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The (ireul Kaeleru Mail, from Hultiiuore, Philadelphia, New York
ituetoa, Ik., and ituiulo, Ik., arrtvea at 8^, a. ami 7w, p. in.
tally and the mail to be aent from ltil>- olttce, to utui by II. .a<
place*, will Ih* chmed, aa In rctufore, al >and 8 o'clock, p. in., dally
The Southern Mall will be cIomnI kereaflor dally at 4W and I
o'clock, p. m, and will be received, an heretofore, daily, by 6
o'clock, a. m., and S, p. m.
Tbe Second Kuat.ru Mali cloaca at 8, p. m., and the Urea: Woap ra
Mail ekwaa al 2, p. in., dally. The mail trains north of Philadelphia
are to arrive there in lime ty connect with the train for Baltimore
which tiyhiga the Ureal Mall, to ainte lien hi <>'*,a in. No fact
era Mall la received at thla office on Sunday uiahl, and no humeri
Mall la aeul on Sunday utorulug
The Mall fur Norfolk and adjacent places In Virginia i* elided al 2
I'" . . pi ' i u.i,! i - i. i . ii . , k :i:
from MalUinore. Md.. by 12, in.
Tbe Mall IWun Urcigutov.li, D. C., ia received twice dally, by 8, a
lu., and h, p. m., and it la done.) fur I at place al the name hoora.
I he Mall from Hock villa, he., Md., la received dally by 8, p. m.
and It la cloned for Uioae placra at V, p. m.
Anuaiulla Mall ekiaea ut 2 mid 9, p. in., dally
The Mail from llioukville, Ac., Md., la received dally, except Sun
Tbo Colesville, Md , Mail closes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
at 9, p. m., and received Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 3, p. ui
Upper Marlboro', inc., Md., retxtved by 4, p. in., daily, uud U
closed at 9, p. lu.
Fort Tobacco,* Ac., Md., received Tuesday, Thursday, and Satur
day by 6, p. in. ; rlaaod Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9, p. m.
Uddlei . . . '
closed ut 9, p DJ.
I^eeaburg Ac., Va , received by and closed at 9, p. in., Monday
V.. diiKMda} , and Fndu.v
The prolate on newspapers, and that on all printed matter ad
dressed to any forelgu country, u required to be paid lu advance
The office is open from $ * 'clock, a in., to 8)^ o'clock, p. tn., dally
exu pt Sunday ; and on that day it U open from 8 to 10, a. in., aud
from dt, to 7 ?4, p. ui.
i . .
kails op ik>mi>n< r<o.ia?,k
LtMert, for each half Ottnoe, under 3.000 miles, prepaid, 8 ccuts;
over 3,000 miles, prepaid, 10 cents. All letters must bo prepaid by
tamps, or enclosed in stamp envelopes, or they will uot be lor
TVurnitnf AVnjpajrif, Periodicali. Circular*t tfc., to any part ol
tin- United Mutes, noi weighing over 3 ounces, 1 relit, ami i cent for
each additional ounce, prepayment required.
&gt prepaid, not weighing over 4 pounds, I cent per ouuco for
Mlj, distance ill til'- 1'nltcd Stair:* under '1,(8)0 mile- , and 'J cents an
? ounce over 3,000 miles, prepayment required All fractious over the
ouuco being couuled us an additional ounce.
Ntwgpajxrt ami Periodicals not exceedlrg 1>, ounce In weight,
when paid quarterly in advance and circulated in the .State where pub
liahed?Dully, per quarter, 92t?;sijt times per week, lOjj, tri weekly,
9%; semi-weekly, 0>i; weekly, 8J4 ; semimonthly, i?,; monthly,
wi; tpfi and perkxth a is w hen wel , hlug 1 1 j ouim d ul th
hove rates.
Small Newspapers, published monthly, or oftcm r, uud pamphlets
in i . >utalniD| nun ? i'n i 16 t cta\ pi u j....... jes of 8 <>i n<
over, )i cout per ounce.
Weekly Newspapers, within the county where publish**!, frte.
Quarterly payment*, in advance, may be uiMk either where pub
li*hed or recelveil.
ratkh <?f lkttlk postalf. r<> < -twntius.
To Knglaml, Ireland, uud Scotland, (California, Oregon, ami Washing*
t U t xcept* ! 1 24 t ' III : I : . W ;i
lngton, 20 cents ox.
To Franco and Algeria, by French mails, 15 cents V oi., 30 cents
H ?*
To German States, by Prussian closed mall, 30 cent* ?B oi.
Ik) by French mull, 21 couta ,l4 oz , 42 cents t, oz.
Do by Bremen mail, (except Bremen, Frankfort, Lux
emburg, Wur tern burg, Holland, aud the Netherlands,)
16 cents oz.
I)o by Hamburg null, except Hamburg, Frankfort,
Luxemburg, Wurtemburg, Holland, and the
Netherlands,) 15 cents >B oz.
To Bremen, by Bremen mail, 10 cents ft oz.
To Hamburg, by Hamburg mall, 10 cents % oz.
To Frankfort and Wurtemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 22
cents >, oz.
To Luxemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 25 cents ox.
To Holland and the Netherlands, by French mull, 21 cents '4 oz., 42
cents S oz.
To Austria and its Slates, by Prussian clewed mail, 30 cents 07,.
Do do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 15 cents oz.
Do do by French mail, 27 cents ?4 oz., 54 cents
yi <>*
To Russia, by Prussian closed mail, 37 cents yt oz.
Ik) by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 29 cents ^ 07.
To Prussia, by Prussian closod mail, 30cents ft oz.
Do by Bromen or Hamburg mall, 15 f^nta % or..
I)o l>y French mail, 21 cents oz., 42 cents ox.
To Sardinian States, by lYussiau cloned mail, 38 cents >? oz.
Ik) by French mail, 21 cents \ oz., 42 cents oz.
I)o by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 30 cents X oz
To Lombardy, by Prussian closed mail, 33 cents oz.?-prepaid.
Do by French mail, 27 cents }4 oz., 34 cuts oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mull, 15 cents fa oz.
! To Parma and Modern*, by Prussian clor-ed mail, 33 cents >. oz. k
Ik) do by rroDCU man, n ccqm -4 uz , u? ceuu
x ?*
I)o do l>y Bromen or Hamburg mall, 25 cent* 01.
To I'apul Hiales aud Tuscany, by Prussian closed mail, 35 ceuis I, oz.
Do do by Freueh uiail,27 cent* '4 oz., 54 emu
X oz.
Do do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 28 cents
>?'<>* , ??
To the Two gicilieo, by Prussian ruwed mail, 30 cents % ox.?prepaid
Do by French mail, *'0 cents % 07., 00 cents oz.
Do by Bremen or Ham?*urg mail, 22 cents )? oz.?
To Spain, by French mail, 21 cents at., 42 cents ,S oz ?prejxtid.
Do by British mail, via Southampton, 73 cents oz. prepaid.
To Portugal, by French mail, 21 c.eula ,i4' oz , 42 oents oz prepaid.
Do by British mall, rto Southampton, to'J cents % at.- pre
To Denmark, by Prussiau closed mail, 35 cents oz.
Do l?y Bremen or Hamburg mail, 25 cents % at.
Do by French mall, 27 cents oz , 54 cents oz.
To Sweden, by Prussian closed mall, 42 cents oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 33 C4?nts yt at.
I)o by French mall, 33 cents J4 oz., 06 cents ?g 01,
To Nor way, by Prussian closed mail, 40 cents X oz.
jx, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 38 cents oz.
Ik) by French mail, 33 cents ,*4 oz.. GO cents oz.
To West India lt>nds, (not British,) except Cuba, Turk's Island, Curlhageua,
HondufftJi Juan, (Nicaragua.) Haota Marthn, Vencznela,
and 8t. Thomo*, ?M cents >, oz. wheh distance from mailing
office is under 2,60i> mliVs, and 44 cents oz. when distance exceeds
2,500 mile#--prejxiid.
To Canada, New Brunswick, Capo Breton, Prlnco Kdward's Island,
Nova Scotia, aud New Found laud, 10 cents >B oz. when distance is
not over 3,000 miles from line of crossing, and 16 cents }B oz. ii
distance exceeds 3,000 miles.
To Aapin*all and Panama, New Cranada, and Mt-xuv, )0 cents,)# oz.
wheu distance does not exceed 2,600 miles, and 20 cents if distance
exceeds 2,500 miles? prepaid.
To Bogota and Buenaventura, New QrUbli, 18 cents oz. -prejmid.
To Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chili, 34 cants y% oz. prepaid.
To Peru, 22 tenia % oz.?prepaid.
To West Indies, British, (except Turks' Island,) l*J fonts % 01. if diatance
does not exceed 2,.">00 mile , aud 20 cents % o?.. jf distance
exceeds 2,600 miles?prepaid.
To Sandwich Isluuda. New South Wales, and China, by mail to Sun
Francisco, thence by private ship, 10 cents ot.?prejkiid.
S mL?In all cuses whore the word prejtaid is uot addod, the prepayment
fli the postage Is original with the sender.
Da to of afName.
Statd, I,a'c ?f blrtb. < -.Ion.
(War ! Hwoilcn and Norway. ..July 4,17)15 .Mar 5,1544
Alexander II Russia . .-"1129,1818 Mar 2,1855
? ' - ... * IkllH Jan v/i la J I.
Victoria I Great Britain May 24, 18i. J no 20, 1837
'William III Holland or NcthcrUndxFcb 10,1817 Mar.
l^opold I ... Belgium Dec. 16,1700 July 21, It.Trad
Win. IV Pruh.la Oct. 16, 17or> Judo 7, 1840
John Saxony He.. 12.1801 Aug. 9,1804
George V Hanover May 27,1819 Nov.18,1851
Fred. Praut'U .MecklenburgScliwor . Feb. 28,1823 Mar. 7,1842
George... Mecklenburg Strolltr . .Aog. 12, 1779 Nov 6,1816
JytCr . Oldenburg July 8,1827 Feb. 27,1863
William . Brnnawlck April 25 1806 Apr. 25,1831
Adolptnau Naauau July 24,1817 Aug 20, 1839
Chs. Alexander. Saxe Weliu.-ElKonaeli. June 24, 1818 July 8,1853
Ernratll .... Saxe Coburg Gotlia . June 21. 1818 Jan. 29, 1844
Bernard Saxe Mciniugen I>ec. 17,1800 I)ec.24, lsos
JCrneat Saxe Altenburg . , Sept. 16, 1826 Aug. 3, 1853
Leopold Anlialt Deniaii... Oct 1,1794 Aug. 9,1817
Alexauder Anhalt Bombing Mar. 2,1800 Mar.24,1834
Cumber Scbwarzbnrg-Kudubt Nov. 6,1793 .Apr.28,1807
fluntber Hchurnrrburg sonder'n Sept. 24, 1801 Aug.19,1830
Henry XX Hcuua, Filler Ijlc Juno 29, 1794 Oct. 31, 1836
Henry LXVB.. .Reusa, Younger Llaa Oct. 20,1789 .J'oo 19,1854
Jampold Uppc Sept. 1.1821 Jail. 1,1851
Ceorge ... Mppc Schaumburg .. Doc. 20.1784 Keb. 13, 1787
Ceorge Vktor. Wuldcck lau. 14, 1831 May 15, 1845
Ferdinand.. . Hesue Hum burg .. April 20, 1783. Sept. 8, 1848
Frederic Baden Sept 9,1826 Apr.24.1852
Frederic Win . Ib-aaoCaf-el Aug. 20,1802 Nov. 20,1847
lamia 111.. .. Heme DarnuMdt .. Juno 9, Isoo J'na 16.1848
Aleya . IJcliteuBteln May 26.1796 Apr 20, 1836
William I . Wurtemburg . Sept. 27, 1781 Oct 30, 1816
Maximilian 11 Havana Nov. 28, 1811 Mar.21,1848
^'ran. Joaeph 1 Aimtria Aug 18,1830 Her 2,1848
Napoleon III Franco April 20, 1808 Bee. 2,1862
JaabellaII S|iain Oct. 10,1830 Sep. 29,1883
l'edro Vf Portugal Hopt. 16,1887 Nov.15, 1863
Vict. Email. II. Sardinia Mar. 14.1820 Mar 23, 1849
lampold U Tuscany Oct. 3, 1797.. J'nc 18, 1824
Robert Parma July 9,1848 Mar.27,1854
Fraud. V ModeuaiiudMa.aa Juno 1,1819 Jan . 21, 1846
PIih IX Slate, of the Church May 13, 1792 J uo 16, 1846
Ferdinand II . Two Stelllee Jan. 12, 1810 Nov 8, 1830
Otlm 1 Greece Juno 1,1815 May 7,1832
Abdul Medjid ...Turkey tpnl 23, 1823 July 2, 1*39
Cbaa Monorl. Mouaeo ...Ilec. 8,1818 J'ne 20,1850
The Grand Duke of Baden, T.iiiia, born Augunl 16, 1824, la under
guardianablp by roaoii of inaanlty.
| Ilia father, Ferdinand, husband of llio laic (Jucen, woa regent until
September 16, 1805
\KiUrad from an aHqf tk< Corporation, apjvorcd March 20,1842.]
P*r 12 4w/t br it That from and after the passage of thin
act, the following rate# of f?w or charged for the ronvrymco of per?nna
from nncpUc? to another in tho city of Washington, in hackney
ctrrlaKMi or qUmt carrying pa^a nger* for pay enr
litre, betwocn daybreak aud right o'clock p. in., ahall not be exceeded
tlmt la to My, for each any every pawo ngcr, for a distance not
over one and a half mile, twenty five Ctpti for any distance over
otto aud a half mile, aud not exceeding three mile*, tifiy cents ; /Vo
vitlrrt, In rase any hackney carriage, cab, or oilier vehicle, shall be
obtained for a longer period than five minutes, the driver thereol
thai I he allowed f??r the whole hark, cab, or other vehicle, the nutr
?.f twelve and a half cent* for every fifteen minute* bo detained ; and
for all conveyance* or other detentions later than 8 o'clock p n?
I lie owner or driver of hackney carriagaa, cabs, or other vehicles, tj
demand and receive at Iho rata of Afty per ceutum on the foregone
^bargee, in addition thereto.
Tlie OrjfmiIzulluu i?f (lit Kucutlir Or i>?r(uieuia
of the tioveruiiieul of the United NUt??: I
VT.ITB MOAmuurr.
The whole machinery employed to conduct the buslines arising out \
J of our foreign relations with all the powers of the world is f?r more ^
simple than is generally conceived. The number employed iu the g
' Department OfPUtO of the United States L only seventeen, as follows: j
One Ht-creUry of Slut.*, (lion Lewis Cuss,) one Assistant Secretary of tj
1 | -date, (Uon. John Appleton,) ono thief (lurk, twelve clerks, one trans
( j lalmr, and ouc librarian.
i | JhfUomatv: Uranck ?This branch of the ttlate iw-jan tment uai *
, { oluirge of all correspondence between the department and other dl- J,
I pioniatic agents of the I'm Ual Statu? abroad, and those <?i foreign powi
I ere accredited to this government In it all diplomatic instruction*
.ient from the dcpai Uncut, and communication* to coinuiiasiouers un 7
. i d?-r treaties of LoundarUsi, 4c., arc prepared, co|h?h1, and recorded, and v
I j all of liko character received are regtaU-rod and filed, their contents ..,
j being hist entered in an analytic tabic or iudnx.
< Consular Jlranch?This branch ban charge of the correspondence,
4c., between the department and the consuls and commercial agents
1 I ot the United States. Fu It instructions to those officers, and answers ll
: to their despatches and to letter* from other person* asking for consular
agency, or relating to consular affairs, are pre|?red and recorded. ?
The Disbursing Agesif.? lie has charge of ail correspondence and
other matters counoclod with accounts relaUug to any fuud with the
disbursement af which the department is charged.
1 Tks Translator. - -His duties are to furnish such translation* as the li
department may require. He alt>o re<x>rdfl the commissions of consuls
and vice cou.suls, when not in English, upon which exequaturs are
Clerk of AypuiiUmmD and Com missions?He makes out and records *
?v>mmU."ioiis, letters of'appointment, and nominations to tho Senate;
' makes out ami records exequaturs and records, when in English, the
e?.nimissions on which they are Looted. Has charge of the library.
Clerk of the liolls and Archil?. He takes charge of the rolls, or euj
rolled m is and resolutions of Congress, us they are received at the de
L parluient from the President; prepares the authenticated copies thereof
; which are called for prepares lor, and superintends their publication,
' and that of treaties, iu the new simpers and iu book form; attends to
their distribution throughout the IJutted Slates, uud that of all docu 11
mcnts and publications in regard to whkt h this duty is assigned to the 11
i department; writing and answering all letters connected therewith. ll
j lliu; charge of all Indian treaties, and business relating thereto.
I Clark cf Authentications ami CnpyrigkU. He lias cliarge of the q
I seal* of the United States and of tli? department, and prtiiares aud ,x
attaches certificate* to ]tapers prnsuted for authentication; receivea ii
and accounts for the fees. Has charge of publication* truusmiUed to
- | the department under the law* relating to copyright*; reword* end in
; dews their title* , reoords all letter* froiu the department, other than *'
j the diplomatic and consular.
' Clerk of Pardons and Passport* Ilo prepare* and record* pardon* tt
and remissions; and registers and llle* the }H<Uth>us ami |*ipcr* on ?
which they are founded. Makes out uud record* purport*; keep* a w
daily regislor of all letters, othei than diplomatic and consular, re v
ceived, aud of the dih{K?ilkui made of them; pi cpare* letter* relating tj
to thi* business. p
Airoojnrr oomkii ja's urrift [,
Hon. Jeremiah H. Bloc k, Attorney General of the United Shite*; A- B.
Mct alumni, esq., chief clerk. The ordinary business of thi* otllco may
be classified under the foil iwiug heads:
1. official o|Hukeu* on the current business of the gov mnioiit, am
milled lor by the Fresldvut, by any head of deimrtiueut, or by the Ho- Ml
i llcltor of the Treasury.
& kxaiuiuation of the titles of all hind purchased, as the kites of j
arsenals, custom house*, light bouses, aud all other public works of j
the Uuited States .
3. Applications lor )>ardous in all ca.-ea of conviction In the courts \
of the United SUrle*. !'
| 4. Applications lor ap|?otiitiiieut In all the Judicial and legal business '
! of the government.
i 5. The conduct and argument of all suits III the Supreme Court of u,
I the United States in which the government h concerned
i f>. The Huper\ islon of all other suits arising lu any of the dejoirt 14
! nients when referred by the head thereof u> the Attorney General.
To the.se ordinary heads of the butineus of the otllco are added at
I the present time the following, viz.
First. The direction of all up|M>aIa ou lund claim* in California.
Second. Tlio codification and revision of the laws of tho District o. n
Secretary of the Department c?f the Interior, Hon. Jacob Thompson,
of the State of Mississippi. Its clerical force consists of one chief
clork, f Moses Kelly, esq.,) two disbursing clerks, and ten other regti- 61
lar clerks; and to its supervision and limnugeiueut are comiuittod the v
I following branches ol the public service: 11
I 1st. 1 he Public IaxmU. The chief of this bureau is called the Com 41
, mi. doner of the General I And office. The Land Bureau is charged *
: w ith the survey, management, and sale of the public domain, and the
I issuing of titles therel'or, whether denveU from continuations of grants tl
j made by former government* by sules, donations, of grants for schools, al
I military bouutlt-H, or public improvements, and like;wise the revision 11
of Virgiula military bounty laud claims, aud the issuing of scrip iu
lieu thereof The land Office, also, audits its own accounts. The
present Commissioner In Hon. T A. Hendricks, of Indiana. Its priu- u
cipul officers are a recorder, chief clerk, principal clerk of surveys,
besides a draughtsman, a.-.-uUut draughtsman, uud bome 150 clerks ''
of various grades. ,l
il. Pensuiis Tlie present head of this bureau is George C. ttl
Whiting, of Virginia The commissioner is charged w ith tlio cxauii ^
nation and adjudication of u!l claims arising under the various and -1
numerous laws passed by Congress grunting bounty land or pensions al
I for tho thilUury or naval sorticus In the revolutionary and subsequent
war* In which the United States have been engaged. He has one c]
chief clerk, (S. Colo, esq.,) and a permanent corps consisting of some r,
ninety other clerks. gt
1 3d. Indians.?Commissioner of Indian Aflat , Charles K. Mix, of p
Georgetown, D. C. He is provided with a chief clerk and about siWn 0)
other subordinate clerk*. r,
4th. Patent Ojfice. To tills bureau Is committed the execution and ?
1 performance of all "acts and things touching and respecting the grunt Ki
lug and issuing of p at* for new and useful discoveries, Invention*,
I I ?i..l ttmirin i iiumisthe collection of lati-ti. s relatluv to aar.i iiiture
1 the collection and <ih>lributUm of seeds, plants, and cuttings. It bun a i [j
i cldef clerk?who Is by law the acting Commissioner of Puteuta in
j the absence of tho Commissioner---twelve principal, and twelve as- ^
J glstaut exainiuers of patents, some dozen subordinate permanent r<
I clerks, besides a considerable number of toinjs>rury employees. Hun.
,luJi pb Jiolt is the Commissioner, and Samuel T. Shugert, esq., Chief oj
Clerk. I,
Be-ides theso f?*u ;;;jncipal branches of this new executive depart- C(
uu id, the organic act of 1849 transferred to it lrom the Treasury l>o- H.
p;u tiuetit the supervision of the accounts of the United States marshals
I and attorneys, and the clerks of the United Stales courts, the manage
t pf Ue lead and other mines ot the United Stales, and tho affairs
w jUh? P'UJiiep^ary ??f the United States in the District of Columbia; and
| ft *U1 tlio ht.de the duty of taking and returning the cen- in
Slum* of !'lu Lulled Si in s, ami oj j>orv i-l?K und directing the acts of U
i ihe Commissioner of pubtyc Bujldiug*. Yin- hospital for tho Insane of ai
the army tuid navy and of tie; District ef Columbia is also under the II
j ;uaragei#i4#pt of this department, in addiliou to which, by laws re? .ntly
mnw?d, tiiQ froprojarv of the Interior is charged with (ho con- o!
I -irui turn Of the throe tffrl* J ling to the i'acille cou.st.
| TW department re^uii rs uu addll/o'.ui ^ujldjltj* for its accommod.a .
Uufi, am) itm arridlou of one lias been rep*-/D?dly recommended during ..
the. l/t-i few years for fbftl |mrpo < . At 'pro-cut the Ponton Office is
provided with ruin* Iff wM kffpivn a.s "Winder's Bu)ldW." while ;
the otlier branches of Dm depatyffcnf, JnpMjpj flie Soprehiry's oflhfc, ?!
Uie all crow ded Into the ral'-nt ijflleo hnfldW, ttfp ujjole of which '!
will be required at an early d4V UiT the ua# ui the Pufefif Dftype, for *
which it was originally intended.
Thff Treasury Department consists of tho offices of tho Secretary of pi
the Treasury, tur? comptrollers, commissionor of the customs, six uu- c<
ditors, treasurer, register, sfflitilor, light house hoard, aud coast sur tl
vey. u!
The following Is a brief indication of the dat^j tbeso several off)- h
cc and of the force employed therein, respectively:
Xtajiarp'i Office.- Hon. Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury, o!
Hon. Plnlip Ctayiau, Assistant Secretary ; one. engineer in charge; 0110 A
architect, and three draughtsmen temporarily employed, and twenty- u;
throe clerks. The Secretary of the Treasury is charged with the gen- ui
ttl iLl Miju rvl- lim of IhT lineal f.rwi?iptpjgis of tbogoverumoul, and of ilio ir
ok'ouiiou of Ufu Uwh comior/iiug Uio commerce and navigation of itio
fjniU'd HliiU'S. Il? mipirmlwiil* Un' eurvry of I lie qoasf, |Ji<- iighj house
ettUldlitbmMIt, Uiu luurlun l|ort|olala of U.c United Sfal'-a, and tpc copItrucUoo
of corUlu publm buiUinga (Of cu.-.toitt hi>u.io? ujid ether pur- Jj
f\rd ''oMfirollar'i (ofnr Hon. William Mriliil, Comptroller, ami Ml
fifteen clerhn. Ilo proscribe* Uio mode of keeping ami rendering ac- M
eounU for the civil and diplomatic service, as well as the public lands, ||
and rovlses and certifies tlio balances arising thereon. tl
Sfrmd CmjlTolleri Offirt. ?J M Co"*, esq., Comptroller, and 11
invenie.ep ?lark*. He prescribes (ho modo of keeping and render*
1 ii| tiw lamntfi fif flic inny, mry, and Iadiail depiitw nta I tht i
public service, and ro?w8 #qd certifies the balances arising' tUvreoa. tt
</ Ommi-umtr </ tht (\i4ynu ftunuel Ingham, esq. i 11
.v , *?. and eleven clerks. Ho proitrlhoa v[kooptog
and rendering the "f,lb" revenue wd ifia.hurip- g!
uiontH, and for u,c bun. ',OU*LV' ^ ' *"J fJ" A
vis CM and ccrtllloH tho balances..
nr*AU,W.*;op?.. Thonwis I? Hn,;:"; "li *J5* ^ JU" ' <n'* ,
nlnefeea clerks, lie receives and adjusts the a... ' I ?
.. i. un. iiinl disliuriMiueiita, appropriations and eapvm... SI
of the civil liat un.l under private not.-; of t'ougress, ami i. TH,ru j M
the balances to tho Commi.-'Hiomir of tho 110 turns and the First Oouip
troller, respectively li>r their decision thereon. 1K
Smond Audit*#'* Office.?Thomas J. I). Fuller, Second Auditor, and
twenty one clerks. He receives ami adjusts all accounts relating to
the pay, clothing, ami recruiting of the army, as well as armorh ?, ,M
ar-i oato, ami ordinance, and all accounts relating to the Indian depart !u
meat, and reports the balances to the Second Comptroller for his docl ion
Thud Auditor'* Office Robert J. Atkinson, e> q , Third Auditor, ami
eventy eight clerks. He receives and adjusts all accounts for subsistence
or tho army, fortifications, Military Academy, military roads,
and the Quarter master's doparUncut, as woll as for peuslons, claims ol
ari nig from military services previous to 1816, and for horses and
otlo-r prop? rty lo t m the military service, under various nets or Oun jj
gr? sg, ami repoita the balances to the Second Comptroller for his de
lilon thereon.
Fourth Auditor'* Office Aaron 0. Dayton, esq , Fourth Auditor, aud
sixteen clerks. Me receive* and udjuota all accounts for the service of i j.
l!?r Navy in puriment ana reports we balance* 10 too wcuuu uunp- ,|
Ircllor 1 *>r his decision thereon. lt
Fifth Auditor'* Office.? Murray McCounel, esq., Fifth Auditor, and
nil clerk*. lie receives and adjust* all accounts for diplomatic and q\
similar services perforins! under the direction of the Stat? Depart M
incut, and report* the balance* to the First Comptroller for his decision
thereon. M
Siath Audi/or'i Office.?Dr. Thomas M. Tate, auditor of the Tress K'
ury for the Pott office DoparUneot, und one huudred and fourteen
clerks, lie receives ami adjusts alt account* arising from llie ser ei
vu.c of the Tosl oflh c Departiueut. fib decisions are dual, unless an
appeal be taken in twelve months to the First Comptroller, lie superintend*
the collection of ail debts due the Post Office Department, and
all penalties ami forfeitures import on postmasters and mail con w
tractors for failing to do their duty ; he ritrecis nulls and legal proceedings.
civil and crlmiual, and takes all such measure* as may be an- C
thorisod by law to enforce the prompt payment of moneys due to the
department ; Instructing United 8taUs attorneys, marshals, and c lerks
in all matters relating thereto ; and receives returns from sstrh term Rl
Of tho United Slates coui is of tlm condition and progress of such suits
ami legal proceedings ; has ? harge of nil lands and other property c
as-1gihhI to tho United States in payment of debt* due tho Poet <Hll? e
Pc|>artment, and lias power to sell and dispose of the Kame for the
benefit of the United States
Treasurer* t (Pffict.- Samuel (osoy, esq., Treasurer, and thirteen
clerk* H? recvives ami keep* the money* of tho United States in his
own office, and that of the de|tosilnriea created by the act of the fith of n
August, IWfi, and pays out the same upon warrants drawn by the ,
Secretary of lbs Treasury, counter signed by the First Uompt roller, and ,
upon warrants drawn by the Postmaster General. and coeatersigaed (
bj tho Sixth Auditor, ami recorded by the Register. Ha also holds
public money* Advanced by warrant to disbursing officers, and pays .
[ out the name upon their checks.
Register'i Office. Kiulcy Bigger, e*q.f Register, and twenty-nine
1 clerks Ha keeps the J|counU of public r?? ?*ipte and ?X|>enditures; <1
i receives the returns iqa^ylns out the otlt< ial atuteuicut of commene <1
and navigation of the Hfi led Rules; and receives from tho First
I Comptroller and Cbm nisauWi f Outrun* all accounts and vouchers e
decided by hem, and Is by law with their safekeeping. j
^ *
'otui/i-r* Ojfe* .uinus lllllyer, duUmtor. and aU clerk
It- superintend* all civil suits commenced by the United Hhiles, (e
tyi Hum* arising in iKt I*uU njfict OepattmriU,) and Instruci-. the Ui
i d Bute* attorneys, uiai dials, and clerk* to all matters i clatin*.'
tifui and tludr mulls. Ho rcoelvM return* from each U rm of tl
'nllcd States wurl*. hovriug tin* progress and condition of audi auih
as charge of all Land a and other property aMbigtied to the Uulu
late* lu payment of debts, feacryjt tints* as?ignotl in pay/nrnl of del
tu the I'ust OMcs iMpcutmicrd,) and ha? power to sell aud die pose
be earno for the bmicUt of the United Si a tea
Ltght Iltmst H*>ard.?Hon. Hovroll Cobb, Secretary of the Treaaur
x officio} president; Com W. B. Hhubrick, Cm tod Sutef navy, chal
iitaii; Major A H. Bow man, corps of engine*-re, United Mate,, arm;
apt. A A. Humphrey*, Culled Stales aruiy; Prof. A. 1). Hache, Su|ie
iteudeiit of Coa.it survey; Prof. Joseph Henry, secretary of HuiitJ
ouiuu Imuiutiea; Commander V. i* Tillou, United State* uav,
nmiuander Thornton A. Jenkln*, United Stall * uavy, and Captu
fni. H. Franklin, CniUul State* army, aecreU.ru-.- ; aud five clerk
his hoard direct* the building and repairing of light liouae*, hgb
easels, buoys, and beacon*, cuutracU for bupplica of oil, Ac
UniLed States Coast, Survey. -Professor A. I). Useho, LL. I)., superb
mdeut, and JuperUiU udent of weights aud measure*.
Copt William H. Palmer, corps to|?ograpliical engineers, Unit*
tale* Army, 1A charge of tho Cuaat survey Office , 1 ieui. A. S. Ill I
'tilted States Army, assistant.
A. W. Kiiafiell, chief clerk.
C. B Snow, in charge of archives.
Professor A. G Pendleton, Untied Stales navy, computer of long
A^isiant Cha* A. Brhotl, iu charge of computing division.
Assistant L. F. PoiirUlee, iu charge of tidal divisiou.
liout. J. C. Tidball, United Slate* aruiy, lu charge of drawiug d
is ton.
lieut. Sax ton, United states army, in charge of sugravlug dlv
.Samuel Help, disbursing agent.
George Mathiot, elecUotypist.
Joseph Saxu?n, assistant to superintendent of weights and measure
roar omen ihu'aktmjoct.
Hon. Aaron V. Brown, Poetruastc-r General. The direction ~a
laiutgemeut of the Post Office Department are assigned by the oonst
ltion and law s to the Postmaster General. That Its business may i
no more conveniently arranged anil r?*?t for liftxi ileal actiin. II
nAribulod among several bureaus, u* ibllovi: Th< A|)patiitmtiil (J
06, In ' haige of tho First AHHirta.nl 1'ustuiasf.er Gouertl; the Contra
illco, iu charge of the Stroud Aasistaut l\Mtiaiater (ieuural; the b
ance Office, in charge of tbo Third Awblanl Postmaster General; at
le Inspection Office, iu cliurgu of the chief clerk.
AfjjknNtmstU Office.?Horatio King, esq , Find As?LsUiut l'oetma-U
encral and nineteen clerks. To this office are aligned all questiot
liH'ti relate to Um establishmeut ami discontinuance of |*. t office
Uangcs of a!tat ami names, apiaiintmeut and removal of postmastci
ml route and loca. agents, us, also, the giving of Instructions to j?oa
iMte.s PuatinaaWrs are furnished with marking and rating Htuaj
ud letter balances by this bureau, which in charged also with pr<
ldlng blanks and stationer) for the use of tho department, and ail
ie superintendence of the coveral agencies established for supply in
ostmusters with blanks. To this burotu Is likewise assigned the i
or vision of the ocean mall steamship lluts, ami of the foreign and ii
irnatlonal postal arrangements.
fVmtmcf OjJictL?William II. Duikdat, esq., Second Assistant l*o tma
r General, and twenty six clerks. To this office is assigned the bu
<:*% of arranging the mall eorvteo of the United State- and placing tlj
mm undei contract, ? mbracitig all correspottftelioc ami proceeding
-.-peeling tho frequency of tri|?s, mode of conveyance, and times of d<
arlures aud arrivals on all the routes; the com of tho mall belwee
ie di He relit sections of tbo country, the )>otuU of uuiit distribution, an
ie regulations for the government of the domestic mail service of tlj
uiUd States. It prcpuris the advcrti.o tuenU for mall projmeals, r<
Ives the bids, and hikes charge ol the annual and occasional mail le
tigs, and tho adjustment and execution of the contracts. ?il appiici
ons for the eatablishiuoiil or alteration of mail arrangements, and tl
ppoiiitiiieut of mail messengers, should be sent to this office. A
laitits * htm kl lw suluuiUM to it for transportation service not umh
uti art, as tho recognition of said survive is tlr^t to be obtained throng
ie Contract (Mice us a necessary authority for Um proper credits i
ie Auditor's Office. From this utile. 11 postmasters at the ends i
Mite* receive the statement of mail arrangement* prescribed for th
-poctivo routes. It reports weekly to the Auditor all contracts ex<
uted, and all orders affecting accounts Ant mall transportation; pr<
ares the stalistieul exhibits of ibu mail service, aud the reports of th
mil let lings, giving a statement of each bid; also, of Umcoutruci
iade, tho uew service originated, the curtailments ordered, and th
ilditUmal allowances granted within Uie year.
J>\nance Office.?John Marion, esq., Third Assistant Postmaster Cei
ral, and tw enty one clerks. To this office are assigned the sup. i
Ision an-i management of the financial business of the dopartmen
ot devolved by law iqam the Auditor, embracing accounts witli th
rait offices ami other dc|*?sltarles of the departmont, the issuing <
urrants aud drafts iu payment of balances reported by tho Audit*
? be due to mail contractors and other persons, the supervision <
m accounts of offices under orders to de)>oslto their quarterly ha
uce-i at designated points, aud tho sii|K?riuteiidenee of the rendlllo
y postmasters of their quarterly returns of |>ostuges. 1L lias cliarg
f the ilea l letter office, of the Issuing of postage stamps and atumpc
iiveiopus for tho pre paymeut of postage, and of tho accounts coi
octed therewith.
To the Third Assistant Postmaster General all postmasters shoni
irect their quarterly returns of postage; those at draft offices, thel
t depositing office*. tUelr certificate* of deposlte; to him should a Is
e directed the weekly and monthly returns of the depositaries of lh
upar Uncut, us well an all applications and receipts for postage stamt
nd stumped envelopes, and for dead letters.
Iwjxdiun Office.?bony N.CletmnU, c?(|., chiefcleric, and sev'entee
lerkH. To this office is assigned the duty of receiving and examining th
>glstsr? of the arrivals and departures of the mails, certificates of th
rvioe of route agents, and reports of moll failure#!; of noting the d<
nquencics of contractors, uud preparing cases thereon for the actio
r the Postmaster tieneral; furnishing blanks for mail registers, an
jsirts of fuwil failures; providing and ?<uding out mall-bogs an
tail-looks and keys, and doing all other things which may be itece*
iry to secure a faithful and exact performance of ull mail contractAl!
cases of mail depredation, of violation of law by private oj
retires, or by the forging or illegal use of postage statups, are undo
ie 3 u|H-r vision of this office, and should l>e reportod to it.
All communications respecting lost money, letters, mail dcpredi
out, or other violations of law, or mail locks uud keys, should ho d
cted 11 Chief Clerk, Post Office Department "
All registers of the arrivals and departures of the mails, certificate
r the service of route agents, reports of mail failures, application
>r blank registers, and reports of failuros, and all oomplaiuts ugain>
iitractors for irregular or Imperfect service, should he directed ii lu
section Office, Post Office Ik-partincut."
xavy pcpa rtifiorr.
The Navy Department consists of the Navy Department proper, be
lit tlw h(11<*a nf th? Secretary and of live bureau* attached thnr.m. v b
urcuu of Navy yards and Docks, Bureau of Construction, Kqiiipmcul
ud Ucpuir, Bureau of Provisions aud Clothing, Bureau of Ordnance an*
ydrograjiiiy, and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
The following i - a statement of the duties of each of those offices an
'the three employed therein:
Secretary's Office ? IJon. Dane. Toucry, Secretary of the Navy; Charlo
f. Welsh, e*f J chjef clerk, spd cloven clerks, the Secretary of th
avy has charge of everything connected with the naval o-ublUl
icnt, and tho execution ol all laws rulatlqg Hereto |s intrusted to him
Ijdor the gene ml dJrecBou of tile President pf the VtiUcd States, win
v tjjo popstifupop, js ?oinmunder |n y.fiiei' of tho army and navy
11 iust|-uclioin to papinapdpfs of suuadfuns ipnl commander* t
fsfcls, 4II orders of officers, commi.vdons of ofticerH both in th
ivy ??pd pjarjne cpnw, qmsiintments of commissioned pud wprrari
fleers, orders for tiul eulfsluioni aud dtopharao of sogwon, emauat
om tho Secre tary's utile,e. All the duties of the different bureaus ur
crtormcd uiuer the authority of the Secretary, and their orders ar
11 dderod as emanating from him. Tho general superintendence c
10 marine corp- forms, also, a pnrt of tho duties of the Secretary, an
11 the orders of tho commandant of that corps should bo approved b
Ihircau of Niwy YurtU and Dock* ? Commodore Joseph ?mith,chh
I uie bureau, four clerks, one civil cnginvor, and one draughUinai
II the uuvy yairdH, docks and wharves, buildings aud machinery i
?vy yards, aud everything immediately oouoected with them, ar
nder tho superintendence of this bureau. )t is also charged with th
lauugcment of the Naval Asylum.
IJuirxtuof Construction* fcfjuivmcnt., and Repair.?John Lerifhall, esq
lilef of tho bureau, eight clerks, and one draughtsman. The office (
in engineer In chief of tfie navy,Samuel Arclibold, esq., is uttachcd t
lis bureau, who is assisted by t^JfceasHjsjaut engineers. This burea
rui charge of tfie Ipiildjug and rejaiifs qf ull > e'ssels qfwar, purclmt:
r inalerfils. pnd the providing of all vessels with their equipment >
sail*, afipUpni, vvapir fauVa, kp. The ungiuper in chjef stiporiotonil
uj construction of %jl ffiariqp sleatp engines for tho navy, and, wit
10 approval of tho 80crotary, decides upon plan.- for their coustrut
Itureav of PivHRom and Clothing.?Jl. Bridge, purser I'mled Statr
ivy, chief of bureau, aud four clerks. All provisions for tho use ?
ie navy, and clothing, together with the making of contracts lor fin
lijhing the sums, con.e under the chargo of this bureau.
Iluicau of Ordnance and /fyfcY?pr<i/>Ay.?Capt. Duncan lug rah an
a f of bureau, lt^jr clerks, aud one draughtsman. Tills bureau ha
large *' all pf I nance and urdiiaiioe stores, the manufacture or pui
of < luirAa:, ;;un-4, >r:>v?'er, shot, shells, Ac., and the equipinei
\ eshel's wf wAr/wlth tvci YlUing v.odJp'h'd therewith. It also pi
them' wliii maps, cJ.Lrfs, dirdttoWate^s, bT;. !m tcr-', 4c , u
1 K.qv yifh finch books uh tij'o1 ftirVd-sViAd '1.'fcifm-ol war. " itio Dml*.
nxli'H NfvitffJk^fkhL^ry and ItydrogVapiiicfti Office" at Wushli.gt .
iM( fb" Nav^l Agtad/eW nl arc also under tho gbofefof hi
?tuU'tnJviltt* of the chief qf fr.VKftf*
.. * VadUHm jml Su carry ? Vf- Wftifrty Wkdjfb W?*0" R?
v I'l of hliroan; ouo pissed Hs<Waitf ?qig< .. i i
d Wah s navy, ^ ?.'.v0rything relating to ui/dxTim.-Ufc
ales navy, and i?c?rs. - ^ wounded and maaAieiiienl i
nda al sh>' l'?. of nick an * v'?? nureau
Mpiuls, tomes wiiliiw Uw* ntyfrlDt*?*,lce 01 u*"war
If.?u. J II Floyd, FkcmUry of War, W. K. DrinUrd, rHuf plcrl
iveD subordinate clerk two marnenfMm, fbj#r watohWep. Tl
(lowing bureaus aru attached to this depufi-UJ1 nt.
Comnumdwg Cm,raft Ogkt -Till. o(B?, >" *J ?f "^rh
eutenant (ieoeral Scott, ia at New Y^wk.
Adjutant Irwrai't OfU <.^Co\. Bumuel Qmpsr, Adjutant floners
tstaut* Brevet tlaj?'?- K D. ToWMCnd, Brevet t apt. S. William
id Brevet Capt. J. V. (.aresche. Judge Advocatd, Jlrdvol Major Job
Loc; nine clerks ami 0110 inc.-.-ongor. Ill this olhce avo kept u
to rcoords which rofor to the perstmnel of the army, thw rolls, 41
is hero where all military commitsious are ma?io out.
QuarUrmadar General'? Office?Brevet Major General T S. Jcsu]
lartermastcr general. A0tdfUots~4?jkmel C Thoinas, Captain M. 1
Iilrr, HIK1 ni ' vri .vajtir .r. WIK?-I , emm. ....... ?
Poymadtr Qmtral't ojfice. tbl. ?. V. Uraed, p?yiMM?r Ipnuri
.tjor T.J. Lett lie, dietrtct paymaster; eight clerk* and oin* n?2M
CommUmry O+nrraVs Ojficf Ceo. Goergc Gibsod, ' vflimUMry g?
rml; aaeUUtiit, Captain %l. I). L Simpson; ?tx clerks and CV* met**:
.Vniyeow Gmrrdl'i uffirt -On Thama* Iawson, surgeon genera
?jlr-'liuiU, l>r. R. C. WimmI and I>r. (J. K. Wood; three clerk*.
Kngimrr Office.?General Jo* e pk 0. Tot ten, chief englueer; oasUtari
upturn 11. U. Wright; llvo clerks ami one im -nsmiger.
T<j?graphical ftur&tu -Col. J. J. Abort, colonel of the corps, a
latum, Captain J. C. Woodruff; flour clerks and one messenger.
Onln/incr fiureau.?Col II. R. Craig, colonel of ordnance; asalaUi
apt Win Muynedicr; eight clerks and one messenger.
House's Printing TWgraph, National Hotel, entrance on Wr
Irofll, one door north of Pennsylvania avenue To New York, r
1 iltimor Phil idi lj?bl ? ?ud U.UJ m< di \ "it- . . nn. . |.( .! \.
fork with the ftuitern line to St Joki..-, and tin* Western lines to Nc
Ir loans.
Mugin tir Telegraph. n it'.-t <1 ip.ti !. ,i, r .. , ii. -ir.ri mi
'emmylranta avenue To New York, 00lMq|lB| || at/oyo v?'db ^
xtreme Enst and West
Southern Tnlegraph, National Hotel. To New Orlo?i - ria Aloxa
Ilia. Hit liinon I, Augusta. and Mobile, and Interm. .liate | "in' ?,' Incl
ling all the prJncj|?aJ seaboard
Western Telegraph, Pcnjisylvmda avenue, between Sixth and Ro
nth streets, over Oilman's drug store. To WhMhng and intermedin
mints, connecting with all the Western and Nor.lii* <*Jern Unc?.
hir Oma ImrArmwrf, Jan 17, UW
HUAIJtf) KKOH?ALS wUI be received at this department until nlu*
o'clock, a. m , th. 26 th day of April noil, for furuisblng for foui
ye?r? from the Qi.t day of July uext, in such quantities and at aucl
UBM aa may be required and ordeied for tbe service, wall bag* u
I ho follow rug description?to wit :
Can 1*4j Mail Hays or Souks.
B si/e No. 1?(43 inches in length au?1 62 inches iu circumference,;
to be made of cotton uuvav weighing at It-sat 111 toe u ounces to lh?
yard of 22 Inches width ; the thread- of the warp and welt to tx
composed ol Uvc yarns each.
Mae No. 2? (41 iucbes iu length and *8 inches in circumference,) U
he made of cotton canvas weighing at least fourteen ounces to tin
yard of 26 Incho- width ; tho threads of the warp and weft to L>?
composed if four yarns each.
than No. A? (82 inches In length and 88 inches tn circumference,) h
be made of cotton can vs.- weighing at least eight ouucc.s to the ysr^
of 20 inches w ide ; the threads of the warp and weft to be compose*!
of three yarus encb.
Tbo canvas bags of sixes nuiabered 1 and 2 are to be made with ?
tabling or hem at the top of two inches wide, upon which mmtth leul
number (at leu*t ten to tho former and eight lo the latter) ol oyek-i
holes are to be wr night ; and they arc lo be provided with good an.
Hiilhcient hemp cord to lace aud tie them atrungly. Alt un to In
well marked, iu*ide and outilde, 4? tT. 8. Mail," in Urge and distiuci
Leather and Canvas Mail Potuka.
81a* No. 1 48 inches in l'Migtb aud do inches in circumference.
Sue No. 2?41 do do 48 do do
8l*e No 3 ;>d do do 42 do do
Kiae No. 4 -30 do do 30 do do
Siae No. 8?26 do do 28 do do
The body ol the leather {touches Is to i\ made of good aud suh
ftUntla! hug leather, well tanmd, weighing, for ?ne> numbered 1 and
2, uol less than eight ounces, and lor the smaller sines led less that
u> Mayor JumeH G H? rM
10 I /uj/utor Williuni Morgan.
?5 I OonmrmMm Attorn,y Junto* If. ChrlUle.
d I < omaiMiooer ..f Health Charlie Y. Foroe, M I).
7o* Clerk WlihuUt J Douuho.
^ //.u* Auejier?Llwiu J. klupfer
Messenger WlllUm Q Ixukc
: /\4Uxtor?Junto# Y. llahduy Ctorka?Reuben Clear y and Wtlbaii
J,' | H. Williams
^. ,Surveyor?William Forayth.
r- | muauuuiof tub uoahi> 09 num.
U- First Ward l?r. f. C Divll, J ti.il *iuiih, ee<j.
v. Second Hard?Dr. It. K. BtQitc, Junto* K I>unwwlu, 0*44.
in Third Ward Dr. W. G. Palmer, Joseph Bryan, e*<4
. hburth Ward Dr. W I*. Johnston, i rtiltciu MuLtun, ciq.
4 Fifth Ward Hi (J. McCoy, J. Y. Ingla,e#q.
.Sixth Ward?Dr. F. S. WuUb, John I). Brandt, eeq.
Seventh Ward I)r. J. E. Morgan, Henry A. Clarke, ami ivtiuk'aiubh
10 rt kxuim mkoi< 1mb to tub rOOM.
,tl First Ward- David G. Kldgely.
I Second Ward?Andrew w. Hughes.
Third Ward- Vali-ttlim- Hurbuugb.
F.urth Ward Jaiuou N. Callan,
Fifth Ward?J. B. Gardiner,
a .Sixth Ward -Jainoa D. O'Dounell
Seventh Ward?V. H. Clarke.
ihymi iaxd to tub room.
First Ward? Philip C. David, M. D.
i Seamd Ward?J. W. H. Lovejuy, M. D.
Third Ward -George M. Dale, II. D.
1 Fourth Ward?J. II Toner, M. I).
Fifth Ward J M. flryiues, If. D.
Sixth Ward J M Roberta, M. I>.
Seventh Ward .1 E. Willett, M. P.
' imxakd or jhj>kkmjji.
First H ard Geo. W. Klgga and Win. T. Dove, (president,)
Second Word -Tlmina* Miller and Thomas J. FLhor
lli Third Ward-?Tliomaa Doaoho aud Joseph V. Brown.
'i F>urih Ward Win W. Moore and Francis Mohan.
^ Fifth Ward? Edmund Barry anil C. W. C. Dumiiugton.
Sixth Ward Robert Clarke and Aaron W. Miller.
I!" Seventh Ward- John I.. Smith and Peter M. Pearson.
['* S't retary to the Hoard?Krustuua J. Middletou,
Messenger?Jacob Kleiber.
(xontimi* or the hoakd of au'ehmjut.
On Finance?Messrs. Rigg*. Brown, aud Smith.
>r Imftrtwicr.U Messrs. T Miller, Moore, end Pearson.
I'olire Mohun, Barry, and Smith
h? Claim* Vmbn. Barry, Brown, aud Pearsou.
r' School* ?Messrs. Donoho, lhiituiugtou, and Clark
t- Fits Department?Mcrsrs Fisher, Barry, and A. W. Miller.
!>l4 Flections Messrs. Moore, Fisher, and Cwk.
l>~ Draioag^. Sewerage, and Distribution of Water?Messrs. Brown, T
^ Miller, and Pearson.
On Varnished /Justness Messrs. A. W. Miller, Dunnlngton, am
*J Smith.
'? Joint (xiiiuirrvKS. ?On ths Asylum?Mourn*. Moore, Douoho, am
A W Miller.
Health of the City?Messrs. T. Miller, Mohun, and Clark.
1 Canal Messrs. Brown and Poahon.
ic Wharves Me -:>rs. Douoikj and Smith
[8 Enrolled Hills?Mr. Moore,
a- Accounts of Register?Mr. Barry,
u Money Transaction of the Corporation? Mr. RIjtrs.
d I Eligibility'/Assessors? Messrs. A. W. Miller, Fisher, and Smith.
ie j To Count and Destroy Due Dills?Mr. Fisher.
I To AtUiul to the Interests of the Corporation before Congress?Messrs
t Duuningluii, R?fK?, Clark.
1 ho abu of oommojt ooubcil.
7? | Fir*t Wcud?Cliarleti Abort, (president,) John B. Tnrton, am
! fioulhey S. Parker.
, | Second A'ard?Win. Orme, Grafton Powell, and Cliarles S. Jones.
1 ! Third Ward?Wdi. G. Palmer, Lambert Tree, and Cbrbtophor S
( , (PILie
Fourth Ward?Stephen D. Caatleman, Elijah Edmofintoii, and Win
'e p. Mohan.
I Fifth Ward?William A. Mulloy, Win. F. Wallace, and T. Van Rea
1 . Sixth Ward?'George A. Bohrcr, Franklin S. Ober, and John H. Rum
1 ! soli.
111 ! Seventh Ward?Thomat E. Lloyd, Charles Wilton, and Thoina
; Mi If lead.
, orrrwary? nmi.uu j\. iveuawu j.
r- I Messenger?William Q. lx?cke.
On Ways and Means? Messrs. Jones, Turton, Tree, Cattleman, Vai
>r | Keswick, Ober, aud Uoyd.
^ On Improvements Moitfrs. Turtou, Von Keswick, Orme, O'Hare
I Mohun, Housed. anil Lloyd.
On ('lain?< Messrs. Powell, Mohun, and Wilson.
u On Unfinished Husiness?Meters. Pulnier and Mllsteud.
^ On Elections?Messrs. Wallace, Ober, and Wilson.
^ On Police Messrs. MuHoy, O'llaro, l'arker, Powell, Casllemun
Bohrer, aud Lloyd.
, Canals?Messrs. Castlemuu, Or me, Ober, Van Keswick, Parker
aud Milstcad.
1 Schools- Messrs. Tree, Turton, Powell, Mobun, Wallace, Bolircr
and Lloyd.
k hire Deparhwut?Messrs. l'arker, Kdmon-don, aud Milstead.
Drainage, dY. ?-Messrs. I'allaer, Orino, Turton, Mohuu, Mulloy
** itussoll, and Wilson.
i'orporatum Ityfurc Congrats Messrs. Jones, Mohuu, I.Ioyd,and Tree
n Jul>r CoMXimtJCH. - Washington Canal--Messrs. Castlcmau and
e , Van Keswick.
0 On Money Transactions with Corporation Mr. Jones.
i Asylum?Messrs. Turton, Jones, Wallace, and Mil-dead,
n ! Count awl Destroy Due Hills?Mr. KdinoDston.
d \ Hegitler <f Accounts Mr. Bohrer.
d i Wharves?Messrs. Ormo, Cestleman, and Russell,
r Health of the City Messrs. Palmer, Porker, Wilson, aud Mulloy.
*. , Enrolled liills?Mr. Tree.
[. i Eligibility of Assessors?Messrs. Wallace, O'llaro, Parker, und Kd
r ! uioiLstoti.
3 First District?Joseph K. Kawll?ga.
1 Second District It. B. Owens.
I Thint District?Stephen Coster.
^ i Ihurth District -Sumuel S. Toy lor.
BOARD OK Tartmacu OK Til* Kt'BIJC BfllOOLS.
. ! nnf in*rria milium a. luinuoipn, (proHuein,; uoger u. ironside
and A. B. Stoughton.
Second IH.ilrict?Erasmus M. Chapin, James laiurenson, and
Mite lie I H. Miller.
Third Bistrict ? John D. Brandt, William F. Price, and Krancia 8
>; Fourth District J. E. Willctt, Frederick Why to, and Samue
[t ! York? Atlxjo.
j Secretary to the Hoartf- Robert liiekeRs,
Treasurer- Valentino Hurlmugh.
it QfytCKM) Of TIIK AHYl l'M, CTC,
hdendnnt if the Asylum?John H. Queen,
I'kynfin toilir Asylum?Br. W. II. Berry.
t. C?tnmiA<+.*?crx ofthe Asylum? Genrge W- Emerson, George Matting
i- ly, and Leonard Hirbuugh.
i ' ?V.vrstary to the IToutmissiuners-John H Noyca.
, Commissioner of (he Eastern Section of the Canal?Charles C. Edeltn
' CommiuitMtr of the WesUm Section of the. Canal?William Wise.
>f . CommiMtioner* of the West Burial Ground?Joseph Borrows, TUoe
P. Morgan; August Miller,sexton.
,t 1 Commissioners of the. Kant Burial Ground?John I). Brandt, (Jcorg<
t, i W . Oyster; John O'Neal?, segton.
t. y lupwtur of Flour af}& Salt at Frovistons?Jus. lyuus.
e [ (j-uOffer and Inspector?Floriun Hits.
,f Sailer of Weight* and Measure:. Hiram Richey.
el | Litpntor <f Fire Apparatus?John W. Martin,
i Inspectors and Measurers of Lumber?Peter Gallant, Wm. Douglas
;f I Samuel It. Beyor. Thomas \Y. Burch. and S. F. Gates.
, Measurers of Grain, Bran, &c.?John Wilson for tho (IrsI distric;
a .ind J. I. WiIliain.4 for the second district.
t. ; Wood and Coal MmMurert?Joseph Z. Williams, Sain. C. Mickuin
o Richard Wiiu.iull, John Cumberland, and Wm. 1*. Drury
Clerk of Centre Market?John Waters ; Joseph Lyons, assistant.
,f Clerk of Fitter,i Market?Sylvester F. Gates.
0 Clerk of Wet (em Wartcei -Will lap) Wklkef.
,1 Clerk of Worthtrn MarkH?George I>. Spencer.
P Cummis*} nters of the i\ntre Matty?\VUham Orme, Hudson Taylor
/ and lJucLner Bay fins.
j (lommissioncrs of fa Western Marked?Wdllam H. Walker and YVil
f, 11am Brovyu.
.. j (otnmtutoilers if the Aforiheru% Market?James T. IHivlue and Theo
dure Shockells.
Con)m\st\ontrt of the Eastern Markej?(I. Johnson aqd Frauch
'* JtUltlUS.
H AfHtttoOKt.
P First V ard?William Higgles.
Sea-nd Want John T. Stewart,
b Third Ward --Zepliauiah Jones.
1 Fourth Ward ?'William Douglass.
Fifth IFkrd?Geo. F. Sin all wood.
d Sixth Ward- Edward Wavsou.
?- Seventh B acJ John H. B rd.
8iTKKi.vntxi>K.vre or swres.
First Ward- A. R. Hilton.
A ' . d Ward?Thoiipi* Bobbins.
I TMrll Waiil W. A. Roliinsou.
M,\irUi Ward *W. A.'ftohinfccm.
I }jflh M'd/d- .loliii T JWW* '
; i Siel )i i"( J. n'V It W?oJ.
i i, :;jj' frr<f 11 P- Wl,i,,'!norPWUVMOVRa.
First Ward, 1 st District?Win. liar*.
First H'oni, 2d District Daniel Kinking.
Hfcomi IFcirrf, 1st District Roger AduntoB.
JAfetxtnd Ward, '2d Diilrot Michael SUthi.
Ifkfril }Vcrd) \*t Difrict- -JohnSc,hue.
Hint }b'(irt[, U(i I'j strict- John Mack.
, }\\ttiih h'wu. y t DiM' tci Hutchlus.
fourth M'-n ' 2<l I '* x>' Krii t I i/l< r
JPfflfr Ward- -Win. 1'. frisslbrd.
I J yyard J.I//Iff Curtain.
. ! xevtrCh iranl iiporg" ir- A'liims.
poUM MAuuTtan*.
c. Cirri PWi-M-SumTiel Drury.
Sccc.ml, Fiturik, and Sixth IHstridt united -* Thns. J WUlUups
Third District John D ciavk, oill. u on Twelfth street, a few ijoori
[J' bolow II.
Fifth District?William Thompson, offlco 011 Ninth Htrcet, holwooj
1 1 I) and K at recta.
Snvnth DL triit -Thomas C. Dona, oftlce on Louisiana avenue, nrai
li ?, .i!?. '.i \i'.j- in /on.
fi ujkth //*.w/></ joe. ,1.'}VKt nua, oflirccornendTonnaylvanliavc
Q ; inir and jFonrlh ( AsJ
n- i Aint/i IJiJri'i Jfijii.'- Cull oiiico near Ny.vy Yard.
I Tenth Di4rkt Daniel Rowland, on the } I wf:
j. | TIipmrmi c Dunn.
KAMI W4*rowr7,
,1 Chuff/ Police? John II.
LtcuicrumH of j'olice -FobW J. Thorn.!*, Mtvard MrHwry.
Dot ice. Officer*?I irrt u nrd?John MrDermotl, Wm. Daw, wm. D. 8er
*" i riu, and Jatnea V. Kdwurds.
Second ward?Wm. H Fanning, Jotapb Williamson, Char lea G
kt | KrkiofT, and JainOH Glnnaly.
i Third ward?Jain - 11. dull, Patrick Gormley, Wui L- Rn >it, am
| Jacob 1". King.
Fourth wnr-l H T Watson, II. W Haxkoll, Henry Yeatnian, am
Franklin /.i miner man.
Fifth ward II < Harrover, ( W Arnold, Jacob Ash, Henri
, Xa-h, and Heuben Collins at the Railroad DcjkH
11* Sixth ward Francis K. Kdolen and James S. Smith
i,i Seventh ward- John M IJoyU, James A. (*111,8. S. Cbipkiy, an<
w Jo-dab Beltsell
iw Sfu> ial Police Officer* -Ikuitel Whalen, Robert II. Harrison, Jobu M
Thornton, James Holt, John Kidwell, John W. Coombs, Thomas J
nd Kelly, Joseph S Norwood, Dennis Murphy, Frederick Hc.hafter
|;e Michael >tir^er.ikl, Martin McXatnara. Thomas Young, Jobti F. Carter
J. Kdinougt4Mi, lawrcwco Ma loin , James Kooooy, Jamei
. ... > . Richard II tiaalt, Wllitaai O Msalfe, fliiiw
H . 1 v.; I li hp 11 u fi* hi ii 11 > James K. Can-. Wiiliao
' " 15 M? I ' ' ' ! ' ' - ? 1 1 '' J"hn 'Ini Or .
V Wm I. Hattdti. Jo-epb Tucket, Joint T few... Kw hstd jCv *.s John T
ito Hradley, IVter (Jnodyear, George H Morgan John BroWorf, Jojij
J. Law). Alaaaodar Hutnu
Heveu ounces to the square fool ; tin bottor.i (of circular form) and
flap to be of ikirtiii0 leather, well t aimed the scum* to In? wei
aud strongly M-curi'd wdli the best iron rivets well uuned
The can van pouches are lo be uiade of cotton can van, densely
woven, so as to resist water, weighing, ft?r pouches of size Nu. 1, mm
leas than 25 ounce* to the yard of Uliuchf* width, or 17 ounce* lo th?
yard of 21 toobw width ; for poudn* of size No. 2, u??l h. than
20 ounce* to the yard of 25 niches width ; for pouche* of hize No. S
uot lea* than 18 ounce# lo the yard of 22 met. .* w kith ; the threadof
the warp and weft to bo composed of at least live yarns each
The canvas pouoboi, of Bises uinnbtrotl 4 and 5, are to be made ol
cotton vancai weighing not lea* than 14 ouuee* to (he yard of l.i
inches width, nor l??a than 22 ounces to the yard ot 3u inches width
the thread* of the warp and weft to be composed of ul lca*l four
yarns oach.
Leather and (.'umvu 1 forte Mail Hag*.
Size No. 1- llody 48 inchea long and 21 niclu-:; wide iu tho wider!
pail* ; end.-, or bottoms ol aume beiug 14 hy Jo iucho*.
Size No. %?llody 45 inches long aud 18 inches wide in the widest
part* ; cud.* or bottom* of name being 12 hy 24 ln< he*
Siae No. tt-Hndy 42 inches long end 1ft inch** wnla ir the widest
J parts , end* or bottom* of name l.stag It) hy 2o incbn.
Tho leather hoi o mail bug* arc U> he made ot g'*id au l Hub tin
j Ual bug leather, well tanned, weighing not loss than \. n <hiih*cs to
the square foot, aud the kejuu* to he wtdl aud strongly He wed, or, If
rivitod, to be so done as uol to chafe horse or rider.
The can van horse-mail bag* are to l?. uiade ot col ton canvas like
that described for the larger sized pouches.
Proposals for improvements in the lorm or constrncticn of any ol
the above (escribed hags and (touches, or in the material* thereof,
are invited, and tho relative value and adaptation lo the service, as
well a# H|?ccilied price ol any such improvements, will he considered
111 determining llio lowest and best hid.
All the article* contracted for are to be delivered at the expense of
tho contractor, In Boston, Mans.; New York and Albany, N. Y.; I'hlla
delphU and Pittsburg, Pa.; Baltimore, ltd.; \Yu- lungtoii, 1>. C. ;
lttciiliiood, Vtt. ; Ilaleigh, N. ; Churlontou, C. ; Sivatuuih, (iu. ,
^ Mobile, Ala. ; New (>110011*, Izi. , Knoxvilie, Nashville, and Memphis,
Tciin. ; IjouUville, Ky. ; Cincinnati, Ohio; St. l/nits, Mo. ; and t'ld
cago, ill., In such (inutilities, and at nueii such time* a* the department
may require and order , and they are to be rigidly lns|n* tod
before delivery, aud none are to be received which shall he inferior,
in any respect, to the specimen* adopted as the standard hags.
Tho proposal* Mhould specify tho price of cuchuilicli proposed
l>? furnished. No proposal will he considered. if not accompanied
with specimen* or samples of oach arrelo hid for, bhowlog the
construction, size, und quality of mater iu la and workman, hip offered,
and also with a wiitlen guarantee from the person* proix>*od us sun
6 tiv.*, (whose responsibility must he certified hy the postniw-tor of the
place where they reside,) that they will become roNpiu^ibb, on mil
tlciwut bond, for the duo performance of the contract, In ease zuch
proposal be accepted.
The specimens or sample* must be delivered nt tins tS jwirlMont on
a or be lore the 25th day of April next, und those which shall have ncCOlu(Wiled
ilie accepted proposal* will, in connexion with such propo-ul*,
form th" b:od# of the Contracts to be made. Kvery specimen
' submitted should ho well aud distinctly marked with the number do
..i.tlmr iiinl hiive :illl*ed tn it n .?f tl?. niati*rinls /mil.
van or leather,) of wlitch it is made. All specimen^ deposited by
bidder* which cuii, wilb halt ty and convenience, be use i iu the mail
service, will be paid for ut the price.* epccllled in the proposal* rein
' ting to the sumo.
A docisiou on tho bids will bo made on or before the third day oi
' May next ; and the acccptod bidder or bidder.* will be required to
enter into contract, with siifflctcnt bond and sureties, on or be
' fore the twenty llrst day of June next.
To enable bidders to estimate the number of the diiferent kinds ol
mail bags which will probably be required, they are in lor mod that
' there were furnished for the use of tho department during the year
which ended 30th Juno lust: 12,950 canvas mail bugs ; 8,110 leather
I mail pouches ; 4,400 canvas mail pouches, uml 500 home-mail hags.
The projHiauls should ho endorsed outside, "I'ropoaulH for Mail
lJ.ig.s,"uud ho addresecd to the 'Tosuuustor l?t ueral."
Jan 19?law 12w Postmaster tlem ral.
[No. i
By the President of the United States.
1 JAMES BUCHANAN, President of the United
, States of America, iu pursuunco of the provision* of the act o(
(Amgrcss entitled "An act in relation to the lands Fold in the (ireeiishurg,
late St. Helena, land district, iu the Stale of i/MiUiatift, uudati
tliorizing the rcsurvey of certain lands in said di<tri<t," approved
August 2'J, 1H42, and of tho acts of Congress authorizing tlie sale of
the public lands, do hereby declare and make known that a public
sale will be held at the land offlne at (Jukkxhih kg, in the State of
, LorisiAXA, commencing on Monday, the tecuiul day of May neet, for
the -ale of the unappropriated and vacant tracts of public land sit
I uatod within the limits of the following named townships and ffruc
Bona 1 townships, according to the approved plats resurveyed, to
! Mouth if the bate line and tint of the prineijtal menJuw.
Townships 1, 3, au?l 4? und fractional township- 6 and 0, of
fuugc 1.
Townships 1, 2, and 3, and fractional township 4 <* iawg? 2Tow
n- hips i and 2, of range 3Fractional
towuships 1,42, a^d 3, of range 4.
Fractional township 1, of range 5.
Mouth of the bate line and east of the princijtal Meridian.
Townships 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, of range 1.
Township* 5, 0, and 7, of range 2.
Tow nships 5 and 7, of range 3.
Townships 5, u, and 7, ami fractional towmhlp 8, of rauge 4.
Fractional township 8, of tango 0.
Township 0, of range 8.
1 Fractional townships 8 and U, of range 9.
Townships 4, a, 0, and 7, and fractional township 8, of range 10.
Township 5, of range 11.
Fractional tow nship s, of range 12.
Township*6, of rang" 13.
Istuds covered by continued private claim.*, appropriated by law
for the use of schools, military, and other purposes, together with the
f "swamp and overflowed," grnutod to tin Siute by the acts of Con
grcss approved March 2, 1840, aud September 28, 1850; also, all
t those tracts for which the patents Lavo been Issued or applied for by
the day appointed for the comntcnccni'iit of tho Hale, or which shall
, not have been liunlly acted up><n by that time, under the provbdotis
' of the act ef ki th August, 1842, herolnbeforo meiitioiuul, will In- ex
eluded f mm the Mile.
The uttering of the above-mentioned lands will he cointiu need on the
day appointed, and will proceed iu the order in which they are advertised,
until the whole shall have hewn ottered, and the sal * thus
closed; but the sale shall not bo kept open longer than two weeks,
and no private entry of any of the lands will be admitted until after
> the expiration of tyo two weeks.
(liven under my hand, at tho city of Washington, this lltli day of
January. Auuo Domini one thousand eight hundred and tifty-niuo.
By the President:
* Oinn?i*sii?iH*r of the General (And Office.
Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the
land* within the townships and fractional townships above mentioned
is required to esUblihli the same to the satisfaction of the register and
receiver of the propor land olllce, and mik* payment Lht vfor *u toon
as practical Jr. after teeing thit notice, and before the day appointed
for the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing
the tract claimed ; otherwise such claim will be forfeited.
Commissioner of the (Journal Land Office.
Norn -Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore
and now oxDUng, no payniout can he made for advertising proclntnalions
exept to huc.li publishers as are tj.fxi'iUy authorized to publish
by tits Commissioner of th Coocrnl Unit Ouioe.
.Fan lV-lag'Ui^ ' (liit.VSt.ir)
Wakhimiton, February 12,1850.
ON THE PETITION of diehard M Ifoe, of New York, X. y., pray
Wig for tin* extension of a nt granted to him on the 1st May,
1145, for an improvement in ''('rioting Presses," for seven years from
the expiration of said patent, which talCM place on the Int of Mm,
1. . <>? 1. r,..l il,.( Ihn w.Ll I.lion !>.> lionr.l n? ll.,- TV.U.iit Hill ?n
Moii lay, April IV, nt 13 o'clock, m.; and all personh are. untitled to
appear and shu\y online, if any tlicy have, why . aid petition ought not
to bo gnttrtou.
Person* opiKwing the exteflfton are required to file in the Patent Of
ike their objection*, .? !* < fully *v\ forth to writing, at 1<*a?t twenty dnya
boft-ro the day ol homing ; nil testimony filed by either party to bo
used at tin? said hearing must bo taken and transmitted in accordance
j with tho ruJCHof the otlioe, which will ho furnished on application.
The testimony pi the mum will ho olunod on the 4th of April next;
, dojiositiPttM, and other pipers relied ujmui n* testimony, must bo filed
in the ofiloo on or before the morning of that day; the arguii uls, if
P any, within ton days thereafter,
Ordered, also, that this notice ho published in the Union, Washington,
1). c., and I*r*y HmiIc, New York, once a week for three nuocenslve
weeks, the llrxt of said publication* to he at least sixty days hefore
the 18tli of April next, the day of hearing.
Commissioner of Patents.
I'. 3.?Editors of urn ttKiv.: |n|?.ri *11) iHo*" MPTi HBd ?o#<l Ihotr
lilll. u> thn l'ufnl Olltce, with ;i v?i|>iw c>0Ui'.ti|iig this U(jIh;u.
Kcb 13?la?3w
ITUtKNCll liOOK; llliislntti'd.
, Physiologic du Gout. Par IhlllM Savariu. 37 cent*.
Ies Kabul is tea I*opulain-s. *25 cents,
j Tables de K<mtaine. 25 cents.
(Kuyres Poetiquog do BoHcan. 25 coots.
4 Histoira il'liiilin. (# r.-nt
JIHloire do Kayoje Pay Maude Goimtx. 40 cenLs.
? Abd K1 Kader. Par Ii-ou I'l. w #7 < < nt?.
llUHro do la Guerre de liude. 40 cents,
ttcbastopol, lllspiiro de la Guerre d'Orient. 40 cents.
I Kin burn, Histoiro do la Guerrs d'Orient. 40 cents.
Mai-ikofl. Uintoire de U 0?1f? d'Orient. 40 ? lit*.
I a Russia ut PJCurop*. 40 cents,
I/*s Turns et l/os Kusses. 40 cents.
Imported from Paris,
; | r\c<;i : m mi kwhopm?otr*
? 1 J Montreal, Xt'W Vi.rlt, Tioondcrica, M?Mt Vernon, T,,ml, ol
i, WiiUi,Ua, nu<l the l*nbite BuUilm*. of Washington. S? 18 hjr 21
frte, 11 nun
? l or sal. hf TAYLOR ft MAURY,
Feb lb Bookseller*, 134 Peno. avenue
I w W1 Myyqwy.
I WnsbingUm, February It, lBwV.
r i KNOCOdALB will be r?cclv?l at litif office uplo 12 o clu k. iu ??
i i ih?- nil* day of March uexl, for grading, trimming. urbiug, ?ud Uviug
I Ihc hi. I ?ud IU. footways and pavibf I be gutters and alley* tu the
Hr?t and stovoud wards of lh? c*y, hartuiug our district , foi Iht Third
aud Fourth wards, forming (he second district . and the Hltb Sixth
aud Seventh wants, forming the third district, (?\u U dutr at to I* bid
tor separately tud to ha given to dMUrrut otuuarton,) for the year
t mhuiumuiuk the lat day uf April, 1869, agreeubly |<> lb? following
t The curb-uwe to be of ihe best New York rlvor curbstone,
_ or tuc bv.-t blue rock, in ph-co* of u?-4 tear (halt lbi?ele?t long, aud
j not h lhau sixteen uM-btw whie, aud uot lea* than throe aud a hall
iocbe* Ui thicktu- <* ; the upper surU-o or i-lge aud a *u tin. lout depth
> therefrom U? receive the brfcfc* to ho dr* saed to that (hickut s-, aud
t act hi aud well rammed to the )N<?per grade,aud the Huts well Um.i
The brick to be of the beet quality hurd red paving hrtck.tobe
lu|d uu a bed of ' harp liter rand, upload lour Inches deep on a hod ol
k Hue clean gravel, free from cla.. or lmiu>, three inches deep, with two
t courses on edge m-xt to the cur b, aud one course ?*u edge to the tu
( lit r hue when-th> pavement U loan than the full width. No extra
t measurement for brick op edgy w 111 be made.
The stone puvotucul to he at' comuiou quarts, not exceeding four
tecbes lu i!' <meter, except tile atom- uu the outside lhic of the gutter*
which WUst lie of mix tl. ho# la dbtuiet'-r, laid Oil a )>ed of coaraesand
add cleac gravel free Irtwa Clay or loam , at least iiiuo tuchcs deep
and in he twice we.I rammed, the sccood Ijumi after heiug woll wet
suil&ftv-i being cxnrmin d, and uot la-fere, by the Commia*U?u?r , to ho
covered with tine cieau gravel ?h rum>e sand, khtl tho interstices he
tweoiithu stout s well Ulhtd with the same udsrhl.
The hugging Is to hoot the host quality blue rock or guetas, or Now
York North river hogging, in pitxes of not leas Umu two feet at*
inches long by eighteen inch* wide, and But less thali throe Inches
I thick for thn blue rock or gin-h*. aud u?H le-? than four inch*thick
1 for lb - New Ytirk North liver stone, to Ik- laid ou a bed of tin*: dean
I gravel, free from clay or hum, or sharp *wnd, ->ix tut bus deep, with
I close joints,
All grading not t-xcoodiug one foot, to bo rated on Ituuiuiug.
The work to be done lu lh?* In?t manner and U> Uj?? /..h-f.ctlou of
l the Mayor, aud t<> bo commenced within feu days titer tho order la
i gi\ en to the contractor, and to be completed w ithin tin* tliu named
1 lu the order directing it lo be duio, MUd wu<luiitod to * aBd twelve
mouth* alter Ms eutopic Una. And u)mmi tho lai urv of the *x?ntmcW
' orouiitractors to commence the work or to complete it within the time
us mod, < r upon Ills or th lr failure to execute Ibr work or the mate
rials,and lu tin- manner hereiu required, the Mayor to have the right
' ol employing other |m 1 on* to do tin- me, npur? such trritis as he
, nmy iiwmesiHHilnit ; lo which sveut tha contractor or co?iirauti*rs
? ? failing dial! p.,y any loss or damage Cw <Mir|s?rutiou may sustain
in coiwcqueucs thoreof.
Auy repslfs o? relaying which may he required In-lore the expiia
tlou ot the ttuie tor which tfie work ix warranted to stand to be dono
by the contractor free of charge wiilnu Ave days after notice from
the CoiuMlls>ia|l?*r of Improvement of the ward ; and u|x?n falluro of
any e< or tractor or contract or- to make auy repair-or to relay any
pavement within live day* after notice afore-.od. the Mayor is to have
the right of employing any other jn-rsou or person?lo ?lo the swine ou
such term a.; he uiuy d- eui expedient, ui which event tho contractor
or ootitractorh so flilflr.g hall pay any luss or damage the corporation
may detain iu consoqueiMH- tln-reof.
lllddeia will also take notice that the contractors will be required to
comply trlctly \\ ith tin terms of the contract and the pro vision* of
tho law.
For the due perlormaucc of the work and tho furnishing of the materials
1- herein required houd and security h? the amount of two
thousand dollars will he required of the contractors.
T!io hidd rs will slttte the rntCH at which the cm hiug, |?avliig,aud
flagging will be executed, including materials.
For ttiug new curb of New York North river curbstone, per
running foot.
i'oi setting new cufh of blue riK'k or gneiss, fa r ruuuing foot.
For laying now brick pavetneut, |nt squure yard.
For laying new stono pavetneut, |?cr square yard.
For grading, (whether exoavaUtig or ililiug,) per cubic yard.
Foi tilinmlug, |H*r running foot.
For sfmut g ?tter, per foot.
For bi>ing down hluo rock flagging, por square ftct.
For laying down New York North liver flagging, per square foot.
F??r n.yiiig live courses of brick ? 11 edge, iu gutters, uiidulloy*,pcr
moulttg mot.
it the rate at which the follow lug work, exchedvo materials, ci
cej?t the grav< | and saml which may he required ;
For aetuug in s curb, including drcsrdug, p? r ruuuing foot.
For la) nig new brick pavoment, in-r square yard.
For taking up and relay lug Old brick pxvemei per square yard.
For taking up mid resetting old < urh, per rnuniug f?H>t.
For taking up and relay lug old stone iHiveiuuut, jhu* square yard.
For ttkiu^ up uml relay lug old il g f?*otwayf |s*r quure hs?t
No bid will he received which does m i include uu oll.-r for each
separate Item of work uml materials.
(*ontracts will not ho us.- igiiable.
Ity law tin Mayor is |>roUihiU-d from awarding contracts for the
above work tc .iuy persou or persons who are not practical pavers.
Feb 10 'dewMai 8 Mayor.
Mavom's Omcr,
Washington, Fcbiuary 8, 18!#0
PIUll'OSALS In willing will be received at this oAlce up to 12
oV.I?M-k, ni , 00 the Mtli day of March uext, for luakiug pomps, hydrnuts,
logs for conveying water, uud for sinking wells, including all
neces-ary* niaU-rials uud workman-hip, iu digging, laying, Axing, slid
completing iu the he t manner, mid lor keeping the name iu perfect
repair for constant use iu the first district, composed of the Flr.-duud
Second wards . and In the second district, composed of the Third.
Fourth, and Seventh wards ; uml in tlie thud district, composed of
the Fifth and Sixth wards, (each district to be bid for Separately, and
to be given to different contractors,) for the teun of one year, commencing
on the llr*t day of April, 18otf, agreeably to the following
spec ideation-1. No hid from any but a practical puvnp maker will h?
con Idered, and the contractor will be required to conform rigidly.
Dlgglug and walling wells, Including materials and removing ilio
dirt, per fool, lineal. The walls to be rourinches thick,of good hard
Cleaning out wells, each.
Sinking old wells deeper, per foot.
Taking out old wells and putting in same, per foot.
Ca es of eight feet length, do
Cases more than eight feet length, do
Covering new wells, Unhiding materials ; the coveting to he of best
Eastern Shore joint, not less than three inches thick, laid double.
raving new wells, including brick and pump stone.
Opening old wells and covering same with old materials, each.
Opening old wells ami covering same with new timber.
Keeping the pumps in repair, viz : stopping all leaks, Ac., when it
can be done without takiug out the pump, each.
Taking out and putting in old pumps, per log, each.
Making uew joints in old logs.
New logs put in old pump, |>cr foot.
New boxes and s|w>uts In old pumps, each.
New pumps, per fbot.
Boxes and spouts for new pump*, each.
Copoer chambers for pumps.
All top pieces U> square 14 Inches, clear of sap, of thu heat white
oak, and fourteen feblloug. Lower timber to be 11 iuchea lu diameter.
All top pieces to have three coals ot paint.
Keeping the hydrant* Ilk repair, via : stopping all leak*, Ac., all j
new vi Ives und spoil'. . uud repairing the old ones, and repairing the [
old irons belonging to ihciu, wheu it can be done without takiug the j
hydrant (Hit, each.
Taking out hydrant* mud putting in sumo, each.
New hydrants, per foot. !
8|iouts for hydrants, ouch. j
S|H?ut . butcs, each. i
Painting pumps and hydrants three coats, each. i
l>i U will l?o received lor hydrants from practical plumbers. l
ll.imiles, axle?, spears, platM, bands, and repairs, per pound. I
SjK>ut ami lower box-irons lor pump*, ?-;u:h.
Now Join la to old pours. |
Now spout ami valve irons for hydrant*. Ijfl
The work au.I the materials to bo nil of the best 'nudity of their rc ||j
sp? .Jive kinds.
No olf i will bo rca ivod that U not made by a practical pump M
Contracts m ill not ln> assignable.
The ; r- .ii or p?r.-oin whose oiler may be accepted will be required
to (tiler int.- b< mi i. , one thousand dollars, with two ;;ood sureties !
condHi foi ibo faith! I imrfbrtnonoe of hi or thdr ? m; -act; and ^
or< onlr iiclm 1 ol or rel , t< . wupiv \vn i hii> }
f the cotutilk m rms of hi or then contract, m to execute aii> ;J
unu w. . lino- naim ! in tlu> onlei ??t ltn- roiniue Miouer dii e. t
iutf it t?? be 'I i , tho May r is uutlio' l/.etl to employ any other pereon
or per. ( ? execute t!? .-ante or to fUrnlsh the materials u|ioii '
such tcra I I b< ma) docm ox|h lient . in which event the contract"!
or contractors .-n failing hull be rc-ynwibte to thh corporation for J
any loss or damage it may sustain thereby, and tin Mayor may nt bU
discretion annul the coniruet <8 such contractor or contractor*.
Fell 10 Jaw Mar !> JAMKF li. HERKKf, Mayor
Separate proposals will l.o rcceivoil for keeping
the pumps III repair for tho year to the antUfaftton of the I'omim- |
sinner's of Improvements ?.f the several districts. Hide will itate. i
the price per puuip each. The contractor to furnish materials erf -
every kind which ina be rcpitrfrl by said Cotninbslatwrs for all r
p ur- , both nltovo and below (he surface Hpd clc*Lin? out the ai-U*, j
ami also paving around the pumps.
J.VM1N 0 BF.HKF.T, Major k
JOQV r. KIXN'KY. Cilia, f BWLT. ^
Allornryt-iU-Iaim> o>:d Gtntrnl J*nul Agent*,
I AND WARRANTS located ami sold. Land* C
J bought au i -old. Tuxe* paid. Money invested on real c-ute H
semrlti at 20 'i>d ltd per cent. OdleclloiiH inu le and I nltled. Nili-fiction
guarantied. [ ?
Kefrr to Senator lireon, of ML*ouri; ' nator Polk, of Missouri; s-u* n
otor Junes, of Iowa ; Heuator Mnrlmi, <?t Iowa; Hon. T. Ferguson, N?* [9
i>ra.-<lia Territory; ilou. -lay. Craig, \liti-<oori; Hoii. W. 11. W. Cobb,of j
Viabutnu; Hon. J. Mc^ueou, tfouth Caroliuu, and Gov. 8. W.Ubnk,
N'obru.-Mii Territory. k
Mr. HOLLY, of tho alxive tlnn, can be fhu'id until March atibe ;$
Kirkwmid Hcmhg, or at 510 Twelfth street. k
Fob e- awd* )
Washington, March 2, 1859. |
OV THB i'KTI HON' cf Tfcivld Br tic*, Jr., of Rmoklyu, \>w Yurk, ^
praying for the oxtaosloa of a patent granted to bimoDtbe 7thJti"?', j
184' , for an improvement in machine tor noting printing typf?r |
seven yi>\* fr<4ll tl.oeipiratM.ii of naM patent, wbt? li lake* pffiW H
on tho 7tli day of June, 1859 - *r
h U ordered that the raid petition be hoard nt the Patent 0.!i? > ^ S
Monday, the 2lkl day of May next, at 12 o'clock, m.; nod all p?r*ouf &
are not Mod to api^ur and diuw cause, II any they have, why end I*' 'J
titiou ought not to bo granted.
Portionr' opposing the oxb nsion aro repaired to Qle in the Patcut '9
Office their oltJodiAM, apoclallyget forth In writing, at teaattwenty \
dayn before the day of hearing ; all towtinumy tiled by either parly to $
ho oaCd at the suid hearing must he taken and Iranimitled in ar<<rd |
tuice with the rules Of tho office, whivh will be furnished on appl** $
The te? liinony In the c<v?e will be cloned on the 7th of May i (r
dejHH-itHma. ami other iwi>on? relied upon as testimony, iuu*t
bo tiled iu the office on or before the morning of that day ; the arg??- jH
inenta, if uny, within ton days thereafter. ?
Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the U M?n, Wash* :J
Ingteu, I?. b.t and I tally News, N. Y., once a week for tlrsi wwk*T7 |H
the flr-t of *n\<\ publications to bo at least sixty days be ore lh? 25*1 9
of May neat, the day of hearing.
CbiiiBihtcn w of Patents
P. 8.?Editors of tho above papers will please copy, and ?tnd tbrlf
1 bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice.
I Mar 8?ltwJv

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