dealing raav be relied on in all
' Central Stores,'* west building,
June 22?lOtdif opjxMite Centre Market.
Orrtc* or Sw votary of the Hexatk.
June 21*t, 1858.
HEALED PROPOSALS will In* received at tlii* office until 12 o'clock .
nj.,on Thursday, the l*t July next, for furnishing and delivering
in the vaults of the Capitol, on or In-fore the first day of November
uelt, one hundred ton* (of 2,240 lbs.) of best anthracite white ash
Doal, in lumps not less than three nor more thuu six inches in diuin
etor, and entirely free of ?lutc or other foreign snbstanoes.
Also, for one hundred and fifty cord*of best hickory wood, Pa In*
measured at the expense <*' the contractor iu the tXpitol yard, sawed
iu two pteoe*. and properly j lacked away In the vaults; the whola
r object to the inspection of the fccrtUry oi the Senate.
Security for the faithful performance of the contract for furnishing
lhe above article* to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Senate
wilt l?e required.
Proposal- may be separate, and should be endorsed "Propoul* for
Wood," and "Proposal* for Coal," and UirfOtei "T? the Secretary ?>f
I tie Heuate."
June 20 d12Hth (lutkStar |
1 Iu conformity with that gwart of the act uiakiug appropriations
or the sup|M>rt of the army for the year ending the 30th June,
I8&9," approved Jane 12th. 18SH. which appropriate* ' for the pur
rlia.se of breechloading ? arbiuo* of the bo?t model, to Ins selected and
Approved by a board of ordnance officer*/' a Itoard consisting uf three
?fficers of the ordnance corps will meet at West point. New York, on
die 12lh day of July next, for the purpose indicated by the law.
All penman desirous uf competing for the beat molei breech load
ng cat blue4 are invited to do so. and each competitor ia required to
submit hi* carbiue, with the prop-r ammunition lor the same (not
ess than one hundred rounds) to the tswrd, not later than throe
lay* after the commence unit of its sc-aton to explain its mode of
>l?eratl4Hi, and to leave it with the hoard for riauunaUou and trial.
Colonel of Ordnance.
Okuxancr Orrn-K,
Wnshiugtuu, June 18. 18&H.
The Evening star Hun and Argus at Baltimore IVnn?ylvnuuii at
I'hdadelphia: Herald, Daily News, and .fournal of DimnfW at New
lurk, hat at Button Times at Hartford. Enquirer at Cincinnati
fouth. Enquirer, and Examiner at Richmond. Democrat at AtNugihai,
i'a and Brow n low - Whig at Knox tide. Tenn., will please publish
be foregoing aedkv till 12th of July next, and forward to thi? office a
opy of the first paper coniatning It.
June 20?dUuly 12
DREW'S FREE CHURCH, (Protestant Episcopal.) -The Ooogre
catt?ui of tbU Church propose* to give a Festive Entertainment on the
?4lti of thi* month. at "Meridian Hill. " a beautiful and attractive
>n Boundary ulrwt, want of 141 h iWHt,
Bm object in mart conuiradibtr, it being lo rail**' fund* for the
trecttoo of u Onrch with Free Seals, and a School house for the free
4ticntkw of poor children.
The following interesting exercise* will. It Is hoped, atlrnrt a large
mniher of guests
An addren* will Ih? delivered on the life and character of H idhu
Ire Baptist, by the Kev. Charles H. Hore, of the Church of the
Prof. F. Nicholls OfWth, linlrWd by his class of Vocalists, will ex
rente a rich and tasteful |*t gramme of mu.-tcel exercises, with piano
orte arcntttpnuimcut*.
Monsieur Pi 11.n V Hra.-s Band w ill enliven the entertainment with
[heir tine per fort..
A feast of good toings will tm furnished by the lady (MtrMieriei of
he entertainment?free to the holder* of tickets ot adniisnon.
OoiMmu :u?d fruits <?f all kiuds furnished hyMi. Soholileld ,
caterer, at city prfcvw
For the accommodation of guest*, four stage- wlB leave ihb follow |
rig places, anil at the hours here indicated, and deliver them at the
l?lace of aasenrhlitiK free of charge, via: Two stages. at I?*,, a. n: ?t j
[be corner of Ninth Street and New } ork avenue, two at 14lh atrcet i
ind Pennsylvania avenue ami two at the above places at 31,, p. in !
*?i stage* returning at night
IVrson* going hy private conveyance will he H.lindh d by tt?c gate
keeper on presenting their cards <if admission.
Tickets $1. admitting a lady ami gentleman, or any two persons, to !
be entire feast?to be bad at Mr .1 F Flits** Mi?*Id Hlore, Pmnayl 1
/aala avenue, and at the ifc*?kshoes of Moser* Main hard k Motion.
Vanity I vawo avenue, corner of 11 Mi street; Taylor k Maury. K.
"bilp, Pennsylvania avenue, and Wm. F HalUutyiie, Seventh stre?-t.
it the Drug Store of Mr Nairn corner of 1Mb street and New York
ivenue; ami at Mm Drug Store *4 Mr. Mcpherson, corner of IVnnsvl
ranU avenue. Capitol Hill.
A po'ice force will he in attendance to preserve order.
Committee of Arrangement* T. S. Dux do R, B. Irotuide. A. >V. \
l.iftw*. I- MfMMr. )r
Iwr on ih* lir-t Bow. pi?^antl> funiiifcail, wbfob for l>raii i f<U
MlM and ronlw" t h* iir|i?.- .1 ta (Jfa rtti Tbry my
i-w l ! a i<m?-oiihl?- |?r?~r t'n?|uir<- "U tlfo pmnUii- v < fnt I,
trm, betwrHt Jilli and Ifeh
I haA" cm hand ?averal flno Piaaua ?In ti I ?.11 ?ell wr r varj
o? . aud on an mmelatief tf in.<
Juoc 1??8<? RENJdMIN REP*.
|- ... ....
McrttK anlt ulll.i HAII Jb 'Alt
.tummrr mu^ooili. rcWk gnaUy imj<rm .1 tck' Mn
Tliree through coiibKllii|j tralaa arc uow run .lruly (ricqH ttuuduy i
rnxit Wa-litiigina I.., u? vt.~i ? M;??
i-i. tik nxaskan iackic-m mau. ?uju uiu, * , ?t
Uning uuu- .ur brrngia-l >1 K.lay Hmw. Wwkmi m
y.mcuuo Wafer* pr.?-.-eduig Wfel The- train par ae Uraftnu at *u
|p in , atul rouniala al ttri.wo.id lw Uh- tihio river, at 1* |> ... , a if.
Initial itluti trail for Cblumlrut.. I'm. tuuaii. Mad lan rttwiun. p.ii.1
iiai'titim t lucutintli al 11 -Ai. a. in., negl day.
At nut t.KlUT UN'TWlll and riT IaiCH kxi'&mrt eoauet,..*
trav Maalini|(i<iu (tin Induig Sunday) al 3 10 p n. nw.ldny Cm
I miuUi al 1, I' in . i.ril day, ami oounecttag directly wltli K>pi , " _
Train Air lionet .lie. Cairo and tin ttnuthweet, and *.r M I inn. Kan
aaa. etc Turn- Iruui Wnluiijluu lu Cin< innali uul) XH Indira, and la
N Inula .ml) id tMKira
OBCAMO and N'ttHTII WhWKKN KJCVKMtn leavew i?*e..,4 Saturday
and r-u u*Uy i al |i ui , im-cetHgi at WaaluOKUm yuwoun vt Mai
tttiuire, kwv tug Uaiuuniri' at 10. p. UI Ou Sunday inalii tin- rutin. >
km wHh tin- train u mad.' by the 3 30. J? nt train f.r<>u> Weahtngt ..
Tu i in a tin- grand mountain itrrnery -if tt.r riant in day light take in*
i lb. a tn .--r b SO, |. ro, traiu ti .iu Mmdumruni a
tur rarkrruburg and all ilalaita- uti the Not Urn eat.rn \ irguua mad I
take tlir 6.30, p ni . Irani fur all puluia ou the Marietta Katlrua l tak r
tin* Name.
Ilk- a .rale u .'.Mjoratou- fruta Waabingl-Hi and nalllninrr l.y all 111.
e iraina. in both dir.t tioui.. are the r|.~.-Bt ne?i direct, an I an.
pie tlial liave yet beau utt.-ro-l In lire travelling public, aad every tin
pro.emeul and advantage that tb? rerourec* of the Baltimore and
Ohio Itailrnad and lie aaauetale Irani - cud rugged have bran a? uriul
under lina arrangement Through llekru and baggage charge u> all
UuarluTN, and every wilier puaaiblr bntlilv , will lie luttnd upon Ur.i
mute. y
Way ivaareugera fur lire wain atom uf the Baltuuure aad film. Rail
i -unl will leave WaaUmglon aa foiU.ua Tur all pnuita hem aaa Wait
melon Juucliou aud I'Muliuuut by the b lb, a m., irain. Wit all Ma
lu.u. wwri'U rH-UMUUl sou nueeuug, H>r \uo ? ?, p ui , o ?. ?w
lountN-t with tile lYedeiuk train,Uke the 3 SO, p m trstn
1 or tickets uf all kimla bwggugr chunks, snd further Information j
apply to THtiH H. PAKHONH, Agrn!
Or at tlm ticket ufRrw, WashutgtMl station
Uuitr of Transportation
uaaerai Turttat Agent
UaLTUHiw, liny 8, 1838
Vroui WA.SH1NHT0.V CITV to Virginia, Teuwwsee, Oeorgu, Alabama,
Mississippi, lavuisiaoa, Ar>?n?n?, and Texas
Through Tickets ran tw obtained at the grant HooHimeateru Hail (
rmsd Offlrr, comer of Pennsylvania avenue aod flixtu street, Washm* ;
ton, no board of tbe Strain Kerry Hunt tieurge Page or at tbo OIBr* of J
tin- orange and Alexandria Railroad, at Alexandria J
To Richmond, Danville, Lynchburg. Brlatol. Knoxvtlle, Daitou, i
Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville. Huntsxille, Uiand Junr !
tion, Memphis, Montgomery, and New Or lean* 1
By a Direct Route and Gouttnuou* Railway Connexions to Memphis ^
A Hording greater Kxjiedttiini and Comfort and being over 100 inline
shorter ttiaa by any other route.
The steam ferry lnmt (hvorge Page leaves the foot ot Seventh etrert ;
at 0i^ o'clock a in for Alexandria, where passengers take tlieear* fbi s
Kiebniond, Charlottesville. Staunlou, White Sulphur Springs, Wooil <
?ciek. he and at 7tg, p. in., for Rirhinoud and all points Sonlhwurt,
making ski aud close connexions to Memphis
jLUggag" wagons and omnibuses leave Uie nfllre, Pa aveuue, at b
o flock, a m , and 7, p iu j j
JAMB* A. EVAN'S, Agant, I
June 18- tf Washingtou
Baltimore and ohio railroad, waibh- .
lN(?TON BRANCH TVE8DAY, JI'N'K 16, trains will letva I
a* follows: u
ft 16, a. iu., expreas tr&iu connect* at Annapolis Junction for An
napolt*; ?t Washington Junction for all part* of the Watt; and at llai
Untore for Philadelphia and New York.
7 lb, a. in., way brain for Baltimore, Philadelphia, ami Ktw York
3 So, p. in , express traiu conoKti at Washington Junction with
eiprnt train for all part* of the W^l, and at Baltimore for Norfolk,
Philadelphia, and Neve York.
4.10, p. m., way train for Baltimore connect* at Annapolis June
tioit for Anii?|M>hr', aud WasbiughHi Junction with express trains We*t
6. 30, p. in . way train for Baltimore couuecta at Washington Jnuc
tion with accommodaUou traiu West.
Tlie ft 16. n. in., and 3.80. p. in., trainK arc express, ami will stop
only at Anuapoba and Washington junctiou*.
On Hatarday, the 3.30, p. ui., train goes to Philadelphia only
Un Sunday but one tram leaven?at 3 30, p. iu
June 13 tf . T It. PAR8UN8, AGENT
?3 HRORGK PACK will run as follows
i cave Alexandria at 4. 8, 10. 18 o'clock, a. ut.; 2. 4, and 0 o'clock,
p. 111.
Iswve Washington at 6, 9. 11 o'clock, am; 1,3,5, and 7 o'clock,
p. m.
Ttic THOMAS OWJ.YKR, when on the route, will run at opposite
hour*. Faro 13 cents.
Whaley'H omnibuses connecting with the Page and Gillyer, unil
leave the Capitol, and corner of I'itli street and Pennsylvania avenue
the aaiiie time the boat* leave Alexandria.
June tk -rod - tf K1CII ASH WAU.ACH, President
More to be admired than the rich
est Diadem ever Worn by King* or Emperors. What? Wli>
a Boautlfut Head of nair;
Because ft la the ornament find hlmxetf provided Cor all our race
Reader, ahliough the rose may bloom ever w> brightly in the glowing
cheek, tho eye be ever mi sparkling. the teeth be tboae of pearl, It the
liead U bereft of IU covering, or the hair ha snarled and shrivelled,
lurch and dry, or, worse still. If sprinkled with (ray. Nature Witt love
more tbaa half her Miarms Prof. Wand's Hair Restorative, if u-e.t
two or three times a week, will r?ltire and pcrmdnadlly aacure t.?
all Mich an ornamenl. Read tlie following and Judge. Th# writer of
the llrst ta Uic celebrated | dan let, Thalbcrg :
Ngw Yout, April It, U8?
I hint Sia : Permit me o> expreaa to yon the obligatlnua Inni under
for the entire restoration of my hair to ita original color About the
line of my arrival in the United States It wan rapidly becoming gray,
but upou the application of your "Hair Keulorattvo" it noon recovei
ed iu original hue. I consider your restorative na a very wonderful
invention, quite efficacious as well is agreeable.
I tun, dear sir, yours, truly,
Dr. Woon. ? THAl.BKRi.
"Drycb a'r (JwyMedydeC"
Welch Newa|ia(>er Otllcc, 13 Nassau street, April IS, 186l>.
Paor. O. J. Worm : Dear sir : Rome month or six wanks ago I re
calved a bottle of your Hair Restorative and gwve It my wife, wb.t
concluded to try it on ber Iiair, little thinking at the time that It
would restore the gray hair to Its original color; but to ber as well as
my surprise, after a lew week's trial, II baa performed that wonder
fui 1 it'ect by turning all the gray hairs to a dark brown, at the same ,
Uiuv beautifying and thickening the hair. I strongly ruoommeud the
above restorative to all persons in want of sorb a change of Ibetr baits
Naw Yoke, July 28,1887
Pace. (I. J. Woim : Willi confidence do I recommend your Hair Re
nlorutive, aa be tug the most efficacious article 1 ever aaw. bines
using your Hair Restorative my hair and whiskers, which were ai
most w littc, hare gradually grown dark, ami I now foul eunhdeni
that a few more applications will restore them to their natural color
It also has relieved me uf all dnndrilfT and unpleasant Itching, so com
111011 aiuoug persons w ho perspire freely. J. (i KUJBY
I'nor. Wood : About two years ago iny bad- commenced Atlkng oil
and turning gray; I was fhel becoming bald, and had tried many
remedies to no pfl'ccl. 1 commenced usilut your restorative in Jaun
ary last. A few ap|ilicutl<m < fastened my balr firmly II began I >
till up, grow out, and turned back to its tbroier rotor, (black ) At
this time It Is fullv restored to its original color. beallh. and a|qs>er
am e. audi cheeriuUy reisimmentid ita w to all. .1. I). HOES
t HicAim, III., May 1, 1857
The Restorative is put up 111 bottles of three altos, via Urge, rnu
diuui, and small : the small holds half a pint, and retails for out dol
iar |a'r Issile , the medium holds at leant twenty per cant more m
proportion than the small, retails for two dolUrs per bottle ; the largo
holds a quart, forty |>er cent, more in proportioti, and retails for 83
0. J. WODD k CO., Proprietors, 312 Rroadway, New York, (In tbn
great New Y'ork Wire Railing Establishment ) and 114 Market street,
St lrOiits. Mo.
And sold by all good Druggist:, and Paucy Hoods Dealers
May 13?q!im
(i. a. um. /on* i. umm.
Stoux City, Iowa,
ki 11 e r lands wlib land warrants or cash, or as limn, and loan mouar
at we-tvrri rates, pay (ales, and fumiah alnlnrt to ttOas
Hep 35?dhwwlv
INTERESTING TO LAWEg.-WheuiB~a?*courso
/human event" Indies and geutiemcu lone uM of their greatest
natural altratlrooa- a tine head of hair?It become* a matter of w
rious imponaorc. utid the ipteatnm le, What eh?M we do to stop the
hair fmru (hlUag off and restore Ua vigor and beauty in reply to
this query we keg i<> *a> try Ur Harris s Hair Promoter and Improver.
A few applications will slop the hair falling or broaktog
remove dandruff, k?cp lln- sealp clean and white, and impart fraak i
n.-as and vigor to the hair , awl. although yhn may hava been liald 4
twenty yaars. Itie eontinued use of It two months will wears yon
a luxuriant In ad of bair fall and get a bottle and, If not satisfied .]
after the second applicatsoti. iMturu it and get the prim paid I
Ask IV n lir Harris's Han Promoter and Improver Sold la Birb j
mood b) VT PKTKRHON Druggist j
Corner Maine and 12th and llalo and Wall street- |
Hold in Washington by Z. I< Gil .MAN, druggist, Pennsylvania ate i
mie, near 7th street, and It B (T.AKK,4ya street nod Panu avaunc i
May 31 -3m i
CP. CULVER, (ScivKsao* to I). 8, Ditto*,) DKI'IJ
gl-t and A|Kdheenrv , mrner l'ennsv Ivanis Avenue and 12th t
street, Washington. I>. C. Having thoroughly renovated and Oiled ij
up toy Store with on entire new and fresh Mock of Itttt'UM AND Mi l 'I V
C1NKB, I iiin prepared lo oiler bi tiro Medical Pruftsssttm of Wadhbigl -n f
elty, aesuratioes of eotistautl) keeping on hand the very be*I and
Irewhoet arUelea of Hrogs and Modtntneu In rompntindlm their pre
M-rtpUmg To the invalKl, every caulk-a and rflWVney,ad Well a? di?
patch In tilling nil preacrtpuoos or OT'lors with which tbtpmr kln.in
favor luo, cither by dav or iiiglrl.
My stork of FANCY TOII.CT ABTtC1*8, con-t tlng In part of ?:? 1
tracta (<* the huAmliirf, t'nlaguea. huewlw. MUlnr llw Mir, Hair
Ki*et**ralivca. tbir liyea, Natf**, Powder* fur the far**, TuMti H??i- ami
liruahe.*, Hair Comb* ami Brueboa, Purtntoualee. IVrfaina Bottle* of
the rtcheat *lr1i* all of which In a* rovnplele. if not ?ii|ierlor to no
uliekuo* iu tale market
lh add.lion lo III** above, I have on ban.I rial ahall oaataMli kre
for -al. .Clurtoe lUIUakr'a rich Bohemian til.AAt AMD CHIN A TtHIJCT
ANt> TABIJE WAUK, t>) the |?er? or In eeta, to *bah I would rail
nperial attention j>
I a*penned to the tf.tr *ty ami hnl.lint at all houra of the ,ta>
Jena 13
COfFER Bl!ALK. Thn% wil! It** nM at ptitili.
auction at 13 m . oa the ISlh day of July, MM, at the
V. f. Navy Varil, WarlitaAlon, rcmi one to ?t|M tnou, aa mat boffered.
of OllftJ HCAI Jt The aoalpMa iff aeMfffaa af ataMlar acuta
ha* firm about 33 f?*i c*nt ol metallic eofrper.
It can he exaanineff at a ay time yravtoffa to the aale, upon appln-a
lion at the Nary Tard. Teraaa iff aala caah
June 16 WM FUHX, HMffy Affenl
Kll. OILUST, ('ouufffftlor tit U?, haa rainuved k
0 hla affk-e to hr* r. .?ioi?, e ta Frudkltn Row, ooraar of K and I
IvnrM wtb ttreeta He a ill .atmae to dtiote hit ettaatma prtaclpalI)
to i aeaa n the I'li.tel *h?te? -lupitmt Oca it I
Oct 2a?nil I

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