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'The y-ria Ka?(*, n Mail, frost ttadunorc, ttpiuidelphia, New York. X
'v?tou fee ?um! flntl* An .arrive* at 6i4i u m ttd ?K,p n? , j
Ully ?a<i the ui*U u> bo tent from ibi* uAer u> and by these ,
piacea, will b? cfc*?d. a* tr i?.u?lore, at 2 and 9 o'clock, p. in., daily I.
The Southern M*ii wlU be closed hereafter ?Uii> m b ^ ami ? I j
o'clock, p. m.. and wlU be roceivud Aa hereudoro, daily, by 5>tf ..
xJuck, a. n , and 9, p. n>
The Second Rostera ll?U ctasr* at 9, p m aud tho <ir?m UW'irn 4Mall
clnees at 2, p. m. daily The mail trains ninth of t'hilsdvipbla 5.
arc to airfv* there In liut* u? ounuet-t with ib? iram for Haiti in "re, | ^
?tucb brings tho Great Mail, to arrive b?re by ?M? a ru. No hem '
of. Mali is rewired ax ibis office >a Sunday uigbt, mid uo fcastern "
Mail m aecu op Sunday morulag
The Mai! for Norfolk end adjacent places in Virginia t? - IimwI d :
Ltn., exoeptSuoday , and ut received ?i* Unwi a woe* will, a mail
m B&lUffiort, Md , by 12 in
lbs Mall from Qeorgotou u, fl. C., w received twine dally by 8 a. *
m.. and %, p. m., and It Is closed for thai plsce at the nautc hours.
huj MM: from Rookvltle, JSC., Md., Is recrivod daily by ft, p m ,
and H ta okwad fur lhc*u pia? ?? al 9, p. m
Anaapolls Mali otoees al 1 a ltd 9. p. ro , daily.
The Mail from Urookvllle, at? Md., ia received daily, eicvpt Smi
ilay. by 5, p. m., aud closes for those places by 9, p m , daily
l b* Ctnesville, Md., Mail elo*** Monday. Wednesday, aod Friday, "
at 9, p. ui aud received Tuesday, Thursday, and NHurday at t, p. to. 4.
Upper Marlboro', he., Md , received by 4, p. mdaily, aod is . 5
. losod at 9, p. m ! ~
Port Tobacco,* Ac., Md., fittoetved Tuesdayv Thursday, aud Halur *
day by 6, p. m , rk-sed Suuda.- , Tuaaday, aud Tburaday at 9, p. m. : 7.
WarreoUio, MidUieburg, &c., Va,, received daily by 9, p. m ; 1 8.
1.1'wad at 9, p. 10. o
lasaburg, Aw., Va., received by and closed at 9, p. iu Monday, '
iu?*dsy,aud Friday. *" 1
rbe potsiage 011 nrrt hpaiters, and that uu all printed timtier ad 11.
linked to any for mgr. country, ih required to be paid iu advance.
The office is openTrom h o'oloiic, a n.,to b>g o'clock, p. iu , daily,
except Muiv.f iy and on thai day it is op> u fr*?n 8 to 10, a. m . aud 1
from 8)4 to p. m
* Vofi Tobacco dally ; oilier places o?x the route as above. 3.
?>? I 1:
Irttrrt for Mrrii b?lT ounce, UBitor 3.UVU milM, |>r?|uud. S mcu, '
w-r :i,000 milen. preyelU, 10 oeeu. All Uttrr. niuM In- |iru(W?l try 10.
ntainpc, or outKwr'l tB ittmp ruoelopco. or they will nut ho for ' )|
w? 'twl.
IrMuitmi M-uxpafx-n, Periodiralt, Cirtular$, dr., to ?ny part oi J*"
Um Uultwl SUtei, not \>?l(htnK orer 3 ouocoo, 1 t-rui, >ml 1 oent Air * 1
oach oililtUoMl ouitco, propoymrut rouuirist. I t.
H kJu, prrpolu, not ??u(hiug overt poumlo, 1 ceul t* r ounce for 15
any dlAtnare m U10 Cmfoil St*l<oi uaolor 3.?u0 and 3 c> ots ?u , .
ouneo over 3,000 milss, prepayment (oqutreil. All (rat u?o.> over the
UDoo bviirv ooonteil aa an aitditainal WWW 17.
Vreopojxrt and l'erinditali not oxnete'ini; 1 It ounce In weight, 1 rt.
v hnn ittkf .iiovrterlvlnadvalioo aud circulated in the Stale ? hero m.'. .
Iiahod ltatly, per quarter, *2%; aftl |*r w**?*k, 19}{, trt-weHcIv, *
* ; wiai'WMkiy, weakiy, 83ijB?mimoutlily, DkHilliJ} ,
Nc* paper* and periodicals *hcu weighing IX ounce, double the 21.
above rates. 22.
Hmall Newspapers, pubtiehod monthly, or oftener, and pamidileta ....
not i utaluiag more than 1* octavo page*,ln P*1 Wage* or 6 ounces or
over, X oeat per oanoe. . **
Weekly Newspapers, within the county where published, Jree. I 25.
"luerterly payment*, In advance, m?y be made either where pub- 2t;
Ushed or received.
rates ok letter postage to foreign oountriis, ' 2g'
To England,Ireland, end Scotland, (California, Oregon, and Washing 29.
toil excepted,) *4 cents X ??- rtoe Oshtontln, Oregse, or Weekiugton,
29 cents X ,
To France nod Algeria, bj French marls, lb cent* Xs*-! 30 oents 31.
X *'* St.
To German Stales, by Prussian closed mall, 110 cents X ox. > 33
l>o by Freuch mail, 21 cents X or , 42 cents X ?*Do
by Bremen tnatl, (except Bremen, Frankfort, Luxe
tnhurg, Wurtemburg, Holland, and the Netherlands,)
lb cent* X ?* "
Do by Hamburg mail, except Hamburg, Frankfort, 2.
Luxemburg, Wrrtemburg, Holland, and the 3
Netherlands,) lb cents X 01
To Bremen, by Bremen mall, 10 cents X on.
To Hamburg, by Hamburg mail, 10 cruris X "* 3.
To Frankfort and Wurt. mburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 22
cents X ox.
To Luxemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mail. 26 cents X ?*- I
To Holland and the Netherlands, by French mail. 21 cents X ?x., 42 .,
cents X*M ,
To Austria and Its States, by Prussian closed mail, 30 cents X os. { 3.
lk> do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, lb cent-, x ox 4.
lx> do by French mail, 27 rents 01 H cents r.
X 01. j ~
To Russia, by Prussian closed mall, 37 cent- X or.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. 29 cents >, 01. 7.
To Prussia, by Prussian closed mail, 30 cents X "* 8.
1)0 by Bremen or Hamburg tnail. lb cents X ox ,.
Do by French mail, 21 cents X ox., 42 cents X ?*- "?
To Sardinian State*, by Prusslaa cl.-ecd mail, 33 oents X
Do by French mail, 21 cents X ox., 42 cents X ox 11.
Do by Bremen or II -mburg mail. 30 centa x 10
To Lom'iardy, by Prussian closed mail, 33 cents x at.?prepaid.
Do by French mail, 27 oents X M cents X 01- '
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 15 oents X ?* '
To Pxrma and Uodens, by Promina cursed njail, 33 cents X ox. 15.
Do do by French mail, 27 cents X us., 54cente 1r
X ox. 1"*
Do do by Bremen or Hamb rg mail, 25 cents X ??
fv rapai una iuscmoy, oy itubjiiw cioseu man, ao wim ft ox. 10.
Do Uo by French triad,27 cents <? ag., 64 ceuta jq
S O*. OA 1
Do do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 28 cent*
x 01. 21.
lb the Two Biclliea, by Prussian closed mail, 30 cents % ox --prepaid. 22.
Do by French mall, 30 cents >4 ox., 00 cenU vl 93
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 22 cents X ox.?
To Bpola, by French mail, 21 cent* % ox., 42 cents % ox ?prepaid. 25.
Do by British mad, cu* Soatiiainpioo, 73 cents >? ox.?prepaid.
To Portugal, by French mail, 21 Cents 02 ,42 oenta % 02.?prepaid.
Do by British mull, via Southampton, 63 cents % ox?pre- -yym
To Denmark, by Pr ssiaa closed mail, 35cents % 02.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 25 cents % ox.
Do by French mail, 27 cents >4 ox., 64 ccnu # ox. 1.
To Sweden, by Prussian closed mail, 42 cents % 02 2.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, S3 cents ^ >
Do by French mai, 33 cents k ox., 60 cent? >, ox.
To Norway, by Prusstau closed mail, 46 cent* % ox. 4.
I)o by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 38 cents >4 ox. 5.
Do by French mall, 33 cents ,V? ox., 66 cent* ox.
To W?*?t India Islands, (not BrftSsh,) except Cuba, Turk'a Island, Oarthagona,
Honduras, San Joan, (Nicaragua.) Santa Martha, Yen?zn*
ela, and fit. Thomas, 34 cents K 02. when distance from mailing
office ta under 2,500 railcb, and 44 cents la ox. when distance ex j Oco
coeds 2,500 miles?prepaid.
To Canada, New Brunswick, Capo Breton, Prince Edward's Island,
Nova flootia, and New Found land, 10 cents K ox. whoa distance is ^
not over 3,000 miles from line of crossing, and 15 cents >4 ox. 11 .
distance ttomto 3,000 miles
To A*pin wall and Panama, New Granada, and Mexico, 10 cents % ox.
when distance dot* not exceed 2,500 miles, and 20 cents if distance
exceed* 2,700 miles?prepaid. 1.
To Bogota and Buenaventura. New Granada, 18 cents 01.?prepaid. 2.
To Ecuador. Bolivia, and Chill, 34 cents )\ ori.?prepaiii
To Peru, 22 cents ox.?prepaid. ; *'
To West Indies, British, (except Turks' Island,) 10 cents ox. if (lis* 4.
tanco dtMM not exceed 2,600 inile , and 20 cents % 02 if distance 5.
exceeds 2,500 m?k>*?prepaid. ,j
To Sandwich Islands, New Booth Wales, and China, by mail to San j
Francisco, thence by private ship, 10 cents % ox.?prepaid.
Note.?In ??J1 cases where the word prepaid is not added, the pro- 1 9
payment of th 3 postage l? optional with the sender.
1857. 13,
Hale of acName.
Stale. Hate of birth. ooaaion 1?Oacar
J Swodon and Norway July 4, 1790 Mar. 8,1844 17.
Alexander II... Russia April 29,1818 Mar. 2,1855 iu
Frederic VII. Denmark Oct. 8,1808 Jau. 20. 1848 . '
Victoria 1 Croat Britain Jfay 24,1819. .Pne 20, 1887
William m Holland or KethorlaodaFeb. 1#, 1817 Mar. 17,1849 20.
Leopold 1 Belgium ...Dec. 16,1790 Jutarfl.lUl 21.
Fred. Wm. TV.. Prussia Oct. 15, 179.V June 7, 1*40
John Saxony Dec. 12, 1601. . Aug. 9,1854
George V Hanover May 27, 1819. .Nov. 18, If51 .
Fred Francis. Mecklenburg Srbwer...Feb. 21,1838 Mar. 7,1842 4"
George ........ Mecklenburg-Strellu . .Aug. 12, 1779 .Nov 6,1816 2.
Peter Oldenburg Julv 8,1827..Feb. 27,1858 3
William Brunswick April 2.5 1806. Apr.25, 1831 ^
Adolphus Nassau July 24, 1817 Aug.20,1839 "
CUs. Alexander. Saxe-Weim.-Eiaeuacb. Juno 24, T818 July 8,1853
Krnefitll .SaxeCoburgGoiha ...June 21,1818. .Jan. 29. 1844 6
Bernard .flaxe-Melnlngen Dec. 17, 1800. Doc.24,1803 7
Knvr.st Saxo Altcuburg Bepi. 16, 1826. .Aug. 3, J853 ^
Leopold AnhaU* Dessau.. Oct. 1,1794. Aug. 9, 817
Alexander Auhalt-Beruburg Mar. 2,1806. .Mar.24,1834 9*
Guntlnr Hchwarzburg-Rudolst. Nov. 6, 1793.. Api 28,1807 10.
Gunther Bchwarxburn SoMkrl.fllpl. 24, 1801. Aug. 19,1836 , 1 1
Henry XX. Kousa, Elder IJdo June 29, 1794..Oct. 31, 1836
Henry LXVII. ... Hours, Younger Line Oct. 20, 1789 J'ne 19, 1854
Leopold Lippe Sept. 1,1821 Jan. 1,1861 , ,
George Llppe-Schnumburg . .. Dec. 20, 1784 Feb. 13, 1787 * "
(ieorge Victor WaWock Ian. 14,1631 May 15, 1845 2. .
Ferdinand H- sac Hothburg April 96, 1783 Sept 8,1848 3 (
Frederic* ... Baden Scjd. 9,1820 Apr 24,1852 .
Frederic Wm . Hesee-Gui.el Aug 20 1802 Nov 20,1847 '
Loiila 111. Hesaa liarmetadt June 9, 1800 J'ue 16. 1848 '
Aloya IJchteustein May 26,1798 Apr 20, 1836 6. '
William T Wurtcniburg St-pt. 27,1781 Oct. 30, 1816 7
Maximlliinn. Bavaria Nov. 28, I Nil Mar.21,1848 j
Fran. Joeaph I Austria. . Aug. 18,1830 Dec 2,1848 '
Napoleon m.... Franco Apiil 20, Ksos Hoc. 2,1852 9. 1
IsabellaII 8patn Dot. 10. 1830. Hep. 29.1833
Pedro Vf Portugal. . Sept. 18, 18?; Nov.15, 1853
Vict. Fmaii II Sardinia Mar. 14, 1820 Mar 23.1849 1. 1
leopold II Tuscany Dot 3, 1797 J'ne 11, 1824 .?
Robert Farina.. July 9 1848 Mar. 27,1854
Francis V. . KodeaalUld M" S* Jttnc 1,1819 Jan 21, 1846 J' '
Plus IX. States of the Church May 13,1792 J'ne 18, 1846 4. ?
rrrltmad n Two Bli'lllos Jan. 12,1810 Nov. 8,1830 5 |
mho I tireeco ..June 1,1815 May 7,1832 (.
A nam JMHtyM. . . .Hnw . Apni . ioa.j .piiij inov ?
Chae Mooorb Monaco Dec. 8, 181* J'ne SO, 1866 ' '
"The Urand Duke of Baden, Lnula, born Auguit 18, 1824. U under
gnardlanahlp by rettott ig Inaanlty ,
f Hu Otihrr. Frrdinend, huehmid of the l?l? Queen, wu regent no '
01 Ifeplrmhiir 10, isy. 2. ]
? S. ]
| Hrlract from an actqftkr Corporation, approved Marrh 20, 1S42.) 2. <
Her 12 And bo it enacted, Th?t from end after the passage of tble ^
act, till- folio* lug ratee of fare at charges for the conveyance of per
rone flroro onepbtce to another in the city of Weehlngtou, In hackney
carriage*, rabs, or other t elitrles. carrying paaeengera for pay or ' ^
hire, between daybreak and eight o'clock p m., ahatl not ba exceed- 2.
ad? that la lt>?y, for earli any every paattengar, for a dletanee not
oyo| our and a-half mile, twenty-live rente : for any rthjtauco over *
aiul a half mile, and not eveete ing three mitre, tlflj- rente IV,. I t
i lof, In eaee any hackney carriage, cab, ar other vehicle, ahall he
drlniited for* longer periodChin five minute<. the driver thereof r,^?,
eh ill bo allowed for the whole back, cub, or other v hlele, the emu It
of twelve and a half rente for every tinren tnlnotoa ?o detelned ; and nal.e
foi all e .in .-i ant ei or other d< letlUott# Inter than t loek p. aa., anpe
the mi iv oi driver of hackney carriage, c?lia,nr other vebioloa, may
detw i I ai.d receive at the rale of tidy per centum on the fhragelng
aharr ?, la addition thereto yr
XVth Congress XXXVlth Vcmgnm.
Johu M. Wood, It Daniel E. Huim*, it.
Chas. J. Oilman, it. John J. Ferry, R
Nrlieniiiili Abbott, it. *?ir> B. French, R
KlIMIin ii Morse, R Freeman li Morse, it
Israel Wuslihunr. jr , K Israel Washburn, ft., It
Stephen 0. Foster, R. Stephen C. Foster, It.
ieat contested by A. W Johnson, Democrat
E. P. Walton, R. E. P. Walton, R.
Justin 8. Morrill, R. Justin 8. Morrill, H
Homer E. Rovce, R Homer E. Royue, R.
Robert B Hall, It. Thomas D. Eliot, R.
Janus Buflmton, R. James Buffinton, R.
Woi 8. Damrell, R. ('has. Francis Adams, R.
Linus B. ( oiuius, K. Alexaudsr H. Lice, R.
Anaou Burliirgamc, R. Anson Burliugaure, R.
Timothy Davis, R. John B. Alley, K.
Daniel W. Gooch, R. Daniel W Oooch, R
Chauirccy L. Kuupj), R. Charles R. Train, U.
Eli ilrayer, K. Eli Thayer, R.
Calvin C. Chaffee, R. (Charles Delano, R.
Henry L. Dawes, R. Henry L. Dawes, R.
John A bearing, D. Luther C. Carter, R.
George Taylor. D. James Humphreys, R.
8amuel E. Sickles, D. Daniel E. Sickles, D.
Johu Kelly, D. Tiros. J. llarr, D.
Win. B. Maolay, D. Wm. B. Maclay, D.
Johu Cochrane, D. John Cuehrane, i).
Elijah Ward, D. George Ilriggs, R.
Horace K. Clark, A.L.D. Horace P. Clark, A. L. D.
J. B. Husk in, A L. I) J B. ilaakiu, A. L. p.
Ambrose B. Murray, R. Cbss. H. Van Wyck, R.
Wiu. F. Russell, U. Williams. Sonyou, h.
John Hvouipsou, R. Chas. L. Be&le, R.
Ahnun H. Olln, R. Abratn B. Olln, R.
F.rastus Corning, D. John U. Reynolds, A L. D
Edward Dodd, R. lames B. MeKcan, R.
George W. Palmer, R. George W. Palmer, R.
Francis K Spinner, R. Francis K. Spinner, R.
Clark B. Cochrane, R. Clark B. Cochrane, 11.
Oliver A. Morse, R. .lames H. Graham, R.
0. B. Muttcnou, R. Kttticoe Conkliug, R.
Henry Penuett, 1; I; II Dnell, It.
Henry C. Goodwin, R. M. Lindley Lee, R.
Chas. B. Hoard, R. C'lias. B. Hoard, R.
Amos P. Granger, R. Chits. B. Sedgwick, R.
Edwin B. Morgan, K. Martin Buttertield, B.
Emory B. Pottle, R. Emory B. Pottle, R.
John M. Parker, It. Alfred Wells, R.
William 11. Kolsey, R. William Irvine, R.
Samuel G. Andrews, It. Alfred Ely, R.
J. W. Shertuau, R. Augustus Frank, II.
Silas M. Burroughs, B. Silas M. Burroughs, R.
Israel T. Hatch, D. E. G. Spauidtng, R.
Reuben E. Feu ton, R. Reuben E. Kenton, R.
In jab D. C'lawson, R. John T. Nixon, R.
George R. Bobbins, R. J. L. N. Stratton, R.
G. B. Adrain, A. L. D. G. B. Adraiu, A. L. D.
John Huyler, D. Jetur R. Biggs, A. L- D.
J. B. Worteudyke, D. Win. Pennington, H.
Thomas B. Florence, D. Thomas B. Florence, D.
E. Joy Morris, R. E. Joy Morris, B.
James Landy, D. John P. Verree, R.
Henry M. Phillips, D. Wm. MUIward, R.
Owen 'i/.-'is, i>. Johu Wood, R.
John Hickmau, R. John Hickman, R.
H. Chapman, A. L. D. H. C. Longnecker, R.
J. Ulaucy Jones, D. John Schwartz, A. L. D.
Anthony E. Roberts, R. Thaddeus Stevens, R.
John C. Kunkel, R. John W. Kellinger, It.
Win. L. Dewart, D. James H. Campbell. K.
Paul Leidv. D. George W. Scran ton, R.
Wm. H. Dim wick, D. Wm'll. Diniinlck, D.
Galusha A. Grow, R. Galusha A. Grow, R.
Allison White, D. James T. Halo, R.
John A. Ahl, D. Ben. F. Junkin, R.
Wilson Reillr, D. Edward McPherson, R.
John R. Edie, R. Samuel B. Blair, R.
John Covode, R. John Covode, R.
IV. Montgomery,A. L. D. W. Montgomery, A. L. D.
David Ritchie, R. James K. Morehend, R.
Sant'l A. l'urvlanoe, R. Robert McKnight, 11.
Wm. Stewart, R. Wm. Stewart, R.
James L. Gillis, D. Chapin Hall, R.
John Dick, R. Elijah Babbitt, R.
. G. Whiteley, D Wm. 0. Whitcley, D.
John M' Queen, D. John M'Queen, D.
Wm. F. Miles, D. Wm. P. Miles, D.
L. M. Koitt, D. L. M. Keitt, I).
M. L. Bonham, D. M. L. Bon ham, D.
James L. Orr, D. John D. Ash more, D.
Wm. W. Boyce, D. Wm. W. Boyce, D.
. 8. Hawkins, D. Geo. 8. Hawkins, D.
klfred B. Greenwood, D. T. C. Ilindmnn, D.
fid ward A. Warren, D. Albert Rust, D.
G. H. Pendleton, D. G. H. Pendleton, D.
W. S. Groesbeck. D. J. A. Gurley. R.
C. L. Vallandigham, D. C. L. Vull&ndighain, D.
M. H. Nichols, R. Win. Allen, D.
Richard Matt, It. Jntnes M. Ashley, It.
J, H. Cockerill, D. Will. Howard, L>.
Aaron Harlan, It. Thomas Convin, It.
llenj. Staulon, It. Upnj. Stanton, It.
Iaw. W. Hall, 1). John Carey. R.
Joseph Miller, D. ('arey J^Skhnhall, R.
Val. 11. Horton, 11. Chut lcslH|Hnrti?. I).
Samuel S. Cox, D. Samuel R^vox, D.
John Shenuan, It. John Shermun, it.
Philemon Bliss, It. Cyrus Spink, It.
Joseph Burns, D. Win. Helmick, R.
C. B. Tompkins, It. Cydnor B. Tompkins, R.
Win. Lawrence, D. John Theaker, It.
Benj. P. Leitcr, R. Sldnoy Kgerton, It.
Ed. Wade, R. Ed. Wade, R.
J. R. Giddings, R. John Huteliins, R.
John A. Bingham, R. Johu A. Bingham, R.
Wm E. Nihliwk, D. Win. E. Niblack, I>.
Win. II. English, D. Wm. II. English, D.
James Hughes, 1). Wm. M. Dunn, It.
James B. Foley, D. Wm. S. Holman, D.
DnrU KOgm, R. David Kllgwre, R.
J. M. Gregg, I). Allvert G. Porter, It.
John G. Davis, A. L. D. John O. Davis. A. L. D.
.la,lies Wilson, R. James Wilson, R.
Schuyler Colfax, It. Schuyler Colfax, R.
Charles Case, It.- Charles Cose, R.
John U. Pettltt, R. John U. Ihittltt, It.
SlihuB. Wwhbume, H. Klihu B. Wnshbiirno, R.
lohn F. Fams worth, R. John K. Karnsworth, R.
Dwen Lovejoy, R. Owen Lovejoy, R.
William Keliogg, R. William Kellogg, It
saao. N. Morris, A. L. D. Isaac N. Morris, A. L. D.
I'hos. Ij. Harris, A. L. D. Them. L. Harris, A. L. D.
Aaron Khuw, A. L. I). Das 0. Robinson, A. L. D.
Itobert Smith, A. L. D. L'hilipB. Fouke, A. L. D.
Sam. 8. Marshall, A.I,.D. John A. Ix>gan, A. L. D.
Francis F. Blair, jr., R. James R. Barrett, I>.
r. Ij. Anderson, Ain. T. L. Anderson, I),
lolin B. Clarke, D. John B. Clarke, U.
lames Craig, D. James Craig, D.
1 H. Woodsou, Am. 8. II. Woodson, D.
uiiu ci. i iicijw, i/, uuuu . i mj.
Nun. ('uruthere, D. John VV. Nocll, I).
Win A. Howard, R. George B. Cooper, D.
Henry Wat'Iron, K. Henry Walrlmn, U.
[Hivirl 8. Wnlbridgc, R. Francis W. Kellogg, R.
De Witt C. I<e?cli. K. Do Witt C Leach. R
Wisconsin .
John K l'otter, R. John F. l'otter, R.
2. C. Washburno, R. C. C. WaahburM, H
'harles Rlllingliuntt, R. Charles IvtrraKe, D.
vim ur I R. Cortis, R. Samuel R. Curt in, R.
timothy Davie, R W Wanderer, R.
RAN KLIN PHILP respectfully inviten atteti
lion in hi* new mil tnasnlArent Mock of tioolr*, tha result. i
nt Importation. ami parWWttl aaleetloo* In the North
leetm It will be fnimil to Include III* beat edlllnu* of .unil.r'l an
r work*. In plain and nrnaiiimtal hlnding*, uianjr of whlrh ai
rill) Illustrated, u<l mpMUIly aulleil for pre?entation ai the ai
I Inn;; fr?t,T* art-wo FRANKLIN I'HILIU
IJnnltamre, 322 Penn avenue,
n I' between Oth anil llXh nreeta,
THE huldera of the following oorti&catea of del
u<auud by too State of Virginia, win lake ao?k? thai toe Oe
ii Howera uf toe Staking Kund, oatttng In toe enrtiSenUia of Wui
Oil- order lu which tooy are redeemable, will proceed, i<o too 10U
February, lsft?, to redeem (ha MM certlfiouUa al toe uaaeury U
I'uuimoewuiUli The ticklers of Mht oertUtoatee are rortutred no
aid lUth of February IMP, to surrender too same at the utorv uf
aicmiJ Auditor, whether asrroadored or not, too tuurcat will ca
j on thai day.
I I I tutor an Oct to provide for too oonaUucUon <d a turnpike ri
i from Wiu.heeter In si'Hi, potal on toe Ohio river, peered lllth Mar
1831, (ft per oeat.)
Mr | | Xamtt
lUt, Juno 1, 10, 4, Jamie Govaa, Kdward Goeau, and
Arvhlbal.t Oman, oneeuiore of J as
Goran, tleceaeod ' PI.
Do do 1, 11, ft, Kama L
Do Oct id, M, 6, William Wtttiaioe, of Walling air eat
lemdun b,
j Ho do 13, 11, ft, la. do - ft,1
I Do do a, ?, l*> do ?;
Ik. Jo fl, 13, ft, Do do 1,1
! lftSS, July 1ft, M, ft, Do do ft;
Do do 1ft, 1ft, I, Do do ft;
no <to it, ft, i?> do..... <;
i Do do 1ft, IT, ft, Do du .... 1;
I lftM, Juno lft, IV, ft, The Muat Noble George Granville,
Duke of Sutherland. 3,i
I Do do lft, SO, ft, Do do 1;
I 1H3II, Sep IS, 101, 6, N M. llothvchlhl k Suae, of Inodoa %{
imi do 18, ldl, ft, Do do ...., 1;
j Do ao 18, 101, ft, Do do S,i
; Ik, do 18, |04, ft, Do do 1,
Ik. .1.1 OU tfk* A ILe Hii I
JKi do 28, 106,6,1)0 do, *,i
| Do do 28, 107, 6, Do do 2,1
Do do 20, 106,6, Do do 2,i
IK) do 26, 100, 8, Do do .'.. '2,1
Do do 26, 110, 6, Do do 2,i
Do do 28, 111, 6, Do do 2,i
Do do 28, 112, 6, Do do 2,<
Do do 28, 113, 6, Do do 2/
I*> do 28, ll?, 6, Do do 2,
Do do 28, 116, 6, Do do 2,
Do do 28, 11?, 6, Do do 2,
1886, Sop. 28, 117, 6, S. M Rothschild A Bona, of London 2,
Do do 118, 6, Do do, 7. 2,
Do do 118, 6, Do do. , 2;
Do do 120, 6, Do do 2,
Do do 121, 6, Do do 1,
Do do 122, 6, 1)0 do 1,
' Do do 123, ?, Do do 1,
I*) do 124. 6, 1)0 do : 1,
Do .to 126,8,110 do..... 1,
Do do 126, 6, Do do... 1,
Do do 1,7, 6, 16) do. y.\ 1,
IK) do 128, 6, !>> do 1,
Do do 12V, 6, IK) do... 1;
Do do 130, 6, Do do. 1,
Do do 131, 6, Do do.
Do do 132, 6, Do do 1,
Do do 133, 6, Do do 1,
Do do 134, 6, IK> do 1.
Do do 186, 6, IK) do.., v 1,
Do do 136, 6, Do do 1,
Do do 137, 8, Do do 1,
Do do 138, 6, Do do 1,
Do do 138, 6, IK> do. 1,
Do do 140, 6, Do do. 1,
DO do 141, 6, Do do 2,
IK) do 142, 6, ho do........ . 2,
Do do 148, 6, IK) do 2
Do do 144, 6, Do do . . 2
IK) do 146,6,1)0 do. 2,
1340, Miir. 10, 168, 8, Norm*n Stewart, of Richmond, Va 6
1861, July 22. 160, b, Benjamin Mom*, of Loudon 6
1866, M*r. 10, 161, 6, Carrel 4". Watson,, 1
Do do 162, 6, Abraham I> Pollock 2
2 Under an act directing an examination of tbo Wlucbostor
Parkersburg road, with a vlrvr to widen and partially McAdamlze
same, | waned 29th March, 1837
1864, Jane 3,13, Win. T. Albort, trustee for tho children of Clia
Fisher, deceased 810
3. Under an act further to provide for the construction of the No
western Turnpike road, passed 30th March, 1837, (8 per ccut:)
1837, May 20, 3, 6, John V. Willcux, of Petersburg, Vs 85
Do do 20, 4, 6, Do do. 6
Do do 23, 6, 6, Dr. Austin Brockcnbrougb, of Tap
pahannuck f7..
Do do 0, 6, IK) do
IK) do 7, 0, lb do.
IK) do 8, 0, Do do............'....'
IK) do 0, 6, Do do
1)0 do 10, 6, Do do
IK) do 11, 6. Do do.
Do do 12, 6, Do do
IK) do 13, 6, 1K> do.
Do do 14, 6, IK) do...;
Do do 31, 16, 6, John V. Willcox, Petersburg, Vs. 5
Do June lb, 21, 8, John Cole, of Albemarle, Vs. 2
IK) do 22, 20, 8, Mary Johnson, wife of John Johnson,
AnnupoUe. 10
Do July 14, 29, 6, ProMeat and Prcfsesora of the Col
lege of William and Mary, In Virginia
1839, Jan. 23, 32, 8, James Oirnlek of Norfolk. ... 1
1841, Mar. 1, 36, 6, Mrs. Mary W. Cabell, wife of Joseph
C. Cabell
1842, Feb. 24 , 89, 8, John V. Wlllrox, of Petersburg, Va. 2
1848,Ap'll4, 45, 6, Hill Outer, trustee under will ofOev
erly Knudolph, for tbo beoellt of
Nancy Kennoo aud others 1
1844 Feb. 12, 62, 8, Thorns < H. Nalle, IT. 8. N
Do Mar. 23, 63, 6, Miss Kllra Coles
1818, Jan. 6, 00, 6, Mrs. Francis Todd Barbour, county
of Orange
Do do 28, 00, 0, Albert (1. Wottbnui, ef Richmond ..
Do do 28, 61, 6, Wuuield Cushy, of Louiou
1849, Jan. 13, 66, 6, Kduiuud II. KlourDoy 1
1562, Ap'l 3, 70, 6, Wood lkmldtn aud A - A Morson,
commissioners, he., In the case of
Waller<w.Cilliam . 2
1863, Mar. 6, 78, 8, Nicholas Mills, couimtarioner in the
soil of Mills so. Kobiusou and
others, he 2
Do do 7, 74, 8, John C. Pollock, of Btalford
1864, Jan. 11, 77, 6, James H. l'axton, executor of A. T.
Do Ap'l 12, 80, 8, Treasurer of tho Commonwealth, lu
tro?t for Bank of Buckingham....
Do do 21, 81, 6, Do do.
1860, Jnly 12, 68, 6, K. W. Flourum, Commissioner,
Fleming's executor, te. Perkins's
exeriilor, Ar.
Do Aug. 11, 86, 6, Trustees of Protestant Kpiscopal Betninar\
and lllirh ss-.bisd in Virelnia
! 1847,Feb. 18, 87, 8, Treasurer of th? CunmuDVwHh, ill
trust for iUiik of Hock bridge
Do Aug. 1, 88, 6, Martha L. Xolaon, guardian of W. H.
Do Dec. 8, 8?, 8, Jul?n H. I). Cnllm, tniftet for Mtrgaret
Otetta Cattea, under the will of
Jebu i tiiien, dooeaaad, Jfee. icc. 1
1846, June 2, 01, 6, W. (I.tmruafe, trustee of Mary E.
Ot amove 2
.' o
4. U*<!?-r an ad further to provide for the construction of the Sa
western io?d, poised tiili February, 1834:
I 1839, Fel 21, 19? 0, Thomas Cadett, of Ihognte, Surrey,
England, esquire.. . $4
1*41, Apt 7, 96, 6, Dr. damael Webb 1
Do do 27, 28, 6, Peacock, Hand Ivy. k Cb., of Slea
ford, Lincolnshire, Kngtond, bank
era 3
1*41, May 3, 29, I, James I (askliw. committee of John
Ka?kins, sr., kc
1843, Dec. 18, 34, 6, John V. Willcox, of Petersburg. .../ 1
1844, Feb. 1, 38, 6, President and Directors of the Firemen's
Insurance Co. of Baltimore
Do do 24, 41, 6, Do do 1
1*44. May 21, 42, 6, Jamv-s Maskim*, committee of John
llaaktua, sr., kc.
i 1846, May 6, 49, 6, Olivia John.-inn, ofRichmond
1846, July 16. 6ft, 6, James Ooralck, of Norfolk ...... 1
> Do Sop. 21, 87,6, Mo. lion. K*cbard Seymour Conway,
MarquL* of Hertford, (Irextt Britain ft
1847,Mar. 1, 66, 6, Emily T. Morris
Do do 6, 67, 6, Lucilin Wallace, of Fredericksburg
Do Aug. 10, 69, 6, Thomas Stevenson. of lUvbinotid
1848, July 6, 7ft, 8, Timothy Taylor, of Inodotm county 1
|)u do 7, 80, 8, William* Carter, guardi-m of tloorgiutm
Wick ham
Do do 11, 88, 0, Peter H. Anderson, of Chesterfield 3
1141, Jan. 1, 89, 6. John Rutherfoord, trustee for Margaret
Blair and Maria Blair, children
ofT. R. Blair
1850, Fbb. 11, ?3, 8, Wm. H Hubbard
i Do Ap'l 9, 94, 8, lira. farm-In llobeoa, o? Richmond
! 1854, lob. 10. 109, 8. Mr? Juliet Drew
Do do *20, 114, 6, Jam?M M Bwann, of Powhatan
Do Aug. 24, 119. 8, John lander, of Rtchuvuid
1855, May 10, 133, 8, Henry Cox, ox. and onnmiwtoMr.. 1
J Do do 18, 134, 8, Trustee* of Hall'* Dm Reboot, Nan
I Do do 138, 8, Wm. Frayaer, surviving executor of
J. A. Kruytor, in trust for Mi*# A.
Sanderson. .
} Do July 3, 138, 8, Tbnasaa Pag*, of Cumberland, trustee
fbr Edward C. KWh*r and laviDla
A., bis wife and their children
' Do Sep. 10, 138, 8, Mary and Elizabeth D. Yaa*
| Do Nov. 3, 140, 8, Poval Turner. rntmntt#e Randolph
Do do If, 148. 8, H. L Brooke, administrator de bonis
nun, with the will annexed, of Ju
dith Randolph, decAttXed
Do Dec. ?, 144, 8, Wm. D. Sims ...
1858, Jau. 18, 145, 8. Thomas Pratt, of Bputayhranti 1
Do Mar 14, 147, 8, Hugh W. Shelley, tru-teo of IVter
IV) do 14, 148, 8. Margaret V. Hanson
Do do 38, 149, C, Miss M. <1. Chavalit
ik> no v?, l.-xi, o, .latum n. ? n?u n
Do Oct S, 163, 6, .Mui I). 0. Brown, aduialatralor U.
S. CloiijjU, deccaixyl .
1867,Mar.24, 168, 8, Tnnaurar of Commonwraltli, in irunt
ft>r Bank ?f Ilulllppt.
Ho Apl 10, 16#, 6, Mr. A. M. Holladay
Iko do 20, 161, 6. 1. Mi?trr?, oommnnioocr AmoUo
county ct. court, id ttie cas* of .1
N Yatighanl ai1iiiiul*trator n
liuot k wlfo, kc,
Do do 26, 162, 6, .lotin A. Oortlon, guardian of Fauuy
r. Uordon
Do May 11, 168, 6, Traaxnror of IVimmonwraltb, in trii-t
(Or Bank of llockbrutgo Do
duly 38, 164, 6, Mi?? Hiaa 8. Alklaaoo
I Do Aug 1, 106, 8. Martha U N.laoo. guardian W. H.
! 1866, Jar 6, 166, 6, IC iward C Bohop
Do Ap'l 3, 167, 6, Knot, Paino, k Co
1)0 (Hi. 22, 108, 8, ritm'l H. Wefcigar
I. ' **
- 5. Under *n net to provide ftjr the cowirocttoi of a tonipikf t
from Staunton to l*arkeraburg, p*a*#*l 18th March, 1838:
id j lWft,Aug. 3, 2, 8, Mary B. UUno.of Kwi omntj-, Va tl
o lK3tf,De?'. 5, 8, 8, Thorn** Htevcnson, Richmond 1
[?- 1*33, June 3, f?27, 8, FrancU L "*mllb, comm?**?i?cr, m
auit llapbum n, Hepburn and
other* .............
Hit, Aug. 31, 5*1, 8, Sally N. Berkeley, of E**? county..
I' ' 1U4 Ju 21 !>?!, 6 T?>??uj"t ijl UUU H.V.imiui, U> WuM
fur IWuk of RucktugbAu, ... 400
IBM, .Nov c. i.i4. ?, C. J Btun- , ?*<
v,t IBM, No*. It, &B7, Ju?Wk?u T CooiirivUiiHUttwiMiUMr,
.uvlv r UwrcrT. uUuv ci v.ourt. 2lth
"Hint, 1*44 *r" , k, 400 J
' lBM.Nov.lt, ttv, 6, 4oo.Uk?n t. Cowherd, of Leoleo 1M
1" 1S4B. Fob. 3, #7i, # Uuwlk f AJ tell 400 ?
"" | IBM.Ki'b. a, mm ?, R It Harrtwui too
, lB4j,Pvb. 36, *7?, 8, i* iMnkiiu Foiut....., 900 ?
IBM Aple, OBJ, ?, KuiQMH.ik,.4KicluuWi<l, VV MM
wd '
ch, Nom-tW holder* if l*<rilflrot?-n who doaue to redeem by altor d"
j uwy must, If rewtditig beyond the limit* Of the uMM ftatoa,. ^kwowl
itdftt lh? |M>w?r befbrt IttluMtf'r pieutpob-ntlai > < targe d'aflUres, W
it utuiul general, outi.-ui rU* consul, or ^huiui m wI agent, appointed by *>
| Um gov nrurnmii kA Che I iiiu-l ttUMnt to any tureifii >.otiulr> , or befaro
the i?roper officer of any court of such country, or the major i*r other n
I ; comt n?ugi>irate of any uty, town, or cot pnrtitVii therein ff residing 41
in the (lilted 8UOM, the mAuow k <dgrtK-ul Mbre a Justice <*f the pence,
notary public, or oontiuUaloOr r ?iI <tr*d*?MmIUU>I by the governor of ?
nnc Virginia U eulflkicut la ail ua*ce the cerbthaU* must be Uohvcrcd
w J M. HENNKTT, ft
Auditor Public Accounts, Optuwurtiwn"?!
W H PARKER, &? * *, of 7
onjcuie W Ul NFORH, Making Ftthd.
"" MerraUry of Utu Omu nun wealth, j P
Kkvhuxd, Va , Nov . Mb, 186*. Nov lg? Uvllv u
DOW ? ? ~?
BOO ITuwixumv. J*uu*ry 10, IBM.
^ ON T1IK PETITION vf ?U'|>luia R P<trkbui.,l, uf New Yi>rk, pr*/ *
^ tug for tin* extension of a patent granted to hiui on the Lit of May ^
^ IS46, (br an improve mint in 41 on and Wool Ohm," for aeveu
lK)0 yeAru frout the -xpiratiou of aaul patent, winch taken place uo the
^ l#t day ol U*y, mWM^
It in ordere?l thnt the aahl prtltlcn bo heard a! the Patent Office on tJ
^ M'Xatay, the Htlt of AffU left, at it o'clock, in ; and ail ptrpqq
gone aru uottdtMl t? a)*tH*ar and fh?>ur cauie, if any they have, why j
a.Jd |x titton ought not to begrauleil.
^ Pcraoua opiKMing ihu ciU imum are ret4?iired to lh? in the Patmt Of000
floe their objection*, lpoeilD> ??i forth hi writing, at loaflt twenty
DUO hliflwu the day of lioortog. AU VetiUniouy fik*i by nther party
yoc, to be uaod at the aaid heariug must be taken and transmitted in agPUQ
oofdauce with the ruh i of the office, which w ill Ims funnelled on ap- *
(jgQ plication ^
900 Tfie taettlDQpy in the ?>u?e will l?e clowed ?*u the flhtk of March ;
IKK) depueiUoiM, and other pupers rclU*?t upuu an teatimotiy, muat bled V
I in the ofli?A- on or bcfi u* the morning oT that day, the urguineutii,
uOO 1* any, within ton days thcrealtrr.
1 Ordered, alao, tiiat ttua notice be published in Uie Onion, Wash r
qoO ! 111 ktoo, P C., and OrorgiJin, Saviuinnh. Oa . oooe a week for thre<* ^
Otgj ! week*, the llrst of said publication* to be at lodst sixty daya before the t
000 ! 1 ItU of April next, the day ot hearing
uqo | Coinmlssiouer of Patents.
0 0 I' K Editors of the above papers will please copy, and Ksad their
000 billa to the Patent Office, with * paper containing this notice.
000 Jan 12 - Uw3w
000 _ _ _
uoo VJ WAMiiNcnwr, January 10, 18M>. ?
900 ON' THE PETITION of Eraatu* II. Bigelow. of lloaUffl, Mass , pray ?
090 lug fur the extension of a patent granted to him on the 10th April,
900 1K4f>, for an improvement iu "Power Looiita for Weaving i'iaids," Ac.. c
900 fbrseven years from the expiration of said patent, wbtfch take* place
000 ou the 10th day of April, 1859000
Itis ordered that the ?aid petition be beard at the patent Office oh
000 Monday, the 21st March next, at 12 o'clock, tn.; and all persona |
000 are u< titled to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said pe- i
000 titiou ought nut to be granted.
000 Persons opposing the exUitaloo are required to file in the Patent Of- **0?
flee their objections, specially set forth iu writing, at least twenty days
900 before the day of boa hug ; all testimony filed by either party toJ>e _
at tHrs said hearing must bo taken aul transmitted iu accordance
'900 the ruloaof the office, which will he furnished on application. i
,090 The testimony tn the cam: will bo close-? ou the 7th of March; depo>900
fltiotH, and other i>ap*:rs relied upon aa testimony, must be filed In the j
,000 office uu or before the morning of that day ; the argument*, If any,
,000 withtu toll day* thereafter.
>900 Ordered, also, tliat this notice be published lu the Union, Washing
ton, I). C , and Post, Boston, once a week for three weeks, the first of
>900 fcMd publication* to be at least sixty daya before the 21st of March
ami next, the day of hearing.
the JOtEPH HOLT, 1
OfMilliii looer oT Patent-!. 1
rice p. S.?Editors of the above |?pors will please copy, aod solid their ]
,000 bilU to the l'.-fnt Office, with a jwipi r containing tiite notice. (
rth- ! Jun l?w3w I
? '
'oOQ ; _L WASHINGTON* AHT ASSOCIATION will bo 0|m to the public <
I ou Mouday, the 3d day of January next, in their new and spacious '
COO gallery on Pennsylvania avenue, between loth and 11th streets, and
500 ! will continue from six to eight weeks.
500 Works exhibited by the association consist of jwlntlngM, sculpture, '
500 1 drawing*, architectural designs, and ongravlugs. 1
500 The gallery will be open for their reception from the 5th to the
500 i 30th of December, and to a later period for works intended for the
500 ! exhibition which might be unavoidably delayed iu shipment or trans500
500 ; The ex lenses of transportation and return will be borne by tho 1
500 | association uu all works bu warded by-its owu agents, or by those
,000 1? whom circulars are addressed, and the association will houl itself .
,000 responsible for any damage sustained by works while ou exhibition.
! On the sale oT works exhibited or degwHrd in llic gallery a com,000
misaiou of 10 per cent, will bo charged. !
J A description suitable for insertion in the catalogue should be attached
to each work forwarded, together with its price, if tor sale ;
400 | the mi mo of possessor and the name and address of the artist. The
.000 *atne should also be ooamunftoatud by mall on t!ie shipment of the j 1
! w 'rtca. I '
500 t By order of the board of management:
900 HORATIO CTONK, President. I
i WaflHiHUTosr, D. C., Nov. 6, 1MB. Nov 7?lawtf
300 Circuit (hurt for Talbot Chanty, Movanhcr term, 185S. j
100 ' I/!wis Ross, jr., and Ann M. Ross, hH wifo, i
iw. J In chancery.
100 bteeph Addison Denny and Rebecca 11. Denny. ) | ,
Loo | ' pUE object of thit? unit iu to procure u decree for j 1
,000 | JL a sale of certain mortgaged premises lu Talbot county, w hich j *
| were, on the lourteocuth uuy of May, in the year eighteen hundred
ind nny-five, mortgaged toy the detendaott, Jusoph Addison D :uny |
000 ! ,n 1 Rebecca II. Denny, to tho complainants, Ix-wis Ross, jr., and Auu !
i VI. Rcws, tola wife.
The bill state* that the said defendants, Joseph A. Douuy and R'* *
,000 ! becoa B. Denny,on the fourteenth <lay of May, in the year eighteen j j
200 hundred and fifty-five, conveyed ceruitt real estate, which b? purttou j J
?00 | **id Lewis Rosa, Jr., and Ann M. Hons, hi* w?fo?by way of Mortage to
I -i cure the pay incut of the sum of four Uw>a*j*.rj? three hundred dollar*, I
200 rtCVon tq'iul annual Intdaimerits, flrotn the flrnC day of M?v, fu the
600 >Cttr eighteen hundred ami llfty-iive, with iutvrest on the whole miiu j
due and unpaid, ul each pay incut, from Jlw tlr*t day of April, in Dtp
year ufure&iid; that the dvl'oudanbi jid to the complainants the sum
200 ?^ht hutidrcl and scVcuty-eight dollars and twvtify-eight cent* on I
the sixteenth day of May, In the year eighteen hundred and fitly sit\
200 I alul that the paid Jo-opb A. Denny and ItoboccA B. Denny ruiddo out
! of the BUlo of Maryland. I
506 | ll irt thereupon adjudged and ordered that the complainantH, by j
: causing a copy of (hits order to he inserted in some ucwspuiwr jmb- i
200 | lishdd in l-wiou, Idlbot oonuty, ?ud iu the city of Wu/>hii>Kion, ??a< e t
j in each of throe HUUDO^iv^ .*uokx before the Urst day of May, give |
i notice to the K.dd Absent defendants of the object and aubatauoe of |
.000 I thid bill; uud warn them to appear in thl.* court in person or by *o1
: licitor, on or before the sixteenth day of'May next, to answer the j
O00 j |irviuhci and diow cause, If any tliey have, why a decree ought not
' to pAAh as prayed.
' . IhcnuiMBt 10,1066.
Trueorpy. Tuat:
AU1 T. BVK1N8,
t Jan 11?IawJw Cletk.
,000 . ..rr, . 1
'lr,u [No. 027.]
Notice of the discontinuance of the "Watte''
' and "Chariton" District*, the offices for which
.UU arc ai rimiKiiurx bum xtaiiaii, i?i oswui x9 mm
000 the suspension of entries of land therein.
&o? ATOTICE in hereby given tliut, in pursuuncu of
,000 JLi law, ami in view of th<> fact thai the un-olj ImuU io the
i /'/atU" and ^CkariUm di*lr1d*J" In Mi**otiri, are reduced below one
500 ; himdrcd thou*uit?d acre lo mch district, the H-Acretart'of the Interior
500 has directed the discontinuance of Maid districts, and that the lands
,000 ; heretofore subject in nolo and entry at the office* at I'iattsbi ko and
j Mn ?!* be immediately withdrawn, aud made apain subject to sole and
.000 entry at BoosKrnj K, in ?aW State,/com and after the 3 iff day if Mturh
800 I not, prior to which time no applications will be received at the Uia
100 | ocmtlmied office*, or entries |k ;rtn it ted, except ia comnmina iny tzrirt
100 j iny preemption claim*.
300 i * )| por*uuH catlltad to Vinun at eMber of the office* at fuanacmi
,*200 ! or Mnax are requested t?? call for the same on or bclbre the 81st day
i of March next, m after thai date lin y will be transmitted to Boone
700 I vllle for delivery.. PatrnU air iMirtrc&frrr <f charyr.
,900 i Given under my hand, at the* city of Washington, thi? twenty-first
j day ofDeccmlier, A. D. 1858.
300 Commissioner of the General land Office. I
700 | Deo X8?lawOw flnt.fc^arj
400 _
111! Orphan*' Court, Deo. II, Itww.
XX) j DinUitt of Columbia, IVeuhiugUm County, to ttUi
IN the cmo of James F. Scott, administrator of
William B. **oott, deceased, the administrator aforesaid haa,
| with the approbntbm of the Orphans' Court of Wa-hlnptnn ooonty
af\Te*nid, appointed Tuesday, the 4th day of January next, 1860. for
50 Ibo flnat settlement and distribution of the penmnat ost.?t< of aatd deJ
ceased, of the nasals in hand w> far an the same have been collected
' and turned Into money, when and where all the creditors and heirs
300 of **id decnaatd am notified to attend, fat the Orphans' Chart of
118 Washington county atbreaahl,) w ith their claims properly vouched,
; or they may oUn rwine l?y law be excluded from all boiiefii ??f said
200 dtw e-.i>e?i'8 mfatc: provided *( copy of til's order he published oncwf'a
I wvek for three weeks in the National Iutetligci:> u previous to the
sai I ttb day of January next .
2S6 1 TV t: BV N ROACH.
1 hi ilnpsUrr Willi. j
-KK) ' Tnw caryi
Too ED. X. lKMCH.
Hm Due 11, 184*. Rigwter Wllh.
iro Iter IS?lkwSw
i?o _ :?:?" 1
rto v J Washington, January 4, 1869.
ON THK PETITION of Joseph Fronds, of New York, praying for
400 the oxtoMiou of a patent granted to him on the 28th of March, 1946,
400 for an Improvement in ' tm t ol boats/' for seven years from the
expiration of said patent, which take* place on the 26th day of
March, 1859
It is ordered that the said petition be hoard at the Patent Office on
100 Monday,the 14th of Marnh next,at *2 o'clock, m.; and all persons are
II it III'-'> loap|>ear alrl -Il'iw rmintr n any uwij mi,, wily Haiti jo-iiuon
300 ought not to bo granted
Paraoo* "iMi'Klu* the extension are required to Die to the Patent
300 Office their tips-tens, sp-cUlly art forth la writing, at Irurt twenty
iftO day* before the day oT hearing ; oil testimony tiled hy either party to
be ueed at the eatti hearing moat be taken and tranemuted in eooor4- 1
.*00 anfle with the rules of the oOloe, which will be famished on eppHca lit)
Uon. I
Ion The testimony la the cane will he t-hiee<1 on the flrat of Mnrt b ;
MM dejaitouon- and other papers relied upon as Err? r. oiosl
be Hied la the alike ou or biffcyu the moruluf ot that day ; tba argu
,060 tneota, If any, within ton days thereafter.
end ordered, also, tiial this notice lie published In the I nion. Washington,
l> C., and Daily Hews, ?t T., onee a week fhr three weeks?
noo the IIret puhllcntinn to he at least slaty day* before the UUt of Mareh
ivio !>'" lhe rt*T ?f hear leg. JtW. MOf.T,
rommtssioner of Patent*.
P. S?Editor* of the above paper* trio please copy, and send their
300 bill* to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice
800 Jaa V -law3w I
lAKaiM \\ u-HiNl. ION ItXKJSC-'I rO ALL l'Alilr
| "t Htf WKM -ot-THA>K1 Wf. - Klliww I1AJLTI
i"k> i \i> ohm* HaUjoiaJv *: ti -iu v.k. vrTw?
Ibroafh l? aiu arc now roa daily, u?|<l .Amnio), from WaabI?u*.
lUf ih? tvurt. v tallow* ? 1
M Mad kuu iurl? M 7.*4, a. in., tBnmUi ?inrt?U wiwA
in clossiy ftl MTashing irni Jninlkn 1*t ('mnbvmnil '.ad Pfodmutit
Id, The Omnuiali Si. Linda, ami Omayo hsp. e? '.iwnnrdMu leavm
rm.tiln?l<.n I ill , , , On .. i *1 9 ? III ,IM:itda.
ml ououocuak uiredl) nttli eipivsa irnm an UiosvliiB, Cairo aad
uutimaal, and fort*. louts, Kansas, he.
To rm Uis ymad mountain xrawr of Ika road la dafflftU Ukr
lUier the 7 *4, a. n.,ur 1 Ml, |i ia., Usui rr.xs Washington, and Ik
vi'r nl Oimliorland or fiwimal.
for Parkcratiuf-g and all staitusw ua tha North austere Virauaa ruad 1
ik* lh? 3.40 Ji m , train fur Marietta anf Qm munli Kaiirua.t laka I
in ?um ,, j
Through Hotels and tinggage chocks U> all quartan, aad ararjr
tkar poosibta Iscllity, mill Ins tuund utsui liua ruuto
Way passoafor* for tp. tUa.u >ku, J/ Uic Ba Ml mora aad Ohio Rod
lad will ktars Washington an folio** :
for all put/its twkwean Waahiagtoa Juuuuuu and PloddMat (at* the j
.44. a. ui , tra'o.
for all stations botwoon tVduumt and WhMtuqt, take tba 3 40,
. m , train. To connect with the Frederick train,take the 3.40, p. at., [
am. a I ml r m cv.>
VOB BjtLTIMOfck AXb run HAJ9T :
Leave W?alila3*on fur MalUmora at 4.10 aad 7.46,4. a., and SAO I
ml 4-14,1'. m <> buuday at 3 40, pIU , only,
leave Halumore at 4 30 and 8 40, a. m , and S 30 and 4 30, p. m. j
W .-Uinley at 4.8a a in . only.
Tba 7 4v aad 4.34 train.-, only mil stay at way atatloaa aad fur da- j
spoils , uuiicubme.
The 7 43, a m., aoi! 3 40, p n arr (be chuT con netting lialnafor
He M eet, ami the 0.10. 7 .44, and S 40 train" for the I t
for funber liUorinatN.ii inquire at tbe Ha Inc..ire aiA Ubin Rallnmil
lekn CUtton, of TM?* H. PAKyoNd, At|ent, Wasliuiyloii.
Oct 3 llavtar of TranviXirtatlon, Baltimore
rom WASHINGTON CITY lo Virginia, Tbbwm*, Georgia, Alabama,
Muwtudppl, lAHiir>Uua Arkansas, and Texas.
Through Ticket* can bo obtained at the great 0oqlhwe?tnii Rail* 1
o*d Ottice, coracr of I'wtiimylvauia uvue> a?d Sixth ?tre<<t, WaabtogDii,
oci boani uf the Steain Kerry Iloat George l'age, or at the iMBoe <d
be Orange and AlexaudrU RailrtMtd, at Alexaudria.
to Rlchmotid, Danville, I.yuchburg. Bristol Knoxvklle, DalWii,
Atlanta,Chattanooga, Nashvltie, Hiintarlilo, Grand Junction,
MeiuphU, Montgomery, and New Orieaoa.
By a Direct Rout* and CoBikanu italiway Co im,xiouK n> Meiu|>hia. |
Aflording greater Kx|MxtlUon and Comfort, and being over 200 inUea
horter (Liaii by any other route.
Ttxe Bteam ferry boat George Page leaves the fbot of 8i>vecith street I
it0>^ o'clock,a. m.,for Alexandria, where partAeugcrs take the can* for
tkbmottd, CharloUcaville, Stauntun, White Sulphur Spj .uga, WoodtOck,
he., and at 7'4, p m., for Richmond and all point* Southweet,
miking sure and clobe CO?i Ttnm to MemphtM.
Baggage wagons and oinuibuser leave the ofllce, Pa. avenue, at 0
'clock, a. in., and 7, p. m.
JAMES A. tVANS, Agent,
June 18?if Washington.
^ UBOKHE l'AOE WHI run as follows:
lAare Alrxaudria ai 4, 8, 10,13 o'clock, a. m.; J, 4, and 6 o'clock,
>. m.
Isjuvo WashlDgbiD at 0, 9, 11 o'clock, a. m.; 1,1, 4, aud 7 o'clock,
>. m.
Tbo THOMAS CflU.YEl'., when on Ibc route, will ran ? oppuaite
Kitirti Fare 18 Ooni*.
WhiUe^'a oof&ithlM cOUuMdui with the Page and OoOjir, will
?ave the Capitol, and curnor <f !-4b *-treet and Pennsylvania avenue,
be HUM time the boato leave Alexandria.
Juue &?eod?tf KK-'HAKD WALLACH, Problem
Notice to TIU^ ellers.?new ARRANGEMENT,
ROAD UNK Two fast daily line* froru Washington Kir tlx. South
mil Southwont. Doat-leave tbxir berths, lout iif Bth strict si ??,,
i. in , urn I 7>, , p n: Piwuu.gersby (liemorning boat can obtain a fine
breakfast on bourtl ud enjoy a plrxsaul Mil of J>, boars down the
beautiful Potomac, passing in full view of Mount Vernon, liy Ihe
lveuiny liu.it they insure u good supper mid a rett of four bourn in
iomlortaMe berth* or state room*, and arrive to lUcbniuod In itnie to
juunect \* lib all the tr.un. for the South and Southwest.
The great southern mail le conveyad over Ibis route, it bring 44
mles shorter and 100 mile* leas railroading than by any other route,
naEing certain ounooxiuiis to
Caxiiwutnteni kti, ltiumuMi, aai> I'ktkk.>uii hu, Vbuvu ; Wnuxnt ami
Wiuuxomv, C.; CHilignin, 8. C.; grocers, Ua. , Movrousexv
em Mi nit lk, Ala., ill mi.t to New Uauum 1HU ail an rWKKv cmn
41* towns.
Also, connect at lUchmond with the Danville, South.-ude, Virginia,
Tennessee, and East Tennessee railroads
lanvllk), Bristol. Dalton,
Chattanooga, Hunlsvllle, Memphis,
Lynchburg, Know ilk-, Atlanta,
S'lishrille, Uron.1 Junction. Montgomery,
and New Orleans.
For through tickets and further information of the route, Inquire at
die southern Urket olBce, No 3T'l Pennsylvania avenue, one door
sail of Brown.*' Hotel, or ou hoard the hout?, flxt of ftih street
August 17?ly Ticket Agent.
17*0 R RENT, eitlirr fiirninlictl or unfurnished, and
r hjr the year or Ibr a shorter period, iny liaotw, ou tho corner of
d mul Third street#, occoptod during the laet bc*hho? of Congrees by
Hon. Mr. Hammond, United 8tat?\< .-enufor i'roin 8<>uth Carolina. lujuire
Nov $?eodtf X??. ?I0K C street.
FOR RENT.?The Front I'arlar, aud Rod-Room at(ached,
over Kuiwoll A Laurence'* Drug clore. The most
de.?lr?i!>!v rooms <>n the avenue, on account of tho neernefl* to the department*
and WHlnrd'x Hotel. Also. two bed room* In third *torr;
ill furnished. Apply to KIDWK1JL A IsAt'KKXCK.
Nov 10?3tawU K, near 14<li sural.
flit) LET?The three-story brick Iiouhc, No. 423
1 Fifth street, between F. and F. Hu bath-rooui and go*. Ben!,
M-5. Inquire ou the premiers. Nov 30?tf
The only article unrivalled in mahket,
with ffiimerne Home and K iropoon Demand,
fbe reason why, is thai by nature'* own prone* II restore* the
natural color permanently after the hair become* gray; auppUca the
imtur.A fluid*, unci thus makes It grow an bald head*, removes all
d.indrolf, itching, and heat from the scalp, quiets and tone.* up the
nervfss, and tbu* cure* all nervous headache, and may lx> reli'-d upnti
to euro all dUeaM* of the xalpand lutir; it will atop and keep it from
railing <iil . makes ?t soft, glffsy, healthy, and beautiful I, and, if used
by tho young two or three times a week, it will never fall or become
gray; then, reader, read tho following and Judge f,?r yourselves :
Xfctv York, .Ian, 8. 1S38.
about Prufcntor Wand's Hair Restorative. mhI my hair liefng quite
gray, i made up my miml to lay a>idv tin* prejudices which I, tu com
inou with a, great many persons, had i ;.iin-t all m. uufr c! 1 titan I
medicine*. and a *bort time ago I commenced u?ing your article to
tost it tor myself.
The result lias boeavo vory eatwfiietory that I am very glad 1 did an,
and iti justice U> you, n- well lor the encouragementof idler* who
puiybo as gray n.* 1 ?> , but who having my prejudice without my
re i-ons fur setting it aside, unwilling to give your Ro>u?rative a
trial till they have further proof, and the best proof being ocular do
monstraUou, I write you this lot tor, which you may kJiow to any
such, and also direct them to me fbr further proof, who atn In and out
of the V Y. Wire Railing e-tnldishmont every day.
My hair is now its natural color, and much improved in ajipcarauce
every way, being gk?s-ior ami tlinker, and much more healthy
looking. 1 am yours, respectfully,
Corner Columbia and CtorrOM #ta.. Itruofclyn.
Ijrrtrwrojr, Ala., F>b. 14. ISM
Ihtor. Wtmt> 4bar Kir Your H?lr RedtorafWe has dnvie much good
in this part of the country. My hair lias been slightly duumishlng
for several years, oaum-sI, 1 aupixwo, from a -light hum when 1 was
quit? mi infant. I have boon u dug your Hair Rc-iorutivc tor six
weeks and I hud that 1 have a flno head of h dr n-w growing, aft- r baring
used all other remedies known to no effect I Mi ink it the rruw't valuable
remedy now extnul, and advise nil who are alitor tad that way to
use your remedy.
You can publish this if you think proper. Thar.* kc
f* xv Mnmuewx.
rmiJtmnrm\, flrpt. . 1W.
pnnr. Wmm?Dear Sir Your Tfitlr Kosinratlve ft proving itself
beneficial to rue. The front, ami also the back part of my to-art almost
k*<t lis quv nrtpg?wa< in fact bah!. I toav e u** d but two liaif
pint b'dtles of your Restorative, aud now the top of my heart is well
Mudded with a prbtnleing crop of young hair, and the from Is ol#o
receiving its beiiMlt I have tried other pre pant! Win without any
benefit whatever. 1 think, from my own personal re< rem nidation.
I out induce many others to try IU Ygum, iwyctfully,
So. 4?4 Vine street
The Roetorallves U put up in leiltlcs of three size.i. vt?; large, me(Hum.
and -mull: the snmll holds half a pint. ami rcpittw for t*ne (M*
!*ir per hotM>*; i in* medium Imlds at lea-t twenty per cent mom In
proportion liuui the not ail, reUlU (or two itollnrn per liflUe , Uio
large hoku H quart, 40 per cent. morn iu ptoportton, and retail** lor
o. J. wotilt k CO . ProprV tor**. $M Broadway, Vevr Vorlt, fin tlie
great Set York Wire Hailing Ketablishtueiit,) and 114 Market trill.
P*. U?u, >1".
And sold by all good PrugKtsls and Van. y Cowls Dealers.
H?tr iv-<tsm
J ante.?A acliolarsulp in llie Columbia* UoUegn, ft* the etude
b'linof lour years, will be told Cyr a little luoru than hail prh to
anv per ton wishing to purchase one The scholarship pny for room
root and tnttioti. wtiteh is $70 per yeuf, I *111 (ell Ph* ?1M> iuuIi. as
the original la worth ?iM? or f.JMI
Aridreaa ( ATAIJSK, rare of t- U. J., Washington P. 0., 1>. C.
Iks* ?idtf
.Vo. 797 <0 StrrH, Mes-n Of A ami 10<* ?r?fe
T^NURAVER uiitl dcnigiier in general, tuiumfdcgJA
torrf aud tnvnntnr of the bear, Improved -lad |!Ce*-e*, wah.l,
cace engraver, wood engraver, music pun.her, stencil enltrr. e, ppnr
plate engraver, and IHImgvapher, la prepare*I t* exerote engrat lugs
on any uiulat am gold. silvor. brans, cupper, steal, ke-, In *? g*>nj a
workmanship manner aa by any other ce-tabtkhmcut Iu the Uidb d
matte The anb.erlher fnela coup.tent that all ordert entrusted to
blni will give perfect aeUaKetmO, or Boehargw naade
Ja? > Ij J Jt? , fc< , fcr.
4 VAN DAMP. DKNTTBT. h:>* rcturnH to the
J\. rtlj ami rmiteiM lila pr*Mh?.
Opermins rooms wl rnhtatoa ?Ot f 5?r<wl, htitwww 0?h ami 7th
4 doort from Pint OBW*. Oct M-dtf
W1LUAMT Ot , ,
M mr*n a /km ikon mjrIX fmnn/tuurmi dwauir
HKG leave to announce to the citizen* of VVaah
ir?;toi that UK . are am |.i?i*und u, execm* any ?4m
vbaih they u?oy be favored wok la Ui?
rtxHuiMi, lus and steam ram
httnuama. rim reaneuUtr braambea will ba under (Im aapervtwun at
aktlful workmen from Um North, wbrre practical . tpcrieei? law
lham familiar ?ilk all the malar* lngu in WM la tirt,
limy hart >imuu4 ucilhn Ueublc aw oapeanc bo (rrwwi Um i?ij
hunt of w <>rktlii-n
Mfu tar iu> all aim lauur atock U CM x_N are* utter |H
X ft Mrtrt atteirtnw. pnnnvkKw in "eumttee of crdm.awt
fair prtca tedaoa aa la ktipelar a >A*k> of r>hue ?> '? *?
Dec Kb -If
_i 1 buuc , (v. vrr 1 nilau?ipii..i I'rrw, I tuladetplna Md*er, te, re
relied uu of urn* of iltyrf pubmiomi 8ta(i< ouptea ?i tak, or
delivered al Ma- ren-Jcnrcn eC .vulmt riberri saair- evVmlBy
New V i*rh L dgea Mercury , Weakly llac < a* liom, lib mm x
IJn, of Ibitilo ship, kelhiu'a PV tonal, Wmerley Magnate* Ikmrc
bjurual, and oH nlhrr Itilladcliihta, Near lurk, attd Boar* weekly
popefe rcveteod nhd ko oak, or ilatiiered proudly tP wtecrWui.
KrertUnoA In Ike etmaii publn alio* bite reuefvod aa atom a* pub
|tdi?l D J HIMHlrPkOO,
lie I'aa*. aat-uae, uitrUr WdUrdt Html, aad
Nov dlf MS JVittt a> ran*, bctu 4 i, atrrri
r.AhN, NkHVOCe HKAD AN 11 MIX!) OOMM. VUtn.~Aa Uaot.
tmnia aa* laraiuaia (V aa ? B tiieh ami lrjvi*u !u Urinary for lb,
dure of lVnMe,*. Urn.I aail lOud Cnuptainte. W Spring flerdear,
Charing Crvan. Mwd<?, England Oexvahf ng ?tuyere. fl**w Maaav
looux SluvMit, oerg Rc^lalcrrrt per*uani to act of Parliament Mat
rotary Jons PtrwaiJ, rttt) A new dkmvery. hetag a pcallfcre aMdbed
if tutt. .ilt.i .firm ttaiaai and uaa,aal relief Ui euHerar* aim an,
have beru deaf Hir *0 or 5S y"ara, by meauu of a compound medicate,!
vapor applied to tlx r?l*-n U year. W e* He-vapor la paaalne out,
it *> held by Ike eefit it r lor one mumlr la Ike aaw affected and c,
aunUy (lie paDv-ni. wko prormualy m- deaf, la enabled a> hear con.
minitower) .oairertadktii A fee myhoa' aae la a (knHar way wm
yoaraobtH. la rare tho n??f luvaeorale eaae af di afnaaa aad aware la
lie brail b in a nbijr to rm|.if ir.wia and mirNntnl It re. 9uBrrtra
I exrrrmely deat by ai- oii.t at fine cim fie. amn.eaJy curw tbemndrea, la
nay dletuat pail ut On: world, anient pau. XbouBaadj have beea
r. ,u>rinl to |?'rfin t boarluy, and forever re.'eaed treaa Ike aaaree of
| tbr nuMturtioa danfiaoaa umiualilted pvoteadtfre at the prevent day
: Hueptlal uid firivaUi loetiiuouinle, and ccrtlUcalrs from the aioat run
nent pliy?lcl?7i? and Mirynoi.- In Knylatid. In wlmee prearnce deaf per
1 itOfW laivo beea cured, aU'l many buadmbi of private pelfettU oared,
ran b? err a or referred In. A ay aulferrr on Ihc continent, or real
dint In any of the four ,pmrtrre of the ftobe, con now be cured, aa
tbla duoovcry can hr arid to tbeai. with ueceaaary proecrtpUoaa,
|>re|?raiioua, kc., thai wfil ruaMr III. in ,-1'ltiv rly b,oure thrmaelvea.
16 M. In the cont oftM mraiir d'rurr, Which iniiat he aunt to Ufa am
niorj Jour I "on nix, em).. M f*ptt?n (lailrun, Uioruiy Crooa, Imdlii,
Knrland: II ran be eeul rillirr by lumber n drofl, payable la Kudlaad,
or nolivi of ilie country. NofHrVcnl Ik rare three rxact of moat Invet
oraL u? .OUOAS una nouses in too uraa, a,*.v ?w. ?-?
BouTO, SHOES, A.N1> HI IttUuKtS,
of awry description, for
Indie*, Mi.-wes, Youths, and Children, at tbe
If9. Ili'iiw <R?w, between HtA ami MA dmit
Ladle*. we manufacture alt our own giants, thereby (an-aeaalog Ui*
unoquaicd advantage of neciirlng fh?M at first cost, which, of course,
results to tlie lietieht of tire |iurc baser Our (;altera, lu point of SI,
twenty, ami utility have an acknowledged aa|K-rionty over all othen,
and our double *ole usinsoi and kid IhhAs and button gmliera, Ik.,
, Ac., fur ?Inter wear, have ualy In be evnniuuri In secure a purchaser.
: Alan, leu,- rubber boots fur ludiea and intaaae. All selling off at uI
hmtsldng low prices T. CLARK.
Nov a??dtKebl*
: T/~ I MM ELL HOUSE.?Thin uico and ctminuxiioua
i fx. bouse lm= just bi-en > utuplotnl. ,tud will be upon for tbe re
I ut?UOD4(|U0?U uo tUv 1KW infct. His l?ott8? vfll abound with ft??.
I furts equal In every respect t<? any bottfte lu tlito or any oUnsr city.
TU ' ;; Mill : ' VUlL lie* Ulrtt <4 UffttUT* ttt all H?te. 1 l?V?
engaged Mr K. V. (to assist and tfuperhifofld tbn houw. He
1-, well kunw* W Itwi iritTviliu*? rtxmmuii'iy. llw* Klmmell Ilouno in
Mt'uK-il on C *trcvt, between 4 and Gilj sUreets, iu tbc immediate
vk iuitv of tbe National Hotel, and neur-'he railroad 'Input.
A. V. KIUMKIJ.. rroi>rietwr.
N'ov If -!) K. V t'AtfPHELL, 8opertetend?uf.
j t. tj. V. LIMA*. C. ?. MUTT. I. L. AtTKT.
I A MAR, MOTT, ti AUTRV, Attornerwrt-Law,
l_i Il'illy Springs. Miss., will practice b, u,c High Court of Errors
aad Appeals at Jackson ; the Federal Court at fvailotoc ; tbe Courts of
the 7th Judicial Btalnct ef MMwIprl; and will attend to tbe col.
cctiou of Claims throughout North lltestseIppl Sept IS?dlt
Buffalo robes, buffalo robes, buffalo
Kobe* !?Tin IIutanrlbora have received from 81. Louis a
I large lot of superior HufTilo Robes. * hlch lliey are selling very cheap.
,, J AH C Sit ti LIRE A CM.
NOTICE.?The interest due 1st inst. on the bonds
of the Alexandria h Wa-ibiagltei K ilr>?el Cntujtany guarantied
' by llie rltv of Washington will be poet on application In
Jan 14 KKhiS It CO.
Law and Land Agency, Washington.
RICHARD M. YOUNG, fbrmer CommiMtioner of I
tho trmnwat land Olllce, and kAWl KI. V. NilJh>^, late of ftfce n
' Virginia 8crt)?, Rnf^ulionary. and War <41812 Bounty Land Hurcaw, I
j In the annie ?le|tartitirnt. having entered Into a feapfttlMVafctp, v.t.'i K
fiertiuiu'r give iiivirjemi .ti?. ,
; ?l?<l to their mariaf "meat under the ?Nire ilrm. They *111 devoir
Ilu ir nUeiitiun ddcliy lu the proseeuHwi of ctaiiua before Cungrnn,
! the Supreme Ouurt of tile lolled Status, the Court i< Ctiirns, and all
llie executive clejmnineiits ul the government,
office No. 410 IViui?ylvania avenue.
Ia-c 10?eoSta
N'KW Lt'MHKR YARD.?The subscriber would
respectfully call the attootioci uf bubderc to bis superior lock
. oi lumber, just received at lib* wharf on Sixth street ami canal, con
?d white aud yvlUm f?li?e bnociD, plank, >'HU, guiding, paling,
po-L- . lath, Ate. AUo, hemlock boards, poe>t, and Mantling.
Carriage and cabinet maker* are invited to examine hi* choice t?i
rl??y U a^h, hickory, luu^imkr, ba*s wood, cherry. kr.
Tli above rh k of lumber lutir been selected with great cart?, am!
will bo sold on roscsonubk* U-riua.
Dec 22?Sen Cth *tn?cl and Canal
Near corner ?f E awl Fourteenth Mnwu,
J Dsn 1?if WaSHINCToN, II. C.
T> II. OILLET, Counsellor at Law. has removed
[ \ tis oCioe w UU robHlvnve iu Franklin K-av, corner of K and
t TiurtrrMhatrcvt*. He will continue to derote bin attention prlncipulIv
u> cue* iu the Cubed Suacs thipremc Court.
( Oct 2*?<llf
Capital $200,000 I
The only company iu Wa luuglaa baring ,u<:U * daurr tu iu char1
| ltiska on building*, merchandise, furniture, da., taken at the low cat
| rate*.
Malrtex 111- actual i-xptu i of tli* eoUU^uny. the indlvidintl HaMMp
I clauae nf tt>a charter readers tb. private fortune of each ftuckbokhi
liable for hwoa.
) otUce?Corner of l'cna?> Irania avenue and Tenth atrvet. I .
Hniiiiw: l:
Wm F fleylr Reiy). Bead. Krunr.ir Muhuu, K
Jamc- F. 1 L>Iklay, llud.~in Taylor, Win Orme, |
(Samuel Itacon. .tneeph Bryan, * W (ialt |
X. It?No rhayp nude for paMctau. I
JAVIESl JlcCriBF. . lYeaidcnt I'
j Uaarran l> Miuanit, IIi nmary- Juiu- 17 ly I|
C<arpeting, floor oil-cloth, rugs, mat- j
M il . ) an I ll -a-: furni-hint; ;>iy E?
Velvet U|Kt-;r) carp-tinea, new Oraigna
Tape-dry Hru.-Melu <ln in great variety
Xntt^Wlmmk do ?nper .piality
Kturali.avy S ply do very rich
Extra-auper Imrralndn new lavtternv
Ycr) heavy nil-wool IWkh carp-lmys
Twilled Venttlm ritrpettag for h?IU and ntepa
Vetvi-I and Br-i vie do do do
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