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PlblNbed b)> COItNELlUb VV KMOLI.,
At the UNION BtniJ'INGP E It., >?< IJIb ltd lib.
1'IIE IMII.I UNION will be pul>li?h?M evrrr morn! ?, (?'?,
tkyi c&crpltMl,; **** Io City ???? c* tor r? at 1*** ' U|f
??*k,tmy*l>le U> Uum>U?'cU* Tu auhacnbrrt by mail, * ?6 ?
*uuun?; $3 lor blx uioibilM. <Jfl;c?irs of ib? gov?runi?ul, u< I pay in
B *l\.*ace, will l>e cLurgod $* per aiuiuin.
Til ft*: ^Hll-UKIuhlr) t/AlON, mill bo pubiwb'4 ?roiy
U?Uut)i??U) ?ui<l Sulurdlif, at $4 j?;r tuinuui Cur uue copy, tlOfui
thro? lift *>r 6?e copu*t?
TlflK WKKKIiY I NIOIV, a wry Jar*? paper for oountn
circulation, will be published very Saturday monitor at the fol
lowing priori ; For <?u? copy, $2 per annum ; thro? enpioa for $.'>; flv#
oopH* for $# t?n copto* fur $16 ; twenty eotrfei, ? ?u .o <mt nrfu raf,|
$25. Subscriptions may comtnonr.* Hi Miy Urn?
Two tlir<Hi(li t ?> > ere ik? rumUtly, except Huuiluy , from Wuh
Ibgtuu f'e 'li*' Writ, AM lul 1"ts ;
let. Milltmn sterlit ?t 7 45, . in., (Burnley eieepto.l,) connect
>ittf I'toAAlV ll Wl lllnxton .him,ll (1 tot h< i Utt'l .mi! iVMiiwm
' 'ill Ihc Clin uiutttiSt l/>ul?, Hint Ch imago KlprwM Connection Uaveti
Wasbinglou *1 3 40, p. m , reaching Uu< umati at 9,30, m, next ?tay,
ari'l connecting directly vrltli express tram fur Louisville, Cairo,and the
*>uthwest, and Ibrflt. !???!*?, KiMM, Ac.
To view the grand DOUilAiii aoeuary of the roa?l in daylight lake
either the 7 4b, a. in., or 3-40, p. in., lruiu from Washington, and lie
over at Cumberland <>r l*k dunnit
For Pafkarsburg and alt fetation* on the Northwestern Virginia road
take the 3.40, |?. m., traiu. For Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad take
Ihe name.
Through ticket* ttui1 baggage ebMki to all quertera, and every
other |MM*tbJo laclltry, will l>e found upon ihtH route.
Way passengers lor the main stonji of the Haiti more and Ohio Rail
road will leave Washington ax follow*
for all point* between Washington Junction and Piedmont take the
11S, a ??., train
For all Motions between 1 led moot and Wheeling, take Iho 3.40,
p m , train To connect with the Frederick train,take the 3.40, p. m.,
heave Washington for Baltimore at 6.10 and 7.45,a. in., and 3.40
and 4.36, p. m 0o Monday at 3.40, p. rn , only
ijMve Baltimore at 4.30 and 8.60, a m., and 3 30 and 6 30, p. m
!. On Monday at 4.30, a. in . only.
The 7.45 and 4.36 train* only will atop at way staUotui and for An
u.i pWie oomteptioas
Thd ? 4e^e- ?rf^*4*Vl> Wt* ai* the chiv(cpM?cUiig train* for
the WfWt, ntflfAwe CIO, 7 and 3 40 trainaforthn Ea?t
Foe inrilwrUhliinMiill H' HnlOTInwHe and Ohio Kallroud
Ticket office, Of TfHJS. II. I'AftSPNB, Agent, Washington.
Oct 3 Muster of Traiu?|>ortaUon, Baltimore.
From WASHINGTON CITY to Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama,
Mississippi, I/misiana, Arkansas, and Texas.
Through Tickets can be obtained at the great Southwestern Kail
road Office, corner of Pennsylvania aveuue and Sixth street, Washing
leu, on hoard of the Steam Ferry Boat George Page, or at the Office of
the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, at Alexandria.
To Richmond. Danville, Lynchburg, Ihistol. Knoxville, Dal ton,
Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Huntsville, Grand Junction,
Memphis, Montgomery, and New Orleans.
By a Direct Route and Continuous Railway Connexions to Memphis
Aflording greater Expedition and Comfort, and being over '100 miles
shorter than by any other route.
The steam ferry boat George Page leaves the foot of Seventh street
at6\ o'clock, a. m., for Alexandria, where po^xmigers take the cars for
Richmond, ClmrloUeaville, Staunton, White Sulphur Springs, Wood
stock, Ac., and at 7 '.j, p. m., for Richmond ami all points Southwest,
making sure and close connexions to Memphis.
1 Baggage wagou.x ami omnibuses leave thu office, Pa. aveuue, at 6
o'clock, a. m , and 7, p. pi.
Jona 18 tf Washington.
ol MM R R A R K ANU K M K N T. The eteemer
GEORGE PAGE w ill run as follow*:
loave Alexandria at 4, 8, 10, 12 o'clock, *. m.; 2, 4, and 6 o'clock, j
p. m.
Leave Washington at 6,9, 11 o'clock, a. m.; 1, 3, 3, and 7 o'clock,
p. m.
The THOMAH COIJ.VKK, when on the route, will run 8* opposite
hours. Fare 13 cents.
WHaley'? omnibus*** connecting with the Page and C'ollyer, will 1
leave the Capitol, and corner of Pith street and Pennsylvania avenue, '
be MHie tlnto the HoaU leave Uexandria.
June 8??nd- tf RICHARD WAT.LACH, President.
Notice to teai ellers.?new arrangeMENT,
LINK.?'Two fast daily lines from Washington for the South
and Southwest. Boats leave their berths, foot of 6th street, at 6>,,
?. m., and 7t^,p. m. P?B*engon*by the morning boat canohmlna tine |
breakfast on board and enjoy a pleasant sail of 3% hour4 down the
beautiful Potomac, passing in full view of Mount Vernon. By the
evening bout they insure a good supper and a real of lour hours in
comfortable berths or atatc rooms, and arrive in Richmond in time to
connect with all the trains for the South and Southwest.
The great southern mail te conveyed over tins route, it being 44
miles shorter aud 100 miles less railroading than by any other route,
making certain connexions to
FRFrmsiCKHm-RU, Richmond, and Pbtowwro, Virginia ; Wkioo* and
WrtMiNtrpov, N. C.; Charijwtow, 3. C.; Acgt hta, Ga. ; Montgomery
asp Mohii.k. Ai.a., viIkict to Nnr Ohijcaioi and am. Dtmuum cttikh
Also, connect at Richmond with the Danviilo, Houthslde, Virginia,
Tenne*?eo, nndfout Tennessee railroads
Danviilo, Bristol, Dulton,
Chattanooga, Huntavl'.lr, Memphis,
Lynchburg, Knoxville, Atlanta,
Nashville, Grand Junction, Montgomery,
and New Orleans.
For through ticket* and further information of the route, inquire at
the southern ticket ofhco. No. 372 Pennsylvania avenue, one door
cast of Browns' Hotel, or on bourtUbu boats, foot of 6th street.
<300. K. MATTINLY,
August 17?ly Ticket Agent.
Reprint of the. British Ueview$ and Blackwood' * Magazine.
I SCOTT & CO., Now York, continue to publish
Jm the following leading British periodicals, viz :
1 THE LONDON QUARTERLY, (conservative.)
These periodicals nlily represent the three groat political parties of
Grtvit Britain whig, tory, and radical?but polities forms only one
featflte of their character. As organs of the most profound writers
on science, literature, morality, and religion, they stand, as they ever
have stood, unrivalled in tlio world of letters, being considered indispensable
to the scholar and the professional man, while to the Intelligent
reader of every class they furnish a more correct and satisfactory
record of the current literature of the day throughout the world
than can ho possibly obtained from any other source.
The receipt of advance sheets from the British publishers gives additional
value to tbete reprints, inasmuch a* tin y can uow be placed
in the hands of subscribers about as soon as the original editions.
For all four of the Rovlows $8 00
For Blackwood's Magazine 3 00
For Blackwood and one Review 5 00
For Blackwood and two Review# 7 00
l or Blackwood ami three Harlow* 9 00
For Blackwood and the four Reviews 10 00
TAYLOR At MAURY, Booksellers,
Agents lor Washington,
Jon 8 No. 331 Penu. avenue.
44Mont Wonderful and Beautiful.**
WIl have now on hand one of the SargeBt and
iiKVKt vnriivl ti-tortmenl" of STK.lt IWOl'K,' I'ICTl'KKS olli-red
in thin city, on gtax* or paper, plain nnrt colored, consisting of views
?>f the principal place* of the I'nited States.
We have, also, in groat variety, Elliott'* celebrated groups of parlor
and domestic scenes, wedding*, christenings, pic nicx, Aw., &c.
Wo alr\o offer u fine collection of stereoscopic instrument*, of various
styles, manufactured to our own order. Thoso Instrument* and pic
lures form the prettiest and most intoresnng present that can be of
fared to old or young.
TAYLOR A: MAURY, Bookseller*,
334 Pennsylvania avenue, agents for Washington of the American
Stereoscopic Company. .Ian .'10
DA. CAKDWGI.L, Real Estate and (Jencral
e Commission broker, haw taken the office, upstairs, in No.
b:iH Pennsylvania avenue, where ho propose* to attend to soiling and
buying real estate anywhere in the Union, renting out and collecting
rents,and procuring house* on font or lease, or any business appertaining
to real estate, with unexceptional legal aid.
The settlement of chims of any description on the executive do
i^rtments end bureaus of government and Congress, and mem hers
of Congress ; especially clairaoof the distant and adjacent newspaper
preys for subscriptions and advertising, his experience being such n?
to enable bun to furnish the necessary forms and instructions to juir!
ha? having such, ah well as attending to having ad\erti>cinw?ts insorted
in any or all of the papers in the District of Columbia or elsewhere,
on application by letter or otherwise to him ; thus saving the
expense of a trip to the city, ami prompt returns made.
Mao, the negotiation of loans on good security, and all deacrip,
bona <>f husim sa which may properly be classed under the head of a
general commission brokerage.
HmuiBEs ; Hon Wnv. A. Harris, (formerly of Missouri,) Dr. A. Y.
P. Harnett, Col. Jas. (?, Berret, mayor; Richard Wallach, esq,, and
the proprietors of the newspaper press generally of Washington,
Messrs. .1. A: (L B. Davenport and Hou. J. H. Caskie,- Ric-hnioud, Va ;
Ifav. Wni. R. I'lumer, Alleghany City, Pa. ; Col. A. T. Burnley, Frank
fart, Ky., and John 0. Sargent, esq., New York city. Doc 1 *ltf
QtpiUd $200,000 !
The only company In Washington having such a clause in it* charter.
Risk ton buildings, merchandise, furniture, Ac., taken at the lowe-t
Resides the actual capital of the company, Iho individual liwhiHty
eluiMof the charter render* the private fortune of each stockholder
Office?Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Teulh street.
nmacriina :
' T. Bayly, RnnJ. Benll, Krudi Molina,
lamea K. Holiday, HaMon Taylor, Wm Orma,
Harauol llx-on, Joaeph Bryan, M. W. (.alt.
N. R. No ' Itnrgn uimlp for p-ilu-mJAMKS
C. MrfWlRK, V oaMaal.
Gaarrnw 0. llixnox, N?-rctary. .litre 57 ly
T) TT. GTLLET, Oounnellor at Iaw, has removed
,I\? hi? o#>c? to hla rcaldonor In Franklin Row, corner of K and
i rtnenth atrart* lie will ooutinio'to devntr hi. tten'.i.in principally
Meat* in the fTnRed Ntnt-e i-'nprome Court
Oct M?dtf I
?g* 1
VOL. XIV. NO. 299.
Omnectiny with the American CXmymnyt and National Telegraph
OTOce* Id Washington National Houl, entrance (lib street Wlllarda
rpilIB new Telegraph Line in now open for buai- I
JL Dftt, It connect* with Richmond, Padnbari, Lynchburg,
Knoxviffo, Nashville, Memphis, ('liAltHiioogtt, Vlc.k*bUVg, Natch*-*, hiuI !
Now Orleans; Atlaulu, Augu.sU, Choth-*b>u, and Savannah, Montgoin |
ry, ami Mobile, in the South and South*o*t, and all interuiudiate
|KiinU. of importance. From Washington to Richmond it will bo oyer
atari with Printing Telegraph Machine, connecting ut Waahiuglon cits
with the American Telegraph Company'* Priming Line* to Baltimore.
Philadelphia, New York, Huston, Cortland, Bangor, Halifax, Nova
Scotia, ami St. John's, Newfoundland, Spi iugtkdd, Troy, Albany,
Koclteflfr, Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, DuiDulle, St
Lnuia, and Station- in Missouri, Iow a, ami Knnea*, and offer* a prompt
and reliable Due of Telegraph to the commercial and telegraphing
public. M o 5 <11 w
New and elegant scring dresses, lace
( ooda, Ac. The Hubecriber* are now opening their recent pur
chanoa of rich and elegant French wares, adapted to the pregent and
approaching nmioM, in which they rvupaclbiU) uivile the attention of
In l>reH? floods, they name Double
jupe chenc silk robes;
Two volantc briHMide ailk robe*;
Double jhi>o twisted ailk robe*;
Very rich Bayadere ckeno silks;
Do. do. aolid colored aiika;
All color* small checkod gla?a silks;
Dghl colored Bayadere *ilkx;
ftowhia Jimmt JNaMarM *dfc*;
UMhaJtoaWd ?IMbl, great variety;
Ha va<1 ere Ctifnlr. coWud silk*;
Very rich chintz colored grenadines;
Do. double jupe organdie robos;
Do. do. bcragurobeg;
Do. do. d lh robes;
Do. grenadine robes d volant*;
Do. do. robe* d tunupio;
French jaconet* and cbintzog;
New stylus French moussolluea de lnfno;
Together with a great variety of new material* fbr travelling
dressr*, Ac.,
In Heal Dice flood*, they name?
Heal BruHaols point collar* and sleeve*;
Heal Flruawte points arts, French trimmed,
Heal Valenr.enea lace *et* do.
French cmb'd lace trimmed sets;
Black real lace mantillu* and cap**;
French cmb'd and lace trimmed hdkfV,
Black real lace veils;
Very rich real tllol lace shawl*;
Kich ttlet CoilbmiH, for the hair;
Hich fllot scurf*, for the neck and shoulder*.
New atyle paraaob aiul Indie* uiubru'lss;
Watch spring skirts, for ladle* and chlldrou,
Ifeijuu's celebrated kid glove*, all size*;
Black Met long and short niitto;
Valeucene*, Guypeur, and other real lace*;
India camel's hair scarf*;
Black bice points and mantillas, Ac.
Feb 27 Utawdwif [IntAStates.]
X McCARTY.k BROWN, Austin, Texas,
General Land and Heal fit tat* Agent t,
Will locate land, pay taxes, buy and sell land on commission, and attend
to everything pertaining to a general land agency. References
Upon the receipt of $1, we will toward t? any nddree* within tho
V, S., postage paid, the late t and l*?sl map (just leaned) of the State*;
also, a new w ork (Jiiat issued) of'400 page* reading matter, containing
annual statist ch of the .' date, the progrea* and Improvement* in
agriculture, commerce, and manufacture*, the lucre**o of imputation,
wealth, ntid revenue, and statistic* of *11 the counties, railroad*, rivers,
improvements, Ac., At;., A<-. fKrt 2ft?wtf
Hit-hard Henry Henderson,
Office, No. 12 Louisiana avenue.
Feb lU?sod Into*
Books from London?
Naval Warfare with Steam; by 1*1? Howard Donglaa*. $2 76.
Hall Hours with the Freethinker*. 87 cents.
Fight Months' Campaign against the Bengal Sepoy*. $2 26.
A Handy Rook on Criminal law; 62 cent*.
Tainting Popularly Explained; by Uulliok ATimbs. $2 25.
The British Tariff for 1868-t. $2 25.
Universal Dictionary of the English, French, Herman, aud Italian
Language. 92 37.
Ijithxm on Wrought Iron Bridget; with pistes. $4 7ft.
Tent*, Tont Life, ami Encamping, by ('apt. Rhod>ui, 94th reg't
Handy Book on the Law of Bills, Cheques, Notes, ami I. 0. L'.'m.
37 cents.
mo CONSUMPTIVES.?A clergyman having cured
1 hia son of consumption in it* worst stages, nftor being given tip
b# <ti?? by the most celebrated physicians, dosiroa to mako known the
modo of cure (which prove* successful in every cose) to those afflicted
with coughs, colds, and consumption, and he will soud tho same to
any address, free of charge.
Address, enclosing two stamps to pav return pontage,
Mar 1?<U2moa 211 Centre street, N. Y.
ANECD0TK8 OF LOVE; By Lola Montez. 81.
Diary <?f lady Morgan. $1.
Onward: A Tale of Progress; by Jane Anno Winscom. 75 cents.
History of tho Shakers; K. W. Evans. 7ft cents.
Arnold's History of the State ol Rhode Island. Vol. 1. $2 ftO.
Mechanic'* and Builder's Price Book. $1.
Mary G lent worth ; Or, the Forbidden Marriage; by Reynolds. 50
The Rod Right Hand; by Ned Bnntlino. 25 cents.
Sydney, lady Morgan. 1vol. 91.
Onward, or the Mountain Clamberors: A Tale of Progress, by
Jano A. Winscom. 1 vol. 75 cents.
Shakers and Shakerlsm : A Compendium of the Origin, l!i?t?ry,
Principles, Rules and Regulations, Government ami Doctrine* of the
United Society of Believer* in Christ'* Second Appearing; by K. W.
Evans. Just received and for aalo by
lV>olr, showing In detail the price of wood, brick mid stone
work, painting and glazing, Ac.. to which i* added h Dictionary of
Mechanical Terms ; also, A Treatise on Architecture: by J. Wilson.
Just published.
For Palo by BLANCH A HI) k MOI1UN.
March 4
KIMMHLL HOUSE.?Thin nice and CWBinodloM
house has just been completed, and will be open for the reception
of guests on the '23d inst. This house will nbonnd with comforts
equal in every respect to any house in this or any other city.
The bar will bo supplied with the best of liquors at all times. I have
engaged Mr. K. V. Campbell to assist and superintend the house. He
is well known to the travelling community. The Kimmoll House is
situated on C street, between 4and ffih streets, in the immediate
vicinity of the National Hotel,and near the rHilroad depot.
A. F. KIMMKIJ,,Proprietor.
Nov 19?ly* K. V. CAMPBELL, Superintendent.
4 VAN ('AMI'. DENTIST, lias rctunicil to the
J.X.* chy ?n<l resumed his practice.
Operating roomn and residence 407 F street, between fith and 7th
streets, 4 doors from Post Office, Oct 14?dtf
Washington, March 3, 1859.
ON THE PETITION of David Bruce, jr., of Brooklyn, New York,
praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 7th June,
1845, for an improvement in machine for casting printing typo, for
seven years from tho expiration of said patent, which takes place
o r . 7n daj of Juno, i 859
It Is ordered that the said petition lie heard at the Patent Office on
Monday, the 23d day of May next, at 12 o'clock, m.; and all arsons
are notified to appear and show cause, If any they have, why said pe
tit too ought not to lxi granted.
Persons opposing the extension are required to file in tho Patent
Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty
days before tho day of hearing ; all testimony filed by either jiarty to
lx? used at the said hosring must be token and transmitted in accordance
with the rutoe of the offlco, which will bo furnished on applies
The testimony In tho case will be closed on the 7th of May ;
de (Mentions. and other paper* rolled n|x>n as testimony, must
l?o filed in the office on or before the morning of that day ; the argument*,
if in4 , within ten flays thereafter.
. I ..I... .1. n?l,II.Kn<( u. Wnail
togton.D. C.,an<l Daily Nwi, N. V., our* u nrrk for three wwkf the
ftrat of ni'l publication* to bo at ait nitty tUfi bafor? the 23*1
of Mn\ 00*4, the day of hearing.
Oomnrtwtofter of PMmt?.
P. ft- KdHortof 2m mW* p&pMi vltt pleaarcopy. nod aetid thHr
bilb to tha Patent Office, with a |>npcr containing tbia notice.
Mar 3 Uw3w
'"tie. V echolarahfj) in thr Columbian College, for the whole
term of f<?nr year*, will be pold for a little more than half prlca to
my pm*<m wbhlni to |Mirnhl?" Me. The scholarship pay for room
rent nnd tuition, which ?.* $70 i*?r year, I .vili .mil for I1S0 ce?h, an
the original m worth $250 or $2*0
Atldre** CAT A I.INK, rare of T. Jt.J., Washington P. 0., !>. C.
IV,' 0?rttt
rpilE METHODIST; or, Incident* and Characters
.1 from Mfc in the Ha It I more t onferenee; by Miriam* Peer her 2
rota. 92
Picture* ?f Country life; by A hoc Carey 61
The Credent and the French Crusader- , by (S. L. Ditaon $1
Fankwel; the San Jacinto in the China Hon $1
Tim Way* and Mean* of Payment; by Stephen Col well. f2 50.
Capt. pHce'a In Plats and Paraguay. 1 vol. $3.
1 tilth'n l>i-eover?e< In Africa. 3 vol*. $7 60.
The I.vtre of AI ha rone; by Oeorge Lippard. 76 rente
M asftitt
Navy IMrrAirrjiicxT,
Bureau of Pruvtoton* uu<l CkXbttig, lUrth 17,195V
HKl'AHATK PHOfYWAUt, settled and ru<lor*?U ' froposiila for Navy
Sttmih<<. " M ill hM Ml tl..M Rn?,... until U ..VI^'L u ti.
on Wednesday, the 20tli Jay of April uext, ?or furiu-diiog and rtallv
erlog (00 r?0?i*iB| ten days' notice, except for biscuit, for which five
days' notice shall bo given fbr every twenty tho*tand ptNinda re
quired) at the Culled Slates uavy yards at 4 harlritown, Ma arlm
sell* ; llrooktyo, New York ; and <;<?-port, Virginia, sucli quautite->
only of the following articles ns may Im< required or ordered from the
cunt ractor* by the chief if this bureau, or by the respective commanding
oflloortof tho said uavy yards, during the ImaI year ending
Juno at) Ikno, via :
Dhcuit, flour rice, dried apple*, pickles, sugar, tea, coffee, bean*,
molasses, vinegar, and whiskey.
The biscuit ahull tat made wholly from sweet superfine flour, of the
manufacture of the year IK >H or 1850. hut shall in all cases ho maun
tortured from Hour made of the crop inunodlatoly preceding the dates
of the requisitions fur the iamo ; and shall ho fully equal in quality,
and eoulbrin in size and fllMfM, to the samples which ar* deposited in
the said navy-yard* ; shallproperly baked, thoroughly kilu dried,
well pinked, and delivered Iris* of charge to the United States, in good,
sound, well dried, bright Hour barrels, with the heads well secured,
or In utrand water tight whiskey or spirit barrels, at tho option of
the bureau.
The flour shall be equal to the best Richmond And Ilaltiuiore brands,
and of the manufacture of wheat grown iu Uie year lHfifl or 165?
but shall in ail cases he manufactured from pure, sound, fresh ground
w heat of the crop immediately preceding the date* ??f the requisition
for the game , shall be perfectly aweet, and iu all respects of the heal
quality; and shall be delivered m good shipping order, free of all
charge to the I'mted Htatee, ip the I ant new, well seasoned. Hound,
bright barrels, or half barrel*, a* the ua*o may be the stoves nud
headingf U> hi* M r*d mk of th* beat quality rf,R?<b"U ^flljL^Y*1''hh**^<'
h tyNMli hMQfe* mrsamd omfe. nitd equal in qunWy b? > ample
tii'frei sit said navy-yards ; two half barrels to b<? considered as a
I vrrel, and not more than one sixth tho required quantity to ho in
half barrels.
The rice shall bo of the very boat quality, and of the crop Inmiedi
fttely preceding the dates of the requisitions for the same.
The dried apples shall he of the boat quality, and shall be prepared
by tUfi Wryinp only, and of the crop of tho autumn immediately pre
ceding the dales of tho requisitions for the same ; aud shall bo delivered
in packages containing not more than three hundred pounds.
Tho pickles shall be put up in iron-bound cask*, and enoli cask
shall contain one gallon of onions, one gallon of |>cp(>cr*, aud eight
gallons of medium cucumber*, fifty to tho gallon, and tho vegetables
in each shall weigh fifty seven pounds, and they only bo (mid tor .
mid each Cn.sk shall then bo filled with white wine vinegar of at least
42 degrees of strength,and equal t<> French vinegar; the cu?ka, vege
tables, and vinegar shall conform aud bo equal iu all respects to the
samples deposited at thoahove-nntneil uavy-vanl-, and tho contractors
shall warrant and guaranty that they will keep good aud sound
for at least two yours.
Tho iron hoops on the barrels containing whiskey, molasses, vine
gar, and pickles to bo well painted with red lead.
The sugar shall be according to samples at the paid navy yards,
and be dry and tit for packing.
Tho tea shall be of g<ssl quality young hyson, equal to the satu
pies at said navy-yards, and he delivered iu half and quarter chests
The Coffee Hliall be equal to the best Cuba, according to .sample.
Tho beans sluill be of the very boat quality white beans, and shall
ho of the crop immediately preceding tho dates of the requisition for
the same, 64 pound* to he taken as one bushel.
The molasses shall he fully equal to the very best quality of New
Orleans molasses, and shall be delivered iu new, well -seasoned red
oak barrels, with white pine beads not leas than 1 >j-Inch thick; tin*
Btaves ntd loss than ** inch thick; the barrels to be three quarters :
hooped, and, in addition, to have four Iron hoops, one on each bilge, '
1inch iu width and 1 16th inch thick, and one on each cliiino 1 }z- I
inch Iu w idth and 1 16th Inch thick, and shall be thoroughly coopered |
and placed in the best shipping condition.
The vinegar shall bo of tho find quality, equal to tho standard ol |
the United Stater PliarmacopwU, and shall contain no other than I
acetic acid; auil shall ho delivered in barrels similar m all rospect- j
to those required for. molasao*, with the exception that ivhih-oaJc t
stu\es and heads rdiall be substituted for red oak staves and white- j
pin* bonds, Aud .shall be thoroughly coopered and placed iu tho beat
shipping order.
The w hiskey shall be made whollv from grain, Bound and merchant |
able, and be full first proof according to the United States custom house j
standard, and shall be double rectified. It shall be delivered In good,
now, sound, bright, three quarters hooped, Woil scwarned while oak
barrels, with white oak beads, the head* to be made of throe-piec 1
bonding. and well nainted ; tho staves not to be less than 4.-Inch
thick, and the hernia not lean than *?dnch thick : and each barrel
shall bo coopered, in addition, with ?>no three penny iron hoop on ,
each bilge l)g iuch in width, and 1-lflth inch thick, and one threepenny
hoop on each chime, lt?dnch iu width, aud l-lftth-inch thick. !
an |?er diagram, the whole to ho put in good shipping order, free of I
all charge to the United States.
All the foregoing described articles, embracing ar ks, barrels, half
barrels, and boxes, shall ho subject to such inspection as the chief of
this bureau may direct, the insjx-cting ofllc.er to ho appointed by the
Navy Department. All inspections to be nt the place of delivery
Biscuit tiny, bow over, be inspected at the place of manufacture, but
will In all cases be subject to a final Inspection at the plan* of delivery
before hills are signal therefor.
The prices of all the foregoing articles to bo tho same throughout
the year, and bidders may offer for one or more articles.
All tho casks, barrels, and half barrels, bores or package*, shall |
be mnrkod with their contents and tho conUncter's name. All the !
barrels and half barrels of Hour, bread, and pickles shall hare, in art '
rtitlon to the above, the year when manufactured or put up marked
upon them.
Tho samples referred to in this advertisement are those selected for i
the entrain fiscal year, and haec no reference to tuck ait hare bent jireviowtly
The quantity of those articles which will he required cannot ho pro- j
clsely -luted. They will probably bo about?
To he offered for.
Biscuit 1,800,000 lbs per 100 lbs I
Flour 1,400 bids, per bbl.
Rice 250,000 lbs....per lb.
Dried applos 150,000 lbs... .per lb. i
Pickles , 150,000 lbs. . . .per lb.
Sugar 235,000 lbs....per lb.
Tea 25,000 lbs per lb.
Coffee 25,000 lbs. .. per lb.
Beans 7,000 buftb. .per busli.
Molasses 20,000 gal*, .per gal.
Vinegar 22,000 gals per gal.
Whiskey 50,000 gals . per gal.
The quantities of any or all may he Increased or diminished as tho
service may hereafter require. The contracts will therefore he made,
not for specific quantities, hut for such quantities as tho service may
require to he delivered at those navy-yards respectively.
Contractors not residing at the places where deliveries are required
must establish agencies at such places, that no delay may arise in
furnishing what may'be required ; and when a contractor fails prompt
ly to comply with h requisition, the Chief of tho Bureau of ProvUions
and Clothing shall he authorized Indirect purchases to he made to supply
tho deficiency, under the penalty to he expressed in the contract;
the record of a requisition, or a duplicate copy thereof, nt tho Bureau
of Provisions and Clothing, or at either of the navy yards a fore.-aid,
shall be evidence that such requisition bus been made and received.
Separate offers must ho made for each article at each of the afore j
said navy-yards ; and in case more than one article is contained in i
tho offer, tho Chief of the Bureau will have tho right to accept one or i
more of tlm articles contained in such offer, and reject the remainder; I
and bidders whoso proposals aro ueceptcd (ami none others) will he
forthwith notified, and oh early as practicable a contract will he
transmitted to them lor execution, which contract must bo returned
to the bureau within ten days, exclusive of the time required for tho
regular transmission of the mall.
Two or more approved sureties, in a sum equal to the estimated
amount of the respective contracis, will be required, And twenty per
centum in addition will be withhold from the amount of all payments
on account thereof as collateral security, iu addition, t<? secure
it * performance, and not iu any event to be paid until it is in
nil respects complied with ; eighty jwr centum of the amount
of all deliveries made will be paid by the navy agent within thirty
days after lulls, duly authenticated, shall have been presented to
Blank forms of proposals may he obtained on application to the
navy agents at Portsmouth, New Hampshire ; Boston, New York,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, Peusacola, and at this
A record, or duplicate of the letter informing a bidder of the aoccp
tanco of his proposal, w ill be deemed a notification thorcof within tho
meaning of tl?'' act of 1840, and his bid will be nuido and accepted ill
conformity with this understanding.
Kvory offer made must be accompanied (as directed In the act of
Congress making appropriation* fur the naval service for 1K40 '47,
approved 10th August, 1840) by a written guarantee, signed by ono
or more responsible |>erm>ns, to the effect that he or they undertake
that tlie bidder or bidder* will, if hi* or their bid be accepted, enter
into an obligation within 11 vo day*, w ith good and sunk-lout sureties,
to furnish the supplies promised. The bureau will not be obligated to
consider any proposal unless accompanied by the gunrnntoo required
by law; the competency of lh* guarantee to be certified by the navy
agent, district attorney, or collector of the custom*.
The, attention if bid/hrs u calif I to thr x\my>let awl dwrijjtinn oj ar- I
ticlr* rc/]ui:rd, tv>\ iti the irujvctirm for reeeptum, a in ft but rigvl ir>m
jxiruon will he made between the arltries offered and the >amj?lc and nm
tract, receiririQ none that fall Mou> them; anil their attention u aim jxir- |
tirutaiiy diraetM to the joint revolution if 27th March, 1854, and to i
the art if the 10lh Auffioi, 1840.
March 17- law4w
Kkoiktkk'8 Omil, March 21, 186!>.
NOTICE i? hereby given that hVeiiHOM itumed to
owners of wagons, carts, and drays will expire on the first
Monday in April, and that said license must be renewed, in compliance
with law, a? this office within ten day* after that time
Mar 20 dtApl Register.
No. 1 nrttch of hlovc .-iw ou*il, red aab, ?
I to do do white ash, $8 75.
1*> do nut sine coal, decidedly the cheapest coal in the
aiarket, where persons have small siw* rangers or cooking stoves.
1'sed almost exclusively for cooking throughout the northern cities.
I*rlce $5 per ton.
Also, Trtverton coal, very free burning, leaving nothing but the
A giwv' article guaranteed; 2.240 lbs. to the ton.
Office N IV. corner 12th and C sfs., No. .*>47. ami
F.*>t of 17th ?troet, below War Department.
Mir. h >A in?
VTEW IJ MBLli \ AHD.?The undersigned, hav
ll in* r*?c??ntly taken charge of Ihe new I.mnUei Yard on With
sir"**! and !h > < anal, respectfully Invite tlie altvntmn of *W!>ti in
limber generally to examine the nfock bofhrr purrha-ing e!?*ovhore.
Tin* ntrn k of White l nml>*r, Cherry, Aah, Maple. Poplar, A?- , In
very superior. und \rll <*-"toned. an?l will bo -old nt tbo knvc*t < ?-ti
prlcon mj T\WS k KII HOIKS,
Mar lit dtf Assignee*.
TIi" miWrilHT- hive 1cr ?!< ntxmt llilrlr noro nflnndml
j?Tnl?r the farm r>I .Imrph II Prmller. ? <] , which ilicj will sell Hit.
JAS. C. McfltTIRR A CO ,
Mar 22?coTJw AorU'Htewrt aii<l Merchant*
fltflU 1
FES DAY, A ERIE 5, 1859.
PMpOMls Tor Paper for lite Printing.
Orrfca SrriMisritMiwiT Prune Pmsmso.
Washington Uiircb 11, 1869.
I N j'Ui hit uir*) of the provinioitB of the tenth section
1 of m i ouuiltd 14 An act iDftkiug ?|'|>r*>piiktl<iui for oertaiu civil
eipcaBM qf I be goveroufUt Iter the year ending the 30th of Juuc,
I860,1* approved March 3 1859 ?
SllilJ!!1 i'MOJtJfAjJB wi|l he received at this office until if<nfiay,
ih* 18$ in riant, at 12 o'clock', m , for supplying the government of the
Uullftl Svilif with A'tnr rk"imiwl Hcamt </ / *?-, calendered I'rxnling
l'a/KrtUt measure tw nut y Mir by thirty eight incite*, to weigh fifty-vix
)hftticfa to the ream of tour hundred and eighty sheet*, and tocorrw
... ' in attalll. w|tit i1"' amp ; b thi
ill color. tonkin-**, mtd weight wlii be required ; and no bundle (ex
elusive ??f wrappers) varying over or under tlvo percent from the
M.uidard weight will he received, and the gross weight will iu all
cento* h< raqmred. Mixiug of various thick uexaea iu the h.itne bundle to
in.tke up tin weight will l?e considered a violation of the contract. The
right i* reserved of ordering a greater or !?.** quantity, to he fur
imbed at tack time* and in auch quantities as the public service may
No proposal will be considered uule*s accompanied by the guaranty
tb.it Ihe bidder or bidder*, If hi* or their proposal shall be accepted,
will ?iitor into an obligation, with g<*?d and mi indent burettes, to fur
nirtb the paper, the competency of which guarantee to lie certified by
the I nit-I Htaha AUoruey or Marshal Cur the district in which the
bidder rcsia m.
Kadi proposal roust he idguod by the individual or tirm making it,
and must o?hh it'y the price per pound.
All the pdper must be delivered at audi place or place* a* may bo
designated In Washington city, in good order, free from all uud every
extra charge of expense, and -uibjoet to the inspection, count,
weight, and ni'uwur* mailt of the Superintendent, and he tuull reaped*
- ms aSliHt^yliK- <*-** inferior iirl*de. or ? fnHwr* to supply the
quantity required at any time, will bo considered a violation of the
A sample of the paper required may be nwen at this office, or w ill
he sent to person* applying for it.
l*ro|MiaaU will be addressed to "Van. W.Huwmi, Superintendent <?T
the Public Printing, Washington, J). C./' and eudoraod "Proposals for
supplying Paper."
March 11 -cotd
Washington, March 16, 1859.
HEALED PR0PU8AUS will be received at this offio* until Tvrsday,
thf otKduyoj April nrrt, for engraving on stone and printing from
the same, for the nan of tho Senate and House of Representatives of
the United States, tho following maps, charts, Ac , to wit :
1. 1,380 copies of two maps, (one of them in color*,) to accompany
Col. Wright'* Memoir of a Campaign against the luiltans iu
Oregon aud Washington Territories.
2. 1,420 c opies of two map* and one diagram, (all iu colors,) to accompany
Capt. Wilkes's Report on tho beep River Country,
iu North Carolina.
B. 2,950 copies of six maps, to accompany tho Wagon-Road Report*.
4 1,420 copies of one map, to accompany Capt. Simpson's Report of
Wagon Road Routes in Utah Territory.
;?. 7,950 copies of the charts to accompany tho Coast Survey fbqiort
lor 1858.
SEALED l'RW0SAI8 will also be received until the name time for
transferring fromcopper to atone, aud printing 7,950 copies of thirtylive
charts, to accompany thu Coast Hurvay Report fur 1858.
AI*o, for transferring from copper or steel to stone, and printing
3.920 copie* of about forty five map*, pretties, panoramic views, and
landscapes, to accompany the 1'ncltlc Railroad Report*. Proposals
will also be received for printing tho same number of copies from the
cop) tor or Hterl plates.
AW, for drawing and engraving on w ood tho Illustrations of ma.
cbiiirry, Ac., to accompany the Rej?ort of the Coin in Us loner of Pal outs
on Arts and Manufactures, for tho year 1858, and several other
Blank for m* for proposals will bo turnlahcd to all who desire to bid,
upon application ut thin office ; and bond and security will bo r?*
quired from the rtuceciisftil bidders for the faithful execution of their
All this work is to l?e oxecutod in (he highest style of the art, and
will be open for the inspection of bidders at this office until tho morning
of the day for closing tho bids.
Proof impressions, wltli the original.--, are required to be submitted
to litis office for approval or correction, free of expense for Iran mission,
before tho woodcuts are received or tho lithographic printing
It Is to bo distinctly understood that no bid will be entertained from
any party not directly engaged In, and practically acquainted with,
the character of the work hid for.
Tin* proposals must bo addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed
?< PropotfaM for Engraving," Aw. GKO. W. BOWMAN,
Mar 17?eotd Superintendent.
Itoston tee.
11IIE Bubscriber having just returned from Boston
informs the citizens of Washington and Georgetown that bo has
| made his contracts with rcajKUisiblo dealers for u full supply, and
having the most extensive facilities for conducting the trade, is now
I prepared to furnish the best quality of ICE, and gut antees a full sup.
ply during the season without change of price.
Dealer* can be ftrmhtMNl with whole cargoes, or in quantities to
j Fiiit, on as good or better terms than can be made elsewhere.
! llotela, restaurants, Htoamboats, confectioners, und fishermen will
do well to patrouizc tbi? establishment, aa an express wagon will bu
kept at the office during tho day for their accommodation.
Faintly customers will And it to their interest to call at tho office
and purchase tickets, and trust not entirely to servants and those delivering
the Ice, as mistakes frequently occur.
Tickets purchased of the drivers must bo paid for on doll very t unI
less otherwise arranged.
Persons residing in the country can get their supplies from the ofllce,
where ice is kept constantly on hand.
March 15?3m Office corner 12th and F streets.
[)th street, a few doors north of Pennsylvania avenue,
BE(1 leave to announce to tlie citizen** of Washiugton
that they are now prepared to execute any orders
which they may he favored with in the
business. The rcs|>ectivo branches will ho under the supervision of
skilful workmen from tho North, whero practical experience has
made them familiar with all tho modern improvements. In fact,
they lmvo spared neither trouble nor expense to procure tho very
best of workmen.
Wo iuvite attention to oar stock of CHANPEIJKRS and other gas
N. B. Strict attention, promptness in tho execution of orders, and
fair prices induce us to hope for a share of public patronage.
Poo 25 -ir
Deafness and singing noises in the
ckktai.v and ivkaij-ahi u ct'HK. - British and Foreign Infirmary for the
cure of Deafness, Head and Mind Complaints, 32 Spring Gardens,
Charing Cross, 1/union, England. Consulting surgeon, Chaklk* Hknky
HdoRI Skixnir, esq. Registered pursuant to net of Parliament . Sec
retary, John iwm i,, . a now <n*corory, ucing a pastil ve method
of Bolf ciire, affording instant and magical relief tOBUlibrers who may
have boon don I'Air 40 or f?0 years, by moans of n compound medicated
vajior applied to the external your. When the vapor is passing out,
it is held by the sufferer for one minute to the oar ntb-cted and instantly
the patient, who previously wan deal", is ouahled to hear common
toned conversation. A few nights' use in a similar way will
guarantee to cure the most inveterate rase of deafness and noises in
the head. It in a atop to empiricism and exorbitant fees. Sufferers
extremely deaf by means of this can permanently cure themselves, in
any distant part of the world, without pain. Thousands havo been
restored to |?erfect hearing, and forever re rued front the snares of
tho numerous dangerous unqualified pretenders of the present day.
Hospital and private testimonial*, and certificates from the most eminent
physicians and surgeons tn England, in whose presence deaf persona
have boeu cured, and many hundreds of private patients cured,
can bo seen or referred to. Any sufferer on the continent, or resident
hi any of the fbur quarters of the globe, can now be cured, as
this discovery can bo sent to them, with necessary prescriptions,
preparations. Jco., Unit will enable thorn positively to cure themselves.
?5 Ort. is the coRt of the means of cure, which must be sent to the sec
retary, John Powau,, esq., 32 Spring Hardens, Charing Cross, london,
F.nglnnd: it can tie mhiiI either by banker's draft, payable in Fngland,
or notes of the country. Sufficient to cure three coses of inoet inveterate
doafuoas and noises in the head, ?10 10s. Jan 14?dly
I70K SA I.I'', Oli I'OI! liF.NT. i.fti r tin 2?tl. Miin-li,
JL {l first-clans dwelling and highly-ornamented grounds on Georgetown
Heights. Tho house will i>e sold on terms of liberal time for
payment, ur will be rented, farniflied or unfurnished. The furniture
i* all new and in complete order. Tin- grounds are fully supplied with
choice fruit trees, and handsomely laid out with shrubbery, rendering
it one of the most agreeable residences near Washington. Apply to
Messrs. J AH. C. MeUUlHF, A <*>., Washington.
Mar lfl?eolmu
Northeast corner of 11th and E streets.
H. BORN k RKOTEMAK, proprietors.
ON haml at .all times the choices wines, brandies,
whiskeys, cigar-". Ac. The eating department will at all time*
bo supplied with game, oyster-, and, in fact, every delicacy cabalsted
to suit the taste of the nrnst fastidious, prepared by an excellent
i French cook.
Rooms lor private nt all hours, and also roiiirw to rent, furn
is lied or unfurnished.
A free lunch set out at 11 o'clock. Fob 21?dim*
-Vo. 409, ,lh fir ft, Ofrpvritr l*lil AW tori Hall.
ji^NORAYBR and designer in general, nmnnfno
J turer Mid inventor of the now, improved e?l pri ??ev, muchnow
engraver, wood engTM cr, music puncher, stencil cutler, copperplate
engraver, and litlvigraphrr, In prejMrod l<> rwnnn engravlug*
on liny metal?on roM. silver, hrn??, topper, steel, kc , in as good a
workmanship matwrr as hy any other establishment In tha United
smies The subscriber feels conlldenl that all order* entrusted to
him ?III i(ivp perfci t satisfaction, or no charges made.
8kai. pteht.s,
okhciai. hand and bdock hfal,*,
watch (are knoravkr,
musk; fun< iikk,
stum1i. ctttkr,
oorrr.r piiatk kmc. raver,
Jan 4?lyd AC , AC., Af.
trndoratcnod have Just opened their Moood invoice of spring
loods, comprising ? targe and will selected assortment of cloths, cm
slmere#', snd venting* for spring and ?nmmT vrenr, t?> which thep invite
the 'pr. ijf Attention of their friends nod ry*tnnu?r*.
r. owrx k box,
HUttHJ , and Cltliens* Mefrhant Tailors.
Mar 13-~$Uw2\? No. 212 Penh. ctwo.
T NT V ' T s T V y
1 1
[No. 633.]
Nollctt for the restoration of < iilain loud* to
market In the Mtute of MIi?IhkI|>|>I.
'I'MIE grant of laixl matin by act of Congrrsa n|i1
proved August 11, I860, to (lit; Slate of Mi-NMppi, to aid iu the
construction of certain rallr std* therein mmtioMt, having been so
tor adjusted ui to authorise the rcina*? from withdrawal of the lands
hereinafter described, we/te* it herrhy yimn that all tie vacant of * red
lauds w hich he ontoide <4 six miles oa mm It *4d?> if the railroad "from
Jackson t<? the lino between the Sine of Mih-i*-ippi and the Htato of
Aluhaina," situated hi the underucutioowd l 'Miuliipj, which have
not been selected in virtue of >aid grant, or *?a*cv?d for any purpose
whatever, and which were subject b? pnv I" nary at the data ol
withdrawal ut the oniiuary minimum of 91 26 |*?r sere, or at the
graduated prides under the act of auku ' 4, 1854, will be restored to
private entry on the days and at I ho places hereinafter specitted, at
the ordinary luinimiuii of $ I 25 per acre, oral the prices to which
they may have graduated at the date of withdraw al.
At the land office at Jxcksox, ou Monday, the twenty third day of
May next, viz
North and rut of the Choctaw bam line and meridian.
Tow D<dilpH o, 7, and H, of ranges 1, 2, 8, and 4.
Townships 7 and R, of range 6.
At the l&ud office at Con net s, on Monday, tho twenty third day w(
May next:
North and tad of the Choctaw bate line and me rut tan:
Towliihlp 8, of ranges 5, 0, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13Townships
8, 9, 10. 11, 12, 18, 14, and 15. of rang.* 14 and lb
Townships 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14, ami lb, of range 10.
Townships 10 urn! 11, of rangiv 17.
Townships 13, 14, and 15, of ranges |0 and 19.
At the land office at Arocarx, on Monday, tho twenty third day of
M?y next, vis:
North and nut <f the Choctaw bate line and meridian
Towuship 7, of ranges 5 and 0.
Tow nships 5 and 7, of range 7.
Townships 4, b, und 7,ofrango 8.
Townships 3, 4, f>, and 7, of ranges 9, 10, 11, 12,13, and 14.
Township 7, of range 16.
Townships 3,4, and 5, of raugo 10
Townships 3,4, b, and 0, of range* 17 and IS.
Notice is also hereby given tlmt too vacant tracts In the odd nam
be.redsections, within nix miles on each side of llio Mobile and Ohio
River railroad, within the undermentioned tow nship*, which wero
withdrawn from sale or location by Notice No. 607, dated August 16,
I860, will bo restored and laid open to sale at tho land office at Co
LVMBmon Monday, the twenty-third day of May next, and thereafter
bo subject, as required liy law, to a minimum ol /too doll art ami fifty
cents per acre, viz:
North and >ait of the Choctaw base line and meridian.
Township* 12, 13, 14, and 15, of range 10.
Townships 10, 11, 12. 13, 14, and 15, or ranges 17 and 18
Township? 10, 11, and 12, ol range 19.
Given under my hand at tho city of Washington the 17th day of
March, 1859. THOS. A HBNPRICK8,
Commissioner of the General land Office.
March 20-?la\v8w [Int. A Star.]
DOMESTIC ANIMALS?a Pocket Manual on Cattie,
Horse, nud Sheep Husbandry. 30 cents.
I Uumioii on WktiCuwi. 00 cents.
Rlcliard.son on Pigs. 37 cents.
Richardson on Ho**. 25 cmitii.
Vastyfs Natural History of the Ox Tribe, with 72 engravings. Ijuii
dou. $2 25.
Youatt'a Trent ho on Otitic. #1 25.
IHcksnn and Muubrny on Poultry. London. #1 2 V
bemetit's Amerlcau PouUwrerH' Companion. 120 Illustrations.
11 25.
Profttablo Poultry. Ixindon. 37 cent*.
Tlte Poultry Maid. I/mdon 37 cent .
| Tho Poultry Hook. London. 18 cent*.
MADAGASCAR. Three Visitn to Madagascar <luring
the years 1853, 1854, 1866, including a Journey to the
| capital, with notices of the natural history of the country, and of tho
I present civ ilizatlou of the people. By tho Rev. YVm. Kills, F. U.S.,
illustrated by wood cuts from photographs, Icc. 1 vol. $2 50.
Just received and for sale by
jp REAT PA HO A INS IN LAND!!!?For sale,
\jf 60,000 acres of land, situated In tho cotton, sugar, grain, and stock
raising region of Texas. The different trat l* comprising this Irodv of
land were the head rights of actual settlors, titUs being perfect and
I indisputable. Those lands are situated in tho .counties of Jasper,
I Tyler, Bulk, Liberty, Harris, Montgomery, Crimes, Erath, Bosque,
Johnson, McLoomm, Bexar, and other counties, watered by tho rivers i
Nechos, Trinity, Fast and l\>st San Jacinto, Galveston Bay, Brazos j
Colorado, nud their tributaries, sumo of these tracts being near rail- |
roads now In operation and constructing. Desirous of closing my
business matters on account of loss of sight, 1 am dbqsieed to sell my
half Interest in the above, retaining tho othor half, or, if more denim- |
bin, sell tho whole at n greatly reduced price. For term* apply at '
the office of this paper, or to the subscriber.
J. MORGAN, IIotuton, j
Ui4r 6? wpA-dlw Harris county, Texas. |
J) a Traveller. Second series. By William Culleu Bryant. 1
vol. $1 25.
The Foster Brothers, being a history of the school and college life
of two young men. 1vol. $1.
Thirty Years Out of the Bonnie By Major Jack Downing, lvol.
illustrated with 64 original engravings. $1 26.
Uwh and Prartieo of Whitt . By Caolebs 76 cent -.
Kenny's Manual of Chess. 50 cents.
For pals at. PHILP'S
Bookstore, 332 Ponn. avenue,
MarlO between OMiand 10th streets.
hihitlon of tho Washington Art Association for I860 will open i
this morning at 10 o'clock at the spacious galleries on Pennsylvania
avonuo, between 10th and 11th streets. Mar 10
Near corner of F and Fourteenth Btroeta,
Dec T?tf WASHINGTON", It. C.
Notice, winks and uiqi oits. th<> .mdetsigned,
having purchased most of tne stock of the late John
11 Butlnn&nn, Intend to reopen tho same store, No. 383, south side of
Pennsylvania avenue, with additional stock, on tho Ibt day of April
next, under the firm of W. H. (Umpholl A: Co.
Customers of the late Mr. Huthtnann are informed that they can be
supplied in the moan time as usual.
March 18? 2tawtlA
All persons are cautioned against
accepting r check No. 190 anil 197 on the Treasury of the United
Stater, Washington, drawn by Cap' M. C. Meigs, U.S. Engineers,
In favor of Henry Carfy for McCanti A: Dull, attorneys, or order, fin
forty two hnudrod and thirty six dollars Ofty-flve cents, under dato of
11th March, 1859.
Said check having been mislaid, payment has been stopped. This
check had not passed into the hands of the parties in whoso favor It
waa drawn, and could not, therefore, bo used without forging their
endorsement. M. 0. MHtJS,
Mar 17?eodlm Capt. of Euglueors.
1 J Trustees of tho Columbian College have determined to odor for
aale, and invito proposals till April 1, 1858, for the purchase of that
portion of their lands lying south of the College Commons, fronting on
Boundary street and Fourteenth street extended, inrludlng the grove
of forest trees, and containing in all about 21 acres.
The beauty and eligibility of these lauds for building sites is believed
to be fully equal, if not ,-uperlor, to any other iu or near the city of
Washington. An opportunity Id here afforded to an enterprising individual
or a company to make a splendid Improvement and a profitable
investment. A handsome sum has already been offered for it.
The terms will he made easy. A large portion of the money may
remain on the property for a term of years, if desired.
For further particular* address through the Washington pod office,
Mar 6 ? StawtlAp Tronnurer Columbia College
llie War Department at privatn sale. -Tho sulmcriberv are Authorized
to sell at private sale part of lot No. 1, iu -upiure No. 170.
I situated nt the corner of New York avenue and 17th street west and
I containing about h,000 square fool of ground, improved by ? two
ttory brick building.
Also, the three story brick house and let immediately north of
'Winder's Building."
These are both vcrj'valuable pieces of property, nnd will bo sold
on accommodating terms. Apply to
Auctiooneers and Commission Merchants.
March 8?2aw2m
WANTED.?A Hp an u>h gentleman wishes to give
practical Ineaott" in Spanish m exchange far name in Italian
andCerronn with any gentleman or K'-uth'Tweti iv?vori?M?t with (ht>H?
language*. His address can bo ascertained at the Union ofllce.
.Ian 20?<ltf
n'* Fields' household edition ol" lb# ,,Wn\erl*y Kovels" Is now
complete In fifty volumes oi portable sim, in Itmoforni. I'he pa|*>r
is ol lino quality ; tho Stereotype plains ?re not old oneu repaired, tho
type having beou cant expressly for this work. Tbe novels ere il
luntrated wltli c-npit.il stool plate#, newly engraved In tho best n>an
nor, aflor draw toga and (minting* b) tho mnd ctnlnrtit artiste, among
w hom nre Birkct FosterT Darby, Hillings, Ixndnoor, Harvey, and
Kiel. Thin edition eontaina all the latent note* and correction* of tbo
author, a glossary and Index, nod some curious additions. especially
In "Guy Manuc'Mog" and "The Hrlde of I/inimortnoor being the
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foot of the iMMfc?a great ?onvendor* to the reader, but one that is
generally overlooked by tho publishers of other ed i t ion* of Scott's
Price 75 cents per volume sepnratcly, or fbr the set IH7 50.
For sale in Washington at
Mur 10 Boookatore. 3.M 1'ouu. arenao,
.A. ciplaa and rules for the culture of vegetables, fruits, flowers,
and shrubbery, to wbich arc ad??od brief note* on farm crops. with a
table of their averse product and chemical constituents By Alex
ruider WatfNM. 1 vol $1 50.
Adam Bede ?a new novel Hy George Eliot. author of "Rrcnee k4
Herical life," Act. 1vol. $1
Jnat received and for aula by
/?ru^ ^/?e/6 j I
Spartal Nolle# I* Sobit rlbara: |
PajaieBl f?r ?h?nrl|MI?> * unit be ?e4etrvertnMy to Hoar**, p
I U t r boluplf'Mi ricBnt Koin'' will be |triv OWllifilBta p
> lit it Hr ontaerioMxaf ore eb^'l ? ?pin\ S
K. mi Ihkx UJ mil will be ?1 the risk uf the ?eb?irlhrrii, ??U vol ||
iff lb< I'Iktutior of Ibu I'nioo. ||
' (quire 1 d?y. (u Mil square t month* P 00
1 (to 1 week 1 7S 1 do 3 muulhs .13 00
I do 3 ?wk> S ou I 1 do ? month* II 00
I do 1 mouth ...... ?'> ou j 1 do 1 Jtu . 30 00
Eight line* or !r*a make square, looger aili vrtlneonut* III n*c
proportion, ami ?tl paynl.k in advm i Adeem . in, ?|? enleinl m I
* ice or tbrloo a week ?ill he clwrgeil 117 truu per eqaorc for earb
oaeriiou altar the Ural- Adeertiaemeolii onee a week lu Ihe daily. 1*0
tenia par square for each lussrtlou. Special uoUcea charged l oabl#
he foregoing rales.
JAMICM Hit 11A N A N ,
President of tlii* United .Mates of America.
Ti all ami unyuiui to thorn Ihrtw yrrwnlM rhalL com* -/rectiny .
Whereas a treaty ? iu mode ami <- niol tided at the meet
iug house, ott the Tnuuwaiidu reservation, in the county t
of (n iieut e, and Slat. <>| New V.uk mi the littli day <
November, one thousand eight hundred and titty seven,
by Charles K. Mix, an Umuiuissioucr on helialt of the
United States, and the following persons, vis : Jabe/.
Ground, Jesse Spring, Isaac Shanks, George Sky, and
Sly S. l ui kcr, duly authorized thereto liy the Tounwauda
liund of Scueca Iudiaus, which treaty in in the following
words, to wit;
Articles of agreement and convention made this tilth day
of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred
and fifty-seven, utthu meeting house on the Tonawanda
reservation, in the county of Gem-see ttud State of New
York, bet wren Charles E. Mix, commissioner on la
half of the United States, ami the following prisons,
duly authorized thereunto by tlio Tonawanda baud of
Seneca Indians, viz : JubezGro ind, Jesse Spring, Isaac
Shanks, George Sky, und Kly S. Parker.
Whereas a certain treaty was heretofore made lietween
Die Six Nutious qf New York Indians and the Uuited
States on tlie lf>Ui day of January, lHdSk ;uul anotlier
between the Seneca nation of Indians und the Uniy*--!
States' oh tlic 20th day of .May, 1842, by which, uniorig
other tilings, the Seneca nation of Indians granted aud
conveyed to Thomas Ludlow Ogdcn aud Joseph Fellows
the two certain Indian reservations in the State of New
York known as the tin Halo creek and the Tonawanda
reservations, to be surrendered to tire said Ogdcn and
Fellows, on the performance of certain conditions piecedent
defined in said treaties ; aud
Whereas in und by the said treaties there were surrendered
aud relinquished to the United State-- 500,000
acres of land in the then Territory of Wisconsin ; und
Whereas tlio United States, in and by said troatb- ,
agreed to Bet apart for said Indians certain lauds in tin
Indian territory immediately west of Missouri, ami to
grant the same to them, to be held unit enjoyed in fee
simple, the quantity of said lands being computed t
afford 320 acres to ?uch soul of said Indians, and did
agree thut any individual, or any number of said Indians,
night remove to said territory, and thereupon l>c enti
tied to hold aud enjoy suid lands, uiul ail the bcnetils i f
said treaties, according to numbers, respectively ; and
Whereas the Unit*si States did further agree to pay
tho sum of $100,000 for the removal of the Indians o!
New York to the said territory, and for their support ami
assistance during the first year of their rcsidonce in said
territory ; and
Whereas the said Ogdcn and Fellows did agree In pa
to the said Seneca Nation of Indians, us the consideration
of the surrender and relinquishment of tin said two n
ervatious, known us tho itutfalo Creek und Tonawanda
reservations, certain sums of money, one part of which
was to be paid to the individual Indians residing upon
said reservations, for the improvements held and owned
by them in severalty, the amount of which "improvement
money," heretofore apportioned to those residing
Upon the Tonawanda reservation, being *15,018 3<?,
which money lias been paid into, and still remains in the
treasury of tlio United States ; and
Whereas, for divers reasons and differences, the aid
treaties remain imexermtja as to mc wim j oimwaiKia
reservation, and the band of Sen ems residing thereon ,
Whereas it in ascertained, at the date of these article^,
that the Seneca Indians, coin posing the Ttmawnmhl hand
and residing upon the Tonawanda reservation, amount to
600 souls in nnmixsr ; and
Wliereas the United States arc willing to exercise the
liberal policy which has heretofore been exercised in r<
gard to the Senoeas, and f ir the purpose of relieving the
Tonaivandas of the difficulties and troubles under which
they labor,
These articles are entered into :
Artk i.b 1. The said persons, authorised as in the cap
tion hereof stated, hereby surrender and relinquish to
the United States all claims severally and in common us
a band of Indians, and as a part of the Seneca nation, t<
the lands west of the State of Missouri, and all right and
claim to be removed tli ither, and for 8Up|snt and asdslanee
after such removal, and all other chimin against the
United States under the aforesaid treaties of Ix.'jK and
1842, except, however, such moneys as they may he entitled
to under said treaties, paid or payable by the said
Ogden and Fellows.
Articlk 2. In consideration of which aforesaid ; urren
der and relinquishment, the United States agree to pay
and invest, in the manner hereinafter specified, the sum
of $236,000 for tlie said Toiiawunda hand of Indians.
Ahtici.k it. It is hereby agreed that the Tonawanda
hand may purchase of the said Ogden and Fellows, or
the survivor of them, or of their heirs or assigns, the en
tireTonawanda reservation, or such portions thereof as
they may he willing to sell and said baud may he willing
to purchase ; and the United States undertake and agiv
to pay for the same out of the said sum of $236,000.
upon the express condition that the rate of purchase, shall
not exceed, on an average, S20 per acre!
The land so purchased shall he taken by deed of conveyance
to the Secretary of the Interior of the United
Stales and his successors in otliee, in fee, to he held by
him in trust fur the snid Tonawanda hand of Indians and
their exclusive use, occupation, and enjoyment, until the
legislature of the Slate of New York shall pass an a-1
designating some persons, or public officer of thai State,
to take and hold said land iqwrn a similar trust for said
Indians ; whereupon they shall he granted by the sai l
Secretary to such persons or public officer.
Anxieia: 4. And the said Tonawanda hand of Indians
hereby agree to surrender, relinquish; and give up to the
said Ogden and Fellows, the survivor of them, or their
assigns provided the whole reservation shall not he
purchased--the unimproved lauds which they shall not
purchase, as aforesaid, within thirty days after this treaty
shall he proclaimed by the President ol the United States-,
and the improved lands which they shall not purchase, as
aforesaid, on the 1st day of June, 1850.
Aututr 5. For the purpose of contracting for and
making purchase of the lands contemplated herein,
majority of the chiefs and headmen of said Tonawanda
hand, in council assembled, may appoint one or more at
torncys with adequate powers, which appointment must
l>o approved l>y tbe Secretary of the Interior liefon
such attorney or attorneys can have power to act in tho
Akticlk i>. Whenever a quantity of said lands, Aimmnl
ing to t>,6<>() acres, ?l the least, upon the terms lieretobo
fore provided, may be purchased, written notice, cxecu
ted by the chiefs and headmen in council, and iu l;now 1
ixlged before a justice, of the supreme court of New Verb,
or judge of the superior court of the city of Buffalo, shall
he given to the Secretary of the Interior, whereupon tho
portion of said nun of $2611,000, not expended in the
purchase of lands, as aforesaid, shall be invested by tinsaid
Secretary of the Interior in stocks of tho United
States, or itt stocks of some of the States, at his discretion
; and tire increase arising from such investment shall
lie paid to the said Tonawanda Indians, at the time and
in the manner that the annuities are paid which sold
Indians arc now entitled to receive from the United
States. i
Axticlk?. It Ls hereby agreed that the sum of $16,018
36 "improvement money," heretofore'apportioned jW9
to tho Indians upon the Tonawanda reservation, shall b
again apportioned by an agent, to be appointed by the CjjHl
child hcadnicit to council assembled, to lie nppro\>
by tlic Secretary of tbe Interior, which agent shall niak.'
a report of such apportionment to the said Sei r< t.u - ui fB9
the Interior, and, if he concur therein, tlie shares so a
certainod shall Isi paid to the individual Indians entitled
thereto, who shsli surrender and relinquish to the said
Ogtleh and Fellows, or the survivor of them, or their i
signs, their improvement*, and any bnlouct reman j^J
shall be jiaid to the chiefs and headmen of the band, to
lie disbursed by them in payment of tbe debts, or for the
I the b'Uiil. of | In ;ii,'lit to 1.
appointed, and all other expeusos attending tbe execution
of these articles, arc to Is paid by the United Stale
out ot auv moneys coming to tbe Tonnwamlas
In bitimony whi'i.'oi r 1,. dd t li.nb- I. Mix .
mirsioiier us aforesaid, and the undersigned persons, rep
resenting the Tonawanda band of Somca Indians, lisv
hereunto sot their hands and seals the day and year first
fctuuve wntwn.
CUAllIJGB K. MlX, Conirabwioncr. [u ?.j
Ismu X KhuuU, It. K-l Jtme X Spring, (i- <.;
(leorgu x SUr, ' [l. n.j Kly H. l'xrkrr. |l. ?. |H
.Inlw/. v (jrin:ii<l, , ?. |
Hio foregoing ImtrUMnt wan. on the day of tliu date
thereof, executed in our preaenoc, and we have hercun1

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