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1'ublinlieil by COKftKLlt'S WEHDKLL,
M Hit! IN ION lilTIUllM.S, I. >1 , Ixt. ! Hi. aid 12 L.
IHIS Uiav ( M(l> aUI bi- Iiulji I. I I > n (Uii
\ days (excepted,) and delivered t?? ?l>. r*? at 1it- i.- jt!
week, payable to Ui#m?IUcUm To buriturif by iMfcil, a> $tl t !
nuio ; *d>for ma mouth a t.-.T. ot :h? guvvtiiii :ii,ui(pd)
\ u advance, will bo charged $3 per &unuiu.
TIIK Ki- KLT IN ION, will be pbl.-hed ? ?? '
Wt^dtHoiky *ud buiurday, *4 $4 per annum for out copy , #10 I !
| it?r*A?b copies; MUd $15 (or five Cif||U>.
}' THK WEKMIaY ( M(K\, a very I*rgv pa par for counln
eiKiUtioB, will be publish**! ovary Saturday u torn tog, at the foi !
lowing pre ?!r Kof uiie copy % > |M?r annum ; three copies ft>r $f> ; #vv|
l??f *8 n ij ojut - tot #tc i. u'.\ i,,.',. ? .v i.i </,f ad o '
5 % ' ' Subscriptions may comment? ut auy time,
I Two through! iiius arc now ruuduily, except Sunday, from Wo#h
j lltglOU lot tllC Wvfl, Hi* follows
. l-l Wait Haiti i-t .itft ut 7.45, .? I*,. (ftmdav excepted,) ronuect
Ing cloeoly at W/i-ltlnffon Junctktn. Atr Cumberland aud Itedmont.
j.t. 'Hot Ot'H'iiiiimIi .st lamb , and Chicago Kxprcs* Oatnectum laavoa
i Washington ut .1 40. p n?., reaching Cincinnati at 9.30, p. in., next day,
rat l connecting directly with aspruflttrwu lor louUvilie, Cairo,and tH
h-utha' --t, itit.i Jul St Louie, Kiiii.-iTo
view (tie grand mountain ?ceuery of tho road iu daylight take
either the 7.45, a in., or 3 40, p. in , train from Washington, apd Ho
over at ('umberland or Piedmont.
Kor Parker>hurg and all elation* oli the Not tkwe*rtorn Virginia road
take tho 3.40, |?. id-, train K?u Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad take
the .-.itnc.
Through tickets and baggage check* to all quartern, and every
Other po-eibio facility, will be found upon thl* route.
Way pavHo.uger* tor the main stem of the Baltimore anil Ohio Rail
I road will leave WttKliingtoi. at follows :
Kor all poiutsc between Wanhingum Junniou and Piedmont take the
7.1ft, h m.,ir?in.
For ail hlAtiorte between Piedmont and Wheeling, take the 3 40,
| p. ni.j train. To connect with the Frederick train, take the 3.40, p. m ,
\ train.
; I cave Washington f?>r Baltimore at 6 10 and 7.45, a. m., and 3 4o
1 and 4.35, p. in i)u Sunday at 3.40, |? in , only.
^ l.mve Baltnnor at 4 30 and 8-00, a. m., and 3.20 and 6.30, p. u?.
| On Sunday at 4.30, a. in , only.
The 7.45 unl 4 35 tram* only will stop at way station3 und for An
i luuKtha (.oiiiwm tioti.?.
The 7 45. a in , uud 3.40, p. m., are Mlo chiefconnecting train? for
> tlio West, and tbrt 010, 7.45, and 3.40 trains lor tho East.
For forth i Information inquire sit the BuUimore mid Ohio fUUroad
i Ticket Wee, of THUS II. PARSONS, Agent, Washington.
r On 8 Master of Transportation, Baltimore.
Kron FMHINUTOK CITY to Virginia, Tennessee, <?corgia, Alabama,
? Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkan^n.-, und Texan.
I Through Tickets can be obtained sit the great Southwestern Railv
road Office, corner of Pennsylvania avenue nnu Sixth direct, Washington,
on board of the Steam Ferry Boat (leorgo Page, or id tho Office of
| the Orange aud Alexandria Railroad, at Alexandria.
f. To Richmond, Danville, Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxville, Ballon,
| Atlanta,Chattanooga, Nashville, HuntsvUle, Uratid JuiiCi
tiou, Memphis Montgomery, and Now Orleans.
| By u Direct Route and ( ootinuoiw Railway Connexions to Memphis.
> Altording greater E>"1 edition and Comfort, and being over -00 mile*
3 ahortcr than by any other rente.
I The atouin r.-i ry boat Beorge Page leaves the foot of Seventh street
| at ti?4 o'clock,*, m., for Alox-uidrut., where pa.-i^eugerrf take the cursfbr
I Richmond, Charlottesville, Staunton. White Sulphur Springs, Woodi
ritoek, &u., and at 7 >*, p. in., fui Richmond and all points Southwest,
making sure uud clone connexions to McmpltiH.
| Baggage wngnnw and omuihuso^ leave tho office, Pa. uronue, al tJ
f o'clock, a. in., and 7, p. m.
I June 18?tf Washington.
Q t; M M B H A RR A NO ?M KN T.?Tho steamer
O <>Kl>lli:fc 1'AISK will run a* I'uil.iws:
r I.oavQ Alexandria at 4, 8, 10, 12 o'clock, a. m.; 2, 4, and 6 a'clock,
i p. in.
i Leave Washington at 6, 0, 11 o'clock, a. m.; 1, 3, 5, and 7 o'clock,
\ p. in.
\ The THOMAS COLLYKK, whvn on tho route, will run a* opjmsitc
| Whaloy'a omnibuses connecting with the Puge and Collyer, will
I Jeavo too Capital, and corner of Pith street und Pennsylvania avenue,
I he same time tin' boat.-* leave Alexandria.
- June 8?cod?tf RICHARD WAIXACH, President.
ROAD I INK.?Two faat daily Hues from Washington for the South
$ and S<-nthwo-1. Itoat-leave tholr berths, foot of 8th street, at
s a. m., and 7 '4,p. in. PaOfU'iigUrs by the morning boat can ftbtaiu a line
Si breakfast on hoard and enjoy a pleasant sail of 3,k? hours down the
I beautiful Potomac, passing in full view of Mouut Vernon. Dy the
} evening bout th?y insure a good supper and u rest of four hour.- in
| comfortable berths or state rooms, and arrive in Richmond in time to
I connect with all the trains tor the South and South west.
| The great southern mail is conveyed over thU route, tt being 44
| miles shorter ami 100 miles loss rut I reading than by any other route,
| making certain connexions to
' FKXDKRKxancKu, RiniMtem, AND Pktehsm ??J, Virginia ; Wki.do* ami
\ WILMINGTON, N. C.; COARtJKHTDM, B. C.; Auot sta,(3a. ; Montgomery
Atom Momlk, Ala., imrkct to New Orleans and ah m>? tuern oitikh
a-m> towns.
' AIfo, connect at Richmond with the Danville, Southsldc, Virginia,
Tennessee, and East Tennessee railroads
| Danville, Bristol, Dalton,
I Chattanooga, Huntsville, Memphis,
| l.ynchburg. Knoxville, Atlanta,
| Nashville, Grand Junction, Montgomery,
' and Now Orleans.
j For through tickets and further information of the route, inquire at
I tV southern ticket office, No. 372 Pennsylvania avenue, one door
, ut of Browns' Hotel, or on board the boots, (hot of 8th street.
AttgbPt 17?ly Ticket Ageni.
FOR RENT, either furnished or unfurnished, and
Ity ill* vciir or for .i rlmrter porlod. ro, lurtt.c, on til' rornor I'l
<f <j oml Tbir4 ittrt'uU, wi ii|i|o<1 iltirluK tho l;i<l ewton of Cuuifroiot bjr
% Hon Mr. H?tt?IU"na, L'uttiHl Hutci nciuilur from South furoliuu. Ill
i ,|iilr." at HAVIH A. IIAI.I
rj Nov??w?Hl' No. 48(t CJ?treet.
Foif RENT.?The Front Parlor, and Bed-Room atluulivii,
uvcr Kultrcll k bturonne'* Drug Store. Tin' moot
desirable rooms on the avenue, on account of tho nearness to the do
parttnenta and Willard'a Hotel. Also, iwo bod rooms hi third *tory;
all furnished. Apply to KIPWKU. A: LAURENCE,
N'i.v 10?8tawtf K, near 14th * treat.
' riAO LET?The three-story brivk house, No. 42H
^ I Fifth street, between K and F- Has h^h room anil ga*. Kent
i;.v $?5. Inquire nil the proiaigy^. Nov 30 ?11'
J A ket, with Immense Hoinc an<l Knropoan IH-Dgtfid.
1'he reason why, U that by nature's own prunes# it rootorog the
natural color permanently after the hair becomes gray: suppUem the
tiatnrul fluid*, and thus makes It grow on bald heads, removes alj
i dandruff, itching, and heat fYotu the scalp, quiets and tones up the
| : uorves, and thus cure* all nervous headache, ?ud uaay he rcljed upon
sj to euro ull diseases of the fcalp and hail ; it will atop and keep it from
> | tailing oft': makes It soft, glossy, healthy, ami beautiful, and, if used
j by tl?e young two or three times a \v?ek, it will never fall or become
igray; then, repder, reud the following and judge for yourselves
11 Nisir Vonk, Jan. 8, lSf?H.
jj | Mkshr*. O. i. Wivm h Co Gentlemen : Having heard a good deul
1 AiMMit Professor Wood's JIuir Restorative, anil my hair being quip
vcray, 1 made tip my nutid to lay aside the prejudices which I, in corn
i in on with a great many person*, had against all manner of patent
medicine*, and a short tltne ago I commenced using your article ic
I text It lor myself.
| The result has boon so very satisfactory that I am very glad 1 did so
21 and in justice to you, as well iu? for the encouragement of others w In
I may he u* gray as 1 was, but who having my prejudice without in)
r&toon* for getting it aside, are unwilling to give your Restorative ?
f rial till they have further proof, and the best proof being ocular do
mumuration, I write you this letter, which yon ipay show to any
such, ftndglso direct them to me for further proof, who an) jn add oul
?->f the Nr. y. H'jre Raiting establishment every day.
My hair is iun/ its natural color, and much improved in appearand
every way, being gUguder Hint thicker, unit innch more healthy
looking. I am yours, ry*pt\ tfuliy,
Corner Columbia arid Carroll ts., Brooklyn.
I.ivi.\(iSTON, Ala., Feb. 14, 1808.
Prof. Wooi>?Pwar Wr : Your Ihdr Rest rntive has dono much gw
in tins inert of the country My hair hits been slightly diminishing
lor several yearn, caused, I Mippo.se, from a slight burn when I w?.<
quite an inlaid. I have been using your Hair Restorative for sh
w-ek-j and I lludtliat 1 have a tine head of huif now growing, after ha viiq
used all other remedies known to no effect. I think It the most v&iuu
t?le remedy now extant. and advice nil w ho arc afflicted that way h
use yottr re?e,ly.
Youcan publish this if you think proper. Yours, Ate.
g. W. MlDDIjrroN
Purr Aioarm Sept. ft, 1K;'?7.
Pnur. Wooi?-Hear Sir : Your Hair Restorative 14 proving it* ell
benethrtnl t< me. Tlio front, nud also (to- hack part of my Iteud nl
imwt 1? < it eovering wiu* in fact bald t hays* used hut two hit If
pint iiettl. n| y.mi R.--t<uativo, and now the top <m gjy head 1- well
Mqdfled with a promising crop of young hair, and tnv front |s ulxi
i reeeiv a-g its beneUi. I bay? tried other pn'|>aratl<?iis without .?ti>
Benefit whatever. I think, from my own personal reccommendatinn,
I can tin toco wifuiy others t<> try u Your-, ri"|Kf*ft>lly,
\ I) R T1P?M.\S. M IV
So. 464 Vim treet.
The l^atortthve. is put up In Im>UU- of threo sues, viz : largo, mu<
diutu, H id -iiimII; tlie mall hold- hull a pint, and retails for one do!
tar pel botlJ. Uje medium ludd> at lea-.t twenty jar cent mor hi
I jHoportkm thaw the small, math for two dollars per bottle ; the
i Largo hold* a quart, 4? per cent more in proportion, and retails lor
ta a bottle.
5V o J. W<M)D & CO.. Proprietor*. 3 111 Rroadway, Svw York, (lu the
great N'vu York Wire Railing F-d-iblMmiet*,) and 114 Market street
Si. Sjtuts, Mo.
' And sold by ull good Ofigg.-tc "'*<1 Fancy (eanls |><:dct
Nov 18 dUui
/aoi.t Mia.w COLLBUB SCHOLAKSmi' KO?
I V *.ih' A wliolar.tlnp lu tlio (V?!uml'i.iu Collet,'(% T'h th<> wbofc
ik tarm ol f'?t?r yeisrx, will bo noltl for a IPitlo wore ilt.ui hall price t<:
ffi -1113 pvr^m wishing to pnmhaHn one. The lap j . v ] ,'r i< o?n
|| r?%?t m4)<J f nit Ion. w hich Ui 070 |wr year, 1 will Hell for $150r??ii( f
lUo oriytaot?* wort 11 $iM) or $i*0
% AAi\fr?* < ATaUNK, rare of T II J , W i Mnglcn P 0 , P C.
? in* n Hitr
I rill IK LAND \NI> TJIK HOOK; or, Hil.licJ Illun
m. tret tow dr.-ivyn from the routiner* tud t-u?!oHv? Hh
^ He ijiiv of the 11 > I \ Jjtllil. h) Win M. TlfcMnp'O.I) it |> , tw v>\lf flv?"
t )mm * mi Syria ?n<t I'ulcstin , with irujw, eagre viutf*. A*
'I 3 v?h ; f i Jn?*t received ?nd for stln at
Poc 30 Ko. 434 I'rnoijiiriuita avMMM
Wot 1
VOL. AIV. NO. 4;Jo. W
I I' IIOFOS A l.tl FOK !?() Fl* I.I KS FOR M \ K I > K I
akikk*aviut'? (>nie?, U. M Com,
Jtii). 6, I860
OKAi,ED I'ltOPUtf AL8 will be received at thin
oilu t* until M. aiU> tU? 7lh of February no*l, at .1 o'clock, p.
III . for fumuhiug the Miowuitf vuppit** (?lM 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, *a till
pare uuiy Iwf) lor the your 1850, via
Ci.xm Sit. I.
fct>o uniform cup*, complete
2,uoo pompon*
2a0 uon coiumi?*iomM oftc^r*' epuulctu
800 private*' couuUu strap*
500 rod Worsted sashes
1, .?>o brmM waht plate*
1,400 bm?rt ICfMl plate*
Ci-xs# No. J.
1,600 stocks (patent leather;
6,000 brogau.-, jwiiiH
1.600 kluipaacka (gotta porch*)
2,000 fatigue oaptf, irnvy blue cloth, Indigo dye
C'i.ajw So. 3.
3 "00 yards 0 4 navy blue cloth, Indigo dye
h 04)0 yards 0-4 blue ker&ey
1,000 marine gray blankets, to weigh 6 pound* ouch
4,0o0 woollen stick*, jiairs
300 yards h arlot cloth
2,000 red llaimcl shirts
400 yards scarlet rutllnott
400 yards white ruUUictt
Cum No. 4.
2,000 pair* liu. it overall*
2,COO linen shirts
2 000 fatigue hocks
2.600 canton (launvl druwerf
Ci-iM No. 6.
1,000 bull bayonet belts
1,000 bull waist belU
1,000 but! cartridge box belts
1,000 cartridge boxes
1,000 percussion-cap jMiuchea
I 000 bayonet scabbard*
250 sword bells
Ct .ess No. 6.
Buss drums, complete
Tenor drums, 44
S rgeunU' hwords
Musicians' swords (for men and boys)
Box wood B flfea
Drum htioks, per pair
Tenor drum heads (batter and snare*
Buss drum beads
Drum: res, sett
Drum oordH, euoh
All the ulxn o-ineutionnd article.* must conform in all respects to the
samples in the oil ice of tile Assistant Quartermaster, 1,220 Spruce '
strict, Philadelphia, and at this otttc.e. They will be rigidly inspected j
and compared with tho.se samples by the AstUtunt Quartermaster, or j
such per.-ou UH may bo appointed. Such us may bo unequal thereto
in any particular will bo rejected ; in which cise the cnatraetoi will j
i be bound to luriiidh others of the required kind or quality within
f tlftcen day* ; or, if that bo not done, they will be purchased at his
expense. 1'nymeats will be made ou each delivery should Cougre ?
ihuvo made an uppropriatlon to meet them, or us uooti thereafter as uu
appropriation shall he made for that purpose. The quantity may be t
i Increased or diuiiuiihod, at the option of the Quartermaster, on i
I making tho coutructs, us the exigencies of the service iu?y demand. j
j Proposals will uleo ho received up lo the same time for the M muj
fact u re of-?
Sergeants' uniform coats ?
Privates' " "
1 Musicians' " "
WooUeu pants
Fatigue woollen Jackets
Watch cunts, and
Uuficioitt' red Jackets
J Forms of otfers can be procured on application (o this office, and
I two responsible sureties must ho furnished, whose sufficiency must j
bo ccrtlflod by u United Slates Judge, district attorney, or navy
! So proposal will be considered that does not strictly comply with j
! the form issued troiu this oilioe.
; Proposals will be endorsed "Proposals for furnishing supplies for j
' the. marine corps,'' and uddicssed to
IV J. SI* niKKI.AND, !
tpiaitoriuaster. !
| The "Intelligencer ' and "Star/' d' Washington; tho "Arum/' I
: Portland, Main-. , "Patriot," Concord, N. II.; "LazeUe," Portsmouth,
j X. H.; "Bridgeport Farmer," Bridgeport,Conn.; "Nov Ixmdou Hur," J
' New London, Conn.: "Post" and "Courier/' Boston, Mass.; "New
! Bedford Times/' New Bedford, Mass.; "Atlas" and "Argus/" Albany, J
N. V.; "Journal id Commerce," New York; "Penn sylvan ian," "Ar- j
i gus," und "Philadelphia iX'Uiocral/' Philadelphia, Penn.; "Sentinel/'
Alexandria, Vu "Observer/1 Pensaeola. Fla.; "Delta," New Orleans; 1
i and "Kegi-ter," Mobile, Ala , will publish the above "three times a
week until 7th of February next, uud send bill, wit h copy of this ad- 1
| vertisement, to this office for payment. They will also .-eud tho paper
i ooutaluing the llrst advertisement lo this office for examination,
j Jan 8?3Uiwt7Feb
Xo. 297 C between 9 Ih and ]0ih St ret*,
IpNGRAVElt and designer in gtmeral, nianufucJ
turer an?d inventor of the now, improved eeal promo*, wokib1
I case engraver, wood engraver, niindo, puncher, stencil cutter, copper
j plate engraver, and lithographer, is prepared t? execute engravings
I ou any metal?on gold, silver, brass, copper, steel, kr.} in n.s good a
j workmanship manner as by any other establishment iu tho United
! States. The subscriber fovD confident that all orders entrusted to i
him will give jxsrfect satisfaction, or no charges made.
j .Inn 6?lyd AC ( Id'., ?C.
kfpriiU of On Urilvih Itrrieus and Illacku-ooil'? Magorint
IfCftTT A CO,, New York, continue to publish
J* the following leading British pei indicate, vil:
j 1. THK LONDON' QUARTERLY, (conservative.)
| a. THK NORTH BRITISH REVIEW, (free Church.)
; These periodical* nbly represent the three great political parties of |
i Great Britain?whig, buy, and radical hut politic* form* only ono
j feature trt their character. A* organs of the nwt profound writers !
on science, literature, morality, and religion, they stand, a* they over
have stood, unrivalled in the world of letter*, being considered India- I
peu*ahlc to the scholar and the professional man, while to the lutein j
I genl reader of eyery class tliey furnish a moro correct and satisfac i
tory re? /;rd of jth.e .uurrep) literature of tin-day throughou) the world j
than can l/e poaajbly ohtiioed h?y other source. J
The rcrt-ipft of adyance sheets froip tl/e Brit/sh pubtynher* gjve* utl- |
ditionul value to tjn'-e reprints, inasmuch a* fh> y can noiy Ijr placed i
in the hand* of sub.cribura about a* ?00# a* the prigjusl edjtUAH!
For all four of the Review.* Od i
For Black wood Magazine . U 00
[ For IllackwiKtd ami ?ue Review... . ... 6 00
, i For Blackwood ami two Review* 7 00 |
For Blackwood and three Reviews 9 00
For Blackwood and tho four Review* 10 Ou !
I TAYLOR A MAI RY, Bookseller#,
A;;i-nt* lor W.i diiugtou,
l J tn 8 No. 834 Penn. tvveuuo. j
Proposal* for Lithographing.
i ?
OrKICX Si CKIU\TKXr>KNT Prnuc Pnmixu,
i Washington, December 31, 1858.
OliALED i'HOfQdALS will he received at this
?3 otllce until Moa<lay, tho 17Jji day of .Ian ary, 1 Hf?#, at 12
o'clock, for engraving on atone, ami printing from the umif, for the
use of the Senate tuid House of Representatives of the I'nR. d flutes
certain MAPS and CHARTS communicated to Congress With the mi
I mini no * age of the President of the United State*,
f The Maps and Chart* (of which from two to three tbousai.d copies
i I are to l?e printed) will be open for the inspection of bidder* at this of
i flee until the morning of the day for doling the bids. The paper re
f { quired for printing will be furnished by thin office.
Blank forms for proposals will he furnished to all who purpose to
hid, and Ixmd and approved security will he required iroot tho sue
| ce. -ful bidder for the faithful execution of Ids contract,
j It i* to he distinctly understood that no bid will be received from I
J any party not directly engaged In, and practically acquainted with, j
j the style of work bid tor.
I The proposals must he add re-"* vd to Dim. IV. Bowjian. Superintend j
! out of the Public. Printing, Washington, and endorsed Proposals for
| Lithographing.''
tv.... mi .-.j,! r<aj..r-AwiuL.oi Smu-riutendent
Lunenburg < H., Va ,
?, is:>*
r|VIlK children of Hntmn Aikin, who waa a daughter
1 X Of RJcharri Crtftoo thceldor, ?!? eased, lute of ttilx county, are :
! hereby notified that there in about $700 In my hands, m- receiver of I
| tii*' circiil court, helu^ their porllou of the - of Hie sale of the I
[ dower estate lately hold by Nancy Cr Alton, widow of the said Ki< hard (
1 j O iftoti , deceased.
| Idee 11 !mv4w T W. WfVN.
I.niieiilxii'K C. II., Va ,
iHfcetnbtr ti, ISoH.
j rpilK children of Judith Furley and of Sully Farley,
I X tlct c.iscil, arc hereby notified that there hu* been paid int" my
baud i i1 of of jh< < lr< lit ind < unly < oui1 t f tbi c unt . tnd
invent' tl according to law, ttyelf portion of tin estate of Jtuepliue
CrafUw, deecroed. late of this county.
| I*c 11 iawiw T Vf
V \INNHR PARTIES will Ik? fnmi?he?I to families
XX ;'t $U, $4, $nd t:? per head; or. If th y prefer, a fii>t edits <
j Kri'Wih cmk can iu* m m Ik/ ihejf rc-|tlctn:c to prepare dinner for them
I at ihe rooderalt charge of $2 fi?r his ?eryfytt*,
Those wishing to avoid the tronbl* of marketing can |pi* e Ujo Wsf
the market nHhnl- sent to iheir hoo-e* at coat price*.
One or more dishes will he sent to Hny pari of the city for those
I i who may desire It I guaranty to furnish a better dinner titan any
J of er establishment In the cltv, at a earing of Xb per cent
r I 4T*T1KR W1 1*1111 av ,
I Dec lfl Sturoif botwaeu 12tb and 13th atrwU.
Or ra ft (j* Akmy Clnhumj and K^rifiuk,
1'hiudr lj.hu J.iuuarjr ft, luftW. j
fiEAIJ-D I'thd'OP llJd are invU I and will to rtwu-U mi ut ilit > ofto* j
until Id o'clock, a ui , Of Monday, llio ?vvt>ulii day of Kvliriuf) j
next, fbi fn minting hy roiiirart the loUowing army *n|?pU?a .uni nut
tcrial*, deh> .Tabic at the I uitnl State* Clothing einl Ivjiiipug.? llepol
(jclmjwttl Ai>oual,) Ui ?|uautiti"- .ih required, vm
2,600 yards ft 4 -inch dark blue (ladtyci w.?ol dyed) cloth, tor o?|H, l?
waigk about 14 ouucuM |M?r yard
60,000 yardi? t>i inch dark blue (iuiiigw wool dyed) twilled cloth, l??
weigh 21 ?aurper yard
70,000 yarilM ft4 Inch datk blue (Indigo wool dyed) twilled cloth, t?
weigh 2-' ..nave por yard
26 000 yard* 64-hit U Ay-bluo (knHgo wool dyed) twilled cloth, to
weigh 22 ouijoer per yard
12,000 yard* blanket*, wool gray, (with the letter*! t' P. in black
4 iaclit* long in the oeotre.) to be 7 le t long and 0 fotl t?
luOOS wide?U weigh ft pouudo each
80,000 yards 54 inch dark blue (Indigo dyed) hu?I liauuel, to \%*t
10 ounces per yard
12,600 yards 27 Inch dm k blue (Huilgo dyad) sot Urn and wool lUu
ncl, to weigh ttt, ounces por yard
100,000 yard* 31 -inch white (coinm and wool) flannel, to weigh 0
ounces per yard
120.000 yards 27 Inch Canton flannel, to weigh 7 f?uncct per yard
ioo,ooo yard if 27 inch uubUmcbed cotton drilling, to wel^i i>'4 ounce*
p? r yard
50,000 yards 3d inch unbleached cotton drilling, to weigh 8 ounces
|x'i' y?r<l
H4,000 pair* lialf stockings, 3*1***, properly mads of good fleece
wool, witli double and twisted yarn, to weigh 3 pouuds pel
dozen pair*
10.000 yards red bunting, 10 Inches wide, 42 yardt long
w,ooo do white do do do do do do do
3 000 do blue do do do do do do do
15.000 do 42 inch Russia wheeling, to w eigh
4,000 do 38 in* h brown bo I laud
80.1 00 do 3d hu h unbleached cottou mnsiln
lo 000 do 45 Inch block alpaca
10.04)0 do black nileria
6,000 do brown liueu
3.000 do buckrutu
26,000 do cany iww pudding
30,000 wheel* cotton wadding
05,000 yurds \ and \ inch cotton tape
Silk -red, white, yollo?\ green, and blue, for flag* -(H*r yard
Silk twi.it and sew lug .-ilk, host quality, per pound
Lincu thread, W. B., No. 8 u 40, |kt pound
Do blue, No. 30 u 40, do
Do assorted colors, 30 u 40, do
20,000 yards 30 inch cottou duck, to weigh 22 ounces per yard
12,000 yards 30-inch cottou duck, to weigh 15 >4 ounces per yard
00,000 yards 28inch cottou duck, to w eigh 14>, ounces per yard
12,000 yards 28>4 inch cotton duck, to weigh 10 ounces per yard
1,000 yards 22 inch cotton duck, to weigh 0 ounces per yard
25,000 yards 33 inch cotton duck to weigh W,'8 ounces per yard
385 trumpet and bugle cords, wortt d, yellow, oiange, green,
scarlet, and sky-ldu;
80,000 yur?h> 3j-inch worsted Iftfe, do do do do do
12,000 do }j do do do U?> do do do
0,000 do 1 l4 do do do do do do do
10,00 ) hat cords, worsted, fcolon as above,) 3 10 luch diunutcr, i
with a tassel at each cud, twoiuclies long
10,000 black lelt huts, best quality, made of Scotch and Kngli-h crmcy
uud Russia hare
10,04)0 black ostrich feathers, 12 inches loug
10 000 hrusr ouglcs. 8,4H>0 bruin bugles
3,ooo bras* crossed cunnous. 1,000 brass trumpet*
3,000 do do sabres. 400 bra.-* thimbles for bags
10,000 do knap *ck trimmings sots
00 do spears and ferrules for guidons and colors
500 grosji iron buckles, roller, \, *4', uud l l4 Inch
00 do stock buckles
100 S. C. f*., brass and 5 bronze scales, j?air*
200 sergeants, do do 20 do do do
0,000 corporals' and privates' brass and 400 bronze scales, pairs
2,500 gross coat button*
2,500 do vest do
4,000 do shirt do
3,504) do suspender buttons
200 bugles, with extra mouth pieces
150 trumpets do do do
24)0 ttfes, !) and ('
25 drums complete, artillery
75 do do lulantry
2,000 drum heads, butter
800 do do aim re
404) do snares, sets
200 do sticks, jmlrs
100 do stick carriages
4oo do cords
100 hospital tent pole*, sets
5u0 wail do do do
3,000 hospital do plus, largo
0,000 do do do small
8,000 waH do do large
10,004) do do do small
30,000 common do do
100,000 tent buttons, (wood,) small
25,000 do ?ll|w do do
100 garrison flag halliards
150 recruiting bug halliards
2,000 pounds c< it ton sowing twine, 5 and 6 strand*
3,4)00 pouuds tent line, large
2,000 pounds do do small
20O pounds 1 m?11 rope
5,000 (suimls balling rope
100 pounds jlux twlno
11 ooo fin <vini?>f>im with rork ^Imatera 3 unit* to wclkli 11 ' . mill < *
.'>00 iron puts
*,000 IUMS pan*??bMiiroti
3,000 ramp fcnttlea? sheet iron, 3slgca in nosta
1,500 pickaxes?2 Bizflf, to weigh fly, and 7 pounds
1,500 mattocks?-8 sizes, to weigh ft\ pounds
3,000 felling uxor*?rant steel?ho t quality?3 sizes
3,000 camp hatehet.s do do 1 do
5,000 pick and mattock handles -i-beet quality
0,000 felling axe bundles?best quality
6,000 camp hatchet handler- - br .-t quality
3,000 spades?beet quality?2 sizes.
| AH the above-mentioned articles must conf >rrn ta oil i to the
! scaled standard patterns in thh office, whore they can be examined,
| and any additional in for mat ion given in regard t?? them will be fur
nl-died. Seniple patterns of the woollen and cotton cloth? will be sent
by mail to manufacturers ; It h desirable that the articles be of do- j
i meitic manufacture.
j Tbo privilege is reserved by tho United Slates of docreaaiug the ;
! quantity one-fourth on tho acceptance of the propoKiils, and of in- j
I creasing it from one-third to one-half at any time prior to the com- !
| plotioti of the contract, by giving the contractor thirty days' notice of I
! such desired increase, and of rejecting any propo*uls which may be
j considered extravagant.
| The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' place of business
must 1x5 specifically stated in the proposal, together with the mum-*, |
! address^ and responsibility of I wo persous proposed as securities,
! with the acknowlodgfpwpjls of su|d persons that they will be such i-c !
curlty or will be responsible thai ?qftd sccprUy bo furuisbod in case |
| a contractus obtained.
! Bids from manufacturers of, or regular donler Iu, the articlewill
! be preferred, uiid contracts will be awarded fd the lowest rc-poindblo
bidder who shall furnish tho required securities for the performance ,
Deliveries to commence with in fifty days after the acceptance of tho j
I proposals, and one-half of the quantity contracted for must he de- '
I iivt'red iu equal monthly proportions within four months from said j
j date of acceptance, ;md Jtbe remainder w ithin three months there I
after in monthly or greater proportions, us '(he contractor may tlud j
I It is to be distinctly understood, by every person obtaining a con j
I Jruct. that .-aid contract Is not trun-feruble without the consent?>1 !
I proper authority, aqd thai any sale, assignment, or transfer of it,
j Jvitbotit such consent having been obtained, (except under a process
! r?f Isy,) wjll i?e regarded es ah nlpiudodnifttft of the contract, and the
contractor and bis securities will lie held responsible for all |#jss (>r |
| damage to the United Stut.-s which may uriso from said abandon ;
I ment.
j Payments will be made on each delivery, should Congress have
made an appropriation to meet them, or u? soon thereafter as an
appropriation shall be made for that purpose. Ten per cent, of the
amount of eacli delivery w ill be retained until the contract shall be
completed, which w ill be forfeited to the United States in case of de
I Plication on the part of tho contractor in luitililng the contract.
Forms of proposals will be furnished upon application to this office.
Proposals will bo endorsed, Proposali for Pumi thing Army Sup
jylifi and Material*, and be addressed
CHS. THOMAS. Colonel.
.Ian 7 3U?I7F<')> AW.Q.M. (I?i. Army.
OapiUil $2110,000 I
The only company In Washington having such a alalia? la jj.f? tj^ar
Risks ou buildings, merchandtoe, furniture, 4kt\, taken at the lowest
Be.-idc a the actual capital of the company, the individual liability
clause of the charter renders the private fortune of each stockholder
liable; for lonscii.
Office?Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street.
wkmtors :
Win. V Bayly, Pen). Beall, Francis Moliuu,
Jam?* I". Haliday, Hudson Taylor, Win. Ortue,
Samuel Bacon, Joseph Bryan, M. W. Halt.
N. B.?No charge made for policial.
JAMES C. MoGUJRK, President.
CK,trro\ n. Hansox, Secretary June '27?iy
tings, Hrnggot?, Curt ain .Materiais, and House Tunn-hing Ihy
GooSi,sucb as ?
Velvet ta|?o?try carpidlngs, new ?! .i,:os
Tapestry Brussels do ill great variety
New style* HruaanL? do ttuper (omHty
Kxtrn beavy a ply do very rich
Kxtra super togi. "ado now patterns
Very heavy all-wool iKlioh c*rp< lings
Twilled Vcnitiun carpeting for ha!to and fttopfl
Velvet and Brus-els do do do
Full sheet- extra heavy and very rich Huor oil-cloths, cut to fit
any tuao or shape room, hall,or passage
Mosaic, velvet, and lulled rue ami mats
Cocoa and Canton mattings
l'i-4. 14 4,1A 4 drugget crumb Cloths
Kngli-h dri:g.'"ta, all width*, by the yard
Very rich I) embroidered lace curtains
Satin lu|ncs, broeatHs, and reps fur < urtnltii
Whip-, bull, blue, and ur?,? n shade linen*
tjUlr rod*,"Curt-nib natures, Ire
Having attended H ABA V k n?.*4 great Ourpcf An Jem, which h k
pine? iu New York on the 4ih and 5th lust., we are now pp |wtr< d to
ortvr greater inducement than can be afford**! under ordinary cirgumatanees.
Purchasers are rojpectftilly invited to an examination of our
stock. HOf)|C nib) k CO.
d,itg u- dif
4 \ ar < vinr, u.-i tutu rcinrni'ci lo in.i\
ctty <>?0 n-niim. I In- pfKci-.
j upprmiuf r'umi ?n<t r } 407 F ?trort, bolwow Oth an-t 7th
I ?tr?ol?, 4 ih?>r? fr m Pmt tttHco. Oct 14 <IU
Fll?t 0r>?? l. PKKAKtMBST,
l^cowlH-r lf>, 181.M.
SKA LED l*Rf ?P0SAIJ* will be ret cItmI r! (hU (li'iwrtiOi'itl unll) On*
21*t Jay of February, IH&tf, until 12 of the cUh k at iiihjii, lor AirnUli
lug, I or the use of po. i offices in the I'liiled States, for lour yearn fiotn
til-- rlr-1 day oi April uc.vt, marking and rating Mumps of the follow
log description, vu:
Clash 1. Circular marking Mumps of .?t *o!,or other material td equal
durability; of a circumference uot to exceed huh. bat a* much
le-a us convi ul'iicc and good ta.-to luuy dictate; vv h the name of
the office and State ; with type fur the y--ir month-, and day a, In
block* of |ik< material, with ku flic tent thumb screw lor the aaiim,
with bundles of cocoa, mahogany, or other heavy wood, of u model
i???. -t couveoli'iit for ihi' I*i |?ro|HHuls for this class of ntamp , the
bhbhM will hint tho it <hl it tonal charge, per letter or llgitro, for in
eerting. within the circle, when required, such words and figure* as
pai<ty jrr<, /Kiel It), Ji4p, Ac.
I Lak- J Circular marking stamps of iron, or tithe i lnrUtrial equal
thereto, for the use of |gi t office* md route agents ou railroads and
Htcuiuho.it mull hue*; with the mime of the office and State or tin- name
oi the railroad or river line; with type lor mouthrt and date-, in block:
of tin- .-ante material, with suitable thumb -t ivw, uiid huidl.s of blk
walnut or cherry tree, of a model best ad pted for u-<\ the cireumfe
relict* of the stump to be the name as de.-ciilnd in cl.t-- No, 1.
t'i.v?all, C'irculur marking slumps of boxwood, or other material
of equal durabilityy of the -ann* site of clAhfl No. 1, with the name
of the office nlid .Stat0; with type for mouth* and day- of printers'
type metal, in block* or single letter* and futures, with ihuuih screw
and handle* the same us de*erihed m oIuks N't>. 2.
ltn> contract for this c.la.H.t will not take ett.ict until from and after
the 2d day of July neat.
ti 4 Marking flumps, for foreign mails similar to those now in
u-> m the p >*t i.tliee* at N?*w York, Philadelphia, ant Boston, ??r of
any other style adapted to the above purpose.
Also, the follow ing rating stamps, to correspond with the circular
stamp*- in clas.oH* 1, 2, ami a tu material, handle*, and workmanship,
and ritch oth r luting -lamps not named herein a* may be required,
of a like description, at pro rata price*, and If the style or material
thereof shall be altered by direction of the department, the price
shall he lucrcaHod or reduced in the same proportion, viz :
pidd Misseut ami forwarded
Free tuned
Ml*ent Due
Forwarded Hue 1
Post office business, free Drop 1 cent.
Advertised Id
Steamboat K>
Shin Paid 10
United States, fid. Paid 15
Held for postage
Propo-lIb for Improved or patented stamps, with cylinders for the
months arid days, or with point* to pierce tint envelope, or with other
I Improvements, will be considered.
flu) right to change or alter the style of the stamp* described in
either class* upon equitable terms, is reserved to the Postmaster General.
Proposal# will he received for furnishing Ihe tthide of the abovenamed
circular stamps, or for each clan separately.
Stamps will be ordered for iho different classes of offices agreeably
to tho rules no\r in force, and according to such rule-, and regulations
of the department a- may hereafter he adopted in relation thereto.
The number of circular stamps required, per annum, is estimated
at 300 for tho first cl.i *, 500 for the second class, 1,'iUO for the
third ela . , sud 100 for the fourth eld.- - . Tito number of rating stumps
required for the same J?criod is estimated at ^,500.
Models of lh? tamp- unn-t accompany the proporal .
Ktcb bidder must furnish, with his proposal#, evidence of his ubil
ity to comply with his bid
fculliekiit HureU'irf will lie required to a contract; and tho .- tamps
mu-t he delivered at the Post Of lice Department at the expense of tlie
co u tractor.
Projiosalr mu-t he endorsed on tho outside of the envelope with
j " Proposals for Post Ollle.o Marking Stamps," and addressed to the
j First Assistant Postmaster General, Washington city, D. C.
Dec lti?law4w Postmaster General.
hwis, siiof>, an'p hnim iy,
of every description, tor
Indies, Misses, Youths, and Children, at tho
A'o. Id Penn. avenue,\*lwern Hh and 9(h tired*.
j J a lie , we manufacture all our own goods, thereby possessing the
! uuoqualed advantage of securing them at tlrst cost, which, of cour.-e,
results to tho benefit of thu purchaser. Our gaiters, in point of tit,
I beauty, and utility, have an acknowledged superiority over all others,
i and our double nolo morocco and kid boots and button gaiters, Ace.,
i Ac., for winter wear, have only to bo examined to secure a purchaser .
! Al?n. lung rubber botgs for ladjos am! mUa.s. All ?aM?g off at as
i tcuil&hfnir low or ices. T. CLARK.
Nov 20?tltFotxi*
Madame menager, de paris, f street,
No. 405,two doors from 7tU Btrtwt, dress-maker and milliner.
Madame MKN'A(iKU lias the honor to announce to the ladies of Washington
that .-ho has opened at the ahovc resilience a drcnu making
40.1 uuliiuor> ?* t:.h!i-hmcut, which for elegance, r( line 1 taste, and
the luUat importations of In r Man stylos, has never been t-quallcd in
Washington. Careful attention given to the making of bail creasos
head-dresses, and the general decoration! of a lady's evening toilet,
la lies' uud'T clolheH made up in style and neatness. Infants' robes,
with everything connected with this department, tastefully prepared.
The bonnet department will consist entirely of the latest importations
(per every fit earner) from Paris.
Whatever orders Madame Menager may receive will be promptly
j p|pi parefullv exepiunl.
j ^iivepal gd(>d wdrkwoiipui wanted. Dec24?dlmif*
KI.MMEI.li HOUSE.?This nice arul commodious
house has juat been completed, and will he open for the reeeption
of guests on the 23d Inst. This house will abound with com|
forts equal in every respect to any house in this or any other city.
! The liar will be supplied with the boat of liquors at all times. I have
engaged Mr. K. V. Campbell to assiit and superintend the house, lie
is well known to the travelling community. The Kirnmeli House is
I situated on C street, between 4and 6th street-, In the immediate
vicinity of tlio National Hotel, and near the railroad dopot,
A. F. KIMMETX, Proprietor.
Nov 19 ?ly* K. V.CAMI'HKIX, Superintendent.
I- Q. c. LAMAR. C. II. MUTf. J. i.. At'TRY.
J AMAR, MOTT, A AUTKY, Attornoys-at-Luw,
1 J Holly Springs, Miss. t will practice in the High Court of Errors
ami Appeal at Jack on ; Hit Fedora 1 Court at Pontotoc *, tho Court* ol
the 7tl? Judi? wl Ib.-trlct of Missis>ippl ; and will attend to the cole
tion of Ctnlin.s throughout North Mississippi. Sept lb?dtf
I JITi'Ai O ROBES, BUFFALO |:u|:ei, HUj. r A
.M jfc lo Kobe* ! The Hubsrrfbofs have received troiu St. 1," ii-n
litVge lot of snp.-Moi Buffalo Robes, which they aro selling verv cheap.
Jan 6 -d .IAS. C. Mi<31*IKK ?V CO.
NEW LUMBER YARD. The subscriber would
re-pectfull> cull the attention of builders to hi t superior stock
of lumber, Just received at bis wharf on Sixth .street and canal, con
siding of white and yellow pine boards, plank, joists, scantling, paling,
post-, lath, &c. Abo, hemlock boards, |M>?t, and scantling.
Carriage and cabinet makers are Invited to examine Ids choice va
ritiiy i f ash, hickory, maple, poplar, bass wood, cherry, Aic.
The above stuck of lumber has been selected with groat Pure, atid
will be Bold on reasonable termHKPnrRN
Dec 22?3m Otli street and Canal
Near corner of F and Fourteenth streets,
KH. GIL LET, Counsellor at Law, has removed
his oflleo to his residence in Franklin Row, corner of K and
j Thirteenth street*. He will continue to devote his attention principal
ly to cnaen iu the United States Supreme Court.
Oct 28 ?dtf
splendid lot of which i* for Bale at Wagner's, 265 Pennsylvania
j avenue, opposite Kirk wood House. Framed or otherwise,
j Al all kind of gill picture frames. Doe f> tf
fi//| ilrcrf, a .few door* north qf l'eni>u/!t\tntn amiuf,
|>K(j Vftve to nnnoiiifue to the citizens qf Wasli
Jl. P inyton that they are now prepared l<> c ,ecut any order*
which they in.iy ho favored with in the
bu.iuos. Tho re*i?eotive branches will ho under the aupervlsion ol
skilful workmen from the North, where practical experience ha*
made them familiar with nil the modern improvement*. hi fact,
they Imvo spared neither trouble nor expen.-e to procure the very
bc*t i>f win km u.
We Invito' attention to our .-lock <>f < HAXPK1.IKKS and other ga
N. H. Jstri t all ?ntion, promptness in the execution of ordery. and
fair price* induce us to hope for a share of public patronage.
Doc 2 a tf
Lux and Lund lucim- Washington.
M. YOUNG, former CouiinisHioner of
the General I;uid Ollleo, and WAML'KI. V. Nil.ES, late ot the
j N irgiiii.t ;ii't K \ nlutionary. and War' of lHpJ Itouut\ l and Hur< an,
iu the -ami- department, Inning entered into a copartner, hip, w ill
hereafter give their Joint attention to such business a* tnay he conh
| ded to their management under the above llrtn They will devote
their attention chiefly to the prosecution of claims before f'ongre,?,
| tl tu Supi't IIJO Court of the United state*, the Onrtt of Claim**, and all
the executive department* of the government,
j OflVc Nn. 4ho Pennsylvania avenue.
Dec 1'? ?'o2in
hunc, New *, Philadelphia Pre**, Philadelphia ledger, be . r<
j reived on evening of day ol publication Siugle copies for sale, or
didiyofed at t he rosidunc* - of subscriber* flattie evmjug.
I Nc\y York ledger kfuryitry, X\'<-kly plug ol our Union, (Jlea-onN
Unc-of Dattfe Ship, Gallon\? I h torfal, \v*vetley MaiMrfUie, Hoio ,
j .Tournai, and'at! other Philadelphia, \Vw York, and Do-don weekly
; |fa)?Tri received umf for rah', ?n delivered pi oinplly to Hubsurifocr*
Kyi rythlr.g in the cheap publication lino n>ce|\ed us aoonitwpub
1 1 -i i? i moon- v i n
31(1 fViun (iv 11w. , miller \Nillanlat' Hotnl, uiil
V.>v J-V ilU" M I tllti. avouite, u?nr 4i, Mrwt.
rREBCOTT'Si 1*111 l-tr* II, vol. .1, jtwt iiublmhefT
I 1
j 1
? , . -* . . .' ' ~ ** | |
j VJ WA?in.*?io*t Heceuibcr 29, lfffdt.
OX Tllr: PKIiTION of ttcorgtf w Thayer, of S|?ritiffA.ld, Ma
praying for tho osWtiAiou of a peteut grunted In him the 22d of Aprii,
i$45, f??r mi improve men i in "wooden bridges," lor seven years Croat
the ex pi rut ion of Said patent, which take? place on the 22d duyrf
April, 1859?
!i i - oj'lei fd that tho said p.tition ho heard it the Pat.-nl Office on 1
Monday, the 4th of April next, at 12 o'clock, tu and all persons ui. J
iiouil -ti to appear ami nho* cause, if any th y have, why sa d i**ti <
tloiJ ought liot t<; he grunted .
P-r-ou oppo^ii, .'?lu? ext? Urti<?ii a; e r<M|mrv.-(l to file i.t the Patent J
Office their objections, specially net forth hi wnutij. , ul h'u-t twenty
days before tlio day of hearing, all tantlinony Mod hy cither party t<
lie u>? d at the -.aid hearing must he taken and tmowinltted in accord t
uiu e w ith the rules of tin: office, which will he fut ui-liod on appiu-a (
tioll. r
Tlie testimony in llio case will ho closed ou tin- 21 I of March; depo
spoons, and other papers relied Uf>on as testimony, tuu-?t he tiled iff tin
oflieo ou or before the mornlug of that day; Uio arguments, 11 any <
within ten day- thereafter. t
Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Uutou, Washing
ton, 1> V'., ?nd Post, Boston, Ma -., once a week for three wo. k.i the
flr-it publication i<? he at lea t uty days before the 4th of April next,
the dey of hearing-. .hi- 1PU/T, *
Cojnnn.-i i tier of P.Uoiih. <
P. R Editors of the above papors w ill pb-a-e copy, and scud their *
bill-' to the patent Office, with u paper couhiiuiii*;-Mib notice i
I Km- do lawHw ^
' HIE* IV 1. IN I I < IV 1 JMI1J l.All 1 LN.lllI" 1 <11 j
$ reeled by a board of visitors appaiiiu \ l?y the Suite, ts under
lite supi r into ode ncv of Col. K. W MOKHAN, a dUUaguishod graduum
of Wr-t Point, uurt ? practical cngim-m uhled by an rible faculty
The comae of study is thai taught hi tin* bet college^, but tuoro ex
tended In MitlUeiBSUf Mm tiiuiii' Mnehine*, Con truetion, Agruiuito
raJ Chemistry,*nd Mining (hMiIovy ; ?U<>, in Fngh-'h literature. 11 >
to rice I Headings, ?nd Mod orn Lain -" i|.'? , ici uui|?auioil by dull) and
regulated exercine.
Schools of Architecture, Engineering, Commerce, Medicine, and I*\v
admit of selecting studied t?? suit time, moan.'', and object of profon
sionul preparation, both before and after graduating.
Tho churger: $102 per In*It yearly f?es.iloii. imyuble in advance
Address the Superintendent, at ''Military Iostitulc, Franklin Springs,
Ky./* or the undersigned. I*. BCni.FY.
.Ian 4?liudnvvAw President of llie Board. 1
TXTM. T. DOVE & CO. are now prepared to exeY
\ cute uuy order* with which thoy inny bo fuvorod in the
Plumbing, (l is, or Hieum-IUtlng bu-ine .
(Store on 9th street, a few doorg north of Pennsylvania avenue,)
Where may lw? found a complete assortment of chandelier*, and otb?
gu'<, steam, and water fixtures. .fan 4
Pop s Iloiner'M Iliad, wiUt Flaxmun'M illustrations. $1 2").
Pope's Homer's <My*?eyf with 1 layman's illustration*. tl 25.
Je.-.ie's Fuglund under the Stuarts. 8 vol tunes, $3 76.
Ar.ostoV (Jrlaudo Furioso ; translated by Hose. 2 volumes, $2 50.
Holbein's lime of It tilt u.nl Hi bit* Cut:. $2 25.
Pope's Life and hollers. $ I 25.
| (iuldc to l'o'tery and Porcelain $i 25.
Iie.uoiii'd Nineveh und Its Palaces, fl 25.
| Memoir* ol Phillip do Cotuiuiuo*. 2 volutin -, $2 ?>0.
M inteil's Wonders of tleology. 2 volume*, $4.
Curponter s Zoology. 2 volumes, $3 50.
TWTOTK K. J. D. HOOV Bit (late U. 8. Marahal for
J3I the lJistru-t of Columbia) has associated himself with Walter
I). Davidgo, esq., conn t llor at law. Business before the 1'mted 1
Mates Supremo and Circuit Courts, the Court o{ Cloimr. and the Executive
Departments, promptly attended to. Address
Jan 13 Washington, 1). C.
CITEUEOSlXMMC I'lCTCRES -"Most Wonderful '
jl imtl l'i .ittliful.''?>V? have now en baud one of |bo largest and
moil viiri -I assortments of Htereiwwiplc Picture* ever olfered in this
oily, uu glass or paper, plain and oolor<nl, ooi.si-ling of vtowa of the
principal places of llio United States
Wo havo also in groat variety Klltott'* celebrated Groups of Parlor
an.I Domestic Scenes, Weddings, ('hrLrtcuUlgs, Pic Xk'rf, Ac..
We also olfer a line collection of FtorooHoopic Instruments, of vai l
j ons styles', manufactured to our own order.
Tlicso instruments and Pictured form tlio prettiest and most inter
opting present that can be offered lo oi*l *?r voumr.
Took tore, 884 Penn. qycttue,
Agents for Washington oftho Antcr^a't BfoftotHftpk) Company.
Jau 1U
/ yKOLOUY AND MIXEltAIAHJY; considered with
\JJT reference to Natural Theology. By the late Rev. Win. Buck
laud. A new and revised edition, with memoir of the author. 2
The Calamities ami Quarrels of Authors, with soma Inquiries respecting
their Moral and ljterury Characters, and memoir* for our
l iterary History By l?nac Disraeli. Edited by hi* son, the Hon. B.
The (Collected Song.-* of Oharlos Mackuy, with illustrations by John
untwli uolumt'ia *u<i Vancouver a miuuu, wtiu a map. ny n . ta
rew Kii/lHt.
The Two Frigata/i. By the author of " Tire Green Hand," inc., Af J
The K.\ Wile. By the author of Will ho Marry Her," Ac
The Rifle, and how to u*o it; with an account of origin.
For sale by UUS-VHARP A MOHl V,
Jan lj Corner of lltli street and Putin. ave.
rpiIK CAVK OF MAClll'ELAH, and otlicr Poems.
I By JatnoH Challen. 7ft cents.
The Gospel and its Element--. By James Challen. 30 cents.
Christian Evidouoos. By James Challen. 30 rents.
Hadji in Syria. By Mrs. Sarah B Johnson. 75 cuius.
In aud Around Blu t.houl. By Mrs Hornby. $1 20.
Pale tine; Past and Present. By Rev. Henry QsWcrn. 1 vol.. 8vo. ;
ilhistratlona and map. $3 50.
Notes from Pl> mouth Pulpit ; u eolleetk?n of passages from the Pis
courses of iiettry Ward Beocker. I vol. $1
Futuro Life; or, Scenes in another World. By George Wood. $1 i
While It was Morning. Bj* Virginia F. Towtwend. :fl. !
The I .and and the Book; or, The Holy fjind. By W. M. Thomson,
D. P. 2 vols, maps and engravings. $3 50.
Popo or President; Facts for Americans. $1.
Chronicles of the Bastile. 1 vol., illustrated. $2.
SIEGE IiK 8EBASTQPOL; Journal den (ippr^tion
tin 4,, nio. n.'11 le General Nlol: 1 vol .with Ihi'i'O fullo ut la*
I Pari*, 1858. (
Gours d'Astronomic, f\ I nuagu ue? oificiera do la Maria? Imperiale. '
j 1 vol.. , 186#.
j God? Uo Juaticc Miiitaire ]>our I'armee do mer, (outori atom du Mln 1
i istre do lu Marino.) 1 vol. Puri-a, 185S. ]
Tripior, Dale do Justice MiUtulre pour l'arBR-e do mor. 1 vol. ,
I Parly, 185H.
Foueher, Godo do Justice Militaire pour 1'armoo do t.vre. ^urt*,
1858. '
Derret sur le Sorvlee n bord dos itaUtmenl-de ia 1 lotte. Paris,
IVocret fur !? Service Intcricur do la FloUe. Paris, 1858.
I Herat tmr 1'Organisation du Personnel de la Flottc. 1 vol. Pari*,
Gcographl Phy-i.iue do 1? mer, par M. K. Maury, llcut. y. S. uayy ]
1 vol. et atlas. Purn, 1868.
Rov; lt? Colonic FiurchUos ou IK.'.s 1 v*c?l Paris, 1868.
i mi)e; calamities and quarrels of au- ,
I therewith soino Inquir es Re in cling their Moral and Literary
Chnr iotorc, aud Memoirs for our Literary Hit-iy; by 1 -anr 18-raell.
A now edition, edited liy the Right H??n. it I Harwell. 1 vol. $1.
A Country Hook for the Field, tie- Forc-t, and the Fireside; by Win. 1
llovvItt, author of "Rural l.lfb in England. 1 vol. cloth. Price 75
CC-lits. Free by mall, 88 cent-.
The Fv Wile, by John Lang, author of "Will Ho Marry Her." 1 vol '
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The Two Frigate.-; by the anther of the "Grotm Hand." Price 50 !
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Patch Work: by Howard Paul. Pr co 25 cents. (
Swimming ami Skating. Price 12 cent-.
The Village Museum: or, How we Gathered Pleasure with Profit.
Price 13 cents.
Cmiiit of Monte Ohrlsto; by Alexandre Dumas. 63 c?utt. :
Just received from England at
TAYLOR A MAlTRY'S Bookstorfl,
Jal 9 Peun aye.nue. Nro. 334.
| "17IUENI II CoryiUe?Le Marquis de PazI.
aval. Pans, 1^55 30 rent*
'Mvuri Sous I'V Tdleul- Parts. 1868 3$ con p;
I'oiurieiK. 1 I'loun du Yllhi^e. PurU, 1858. 30 cent* i i
Soulie l<e Magm te-eur. 'Party, 1858. 30 rents I
Sou lit lee Amour.< d? Victor I8myenne. Paris, 1858. 30 cents
South- (Ventures d'tin Jeuu? Cadet de Fuirdll?, Paris. 1858. 30
Moruand?Beruerotte. Part*, 1868. 80 cent
Molenes -Mt>uioin>? dun (. ntilhomrne du Hie vie Dernier. Paris,
j is;>8. 30 cents
Houln l.e Punt de ('retell. Part*,1858 30 cent
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I Pi'hot l.es Puetes AfftoreUX. Pat is. 1868 30 cenU
i Son lie Ia Maisou No. 3. Parks, 1853. 30 con w
Irn|K?; t-d from Pari?.
I r .1 ! -II \ SU Ull KM s II-YEN I LI ROOK
I .4 for 1 H.VJ.
j <?!ei?Ul tat' - OT Fairyland. 1 vol.
' life uriiom, the Children.
. | RoUilchout and IJthl'h-ni School,
j Jrnn of Arc; or, the Maid of Orleuil-.
( Hud* from the Chrl times Hough-, and other Tales.
Pye-ainl Hyo. 1 vol.
I Tha Yule fy?g.
Mister Fox.
A Treasury of Pleasure Houka Tor Young people.
The Butterfly'* Hull ami the Gfastjhop|?er*H Ken t.
I The Ufe o( a Ship, from the laautich to the Wreck.
Just opened by FRWCK TAYl/'D. 1
Dec 30
4 I.MAN ACII HI iMONJ'K i l.l.l S II! K, pour I
? \ 10 onl.-,
Almau n h <lc JTnivcra, |M>?ir 1859 15 <vnt-.
Aiinmwu h (.'ouik|t)?, |joar 15 < * ulx.
Almaum.li ProitboUque, jamr l|5l?. 15 cuuta.
AInuiubcIi Antiuloglqiic, pour 1859. 15 <' ntJ
Atm/ioach pour Kin-, ]MKir 1859. 15 ' nix.
Almanac li More flour 1859. 15 cent*.
Ahvuuuu'h lVl.rlmnll<*, pour 1859. 15 cci.tx
1iii|u>i tiHl from Pnrix by HUXCK tAVliMl.
J an 4
i iHlLIHtEV; HOOK ' i i at five, ten ai d
| \J lift - i ti I'i'iii . i.h, pnlj'.IV ! l.*-u?re H57 ?t iw.m'x (m ill"' v
ami arvoistv ftvo cenu em b.
/ S|>?clal Nolle* to N?baerlb*r*i
Payment for subscrlptiona mu?t be made in variably tn nd\ai?c#, au
u a VI II : \w\ki> Ovj dl-?miHnued al llif ill the |>t-nod
i |> o UJ i?r uul.f icaewrd Nolle* wiil be *.. > * n i< aubtoribeit
he t #'li i -cupl;?. Art- ubokt to <c\\ire.
?: mi Une. Iiy ut.i'l will b? aiih. ri .k or tb? auUci theft, nod uai
>f tli pobli?Jt*r ?flint l'uu?u.
RAT&S UK Ai.Vh3H.-lK0.
. aquure I ?i??y ft f?0 ! I Square ' ! tuoi?t lis . ? 0?
4?? l *"ck .. I / ? I I Jo 3 month* ... . I2ut?
in 'J week* 3 vo j I do 6 Ii.ui.ib* lb oil
do 1 iftoulh *6 oO | I do 1 year. bo 00
I . lit Itnei or less make a ?quar?, longer idvrrliiWBt nil Id e AO
eopurlh n, and all payable itt advance AdvvrttRMM'Ubi Offif#*! II
wi or li.ikdp i? week will In charged ftf1* runts pci >144 are ( 1 aacli
. o tu n alter the ur l. AdverU.cn.vnu mi' e? week in the July td
ant-, per juaie f?>r v at h iii/.crUju. special uollri-a chuigvd doabt#
ho foregoing rates.
Triarchy lUriitmAr,
iteccuiher 17th, lH&fe
BEADED PRt)P<)hlAl>< will be recoi\ d at ibis dopurtm ml until IA
/clock, noon, of Monday, the Mill of January next, for ion million * of
tUKk of ihf United SUIiw to be Usued under the act of Uth June,
IH58. 8nkl wuok will ba reimbursable In fifteen years from the 1*1
U January nest, and bear interest al five per centum pgr tnilii,
payable send aunually ou the Urst days of January and July of uuch
No bid will be received below pur, uud mm# for any fraction of .ue
h.wraud dollars. No bid will Iw comb tared miles ^ one per < umui
if the amount Is decanted, subject to the order of the Secretary .1 tb*
Preasury, with u depositary of the United St-tus, w hose curtWcatc of
Ik; ouc iQU.it accompany tlio bid. In all Canes the bids must he UUi
und.tional, uud without relcroiicc to bids of others, and muii ?w?te
he premium offorod therein.
lhe seated proposals should be endorsed 011 tliu outside of the en.elope,
l'jojM.-iaU for Loan of lh'>8," aud be uvldre*->ed to tho Stkre,jry
ot the Treasury, Wiuhtugton, D. 0. The suniB which may ho acrejH.
d from any bidder w ill bo required to be paid to tho deposit'fy
>f the United /inlos nearest to hl? residence, or indicated as most ( 00
. oioot by him. Should bids he accepted from parties net residing
vithiu the United States, they will bo required to dopodt lhe prbm
>ul and premium with the ass Ih tout treasurers at Boston, Now Voik,
"hlladotphia, or New OrltafiH.
CVi bft.udes ef stock lor >uiniH of one ItiOiMuud dollars each, payable
o the succoSifui bidder* or bearer, with (KHipOW of aemi-unnuai lotev.st
from the Ut of July next, also payable ti# brurer, attached
hereto, will be Hsue.t for the amount of tho uc -opted bids upon, the
lUftcatw of defMJriit to the credit of the Treasurer of the United
Hate* with tho depositaries of the United HlaUM. Tho -lock w ill 111 all
.1 . ; bear 111b t e.-l froio the ditto of such deposit. The interest from
hat datu to tho 1st of July next w ill be jKiid to the ?ncces.sl'ul bhidai
u his attorney by the iiupj?sitar> w hwre the dt-po.-dl \,.is luatlv
Successful bidders will be required to depo it the princ.pM and
ireinium of their accepted bids on <?r before tin lath of khrch next.
Hie pr? lhiiinary depoNtt of on* |>er ceut. w ill he immatoih ?tely di. vct>1
to bo returned to the unsuccessful bidders.
HUW'KLU fuitll
Secretary of the Tr^aaury.
Dec 1?l/i v, 124.lun [Int&Star]
D>i j>. or Kva.hokijnt.?In your number of the 15th iasUtni, you
Iiy UA correnpoiident a*kft us our option id the preparation
idverttsed hy llrti. S. A. Allen, lit our pajwr hut, in the imc of
vlih-.h, except the Zylobal-vaiuum," you probes to imve Luid no o\
jerience. Ah I have tried a fmr exporiment with those artlclej, it
n?y ho of gome use to otliorr for me to ohmmuuicnte the V- alt.
M} ago U sixty. One year ogo, my hair wa* vwv gray, am! haa
men gradually falling, until, on the crown, it has become quite thin
\bout tho 1st of March, of tho present year, l commenced Ui.inj; Mrs.
s. A. Allen's " Itcsloror," No. 1, according to the direction^ and have
iithiuod to apply ft slight dre?itlug of the auim- mice Ut three or focr
ivuekn, ou retiring to bod. My hair is now nht*<*t restored to it*
iriginal color, aptl the hue appear* to bo permanent, /am mtinj
A at the preparation w nothing I ikt a dye, hut operate* iiy*>? the Cf.r< ion*.
My hair cca-es to fall, which Is certainly au udvanU^v to one
.s ho wan in danger ?! bccouiing bald.
Tho 14 Zyiobuiaainuiu'' 1 have Ibuiid tho host mul mont ngreewhlo
lair dressing of auytlilng which I have over t*od for that {?aQ>oae.
Pitcher, Chfiianpft Co., A*. >
Rkv. w. U Tir'K.NKi.ou. Pre tty Lancashire, En$ and.- uYour Hair
Restorer \* a iwrfoct marvel. After hnvliqf u,scd it for six vui>kst my
'jctremety gray huir was restored to its natural color uut tlio w i<^
iko Hjip.aranco produced by dyes -hut toils oyvu uatiiral color,
which Miiti-tlCH my mlud that it is not a dyo.
[The aim* ctragman it well knoaix throopkaut {treat Britain, and to
n<my in thr L'uitcd Stale*.]
lhiKHiiutvT J. H. Eato.x, \A IX, (Union University,) Miiifipe.ibonK
Venn.?Madam ; li \ \vov.W fctate thatMime time last spring f found my
imk kalunu o*Y; f concluded to purchase a bottle of your 'Hair K
donative,* &o., and give it a triul. 1 commenced using it, but very ir
regularly, but uut with* landing this irregularity, I found that Uiflu
_?.*icc was dlstlnely visible, TMii faijj.np off to maim cjumbd, and iny
ocks, which before were quite ojuy, WKKK (HYN't.n TO MACK.*1
Kkv. Mho. K. U. Animu s, [many years Missionary to Hayti,] Mar
imburg, N. i". In consequeuco <4' hor long residence in a foremen
ioivcil island,her luiir and K?ulp was in a very uuhealthy condition
\ftor trying vuiiaui articles without success, and eventually u-ing/
ilr.V. S ,V Allen's, she writes to the ''American Haptbt *?l have de
ived much benefit from the use of Mrs.?, A. Altai's World's Hair
bstoror and Zylobalsutnuin ; 1 have tried various other remedies for
ny hair, but never anything thai so itttftftrially and p*nmat*ently bon fited
tnc as have those u\ Hys. A- Allen.4'
XI..,-. *J. ?T, ,,-, *>?wr. rv. ?Quarterly,
A- *' ?Vlt>?-'1 vory cheerfully add my testimony to that of
\ufueyous other friends. 1 have fwund th<i Zylobakatnuiu sv*|s> a?r, to
tny thing I have ever used for the hair, and would fully wscimeud it
o all."
Kkv. It. V. 1>k(?k\. Editor "Guide to FbiUnoftV' Boston > Mas:,.?
'Mrs. 8. A. Allen's World's Hair Ke.-d'.jvi, found among our other
vlverti-ements, we Insert from aelual experiment. That if promote ?
he growth of the hair where baldness had commenced, we have lhu>
'vWeiw of our own eyes. We can testify to its efftata."
Hkv K. If. ItoixooK, Ed. 'PreHhyterian Witness," CtH.f O. ?* It is
>nr settled policy to advertise nothing till we know it is what it pur
wirts to he. Having opportunity. and becoming satisfied c4T the merit*
)f Mrs. 8. A. AllenV World's Hair Restorer ami Zy lobnKumum, would
jo pleased," &c.
Kkv. E. U. Fairchii.p, P TV, Cor. 8*c. Atw, hud For'n <Vu I'uion,
V. V. City.?" Mrs. S. A. Allen's World1* Hair Rush>rer and Zvlobal
inmum have been used in my Ihipiiy with beneficial effects, and I taku
pleasure in commending ti\ctq to am h as have occasion to use such
A- MfaBST1K,G Ed. Ch'n Era, Boston, Mam.?" H iving used
Muu\ornus apecibos to little puri>ose,I discarded all, holiovmg them to
L?e of no value So I regarded your World's Hair Ho.vtwror and Zylo
lYilninum, yet personal friends prevailed on too to use it I liavo
um?' wo lor -en < ' u inouma |misi w mii goou uuoui euu enure sajwuctlon
Rkv. Daniki T. Wood, Middletauw. Orange co., N. 1".? 4iM>" hair
fias greatly thickened Uplift iry head, au-l put on a vory lively,
imalthy appearnn.co- The same is true of my daughter- A<-r hair ha i
xmiix*, ami came out constantly, until %vc tAouyht the he<ul wouldl
V almost hart; her hair his hathlsom. ly th*ckm*d up, and has a hmlthy
Rkv. K. B. Morlkv, Mr?Ii??'Myh>ie>i, Aftrw?" The offbet of Mrs. $. A
Alton's preparation* has been to change the <Crb?flt of Glory' belonging
to old men to the original hue of youth."
lUtv. Wm. Touts is, iStanwich, CY,--a* Mr-. H. A. Allen'4 World'n Hair
Re ton r .iml 'Zylutal-uiuuui h.vi mot my mo-t sanguine expcctationa'.1*
Khv. .1 A II. Cohnkii., Cor. Soc. B'd Kd'h R. l? Ch , A'. V ?" Mrs
v A. Allen's World's Hair Restorer and Zylohalsauuim, I am happy to
<ay, pri'vcntod the falling off of tho hair, nod restored It fioui being
jray to its original color."
Rkv. I. Wkst, No. ft Wa*hinyl*rr\ Place, Brooklyn, X. J'.? ' I thank
Inlly acknowledge tho use of Mr . S. A. Allen's preparations in curing
my baldness and graynr<u
We might add name after tiatrte of equal standing as the foregoing from
ill parts of the V. S., and even pome from Europe, such a- Rkv. W. Ik
rHOKNKl/OR, I'rescot. Kugland; Rkv. Jamk* McFaHianK, F.-opns, N. V.
Rkv. 11. Bai'tit. Newmarket. III.; Rkv. M. Kmnck, t.ewistown, Pa.
Rkv. .1 K. (Jhiwwou>, Washington, N. H.; Rkv. 4. 1*. Ti'stw, Charles
ton, S. C.. Rkv. Wm. Cutter, Ed. Mother V* Mug., S. Y.; Rkv. Jams*
Hott, Orange, N. J.: Rkv. Jamkn I* Ram*, ftroensbcuro, Vt., Rkv F.
Evans. IKoIliI, 0.; \\k\- Wd R |><?Vi;.n?, Howard, X. . Rk' . Ai*u> M.
Si'R.vrr, Agt I'etm. Rip Tub. Roc . Lnwiahurg, I talon County, I'a.
R<?y. Dax'lT. Wom>, Middletown, N". V Rkv. Jo*. McKkx. X. Y. City;
Rkv. B. C. Hmlth, PrMtsburg, X, Y. Rkv. Aw** Ui avouho Mertdcn,
N. It Rkv. lv Mount*, Cr -? River, N. Y.,4* , Arc. Every reader
must know one or more of the above.
These are the only preparations exported in any quantity to Foropo
We also would call attention to ilia fact that we have tilwa> a avoht?d
nil charlstnuUm. Our preparation* are the hb.he.i priced, hUl
the rheap' d. h s au '-they la-t loni' T, nt\?l do more go.Nl, the ex
pen-e, in th> -'nil, le then others We ivpire to have the h?*vn. not
llic lowest priced. One bottle of Re-torer will last nearly a year
)1 SO per bottle. Hal-am, 37 l4 cents per bottle.
Addp'sa all letters for Inform ?tkm, A< . to vlJIr.-<. S. A Allen's
World1* H?ii Restorer Depot, No UrnoineStreet,New York. The
Gen vine: has "Mrs S. A. AIL n" dgued in Bed Ink to outside wrap
P'-rs, and In Mark /.w' to direeltotH pitted on botlleK. Restorer hoc
tle- uro of dark, purple gla , with the words, 'A/rt.S. A% Allan's
\YorfrVs Jfatf Hc.dorer, S55 /fnxtme Street, New I"tnic," blown on lb m
Tlie balsam bottl.- are of green gin , with i'Nrs.S-A Men's H'orlrf a
Hair Balsam, Sao Broome Street, New York,'' blown on tbt'iu. Circulars
around lnHtle copyrighted None atlu r in m.io . Signing tie
namo by other in forgery, and will bo prosecuted by \u a a crimirutl
Some dealers t(y tn tell other pre) aft/ions imsicfui yf iheee on mhu h
they mak e, more profit ; insist on these.
Sold by nearly every drug and ffcaoy go?la deakr.
Oct 20 '2awDkWlUw
4 MAiIXIKK EN1 WORK.- Milen HtautRnh, (il
JL lustrntcd.) With expr? |MTini??>ioii a???l ipprobHtlon ??1 tho
I'lthor A volume of photographs, from m iyln.il dr aviio - bv loho
A I hning. i , illn-trative of the Courtship of Mil- Standi ?b, by Henry
W. Longfellow. There will 1x5 eight or ten large photographs,4-f tho
mo-t exqui?en character, executed by Mr. Ready, tlu? eminent ph<?
tographer, wfc?*o name aJoue will ottont tho superiori'v ?d" tlie pt<
tores. TliCM' photographs \*111 be d upon hoiiVJf filx'tf paper,
with Interceding eraamcolored leaves, coutatntug the desoiRAlvo
text. Tim whole to he bound in large quarto nuuodYo Turkey mo
rocco oovera, with hovollcd an?l gilt odgws, making altogether a vol
unr entirely filled with original photographs?a magn-lh -?<l enter
prise never before attempted In thin country, l'rlco pi.
For . le at TAYl/lR A; MAl'RY ft
.Ian ft Rookatoro, 431 Conn, avenue
.g- ,,1P Clearing House, and t' ?* Panic of lSH7,wfth n Kiiune w?f Chart,
by J Gibbon*, with ihirty illostralion.? by Horvick 1 vol Price
12-. For sale it KRAVKl JN FHII.T^ im,4 . ore,

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