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' ISSS1 Sljc Itoljiiifltim Itoiimtli rr 1
B ad>??..?, "Ill 1>C <beig.d ? J'Cf L square 1 day ?u Ui 1 aquata 3 bhkiIIm *00 H
? , __ _ ,B , , ____________ _. I Ju 1 w**tk 1 T( 1 ilu 3 luubtlk . IS 00
isn nW*W|0(m t/BMlK, will be a arar- I ' " ? ? I do S wwlu 3 00 I do ? Biouttu It 00
-lev eud tfaturday Bi M|*r uiu?n> tor Odd .o|> ?!*' "LIBKHTY, TUB UNION, ANU THE CONSTITUTION." 1 do luuDlb. $6 00 I do 1 year .10 00
Kirw ll'" - - ^ - , ' B|U IKM or I?*b? inakr a aqua re, lou(rr advortiMrnunti la viae
w kick 11 i mom, a vary large pa par for oountrv * , __ -*-i =? - _ pavporUon, null all payable in advaar*. AdvprtkienaMa urdered n
^isgsassssssss vol m no. sis. Washington city, Thursday, December :jo, i85s. two cents. hrsshes fl
SST cmnLe^d ar Ay toT' _ | I be for,,,dug rau-a. m
Two tbrongtl t DID ?>? run dally, ekoepl Sunday, from Wash
legion lor the Waal, as follow* .
Int. Mall Iraln alal ia at 7 45, a m., (ftiiulay eacgpted,) connectIa,;
, KH?'y ut Wa-liingtou Junction. for l uiitb- rland mid Pi.dm tut
il The Cincinnati St. Imuls, and Chicago Kipreaa Oon mutton loavee
\V??hlu(|tiin at 3 40, p. in., reaching CI m IttwcU at fl So, p iu., next day,
and rouuw unit directly with oapreee lialn for I-oaUvllle, Cairo,and the
rw>ulh??- t, and lor SI. inu.'a, Karoaa, Ac.
To view to.' grand mouuuiii scenery or the road In daylight uke
caber the 7 ?, a. in., or 3 40, p in., train from Wunhiagton, and ho
. ,?ar al Cumberland or Piedmont.
tor I'arkcrrhurg and all tUtioua on the N'ori'meatern Virginia road
lake the 3.40, p. ni , train, for Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad taka
(be rani".
Through nckeUi and baggage chiK'ka to all <|uartere, auil evory
other poaaible Ik. Illty, will be found upon tLi.i route.
Way paasougeia for the main atein of I lie lialtiuinre and Ohio Railroad
mil leave Washington a follow a
f ar all point* between Waaldngtou Junctiou and Piedmont take the
; 45, a iu , train
f ur nil autioiia betwueu Piedmont and tVheeling, tak < Ilia 3 40,
|i in .train. To connect w lib the Frederick train, take Itiu 3 40, p. Ill \
i .ill II t I I IMIllll c\|, M|| k
\ |i?v? for Bultluioir ut 6 10 unit 7.46 a m *iul a 10
nu.14 34.1' in c)u Sunday at X10, |i in , uulv
I havi* Hulitmofu mi 4 30 and H '.0, a m , anil 3 30 and i 30, p in.
I tie Sunday at 4 JO, ? in., only.
j'tia 7 lb out 4 33 if aim "tily ?>ll .lop ut way uUtlkuw and fur An
iiurMilU ninuoctious
Tliu 7.45, m , ai d 3.10. |>. in , arc the chtnfcouiu tluu trains R?r
II, tVr.t Jial "i" ?. T.46, nwl 3 40 trulita tor tli? Eiut
l r furlliwr I:i' muti al luqilre lit' ilia IblUaore undOhlo Kullroud
Ticket 0:u, of THUS M 1'AKsoNM, ApeM, Wmt.iuyton
(i, t 3 Matter i. Transportation, llultmiore.
to-fif ajrrinoxmbnt#
KAllJh >AJ>.
troia W VSIIIN'JTON CITY to Virginia, Tonueeeee, Georgia, Alabama,
Min dmdppi, Louleiuna, Arkansas, uiid Tcxa*.
Through TickoUr can be obtained at the great Southwestern Raili
road Dittw, corner of Pennsylvania avonue uud Sixth street, Washing
toil on board <?t the Suutn E< rry Boat George Page, or at the Office of
the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, iat Alexandria
To Richmond. Ban dlle, Lym Liburg, Bristol. Kuoxvillo, DaHon,
Atlanta, Chattan -oga, Nashville, Hunts vlllo, Grand June
tion, Memphis Montgomery, and New Orleans.
By a Direct Route and Continuous Railway Connexions to Memphis.
Awarding greater Expedition and Comfort, and being over 200 milee
Porter than by any oth r route.
yho ffcwun fwrj boat George lbg? leave? the foot o>f Sftfmth itfMt
at 6 v o'clock, u. tu , for Alexandria, v. here passengers take ears for
, Rfohmood, (MiarlnUeevUle, Bf.inntoii, White Sulpiuir Springs, Wood
block, Ac., and at 7\f, J>. in., for Richmond and ull points South woM,
making mro and close connoitotu to Mswphiii.
Baggage wagons and omnibuser leave the office, Pa. avenue, at d
o'clock, u. in., and 7, p. in.
JAMES A. LVANi, Agent,
June IS?tf Washington. .
Q DM M K It AUK ANOE M ENT The steamer
GEORGE PAGE will rtlu uh follows:
heave Alexandria at 4. 8, 10, 12 O'clock, a in.; 2, 4, and 6 o'clock,
l>. in.
J*?ve Washington at t?, y, 11 o'clock, a in., 1, 3, 5, and 7 o'clock,
p. in.
The THOMAS COU.YER, alien on the route, will run a1 opposite
hours i ! ' 18 MBt Whalcy's
omuibuaaa Connecting with the Pago and Collyer, will
leave the Capitol, and corner of 12th street aud Pennsylvania avenue,
hit same time the boots leave Alexandria.
June tf RICHARD WALLAC1I, President.
Notice to travellers.?new arrangeHUNT.
i.S'(Jpf)N DIRECT TO Al.l. PARTS OF THE SOUTH AND 90i:thwk.*t,
ROAD LINE. - Tw o fast Roily Hues from Washington for the South
and Southwest. Boats leave their berths, (hot of Oth street, at 6!#,
u 111., aud 7 p. m. fTuweitgers by tho morning boat ran obtain & lino
breakfast on board and enjoy a pleorJint sail of Ul? hours down the
bruutJful Potomac, passing at hill view of Mount Vernon. By the
evening boat they unsure a good supper and a rost of four hours in
comfortable berth 109 Mate r* unu> and at rive in Richmond In titno to
connect with all the trains for the South and Southwest.
The great south rn nuul in conveyed over this routo.lt being-44
miles *hortor and 100 mile- loss railroading than by any other route,
making cortaia connexion* to
FkfcDBRJGKABPItU, RlaQNWD, AAt) PliTXKftttCRi), V?..ui\!\ ; WlUKM AMD
WU3UNtiTOX, <J , OlAlUJvs'roN, S. r . ACUU^TA, Ua MoMOu .11-1
AND Moutlk, ALA., iMsotcr TO Naw OKLKXMH A?D ALLflOcmuoiM omKfl
A Do, c.Munect at Richinoud with the Danville, Soulliside, Virginia,
Teunesaoo, uud Baal Tennessee railroads
Danville, Bristol, Dalton,
Uiuilufiowg.?,. Hunts v die, Memphis,
Lynchburg, Knox vi lie. Atlanta,
Nashville, Clraud JunrUon, Montgomery,
und New Orleans.
For through tickets aud further information of the route, inquire at
thasouthern ticket office, No, $7$ ivi.n-vivaiiu Avenue, one door ;
. east of Browns Hotel, or on board Iho boats, fix* of Oth street.
August 17?ly Ticket Agent. |
TF1K I.AD1SS of the Firat Unitarian Church,
moved by the <ad condition of u large number of poor children
ill Washingt ?u, have cummi n.. I a mission, the olpflvt or which Is to
restuu froiu ilia !< 1 and alloy a of ih^ word neighborhood!! as
many as |H?s-iblr* i?I that number who, either by the misfortune,
guilt, or negligence of their |#areuH, or from causes incident to the
Un per fee too: i id human society, uro growing up to swell the ranks of
" the dangerous cla- es ' <?f American citie--.
They have routed an 1 furnished suitable rooms iu the Fourth ward,
employ ad a taaoliar, and ire d*Uy receiving chihlren, who, coming
from abodes of poverty, aud often vrorso than poverty, by being sur
rounded during the day with a Christian atmosphere of kindness and i
forbearance, and being taught th-^ common elementary branches 01 j
education, will be saved from great peril, and aomn of them, it is :
hoped, become v?-ry useful no n md a uucc.
Very frequently a U found - try to a npplj ihoes or otiwrabmijal
garments, und if the tBlil ; 1 lie obtained it would be ilesirable 10 j
furnish one plain, but fufflcknt m il per diem during the approaching
winter. Being constantly under our anpervlskm?except at night?
the chances for Imfs-ohon .ice very much lessened; it w certain,
moreover, tliat nothing can ho wasted whkh gives to children the
power to read the BthLe and (hi constitution or feevU and warms
them, flvm though their piiretits ehnqld prove unworthy.
We .-ubmit the following *01 - ! -rati ris to the benevolent
^ That it is the duty of all good Christians ami all good citizens to
lake good earn.of the young, because nothing can bo more dangerous
In a republic, than the presence of lawless bands of youths;
That lucre is not suffidrut public school accommodation for the
poor children of Washington a fjet too notorious to need dtmionsira
tiou. And, if there were, still tho same necessity would exist for
winning those from duugcr w ho, from the poverty or neglect of their
P* routs, would uoiseek educational ud vantages;
That It is only by direct effort among the poor, by personal appeal
to them, und personal sacrifice for them that we can hope to clear our
Illy of violence aud rowdyism; and that a proper Christian zeal aud
courage can accomplish this groat purpose is fully ovidenced in tho
past aud present condition of ?? The Five Points'1 iu New York.
We have no hesitation, therefore, in asking pecuniary aid from ail
parsons disposed to help what seems to us to be ho good a mission
pienge ourselves to in? owervnncfl 01 u ngiu evonomy , buu wui i
bonefactors tnay feci assured that orery dollar will go directly to the j
object, and that uotio of our funds will bo absorbed in payment of !
ularles to secretaries, clerks, agents, &o.
Donation* will l>? thaukfully received by the treasurer, Mr?. .1 F.
Webb, No. 4 I/mlsiana avenue. Soy 27?dtf
DA. CAKDWEL1., Heal E?tat(> and (i.'nemlj
e Commission Broker, has taken the office, up stair*, in No |
Pennsylvania avenue, where Ik* to attend to selling and i
buying real estate anywhere iu the Ciiiou, routing out and collecting j
rente,and procuring house* on rent or lea?e. or any business apper
Uiuing to real net ate, w?th unejovpikHial legal aid.
The settlement of chums of any description on tho executive do
parlntents ancl bureaus of go'crnment and Congress, and members j
of Congress : e-qw*c?ally clawwof tho distant and adjacent newspaper
prees for subscriptions ue-t advertising, his axperienpe being such us 1
v> enable him to furnfh tb<4 necessary florins and in?truetion* to par j
l|e* having such, as well as attending to having advertisements in I
period in any or a* the papers In the District of Colombia or else.
Whero, on apnP*^4 by ,rW4>r or otherw ise to him ; thus saving the
m.eu*o uf tho dty, and pronlpt returns mudo.
Also, the negotiation of loans on good security, and all descrlp
tiuog 0f Ki.sineiift which may pr<q>erly he classed under the head of u j
pt.D(.r, coiumitftdou brokerage.
p.KNKK-> Hon. Win. A Harris, (formerly of Missouri,) Dr. A. V. I
p uurm tt, Col. Jn.s. <1. Derret, mayor ; Richard Wallach, esq., and
? * proprietors of tho newspaper press generally of Washington, !
He** . J & B. Duvonport and Hon J rt. Caskle, Kicbtnond, Vu ;
k*v. Wui. ft. Plumor, Alleghany City, Ph. ; Cot A. T. Burn lay, Frank
r?rt, Ky., and Johu O. Sargent, esq., New York city. Dec I dtf }
lu tho superior court of said county, March tcrni, 1848.
Present his Honor James Thomas, Judge of.Mld court
Whereas sundry bll f have lH?cn flM In this court by legatees un
'lot the will of Wm. H. Durch, deceased, against John C. Burch, exe
citor of snid will, for pay nieiit of their reepoftiva logacics, and claimlDf
that the legacy in said will Surah Koxee should be jwud to tho
lurtie* entitled thereto in tho event of her death, leaving no child or
cbil r?i
It is ordered that said Sarah Kesoe, or her children, or her or tbelr
1 presentali ? , appear u this court at or before tli? March term',
1H?, to claim sold legacy, a-, in default of aald appearance, said
Uftjrat y will then be directed to bo paid to the parties now before the
And it Is further ordered that a copy of this order be published once
t month lir nlue mouths, tho' publication to be before (lie month of
March, lHfrfl, iu the Pillowing newspapers, to wit The Constitutional
owt. published in Augusta, Beorgia. Tho Union, published in Wash
higtqu, in the District of Columbia; The Iiiulsville .Tourval, published
11 : Kentu kj and < n nl11 pap< 1 put* , .h 1 1 luna|l,
A trqe oxiriu t from the minutes of the suporior court pf Elbert
c,'UU|y, iieorcla, at March torn), A- D. 18ft8,this 17th April, 1859
April 27- lamQm MOWSK MlUfl, flcrk
A. Uif 0,ruin llonw. ;nni til" Panic.. oT 1H67, with n FinancialChart,
W' J. S, (,lt>l*Hn, wKIl thirty illu?ir*cio?i- by Herrick 1 TOl Fries,
II U For sale at 1 R*XK1.1N PHIM'K Ikok-iorr
I*17 333 Penn. avenue, bet. Vth & 19th at?. '
kot, with Immobile Horn*- and Kurojautii Ik-maud
Ihe roanon why, b that by nature's own It rc.ilur?> Ok*
natural color permanently altar the hair bcootnot gray ; supplies the
natural fluids, and thiu iiukiw it grow oti bald head.*, removes nil
dandruff, itching, and beat from the sculp, quiets and tones up the
itervos, and ihus curaa all nervous headache, and may bo relied upon 1
Ut ruie all dUou-ovi oi the M'*)paud hair; It will slop and keep It from 11
fulling oft makes it ,-tifi, glon.sy, healthy, and bcuutilitl, and, I! lined ^
by the young two or three tUti*** a week, it will bover full or become 1
gray; then, reader, read tho following and Judge for yourselves
N aw YOU, Jan 8, 1S&8
Mfessus (). J \V?m>i> Ai Co hentleineu : Having hoard a good deal i
about I'rofessjjr VV'.kkI'h Hair Koalotuhve, and my liuir being quite i
gray, I made up iny tuiud to lay a-ldo the prejudices which 1, in com t
moti with a great many persons, had ugaliiist ull munner of patent t
medicine*, and a short time ago 1 commenced using your artulo to t
UMt it for myself. t
The result h.?s beon so very satisfactory that I am very glad 1 did so,
and in justice to you, as well as for the encouragement of others who a
maybe us gray us l wan, but who having tuy prejudice without my b
rivtsoiM for selling it aside, are unwilling to give your JtUwioraUve a t
trial till the) have lurthei proof, and the beat proof being ocular de
m lustration, I w rite you this letter, which you muy show to any r
such, ami al?o direct them to rno lor furl her proof, who am iu and (Hit c
of the N V. Wire Railing establishment every day. r
My hair Is now its natural color, and much improved in appearance
every way, being glossier and thicker, and much mora healthy
looking. 1 am your*, respectfully,
Corner Columbia and Carroll ?Ls., Brooklyn. 1
IjviSOSroN, Ala,, Feb. 14, 18l?8.
IB Una port ol U??* country. My hair ha* be.M slightly diminishing
for 4evf?r ?l j?ur-i. caused, 1 anppotto, from u slight burn when I was
quito *n infant. I have been using your Hair Reatontflve fbr six
w e.-ks and I Uii?t thut 1 have a tine hand of huii now grot, ing, after having
used uil other rautedtra known to no effort. I think it the moat valuu
hie remedy now extant, and advise uil who urn .dHicfod thut way to
use your rented)
You run publish this if you think proper. Your*, tn
PULApflUtUA, Kept. 0, 1857.
pitor. Wood Dear Sir . Your I lair ltostoratho is proving itself
heu?-lh ml to in**. The front, and also the lurk purt of my head ul
newt lost H?f covering?was In tart bald. 1 have ueotl hut two hull
pint bottles of your Restorative, and now the top of my head ?.s wall
studded with a promising crop of young hair, urn) the front is also
receiving iU benefit. 1 have tried other piepuraUuus without uny
benefit whatever. I thiuk, from my own personal roccoiumundatiou,
1 cuu induce many other* to try It. Yours, respectfully,
1). K. T1IOMA8, M. I>.
No. 404 Vine street.
The Restoratives is put up I" bottles of throe Mixes, viz : large, me.
din iii , and Ml mil; the smalt hold* half a pint, and retails for one dol
lar per bottle; the medium hold* at least twenty per cent mora In
proportion than the smull, retails for two dollar* per bottle ; the
largo holds u quart, 40 per ceut. mora in proportion, uud retails for
$3 a lad tie.
O. J. WOOli & CO., Proprietors, 312 Broadway, New York, (in the
great Now York Wire Railing Establishment,) aud 114 Market street,
St. Routs, Mo.
Aud Hold by all good Druggist* and Kaucy Goods Dealers. f
Nov 18?d3in (
li SH WVUS. CLOAKS, VELYEW, &o,~We would call the special '
attention of member* of Congress and strangers visiting the city to
our assortment of the above-named giants, a* we have just received ! <
some of the most elegant dress good* wo have oflered Ibis season, *
consisting of the following desirable gooibt, viz :
Elegant brown, tan, mode, and black ai:k robes, two volants.
Rich silk robcH, volvet volants.
Rich double Jupe, volvet skirts.
Rich colored ground silk robes in all the tuoat desirable colors, ran- (
ging from $-0 to 925 j
Black ground colored flounce silk robes, ranging from $ld to $25. v
30 pieces elegant rich dark silk* in dress patterns, assarted colors, j
In h'Iai.s, strii>esi aud Bayadere stylos. (
10 pieces elegant black Bayadere silk* by the yord. ,
100 pieces mudiuin price silks, ranging from 75 cents to $1 50 per (
yard, and comprising, in uil probability, the cheapest aud most ui ,
tractive stock of colored silk goods to be found in any retail establishment
south of New York.
We have also Just opened the Largest oMsortmoot <*f plaiu and fancy
evening silks that wo have ever purchased, comprising almost every ,
desirable article in general use for evening drosses. In the assortment
w ill be found tbo following very choice articles, viz :
50 v ery beautiful light silk robes, in pink and white, blue and white, (
all whit--, uil pink, all bluo. corn color and white, and laveuder color.
The above goods are in
Robes a'Quille, rolies uTam, 3 volant* and 2 \ ?lants.
3 splendid Bayadere robes, with body ami trimming to mutch, in
com color and white, and pink und white.
2 olegant embroidered three ilounced silk robes, ouo piuk and ona
bluo, said to have c<u<t $100 to im|Mirt.
2 embroidered robes a'QuUl? do., tame stylo and colors.
50 Grenadine robe* of various qualities in light colors, suitable for j
; evening dreasos, in two Jupaa and two and three volant*, making lu i
nil the largest stock of light eveniug robes wo ever ottered for sale <
We have also Just owned 20 pieces elegant Brocade Bayadere aud j
n'J>*s strljMi silks, in pink, blue, corn color, and white.
; 15 pieces plain Pf>ull de Soles, lu pink, blue, white, corn color, lav
tinder, aud cherry color, ranging from 87 cents to $1 50 per yard,
I and comprising such an assortment us cannot be. found eliowhere in
! the District.
Our lowest cash price is marked in plain figures on ovary article w?
otter tor sale, Irotn which we make no deviation ; aud we hope our 1
reputation t* a sufficient guaranty that no article will be miaroprr
seated. W U SHUNTER Si CO,,
No. 38, opposite Centra Market,
Dec 7?lOtdif bet. 7th und 8th strocts.
j WASHINGTON ART ASSOCIATION will beY)p?*u to the public
on Monday, tire 3d tiny of January next, in their new and spacious
gallery on Pennsylvania avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, and
will continue from Mix to eight weeks.
Works exhibited by the association consist of paintings, sculpture,
U raw I figs, art niHTiurai designs. ?nu engravings. ?
The gallery will be opon for their reception from Uio 5th to th? t
30:h of December, and to a later period for works Intended for the 1
exhibition which might be unavoidably delayed in shipincul or iruns 1
porLatiuu. *
The espouse** ??r transportation and return will be borne by the <
aseociatioti on all works forwarded by it* own ugentn, or by thoso I
to whom circulars are addressed, and the usaoc.iulion will ho d Itself
responsible for any damage sustained by works while on exhibition.
on Lbo sale of works exhibited or de{M>?ited lu the gallery u com
mb*-ion of 10 per cent, will be charged. *
A description kuitablo for insertion in the catalogue should bo at
(ached to each work forwarded, together with its price, If for salt* ; 1
tiic name of possessor and the name uud mldre.-s of the artist. The
.same .should also he communicated by mall on the shipment ot the
By order of the board of management
Washington*, I> C., Nov. ti, 1868. Nov 7?law tl f
CiAKPKTINC, floor oil-cloth, rugs, M A I
/ tings, Druggets, Curtain Materials, and Houso-furnUhlog Dry s
Goods, such as?
Velvet tapestry carpeting*, new doslgUH
Tapestry Brussels do in great variety
New styles Brussels do super quality
Extra heavy 3 ply do very rich
Extra-super ingrain do new puttorna f
Very heavy all wool Dutch carputlugs
Twilled Vouitluu carpeting lor hulls and steps
Velvet and Brussels do do do
Full sheets extra heavy and very rich floor oil cloths, cut tw tit
uii) fci/.c or shape room, hull,or passage
Mosaic, velvet, and tufted rugs and mats
Cocoa and Cauton mattings
I"2-4,14 4, 10-4 drugget crumb cloths
English druggets, all widths, by the yard
Very richly-embroidered lace curtain*
Satin luloes, brocatels, and reps (or curtains
White, buff, blue, and green aliudr lineus
Htair rod*, curtain fixtures, kc.
Having attended HADA.N k CO.'8 great Carpet Auction, which took
place In New York on the 4ili and 5th inst., we are now prepared to
oiler greater inducements than can be afforded under ordinary circuni
stances. Purchasers are r*?.|*-rtfull> invited to un examination of our
she k. HOOK BRO. k 00.
Aug 18?dif
Dlt. VAN PATTKnTOEVTIST. Ofltp* mid re?idonee
removed to the Wilhird Hotel square. Opposite the ne>v
end of the Treasury, and near the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and
15th stres't.
Oct 7?9md*
(\tpital $200,000 !
The only company In Washington having such a clause in it? charter.
Risks on buildings, merchandise, furniture, kc., tpReu ut the lowest
Besides the actual capital of lb? coin pan/> the individual liability
clause of the charter rem'**'" *he priva?fl fortune of each stockholdct
liable for loose*.
Office? Or? r I'enusylvauU avenue aud Tenth street.
Wm. F Bayly, BenJ. Bcall, Francis Mohun,
lames F. Hullday, Hudson Taylor, Win Orme,
Samuel Bacon, Joseph Bryan, M W. Gait
N. B.?No charge made for policies.
JAMK8C. MeGUlRE, Prootdent
Grafton D. Hansow, .Secretary. June 27?ly u
mo DIPLOMATS AND TOl'KIST.S 11,.- a.lv<i: .
JL tiser, a middle aged luuii, who is conversant with and speaks
ll?.* Kngh-di, French, Hpmurb, and Kalian language-. Is well edu< atcd,
active, aud of good morals, Is acquainted with maritime affairs, his c'
I"k.'H a merchant and shipowner lor several years, wishes javrte ularly
to call the attention of American diplomats and tourtn>. hound to the
European or South American continent, who may seed an Intorpre
tor, courier, and cunfld-mini travelling clerk He can furnish the 11
most unexceptionable referouiis for qualification from many dlstlu h:
gtti bed person* of the highest Maudiug io Washington and lUltuni
Address A. (I., Box No. 18 Mobile, Ala., or caff of (h* Hon B
FlUj'Hll i. k . \ S H Sep .iu - d.Sm I
rrai mi'itai, i.ih; ix.-rii a n<k comi-anv i
Vol areola Fobru?ry I, 146H, ?t,6tiV'iO? tf.V Secure*! to State
bond* and mortgagee "I flrnl rtaea.
Fiwtorlcli ft Wlnetoii, |>toni<tpiii lauur Abbott, an rrtary. 4
\ Y I' Carnctt. M I' niiiiitne |ibj?i. inn, 4'i'i N'mtti Jtr.-it "
Famphleta and further Information may beobtained at the olttce of Ii
CHAHI.KS l>E SEI.HKN, Agoul, <*
June 23?J6m* No. 607 flerenth ttrcet.
Siiii. ... . : 'ftiiiMi-'tr .. 'it'jiiii- ii x'hAi-tti1,,tiiil?-~iili'ffciii'ii
Navy Depnrtaieut,
Dcrjul or i'o.MffKn mo\ Ac., Nov. 27, 1858
SKAIJED PRONHAIS will be received at Hum Unionu uuUl 3 o'clock,
lie 28th Uuy (if DtMvuibw next, Air the delivery m the United Statu
iavy yurd Mi Philadelphia of thw (ollowkug described timber, on * he
l?uu! terms and coudilious of contracts, which run be ascertained
rom the commandant of any ol the navy yar?iYK3.LOW
Twoiity vl|bt tkOUMinl foot, hoard measure, (28,000,) of 6l* inched
hick, 85 to 46 feel long; twenty thousand feet (20,000) of 7 ^ inches
hick, from 40 |o 60 feet long; ten thousand feet (10,000) oft V inches
hick, from 05 to 40 foot long; ten thousand foi t (10,000) of 6 ^ Inches
hick, from 30 to 40 f??et long; and eight thousand feet (8,000) of 4\
aches thick, from 30 to 35 feet long, amounting in all to seventy-alx
housund feet, (76,000 feet,) board measure
To bo long leafed yellow pine, free from heart shakes, large knots,
hort crooks both in ih ckness and width, aud from defocta of every
rind, and to work in width, clear of 8ap, at least vne inch more than
he thickness required.
To be delivered as follows; One quarter of each of the several thick
lenses on or before the 15th of January, 185'J; another quarter of ea< h
if the several thicknesses on or before the 1st of February, aud the
rm.duder cu or before the 15th February, I860.
Throe while pine masts, rough hewed, und to work when tin kited
is follow n' One of 68 feel long, 24 inches diameter; one of 5V feci
ung, 24 inches diameter; and ouo of (i5 feet long, 23 inches diameter
To be free from sup and large knots.
To be delivered on or before the 1st of March, I860.
Five thoosaud cubic hot (5,000) of white ?>uk pUnk stock logs, tw
?o of the very boi?t young while oak, grown w itbln sixty miles of salt
valer, aud cut between iho 1st of October and 1st of March following.
)oe halt the number of lOgB to be 43 foot in length ; the w hole to aver
igo 43 feet, and none to be less than 35 feet in length; to he lined
iiruigiu me anting way , ;wi<i nt.ty nn\< a uuig ???r runu w v*u? i
way, bm no abort crook* will ho rn*iv?l, to be rough nqiiarwd, and
nay bo lined upering in conformity with the growth <?rthe tree Out
i4li itko number of log* to square nut loan than 12 Inches, ami the ro
uaindcr uol lean than I t incite.-* at the to|> cud, clear id' wane. Duo
bird tho number of the ahortcHi U?g4 to square not leas than 17 inches
U the top uud, clear of wane; the wane ou each corner not to exceed
010 eighth of the fare uh squared, the nap wood em -holed tu the tne*M
irsnieut. At the middle of tho length of the log tho breadth und
iepth to be taken and considered the alas for continuation The
whole must We free from orosa grain or twUts, targe knots, holes, or
4hor defects, aud a proper deduction will be made for axe marks and
mproper squaring.
(hie half to be delivered on or before the 1st of February, aud tin
"etuuiudor 011 or before tho 1x1 of March, 18I?9.
The Department reserves the right to receive an addiliouul quantity
diot exceeding ton per cent.) of tho yellow pine and oak.
Separata proposals will be received for the yellow pine, white pirn1
ipars, and the wbito oak .
The proposal* must b > endorsed ''Proposal* for Timber,"' tluti they
nay be distmguuihc.1 from other business letters.
1, of III tho State of ?hereby agree to fur
il.-h and deliver tu the U. S navy yard at Philadelphia find
4 ??, tu conformity with the ad verU*euieut of tho liui cau of Con
itriictlon, Arc , of the date of 27th November, 1838, ut tho ratu ol
per ??.
lot a I value.
.Should my offer he accepted 1 request to b* addressed at
tud the contract forwarded to the navy agent at ?or to toe
it ? - f for signature and celtiflcalr.
December ?, 1858. B
The undersigned, ,of , tu the State of?-?,and- ,
if ? 1 m the Siuto of , hereby giniraitty that, in case the
orvgolug bid of?-?- for any of the t raber therein named be ac
eptcd, he or they will, within ton days aflei the receipt of the con
root at the pustoflico named, in uuvy ugent designated, execute tin
ontract for tho same with good and sufficient sureties ; and in case
int i ft ha 11 fail to enter luto contract as aforesaid, w* guuraiit*
0 make good the dilferance between the oifer of tho said ant
hat w inch may be accepted
Signature* of the guarantors, C D
I hereby certify that the above named are known to rue ?*
jien of property aud able to make good their guarantee.
Signature, 0 II
To he signed by the U. S. District Judge, U. a IHstrict Attorney,
Collector, or Navy Agent. Nov 28 law 4w
[No. 525.]
Notice fur revlorlitK cftain (.amis to market in
the State of Alabama.
NOTICE is hereby given that the land otHce at
Elba, Id tho State of Alabama, will, and after the 20th day ol
December next, bo open to the hmIo at private entry and location ol
ill vacant public lands embraced in tho following townships, which
a ero subject to entry aud location prior to withdrawal,, being lands
winch had boon w ithdrawn a> probubly falling within tho prescribed
Units of selection of tho railroad gi ant to Alabama, by act of Com
irons, approved, March 3, 1S57 but since ascertained not to be withii
tald limits, via.
North qf the base line and ra*t 0/ the St. Stephen* meridian.
Township 7, of ranges 23, 24, 26, 20, 27, 28, 29, aud 30.
Township 8, or raugea 2o, 24, 25, 20, 27, 2H, 2V, and 20.
Township 0, ol" rang** 24.
Given under my hand, at the General I*n.l Office, at the city ol
Washington, October 20, 18f>8.
Oct 22?1sw0vr [IntclltSUr]
[No. 62C.]
Notice for restoring certain lands to market in
the State of WiaroiiHin.
NOTICE in hereby given that the laml office ill
Menu* ha, in tho State t)f Wi.^'ousin, will, on and after the 10th
lay of January next, bo open to the Bale, ut private entry and locainu,
of all vacant public lauds embraced in tho following township,
sbich were subject to entry and locution prior to witliJr wal, being
audi) which hud beeu withdrawn an probably falling within tho pre
icrlbed limits of selection of tho railroad grunt to Wisconsin by act of
JongreiM approved June 3, 185tt, but Mince ascertained not to ho with
u Maid limits, viz .
North of the base line ami east of the fourth principal meridian.
Townships 15, 16, IT, 16. 19, 20, 21. 22, 23, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, /
10. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 86, 37, und 36, of range 20.
Given under my hand nt tlio Uouerul |j?ud Oltlcn, al the lit/1,1
iVushlngtoo, November 17, 1858.
Nov 18? lwflw (Int.&^tarJ Ccnniiiisar^'
1M1E subscriber desires to call public at/''?n *?
bia extensive assortment of
vhtch U now roudorcJ complete in every depar tiur> j
lart of? /
A very extensive collection, embracing nlmo|nv?r/ j
' arlet y necessary to furnish tho parlor, chan/r? an room I
rotn tlie most oxpctudve to the cheapest kluri*/
Gold band, plain, white, and richly deciA01* dinner, dtenert, and
tea sets
A large assortment of \ uses
Diuner and ma ware iu detached pieces .
Rich cup* and saucers, with and without?0**/*
Pitchers, perfumo bottles, card receiver /, , . , . A.
Willi a large variety of fancy articles, app/^ * e ts) dec^rato tho .
|g ere, parlor table, ami toilet. /
[KON-STO.VK ail/
Dinner, tea, and toilet Beta > .
Abo, tu detached pieces, n large 8*?? ? u shapes.
G 1*ASS W/
American, French, and Bohemia/ ^
De<unU?r?, flagons, goblets, a? , 4,
Clara w, buvki, ahorrhx, 'fJdenT
l.Ujiiours, tumblers, UHrooK^,^-* a?itJ * K
will., bouioa, (loul bowV4"0"' M,U- *c
?. ? ? r\ ir , Jy-aoe aud fitly throe piece*
pi Robt of half doteu orJr . , ' 1
Also, Ivory handled lir .
Carvers and forks, gr s'
Cnffro and P??. fnft?? Wil'o?, *r
/ 1'I.A/I) GIXiIH.
Such 11 i/fl."" ami ??* ??*,(? ?et*
Spoon* i*id fork*, cantors, co rod dt*hea
Pitcher*, rakr aud fruit baak I, waiiera, kc
J11'A: v:n OOflDH.
Such hi nailer*, Urn trays, M )u M'ti
Plato win mors, slop Jars, loo uhs, wuioi cans tr
Sol a 1 lumps, glrandolee, wtan caro
Fenders and irons, brushes,: ?vela and tonga
Coal hods. Rtop-ladderR, door its, rattan goods
Wafle Irons, willow warn, Hri inia ware
Hum zed Iron goods, cooking rlulNltes of evory dosrrlpt\on
Together with a large a*aorinlt of ar^lclen ol utility Apd ufuatdenl
el deemed necessary to iiartipig-i^c
Honndtecpars will Und It ilcyl'lfy k, their interael to attamina mv
lock olid prices. Tlifjr will noi.nly dad ? large aasortmaut frotii
btcti to inaka selection*, but I myaelt to roll as cheap m the
tms dsacrlptlou of goods can | purchased In any of thr Haslerri
Onnda delivered to any pa l I (he city or Ocorgotow n rrro of
Having recently Imported dirdtrotn Kuropo an extensive assort
icnt of Krraot) ami Iriai ?tooo clia, i um (it parml to oiler strong
iduvatiienls to the trade
Oct in lawflw I C.f. BQTKHER, Ira*
r> H. GILLKT, Cntitim or ut Law.haH rfmoverl
I V# tli? "lb. ' l" In- r-h.l.'lii hlutikh'i Ilea , i.'llli l ,| K ? il
birteenlh streets lie will conlUii to devote Ida attention (rluclpal
r to rasas In ?h? United lutes dnptme Ooutt
Oct U 'itr
1 BOK( K W UKAMll li, \ Homey ut l.iiw the
J|" Htiildlng, corner lit ,h and I) ?tra?ta, lV*alaigt?n,
C . will practice In all Ilia courts Ilia District, Including thoomrt
rClaims , and In the adjotrrng colli ts In Virginia.
Pep 28?8m
I . ... .... I . Lt. . ten ..-lac
'IMIK holders of the following certificate* of <loh
| Matted by Uio SUle of Virginia, will lake aoitca mat the < a?i
iiJiAfUxuurt of tho Sakiug Fund, <-*thug ta th? ccrtilW tto* ol tlobi
lit? or dor iu which they arc redootuable, will proceed, ?hj l ho 101U
I'cbrnary, 186?, to iodoeiu tlio haid certificated al the treasury of tl
Common wealth. 'Hio holder* of ?uid certificates arc required, oil tl
*4id 10th t?f Fobrufciy, 1850, to aurraudor tiiu same ai th? *?ttl? c of il
S?:oud Auditor, whether surrendered or uot, the Interest will om
'?u tii.il day.
1. Under an act to provide for tit? construct on of a turnpike rm
It out Wtut h?-U*r lo ttOiuu point ou tho Ohio rlVir, prt*#>od lOtft Marc
1831, (ft |kt real.)
l>att. S Namf? 2
* $
< s ^
j 1832, .luu* 1, i0, ft, J?mt>8 Kdur?rd Ciovnti. *ud
.Archibald Dot mi, e<*-<utortf of Jur
iiovau, 4ivt'4"<'il >1,04
(Do do 1, 11, 6, nuuo . I ,(X
j Do Oi l. 23, 20, 5, Willuuu VT.ttiau*#, U Ualluig
Lotidou ftJK
l*o do 23, 21, &, Do do ft.tH
Do do 23, 22, ft, Do ?lu 3,0(
Do do 23, 23, ft, Do do 2,04
1833, July lft, 24, ft, Do do 6,04
Do do 1ft, 2ft, ft, Do do 6,04
Do do 1ft, 26, ft, l)o do 4,04
Do do 1ft, 27, ft, Do do 1,04
1634,Juno 13, 20, ft, TUo M>*ii Nobio 41??>rga Uruuvdle,
Duk* of Sutherland 3,04
Do do 13, 30, ft, lk> do 2 04
1630, Sep 23, 101, ft, N M Rothschild 4 S?o?, of l^udon 2,04
Dc do 28, 103, 6, Do do .. 2,04
i*> do 28, 103, ft, Ik, do 2,04
I Jo do 28, 104, 6, Do do 2,0<
Do do 26, loft, ft, IK# do . 2,04
IV, do 28, 1043, 5, Do do 2,04
1 i *? do 26, 107, 6, Do do 2,04
! I *K> do 28, 106, ft, lw> do 2.4*
,D. do 26, 100, 6, lK? do 2,04
I Jo do 28, 110, ft, Do do 2.0C
1 iKi do 28, HI, 5, U? do 2,04
1K? do 26, 112, 6, Ik. do 2.04
Ik. do 26, 113, 6, Ik. do 2,04
Ik# do 26, 114, 6, iki do ..... 2,04
|K> do 28, lift, ft, IK. do 2,04
Do 4lo 26, 116, ft, Ik. do 2,04
IS36, 8ep. 28, 117, ft, N'. >1 Rothschild At .Sous, ol' l.oiuiou 2,04
IK. do 116, ft, IK# do 2,0(
lK? do 110, ft, IK. do 2,04
1K> do 120, 6, Do do. 2,04
Do do 121, 6, Do do 1,04
Do do 132, 6, Do do 1,04
' Do do 123, 5, 1K? do 1,04
K> do 124, ft, 1K? do .... 1,0
K# do 12ft, 6, 1)0 do 1,4)4
K> do 126, ft, IK. do 1,04
iK> do 127, ft, Do do 1,04
Ik. do 128, ft, Ikj do 1,04
fc> do 120, ft, l*o do. . 1M
IK> do 130, 6, IK? do.... ., 1,04
1K? do 131, 6, Do do 1,04
1H? do 132, ft, 1K> do 1,04
Do do 133, ft, lK> do 1,*G
Do do 184, ft, Do do l/KJ
I Di do 13ft, C?, IK) do. #.041
i Di do 136, ft, Do do 1,00
! /K. do 137, ft, (K> do 1.0C
00 do 138, 6, IK. do 1,00
j l*o do 130, 6, IKi do.. 1.041
| Do do 140, ft, 1K> do 1,04)
j I*o do 141, 6, Ik. do.. 2.00
i 1 lK> do 142, ft, Ik. do f 2,00
( IK> do 143, 5, lK? do 2,00
IK) do 144, 6, l>o tl??. .. /. 2,0(J
i IK. dt# 14ft, ft, l)o do . - 2,00
; 1640, ftl.tr. 10, iftft, ft, Nornun Htowait, 4.1 Kicltmot/f, Vu . ft.oo
1854, July 22, 160. ft, ll?K|aialu Mom, uf Loudoiy- ^.00
|l860, M.r lO, 161, ft, Carroll WaUou 1.00
IKi do 162, 6, Abraham 1*. Pollock . 2,00
j 120,00
12. ruder an an directing an examination*'! i"v- nmw?o??i ??n
Parkorshurg road, with a view to widou aud/artlally McAdaiuize th
HMiot, passed Xttih March, 1887:
I 1861, Juno a, 13, Wrn. T. Albert, trmtoa pr the children of Charle
I Fisher, deceased $10,00
I 3. UodfT an art further to provide for A* construction o< the North
| western iWupike ruad, passed 30th Mafch, 1837, (ti por cout;)
' 1837, Y*T 20, 3 0, John V. Willed*, of Petersburg, Vu $6 00
IX> do 20, 4 8, Do do 5,0C
1K> do 23, 6, ti, Dr. Auatiu Hrockeubrough, of Tap
pahatm/ck 60
j JV do 8, 8, Ik) do 60
11$ do 7,8, t'o do 60
M Jo do 8, ti, I)o do 50
f I Do do 0, 6, I)o do. 50
11 Do do 10,0,1V# do. 60
i, Do do 11. a Do do. . . . 50
, Do do 12, 8, I'd do 60
I Do do 13, 8, Do do 50
Do do 14, d l*? do 50
| Do do 31, 16,1, John V. Wlllcox. Petersburg, Va 6.00
Do June lo, 21, ?? dohn Cole, of Albemarle, Va. . . . 2,60i
' I)o do 22, 20,8; Mary Johnson, wile of John Johnson,
Annapolis. , 10,00'
Do July 14, 2V President and PrutoHsors of the Col
lege o( William and Mary, in Vir
j giuia 40i
1830 Jan. 23, A? ?? Jame* Cornlck of Norfolk. l.oot
I lhll' Mar. l', ***t d, Mrs. Mary W. Cabell, wife of Jo*ioph
C. Cabell 6(M
| 1842 Feb. 24 ?? Jo',n v Wlllcox, of Petersburg. Va . 2,001
i lbJj' Ap'l 1/ ?> I'1" Carter.trustee under will of bev
orly Randolph, for the bene lit of
Nancy Kennon uml others 1,60(
i F?'V^' 62, 0, Thomas li. Nallo, U. ft. N. 30(
I Do ^3, Miss Eliza Coles 10(
| j#4g J. 0, 60, 0, Mrs. Francis Todd llarbour, county
! j of Orange 10(
j Do /do 28, 60, 0, Albert U. Wort ham, of Richmond. . 60ti
: IK*/ Win tie Id G>eby, of Ismisu. . 60C
l>/> Jan. 13, tti, 0, Fdmund H. Flouruoy 1,OOC
! \h) Ap'l 3, 70, ti, Wood Bouldiu and A. A. Moraou,
. j J (commissioners, Ace., in the case of
Waller .?*. (lllliam 2,00(]
1353, Mar. 6, 73, 8, Nicholas Mills, commissioner in the
suit of Mills w. Kohi.ibon and
others, Am 2,000
Do do 7, 74,6, John G. Pollock, of Mallord 20U
1864, Jan. 11, 77, o, James H. Pax ton, executor of A. T.
Barclay oeo
Do Ap'l 12, 80, 0, Treasurer of the Commonwealth, lu
trust for Hank of itockiugUum . . 200
Do do 21, HI, ti, Do do 500
1868, July 12, 65, ti, It. W. Flournoy, Commissioner,
Fleming's executor, w. Perkins's
executor, Ac . . 2o0
Do Aug. 11, 86, 8, Trustees of Protestaut FplscopalSeminary
and High School in Virginia 200
1867, Feb 18, 87, 8, Treasurer of the Commonwealth, la
trust for 11 mk ot Rockbridge. 500
IV* Aug. 1, 86, 8. Martha L. Nolgon, guardian ot W. H.
Nelson 200
Do Dec. 8, 80. 8, John S. D. Cullou, lrusU'0 for Margaret
Otelin Culleu, under the will ??f
John Cullen, deceased, Ate. Ac. 1,000
1658, June 2, 01, 6 W. (J. Ca&pnove, trustoo of Mury K.
Caxeuovo 2,000
4 Under an act further to prov ide for the construction ol the North
western road, passed 6th February, 1834:
1630, Feb. 21, 10, 6, Thomas Cudott, of liiegate, Surrey ,
England, esquire $4,000
1841. Ap'l 7, 20 0. I*. .-amuoi Webb 1,100
lki Jo 27, 28, 6 Peacock, Haudley, k Co., of Sk-u
ford, Lincolnshire, England, bunk
orn 3,000
1841 lluy 3, 29 6, Jam# ? Husklns, committee of John
H&ikln*, nr. , 700
1843, Pee. 18, 34, 0, John y. Willeox, of Petersburg 1 000
1844. K? b 1, 3H, 0, Pre?i?lout and Directors of the Fire
uiou's Insurance On, of Baltimore 600
f*> do 24, 41, 0, Do do , 1,000
1144, May 21, 42, 0, J?m?a 1 la.-k.iiiH, ttOeumlttee of .John
Hank ins, sr., M*'.. . 600
1840, May 0, 4&> 6, Olivia Jotm-iion, of Richmond 600
1810, July 10, 66,6, Juuh h OornkdC, ot Norfolk 1,000
I)o 8cp 21, 67,0, Mo. Hon. Rlelmrd .Scyiuuur Cnnvray,
Marquis of Hertford, Grout Brituiu 6,000
1847, Mar. 1, 00, 6, Kinily T Morris 800
Do do d, 07, 6, l.ncllla Wallace, of Fredericksburg 100
Do Aug. 10, 09. 6, Thomas Htevenson, of Rtcbtnood . 100
1848, Mar. 10, 71,6, Hiram Mima, of .lUuardsville 200
1848,.Inly 0, 75, 6, Timothy Taylor, of Ixmdouu oounty 1,200
Ik? do 7, 80, 0, Williams Cur tor, guardian of Georgluti.t
Wn-khaiu 700
Do do 11, 88, 6, Pot or II. Anderson, of ChcaWrOold 3,900
1849, Jau. 1, 09, 0, Jnhu Rulbcrfoord, trustee toi Matgu
rot Blair and Maria Hlair, children
I T. K. Hluir 300
I860, Fob. 11, 93. 0, Will. H. Hubbard TO*)
Do Ap'l 9, 94, 0, Mrs. Pamela liobiuai, of Richmond 400
1854, Feb. 10, 109, 0, Mrs. Juliet Drew 4oQ
Do do 20, 114, 0, M. 5wanii, ofl'owbalnn . 400
IK) Aug.24, 110, 0, John lister, of Richmond 400
1856, May lo, 133, 0, Henry Cox, ox. and cominwslonur 1,000
Do do 10, 134, 0, TruaUxn of liall s Free School, Han
over .... 400
IK* do 135, 0, Wm. Krayaer, surviving eiecnlpr of
4. A- ^"rayser, in trust for MivM A
Sanderson 60
\\{ July 8, 190, 0, Thomas Page, ufC'muberlaud, trusteo
for Eilward C. KHher un?i lavitda
A., his wile and their child re 11 300
l?o Sop. 10, 131, 0, Mary and Elisabeth I>. Van* 113
Do Nov. 3, 140, 0, Povul- Turner, committee Randolph
Turner . 200
Ik> do 17, 143, d, H. U Brooke, adtniuDtrator de bonis
non, wiili tlM will annexed,W Ju
*1 lib Randolph, deceased. . . 266
Do Pro, 8, 144 0, Wm. f? rnrns 181
I860, Jan 18, 146, 0, Thomas Prati, of Bpotaylvattt* 1,500
Do M.11 14 147, 0, l^igb W. SUdlfey, trustee of Peter
Micn? ... . nno
1?. Ou 14, 148, 6, Muy*r?lll. llwwoti 170
|k, do 28, 140, (1, Mini M ll. Cb?v?ll? 400
liu d? 20. I Ml, 6. J?nip II. Rubin , 8,000
IV, Oct S, 183, o, .tohn l> (?. Ilmwu, ndnmiMrittor (1.
N HoUgh, dCOPMod 00
]W7,ltur.'44, 158, 0, Tronouw ?l t!ommnn?c?ltli,In triml
for IUuk of I bllUjipt 400
rV) Ap l 10, 150, ?, llrt. A M. Holladiy ' 400
Do do 20, 181 8 I tlntcrr, commwiitonsr Amulu
county ct court, lu tbe < ?? of J
N V?ngh?n wtniluKt iAlor ri
Hunt fc wlft, kc 100
Do do 25. 102. * Jobo A fit*don, (unrdiwi of tunny
F, aordon., 800
i' I to May Id, 103, 6, TraMUrer of Commouwutih, in ti u?l
for liaok of Rockbridge A
Iki Ju'.j '28, 1W, tt, IUm Qlift 8. Atkltnou.
Ito Auk I, 185, 6, Martha L. NeUou, guard iuu W. >1.
Xeteou :... . ... *2
u 1858.Jan 8, 188, 6, Edward 0. H shop 1!
"J Ito ApH 3, 187, 8 Kent, l'uui". & Co 1
** Do ik-k *23, 168, 8, 8tm'l 9. Weisiger . . 5
^ 43 0
6. luder u. irt to prorida Jbr tb* constructs n of u turnpike ru
* from Stauutou to Parkertiburg, puwed 18ib March, 1838
id 188#, Aug 3, '2, 6, Mary it. fjtiaue, of Essex county, V* 81.'4
li 1898, Dm- 6, ?, 8, Thomas Steveusou, Richmond 10
18f>3, June 8, 627. 6, Francis h. Smith, comua^ioorr, in
suit Hepburn vs. Hepburn and
others 3i
1883, Aug 31, 631, 6, Sally X. Her k?? ley, of Kaaax county 8*
1H54, Jau. 21, 682, 8, Treasurer of Commonwealth, in trust
for Hank of Kockitighutn W
1884, Nov. 8, 885, 8, C.J Belrno 4<
1854, Nov. 17, 587, 8, Jouuthau T Cowherd, coiumUHtouei,
under decree Ix>utsa ct court, '24th
,u April, 1854, *c , Ac 4
1854, Nov.18, 5t?d, fl, Jonathan T. Cowherd, of Louisa 1
M. r?o. j, n/a, o, kohuiic r. ayi? u ... m
| 1858, Fob 5, ?9d, ?, B H. Harrison. 5t
| 1858, Feb. 25, r.78, tt, Commissioner* ? !' Mmkiii*/ Fund 2<
M) 1858, Ap'l 8, 682, 6, Kinmu Marx , of Richnioud, Va 6<
w , ?
H) '**1
K) Sunt.?Those holders of certificates who desire to rod??m by alio
noy most, if re?ultng beyond the limits of (be Failed Mates, lu-koow
K) edge-the |tow?r before some miubter pleuiiMitentl&ry, charge ?t affaire
Ml consul general, tOOftUl. v ice roHul, or MNiimcb ill agent. appointed 1
K) the government uStitn t'muul i?> May iui*ngu country ; or befoi
K> the prop?r oQkor ofuny court of such country, or the mayor ??v oth<
)0 chief magistrate of any city, town, or corporation therein It' rcsidh
>0 in tbft Culled States, the acknowledgment before n justice of the |>ea?
K> Rotary public, or cammiwiouer of deed* appointed by the governor
Mi Virginia is sufficient In ull caacw the certificate?* must be deiivcre
Hi 1 Auditor Public Accounts, Cot nm U s lorn
M) | V H. Pa UK Fit, Register, i of
h) | UKOAQK W. Ml'XFORD, | Sinking Turn
Mi Secretary of the Cominunwealth, j
Mi Rmhvoso, Vs., Nov. 5th, 1868. Nov 10 lawlSw
10 .
*> December 15, 1858.
jjj HRAIXD 1HOP08AL8 will ho received at this department until tl
M 21st da) of February, 1860, until 12 of tho clock at noon, for fumis!
^ log, fur the use of post offices in the United Stales, tor four > ars froi
0 the t/rst day of April next, marking and rating nlam)* ,.f tho foltoe
^ log description, vit:
l(> Ci-ahh 1 Circular marking stamps of steel, or other material of eqin
w durability; ol a circumference not to exceed 3J|? Inches, hut m muc
H) less as convenience aud good taste may dictate ; with the name <
^ the othce and State ; with type for the years, months, and days, i
^ blocks of like material, witu sufficient thumb screw for the h uh
with handles of cocoa, mahoguny, or other heavy wood, of n mod<
^ most convenient far use. lu proposals for thia class of Mtarupy, tli
^ bidder will state the additional charge, per letter or figure, for ii
lt) aerting, witblu the circle, wlieu required, such words and figure* i.
^ paid, free, jniid 10, thip, Ac.
w Clakh 2 Circiibir marking stamps of iron, or other material eqtu
iy therolo, f?>r the use of post office* and route agents on railroads an
^ MteumlKat mail lines; w ith the name of theolllce undStute or the nam
^ of tho railroad or river Hue; with type for mouths and dates, in block
l0 of the Hame material, with suitable thumb fcrow, and handle of blac
walnut or cherry tree, of a model beat adapted fbr use; the circumf.
ltj roiuso of tho stump to be the same a* described in class No. 1.
^ Clam 3. Circular markiug stamp; of box-wood, or other t mi tern
^ of equal durability, of tho same *ioe of cla<fl No. 1, with the nam
,q ol the office and stale. with type for months and days of printer;
0 type metal, lit blocks or single letters and figures, with thumb here
y ami handles the name us divoi I bed in cbiss No. 2.
4| The contract fur this class will not take effect until from and afU
^ the 2d da> of July next.
Cfjun 4. Murlviny blamps, for foreign tua Is similar to those now i
t) use in the post offices at New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, or ?
any other Style adapted to the above purpose.
Also, the following ruling .stamps, to correspond with the otrcai.i
** stamps in < lasses 1. 2. and 3 in material, handles, and workiuansbu
aid such otlor rating stamps not nuiuod heroin as may ho require,
a ofa like dr criptlou. at jho rata prices; and if the stylo or nnuerij
0 thereof shall ho altered by direction of tho department the pile
, shall bo locreasod or reduced lu the sumo proportion, viz
Tald Misacut and forwarded
^ FYao Cancel
q Mlsaent Duo
Forwarded Due 1
0 lV>st office business, free Drop 1 cent.
0 Advertised 10
q Steamboat 16
0 8bi|? Paid 10
0 Dnited States, 6?1 Paid 15
0 i Hold far |M?tago
b I FropoaaD fi>r improved or [patented stamps, with ryiindors for th
b months and days, or with points to pierce the envelope, or with otbc
o improvomeoLs, will ho considered.
The right to change or alter the stylo of tho stamp* described I
0 either clase. upon equitable term*, le reserved to the postmaster 0#u
d oral.
Proposal* will ta? received for furnMhing thr whol? of tho above
0 named circular ..lamps, or for tack elm separate!).
Stuuqs* will bo ordered for the iliilereut chuMea of offices agreeahl;
to tho rulee now in fur jot aud aoc^irding to suUi rules and regulation
^ of the department a* inuv hereafter he adooted in relation tlierelo
> The number nf circular etavnps required, per annum, Is estimate'
ac 300 for llit* lit i clif.,600 for (l..? Hevond class, 1,'iOO for tb.
J third rlas*, and 100 for the fourth class. The number of rating stump
I required for the sutne |tcriod is estimated at *2,500.
M'mIcIs of the stamps must accompany the proposal/.
Each bidder muni i'trnlrtb, with bis proposals, evidence of his ulni
' ity to comply with his bid
) Sufficient sureties will bo required to a contract; and the .'tamp
) must be delivered at the Post Office Department at the expense of tin
) Pro|x>sal* must bo endorsed on tho outside of the envelope wltt
1 t4 Proposals fur Post Ofllco Marking Stamps,'' and addressed to tlx
) First Assistant Postmaster General, Washington city, 1>. C.
Dec 10 law 4w Postmaster General
1 make the necessary arrangements respectfully make known tc
their filends and the public that the Forty fourth Anniversary of the
Onit'MltiA TmHiRxi'lucat. Hocim will be celebrated by a PROMFVADi
CONCERT and BALL, at Odd Frllows' Hail, on MONDAY EVENING,
3d JANUARY, 1869, wbeu they assure their friends it will bo their
endeavor to render it everything that can be desired.
Several addresses and vocal music may he expected.
PndcHsor Shrocdoi'a brass and string hand has be<u engaged lor
the occasion.
Tickets $2, admitting a gentleman aud ladies, to be had of the
executive committee.
No invltaU.ni curds will be sent to Indie*, lest, among the numerous
lady friends who have heretofore honored their balls by their pros
once, some omissions might Inadvertoutly occur; but deem it be t to
leave mu ll Invitations to gontlomou taking tickets for tho concert and
Positively no huts or caps will ho allowed In the room, as ample
provision will be made for their care.
KXftn nvK pomviTrKF, (Irt colored rnttttf .)
Thomas Rich f F. Lawny Win. R. McLean
Win L. Junta John H. Cunningham Norval W King
Hon. Jew Gules Win W Monro J F. H ill lay
( W \Y Sot ton G S Gideon Will Woodward
*' R C Weightmut) JauH''English i . W. C Dunidugtoii
" Peter Force J.R.GaUahcr Lemuel Towers
Horatio Ku g S.T Sbugcrt J. Howling
Cornelius Wendell Wm Towers, ar T W Howard
John C. Rive* M Cutoa G. Cochran
John P .Helm 1 If.Thoru Jon. W. Davt?
W.I). Wallacb J.D Chedal (1. W Cochran
H Polktnhorn H. Walker I L. Smith
F. McNerhany J. Bow en K. D. Robin*<m
Robert Waters W. A. Fit/gvrald \X. B. Shaw
John Ilait F Jefferson John Sen-lord |i.
J. (1. Bowman Thorns* Oat.ui W s. (Topic)
John Boesford, sr. Joel Brown F lfrotfu, sr.
Jan. Croasfleld Geo.Gregory Noble I) Lamer
Jos. Matting!) Tho* iWauglum John I ji renin be
H.H Bowen Robert Goggtn J. ( Vpbaue
O F. I/iwrey Joshua T. Taylor Geo.S (felon
F J Waters Robert Penman K. J ICIopfer
J. C. Franzom C. G. Klopfvr Jos Williamson
noon ma.vaukks, (ml rvwefte.)
Wm. Jones S.K Culverwejl Charles Holioll
Fielder Dorset! N Wf King Charles Hough
F tk?tw etler.
cojiMiTrm; n* w< kitio.V, (u>h ? murt'r. )
Charles Heln F Ikirsett A J. Mrfttiiggan
H S Mvu Win. Belt C. Cunfleld
ChiiM. kciVrfna G M Woodward Joa. 8. Pearson
Joel Hi own Samuel Robinson John Mclntyro
S. E. Culver well Jesse Judge A W. Folke
W H C Rrvggeinaii Jos D Harris llansou Hurmtrd
F W. (Tiffin N. W. King Cbae. Hough
J P. I'egnwell Isaac It. Jutes M. MurpL*
Geo. \Y If nil Wm. Mile* Goo McVeir
U KeteliUIii John Johnson
coMMirnoe ox r kfrfsui m k\to, (blur rttsrflr.)
C V l/>wrey J If. Cunningham W F Morcos
H 8 Boweu Jesse Judgo
WM R McLEAN, Treasurer
C. F. Iaiwrkv, Secretary. Ikoll?wtd
NOTICE.?Tim uudftrsigue.l respectfully inforuiu
bin friends, tho public generally, and stranger* visiting the
city that he Ivan in store a general asaortaieot of
all of the beat material and workmanship, g<*ten rip in the has* Jly|0
and suitable for the n&Mi'i wear, for ladies, jjrqUe^u
boys, youths, oad children s wear. ' '
JV0 4 2wlf
1 * Rw uoara ?urt of Um NatlonallM*!
nl 'MilNO 3 Orest ftuutifig, "Tb? Village lliack
* t>u fro# exhibition for a lew <lavw at
Iw 10 . TAYIXJR & MAURY"R Bcow.tor?,
w 884 Pennsylvania avenue.
00 I lor ante Tl?* nubsi-1 ilH'rn L*v? for tml? an excellent four horn?
00 power eu^in iuU fouler, which will In* ??>U1 cheap. Mny bo eutiulhcd
00 ?t While \ II ill's e.-Ubli linn-ul corner of 4 *3 street and M a in* ave
( 0 uuc. J AS. C. Mc<>l IKh & 00.,
60 ? - 1^?"
RKJJT? either fiuruinlied or nuforiii?hed, Hiid
| l.jf llir yeu "f l?w a hurttr [ht.o<1, my liouae, on tlio corner of
iMi C su l 'Llilrd xlreeU, iiccupied Jurlug tlic lu-l aoatiou .?f rutigroaa by
uo M?iO Mr lluimuoud, Lulled Stile* senator from South Qarohna. In
quire of DAVID A HAl.L, fl
Nov 0- o'Mltf No 4u* C atraet
IK) 7^1
do I.^OH RENT.?The Front I'urlor,and Rod-Room at- )
1 Lwhfl, over Kiriwcll At Laurence'^ Drug Store. The moat JM
X> d?''.limbic n-oui oo I be w venue, on account ol the nearness to the de fl
Do |uiiiin? itit und WillurU'-. Hotel. Afo<>, two M rooiui In third at ory, f jfl
all ttirliuhe l Apply to KIDWKLL A l?Al'RKN< K, I.; H
Nov 10 :.uwti L, nmr 14il? Hire at 1JH
i : Ml < K t I) I'll A UliEK I UK KEN r Fur- n
^ mabod with ga>, fuel. An . suitable for u member of CongII
^ uu.i win , 1 born being uu taudlv In ih*? bouse It Is very doairublc ||
30 ; Apply to JOHN WAGNIR jfl
1 Do* 5 tf 2f>5 Pennsylvania avenue I
,0 f|10 LKT With or Without Furniture?the Largo j fl
r .JL u?d Kleguin M<i ion and Ground*, coi ner of G and 21st street*, j }H
I { lu*t vacated by St 1 William G OiHeley. Tbe house contains all modern 1 I
Imp .. in tti1 in . t?i.i ordst 1 can ?.* acan(Von 9 iiii 8diUy fl
>y 1 alifo ihrcH* cnllrcs upou the promlsos. }' H
re Apply lo Win. M C.iidweU, on n?*i of O aud il.i -.tivcL-:. <u to N ,.fl
er Cali>?n, V sir. ii.vn Treason !> par tlO< Ut Bl
ig Nov 11 *unTu?N*Thun?tf *
1,1 rpu I.FT?Tin; three-Atory hrick hotine, No. 423 mI
! _JL Fifth ulreet, between E and K Has bath-rootn and g*A. Kent, J I
1 j| fl
v rin i is iu w A11 \ intiuu, organized June, 1854 j /1
I U desiguod lo encourage and populurUe the flue urt-M ?uid liter I
autre. It U under the enpcrviMou id a oouncil of members, whosa I
services are honorary, iud who receive no cotujHmsuiiou. I
To accomplish a truly national object, uniting great public good I
with prlvutn KfjittliraUon, at small individual expense, in a manner I
10 h t i uited to lh<* wants, habits, and tu:les of tin* people, the dlrrc I
I tory tins adopted ilw; l??lloA In'Mdan : I
Every subscriber of tkre* d:>\Uir? ts a member for the year. I
' The money ihu* obtained t alter ywiylsg necessary oxpon?e?) is ap
" T" tl?<-pi o'luriioii <d" a large and costly Rtvol cngraviug, a I
" copy of w bii.U is furnished to each ?nb?crlber. I
J' Stc<md. To the pure base ot painting" sculpture, Ac., to be given to
1,1 subscribers, and to the publishing of the CoKniopohtan Art Journal,
'*{ vv'hleh Is ahio furnished to n? 'itiheiis gratuitous p. j
Third. To a free #.1mU.oon for tin- reason to the Eastern (Dussnl10
dorf) and We-torn Art Galleries of the Association.
The great success attending the Association during the past four
jwiw has made it universally popular, wherever Its plan and objects
are known ; enublfng, as it docs, ull classes to m.iku their bointM at
'I | tractive by the ai<l 01 sculpture, pointings, literature, Ac.
,c ] 2Vn?u of $ulncrij4i*mfot the current year ending January I, i-..j
;y I tit which titiif tiuftscriyiiiots itrill bf rrccitted.
^ ' livery subscriber of thne. dollar* '... entitled to -- >
['* ( 1st The celebrated si el engraving, Th? Village Blacksmith."
I 2d. A ropy of the elegantly illustrated O n inopohtsn Art Journal
II i Jirl A free treason adjuisaion to the KastAru und Westeru Gall#rlp?
l,>, j of Art
s I lu addition to which, tbe lorgo und valuable collection of v\rorkn of
A ' art, (described lu the "Supplement" of this Journal,) will bo given to
9ub.-o Ibers.
r Nt.j per"?ut is restricted to a singlo subacrlpti?)ii Those r0111 tiling
M : 11 '. 1 : 11. I
11 Address TAYI/iR A MACRY,
11 Gee 19 dlw No. 334 Pouu. avenue
Law and La ml Agency, Washington.
\ \'<WNC1 ir N1LES.
ii }
f)lCllA)iI> M. VOCXfi, former ('oniiiii^sioiier of
XAj the General I/md Olflce, and SAMUEL V. NIIJ-1S, lntn of the
Viiyiuia Scrip Revolutionary, and War of 1812 Bounty lAnd Bureau,
lu the sam^ .department having entered into a cojiartnershlp, will
Uemaflor give their joint attention to such business as may bo confl
ded to their management under the abovo drm. Thoy will devoto
f their attention chiefly to the prosecution of claims bolbro Congreee,
th< Suureino Court fit*the Unitod States, the Court of t'lnimn a?>a ?ii
j tin' executive departments of the government.
| ofliva N'n 480 Reunsi Ivaoia aveuur
! Dec 19 ~eo2m J j
r < 9th street, a few doo. s north of Pennsylvania avenue,
,J T*?(j 'eavt* annoitiice to tlio citizens of Wash1
I # ington that they arc now prepared to execute any order*
' which they may be favored with in the |
7 huvine**. The respective branches will ho under the supervision of *1
* .skilful workmen from the North, where practical experience has |l
made them familial with all the modern impm von louts. In Set, . ||
1 thyy have spared neither trouble nor expense to procure the very f|
* beat of workmen. ||
We invite attention to our took ??f (EAKDEUEBS and other gaa
N I?. Stru t attention, promptness in the execution of orders, and
fair priced induce us to hope for n share of public, patronage.
Dec *26?tf
i _ ___
of every description, fbr
I/idles, Misses, Youths, aud Children, at the
A*?. 10 Pt-nn. avmvetbetween 8fA and 9tk stmts.
l.adici, we manufacture all.our own goods, thereby possessing the
nnequulod advantage of seem ing tiieni at tlr.st cost, which, of course, II I
results to the beueiU of the purchaser. our gaiters, in point of fit,
"bounty, and utility, have an a?. know lodged superiority over all others,
and our double sole morocco aud kid boots and button gaiters, Arc.,
Ac., for winter wear, have only to bo examined to secure a purchaser
Also, long rubber boots for ladies and misses. All selling oft' at astmiUhing
low prices. T CLARK.
o. 10 dtl hb4 ASSENNOIIV
T1111E votern of the several Ward* will please take
1 notice that the assizors will uttend at the places designated
below from 10 o'clock, u m., to 3 otslociK, p. in., every day, except
Sundays aud Christinas day, from the 15th io the 31st of this mouth,
i inclusive, for the purpose of revising and correcting the poll li3ts:
Fin t Ward?William Higgles, nor lb side 11 street, three doors east
of lOiti street.
Soooud Ward George T. Stewart, corner of 12th and H street*.
Third Ward?Zopbaniah Jones, L, between tfth ah t 10th streets
I'ouitli Ward?William Douglivw, basement of the City Hall.
Fifth Ward- George T. Small wood, tith, between A and B street#.
Sixth Ward?Edward Way son, corner of 7th and 1 streets
Seventh Ward John H Bird, on 1>, between 7th aud gth street*.
I Well dt3l
NEW LUMBER YARD.?The subscriber would
respectfully call the attention of builders to Ills superior stock
uf lumber. Just received at bis wharf on Sixth street anil canal, con
slating of white ami yellow pine I (.lords, plank, joists, scantling, lading
posts, latli, Ae Also, beinlta k hoards, |?>.it. and scantling.
Carriage und cabinet makers are invited to examine his choice va
liely ol ash, hickory, maple, poplar, Iwv-'. wood, cherry, 4te
T he above stock of lumber has been selected with great care, and
will be 'old on reasonable terms.
Iter 22 3m #th street and Caoat
rxiiiifT'ss \f Mil" Tit iiiriii'H si........ ;? ....
! to niftko to order, uud warrant to fit, 41 Yoke neck 8t?tl'' of flow
quality. HKVtXB.
Dw &- 1m Salesroom, Browns' Hotel.
j A VAN CAMP, DENTIST, has ret anted to the
' jfjL# city and resumed Ids practice.
| operating rooms and residcoce 407 F street, between 6th and 7th
I street-, 4 doflr* lYom Prut Office. Oct 14?dtl
I Vy '-ale ~ A scholarship ia tlio Columbian College, for the wholo
term of four years, will bo sold for a little more than half price to
uuy per.-am wishing t<? purchase one. The scholarship pay for room
rout and tuition, which is $70 j?er year, J will soil for $150 cash, a*
the original U worth $250 or $2K0
Address CATAUNR, rare of T. B. J., Washington P O., D. C.
Dec 9?dtl'
Near corner of F and Fourteenth streets,
(Vo r tf WASIUNCTOS, D. C.
' y?LE(;ANT llOUUAY <: ] We have
I l-J ttotv dliiplayoil a tnauliillcniit stock of el8(wil
anlUUlo lor lb<? c.imi I? Holiday seaaon Ow a.jorimoni ambrteaa
ovorytliibK that in I T
NEW AND ?EAlT7,x't., . 1
win' li w o arc rlolorimtiort to "XTcx ?* which mu*t plaaao Thtu*
di ?irimo o| . locltug ol. ^am^iNMtl .t v#r, \n? prion., ara Invited
to o amino our
. 0 .1 Hi-'HOI' It CO , Book Milan
"l" W~ u2?if 216 and 43# Rann avnoja ..
|AAMILY HI SEES, English and America, in fine
I londim |i?rV> t ; ami l*raf?r Booke, Enjlleb and Ameri j
< an, In rair. luorocoo, and nlk velvrt binding.. and with clasp*; Ron
li.li i ml I i i. ! ' < km book*: cold i?-na of the flneat '
maki Krerich lira*!!:* t* l-v , tlhuma; Roda-err'a |?nkHirM |ii?
lull, Kk iicIi, mill Aiocru .n hooka for itm young Kngltah
and Amcrlr.in Hialortun- K.nylt-h anil American i"ocu, of tho 1
Urn .1 wlllioi. ui" of iln ui (Wly Illustrated, otlmra richly'bound 1
mill a Choice roUcetlou of the most fkvorite Irenrh author* in One i
blndim; are for .ule by the uiulotBlgned, moatly imported by hlmaelf 4
and oifered at the Ion cat price* at which the same can be foucd at 1
any point In the United Stale"

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