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ttio (irtwi huU rn Mail, from ikdUmere, Philadelphia, New
Huston, kc., and UutU!< . fee , arrive# at 6>4', 1,1 ? IUi'1
daily ; nod tlie mail U? be ieut from thla idtk* to and l>>
places, will be cloned, a* haretutoro, al 2 and 9 oVtoek, p to.,
Ttm Youtheru Mull will be clnwod hereafter dally at &){
?* clock, p. in., and will be rocelvod, an hefctuture, dally, li
o clock, a m and 3,p m
Tin- Soramd Kaoicrn Mall cloaca at 9. p. m., and tl?o iircat W
Mall oh? < .*> at 2, p. m , dally. The mail train* north of Hilla*!
are to arrive On re to time to oonnnot with the traki lor Halt
which hriuga tho ttteut Mail, to arrive here by 6^, a m. N<
? ru Mail la received at tbla office on Sunday night, and no E
Mail i.-v ftrut on Sunday morning
Tl?e Mail for Norfolk and adjacent places ?n \ irgtnla ka Hose
l< m., except Sunday . and la received atz times a week, with
from Baltimore, Md . by 13, m
The Mail from dror^wn, I>. C., U received twice dally, h
in , and B, p. ni , and it la closed for that place at the same hour
The Mall from Hock v ille. Ac , Md., |h received dally by 9.
aui it la closed lor those places at 9. p. m
AnuapolU Mail closes at 3 and 9. p m > dally.
Tli" Mail Trout MroukvtlUv ice , Md , In recoixod dally exi?|
day, by 6, p. m., and ckwe* ft>r tlx mo place* by 9, p. m . daily.
Tho Oatavtlle, Md . Moll closes Monday, Wednesday, and i
at 9, p. m., and received Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 3
Upper Marlboro*, to Md,, received !% 4, p. m , dally,
closed at 9, p in.
l'ort Tobacco,* k*- , Md., received Tuesday, Thursday, ahd
lay by 6, p. m . closed Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9-,
Wurrcnton, Wlddlehurg, Ac., Va., received daily by b,
dosed at 9, p. tu
l.<xsbnrg, ko., Va, rvodvtKl by and closed at tf, p. in., M
Wednesday, and Friday.
the postage on Mwiiu(?r?, nnd tlmt oil all printed mat
alrefteod to any foreign country, I - required to be paid in ndvaiu
The office Is open from K o'clock, n. in.,to 8o'clock, p. m.,
except Sunday ; and on that day it In open from 8 to HI, a. ?
f rom 6*; to 7H? P- ,u
l'ort Tobacco dally ; other places on the route as above.
J*HHVr?, for each Itn-ii ounce. 8,\hK) miles, prepaid, 3
ov? r 3,000 miles-, prepaid, W itW*. All letters must !>? prop
Hi.im.pM, or enclosed in stamp envelopes, or they will not
/WwuNrtiZ A> w*j wprrt, J'rruMralt, Circular*, dV , to any ]
tiietJnked fltaies, not weighing over 3 ounces, 1 cent, and i c
each additional ounce, prepnynwtot required.
Hock*. prepaid, not weighing over 1 pounds, li cent per on
ony disunite in the Vtffled States under 3,<W0 miles, and 2 a
ounoo over 3,000 utiles, prepayment required. All fractions en
ounce being QOMtwl as an additional ounce.
A'nc jxiftrx <unil I'rriinHmU Ml exceeding 1 ounce in i
when iKibi quarterly In advance and circulated in the state wln i
Itaherl Dally, per quarter, 22 'i ; Fix t!me? per week, 19 J?, tri-v
sami-weekly, , weekly, 3.V; >eml-i.ionthlj , l\ ; montti
Nevtepupcrs ami iiortaKUcals when weighing 1 )t ounce, doul
above rates.
Small NewspaptrSx pubhehed monthly, or oftener, and pan
not oontalolirg mere tiian 10 octavo pages, In pacJcafpxs bt 8 oui
over, }t I rat per ounce.
Weekly Nowapopcrn, within the owity where publiMh?d,/?-?
Ounrterlv oaviiienU. in atlvaUCC. inav bo ina<lo aithcr whoi
liahedor feceived.
To England,Ireland, and Scotland, (California. Oregon, and tVi
ton excepted,) SM cvnta ^ 01. From Caluorrtia, Oregon, or
iugton, 29 cents tg 07
To Franco and Algeria, by PVesNfc toAlb, 16 cents '4 ox., 3C
' oz.
To German Slater by lYuvsltti closed mall, 30 cents oz.
IN) hy FVtmoh mail, 21 cents % ?* ? *'4 tenia y%
IN> by Bremen (except Bremen. Fraukior
embur|{, M^tmburg, Holland, and the
er lands,) 15 cent* )Z or.
T>o by Hamburg mail, except Hamburg, Fro
Luxemburg, Wurtemburg, Holland, ai
Netherlands.) 15 eeota % oz.
To Bremen, by Bremen mail, 10 cent* 02.
To Hamburg, by Hamburg mat!, 10 cents oz.
To Frankfort ttud Wurtemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg n
cunts 3? ox- 0
To Luxemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 25 cents 07.
To Holland and tlio NMhorlande, by French mall, 21 cents
cents X ox.
To Austria and ita States, by Pruset ail tolovtd bud I, oh cents ?, (
!N? do by Bremen or Ifchiburg mail, 15 cent
IV, do by French Vnall, 27 cents !4 02., 5
H ok.
To Russia, by Prussian closed mail, 37 cents oz.
Uo by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 29 cents )a' oz.
To Prussia, by Prussian closed mull, 30 cents oz
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail. 15 cents of.
Do by French mall, 21 cuuts l4 01., 42 cents \ oz.
To Sard'miau Status, by Prussian closed mail, 38 cents >; oz
Do by French moll. 21 cents '4 oz.. 42 ceuts J
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 30 cents y9 <
To Lombardy, by Prussian closed mail. 33 cents )t oz.?prepa
Do by French mall, 27 cento ?4 oz.. 54 cents \M oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 15 cents % oz.
To l'Artun aud M?dcnu, by Prussian closed mail, 33 cents >, oz
Do do by French mail, 27 cents >4 oz., 5
h? ?*Do
do by Bremen or Hamburg rat 11, 25 cents
To Papal States and Tuscany, by Prussian rioted mail. 35 cenii
Do do by French mall,27 cents \ oz., 5
H ?*Do
do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 2
% oz.
To the Two Sicilies, by I'ruasinn uoeed mall, 30 cents oz.? p
Do l?y French mall, 30 cents l4 oz., 00 cents ?
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mull, 22 cents >
To Spain, by French mail, 21 cents ,?4 oz., 42 cents *a oz.?pre)
IX) bjr BritiHli mall, na ?<mthuin|)toii, 73 ceuts oz-p,
To Portugal, by French mall, 21 cents \ oz. ,42 oeuta oz.?jz
IK) by British mull, via Southampton, A3 cents oz
To Denmark, by Prussian closed null, 36 cents % ox.
Do by Dromon or Hamburg mail, 26 cents 34 or.
Do by French mail, 27 cents '4 ox., 64 cents )4 ox.
To Sweden, by PriiK&iuu cloned mail, 42 cents ov.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 33 cents y9 ot.
Do by French mail, 33 cents >4 ox., 6ft cents 3% oi.
To Norway, by Prussian closed mail, 4ft cents >4 os.
Do hy Bremen or Hamburg mail, 38 cents ox.
Do by French mail, 33 cents ,*% os., ftft cents >4 ox.
To We*t India Islands, (not British.) except Cuba, Turk's Wan
thagcua, Honduras, Ban Juan, (Nicaragua,) Santa Martha, V
cla and St. Thomas, 34 cents '? ox. when distance from I
office in under 2.500 miles, and 44 cents y9 oz. when die tin
coeds 2,500 miles?prepaid.
To Canada. New Brunswick. Cape Breton, Prince Edward's
Nova Scotia. and New Found land, 10 cents oz. when dist,
not over 3,000 nulod (rem lino of crossing, ond 15 c< nt8 *
distance exceeds 3,000 in ilea
To Aspinanll and Panama, New Granada, and Mexico, 10 cents
when distance does not exceed 2,600 miles, mid 20 cents if d
exceeds 2,600 mites prepaitl.
To Bogota ami Buenaventura, New Granada, 18 cents oz.?p.
To Ecuador, Bolivia, and Cldll, 34 cents oz prrjxiid
To Peru, 22 cents *; 07.?prepaid
To Went indies, British, (except Turks' Island,) 10 cents ?r' oz
tone* dor* not excceu " 500 mile-, and 20 ecu I a )% oz ifdi
exfteeds 2,500 miles? pn-jtaid.
To Sandwich Islands. New South Wales, and China, by mail
Francisco, thence by private ahip, 10 cents >4 oz. prepaid.
None.?In all cases whore the word prepaid is not added, Hi
payment of tho postage la optional with the sender.
Date <
Name. Slate. Date of birth. cow
Oscar 1 Sweden and Norway July 4.1709 Mar. I
Alexander II Ttusaia April 29, 1S18 Mar.
FVederlc VII Denmark Oct. 6.1808 Jan. 2(
Victoria I Great Britain . May 24,1810 J'ne 2<
Wilton III Holland or NcttierlandfiFeb. ?9, 1817 Mar. 1
taopold I Belgium fve. 16.1790 July 21
Fred. Win. IV Trunin Oil. lft, 179ft June 7
John Saxony Pec. 1*2. IfiOl Aug. f
Heorgn V Hanover. May 27,1819 Nov.If
Fred. Franciw Mecklenburg-Sell wer.. Feb. 28, 1823 Mar. 7
Oeorge .... M<Mklenbnrg4Slrelilx Aug. 12, 1779 Nov *
iVter. . .Oldenburg .. July 8,1827 Feb. 21
Willi,till Brunswick April 2ft. 1800 Apr. 21
Adolphurf Nassau July 24,1817 Aug 2f
Chv Alexander Hnxe w?lni. KUroncli. Juno 24, 1818 July f
Krliexl II SnxoA'oburg <?'oiha . Juno 21, 1818 Jan. 21
Bernard . Kaxe Mcinlngen... IVr. 17,1800 lien. 2-1
KrM?l Snxo Altcnburg Sept. 10, 1820 Aug. V
l/opi>l(t Atiball Ilcaeau... Oct. 4,1794 Aug. I1
Alexander Vnlialt Bernburg Mar. 2,1806 Bar.2-1
( anther Scbwarzburg Rudolat Nov. 8,1793 Apr.2f
4?unthor S< liwar/burg Sondcr'u Sept 21. 1801 Aug.II
llrnry XX. Itenne, Kkler line June 29, 1794 Oct. 41
Henry LXVII... Roum, Younger line Oct. 20,1789 J'no 1?
l.? npoM .UpjHj Sept. 1,1821 Jan 1
George UppedBrbaiuubwrg . . IVc. 20,1784 Feb. 13
Oeorgo Victor Waldeck Jan. 14,1831 May lft
Ferdinand ... lleasc Homburg . April 2ft, 1783 Sept. H
Frederic*. . . Itaden Sojh. 9,1820 Apr 2^
Frederic Win He<?e Oaaeel Aug. 20. 1802 Nnr.2<
Louie III... Ilopue Parnmtadt Juno 9,1800 J'jjv 16
Aloya Uchteiisteln . . M;iy 28,1796 Apr.26
Wilttnm I Wortemburg Sept. 27,1781 <M 30
Maximilian II lUivaria Nov. 28, 1811 Mar 21
Fran. Jimeph 1 Aitttrli* Aug. 18,1830 Doc 2
Napoleon III. Frame . April 29, 1808 Dec. 2
leabelU II Spain Oct 10,1830 Sop *2f
Pedro Vf Portugal Sept. HI. 1837 Nov.16
Vict. Fnmn II Sardinia Mar. 14,1820 Mnr '2:
l?o|?u.i ii i" i?ii. .1, Iiv7 J'ntll
Roller I Farma July M, I "48 Mar
Frkoi w V . .. Mmlena ami Ma -u June 1, 18IU Jan 21
Finn IX Stolen of the Cbnrnli May 13,17112 J ne iii
Keriiluand II Two Slrllkw Jan. 12, isin Niiv 8
fHh? I lirwe . .June 1,1815 May ;
ANIul Medji.l Turkey April 23, 1823 July ,
'' Mnnur* Monaco llec. 8,1818 J'ue 2i
-Pie (Irelid Ihikn of Bailen, I/uit*. born Annual 18, 1824,1guarittanalilp
hy roeon of Insanity
t HI* duller, Kerillnanil, liuahanl of the lata Queen, was rege
III September 18,1835
CABS, *?.
{Mrfff* frwm <rn art </ the Corporal km, mpptarmi Match 20,
ft 12 Awl h- it eftar'nl, *Ih*t from ami after the c
net t?!i-foUtiAinii rato i of ftrn ??i ?luuip* for the < i>uvev ince o
ton? ?r? m one place to Another lu tli* illy of Wiuhtngton. in hn
earring**. c*l>e, or other vehicle, currying pttarmgere rm i
hire. tM twoi n uayl>r< ?k end eight o'vkn k |? m . whatl not U> v
??d- Uwi l? toiuy.rorctchiojr every | .i--? r, for a dl-un
over CM Mini ?-halt lulle, t we lit J five edit* : f? ? any rilMnm?<
one and * half inlhv ami not ? v. cling three mile, lift\ r^nVa
ride*. In nne any 1mm kn?> cftrruigt, cab, or other vehh le, h
i.htnltied far a longer prthnJ tlmn live mluutr . iho driver t
a hull be allowed tor the whole hwlr ?i?, or other v?hl? I.*. tb<
of twHve and a half rent* for every ttftocn rtiinntea ?n i|p|?|nn
for nil coi?vc> ;m < ?r otlmr detention* Inter thnn ShVlork
the cwnor or driver of hackney carriage*, ra ha, or trtfebr vehk If
fletnufi'l and JTtT? Ive nt the rate of fifty per centum on the flM
rb.?rg'a, In addition thereto.
"OST The OrvHiil'Httun of Iht; H?e('?H?e
of the Oo>riiiuicut of the llnltert Ht*tee:
fritfc utrAiauurt
V 11 k ; Tb? urtlnUi ftl?chln.;ry employed lo rouducl tlm bulMM netting not
\lnV" of ??ur A>retgn relations with all ib? powers of tin- workl is far moro
rJ.Tr I simple than ts generally conceived The number employed in the
and i# Department of Male of the Uuited HUtes U only seventeen, as follows
.. Oue Secretary ornate, (Hon. I*wft* Cass.) one Assistant Secretary of
' ' Slate, (!b>n. John Apple ton,) onn ctnef clerk, twelve clerks, one trans
astern bUor, OIM; librarian
elphta ! I'ipioinoitc Hramh. Tins brstich of the citato liepartrneut oas
I it tore, i charge of all correspondence between lite department and other 41l
feast plomatic agents of the United States abroad, and those of foreign js.?w
astern . ?>rs accredited to this guvrrMMOt In it all diplomats InsllrttbuOfca
sent from the departmmt, and commumcaUima m cotntoieidflllaHl Uh
d at 2, i dcr treaties of boundaries, ft*: , are |vrfcp4rt"d, copied, and recorded - And
email ! all of like character received Are registered and Bled, their contents
being first ctilertd lu an analyse table or index.
y *' I O/iuular H ranch -This branch |taa chiril of tfto Correspondence,
8 kc , between Hie department and the consuls aud coiumeroal agents
m ' | of the United Slates. In It instructions to those office re, and answers
I to their despatches And to letters from other person* asking for cousu
l Sun **r Kl'nry? olr ^dating to consular aflairs, arc prepared and recorded
t'A* IHafntrniiff Agmt He has charge of all correspondents gad
rldAy, other matters conneetsd with aoCountM |H Any fund with the
. p. tn I disbursement ?f w hich the departttttbt is * harged.
und is ; /"A< Transloli* tl\s duties are to furnirh such translations as the
I department Vnay require. He aUu records the commisslou* of consuls
SAtuv | vice consuls, when uvt tu feugliab, upon which exequaturs are
p ttv i i^gn^i
p m. ,
, Clrrk of AtfuitUnutUs an4 Ctmmufufn He makes out aud records
outlay, oum missions, letters of appointment, and nominal ions to the Sf lints,
makes out aud records exequaturs, ^nd iri,urds,.when hx.fchgJisn, the
h r ad ?ommisaioua on which they Are isadod. lUs cnak"|$ w Inn llbi try.
| fteA of tkf H' lii ami Archutt Ho Ukos charge of the rolls, or on
dnily rolled o? u and resolution* of l.bngress, a a they oro received ai the dc
?., atid partmeut from th- udeul. prepares the authenticated copies thereof
which are ^filled fhr; prepares for, and superintend* their publication,
i and that of treaties, in the nt-wf-papeiH and in book forui, attends to
their distribution throughout the United Nates, and that of All dwtl!
ments and puuRca flans in regard to which *?'* rttily Is assigned to the
department; writing and Answering all letters connected therew ith.
uy-) >r Miu t htrirn M'tfl liwlimi IroalinH find hiiuln<>Ka ri'liilliiir liii-rclo
' tltrric of AuthsHticatiim* ami C^ryriphtt Ho has charge of tbo
j seal* of the United WaU*M and of the dopartnerid, and prepares and
I alt'U-hcs certificates to papery prawiitM for authentication. rec?|ves
ind AccouDla for IbeT^s. Has charge of publications trinatyl?"Ml to
?i |D| ' l'111 department under the lows relatloq to ropyrlfcntR; H'cords and In
"" ; dekee their titles, rioordi ill tellers from the department, other lhau
? wr the diplomatic and consular.
[?art of Ofrylc of Portion* ami Pamymlt Ho proparee and records pardons
on* for and remissions, and registers and flies the petitions and |?ap<th on
which they arc founded. Makes out and records passports; koojw a
uce for daily register of all loiters, other than diplomatic and consular, rp
Ufa an ceivrd, and of the dispell t<>n made of them; prepares letierb relating
rer the b> Mils business.
weight, attokniy ocxkral'h omen.
ro pub Hon Jeremiah H Black, Attorney (;?. * ?? ? Cfllio United States; A. B
rwkly, Mi Ualnutnl, esq , chief clyrh. Tho ordinary busiuopa of thin oflot may
ily, \ he olanhiflod under \ho loll ming heads
tdo the l. Oflrcial opinionsou the current hufduoto* of the government, as
called for by the President, by any bead of de|Mirtnieut, or by the SoftpldelM
lioitor of the Treasury.
ices or 2. Kxatoinaiiou id the titles of all land purchased, an the slum of
arsenals,custom bouses, light bouses, and all other winks* of
? Un* United States.
e pub 3. Application* flw parttoltt Ih all cased of conviction in the courts
of tin* United. MUW
1 ' Applications Ibr appointment in all tlie judicial and legal business
' of the government,
tailing- ft. The conduct and argument of all nulls in the Supreme Court of
Wash- the United States in which the government is concerned.
ft. The supervision of all other suits at Ding in any of the depart
I cents moots when referred by the head thereof to the Attorney General
To those ordinary heads of the busmen* ??f the office are added at
the present time the following, vis:
oz Kirst. The direction of all appeals on laud etalm* In f^altfornlA,
J, Lux- Second. The codification and vcvt.;i'*n of the Lrwfc r.f ine HHt'fct d?
i Netli- i Colmnhia.
^-cVvtarj Of the Department of the Interior, Hon. Jacob Thompson,
Ot the etate of Mi.-him?ip|il. IU cletical force cooalats of orte chief
clerk. (MostKelly j o&q.,) two disbursing clerks, and ten other regunail
?2 1 *ftl au?l to its Hupcrvhdon and management are committed the
' ' j fonowmg urnnches bf the public service.
I J*? f*ie J'ublv: Lands. Tho chief of this bureau is called the Com
o*>4z fo'^toner of the General l and offi< e 11m land Bureau is charged
' I w ith the survey, management, and sale ol the public domain, and tho
: loaning of titles therefor, w h< tbtr derli? I from confirmations of grants
0<r ' made by former governments by salee, donations, of grants for schools,
I <*cnta military bounties, or public improvnih vkj, and likew ise tho revision
( ' of Virginia military bounty land claims, and tlie issuing of scrip in
j lea thereof. The Lund Oltko, also, audits its own accounts The
| present Commissioner Is lion. T A. llcnuricks, <?f Indiana. It* prln
Upal officers are a recorder, chluf clerk. principal clerk of surveys,
' besides a draughtsman, assistant draughtsman, and some 160 clerks
of various grades.
2d. J'ensum Ilie present hesu of this bureau Is George C.
Wlifting, of Ylrgitda. Tlie commissioner Is charged w ith the exnnd*
02 nation and adjudication <?f nil claims arising under the various and
numerous laws passed by Gongrea* granting bounty land or peiislons
for tho military or naval services in tho revolutionary and subsequent
wars in which tho United States have been engaged, lfo bus on*
..... . ?< v_ . w?v, ? w.,.? u? - Il.f
ninety other clerk*.
4 cents Jntiyam.?.(.'i intahRioher of helmo Adair*. diaries K. Mix, ot
t Georgetown, D. l!o Is provtdeil with u chief clerk aud about llflcon
iother fmbofdluato clerk*.
' X <07- 4tb. l'at+nt Offwt.?To thli bureau i? committed the execution and
* ceI,ld |><n formftnee ot all "acta and things touching n'?<l respecting the granting
and bailing of patents for now and useful discoveries, invention-,
H cunts aud Improvementsthe collection of Htatiatics relating to agriculture;
the collection Rod distribution of sei-dr?, plants, and euttingH. It has u
repaid chief clerk?who is by law the acting 1 'oimnlnKioiier of Patent.' in
fc "* j the absence H the Commissioner?twelve principal, and twelve ok
oz. , BlS|a?j examiners of patent.-, .some dozen subordinate permanent
i clerks, besides a considerable number of temporary employees. Hon.
laid. j Holt la the Commissioner, and Samuel T. Shu^rt, ewi ) OhlW
repaid- , <>rk
repaid Beside* these tour print ilpAl branches of lliis new executive depairtpre
j OTent, the organic iut <tf lMfl transferred to it front the Treasury Dei
parturient Hit) su|vPVM?'h cftlie Accounts of the United State* marshals i
I ami attorneys, and the clerks of the United States courts, the manage- !
I tnonl of the lead und other mined of the United ytato.s, and ihu alluirs I
of the penitentiary of the United States in the District ot Columbia; and I
from the State Department the duty of taking and returning the con
Buses of the United States. rikI or supervising and directing tho acts of
Ibe Cominlsaioncr of Public Buildings. The hospital for tho insane of <
the unny and uavy and of tho District of Columbia is also under tho
management of this department; in addition to which, by luwa recently
passed, tho HiTmtary of the Interior is charged with the cona,
Car it ruction of the three wagon roads leading to the Fact tic coast,
enezn- The department requb es an additional building lor its accoinmodnnailing
tion, and the erection of one has been repeatedly recommended during
ice cx- tho |Jt^t lew years Tor tlmt purpose. At present the Pension Office is
provided with rooins'ln u luit is known as 4 Winder's Building." while
Inland, |jl0 0tj?.r brunches of the department, including the Secretary * office,
a nee is ftn, (l)| crowdcd into the Patent Office building, tho whole of which
ioz.il will bo required at an early day for the use ut Ibo Patent Office, for
which it was originally tub tided.
X oz.
repaid. The Treasury Dopartmeut consists of the offices of tho Secretary of
the Treasury, two comptrollers, comtniseiooor of tho customs, six auditors,
treasurer, register, solicitor, light houso board, and coast but
If dis- vey.
Blanco ??' ?* ? oniM lmncauon 01 uie uuucs 01 iqcn several om
cob and of tb?; force employed therein, rospci lively:
to can Secretary's Office.- Il<m. Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury,
Hon. 1'billp Clayton, A-M-tant Sei rotary; one engineer in charge, mm
architect, and thM? draughtsnn n tcnijMtrarily employed, uiul twenty
w Pr<' throe clerk*. The Secretary ??r the Treasury U ? hurgpd with the general
supervision of the fiscal transaction* of the go*eminent, and of the
exocuPen of the laws concerning the commerce and navigation of tho
United States. He superintends the survey of the count, the light house
J 1, establishment, the murine hospitals of the United Status, and tho construction
of certain public buildings for custom houses and other purposoe.
^ ni Mrs' t'omjit roller'i Office Hon. William Medill, Comptroller, and
don fifteen clerks, lie pres. rihes the modo of keeping and rouderiug ac>
1*44 wunts for tho civil and diplomatic service, as well as tho public lands,
I 185& al><1 rovlK0H and certifies the balauces arising thereon.
), 1848 Second Com ji roller's Office .1 M. Culta, e q , Comptroller, and
>,1837 seventeen clerks. Ho proscribes tho modo of keeping and render
7,1849 ing tho accounts of the army, navy, and Indian de|?rtmentH of tho
I. 1831 public service, and revises and cor title* the balances arising thereon.
>' lie4 Offer of Crm\mi**wner of the Customs. Samuel Ingham, esq.
' j Commissioner, and eleven clerk*, lie prescribes the mode of keeping
'1*49 and rendering the ttccounta of tho cu tom- revenue and disburse
' j' mints, and tor the building and repairing custom houses, Ac., aud re
j1 jK'.j vises and c<>rtitles the balances arising thereon.
1,1831 Fir ft. Auditor's Ojfic< Thomas I.. Smith, esq. First Auditor, and
), 1839 Qtneteen clerks. lie receives and adju sis the accounts of tho customs
i, 1853 revenue and dlsbursomentp. appropriations and expendttures on ac
>. 1844 count of the civil li-1 and under private art* of Congf**, and re porta
1, 1803 the balances to the Commissioner ??f tho Customs ami lliu First Comp
I, 1853 troller, respectively f*?r their decision thereon
| Smmd Auditor's (Jfficc Thomas 1. P. f uller, Second Auditor, and
18.14 twenty one ch rks. Ho receive* and adjust* all accounts relating to
I. 1807 |Miy, clothing, nnd recruiting of tho army, h well n-? armories,
' arsenal*, and ordnance, and all account* relating to the Indian depart
i, 183d rnent, and reports tho balance s to the Second Comptroller for hi* decl'
nion thereon.
i 1787 Third Auditor's Offer. Hubert J. Atkinson, esq., Third Auditor, and
i 184 > sevonty-olphl cleiks IJo reecho* and adjusts all accounts for subi'
18|h sistcnce of ti e army. fbrlitleaUrms Military Academy, military roads,
i' i s ," and the Quarb riimrter department, its well >< * for pension*, claim*
i 1847 ' "'k from military -vrvice* previous to 1810, and for horse* and
1848 uth( r property hvt in the military - rvlco, under vaihutH act* of ton
>1838 groKH, and reports U.c balances to Ihc Second Oomptroller for hi* do
i 1810 (''8'ou thereon.
1,1848 F urth A whim's Off**. ? Aaron O Peyton, esq , Fourth Auditor, and
I, 1848 ftliteoa clerk* He receives and adjust* nil accounts for the service of
,185*2 the Navy Department and reports the balance* to the Second Comp
>, 1833 Ireller for his decision thereon
I' iHin 'V'* Auditor'* <?ffc*.~\\urray McOmnel, esq., Fifth Auditor, and
'! . six clerks, lie receive* and a?0?ist* all account* fur diplomatic nnd
is-4 similar services performed under the direction of the stale |8q*itmcnt,
and reports the balances to the First Comptroller for hi* decision
I, 184? tber*?n
i, 1830 Sixth Auditor's Officef?r. Ttiotnas M Tate, auditor of the Treas.183*4
u?y for the F?*t Office Pepartim-nt, and one hundred and four teen
1839 1 clerks. He re vives and admst* all accounts aroint from the si t
1856 rloe oT tha Ftnil (Hlki* IH'p?riment. Flls dor is ton* are Anal, unless an
appeal he taken tn twelve months to the First Comptroller. He nu|K?runder
mtends th<> colli* Won of all debts due the poet Office Department, and
all penalties and forfeitures Imposed ou jpostmasters and mail con
nf "" tractors for ratling to do their Ju'y , he directs suits and legal proceed
Ing*. civil and criminal, and lake* nil such mvastire* as may be anthortzod
by law to enforce the prompt payment of .1 due to tlio
OJ.'C department , instructing United States aUoruin*. marshals, and clerk*
' 111 all matter* rotating thereto , and receive* returns from each term
of the l ulled Slates courts of the condition and progress of such suttJ
and legal proceeding* : ha* charge or all lands and other projieriy
assigned to the United States Id payment of debt* due the post (Hflce
1M'2 1 Department, and hn? pen or to sell and dispose of the same for Ills
heneflt or the United S?>it?*
f |M., Trecuurti'? i)f?x?Samuel Casey, esq . Treasurer, an<f"1hirtsen
. koet oltrks. lie rucaltca and keeps the mono)* of the United state# in Ida
own office, and that of the depositories created by the ad ot the Oth of
, I August, JK46, and pays out the aame upon warrants drawn by Uie
, r ,t Secretary of the Treasury,countersign*'d by the >?rst Comptroller, and
<\,r upon warrants drawn by the Po*tni.i*!"i (JeueraJ, and counter signed
ri, by the Sixth Auditor, and recorded by the Regular. He also bold*
j,II |,(, public moneys advanced by warrant to disbursing oflloors, and pays
he.?f ou* seme upon their checks.
-?m HrguUr'x (tJJice I inlcy Bigger, r.?q.f Register, and twenty nine
1 and dark*. He keep* the account* ol public receipt* and expenditure*, j
l?- m., receive* Ui? return* and make* out lb" offh-tal ?Pitrin*f?t of commerce
*.nny *n<l navigation of the United State*; mid feedve* from the First
' fwiug Comptroller and Commissioner of Cu?toiii- all accounts and voucher*
decided by heui, and Is charged by/aw with their safa keeping.
Sofviiar'i 1 ! ?t? Junina Htlly<w, Solicitor. and ?ii clerks
Ho svpertfttcnds ail civil suit* commented by the United tithtos, (at
Ltjd ih<+e <i/in up ifide i'ogt ($n t t*rjiaiimrnl,) and instruct* (be Un? |
led attorneys, mar-liuls and clerk* Mi all luallor* relating lo
(bom amI their result* He receives return* ifom each term utf the !
United r ite* court*, showing the progress and coudlUou of such suits ; I
lia* charge of all lands and other property assigned to the United |
Slat* hi paymeut of debts, (aurfX thv*r autynai in payment t/delA*
<iue, tke I'od (>(fu< Department,) and Itas power to sell and dispose of ?
the same for the benefit of tho United UUUm
LtyU flouM finofii Hon Howell Cobb, secretary of tho Trwi-nry
ex officio, president Cum. W. B Shu brick, Unite*! States navy, chair 1
man; Major A H Bow man, corps <?f engineers, United Mate* army , I
(h|?t. A. A Minnphrrjra, United .State? armv ; Prof. A. I> Bmhe. Bopet
intendctil of Ouast Knrvey. Ptt>f JbM|*h HHiry, sel;rt*larV of Htilltb
fomau lnaUtefion, amitasmKt fe, GL tlllob. Htytgs navy
Cbramafidyr Thorntqb) Jentttift) UnlUd rtnlua navy, and Captain
Wm. B. franklin. UhtUn State* army, secretaries , aud five clerks 1
This boafd direct* the building and repairing of kghl hotptes, light
vessels, buoys, and beacons, contract* for supplies of oil, ho.
Untied Stale* 'uaxt Surrey Professor A U fia h*?., IJL D.,supurlli
Undent, and superiuU-ndcrit of weight* and Muywui'.
Cajd William H Palmer. d?vr|yt tot'ofrab") euftuiaers, United
,Sta\ca Ayvny. in oluirfs til toe Coast ftufvoy Ofice , IJout A. S Hill,
Uiilled Hiatus Army, aaaialaut
A W Husstdl. chief clerk.
C. B. Suow, In charge of archives
Professor A. (J. Pendleton, United titetgfi navy, computer of longi
A. sextant Chas. A. flthoM, in charge c4 competing tlvlaiea.
Ahslstant L. F. I'otirlalea, In charge of tidal division..
Lieut J. C. Tldhall, United Stales unn> , lu charge of drawing dl
vhdqn. ,
I .lent. Faxtou, United State* army, la charge of sngravtog dlvl
suinuei lb in. disbursing agent.
George Maihtot, electrotypfot
Joseph Anton, OMisUiit to superintendent of weight* and measure*
roe? omd urtahtmbm
Hon Aaron V.. Brow|\p PwHhiftatsf Honeral. The direction and i
maiiAgHnfi t r?f trt?* Pbslumoo ixpiuiimMit ai? aa.-dgnod by the Mnili
tution and law > to tho postmaster General. Hint its business may bo i
lite more conveniently arranged and prepared for hi* final action, it ia
distributed among several bureaus, as follows: The Appoinlmtnt Of- I
flee, in charge of tho lirst Aaslstanl Postmaster general; the Contract
Ufllcu, in charge of tho Second AsaUlaut Postmaster General; tho Finance
Office, In charge of the Third Assistant PoHtraa*ter General; and
the tnapemton Offta, it sharge *f Aw* ?bi*f SH?f|
Apjx/i??/mm/ OjlUe? Horatio King, esq., First Aaafatant rostma?tar
General, and nlo? icon clerks. To this office are aligned all questions
which relate to the cxt* Mm tun? tit aud discontinuance of pord offices,
change* of i.itc., and iiainus, appointment and romoval ??f postmaster*
and route and local agents, a*, also, the giv lug of instruction* to post
ma* tor a. Postmasters ar* furnished with marking and rating, stamps
and letter balances by this bureau, which is charged also with providing
hlunA* aud stationery for tho use of the department, aud wlt\i j
the superintendence of the several pgrt^lcs established for supplying
postmasters ^ith HlanVe t?? IbU biTfeSd 1lk?w><m <Wf=lp?sd the *i|J ^
W llie Mean mail hl?vinisliip lines, and of the foreign uud in,
| turiiutiouiil |m )-1 a I arrangements.
I Contract Office.--William H IHmdaa, e>q., Second Assistant Postmas
ter GenuiuI, and twenty fix clerks. To ibis office is usigned tie* bu*?i
I mfgq of arranging the mail service of the United States, and placing thy
uime under contra< t, rmbrm lug all corrp^nondvnye and proceeding,*
| r?*M|KH tlng the frtHi??etir^r of trip*4. n?ode of t .?hvet ?tio?\and Ibdesof de
| parl'icei abd rt:rlv,ili bo all toe route*; the course of the mail txdweefi
tn? diUerciil euciloiiH of the country, the |?oiulrtof mail ilisti ibuUoti, and
I tho regulations for the government of the domestic mall service of tho
Unitod States It |>repar<s tho adverU.4otuunU fbr mail prnpoaaN, re
coives tho bl<ls, and t ?kea charge of the annual and occasional mall let |
lings, and the adjustment and execution of tho contracts. All appltco j
tions for the establi?<hmenl or alteration of inuil arrangement*, and the |
ap|H)intment of mull uo'tMeiigorH, should bo sent to this office. Ail
claims hIuxiM be submitted to it for trannflirtation service not under
cootravt.as the r<*?-ognttion of said serviceU> first to bs obtained through
the Contract fHfi??? us a ueeensary authority for tl?? profier crwlita at
tlie AwlHorV Otlice. From this office nil postmasters at tho ends of
! . . .... II... f.r ...Oil nr.unii?miiiit? l.rMcrlbed (r>r the
KesbeMivw h?u'nH U t-Ho jfodjl'ur nil ?onlrilcTs ex? j
J'vl .tl, jiild all orders affecting accounts for mull IraiisiJOrtalioff; pl'6- \
pares (he statistical exhibits of tho mall oervioo, and tho report* of the
mail letting*, giving a statement of each bid, ftUo,of the contracts
made, the new service originated, the curtailments ordered, and the
additional allowances granted within the year.
Finance Office.?John Marron, esq.. Third Assistant Postmaster Oenoral,
and twenty -one clerks To this office aro assigned the supervision
on 4 management of tho lluauclal business of tho department,
not devolved by law upon the Auditor, embracing accounts wjjh the j
dealt cilices and other depositaries of tho department, the Issuing of
warrants and drafts In payment of balances reported by the Auditor
t?? he due to mull contractors and other persona, tho supervision of
the accounts of offices under orders to deposite their quarterly bal
aucos at designated point*, and tho superintendence of the rendition
by postmasters of their quarterly returns of |K?Htages. It ha* charge i
of the dead letter office, ??f tho Inning of postage stamps and stamped
onvoU>t?js for the pre payment of postage, and of the accounts i on
uootod therewith.
To the Third Assistant Postmaster General all postmasters should
direct their quarterly returns of postage; those at draft offices, their 1
letters reporting quarterly tho net proceed# of their offices; and t.hono
at depositing offices, their certificates of deposite; to him should also
be tllpnted tho weekly and monthly returns of the depositaries of the
department, as well tts all applications and receipts for postage stamp*
and stumped envelopes, and for dead letters.
Jnsjrrli'iv Office Ben,). N.Clements, esq., chlofclerk, and seventeen
e'.bflvV To tills office I* assigned ilia duty bm'blflvlffg lifld CtfiffMrllng the
rcfelalera of the arrivals and departures ul the inniis, certiorates ??f the
service of route agents, and rcjiorU of m ill failures; of noting tho delinquencies
of contractors, and preparing cases thereon for the action
ol the Postmaster General; furnishing blanks for mall registers, and i
reports of mall failures; providing and sending out mail bags and
mail locks and keys, and doing all other things which may"ho nocos j
snry to secure a faithful and exact performance of all mull contact*.
All cases of mall depredation, of violation of law by private ox
preuse.i, or by tho forging or illegal use of postage stamps, are under
the supervision oflhls office, and should he reported to It.
All communications res peeling lost motiey, letters, mall deprod; J
(ions, or other violations ??f law, or mail lock* and key#, should ho d>
reeled Chief Clerk, Pont Office Department "
All registers of I bo arrltdla rthd departures of the nialls, ecrtiflcab ?
f thi c. .,.. of route agents, reports of mail failures, applit itloiis
for blank registers, and reports of fallurus, and all complahiU against
comracinr* lor ineguiur or iiupvin-? i, *t*r\ iv?, suuui-i ho oii ccvuu inppoctiuii
Ofllco, 1'oBt Office Department."
Tho Navy Department consist* the Navy Dopartmont proper, being
tbo office of the Secretary and of five bureaus attached thereto, viz;
llureau of Navy-yards and Docks, Bureau of Const notion, Kqnlpmout,
and Repair, Bureau of Provisions ami Ulothiug, Bureau of Ordnance and
Hydrography, and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
The following Is a statement of the duties of oar.h of theso offices and
of tbo fbrcc employed therein:
Strrrtary'tOflic* Hon. Inaac Toucoy, Socrrtnry of the Navy; Chorion
\V. Welsh, r-ag, chief clerk, and eleven clerk* The Secretary of the
Navy has chargo of everything connected with the naval o?tahN?h- I
inont, and the execution of nil laws r dating thereto Is Intrusted to him,
under tho general direction of the President of the United States, who,
by the constitution, Is commander in chief of the army and navy,
All Instructions to cxuntnniiders of squadrons and commander* of
[ votficU, all orders of officers, commissions of officers both In ths
! navy ami niaiiuo corps, appointments of commissioned and warrant
officers, orders for the eull tmonl and discharge of seamen, emanate
front tbo Secretary's office All the duties of the different hu roans arc
performed undui the authority of tho Hocretary, and their orders are j
considered as emanating from him. Tho general superintendent? of j
the marine corps forms, also, u part of tho duties of tho Secretary, and
all the orders of the commandant of that corps should be approved by j
Hurmurrf Aary Yard* and Dockt Commodore Joseph Smith, obtof
of the. bureau, four clerks, one civil cuginecr. tuid one draughtsman j
All the navy yards, docks and wharves, buildings and machinery In ,
navy-yard*, and everything immediately connected with (Item, are !
under tho superintendence of this bureau. It is also charged with tho
management of the Naval Asylum.
llurtau of Onnttrudion. Equipment, and K'patr - John I.enthall, esq ,
chief of the bureau, eight clerks, and one draughtsman. Tho office of i
tho engineer in-chief o| the navy,Samuel Arch bold, esq . Is attached to
this bureau, who is assisted by three assistant engineer*. This bureau |
has charge of the building and repairs of all vessels of-war, purchase
of materials, and the providing of all vessels with thotr equipments, '
as sails, anchors, water laukR, fco. The ongiueor in chinl superintend* J
mo couhirMi'iion <H ail marine Hi'Tiin engines ior 1110 navy, mjo, with ; 1
the approval of tho Secretary, decidaa iij>oq plans lor tlicir Construe- !
flwmutf Provision* and PI tithing.? II Ftrl?lK?. purser United States 1
navy, chief ot bureau, an<l four rlerka. All provisions ftjf the tim ot i '
tho navy, and clothing, together with tho making of contract** 10 r fur
milling the same, conio under the charge of this bureau.
Uurc.au of Ordnance and Hydrography f'apt Duncan Ingrnham, 1
chief of bureau, four clerks, and one draughtsman. This bureau has
charge "f all ordnance and ordnance atorrs, tfie manufacture or pur j
chase of cannon, guns, powder, shot, shells, &o., and the equipment
of vessels <*f war, with everything connected Ihorewilh. It nlsp pro- I
vldoa them with maps, charts, chronometer", barometers. &?,to !
gcther with such books as are furnished ships ofwnr. "The United [
states Naval Observatory and llvdrographicui Office" at Washington, j
and the Naval Academy at Annapolis, are also under tho geu^ral hu
)K*rinteudence of the chief of this bureau.
Bureau cf Medicine and Surgery. Dr. William Whelan, surgeon l.'niled
States navy, chief of bureau; one jwtssed ns.d*tnnt surgeon Dulled
Stales navy, and two clerks. Everything relating to mvdicines mid
medical stores, trentm-nt of sick and wounded, and management of ;
hospitals, comes within tho superintendence of this bureau.
Hon. I Tt Floyd, Secretary of War; W. R Drinkard, chief clerk,
saven HulMirdhiate cterkn, two uieaaengors, and four watchmen. Tie
olio wing bureaus nre attached to this department:
Commanding Gcn< ral's (fffke. This office, at the head of which is
Lieutenant General Scott, is at Xow York.
Adjutant General* OfHrc t'ol. Samuel Cooper, Adjutant General.
A*?Mant~ lire vet Major K. D Townsend. Brevet Capt H. Williams, '
and Brevet Copt. J. P. Garosehc. Judgo Advocate, Brevet Major John
T. Lee; nine clerks and one messenger. In this office are kept all
the records which refur to the personnel of the army, the rolls, Ac.
It is here where nil military communions are made out
Quartermaster General'* Office.. Breve* Major General T. S Jesnp,
quartermaster general. Assistants -Colonel (J. Thomas, Captain M s
Miller, and Brevet Major J. Uelger, eleven clerks and one messenger
PnymaMn General'* Ofttc* -CW. n. I'. Iarned, paymaster general,
Major T.J. Leslie, district paymaster; eight clerks and ono messenger
Ctrmmiryiiry General'* Office Gen. George Gibson, commKssry gen |
eral; assistant, t.'aptain M. D. K gimpaotl; si* cleiks and one mefweu
Surpftm Gmtral't Offict..?Wen. Thomas lawson, surgeon general;
assistants, l)r R. C. Wood and Dr. G. K Wood, three clerks.
Kujinw Office. - General Joseph G. Tot ten, chief engineer, assistant,
Capi.uu H. G. Wright; Ave clerks and one messenger.
7 'f iyruphim! Bureau.? Col. J. .1 Abert, colonel of the corps, assistant,
t'apteln J C Woodruff, four clerks and one messenger
Urtltuuut Burm'i Col M. R 4 rnig, colonel of ordnance; assistant,
Cert. Win Mayuadter, eight clerks and one messenger.
House s Printing Tolegrnph, Null ne! Hotel, entrance on Sixth
street, on" door north ot Pennsylvania avenue To New York, em
i i. .. i |iit'ol"i|>l>i?, mid i i.? l'i'liaM i oils; connecting nt Htm
Vork with the Knstern lino to Kt J<<lins,nnd the Western litre- to New
Mwgnoiio Telegraph, National Hotel, corner of Sixth etr\ei and
Penns.vIvufiia avenue. To New York, connecting as above with tire
"\ironic Ivist nod West.
Southern Telegraph. Natioii.il Hotel. To New Orleans, efa Alexan
dri?r, Richmond, Augusta, and Mobile, and Intermediate point*, liioluding
nil the prim i|w*l "?-?lMwnl nitlee.
Wiwteru Telegraph, PciiDhv Ivanla avenue, between Sixth and Pev
ettUi struts, over Gil man V drug ore. To Wheeling and inter mediate
points, connecting with all tin; Western and North western line*.
bt'FrrKftS or TliK ATION or !
Mayor?JtuiM 0. MeifH
RffiaUr William Morntu 1 ,,
On iturmlun* Attorney- James H Carlisle.
< ommtutoner of tUalth Chartot F Force, M P. t
True OUrk- William J IhmhAw ,
ttouk-kee?itr?Ktlwiu J Kbpfer.
Meuenyrr Wtlliuiu *) liOckn
''olUiior?James ? Maliday Clerks?Reobei Cleary and W litem
I. Williams.
Stuimyvr - W til lain Forsyth.
auMWiui or rna hoard or tuuLiii
Pint I Vard - |?r I*. C Davis, J D H >mitlf, esq I t
ttoiyHtl.Wfird l)r. ft K. Stpfiiv James F INiniiv?In. esq. ?
third H (jni--I>r W I. ralttiefr, Jonepn fart sH, edq I ,
hhurlh Warti l?r W IV Johnston, train la Mohun, eeq
fyflk Want- I>r ?#. McCoy, J I' Ingle, osq. t
Sixth Wf^rd- l?r. K. 8. Walsh, John I) Brandt, oeq.
Sr.vmth Ward -Itr f K Morgan, lh nry A Clarke, eeq I u
, ahituw yt'Ha *> *? mrdhwi to m roue.
Mrd IKonl-David G Ridgidr t
Smmd Ward Andrew \V Hughes.
Third Ward- Valentino HarlmiiKh.
hhurtk Ward James N Cullan,
bSfth Ward?J. B Gardiner. v
Sixth Ward?James IX O'Duanell.
Seventh Ward -D. B. Clarke.
Mnt Ward C. luivla, M. D
Second Want J. W H Invejoy, M P.
Third Ward -George M Dale, M. D.
Hiurth Want?,T M Toner, M p,
lV*A Wdrt* J M U? yni?j*, )| /}.
Sixth Ward - J M. Roberta, M. 1'.
Seventh Ward J. K. WUIeU, M. IX
h\rit Ward ?Geo W. Bigg-i and Win. T Dove, ?president,) ;1
Snimd Ward- Thomas Miller and Thonius J. Fitter
Third Ward?'Thomas Donobo nod Joseph F. Brown. j
nniriX Ward Wm W Moore and t rain in llohuu. I
t\fth Want Edmund Barry and C. W C- Dvoninaton
Sixth Ward Koh'Tt Clarke and Aaron W Miller
Srmdh Ward John I.. Smith and Frter M Pcaraoo. ,
Secretary to the Hoard Erasmus J Middlntou.
MtMen?tr Jacob JUeibrr. 1
OH finance- iieears. HIrrs, brown, and Booth 1
IiHfntvemmii? M?'-?ri? T Miller, Moore, aud I'oars'/fi/
I'nlic' Me*'-*s Mohun, Barry, and Pvnltb
Claim? Meters. Barry, Brown, and Ft arson.
Schmds?Messrs DuMoho, Duuiiiugton, and Clark
t\re Defxirtmenl Messrs. Kit her, ^iarnr, and A W. Milled. I
Elot&om Measri Moore, Fl-Jier, and ('farjc
Ifrainape, ifn'irqgM, and Distribution of Wmtor?Measrs. Brown, T. |
Mdh,r, and Pryutoo
on f/rbfituslim jftirMMsi?alessts. X. W. Miller, Dunnlngton, and |
Joint miuimn.?On the Asylum?Messrs. Moore, fxmobo, ami 1
K W Miller 1
lieixlth tf the City?Messrs T. Miller, Mobuo, and Clark.
t onal M"--irs Brown and IV nei?
Wfuir^e* Messrs, !?oyo|io and Bmltb I
irnrotted HiUt Mr Myorr..
dfn)H*U* of K ,ri*Ur Mr Hdrrjv I
Money 1*san$actiuH? of the Corporation Mr. Rljrita '
Klifjibitiiv <f A?te*$nrt -Messrs A. W. Miller, iisher, and 8inltl).
To Count and Uexiroy One. Hillt - Mr Usher. i
To AU-wl to the Interest* of the Corporation before Congreti?Mersrs.
imnulngtou, UtgRS, and Clark. '
I\ret M ant?cnaries Aoort, (presiaenT.,; jorin ss. rtirton, mm
soutboy H. I'arker.
iSsecond Ward Win Orme, (irnfton Powell, and Charles S. Jonos. (
Thirtt War*!?Win C. Palmer, Lambert Trot*, and Christopher 8. ,
Fourth Ward ?Stephen Ii. Castlemau, Elijah Edmomton, and Win. ,
r. M"Iiuh
M'ard?WllHim A. Mulloy, Win. F. Wallace, ami T. Van ResHhk
Sixlh Ward?George A. Bobrer, Franklin 8. Ober, and John ti. fttis- ,
Sf-.oentk Ward--Thomas E. Uoyd, Charles Wilson, and Thomas
Secretary?William A Kennedy.
M&tenger-?William Q Looke. I
ooMMirncm or the hoard of oommow oouhctl.
On Woyt and V?w??M^rn. Jones, Turton, Tree, Cast Ionian, Van
i eswicj ,Oberf and I ioj d *
On Improvement*?Messrs. Turton, Van Iteawick, Orme, O'Hare, I
Mohun. Kos-oll. and IJoyd.
On Claims Motwra. Powell, Mohan, and Wilson. i
On L'nfinished IIusin**t? Messrs. Palmer and Milsteftd.
On Klfction*? Messrs. Wallace, Ober, and Wltwon. '
On l'olirc Mortrfrs. Mulloy, O'flare, Parker, Powell, Costleman, '
Buhror, and Lloyd. I
Cannl*? Me>-rs. Castlomun, Orme, Ober, Van Keswick, Tarker,
and Milslcud.
School* ' r?--\ Turiou, Powell, Mobon, Wallace, Bohrer, (
slid I.loyd. I
lire /V/wrlmrnt Messrs. Parker, Edmonston, and Mllstead.
Drainage, J. Messrs. Palmer, Orme, Turton, Mohan, Mulloy, i
I;.ihsu11, ami Wilson. '
Corpora'ion l*fort Conor***? Messrs. Jones, Mohan, IJoyd, nnd Tree.
Joint CouMrrrKtcs \) ithingion Canal?Menirs. Cattleman and '
vtn Keswick.
Oii Aforf/*y transttrt'.,> ? witfi Curporation?Mr. Jones. j
Asylum ?Mossta. Turfori, Jones. Wdlhi'tf, end Mllstead,
Cttunt and Destroy Dw Hill*- Mr. Kdmomdon.
Krister of Acrounti?Mr. Uohror.
traaruea-?Messrs. Orme, Costleman, and Russell.
Health of the City?Messrs. Palmer, Parker, Wilson, and Mulloy. |
DmnlUn Mill*?Mr. Tree
KligiLHilyof Assessors?Moasr*. Wallace, OTIare, Parker, and Fd
mount on.
roxMnaoMM or improvkmknw.
First Distrvf Joseph E. Raw lings. .
District R. R. Owens.
Tftinl District?Stonboii Coster.
looiik Dutrtci? Baliiudl9. Tayl',*C I hoard
op TKt'UTSKSl of thl pffct.fr* softooi*.
I\rst Distri'i -William U Randolph, (president.) Roger B. Ironside, I
lud A. II Stoughton. I
Second District?Erasmus M. Cbapin, James Laurcnson, and \
\fili hid II Miller. (
Third District--John D. Brandt, William F. Price, and Franc is 8. ?
thurth District-?J. L'. WUlott, Frederick Wbyte, aud Samuel
Forks AtLue
Sec retary to the Hoard- Robert Riokctts. I
T, t.esurer?Valentine Ilnrbaugh.
Intrndant qfihe Asylum- -John R. Queen.
Physic inn to the Asylum--Dr. W. H. Horry.
Committumcrs of Ihr. Asylum?George W. Emerson, George Malting
ly. and l/ionard Hurbaugli.
Secretary to the tlCommissioners?John H. Noyce.
Commuriontr of the JCaMem &faction of the. Canal?Charles C. Rdolin.
('ommiffi'.ner of the Western flection of the ('anal William Wtw.
ifommhslonrrs <tf the Wt*+ Hurial. Ground?Joseph Borrows, Thos.
P. Morgan; Angus I Miller, sestofi.
(kimmiiruim.rt 'f the Etxtt Durial Ground John D. Brandt, George
W . Oyeler. John O'Neale, sexton.
Inspector of Hour and fluked J'rtwltinns- Joe I.yons.
Guagcr ami /nxficctor?Fhirlan Hit/.
Sealer of Weiflhts and Measure*--Hiram Rir.hcy.
Inspector of FVYc ApjHxratus John W. Martin.
bh-pu'iort and Measurers of Lumber-? VcUsr Gallant, Wm. Douglas, '
>. mucl H. Beyer, Thomas W. Burch, and S. F. Gates. I
*Ictisurt:M of Grain. /Iran, dr. John Wilson lor the first district <
snd J. Z. Williams lor the second district. I
Wood and Goal Measures* -Joseph 7.. Williams, Ham. C. Mickum, i
lli* hard Wnn>alt, John Cumberland, and Wm P. Drury <
Clerk of Cm're Market John Waters; Joseph Lyons, assistant.
Clerk of AWon Market--Sylvester F. Gates.
Clerk of Western Market?William Walker.
CUrk of Xoiihem Market -George D. Hponcer.
Commin.'ioners of the Centre Marled? William Orme, Hudson Taylor, !
M'd Bnckner BayliRH
14}ru;;urvmernftht Weatem Market William H Walkrr arid Wll
limn Brown.
('ommisiiunen of the Northern Market?James T. Devino and TliooJon;
i'.wtn<sionrr* of the. Ka*te.rn Market?G. W. Johnson ami Francis
Wist Irani- William Biggies.
,s>o< n<\ Wartl - John T. Hlewnrt. ,
Third Hard ZoplianlnhJnno-*.
fiur/h Want Will lam Douglass.
Fifth Want -Geo. fr\ Hmaltwood.
Sitth Want? Edward Wnyson.
nth H aul John II Ihrd. (
n>*t Ward A K Hilton
S ' >11,1 Want -Thomas Bobbins.
Thin I Want?W. A. Robinson.
Fourth h tml - \V V Robinson. '
Fifth Want John T. Nonle. I
fiixth Want lames R Wood.
.SVrynth Ward H. <>. Whit?more.
Pi rat Word, 1st Pi strict?Win. Bnrr.
First. Wtird M Dislrt'f I ftrtniol Link Ins
.Seroiut Ward, I*t Ihtirict -Rttger Adameon. I
,SV. >.' 'Id Pi>trut Michael Mlahl. ]
Third Wad, l*f Did net John S? hue. I
Third Wart* M Virtrirt- John M o k j
Piarth IKfli-J, 1?/ District?Franklin Httichlns.
F orth Ward. ..d JhdrirtKill*! VoeiJIor. j
h't t M.? I \\ m T Ba
Stjfh H'm.i Jamo* Cnrhiln.
Sorenih IFartf <?w?rgo N. Adam*.
FirM District Drury
A>. .;? /. D.urth. aud Kinh I Hit rid $ united?Than. J. William?
Third District John I). Chirk, offh oon Twelfth Mrent, a few doom
I)'low IV
Fifth Dxrtri' t William Thompson, oilier on Ninlli ?trml, M\>mb
1? nud K atrt*rt?
' irv'h Jfidnii- -Thomas C. Bonn, ofllro on Louisiana avium*, near
Hank of Washington.
y.iqhth Didrut rolrh'k M< Konnn, oflh " < u'nrr oflVnnsy Ivanin rv"
mm nn?l K'oirlh -trw I ??H?d
Ninth Dinirut Jaitioa Cull, oflkc near Navy Yard.
Truth IHdiiit iHiniid How hind, t?n tho Inland
(i\turd Thomas t Pent).
roiica MPAimmrr.
Chief of Polio*?John H. Coddard. 1
t.%*ftffurnt- of Dtlir*---Noble J Tboroaa, Edward MeHenrjr
(jjfiw * Hi>t ward?John MrTtormott, Win Daw, Win. IK *<<>r
rtn, and Jamo* ! . Kdwam*.
S**ooii?l ward Wm. H. Fanning, Joseph Williamson, Chariot G.
F? klofl, and James (ilnnaty.
Third ward- James H Holt, Talrirk flormley, Wm I. Ro??, and
Jaeob F. King.
Fourth ward?-H. T. Watson, H. W. UnskaU, Honry Yectmiu), and
FrunkMu Zimmerman.
Fifth wnr l?H. C. Hsrrover, c. W Arnold, Jacob Ash, H<nry
Nnuh. and Katihan ColMiia at tha I'.allroad Depot.
Nlili Hard- I rand* B. Edrden and .lame* S. Smith
Boranlli ward John M. lioyd, Jaw* A. <1111,8. ft. Chip lay, and
Josluli noil/.dI
Sfmoiml / r Offlrrnb-Ikitltol WhAlffl, Robert 1? Harrison, John M
Thornton, .l imit- llolt, John Kidwoil. John W. C'?onih?, Thomu- J.
Kelly, Joseph H. Nutwood, penni* Murphy. Frederick Hihnlfor, !
Michael Fitzgerald, Martin M< Namtra, Tliomaa Young, John F. Car tar, (
Tlioinae J. Edirn nston, l>iwr?in*? Mnhwm, James Knency, Jumna
S ard, Tliorna- Stone, Ku hard II (hiult, William O Noalo,
Mainly, Wm. Knhhitt. I'tiitif* Muii-.hiiu>on, Junes K. (iakvt, William i
John-em Wm. id-I nn< I ot?T hinfl. Alfrod lir lining. John Parana. 1
Wm I 1 In11 ii I.. (>|< I i. I I a k Ki> tmrd I 'o- tohn 1 I
Bradley, l>t*r COodyoar, Ceorge H Morgan, John Hrowors, John '
J. Laay, Al?aandar Muint.
pROmSAI. FOR MAII< HAlifl. ! |
Ccai Minx Jw IF, j
SKAI lii I Kilt ifii's TillL? rrtanI11 st this rfei-artmrat uolilaiM I
'clock, a. n , lb, it>u, 4a t ijl "eat, for raruuhiaj far tour
oars from the Irst day of .inly noil, la nu< u fnmftea sail at auck ib<
law* aa may be required aad ordarnd for Ihu aerrlca, iii*^ been id lh<
be liilluaiiq Ucairi|#tm?t?la nt . Fi'
l'?m Mail Haf or SadU. i
Mae No 1?(43 I IK lien lu hmgtli ami ffJ IboImm ib rircnmfereai i*,) i ''''
o Ik luado Mi tajttoni (tiuyaa weighing at lkJ%* lutein Ottdcdi to the '
ard of 22 Hu bert width the thread* of the warp and weft lo b? l'"
"mpu?f| of ttve yarn* each #l*
HWJ No. 2?(41 inch-H tti length and 48loehcsm I ll I iIBNIm iHP*,) to
fe tnudc Iff < smttrtfl CttDVH.-t wighlUg nt Ivrtt toUr? 'MI OOlU Cl t??thc 1
?rd uf 24 Im he* width ?ft?o tbrwU ul the warp nod wot I to bo ,M'
mi- rod ??f four yarn* each
Si*! No f? {2$ inch** lb length mi<| ?1S lb drctihferMMtJ to
>e made of ?:of.ton run a- d< 'fn'ujf/i* b? ul rtght ounces to llm yard
I 20 If lie.: wide , tin threads of the \v:.'rf ?ml to bo computed
t thru > tii uf eikcb.
The canvas liogsuf size* uuuiU frd 1 uttd 2 ore to be atndo wifb d i 'j
nbllng or hetn at the top of two inches wide, u|*>n winch ? #utfb lent j '
iniah-r fat least ten to. lb* former and eifbt to Hw latter) of fyetrt I 0
tolas art' 4? bo wrought , ami iboy^rc u> provided with good Hk( i ""
ulUi ivut hemp cord t UM? noil tio them strongly All are to be I
roll marked, in-i<lo ainl outside, 1 *' > Mail,' in large uiel distinct | j
leather and Canmii Mail I'ouckcs.
hi re No. 1 48 inches in length and HO ln< bee In ctrcnaxferem e. ' g+
Size No. 2 41 do do -18 do do C<J
.Size N'a 3 36 do do 42 do do tw
Slto No 4?30 do do 36 do do
Hue No 5 28 do do 28 do do y<
riio body of tho leather pouches ts to be made of good and nub in
tuulial bug. b'jHhei, well Una d, weighing, lor himm numbered t wmI Hi
i, not Iosh limn eight ohhooo, ami lor the inaik'r itiet not ies* than to
tcven loiuces to the square foot tin: bottom (of circular form) ami gr
lap l?? bo ?>i , ??<>tl jK-etlior, well tunned ; Ibe Hi ?m > to t?. well cl<
nut strongly acturod with t!i6 bdst iron rtveu well tinned.
1'llC Call V UM JM>Ucbrd ail1 to tW BU|idt tf 0O,tlOU ? IUYU?, df||.?;l>
proven, ro m l?> r< i-t water, weighing, lor |m?u< lu' ' (ft F??>f No. it not Ui
c.-s tbuu 25 otincf- to the yard ??t 31 iiirhea width, or 17 otuif;^ '* 'h?i 1,1
.'ardof 21 lur.htM width tor pnuchrs of *\7as No. 2, not le.-w tlum ?t?
*0 ouucoa to tbo yard of 25 itu In a width , b r poiKb'1* <?f aizo No. 3, m
nit lean (lotn 1* ouru u. to the yard of 22 inc.Lca width ; the llin -ids Wr
>t t!? ? \s irj and \v< li to bd t'om|*or??Ml of al lou.^t live yarim each mi
rim canvaH jioncbei, of sl/.fH iiumbcrttd H niut r?, arc to be nude of fit
otton vnnvu s weighing not leas than 14 oun? *o the vnrd of 18 of
ncbes vvlittli, nor lo- than 22 ouncea to tin* yard ol 30 iu< oVt nidih . ni
rlio threndh of (lie Wfirp and weft to bo corniced of at lea, t four 1 ,to
raf^s each. in
Lratfirr <r>nd Canvai Horse Mail Hogs.
SI in No. 1 Body 48 inchcii long and 11 incb'M wltlo ii tho wMn1!
,)art*i ; f ii?b or bottom* of an me being 14 by ftlwht j by
Sir.*-No. 2 Body 45 Inchoa long and 18 Inches vTfd' ht th* widcxt t.h
>art-< . *11 1 or iMMbiniH ot saint being 12 by 24 incln-x. an
H?/o No 3 Body 42 i neb oh long and 1H inchc* wide in tin: wldi.l r"
(">ort? ; end* or bottom* of umv being 10 by 20 inchea. th
llio leather boTHu uiail bags arc to be made of good and aub-iUn- >V'
lial bag leuther, w?dl taunml, weighing not Iokh than ncvcii ouin-t-a lo or
ilu? M|uarc foot, and the nwiin ! ? lu? woil and strongly sowed,or, it m
rivitod, l<? bo so donou- not to cliafo liorso or rider.
Tin: t anvus horse mail bag* aro b? be made of ooMon canvas like ?jjJ
Itint doacribod for lliofugor sized (louclioa.
Proposals for improvfiiionhi in the form or cf?iiHtrucllon of ntiy of
dio above-described bags and pouches, or in the muterUU thereof,
fro iuvltvd, and tbo relative valiu- aiul adaptation to tbo sorvico, as th
w ell A* specified |?rlce ol any hucIi improvoincnts, w ill bo i-on -Iderod
in deterndniiig the lowest and bc-d bid. Hn
All tho articles contracted for are to be dalkvered at the expense ol
Ihocontractor, bi Boston, Ma. .i.; New York and AlWtiy; N. Y. : rhlla- ru
lolphla and ritt-burg, Pa. ; Baltimore, Md. ; Wiiahlngton, !?. ;
Ulrhmond, Vn. : fialelgh, N. I'. ; Omrlestoii, C. ; Savannah, tio. , |
Mobile, Ala. ; New tlrleruis, 1st. . Knoxvllle, N'a-hvlllo, and Memphis,
leiin. ; Loul-vllle, Ky. ; Cincinnati, Ohio ; St. I/iuis, Mo. ; and Uil
l ogo. 111., in audi quantities, and at such audi times as the di
pattmeiil nn?y require and order : and they are to be rigidly Inspci lul
before delivery, and none nro to be received which shall be Inferior,
n any r< iv ct, to tho sp<*clnien? ad<q>tod oh tbe standard bag?
Tho proposuls should tf^eclfy tfio prleo of each article proposed lo
be furnish*.'"]. No proposal will ho considered, if not iicconipaitied rti
with specimens or sampler ofench article bid for, who w ing the
Obstruction, size, Mid quality of mutcriul/t and workmanship offered, cti
md also with a written guarantee from the persona proposed an lire
liws. (whoao r<apousibillty rrftist ho cur tilled hy the iiohtmaster ol the
place where they reside,) that they \tllf heroine responsible, on suf.
Uclttnl bond, for the due performance of tho courtne t, In ca*e i-u? h
proposal he accepted.
The specimen}* or sample* niuat be delivered at this department on
ur before the 25tli day of Apr il next, and those which shall have neuompauio'l
Clio accepted proposals will, in connexion with such pro- sc
posals, form the ba-is ol the contract* to he made Kvory a|a?clinen
submitted should he well and distinctly marked with the number denoting
ltd size, and bitvp ailixed to ii a sample of the materials, ( an ttl
vas t?r leather,) of which It is made. All specimen* deposited by
bidders which cuu, with safety and convenience, ho used in tho mail
tor vice, will he paid for at the prices s peel tied in the proposal* relating
to tire same. -
Aikckiuii on ii-" tub- will bo made on or before tbe tbird flfiy <H I
May next ; and tie' uc< "pled bidder or bidder- will he required to I
ut'-r into cootra' i, with sufficient bond ami sureties, on or he
foFe the twenty lli>t day of Juno next.
lo enable hinder* to cstlinato tlm number of tho different kinds ol
mail hugs w inch will probably he required, they ore informed that <v
here were furnt-hed lor the u-o ? l the depatfmeot during the year ,|,
Alik.lt ended 30th June last: 12 950 canvas until hfius . 3,110 leather hi
until {touches ; 4.400 canvas mail pouches, ami 500 horse-mull bags. c,
The proimtwlM should be endorsed outside, "Pnqmsals for Mall rt
Jags," ami bo addre-. od to the' Postmaster <? nerul."
Jan 19 lnw 12w Postmaster (itinera I. tl
. tc
[No. 680] ?
By the Ureilrient of the United State*. ,'
I JAMBS BVOBANAW, PreilAwil of dwSiHtd
. States of America. lit purutiMtee ol tho provisions of the act of
otigre " "iititk'd "An avl in relation it> the lands sold in the (?recti* .
intrg, hi!" St Helena, land dptrirt, In the State of Loul-iana. un?l au j
hori/iot: the re tn \ cv ot c<ufain lauds in said di-tre t," approved }l
Vngu-t 29, lhPJ. and of th?? n< i of Cougrcot authori/iur the sale of I
lie pwh'.ie. la ml-i. do lnueh> tiechire ami make known (hut a public I
wle will b?' hehl al tin* Ittiul office at (iKKKNMlt'M), ill ilie State ol ]
[,or!Ht\?fA. cofrrnieurlng on M<>udiry. the tcrond day >/* May u*-A, for
iUo sale ol tho unuppfoprNted Mini vacant tract- ol public iuud siliiited
within the liinii>nf tlie follow fngiiff mod townships and true ..
;ionnl low 11~1111> -, according to tin* approved plat-; fcaurveyod, to J
South *f Ike base line and nmtt aflfu principal meridian.
Townships 1, 3, and 4, and fractional township* 5 and tl, of
range 1.
Tow iwhip* 1, 2, nnd 3, nrtd fractional township 4, of range 2.
Township* I mid 2. o? range 3.
Fractioiml township* 1, 2, and 3, of range 4.
Fractional township 1, of range 6.
South of the. bate line and eaal of the princijyal meridian.
Townships 1, 2, 3, 4, ft, ft, and 7, ??f range 1.
Township* 5, ft, and 7, of range 2.
Townships ft and 7, of range :t.
Townships by ft, and 7, and fractional township 8, of range 4.
Fractional tow n-hip S, of range 0.
Township ft, of range 8.
Fractional township* Hand 9, of range 9.
Township* 4, "?. ft, and 7, and fractional township 8, of range 10
Township ft, or range 11.
Fractional town hip 8, of range 12. ,H
Township ft, of range 13.
1. -nd < overed by continued private claims, appropriated by law
Tor the use of schools, military, and other pur|>o*us, togetbbr with the
swamp and overflowed," granted to the Stale hy the act* of Congrogs
approved March 2, 1849, and Hopteiulicr 28, 1830: also, all
those trai ts for which the patent* have been i tailed or applied for hy
the day appointed for tit* commencement of the sale, or w hich shall
not have been finally acted upon hy that tunc, under the provision*
of the act of 29th August, 1842, hereinbefore mentioned, will be ex
eluded fromthe tale.
The olloriny ot'the above mentioned bind* will lie commenced on the
lay appointed, and will proceed in the order in which they are adverti
I, until the whole shall have been offered, and the *al * thus
i.losod . hut the t ale shall not bo kept open longer than two weeks,
mil no private entry of any of the lands w ill ho admitted until after
the expiration of the two w eeks. sj
(ilyen under my hand, at the city of Washington, this Ut|i day of
January, Anno ltotnini one thotiMUUd eight hundred and title nine. ,u
By the President;
Tmoh A . Mkmoio k b
Coniiui h !?? ?d the (Jenernl lAnd Oflh 1
Every fHjrKon entitled to tho right of pre cmptlon to any of the
arid* within ilin towinhijw and fractional township?* above mentioned
h required to oHlaitlirh thi* name 1" tin* saii I n turn of tho register and ,
riM-i dver of tho proper I*"'' ?>fll ami ?io7, poym'/il Ihnr/ar a* xoo/?.
is' practicable (ifkr wing thix wticr., mttl before the day appointed
'or tho commencement ol' tho public sale of tho lauds embracing
iho tract elaimod ; other w lac such claim will he forfeited.
Commissioner of tho (ionrrtl lAnd lifllco.
Not*. Under the regulation* of the department, as heretofore
itul now oxl-tltig. 110 payment can he made for advertising proclaim! U<
ions except to hucIi publishers as are tjwcinlly anthoriteii to publish
i v the Commissioner of the Ueoeral I Ami OUIce. tl
Jail It* lavrl.Vv (IntAStarl e*
WAsiii\<iTo\, February 12, 1859.
OX THE PETITION of Richard M Hue, of Now York, N. Y , pray
ng, tor the extension ofa patent granted to him on the Id May, JV
[H4ft. for an improvement in "Printing lYesses," fV?r seven year* from
lie expiration of odd patent, which tnke- place 011 the l<t of May,
It is ordered that the said petition ho heard at the Patent 01IW0 on
Ifonday, April 18, at 12 o'clock, m., and all poraonn are n "tilled to
ippe ir and how cjiuse, it any they have, wh) aid petition ought not 1
o he granted I
Persons opposing the extension are required to tile in the Patent or
flee their objection*, specially set forth In writing, at leant twenty day h J*'
>efore the day of hearing , all testimony filed try either party to he
i^ed at the naid hearing nm>l he taken and tian*ioitted in accordance .
wnh the rules ot the oiOe.e. whicli will he furnished 011 apph< at ion |()
The testimony i'> the < nfr will he closed on the 4th of April n??xt; y
Icposltk*#*, and other paper* relied upon a* testimony, must ho filed y
n the olltce on or before the morning of that day , the argument*, If
my, within ten day* thereafter. ,
Ordered, ?Po, Hint this notice ho published in the Urdon. Washing
Ion. f>. u , n>t*i Itny Hook. New York, once a wok for three *noc<*
w-' ks. the tii-1 <>l s .id pnhheaiion t?? he at least sixty days be
ore the 1 nth ol April next, the day el hearing. 1
Commissioner of Patent*. I
1> < l-'.lili ra of the iil.ov i* i'.iixt. will nbui-o i niiv nod iook! (hnir ! ...
bill* to the t'ntent Ufllw, witb ? paper containing (hi* nolle*. \\
F?-b 13~la*:tw M
FHKNOM HOOK.^I!)n?tiatrd
I'hjralnfcjgle ?in Gout Par Brill*! Savxrto. 37 cento. M
I. * l-ahull-lo* I t pulah i - lT? ten:-.
Tuhlwi <lr Fontaine 25 refit*. til
(Krnrrr* Pmliyiwi <1? Hnlhttn. 2'> cent*
lli*toiro i'ltnUe. ft* cent*. Oi
lb-toil o rle Knvoir Pnr HeuM* Geooix 4') rent- ?Ij
Atvl FS Knitcr. fur l/nm flito. 37 rent* bt
Hi-t"iro Me In <;u*rre ?lr rimie 40 rnito. *i
Helmet ?v?ol, Hi-i bre ?!< to Guerre M'Orteiit. 40 rent*. tl
Kinburn, lliwtotre Mr in (.?? i re M'Orient 40 cent*
Malnknn. III?totre fie I* On??rre M'Orient 40 c nti Mt
I.* No--|e et I K??rojH?. 40 rente |>
1/m? Tare* et le# Komc*. 40?o?u. m
Imported from Pftrlo.
17 \m;k rnoT(?oiui'iin: views of niahara, *
i Momrril, N..w York tlcoMWflCH. XI.Mint Vorttm, Tmnfc of
A .I,htii?lfni, ?tnl ttin f'liMK ItutMtnf v ..i Wn.hlnstoii Ht>.. I* hy If.
I'rh > $1 eaf'tl.
1%r Mtetiy TAYIOR 4k HAI'HY, hi
r?t> s& Bnolueilcra, M4 ?nn arnnn*
Ma urn Ortn%
#aalfft|gt?i, f^nwry B, IBM.
PROfUSAM will Ih? gf ??rfle. npH* 1'i oe-kxk w., am
9 Hih dmy el Man It ucxt, ! >* iriK^fg, liKutrrtUK.Kirbtid, *uU laying
i? brick and footway* mid |wvii^ *offers and afters In tlin
-feud i%?'*id wardo id U?< city, forming U0? 4Wf* J , lor the Third
I F-*fr<r <*ird. . lortnin;: the n -md dt-trht ; ,fM ihr Kiflli,Hlsth,
>1 Seventh wardr ft?winy tli' tlurd di.sir let. (tkuib (fttirid ?o bo i?i?t
: v. > f fl?r .
imuvi ifig tli li day "l April, *gi ??>i> to lb* f?,dk>*u>rt
HKMOBlioM :.
The curb-tone to be of the Wrt New tth river tuirMnlr
iho \hd blue r**:k, in |?I'hw? o( not lea* tbau Arte* fort* lung, aid
' !. If ! -. : I- .M. : U than fhrr- tint .* h?.hu*
in thkkoe** , the upper aurUco or edge mid & afift*t?i>ia?lv|>tit
i rt fr' Hi t" i > < vim-tli'- < n K - tot..- (li -m <1 th that tin. it* nod
i in .oid vi'i ll rammed to the proper grade,and the gum* wolf ttku
: . qttMlil li.i I*! t ... I I ? U..: I.I. ? I
id on a bed of hurp river -and -en end (ihiv webc* deep mi a bed m.
to clean gravel, free from cloy iv l-Mtn, lhre?- immduifi, witlilwoim?
<?i edge next to the curb, and one COtir** <m edge to the ui
' ; l b. p 14 . i I I ' ?>? ;* "iimuremai
ftr# bfFfk f?? edgw will l>c made
1),. ! : , Hi' I.M ' ' . ' I O'fl V 1>
d Ml II jd ? f ' , lb ."it -ld?- 11 ii* ( ill . til- I
in. -1 i i Hi i -hi "t. . v d "i ..r,-** ms..
d clous grnvel tree from clay (ft fciwtw, m fud moo Inches deep.
I . i II I'll 111111 (' I it,. 1 rtVWT ,.<f# I bt JllK ., .-I .. '
id after l>? i?n; examined and mat licfore, by Hie '"Hir?*ii?mmer>to ba
vrre t doe cU m gravel <?r coarse huod ?i?ul the hitmiicis w%
eon Mm atiMiou weM tttlod w ith tlu earns materiel
Tie il..gg?ug in to he bf ff* b?*t quality blur rock ??r giieto*, or Krw
?ik Nor lib rlVer flagging. WJ pH-.* ?f not tea* than IwolFetMn
cbo.s long by eighteen itu in - wile, nrMf rvtA teas rti?n three ineliew
ii-1 lor ?i? ldu? roek or und not Iwa Mmo lour inehre the >
' i!- " v ".' " I . I ' III I In I lid "tl il M ei lot It . - .
ivol fvo-from cfa\ loam . i harp wind, vka tnatH"* deep,
>;W Jointa.
vlt giiiilin.* ted ".loin on, m i? ruled ,?, li .iiuiuui:
it .. 1 , i : manlier ted I" tie- ->4tl?hict>-<?
Mayor, and to i?o tommeiie"d w ithin (on day* after the ord?M *+
veil to the cohtractor, and to ho < ','f**plete?| v,dhiw the time itamrd
iln order ddei n.. it lo I done, and . .?rr.-iih : r.uid i v. i
J? it OTipletion And opiiii tli.- tailor. ..| tin- e..Mi,ki
I'oiitractofJ fornmiiieuce the w ork or to complete If within the lima
mied, or upon hl < rrr fh'dr (allure to rxeruto (he work ??r the mute
ilrt,iuid iu the maimer herein required, the Mayor to have the right
employing other person< to do the name, ii|iou tiieli ternin Hri bo
uy deem expedient . in which ?vent the emitrielor or eontiaetorw
failing s?hall pav any I ova or damage llw corjKiratioo may ?u.ilmu
i-onsbrfHiu*' e thereof.
Any rejMiirh (*r relaying which may he required before the ex pirn
?u of the Ume for tlIda!) the work is warranted to chirvl lo he dom
(lie Couiraefor free *rf r1n?rge witliiu liv e daya after acAtre IVoin
e Commie-lonei of ln?|*r??veineni of the ward ; and upon (allure of
- i ontraelor or eoidraeto, lo ntalo nn> re pa if.-, or !* relay any
?Vv nieiit within live day* after notice a tor v aid, the M.v>r ill t(? IlKtO
e rfy,V*? et employ ||,^ nay other p. i on or ja-rrou- to do the name on
i ll terms IH b* may deem expedient; In wldeli event the contractor
contractors <o faltfr.g rhnll pa) any los or dumngo the corporation
av ii-to in In ioi?oi|uenc fh??reot
Uiddurn will also iiikV) uotli e thai I be contractor* will ho required to
rnpiy idrictly with the teiiiH of Wio cvnlraal and the pro vis tana of
0 law.
t or the due performance of the work and the furnishing of the m*
rkili as herein re.|?ir. d hond mid HoenrMy to tlie amount of two
oti-oifW (Pillars .will be required oi tho contnu tors'
The hiddcf.? ? HI Mate U>v rates at wlileli the curbing, paving,and
1 rging will he executed,.?? -hiding nett-'rliih.
For *eitlng now curb *# New York Worth river curbstone, per
inidiig foot.
For 4 Ming new curb of blue rock or gm tu?r jv-r running fo t
for hixlng new brh k pavement, per wjii'irp >ar(t
For laying new aiotio puveinenl. per aquam yard.
I ??r grading, (wte tlo r nxeavalmg or tilling.) pet culrv yard,
for trimming, per runnlug foot.
I II t'potlt guile , p'T l""t
l or laying down Idue rm-k digging, p'-r aqnitro foot.
For laying down New York North river (lagging, per aqua re fiKJt.
l-or laying live courses of hrick ?hi nlge, in gutter*, and alley*, per
inning Ibot.
At the rnto? at which the following work, axchadva of mateiial*, ax
tpl the grave) and mind w hich may ho required :
For setting new cttrb, lnclnditig dresalng, per running loot.
For laying new brick pavement, per square yard
For i iklng up und relaying old briek pavenmut, |mm square yard. .
! <u taking up and resetting old "Ml>. per running toot.
f\>r talcing up tind relaytog tl1 tone pnvemnui, par Kpiw yarl.
for taking up and relaying old tlag footway, )?er nqunre loot. J
Nohhlw'tllbe ree'dved w hich does not inelinlo an ott'-r tor eticli
ipirrtteitemofworkuiuliiiuieri.il*. "
Colli raid* wbl not he a--igiiahle. '5
Hv law tho Mayor la prohibited from awarding contract* for llm
rove work to any person or person* who are not practical paver* lj>
JAMI - t; ItFRRFT. :
Fell 10?2awMai8 M'y?r ^
Washington, February H, 18.Iff.
FHOro^ I.S in wiitiug will I '- received at this nfl|co up to )2
i I?m i. . in '?n tli" htii ?!. ?> next, lor making pump-, h\
Hilts, I?v : " * i oJ *i> wliter, Ultd fix hllikii'k w < IK m< ItuMog *!!
\ itMiiTc.l-i'.i'l workman-hip, in digging, laying, llxitig, ami
NnplftiltR n? tin- ??? -' i-i iini>T. and I-t k?--pjnir flic same m pi-ilet r
pair It>i con-taut uv in tin* fir-! district, composed of the Hr-t and
xxmdirarda Mid Id tbo second <i? triet, composed of ItMTUfd,
Mirth, and < nth wards . and in tin* llnrd district, eoijipo*ed oi
ie I tfili and Sixth ward?, ( a< h dlstri< f t ? Ik> bid for aeparalely, nod
i b" g?von to different ? mitrai'toM,) for the lei m of one your, mm
u.'iicmg on tho llr-t day of \pril, In.vy, agreeably to tin* following
a'tillrafion*. No hid from any but a practical pump maker wll
ai -idoro'l, and the contractor will bo required lo conform rigidly .
von WKf .KS
Pigging and walling tvolls, including miiflrlnlx and removing ?h*
rt. i?r loot, IInmI n,,< wall i<? i>p four iitobec thick, ?>t good nan I
Cleaning out wclli*, eaoli.
Sinking old wells deeper, per foot.
Taking out obi well* and putting in Fame, per foot
r*?r- of eight feet l"?gtli, do
Ca t*- more tlinn eight feet length, do
Covering new wellF, including materials ; the covering to he of best
intern Sliore joint, not le.- dtlinn three inches thick, laid double.
I'nving new wells, including brick and pump-stone.
Opening old wells olid covering name with old materials, ouch.
Ojimlug old wells and covering some with new timber.
Keeping the pump., in repair, viz : stopping nil.leak*, /to., when U H|
in he done without taking m>t the pump, each. fc-'i
Tttklog out ami putting In old lump*, per log, each. kh
Making new Joints in olil log*. K
Now logs put In ol?l pump, |>or foot. B|
Now boxes nnd spoiitu in old pumps, each. If
New pumps, per fo*d. P
Boxes ami spouts for now pumps, oat li. pi
On poor chambers for pumps. IN
All top jdet - f" -tju.-iro J4 inclm.s, rlenr of 'ip. "I the best wbito B&j
ik, nnd fourteen fool long. Lower timber to l?o 11 inches in thamc K
r. All top piece- to have three coats of paint. B|
Ft tit HYDRANTS*. f ,i
Keeptni Iho hydrants in repair, w stopping nil leak-1,Ac, ! I E3
w valvtM MlMl pouts, and I' pairing the old one-;, nod repairing tin- P;1
I from belonging to tin ut, wlnm it ? ill i!on?- without taking Mi > K Jj
|rdrant out, each. |. |
faking out hydrants ami putting in smite, each. 13
New hydrant*, per loot. t; |
Spouts for hydrants, each. I |
Spout stones, cueli. S?
Painting pumps nnd hydrant- throe coats, each. I |
HlJa will be received for hydrants from practical plumbora. i J
Handler i> * ley. aoears. plates, hands, and repair*. per pound Jajg
Spout and lower box Irons for purnpti, tnch.
Now joint* to okl -pears. I ;<]
Now spout ami valve Irons for hydrants. I ^
Tin? work and lliu materials to bo all of the h<?*t quality of their re KB
tecilve kinds. I I
No oiibr will bo rvcoivod that in not mado by a practical pnmp Bfl
Contract* will not bo assignable. mm
Tlio person or persons wl?o-e offer may bo accepted will he required JH
> i-nlrr into bond l?>r run? thousand dollars, with two good win-tie*, KB
?n lllionod for tin- faltbfiil performance of bis or their contract ; and KM
lould any contractor or contractor:' full <>r roliibo to comply with any KB
tin-coinlilion <or larms of Ids or their contract, or to execute any pfl
ork within tie- lime named in the order of the Commissioner direct KB
i. if to be d->nr, the Mayor Is aiilhori/ed to employ any other per- KB
in or person ; to execute tIn- am" or to furnish the material** u|khi KB
a h terms a - lie may dot-m expedient ; In which event the contractor KB
contractor s so faillnc shall be rvs|wnsib(?) U) Ibis corporation (or Ejfl
jy loss or damage it may sustain lln-relVy, and the Mayor may at In* IB
i-u-.retion atiuul tin? contract of tmcli contractor or oontractovn. I M
Feb 10 Jaw Mar 8 JAM FN (!. BKKRKT, Mayor I |
Separnlo prapoSHln will l>e received for keeping H
io pumps in repair lor tin-year to the hatbdhction of the Cominir ||H
liner's of Improvements of the several districts. Bid* will statu ^B
t? price per pump each. The contractor to furnish materials"! HI
fery kind wbtcli may be required by said Commissioner* for nil re mB
III ' l-olli above met !<? low tbo -<n! -co and leaning o?if tli 1 v. . IB
el also paving around the pumps. : 'M
hm r. mxjfKT. on*, f. HOU.Y. ^B
AKorntyrnl-hntv owl (lateral ImwI Agenti, , } '
| AND AVAUIIANT8 located nnd hold, Lund* fN
[ J bought nnd sold. Tu vs paid. Money invested on real estate gH
" nrily at 20 nnd 3d |M*r cent. Collection* made and remitted. Ad jH
racUon guarantied. JH
Hater to Rc-nator Green, of Missouri; floMtor Folk, of Missouri, fen ^B
Of hilt* at low i Henalor H-irlii-. -<i lew ?. !! ? ? T F-rge-oM. ' - E.B
.I,. r?rrMary; Ho? ' ' > >i..: vi-souri, J t- *? \\ k w r..i.i> I?
labnuia, Hon. J. >tc<Rteonf South Carolina; and Gov. & TV. Black?
Mr. HttlJ.Y, ??f lh# above Arm, ran be found until March at the IS
irk wood House, or at MO Twelfth Htre?t. JB
Washington, March 2, HRW IB
ON THK n:nrn?N of David Bruce, Jr.,Brooklyn, Naw Yerk, H
raying for flie extension of a patent granted to bfmonth* 7th June,
U!i, for an Improvement tn machine fbr casting printing type, far K B
?ven yearn from the expiration of said patent, which t?k?*s plana
i the 7ili day of June. 1H.SW - I *
It is ordered (hut the said petition be heard at the Parent Office on
' i\ l??" J.Jd till. urMlV lie\t. MI iA OTICITK, tti , nine mi - fs
< + notified to appear aikI show cmim, If Any they have, why s?kl P*
Hon ought not to Ik- kranted I ffi
Ptmib* oppeafng In* ejtenafon are required fo ftl* in the Patent
(Tic* lb ? ) 11II> ft > th In " rMag. ? U - t 19
?y* before lb* Hay of Inuring . nil lesUnioay filed by either p?rtT k
? used *i th* *uid hearing must be taken and IrAnatuttted In nr/ord?< *
with the rale* of tit* ufltae, which will he fumiahed on appllc#
The leathnony In the case will he closed on the 7th <-i May;
IMHitiiMis, and other papers rolled u|w?n a* testimony, on** ?
f filed In the office on or before the morning of that day , the argn- j^H
r?t?. If w ' lit ton daya thereafter f?
Ordered, also, that thin notice ho published In the lTin >n. Waali- ?
igton, i? I'., uid tally NoWl, N. Y.t once a week for throe week# dm
le tlmt of Maid publication* to bo at leant sixty day* before the JM w
r W??y liflrt, the day of hearing. H
j<mkw iioi.t, h
Commissioner of Patent?.
I' H hdttors of the abore papers will pleas* eopy. and *< > I lh#lf |S
II- ?o the Patent tbfVe, w ith ? paper OOWbtfning ih* not!'-' M
Mar 8?lawSw I

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