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pubiiiiied b| COKAKLKd WfcAIUU,
At tba UNION IUIU ?> '*?*, K ?i., la*. lit*. aid * i
i ll*: liAIL.1 I ftlON wlH Ir (HibltiM every morn* g (HMd
Mlv^rad m < iiy mi at l"l? ? * t* e
week, pajrabta U# ib? ?t*?r To nut tuTlhrta by tonii, a ;t? r
annum; for nta month* ?r* of be government, it? I pajrii.
0 will be charged $K per annum
TIIK hKNI-WKKKI.I IIIOS, will be publteh? d e
ilnradty and Siuirdny, at $4 |n>r annum lor oue ? ?py ; dJO ?
thretf ca?|4?'W; aim $15 lor II *r roptta
TlfK Vt ICKJtfJLl' UIVUlK, u very large pajwr for o?H>iitr\
circulation, a?ii be published every Saturday morning ai thr f'?lowing
price For w? w?|iy, $- |*t annum three c- pie? for $6 ; it
for $# . ' n cophv for $U twenty ccpica, tent Cm unm aU>i '$*
!* >. Sub*' riptkao* may c< mmenc*- ?i any time.
1 v. u n ASli IN If roN DIRECT 1*0 ALL L'AKTH
r at nil WKKI HOl'TMWI-KI i\'|? N'OKTIiWtXI JlAl.1I
Two through t auiH are uow run daily, except Sunday, from Wash
log ton for the Went, as follow a
lit Mail train-tart* ut 7.45, u. in. (Sunday excepted,) connect
jd^ closely at W;odungtou Junction, for Cumberland and Plediimbt.
^,| lb.* Cincinnati Si. Jaulr, and Chitugu hxprrtw Connection lot\e*
SV.iah)ngK?n at 3 40, p. m. . reaching Cincinnati at 9 30, p. m , next day,
rtu. oMunrtbig directly with exprefl* train for I ami* vi lie, Cairo and the
4-.uthwe*t. and lor St Jahim, Kan***. An .
To view the grand mono tain acnaerjr of the road lu day light take
either the 7.45, a. in., or 3 40, p m , train from Washington and tin
ever ut Cumberland or Piedmont
For Parkemburg and all station* on the Northwmtern Virginia r<?*rt
uke the 3.40, p m , tram. For Marietta arid (TnciufuUt ttatiroud take
ih?* tame.
Through tickets and baggage checks to alt (Uartera, and every
other po-wikie facility, wtli Ik- found upon this route.
Way paiiicngera for the main atom of the iiuitiinnre niul Ohio Rail
r.?ad will h uve Washington u? follows
For ail point* between Washington Junction uud Piedmont take the
7.45, a in., train
For all station* between Piedmont and Wheeling, take the 3.40,
p. ut., train. To connect with the Frederick train,lake the 3.40 p. m.,
. Wu'lilnglnti for *1 > 10 ?ni| 7.4ft, ft. m., and A 40
Ml 4.3S, |I. m. on Riimlnjr at 3.40,p. m . ..?l,
li'uvc ttiltlnmri' at 4 .10 ami H a.m., and 3.30 awl IN, p. m.
(>n Siimlii) ?t 4.30, u in mill
7.4ft .iii.l 4 Aft Irabu only villi ?lo|i al way aialioiia an A for .An
iiu]X?ll. luiim-cllon.
11m 7.45, a in . and A 40. p. iu are tho clilofi-ouiiiaUnK Iriiio,- for
III.' Weal, ami the 6.10, 7.4i, .ml 3.40 train' lor ilin JCax|.
K.ffortbr lnfiwniatii.il iiniuir* at tin- Hnlllreorw amlnlilo Railroad
Tick-I OUti r, of TIMS. II EARSHNS, Ay.'iit, Waiditnjrtnii.
(I, I 3 \la-tor of Tronaporlalooi, llalliniorr.
From WASHINGTON' CITY to Virginia, TenneHsee, Georgia, Alabama
Miri.-i.-yIppl Loubilanu, Arkansas, and Texas.
Through Tickets tan be obtained at the grout Southwestern Kail
road 01 hot!, comer of Pouiwylvaitlu avenue ami Siyth street, Washing
ton, on board of the .Steam Kerry Ileal George Cage, or at tho Olbco ol
the Orange uud Alexandria Railroad, at Alexandria.
To Rkiunomi, Danville, Lynchburg, Bristol, Kuoxviilo, Dal ton,
A4lilDtu,Chuttaiiooga, Nashville, Huiibivifyc, Grand Junction,
MetnphK Montgomery, ami Now OrWna.
By a Direct lloute and Continuous Railway Connexion.-* to Memphis
AHording greater Exj>cditiofi and Comfort, and being over *200 inilci
shorter than by any other route.
Tin! steam ferry boat GY? ?rgo Page leaves th# foot of Seventh stree
attH4 o'clock,a. Alexandria, where pajhengors take tho cars foi
Richm?>n<I, Charlottesville, Staunton, White Fulphur Springs, Wood
.stin k, Ac., und at 7 , p. in., for Richmond and all points Southwest
nuking sure and close connexion* to Memphis.
Baggage wagons and omnibudCf leave the office, Pa. avenue, ut <
o'clock, a. m., and 7, p. im.
Juno 18 tf Washington.
SU M M ER A K R ANG EM VN T. Tho stettun
GEORGE FAGS will run i- follows:
I/mve Alexandria at 4, 8, 10, 12 o'clock, a. m.; 2, 4, and 0 o'clock
p. in.
I/tave Washington at 3, 9, It o'clock, %. m.; 1, 3, 5, aud 7 o'clock
p. m.
The THOMAS Col.1/YER, when on the route, w ill run ? oppoeit
hours. Fare 13 cents.
Whitley's omnibuses connecting with the Pago und Cidlyer, wll
liHix o the Capitol, and corner of 12iii street and Pennsylvania aveuuc
he same time the boat* leave Alexandria*
June* cod -If KK'IfAKP WAIJ.ACH, Prwrideut.
1NGT0X IHRUCTTO ALL PARTS o) f|{K Sol i ll vND HOW H\\ 1X1
ROAP 11MK? ? Two fast daily linos from Washington for llio Suit!
n rid Southwest. Hunts leave their Ixjfths, foot of 0th street, at tPj
a. in., and 7>*, p. m. by themorning boat ran obtain a tin
breakfast oit hoard and enjoy u |deA*|int sail ol 3'., hours down th
beautiful Potomac, passing in full view of Alotktil Vernon. By th
evening boat they Insure a good supper and a re-t of four hours ii
comlbrtuble berths or state ro??ms, atpl arrive in Richmond in time t
connect with all Uio trains for the SoQth and Southwest.
The great southern inail is conveyed over IhU rouie.it being 4
miles shorter and lt>0 miles lass railroading than by any other rotiw
making certain connexions to
kmentkirksm ko, ru iimomj, anp Pkt?rsiu ho, Viht.isia ; Wki.thi.n as
wli.mingiox, x. c.; cflakiestox, s. c.; at'cicwfa, (?a. ; moxwamtk
ani mobilk, AfA.t l?ikk(t to xkw ohj.kaxs am' all. hoi'tuhkn 01 tim
a\l> towns.
Also, connect at Kit hmond with Ihc Danville, Southside, Virgini.'i
Tennessee, and Rut Tennessee railroads
Danville, Bristol, Pulton,
t'hattonoot;*, HuntsviMe, Memphis,
Lynchburg, Knoxvillc, Atlanta.
Nashville, Grand Jonriion, Montgomery,
and N'ew Orleans,
f or through tickets and further information of the route, inquire ti
the southern ticket office. No. 372 Pennsylvania avenue, one doo
east of Browns' Hotel, or on hoard the boats, foot of.0th street.
August 17?ly Ticket Agent.
Re-print of the Ilr&uh Revieirt ami Blackteaod'I Magazine.
T SCOTT & CO., New York, continue to publiel
J the following lrniliug Hrili-h perinllcnt*. Tlx :
1. rilE I.ONIXIS Ql'ARIKUI.Y, (con.ervaUviv)
These periodicals ably represent the three groat political parties <
Great Britain whig, u?**y. ami radical but |M?litiex form- only on
feature of their character. A* organ* of the most profound writer
on science, literature, morality, and religion, tliey Maud, as thev eve
have stood, unrivalled in the world of letter*, being considered indi
pen*able to the scholar and the professional man, while to the Intel!'
geut reader of every dims tlioy furnish a more correct ami uatixfat
Cory record of the current literature of tho day throughout the worl
than can be possibly obtained from any other source.
Tin* receipt ofadvance sheet from the British publisher* gives a.l
ditioa.il value to the-.e reprints inasmuch us ih > can now he place
In the hand* of subscribers about as goon o* the original editions
For all four or the Rev Iowa $3 0
Kor Blackwood's Magazine .. 3 0
For Blackwood and one Review 5 0
Km Blackwood and two Reviews .70
For Black wood uud three Reviews 9 0
For Blackwood and the four Reviews 10 0
TAYIhR A MAURY, Booksellers,
Agent - for Washington,
J.tn 8 No. 334 I'onn. avenuo.
".1foKt Wondrrfiil ami Hrmilifnl."
WE tiavo now on hand one of tho larpoat am
most varied assortment* of .^TERWOHOOPIC PKTTrRKS nflere
in tins city, on glass or paper, plain and colored, consisting of view
of tho principal phiCOK of the Fulled Htatos,
We have, also, in great variety, Elliott's celebrated groups of pat
lor and dome-tic seem s, weddings, christenings, pic tile*, Ac., Ac
We alao offer a line collection of stereoscopic instruments, of vnrtoti
styles, manufactured to our own order. Tho-?e Instruments and pit
lures form the prettiest and m.?st Interesting present that ran be o
fored to old or young.
TAVI OR A MAI'RY. Bookseller*,
334 Pennsylvania avenue, agents for Washington of the America
Stereoscopic Company* .Lu? 30
hA. CAHIUVEI.I., lf<sal Estate) ;nul (ienern
Commission Broker, has taken the ottlce, up Mail*, in Ni
Virt Pennsylvania ayenue, where lie proposes to attend to selling an
buying real estate anywhere in the Union, reining out and oollertln
rents,and procuring houses on rent or lease, or any business nppei
tabling to real estate, with unexceptional legal aid.
The .settlement of claims of any description on the executive dc
pnrtmeuts and bureaux of government and Congress, and member
of Congress ; especially claims of the distant and adjacent newxpap*presa
for *ub*rri|>tioiis and advertising, his expeiiciice being such a
to enable him to furnish the necessary forms and iu-tructioiiH to par
lie* having such, a.- well as attending to having udverti-rnienls in
xertod in any or ah of thepapers in the Di-driM of Columbia or else
wtloru .... ?,i- I,.I l,.r -Jl.i.ruU J/, hilt. lt.ua it.
expcnso of a trip to the city, ami prompt returns made.
Also, the negotiation of loan* on i^kkI security, and all descrip
Ui?i of btMlnos* which may properly l?o classed noaer the head of i
geiMTtl ooinifkliniiKi brokeriKc.
Kkikhsks Hon. Win. A. Harris, (formerly of Mi^ourl.) I?r. A. Y
P, (}ari?':U, O)!. Jjw. <?. llcrret, mayor ; Kiclnml Wullach. o?q., am
the proprietors of the nowsp.i|x>r pre generally of Washington
Messrs. J. & <i- B. Davenport ami Hon. S. Ca.-kie, Kichiiioni, Y.i
Rov. Win. 8. I'lumer, Alleghany City, Fa.; Col. A. T. Burnley, Frank
tort, Ky., and John 0. Sarcoid, esq., New York city. Dec I?till
W~* M. T. DOVK hi CO. arc now prepared to cxc
cute any orders with which they iuuy bo favored lu th
Ilombiitp da", ?>r Htvam-flttiuf bu lmetP
{Sfcotv on Oik strrrt, a fr\o doorh north of Pmruyftvriia aiv/iiei,)
Where may be found n oobiphdo assorttnent of t'fc&bdelYcrs, mid otbi
pm steam, and water fixture. .lau I
t. q. c. utMI. f' n vrvrr. j. i vrrav
I AlUlt. M0TT, A Vl TRV, ptnrnoj-K at I aw
A J IwyAfwttitr", iliKK.wlh prMlo lit III"- High ?Wt i* I'm.t
aAa*Ap|ieaiii at Ja< knot! i tl?. V'< hnri < ' urt at I'* ' the i Mirl <
the 7th Judicial iNstrk tol Mi.--H-ippl , .ind \tIII aib ud to tin < ??!
ration ??f dihus throughout North MivMc-ippi. tk-pl IH dtf
j \i;aN \N|> \\\.\: PJ'OJM K v
T*he CavalU'fa of Fortune , or British Heroes In Fori icn Wf', h]
June** tirant , 1 vol. $1 2.V
Fnghsh Country life, consisting ol <lpwrlnlldb of rural habit*. conn
try finery, and the on*. by ihoma* Milicr , 1 vol.
How to Farm PrnfltoMv ; or, The ''aylngs ami IMixm of Mr Alder
man Me.-Id
Just recalled ami fbr rale bv
*Yb i HANCH.IM) * HOHl'.V.
en? i
J^OH HUNT, ciiliri furniHtteil or uiiftirnutliol, ;ui<I
J by llio year or lor a nlmiLwi ihtuhI, u*y bourn-, oil the
C aii'i Third street*, ?vu|?ted during the uuit iMwiott (if by {
; Hon Mr. ILitiitiiond rnif"d tftatvn *enut??r flroui Citrollua. In t
Hiiro of l>AVU> V HAIX, y
.N??\ 6 -codtl' So 40M C Hlrcft. ^
I.^OU KENT. The Front I'arW, Mid Ited-Kimm ?ttiW'WI,
over KMwell A l.iureinjv' Orutf Store The moat .
de-irabU* room- on the avcn ? on Hiv.ujnt of tho m-ai nes* to the il? A
put menu nud WlKuriTii Motel. Also, bed room* In third elory
all furnished. A|>pl) to KII'WFI I A I WKKN't K. .
Nov 10 lltawtf K, m a 14b h treat. t
? ?? ;?"?-- l
j fflO LKr The Ihrot^-Ktory brick house, No. 423 t
i JL Flub wtrofct, IhHwwii E aim V. Km bath-room and jtas Rent, *
H|. IvM)itli< on iho pii in. No* 3D tl
rpm: osia article unrivalled in maim .'
? ket, with I in III'II r? and Furo|*-mi Ik-maud. I i
rh?j reason w hy, H tbat t?y nature'* own process it restores tho i
natural color |ht manently alter tho hair hoomnes gray; supplies the
natural lluids, and thus make* it grow on bul4 hauda, removes ull i
dandruff. Itching, and liont from the *oal|?, quiets and tones up the 1
nerves, mid thus cures ivH nor von# headache, and may be relied upon J a
to cure all discuses of tin* MaJpmtd hair; it will atop and keep it fr? i? *
falling' off ; makes It soft. ghiesy, healthy, mid bountiful, and, if nsml i
by the young two or three limed a vvwk, it w ilt never fall or become*
1 gru\ , then, reader, road tho follow ing and Judge for younolvt ^ t
Nkw Yokk, Jan. 8, 1858. ,
Mkahkx. 0. \\oof? & Co (h-idlemcn ; Having heard a good deal j
about ProtVssor Wood*# Hair Restorative. and my liair being quite j
gray, 1 nude up my mind to lay aside the prejudices which I. m com j
mon w ith a great many porsenM, had against ail manner of patent
medicine*. and a short time ago I commenced using your article to J
test it for m vwif.
Tho result ha* been ho very #ali factory that I am very glad I did ho,
and Injustice to you, an well a- for tin) encouragement of other* who j
may be a gray as I was, but who having my prejudice without my (
r?\isoiis (l?r getting it aside, are unwilling to give your Ib-.-torntive u (
tri.il till thov have further proof, and the b ,-t proof being ix-nlar do- (
niousiration, 1 write you f11iletter, which you tint) show to any ,
audi, nnd nlso direct them to me for further proof, w ho urn in and wit ,
of the X \ . Wire Railing entubli-iiinoiit every day.
i My hair i now its nnturui color, and much improved in appearance 4
every way. being glossier and thicker, and myeh more health) ,
looking. I um yours. respectfully,
f Corner Columbia ami Carroll st*., Brooklyn.
Ijvjnwto:*. Ala., Feb. 14. 1858.
Phoi . Wood?Dear Sir : Your Hair Restorative has dotiw ntuuh good
m tida part of tlurcouutry. My hair has been slightly diuniuUbing
for several years, caused, 1 sup|>o*o, from a slight burn when I was
$ quite an infant. 1 have been using your Hair Restorative for six
j weeks and 1 llud that 1 have a One bead of hair now growing, after having
t ! used ull other remedies known to no effect. 1 think it the most vnlua,
ble reifMsly now extant, and ndvlso all who are afflicted that way to
use your rented \.
You can publish this if von think proper. Yours, kc.
' K. W. MIlHtUOOX.
1 lllllADKI FBI A , K?'|.t V. 18.'l7.
PliOK. Woot> - Dear b>ir : Your Ibiir Restorative is proving itself
bciiclkial to tue. The front, and also tho back part of my bead al
most lost its covering - was in fact bald. I have used but two halfpint
bottles of your Restorative, and now the top of luy head U well
f studded with a promising crop of young hair, and the front is also
receiving its benefit. 1 have tried other prejuirations without any
, bone lit whatever. I think, from my own personal reccomracudutlon,
lean induce many others to try it. Yours, respectfully,
, I). R TliOlfAB, If. I).
No. 4H4 Yilio street.
L The Restoratives is put up in bottles of three sizes, viz : large. m??j
ilium, and small; the small holds half u pint, and retails for one dollar
per bottle; the medium holds at least twenty per cent more in
proportion thmi the small, retails for two dollar* per bottle ; tho
i largo holds ft quart. 40 per ccut. more in proportion, and reta.il* foy
j $11 it bottle.
j o. J. WOOD k CO., Proprietors. 312 Broadway, New York, (in the
" | great New York Wire Railing establishment,) and 114 Market street,
j St. I on is, Mo.
i?.a u<iM in- nil ['rani Driicnristx and Fa tic V (Jooda Dealers.
j Nov IS <13m
/columbian ck>llwte w'itolarbhip fob
'* sale.?A scholarship iti the Columbian OMIemt, for the whole
0 term of four years, will bo sold for a II Hit* more than half price to
any person wishing to pur-chum on% The scholarship |?ay for room
1 rout and tuition, which i* 970 per year, I will noil for 9150 oa?lif aa
the original i* worth 9250 or 92M).
. I Address CATAUNF, cure of T. II. J ., Washington P. 0., l>. C.
4 Iter 9 tttr
i Wo. 207 (,' Sfryrt, Mwstri 9th ami IQth Strert)f,
" ' "li'NCBAVRB stud <h't?iK"tT in Ronoral, mamtfac1
a lurcr jinJ invMilnr wl'tln- imw, unprovttj ih>41 pri?<w#^, wilrhriwc
I'ligrnvnr, wood iDftniror, innslr puiivhor. ciittsr, rtfifwr
i plat* I'ltfTnver, nnd litbuvmpbsr, I* prcpnrad ! rxrn utp injrrmr(iig.<
! < ? ?n> ini'tal? mi |t?ld, ."Hvrr, bra.., rnp|>fr, nlrol, Icr., ill hk h<h*I ii I
' workmanship maniixr i*J by any nllii-r MtahlMhmenl In the tliuhM
Stab-n Ttm fttihsi-ribxr tmW nmllili-iit that all nbliTi igni.txil t"
liitn willglvii prrfnl xitiiKfurllon, or nnrhargn ni.wli>.
! Jan 5?lyii AC , AC., AC.
A VAN CAMP, 1)KN I'lST, lias returned to tlie 1
city ami resumed hi* practice.
' Operating room* and residence 4u7 F street, between Oth nnd 7th
!l At recta, 4 doors from Post (Mice. Oct 14?dtf ;
^iI'iN OK TUB cold K.\(; LK.?BiKrivin^?A
i splendid lot of which Is lor sale at Wagner's, -'55 Pennsylvania
itvomie. opposite Kirkwood HmtPe. Framed or otherwise.
Also, nil kind of gilt picture frame*. Jh*c 5?t'*
Cajnlal S2t>0,000 !
I- Tlio uuly company iu W.ishiiiytoii having micb u clause in its char
d j lliskg ou buildings, inerc.huudiao, furniture, &c., taken at the lowest
I rates.
Besides the actual capital of the conipauy, the Individual liability j
clause of the charter render.-* the private fortune of each slockhoidci
' liable for losgw.
r' I Office Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Tenth street.
I Wm F. Bayly, BenJ. BcttH, Francis Mohan,
0 Juiuca F. Haliday, Hudson Taylor, Will - t trine,
0 Ham ue 1 Buron, Joseph dry an, M. SV. tialt.
0 ' N. K. Xo charge made for policies.
0 JAMES C. MoOl'I HE, President,
oj Gnxrtoy D. HAsrsov, Secretary. June 27?ly
lings, Druggets, Curtain Materials, and House furnishing 1 try
I Hoods,such as
Velvet tapestry carpeting#, new designs
Tapestry Urns els do In great variety
New styles Brussels do super quality
Fvtru heavy U ply do very rich
-j Extra super ingrain do new pattern*
,j Very heavy all wool l>utrh carpeting#
i vvliled Vcnitian carpeting for halts and steps
Velvet and Brtt ?sol< do do do
Full sheet* extra heavy and very rich floor oil-cloths, cut to Hi
any size or nhapo room, hall,of passage
h Mosaic, velvet, and tufted rifgs and mats
Cocoa and Canton tnattines
r UM, M -4, W 4 dnviU'i? rniqh elofhs
English drugget#, all width*, by Hp* yard
Very richly-embroidered laec etirta|na
n j Hatin luliies, hnxatels, and rep*, for car tain#
White, Miff, blue, and green shade linens
HUiir rods, curtain iHlun *?'.
. Having att??nd?sl HA PAN A' CO.'H great Carpet Auction, which took
W place In New York on the 41 h and Mh inst.. we arc now prepared to
*- oiler greater inducements than can he afforded under ordinary clrcum
' stances. Purchasers are respectfully invited to an examination of our
K stock. HOOK It HO. k 00.
Aug 18?dif
' T> H. (JILIiET, OnniiHcllor lit Iaw, has removed
r I his office to Ids residence in Franklin Rmv, corner of K and
K , Thirteenth streets He w ill continue to devote his attention principal- |
! ly to cases in the United Mates Supreme Court.
Oct 28?dtf
T \INN*KK PARTIES will bo fnrnishi-d to fiirrylien
lt Jj nt 13, $4, rind F> |K*r head; Or, if they prefer, a fir. t class
French c?x>k can ho sent to their residence to prcjtare dinner for them
at the moderate chargo of $2 for his services.
,1 Tin we wishing to avoid the trouhld of marketing can have the beat
the mark* t afford# sent to their houses at cost prices.
One or none di>h< will he sent to any part of the city for tho.-?
who may do.-ire If. I guaranty to furnish a better dinner than any
I ot or c-lublbhtncnt in the city, Ml a saving of 26 per cent.
C. U.U'nKR, -'j 1 I Vim. hv. ,
Kim mkij, in>i ?sk i liin m<o Mid oomtnodioaa
Imhi-o liax |u-l boon rompMed, and will in* opeti for the re
cyfynn or on IIk* *23 1 io?t. Tills hou^e will abound with eom
1 ?(im c<juul mi every re*|?e? t U? any Uoti.?o in this or any other city.
The l?r will be fiii|?j?lieit with the best of iitjiiore :*t nil uovu. I hu\o
emrngiMl Mr. K V. t'*ni|d>rH to aurUt ?nd ^ujn'ririt- lid the Ii??m-<\ Il?
i- well kaowrt t'Mlle travelling entnmnnlty. The Kifenmoll llmire i?
limited on f'ntreet, brtsveetf 4'.. ahd flth Mrotd.-, it/ the inirti'?ii?r?
. vtHulty of the NatFtmiil M??tel, nn?i near the railroad U?>|>ot.
\ b KIMMH I., Proprietor.
?t Nov 10 It* I4 V. rAMF'lW-lU,, Superintendent.
f. "... L ,_i J.:.
IVJiMt-'RI Y Ti|l". KH|l|Tr
>jeor ?v?rtier of y nnd fonrte-nUi nfmii, ,
1 rvr 7 ir wahhinotow, i?. f.
j vxt \ntei>. V Hjmninh gciillcnmn wisiioh to give
I T v prneticrtl in ?pani?h In exrhjitn' for *irne In halhn
I and tierai.in aiih any gcntlein ui or ifenfleiii; n eon verdant with these
j lang'ujrv Ifi* n<Hro^ can tie :i ruined ul the 1'tiioii otft. '
I Jan 2* dtf
lUlMl'* 0>Hl ?,
W*-hiugtnu, February H, IK.',9.
will |#e received at tin - ofhrw up to l'i o'clock. m , <?n
In Wilt day oi Mat tji uu*l, for grading, trimming. curbing, and by tug :
In- brick and ll* footway* and pavlug the gutter* ami alley* Id ibe t
ir*l whI Second ward* of tin* city , forming oiiwdi-drml ; lor the Third t
at I Fourth w .rd* forming (be *eco?d dblrlrt ; und the klftii Sixth
; d entli ward*, forming (he third district, (each dhtr.ei to he hid
or h mi irately , and to bo givetj hi dill- relit contractor- ) lor the your (
< n.rn ring the lat day of Apri' 1K&0 , agreeably to the tallowing ,
p I ill -llUlil . , |
in curlMtone to ho of the bot V v? York river curb-tone, i
?r the I-,--i blue rock, in jiicec- ot not lean than threefe-1 long, and j ,
wtliw than ?Ule<u Iw boi wide, and not than three and a hall* | ,
IM'lllM ill ItlickUeM-l ; the Upper *iirl'a<v or e Ige and a WUlllcli ut drp'h j "
hcrefri 111 to receive the brick* to Ik* drr**cd |o thul Ibkkne*-. arid
ut In and well rammed in the |?r- p r grade,and the joiiite well fitted.. ! t
The brick to lie of thoh vt quality hard red | Hiving brick to be, j (
aid on u bed ol "harp river Hand, upread four Inch* deep on a bed
lne clean gravel, free front < by or loam, throe livh.a deep, withiwo '
'OUT*,* oil I'lllli- tit-Xl t?? (III- carl, iml one coin ., ..I. .sl'fe to lite III > .
r hue w here the povefin lit ii l?M thuu the full width No extra 1
iK aMir.-ni'-ut lor hrn k dgv will be made. 1 I
Th? rtonc (Mivi'mi'iit to bo of common i]iihiu, iwtt oxi'poHiif four J
who* ui diameter, oxi i'|4 the on ioutside hoe of the gutter* .q ,
a hirh tatlMl be of six InrluM ill diameter, laid Oh a bed ?.f i??tr*csandx| j
nut cl(MU>KrAVfl free from cluy or Ion in, at least nine Inches deep, 1
not to lie twin1 well rammed, the wn mid lifflo after bring well wet
ludafter being examined, ami not before, l>y the CatnmUidoner.to !* j
orered with line clean (travel or iwrcc *und. and the lnter*lUea be 7
ween the static* well tilled with the aaiuo material. l
The (lagging is to l?eof the l?o*t quality blue rock or gneis^ or New I
York North river Hugging, lu ptctv* <?f not Iohh than tw'ofeetrtx"
nc|?e* long by eighteen inches wide and not less than three inches
:ltick Un tno blue ror k or Kiiein*, and not lv*? than four Inches thick ,J'?
'or th \e*r York North river alone, to he 1*14 on a Iwd of Hue clean
jravel, freefrotn clay pr l<Htm, pr sharp auiul. di. iuclva d^'p:
kwe joint*. '
All grading not exceeding one fooi, to bo rated m trimming t
Tue work to he dott# in the he.-l maimer and to th" snti-t cticni of
Lhe Ma)or, and to ho commenced within ten ilaya after the order I* 1
liven to the conlrnctor^ and to he completed nritliln the time named 1
til |i?e ordei dlnetiiig it to he done, and w arranted to stand twelve ;
months utter it* completion. And upon the f.il ure of the contractor i
ir contractor a btniiiiuicncu the work or to complete U within the time ;
uaiued, or upou hi* or their (allure to oxeeutc the work or the mate '
rial*.and in the mutuirr herein required. the Mayor to have the right*
irf employing other pereoua to do the huiiiu, u|md eikih term* aa he <
i,my dee in exjHMlient ; in which event the contractor or contractor.-* ?
so tailing .-hull i?.?y any loan or damage the coriwratlou may buatuiti
in conecquotice tlkTi'ut.
Any repair* or relaying w hich may bo required larfort the expiration
of the time for which the work 1* warranted to rtutid to be done
by the contractor free of charge within live day* after uotice froui ,
the l.'oiniut*>ioner of Improvement of the ward ; and bpon-failure ??f
any contractor or contractors to make any repair* or to re1*)' any |
pas eiucitl within live day* after notice aforesaid, the Ma>or t* to have i
the right of employing any other person or j?er*on U? do the r.uiu-on .
Kuch term* a* he may deem expedient; in which event the contractor |
or contractor* *o failing nliuli |wy any loo* or damage the corporation
may auotain in consequence thereof.
bidders w ill also take notice that the contractor* w ill be required to
comply strictly with tho terms of the contract and the provisions of
the law.
For the due performance of the work and the furnishing of the am
ferial* a* herein required bond and security to the amount of two
tbousuud dollar* will be required of the contractor*.
The bidder* wi.l state the rate* at w hich the curbing, paving,and
Hugging will be executed, including ntan.Tt.il*.
For setting new curb of New York North river curb.-toue. \ier
running foot.
For setting new curb or blue rock or gneiss, per ruouiug foot.
For laying now brick pavemeut, pet square yard.
For laying new Mono pavement, per square yard.
For grading, (whether excavating or tilling,) per cubic yard.
For trimming, per ruuning loot.
For iqamt guile-, per foot.
For laying dowu blue rock Hugging. per square fool.
For laying down New York North river digging, per square foot.
For laying live course* of brick on edge, in gutter*, and alleys, per
rnuuing loot.
At tl?e rate* at which the following work, exclusive of material*, ex
cent the gravel and xund which ronv he required :
For wiling now curb, Including 'Ironing, per running foot.
For laying new brick pavement, per square yard.
For taking up an.I relaying old brick pavement, per square yard.
For taking up and rcttctting old curb, per running fool.
For taking up and relaying old stone pawnmnt, j>er square yard.
For t *kmg up and relaying old tl g f*>otwuy, jurr square foot.
No hid w ill he rec ived which does not include an tdfer for each
separate ilem of work and material.-*.
Contract* will not be assignable.
lly law the Mayor h prohibited from awarding contract* fpr (by
abov*- work to any |>erson or |K?r*oiw wlio are not practical pavers'.
J AMR* U. BkKKKr, i
Feb 10 2aw Ma 8 Mayor. ^
pi:o: osals con wells, pumps, ac.
mavok'a omric,
Washington, February 8, 185P.
FROl'tHAI^S in writing will be received at thi* office up to 12 I
o'clock, m , on the Hth day of March next, for making pumps, hy
drnnfa, logs for conveying water, and Tor "Inking Well)*.Including all .
nec-issary materials and work own-hip, iu diguing, 'aying. fixing, and
completing i" the best manner, and for keeping the same ill perfect !
repair brr couwtaul two in the flrst district, compose*, of the First and
Second wards ; and in the second district, eomjosedol the Third,
Fourth, and Seventh wards ; and In the third district, composed oi
the Fifth ami Sixth wards, fgacit district to ho hid for separately, and
to be given to different contract*ir*,) for the ter m of one year, com
mowing on the first day of April, 185P, agreeably to tin* following !
specifications. No bid irom any hut a practical pump-maker will ho \
considered, and the contractor will ho required to conform rigidly. |
Digging and walling wells, luclmling materials an t removing the
dirt, per loot, lineal. The walla to be fouriuohea thick,of good hard
Cleaning out wells, each.
Sinking old wells deeper, perf'H.t.
Taking out old-wells and putting iu same, per foot.
C'a es of eight feet length, do
Cases more than eight feet length, do
Covering new wells, Including material*! ; the covering to he pflwst
Faster n Shore joist, put leas than three inch*'* tlpck, laid double.
i?...-ir..y miiu xx ..II- irw*lii(hiiu hrie.lr anil liiiimvytiiiit1
Opening old web* and covering (tame with old material*, ouch
Opening old wellfl and covering name with new timber.
Keeping the pump* in repair, viz. : stopping all leak*, Ac., when it
run he done without taking out the pump, each.
Taking out and putting in old pumps, per log. encb
Making pew Joints in old logs.
New logs put in old | limp, per n*>t.
Now boxes and "pouts in eld pumps, oueti.
New pumps, per toot.
IIpv** and spotps fop n??>y pumps narhfoponp
chambers for pumps.
A|l ton p|ecea to arjuaro 1 j inphot, f!etvf (?{ -ap, pf (po heat w|i?tc
. 4k, aipl fourteen foot Jong. j/wver timber to he 11 inches iu diurnc
tor All top piece . t<? ri.tvo three coats of paint.
Kpcping tUo hydrants in repair, yia Moppmg all leaks. Ar., all 1
new valves and spout and repairing the u| 1 opps, aipl rep jrjng tin >
old Irons belonging to tticm, wfteu It run bo dune without tukltuj Hie !
hydrant otd, each
faking out hydrant* ami putting lu same, each.
New hydrant*, jh"" loot. , j
Spouts for hydrates, each.
SjhmiI stones, each
Painting pumps and hydrants three coats, cacti.
i'lda will he received for hydrant* from practical plumhevs.
Handles, rules, spears, plates, hands and repairs, per pound
{spout and lower box irons for pumps, each
Now Joints to old pears.
New and valve Irons for hydrants.
The work and the materials to tw? ail of the_hc t quaUty'of their re i
sneetlye k|tldrt.
No offer will bo received that iB not made by a practical pump
fVrniracM *i'! "111 U'
file person fir persfina whose op'er tpay lie nrceplo I will be fe.pijred
to enter into bond fur we* thousand dollars, with two good snirelies,
roiplitlonod for the faithful porfornvuiuo of hi< or their contract; ami
Mh'uitd any contractor or pontrnotors fail or retuso to comply w ith any
of the conditions or torma of his or their contract, or to execute . ny
work within the time named in the order of the tNomnis.-doner direct
lug it to he done, the Mayor is authorized to employ any other per. I
sonor persons to execute the Mine or to furnish the materials upon 1
Much terms as he may deem expedient ; in which event the contractor )
or contractors ho failing shall he responsible to this corporation for j
any loss or damage it may sustain thereby, and the Mayor may ?t his I
discretion annul the contract of such contractor or contractors.
feb 10 saw Mar r JaMB? (J. iikkrkt, Msjror. j
Hopanito proposals will l>o rotvivod for krepinn i
ilia pump-* in rojvair for the 3 o.ir to the nat I'faction of tho Conjmissioncr'H
of Improvements of tin4 Hovnral dlntrirts. Hi.la will state
tho prieo per pump cadi. Tho contractor to furnish materials of
every kind which may be required by g.iid Commissioners for all re
jKiirn, both abovo ami below tin4 surface, nud cleaning out the wolln,
and uUo paving around the pump .
WAfun.wroJr, January 2fl, 1850 '
i)S THK PF.TJ HON* of Junius O. Holmes, of Charleston, K. 0., pray
lug h?r the extni mi of a i-nb iit granted to lilm tho ^4th of September,
1M44, for an Improvement in 4 chairs for'invalid*," for Mdveii
years from the expiration of said patent, which took place on the
24th day ol September, 1858. Such application being made in virtue
of ?u act of t'ongrc s, approved 25th January, lh50, entitled "An act
for the relief of Junes (i Holme "
It is ordered that the said petitiou be heard at tho Patent Olllre on
Monday, the 4th ot April next, at 12 oYbw k , m.; and all per-onn are
notitied 1 appear and show cause, if any Ih s have, vvhv aald p? li
(ion ought lot b> he granted
Perenfxi-ing tke ettensiou are required to lUe hi tho Pal nt
I Kite.- their > i-tions. -jHsially -el fort lb iu \viitin>'. at b-1 t twenty
llavs bei'H tin hsy of hear in all to. linmny (lied by either party to
be us- -I at the aid hearing mn.-t be taken und'trnii^iiitfpd hi Accord 1
Mice with the rule of the oflhe, which- will lie furnished oti npf>lf<"t j
IV. Ii
The t- timony In the rase wiij bo closed on the '4Int of Man h depo |
siti'ih-', add Other p ipers relied upon a-lertmbtiy ,'must be tiled ill tin ,
ill. oil >r bef. I'e'tbv in< nVjne of I?_.jt da4 |Im argUnieuis, it any. ' 1
IV|lV|iu ten dijy* tber'eaft' r
Ordered, also, that t(ps notice in. published |<i tho Cn|00> j
Ion, I). <\,iiiid I'eitifylvanlun, Philadelphia, Pa , ??nco 11 w< ek b?r three '
nek? the pr-1 ol aid publications to be at least sixty days before
1 he ith "f April 11-vt, !??' d i> of h 1 rim. .
f'ommi^bmPr or patent".
P. 9. Kditor of the above paper* will pbuio* copy. and rend their
bill * lo the Patent??fTl? with u pripor < .nt.lining tbi- noth
Jon 27- lawflvr
Ijtou 1
pm?IH)rt.\l.rt FOR MAIL HALF.
l?rni? I^r.timKSiT, .Ihu 17, 185V.
SK VI >.I fltopt tSAl.S will bu re< a. vd hi this dcpartun-ut uuill mu
*'ottcK, a. m tin* 2j|h May of Apt tl next, for furm-dong t?*i' lou
rifH f???iw (bo br&i nay ??i July next. >u nuch puuiitite a and at ?*
4'n??- .in limy i?? required and ordered for the service mail bays
Jin following dcacriplam to wu
('i?nu Mail Hag* or Siuk.<
dtta Ko I (4'.\ in< he* in length anil ti2 niche* in circumference,
o hi* made o| rot ou ? aoia* weighing ul least fifteen OUIMO* to th
yard of 22 inches width ; the thread of (he svarp ami weft to t>
?oi)i{HMi4atl of live yum* each.
Pixo No 2 -(41 l??rhei iu length ami 4Himh<-ln r I reu inference,) t
lie nwlr of nrttoii rauviM weighing at lea-t fourteen oou> to Ih
yard of 2 .f? iiichei width the tlirea If ?*t the warpaint weft to h
-oiiMHMfl i f foui' yarns each
Hixe So H -(32 im-hea la lengthen I dbioehe* la rirgamlcreitcr t
ye m ule of rottim r.inva- weighing a 1?? t eight witice* to the van
jf Hi inoh< ? wide the thread- of ih warp and well to be oofujMJ*'
?f three yarns each
The rnuv;u Iki|* of ei/e.s numbered 1 ami 2 are U> he iit.de with
Sibling or he in at the top of two Ittrho* wide ii|*vi which a sulth ten
tutnher (at lei.-t ten to iUw former and eight to (be tattof) of eyeU
tiole* are *oIh wrought . and limy are to h s provided with good an
o?lh? lent In inp eord to luce ami tie them strongly. All are to b
?vi II uiarkud, inridu mid outside, lT. S Mail.'' in large ami d.-tim
I.i>uh> r ami f lanwoj M<ul PpuekM.
S?/.1 No. I 4K lurheh in le igth and AO inches In circumference
Si/.e Ko. 2 41 do do 4H do do
Mill' N'o. 3 dd do do 41 do do
Si A' No \ .Ml do do :w do do
Hire No. h?20 do do *2K do do
The body of the leather |XMichCH id to be in.idrt of gopd ami sul
daut al hag leather, well tufin d, weighingj for *1 a-- numbered 1 uii
i, not |o?? than eight ounces, ami for the milliliter Hues md Irs* tha
Hup to bo 01 gomi xkirtiny leather, well tanned : lit? seam* to t>?- we
iriil tr?vi?gly secured with the best iron rivet* well miiiumI.
Tim caiivu* poochc* ?r<* U> ?b?* in.tdo of cotton ^canvas, den* el
woven, no it* t<? resi t \v.?tor, wc'ghiug, for pouches of ?!/ No. 1, tu
kf* than 25 oime.es to the yard <4 "U undies width. or 17 nuncfM to tb
yard of 21 inches width . fo? pouch** of size No. 2, not less tlia
20 ounce* to ||m yard of '25 inches width : for pouches of mz No. J
iu>t less than 18 ounces pa tin- yard tit 22 inof c . width , tin- (lit <*;i?t
uf tho warp uud weft t?? bo composed of at least live yarns oacl
Tho caucus pouches, ot Ues numbered 1 and 5, are to bo tuadc <
L*o4tou vuiivu-i weighing not h-a* than 14 outlet's to the yard of 1
lucltt'H w idth, nor less than '22 ounce* to tho yurd ??t" 30 hieliea widtl
tho thread* of tho warp and weft tu ho composed of at leu t for
yarns ouch.
L&Alher and Cat leas 1 forte-M nil flay*
8iz No. 1-?liotly 48 inches lou^ and 21 inches wide lu tho wide;
parts ; end*or bottom* ofHauto la-lug- 14 by 20 Inches.
Si/;- No. 2 iJody 45 inches loug and 18 inches wide in tho wide,
part* ; ends or bottom* of same taring 12 by 24 ine.hr:-.
S Ms No. 3 llody 42 iiiohe* long and 10 iuehe* wide in the wide;
parts ; ends or bottom* of same being 10 by 20 luebcs.
The leather horse mail bugs are to bo made of good and sub.-tui
tial bag leather, well tunned, weighing not h-s* than seven ounce* I
111 ' square foot, and the .seams to he well and strongly sewed, or,
riviled. to be *o done as not to chafe horse or ridor.
Tin- canvas horse mail bags are to he made of cotton canvas lib
that-described for the larger sized pouches.
Propositi* for improvements in the form or construction of uny ?
the above described bags uud pouches, or iu the materials thereo
uro Invited, uud the relative value and adaptation to tho service, i
well as spec,died price ol uny such Improvements, will he cousiderc
in determining the lowest and best bid.
All the articles contracted for are to he delivered at the expense <
the contrariety iu llostou, Ma**.; New York and Albany, N. Y.; Phi!;
delphia and Httshurg, Pa. ; Huttimoro, lid. ; Washington, I>.
Hlciimond. Vu. ; ltilcig'o, N. 0. ; Char lesion, S. (', ; Savannah, <!*
Mobile, Ala. ; New Orleans, l.a. ; Kuoxville, Nashvilb), and Memphi
To mi. I/uilsville. Ky. , Cineiutiuti, Ohio ; St. Izjuis, Mo. ; and Cli
cugo, 111., ia such quantities, and at such such time* as the d;
partmcut may require uiul order ; and they are to be rigidly inspectc
belbre delivery, and none .'ire to be received which shall lie iuiWiu
iu any respect, to the sprr-imetw adopted a* the *jandurd bag*.
The piojKHais *b-M;ld *, ei ifv the price of each article proposed I
he Turnidled. No proposal w ill be considered, if not. necoinpanic
Willi specimen* or sample* of each article bid for, allowing tl
construction, size, and quuHiy of materials and workmanship ujtnrei
and also w ith a written guarantee from ihe persons proposed as sur
tlwa, (whose responsibility must be certified by the postmaster of tl
place where they reside,) that they will become responsible, on n
llcimii bond, for the due performance of the contract, iu cum* sin
proposal hi' accepted.
The specimen* or samples must be delivered at tbl* department ?
ir iM-iorr u.?- - ??u u?* m-... .mm, ai.-?
O Mitpaiiied the accepted proposal* will, In connexion v. itU suo.li pr
p.v*.?ls, form tin* bu-ls of tho contract* to In* nude. Kvcry specimt
submitted should be well hikI di-tim tly marked with the number<1
noting Its mzc, ami have uilixc.t t?> it a sample of the materials, (eai
vas or leather,) of which It h made. Ail specimen* dc|?odted t
bidder* which ran, with safety and convenience, be used inthe in
sorvlco, will he paid for at the prices hjiccI licit in the proposals re I
ling same.
A d. . ulloii on the bids will he made <hi or before the third ilav
.May next , and the Accepted bidder or bidders will be required
enter Into contract, with sufllciont bond and sureties, on or 1)
fore the t wMify-tird day of June next.
T?>enable Wider* to vriimato the number of the different kinds
mail bugs which will probably he required, they are informedth
(Here were furiii-hed for the me of the department during the ye:
Which ended '10th Julie hyst : I'-MlaO canvas mail bags ; 3,110 Icath.
mail pouches ; 4,400 canvas mail pouches, and .rH)0 horse mail bag
The proposal* should he endorsed outside, <'{*r<'pOHuU b?r M.
Hum,"and bo a<t<lroH?od to the"hMma-dor <} neral."
AARON y. WlOiy.V,
Jan ]9 law 12yv J'outupwter i?onera|.
[No, ?:io,]
Hy the PreM.le.it of the United States.
T JAMES IIUC11 AS'AN, President of the Unite
| . States of America, in pursuance cf the provisions of tho act
C ingresK en'ltled "An act in relation to the lauds sold in the (Jrcen
burg, late St. Helena, land district, hi the State of IxiiiisiaiiA, and mi
thoriz.ng tbe rcnurvey of certain lands in said district," approvt
August 211,1 S4'2j and of tho art* of Congress authorizing the sale i
the public land*) do hereby declare and make known that a pub!
sale will be hold at the I ami oilier at (Jkkknhuc no, in the State
Is?? jviana, commencing on JUwulay, th*. *rond tlfiyof Jfqg ft
tIn--ale of the unappropriated and vapaiff trait* pf public land *i
q it 'll within tip-limits of tip- follovying nmqeU township* and fru
lion.il tuwnnhtptf, ucpordjug lo the approved pint* rosurveved, i
v? II1
South of the f>w line and v<*t ofth* princijMil mer'uluin.
Townships 1, 3,~nnd 4. and fractional townships 5 and 6,
range 1.
Townships 1, 2, rind 3, and fractional township 4. of range 2.
Town liij* 1 una 2. c? l iinge 3.
Fractional townships 1, 2, and 3, of range <1.
Fractional township 1, of range 5.
South of th' Uise tine and east of the principal meridian.
Township- 1, 2 :i. 4 5, fl. and 7, of range 1
'{' ovvn.-dnps 5 6, and 7 of range 2.
Towpahiim 6 and 7 of range II.
'fuiffisUipH Iff A, anil 7, and fractional township 8 of range 4
Fruvfionul town-ldp H, of npige 0
d'ovpi-hip ft, of .range B
Fractional jown?Mp?< land ?, qf range %
Townships 4, a, A, and 7, and fractional township 8, (|f range |0
f ?wd.hIi|p ft, of range 11
i ruMUnnt township 8, of range VJ,
Township 0, of range 13.
Jjiuda covered by OoitUrutod private claims, appropriated by lm
for tlui u*0 uf schools, military, and other pm*|io*c8, together with tl)
' rtivat.ip ah I overflowed,' granted to the .State by the ai ts of t <?r
grt'iCH approved March 2. 1*40. and September 28, 1850; also, a
those tracts for which the patents have been U*ued or applied for b
the day appointed for the commeucom lit of the sale, or wliich sha
not have homi Anally acted upon by that time, under the provide)
of the act of 2dth August, IS42, hereinbefore mentioned, will he e.
tl tided front th uile.
The olVerlug of thuabo\ e mentioned lands v\iil be commenced on tli
d;i> npptiluted, and will procetMl in the order in which tlioy are a,
verti < ?!, until the whole shall have he in offered, and the sal n flu
dosed, hlit the sale shall not be kept open longer than two week
and no private entry of an\ of the lands ^ill t>o admlc|rd tihl^I aft.
|'be e plration of the Iwd weekai
(,iv.-n under my'hand h| tlio r\\y of A\u MngUWi, Uift I lib da> <
Uupary \un?? |*?iijiuj ohe t||p.i-and eight hundfed and tyfty-nin<
MM^v lt}T('in\%\.,
Jl> the pfcHi lent \
Tip>s ifHKihim M,
Fomtni-s.uner of the (lenoral f/ind office.
F.vory person entitled to the right of pro etnptlon to any of tli
lands within the townships and fractional township- above rnentlonc
in required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register nil
receiver of the proper land office, and m tl: jHti/m.-nt. therefor as soo
a* prai fit nllp after tteeing thii notice, and belore (ho day appojntc
for the comniencetiient of the public sale of the lands) ombr?uil)
the tract claimed ; otherwise tnirh claim will ho fhrfoitntl,
Commissioner of the ODuernl l?aml Office.
Noie Under the regulations ?d' the department, as heretofoi
and now e\i|titig, no payment can bo undo for advertising proclaim
lions except to sfiCh publishers us nro *}cd<tlly authoriznt to jnibl.s
by the Commissioner of the lieter.'il I,and Office.
.fan 10 lawidw [Int&Htar]
Wafitinoto.v, January 17, 1851).
oY Till' I'l ll l'InV i.f I... K. - n.l. ii n.d TnL. I Vi?l,i ,.i T?...
plcton, Mnpraying f??r the xteindonofu | talent grunted to thru
tin- 26l 1> April, 184for nn improvement in imohino for tnukin
match splint*, vVv . for sovon years from tin expiration of Maid patent
which takes on the 'ifllh duy of April, 1851'
It Li ordered licit the xnhi |Hiitiott ho heard at the Patent Ofllce 01
Momhn the 4th of April next, at l'J o'clo. k, in.; ami all persons ar
untitled h> appear and ?bo\v cause, If any they huvo, why (taid poti
lion ought not to be pi anted.
lVivon-MppiM ng Hi 'o\f< udon are retpilrc I t*? ule m the Paton
'Mlh'e their nhji i Hon*, - peel illy si t forth in writing, at leu-t ivvMit'
days before the day <H he irinp: oil testimony file a by either part'
to 1m uaod at the said hearing nkust V? I Jke>u and transmitted in a? cord
anr.e with tKoihih coPtlm office, Vrhi< h will he furnished ou itpidhu
tto-i ' '
The testimony iu the i i?c will ho clo-od (U1 ' ?< u'ld of March; de
po#fttan?, and m I mm paper rtdfod a- tesliiti nr; nnWl We fifed h
the idlh a ou '*f hel ire tilt* Midrhilu; Ol tb.it day1 the aivilio.lit , it nltV
MlM'l ?. rf, fhhreani? 1 A 1 n
o/h. led il rh.u thiH uotjeo h published in \ly tipcm, Washing
l'>n, !? t and I'o.j It. 'i-m'j o'nye a yyeet for ^hroc wcejp the \\r?\ u
-.aid puhli. ' I tot 18 to. he uf ly asj dgys \y fuie |h? Ol \prfl nyxl
^Ijc illi]| of lj a; jny
Ounioi loner of Patents.
P. M Editor- of the above papts will plea/e copy, nnd hoi id thel
hill- to the Piiiont Oflh'o, with a paper containing this notice.
Jan Id Inwltw
riMIK AMKHHWN M.MAN AC I'Mt i?.y. ivi..
| >1 hnmri ?l !-. .111.I r< ' .1 ,.I ' ' 1
Pllll J' V BooWiMoro,
bin J7 SJi Penn avenue between 8th and 10th
I 1
1 1
: ,J~ 111 " ? ' ~?;? ' m
* Thirty-Fifth Congreas--Necond Nrmloit J
fa M
'11m VICK PRESIDENT laid before the Senate n cum "
u muiiliatioii from t)i? itepurtiiieut of State, tiuusmittiiig, "
in olwdicnce to law, statements <howiui{ the number ami J1
" ! designation of passenger* arriving in the Dotted States ; i
, 1 which was read and ordered to lie printed
I h
? | aauiui-t, sn\ M
'IV following memorial* and petitions were presented ii
i and appropriately referred < o
n ; By Mr. SEWARD Front citizens oi I'avloi county, '
I ' Iowa, asking that the public lands may tic laid out in ri
[ farm, for the free and exclusive use of actual settle) tl
, ; liy Mr BIUI.KK From .loiin It. Ik-niin, relative to j c
t ' his pre-emption right* under a contract to carry the mail ' n
I from Highland, In Kansas, through Nebrasl.?, to the J U
N'yowuy river : ti
liy Mr. JONES From residents ami citi/.cns of tin w
i northern twenty-eighth township of Kossuth county, and ! ('
' of the west hull of Hancock and Winnebago counties, j
Iowa, asking the annexation of that jtortion of the Stale , ii
jj to the Turkey river land district. ( h
u Also, from memls'is of the bur of S. ott county, lowu. ti
I asking that the terms of the Vnited Ktutea distiict court, n
II now held at ioiva cit\, may ho held at Davenport
y By Mr. FITVH From Arciiibald Henderson, askiic ii
t tube allowed a pension for servicea in the war of 18 12. p
' Mr. ItAYAIID, from tho-Oommittee on the .ludiciary, h
, to which was referred the bill for the relief of Anne K. p
f Hromiugh, widow of the late John W. Bronaugh, re- t]
11 jiorteil it without amendment, aud recommended its (wis- t
'r ... . ,,, f , 1.
Also, Hula me same conilliiiicc, ui wincu wus innira
thu Iiill in addition to the nets which prohibit the slave (|
,l trade, rejioited it back, without any recommendation
( whatever. As to the details of the hill there was much
difference of opinion, and at this late period of the ses- (.
t sion it would be inexpedient to take up the subject. j
Mr. .IONKS, from the Committee on i'ensions, asked
to be discharged from the further consideration of the ||
ir bill for the relief of .lames Albiirtsoli ; which was agreed
" u
' Sir. KI It'll, from the Committee on Printing, reported (|
j- a joint resolution in relation to the printing of the House
f, of itepresentutives. s
' j Mr. PITCH explained the object of the resolution, and ^
' it was considered and passed. *
,i [it provides that after the expiration of the present
c session, when the annual message of the President with (j
accompanying documents, repeat of the Secretary of the
j,' Treasury on the state of the finances, the report of the
i coast survey, the agricultural and mechanical report of j
''j the Patent Office, report 011 the commercial relations of 0
the United States with all foreign nations, and the lepoil
of the ltcjjents of the Smithsonian Institution are or- ji"
dried to he printed by either house of Congress, the
House fo ordering shall immediately notify tho other j
i i I lout"', and the Superintendent of Public Printing is di !
reeled in all eases where any one ot more of the aliove : v
doeiinmnts has lieen ordered to lie printed by liotli Houses |j
[ to witliliohl and not execute the order of the House last j
| making it. and that in no ease shall more than I,dot) of
hi [ the above named documents be printed, under the pro- |
'j | visions of lids resolution, unless the printing of actrn j
? nunitiers lie ordered by either House, and the i,.r?5t) as j
e ' regular iiuiiiIktm shall he distributed by the off icers of the
" House first ordering the printing. |
Mr. HACK, from the Committee on the Post Office and ^
, l'ost Howls, to which was lelerred the adverse decision of !
the Court of Claims in the ease of Arthur Kdwards, sub- j (l
mltted u repot t, accompanied liy a hill for the relief of | i
Arthur Kdwards and his associates. j ^
TIIK ruw I..\ II AM' UlWiOMATM; AII llOl KI ATI OA Ull.L. 11
of !
"I i On motion by Mr. HI'.STICK, the Senate proceeded to
,r | tho consideration of the consular nnd diplomatic appro- ; "
i priation bill. Several minor amendments wore adopted,
,il ; one of thorn being to Htijke out the appropriation for a
| consul at Hjinodur in <lapan
Mr (.'MY moved to stilko out. the appropriation of ,
,(100 to enable tho President to carry into effect tho ! v
not of Congress of March ,'t, 1810, and any subse- ?
; ipient acts now in force for tho suppression of tiio slave !
1 trade, and insert $45,000 in lieu thereof. Mr. said :i
d tliu thirty thousand dollars weie expended in food and I
clothing nnd education for the negroes who had been ^
taken from captured slavers nnd returned to Africa. Ho
.,i had refused to vote for the agricultural college hill, deem- '
uf ing it without any warrnut from the constitution for tho
r government to expend its moans in educating white peo- ; s,
,, pie, ami ho could see no reason why we should educate ;u
i negroes.
'' i Mr. H1UIWN thought it was n it an act of humanity 3|
by any means to send back these negroes. 'Their eondition
would lie much better here than it would in Africa ; ,
they would he delighted to remain here, for, in tholr own !
11 country, instead of being kidnanpod freemen, they wero 1
ransomed sjuvc_ and convicts. They were, however, not
allowed to remain, but they wore seized, put on slri[>board
and sent out of the country, and now Congress is
asked to foot the bill, without even Hie shadow of authority
from the constitution. jje thought it would he I
pincli bcttyr (o repeal the lav\ of p'1(1.
\fr. MVNTFP did not see how objection could Is' made ' a
to this item, f"Y the money had been expended under a t
contract mad'' I'Y the President with the Colonization i
Society to take care of those returned Africann The
President was authorised bv tlie law of ]ftin to provide
for the safekeeping, support. nnd removal beyond the ! t
| limits of the United States of any such negroes, niuiattoes,
or jrersons of color as should ho brought ! *
I vitliin our im itiilief iott lie bcincr eont.iirei) froo. ..Vn. i'
i arid employ a proper person to receive Ihoni and return , I'
11 tliein to their own eouptiy. Acting under this law, the ' p
jj President was bound to remove the negrien; and what | tl
were we to do w ith them to cast them on shore in their , o
r own land to perish ' Although he did not see that there j li
was any express power given 1>y the vpmdUution to rstuh- | d
lish a school for thrfl\, or empower nnylmdy else to do it, | b
is yet, if (honov.prto oppress (lie -.layc trade was conxti j a
s futjonul. there must he niciyns provided to take some rare j c<
r ! of these people ; they ought tyut I > lie turned on shore , ai
(l 1 (o stai ye. Everybody sees that it Is the duty of the gov- i si
i eminent to give them temporary support ; and who Is to*| it
I judge how long that shall last ? if it Is not iineonstltn j U
i (tonal to Rnp|iort t liemone day, or one week, we have jn*t ol
as inueli authority for maintaining them a year. Tidily W
thon-and dollars have Iwen expended for this lyuppyic and p
woithy object ; and as for education, it was tly mgld that h
"J some Instruction in the useful ty ji, ivoyykl cnnYde then the si
,i better to take care of ^ly^ivjVOH. Wc could not undertake ?l>
a to restore theHi to their homes, for uohody knows wliere \
' their homes iveru j It would require us to send tlioni into
" the Interior of Africa, perhaps, to places that have never II
been explored. Wo cannot do that ; we must return fi
! them somewhere on the coast, and it is but just that wo ta
i' ; should give theni sonio asaistuuee to prevent them from ai
1 ' perishing. tl
'' : Mr. KI'JiSENDKN remarked that if these Africans were t(
; to lie returned to tin; places from which they were ta
- i ken, tlicy must lie put into the barracoom of the sluveI
dealers on tlio coast of Africa, where t?.?>y would only lie c<
j sold over again into sh>\e?y. "liiere was no humanity
about that ill nil.
Mr. KtASON said that tlio President was bound tu .?ory J
out the law, but that did not luithoiiy lorn to provid" i
for their maintenance, still lees for iliuir cducuMbn utter I II
" they liad lauded. 'l'L?> bargain which the President hud j
made wag from huiunne motive* ; but ho thought that i en
, ttio education they would receive at l.iheiia was most 1
1 liUflly to render these ucgrogtt unlit to \eturu to the life | tv
' , before them. They v.'.vy to return to savagisin : ruvl tin
chances were very great that whateversurveillance might ^ ,e
j Lc exercised over them hy the Colouu itlon Society, one- di
i half or twn-t birds of tin in would run otf and go l*ick Into
, the b\tt;h fo i M-n^e t\te restraint* ui civilised life. pi
, Mv- Cd lXi.M \N Stated that it wtw to t>e expected tli
that the pi midcut would take the necessary stejis to pro in
( serve tin livt-* and existence of these people ; am' thenj, v,
fort) he had made this contract. If he hie1 made f\a provision
for them, but bad sUur?!y turned thatuiidiift.be sc
would liave been cothnired, atu'l iv^tly censured. He bad 1M
, acted iiO'V. humane mtrtitCB, and had endeavored tu CUI - tl
Yy out the n,,y, wldeh was one of diliiculty. In ?o doing, at
I.a may have exceeded his eonstittlttoival l>0\vcr* , but this ni
, is hy no means a soljUp'X t'Va1 \>hei. humanity lias gi
prompted acts not ffrk tly and explii it 1 y authorised by g?
! tlie constitution, Honv years ago, hlpwreciuxl .1?- n>
i pape e were treated with hospitality and sent bat k to in
Notice lu duoitribtii.
Pijneat fnr mtbrcrlfitWDi dioi'I be ntidclnvkrlat ly la K>v?uri ( il
ig pi v m U tii lit i-ouln. il i ll ut 11 * i tt tttftuu i'l ttiu l*r ?4
0 or Ut I far uuli - ri-ti v i t'i u ill l*i |i\ 111 U? km .*i rll 11 a
tw i tl rtr tuliMi1|il imw ?ra ibni1 in o p n.
Hi'iui uii* n by nicui will b? kl t li?? I nk of lln ?uWi 111 < - r i- "1 il uol
ill ptiba b?r of tin' t'uum.
<|o*ro I il.iy $0 '-il I 1 miliar* - UUMidi* " W
da 1 walk I lb I I di. 3 Iitiiuflu 'U 111
|||| m w ei'kn ... 3 0# I I ill! Uiuiiulbn. ..Ill I#
do 1 ill.mill ?.| oil I I do I yi'.u I II lid
liptit luiil or Icjs aiiiko ? i|iittii ; li iiyrr 111 t* i1181 n i*lil> I' I 'm!
ruportHMi, mid all piyibl*' ku iilmuiv. atiy ?*ilk-rfi i'm* hiiIi iiiI 18
rlc? or It)rn:r n weak will In' cburyt d 37 b rinls pi'I -ipiui f li'f Iin'll
rtlon after the ir?t AdverlUeiuenl* out? H Wit k m lln ilwli I'll
uU per iii|aire for cotb uira-rliou. Special uulliIB cUaryi-it iU<wt<ld
m foragoiug ratal.
heir native country Hi some Considerable ex pee
.new of no constitutional provision whicli authori d
hat to be (tone, Ixit nobody olfeitcd to it Appro
.nation wi'iv a!ho frt*<|ni-ri11 v made fOt the Mm
lies of men who die in flu- publl * rvi, e , and
t would be difficult 'to And any constltutiohnl
loviaion to authorize the (payment of the U|K'mm
acurred in conveying ihu remains of n ilzcoaat*i iin iui i
f Congress to his hoiue. There were many things oi
liia sort which were tacitly admitted without authority
roni tlie constitution. Now, perhap. (his case wo|dd
ad to some modification Of the law . Iiilt, Inasmuch ai
lie Prealdent liud limply done what the common id. ? <u
umanity required of him, and had made a contra, t
hieh Btiindh aa valid, Mr. 0 wan riot <lts|cosc?l to i han ;e
t, and should tie obliged to vote against the amendment
I Ida frieud bom Alabama.
ill i \ KHSt*iNr lemarked (li.tt the l'rebidelit had n >
ight to go U-yond the law . and, if the law did let an
tioii te him to support and educate these African, th
ontruet which he imule was not binding upon tlie govern
tent?it wus nwli and void Suppose lie had though I
liat lienevolenti' required liiiu, instead of sending them
1 Aftiva, to support and educate them in this country
ould a contract to that effect iiave tieen binding upon
odgrtchb ?
Mr. OLTNOMAN would admit that tin. ruator mi^' t
imgine a good many things which the 1'rcaiJi at- might
ave done, that In- would not have been willing to Tine
ion ; but in this case, inasmuch us tiie contract las Ucit
uide in good faith, we had better carry it out.
Mr. ISStidlTI K undertook, to prove that idbcilik w.m
l a flourishing condition, and was a tine place for colored
eople to live in : hut lie never expected that tlie time
ould conn when the entire colored race in this country
liould be removed tliere. It was necessary that there
lioutd be un outlet nearer ut liund. lie commented on
lie speech of Mr. BkxJamin the other day its in favor of
lie African slave trade. That senator hail denounced
lie apprentice system and the coolie trade, and yet ho
ad said that it was necessary to coutiuue the system of
ouipulsory labor in Cuba, lie would ask that senator
coin what source he expected to get his supply of couiulsory
Mr. llKNMAMIN regretted that the senator from Wi.
onsin should so totally have misunderstood his remark
Ie hail said nothing in favor of the African slave trade
s 11 menus of supplying Cuba with ialior ; but what lie
Ul say wag that Cuba must either lapse into barbarism,
r that a supply of compulsory labor must be obtained
or that island by the introduction of the beneficent svs
tin now existing in the southern States to an extent that
.ill secure such a natural increase of slave labor as will
ultice for production. This was to be obtained, not from
d'rica, but by natural increase and intercourse with tlm
juthcin States.
Mr. DOOLI'iTLK was glial to iind that he had mlsttu
crstood the remarks of the senator, lie went on at
onsiderable length to discuss the subject of slavery.
.Mr. I'UOH suggested to hiin that if lie wanted the bill
o puss the best way would he to avoid the introduction
f collateral topics.
Mr. DOOLI'ITLK accepted the suggestion, and waived
art her remark.
Afr. (T.AV briefly replied, and read doeuincnts toproic
bat Liberia had been a failure.
Mr. WILSON referred to secret organizations in the
outh to reopen the slave trade, and stated thai he be
ieved it was impossible in some places to get a grand jurv
o convict, a man of Hint crime. He bail been informed by
. gentleman who was formerly a member of tVngr
hat lie was Kuiprised at the unanimity of foiling anion,
lie people of the (Julf States in favor of the reopening r-V
he slaie trade.
Mr. HAMMOND had no doubt but that there were
rune people who wished to reopen it -; but front tho in
intuition be hod received, lie thought that nine-tenth ;
t tho people of the Routh were utterly opposed to it ;
ud the more the question was discussed, the fewer would
here be in favor of the reopening of that trade. As to
be remark about grand juries not convicting, be would
aforru the senator that dinlmr the last we -k the Lrmod
uries in both Charleston and Havana ill had found true bills
gains! persons who it was alleged had participated in tho
Jiiean slave trade.
Mr. WIIJ90N was glad to hear that such were tbo sen
iiiRiils of the senator from South Carolina, and he had
0 doubt but thev were correct; but still there was a
Igorons and active party at the South who wished to re
pen that traffic.
.The question being taken, the amendmcut wits not
greed to?yeas 12, nays 40?as follows :
YEAit- Chesnut, Clay, Davis, Kitzpitlriclc, JIaiumuuJ, Iver ii
Julm-oii ?f Teunosjoo, M isuii, Rets, Tl??u]>suo of Kentucky,
ihuuIi* , nn I Wsrit 12
NY AH?Messrs. Allen, Hates, llell. ltenjamlii, liiglcr, flri.-ht, Drixtlel:,
Cameron, Clninller, Clark. CriUeiulen, Vixen, Hoolitllc, Don
is, lt'irkee, K. sseinlen, Cilell, (Sreen, ltale, Ilallilin, llarlan,
1 Hist en, llnnter, Jones, King, Maltory, t'earee, Colic, I'ugh, llice,
want, gliielila, ibuituoiui, iSIHloll, Siuilh, Trtiiubull, Wade, Wilson,
ad Yiiloo 40.
The hour having arrived for the consideration tf tlio
pedal order, the further consideration of tho bill was
The Senate proceeded to the consideration Of the bill
taking appropriations to facilitate the acquisition of the
dnnd of Culm by negotiation.
Mr. THOMPSON, of Kentucky, inade a long speech in
p[>ObiUon to tho bill, lie regarded the whole sthenic o
t tempting to acquire Cuba as ill-timed and uncalled foi
ii the first place, Spain was unwilling to sell ; and i'
lie was not wo have not got the money to buy lbbought
it would ruin the trade of New Orleans to ann \
'uba, for Havana would be the terminus and the place "
rnnshipinent, being nearer to Europe, and New Orlc m,
ottld dwindle into insignificance iet some of the towns in
be West have done in consequence of the opening id new
hapncU of trade, lie referred to the purchase of lout
lima a* ft good trade ; then we got a magnilleeut empire
>r fifteen millions, and afterwards when wo purchaseI
loriilu we <li<l pro My well ; although tlio whole Stain, it
nt. up now and sold at unction, would not more than paylie
expense of the Indian wars, lint the idea of glvlm
no hundred and iilty or two hundred millious for iho
ttle island of Culia was preposterous. If that slvuttld be
one, no luan eould tell how much tho govornxoent would
e obliged to s|>eiid 011 her to put her in pro|>er trim for
member of tlio American family, lie thought 0111
wintry was about large enough, now, and if we keep on
iincxing it would tall to >>ieoes of its own weight. Wo
lould tic like some farmers lie knew of who ownel so
nieh land that. tney were ruined by the taxes thev hail
) pay on :d. He proceeded to draw a humorous picture
I the way Cuba would he Americanized. Some iillilm-t
us from this country would go there, and one would
r-yhups Is'come the overseer of a rich widow and marry
or and get her plantation ; another would gmtiate him
df Into the good graces of the daughter of some Bpnnidi
on, and before they knew what they were alv>nt, the
incrieaus would linvo the whole island.
Mr. T. mode Home remarks about tlio Pacific milroad
[wiry Clay, the next presidency, the democratic plat
irm, tin: Catholic religion, and various other Incidental
>picH, and interspersed his speech with many anecdotes
id liits at men and things, which kept, the Senate. ami
in crowded galleries in almost constant laughter. Owing;
> ill health, he was obliged to remain seated during hit
S>ech. When I10 had concluded?
Mr. CHANDLER obtained the tloor ; and, after the
mslderatlon of executive business,
The Sciyiko adjourned.
No (pioriim having appeareil at the opouJng r>; tl,,
Mr. DAVIDSON, of I<ouisiana, moved that thero hi a
ill of the House ; which motion was agreed to.
'liic roll was accordingly called, when one hundred im>?
rcnty-six im minus answered to their names'.
Mr. JONKN, of Tennessee, moved that all furthu pro
tilings undn Urn call be dhqienwd with ; which im>ti m
d not prevail.
I he names oi the til",,ntees wore then rqiorW far tlio
lrj.oso ot Iieai'e,,, i.xouses Afle.i some tim* ?ne,,l
in maon'.,f| ,1 motion prrniH Ihnt nil futther propped
VSIvVr the (iitl ho <ii- penned with nud the journal ol
sterday wan rem I.
(Whilhl the doom were cloned, the well-known leec* <>t
vural i lliriont lopreKoiitnlivun were oWrved ]>rn?iii|
[aiiibt the glnn* window* of the nmiti entrance door, And
10 Kellerics wrro >.*!;?< ? <! hy oltierx, wlio were luixhmtli
vuitinK nn opportunity to remiine their bdMm. One
emliei inovi'd Hint Ida ooltonffiui lie ervWiM-d, on tlio
onnd Hint lio wiw kniH Uin|( fit tin- door ami Coulil Hot
it in Am it In i hoped the penult im of thenh?ent would
it U' imponeil upon Ida friend, wluun ho believed to K
i the Afrrirnltiirnl t'ommittee room, ttttindiii' to tie

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