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~~ AHT AXD AUTlsrs
K,J,nctl lull* j'.i t ' "Illpleled ill! UUtlimnul SlClle I'M SI I
\\ | Hiili' in, of IWilliiudi' Tin ii> h 1 v i ulinisj Idling,
glut tl" till/) .it 111 i ?* t J 'ii' it; "I tin lil.lilll Ml II, mil haw
ta*u naught with rare fidelity to Nature, nuii the picture
will attract the earnest udmh.tthui of the appreciative cx.,,,111.111.11
J In gn at Iiiiiund liii. ul..u Ttl* I- fToni Mi
Waltele which he >s ale/tlt t" ex.ciilo, civil);; ap, t iuteli.v
of liia faithful reproduction of Nature, a held in which he
niiik* at the very head id Ins profession. Air. It. Is now
over sixty year* old, hut is still ijiiile vigorous und laborious
in lux mt
One of the large pictures ordered by Air Wright, of
StW Jelm y, ami designed to Jlluutiah- the c,iteiii|
Auicili an .in till 'is urtiate. elnl men h nits ol the present
I leutury is now well a li ne . d up n tin , a , | ?| All
Hick*. It i* a picture of ahout ten by liltoeu feet, uud
will present the uccurate likenesses of uvu forty of tlic
oust eminent p. 'Is, novelists, mi J trial .rimis u| our c init(iy
The pieluie is nen n.-.tiily one picsculin;; many ilifli
eulfius iu the way of overcoming tile mere fniimtl group- '
iug of to uiuny ligures. but, both in tliis ies|K-ct luu) in
the management of the iucihsoiIon, .Mr. lliclis bids fair
to achieve a great success John l\ Kennedy Occu
pies a proiuiiic-iit position annai ,' tin iituiuluurs assembled
mi the canvas The picture ot cotemporary merchants
has been confided to .Mr. lt>s?itcr, uud is also in progress.
It will privut Id..-lies.- f uiuny of tin- most eminent
, iiiuiier ial men which thisounti i has piiHluced |h?ltiiiiore
will Is- repicseuted on the cm v.is by the late Hubert
St iother bus prepartil an lllustiiiteil account of the ill
in .lime lust over the Haiti
tlitl 8 iri|> i?
ioorr anil Ohio railroad, which will appear in Haqicrs'
M<int|,ly Ibi May. A very happy acknowledgment of
the tare ami attention ol Mr. Wui. Treocott Smith, which
r. the UcnrnioD so fruitful of pleasure, has ulno
made. Nearly all the ui tints who purtiei|iutcd proa
small picture, ami thu collection was presented
Smith, who will no doubt highly value it liuth
ulrinsic merit of thu sketches uiul the associations
!|. The sketch hy Mr. links is characteristic of
of the coiupauy when iciscuibled around the
V aplMratun, ami hua a huuioroiiH effect A
i of the photographic views taken during
have h en appropriately mounted and disr
Smith among the excursionists. A set
( 01 photographs of the road hy Mr. Israel
hand some liumes to the Century Club,
wl lost of the artists, literary men, uiul
p?t York. It is uleo mentioned that a
1>v)1t, ries of vioivs of different points on
t|)C i 'r. 1). 0. Hitcheock, the excellent
drafts liuve just I wen completed and
tent to will appear in the London Illustniteci
Ni date, and, lis the best series of
views yet grand scenery und engineering
in hiovcuici rood is so rich, must attmct
considerable gland and wherever else this
favorite pubi \
Hit Council vie kity of Alts have comets
the conclude .promote the interests of
industry, mt, an itold an international KxI
hilrition e'Vcr u.\ similar to that which was so
success fill In 18 61 their present view is that the next
great exhibition shall lie held in iMtil. With regard to
the munngi ineiit to which the proposed exhibition should
lie entrusted, and the means of raising the necessary
funds, nothing dclinite has yet Ih-cii decided. The first
step taken hy the council will lie to ascertain how far the
commissioners of the exhiiiitiou of lgfil arc willing or
able to carry on such an undertaking ; or. if not, how
far they will assist or suppoit it There appears little
reason for doubt on this he,id. Already it is rumored
that the commissioners are ready to Ilea l (he guarantee
fund of the contemplated exhibition to the extent of
?50,000 'J lie council, having communicated their views
to the r.uiunissiotiers, will proceed to inquire how far
those views are supported by the public at large, ami
more especially hy those jiortioiis of the public who are
practically interested in ait, manufactures, a ,d commerce.
The whole plan at present is merely In an intimate
state, and the task of maturing and developing it
will for sonic lime to come occupy, to the fullest extent,
the administrative energies of the council. U(>ou two
?r; ImM. hi.ur..v..r .,1 I.
it ill-finite resolution up|>ear to have lieeii arrived at
the council hare come to the conclusion?1st. that two
uetr features ought to I*' introduced into the next exhibition,
vis: music and intuiting; 2d, that every article
exhibited should mark progress, and ha exhibited in
i liumes and not in nations, us in 1851. These are both
valuable suggestions.
Lieut. W. I>. Tender, of the Kind Dragoons, U. S A ,
is uow on a visit to his friends in North Carolina, where
he has been warmly welcomed.
Col. Tompkins, deputy quartermaster general, who for
seveial ycuis lias been at the head of that bureau at New
Orlcuiis, lias left that city for New York, whem he is to
lie stationed. His family will remuiu at New Orleans
until the spring.
Capt. .1. Itowen and his wife both died at Pass Christian,
La., Inst summer, of yellow fever, which lie contracted
while on duty at New Orleans. Their remains
were disinterred alHiut u fortnight since, uud taken to the
burial-ground of his family, at Buffalo, N. Y.
The Sixth Infantry has won new laurels by its westward
luarcli. The Sacramento Union of the 20th ult.
xtates that the arrival and passage through the stieets of
that city of an entire United States regiment of infantry
(the sixth) luid created no little excitement, and much
delighted the citizens, who received the gallant troops
warmly, and even enthusiastically. It was, indeed, the
first time that so large a force of the regular army had
up pes red In that pint of California, and with the accoinpaiiimeut
of a long line of mules, baggage wagons, hospital
train, sutlers and other eaiup followers, the proeesniou
was at once a martial and a splendid show The
sixth, too, is the very first regiment that has crossed the
plains to California, having left fort Leaven worth oil the
27tlx of May. They had he-en one hundred uud ninety
lays on the march, not counting those of departure and
arrival. Or, taking the number of marchiug days, us the
regiment remained in camp on Sundays, llio duration of
their journey, all performed on foot, will have been
162 days. Tlicy have nveraged about one hundred
miles per week, in this long march the rogiment has
not suffered the loss of a man, nor been afflicted with
sickness beyond tlm usual portion of an urmy in the
field. A portion of the route traversed lay through a
country studiously represented in Washington as inhospitable
and even hostile, uud it lets been travelled ut a
season deemed unfavorable, if not, for a small part of the
distance, inclement Yet, not only are the men and animals
in a good condition for the termination of so long
sud bard a journey, but there has been no death of stuck
worth mentioning. Out of uiumt eleven hundred mules
the loss lias been only about thirty.
The sloop-of-war Plymouth bus been ordered to Norfolk
for repairs.
The United States sloop of-war Marion was at St. Yininit's
November 2.'id, and the frigate Macedonian nt '
Stt it . Jne stcomur'Wabaah
Wt w tfeo |3?l.
Dtopntch, Commander Dart\i
iL j Norfolk on the 20th, from the Gulf of
'II re' "nd Proc?cJ?l Immediately Ul? hi the navy-yard
the liivfsdoh wua sent down to the (Julf last summer to
ftiier (he Htizzmi umi ? - i
?/-?, #?nmt*c|uemiy
U>en actively employed in vwious other services.
By tiio restoration of the officers of the N ival Retin-d
Ut, Heigmnt Qlhaon, of tho New York harbor police,
' "'lipid at once from that humble position, the commando
o( a small row boat, to bo a commander in the navy.
Kring without employiueiit, after the action of the lie
h'ing Board, on the organization of our huilsir |>olire he
?"?pteri the pi?>ilion of sergeant of that part of the
"Oroe, for whieii lie was well i{iialitiod.
From the Brooklyn nary-yard we learn that all the
officers of the Niagara have been <lf fuphpd, .yivh fhe e*if|*?og
gf poptohi phggapt-y ogcl the ohiyC engineer, Mr.
Won, lx>th of whom will probably be continued at
(heir posts until tho repaiis anil alterations obout to he
undertaken are completed. 1 lie officer* of the St l/oui*
have all received orders, and are on their way to report
far duty. 'Hie seamen Intended for her arc already on
hard the North Carolina, where there ore now nfv>\^
1,000 in readinc-i-s for different Oommn"(U ioe uieuineis
^ t)fr)n? and Uafijpla, it is dually decided, are to be tit ted
Cat for Pai Kg nay
Mam rccn ais in New Knolanh lhrdncs* nppears to
h?vr attained a degree of activity in this < jtY It) 11 of
isoniisc to tigderti 'lite iutptovetnent In uianuhicttiling
u|aii.|t|o|is bus produced a change in tlie department dt>I*tidimr
iin.il. ill.. ?I.. *
1 , ? .... " "" ? ?
w Nfw England. Tli?n I* no great and feverish demand
'?t goods, liu| the iaII in constant, the customers an!
dispose^ to |>ay ctah if possible, mid the safety of the
hanawtions conijiene?t? s for the diminution in nmeunt
f|l|t? time* of cititentcnt and OTpr activity
ytiolon Trantcnpi
'Ilie FWc Mason* of Cincinnati intend to celebrate
St. John'* Day (the 27th) by a festival.
A Ltd center ?het |? loised in Cortland county, Now 7
York, and weighing 331 pounds, was Hold in tin; New o
Voi k. cattle in hi Lot, on Wednesday, for $100. w
The Hon* ol Malta of t'iiu iunati have contracted for ''
rive tlioiiHiind loaves of bread, wliicli tliey will distribute
among tiie rtor ot tliut city ou Chlistiu.is duy.
A bill repealing the a< t prohibiting cirous exbibitioiiH H
within the limits of VcruiouthuH been defeated in the leg- i4
islutuie of that State. (l
Two cannons aits iii coume of trial ol i:.ut Liberty, 7
near Pittsburg, by United States oltiecis. Up to the 13tb d
each gun hail bueu tired 2,200 tiuies, and both wcic still "1
sound?15 pounds of powder In cacli charge. I a
Our American custom of thanksgiving day was ob
Biived at lulls by Americans, and a grateful congregation
listened to a grulclul discourse from the lips of liishop
Met! vane, of Ohio. i
The aggregate numerical strength of the Society of '
friends is estimated ut about 15,01)0 iu tireat Britain, "
During the last twenty years the society in this country '
has been slightly but grad'lally decreasing iu numbers.
Wo learn that typhoid pneumonia is very preva e
: mm .11111 vciy i.iuti in iin l otiiii ..h 1110111111 I'rcilrl leks j
i burg. One farmer in King Ucoigc bus lost nix servants, '
mill u huge number still nick.
A Tubm en Fair linn been held ut South Windsor, Con- j,
necticut, the first nxliibitioii of the kimi in the Statu,
j The fair originated with u few neighbom who are tobae- o
{ eo-growers ; an organization wan lormed, ami au exliibi!
tiou agreed upon.
i Within the 1 ant three years the number of unknown
jiei'iums who have died in New York lias averaged 300
per annuiu. Thin teems almost iucredlble. liow many (
tulee ol aoirow and suffering are connected with these (
mysterious records. I
At Camp Floyd, Utah, the officer* and men are diverting
themselves with amateur tlieatriculs. The company
is maiie lip of enlisted men, and tin* feminine part is from j
the "Glt-ut Salt Like City." It was opened with the
conieily culled ''Used Up," and eoncluded with the "Dead T
Shot." 1
Tlie State of Texas lias granted forty-four charters to
railroad companies, of wliieli seventeen have been forfeited,
leaving twenty-seven charters still in force. Of
these eleven are in process of construction, witli uu aggregate
length, when completed, of 2,223 miles. j
If we are to credit a statement received from the agent "
of the Associated i'ross, the Atlantic cable bus liiul another
spasm. We imagine that it is a sell a dodge to ciiuble
Mr. Knave to sell stock to Mr. Wimple. Wicked world,
this, anil all caused by having people in it.
An ingenious man, who desired to go from Needham
to liostou, hut had no money, uirnle believe tliat lie was
the murderer of Caruley, for wliom a reward was ottered,
was arrested anil taken to lfoston, where iie was immediately
released, as not being the man wanted. ''
Among the private bill notices inserted in the London "
papers is one to empower a corporation, under the title
of Pneumatic Post Company, to hiy down and maintain
certain pipes and up;iwiutus for conveying by an atnios- "
plieric process lettcis ami purcels to ami from different ''
parts of the metro|K>lid.
A mortifying re|ioit conies from the "modern Athens,"
?'. e. Uostoii, to the New York Oourrier da iJatt Unif.
That paper's lufurmaut says: "Mr. Morrissey uttructs (
e sire attention and draws at iiis exhibitions larger crowds
than our worthy fellow-citizen, Mr. ITllman, and his en- u
tire opera troupe, Pircoloiuini included." >'
The authorship of "Krnest Carroll, or Artist Life in
Italy," lias been ascribed to several gentlmncu ill tlild locality,
but tiic suspicions of tlie most knowing have ut "
last generally uuiteil upon Air. lieury Greeuougli, of Cambridge,
who is un intimate acquaintance witli tlie chuructcid
spiHiaiing in the book, and lie himself resided abroad
for some time.
As John Methoim was feeding a circular saw in a Chicago
planing and shingle mill, on Friday, by some accident
or sudden obstruction of tlio machinery, the saw
flew out of its bearings and struck the deceased on one
dl.l.t utlln.r I,In. .lluimmillv In turn m.f
the opposite shoulder.
The Masonic Mule Aoaden^, at Uniontown, Ala., with the
lodge rooui alsive, with nlFlts eontenU, was destroyed by
fire ou the 26th tilt, 'lite jewels, regalia, furniture,
paintings, papers, Ac., were lost. The Masonic fraternity
are tlieieforo out of pocket Is-tween six and seven thousuud
dollars. The tire, the lleruld thinks, wus the result
of carelessness.
A porter in u silk goods establishment in New York
hus recently been discovered in robbing his employers of
valuable mercluuidise. Seven years' dishonesty CUuhied
him to purchase a fine house uiid live ill excellent
style, though earning nut si* dollars a week. Two 5
thousand dollars worth of goods tvore found on his premises.
A national convention of blacklegs assembled In Chicago
last week, delegations being present from nearly
every State in the Union. They are a splendidly-dress- *
ad set of men, and wear jewelry In great profusion. The
revision of lloylc, and the coditiuniou of the laws of
poker, &e., are the objects of the convention. What v
The schooner D. IV Sexton, which sailed from Clave- (|
land on the 2i)th May lust, for Loudon, has arrived safely u
iu Constantinople on the 8th November, after a rough
passage up tl|e Jfoditerrnneipi. Tip.- captain states Upit
he outsailed everything If) his course, and was the tjrsl of
a fleet of one hundred and fifty sail that arrived at that
port and without breaking a rope-yarn or leaking a drop, p
Just as an auctioneer in Hartford was saying "gone |"
a few evenings since, his audience went through the ||oor
into the pellur, but, happily, without hinting any of
then). 'lj|? ipuitjonppr, u? soon as hp found his Uga, i|
remarked that tlie accident would enable him tose|| Ivwrr
tliuu before, and eulleil for a bid, and they hid hint "gissl
night.'' This will balance the case of shop-h/lmp of the
day Wore. ,
The wealth of the two great centres, llostou and New J
York, amounts to eight hundred millions of dollars -New a
York having $625,000,000 ; llostou $275,000,000, or a
little more tliuu one-half that of New York. The prop- p
erty of Hoston is one hundred millions more than that of si
the city of 1'hiladelphia, and nearly three times that of n
Baltimore, it is eujd tljut Boston has Jnore property, ptr j,
anpila, than any other city iu the worldTha
authorities of tlie Orange ami Alexandria Hail road "
Company have been engaged the past week In maturing r,
measures for the vigorous prosecution of the work on the
Lynchburg extension the coming year. Favorable terms have
been made with responsiblecontriirtnis to put about "1
twelve hundred hands on the line after the first day of J
j January, which will Insure tlie completion of the work
: through to Lynchburg in full operation by the 1st fr
I September next,
j The queen of the tr-"'
I returned ?ijr WrF, "Flora Temple," hus
. w ?ne stables of her owner, Mr. McDonald, of I
1 Hiltlmore, who purchased her of J. McMann, of New
I 1 ork, for $8,001). McMann has been in ehurgo of her *
1 during the past season, and will probably continue to n
! handle her, receiving half the net profits of her engage- "
j incuts, which amounted to about $1,000 ])er week during h
III one week 302 loads of Delaware butter passed "
: through the WUtwyck (l'a ) toll-Kate, near that village, ?
1 for New York, by the way of Komiout steamer*. These ai
loads average twenty firkins. Calculate each firkin at 90
lbs., and we have 543, (iOO pounds, or over 2(i ton* of ~
the I lent butter in market passing this one point. Its
cash value, as prion now rule, is not leas than #135,000. I
The Uostou Is-dger says that in consequence of the loss ,,
experienced by Miss Jane Stuart, <lnughter of the great t<
artist, tillbert Stuart, at the fire ill Brooinfield street, a
mouth or two since, by which nil of her effects worn
hip lib .|owtah l\nelK*i, esq., anil fifteen other gentlenien i
>,l tip* city, have sulwcrihed eight hundred dollars, with |
Which they have purcliuaeil her copy of her father's wellknown
picture of Washington, for go many years tin; '
chief adornment of Kancuil Halt
A Mrs. San horn had her skull factored at Dixon, 111., j
by falling backward down the flight of stairs to Oliver
Wagney'* StnWh'-' y- 'he women of the place bad bought
Wagner' stock to destroy it, on bis agreement to quit i
the business, and she was helping to remove it when one {
of the casks rolled backward, and, catching one of her
hoops, curried her with it to the, Imttom of tlui stairs. It '
turned out, after nil, that Wagner cheated the women hy i
tilling tftp Ccyiks with oolored water and keeping his 1
liquor for his customers. . jj
A State cotiveution of locomotive engineers was hold '
at Chicago, III, on the 11th and 15th of December, at
Which eleven ruuls ware rcptnsented The report of the
conventiou was fur the put pose <>f memorialising tho
(egislatuie fo. tho enactment of a general law for the het ,
ter protection of railroad engineer*, thereby securing to 7
the public a conqietent set of engineers, who shall have j*
passed examination and received a certificate as the ma- IU
vine engineer* nowr <Jv I
Ns>v Yuma, Ihx 24 Cotton U dtooping?sales of
00 tides; Upland, 11 illti. Flour U heavy sains of
.000 bbls ; Bute, $4 25 a $4 40 ; Ol.io, $5 3.0 a *5 50 ;
julheru, 'J5 u $5 40. Wheat is quiet sales of 1,500
ushel* ; southern red, $1 25 ; white, $1 38 u $1 50.;
ieutucky white, ?l 55. Cum is ateady - salts of 0,300
ushcl* ; mixed, 77 a 771 cents; old yellow, 834 a 85
riiU ; new, 75 cents. Fork is heavy ; old mess, $17 45
$17 50; prune, $13 05 u $13 75 Irwd is quiet at 1 1J
11} cents. Whiakey is dull at 24} cents. Sugar is
lui with an advance of }c. on the week?Orleans, <1| a
| cents Coilee is lirut at 0} a 12 Cents. Molasses is
nil at 35 a 3$ cents. Spirits of tui |>cutine is dull at
8} cents. Koefn is steady at $1 50 oUstl. Uicc is hilu
t 3 a 3} cents.
Later froui Havana.
N?w Oulkam, Dec. 24.?The steamship Cahawbu arIved
here llsC morning, with Havana dates of the 20th
'he Fresident's mcstagc had been received, and, besides
aiming a gieat sensuiiou among the .Spanish otlicluls, prouced
a general sensation tluougliuut the intelligent poriou
of the whole coiumunity.
i.n....n.....i n.n ...i _ni.
(1 honor* by the authorities
Shipwreck and Cireut Loan of Life.
It max. Dec. ill.?The ship Margaret Tbyxoii, from
Jew Voik, bound to Siui Franc isco, aim wrecked, (date
ud position iiiikuown ) The entire crew, witli one
xceptiou, are ? apposed to have been lent.
One umn wu picked up on the skip's house, wlio re
orted he iiad been tioatiut; on it foi seventeen days
MM'iiai-i.ain hki vui:.?lU-v. I>r. Morgan, whose
Mil It was to have prcuclii d iu tlio Capitol on Sabbath iimruiug, at
1 o'clock, hat obtained a f?b?l;lul' In the Dev. II. M. Harmon, ol
Ultimora, who Is ivputt I to be a It rued unci able preacher.
Dec 2b
lid"- Instai.i.ation Mi.kti.vo.?The M. W. (irund
ndgo ol free ami Accepted Masons of ilio District of Columbia will
onvena ou lloiolay no t, December 27th, at -4, p. ill., ol Musouic llall
tu uAccri uod in tnhim f the Grand UMge aro particularly re
uontwii ly bo puuetuAlhi their attendance, and all brothers in good
landing arc cordially invil.d. l)y order of M. W. G. Mailer :
G. .V Ht'liWAlOMAN,
Dec 2b Grand Socretuiy.
?ar M Anoxic.?A regular communication of the
lost Worsliiplol Grand 1-odge ol Freo uml Accepted Masons o: the
Natrtclof Columbia will b nddal Kavouh Hall, i iraar of PmmI ittii
trout*, ou Monday next, the 27th iu-t., at 4 o'clock, p.m. Mu?tor
Usous in good standing arc fraternally ins itod to he present.
By order of the M. W. Grand Master :
Dec 25 Grand Secret*ry.
Ojjr St. Patrick's.?Christinas morning?First
lu-ttf (linydn No. S) will begin at 5, u. in.
hul nuMtf (Beethoven's Grand Muss lu <') will begin at 11, a. m.
There will ooaeverul low musses during the morning.
The doors will open preoUely at 4,l<,u. m. Pewholders are re
nested to Ik* present at that time.
Do it remembered that the collections of the day will bo a Christits
ottering for tlio little orphans. T. J. O'TOOLK.
to#"An xi'ai. Charitv Skrmox.?The annual sermon
n behalf ol" the Young ( atliolU- Friend*' Society of Washington will
e prottchofl by tile He v. John Early, S. J., president of Georgetown
ol lege, ou Sunday next, at tlio 11 o'clock service, ul St. Matthew's
hurch. J. J. KANE,
Dec 24?2t Oorreaponding Secretary.
Blair Fair and Fkrtivai..?The Ladies of the First
Fuitarian Church will hold a Fair and Festival iu the room lately oe
pied by Messrs. Gall as u jewelry store, No. 324 Pennsylvania aveue,
commencing Monday evening, December 20, and closing ou Fri
ay evening, the 24th. The proceeds will he devoted to the liquiduou
of a debt iueurrod for repairing the church edifice.
Dec tt-sltr
l.vge manager B. D. Eytloge.
Will personate Hi'' MiMiorly character of
Ill III'' tlvu U'-l |iUy of till
Alio Douglas Jerrold'a nautical drama of
Box book now o|icii for any nig lit "f tbo lady** engagement.
Hoi ..rtli .' open ul Metsoroll'a Music Mori1, Iroui V, a in , unlll 8, I>.
, lice 24
rjrrashixgton theatkb.
lago manager ^ ! tinge. ^
ncoud and last win* of the siicoossl'iit engagement of III.- AffkslCAM
ITb" will Inaugurate Ilia second and but scrhm of li-r pleasing performances
with Iter masterly rondltioii nl
i Hie la tensely hiteroating French drum* of live aclt, produced Willi
uw drvsaes and appointments, also aided by "I; tpivipiullcd dndilbu
ftpu of r liars,Acr.
first night this acastiii also of tl|e pleasing come liettn cutRJvd
harscters by MiiS Manners, Mr-" Wdn?I| li'VC- PiWsoii.Cro.ivclior,
and Eytlngp.
Box hnn|f ppff o|i$ij fur any n|glR uf Up> l.nly'a n gagctuoul.
il 'X Ullli e (,|ii'p n| MsUerotl'a Moste Spire (rum U, a. ui., until 4, p.
IKhj 24
9l/i Mreel, a few Joort north oj I'emuujlvanui avenue,
BEG leave to announce) to tlio citizens of WaaliInglon
lliul Ihey are now prepared t? execute any orders
lilcli they may be layered with Iu Hie
uaiuets, The reepocitvr Uraticboa will be under lb* super vision of
HUttl workmen fruui III'' Nurlli, wliere practical expert, te e lia<
tsdu tlii-ui familiar Willi all l|ie modern improvement-.. In fan,
ley Itayc spared neither Iruubla nor expense to procure tie- vpsry
i-n) el workipni.
We Iuvilo uitouliou to our altaik of CHANDElJUtH and other gas
N. H Htrb t attention, promptness iu the oxeculiou or orders, and
or prices induce us to hope (or a share of public patronage,
lice ill?If
^"OTH'E.?We open tliis (Clip '
* of tbs most dose ..-suiafi) day a luive
Those who I' Holiday goods offered this acasou.
.? ? not yd wledrd their prtpculi will II rid iu our
?? variety.
M. W (MM k lllto., Jeweller#,
354 IVniHylvuniit uvonuo.
Dec 25? 3t (4 door* west of HrowtuT Hold.)
I^AMIIaY HIIUsKS. K..irli?h ftful A innrS/iu K..,
|_ bindings; pocket Bible* and I'ruycr Book*, English and Amerl
mi, in calf, uioiurco, und *ilk velvet bindiug.*, and with clasps; KngmIi
und French portfolio*; pocket book*; gold |hjiih of tho finest
take; French drawing book*; AIbmns; Hodge r a'h penknives; Kng
sli, French, and American books for the young ; Engl oh
tid Aiuerlcun Historian*; En pi 1*11 nod American IbvUt, ol tho
uinl edition*, some of them finely Illustrated, other* richly hound;
ud a choice collection ol the tuusi favorite French author* ill flue
hiding*, are for hhIu by the undersigned, mostly hnporled by himself,
nd offered at tho lowest price* ut which the name can be found at
ny point in the United State*.
T A DIES' 8AL00N.?C. Outlier would respectfulI
1 iy inform hi* patrons und the public. Unit lie will introduce for
ie ilr*t time at hi* oaUhlishuieQt, No. 2VI I'ontisy Ivanlu avenue, bereen
I2tli and ISth el root*, a rich and varied assortment of French
ncy good*, nuporlor to anything ??f the ktsd ever lw*fore in the chy,
mnulMctnred by the ftrai house* In lkarle to lit* own order, and ex
renaly for Christinas and Now Year presents?
iteatltiful fancy boxen of leather
Rich carved oak boxes
Glove boxes, satin boxes
Jewelry boxen, velvet ImixoiI
Handsome enamelled boxen
Fancy boobuiilerm of every description
Hholl iiltd pearl basket*, with tine stool ornament*
Corbellle'a inoisuotieneH
Punier?; rustlqu**, pompadour baskets
for be lib*'.* fuiiitanlerea, fancy basket*
Pocno* de Kantn-ie with fine eiigrAVingi
A large assortment of cornucopias, lauey toys, and oroimenU
for Christmas tree.
Dee 17?ood2wlf
A CARD.?Tho uttciition of persons furiushing im j
\ i.ulled to the sale of superior household furniture advertised to |
Ac place at tho residence of Hon. It. J. Walker, corner of 1 and 20th j
reel ,ou Holiday, 27th instant, at 10 o'clock.
Doc S3?d Auctioneer. j
Register's uiflcc, Dooi luber 20,1SSB.
LTOTH'K i? hercbv given that licciiHen issued to (
k ovs tier* of Dog* will expire on the 31nt tusUnt. Aiui that said I
;ou*?| l?ui#4 ho riiu-wr.! in compUaac* Willi law. at ll*U oflkw with
ion toys nfler tli*t tunc. tcm MOHMaX,
Itoc 22?JtJuUl Kog titer I
A Mum C'uatsiH.ui to each and every reader of the !
Wjaliuxjtun I 'hioh ! None of you will probably lUteu to J
the chuutiUng of such " Uti iiluuit VurolUt" us were print- j
e l bv Wyukyu-de-Worde near three hundred yeaia a^u, J
or witness sin )i joviul Old English sport# aaare chronicled t
in Washington Irving;'* " Sketch Book," or participate in 1
such Pickwickian pialinieb ie> Dickens tells iim were en- *
joyed ut Diuglcy Dell. Yet we doubt not tli.it ut iniiny 1
homes where the Union is u daily visitor, families und
t'riciiila will this morning meet in pleasant eotniiiuuiuu, to j
ieuuw the time laded lien of kindred and friendship, 1
and to thaw out tlieir Iron in heart-feelings. . }
The young people God bless thuiu !? claim rut their >
especial holiday thU anniversary ol the advent of lliiu \
who, when called upon to bear the woes of the world iu
hU heart, still loved " little ehildren 1" Miuiy tiny,
nuked feet have this morning paltered to thu chimney- r
corners, ami unuiy bright eyes, yet unclouded by cure, j
huve glistened with joy to witness the bountiful stock of ^
presents, left lu the t>|ieii tuoulhe . stockings by Suntu >
(,'laus aliai Kriss Kriugle, that inuuitieeut altuoner of
Christum* generosity. Those who huve uot made children
lutppy on thin their holiday do not desorvo to enjoy
happiness themselves. j
Neither should Wi- forget lh.it class wluuu we "have "
always with 114" ut thiH season so favorable to the encouragement
of kindly impulses, the lirst of which is
('liaiily ! Let the destitute find " tin- winter of tlii-ir
discontent" illuminated iiy the generosity of those wlio
have drawn prizes in the lottery of life, anil let the servants
he participants in their masters' hoiyday cheer.
iiiluiity of heiut nliould he universal upon Christmas Day I 11
Having 111 ale the children glad, and remembered the
poor, we can all joyously participate in Christmas cheer. JFoaming
IkiwIs of egg-nog can be (quaffed, uud potent *
apple toddy can he sipiied, until the suuunuus coun-s to i>
the festive hoards, to day railiant with the culinary triumplis
of good housewives, at whose bidding hetucomhs o
of portly tuik.'ys will have been " going round doing *
good"?on the spit. On tills day it Is lawful to hold I'
high festival, and the ascetic, puritanical formality of
our age is replaced by the hearty sociality uiul right good (|
cheer of the olden time. So mote it ho.
And now we conclude our homily as we commenced
it, by tendering to all the readers of the Union the warm- "
est congiatulutious of the hoiyday season, and wishing
them A Meiuiy Chbutmah 1
TvrouitAi'iiical Cki.kuua'i-ion.?lire time-honored "Co- ^
lumbia Typographical Society" will celebrate its fortyfourth
anniversary on Monday evening, January iiJ, by a fl
promenade concert and ball. The programme will include *1
1111 address, to be delivered by lloratio King, esq., Assistant (
Postmaster Uenmul ; another (it is expected; by Hon.
Simon Cameron, of Pennsylvania ; and un original ode
will he recited by Frank McNerliany, esq., all practical
printers. The ball with which the celebration is to close
will he in the bunds of experienced managers, and a dc- ^
lightful time may be conlideutly anticipated by all who I.
attend. (":
Monday Next is the anniversary of St. John the Evan- %
gclist, that zealous Christian and active Free Mason. He
was a Gallilean, and he uud his brother James vyero
named the Sons of Thunder by our Lord for the peculiar
zed and fervency they displayed in his service. He was
tin: most beloved of the disciples, au<l to him the dying
Saviour bequeathed lite care of the Virgin M-iry, with
whom he resided until iter dentil, after which lm Went to
preach in Asia. It in claimed that l?e was probably the
founder of the Seven Churches In Asia Minor, and he was
the only one of the Disciples who escaped martyrdom.
Many Masonic lodges will oelobrate St. John's Pay.
Washington Nkws!?W? find In the southern papers
a telegraphic account of u personal difficulty In the House
of Representatives on the 17th Inst., between two memben",
whose names It Is not necessary to repeat l"*Te. One
of them is said to have " rrteiital th*iuuh teitA Uowt. Oreat
excitement iu Congress resulted in consequence !" llow
strange that no one here witnessed this collision. Where
was the Tribune's eoircsj?oudent ?
CiihistjIas Qiits were in demand yesterday, and our (
dca ers re?i>ed r|ch harvests. Wo have already mentioued
the principal purveyors of presents, and their cards can
be found in our advertising columns.
^ IV
U.vsi'Krt <"?? I vvi ahv, a tip-top number, has been received
liy J II. Icinet"tic >11, the enterprising news-vender
at Brown's He.el, who has it for sale. f
Til a Mai is last evening wem b -hiiul time, but wecould <i
not learu the reason.
oppiTi \ i. " "
liw-AriTscsr OF HTATS, a
Washington, 24, 1U&H. 11
Tho following iniu-il.Ti.ou or a decree tit iho constituent asHumhly of tl
the State of Chihuahua,,r?c ntly received from tho Uid'od State* conaul
at til** city of Chihuahua, Is published for flu- information of the
cttixemi of iho United Statu* trading to that country.
[Translation.] J*,
The c'.tixeu Ahtoiiio Ot lioa, couiiUtuUoiial governor of the State of
Chihuahua, to the inhabitant# of Haiti Statu, know ye : That the
Constituent Assembly bus decreed aa follow* ;
The CoUHtitUf nt Assembly of the State ?>f Chihuahua has decreed the 1
following: ij
Airnci a 1. Tree trade is declared it) n atrip who**? length shall be It
tho whole extent of the right batik of the itio Bravo del Norte In- W
eluded in tho territory of'tho State, and whose breadth the ground i'<
contained between the margin of the Bravo after it enters the Plato cl
and a line drawu from the barren, ut (Job-on do Mupimc, passing by m
the laguim da l*atoH, OoyTme, I'astor Yiejo, Llano do lo.-t Crhtlanos,
which points will ho within iho blrip. ni
2. The good# which are introduced to any place wiihiu tho atrip
shall pay no higher duties than one dollar for a |mckago of nix arm
has of articles of clothing or ihio hardware, and four real# for small
3. 'iho proceeds of those duties shall be appropriated in tho proportion
of three-fourths to the Statu uml 0110 fourth to the tnunicipai
funds; and there nhall he no other examination nor auy furl' "
of the load# than the time necessary to collect the delay
Hpectlvo receiver#' oillcos. uutira at the re- "
4. Receiverolllucs nhall ' V
Bravo, at such ? - established on the right bank of tho k
6 "" a .,uui the government may deem suitable. M
*uo capital of Chihuahua :a declared a point of deposit for gtKHls id
which ran go out from the freo atrip.
0: The merchants who are conveying their good# from tho town
of Kl Paso to tho polut of tiuposil should follow as far a# Carrlzul the
routo Wolcu best Minis inula ; out rroui this place they shall ucce?*a
i tly proceed by tho Ojo (!aliculo,I#'igartija*,<fullcgo, I'oAolitn, Aterameuto,
LaborciU, until they arrive at Chihuahua.
7. Article* which are imported by the Prctdln del Norte, and
le.ivo the strip, must necessarily proceed by the way of Coy unto, Ks- _
condlda, and Alduuia t<? (he capital. Z.
H. I/xrds proceeding from the free stiip which deviate from the ro j
g, ective routes designated in the two previous articles shall incur i
the penalty of couii-tiutiuii, according to the general law*. M
U. The frontier cat-torn house of Kl IVso del Norte is Abolished, and 4,1
that of the I'ro# ido of the same nntnu will he placed in Chihuahua on >u
its present footing. II
10. In this office will bo vcrillod the importation of goods procoed ^
ing froiu the free strip, and payment will bo made ol the correspond- I"
ing duties agreeably to this law; hut if the merchant deposits them '
be will inako payment as soon its he withdraws thcin tor lii-i own w
consumption or for transportation to the interior.
11. Articles i in j ?oi tad from the exterior will j?ay one third of the
duties o. liibiishiHl by the lust geuenil t trill of maritime and frontier
12. Mexican articles which arc exported to a foreign country shall
pay at the receiver's Olllceson the right trunk of the IJravo the duties
proscribed In the general laws of tho republic in relation to exports,
nod those which they have previously ]*?ld at frontier customhouses.
13. A receiver** office U SHsbllnhed at Currizul. The inhabitants
of the dutricU <?f ( aleaua and (tuerrero, w ho bring goods from the
free strip, in order to convey thaiu to said district-, will |n*y the ic
poctlvt duties *1 tklt office, they bouig at liberty to follow the route
which best units tinui until they reach their Una I destination.
14. Tim receiver*' offices w' cli are created by the present law
ahull havo tho salary of aiS per cent, on what they collect belonging
to the State or (h j confederation.
15. Tim government of the State will cstabli-li the customs-guards ~
which it muy 4ceiu uecosuary, and will place theui at the point* It
may Judge moat teuiluble for preventing fraud. .
lb. I he ofUc.es and oltlcora referred to in this law will bo tinder tho I
immediate Inspection of the State government, which may suspeud .1
or remove them whenever it rlisll have sufficient cause. * 1
17. The superintendent o. the customs will report t?tho State gov- a(
ernment thv monthly receipts and expenditures of bis olUce, and the
persons who tnay have occasioned them.
18. The government will make the appointment* to ofltocs Mpokctt
of ill this law, and will give preference, ill ypialtly of dftDIUiiaaiMV, u
to officers on the su*pun ion list, or who are unemployed who utuy
Lavs remained Uilhlui l" the general t nnctitutmii of the republic.
IP. The ttMHoinbly of tho State will r?M>o? t to the supremo govern
motil ol tl?r nation, when constitutional order slut II be re-est ah I to bed,
u**. y
I..-1 it bo made koovru by the governor of the Stat*), who nliall give j
the nMt'Mary order* Air it* Cu III intent.
t: I vim iu the hull of sitting* o( tho Assembly of Chihuahua on the
Itili ut (K'tul>?r, IM*.
CAHKW PAI'HWXt, I'ro.t.lenl.
frl'MAN IIKMTK/., Iti-puty uh<] SwnUry
J KKI.IX M.VCKVKA, Deputy anil ik*:rotary.
Wherefore, 1 order It to l>*? prir.ttnl, puhiMiod, circulated, and pi
given ?ltiu fulfilment
Paine* of the government of the JMato, Chihuahua, Oct 10, 18I>8 w
A .N TUN lO OtitlOA.
ji'ik d Hpcideho. Cbfcf Clerk.
Urottiit' Hotel.
h?>k, l'lti/4Jt*||j|ii4 MU UyiMrd, KbiiiU
i a H ik?r, Chicago Ilob*-iiii Nmtl, UnryUud
?? K ilroait, W?*( OU in F P Pleasant, Rn liinotnl
I F hurry.U ,H A J C CUciau, jr, Virginia
' II i'randall, do A V Kulkcr on, Untwrnly <?f VirI
P Ifunti gtou, do giuia
: C N Make, do Win J Voi do Gruff, do
i Kind, I*owt?t?wn, Pa J A H?*lg??, do
Iim Ktvuly, Tuiiuoh??m K Hoy kin, do
Its* V Ijmmhj, Mu-ii.oji|?i W C WlliUuu, do
Kirkwoutl House.
uo Chcduhl. M ia^a< huaellu 8W AvfffU, V H N
l Jobuaoti, Now York Juo McFarlnii, do
' M II tgkwleiii, Virginia < K Cbuilftltry, do i
0 t'rnlg. Franc wen, lal F A Halt, do
i W Ki r, Virgin i <2 K Ap|d? l.*a. do
' II 1 iHiuclrf, Atiunpoll*, Fid Juoliikor, Now York
V H Hirliog, U 8 N MUx I. Raker, do
United SUtei Hotel.
* F Coiikliug, Now York Fred W?*hr, Ik* ill mom J
' A Kiuiuod, PoniiuyIvuuia IImh Garner, Fairfax.
art 11 liooih, Wi .coUrtlu J W TfMty, Yirgiula
I (j Wilnofi, Philadelphia Tt*M P ALup, do
I 8 Car to.ui, do (jJoo R lUtck-r, Ohio
Ira. Hall, do 11 0 Suuth k daughter, Virginia
Wlllardu' Hotel.
Heh Kllii k family, Washington, .) W luge, Sua Francisco, Cat
l> C J II Fiuegan, Florida to
luster* Ilorran, New York C W Puaraoti, North Carolina at
I Mol'uy.jr, Philadelphia
Hy C. w. hot El. Kit, Auctioneer.
log lot ou 1 belwton 17th and HM!i Htr?U8 On TuMiiiy I
ftvrnooii, Dt*ceiiiber 21st, at 4h? o'clock, I *hoil sell, in (root of iIm i?
rcini-ms, one of the handsomest, most eligible, aiiJ dcnimblo luu In |
lit' city of Washington for tin- erection id .1 jtrom. i.??i box . i nj
This valuable lot U No. *21, ill squurc No. 12* ?lt iul -l iu tfie Kir*t ft,
rurd, on tin* south side of 1 Street, between 1. lli and DMh strecti, ml j?
lining eml the residence of !>r. Wood, U. P A. It fi<mn on 1 street j
0 fo.-t, has a depth of 140 feet, Willi a tw-uiy I ? * alloy in the l< ti\ H,
nd contuiuH 0,864 square foot. It is near the I'n ui'Bt'i ilau-ioii and
ubiic de|Mirim?nts. Hole positive. Iu
Terms of sale : ihio fourth of the purchase money i ntli; tin* reirinl In
er a credit of 6, 12, 18, aud *24 months, fur not** i .lutiiiactorliy >i- ol
ureri, bearing hiWrcst. If the terms uf sale an-not complied with
ithin tliroc day* after ttitlej the proimrty will bo ro<io|d at tin* rb?k
nd expense of the imrehu-or. All conveyancing ut the cost of tlio n
uroUmvr. 'fU? title is imU?puUI>lu. lu
Dec l#~2t C. W. noTKl.KK, Auctioneer.
The uliovo sale in pout) toned, in coiihc(|I1oiicc of
ji< rmii, until Tliuimluy vlturuooii, Itnvvnibor '28, ut lilt' etuuu Uour. ?
Hoc ? li C. W. MIt KlJCK, AuctluttoiT.
The above sale is further ]><>wt|>oiie<l to Tuesday
ftoriiuon, Duct lulicr 28, ut uuuiu Uuur. nt ulilili Itin* it will pm-miir
luko place. C. W. UOTKI.KK, Auction VU*.
lly J. V. MtiGUlUK It CO., Auctioneers. .
Isin sri;irs rale of i.ot of muck ami J
(iHA NI I'K t?TKl,d.?On Tuesday afternoon, December ilBlh, at In
jiir o'clock, ou PtfttoaylvAHia avenue, lo-ur *20th stioet, wo shall sell
lot of brick, cleaned and stacked, and ivnumber uf oxcolleut granite
lops, being the rciTuinq of the repent Qfo. H
Turin*: f'4M ami under, cgiili} over thai sum, a crodlt of CO and 00
ays, fur .sMtUlartoi ily endorsed uoU'S bearing Interest.
Uy order of tho trustee;
J AS. C. Mot; 1'IKK A (X).,
I)cc 26?<1 Auctioneera.
lly C. W. BOTELEK, Auctioneer. i?
^ at auction.?On Wednesday morning, December *22cl, coin or
looting ut 10o'clock, I shall sell, ut the residence of Sir Wdhatii
ore Ousclcy, ull of hij liousehold furniture, consisting, in puit,o!,
iz : t(.
One superior rosewood pftfW mute, upholstered in greon and ,
uold Jirocutul
Walnut etegero arid secretary
Walnut and mahogany parlor tables, with marble tops m
One Kiijh'rior rosewood parlor suite upholstered ht tmi|J6 brocade!
Gilt-frnmi1 mantel mirror^
Ta|H*>try, Brq-viVl* Aud chamber carpeting C?
Maho^ahy etegero, cottage parlor clntira ,j(
Kiqbroldcred window curtains ami cornices lj;i
Walnut rout tables
Mantel uinl table uriiuiwbt*
(luk hall set
ibrco Wdi?i WtaffQBy U|n|ug tables
linuu ' clock, lounge, mahogany kldeboard
Walnut ojb'uaion dining table
Walnut (Uuiug-rooni ulnars
(Hum* an I orookory ware
Plated h|'ou*e tea k^ttlQ
Krone h Chill* dttuiw, doi*?~* ?t . r
Table outtory *uJ Iurni(un, ully
W*lnu ^U)t mahogany dressing bureau*
Marhh* top wash-tund*. bedding
Sets of cottage chutnber furniture
Psyche glass, easy cludr, wardrobes
Mattresses, bolsters, and pillows
l/iuuges, cane seal chairs, toilet nets
Window iluuloi, raahoguiiy secretary
Walnut and mahogany tables
Refrigerator, kitchen furulturo
Cooking requisites, kc.
Terms : *40 and under, cash ; over $40, a credit of .sixty ami ninety
ays, for approved endorsed notes, injuring interest.
DM 19 ?d Auctioneer.
The above Bale is unavoidably' postponed to Wedesday,
Dec. 29, at same hour.
Dec. 22?d C. \V. BOTKLKR, Auctioneer.
By JAN. Ci SfcQUIRB <k Co., Auctioneers.
virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date on tho 25th
ay OfOctOoor, A. 1). I85ti, and duly recorded in liber J. A. S., No. p:
[>4, folios 241, Ito., one of the laud records for Washington county, 1).
we will sell at publlo auction on Thursday, January 13th, 1859, ut
all past four o'clock, p. in., iu front of the premises, a purl of lota
limbered two and three, In square numbered live hundred utid tif'?i?t
In the city of Wa*liiugt >ii, 1). the said purt of said tot having
front of 42 feet ou uorlh K street, utid a deplh of 90 ieet and 11
The above property U very desirable, being in an improved part of
ie city, and being Hufllcleutly large for two good building lots.
Terms of .sale: One-third iii Cash; fifty dollars of which must he
aid down at the time of sale, and the remainder in three equal puyleiits
in six, twelve, and eighteen month* utter the day of sale, with ?
iteivsl, and secured by a deed of trust to the satisfaction of the trim e.
Terms of sale to be compiled with in five days, otherwise the
ustec reserves the right to retell at tin* risk and coat of the first pur- ...
inser. All conveyancing ut tho cost of the purchaser.
WM. H WARD, Trustee.
JAB. C. McOUlHK A: U).,
Dec 10?1 Auctioneer.-'.
r A hub FIKNITUKB SALB.?Choice furniture
I J and household effects on Tuesday morning, December 21, at ( '
i o'clock, at the residence of Governor Walker, (who Is about lru\ nig f-*1
'unhiugloti,) corner of 1 and 20th streets, we shall sell the above,
nisi ting of parlor, hod room, ami kitchen furniture, and all the aiti
os appertaining to housekeeping, generally handsome and nearly
Term*: tod and under, cash ; over th.it sum, a credit of slxtv
ncly days, for sut sfuctorily endorsed notes, hearing in* . - * P
C. W. lhfrr ' ' ***
V. *.-T1.C bo Is for rent. Auctioneer. ol
l>cc 10 ,
" cn"P.-,1uen66 of the r:iin the above sale is postto
Monday, Dec. 27, at the same hour.
:!"J i ' ( W. UOtKfJSR, Auctioneer. |
5alk at tub it. s. navv-yakd, washing <.i
^ ton, P. (' There will be sold ut public auction, at lfi, ni., on
loli.lay, 1li?* J l Un> .January next, ui mil* i r>. unvy-yaru, ho*m n
igtou, 1? C., tti** following named urUclcs, viz :
3 blacksmith's Imlfiwvs Dl
A 1<H of rail Hinl carriage llAril0<*3 H|
A lot of shovel* jK
1 old lennoniiig machine
1 barrel of bwf. ri
Terms cuub. WN. FUNS', Navy* Agent,
llec 24?2awt3djan w
T 1 No. 405,two doom from 7th street, dress makor uud milliner,
utamo KKNAliEK has the honor to iniwiuoos to the ladies of Wiidi- I
ipton that she has opened at the uhove tvildi nco n dress making j
nd millinery e-t?blldimeut, which for elegance, rethio I taato. and
in latest Importation.* ?aC I iar4eia.il styles, lots never !?? ? ii equulled in
'ashington. Careful attention given to the tnuklug of hall dresses,
L-iid dresses, and the general decoration* of a holy's oveiling toilet. ?
adles' uiider-clotlios made up iu style and neatness. Infants' robes, (>
ith everything coiiuected with this department, tastefully pre|iared.
The bonnet dejsirtincnt vs ill consist entirely of the latest hn|M?rta- c
i>ns (percvory steamer) froin Pari*.
Whatever order# Madame Moaager may receive will be promptly 0j
id carefully executed.
Several good workwomen wanted. Dec 24?dlmlf*
rvroNDKUFirr. improvement in dental
VV SURUKKY I?It seems to bo no longer experimental us to
io ell'eot Of galvanism iu either totally or partially allaying the pain
'extracting. Dr. VAN PATTKN I# applying the principle hi the mo t
utple and effective manner by the use of one of Ned1* latest Improve
lents in electro--galvanism, by which the extracting Instrument Is
ilvanised, and th.n It* application is so slightly felt that the patient
uvor fours to huvon second or Uiird tooth, or, indeed, any desirable
umber oftecth, extract**! at one sitting. Who, then, will any longer
lifer with toothache? 1Vo 23?<134*
DINNER PARTIES will bo furnished to fitniilicH
at $3, ft, and $.'? per bead; or, If they prefer, a first elans ~1
reach cook can bo sent f<? their residence to prepare dluner for them
. the moderate charge of $2 for his services. co
Those w ishing to avoid the trouble of murkefing can have the best l(,
in markel affords sent to their Ikmiscn at cost prices.
Ouo or more dishes will In* sent to any |m?i t of the city for those
bo may desire it I guaranty td furnish a bettor dinner Hum any ?_
tor establishment 'u tlie city, ut a saving of 26 per edit,
C (JAI TIER, 262 Finn, av.,
Doc 10 Jmeoif iKJttwO 12th and 134h streets
SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS.?Our uaortiuent of i
J artlclvs f.ir guntlemon'. wsnln.be hikI lutlet ??< Is coai^i-lo, vli: ^
Uriitl. men'K robe* >!< rb*mhre
I Si travelling Mauds ?
|v? drcssiiur raises
I in walking cam*
Ho |M km ll:tlhlk?'? ? IlilTrt
T)o ki?l glovetf, A:c.. "1
In Aid, a great varkty of arUcli* of rial excellence, titlLildr for J
r?**oniM. ?>r
linyuifr wclwlfrty f.?r rftib, and wUltlng to iucreare oar caah mles <?i
v odor the UmI gcod? ?( Mir f?rtr<* nt cl
KTEVEJUfP Sale* Room.
Dec 23? ?Uf Browns' Hotel.
From W. II. lliUONALU di to., 104 Nmwv Ml. ''M
The muat eiten.lv* , S
ORNAMENTAL JimN mamtaiti B) I *9
la Ute I'NITKD 8TAT?? 9
Then work embrace* all klud. of juH
If IRE i: AILING, jfl
AIko, the cxcIuaIvo mumfm iurcn of the celebrated
(oiuposilc Iron Ratlin". P
A cnti!<>f{uo ooAUiuing severaJ buotlrod tloMgu* of lrouWork mailed h
any |tarl uf Uk I'mied Stale-? ??u receipt of lour thioototii jP
312 Broadway, Ntw York. Ml
1 Ww Q .13(11 " Bl
vruvw RATI A'? WHOUMAIA. [1
UAYllKll k UAVENHILL, Import em, Mainifac- I
Ittrtrii and Wholesale Dealers lu Hliavs H it.- of cveiy d?\->rilp- jlll
?ii. So. ISO Broadway, New York. Oil
rbo ; all lb attention t*f buyers yHI
n?re curd, and u<l?l that they have taken the store, 180 Bruutlwuy, | j l
ruierly occupied by tho late tirm (?f A. I.KI.aN1> & CO., and Imviug J'hJ
irt'luuiHl their factory and machinery, for the purpose of continuing | jil
ic business m? lung conducted by them, respectfully solicit a comutu jlfli
WM. C. RAVKMIll.L, 01 I ho I Ale tlrm of A. LEI .AND fc 00., who jil
id long been their buyer, mamif.u turor, and general manager, will ;|in|
*vo cburgo of the Maine with lis; having scoured a I the ciupfoyec.4 <11
ihc late arm, we fuel noutldcut when wo slate that our stock for tho ! I'j
isuing se.i*ou's trade will be fully t-qual to any in point t>f variety ol ,!i jj
yles, and that tho refHllattoii so long established by the lab- tlrm |\?r it jfij
ieir superior tlnldi, us well mh successful introduction ot leading iji
alliens, will be fully sustained by ua. i ijl
Doc 9?Im T
332 Ccumiylvaiiia avenue,
IJrfioceii 9th ami 10th sDarfs, .i!;
rTM'ANKUX I'lIILl' Ikim tlm honor to :imiounr<. ;tm
P Hi.' completion of his arrangements fur the approaching mmsou .jfjJ
iuldiliou to the usual stock ul a ilpi |
e has received a choice selection of elegant novelties, especially ||f
suitable for |1'RESENTS
The inspection of which fa respectfully solicited. ij
This department, which will he found to bo very complete, eai J'
ace* a full stuck of every p insibie variety of children's book
lupted to all Ages, (both in English and French,) with pluiu and col !j|C?i
Vjiglb.li, American, Prench, and Hiumish Bibb s and Prayers, (Pro- .;1jj
slant and lioinan Catholic,) of every size and style, in plaiu and or jap
Lmetital bindings, Including tbo j'jh
r.enova velvet, with ivory carvings and clasps of pure silver.
Selected by P. PUILP from the uiauufactory of Thomas do la Rue & '
l/md?Ht, embracing a variety ranging from one to twenty Uvo
illar* each, lu magnificent arabesque bindings, with illuminated or ;;
nnonts on each page, designed by Owen Jones. ;;
The stock of Albums will bo found to bo of a mo d recherche char
RoJgcra k Son's scissors, In elegant caw** '(;
Do jam knives, silver mounted, (for presentation) i
Wriling desks, in mahogany, rosewood, uud jMipler macho ; ^
No plus ultra writing desks, Russia and Morocco $;:
Work lioxea J
Jewelry oaseH I f
PortlblkM, (all the newest styles)
stationery cas?s un l lapetncs, (from one to Ofty dollar* each) ?j J
ladles' travelling bags j
ltirtetnonnaieB, /an extraordinary variety) .-hi
Vase.-- of Sevres China and Bohemian glass
Card receivers
Inkstands, in ebony, bronze, and papier macho i( j
Totletto botlliM
Card cage*, in leather, mother-of-pearl, and tortoise shell, highly atl|
ornamented Up
Carved Ivory, motlinr-of-pearl, and Jasper |uiper cutteri
Cigar stand aud cases j)
Cabas, beautifully lilted vvltli ladies' working material jp.
Hold pen and iicncil cusea If
l'apior tuacho tables jf
l)o cabinets
Do bookstand* jjj
Ivory tablets, silver mounted 'J
The Staunton chess-man, boxwood and Ivory i ft
Chess aud backgammon boards. I
A line assortment <if 1
" But only think, bow, by this new art, exact knowledge of at f;
wis of tlio world is brought within everyInsty's reach ! With an /
strument and its views?Costing from live to twenty dollars, ur- t ,
>rdiug to tho sizo and number?the farmer may call his family f
oumi tbo evening lamp, and, ahnoKt "Veritably, pass an hour or two ;
Europe or In the East J They would not get a truer tight of fa # a
ous places by going to thorn ; uml they not only sea the far-oil'apot* * "<
id their inhabitants, but they can show them to their friend* and jiK
elr neighbors. 1 saw Egypt aud Its ruins ; tho Nile and Its tur
uied boatmen ; the Bosplmrus and Constantinopio ; tin- (Johlcn Horn j
id the Mosque of Bantn Sophia ; (Iroece and its Acropolis Home and it
i palace# and columns," ,V?;.?jV. Willi*. ,
I Km 10?dtft.lnr.1
KUabHsKetl 1820. v '
ipii.ii and accumulations $6,f>00,00t> | l>
alms paid lu 3M years 4/dMbOOO J '
ipital invc.-tcd Ilk Culled St it ^ ntkder New York law. . 10oj)UO ? 3 i
Sir It. Alexbai t , chairman, I/mdon. \
Ehei^ rendu, e,-q. , muniving director, I?oiuIod.
Hco. M. Kuevitt, c q., 66 Wall street, New York, manager m tho '
uited States. <
Medical examiner at Washington, Dr. William P. Johnson, 406 3ev ,
ill) street. *
For form-* of apple uliou, tables of rates, &c., apply to
Ike 21?dtflf "Browns'Hotel,M Washington. ^
I OST!!! A diamond Hreustpin, a cluster ?fur j
[ J which ft liberal reword will be paid to tin Under on delivering it g
tnis office. 17?tf
^TEW UMBER YARD.?Tho nubscribur would
31 rw|>vrtf?illy call the attention of builder* to bin superior stock .
lumber, Just receive I at his wharf ou Sixth street au.i nnml coi.
-ting of white and yellow piur boards, plonk, joUta, scantling, puling,
wis, lath, Sec. Also, hemlock board*, post, ami m-antling.
Carriage and cabinet makers are iuviled to ex.umno Ids choiro vu
dy of ash, hickory, maple, fsiplnr, buss wood,cherry, Aic.
The uhovr stock of lumber 1mm been *?le< led with great care, ail *
ill l?c sold on reasonable terms.
Dec 22?3m 0th street and Canal .
L ea?Ladles w ishing to purchase u very handsome dinner and
euldg (lr?w wilt Unit an elegant assortment at our store, and at very
oderuto pric v. We would state hero that we have purchased mora
rgely in the above class of good* tliU season than we have ever
me iKd'ore; mid being anxious to Increaseour trade in nil lineclasses
good*, wo have marked them at a email advance in plain figures,
id we feel conlhleut wo have mum style* of light eilk goods tnueI*
iciapcr than they can ho purchased of any other house in the Inlet.
and will tako great pleasure In allowing them to uuy In pursuit
such. We tuuue iu |Nirl the following, vlt: J[
Elegant while, pink, and blue silk flounced robe*, Iu very choiro ;
shade* and elegant quality
Beautiful pearl color and white two flounced robes
Elegant embroidered three flounce and robe AqnilTe drefutes, ran
gitig from $:>:? to $5u, in pink ami blue; the ibO goods are said
to have cost $100 to uii|Nirt
2j pieces elegant light Bayadere a
Brocade and plain light silks, In white, pink, bluo, and Corn &
colors 1
Elegant white and light colored twhted silk robes, ranging from ?
$12 to ISt, and In the assortment soma of the richest we liavo f
ever offered for sale. ft
W. M. SHUNTER k CO., fl,
No. liH, op|Hc ite Centre Market,
Dec 23 dlOtif la twcvll 7 th ami Hlh street . '
Regtiiter'a Oilier, December ih.">S. jj
yOTK'K in hereby ?ivrn that liccnHce inKiiod to i
tfuckstorH will expire on llie 31nt imtant, ami (hut huh! It *
n*es must lie renewed, in compliance with law, at thU office within 1
n day* after thai time. 0 jl
Doc 22 ?dUanl Kefttatrr. I
Itank of tlie Metropolis, |
Wulnugtua, Ilae. aa. i*r?*
VS this Hunk will not be open on Saturday next, ?
(Christ mus day,) it I* requested that notes due at the Dank m? jLJ
ui day be paid on tiio day provious Dec 2ft- - .lid U M
Ottce (the WuMx|tn Oat Mght ( ? ,
Washington City, DoC- 17th, 1H5R.
yOTK'K i? hereby given, in conformity with the
1 req ireiu it of iht charter Ilia a meeting o( the atockhold* I
a of this com puny w ill be held nt ita ofllco (No. bl4 Kloventh street) 1 \
i Monday, J?nuar> 3,1RM, at 1 o'clock, p in , for lii? purpoue t?r
i f.Miur li\ lire . i<ii to rv#? as audi dur nt' the v<??? 1?-W? J
j f brown, *1
I? II?tori If X?om*rjr In CWrf,.. k|

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