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ssr-SHBesas: V^-tJ V JUKi^JAM/UA v *1- Ml I Ul 1L - :? ?
u *d,?0le Win be.:hor| ,,i ??,.. . Mimai. ^ ^ ^ V ^ /^T ^ V ^ v K.V.M OK VIVKKlfclSU. f]H
TIIR IKMI-IVKIlKM LKIOW. will b. publ.-lird *vrr> ;. - - ' 1 a<|?uro 1 day M M I I aquarv 2 montliK >60
WmIimmI*; Md amurday, ?i W J*' annum for one copy; ?Jof"< ~ "' 11 "' " 1,1 ' ' 1 'r^. . . , | 1 do 1 wiwk 1 T? J1 do S rnotrth* ... if oo
'Umtw.THE union, m m ooonrnrnoo.- I! 2 'S* ?2|i 2 fJS""22 vfl
JSZJgrttSTbZz?r?;-:S ? .... "A "'" ' --?^... - . ? -y; ffa**!'. T*
" ?????????????? ????? _ I tbc furegotuf rote*.
riKOM Washington i>ii:i:? r to all iwhts ,
I1 nil' ?>.-l. ? lin.l-l \M? NhKIIiWI I J1.VI.TI ,
Twi, tbroojh I aim ar? uow ruudaily, except riuuduy, fro? Wash- ,
lugl.i. r 111- \\.-t i Mine
tat. Mail train I.irls at 7.4a, n m. Suiduy oxocpted,) Connect- I
IUd.liH.lv .1 W.i^lin.y l?li .1 UIU'.I ! 'II. '"I i Hit.I?'lland all-' I'll duiolil. ,
j I 'Mi.' On. iiiiiai M l. " . < -M'i . lu.it l.-uviv
Wh.Ii.lid'"i' *1 3 40. (' m-i niH'innaU alb 30, p in., next day,
mi l connecting .11 racily a nil exprea* iralu I"l lamia ville, Cairo, auii ilm
Scull.*t-.M ..I"I I", si J " K.III'.. M
To vlt'W Hie grand mountain sccuory of tlio rou.l lu daylight lake I
cither tlw "4S, ? "r * *?> I'- . traiu fr.uii Washington. and lie I
.1 Cilliili.'rl Hi.I "i I'M .In 1
j.,,. I'.ii ?: .i. ....lull mi i. an ..I, III.- .Viu thwo.tcrn Virginia read
take the Lll,y. m , train. For Marietta and Cincinnati Kallr.ia.l lake <
the am.1
Through tickets and baggage chocks to all quarters, aad every I
other lansihlo fa.'ility, will lie found u(m>n this route. '' !
Way (sHMUigois '..r the main item of the liultluiorc and Ohio Railroad
Will leave vVavl.rngtell n? followa ;
Kor all |>o<i,l? laden eu Washington Juutlioii aud I'iodinont take the
7 46. a in , tram
For all "tatious Ivetween Piedmont and Wheeling, take the 3 40, 1
p. in , tralu. To connect with the Frederick train,lake the 3.40, p. in.,
Laavt WnoWngtim for Baltimore at ? 10 and 7.4a, a. m., and 3.40
ml 4.J6, i' <MI suiniii) ii i'i i' in iu>
IlnltiiiliirxMl 4.dO uud 8-60, a. in., uat! 3.30 atul 5.30, p. m.
IHi Suiuluy ?t 430, ?. in., only
Thu 7 4f> uml 4.3ft traiui only will stop at way station* noil Tor Ana*|i?tt*
rli? 7,46. ? in., noil 3 40, p. m., urn tliw vlllofonunurllog train* for
th? Wi-I. mil ill'' ? 10, 7.4.1, unit 3.40 Irulilu lor tin) 4ji.it
Korfurtllvr Inmrtnaiiow Iniprtri* ut tin lUUntiuii* and Ohio Railroad
Tkkut tilllt'*, of TMOB. II. PAIttKlNSI, Igont, Wualilugtoii.
lK:l 3 Mastoi'"f Transportation, Hollinmro.
From WASHINGTON CITY to Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama,
Mihtfkndppi, ioniaiiuia, Arkansas, uml Tvxu.
Through Ticket.* can bo obtained at the great Southwestern Kuilro.nl
OUlce, corner of Pennsylvania nvouuo uitd Sixth street, Washing lon,
on board of the Steam Kerry lk?at Ueorgc Page, or ul the OfOctt of
the Oruuge und Alexandria Ruilroa 1, at Alexandria.
To Wehmoud, Dunvllle, I.yucbburg, Bristol, Kuoxvtlle, Dulton,
Atlanta, h'haiuuooga, Nashville, Jluntsville, Grand Junction,
Memphis Montgomery, and Now Orleans.
By a Direct Route and Continuous Hallway Connexions to Memphis.
Atlording greater KxjwjllUon and Comfort, uml being over 200 miles
iburter than by any other route.
Hie steam ferry IhrUGeorge Pago leaves the foot of Seventh street
xtt}'4 o'clock,u. m.,for Alexandria, where passengers take tlie ears for
Richmond, ChurloUosville, Staunton, \\ uite Sulphur Springs, Wood- "
Mmk, Ac., and ?t 7l4, p. in., lor Richmond and all points ,Southwest,
making mire and close cab noxious to Memphis.
ItagiMge wagonn ami omnibus?/ leave the office, Pa. avenue, at fl
o'clock, a. hi ., and 7, p. m.
June 18?tf Washington.
I CI I! M M E It A It li A N G E M E N T .?The uteamer
GEORGE PAGE will run us follows:
heave Alexandria at 4, 8, 10, 12 o'clock, n. in.; 2, 4, and 0 o'clock, |
I U*ave Washington at fl, U, 11 o'clock, a. ra.; 1, 3, 5, and 7 o'clock, I
I '
Tho THOMAS COIXYKR, wa<n on the route, will run a * opposite
hours. Fare 13 cent*.
Wild ley's omnibuses connecting with the Pago audi Collyer, will j
leave the Capitol, and corner itf I2lh .street and Pennsylvania avenue,
ho same tiino the boats leave Alexandria.
June 8?ood?if lUCIfARl) WALLACH, President. |
HOAD UNEi Two fast daily Hues from Washington for the South
and .Southwest. liouH leav e their berths, loot of Ctli street, at 0 , '
a. m., and 7 ^, p. in. Passengers by the morning boat can obtain a line !
bi' iikfiist on board and enjoy a pleasant sail of 3}.j hours down the |
beautiful Potomac, passing in full view of Mount Vernon. By tlio i
evtmlng boat they Insure a good supper uud a rest of four hours in
comfortable berths or state rooms, And arrive in Richmond in time to
cuuneet with all the trains for the South and Southwest.
The great southern mail i? conveyed over this route, it being 4-1 !
miles shorter und 100 miles loss railroading than by any other route, j
making certain connexions to
fkgnmuciisni'rn, Richmond, avp Pbtermwro, VmouriA ; wkldov and \
Wiiminoton. N*. 0.; Ciiamjmto.y, 8. C.; Arm sta,(U. ; Montuomkky |
Moiulk, Ala., pinner to Nltw Oklkanh and all soithkun emfca j
and town's.
Also, connect at Richmond with the Danville, Soulh.iidc, Virginia, j
TcllliuWc, and East Tenutit ee railroads
Danville, Bristol, Dal ton,
Chattanooga, Hnnusvlllo, Memphis,
Lynchburg, Knox villi*., Atlanta,
Nashville, Grand Junction, Montgomery,
and New tlrloans.
For through tickets aud further information of the route, Inquire at
the southern ticket office, No. 372 Pennsylvania avenue, one door j
- L" east of Browns' Hotel, or on board the boats, foot of 6th street.
August 17?ly Ticket Agent.
rplIE LADIES of tlie First Unitarian Church, 1
.1 moved by the sad condition of a large number of poor children I
in Washington, have commenced a mission, the oijject of which is to |
rescue from the streets and alleys of the worst neighborhoods us I
many um possible of that number who, cither by the misfortune, j
guilt, or negligence of their parents, or from causes incident to the j
iinpcrfe< tnoss of human society, nre growing up to swell the ranks ol \
" the dungeroun classes" of Amor lean cities.
They have rented and furnished suitable rooms in tho Fourth ward, j
employed a teacher, aud are daily receiving children, w ho, coming j
froiu uhoden ??f poverty, and often worse than poverty, by being Mir- i
fouuded during the day with a t'hri-dian atmosphere of kindness and j
forbearance, and being taught the common elementary branches ot j
education, will bo paved from great peril, und sumo of them, it is j
hoped, become very useful men and women. !
Very frequently it is found necessary to supply shoes or oilier essential |
garments, and if Hie menus could be obtained it would be desirable to j
furnish one plain, but tuilflclont meal par diem during tlie approaching '
winter. Being constantly under our supervision?except at night?
the chances for imposition are very much lessened; it is certain,
moreover tl At nothing can be wasted which gives to children the !
pmvor to r-ad the ltihle and tho constitution, or foods and warms
them, even though their parents should prove unworthy.
Wo submit thf following consideration!* to the benevolent :
* That it ii the duty of all good Christians and ull good citizens to i
take good cati* ?r tin* young, because nothing can be more dangerous
ina republic than the presence of lawless baud* of youths;
That there is not ?ulllci nt public school accommodation for the
poor children of Washington u fact too notorious to need demoiiHtrafifth.
4ud, if there were, Mill the game necessity would exist for :
winniiy Iftuse from danger who, front the poverty or neglecl of theli- i
pamit-c would nut Ue)c odtipntlqnul udyanfuges;
That it is only by direct effort among the poftr, by personal ffppftftl .
to thciu, and personal sacrjQcc for them that we can hope to clear our j
city of violence and rowdyism; aud that a proper Christian Zealand
courage can accomplish this great purpose Is fully evidenced In tho
y l?iNtaii<| present condition of " The Five Point*" in New York.
Wo have no hesitation, therefore, hi asking iM&uKii&ry ai l from all
I croons distKM?tl to help what seems to ua to bo so good a mission.
Wn pledge ourselves to the observance of a rigid economy. and our
iK'ueftictom may feel assured that every dollar will go directly to the
object, and that none uf our ftinda will bo ubsorbod in payment of
wlarlvs to retaries, dorks, agents, fcc.
Donation will l?e thankfully received by the treasurer, Mrs. J. F. i
? i ulalana avenue. .v-v 87 :t:
OA. CAUI'WELL, Real Estate and Geoeral
Commission Broker, has taken the office, up stairs, in No. :
Pennsylvania avenue, where he proposes to attend to selling and
buying reii egtate anywhere lu tho Union, renting out and collecting |
ronts, and procuring houses on rent or lease, or any busitiefia upper- j
Uiiun^ in real estate, with unexceptional legal aid.
The settlement of claims of any description on the executive do- j
}-.rii?*cip? ami bureaus of go'-eriunepj end Congrc. it, and |u<jfnbCffc |
illy hiinlKof The Hisblnl itid adjacent newspaper
pesi lor .subscriptHns and advertising, Ids experience Wing" such as i
t> enable hiiu lofufiodi the necessary forms and Instructions to par j
i;,,i"having such, su well as attending to having advertisements in- I
rtevl in any or ah of tho papers in the District of Columbia or site j
*b?re, on application by letter or otherwise to him ; thus saving the
\ of a trip to the city, and prompt returns mode.
Visa, tho negotiation of loans, on good seeurltv. and all descrip >
' in : business which may |>roperly be classed under the bead of a '
geie-rwl commission brokerage.
KKncNgm Hon. Win. A. Harris, (formerly of Missouri,) T>r. A. Y. !
r, burtieU, Col. das. ti. lkrret, mayor* Rlolmrd Walladlr, esq., aild
" proprietors H the newspaper press generally of Washington:
V *-r > ,| k fj. n liuvenpoft. and Hon. J. H. Oaskle, Hiohinond, Va ; ;
l:, v Win S Plutner, Alleghany City, Da.; Col. A. T. Burnley, Frank
f"r' Kv., and Jo'uU 0. Sargent, esq., New York city. Deo 1?-tltf j
W'tATbi OF CROHQI I, r.LhLliT CQ1 M V .
In tho superior court of said county, March term, 1868,
''j'' ' it his I Ion- r .lames Thomas, Judge of said oourt.
Winre.^ sundry iul s have been filial lu this court by legatees tin
' "r Uh? will < ?f Win. 8. Burch, deceased, again nt John C. Burch,exe"itur
4!d ^ jh f,.r puyment of their respective lugAciot, ami cbiiro
dial the legacy in -Mid will Surah Kesee should be pahl to the
> uti,? euUtl^l thvreio in tin) event of her death, leaving no child or
? children.
( h i" ordered that said Sarah Keseo, or ber children, or her or their
yi r pri ii-titiiUves, appear in this court at or before the March term.
ud . . . ! ( mil of said U|>|M IT nice. lid
will then bo directed to be paid to tho par(ius now boforo the
A,?l it U further ordered that a copy of UiUi order bo published once
* mouth for uino months, the publication to bo before tbo month of
P?* ,'rr,l>in the following newspapers, to wit. The OuiHlilutmnul
gu i Georgia; I he t nt< n, p ibl h< il in Wi?h
' In the I'l-trlCt of COlutllbU, Tho I.<out8Vlllo Journal, published
. ,.i i o now phpii P i In (Him tnbkli)
A true extract front the minute ; of the superior court of Klbort
c' t March term, A. I). 1859. tl 185g
ICqM ; Bo Clerk
I tli huitcof 1 vlth a Financial ( t
Pf. */ *"r-?h in nUNKUN HMM'^ tfiohWo, ' |
k ' ' 332 IVnn. avenue, bet. Oth k 10th tli. 1
j 1
kft, witl? Immeuso liuuut wid Kuropoon Demand.
The reason why, is that by uutures owt* process it restores the
l iturul color permanently after the hair becomes gray ; supplies the
tulural fluids, and lliu> mole as it grow on bald heads, removes nil
t.oidrutl'. itching, and in Mi fn?m the scalp, quiets uud tones up the
lerve-*, Mild thn> cure- all nervous headache, and may bo relied upon '
<i t ii'-" all ilhtM'f-" of the m alpun.t hair; it will stop and keep it from !i
'tiling oft', mak'-s it soft, glossy, healthy, ami beautiful, and, If used 11
!?> the-y.uiiiu two or three times u week, it will never full or become 11
{ray , then, reader, read the following ami judge lor yourselves :
N'kw Vohk. Jan. 8, 1808.
llXNaiot. 0. J. Wnoi> & Co (h'utlcmcn : Having heard a good deal tl
ibout Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, and my hair being quite tl
Kray, 1 ma le up my mind to lay a-ule the prejudices which f, in com tl
inon with a great many porsous, had against all manner of patent tl
iiiedicine \ uud a -iiort lime ago I comment ed using your article to ii
Lest it for myself. ti
The result has been so very wati 'factory that I am very glad I did ho,
uud Initiative to you, a- well as for the encouragement of others who a
may be as gray us 1 was, hut who having my prejudice without my I,
rontons for netting it aside, arc unwilling to give your itcatorutlve a t
trial till they have further proof, and the best proof being ocular dc
monslrutioii, 1 write you this letter, which you may show to any n
such, and aUo direct them to nm for further |?r<*?f, who am in and out a
of the \ V. Wire Hailing e-tahltshmcut every day. r
My hair U now lis natural color, and much improved in appearance
every way, being gloss tor and thicker, and much more healthy
looking. 1 uru yours, respectfully,
Corner Columbia and Carroll sis., Brooklyn. '
1jyixo*toj?, Alu., Feb. 14, 18I?8.
Prof. Wood?'Dear Sir : Your Hair Restorative lion done muoh good
in llua part of the eooi?tr\. M> hair has boon slightly diminishing
for several years, caused, I suppose, from a slight hum when 1 was
quite an infant. 1 have been using your Hair Ilea tor alive for six l
weeks audi tludlhut 1 have a line headofluur now growing, after having >
used all other remedies known u> n-.eHcct. 1 think it the must vafua (
lde remedy uow extant, and advise ail w ho are afflicted llutt way to i
Use your remedy. ?
You can publish this if you think proper. Yours, Ac. 1
PHI laokltiiia, Sept. D, 1857.
Prok. Wood- ?Dear Sir : Your lluir Restorative is proving Itself t
bcm-heial to mo, Tho front, and aUu the buck |>urk of iny head al t
most lost Its covering?wo* in fact bald, r have used but two Halt- ,
pint bottles of your Restorative, and now the top of my head is well (
studded with a promising crop of young hair, and the front is also t
receiving its benefit. 1 have tried other preparations without any ,
benefit w hatever. I thiuk, from my own porsotial roccommenduttou, (
I can induce many others to try It. Yours, respectfully,
I). K. THOMAS, M. D.
So. 464 Vine street. j
The Restoratives U put up in bottles of throe sizes, viz : large, mediutn,
and small; the small holds half a pint, and retails for one did- I
lar per bottle; the medium holds at least twenty per cent more hi
profMirtiuu tlMUt the small, retails for two dollars per bottle ; the *
large holds a quart, 40 per cent, more in projiortiou, and retuils for
$3 u bottle. '
it. J. WOOD k CO., Proprietors. .'112 Broadway, New York, (in the
great New York Wire Hailing (establishment,) and 114 Markwt street,
St. Lotiis, Mo.
And sold hy all good Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. j
Nov 18 ?d3ui (
_J SHAW1.S, CLOAKS, VELVETS, &c. -Wo would call the special
attention of members of Congress and strangers visiting the city to
our assortment of the above-named goods, on we have just received 1
uouic of the most elegant dross goods wo have offered this *uasou, '
con.-Isting of the following desirable goods, viz :
Elegant brown, tun, mode, and black si k robes, two volants.
Rich silk robes, velvet volants.
Rich double jupe, velvet skirts.
Rich Colored ground silk robes in all the most desirable colors, ran- ,
glng from $20 to $25 j
Black ground colored flounce silk robes, ranging from $16 to $25. {
30 pieces elegant-rich dark silks in dress patterns, assorted colors, j
in a'Les, stripes, and Bayadere styles. (
10 pieces elegant black Bayadere silks hy the yard.
100 pieces medium price silks, ranging from 75 cents to $1 50 per ,
yard, and comprising, in all probability, the cheapest and most at- ,
tractive stock of colored silk goods to be tound in any retail establishment
south of New York.
Wo Jiavc also just opened the largest assortment of plain and fancy
evening silk* that we have over purchased, comprising almost every
desirable article in general use for evening dresses. In the assortment
will be found the following yery choice articles, yix :
50 very beautiful light silk robes, in pink and while, blue and white, (
all whit", all pink, all blue, corn color and white, and lavender color.
Tho above goods are |ii
Robes a'tjuilU*, robes a'Los, 3 volants and 2 volants.
3 splendid Bayadere robes, with body utid trimming to match, ill
corn color and white, and pink itud w hite.
2 elee-ani embroidered ihree -flounced ?llk robes, one pink and one
blue, said to have cost $100 to import.
2 embroidered robes u'Quillo do., sumo stylo un?l colors.
50 Orenedlno robe* of various qualities in light colors, suitable for
evening dre.-iscs, in two japes and two and three volant*, making in j
all the largest slock of light evening robes we over offered for sale.
W?- have also just o ened 20 pieces elegant Brocade Bayadere and (
a'laih stripe silks, in pink, blue, corn color, and white.
15 pieces plain l'oult do Solos, in pink, blue, while, corn color, lavender,
and cherry color, ranging from 87}a coots to $1 f>0 per yard,
and comprising such mi assortment as cannot be found elsewhere in
the District.
Dur lowest cash price, is marked in plain figures on every article we
offer tor sale, from which we make no deviation ; and wo hope our
reputation is a suflUient guaranty that no article yyill be mbrepresented.
' W. M, 8HLSTKR k 00M
No. 38, opposite Centre M arket,
Pec 7?XOtdif bet. 7th and 8th streets,
I WASHINGTON' AKT ASSOCIATION will be ?|H>u to the public
on Monday, the 3d day of January nest, in their new and spacious
gallery on Pennsylvania avenue, between 10th and 11th street, and
w ill couttuue f?om six U> eight weeks.
Works exhibited by the association consist of paintings, sculpture,
draw ings, architectural designs, and engravings. 1
The gallery will b open fur their reception from tlio 5th to the 1
30th of December, and to a later period for works Intended for tho
exhibition which might be unavoidably delayed in shipment or transportation.
The expenses of transportation ami return will he borne by the 1
association on all works forwarded by its own agents, or by those i
to whom circulars are addressed, and the association will hold itsoif
respon.-ibio for any damage sustained hy works while on exhibition.
On the sale of wurks exhibited or deposited in the gallery a comiiPs.-ion
of 10 per cent, will be charged.
A description suitable for Insertiyu in the catalogue should he attached
to each work forwarded, together w ith its price, if for sale ;
the nemo of"possessor and thenatue and address of the arilst. Tho
same should also he communicated by mail on tho shipment of the
By order of tho board of management :
Wahhincto.v, D. C., Nov. f>, 1858. Nov 7?lawtf I
tings, Druggets, Curtain Materials, and House furnishing Dry ,
(iuoda,such as? .
Velvet tapestry earpetings, now designs
Tapestry Brussels do in great variety
New styles Brussels do super quality
Kxtra heavy 3 ply do' very rjch '
Kxfra super n'lgrajn do hew puUorif* j
Very be4yy all wool Butch carpeting*
Twilled V'euitian carjwtiug for halls and steps
Velvet and Brussels do do do
Full shoot* extra heavy and vory rich floor oil-cloths, cut to flt
any *izo or Hhaj>o room, hall,or passage
Mosaic, velvet, and tufted rugs and mats
Cocoa and Canton mattings
12-4, 14-4, 10-4 drugget crumb cloths
Kngilsh druggets, all widths, hy tlie yard
Very richly embroidered lace curtains
Rutin laines, hroeatels, and reps for curtains
White, buff, blue, and green shade linens
Stair rods, curtain fixtures, Jko.
Having attended HAD AN & (XL'S great Carpet Auction, which took
place in New York on tho 4th and Oth inst., we arc now prepared to
otter greater Inducements than can tx? afforded under ordinary circumstances.
Purchasers are respectfully invited to an examination of our
stink. HOOK BRO. & CO.
Aug 18-?dif
I \R. \ AN PATTEN, DENTIST, '^11 ?.% Bud rsii
Jj ..f deuce reiipiyed to ;ho Villurd Hotel square, opposite Ihn now
uuiPof the Treasury, and dear the corner of Pennsylvania uveiiuo and
15th street.
Oct 7?Strul*
Capxial $200,000 \
flTOCKII0LM&tS individually uabijc.
The only company in Washington having Kuclt a clause in its charter.
Klk-ion buildingn, merchandise, furniture, Ac., taken at the lowest
Benidee the actual capita) of tpo company, the individual liability
claim4 of tire cNaridr renders the prlvato tbrAuiiO of c?<*h atocUbohhf
liable for loSSCN.
Office?Corner of renniiylyan|a ayoqu^ mod "Ven^li KtrecV.
UiKW'pm* j
Win. K Hayly, Hon], Hnall, Francis Mohun,
JaincM V. Hallday, Hudaoii Taylor, Win. Orme,
Samuel Bacon, Joseph Bryan, M. W. tialt.
N. II.? No charge made for policies.
J AM KB C. MoCJUIKK, rroaldent.
{Iraitox D. IIanbos, Secretary. June 27?ly t
J[_ User, a middle aged mail, who is cwnvcrHant with and speaks *
the Kngli-li, French, Spanish, ami Italian languages, is well educated, M
active, and Oi good nioruU, is nc<|uaiiited with maritime affairs, ha* '
been a merchant and shipowner for several years, wi*ho* particularly
to call tho attention of American diplomats and touri-ta, hound to the '
Kuropean or South American continent, who may seed an interpreter,
courier, and < ootid, ntml travelling clerk. He ran furnish the r
UMMt unci* cptionahlr rclercie es lor qualiUcation from many dUtlu 1
gutubed pcr.^ouj of the htgluwl standing in Washington and Alabama.
Addle4*-* A. tt., It*>x No. IH, Mobile, Ala., or care of tho Hon. H.
Fit/iNitride, U. S. S. Hop 80?d8m
iUtKhi Fubruar* is.",8, $4,635,00ft do. .Secured iti Stale
bonds ami mortgages of f)r.-t < lass.
Fredericks. WiiMton, president. Isaac A1>1ki|1, j
A. V r. (tin lielt, A|. |> . I Iipioi'.^ p' yslUAli, Ibh^InUi "V'' L '
I'ainphlpU and fufik*! iuioi lUiplTn 'tjlMrWIdiV'ii" d at the ?dllce ol I
CHARLKH UK sH.DF.V, Ageut, ?
Juuo 22 -dOm* No. 507 Seventh aired.
Navy Department,
Bouui ov UiNMmi rimy, Ac., Nov. 27, 1858. *
SK.Vl.Kh HtOllJriALS will be received at tins Bureau until 3 o'clock,
In- -8th ?luy of |>-?vuiher next, for the delivery iu the United Ht -?t?s
uv v> ard at Pin la iclphiu of thv folio wring described timber, on the
.suaI terms iumI condition* of contrails, which can bo anccttaiuod
nun tho commandant of any of the navy yard*.
YKJ.ijhW riNK t*
Twenty eight thousand foet, board measure, (28,000,) of 61* incite* I 01
lin k, 35 to 45 fort long; twenty thousuiid b et (20,000) of 7 y iodic j
hick, from 40 to 50 Icet long, ten Ihotttuiud IV'el (10,000) of Off indiehick,
from 35 to 40 feet long; ten thousand left (I0,000j of 5 \t inches
lurk, from 30 Ui 40 feet long; and eight thousand left (8,000) of 4
idles Lhifk, from 30 to 35 feet long, amounting iu uil hi seventy ?ix
liouaund feet, (70,000 feet,) hoard measure.
To be long-leafed yellow pine, free from heart shakes, largo knot*,
hort crooks both in th ok mow and width, and from defects of every 1!
ind, and to woik in width, clear of sup, ut least one iuch more than
ho thickness roquired.
To be delivoroii us follow.-: One quarter of ear h of the several thick h
tosses on or before the 13th of Jauuiry, 185'J, another quarter of ea h 1)
f the several thicknesses on or before the I t of February, and the
emuindcr eti or before the 13th February, 1859. 1)
WlllTEl'INK UAK1S. jj
Tliroe white-pipe ma-sts, rough hew ed, and to work when 11 Ishcd \\
m follows: One of f>8 feet long, 24 inches diameter; one of 59 feet jj
ong, 24 inches diameter : and one of 05 feet long, 23 inches diameter. I)
To be free from sup and large knots. |j
To be delivered ou or belore the 1st of March, 1809. 1
Five thousand cubic foot (6,000) of while oak plank slock logs, to j ]
>0 of the very best young while oak, grown within sixty miles of .suit I p
vutor, and cut between urn 1st of (V'tobcr and 1st of March following. . p
)ne hall'the numbor'of logs to he 43 feet in length; the whole to aver- p
ige 43 t'oi t, anil none to be |e.->K than 35 foul in length; to be lined p
itruight tho siditig way, uml may have a long fair curve the* other j]
uray, hut no short crooks will ho received; to ho rough squared, and p
nay he litu-d U|>erhig in conformity with the grow th of the tree Otio | p
lull the number of logs to nquaru not less than 12 ine.hu-', and the re I p
uaiuder not less than 14 Inches at the top end, clear of wane. Ouo p
bird the number of the ahorteat logs to square not less than 17 iuchus p
it the top end, clear of vruno; the wane on each corner not to exceed p
>no eighth of the face as squared, the nap w ood exeluded In the DlCtts- p
irement- At the middle of the length of the log the breadth and p
ieptli to he taken and considered the size for computation. The p
whole must We free from cross grain or twists, large knot*, holes, or p
rtber defects, and a proper deduction will be made for axo marks and j
mproper squaring. jj
One half to bo delivered on or before the 1st of February, and tho p
remainder un or before tho 1st of March, 1850. p
Tho Departmout reserves the right to receive an additional quaidlty p
fuot exceeding ten per cent.) Of the yellow pine and oak. p
Separate proposals will bo received for the yellow pine, wh.te pine i p
ipurs, and the white oak. 1 p
The proposals must be endorsed 4 Pr.qkxsaU for Timber/' that they j p
nay be distinguished from other bushier* letters. p
jf , of , in the State of , hereby ugrec to fur ^
ahh and deliver In the U. S. navy-yard ut Philadelphia feet j "
>f , in conformity with tho advertisement of the Bureau of Con- i "
i true don, &c , of the date of 27th November, 1858, ut the rate of | Jj
Total value. 1
Should uiy offer be Accepted. I request to he achlressod at , : '
tud the contract forwarded to the navy ageut at , or to me I'
il ?, for aiguuture and cortificftte. '
December ?, 1858. A 11 1
The undersigned, ? ,of-? , in tho State of?. ,and??, .j
>f , in the Suite ol hereby guaranty that, in case the p
foregoing hid of? for any of the t'mbor therein named be ac- i
n-pted, he or they will, within ten days after the receipt of lite con j
rurt at the po*t otllcc named, or navy ageut designated, execute the j
mnlruct for the same with goo I un t siilhient sureties ; and incase j
mil shall fUl I to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guaranty
io make good the difference between the oiler of the said ami j
ihut which may be accepted.
Signatures of th ; guarantors, C I)
1 hereby certify that the?bovo named are known to me H
uieu of property and able to make good their guarantee. ! \
Signature, 0 H I
fu hn signed by the U. S. District Judge, D. S. District Attorney,
Collector, qr Navy Agopt. Nov 28 -la\v4w ! M
[No. (125.] j i
Notice for restoring certain I,anils to market in 1
the State of Alabama. (
NOTICE in hereby tfiven that tho land oflice at 1 i
Elba, in tho State of Alabama, will, and after the 20th day of ; i;
December next, he open to the sale at private entry and location of ! I
- ' ' ..I l? llm ftilhitvlt.cr l,?v?,uhi.?u IV11 Li.) I I
were subject to entry and location prior to withdrawal, being lands f p
which had been withdrawn us probably fill liny within tin* priwcrtlJed \
limit* of selection of the raitroid grant to Alabama, by act of 0>n- , i:
gross, approved, March 3, 1857, but .since ascertained not to he within j
said limits, viz: I i
JS'oilh </ thr I hi st! line and eastffthf St. Stephens meridian.
Township 7, of ranges 23, 24, 25, 20, 27, 2#. 29, and 30.
Township 8,^>f ranges 23, 24, 25, 20, 27, 2b, 2$, and 30.
Township 0, of range 24.
tilveu under my hand, at the General Ijind Olllce, at the city of
Washington, October 20, 1853.
Conuuisaionor. j 1
Oct 22? lawflw [Intel^
[No. 620.] ! 1
Notice for restoring certoin lands to market in
the State of Wisconsin. *
NOTICE in hereby gtvon that the land oflico at j 1
Menaaha. in the State of Wisconsin, will, on and after the 10th |
day of January next, b? ojm ii to the sale, at private entry and hxui I
U<ni, ??f all vac int public lands embraced lu the followi g townships, I
w hich were auhjivi to entry ami locution prior to withdr wal, being 1
lands w hich had b^u withdrawn us probably falling wUhtu the pre I
scribed limits oi selection o! the railroad grant to Wisconsin by Hi t of
Dongroaa approved Juno 3, 1856, hut alncoa OOTlalnod not to he within
said limits, vis : I
North of the btise line arul east of the fourth princijxil meridian. |
Townships 15, 10, 17, IK, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 20, 27, 28, 29, I:
30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 30, 37, and 38, of range 20. 1
Given under my hand at the General Ijind Office, at the city of ;
Washington, November 17, 1858. : II
Nov 18?lw6w [Int AStar] Comin; ;.-doner. i II
PTWE subscriber desires to cull public attention to "
I liU extensive as-.orluiont of j
which is now renderiM complete in every department, consisting in "
4 very extensive collection, embracing almost cyery conceivable
variety necessary to furuUli the parlor, chamber, tp?d dpiing ropn|( 1
rbiu (he nioat expensive (o the clniupeht kinds.
Gold hand, plaiu, white, and richly-docoratod dinner, dessert, and
tea sets
A large assortment of vases
Dinner and tea ware in uetuchnd pieces *
Rich cups and saucers, with and without mottooa
Pitchers, perfume bottles, curd receivers *
With u large variety of fancy articles, appropriate to decorate the
ctftgeru, parlor table, and toilet.
Dinner, tea, and toilet sets
Also, in detached pieces, a large stock of the latest shape*. 1
American, French, and tiobomian, such tin D
b ' 1,
Decanters, flagons, gobies, c UHmpaguea
ciii*;, u<);.K8, HUorr^fl) Madeiras, Burgundies H
fjqueurs, tumblers, finger bowls, celeries j
Wuter bottler, Hunt bowls, dishes, salts, pitchers, Ac. I,
In sets of hair dozen or flftyono anil llfty three pieces 1
AIho, Ivory-handled knives only (t
Carvers and forks, steels, At j,
piiCCK TlN (JOODR. 1!
Such as chafingdishes, from 10 to 24 Inches ''
Coffeo and tea urns, coffee pots, tea pots, coffee biggius, Ac.
I*LATED oooie. 1
Such as coffee and tea urns, tea sets
Spoons nhd forks, castors, covered dishes
lltohcrs, t ake and fruit baskets, walleys, Ac.. J1
JA(-ANN'Kl) (?*??.
5<iicl( a* w.iltnrp, Ion Irnyn, unit in *< (* l>
flalo wty'wr*. ?lu(i (<ml iuUi, wulcr oMM, Ao. |i
mBctLuvmoua. ^
Solar lamp", girandoles, wood waro
Fenders and irons, brushes, shovels and tongs D
Coal bods, stop-ladders, door mate, rattan gissls
Wallo Irons, willow ware, Britannia ware
Bronzed Iron goods, cooking requisites of every description j>
Together with a large assortment of articles of utility and ornament
lot deemed necessary to particularize.
Housekeepers will And It decidedly to their interest to examine my j*
lock and prices. They will not only find a large assortment from \\
vhivh to make selections, hut I pledge myself to sell as cheap as the
lAinc description of goods can be purchased in any of the Eastern j*
Good* delivered to any pa I of the city or Gcorgotown free of
i*r*c. r>
Having recently imported direct from Europe an extensive assort \\
nont of French ami Iron stone chiua, 1 urn prepared to offer strong \y
uducements to the trade.
Oet2H -lawttw C W. BOTEf.F.R, Iron Hal!. |>
? - - H
HH. OILLET, Counsellor at Law, lias removed [J
his office t? his residence in Franklin How, corner of K and
thirteenth streets. Ho will continue to 'devote his attention principal- '
y to cafe* in the United states Supreme Court. ! V
Oct ik?dtf j \
fl KOHOU W HKAPllLLli, Ut'inu-^ at-Law, llu~ '
i I SV'il.K nil 'II. I 1 I' I Wi.kwM, !
i V will inIii lin- In nil til.' 1-ourlH III'till' In itrii I Itl. tn.llliii tin ( .?irt I
.1(1 linn .and in the ail.oiiilnjt count ion In Virginia I'
Scy 11- 3iu I
1^11 K Itoldertt of the following certificate** of debt, i
la^UOii by lho SUU) of Vlrgliitu, * ill lake uolict: fhul the Com- !
ihmihvi; of the Sinking K^ind, calling ill the cerlittcittai of debt in
?? order lu which tliey are redeemable, will proceed, on the loth of i
ubruiry, 1850, u> rndeetn the kaul c.eriiUcul?s at the tr< uitiry of tbu j
minimi wealth. The holders of ?utd c.ertiUcatea i?r? required, on the
ud loth oi February, 1850, to surrender the lame at the ottlce of tli (
woud Auditor , w hether surrendered or not, the internal *ill cease !
\x that day.
1. Under an act to |>ro\ ide lor the construct on of a turnpike road
in WlaobwUr to Home point ou the Ohio river, |?um J 10th March, |
*31, (6 |wf cent.)
it 1
UaU. c 8 Aamti
.5 t I
K32, Juno 1, 10, 6, James flovnn, El ward fluvu, and,
Archibald (iovau, executor* of Jm.
Covau, deceased $1,000 |
o do 1, 11, ft, Same 1,000
o Oct. '23, 20, ft, William William*, ol Wathug WWl,
J/xulou . . 6,000
o do 23, 21, 5, fin do ft.Otth
o do 23, 22, 6, Do do 3,000
o do 23, 23, 6, Iki do 2,000
133, July 16, 24, 6, Do do 6,000
o do 16, 25, 6, l? do 6,000
o do 15, 20, 6, Ik) do 4,000
o do 15, 27, 5. lk? do 1,000
834, June 13, 20, b, The Most Noble (icorft (Iruimlle,
Duke of Sutherland 3.000
O do 13, 30, 6, Do do 2.000
H3d, Sep 2H. 101, 6, K M. Rothschild X Hons, of l*mdon 2,000
o . do 2.m. io2. 6, Do do 2,000
k> do '2b, 103, 6, lH> do 2,000
k> do 28, 104. 6, lk> do 2,000
o do 28, lod, 6, 1?II dii ... . ^,00(1
HI do -id, 107, 5, 18) do 2.000
io do 28, 108, 6, |H> do 2,000
io do 28, 100, 5, 18) do 2,000
8> do 28, 110,6,18) do 2,000
8> do 28. Ill, 6, Do do 2 000
? do 28 112, .'), 18) do 2,000
*i do 28, 113, 5, l)o do 2,000
?> do 28, 114,6,18) do 2,000
to do 28, 116, 5, 18) do 2,000
>o do 28, lit), 5, 18) do. 2,000
83fl, Sep. 28, 117, 6, N. M. Rtthaeblld & Soon, of London 2.000
u do 118, D, Do do 2,000
? do 119, 5, 18) do 2,000
o do 120, 6, IK) do 2,000
8> do 121, 5, l8i do 1,000
m do 122, 6, 18) do 1,000
O do 128, 6, IK) do ....... 1,000
?> do 124, 5, lKi ilo 1,0 0
k> do 126, 5, 18) do 1,000
8) do 128, 6, IK) do. 1.000
io do 17, 5, 18) do 1,000
M do 128, 6, 18) do 1,000
8) do 129. 6, IK) do 1,000
8i do 130, 5, 18i do 1,000
8) do 131, 5, IK) do 1,000
8) do 132, 5, Do do 1,000
8) do 133, 5, IK) do 1,000
8) do 134, 6, IK) do 1,000
8) do 135, 6, IK) do 1,000
8) do 130, 6, 18) do 1,000
8i do 137, 6, Do do 1,000
8) do 138, f>, Do do. 1,000
8> do 139, 5, 18) do 1,000
8) do 140, 6, Do do. 1,000
8, do 141,5,18) do 2,000
8> do 142. 6, 18) do 2,000
k> do 143, 5, IK) do 2,000
8> do 144, 5, 18) do,. 2,000
8i do 145, 5, 18) do.. 2,000
840, Mar. 10, 155, 5, Normal! Stewart, of HlolilUoWd, Va,. 6,000
851, July 22, 100, 6, Benjamin Moses, of 1)111 lull . . 5,000
850, Mar. 10, 101, 5, Out rot K. Wulwni 1,000
8) do 102, 5, Abraham D. Pollock 2,000
2. Under an act directing an examination of the Winchester ami
'arkeraburg road, v> itU a view to widen and partially lU'Adantijte Die
ume, |unmed 29th March, 1837;
854 June 3, 13, Win. T. Albert, trustee for tl|e children of Charles
8'uher, deocaaed ...... 910,IKH)
.( Under ult act lurllrer to provide lor the construction of the North
leatertr Turnpike road, passed 30th March, 1837, ftl iw:r cent:)
837, May 20, 3, 0, .Mm V. Willcox.of Petersburg, Va.. $6,000 \
h do 'JO, 4, 0, Do do 6,000 I
1j do 23, 6, 6, Dr. Austin llrockenbrough, of Tappabaunock
)j i\o 6, 0, Do do 600
k, do 7, 6, Do do 600
ki do 8, 0, 1*> do 600
k? do 0, 0, Do do 600 ;
k) do 10, 0, l>o do 600
>o do 11, ?, Do do 600
k> do 12, 6, Do do 600
k) do 13, 0, Ido tflJO
k> do 14, 6, Do do 600
k> do 31, 16, 0, John V. lytlliiMX, iH!i<'r*bur</, Va 6,000
k? June 10, 21, 0, John Colo, of Albemarle, Vu 2,500
k> do 22, 20, 0, Alary .Johnson, w ife of John Johnson,
Annapolis. 10,000 I
k> July 14, 20, 6, President and Professors of tho College
of William and Mary, In Virginia
,,, 400
831, Jan. 23, 32, 6, James Comtek of Nordic I,dfl0 !
841, Alar. 1, 33, 0. Mrs. Mary W. Cubed, wil'oof Joseph
C. fa hell 500 I
?42, Fob. 24, 30, 0, Jobu y.'Widcox, ol Petersburg, \"a.. 2,00V! !
4j3, Ap'l 1*4, 4*6, 0, Hill Carter, trustee under will of Hey.
crly H;mdo\pl\ for tho bene At of
' Ifahpy KennOn and others 1,600
844 Feb, 13, 52, fl, Thomas 11. Nulla, lT. 8. N 300
>o Mar. 23, 53, 0, Alias thai Odes 100
848 Jan. 0, 00. 0, Mrs. Francis Todd Harbour,county
or Orange
kj do 38, 00, 6, AlbortO. Worthnin. <if iycl||fyqud... 500
k> do 28, 01, 0, Wjn He Id t-ps by, of liOu|stt 6Q(j
84'.), Jan. 13, dfl, 0, Kdnpiud Jl. Hournoy 1,000
832, Ap'l 3? 70, 0, Wood llouldin and A- A- Morsqn,
commissioners, Ac., in the easy of
Waller tu, Gilliam . , 3,000
863, Alur. 5, 73, 0, Nicholas Mills, commit inner in tho
unit of .Mills vi- llubtubou and
others. &c.. 2,000
kt do 7, 74. 6, John O. Pollock, of Stafford . 200
854, Jan. 11, 77, 0, James II. Paxton, executor of A. T.
Ha re lay 660
o Ap'l 12, 60, 0, Treasurer of tho Common wealth, id
trust for Hunk of Rocking tyuu. . 200 1
k> do 21, 81, 6. Do do.,,,
850, July 12, 65, 0, K. W. V'louruoy, Commissioner,
Fleming's executor, wr. Perkins's
executor, Ac 200
o Aug.il, 86, 6, Trustees of Pi ote-uint Episcopal Sominary
and High Syhnol in yirginiii 200
667,Feb. 18, 87, 0, Trw-mfcr of Hie Commonwealth, In
tru.s^ tbr Hank of Kockbrldge. . .. 500
S< AUp 1 8^, 0, ALirlliu' L. NeUou, guurdiau ol W. 11,
Nelson . ^. 200
k? pec. 8, 80, 0, JohuS. D. Cullou, trustee for Margaret
VUel\:i CqHoii, under the will of
J<npi Cullen, deceased, Ac. Ac. .. 1,000
058 June 2, 01, 6, \V. G. Ckjsenovc, Iru.-tee uf Alary K.
Caicnove 2,000
4. Under an act further to provide for tho construction of the Northextern
road, passed 6th February, 1834:
830, Feb. 21, 10, 6, Thomas Cadott, of Rlegatc, Surroy,
England, esquire $4,000
841, Ap'l 7, 26, 6, Dr. Samuel Webb 1,160
o do 27, 28, 6, Peacock, linnilley, A Co., of Slea
ford, IJncolnKbire, England, bank
era 8,600
841, May 3, 29, 6, James Ha.-kiuh c*\nm|tlye vl John
Hivklti* sr 700
843, Doc. 18, 31 fl , Jofdi'\*. WVha'X, <?f Petersburg ljOUQ
' tf Fefc. t| M,' d, President and Directors of the Firemen's
Insurance Co, of B-.'.iimoro 500
o do 24, 41, 6, Do do 1,000
*44,May 21, 42, 6, James I lurk ins, committee of John
Huskies, sr., Ac f?0q
846, A1&5' 6, 49, 6, Olivia Johnston, Of Richmond. . . 6,00
Sl6,.)uly 16, 66, 6, James Cor nick, of Noyf^k ......... 1,000
u Sep. 21, 67, 6, Mo. Hot\ Richard Seymour Con way,
uAtquls At Hertford, (Jrent Hrftuiu 6,000
^A,Mar. 4, 66, 0, Emily T. Morrtft 800
o (hi fl, 67, 6; IaicHI.'i Wallace, of Fredericksburg 100
o Aug. 10, 69, 6, Thomas Stevenson, of Richmond 100
H48,Mar. 10, 71, 6, Hiram Sims, of ritua^dgvilly 'JOO
148, July 6, 76, 6, Timothy of i/nidoun county 1,200
o do 7, 80. 6 Wfl'lams C.irter, guardian of (?eorgtana
\Vickhain. 700
.1 \wy U, IVM-I M auun.-vn, ui v,i..rV<l ,??u. , o,i?w
H49 Jail. 1,' fii), o, John Itutherfoordy trustee tW Margaret
Blair l\ud MaHn Blair, children
of V H Wair 300
IliO,fob. \\t tUi, Q, W'm. 14. Uubbard 700
n 1), 04, U, Mrs, Pamela Hobaou, of Hichmoud 400
?f?4,Feb. 10, 100, 0, Airs. JuHot Drew 400
i? do 20, 114. 5, James AI. Swanti, of Powhatan. .... 400
o Aug 24, 119, fl, John theater, of Richmond 400
465, May 10, 133, tt, Henry Co*, ox. and cofnuiinaionar.. 1,000
o do 10, 134, 6, Trustee" ot HuH'h Froo School,
over ^ 400
o do 135, tt, Win. Frayacr, surviving executor of
J. A. Krajwcr, iu trust for Miss A.
Sanderson 60
i) July 3, 130, 0, Thoma* Pag?, olTuinbeHund, trustee
for Kdward (J. Fisher and liivmia
A., his wile and their Children.. . 300
r> Sep. 10, 131, 0, Mary and Khxata>th D. Vasa 113
j Nov. 3, 140, 0, Poviil Turner, commMtoe Randolph
Turner 200
t> do 17, 143, 6, II. 1,. Brooke, administrator de bonis
noil, with tti?> will annexed, of Judith
Randolph, deceased 200
r> Dec. 8, 144, 0, Win. D. tflma 181
460, Jan. 18, 145, 0, Thomas Pratt, of S|K>t.-)ivania 1,500
i> Mar. 14. 147, 6, Hugh W Shelley, tru?U.O of Peter
Shoe I a 860
o do 14, 148, 0, Margaret 0. Hanson Ifd
r> do 23, 149, 0, Alias M. <1. Chevalio I'M
(? do 29, 150. 6, James H. TMnMp 8.O00,
o Oct. 3, 153, 0 ,john D 44. Drown, administrator <?.
.y ClottghV dtoiYusdU t'.n
Mar 24 D-8, 0, TrdJlsuFer At Oofnukonvy'cnltUJn tru.?t
- . 4 v' t??V Uttik of I'lult^ipl ..... . 400
,, Apl ill, 159,, n, Mrs. A M H?h.uHvy 4V0
0 do -O, D?lv Ij 1 i- Masters, u/intiii* ioticr Attich*
ooiiuty ct. court, iu ?| j
H* ^""^aan s administrator r*
Hunt k wife, kt. 100
o do 25, 102. 6. John V. OordoU, guatdian of I anuy
F. OurtN t. t.. .. 300 I
I Do May 13, 133, 0, Treasurer of Common wealth, in Irosl
for Biuk of Rockbridge WO
Jk> Jul}' 28, 101, 6, Mia KMC* H> Atkinson 2M
lk> Aug. 1, 165, 6, Martha 1.. Net on, guurdiuu W. 11.
N'ctaou 200
18.68,.Ian. 6, 166, 6, E 'ward C. Dxhop 200
Ik? Ap'I 3. 167, 0, Ko?4, Patim, k Co 100
l)o Oct. 23, 168, fl, Sum I 3. Weialger ''00
ft. Under an act to provide Ibr the constructs n of a turnpike road
from Staunton 1?? Purkersburg, parted 16th March, 1838:
1836. Aug. 3, 2, 6, Mary 11. l?ulaue, of Ke*ex county, Vn $1,300
lHiM. Dec. ft, 6. 6, Thomaw Stovetiaon, Richmond 1,000
1833, Juno 3, 327, 6, fraud* L. Rinlth, comint-Moner, in
Hill Hepburn r?f. Hepburn ami
other* 300
1833, Aug. 31, f?31, C, Sally N. Herkcley,or E?cx couulv 000
1834, Jan. 21, ft ?2, 6, Treasurer of Common wetUtb, tn lru*t
for lUuk of Kockingluiin ftOO
1854, Nov. ft, 58ft, 0, C.J. 11 irnc 400
1854, Nov. 17, 687, ft, Jonathan!'. Cowherd, coiumDeftuicr,
under decree lxHiUa ct. court, 24th
April, 1864, k*.,kv 400
1834, Nov.18, 680, 6, Jeuulluiu T. Cowherd, of LouUa l.vo
1868, Feb. 3. 67ft, 6, Rosalie P Aytett 600
1858, Feb. ft, 006, 6, 0. 11. Hirriuou ftou
1858, Feb. 25, 678. 6, Commt**louor* of Sinking Fund... 200
18j8, Ap'I ft, 682. 6, Emma Marx, of Richmond, Ya 600
Not*.?Tlmae holder* of rortillcatc* who desire to redeem by attor
nev timet, tf redding beyond the Itmtu of tlie I 3lt"d State*, ark now 1
edge the power before aomeminister plen?i??teutuiry,charge d'affaires,
consul generul, consul, vice consul, or commeri nil agent, up)*'luted by
the government of the Hutted Suite* to any foreign country ; or before
the proper olUcer of any court of nuch country, or the mayor or other
chief magistrate of any clfv, town, or, oori?onitloii therrtn. If re tiling
in the United Stab**, the acknowledgment botbre a Justice of the jiemce,
notary public, or commissioner of deed* appointed by the governor of
Virginia tn sufficient. In all ca-e* the certiUcates inunt be delivered.
Auditor Public Account*, Commie*loner*
K II PARK MR. Reiridor. J of
UHOKtiK W MITNloKR. | Sinking Fun I.
Sccrt'lory ?f the Com man wealth, !
Richmond, Ya., Nov. 5th, 1858. Nov 10 law 13w
Post Owio. Dkpartmkvt,
December 15, 1858.
. SEALED PROPOSAL will be rooclvod at thin department until the
21at day ot February, 1850, until 12 of tho clock at noon, for fhroUb
ing, for tho u?o of post offices in tho United States, for four years from
the tlrwt day of April next, marking uu I rating .-tumps of the follow
lag description, viz:
OijtHt* 1. Circular marking stamps r?f steel,or other material < f equal
duruhi ity j of a circumference not to exceed 3^ Inches, hut as much
loss us convenience aud ginni tan to tiny dietub-; with the name of
tho office and 8tute ; with type tor tho yearn, mouths md tluy-.to
! blocks of like material, with sufficient thumb >or*w f?r the -ame,
with handles of cocoa, mahogany, or other heavy wkhI, ??t i model
most corfvenient for oso. In proposals for this das* of <* tumps, the
i bidder will 8Into the additional charge, per letter or figure, for In
j sorting, within the circle, when required, such words uud ligur* s as
jxiui, J'rrt, jhjvI 10, ship, Ac.
i Ciash '2 circular marking staftips of iron, or other material equal
thereto, for the use of post offices and rou e agent* on railroads and
steamboat mail line.-; w ith the name of tue office and State or tin- name
of the railroad or river line; with type for months and dub -. in blo< k
of the Maine material, with suitable thumb screw, and bundles of black
walnut or cherry tree, of a tnodol best, adapted for uic; tho circuinfe
renco c>f the stump to be the same as described in class No. X,
Cijush 3. Circular marking stamps of box-wood, or other material
of equal durability, of the same size of class y><>. 1, with the mine
of the olllcc and Stole; with type for months and days of printers'
type inetul, In blocks or single letters and figures, w ith thumb screw
and liandlos the same as described In class No. 2.
The contract fortius class will not take effect until from and after
the 2d day of July next.
Claw 4. Marking stamps, for foreign mail- similar to those now in
use in the post offices at New York, Philadelphia, and Ronton, or of
any other style adapted fo the uhovu purpose.
Also, the following rating stamps, to c urn u pond with tho circular
stamps in classes l. 2, and 3 in material, handles, and workniauship,
uud such other rating stamps not named herein as may ho required,
oftt like de.-enptinu, at pro rata prices; and it tho style or material
thereof shall lie altered by direction of tho department, the price
shall bo luorensed or reduced in the name proportion, viz :
Paid Mlssent aud forwarded
J Free Cancel
MUaout Duo
I Forwarded Rue 1
| Post oftlce business, free Drop 1 cent.
I Advertised 10
.Steamboat 15
Ship Paid 10
I Unlleri flUtr?, 6<1. Paid 15
I Hold f?r pojlago
| I'TOJtfwV* Mwpjnvotl w iwrteatcil Fhimp.a, with cyliuder for the
*wk4 way**, or with |?rrititrf to pierce ttio envelope, or with other
Iinbrovomenta, will ho conitfdercd.
The right to change or altar the atylo of the Htamps described in
either eh*.-*, upon cipiitublo tcriiM, m reserved to tlte Poitni.vttT (Sen*
Propyl* will ho rocelvod lor furuhltlbg fhe tuAob? of tho abovenamed
circular at-unp-, or far u\cK em.f separately.
Stumps will ho qph-md fur thu dilV-n'Ufc clitiHc* of offices agreeably
V> ti?p "?lus now ui force, and according to auch rules and regulations
of the department us may hereafter 1k> adopted in relation thereto.
The number of circular stump* required, per unnutn, is estimated
at oOtt lor tho flr-t ola ?, 500 lor the wound class, 1,*200 for lh*
iliird cla.vi, nod luo for the fourth cias*. The number of rating stamps
required for the hhuh jwriod is estimated at 2,500.
Models of the stamps must necompany tho proposals.
Rich bidder must furnish, with his proposals, evidence of his ability
to comply with his l?!?l
Sufficient sureties, will ho required to a contract;*and tl?o stamps
must he dolivofod at tho Past 0111c c l>epartmcut at the expense of tho
Proposal must he endorsed on the outside of tho tmvelojw' with
il Proposals for Past Oitloo Marking Stampami addrowicd to tho
First Assistant Postmaster General, Washington city, I>. C.
lh*c Id- law 4w Postmaster General.
JL make tho w-ee.-sary arrangements respectfully nutku known to
their frinnds mid (lie pubilo Unit tlir Forty fourth Anniversary of tho
Coli:mhja Tvi'iMiHACillfAL Bocirrv will In' celebrated liy a i'llOMF, \ A!d']
CONCERT and BARE, nt Onu Fkmahyh' Ham., on MONDAV KVKNIMi,
ibl JANUARY, 1S69, when thpy assuro their friends it will bo Uielr
endeavor to robdpr U ovorythiug that oun bo desired.
Hovrnl addresses mid voml music may 1)0 expected.
ProtbMor Shroodcr'a brass and string hand lew boon engngod for
tin* occasion.
Tickets mlmitting a gentleman mid ladies, to bo had of the
exermive committee.
No Invitation cards will bo aoiit to Indies, lost, among (lie numerous
lady friends who have heretofore honored their halls by their proaonce,
Home omissions might inadvertently occur; but doom it best to
leave such invitations to goutlemeu taking tickets for ttio coneort ami
Positively no bats or caps will bo allowed In tho room, as ample;
provision will be made fur their care,
kxkci'tivk raxxtrnwt, (tri-cotored rattUt.)
Thomas Rich O, F. l/iwrey Wi". 1ft, McLean
Wip v Junes Julm II . CiinaiiigUae-. Nerval tV. King
Hon. Jos. flalen \vm \\'. Moore J. F. Hili.lny
" W.Wf?.atnn fi. S. Gideon Win. Woodward
" It. C. Welghtmao James English ('. W*.t' Hmmlnglon
" l'eler Force .1. S. liallalier Is ninel Towers
Horatio King S.T. Shugert .1. Howling
Cornelius Wendell Wm. Towers, ar. T. w. Howard
John C. Hives M. (.talon II. Cochran
j,d|n 1'. u 'cs j. ii. Thorn Jos w. Davis
w. 1). Wallacli j. h. Cited a 1 Ci. w. Corlinui
H. i'olklnlioiii H.Walker J. i,. Smith
F. MoNorlian.v j.Howcu K. B. Robinson
Hubert Waters W. A Htx*eruM >v h Miaw
.John ||>irt F. Jefferson J??bO Sessfurd, Jr.
J. (J. Bowman Thomas Colon \V . H. Crojney
John 8o??forc!, nr. Jool Brown K.Brown, nr.
Jam. CroRSftold (Jeo.Gregory Nobto D.I^nifr
.low MatUngly Tlnw Devaugh&n John Ijircinbo
U.S. Ikiwcii Kobftrt Goggtn J. Cloph aite
C, F. !?wroy Joshua T. Taylor < ? <?. s. t'ut.-n
F.j. Wulorrt Robert Penman I J. K'. -(?
J. C. FraMonl C. (5 Klopfor Jus Wiiii.nunoon
iianaokkh. (mi rots f Is.)
Wm . Jones 8.E Culverwell <*Immc '
Ftalder Dorsett N. W. King Charlc* 5f??<igh
F. betwellcr.
romurrKK on kwwtiox, (kM e rots?* )
CluirloH Hoin F. Dorsett A.J. McGutKgan
H. 8. Dowou Win. B H (\ Cuntiel l
CIim, Mol1>Wlon (I. M. Woodward Jim. S Pearson
Jool Brown Kimuol Tlobtuson Jobn Mi Intyro
S K. ColvorWoll Joft.se Judge A W. Folko
W. If. (' Hreggcman Jos. l> Harrh Hanson Barnard
K. W. BrilFin N. W. King CI)an. Hough
J P. Cogswell Isaac B. Jones M. Murphy
Geo. W II ill Wm. Miles Geo. McNeir
O. Kelehum John Johnson
mMNlTTKK on HKKKIJWNKVT*, (wu? tosctu.)
C. F I/>wrey J. II. Cunningham W F Vurcoo
II. 8. liowcii Jesse Judge
WH 11 McLKAN, Treasurer,
C. F. I/>wkt.t, Reerrdary. Bi 16?wtd
"VTOTICE The uiulov^iguotl respectfully informs
i^l Ids IricoJs, Uve public generally* and urunpt'iA vietUng llie
Vrfy Buil In* Ws in -lore n goner a I assortment of
sno?<, gaitkbs, $um:r^, &? .,
h,\\ of the bes| nwiterl.il and workmanship, poll, a up in ilic l?cst style,
and suitable for the season's wear; tor ImIIim, gootkmoik, mhMv.,
hoys, youths, and children's wear.
408 Pent), aw, between 4 and 8th streets.
Dec 4 'Jwlf a few doors east of the National IV/ul.
* ? I?,| ; "Tlin VIIUita Ilia. I:
11 iftll'i M till ft. e vxliil.irt.niTTXt tr <UVk nl "
TA Yl.oll It MAI ItV'H IWknt.iiv.
Dec l'J lw I'nin ) iv.tiiU uv. uu?>,
| > 'i K UB ENFANT.?Ld l'otit Ureuadier. 1"?
.Vulval Alphabet (lee Aniuiam 16 ccnU k|^^H
Therese, lx? Modclv dua Jouuoa iVraounea 20 conU.
J an ttnhuwfcte. 20 couU.
J o I ou Ml*. 00 (MBitri.
Tbi-utre do la Jvudomi. 30 cents. [ '
lx? JJvro ilea HdiU Knluus. 37 cents,
j I/m Jlintaircfl doUraiat Papa. bo cents.
J.cs i^u.iire Petit* Savoyards bO Oeuts.
Ix? Prl* U Kn-ouruK'tMin'iit 50 rent* . jjl^H
Hullou's Histuir# Naturelle. 02 cents.
I 11ii|Nii ted, with other*, direct from Parte, by j
1 J <1 y nut chief lotiivai* of (tio CUrteuan year, larpo llluitraicil i
l.i. Mr- V.: . in a 11 ilu 11<.11 iiv.i i ; by Kev (iortio I). Cummin*, 1 HH
.lu-.l i.uMUIieil, Iiatl for wtlu at TAVIilR k KAl'RV'j | 11I
I let *1 fiookstor,-, 884 Peou. avenue. | |l
tyKliMAN 1101,IDA V HOOKS. -A variety of (let 1 ||fl
| iii.iti and t'reiuli .mri'iille anil other books, bcuutlful y illt>r |
j tr.ii.-d, id..' out ible i..r (.'In t tin i pro.riit-. j] ||H
Jum received at I'H1U"K Bookstore, ||||H
032 Pennsylvania avenue,
I'm-'22 between IHJi and 10tb streets. | S
/ illll.l>i:KN-.< COOKS \T HALF-l'ltlCE. A largo iiX^I
V. previous years, but in ported fjjd H
i.iitiui i ti i. .if nml oin' fourth the pikes at jkj^B
wliicli they huvo heretofore boeu hold.
,4 M A<. XI I'M K.XT W'OlIk.Now coiiij>l?*to, the. '|i|
illu-stiuloU etliliou cif* 1 IvV
Willi eighty-seven engravings on steel ami forty-seven wood cuts;
$11.. jjj- '
'1 he same, gilt extra, $20. |i ?
Tho name, halt morocco, extra, $21.
The same, gilt. $23 1,
The same, full morocco, extra, $32. i . H
Tin. is A VOfJ luuit.-oiif, v .In.il?l<v aii-l api>r<>{ii Kite iutn>nal u <o !, ifi|; ,|H
for pre*eulution. j| iH
Thoho who uro looking for an American book of tho hlglnnt. value |
as a present to send to luirojio are invited to look at those copies. iij il
Also, now ready, m H
1 To match the buhscrlbers' edition, in 8vo., neatly put up in a box 'jjj ' fl
r?*:i J\ to Ik-inserted iu thei places, $0. ifir |l
The Miliiio, in cloth, gilt edged, to match the sets* $5. p I
The Halite, half calf, extra. iji , H
The same, half morocco, extra. '.jjj H
For lamlly libraries and presouta. o H
The now improved oditlou6 ot P
l.j volumes, 12mo., with 23 stool plutba, cloth, $10 ; and various j!j I
handsome UndJugs. jjj I
| 0 volume*, 12mo., cloth, $S ; with portrait and plates, in various jjj
handsome bindings. jit
| In 4 volumod, popular edition, subscriber's edition, aud illustrate J
edition, in various handsome blndlngb. ;
: For .lo in Wellington at TAYI/Hl A MAURY'S,
I Dec 22 No. 334, l'enn. avenue. ,'j >
JUVENILE BOOKS. 'Mi.- Boy who was turned
into a Monkey,
j Kvil Deeijs ami evil Consequences.
The Life of a Ship, from tho Uiunch to tho Wreck. jP 'i
Tin? Butterfly's Bull au?l Grasshopper's Feast. ijpj J
Mi-u r Fox. tffi |
Aunt Mayor's Frosentfor a (iood Little Boy. j|j' '|I
Aunt Muvor's Picture Story Books. jil
Aunt Mayor's Present for u Good Little Girl, ' I
Aunt Mayor's Toy Book. Sill
. ... rn-omtru ihwkh lor lOjnr Pooplo. ;
Nunnht.v I'oys ami ClrN. 1
* '"'"" y "f <irw,ly .lull tth,l ;l|| his little Brother*. If 1
Tho Faithless Parrot,
1.. The undersigned have completed their stock of rare and ole- &|j ;
gaiitly bound books, suitable for presents, to which they respectfully |.B
lut to tin attention of purchasers. Among theso may bo fotmd cbplee
j ot the. following works: U
Christiium fcith tho 1'oet.s; a collection of pongs, carols, Ac.; illus fi
The Strut ford Gallery; or, Tho ShakKpcare Sisterhood; by Mrs. If. J
Loo Palmar; uutlquo morocco. 11 The
Homo Allectlou-s Portrayed by tho Poets; edited by Charles ?
Mackay. $
l'uvorito Kngllbli Poems of tho last Two Centuries. & j
Lib of SI John Falstaflf; hand >mel> bound In catt JR ?
Poetry and Pictures from Tom Moore. 1
I Rhymes ami Roundelays; elegantly bound In green morocco. 1| J
Kcyiuird, the Fox . after the German version of Goethe, by T. J. Ar- h |
Hold, q . hall bound In calf. _ {
Paradise l/ -t; by John Milton; full 1 ound, antique morocco.
Poems Of William Wordsworth, selected by K. A. Willmott; bound
1 in green morocco. * '
i Hums'? Poems and Songs; full bound.
i Poems of KitE-Greene Hullcck; new edition, handsomely bound.
Pot tnS bj Ann ii.i.
i he horti of tho Ifcltie; elegant!) bound, illustrated. >, L
1 Tho i Ady of tho l*ako; lllu trated. ijjj* ;
The Kaorod Poets of England and America for Three Centuries. y!.
The Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poo; handsomely bound in ono j.
Dramatic Scenos and other Poems; by Barry Cornwall.
( hildo Harold; by Lord Byron.
Percy's Rcliquea.
Hood's Own; 1 volume, half*calf.
Tho Queens of England and their Times; by Launcelot; 2 volumes,
full bound. '
Together with a largo and complete assortment of Juveniles. ; '
Also papier macho writing desks, tables, &c. 1;
^ Tk'C 21 Corner of 11th street and Peun. avenue. j
riMlE MODERN COOK; A Practical Guide to tho j
I JL Culinary Art in all its Branches; by Charles E. Francatelll; with lo
| illustrations. | v
Tho Sociable; or, One Thousand and One Homo Amusements; by ll| 1
th author of "The Magician's Own Book." '
j While it Was Morning; by V. A. Townsend. ;
Kur sali; by UI.AM'IIARI) h MOBUN,
IHm: 21 Corner of lltli strwt uml l'oun. avo. .
i .JL Fielding's Works; 4 vols. ^
Swift's Works; 0 vols. ;
Hannah More's Works ; 2 vols. p |
Randall's Life of Jellenson ; 3 vols.
Bulwer's Novels; 20 vols. j
Bus well's Life of Johnson; 4 vols. ^
Goldsmith's Work?; 4 vols.
C'hestorfleld'F Letters; 1 vol. '
Jane Austin's Works; 4 vols.
JLrv';ng'H Works; 15 vols.
Gibbon's Roman Empire; 4 vols.
Motley's History of the Dutch Republic; 3 vote.
Prescott's Works; 11 vols.
Addison's Works; 5 vols,
j Sterne's Works; 2 vols.
HftUum's Middle Ages; 3 vols.
Burke's Works; 3 vols.
Bacon's "Works; 2 vols.
Macanlay's Essays; 5 vols, t j
The above are handsomely bourn! In calf and half-calf binding,
j Dec 21 KRANCK TAY!/)R.
i i lvsAji i/jv i uiri duui\o.? ?> e nuvo
tow displayed a magnillceut Block of elegant
BuiUible for the coming Holiday season. Our assortment ombraces
everything thai U
which we are determined to offer at prices which must please. Thoso
do.-?irou* of selecting clegaut prescuU, at very low prices, aro invited
to examine our selections.
I). J. BISHOP k CO., Booksellers,
Hoc 10 ?<12\v if 2H> and 43H Penn. avenue.
| f ir h i!'1 Tht. xitinprilxTS hnyo for Mle on cxpallenl fmir h<>r?n
ixiwor oiigtnp '?'<! Imtlor, wtiirh will hp auld clump. May berxumliipd
s .,i Whilo & H ill's nrtablbbinvul, vurnvr "f 4.'; street tuul Mnine avc;
I,,,,. JAM. C. MotiCIRK fc CO.,
I Hoc is. list Auetloheers. |
17<0lt RENT, either furnished or unfurnished, and
_ by the year or Ibr n horter period, my Ionise, on the corner of
C and Third streets, tx cnpmd during the <4u*t session of Congress by
Hon. Mr. Hammond, Lulled States senator from South Carolina, lu
quire of IUVI1) A HAW,,
Nov 0?oodVf No. 408 C street. '
17*0 K KENT.?The Front 1'arlor, and Bed-Room at- j
I tached, over Kill well k Laurence'* Drug Store The most
I desirable rooms on the avenue, tin account of the nenriiejs* to the dp
| pirtimnU and Millard's Hotel. AH'>, two bed room* In third story;
all furnishixl. Apply to KIDWKfX At LAUKENTE.
Milled with Ran, fuol, A. siiitnblf for a mnm,U)* W Omigrwi i
rum wilt!; lUcro lieiDg no family id llio lioww It V< vary (iaeirafeW*- ''}>
Apply to JOHN 'VV.ViiNf.lt. <'
J><HJ f> If *)AA, rcmnylranta nveuur.
T LKT With 01 Without Furniture?the Large
.? ami Pugant Ma h;,pii ami Qrouudn, corner of U and 21*t xtrocta,
: |ms( routed l>y ^ r W illiam li Ouaeta?. The hou*' nmutiity all imxleru
Improyoiti^V'* ?-? <" excellent order I oau bo goon from tt All a daily ,
u,V v three (MTfot* ujKtn tbfl pr*tnb?ey.
Apply to Win M. CaMwHI. corner *f <* and 21st streets, or to K,
Callan, P street uoar Trcaxufy Department.
Sov 11?SunTuosAiTliunrtf
fl'O LKT- 'Flvo thrce-HtOiy hrick house, No. 4'2:t I
I FUVh Htropt, between e Md F. tin* tmlb room and k*.- Kant,
5)?. . Inquire Oft tho preuiigcH. Nov AO ti

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