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A! ifi? t'lfjoib fnj'tffV t at; ?* ' mi. >,.i i t,.
i lllt OAiki I *\ 11 >\ will Iff pnidleh. d fT'Tt moral | (' ?
iU? *hd deHewred u? tHJ ?u i ll?r? a: I?', . la, a
y ^,3, payable u* tliq ndlecOir, T" put aeyvtor* hynaM.t ?? r
annum ii> fc* *U uiuu^ia. . Odior u4 .ike c* I par*'
g tdraara, ?111 or charged 66 par annum
X11K IKJU-WfeC-kLY t A ion,, will, k* published ? > .
a'rdaeeday and Saturday, at $g per annum for one copy, 110 f
|kIa?oupMe, iMililoi tea copes.
I'll it WbiEKM '"UNI, I i?f| large pa par for iw abi ~
(ircataiiou a III li? pafcMahad every Saturday morning at the fttl
lowing pro-" > For uot lopy, i- per auaiuiu , Uiree a..plea for 36 , at.
cgtsa for M : cupn? for gli , lawit a ?,??*. seat fa MM addraea,
gia bullae mHma* aaajr r<Mra? at aoy time.
V V i LlaKKS l)IUK( 1 < )RY
Fi \ iUI V( ID M 111!. I .< i in A LI. I'AKTB
Two through t aloe are now run dally, exuept Sunday, from AA'aali I
mgi.et for I be Waal, aa follow a :
1(1 Mud train -urla al 7.16. a. no.. (Sunday excapled,) connect
lag . In--dy at Waehlugoei Juuuttou, for t onatmi laud and Piedmont
'id. Tin' Ontlunall SI. lamia, and (Til. ago Express I'uuu.c ttmi loaves
iViuhliigVm al 8 40, p. at., roaehtny Otiefiinati Hi? mi p. m., lint dor,
url consorting dtrortly w nil stpreaa train fVr l-outsVllle, Culm, and the
(iiulkaaat. and furM. lam la, Kan**#, Ac.
Tu view tlie grand mountain scenery of the road In daylight lake ;
either Ihe 7 49. a. m., ar t.40, p. in , train from Washington, and It
over at Cumberland or Piedmont.
It.r Parker-hurg and nil eUtHihK on the North wee tarn Virginia road
Ilk* the s.io,p nl., train. Kill Marietta and Uuctnautt Railroad ukt
the same.
through prketa and baggage checks to all quarters, and every
other po-lible facility, Will he found upon thin route.
dray II I--. ngera for life main stem of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
fagd will leave Waahittgtlm oe follows :
Fur all I'lSiila between Wuatilugton Junction and I'lodmont take tho
7.66. a. m., train.
Kur all iilalloni between Piedmont and Wheeling, lake ibe 8.40,
p. m., train. To connect with the Frederick train, take the 3.40, p. m.,
leave Washington for Baltimore at fl 10 and 7.48, 0. m., and 3.40
and 4.36, a. m On flunkey al 3.40, p. m , only.
leave Halltmore at 4 30 and 8.80, a. in , und 3.30 and 6 30, p. in
On Sunday at 4.30, a. in., only.
The 7.46 uid 4.33 train- only will rtop at wily at lion* and flir An
uapohr ouNMNMfl.
llie 7 46. a m., and 3.40, p. m., are the chlefconne. ling trains for
the We-t, .nil the (1.10, 7.46, and 3.111 train- Tor the Ea-t
Fur further lutormallon luquire al the llaltiinore and Ohio Railroad
Tlekcl Office, of 1TH0SA. 11. PARSONS, Agent, Weahtngtou.
Oct! Master of Transportation, ltnlnmcre.
Vtew MM;A
rn?m WASHINGTON CITY to Vlrtfnia, Tcune?wr4', (ieorgia, Alabama,
IxmUinna. ArkaosbiA, ami Tcxa--.
Throti^li Ticket* ran l>r oblaineU at the great Southwestern Kail
road ronu r of itsnuaylvania avonue ami Sixth strtrt. Washing
ton, on board of the Steam 1 Vrr> Bout (h-orge P>?go, or at iho Office of
the Orange ?n?l Alexandrit Kullroad, at Alcxandrhi
To Richmond, Dmtvillr, Lyucliluirg, Bristol, Knoxvillc, Dal ton, ;
Atlanta,Ohattanoogu, Na. Iiville, Htintsville, Grand June
ti'Hi, Memphis Montgomery, and New Orleans.
By a Direct Route and Continuous Railway G>tmoxiot? to Memphis. j
Affording greater Expedition and Comfort, and being over 200 inlltB |
thorUT than by any other route.
The steam ferry boat Gourge Page leavoa the foot of Seventh street |
at 6 \ o'clock, a. ut., for Aluxaudriu, where passengers take tho cars for '
Richmond, Charlottesville, Stauntou, White Sulphur Rprlu^, Wood
stock, Ac., and at 7 '4 , p. n , for Richmond and all | flute Southwest, !
mtkiug sure and close connexions to Memphis.
Baggage wagon* and omnibuso* leave the office, t a. avenue, at 0 !
o'clock, a. in., and 7, p rri.
J AMD A. EVANS, Agent,
, June 18?tf Washington.
80 M M E R ARHAN G K M E N T .?The ?t*?roer j
GEORGE PAGE will run aafollowi:
I.oave Alexandria at 4, 8, 10, 12 o'ckx'k, a. m.; 2, 4, and 8 o'clock,
p. in.
Iamvc Was tup (tou at 0, fl, 11 o'clock, a. m.; 1, 3, 6, and 7 o'clock,
p. in.
The THOMAS COIJ/YT.R, when on the route, will run ' opposite
boors. Fare 13 cents.
Wfmley'H omnibuses connecting with the Page and Collyer, will
leave the Capitol, and corner of 12th street and Pennsylvania avenue,
be same time tin* boats leave Alexandria.
June 8?eod?tf RICHARD WALLACH, President.
Notice to thai ellbrs?new arrangeMENT,
K<>AI> IJNE.?Twofmt dally lines from Washington for tin* South
(?nd J|oulhwe?t. Boat* Iwvf their berth*, foot of fttli afreet, at 6?;, '
m. in., and 7>?,p. in. I'BMrn^niiy the morning boat ran obtain a ttiw
brMktHot on board and onjoy a pleasant sail of 3 ?a hours down the
beautiful Potomac, pawing in flail view of Mount Wrnon. By I ho
evening boat they insure a good >upper and a rn-t of four hours in
comfortable berth* or atato rooms, nnd arrive in Hiclimotid in time to
connect with all ttio trains for tbo South and Southwoat.
The groat southern mail I? convoyed over this route, it being 44
niilin shorter and 100 ndtoi loss raiiputding than by any other route,
[unking certain connexions to
KitradflBHtu'Mi. RiomoMi, axo PrntRsnriui, Virginia ; WrtDosr axt>
Wiunwmvx, N. C.; Grainjctiix, S. ; Afurnra, t?a.; Mosnutducky ;
am' Mnmijc, Ala., dhuwt to Nkw Okueax* and ailkoithkkn cm**
Also, connect nt Richmond with tho Danville, Southsidn, Virginia,
Ten ne?andKu-t Tennessee railroad*
Danville, Bristol, Dnlton,
Chattanooga, Iluntsville, M?mpbl*,
ljrnc.libtllg, Knoxvlllc, Atlanta,
Nashville, (irind Jitncttm, Montgomery,
and New Or loan/'.
For through tickets and further information of the route, inquire at
tho southern ticket ofllce, No. 37'J Pennsylvania avenue, one door
eaet of Browns' Hotel, or 011 board the boats, foot of dth street.
?;e<?. k. mattinly,
August 17?ly Ticket Agent.
Reprint of the liritixh Review* and Blackwood*9 Magazine.
1 SCOTT & CO., New York, continue to publish
Jm the following lending British periodicals, vi* :
1. THE LONDON QUARTERLY, (conservatlire.)
:t. TDK north british HKVIEW, (freeChurch.)
Tb-se periodical-; aldy represent the three great political parties of
Orvat Britain?whig, bury, and radical-?but politics furnu only one
feature of their character. A* organ* of the most profound writer* |
on Hcivnott, literRture, morality, and religion, they stand, as lhe> ever 1
have stood, unrivalled in the world of lettora, being considered imIU ;
)>en*able to tlw scholar and the professional mail, w hile to the inteili- ;
gent reader ot every class they tin uisli a more correct and satisfnc
tory record of the current literature of the day throughout the world i
Umui can be pos.-ibly obtained from any other source.
The receipt of Advance sheet* front tin- British publisher* gives additional
value to thee reprints, Inasmuch n* th? y ran now b placed j
In the baud# oT subscribers about u.s soon a* the original isIIUumm.
For all four of the Reviews. $8 00
Fur Murk wood V Magazine ... 3 00 j
For Blackwood and one Review ft 00 j
For Black wood and two Reviews. 7 00
For Itlark wood ihd three Reviews 0 00
For Mark wood and the four Reviews . . . . . 10 00
TAYLOR A MAURY, I*;uk*eUara,
Agent- for Washington,
Jan 8 No. U04 Ponit. * venue.
"ITott Wonderful anil llaiiitifiil."
\\TK liavc now on hand 0110 of the largest and
\\ moat verted i?tirimfiit.^ of WKHHOflTOPIC I'M 1*1 KM offered
In tin- city, on glu-i or pnper, plain and c dorod, ootwldluy of views
of the prim ip.il places of the United Riaio-.
We have, also, m great variety, F.liioit'n c ! -bruted group* "i |?rlor
and dome tic -cones, w eddings, christenings, pir-iiie-, Irr., kc.
We alio offer a tine rollortion of stereoscopic instrument*, of various
styles, mnnniaolored to our own order. These InMriuneut* and pie
lures farm the prettiest and mu*t interesting present that can he of
fere 1 to old or vming.
TAYIjBU k MAt'llY, Booksellers,
3:14 Pennsylvania avenue, agents fbr Washington of the American
?tereoseopir (Unmpany. Jan 30
D.\. CA RD1Y ELL, Ileal E <tat< and (.i nend
Commission Itroker, has taken the office, up stairs. In No.
hi i'entHylvnnla avenue, where he propose- to attend to aofmig and
buying real estate anywhere in tho t nioii, renting out and collecting
rent*, *nd procuring hou-o-t on rent or loane, or my Wtineu tppcrtabling
to real estate, with unexceptional legal #W.
file settlement of i lalms vf any description on Ih* executive de
partments and bureaus of government and Congress, and members
of Corigre- ; especially claim-of the di 'l int Add adjacent newspnp.-r
prwa ff?r subscription* and advertising, hi * experience being such a*
o liable liitu totorulsh the neces-nry forms and in-iructhui- to par
tics having such, a.s well aa attendilig to having iidviliseim-nt* in
verted in any or all of the paper- in the I>1 strict of Columbia or rise- I
where, ,m application by l? ?t-r or otherwise to him , tluta sh' ing the
experts* m % trip to theVlty, and prompt returns made.
Also, th negotiation of I?.um mi go??d rurilv, and all de-rrip
turns of husiiifM* which may properly be clar iil wider the head of .t
general commission brokerage.
lbVBsnis Hun Wn?. A. Harris, (formerly of Missouri.) I?r. A. Y.
I' tisro. M.Uol. Jo. ii. I ferret, mayor . Kic-hard Wallach, ??j , and
he proprietor* <4 Hie newspapar press generally of Washington,
Maasr- J. A ti. B. llavruport and Hon. J. R. Caskir, Richmond, Va
Rev. Wm. S. p|IImar, Alleghany City, I'a.; (M. A. T. Burnley, Frank
fort, Ky.,and John O. Morgan!, cm|., New York c.ity. Ib-c I?dtf
UHf. T. DOVE &' (X). arc now j?ro|i?re?l to execute
any order- with which they may bo favored in the
J\*. ... .v.......
(Ston ??\ itM. a/< ? door* north of I'rnnrylnuiia anmtu,)
Wh*e muy Im found a ooiiipleto aexurtnaM " duwMlafr, ami utbo
?* , Meant, ami auter fixture*. Jan 4
i-tkc. USUk. o. u. wm.? I- ACTKT.
1VMAU, MOTr, k AUTKY. Attonioy**t-Uw,
J Holly it|>rmK*, Mix,., will prmlto* In Mir HWi Omrl Iif Error*
uml Ap|h'*1m *1 ImMmn ; the Federal Court at INotiotoe ; llie Court* of
the 7th Jmlei.il IM-lri. t of Mi. i^.piil mill will ulteli.lt" Ie.tii.ii
of claim* throny limit North Ui^Uxippt. e< |>t 1* .lit
\KW II MBKK \ \Hl> r? would
ro?|M*< ifiilly call Ok* niti utHNtur imiUlrpw to hi- snj^rhr shmk
<h i>nnUT.jn-t r?*? ?l hi* wluurf on-*mh -treft and muni, ? <?n
- iiu* of arliltr mi?l yellow pifto hoard*, plunk, Jot-u, *< mrting, puling,
pat*. UHtv ke. AUa, hmnloek bonnlx, prwt, nn<l mantlffttf.
rj%rr?im. and mMrM m*k*r* are Invito Io emmme hh rhnicn va
rmy if Mh, Hkftt?ry, mitpl?\ jwiplar, wnrxlt rhrrrjr, At
Th* Aims* aiork '4 lOBbw ha? ?>* ? ?)tli crrat earn, ami
viH M *aM on tfMthta form*
fnemntN mkurr,
i*r ti -Mm i*\I vtr+*i and CM >1
?J)C 1
|A(JK IlKNT, either furiiiHlied or unfurniidied, and
r by >??' ?* for ? atiorlel party*, my houio , un Ilia curyar of
> aod Tliiril atreaU, m< U|?uil (luriug Uw U-l yo?o?u irf tonerous by
Ilou. Mr. lUuiuiood, Lullo.l tfeatva aeoiOur from Siuili Caroliu*. InIKlrrof
Not I?MMiir Mo. AIM C alrrol.
1A0K 1IKST.?Tlic Front I'urler, and Ited-Koom atF
I >.4o'l. oiar KMarll a lyur-iiw. lirug mora. Tin BhwI
ilarlrabla rvim - < lb. ?*[???, on aclouul of Ihc nr.rpcn to tlx Jo
IMiimoliia ami WlfHrJ'r Moiol AU Itu beJ rooftli In third ?tor^
all fortiiolioil AnUr K> K.llfWK.1 I. k t a( HEM fc
Nov 19 m*11 K, iiour MUi olroat.
rpo I.KT- "*>y throe-itory brick houae> So.
J| Cmtt hin <d, bet*.?n F and K. IVjm Oath roorii and garf. Refit,
Ut9 |IH|..ire no lb* peWltine 4; Nov HO? tf
X. k**t, wifli Intuit u?< Mom? and Kuroi>ran Demand.
'1U? rem-on why, Ia UmI by nature's owd prove** it restore? the
ualural rolt if permit un i Uy wilt r the hair become* gray; supplies tin
natural Ibn-l- and thu-. make* it grow oil bald hend* remove all
dandruff, itching, and In at from tin* ?<*?lp. quiet* ami loin * tip the
??or v?vai . un-l t It it a tan nil nervous headache, niul may b? r?H<d upon
lo inre all dU?mm of tin- m alp ami hair ; it will atop ami keep it from
falling nit , makes it *o(t, gU^^JT, healthy, ami beautiful, ami, if us-'I
by the young two or three tin to* a week, it will never fall or become
gray ; then, reader, reu<! the following ami Judge tor your-elye* :
ml.--"ms. (>. j. Wood k Co. Centlomen Having heard a good deal
abiwn l'r<disH<ir WwhIV Hair Restorative, and my hair belUK quite
gray, 1 iiM>le up iny mlud to Uy Mide th? prejudice* wbidi I, in coiu
imut v\uli ? gr? at m niv p. h id agam-d all manner ol patent
raodleme*, Mifl i\ abort time agv 1 commenced us lag your article tti
taut H fur myself.
Tho result ho* hoop *o very satisfactory that I am verygUul I did ho,
aud injuftie* to you, an well as for the encouragement ot other* win
may be an gr?v as 1 wan, but who having mv prejudice without my
reason-* ft?r setting it aside, arc unwilling to give your Restorative h
trial Ull tliey have further proof, and Mm best proof being ocular do
mouHtrati'Ui. 1 write ymi ibis letter, which you may show to any
mirb, and also dlreet them to no- lor turtle r proof, who am in and out
of the N Y. Wire Ratling establishment every day.
Sly hair is now its natural color, and iiinoti improved in appearand
every way, being glossier ami thicker, and much more healthy
looking. I um yours, ruflpectfully,
Corner Columbia and Carroll ata., Brooklyn.
Ijvi.NOrtrojr, Ala.. Feb. 14, 1858.
Prof. Wood?Dear .^ir : Your Hair Restorative has dona much good
in this pari of the country. My hair lias boon -lightly dluilul-diint
for aeveral yours, caused. 1 suppose, from a alight burn when 1 wzo
quit? un infant. I have been using your ll iir K violative for sh
weeks and 1 lind that 1 have a line head of hair now grow log, after having
used all other reracdh* known to no ?licet. 1 think it the nw.-i valua
hie remedy now extant, and udvise all who are alllicted tint way t<
use your remedy.
You can publish this If you think proper. Your*. *
Phi i Amu em \, rtcfd. t. 1857.
Pltor. Wood?Hear Sir : Your Ifuir Restorative is proving ttaeli
beneficial U> me. The front, and ul?o the hack part of n?y head a I
most lost its covering was in fact bald. 1 have used but two half
pint ImiUIqs of your Restorative, aud now the top of my head I- wel
studdeil with a promising crop of young hulr, and the front Is mIh
receiving it? Inmelit. I have tried other preparations without ait)
hem-lit whatever. I think, front my own personal rccenmtnciidatlou
I ran Induce many others to try it. Yours, roH|?ectfuUy,
I). R. THOMAS, 11. I).
No. 404 Vine street.
The Restorative.* Is |??t up in bottles of three sizes, viz ; large, me
dium, an small; the small holds half a pint, and retails for one del
l ir p-r botth ; the medium holds at least twenty |?er cent more it
projiortio'i than tho small, retails for two dollars iior bottle ; th<
large hold* u quart. 40 per cent, more in proportion, aud retails loi
f.l a bottle.
O. J. WOOD A. CO., Proprietors, 312 Broadway, New York, (In tb<
grai.>e\% ioik nur iwiiimt: ... ? ...... .
St. l/Mli.*, M<>.
Awl sold bv all good Druggists and Fancy Goods I)c?ler?.
Nov 18?dSffl
sale.?A fedkoforahlp in the Columbian College, for the whok
term of four ywiri, will bo xold for a little more than half price t(
any person w lulling to purchase one. The scholar-hip pay ftir room
rent and tuition, which Is $70 |wr year, 1 will noil fur $150 cash, a>
the original in worth $2f?0 or $'280.
Add re ? C ATA I.INF., care or T. B. J., Washington IV O., D. C.
Drr 9?dtT
iYo. 297 C Street, between Qlh and 10tk Streeta,
XpNUJlAVER and designer in general, mnnufac.fiJ
torcr and Inventor of tho now, Improved seal presses, watch
rue engraver, wood engraver, n?w?lc puncher, stencil otiMir, copper
plate engraver, ntid lithographer, Is prepared t?. execute engraving
on any metal?on gold, silver, brass, cupper, steel, Ac,, in as good i
workman-hip manner u* by any other -tabli-liment in the Unite*
States. The subscriber feels cnntl lout that all orders entrusted t<
him will give |M*rfeet sati-Taetion, or nochargo* mad?.
Jan B?lya kC , ki\4 kC
A VAN CAMP, DENTIST, has returned to tin
city aud resumed bis practice.
u.H.rHtinr rooms and re?ldeuce 107 F street, between 6th and 7tl
street*, 4 doors front Post (Mice. Oct 14?dlf
splendid lot of which 1* lor sale at Wagner's, Pounsylvauiii
avenue, opposite Kirk wood Houho. Framed or otherwise.
Atoo, all kind of gilt picture frame*. l*ec 5?tf
Y^ASIIINGTON insurance company.
Ctpital $200,000 !
The only company iu Washington having such a clao.se in its char
Risk* on buildings, merchandise, furniture, &o., taken at the lowes
Resides the actual capital of the company, the individual liabilit;
clause of the charter renders the private fortune of each stockholdc
liable for losses.
Othco?Conicr of Pennsylvania avenuo and Touth street.
Win. K. Bayly, Ben). Brail, Francis Mohun,
Juntos F. Ihiliduy, Hudson Taylor, Win. Orme,
Samuel Bacon, Joseph Bryan, M. W. Halt.
N. B.?No charge made for policies.
JAMES C. McGUIHK. President.
Grafton 1). Hanson, Secretary. June 27?ly
J ting*, Drugget.*, Curtain Material*, and House furnishing Dp;
Goods,Mitch as?
Velvet tape*try carpeting*. new designs
Tipostry llru-sels tin iu great variety
New styles Brussels do sopor quality
Kxtru heavy li ply do very rich
Kxtra -uper ingrain do now pattern*
Very heavy nil wool I hitch curix'tinjrs
Twilled Veiiitiatt carpeting for hall* and *lops
Velvet .lid Bi ns els do do do
Full sheet* extra heavy and very rich floor oil cloths, cut to fl
any *i*o or sli?|>e room, hall,or }?a>**Hge
Mosaic, velvet, and tufted rug* and mats
Cocoa and Canton malting*
12 1, 14 I, Id 4 drugget crumb cloths
Krurll-h drugget*, nil widths, by the yard
Very richly embroidered luee curtains
V.itm Uitie*, bromtel*. and reps for curtains
White, bull, blue, and green shade linen*
Stair rodr, curiam fixtures, Arc.
Ifavfng attended H \DA\ .V ft 'S great <'arpet Auction, which tool
place in Now York on the 4th and bill in*t., we are now prepared I
otter greater inducements than can he adopted under ordinary oirrtim
.*Unices. Purchasers urn ro?iwtftilly invited to an exit munition of ou
sftodc. IltHIK BHtl. Ac CO.
Aug IK -dlf
"|_> II. GILLET, Oounsollor at Law. ha? r?movec
JLVa bir ofllce to hi* re* Id'air? in K-atikliu Row. corner of K aid
Thirteenth streets. He will win tin ue to devote hie ttention principal
ly to mae* iu the United rTxtcs Supreme Court.
Oct 28 ?dtf
IVlNNl'H 1'AltTI E* will ho fnrnislocl Id Lnnilioi
\f M. $3, $4 ami tf? jwf head; or, H" tlicy prefer, a Urnt ?.1?r
French r?H?k can Imp sent to their rtvideiioe U> prf)wro dinner lor iheti
nt the moderate charge "i ft'2 f??r hi < -Tvk-i^.
Thonc wMilnr to AvnM Mte Ironhle r?f marketing ran have the be-the
market mI!??? ?Ih ?onl to tbotr hoiwc* at ooM price*.
line or more ulahos will bo ~? iit to any imrt of Uio city for Uinfn
wlio may desire it. I guaranty to HirnMi a betbr dinner than an;
o| or iMtftblbhmPHt in the city, at u living id *2f? |?er rent.
C. (lAl'TIKK, Jn'J Ivnn. av.,
Dec 16 'imroif bet win-a 12tli uiitl 13th Htrceti.
KIMMKLL HOI'HK.?Tliia nice anil cointnodioiu
Himi-" Inm jiiKt boon completed, mid will bo open for the re
ccptioa ?H guest-t on the '231 in?t. Tins house will a In mud with com
forta equal in every renpect to a?y hou < in tliU i?r any other city
Tli- bur will bo supplied trkli the boat ?# liquors at all lime*. 1 hav
en i?od Mr K. V. t ?iui|ibi'll b? a.? l-d an?l <u|K>riiit??nd the honae. Mi
l? well known to tlio travelling community. The Kiinmoll House. I
i - trwH bet : ' " ' the imnieiliai
vktftlty uf the National Hotel, and near the rwtlrond depot.
\ K KIMMM.1,, Propre b*r.
Nov lft- ly* K. V. CAMPIIKU., Superintendent.
roknaa.y rui: khhht iiivc,
Km nww nf f mill KnartMMfc ntn'iH*,
ii?i i- -if wahiiinhtiim, i>. c.
11 T A N I'KO \ Spanish ^<'?tl'-mnn \vinhr? In jtIvi
\ \ |ir Ih'?I |fn?om in spaniftti in irlmnifi f- r umir In It nit*
miH llnrm.m with ?nj grnlb-in** ?r rnnll-mmi not naw' nill. llir.
lnn|<iiirni 111* ftrfririmt run b* ?*rrr1nlitr*f ill llw I'nlun nUn-.
Jnn * 4tf
Mas inn
"LIBERTY, fttfc (riilOR,
Thirty-Fifth Congress--Second Srulon.
Mr STUAKT presented resolutions of the legislate!?
of Michigan, instructing their senators and rei|ucstin)i
their representatives In Congreiw to o|>|*mc any hill
which aliall hate fof ita object Ute increase of the rntcaol
Mt\ HAMLIN presented tesolutktns of a like teuuu
front tlie State of Maine, with the following preaittble :
" WTarfM the redact tun of 111" rate- of ?u a yrrsl mens
uf of r#rM dfRtilwM by Alio from which th?jr have re
catvcU muribouk'Aa bunctlu, au<t %thnr?M* th**y lutv? never e?J
a dtMlre to return to tl<?> origin tl rat?'->, but, on ibe contrary. with in
change uii)o*i< ti further rutluctiou iuay be |u'ac(U:abl?; there! ?r?*
Kc+> t- d, That vvo arc opi*?MS?l to amy lucrea*?c in ibe raica uf
I ?ft."
MiixoiLiALft, mv
'Hie following memorials and petitions were presented
and appropriately referred :
By sir 11ALK: From William Dense, setting forth
that he enlisted at Rochester, N. V., in 18.55, ami ?*
i immediately marched to Nebraaku Territory, wher.t In
had all the tingers 011 both hands feuzen off up to tin
knuckle joints, ami in con?e<|ueuce tlieroof ia unable tc
perform labor of any sort; that iu July, 1858, lie ?a
admitted to the Military AHyluui. where he remained
, until the 5th of tlie present month, when he whs arbitrarily
and without Just cause dismissed, and now, with,
out pro|>crty or friends aide to support him, thrown earl)
in life, mutilated and maimed in ids country's service,
upon the cold charity of tire world, lie appeals hi that
couutry lu whose service he was disabled for such sup
port as Congress may dcetn him entitled to.
Mr. H. commended tlie case to the especial consideration
of the chairman of the Committee on Tensions, ii
which lie Would have an opportunity of signalising him
self by an act of justice atid lmauianiiy.
! By Mr. WILSON : From (ieorge W. Dorrance, chap
lain at tlie Penitentiary, asking that the lecommendatiou
of the board of inspectors in regard to liis com pen sat lor
; may lie carried into effect, either l>v increasing his nay, or
if not, to take $300 from the salury of the clerk ami giv<
i it to the chaplain.
By Mr. KING : From .fuo. Reeves, of Brooklyn, N. V.
Hiking that the United State* minister at t'oiistuntinoph
may he instructed to submit to the Sultan his claim t?
( remuneration for services while employed and detainer
at Constantinople to construct vesnolg-of-wm for tin
Turkish government.
1 By Mr. WARD: From Joseph M. 'Taylor, uaking to In
' relieved from a judgment recovered against Idin as seen
rity for a defaulting postmaster.
Also, from Sampson McCown and Daniel 1>. Bur res*
making a like rerprcst.
Br Mr. PORK : Two memorials in relation to putting
a stop to all tratlic in tho public lauds.
1 ar.poitTs rmom committkks.
Mr. DOOM'ITLE, from the Committee on Indian Af
i fairs, to which wan refcricd the memorial of the guar
i dian* of the minor children of the mixed bloods of tin
\ Sioux Indians, reported a hill to authorize the sale of tin
i scrip or ccrtitieatcs of certain mixed children of the half
[ breeds of the Dacotah Indians, issued under the net o
> ] Congress approved July 17, 1K57.
, Mr. FI'IVU, from the Committee on l'rinting, to whit 1
i I wns referred tho motion to print 10,0(10 copies of the re
1 ! poit of the Committee on Pensions adverse to pensionm;
the soldiers of the war of IS 12, re|>ortcd in tnvor of print
j ing S,000 copies ; which was agreed to.
i1ili. introduckd.
Mr. (IIIKKN introduced a bill concerning courts ii
j Kansas Territory ; which wns read and referred to tin
Committee on the Judiciary.
I Mr. BELT, gave notice that, when an opportunity of
| fcrcd later in the day, he would move to t ike up thi
i resolution submitted by him yesterday, calling on tin
1 President for ceitain information which it was very im
i portant for the Senate to have before them, the consid
coition of which hiwl been objected to by the senato
from Virginia, (Mr. Mason,] and hence wns laid over un
der tho rule. When it came up lie would so modify i
ns to do iiwav with nnv objections that senator inigh
have to iU adoption.
Mr. HUNTKB moved to postpone nil prior onlerH. it
order to take up the House bill making appropriation
for the legislative, executive, unit judicial expenses o
government for the year ending the .'10th of June, 1860
' He desired to call attention to the fact that all of tin
heavy appropriation hills nre lichind ; and, in addition
1 they must ex poet a loan bill and some other measure fo
* raising revenue. If senators desired to avoid an extri
session, they must give the appropriation bills prccc
. | deuce over other subjects. They had already consume!
I eight days on the Culm bill, anUon all the appropiiatioi
j bills together only nine days, lfe regretted that he \va
J compelled to refuse courtesy to the senator who hap
j pened to have the lloor on the Cub* bill, but somelmd)
wouW always be entitled to the lloor, and he would b
constantly called ii|sm to yield as a matter of courtesy.
1 I After a biief discussion as lo (lie priority of business
the motion was agreed to, and the appropriation hill wa
) accordingly taken up.
The tirst amendment reported by the Committee 011 I'i
nance was to increase the appropriation for the compen
| nation and mileage of senators from $.'1 l!t,()J8 88 ti
$338,661 72; which was agrec<l to.
The next amendment was to increase the appropi iatioi
for clerks to committees, pages, police, horses, and carry
nils from $32,50!) 50 to 933,004 : which whs ngreeil to.
The next amendment was to add an appropriation o
91,558 32 for the additional police appointed June 12
" 1859, during the present lineal year ; which was agreed to
The following items were then struck out of the bill :
"To |>uy John C. Hives one cent for every five page
of the Congrcftdonul (ilobc and Appendix when the sniit
exceeds three thousand pages for a long session of Con
gross, and fifteen hundred pages at a short session of Con
gross, per net of eighteenth August, eighteen hundrei
and titty-six, eleven thousand dollars.
, " Fur the usual additional compensation to the report
ers lor the Congressional (ilobc for reporting the proceed
ings of the House of Representatives for the lirst sessioi
of the thirty-sixth Congress, eight hundred dollars each
four thousand dollars."
An additional appropriation of five thousand dollar
was made to enable the Secretary of War to employ tern
jsirary clerks in the office of tlie quartermaster genera
< on bounty land service.
? The appropriations for earn ing on tlie operations c
? the United States Mint and its branches at San Francisco
New York, and Now Orleans were increased 9170,800.
An appropriation of 920,000 was inserted to enable til
" ! Secretary of the Interior to have taken a census of tli
I ! people of the Territory of Kansas, with a view to its ad
1 | mission into the Union as a State.
The hour of one o'clock having arrived, the Ylffl
I'HKSIDHNT called up the unfinished business of yester
? day, namely, the bill making appropriations to foci 11
* tatn the acquisition of Cuba by negotiation.
* Mr. HUNTER mover! to postpone the pnlinislicrl laisi
i ness, in order to continue the consideration of the ap
propria!ion hilt.
" Mr. NJDILL said lie had given notice yesterday tha
' he should attempt to press the bill to a vote to day. Tie
notice of this intention had tinea ample, and he believer
it'll,,. I,ill wem now token no the final vote noon it micli
' lie reached to-night, at least, IT Kiitlota wore willing t<
9 nit Into I'idea* thin course wore taken they couhl h?Ti
r no vote upon the hill this session. It wns the avowei
oh)eat of thoiw on the other side to stave oft the vote or
tin- hill, Hti<l he was afiitlil there was a disposition on hi
" side, oven on the part of those who are theoretically tlx
J friends of the bill, to give it the go-bye in that way. }i<
would rail for the yeas and nays on the motion to post
poor, and If the motion should prevail he must regard i
as sufficient evidence that all (Hi that side of the hoap
are not heartily in favor of the hill. He had noticed tha
alsiut five or i.x o'rlock in the afternoon his side of tin
house Itegan to thin out, while the regulars on the otlie
side were always In their seats. They were the best sit
tors ever known, and exceedingly well disciplined, whit
those on his sideennstibttod only a sort of of guerilla (dirty
* lie made this confession more in sorrow than in anger
" hut he was willing to try the experiment to night, and
n If he should fail to secure the attendance of there on hi
?ide, he would be prepared to give It up.
, AND Til ? COSSTITCflO.1."
llr KKMffiHliKK suggested that republican tlMMmrt
I ?" * more generally in aMendaAce at a late hour because
there were 1110,> on ttipt able prrpuied to discus* tl?e subject
than upon the otitcr. li was dear to hiui that the
Senate must choose hutweon the C.tifcM Hit and the appro
print ion bill*. If tliey took up the Cuba bl'l tool ^voted
time to it, they must fail to pass the appropriated
hills ; for, if the Senate should begin to-day au?l devote
all the time left of the session to the consideration of the
appropriation bills nc c-stary to carry on the government,
| they a ou Id have no Lime to spare to other subjects, hut
the reapr nubility of the whole matter with refeieuce to an
extra session of Congress and the |*tnsage of the necessary
I (Ills for the support of the government was not with the
republican senator*, but with the majority.
Mr. liElII said his vote would depend upon the proapoet
of reaching a Vote to night. If they were not likely
! to get a vote oil the Cuba hill to-night be wuuki prefer
, to go on with the appropriation bills.
Mr. MIA DELL said the qtMstlott Whether they could
get a vote to-night or not depended upon hie ntlfrtbcr
who were to s|ieak upon the other side. He Relieved
there were only one or two on Ids side who would desire
( tti occupy time, and, although lie would have the right
to clone the debate, lie would waive that privilege if it
i should be ncesaury to economise time. He thought, if
i they Insisted upon sitting, they could bring the subject to
, a close Icfore they adjourned.
Itir t'LAUK i?id senators most then lie prepared for *
, night session.
i Mr. hlntmi's motion to postpone the untiuished husi|
ues* was then agreed to by the following vete :
\ PAS Mi 'M. Alien, Rales, IHgls-r, Hrmterick, t'luusllrr, Clark,
Clay, Col lamer. Critiruriftii, IHxoii, Dooltttto, Ihirkct*, FmM'iiilHi,
FikH, footer, Hale, Ham i in, Harlan, Hunt***, Iver*otif JoIioma of
kiiig, Lmio, Munoo, |V;wo#t Hico, rVwanl, Simmon*,
Smith, Hliuirt, Trumbull, Win I*. ami M'ltafln?-83.
I NA\> IK*Uf Honj.niiui, Bright, Brown, Ctxwuut, CUofman,
Ihivis, Duntfbt", Fitch. >'U/.)i.tlrl< W, (inteii, ttwtli, tiou.->lon, Juliuroii of
ArkariMH, Join*.*, M:tlU>ry. Folk, J'uph, Hold, .Solm-tim, Bltdell, Ward,
h mi Y ultrc?-JO.
4 ui k onrnut approphiatkoii bull.
The Senate then resumed the consideration of the legislative,
executive, and Judicial appropriation bill.
The next amendment was to add to the end of the hill
i an appropriation of $U,2ti3 MS for deficiency in the upi
proprintiou for the compensation and mileage of senators
during the present Congress.
Mr. HUN TEH stated that this was rendered necessary
uy tin; admission 01 tin' new riuite or Oregon. 1 nc itiueno
, lni-nt wa- agreed to.
j 'I'lii- following additional sections wore added to the
> bill:
Ski 'J. And br it further niacin!, That Ito' authority given hy Ihe
I sixth Mt lliiu <> I'"' ?it entitled " An m i rolaling l? foreign cnlnx and ]
In liio ooiimgi- of ccuia al lltr Mint of tlio United Stales," apprtivedKi lo
ruury twenty one, eighteen liuudrmt o11>I Mfiyanvru, lo pay out at tin:
Mint.tin* cut' million/ nl anil direcle.l liy said act to be coined, in ax
i huiigafur Ilia frnctlooal jinrts id liio dollar thrrnlu ntiinril, at lliclr
iiolninnl valuu of twenty live, twelve and a half, and six and u t|uurl'-r
cents, respectively, shall lie, and Ilia aatnfl hereby la, extended to
' i wo y eat.. It out ami alter the twcuiy*4r?t day of Ptbrnary, eighteen
hundred and llfty-nlne, and no longer,
f 1 Skc. II. And be It f urther enacted, Tliat when refined gold bullion
ahali tie (U'po-lletl tn ttie branch .Mint of the Culled Hiatal at San
1'raneiacn, It rlia 1 lie tho duly of the treasurer lo make payments lor '
j 11teh bullion as soon a- the value thereof ahull have licen n-eiwt .lued,
and the coin made from the same; hut ilir treasurer shall not be re
' ! i|iilre?l to jiay the amount until it Ion been actually coined and that |
tin* charge for making coin I'roin retlru-'l gold hulllou shall be three- !
Iglilaiil one per eenlmo.
* j On motion by Mr. HUNTEB, the appropriations,
- ninountlng to $.'(4,0(10, for the Territorial government of
f Oregon, were stricken out.
Mr. MASON ofiercd tin amendment extending the time '
i lixed hy law within tvhich the creditors of the into Republic
of Texas may flic their claims in tiie Treasury IV;{
purl merit to January 1, 1HG1. After a liricf discussion
the amendment was agreed to.
On motion by Mr. 11AVAIU), the appropriation of
$14,!M17 for the salaries of the Attorney General and his
clerka and messenger was stricken out, and $14,.'(G7 was
1 sulmtituted, with a proviso authorizing the Attorney Gcnci
nl to a{i|ioiiit, in place of the six clerks now in bis office,
one assistant, learned in tiie law, at a salary of $((,000,
and three clerks.
u Mr. KINO offered an amendment providing that any
" sufficient surplus in the contingent fund of the assay of
" lice in New York Mini I, under the direction ol the fsccret-ary
of tin: Treasury, lie applied to H'icli alteration of the
r assay office building ami the purchase of such machinery
* and implements as shall lie necessary for the coinage of
' gold and silver bullion deposited for that purpose.
1 Home discussion was had on the amendment, when the
I'residing Officer decided that, as the contingent fund referred
to appeared to lielong to the Treasury of the Unij
States, and the amendment was not proposed by a comK
miltee, it was not in oider.
j- Mr. OltKKN, liy direction of the Committee on Territories,
proposed an amendment appropriating $2,27.') 22
p for deflcicnciee In the contingent expenses of Kanan* during
tlie administration of (iov. J. W. Denver ; which
^ was agreed to.
j Mr. 0. also projmsed from tho same committee an
iMuwndmcut increasing by $5,000 the appropriation for
j the contingent expenses of Kansas during tho present lis1
! year ; which was agreed to.
K Mr. O. also offered an amendment providing lhat the
Secretary of the Treosury shall allow and pay lo surveyors
of ports who have |>erfoimcd the duties of collectu
ors of customs the same compensation, and no other, as
i- allowed to collectors for like services.
After a protracted discussion, tlio amendment was rcl
Mr. B1UQHT reported from the Committee on Finance
an appropriation ot $3,000 to pay the expenses of taking
testimony by commission for tho Court of Claims ; which
t J was agreed to.
Mr. CHANDLF.K moved to strike out the appropria
| i lions, amounting to $17,480, for branch mints at Charlotte,
North Carolina, and Italilonega, Georgia ; which
| was agreed to?yeas 31, nuys 15.
I ; Mr. HBOWN re|>orted from the Committee on the I>ig;
triet of Columbia the following amendments ; which were
' j agre:*l to :
| And to repay the corporation of the city of Wash
ington the compenwitfou ??f twenty policemen, from the
1 30th (luy of July, 18!>8, to the 30th day of June, 1859,
. I ?12,630 52,
For the compensation of twenty policemen in the city
j of Wellington, to lie appointed in the same manner as
j the Auxiliury (1 unit Is nre now appointed, $13,000.
Mr. CLINGMAN offered nn amendment striking out
the appropriation of $40,700 for the assay office in New
York. This amendment produced nn animated discussion,
and wns finally rejected?yens 14, nays 38.
' Mr. TIIUMDULL offcied an amendment repealing nil
B laws establishing the branch mints nt Charlotte, N. C'.,
' and Dahlonega, tin., and authorising the President to sell
I the sites and improvements thereon.
Mr. BAYARD moved to amend tho amendment by inf
eluding the nn-jijr office at Now York.
Mr. Bayard's amendment was not agreed to?years
' 10, nays 33.
(i Mr. Trcmiivi.i.'s amendment wns then adopted by a
? vote of yeas 2f>, nays 17.
Mr. WILSON moved to amend the hill by adding the
following additional section :
Fun. ?. Ami br it furlArr rnartnl. Thst from snd after tha pss-SKof
this sot, tba mllsigs of the amis tors, lh? rapresputaUras, snd
L, dalaystes In tho Congress of tha t'nllad Ktslr-, In roIiik to niel return
ItiS from s son! In congress, shsll tie twenty rents par mile, to ha
computed by tho nearest msll rents freni tlio place of rasldcnca of
is It sanator, representative, or delegate, In Ui same manner ss
nnvr provided by I sir . sml sll sets slid |>srts of lots Inconsistent
with this set sre harrliy repealed.
The tpicstion licing taken, the amcmlment was not
| agreed to.
t Mr. FITCH, from the Committee on Printing, submltb
| ted two ainenilnieritf, which were agreed to the first
1 one providing that where the same document is ordered
t ! to lie printed by both houses, composition shall only Is
, charged once, after the present session ; tho other pro
1 vides that hereafter the ntechnnieal poithm of the Patent
| i Office report stiall lie composed in one volume of not
... si.... woo
1 ?i"iO uuw
K Mr. HALE indTed to add the following to the bill an
a an additional sertion :
9 fhtr. ?. And I* it further rntuied, Thai the lir?t *ectioo of the act j
entitled "An ark for the ailmtatkm of the Stale of KatNMS into the j
t I'nion, approved May 4, 1858, Im, uuri iho Ham? in boroby, amended j
by KtrikiiiK out lb? following word*, vl? : "Wln-neror it la ascertained
* l?y a evnsois daly nmi loyally taken, that the population <if the ?*id '
t Territory e?pibU or exeee?l? tb? ratio <?f roprtoentatkm rv^uirwl for 1
tj invMlfvra ok the Jfloutf? .If IV*l irrimitallrwi in th? ('?njr"n? uf lh? l!nl
I.-.I Slit.-.. ' which w.tr.l. nr.' herwhy
Mr. HALF, culled on the henatont from Oregon, which
? had lioon admitted into the Union with a lean population
than that required for Xanana. to do aa they ha?l br?n
; done hy.
, Mr. LANK mkl that when Knuaivt ahonld come ami
a apply for tfimtsaion, lie would treat her aa ha thought
nhe ought to be treated ; but It wna not now neceaaarv
1850. TWO CENTS.
I to urge thin i^urnUuii It would be time enough to oit<
that .(uestion wiicn H should arise.
Mr SHlTU remarked llut if Oitkod hud come in, be be
lieved it ?u mil by Uk aid or vote of the senator iron
New Hampshire. If Kauai* were now here, at the iu
stance of her own people, presenting a constitution o
| her own choice, and unking for admiration under it, hi
vttrtrM vote to receive her, notwithstanding this restric
tion. fit it she In not here ; the delegate from Kansas u
the other house state* that she does not desire to conic ii
now. She is recovering from that sfroeoo blast wldcl
has swept over her and left dsuuiatioi 1 to mark its track
and she desires to be lelt in peace until she can come ii
i(uietly. As to the ]iopulation of Kansas, he believed tha
Oregon had one-third more inhabitants than Kansas.
Mr. DOUULAH said that bis objection to this restric
tion was well known ; he hod not modified his opinion
on Hint subject in the slightest, nor did he expect to
If Kansas applied for admission at tiie next, session witi
a constitution republican in form, aud not objectionabli
111 any way, he would vote to iuluiit her, uotwitiisland
standing iter want of population. H? did not want 1
census taken there, because lie was sutislicd it wouk
denionstrate that there was this want of population
Mr. auKAN regret Us I the excitement whicii hud exist
cd iicrctofbro on (ho Kansas ijuestUui, and said he mut
protest against the renewal of that controversy. A con
stitution formed St f/eavenworth had been before tli
.... T.-rriLnrlsa fol tulllc till 11, Hlld lie a as till
(hi/ authorised to regsut aguins^ admission of Kunaa
under it This was on the ground i.. l' 'be delegate fron
that Territory in tlio House of Represent**.'r<* "'"ted thu
Kansas did not nek admission under that co:-*.'""'10,1
that instrument only received 4, *>42 votes, while the
compton constitution received ff.Ml votes. How, tlien
could those gentlemen who arguud that tlie Isicouiptoi
constitution was not tiic will of the people of Kansas con
tend for her admission under an instrument which re
oeived a lees number of votes than the Leeompton oonsti
tution *
Without taking tiic (question, at half-past seven o'clocl
the IScnate adjourned?-yeas 22, nays 18.
The Sl'KAK Kit laid before the House a message froir
the. i'reshlent of the United States in relation to the pro
tcction of American eittaens and their property wblh
travelling across tlie Isthmus ; which was referred to tlx
Committee on Foreign Affairs and ordered to be printed
The Sl'KAK Kit also laid before ttie House a comuiunl
cation from the Secretary of thu Navy in reply to a rtso
lution of the House calling for a statement of (lie pay aix
allowance to officers of the navy and murine corps
which was laid oil the table and ordered to be printed.
Also, laid before the body House bill to authorise tlx
cluims of the representatives of John Howertes to tin
entry of certain lands in Florida, returned from the Senati
witli an amendment. The amendment was agreod to
so the hill is passed.
On motion of Mr. TRIl'PE, of Georgia, under a sus
pension of the ralon?ayes SO, noes .'19?the Coroinittof
on Public Lands was discharged from the further consid
oration of the hill to amend an act entitled an net in ad
ditiou to certain nets granting bounty land to certnir
officers mxl soldiers who have been engaged in the mil
itary service of the United States, approved May 14
lS.'ili ; and it was put upon its passage.
Mr. 1>AVIS, of Indiana, explained the bill, remark
ing that it made no change in the law of lM.'vfi. He dc
mantled the previous question.
'CI? nnrlnni nncutioll received a SCCOIlll. (Old Ulldc
the operation thereof the hill wax passed?yen* 108, nay
tuk khiiitx of sbamkn.
Mr. DAVIS, of Massachusetts, called up the motion
which he submitted heretofore, that the vote by whiel
the hill to amend the laws relating to senine>> on hoav
ship* regularly commissioned hj the United States wa
referred to the Committee of the Whole 011 the state o
the Union, lie reconsideted.
Mr. JONES, of Tennessee, moved that the motion t<
, reconsider l>o laid on the table ; which motion prevailed
veas 'JO, nays 77.
on urn or business.
' Mr. PHELPS, of Missouri, moved that the rules is
suspended and the House go into Committee of the Wliol
on the state of the Union ; pending which?
Mr. HUBHKTT, of Kentucky, appealed to Mr. PllKl.r
; to withdraw his motion in order to enable him to niovi
j Unit the House take from the Speaker's table Senate bil
to incorporate the Washington Monument Society.
Several Mkmiikks ( bjected.
Mr. WASJIBUltNE, of Illinois, insisted that lie wa
entitled to the floor, having merely given way last eve
ning for the purpose of allowing the gentleman fron
1 Maine [Mr. Aiiisott] to move that the House go iut<
j Committee of the Whole.
j The question Iieing taken, the motion of Mr. Phki.p
prevailed?ayes 87, noes 57.
TiiK post orriCK appropiuation biia.
The House accordingly went into Committee of th
Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr Hopkins, of Vir
ginia, in the chair,) and resumed the consideration of th
hill making appropriations fur the; service of the Pos
Ollice Department during the fiscal year ending June 30
18(10, the |>endlng question being on the aiucndmcnl o
Mr. Hatch, of New York, that the mail locks, keys, am
stamps shall he furnished l>y the lowest rcsponsibl
The question being taken, the amendment was re
hpbciaf, auents.
Sir. POTTER, of Wisconsin, moved that a proviso b
added to the appropriation of (75,000 for mail deprcda
lions and special agents ; that no special agent shall re
ccive more than $1,(100 per annum as compensation fo
| his'services ; which amendmeut was rejected.
Mr. ABBOTT, of Maine, moved to reduce the appro
priatlon of $200,000 for miscellaneous payments to $50,
000 ; which amendment was rejected.
Mr. KPINNEK, of New York, then moved to add at th
end of this paragraph a proviso that it shall be (lie dnt;
I of the Postmaster General to furnish to Congress on th
first Monday in December next, and each year thereafter
a detailed statement of the expenditures made under tin
head of miscellaneous payments, and that it shall not 1*
lawful to use any of this money for the defence of suit
brought against the l'ost Office Department (or malfea
sancn in office in derogation of the rights of citizens
which amendment was agreed to.
Mr. POTTKIl, of Wisconsin, moved that the appropri
ation of $15,000 for the publication of a new edition o
the post office laws and regulations be stricken out, inns
much as the Post Office Department had purchased a ner
edition of those laws uad regulations of Mr. Ilivcs ; whicl
amendment was rejected.
Mr. HPINNKlt, of New York, moved that a proviso b
added at the end of tlio paragraph t lint the Post innate
General shall cause said now edition to lie prepared bytli
regular force in his office without allowance for extra ser
vices, certify to its licing correct, and give the oontrac
for its printing to the lowest bidder ; which amendmen
was agreed to-?ayes 76, noes 44.
Mr. GARNETT, of Virginia, moved to add an addi
tional section at the end of the first section to the sffoc
tiiat the Postmaster General shall not expend for th
purposes named in the first section more than the sum
named therein, nor shall it lie lawful for him tocontrac
for anv expenditure for the service of the next fiscal year ii
the excess of the nppropristion mode for the same
which amendment, after a long and animated discussion
wns rejectee aye* > ?, noes nm. counrcu.
Mr. AVKUY, of TenmiNiee, moved to add a paragrapl
providing that the contract entered into liy the Postnmate
(ten rial and Ituttertield A Company for carrying tin
mail iietweeu the Mississippi ami Kan Jfmnciaco Ik: ralitU'
and continued, and liuUertichl t tympany carry the luai
according to the contra, t He replied to the remarks o
Mr. Blair, of Missouri, who censured in strong term* tin
motive* of the Postmaster General in locating the road
All he had t- say wa* that the ro*trnu*tcr General, no
only in hi* own State, hut throughout tho whole conn
try, was lilted far almve any imputation u|*ui hi* ehnrai
tor, come from what quarter it might.
Mr. Itl.AIlt. of Missouri, waa very glad the gcnilemat
from Tenneaaoe had (fine Into the matter lie had tnnd
(pcrlal N?iio? ta itafct?rib?rii
Pijmii for .ulHwirlptki? miMl b* Bad* la variably la Uim? *
II* e will always b* 4bcueu*u*4 il IIm (ipiniM ill |h? parted
b m H>r >I?I. rg* *il bate* will l>? |0' < ? luSabsrrlbcre
il <Hr xiiiuii!.! '!' si ?' m l In plie
a mi Unrrt by iuiuI will b* U I lie rtak of I be lahscrtlMtSi sail 11M
of Ibf ptililcbar ?r lb* Talon.
' aquere I <tey s* Ml 1 won t Math* 00
1 do 1 weak 1 Tb | I do I annua. IS 00
: I do 1 nb a 00 I 1 da ? maatb* IS 00
I do 1 moolli UM|1 do 1 ;aal ...MOO
Eqrbl Ultra or lea* mekr a tqaara; I eager atlrrrllaamaau la ejao
;| propurtiou, aad all payable In ad rear*. Adrrrlteeniriil- ordrreil a
twice or tbriee a weak will b* charged SJ X < rut* par equate for each
1 luaertion after the Srat. AdvrrUaeaieota oat* a week In lite (telly, 10
cent* par square for each iaaerttoa. Spaoial oMteea charged doable
I i be foraaatng rate*.
t hid statement upon good authority, and be loft it to Uiu
country to judge for themselves.
Mi ATKINS, uf Tennessee, inquired whethel tin
i tlcnytn would repent what he said yesterday.
Mr. IHtAlK en id if the fact* an they caiae to him were
f true, the Postmaster General wit* not above the soapiciou
e which the country would draw from them He elated
Unit lie understood upon p I authority that t In I
i master General who the owner of a large body of laud
i in Arkansas, which would be benefited by tlie road
1 Mr. ATKINS abated that the Postmaster General did
; not own one foot of hind on the line of the route, not
i within eighty or one bundled luilee of it.
t Mr. RLAIK. I)oos he own land ?
Mr. ATK INS. He doe*.; and It I* on the Mississippi
river, at that.
Mr. BLAIR said he had it from gentlemen on the
lloor that It wo* situated iu the sooond congreneioual did
i trict of Arkansas, audit might be true, an the guntle
0 mini raid, that it wan not within eighty or one bundled
- miles.
t Mr. ATKINS aud other* Inquired who were his In1
forimuitg t
Mr. 11LAIR replied thnt one wag hi* colleague, [Mr.
Chaio,] and the other Mr. Knumsii.
t Mr. KNUL1SII, of Indiana, said he never bald auy
such thing.
e Mr. BLAIIl stated it was Ida recollection tliut it wag
g still in the presence of himself and Mr. I'kaiu
h Mr. CHAIG. 1 will make uiy statement
il Mr. BLAIR desired to call attention to u fact iu regard
t to the location of this overland route which might ex
; plain some thing* upon which doubt had been thrown
- At the solicitations of the national democrat* ot his State
, illc rou'u had been altered about que hundred and eighty l
miles ?f "'C first location, and about tlie distance
which tlie gentleman had now located the land* of tlie
- Postmaster Geuonw. He did not know anything in re
- ! Kurd to the ownership to l>"d there, hut had stated that
I 1i!k information had been derfreJ from conversation with
i his colleague and the gentleman ftoiZ Indiana, which lie
| had repeated. He made no imputation tot the Postmaster
General, except the inference which might be drawn
from the factx which he had stated,
i Mr. CKAIG, of Missouri, regretteil that this question
had arisen ; but it wus due to hiniMelf and the Post
i master General, *ince his name had liecn used, tliat he
i ' should statu what he kucw about it. He had not under
stood any hide to charge tiiat he, in any conversation,
. | attributed improper conduct to the Postmaster General
. in locating the route. Ho could not sustain Mr. Kiso
1 I lihii, liecause he kucw nothing about the facts, in the
; i ooullict between the Kouth I 'ass road and the butter
1 Held route, the enemies of buttertield had made imputa
5 tions on the I'ostuiaster General. In repeating this he
; miglit have been misunderstood as making the repre
b sentation liimself. He never bail said that the mail rout;
ran through Governor Brown's land. In the selection
! of that road there was more of politics than of enhancing
the value of land or pioneering the I'acitie railroad
through that section of the country. He would not attribute
himself, nor sutler any gentleman to quote him as
* attributing, improper motives to the Postmaster General.
lie had said, and felt like repeating here and else
' I where, that the present administration of Mr. Buchanan
1 | wax indebted to the Post. Otlico Department for tbrec
quarters of the whole of its popularity.
> Mr. BLAIR stated that he had not quoted Mr. Crak;
as making any imputation upon that gentleman. 11- iiad
quoted him simply for the fact. He wished to know
whether the friends of the Postmaster General could deny
i that this land had touched the route as originally
r located.
a Mr. ATKINS. As far as I know, it does not.
Mr. I'T/IRENCK could speak advisedly that the route
did not pass within eighty miles, for he had naked the
question this morning. The route had originated not j
i | with the Post master General, hut with General Busk, bei
f .?. m. a...ti.
< .Mr. 11LAIK inquired how ho know Hurt fact,
f .Mr. KLUKENCt) said hi! inquired of the Postmaster
Genera), whom lie believed t<> l?c n truthful man.
i Mr. J1LA1H said he was perfectly willing to take the
answer from the Postmaster (lenerul.
Mr. ENGLISH, of Indinnu, did not know that his nttinc
wim in any way cnnnectcd with this affair. He understood
that Mr. lhjuu said he derived his information from
c him, to which he replied he was mistaken. He had not
13 liiul, and had not now, any knowledge of the sort.
He never hail said he knew the Postmaster Gen*
cral owned land. It was true, as his colleague on the
B Committee on the l'ost Office [Mr. CkaiuJ had mid, that
I a rumor of that kind had been in circulation. He heard
it a long time ago, and might have spoken of it as a
rumor in the presence of the gentleman from Missouri,
8 [Mr. 111.air,] rat lie had no recollection of the fact.
| Mr. His AI It said he never had <|uoted the gentleman as
1 knowing the facts of his own knowledge, but simply said
1 lie hurl repeated what ho had heard.
Mr. ENGLISH again stated that he bad no rocollectk n
8 of the eon vernation.
On motion of Mr. SEWARD, of Georgia, without taking
fund action on the hill, the committee then rose.
On motion of Mr. Ill'RNETT, of Kentucky, the bill of
o the Senate to incorporate the Washington National Mont
ument Society wus taken from the Speaker's table and
TUB COXTlMACIOrs w1txkss.
' Mr. COVODE, of Pennsylvania, stated that Harry
Connolly, of Philadelphia, whose arrest for contempt had
been ordered by the House, upon learning the action of
the House, bud come to Washington immediately, and
appeared before the committee. He hail delivered himself
up to the Sergeant at-Arms, at the suggestion of tlio
c committee ; and he therefore moved that he lie dis
| charged from tlie custody ot that ottieer ; which motion
was agreed to.
r I ORDER or ih'minbss.
Mr. l'HKLffl, of Missouri, moved that the rules be
suspended and the House again go into Committee of the
| Whole on the state of the Union, with the view of having
a night session ; pending which
Mr. HUGHES, of Indiana, asked consent to introduce
j a hill to revive the tariff of lS4(i ; but objection being
a mmic,
f\ Mr I'll ELI'S refused to withdraw his motion that the
B rules might lie Rtis|>ended.
, I Sundry dilatory motions wore then made and rejected,
e ; until finally Mr. I'll ELI'S withdrew his motion, and the
B 1 House adjourned.
. j i-rrmu*.
; | Ilj' Mr. SMITH, uf lHlivil* : The Betitlnn of a lartc mimher of clli
I sen' ?f llenrl county, III., prayina the tnliAllilkMW of a branch mint
: or assay office at St. Lnula, M<>.
. j | After the clone of our report of the proceedings of tlie
if | House last evening, in Committee of the Whole, Mr.
. Onovzti, of Oregon, and Mr. &t?vk>s, of Washington Terv
litory, got the floor and addressed the committee on the
? | subject of the Indian war expenses of Oregon and Wiuli
i ington, asserting the justice of the claims, und vindica,
, ting the netion of the commission, who reported thetu
r under the authority of an act of Congren*.]
e ???????
t' ? ?
Ttmay, Fumh-AET IS, 18">9.
No. 31. Francis A. Dickons'* lessee, plaintiff in error,
u. Alonwi Mahana. In error to the circuit court of the
j I United State* for the southern district of Ohio. Mr. Ju?1
tice Catron delivered the opinion of the court, reversing"
' the judgment of the said circuit court, witlr costs, and re*
maading the cv? .<e, with directions to award a venire foam
, i <><
I No. 0!l Russell Sturgis, libeliant and appellant, c.t.
' .lobn ('lough, d id., claimant* of the steamboat If 1,
' j Mabejr, Ac. 'Hie rguinent of this cause was continued
' by Mr- McMalron lor tlie appellees, and concluded by Mr.
Benedict for the appuUant.
, , Adjourned until to-morrow. 11 o'clock, a in.
r |
u i Tub Tksnkshs.k ami Kkstdckv Dim. M In- comuiis
1 j lioucrt encaged in running ami re-marking the line be
I tween Tennessee and Kentucky were l ist week encamped
I j on Iteelfoot lake, and by this time they have run end
r marked the line from the initial |*iintson the Mississippi
| to the hills, eastward from the lake. The difficulties on .
t | this |wirt of the line are much greater than on any othe r
portion, a greater part of the way lieing through tangled
c anehrakes, swaiii|>?, and sloughs, or across Iwruls in lh
MisslRslppi and arms of Iteelfoot lake bw> deep to Isa
waded, and too much obstructed with fallen timber to Is
e crowd in canoes without great lalior and bias of time .1

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