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dtsmosrow < The re-election of Mayor Ciuwfordis
onMeil by Mr. Addition, who claims to havo been
elected by one vote. If the Democratic putty ban thus
been defeated, it is the lault of those who profess to be
Democrats, and are very glad us such to enjoy otlioes and
honor*, but who have now either voted against the regularly
nominated candidate of the Democratic party 01
pui]K>aeiy ataUiued from voting.
Mk w R O'Buik* is now in this city, at Millard*',
and in treaUxl with marked attcutioii. He in u tall, nth
letie gentleman, about fifty-nix yearn of ago, and his
iinullum are ratlrur Knglish than Irinh, an he lucks the
warmth for which tire Kiuerald Isle in oelebvatvd. lie in
said to have displayed connldeiaMe power iu delude when
he wan a Member of l'arliaiuuut, and his character for
|h'ianiia! honor and iutcgrity lots never been called in
Tun N a i'll: a Bau. has la-en fuiuounly described 111 Uarj*r'l
Wftk/f. 'i'ho last week's uumlier hail a letter from
" Jenkins" describing the scene, and in this week's 1111111
ber there are portraits of Lord Napier and Lady N'upier,
exterior view of' Wi Hards' Hotel, a facsimile of the iuvitutioD
1 aid, and sketches of the ball-rooui and supperlooui.
Miillington has these papers for sale.
ItaroKTtRs and Conu?ro.\l>kntb have been mystciiously
warned to ap|>uai in the reporters' gallery of the House
of BeprcHculatives, this morning, at ten o'clock, ?9It is
understood that an attempt which was made yesterday to
take soura of their number will probably be repeated.
An interesting lime may be cxjiectcd.
1 rinr.sAi. ( 01 The March U-iiu will commence <ai
Moialay next at 10 o'clock, a. 111 , Judge Crawlotd presiding.
The session will bo held iti tin.- Common Council
\ u?iiwr, ?i me uuy Hull.
Hradi'h Gaumi in thronged every day, aud be linn
obtained portraits not only of the distinguished members
of t'ongiexi, but of the must beautiful 1 adieu now at the
Tub Ptnuc ScHooui of thin city, during the mouth of
February, had 2,114 scholars. The night schools do not
appear to Ihj very successful, an the scholars rebel ugainst
the enforceineut of pricier diw ijilitie*.
Fatal Collision in Court.
lot invn.i.r, March 2. There wan a coUhtion to day nt
Hawuaville, lesulting from an old ixditicnl ftsiid. Cicero
Maxwell, esq., prosecuting attorney, while addressing the
mint, wan interrupted by Tin*. S. Low, who grosnly inntilted
the former. ISomic fiiendn find, wounding Low
and killing .John Alldredge. Low wan corn mi ted to
jail for proUntiou from the mob.
Coiitlngriition in Memphis.
Mkmi'IUs, March 2. Nearly half of one of the piincipal
squares oil Main street wan burnt over lant night, involving
a loss of $150,000. The buildings dantroyed included
tlws ?ows|>uper offices of the Kagle and Knqulrer,
the Avalanche, Ledger, Christian Advocate, Presbyterian,
and Sentinel. The princip.il sufferers are: llutton &
t.'laik, printers ; (lelkey A Warren, Hallaraus &. Stratlou,
W. H. Hunt and N. Stilii-iau, tradesmen ; Heinrick A'
tiros., tavern keejiern, and .l"sopli Teiifel. There was a
| partial hi main
Nnv Nork Cattle Market.
Vr.tv ionic, March - Ik-eves- -moderate demand ni
, a } ciuit advance on la-tier qualities; while inferior had
slightly declined, cloning at hi a ]2t cents : average, '.I
j cell's. Sheep active, all slightly higher, cloning ut 9 a
1 d cents. Swine dull.
Nr.w York, March 2, a. m. -Stocks are lower ?
Chicago and Hock Inland, fili
shares, ti9J ; ditto, bonds, 80} ; I^a Crosse nnd Mlli
waukio, 1 ; Michigan Houthcrn, 18} ; New York Central,
80} ; Va. Coal Company, 81} ; Heading, -48} ; Cantons,
20}; Virginia G's, 07}; Missouri 86}; Sterling Exchange
Nsw YonK, March 2, p. in. Stocks lower?cliwing
steady. Ch. and lloek Inland, til}; Cumberlnnil Coal
Company, 24; 111. Central bonds 80}; Mich. Southern,
18}; N. Y, Central, HOf: Heading, 40}! Mo. G's, 85};
U. 8. 5'h of 1874, 103}.
Nr.w York, March 2.?Cotton closed buoyant?salon
of 4,500 bales; Upland, 12}. Flour closed buoyant?
sales of 22,000 bbls. ; State, $5 40 a $5 G3 ; Ohio, $6 fit)
a $6 70 ; southern, $t> a $6 45. Wheat closed ipilet?
tales of 80,000 bushels; white, $1 60 a $1 80; red,
$1 40 a $1 50. Corn closed quiet?sales ot 8,600 bushels
; mixed, 85 cents ; yellow, 83 a 84 cents. I'ork closed
firm?mew, $17 50 a $18 ; prime, $13 12} a $13 26.
I-ard closed heavy at 11} a 12} cents. Whiskey unchanged
at 28 cents. Sugar closed firm at 7} a H cents,
i Spirits of turpentine closed firm at 40} a 60 cents, ltosln
closed buoyant?sales of 11,000 bbls. at $1 75 a $1 80.
Hioc closed firm? 3} a 4} cents.
The history, object, and proper observam'k
of lent ; l?yKt. K?v. Wm. lugralmm Kip, I). 1)., Wish op
vi California. 1 vol. cmiiu
Iifoof Burns, mostly by TUomaa Cnrlyle. 1 vol. AOcenta.
Ufa and TuacbingN of Sovrateu, from Grote's History of Greece.
1 wl. 50<xuit*.
Llfo <?f Joan of Arc ; or, 'Hie Maid of Or lea Of, from MicholcCs llin
lory of Frutiro. l\ol. .r>0 mils.
Mar I 382 \\ nn^lvania uremic, between Mil* mid lotti si*.
fJ^O OQNSUMI'TIVJBS. -A clergyman liuviug cured
JL Ills son of consumption in it.s worst dtag<'H, after being given up
to ?ili U the moat celebrated physician*, d< ir< to make known the
tnodo of euro (winch proves gucccwsful lit every rune) to those atllic-led
vrHb uongtw, txricto, mid com. moption, ami he will tend the same to
any uldreaa, froo of charge.
Address, enclosing two stamps to pny return postage,
Var 1?dl2moa 211 Centre street, N*. Y.
Robes! The sub.*? rlbers Itavo received from St. I/wis n
Iarg?* lot of superior Buffalo Robes, wliicb they are selling \ ery cheap.
Jan ft <1 .I AS, C MiGL'IKK. * CO.
1JUBLIC 8UHOOL8.?Therogubtr monthly meeting
of the trustees of public schools will bo held on Tuesday after1st
March, nt 4?4 o'clock. HI). RlCXETltt,
M.?r I S'cret u .
last great work, painted at Duasoldorf, u Paradise ami the IVri.'i
Nyiupb cii a fair, bat erring line .
Gently, he said?one hope in thine."
j Moore s Lalla Nmkh.
1RANKI IN' I 1111.1* S
Fine Art Gallery,
xjar 1 1'enri avenue, bet 9th and 10th street-;
i llTV IW.HUI Oil I'nitiiin, WnOr <'.>:nr l>rii'i in v.. Hirr-um
I.tlbograpli-. and IIinfograph*, either framed or elegantly mount* d.
Fifty prtz's. vbance . $"? each.
The drawing to take place cm Tuesday evening. March 1,1850, nt
ritlLTB Fine Art Gallery,
i, b tt KU 83*2 IS nn it uue, bet i?:>. and 10th : - u
IjMNE \HT DISTRIBUTION! -Fifty prizes of Oil
I'umlli f . W.itor C'i|< r l'n>MMp<, Cliriitno-tilhoirriipbr, nnrt
1 n,,ii>Kr?,ili , nilicr 11-ini.-I "i- ( iiKMiiii. ,1 I,I . |.n/.
' - S ?
Ttvi Aruwllig In take (,ta<e nn Tm><i!nv rvcnln Much 1, 1SS0, at
rrill I' S Kmc Ari (iallrry,
tt'i IVnnaylvanta nvnuo. between 01 Ji anil 10th ilrwl.
lib 17- nilf
TjVJK HAVANA, via key Wont, to Hail on the 4ili
J mi l IMili'it di b DMHith Tlio lrniu>.l Hlitlrn m#il KUniitiiliip
t-ivnm? Win ltxtiiiH, cominmi'lor, taavrs ('linrli?toH, Swill I'aro
'".I I. I .'."llnr'v :i t ,!?>' I.T II* 'it! I Vl:l KfV M'l >< , .lll't I'.111'.l Ill
i.i ft?r I ti nli-T'n. vlii K'-y Woi, oil tin- loOi ?iid '751 II nf inch
i,,.. i Kof |w? in >r:v In MiillOHM! k 00.,
IV ' 1/ '\| i'l 110 I nil liny llmrkwliui, H r
I , l'llKf"S -llii'iiiry of lln> life imil Tinn* of
'1 " II IV. i . . v?| , i
>"' y In M V nut. D' ? Hi: 1J0'-, llrinvi., O.
[JiXMirH IO : OF I'MN ilNt.S AN1) 8TATI A5J
"V : i thirl vininl i xl.'lilllon if tho Wnihinjitnii \r* \< .<
liUlis'rcM K?6 s .in?
% IJT.\N1 KD. ? A tymmh gentesn winlieH to givo
V > ' ? ; h S?I . { tUHh III rvliMii;-. |? r hit" '11 tHilift
au<l<.< rrr?? i v. iu? ab) gfntlrm?n or fwitlomtrtt rvfivoi^iiit with the**
lnnc?"ir?^? III* d?1ro?n can be ??r<?ri.-lined at ihe I'm Ian ? fl't
.Kn M (III
XXVth Congress. XXXVItli Cong res
i Z>irt?. maims.
1. John M Wood, U. Daniel E. Solum, It.
2. ("has. J. (iiluian, II. John J. Perry, It.
3. Fchemiuh Abiaitt, H. ' E*ra B. French, R.
i i. Freeman 11. Morse, It. Freeman H. Muise, K.
I 6. Israel Washburn, jr., 11- Uriusl Washburn, jt., U
! 6. Stcphcu C. Foster, It. Stephen C. Foster, R.
?S?nt contested l>y A. W. Johatwn, Dfemucrat.
j t. K. P. Walton, 11. K, P. Walton, 11.
i 2. Justin S. Morrill, K. Justfti S Morrill, 11.
j 3. Homer K. Royce, It. lloincr E. Roycc, It.
{ 1 Robert B. Hall, R. 'Jhomas I). Eliot, It.
2. James llutlintou, It. JuuieB Buflinton, It.
| 3. Win H. Diuurell, It. Chiui Francis Adams, R.
| i. Linus B. (lomlnt, R. Alexander H. Rice, R.
I ft. Anson Builingame, 11. Anson liurlingame, R.
J <i. Timothy Da els, R. John 11. Alley, K.
7. Daniel W. (loocb, It. Daniel W. (looeh, It.
I 8. Chuuncey L. Kiin|>|>, It. diaries It. Train, R.
j 9. Eii Thayer, It. F.ll Thayer, it.
j 10. Calvin 0. Chatter, It. ( tiarfos Delano, It.
j 11. Henry L. Dawes, R. Henry I.. Dawes, It.
saw voiik .
1. John A. Scaring, I). Luther C. < arter, It.
2. George Taylor, ". James Humphreys, R.
i 3. Suiuuv! E. Sil kies, D. Daniel E. Sickles, D.
ioim Kelly, i> Thoa. J, Bur, i>
5. Wm. 11. Maelay, D. Win. B. Maclay, 1).
ti. John Cochrane, D. John Cochrane, I).
7. Klijah Ward, D. George Hrlggs, R.
8. Horace F. Clark, A.li.D. Horace F. Clark, A. L. D.
9. J. B. Hasklh, A. L. 1>. J. It. Iliiskln. A. L. L>.
10. Arttbhose H. Murray, 11. Chas. II. Van Wyok, It.
i I. Win. K. Russell, .1). Willium H. Kenyou, R.
12. John Thoiii(isou, It. ('has. L. Beale, R.
13. Allium B. Ulin, it. Abraui B. Oliu, R.
14. KrustusCoining, I). John H. Reynolds, A. L. D.
15. Edward lkxld, R. James B. McKcan, ft.
Hi. George W. Palmer, R. George \V. Pdlittct, it.
17. Francis K. 8plnncr, It. Frutteis R. Splutter, R.
IS. Clark II. Cochrane, It. Clark 11. Cochrane, It.
19 Oliver A. Morse, R. .tunics II. Graham, R.
20. o. B. Mattesoii, It. Hoscoo Conkling, It.
21. Henry Bennett, R. R. 11. Duel I, It.
22. Henry C. Goodwin, It. M. IJndley l/'c/R.
23. Cha*. It. Hoard, It. <"luui. It. Hoard, It.
21. Amos I'. Granger, It. Chas. It. Hodgwlek, It
2.1. Kdwin H. Morgan, It. Mnrtln Butfertleld, It.
2(1. Kmorv It. I'ottle, It. Emory It. I'ottle, It.
27. John M. 1'arker, It. Alfred Well*, It.
28. William H. Kelsey, H. William Irvine, It.
2!?. Samuel (i. Andrews, It. Alfred Kly, It.
80. J. W Sherman, R. Augustus Frank, 11.
SI. Silas M. Burroughs, R. Silaa M. Burroughs, It.
82. Israel T. Hatch, D. E. (J. Bpaulding, It.
88. Reuben K. Kenton, It. Reuben K. Kent on, It.
J. Is. iah D. Clttwsoii, R. John T. Nixon, It.
2. George It Bobbins, U. J. L. N. Stratton, It.
8. 0. It Adrain, A. L. D. (I. It. Adrain, A. L. L).
I John Hnyler, I). Jetur R. Rig's*. A L. D.
a. J. It. Wortendyko, I). Wm. lVnuington, It.
1 'I'll.anas It, Florence, I). Thomas It. Florence, D.
2. E. Joy Morris, It. K. Joy Morris, R.
8. James Landy, I>. John I'. Verreo, R.
I. Henry M I'billipe. I). Wm Millward, It.
."> Owen Jones, ll John Wood, I!,
it. John Hickman, K John 11 i> km.in, It,
V II Chapman, A. I.. U. II. Ismgneekei, It.
S. J. Gluncy Jones, 1). John Sehwartz, A. I,. II.
J. Anthony II. Roberts, R. Tliuddeus Stevens, It.
ill Johu f.'Kuukel, It. John W. Kellinger, It.
11. Win. I.. Dewart, II. James H. Campbell, It.
12. I'uul l eidy, D. George W. Somnton, R.
18. Win. 11. Ilimmick, D. Wm. H. Illinmick, II. *
II. (Iiiluslia A. Grow, It. Galusha A. Grow, It.
15. Allison White, I). James T. Hale, It.
Hi. John A. Ahl, I). Ben. F. Junkin, 1!.
17. Wilson lteilly, I> Edward Mel'herson, R.
IS. Johu it. ilRiit-, 1. Samuel K. Blair, It.
ID. John Covode, It. John Covode, It.
20. W. Montgomery, A. L. D. VV. Montgomery, A. L. D.
21. David Ritchie, It. J nice K. Morchead, R.
22. Bain'l A. PurvinnoB, R. Robert McKnight, It.
25. Wm. Ntowuit, It. Wm. Stewart, It.
24. James D Gillis, D. Chopin Hall, R.
25. John Dick, li. Elijah Babbitt, It.
Wm. O. Whiteley, D. Wm. 0. White Ley, D.
south carolina.
1. J oil n M'Qtiocn, D. John M'Queen, I).
2. Wm. P. Miles, D. Wm J'. Miles, D.
J. L. M. Keitt, 1>. L. M. Keitt, 1).
4. M. L. lion haul, D. M. L. Ron ham, D.
5. James L. Orr, D. John D. Ashmore, 1).
(i. Wm. W. Boyco, D. Wm. W. Boyce, 1).
Geo. S. Hawkins, D. Goo. i*. Hawkins, D.
1. Alfred B. Greenwood, D. T. C. llindmsn, D.
2. Edward A. Warren, D. All>ert Rust, D.
!. G. II. Pendleton, 1). G. II. Pendleton, I).
2 W S. Ginoalieck II. J. A. Ginlov. It.
8. C. L. Vallaudighnm, 1). 0. L. YaJIandighniu, I).
1. M. H. Nichols, 11. Wm. Alton, 1).
5. ltichard Molt, I(. James M. Ashley, It.
<>. J. II. Cockcrill, D. Win. Howard, D.
7 Anion Harlan, 1.', Thomas Cor win, 1!.
8. Benj. Stanton, It. llenj. Stanton, 11.
'J. low. W. Hull, I). John Carey, It.
10. Joseph Miller, t). Carey A. Trituhall, It.
11. Vnl. It. Horton, It. Charles I). Martin, D.
12. Sauinul S. Cox, I). Samuel S. Cox, I).
13. John Sherman, It. John Sherman, It.
14. l'hileuion Bliss, It. Cyrus Spink. It.
lo. Joseph Burns, 1). IVui. Hvluilck, It.
1(1. C. B. TompkitiK, It. Cydner B. Tompkins, It.
17. Wm. Inwrencc, I). John Thoakor. It.
18. BenJ. F. Iasiter, It. Sidney Kgerton, It.
1!). Kd. Wade, It. Kd. Wa.li-, It.
20. J. It. Biddings, It. John Hutchlns, It.
21. John A. Bingham, It. John A. Bingham, It.
1. Wm. E. Nihla- k, I). Win K. Nihlaek, D.
2. Wm. 11 English, U. Wm. II. English. D.
J James Hughes, 1). Win. M. Dunn. It.
I. .IauiCB B. Foley, D. Win. S. llolman, IJ.
5. l>avid Ktlgorc, It. David Kilgore, It.
(I. J. M. (Jregg, D. Albert (t. Porter, It.
7. John It. Davis, A. Ij. D. John tt. 'J is. A. 1.. L).
8. Jitiiicrt Wilson, It. James Wilson, it.
!). Schuyler Colfax, It. Schuyler Colfax, It.
10. Charles Case. It. Charles Case, It.
11. John U. Pettitt, It. John U. Pettitt, It.
1. KlihuB. Waahbunio, 11. KUhu B. Washburn#, It.
2. John F. I'arnsworlh, It. John F. Farnsworth, It.
Owen lsrveJoY, It Owen Lovejoy, It.
i. William Kellogg, It. William Kellogg, It.
ft. Isaac N. Morris, A. L. I). Isaac N. Morris, A. L. D.
tl. Thoe. L. Harris, A. I,. I). Thou. L. Harris, A. I,. I).
7. Aaron Shaw, A. L. 1). .las. ('. Hobiuson, A. I,. D.
8. llobert Smith, A. L. D. Philip 11. Fouke, A. I,. I).
U. Sinn. S. Marshall. A.L.D. Johu A. Logan, A. L. P.
1. French P. Hlair, Jr., H. James 1!. Ilnrrrtt, I).
2. T. L Anderson, Am. T. L. Anderson, I>.
John 1). Clarke, D. John B. Clarke, 1>.
4. James Craig, D. James Craig, P.
ft. S. II. Woodson, Am. S. II. Woodson, II.
(i. John K. Phelps, P. John S. Phelps, I).
7. Sum. Carutlicre, P. John W. Koell, P.
1. Wm. A. Howard, It. (icorgn 11. Cooper, I).
2. Honrv Wahlron, 1!. Henrv Walrlron, R.
.'I. IVivId S. Walbridge, It. Kram is W. Kellogg, It.
4. P.- Wilt C. LmcIi, It. IV' Witt C l#nrh, It.
1. John K. Potter, It. John I'. Potter, It.
2. C C. Washburn u, It C. ('. Washburnc, It.
i. < liarlcs Uilliughurat, It. diaries Liu in bee., P.
! I. Pumn l Ft. Ottrtls, It. Samuel It. Cmlls, II.
J 2. Timothy Parts, It W. Vondever, R.
I^RANKLIN PHILP respectfully invites at tonI?
? i to lit-* now Ami niAfnlflt "Ul ntork of hooka, the of
nK'cnt importations nd p<w>t?al 46tot'tif1D* H tUo North.
Tlio Finrk will h*? (Vxinrt to ImIiiiIo Iho l?< nt edition* r?tFfandnrd nr>d
other w-ii in plain mid ornntwiiiii! bind-"!1 many of v hi'i? arn
auiierHy Uttftrmtod, >iu?l mlly siiltM for pro-tciifallon at tlm a|i
(iroackliiip fnvi v? pc^oti FRANKLIN 1'HII.P*
Rookrt?rfl, 32'^ Ponii. nvanue,
1,# between mh and 10*h ttrtft*.
officer!* OF the cokpohatiobt or
the i it* of waehiitotox.
Mayor JauiM (J Bofftl
Hr fiStrr Wtiilulli
Otrpo/atvm Attorney Jam*** if Carlisle
( <,mi<iU4Wn*:r of lftnlth Cb#irtei V. FoCec, M D.
Tax Olerk Wtlliata J. Doonbo
Hook keeper Edwin J Klnpfcr
Jit?MHper- William tj toCke.
''>*Um*9r Jamee F Habday. Clerk* Reubou Clcary and Wtlliattr
H. Williams.
Surveys William Forsyth.
xr.Hum* iw Hfk inr ngii ru
Ant Ward-- Mr PftC Mails, J B ii &uith, ?iMj
H'ari Mr K K stone, Jaftea fc butUwk), esq
Tkxni It'nrrf Mr W. (i Palmer, Jon?|?b Rryu, ??q.
fourth Ward Mr W 1*. JotMiou, Kraiicin Uohtui, e?q
F\ftk Wanl Mr <J MWoy, J. 1* Ingle, ee j.
Sixth Ward-- IH*. K S. Walrb, John l>. Hraodl, esq.
?SVfvtUh Ward Mr J K Morgan, Ifenry A. Clark?, enq
AroruncAaiaa to n rxwm mcd? ink to Tim poos.
fSrst Want J Hi vol ti. Kulgvly.
Second Ward Andrew YV 'luglies
Third Ward?Valentine lArbaugh.
i F.uith B ard Jumex N CaiJan,
Fifth Ward J. H. Curdlner.
Sixth Wank? Juineit I>. O'lioaocll.
Seventh Ward !>. B. Clarke.
rn\*i? i.i.nm to itti Wkilk.
n,,t Worrf l lllllp C. 1W*M, it i>.
S'.v,.n.( H art/ J. W. H LuvitJoj, H. D.
Think Ward~ <Jeorge M Male, M I).
Hmrth Ward J. M Toner, M. I)
Fifth Ward V M <?ryn?vH, M D.
Sixth Ward J. it. Roberta, M. M.
j Seventh Ward J. E. Willctt, M. D.
hoard or aidknmaa.
, Firit Ward <!eo. W. TUgga and Win. T. Dove, (president.)
Smmti Ward Tbonuu Miller and Thomas J. Fisher
i Third Ward--Thomm IWnobo aud Joseph K. Brown.
Pburth Ward Win. W Moore aud Franci* Mohun.
Fifth Ward - Edmund Barry and ('. W. C. I^ioniiigton
Sixth Ward Robert Clarke and AnHih W. stiller.
Srvrnth Ward John I.. Smith and Peter If. Pearson.
Secretary to the Hoard Erasmus J. Middletou.
Meuaiijer Jacob K lot ber.
uraviOQe, ar.-~Mct*srn. rainier, wrmo, mrion, numui, luunoy.
I Russell. uiul .Wilson.
Corpora'.ion before Conyrtt* Messrs. June*. Mohun, Lloyd, and Tree.
I Joint Comjuttkes. - Washing Um Canal?Mcwcrs. Casth man and
1 Van Keswick.
On Moiwy Transactions with, Corporation?Mr. Jones.
j Asylum?Messrs. Turton, JonM. Wallace, nml Mislead,
j Count an I Destroy Dve Hills -Mr. Edfhondoh.
. Itfifllxter of Aacount* Mr. Boll for,
1 H'Aartvjc Messrs. Or me, Cnfttleirwn. and Russell,
i Health of the City? Messrs. Palmer, Parker, Wilson, and Mu Hoy.
En n,U,d MHs- Sir. Tree.
I EliffiMityof Aucstor$~-M<i&?ri*. Wallace, O'JIare. Parker, and E?1
j moiiston.
qiMMiimnf tjtfltor iterate.
j First, Difttict? -Joaepb E. fowling*.
Second District- H- B. Owns.
Third IHslrict? Stephen Cotter.
jfiburtk District?Samuel S. Taylor.
uo.vHt* or tiu'stkbh or tiik itiuic aoptooiAPir$t
District- William 11. Randolph) (president,) Rogor II. Ironside,
and A. II. Shughton.
Second District - Erasmus M. Chapin, James Lnurotison, and
I Mitchct II Milter.
Third District?John D. Brandt, WllUam I*. Price, and Fraucl* 8.
! Walsh.
Fourth Distnci?J. E. Wlllett, Fro crick Whyte, and Samuel j
Yorlce All/'e.
Secretary to the, Board- -Robert Rickelta.
T.ceturer Valentine llirlmugh.
OfTK'KUM OK tiik jkhym'm, ktc.
IntcndatU <tf the And urn .fnhn.R. 'pirrn
I'hyicinri lathe Asylum Or. Vv. II. Berry.
('om mi** inner* of the AsyluM?George W. Emerson, CJoorge Mailing
ly. and Leonard Harhaugh.
Secretary to the Commissioners?John II. Koyeft.
Commissioner of the Eastern Section of the ('anal?Charles C. Edolln.
Commissi' ner of the Western Sertom of the Canal?William Wise.
I'ommi* inner* of the, IM nurtAf VfOiflM-JQMpb Morrow*, TnOd
r. Morgan; August Millar, xexl'in.
Commissioner* ?f the Fa*! Burial Ground?John I). Brandt, George
W . Oyster; John O'Nealr, sexton.
Inspeeior of Ptour and Sat/ed Provisions?Jov Lyons.
Onager and Itupactor? Florinn Hitz.
,Sealer of Weight* and Measure*?Hiram Richcy.
Ll*}f<1<-r of IS re Ajrjmratus?John W. Martin.
Inspector* atul A/t<uurers of Lumber IVt^r Gslbuit, Wni. Douglas,
Annuel K. Beyer. Tbomae W. Hurch, and 8. F. Onto*.
Measurer* of GYata. Itran, dc. John Wilson for tho first district
ami J. Williams Iorthe second district.
Wiuut omit Ct>al Measurers?Joseph Williams, Rim. C. llickum,
RiclinrdiWiinsutt. John Cumberland, and Win. P. Drury.
Clerk of Centre Market John Waters; Joseph Lyons, assistant. j
Clerk of Ktis'cm Market Sylvester I Gates.
Clerk of Wtotem Market William Wulkor.
Cirri of Korthern .Market George I). Spencer.
t-ommissxoners vf tho Gtnirr Market William Orme, Hudr?m TS) lor,
and Hnckner Boy lis.'.
Commisnoners of the Western Market William H. Walker ami Wil j
liam Brown,
dfMifii oners of the Mm them Market ?Juiiioh T. Hot tue aud Then- ,
dor* Shocked*.
Cianmisiivpc.rs of lh> Eastern Market G. W. Johnson and I'rnm'? j
bSrst Ward William Higgles.
Srnmd Ward John T Stewart.
Third Ward Zeiihanmh Jones.
Fur'h Ward William Douglas
Fifth Ward?Geo. F. Smallw<*hI.
Sixth Ward Edward Wnywti.
Sen nth Ward.?John II. It rd
Fir it Ward A. H. Hilton.
Second Ward Thomas Bobbin*.
| Third It'ari/ W. A. Robin son.
F'tirfh MVir*' W. A. Roldnson.
Cfth Ward John T. Noalc.
j Sixth Ward?James R. Wood.
Seventh Ward?II. 0. White more.
cat* vem*.
I Pint Ward, 1st IMstriei Win. Rarr.
Find Ward, 2d lUstrie.l Itsiilel I.lnknis.
Secitnd Ward. I*r /Hrf>*ict Roger AilimMHi.
j $e*4nul Wanl.'ld District- Michael Stnhl.
! Third Want, 1st IHstrwt John s? hue.
I Third Want, 'lit District John Mack.
Matrih Want, \d DitiriD- Franklin Hutchina.
F orth Want, 3*1 J/istrict?Ernst Loelller.
Fifth Want?Wm. T. Ha-udord.
Sixth Ward Jsnie* Curtain.
Seventh Ward?George N. Ada ins.
Pint District?Bnmuel Drury.
Second, Fourth, and SirJh Dudrift- united -TIms. J. William*
Thinl Didrui -John D. Clark, olllca on Twelfth street, aft w doors
below D.
Fifth /Hstrict William Thompson, office on Ninth street, between
1) ami K streets.
Sen-nth !>idrirt ThoijiM C. I>onn, office (>n IoiiHinna avenue, near
Rank ot Washington
Eighth Diet rut Patrick Mi Kenna, office corner of Pennsylvania avanne
and Fourth street en-t
Xinth District- Jnnie- Cull office near Navy Yard.
T' nth District ltonlol Rowland, on the Island.
Guard. I louse ? Tiiomoi C. Donn.
rot icr narARTifasnr.
Chiif nf Poiit* John H. (ioddnrd.
7,i.-utrunnt* of ]*olui Ntihh* J. Tbonui>. Edward M< Henry.
Poller Officer*?First ward- John McPorroott,Wm. IViw, Wm. P.9W
ru?. and James F. Kdwarm*.
Si fond ward Wm. If. Fanning. Joseph Williamson, Charles (i,
K< kloil, and James (iinnaly.
Tlilrd ward James U. 8uit, Patrick Uormtoy, Win. I,. Roan, and
Jacob 1' Kiug.
Fourth ward R. T. Watson, H. W. Haskell, Hoary Yenlman, and j
Frankiin Zimmerman.
Fifth ward H. C Harrovor. <\ W. Arnold, Jacob Asli, Henry
Nn-h. and Reuben Collim nt tb<? Railroad I**pol.
* Sixth ward- Francis 8. Kdult'ii and James 8 Hiiiith.
i vonth ward John M. IJoyd. James A. 0111,8. N. Chipley, and I
Jos la h Boiml).
! Special Poiice Offitm I utile! Whalcti, Robert II Harrison, John M. j
1 Thornton, ,i?m^ Ihlt, John Kidvroil, John W .Coombs. Hn?mas J. J
i Kelly, J'Mophr S. Norwood, ImnttH Murphy, Frederick S? haffrr, i
* hao] Filag* ' ?id. Martin MrNnrnarn. Thomas Young. John F. Tartar,
Ihoini' .1 Kit mounted, Isarriro Ma tope. Jamo* Romicy, James
I 8<" r r . Thomas Slono, R? hard If Oanlt, William 0. Xoale, Rnnitt'd
Hat..'y, Wm. RabhiU, Ptd'lp lluU'lilnnoti, Jamca K (htfos, William i
I J? hn on, Wm. Hclmi'S I? tor Kraft, Ahrt-d I limning, John Harm**, j
Wm. I. Hat Urn, Joseph Tticket, John T Irwiv Richard Evans. JfllmT* ,
ttradley, Peter floodyear, flrorpIf Morgan, John Rfnw*r#, 'r?ba j
J. Ijm!) . Al%?*an.!er Home I
<-?iMBlirrK?ri Of 1KB MliRI* Of AL0BKJIE.*.
On / 'inane* Me>?r*. Ktgg<<, Brow n, aud Smith.
/ mprvwrntnU?Mesfr*. T. Millar, Mooro, aud Peartiou.
' t'uliet. UmitrH. Mobuo, Harry, and Smith.
Claims McttJir*. Barry, Brown, and Pearson.
?SV/?W*?Me?<ir*. I*>o<>ho, iHiunlngtou, *itd Clark.
h'irr Department Mfuri. NhW) Barry, alld A. W. Millet.
Klectiotu M\vnn\ Kl-dW, And Clark
/>rai??o<^-, It*wtragt. <HUf lOtHrHmHon of Wa/sr Meesre. Brown, T.
Miller, anil f^trsdo.
Oh Unfinished Uutxness MMirf. A. W. Miller, Dutmington, and
Joivt o>mmirrKKH.?(M tkc Atjiulh Mialra. Btoote, bonolto, and
A W. Miller.
Health tf the CUp?Meaur*. T. kill let, Mohan, and Clark.
Canal?Meaflr*. Browu and Peaaoto.
}\'han-en?Mount*Dr?nono And Suiltli
FnnAtrt Hills Mr Moore.
Account $ of Rtgidtr?Wr. Barry.
Moar.y Transactu/iim of the Corporation? Mr. Bigg*.
FHgihiUty (f A ursport- Mt-wr*. A. W Miller, Fisher, and Btlilth.
j To Count ami Destroy thse HClU Mr Klsner.
To Atom1in the. Interest* *4 the Corporation before Confirms Meaars.
Duunlnglon, lligs*, umJ Clark.
BOAMn or araMot oirsNSL.
First Ward-?Charles Abort, (president,) John B. Tnrton, and
Swat lie v S. Parker.
Sfctnul Ward Win. Ormr, Grafton row oil, and Charles 8. Joow.
Thlnl Wart I Win. G. PaloMr, Lambert Troe, and Chriatnpher H.
O I! r.
fourth Ward?Stephen I). Caatleman, Elijah EdmonMou, an<l Win.
P Mnlitin.
fifth Ward William A. Mulloy, Win. F. Wallace, and T. Van Res
Sixth Ward?Goorge A. Ikdiror, Franklin S. Ober, and John 1!. Ran
Seventh Ward? Thome* E. IJoyd, Charles Wilson, and Thomas
S*> t clary? WHIlalh A lO'hnody.
Meue&ya William Q. Ijfdko.
committkw? or tiik boahh or oommo* cdiihcil.
On Want and Mean$ Itowrx* Jones, Turton, Tree, Outlcman, Van
Reawk k, Oher, ami IJoyd.
On Impcooe.9seniM~-Meaar*. Turton, Van RotwU k, Orme, O'Hare,
Mohun. Ru v-ell, and IJoyd.
On Claim* -Meaarr. Powell, Mohun. mid Wilson.
(In Unfinished ltusin&a?Messrs. Palmer and Mllstcad.
(hi Elf-tion* ? M'^srs. Wallace, flb't, and WII.?m?ii.
On /'oft cc- Messrs. Mulloy, 0 liar?, Parker, Powell, Cu.-d lei nan,
i Bobrcr, und IJoyd.
Canal* Messrs. Castle man, Orrae, Ober. Van Res*?ck, Parker.
I and Mi Is toad.
Schools Medsre. Tree, Turton, Powell, Mohun, Wallace, Bohrer,
and I loyd.
I tirt Department Messrs. Parker, Edmon-dou, and MiUtead.
Table cutlery, silver plated ware
Hudtahtr, ait light, ami otlior Hlorm
Togo her with a !; rn?* assortment of household and kitchen rcqtii- i
Term*: $30 and under, ca*b; ever that mini, a credit of one, two, |
three, and four month', for ant i-Tnctorlty-endorsed note.-*, bearing
interest. TIKIS. J. FHHEU, Trwdee.
J AS. C. MctiriHE k CO.,
Kel? Auctioneer*.
By I. C. McGUIRK Co , Auctioneer*.
1 Ih virtue of a rtoe<l of trunt from JHtvM A. Hull, c q , dated the
1 i day of August. 1H42, duly recorded nniong the land records
of Washington cmnty.in the District of Columbia. in liber W. It.
No. Oj, folLH 160. 101, ld'2, and 103, the undersigned will
soil. at public auction, on Monday, the 11th of March, 18Mt, at
1 o'dtK'k. |?. in., the following parcel of projX'ity, lying and be i
ing In the cit\ < f Wushiuglou, known aft parts of lots Nos. 4 and V j
in square 490, being the nttine projmrty which was conveyed hy the
Ila.uk. i f Washington to -aid IMvid A. 11:? 11 by deed bearing even date
with the deixl of trust aforesaid ami agreeably to tbc description* and i
limits thereof, us set forth in the mid deed to the said David A. Hall, :
iii the impiovtttinnl thereon
This property fronts on C street north, between Four and a-hnlf !
and Sixth street* west, ami l? well known as the Kxchango Hotel.
The tertns of rale an* : One third cash, to be paid w ithin five days
front the day of -ale. and the balance in three equal inatalirioiita at d.
W. and 12 month#, on notes, with interest from the day of sale, w
cured tiydeed oftru-t on the property.
All foiivcy in c. ut the expense of the purchaser.
It the term* of stale nr? dot compiled with w ithin i? u d?\s after the
sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell at the rHk and CX|*t)f(r of
the defaulting purchaser. ?? In diMTetion.
A*k' to Uikt in I'ru't of tile pri*nilM*.
JA11KS ADAMP, Truster.
.IAS. C MitillHK &CU.,
Mnr I- '1 Ailetlcinoorn
itv .1 AS. c. MoOllKK .t CO., Auctioned-*.
J[ RmI Kstnte. in Fairfax county. in Un? State of Virghiiu. On
\\ lity. tl?*' 9th day of March, A. I>. 1859. ?t 12<iYI'H*k, iti., I J
hin*II sell, on Uii* premise*, under mid by virtue of a deed of trust
from A?.*i tilndtnon and Ann (lliiilniiin, )?ia wife, to Ijimhert Tree, duly
executed and admitted to record in tie-clerk' olliccol Fairfax county,
in the State of Virginia, the following described tract o( laud, lying
a ltd being in Fairfax county, in the State of Virginia, and bounded na
follow*, to wit: Beginning at A, a sycamore on the went aide rH a
spring branch 4 jades from the mouth of Holmes'* Hun. a corner of
.\i|iiiii?'h sale to Ib-n. II Thornton; thence with Thornton* line. V
2 ;i<>, W Cll |?o|es, to 11, n -onall white oak; theme N. 45.80, K. 48),
pole , to C, a slump by which are two small niaplec. one inarked;
thence S R2.30, K. ftw |*>Ioh. to |>, a Sjranish oak; thence, leaving
Thornton's and running N. 28 4ft, K 91 8 poles. to K, a white and
P;Kini h oak sapling*, corner of said Adams'a purviiMxe of W. II. Kan
dolph. Ibi'iM1, villi a line of the name N. .*11 30, K. 72 8 jade*, to K, j
u high stump ou the HW. side of the Fee*burg and Alevaudrift Paid;
thetie.c, Up the id road S. 57 4ft, W. 191 jade*, to a planted stone 1
c rncr of Pn|dV sula to Fip"iomb; thence, with a Hue now run S.
;i: ij . W 240 |?ole< and 22 link.-*, to the middle of Holmes'* Hun, to a |
a tone planted; tbeiico down --aid run ami with its meander* to the
junction ct Ho: sprhi;; lira neb; tlwnce up the brain h N. 20, W 4
pde*. to tie beginoing. Containing 271 acre*. m -re or lex--.
Term* of sale: One fourth cash; the balance In one, tw o, .md three
year*; the j?urcha*er to give for the said balance IiU tftreo ipm!
promh-ory note*, payable, with interest, respectively, at one, two,
and three years after day of sale, atul secured by a deed of trust on
the j?roml<MHi.
II the term* nro not complied with within live d*\ < after tile day of
sale, the trustee reserve* the right to rceelf the premises on xudi
term* as he *h*ll think best for the interest of all person* interested
therein, at tlio risk and etpetiff of the defaulting purchaser.
I^VHFHT TRF.K, Trustee.
Fob ft -eodlcds Amdhmeent. j
Richard Henry Henderson,
\ttnrnni III- /*tn\
otfirfi, tfo. 12 Louisiana nvenue.
Fob 13 eodlmo*
Spring Htylo* offioui'rf DroHi 1H50, ui pleasing va
rutv of mid p.itfrrn, ?>t
Hut ar.'l Cap Storo, 4'Zi IVnn. a von 10
\|?ir ? fltrfvllf
? . ?
J[ J Mirror Iire-Mug K.tngrro*, ww trlirlo, Rosewood parlor not*,
in vrhlio walnut with ion pi.?nrh -rt, two m-fus, two nrtti
luir six ohiiirn without nrm?, at i?.\ v%prernon>H on lith >-11-. t.
4 ?*>, few doors from IVtMf HrWil* ,
r*b 1 Hviimo* wm M I. cKfiT**
R< jan. V. mcbuire A c o., AnctloneeM,
Thuradny morning, March 3d, at 11 o'clock, iu front of the
urn tlou rooms, wo ahull sell lor account ol whom it may concern?
000 largo nix passenger oihui Photon,
One H<|uurv Carnage for lour piuMoiigvrs.
One handsome four-seat rarriage, a very fine article.
One hoi Ihiggv, with to|?f
One Hoi-toll built Chaise,
Onn Mccood hand buggy,
Oue do Carriage, hot little used.
Terms; One third cash . tho row due in two ami lour months for
a Vj.? factor ily endorsed notes, bearing lute res I.
Mur 1?(1 Auctioneers.
My Jan. {'. McGUIRH A co., AurUoneers
of Household Furniture and F.tlocts. <>ti Monday < M<rf-li
i 71 ft, at 10 o*bl(H'-k. by virtue of a ilMed Of'fast, dated April i!'?tli,lKl7
( and duly recorded in l.iher J. A. S.. No. Kfc!, 6>Hos 110. etc., I shall
sell, at the la rife hoarding home. <orticr of l'eiin-vlvania a Venn# utid
street, nil the faruituro and effect*. comprising
Superior rosewood < use piano forte, by Cln> kerlng
Mahogany and walnut hair Kpring soot * :?s arm and parlor !
Mahogany damask covered divans
Marble top coiitre and aofw tables, whatnot
Hush covered nobis, arm and parlor chair.-,
(h t frame unrrors, gu- chandeliers
Hrovatelle and lace curtains, cnruico
Ilriissels, three ply, ami Ingrain carpets
Oilcloth, straw matting, ruga
Mahogany and walnut French bedsteads
Solid mahogany, waluut, and pointed wardrobes
Marble-top and plain dressing bureaus
Woahstands, toilet seta, looking.glasses
Superior feather beds, bolsters, and pillows
1 lair and husk mattnvsca
l our eliiimelfod Collage ?C's
large quantity of blankets, comforts, counterpane*j abort- j
ing, An. i
Ihuhig-Whle.*, enne seat chairs, lounges
_ _ . ??A* ??
By JAM. C. NrUDIRB A CO., Au,tH?neer?.
8ALB by order of the Orpliuna' Court of very cx
Iflmvt Mo8k <rf ((u|Ntlnr Win<- Liquors, (Vara, Ac Oo Mm
M.?rct. *11, ?m J" . !'?ik u >.- W.u* .n- ? . nl<-r
<?t fcfcelute John ii fctulbnouiu, uii (ho ?oolh bii!? id 1'enuaylviun?
avenue, between 4 *>t ami Ath street*, uo rtiull toll, by catalogue, all
I ? f iiH stock of amwrtur Winer, liquor , and Cigar*, comprising?
Muiuui- ml ami Cabinet, Hp.vui Rou*u
liroou ftflsldjtctak, Buuchc *t Poraf
llotiftittouh, Hi.I, k fed I
A ml other fuvunUo IxnmW, iu quail* ami ptut*
Very *ti|>erior Pith* and l>nik Brandy, in wool ami glars.
AmaiiHIU'ln, Brown, Pino Pair, I hill'Cordon, ami other .Sherftea
DM K''-< rve hii?I Tmta Madeira*
Superior tiid i'orl, M Julian
Chub au, laovitle, st Kataphu
Ami other Clarets, iu jduUi and quart*.
Kitra feipevjor and Clb*on Wili k. ya, iu woo I ami ftlaa*
i About ltt,tjoM genuine ami aiipcrlqr Havunu Ogam
tugeiht'f with Jaitt ilea Hum, din
h<h?qdi.tin StirtpjM, CunlCoA
Ab^iitlio, AuiMiwiic Cuhibl Rorch****a
Scotch dud lt;i?l? ftlnakey, Arrack Bitter*
Pure Spint.s Vinegar, Young's Alo
l/>mJou Brown Stout, Hootcb Alo
| Olive (Ml, Ac.
The w hole furtii ng a very cxtcuaive alia k of choice good*, tho rep
utation of which id too well known to need comment
Also, w superior herring Iron htfe, Counters, Shelving, QmICS,
Mmaurors, Ac
Tertua : $40 ami under, c.uih, over that mini a credit of two, four,
and six tnonlba, for aaiiafucluriiy endorsed uoica, bearing ioMri ri.
IV rt. The customer* of the late Mr. Buthiuuon can be nupphed at
private sale until tho day of aik;
Catalogue* maybe obtained at the counting room of the ivoclke
cm. A. E. Rt"IIIMANV, Adunnx.
j as. C mccl'lrk a Co.,
Mar ??d auctioneer*.
By J. (J. Mt Ul'IRK A CO , Auctioneers.
|,s\t'ELLENT Hornc. Square Carriage, ami liar
jS lit mill '<ii i>u Tltm~<U* M?rtii 'til, at 11
j o clock, in front of lb<> auction rouui*, -hull sell fur account of Mr
| of the Mi itl*h 1 ?
One (ui HorMt. live years old
OUC three nested Carryall
One act Sluglo ilnriiLHu
Terms : ?^\ly nod ninety days' credit, for aatl.-factorUy endorsed
notes, hearing interest. .1, (', Udtl'lRR A CO.,
Mar 2 d AuMM<H!r<.
By JAM. C. MctiUlttE A Co., Auctioneers.
J lot on Ninth struct wctt, between I. ami M street* north.-?Ou
Monday after noon, February 28t It, at 4,'a .o'clock, on the premise*,
we nli.ill null lot No. 37, in James Caden'< suiMllvi.-lon of *|>uire No.
300, fronting 2.1 feet on oth street weal, between I. and M street*
north, running hack 13H h ut 7 inches to a 30 f?H>t alley.
This lot U beautifully Minuted in u healthy and dcdrahla part of the
city for u residence, and will ho sold wjjhuut reserve. Title iiidi.spu
Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in 0. 12. and 18 mouth*, with
interest, secured by a deed of irusl on the premises.
J AS. C. MciiUIltE Sc CO.,
Feb 23 -d Auctioneers.
KarTlic above k?1o i? poetponed until Saturday
nfn.tiiuuii, vanh 6, numo liuur AUil pUci'.
J AS. C. Mi'GflKE Si CO.,
llarU?-<l Auilliiuiarn.
By JAM. C. McUUlKB A Co., Auctioneer*.
, rpWO Excellent Work Hoi'hpr, Exprena Wagon,
1 a i 1 lamp's far miU* On ttntfsdiiy ml.rimig; Man li 3.1, at 11
j <>Y tick, hi front of the auction roiins, w? shall sell
1 exct Ilent Rom Work Horse, tt years old
1 light Express Wagon, nearly new
1 sot hariu'KH.
i Also, for account of the government, one su|?erior Work I lore e.
Terms cuvh JAM. C. MoHl'IKK A: CO.,
: Mar 2?d Auctioneers.
! Tj^OIJ KKNT, either furiLuhud or uui'uriu&hod, mni
X7 by the year or fiw it ?D<>rtcr period* my house up the (?rBer of
' V atiri Third cirwu, oros|M during fl.e last aeseion of Oingretui by
Hon Mr Hammond, lulled .States uutor from South Cur<dtua In
quint i t PAVIH A HAII-,
Nov 6- oodtf N'? 408 C ItrBct.
tj^OK Jit)N'T -The J* rout i'urlor, and liod-ttooui ut?
I ached, over K??l vt ? !! A Laurence'* Pruf bioro. The bmnsI
I eh ir&ble rooms 011 tin avenue, un account <?f (ho noarneaa u> the dt*
| |>artiu?'uU and Wi Hard's Hotel Also, two bod rooms In third alary;
ail luruwhed Apply to K1PIVKJ.1. A lJlTKHtfCK
Nov 10 :*l.i vs tt K, ututr 14th Htreat.
'Jto LET?The Uiroe-Htory brick limine, No. I'J3
J[ fifth street, between E tad y Il k- bath room and g* Honit
44-0. Impure on tint pr< miscs N??\ 30 (f
[So. 631]
: /'or Oit Ketlorn'mi, of ctrUtvi /.ml. to Morkct in the NtAtk. or
Mil 'IIIU&M.
r 1111K grtuit of I.mil made by lUc not of CongrKM
|| approved June 31j 1858, to tho State of Mb'twitx, to uld In the
'cMidtrm lion 6f terln'f* rntlr' 4ds (herein nici.tiOffcd, IH?lti|| bwi to
fur adju-i 'd as lo authorize the rule i*c frimt withilraual of the land!
hwotiuirUT described, notice it Hr.rchfl gitrti Uiitf all Mio vacant "ft'red
lands which lie outside. of fix ?ittafun each side o! flto ''OrftHl llapidf
! and Indiana," the "flint and IVre Marquclui," tb? "Petroit dtid M"
waukee," tin* port Huron and Milwaukee," and the "Aioboy, l-anaiag,
| and Truver.-e lta> " railroads, situated to the undermentioned town
i ship*. vrliW h have not been selected In virtue of said grant, or re
; served lor uuy purpose wlut-vor. at I which were tubjeci to privGtr
' entry at the dab of withdrawal, will be restored to private entry on
tin* days, and ut the places hurontiter sped Ued. at the ordinary mini|
mum of $1 2ft p? r acre, or ut the price- to which they may have
! graduated at the date of withdrawal.
| At the laud rifHCfl at Kalamazoo, ou Monday, the eleventh day of April
j next, rid:
South of the ha ? Utu and ?t*l of the vtlnctjnhl meridian
I Townships I, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 7, and 8, of range 5.
' At the land oil! > ut ItirKoir, on M >n lav, the eleventh day of April
j norf, viz:
'* South of th. f,\-, Uu ,ttui " t vj th< jnimipU iniihtn
tow Urdu p.- J . I, 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, of raiif" 1.
Towtmhips I, 2, 3, 4, f?, and 8, o| range 2.
Townships I. 2, 3. 4. ft, L nod O^of range 3.
Townships 8, 7, 8, and 9, i f rungc 4.
South (f the hoc Unr and md if thr print ipal meridian.
Townships 1, 2, il.4, ft 8, 7, 8, and 9, of raugts I.
North of thr hatt line and ?v t if th" priiu ijtal meridian.
Townships 29, 30, 31. 92, 33, 31 aud 3a, of range 2.
North of the bam line and *a*t if (hi prim ipal wmlUtn.
Townships I, 2. 3, 4, and ft, of range I.
Tow UsdiijM 4 and b, of rut g?*s 2, 3, 4. ft , 8, 7,8 ,9, 10, and 11.
Townships 4, ft, 0. 8, 9, and 10, ol rang* - 12, 13, uud It.
Town-litp* 4, s, 7, 8, 9, ?n l 10, of range* lft, lit, and 17.
At the land ofUco at Eaht Hauana w, on Monday, the dcr-n'h day '/
April tuvt, Viz:
North of the la** Un-- and etui if the prim ipal meridian.
J Townships 0, H, 9, 10, It, 12, 13, 14, lft. 18, 17, and 20, of range 1.
Towusbips 0, 11, 12. 13, lft, 18. lw, and 20, of range 2.
j Townships 0. H. 9, 10, 14, lft, 19, and 20, of range 3.
i Townships 8, 8, 9, 10, and 18, of range 4.
Tow fir hips 8, 8. 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 16, of range 5.
Townships, 6, lo, II, 12, 13, and 14, ??f range 6.
Townships 6, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, of range 7.
Townships 0, 8, 9, and 10, oi rtUijp s 8, 9, 10, and 11.
North of the l>art lim ant writ of thr pritmpal meridian.
I Tow o. hipA 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 17, 18. and 19, of range 1.
Towi.sl.tpo 11. 12, 13. 14, la, L , 18, 19, 20, 21, '2X 24, 2ft, 20,
I 27, and 28. of range 2
I At the land ofttco at Io.tii, on M mday, the eleventh day of April nead,
North, if the hate IfHi and ryM of the princijxU meridian.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4. 8, 0, nod 10, ?| range 1.
ToAi.at.ips I, 2, 3, ft, 6, 8, 9, sind 10, of lunge 2.
Townships 3, 4,5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, and 20, of range 3.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0, 8, 0, 10, II, 12, 17, 18, 19, and 20, of
range 4.
Townships 1, 2, 8, 4. ft, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, and 20, of
range ft.
Town-hips 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ?, 8, 0, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, mid 20, of
range n.
i'ownship* 41 ?#?, H, ft, 10, 11. 12, 13, 11. 13, 17, 1H, 19, and 20,
of range 7.
T?wia?lii|wv 4, 3, 7, H, ft, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, IN, 17. 18, |ft and 20, of
range 8.
Township* 4, 5, 7, 8. ft, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, IN, 17, 18, 19, ami 20, ??f
rang*; 9.
Township* 4, 5, 0, 7, 8, ft, and 10, ?>f rango 10.
At lilt land ollico ut Tkavkrsk Citv, on Monday, the tievmfh day if
| April next, viz:
North <fthr ftair line and ?vx/ of the principal meridian.
' Townships 21 and 22, of range 8.
1 Town-hips 21, 22, 28, 24, 25, 20, 27, 28, 2ft, 30, 31, and 32. of
i range 4.
! Township* 21. 2?. 24, 24, 23, 20, 27, 28, 2ft, 30. 31, nnd 32, or
! range 5.
Townships 21, 22 23, 24, 25, 20,27,28, 2ft. 30. on I 31, of range ?' .
Tovim1)I|M 21, 22, 23, 24. 25, 20, and 27. of range 7.
Townships 21. 22, 23. '24. and 25. of range 8.
Townships 21. 22, and 28, of rouge ft.
tiirou uudftr my hand, ut the edy of Washington, Iliij first day of
I Fobrtstrv, A. t). 183ft.
Commissioner of the General Laud (MBcr.
Now.?Under the regulations ??f the deportment, as heretofore and
now existing, no payment can t?e made for advertLlng proclamations
except to such publishers as are xpnially aulhorizeil to puldbdt by
the Coimni->iouer of the General Land OtlUv.
Feb 4- -Wftsv flritxifcar)
[No. C32.]
Notice of the Continuance of the Viiicennes,
Indiana, Land District.
LX \C('0RDANt'K xviiii the provisions of the Act
of Cotigrcas, approved ixvtmbcr 21, 1558, entitled 4,A'i net to
'VitiHliUe the office of register ?;ft the Ltud ollleo at Yincoiiuc*, Indiana,"
It la h?'r? by declared and made known that tin? land office
aforesaid will he reoptuod for buslm-* -u ooon (in tlw newly-appointed
register shall have qualified to enter Upon the duties thereof, of whieh
date paid register will give public initio*.
(liven under my hand at the eity of Washington, (his tenth day of
February, A. I>. 185ft.
CominUaiapor of the General Land Ofttco.
Feb 12?w6w [Int. A Star]
tings, Drugget*, Curtain Materials, and House furnishing Dry
Goods,such n<?
Velvet Upcptry carpttingSj new designs
Tape-try Brussels do in great variety
Now styles Brussels do super quality
Extra-heavy 3 ply do very rich
Kxtra super ingrain do now patterns
Very heavy all wool lHttch carpi-ling:*
Twilled Veuiliati carpeting for h ills and rtepa
\ civet and Uru-sels un ?lo Mo
Full tflxwt* extra heavy and very rich Hour oil doth?, cut to fli
ally wile or tthapc room. hall, or passage
Mosaic, velvet, and tut toil rugs and mat*
Cocui and Ciuton tuatlln^
1U 4.14 4, 10 4 drugget crumb cloths
Kngll.-h druggets, all widtha, by tlio >ard
Very richly embroidered lace curtains
Satin hilue*. Inc ab'Is. and rep- for curtain*
White, bull. Mo*-, and green shado luietm
Stair rtklw. curtain llxturo*, Ire.
Max tug attended MAHA.V A: Ol.'H grfnt f 'arjKd Aut tioti, ? hit h took
place in N'ow York on the 4ih and Mil iu?t.. we are noxx prepared to
oder greater inducements than ran be aflbrded under ordinary circuit)Rtauoea.
Purubascrs are rcrpoctiullx invited to an examination of our
Block. IIOOF. imo. k CO.
Aug IS?dif
SlliN OK TJ1K (JOl.n KAULK.?Eiigraving??A
splendid lot of \x nidi is for Male ?t Wagner'a, -55 lVon.-yivuiiia
avenue. opposite Kirkxvood House. Framed or otherwfate.
Also, all kind of ?ilt picture frames. Pet 5 If
V.. <97 V Slrti-t, trtm-n 9Ik aw.' U>M Street*,
I^NV.UAVEK and designer in gcnoral, manufac_J
turer und Inventor of the nexv, improved real pre-se#, watch r.imt
engraver, wood engraver, mu?in putieher. stencil cutter, copper
plate engraver, and lithographer, Is prepared to execute engraving*
cm any metal on gold, silver, brass. cop|H?r, Kttvl, Ac., in a-t good a
workmanship manner at by an; other establishment in the United
States. Tin* Hulfrcriber tecU ronlhleut that all order* entrusted to
him will give |?erfcct MtlsfuoUou, or no charges made.
00111? I'l.Ali: F.VUKA VKR,
Jan 5 ?lyd AC , AC., 4eC.
k?rtlii-i?t < uriifr ..i Ulli iiitiI I: ?1ri'.'(?.
II. IKiKV k HKIHJMAN, proprietor-.
ON livid at.ill timet tiie vlioiccn whhph, lmuidicK
?hl?kt yii, fcn. Thu rHin; <lrpnr1mo?it will nirjl Ihw.
r?<' sujipumi n-iwi oy.-nur*, nn'i, m imri, every tlcitcacy eilcula
tisj in ?iiH Ihc I Hti! ??f llic moKt I.i4tidinas, prewired by hii cx< i-llciil
French cw*.
Hot him for private iwxrtlos ut. nil lonir-, and ftl*o room* to runt, fur
nUhi^l ??r iinT-irnwhixl.
A free lunch vet out at 11 o'clock. Feb 21- dim*
A V AN CAMl', DENTIST, J>?^ r. lunu.lto (lie
# rttjr and returned his prncUnc.
i tporuliftg rooms mi'! rcfddeiiei* 107 K street, hotworn dth and 7th
Hlrinii, I door* from Post twice. Oct 14 <llf
NKW LCMBEIt YAIIP.? The Hulmorilx'r would
respectfully call the attention of Iniilders lo bis superior itock
ot lumber, hist rood red ut Ins wlmrt on (Until atreot und mtml, con
fluting of while and yellow pine Lionrdf, plank. joist*, eouitliiig, puling,
h?lh, 4tc. AI<o, h cm lock boards, post, and >? 'lutllng
Carriage and wiWricl linkers ar<- inviicd to oxumioe his choice variety
t?l a*h, hickory, uiaphi,poplar, bow* wood, rlnrry, Aothe
abovM j?tn? k ol lumber has boon selected with trout rare, and
will ho snld ?>n reasonable (ofin
m:ran\ MeCUllIC,
Due 22 Am ftth Rtrnet and On.il.
t Q. C. LAMAR. C. W MOTT. J. 1. Af TRT.
I AMAH, MOTr, It AUTKY, AUorneyi?-at-I,<aw,
J Holly Spring*, MNs., will pro< tier In tho IIIrIi Court of Krrorn
nun Apjwals ot.la? k?oi\ tho Karl oral Court nt IV>np,p>o ; tfv- Court* of
III'' 711? Judicial |?i?lrni j Mlao-o i *?| ?i itud will attend to the col
ootlnn of ' l.iihiH lhro''ifhoot North 'ippi .-hpt 18 dtf
Two through tiain* are now run daily, eiMpt Sunday, from Waati
Itigtou (or the Weat tv* follow* .
I ? .\Uo!(Akli -I .!! <5 7 4 m. < R>iU<l4> e.tCVpKW C?t4
; log < lively at Washington Junction, for t uinl* rlaud and J1*!** I moot
Til*' Oneinnati St lA>ut?f and (In* ago Kn)?1? V<Wb?(Hot h-av.g
Wuhlflflm ut 3 40, |>. in., r?m hltig OnctMWtl aid 3D. p. m ,ne*td?v
and oouiioctfng directly with eg pre** train for U>uM?vme, Cairo,aid ft,/
Southwcat, an?t Cor HI. kali***, kt.
T?? view Uic grand mountain aeenery of tho road id dgybght Uko
. ill,, r Mm . I . m , ..r S III, P ill , ir.iR (ruin Wufaagton. .>.
over at Cumberland or Pknliimxit.
tor 1'nrkcraburg and all stations <>o tho North weatiuro Vtrgiuia read
take the 3.40, p. in , train. For Marietta aud Cincinnati Railroad uka
h*? m mt.
iJifOttgh tickets and baggage check* to all quarters, and every
other poixitflt ftMJjllty, will be found ii|k>o this root*.
Way paafteitgera for the main stem of th? Baltimore and Ohio Kai!
humI will leave Washington a* follow*
For all potato between Washington Junction and Piedmont Uk* the
7.4.%, a m., train
For all MatinM lwdweee Piedmont and Wheeling, hike the a lo,
p. m , train. To connect with the Frederick train,take the 3 4<?, p. iu \
i fait
leave Washington for Baltimore at A.10 and 7.43, n m and 3 40
and 4.86, p. rn On Sunday at3 40, p m only.
1/*hvo Haltiniore at 4.30 and 8,.S0, a. in , and 3 .'Ml and 5.30, p m
Oli Sunday al 4.30, a. m., only.
The 7.4f? and 4 33 trains only will stop at way station* ami fbr An
The 7.45, a. m., and 3.40, p. in., arc the chief cmine*ting traifm f*f
the Wed, uud the C.iO, 1 A>. and 3. fcr trains lor the Ea*t
For further hrflvrrruifion ilfcptfrc at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Tickc* Offo#, of TIIOS II. PARSONS, Agent, Washington.
Oct S Waster of TVetwipertathie , llaWlBiorit,
froN>. If ASDIXtiTuN I'fTV t?? Virginia, Tenrnweee, Georgia, Alabama,
Ifter^alppi, 1/HiUinnu, Arkansas, and IV uw
Through Ticket* con bo obtained alt he great MoufelMte*t?VB Rail
mad Oftke. owuer nfivunaylt aula a ran no nod Suth afreet, Waahwy
ton, OA board ??f Uie steam Ferry Jfcjui Menrge Page, or at the IMftc* of
the Orange and Afcwanrirlu fMVrood. a* Aietemlrla.
To Richmond Renville, Lynchburg, Bristol, Kocsvitte. If Ilea.
Atlanta, (Jiiittuimoga, Nashville. Haul* v tile, Kntttd Aiw
t?ui, Meii'jdiU, Aiimigomerv. ami \*rw Orleans.
a IHret t K*h?U- and t^iMilinmNta Had way (on no xhma to Ihlgd)*.
I AltoiMlhg gronter KsiwaUttmi and Ownlhrt, and being ore? 244 milr ,
j shorter than by aftJT nfher rraife
i The ativiiu ferry ?r^it tieorge INtge leave* tho foot of Barenth aftreet
i at 6o'clock,;* in., for Ah'XAudrta, where |?araet?grra take the car*f?^r
Richmond, riifirlotlttevltlo, fhauntou. White Setphur Hfirtegtf, Wood
:<tock, Mo., aud ut 7 '4 , p in., for Rn hinmid and all fwdnt* Southwest,
| making sure and c,lt?-a conneMonn to Afetuidna.
j lUtgguge wagons and omnlbuscy leave tho ollke, Pa. avruuc, at b
i o'tdo* k. a. in . aud 7. t>. I'l.
JAMES A. KVAN4, Agent,
I Juno 135 tr Washington
i OHM M K R A R H A N (i K M E N T .- The steamer
tiEOHGK l'A({K will run us follow*:
Leave Alexandria til 4, 8, 10, l'l o'clock, a. m.; 2, 4, and 6 o'clock,
j p. in.
I**ave Washington at fl, 0, 11 o'clock, a. I, 3, ft, and 7 o'clock,
I p ?>
The THOMAS OOMA'KR, ?h?u on tho route, will run ?< oppwm
j hours, fttfo 1ft cent*.
! Whaley'n oninlbtMcn connecting with the Pago ahd Odlyer, will
| leave the Capitol, ami corner of 12th street and Poun.sylvunlu avouur,
I be same time the boats leave Alexandria.
June ft-ood- u RICHARD WAIJJkQI, rrnahleM
Notice to travkllehs.-.ne\v ahranuk
: HOAI> LINE.?Two fast dully linos from Wn*hu?gtmi for the Mouth
i and Southwest. Boat* leave their berths, ftx?t ?( Uli Klrcet, at 6*g,
| ;t. in., mid 7 ?P- n). I'aesejigera by the morning bout can obtain a Hiim
; breakfast on ln?nrd and enjoy it pleasant suil of 3}? hours down t1?e
i bountiful Potomac, passing in full view of Mount Vernon. By the
| evening boot they insure a good Hupiw ami a rest of four hours in
| comfortable berths or stale rooms, and arrive in Richmond in time to
i connect wMbaH the Irabu for the South and Southwest.
! The g rent soil He tt. fnitd'h? convoy ml over thin route, tt being 44
1 miles shorter and 100 tulles l"tf? railroading than by any other route,
| making certain cointcafcni* to
{ Khkiuckmwhu hc. RuiiMoair. *>?> Parmsnt no, Vihoima ; Wki.pon oh j
WII minuton. N. L\; CiUKLOrro*, S. C., Aiovmta, GA. ; Movtiruomv
ami MowiJt, Ala , wkmtt to Nm* ihtuuN* am? am. soi tmkkv am*
j Also, connect at Richmond with the fhyivilli*, SoutUnhle, Virginia,
| TennesMeu, and K id Tennessee railroads
| Danville, Bristol, Pnllim,
| Chattanooga, Iluntsx-ille, Memphis,
. Lynchburg, Knoxvllle, Atlanta,
j Nufdiville, Grand Junction, Montgomery,
and New Orleans.
For through tickets and further information of the route, inquire at
| tho southern ticket (dime. No. 372 Pennsylvania avenue, one door
j east of Browns' Hotel, or on board the boat*, foot <>f tttb atrcet.
August 17-ly _ Ticket Agent.
liq<rint of the HrilM Review and Blackwood'* MocHtiiar.
I SCOT T K CO., New York, continue to jiuMisli
U tho following leading British periodicals, vix:
1. TUB MINIMIS QUARTERLY, (conservative.)
J THE NORTH IIHIT1.-H REVIEW, (free t-h'irob.)
! 6. BLACKIVOOD'S EDIN il'HOll M VOAZiNK, ftory.)
Thc.se periodicals ably rcprcMitt Hie three groat |w>litienl parties of
druflt llnkdti whig, tnry, and radical lint politic* forms only one
j feature of their character. A-* organs of the niaKl profound writers;
[ on uriencr, literature, morality, uitu rongmii, iney sinmi, as iwy ever
j llftvo stood, unrivalled In the work) (4 hU?r*, l>ei?ig CftlwMered uidB
1 pen-Able to the scholar and the professional man, while to tin* intelli
| g*ut reader ??f every class tlioy furnish a more wmd and aatidV
; t try record or the current literature of tho day throughout the world
| than ran be puntibly obtained from any other source.
: Tlio receipt of advance sheets from the British publishers give* a?1
ditionai value to the-e reprint*, Inasmuch n* tli-y run now pined
. in the hands of *nb.-er ihrrs about ns aooti as the original editions.
I Fur all four of the Review:.!.... Is bO
I For Blackwood's Magazine it 00
I For Blackwood and one Review ft ?)
I For Blackwood and two Retiews 7 Od
J For Blackwood and three Reviews $ 00
For Black wood and the four Reviews 10 00
TAYLOR k MAURY, Booksellers.
Agents for WuKhiugtmi,
| J.,ii 8 No. 334 Point. avtmic.
"Mont Wondrrfu! mid litmrtifitl."
~\\TE have now on linnd nnfl of tho larjjcHl and
VV in.Ht varir.l u.?..riiiieiiL. of.-TKI!i:<WWIT rttTTKEH oflercd
in tins city, on gknu or paper, plain and colored, consisting of views
of the principal places of the United States.
Wo have, also, in great variety, Elliott's relehrated groups of parlor
and dome tlo scenes, weddings, christenings, pic-nics, Ac., k*-.
We aim ..Iter a One colletlioiiuf sterouecopfc IliAtflllfielits. of various ]
styles, inanuluctured to our own order. These instruments and pie i
lures form the prettiest and most interesting present that con lie o(
fore 1 to old or vouiig
TAYLOR k MAURY. Book filers
334 lVnitMlvaiiia avetmo, agents lor Washington of the American
Rmreo oopic Company . Jan 30
DA. UAROWEI/Ii, HohI Ktdate and Uenernl
# CommHKlou Broker, has taken tho ofhee, up stairs, in No
' .?.H> I'oitn*)'Ivauia avenue. where he propose* to attend to *olOug au'l \
buying real eAtiiU* any w hero in Ctiiou, renting oat and collecting
rents, and procuring ho?Mn on rout or Iouho, or any busiuc** appertaining
to ri al estute, with u ne w optional logal.ald.
Tim settlement of rluirnf of any doicription on the executive departments
ami bureaus ?'f government and (*>ngrew?T niut member*
of Congress ; imjh iially claims of t!?r distant Mid udjaeetit IHiWf|Ni|HT
pre;?is for subscription* uixl advertising, hi* experience being such u*
b> enable him to furnish tIm* forms ami in* true! km* to par ?
tins having *u<h, as well un ut lending to having adveitiseineitli infirrtol
in any or all of the paper* in thr District of Columbia or !*''where,
on application bv letter or otlii?r\vii?c to hiin ; tint* saving tbc
expense of a trip to the city, ami prompt return* made.
Also, tho negotiation of loan* on g'**l seeairlty, anil all ?lcwri|if
on* of business w hleh may properly be ciutisod iimior the licinl of a j
general commission brokerage.
Kktcrxk- Hon. Win. A. Harris, (formerly of Missouri.) hr. A. VP.
tiarin H, Col. Ja*. <1. Barret, miyor ; Kalian! WulhU'h, rswf., and
the proprietors of the laws paper press generally of Washington,
J. k <?. It. f)avm|nu i ami Hon. J. S. (Tvtkle, Richmond, V? ;
It \ Win. S. I'himer, Alleghany Cily. Pa . Cel. \ T. Burnley, Crunk
| f-?rt. Ky.,ui?d John O. Rurgcnt, ?v.q.. New York city. Ilec i?dlf
Capital $209, OIK) 1
only comjinny in Washington having such a H.-tuse in its rbar
Klakson building*, morehandlso, furniture, Ac., taken at tin- low eat
rale*. ?
BwMks fl?e actual capital of the rom|?nv, the individual liability J
I ol.iiun j.i' llw. . hmf.ir rmi.tfr-; lh.i nrlralo ('.irltm.i ?kf muih KfCiklli'M' ' ]
lilllllo f'?r
Uffloe Ourner of Ptnwylvinla avenue and Tenth street.
Writ. F. Ttoyly, RenJ. Ikall, Frtnciii Mohun, ^
i ianuw V. Jfuliday, Hudson Taylor, Witt. Offfif,
i Samuel Bacon, Joseph Br>nit, If. W. Gait.
I X IV No charge made for }K>lU io*JAMFNC.
McGI'IKF. President
oaavtofr D Haxso*, 8e<Jretary jane 27 1>
i L> H. (ilLI.ET, Couusellor nt [<aw, Iiiik reinovwl
JTV# his offloa U) his reNMcncf In F'r*itkhn Row, comer of K *nd
i Thirteenth street*. H? will oootitiue Ui devote hi* attention principally
to cams m lbs United State* Supr?m?? Court. ?
I Urt M?dlf
J ask. - A scholarship iu the Coloinhtaii College, for Ihe wbnk
j term of four yonfa, will l?<i ???M for a little moro thou half pr? e 1?
; any vrhbing to purchase one. The scholar- hip |?jf for room
ront mk! Iflilim, wnlnh k fTfl per year, I will noil for flitl ea*h,""
the original in worth I3&0 ur $'2H0
i Addresa ( ATAIJNE, core of T. H. J., Washington P. O , I>- C.
Uec ft?dlf
W\f. T. IH)VK A (X). aro now prepared to PIPCO!"
j.ny or Jith nrhkh they may be fbv<>red m ti'n []
' l*ltivnbtnpr. or <te;.n .iM-i.g hn ihoh?.
j on ftffc rtrrtf. n, fum dfton# north of J\ ?w*y/>vt?tVi
. Wit' n l?e pomp! . . >> ??. t. r t . r- f f .?.*, M - ?* . ar-l J
' gn?, steam, and c ater tUtiire*. Jan 4 fl

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