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I ttimatoqfUf <tf ImmJwtutk wUl U.H..UU.C xtuit* U*J"
SUIw Arrua. , Dale of law.
Illinuta tJMMt September 30,1860.
ss& -it.9iWGvw.mam*'mi
Mklalxui L0MLO0O. ...... June 3, lS6t>
wmoumiii i,m,?oo
iun I 4.'.#,ooo .,...,. May 16, 1856
Ijiutsbma 1,103,630 . . . June 8, sod Auk U, I860.
Mississippi..... 960,400 . A,.,. .ta|U?U, IIU.
Alaimma 1018 300 ( Way IT, Juue 3, and A?f.
Alabama ?.. 1,018,300...... j ,, 3 1H67
I lor Ma 1,813,400 lla> 17, 18M.
Mmacsola 4,310,000 March 8, 18(7.
Tidal ft... 33,337.388
StaUment $Jurwin0 tkd quantity of nam? laud nyyrocoi Is IA< tmxral
Statu ?r to 80U Jutu 1887.
SU1M. Acres
>biu. 26,660 71
udhwa 1,260,987.61
Uinofe 1,888,140.73
Missouri 8,615,906 67
Alabama. 2,506.61
Mississippi 2.883,796 11
*AJ UU1IIW .... ?,wv.,rw?.?V
Michigan 5,485.132 41
Arkiuu 5,#20,094.84
Horlda 10,308,082.47
W una?Hi * 1,860,713.10
Total 40,133,684.41
l<UMl( <if untold a ml unoppioy/nuhd landt i". each of Ike /Unlet and
TVrrttories, including tuneyed and itnturvefed, offered and uwffer?1
landt, on the 30(6 June, 1868 :
Malar aud TerritorU'K Acre*. Number of quarter
Ohio ... it...4 43.663.34 272
Indiana.,,.. 34.307 41 227
Illinois 511,882 86 3,108
Missouri 13,386,310 81 83,683
Alabama 0,469,887.74 60,121
Mississippi... 6,610,300.69 34.408
Louiatana 6,033,378.83 87,083
Michigan 10,068 208.00 02,862
Arkansas 16,800,642 84 07,680
Florida. 18,087,072 76 112,010
Iowa. 8,237,881.03 38,086
Wiscouaiu... 16,222,640.50 05,141
CaBMila 113,882,438 00 710,516
" Mibuosota 82,602,808.33 615,041
Orsgou Territory 118,013,241.31 743,208
Washington " 78,444,065.25 477,775
New Mexico " ?... 155,210,804.00 070 087
I lab ? 134 243,733.00 839,023
, Nebraska " 208,984.747 00 1,293,865
Kansas ,'fc 76,381,058 00 477,258
In. iluii a 42,892,800 00 268,080
Total . *.... .'."i .. 1,107,297,672 74 8,920,607
A conipuratiro statement of the area of the present States with tbut
1 of the territory iletllneil to be erected into States exhibits the inter
estlng fuel that the area of the latter in square miles exceeds that of
the termor The superficial urea of the Territories, organized and uu.
organised, is set down as follows :
miles. Square miles.
Kansas Territory 180,000 New Mexico Territory 210,000
Minnesota do ......... 141,000 Nebraska do 628,000
Oregon do 227,000 Mesilla do .... 78,000
Washington do .113,000 Indian do .187,000
Utah do .187,000
Square miles ... 1,807,000
To these Dacotah Is to be added, of the extent of which we have
seen no estimate.
The superficial area of the present states is as follows :
Square miles. Square Kites.
Maine 30,000 Delaware 2,120
New Hampshire 9,200 Maryland... 9,674
Massachusetts 7,800 Virginia 61,362
Rhode Island 1,300 North Carolina 45,000
t Connecticut 4,874 South Carolina 24,600
II Vermont 10,211 Georgia 68,000
New York 46.086 Alabama 60,722
[ New Jersey 8,820 Florida . 63,786
f Pennsylvania 46,000 Louisiana 46,481
I ' Ohio 39,664 Arkansas 52,188
f Indiana .... 33,809 Mississippi. 67,380
| Illinois 65,405 Missouri 47,166
E Wisconsin 63,824 Tennessee .45,600
8'. Michigan 56,243 Kentucky . 37,680
fl Iowa 60,814 Texas. 237,321
H California 188,000
Hi 622,180 838,820
I 622,180
H 1,461,010
II M seen that the area of Kansas Is nineteen thousand square miles
greater than that of all New Eugluud, New York, and New Jersey ;
and that the area of Nebraska is nlnely-flife thousand miles greater
jj- than that of all the nou slaveliolding otales except California Oregon
Is nearly equal In extent to all New England, New York, Ponnayl
vania, Ohio, and Indiana. It is possiblo that New Mexioo and Mesilla
II will bo embraced iu one territorial organization by Congress at the
prcseut session, containing 288,000 square miles?exceeding all New
1 England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Wash
Ington exceeds in extent all New England and New York.
Seat of governStatcs.
meut. Time of holding elections.
Maine Augusta....... .2d Monday in Kcptcmbor.
New Hampshire Concord 2d Tuesday iu March.
Vermont Montpelier 1st Tuesday in September.
Massachusetts ,.Hoslon Tu. after 1st Won. in Nov.
Ithode island j } 1st Wednesday iu AprU.
Connecticut Hartford 1st Monday in April,.
New Vork Albany. Tn. alter IstMon. in'Nov.
New Jorsey.. Tronton Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov.
Pennsylvania Harrisburg 2d Tuesday in October.
Delaware Dover 2d Tuesday in November.
Maryland Annapolis ...... 1st Wednesday in November.
Virginia Richmond ..' 4th Thursday in May.
North Carolina Raleigh 1st Thursday in August.
South Carolina Columbia 2d Monday in October.
Georgia Milledgevtlle.... 1st Monday iu October.
Florida Tallahassee 1st Monday in October.
Alabama Montgomery.... 1st Mouday in August.
Mississippi Jacksoq, 1st .Monday in October.
Ioulsiona Baton Rouge.... 1st Monday In November.
Texas Austin 1st Monday in August.
Arkansas Liltlo Hock 1st Monday in August.
Tonnessee Nashville 1st Thursday in August.
Kentucky Frankfort 1st Monday in August.
Ohio ............... .Columbus 2d 'luesday in October.
Indiana Indianapolis 2d Tuesday in October.
Illinois HprtngOold Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov.
Missouri Jellerson City.. 1st Monday in August.
! Michigan I arising Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov,
1 Iowa Dos Mojnes City. 1st Monday in October.
t Wisconsin Madison....... Tu. after 1st Mon. in Nov.
| , California Sacramento Tu. after 1st Mon. in Sept.
Gov'r, Term
8taf>s. Governors Salary. termyr's. expiros.
M.in. Lot M Morrill $1,600 ...l....Jan. 1859
. New Hen,*tire Win. Hallo 1,000 ... 1... .June 1858
Vermont Ryland Fletcher 1,000 . ,,.1... .Oct. 1868
Massachusetts. . .Nathanl. P. Banks 8,600 ... .1. . .Jan. 1858
Rhode Island . .. Ellsba Dyer 1,000 1 May 1858
i Connecticut Alexander H Ilolley. 1,100 1 May 1858
Now York John A. King 4,000 2... Jan. 1860
New Jersey ffm. A. Newell., 1,800*....3... Jan. 1860
i Pennsylvania Win. F. Packer 3,000 .. .3... .Jan. 1861
Delaware Peter F. Causey 1,338)1 4 ...Jan. 1859
Maryland TbomasH. Hick* 3,600f .. .4.... Jan. 1861
l Virginia Henry A. Wise 5,000 ... 3. .. Jan. 1860
1 North Carolina. Thomas Bragg 3 060f. 2 Jan. 1859
' Bouth Carolina....R. F W. Alston 3,600 ...2....Dec. 1858
Georgia Joseph K. Brown ...... 3,000 .... 2 Nov. 1859
Florida Madison S. Perry 1,600 ........ .Oct. 1861
Alabama Andrew B. Moore 2,500 . . S Deo. I860
Mississippi Win McWIIlie 4,000 2. Jan 1860
Louisiana R. C WicklMTa 4,000 . 4 Jan. 1860
Stem H.O. Runnels . 3 000 2 Doc. I860
Atturn Ellas N. Conway . 1,800 . 4 .. .Nov. 1860
Tkilimil laham O. Harris 8,000 ....2. (<ct. 1869
Kentucky Charles P. Morehead. . 2,600 4 .. .Sept. 1859
Ohio Salmon P. Chase 1,800 2 Jan 1860
Michigan Kinsley 9. lltugham.... 1,000 2 .Jan. 1869
Indiana Ashhel P. Willard. l,500f. 4. Jan. 1861
I I Illinois .. Wm. H. Blssell 1,600 ...4 ...Jan. 1861
Missouri Robert M. Stewart 2,500f .. .4... .Nov. 1860
Iowa R.P.Lowe 1,000 . 4. ..Jan. 1860
Wisconsin Alex W Randall 1,260 .... 2.... Dec. 1867
California John B. Weller 6,000 . .2 Ian. 1860
Minnesota. .. Samuel Medary 2,600 . 4. Mar. 1861
Oregon Territory .George L. Curry .... 3,000 4 Aug. 1867
N Mexloo Ter'y Abraham Roncher. 8,000 ....4... 1861
Utah Territory.. Alfred Cutmnlngs 2,600 4 . July 1861
VashlngtnnTory Fayette McMull.n 8,000 4... .June 1861
Kansas Territory.J. W. Denver 2,600 ... 4 Joly 1860
i Nebraska Tar'y Wm. A Richardson .. 2,600 4 June 1861
Norn,?In all the states except South Carolina the governor Is voted
'' for by Uie people. and If no one has a majority of all the votes In the
, Hates In which such a majority Is required, the legislature electa to the
office of governor one of the candidates voted lor by the people
II *And fees. | Willi the uso of a furnished house.
T ON DON BOOKS.?Neauder'B History of Christian
1 J IWinaa 1 vol. SI2
Carpenter's Vegetable Physiology, 12.
I Hi Jeesets Anecdotes of Hogs, X vol., illustrated, II 26.
: '' I a. denary of Classical Quotation*, ?1 26.
hope'a Homer'* Ilbul with Flumes'* Illustration* II 26.
Peg*"* Homer'a Odytstsy with Flaxman's UluMttone, II 26.
Ranklo's Appllsd Mechanics, |:i
Military A l lux to Alison's History of En rope, $S
Phillips's Manual of (ionlogy, 12 M>.
Unethe's Wilhelm Mentor ? Apprenticeship, |1.
Sutton'* Dictionary of Photography, 12 26.
liebben's Dance of Death and Bible cut*, 12 26.
Memoir* of a>onl Orammoni and Char lee n, II.
History of King Arthur and of the Knight* of the Round Table, 8
vol*. ,|l 71
Heldenl Table Talk, II 26.
Arioato'* Orlando Furiosi, traualatod, with illustration*, 3 vol*.,
AM* OF 1J2NT ; by Rl Rev Wm Iagrabam Kip, D. D , Biehop
|1 > California 1 rol Tb cents
1Mb of Burn*, mostly by Thomas Garlyle. 1vol. 50 cent*
Ufa -and Teaching* at Sograles, from Orote'a History of Oreeee.
vol M OODtl
t life of Joan of Are ; Or, The Maid of Orleans, from Mtrhelets 111*
tary of France. 1 rot. 60 cent*
, , Bookstore,
I Mar 1 332 Pennsylvania arsnne, between #th and loth ala.
V.I// AKK lX(jk\ll-fJg ?IT WJMJIM.JVA J'(}gT
'The fireal ftotcrn Mall, frmu Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Y'orV,
llosioa, he , and Hun.ili. i<v, gfrirce at <lt?, ? 111 u<J P " >
tally ; and the null u> be sent lium Una oOUie, tu and by U??e
ptaoaa, wUI he closed, ar heretofore, at 2 auU 9 o'clock, u ni daily
The Hoothern Mall will b? clone.I hereafter dally at i'( and 9
.'clock, p. in.; and will he reoeWod, as heretofore, daily, by
.vioeh, a. ui , and a, p as.
The Second ttuleru Mall flume at w p. in., and the Uraat Weatoru
Mail cliwoa at 2, p. in., daily. The mail train* north of Philadelphia
are to arrive there In time to connect with the train for Baltimore
which brings tile Ureal Mall, to arrlre bare by ?>,, a. ni. No Baal
oru Mall la received at thin oMkc on humlay night, and no ((astern
Mail la aaat on Huuday uiornuip
The Mall for Norfolk and adjaceul places In Virginia In rioted ft 2,
p. in , neept Sunday : and la received all tlmea a week, with a mall
from Baltimore, Mil., by It, m.
The Mall from Uoorgokiwn, 1). C , la recaivod twiue dally, by S, a.
m., und 6, p. 1U-, and it is closed for that place at the same hours.
nil ?IM IIUU1 IHIUIIUIC, ?V., m>'.r U. IVIVI.m U>IIJ UJ O, |- III.,
and It to clwrd (or tliuw- places ut 0, p. m.
Auuapoln. Mail olosea at 2 and 0, p. to , dally.
Tlio Mail from Bruokvlllo, &c., Md., to recoivud dally, except Sua
day, by 5, p. in and closes for those placea by 0, p. m , dally
The Cblesvllle, Md , Mail cloaca Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,
at 0, p. in , and received Tuesday,Thursday, andtjalurday at I, p. m.
Upper Marlboro', kc., Md., received by 4, p. in., daily, and to
closed at 9, p m
Port Tobacco A*., Md., recclvod Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
by 5, p. m , closed Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 0, p. in.
Warreuton, Mlddleburg, Ac., Vs., received dally by 0, p.m.,
closed at 0, p. m.
Luesburg, Ac., Vs., received by aud closed at 0, p. in., Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday.
The porta go ou newspapers, and that on all printed matter ad
dressed to any foreign country, la required to be paid In advance
The office 1a opeu from 8 o'clock, a. ui.,to 8X o'clock, p. in., daily
except Sunday ; and on that day it l? open from 8 to 10, a. m , aud
from Hi to 7){, p. in.
* Port Tobacco dully ; other places on the route as above.
LOUrt, fur each half ounce, under 3,000 miles, prepaid, 3 cents;
ov> r 3,000 miles, prepaid, 10 cents All letters must be prepaid by
stamps, or enclosed In stamp envelopes, or they will not bo k>r
sra. ded.
TraiuuuU A'ewspapers, /'triodicaU, Circulart, tfc , to auy part of
the United States, uoi weighing over 3 ounces, 1 ceut, and 1 cent for
each additional ounce, prepayment required.
Hookt, prepaid, not weighing over 4 pounds, 1 cent per ounce for
my distance In the United States under 3,000 iiilloa, and 2 cento an
niiico over 3.000 lulles, prepay incut required. All fractions over the
sunce being counted as un additional ounce.
Ncwpapcrs and /'eriudicalt Dot exceeding 1)4 ounce In weight,
when paid quarterly In advance awl circulated In the State where published?Dully,
per quarter, TlX I 8'* times per week, 19)4, tri weekly,
3)4; semi-weekly, 0)4, weekly, 8)4; semi monthly, 1)4; monthly, \.
Newspapers and periodieato whea weighing 1), ounce, double the
above rates.
Small Newspapers, published monthly, or oftener, end pamphlota
not containing more than 10 octavo pages, iu packages of 8 ounces or
over, x c 'tit pel ouueo.
Weekly Nowspapors, within the county whore published, free
Quarterly payments, Iu advance, may be made either where published
or received.
To England,Ireland, and Scotland, (California, Oregon, and Washing
ton excepted,) 24 cents oz. From California, Oregon, or Washington,
20 cents X UT
To Frnnco and Algeria, by French mails, 16 cents X ox., 30 cents
X ox
To German States, by Prussian closed mall, 30 cents X "*
Do by French mull, 21 cents )4 oz , 42 cents ), ox.
Do by Uremeu mail, (except Bremen, Frankfort, Luxemburg,
Wurtemburg, Holland, and the Netherlands,)
16 cents U oz.
Do by Hamburg mail, except- Hamburg, Frankfort,
Luxemburg, Wurtemburg, Holland, and the
Netherlands,) 16 cents X ?*.
To Bremen, by Bremen mall, 10 cents % oz.
To Hamburg, by Hamburg mail, 10 cent* X 0/"
fo Frankfurt and Wurtemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 22
cents X o*.
To Luxemburg, by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 26 cents X "*
To Holland and the Netherlands, by French mail, ill cento Si 02., 42
ccute 02.
To Austria and ltd States, by IYussiau closed mail, .'10 cents )i 0*.
Do do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, ID cento }i oz.
Do do by French mall, 27 cento *4 07.., 64 cento
Si oz.
To Kussla, by Prussian closed mail, 37 cento Si oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 20 cento >4 02.
To Prussia, by Prussian closed mall, 80 cento Si oz.
Do by Bremen or lia..iburg mail, 16 cento Si oz.
Do by French mall, 21 cento Si oz., 42 ecuto Si oz.
To Sardinian States, by Prussian (fleeted mail, (18 cento >, 07..
Do by French mail, 21 cents Si 07., 42 cento % o*.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mall. 30 ecu to Si oz.
To Ixnnhardy, by Prussian closed mail, 33 cento Si oz.?prepaid.
Do by French mail, 27 cento *4 oz., 64 cento % oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 15 cento Si 07.
rn Parma and Modeoa, by Prussian closed mall, 83 cento Si oz.
Do do by French wail, 27 cento Si oz., 64 conU
>? oz.
Do do by Bremen or Hamb rp mall, 26 cento Si ?*To
Papal States aud Tuscany, by Prussian closed mail, 35 ccuts Si oz.
Do do by French mall,27 cento ,l4 oz., 64 cento
Do do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 28 ronto
}i o*.
To the Two Sicilies, by Prussian closed mail, 30 cento Si oz ? prepaid
Do by French mall, 30 cents *4 oz., Co cento Si oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 22 cento Si o?.?
To Spain, by French mull, 21 cento >4 oz., 42 cento }i Int.?prepaid.
Do by British mull, ria Southampton. 73 cents Si oz ?prepaid
To Portugal, by French mail, 21 cento '4 oz ,42 cento Si -?prepaid.
Do by British mail, via Southampton, 68 cento Si oz.?pte
To Deumark, by PressUm closed mail, 36conto Si "?
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 26 cento Si oz.
Do by French mall, 27 cento >4 oz , 64 cento Si ()Z
To Sweden, by Prussian closed mall, 42 cento Si c*
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mail, 33 cento Si oz.
Do by French mail, 33 cents '4 oz , 66 cento Si oz.
To Norway, by Prussian cawed mail, 46 cento Si oz.
Do by Bremen or Hamburg mall, 38 cento Si oz.
Do by French mail, 33 cents ,'4 oz., 66 cents Si ?*To
West India Islands, (not British,) except Cuba, Turk's bland, Carthagotia,
Honduras, flan Juan, (Nicaragua,) Santa Martha, Venezuela.
and Ft. Thomas, 34 cento Si oz. when- distance from mailing
office Is under 2,600 miles, and 44 cento Si ?z. when distance exreeds
2,600 miles?prepaid.
To Canada, New Brunswick, Cape Breton, Prince Edward's Island,
Nova Scotia, und New Foundland, 10 cento Si oz. when distauce is
not over 3,000 miles from Hue of crossing, aud 15 cento Si 01. li
distance exceeds 3,000 miles.
To Atptnwall and Panama, New Grapuda; and Mexico, 10 cento Si oz.
w hen distance does not oxcecd 2,600 miles, and 20 cents if distauco
('in 111i'? : 'id
I'o Bogota ami Buenaventura, New Grauada, 18 routs Si oz.?prepaid.
To Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chill, 34 cento Si oz.?prepaid.
To Peru, 22 cento Si oz. ? prepaid.
Co West Indies, British, fexcept Turks' blaud,) 10 cento Si oz. if distance
does not excoou 2,600 mile , and 20 cento S% oz. If distance
exceeds 2,500 miles?-prepaid.
foSuudwich Islands, New South Wales, and China, by mail to San
Francisco, tbouce by private ship, 10 cento Si 01.?.prepaid.
Note.?In all cases whore tbo word prepaid is not added, the prepayment
of the postage is optional with tho sender.
Okie of ucKame.
Sutc. Date of birth. cession.
Oticar I 8woden and Norway. July 4,1790 Mar. 8,1K41
Alexander II. . .Russia April 29,1818. Mar. 9,1868
Frederic VII . Denmark Oct. 0, 1808 Jan. 20, 1848
Victoria I Great Britain May 24, 1819 J'ne 20, 1887
William HI Holland or NoihorlandsFeb. 19,1817 Mar. 17, 1840
[aropokl I Belgium Dec. 16,1790. .July 21, 1881
I'red. Wm. IV Prussia Oct. 15, 1796 June 7, 1840
John Saxony Dec. 12,1601. Aug. 9, 1854
George V Hanover May 27, 1819 Nov.18, 1851
Fred. Francis. Mecklenburg Schwer . Feb. 28, 1823 Mar. 7,1842
George Vecklcnburg-Strelltx Aug. 12,1779 Nov 6,1816
Peter Oldenburg July 8, 1827. .Feb. 27,1853
William Brunswick April 25. 1806 Apr 25,1831
Adolptius Nassau . .July 24,1817 Aug.20, 1839
tin. Alexander Saxo Wdni Eisenach. June 24, 1818, July 8,1853
Ernest II Saxe Coburg Gotbn . June 21, 1818 Jan 29, 1844
Bernard . SoxeMelnlngeii Dec 17, 1800 .Dec.24, 1803
Kruesl Saxe Altenburg. Sept. 16, 1826 Aug. 3, 1853
Icopold AnhaR-Dcsaan Oct. 1,1794. Aug. 9,1817
Alexander .... Aiitaalt-Boraburg Mar. 2,1806 Mar 24,1834
Gunther Scbwarzburg Rudolst Nov. 6,1793 Apr . 28,1807
Gunttier 3< hwarxburg-Sonder'n Sept. 24,1801 Aug. 19,1835
Henry XX Rcubs, Elder Una June 29,1794 -Oct. 31, 1836
lloury LXV1I Reuse, Younger Line Oct. Sfi, 1789. J'ne 19, 1854
I pold IJp|ie Sept. 1,1821 Jan. 1,1851
George Ilpiat Schaumburg .. Dec. 20, 1784 Feb.18, 1787
Georgo Victor. Wahbck Jau 14, 1831. May 15, 1845
Ferdinand House lloiuburg April 26, 1783. Sept. 8,1848
Frederic* Baden Sept. 9, 1826 Apr 24, 1852
Frederic Wm. . Hesse Casscl Aug. 20,1802 .Nov.20,1847
louts III Hesse Darmatadt June 9,1806 J'ne 16, 1848
Aloyg 1 .Ichtcue bin May 26, 1796 Apr.20, 1836
William I AVnrtefnburg Sept. 27,1781 Oct. 30, 1816
Maximilian H . Bavaria Nov. 28, 1811 Mar. 21,1848
Fran. Joseph I Austria .,,, .Aug 18,1830 Dec. 2,1848
Napoleon III. France April 20, 1808 Dec 2,1852
DabellaH Spain Oct. 10, 1830 Sep 29,1833
Pedro Vf Portugal Sept. 16, 1887 Nov.15,1853
Vict Eman. 11 Sardinia Mar. 14,1620 Mar.28, 1849
leopnld II Tuscany Oct. 8, 1797 J'ne 18, 1824
Hubert Perinu July 9, 1848. Mar 27,1854
Francis V Modenaand Massa.... June 1, 1819. Jan.21, 1846
Pius IX States of the Church. May 13, 1792 .J'ne 16, 1846
Ferdinand II ..Two Sicilies Jan. 12,1810. Nor 8,1880
lithe I. Greece.. Juno 1, 1815 May 7,1832
Abdul Medjid .Turkey April 23,1823 July 2,1830
( has Monore Monaco Dec. 8,1818. J'ne 20,1856
The Grand Duke of Baden, Loots, born August 16, 1824, Is under
guardianship by reson of Insanity.
f Ills father, Ferdinand, husband of the late Queen, was regent un
in reptemDor 10,
CAMS, If*.
[KHrod from an ad </ Uu Corporation, approved March 30, 1842.]
Pnr It. And bi it enacted, That from and after the passage of this
act, the following rates of faro or rhargoa for the conveyance of per
nn? from one place to another In the c-tly of Washington, In hackney
carriages, cabs, or other vehlcloa, carrying passengers for pay or
hire, between dayhrrsk nnd eight o'clock p. m., ahalt not be exceed
ed?that la to nay, for oath any every pasacngur, fo{ a distance not
ovor one-ahd a-half mile, twenty five rents flir any dlaianoe oyer
one and a half milo, and not eiceedlug three mllea, fifty cenla ; fro
ruled, In caaa any hackney carriage, cab, or other vehicle, shall be
obtained Ibr a longer period than fire inlnntea, the driver thereof
shall he allowed fbr the whole hack, cab, or other r.hlcle, the earn
of twelre-aad-a half cent* for every fifteen minutes ao detained ; and
ror all conveyances or other detentions later than ? o'clock p. as.,
the owner or driver of hackney carrlagoa, caba, or other vehicles, may
demand and receive at the raleof fifty par ceutuu on the foregoing
Charges, la addition thereto.
' rheOrKnulMllonoftlic kueuiir* Urv?rtwcnli
or (be Uovernumt of the United States:
Tbe whole ami bluery employed to conduct til* bwalneea srWIng oat
X our foreign rclalluna with all the powers of tbe world l? for more
simple (lion l? generally oaneetvcd. The uamber employed lu the
Depai totaat X Male X the United Mateo u only seveateun, u fallow j:
One decretory of rush- (Uuti Luwu (aas.j uue .VooiaUul Secretary X
HUle, ellcm John J|iptrhja,) one chief clerk, twelve clerko, uue trans
laioe, ood una librarian.
bUptumuUc MramA Thte brooch X the Mete Department Ml
aliarge X ell i urree|mo>leuco between the department oud other di
p.uumUc egefiln X tbe United Melee abroad, eud thoee Xforeigu pow
re occreditad to Uue foToruamat la It all dtphunetn; IneUucUuae
sent from Ute department, and comoiumcatlaoe to coininleeiunere under
treatlae X bouudnrteo, he., era prepared, copied, and recorded; and
all of like char outer received aiw registered and Med, iteir cualeuu
being Orel entered in au analytic table or Index.
Consular lhanck - Thtt broach hoe charge X the oorreepondenoe,
he., beta eeu the dapartneanl and Me euuaule aad commercial agealo
of the United Maine. lu II luetructloaa to Ihuee officers, and anewera
to their despatches and to lettere from other pereona asking for consular
agency, or relating to consular affaire, are prepared and recorded.
The jntommng Agent ? ne nas warps or ail oorrospoodeiics and
oilier matter* connected with accounts relating to mi/ fuud with the
disbursement mf which the department is charged.
The Translator?Hi* duties are to furnish such translation* u the
department may require He also reoorda the commissions of consuls
ami rice consuls, wheu not in English, upon which exequatur* are
Clerk of Aj/poitUmmla ami Ommianoma.?He make* out and record*
c-'uniji... ioua, loiter* of appoiuUneul, and uominaUoua to the beuate;
make* out and record* exequaturs, and records, when In English, the
toinmissious du which they are issued. Has charge of the library.
Cl<rk of the Holla and Arckioc*.? He take* charge of the roll*, or enrolled
art* and resolution* of Congress, as they are received at the de
pertinent from tho President; prepare* the authenticated copies thereof
a hich are called fbr; prepar* Ibr, and superintend* their publication,
and that of treaties, in the uewt i**pers and in book foriu, attends te
their distribution throughout the United Htates, snd that of all docu
uteut* and publications in regard to which this duty is assigned to the
dei?urtmeut; writing and answeriug all letters connected therewith.
Uao charge of all Indian treaties, and business relating thereto.
Clerk A u/hmfv atbmt and Ct/pyrighls?Ho ha* charge of the
seals of the United States and of the department, and prepares aud
Attaches certificates t<> paper* presented for authentication; receives
and accounts for tho foes Has charge of publications transmitted to
the department under the laws relatiug to copyrights; records and indexes
their title*; records all letters from the deparliueut, other than
the diplomatic and oousular.
Clerk of Pardons and Pauports- He prepares and records pardons
snd remissions; and registers and tiles the petitions mid paper* on
which they are founded Makes out and record* passports; keeps a
dally register of all letters, other than diplomatic and consular, received,
and of the disposition made of them; prepares letters relating
to this business.
ATTOk.VST OKimUL'* optics.
Hon Jeremiah S. Black, Attorney General of the United State*; A 11.
McCaliuout, esq., chief clerk. The ordinary business of this oll\ce may
be da-silled under the following heads:
1. official opinions on the current business of the government, as
called for by the Prosideut, by uny head of department, or by the Solicitor
of the Treasury.
2. Examination of the titlrs of all land purchased, us tho site* of
arsenals, custom houaes, light houses, and all other public works of
the United State*.
3. Applications for pardou* in all case* of conviction In the courts
th. I i state*.
4 Application* for appointment in all the judicial snd legal business
of the government.
6. The conduct und argument of all suits in the Supreme Court of
the United States in which the government is concerned.
0. The supervision of all oilier suits arising in any of the departments
wheu referred by the bead thereof to the Attorney Gonerul.
To these ordinary heads of tho business of the office are added at
the present tuno the follow ing, vlS:
hirst. The direction of all uppeals on land claims in California.
Second. The codification and revlsiou of the laws of the District o?
Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Hon. Jacob Thompson,
ot the State of Mississippi. Its clerical force consists of one chief
clerk, (Moses Kelly, esq.,) two disbursing clerks, and tuu other regular
clerks; and to its supervision and management are committed the
following branches of tho public service:
1st. The Public Laiuli. The chief of this bureau is called the Commissioner
of the General Laud Office. The Land Bureau is charged
with the survey, management, and sale of the public domain, and tho
issuing of titles therefor, whetlier derived from confirmation* of grants
made by former governments by sales, donations, oi grants lor school*,
military bounties, or public improvements, and likewise the revislou
of Virginia military bouuty land claims, and the issuiug of scrip in
lieu thereof. Tho land Office, also, audits its own account*. The
preseut Commissioner is Hon. T. A. Hendricks, of Indiana. Its principal
officers ure u recorder, chief clerk, principal clerk of surveys,
besides a draughtsman, assistant draughtsman, and some 160 clerks
of various grades.
2d. 1 'ensinnt. -The preseut head of this bureau Is George C.
Whiting, of Virginia. The commissioner Is charged with the exurni
nation and adjudication of *11 claims arising under the various and
numerous laws passed by Congress granting bounty laud or pensions
for the military or naval services In the revolutionary and subsequent
wars In which the Hutted State* have beon engaged. Ho has one
chief clerk, (S. Cole, esq.,) and a permanent corps consisting of some
ninety other clerks.
3d. Indians?Commissioner of Iudian Affairs, Charles E. Mix, of
Georgetown, P. C. He is provided with a chief clerk and about fifteen
other subordinate clerks.
4th. Patent Office. To this bureau is committed the execution and
performance of all "acta and things touching ami respecting the grant.
Ing and issuing of patents for new and useful discov cries, inventions,
and Improvements" the collection of statistics relating to agriculture;
the coiiecUiMi uud distribution of seuds, plants, and cuttings. It has a
chief clerk?who is by law the uctlng Commissioner of Patents in
the absence of the Commissioner? twelve principal, and nv<*iv< ils
t.i r < ; paP-nt , .,<?nic do/.-n Kubordinato permanent
clerks, bookie* a considerable number of tetn|H>rury employees. Hon.
Joseph Holt is the Commissioner, and Samuel T. Shngort, esq., Chief
Clerk. ?
Bo.-ideg these four principal branches of this new executive department,
the organic act of 1849 transferred to it from the Treasury Department
the supervision of the accounts of the United States marshals
%pd attorneys, jpul the olcrks of the United States courts, the manage
mont of the lead ftiul other mines of the United States, and the affaire
of the penitentiary of the United States in tho District of Columbia; and
from the State 1 apartment the duty of hiking and returning tho conBuses
of tho United States, and of supervising uml directing the acts of
the Commlssiouer of Public Buildings. The iiospital for tho insane of
the army aud navy and of the District of Columbia is also under the
I management of this department; in addition to which, by laws rol
ceutly passed, the Secretary of the Interior is charged with tho con.
| structiou of the three wagon roads leading to tho Pacific coast.
The department requti e? an additional building fbr its accommoda
lion, and tho erection of one has boon repeatedly recommended during
tho last few years for that purpose. At present tho Poindon Office is I
provided with rooms in what is known as "Winder's Building," while
tho other branches of the department, including tho Secretary's Office,
are all crow ded into the Patent Office building, the w hole of which |
will be required at an early day for tho use of the Patent Offlco, for !
which It was originally intended.
The Treasury Department consist* of the offices of the HecroUry of
the Treasury, two comptrollers, commissioner of tho customs, six auditors,
treasurer, register, solicitor, light house board, aud coast survey.
lhe following is a brief indication of the duties of these several offices,
aud of the force employed therein, respectively :
See rdory'i1 Office.-- Hon. Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treasury,
Hon. Philip Clayton, Assistant Secretary; ono engineer in charge; one
architect, and three draughtsmen temporarily employed, ami twentythroe
clerks. The Secretary of tho Treasury Is charged with the general
supervision of the fiscal transactions of tho government, and ol the
execution of the laws concerning the commerce aud navigation of the
United Slates, lb- i upermtejids the survey of tho CoaM, the !:: !?! hotiBi
establishment, the marine hospitals of the United States, and the conat
ruction of certain public buildings for custom houses and other purposes.
Pirtt Comptroller's Office.--Hon. William Medill, Comptroller, and
Mleffil MdL i i 1 ; ffiffi mode of keoping and rendering accouuts
for the civil and diplomatic service, as well as tho public lands,
aud revises and certifies tho balances arising tb<reou.
Second Comptroller's Office. J M. Cults, esq., Comptroller, and
Seventeen clerks. He prescribes the mode of keeping and rendering
tho accounts of the army, navy, and Indian departments of the
public service, and revises and certifies the balances arising thoreon.
Office qf Commissioner effi the Custom*.?Sauiuel Ingham, esq
Commissioner, and eloven clerks. Ha proscribes tlm mode of keeping
and rendering the accounts of the customs revenue and disburse^
incuts, and for the bnilding and repairing custom-houses, Ac., aud revises
and certifies the balances arising thereon.
First Auditor's Office?Thomas L. Smith, esq., First Auditor, and
nineteen clerks. Ho receives and adjusts the accounts of the customs
revenue and disbursements, appropriations and expenditures on oc
count of the civil list ami under private acts of Congress, and reports
i1. l..ihiu to the rnnuni- -ion.T < ! tlieCmtem ami lb. KirM < ??niptroiler,
respectively fbr their decision thereon
Second Auditor's Office.?Thomas J. D. Fuller, Second Auditor, and
twenty one clerks. Ho receives and adjusts all accounts relating to
ng, and recruiting of tho army, as well a* armories,
arsenals, and ordnance, and all account* refilling to the Indian depart
mont, aud reports the balances to the Second Comptroller far his decision
Third Auditor's Office -Robert J. Atkinson, esq., Third Auditor,and
ovefey-eight clerks, lie receives and adjusts all account* for sub
sistence of the army, fortifications, Military Academy, military roads,
and the Quartermaster's department, as woll as for pensions, claims
ftr ' : t'f. *:i V V , , pi'mtm to 1 Ki ?'\ and for hor-m? ni.-l
other property lost In the military service, under various acts of Oon
gross, and reports the balances to tho Second Comptroller for his decision
Fourth Auditor's Office ?AaronO. Dayton, esq , Fourth Auditor, and
sixteen clerks. He receive* and adjust* sll accounts for the service of
mo navy iw?pj*ronem mm %? hip w m? ncwmu xwnp
IroUcr for htH decision thereon I
Fifth Auditor's OJJU*.- -Murray llcCennel, esq., Fifth Auditor, and
ix dorks. Ho receives nnd adjusts all accounts for diplomatic and
similar services performed under the direction of tho State Depart
mcnt, and reports tho balances to the Jf irat Comptroller A?r his doclsion
fixMh Auditor's Offict.- Dr. Thorns* M Tats, auditor of tho Treat
ury for the Post office Department, and one hundred and fourteen
clerks. He receive* and adjusts all accounts arising from the ser
rice of the Foal Office Department. His decisions are final, unless an
appeal be taken in twelve months to the First Comptroller. He roper
intends the oollection of all debts due tha l*ost Office Department, and
*11 tmniLiiina nnii forfoiturtw wtiwed on nostmasters and mail con
traruwu for falling to do their duty ; he directs suits and legal prnooed
Inge, civil and criminal, and taken all euch measures as may bo authorised
by law to cuforce the prompt payment of moneys due to the
department ; Instructing TThitod Stab" attorneys, marshals, and clerks
In all matters relating thereto , and receives returns from each term
of the United Skates courts of the condition and progress of such suits
and legal proceedings , has charge of all lands and other property
assigned tothe Uuilod Wales In payment of debts due the Cost tifflce
Department, and has power to sell and dlapcws of lha same for the
l-eoofit of the United States
TrMuvrrr't OjRsv -ftsmnel Casey, esq., Treasurer, snd thirteen
clerks tie reoelvee and keepa Uie moneya of the United Slates In bia
own nffloe, and that of the depositories crested by the art of the #th of
August, IMA, aod peys out the same upon warrants draan by the
Secretary of lbs Treasury, onn'erslgnsd by the First Comptroller, and
upon warrants drawn by the Postmaster Osneral, and countersigned
I >>" tail. V I",.. . r. r. . . r.tcd M the Ib-glster .Ms
puliUo moneys advanced by warrant to dlaboralng officers, and pnya
out the same upon their checks
KffOUr'i Of**? Flnley Rigger, esq., Register, and twenty nine
clarks He keeps the aooeunta of public receipts and expenditures;
receives lbs returns and makes out the official statement of commerce
snd navigation of the United States, snd receives from the First
Comptroller and DummiesInuer of Cnetoma all accounts an.l vouchers
dCftdad by ham, sad is shargod bylaw with their saJb-kvoptag.
"#?*.?M>Jb Jurtue IHUjor, Mk-K?r u4 at* elarke. 1
He auperiabrna* >11 did *uil? commenced by Iha United Melee, tm '
teyd tkum artemg < IA* tjdke A?>i?ih?ii|,; and luairthMl lb* Cat 1
led MaM tuuiMyi, manhaM, ad alert. a all Mini Ml**- * u. |
lb i'ii i nud their result*. Ha raaba) return* bom each teri* of she ,
United Male# oourta, showing Iha program and cuudttiou of aiah ?*N* ; |
baa charge of all land* and other property aaalguwl to the United
HUM* III layoMat of del**, (?n**t llw *i tfaadla payaaeal fdt>4i
dm lb* fiat CMka D^artatml,) and baa pwn M **U and twpmi af |
the name for the benefit of the (Jolted Met**
btrtf Hum* hoard.?Hon Howell Cobb, Secretary of the Treaaury, I
ea efhde, president. Coot. W H Khobrtck, United data nary, chair
man, Major A H Ifc.wmaa, oerpe of engineer*, tailed Male army, 1
l-fl A. A. Huiaphrnea, Untied aula* army . Prut A. 0 Bacbe, Sutler
luteuleat of Qawt Survey, Prof Jueeph Henry, aecretnry of Hmllh I
euoian lnatttuUon; Commander K. f). TMoo, United Melee navy. I
Commander Tboruton A Jeuktne, l ulled Malta navy, and Captain j
Wm. It. trankiln, Untied Mate* nrtuy, eooretnrtea, and Ira alert*
Thl* hoard direct* the building tad rupalrtng of light hounca, light I
reaaalt, buoy*, tud In*none, ouatrac* fbr lupplir* iif oil, he.
Mha* Cuah har*??Pruhmnr A. a Heche, U. D , aaperMteudetn
and auperlnlendent of weight* mad meanure*
Opt WUllaiu K Palmer, corpa topographical euglueere, United
Matte Army, In oharge id the Chart Surrey trttoe , Haul A. 8 Hill,
Uuttod Matee Arm/, MMel.nl
A W Hueaell, chief clerk.
C. B. Boow, In charge of archleee
Prtdbeaor A. (1. Pendleton, United Stale* navy, computer of luagl
I ado*.
AaMntout Clias A. tklioU, la charge of computing division
Assistant L. Y Pourtah-s, Ui cLarge of Udal division.
LAaut. J. C. Ttdbal), United Htstes army, hi charge at drawing <11
Lloui. daaloai, United Mates army, la charge of engraving <ttvt
.Samuel Haiti. disbursing agent.
George Math lot, elec-trotypfei
Jueuph boxlua, assistant to superintendent of weight* aud measures.
ruwr omn oKVAimuaT.
Am. Joseph Holt, Pueimuster General. The direction and man
ageuieut of the Post Office Department are assigned by the const!
tutlou and lawn to Che Postmaster General. That lie business may be
the more oouveuionlly arranged and prt-paied for hi* final action, It la
distributed among several bureaus, aa follows: Tho Appointment Of
Ace, in charge of the First Asstataut Postmaster General, the Contract
Office, lu charge of the Second Assistant Postmaster Geueral, the Klnanoe
Office, In charge of the Third AsaisUut Postmaster General; and
the Inspection Office, in charge of the chief clerk.
AyttutnimctU Office. ? Horatio King, esq , Klrat Assistant Postmaster
General, and nineteen clerks. To this otlice are assigned all questions
which relate to the establishment and discontinuance of post offlros,
changes of slivH and names, apjH>intiuvnt and removal of luMtinxitor-i
and route and local agents, as, also, tho giving of Instructions to postmasters.
Postniu.-Uvrs are furnished with marking and rating stamps
and letter balances by this bureau, which I* charged also with providing
blanks aud Stationery lor the use of the de|iurtmont, and with
the su|>erimcudeuce of tho sever*! agencies established for supplying
postmasters with blanks, To this bureau is likewise assigned the s>u!
per vision of the oceau mail steamship linos, and of the foreign and lujj
toruaUouul postal arrangoments.
Contract Office.?William II Dundss, esq., Second Assistant Postmaster
General, aud tw enty-six clerks. To thin office is assigned the bust
uess of arranging the mull service of tlie Unite*! Status, and placing the
Huino under contract, embracing all correa{>oudwuoe and pruoeediugs
respecting the frequency of trips, inodo of conveyance, and times ol' de
partures and arrivulg on all the routes ; the course of tho moil between
the different sections of the country, the (mints of mail distribution, and
the regulations for the government of the domestic mail service ol the
United fftatM. It prepares the advertisements for mail proposals, re
celves the bids, and takes charge of the annual and occasional mail lettings,
and tho adjustment and execution of the contracts. All applications
for the establishment or alteration of mail arrangemouts, and the
appoiutineut of muil messengers, should ho sent to this office. All
1 ui:: . Iiould be submitted to it for transportation service not under
coutract, as the recognition of aaid service u ffrst to be obtained through
the Contract Office as a necessary authority for the proper credits at
the Auditor's Office. From this office all i>ostmasters at the ends of
routes receive the statement of mall arrangements prescribed for the
respective routes. It reports weekly to tho Auditor all contract* executed,
and all ordors affecting accouuls for mail transportation; pro
pares the statbtical exhibits of tho mail service, and the reports of the
mall letting!, giving a statement of each bid; also, of tho contracts
made, the new service originated, the curtailments ordered, aud the
additional allowances grunted within the year.
Finance Office.?A. N.Zevely, esq., Third Assistant Postmaster Gen
oral, aiul twenty one clerks. To this office are a?sigued tho super
vision an<4 management of the financial business of the department,
not devolved by law upon the Auditor, embracing accounts with the
drall offices aud other depositaries of the department, the Issuing of
warrant* and drafts tu payment of bulanocs reported by the Auditor
to be due to mail contractors and other persons, the supervision of
the accounts of offices uudcr orders to dcposilo their quarterly hal.
uncos at designated points, and tho superintendence of the rendition
by pohtmusters of their quarterly returns or postages. It has charge
of the dead-letter office, of the issuing of {Hietage stamps aud Hlnu\ped
envelopes for the pre payment of postage, aud of the uccounts con
uectod therew ith.
To the Third Aindstant P<wtnm*tor General all postmasters should
l iters reporting quarterly the not proceed* of their office*; and those
at depositing offices. their certificates of deposite; to hiin should also
be directed the weekly aud monthly returns of the depositaries of the
department, as well as all applications and receipt* for postage stamps
and stamped envelopes, and for dead letters.
Inspection Office. -BenJ. N.Clement*, esq., chlefclerk, and seventeen
? lerks. To this office is assigned the duty of receiving and examining the
registers of the arrivals and departures of the mails, certificate* of the
mrvlce of route ngents, and reports of mail fhilures; of noting the delinquencies
of contractors, and preparing case* thereon for the action
t'the Postmaster General; furuiahing blanks for mail registers, aud
reports of mail failhres; providing and sending out mail-hags and
i.tall lock* and keys, and doing ail other thing* which may be ueces
nary to secure a faithful and exact iierthrinaiice of all mail contract*.
All cases of mail depredation, of violation of law by private expresses,
or by the forging or illegal use of postage stumps, are under
the supervision ol this office, and should bo reported to it.
AH communications respecting lost money, letter*, mail depredal
tions, or other violations of luw, or mail locks aud keys, should be di
reeled " Chief Clerk, Post Office Department."
All registers of the arrivals aud departures of the (nails, oorlllloatos
of the service of route agents, report* of mail failures, applications
l >r blank registers, and reports of failurcft, and all complaints against
ontractor* for irregular or imperfect service, should be directed 44 Inspection
Office, Post Office Department."
Tlio Nsvy Department consists of the Navy Department proper, being
the office of the Secretary and of five bureaus attached thereto, viz:
Bureau of Navy yard* arid Dock*, Bureau of Construction, Equipment,
?:id Repair. Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, Bureau of Ordnance and
Hydrography, and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.
The following is a Htatement of the duties of each of these offices and
of the force employed therein:
Secretary's Office.? Hon Isaac Touccy, Secretary of the Navy; Charles
\V. Welsh, esq., chief clerk, and eleven clerks. The Secretary Of the
Navy has charge of everything connected with tho naval establishment,
aud tho execution of all law* relating thereto is intrusted to him,
under the general direction of the President of the United States, who, j
by tho constitution, is commander in chief of tho army aud navy, j
All instruction* to commanders of squadron* f\nd commanders of |
vessels, all orders of officers, commission* of officer* both in the j
navy uud iparpie wt>s, appointments of commissioned and warrant j
officers, order* for the enlistment and discharge of seamen, oniauato ;
from the Secretary'* office. All tho ilutto* of tho different bureaus aro :
performed under tho authority of the Secretary, and their orders are
considered as emanating from him. The gonerul HUjtcrintendeiico of
tho marine corps forms, also, a part of the duties of the Secretary, and
all tho ordors of the commandant of that corps should bo approved by
Bureau cf Xary Y'ard* and Docks.?Com rami ore Joseph Smith, chief
of the bureau, four clerk*, one civil engineer, and one draughtsman.
Ail the navy-yards, docks apd wharves, buildings and machinery In
navy yards, and everytuuig immediately couuoctod with them, arc
under tho superintendence of this bureau. H is also charged with the
muuagement of the Naval Asylum.
Bureau of Construction, Equipment, and Jtcjxiir.?John Lent hull, esq.,
chief of the bureau, eight clerks, aud one draughtsman. The oftoe of
tho eugiueer in chief of the navy. Samuel Arch bold, esq., Is attached to
thuj bureau, who is assisted by threeassistant engineer*. Th'.s bureau
has charge of the building and repairs of all vessel* of war, purchase
of materials, and the providing <>f all vessols with their equipments,
a.* sails, anchors, water-tanks, &o. The etigiueer-ln chief superintends
tho construction of all marine atoam engines for the navy, and, with
the approval of the decretory, decides upon plans for their construction.
Bureau cf Provisions and Cltfhxvg.?II. Bridge, purser United States
| navy, cnior or mireau, ana rour cicric*. au provisions ror mo use 01 j
tlie navy, and clothing, together with the making of Contract! for fur
| lushing the sauio, coma under the charge of tills bureau.
Bureau ttf Ordnan*. and Hydrography.?Capt. Dunrau Ingraham,
chief of bureau, four clerks, and one draughtsman. This bureau has
charge of all ordnance and ordnance stores, tho manufacture or purI
chase, of cannon, guns, powder, shot, shells, Ac., and the equipment
of venae Is-of-war, with everything connected therewith. It also provides
them with maps, charts, chronometers, barometer!, Ate., together
with such books us are furnished flu Da uf-war. " The United
.States Naval Observatory and Hydrr^ruphiivaf Office'' At Washington,
and the Naval Acadorqv ut AuiWPota, aro also under the general su
jHTiutendeuco of the chief of this bureau.
| Bureau effi Medicine and Surgery.?Dr. WtllUun Whclan, surgeon Unf
ted States navy, chief of bureau; one passed assistant surgwn Uuited
j States navy, and two clerks. Everything relating to mwdiciucs and
inodical stores, treatment of sick and wounded, and management of
hospitals, comes within the superintendence of this bureau.
Hon. J. B. Floyd, Secretary of War; W. R. Drtnkard, chief clerk,
seven subordinate clerks, two messengers, and four watchmen. Ilia
oliowlof bureaus art Attached to this <lopartment:
Commanding Get>ieraVt Office -This office, at tho head of which la
lieutenant General Scott, is at New York.
Atljutant General11 Office ?Col. Samuel Cooper, Adjutant General j
Assistants- Brevet Major K. I>. Towmend, Brevet Capt. B. Williams, j
and Brevet Capt J. P. Garesche. Judge Aflvoosts, Brevet Major John j
F. Let; uiue clerks and one rpcuougor. In this office arc kept all '
the records which refer to the personnel of tho army, thu rolls, Ac. j
It is here where all military commissions are made out.
Quarlen*a*Ler General'? Office. Brevet Major General T S. Jesup,
quartermaster general Assistant* Odonol C Thomas, Captain M. H
Miller, ami Brevet Major J Relger; eleven clerks and one messenger. I
/laym(Ufer General's o flier. rol. B I'\ far nod, pav master general;
Major T.J. lies He, district paymaster; eight alerks and one mexsen- |
Commissary General'i Office. Gsn. Gesrge Gibson, commissary gen
oral; assistant, Captain M. D I.. Simpson, six clerks and one mcasen- .
Surgeon General*t Office- Gen. Thomas Tawson, surgeon general; !
amdstant*, Dr. R. C. Wood and Dr. O. K Woo?l; three clerks.
Knginerr Office General Joseph 0 Totten, chief engineer, assistant,
Captain H O Wright, five clerks and one messenger.
T>fwgmphieal lliiiii ifW J. J Abert, colonel of the corps, as
listaiit, Captain J. C. Woodruff; four clerks and one messenger
dipt. Wm. Maynadler, eight clerka ami one messenger. '
House'* Printing Telegraph, Nation*! Hotel, rnlraace on Sixth
street, one door north of Pennsylvania avenue To New York, via
IViltlmore. PhtlH<tol|ihi.i, and Intermediate points, connecting at Mew
York with the Kaatorn hue to St. Julius, and the Western Inma to New
Magnetic Telegraph. National Hotel, corner of Sixth ulreet and
Pennsylvania avenue. To New York, ronnertlng aa above with the
extreme Kaat and Weat.
Southern Telegraph, National Hotel To New Orleana, na Alcxan
dria, Richmond. Aoguala, aud Mobile, and Intermediate p<itate, limlu
ding all the principal e?whoard eftlea,
Weatern Telegraph, (Vnaaylvanta areanc, between With and 8av
eulh atroeta, over uUmaa'adrug atora. To Wheeling and Intermediate
polnta. ronnertlng with all the Weatern and N'ortbweatam Itnee.
Jfa#ar?Mmm a Barry*
?!?< ? -Wtlttan. Morgan.
Vbrtnation AUunmt Juue. M. Ckrltala. J
Ceewwiowr ./ Health t'barlra C hna, M. P.
Thx CI?it?WttHiun J IHwubu
y J Klupfar.
<Wlattw?Jwm i lUUdajr. I'Mrta S-rt'~n Ommiy aaJ Wlldatt
'8. wrnumn
*ir?8>?r-WUIU? Purajik.
?un?i? ma aoiao o? ?aim
Six* Word?Dr. P. C. Davis, J. B H HtuUta, ?M|.
SomhJ ITonl?Ur. 8 K. Stocg, Juuut K I runs win, anq.
Third WarB -Dr. W U Palmar, Joaaf* Bryan ma
/Wrtt Want?I* W. P. Johnston, Praacta Molina, sag.
t\ftk Ifonl 1* 0 MoTby, J. P ln^lu o^.
Matt Ward- Ur P. 8. Walnb, John I>. Brandt, oaq.
0?mitk Want?lir. J K Morgan, Usury A. darks, ?*
aruincAiuai jo rcmnaii auiin ivi ran ruoa.
Mrrt Ward David 0. Ridg.ly
feml Ward- Andrew W. Hafbaa
Tkinl Word?Yalsuuur HarbauyU.
MmrtA Word Jamoa N Cnllan,
>\lh Ward -J. B. Wdluat
rruru juiuub l/. vwduch
Stmtnlh Ward~D. B. Clarke.
First Ward ltaillp C. Davie, M D.
Stand Ward-J W H I^vojojr, M D.
Third Ward Aioorge M. Dale, M D.
tUtrih Ward?J. M Touer, M. D.
Fifth Ward?J. M Oryinee, M D.
JfutfA Ward-J. M. I to bur in, M D.
? ? <* IFo/tL-J k. Willett, k. D.
buakd of aii-nmjmetf.
First Ward?O?o W Klgga and Win. T. Dove, (proaideat,)
Second H ard?Thouiaa MlUer and i'bumo* J. Ftaber
Third Wkrd -Thoinaa Douoho and Joseph F. Browu.
Fnsrtk Ward? Wm. W Moore and Kraut** Mohun.
Ffth Ward ?Edmund Harry mail C. W. C. Duanlugtoa.
Sixth Ward Robert Clarke end Aaron W. Miller.
Seventh Ward?John L. Smith and l'eter M.
Secretary to the Board? Cruemud J. Mlddleton.
Messenger Jact?b Klelber.
onMirtM or thm boabd or Awwtaaa.
On JbSnance?Me*t>ra. BDtge. Drown, and Smith.
Improvements Mener*. T Miller, Moore, and Pearson.
J'olicr. MOntra. Mohun, Barry, and Smith.
Claims ?Meaara. Barry, Hruwu, and Pearson.
Schools?Mo8Hr8. Donoho, Dmiiilji^ton, and Clark.
Fire Department? Meaara Fisher, llarry, and A. W. Miller.
Elections?Meaara. Moore, FHher, and Clark.
Drainage, Seioeragt, and Distribution of Water- ?Meaara. Bro*?n,T.
Miller, and Pearson
On Unfinished Business - Moesra. A. W. Miller, Dunnlngton, and
Joint o>m Miriam On the Asylum?Messrs. Moore, Donoho, and
A W Miller.
Health of the City? Messrs. T. Miller, Mohun, aud Clark.
('anal?Messrs. Brown aud reason
W tun ves Messrs. Donoho and Smith
Enrolled Bills?Mr. Moore.
Accounts of Register?Mr. Barry.
Money Transactions if the Curjtoratum?Mr. RigK*
Eligibility ff Assessors?Messrs. A. W. Miller, Fisher, and Smith.
To Count and Destroy Due Bills Mr Fisher.
To Attend to the Interests of the Corporation before Congress?Meesrs.
Dunuluglou, Kiggs, aud Clark.
hoakl) or winnow council.
First Ward?Charles Abert, (preaident,) John B. Turlou, and
Souihey S. Parker
Second Ward?Win Or me, Grafton Powell, and Charles S. Jones.
Third Ward?Wm. <?. Palmer, Lambert Tree, and Christopher S.
F/urth Ward Btopheu D. Castle man, Elijah Edmonatou, and Win.
P. Mohun.
Fifth Ward-?William A. Mnlloy, Wm. F. Wallaoe, and T. Van Res
wi? k
.Sixth War J George A. Bohrer, Franklin S. Ober, and John II. Run
Seventh Ward Thomns E. IJoyd, Charles Wilson, and Thomas
Secretary - William A. Kennedy.
Messenger?William Q. Locke.
connirrmH or tiik bo aud or common comm.
On Ways and Means?Mature. Jonea, Turton, Troe, Oaatleman, Van
Rcawick, Ober, aud IJoyd.
On Imvrovemenis?Messrs. Tnrton. Van Keswick. Orme. O'Hare.
Mohuu, Russell, and Lloyd.
On Claim* ?Meesrtn Powell, Mohuu, and Wilson.
On Vofinished Murines* -Messrs. Palmer and Mllatoad. J
On Elation*Wallace, Ober, and Wilson. 1
On Police ?Messrs. Mullny, O'Hnre, Parker, Powell, Castle man, H
Rohrer, and Lloyd. *
Canal$?Messrs. Castleman, Orme, Ober, Van Keswick, Parker,
and Ml Ulead. *
Schools- Messrs. Tree, Turton, Powell, Mobun, Wallaco, Bohror, J
.m l I.loyd.
hire Department -Messrs. Parker, Kdmon?ton, and MiUtead
Drainage, dc.?mohhtm. Palmer, Orme, Turlou, Mobun, Mulloy,
rubboii, and Wilson. !
Corporation before Congress?Messrs. Jones, Mohun, 1 Joyd, and Tree. v
Joint comkimtmh. Washington Canal?Meesrs. Cattleman and 11
Van rob wick.
On Money Transactions with .Corporation?Mr. Jones. P
Asylum?Messrs. Turton, Jonos, Wallace, and MiUtead.
Count awl Destroy Due Bill*?Mr. Kdinoueton.
Register of Accounts?Mr. Bohrer.
HrAanvj--MettHra. Orme, Castlcmun, and Russell.
Health of the. City?Messrs. Paluier, Parker, Wilson, and Mulloy.
Enrolled Mill* Mr. Tree.
Eligibility of Assessors?Messrs. Wallace, O'Hare, Parker, and Kd
oomml-uuo.nxr8 of 1 mkrovkmk.n if. First
District?Joseph K. Rawllngs. j,
Second District?R. B. Owens. t]
Third District?Stephen Coster. ^
Fturth District?Samuel 8. Taylor.
board of tiu btkjw of tu* public fcuioolp. hi
First District?William B. Randolph, (president,) Roger B. Ironside, l<
and A. 11. Stoughton. H
Second District - Erasmus M. Cbaplu, James Laureuaou, and u
Mitchel H Miller. M
Third District?John D. Brandt, William F. Price, and Frauds 8 *
Fourth. IHstrict -J. K. Willett, Frederick Whyte, and Samuel
Yorke Atl.ee.
Secretary to the Board -Robert Ricketti. fl
Treasurer?Valentino Harbaugb.
omricxRfi of tub asylum, bto.
Iatendant if the. Asylutw-"Johu R. Queen.
J*hy*irian to the Asylum?I)r. W. II. Berry.
Commissioners of the Asylum?George W. Kmerson, George Mattingly,
aud lj*onnrd Harbaugb.
Secretary to the. Commissioners?John H. Noycs.
Commissioner of the. Eastern Section of the Carnal Charles C. fcdeliu.
Commissii.ner of the. Western Section of the Canal? William Wise.
Commissioners of the West Burial Ground?Joaoph Borrows, Tbos.
P. Morgan; August Miller,sexton.
Commissioners of the East Burial Ground? John I). Brandt, George
W. Oyster; Johu O'Nealo, sexton.
Inspector of Flour and Salted Provisions?Jos. Lyons.
Hunger and hupecO/r?Floriun Ultz.
Sealer of Wdgktt and Measure*?Hiram Richoy.
Inspector of Fire Apparatus?John W. Martin.
l.nsi'bctors axd mkabuhjum. f<
Inspectors and Measurersof Lumber?Peter Gsllaut, Wm. Douglas, 44
Samuel R. Beyer, Thomas W. Burch, and 8. F. Gates. K'
Measurers of Grain, Bran, dx.?John Wilson for the flrst district ^
and J. %. Williams for the second district. tl
Wood and Coal Measurers? Joau\A\ Z. Williams, Ham. C. Mickuin, n
Richard AViuisalt, John Cumberland, and Wm. P. l)rury 0
ulkiu1m and OOMVliMIOVKSS of makjucts. c'
Clerk of Centre MQrtm Jwu Waters; Joseph Lyons, aoelsUuit. j
Clerk of Eastern Market?Sylvester F. Gates.
Clerk of Western Market William Walker. c|
Clerk of Northern Market?George I). Spencer. u
Oommiuwmrt of the Centre Market?William Or me, Hudson Taylor, tj
and Buckncr Bay fin a.
Commissioners of the Western Market?William H.Walker and Wll jl
liam Brown
(ksmmissionert if the Northern Market?Jamoa T. Devlue and Theo
dure ShockoU*.
Commissioners of Die Eastern Markst-~G. W. Johnson and Francis
Pint Ward?WilliJinn Riggle.4.
Second Ward?John T. blew art. ^
Third Ward?-Zephaninh Jonea.
P'Urth Ward?William Douglass. ri
Fifth Ward?Geo. F. Small wood. a
V.jtth Ward?F/lward Wajrson. .
Seventh Ward.?John H. H.rd. q
auiacafxraaMDrTS or awtara
First Ward?A. R. Hilton.
Second Ward?Thomas Robbing.
Third Ward?W. A Robinson. a|
Fourth Ward?W. A. Robinson. .1
Fifth Ward?John T. Ncrnle. g
Sixth Ward?James R, Wood.
Seventh Ward?H. 1). Wblteraore. ?
acAraxoKRs '
Firtt Ward, lif District?Win. Barr. ?
First Ward, 2d District?Daniel Link Ins
?Secon<f Ward, 1st District?Roger Ada m.son. In
SiXon>l Ward. 2d District?Michael Stall I. I
Thinl Ward, 1st District- -JohnSchue.
Thinl Ward, 2<1 DOh j0t J An Mark. \
fourth Ward, 1st District?Frauklin Hutching.
Fourth Ward, 'Id District?Krnst Loefller. y
Fifth Ward- Wm. T. Bas*ford. a
<8tsCA Waul flames Curtain. u
Servnth Ward -George N. Adams.
roue* maowtratr* fl
First District?Samuel Dniry 1>
Second, fourth, and Sixth IHstricts united Thoa. J. Williams* u
Third District -John D Clark, office on Twelfth street, a few doors *
Fiflk Msfrlet-William Thompson, oBlce on Ninth street, brtVNn ^
I) auii K treots '?
.Srnen/A Itittrict?Thomas C. MOD, office on loultiaua avenue, near *
Bank of Washington
FigMh lHdri<t Patric k MrKenna, office corner of Ponnsylvsnlaave "
nue and Fourth struct east el
.YinlA Itirtrirt?James Cull, office near Navy Yard.
JVnfA DutriH?lianiel Rowland, on the Inland.
fru irri ffnutr Thomas C. Donn.
Ckitf <if l'alict .Tuhii H Goddavd.
I.irutrnanti of Prttr* Noble .1 Thomas, Edward McHenry.
c Iifi i-ft I Ii-'.l V. Iir-I .lol.nM. IVrointt, Wm ] law. Win I) Bar
rln, antl Jatnee F\ Edwards
Booond ward?Wm. H Fanning, Joseph Williamson, Charlea G. J
EoklotT, and Jamos (linnaty.
Thlni ward- James H Snlt, Patrick Oormley, Wm. I.. Knee, and
Jacob V. Kin*.
Fourth ward B. T. Wataon, II. W. Haskell, Henry Yratman,aud
Franklin Zimmerman
Fifth ward- U C llarrovor, C. W Arnold, Jamb Aeh, Henry
Naeh and Reuben Collins al the Railroad Ilepot
Math ward- Francis rs. KUolvti and James 8. Smith.
Beveuth ward- John M TJoyd, James A Gill, 9. N. Chlpley, and
JosUh Belt jell
.V/eciaf I'olirr Oftnrt Ilenlel Whalen. Roliert H Harrison, John II
Thornton, Is?It Bolt, John Kldwell, John W Coombe, Thomas J.
Kelly, Joseph 8. Norwood, IienuU Murphy. Frederick Schaffer,
Michael FXlgerald, Martin McNatnara, Tliomaa Young, John F. Chrter,
Thorn aa J. Kdmonston, latere one Malone, James Kootiey, .lames
Heard, Thomas Stone, Richard H. Uaull, William 0. Neala, Humid 1
Ihindy, Wm. Ilahlott, Phlltp Hutchinson, J amen R Gates. William
Johnson. Wm Melons, I'etcr Kraft Alfred Helming, John Barnes i
Wm. L. Ilattuu, Joseph Tucket, John T. lew Is, Richard Evana, John T- f
Bradley, Peter Ooodrear, George H Morgan, John Rrnwert, John
J. Lang. Ale under Hams
| >1 -i . \ i FOR MAIL BAUfl. { 1
J*wi Omw lawuanupri Ju. II, lata
-iAALAU I'HOl UHAlJS will bo raoatiad ?l Ibia dapa. mMiiMInu
i ' luck, a. a., lh>- 2Mb day of April >?U. for furutfbiap for tear
inn (loan lb* foot 0?y of July mm, In a?eb piuUM ud M aacb
1m > Busy bo to^uuad uaul i* dot ad for Iba ? rtw, mm| ka?a af
bo foUuuUip daatiiptaw?U wu
Clam < i Jfutl Jtapi <w Jafo.
dlM Mo-1?(43 Uubcu li> lauglb aa<l 43 taebua ka olreaaaforaiu..,)
4> to rnadu of i ouaa ciuiiao wrlgbtag M laaal Oftaau oupcoa Uj Ib,
urd of XI lacbaa width ; tbo ihraada of ibo warp and wall M ho
xmpudvd of bra yai ua aacb
Clan Ma. 2?(41 laobaa lu lautfth aud tsiaobaaiu otoowaifaraaaa^ to
m uuwlu uf uutlon uauraa wu*tiiti( al laaal fuortaou uaacaa Id Iba
rard of 14 incbaa width ; the thieada of iba warp aa4 wafl la to
loaapoaad uf four paraa aacb.
Ibau Mu. ??(M taoluM III laufth aud Uau baa la ulroumhrlaaaj fo
M wade uf rotiuu oaaraa wcighum at laaal uiabi odbvaa fo Iba yard
if 20 tocbaa wIJa ; iba throada of iht warp and wafi to be tufopaaad
if three yarn* ewcb.
Tho cmvm b*g? of Mmc iiu?b?r#d 1 and 2 trv lo b? m*4s *hl a
abitug u< tiucu at lbs lop vf t*o inch** wide, upon which a auflhtM*.
tucnbor (at leant ten U/ the former and eight lo tho laiu-r) of <y*k?
mIwi are 1 o he wrought , lud th?y are lo be provldwl wtlb good ax..
uActeut hemp cord to lace and urn them strongly All are to be
rail inaraed, Uunla and ouUide, ' I'. 8. Mail," la large and 4Ulhu*
Leather and Canvas Mail /'oecA<r.
Mai' No. I?48 Inch** lo length and HO inch** lu clcoumfT?*.
tkae No. 2?41 do do 46 do do
ttae Nix ? 00 do Uu 42 do do
Hlao No. 4 30 do do 3d do do 2
Sim No. b?3d do do 2d do do
The b?xly of the leather pout bee la lo be made of good and Sub
lUutiai bag leather, well wuu d, walghlug, fbr sixes minbored 1 al>;
I, not Uvea than eight ouuoas, and lor the ?iualier etaad not leaa than
??v?u uuijvca to ib* -quaj* SmjI , the Uiltotu (of circular IWm) and
lap to be of good tkirfittf leadier, well tainted , the *e*m* to be wail
iud strongly ??, t uicd with the boat lr**? rivet# well tinned.
The canvaa pouches are to be made of cotton canvas, densely
seven, eo an to resist water, weighing, for pouch** of viae No. I, not
eaa than 26 ounce* to the ) ard of 31 Inches width, or 17 ounce* to Uhj
. Afd of 21 turbo# width ; for pouchea of six* No. 1, but less than
.*0 ounces to the yard of 26 inches wi'ith ; f?-r pouches of *!?? No. 9r
iot leas Uuu 1H ounces to the yard of 22 inches width ; the threads
A the warp and wefl to be composed of at laaal five yarn* each
I be canvaa pouch**, of site* numbered 4 and 6, are to be outdo uf
.niton vanvtiH weighing not lues than 14 ounce* to the yard of 19
ucbea width, nor loss tluui 22 ouucca to the yard of 30 Incite* width;
be threads of the warp and weft to be composed of at leant four
rarua each.
Leather and Canvas Horn Mail Baft.
Sixe No. I?-Hotly 46 Inches long and 21 incbe* wide In the widest
>arta ; end* or bottoms* of aamo beiug 14 by 20 Inch**
Hut No. 2 body 46 incho* long and ih inches wid* in the widest
>urt. , ends or bottoiin* of same being 12 by 24 luchce.
S-xe N<>. 3* Body 42 lucho* long and 10 luetic* wide In the widest
tarta ; ends or bottom* of same being 10 by 20 luchen
Ihe leather horse mall bug* are to bo made o! good and Hub-tenia!
bag leather, well tanned, weighing not leaa than seven ounce* to
he square toot, and the scum* to l>e well and irtrongly eewed, or, If
I vitrei, to be so done as not to chafe horse or rkler.
The canvas horse-mall hags are to he made of cotton cauva* like
hut described for tho larger . Uod pouahos.
Proposals fbr improvements in the form or construction of any of
ho above-described bags and |touches, or lu the material* thereof,
iro Invited, and the relative value and adaptation U> the service, as
veil as hpecillod price of any such improvements, will bo considered
n determining the lowest and best bid.
Alt the article* contracted for are to be delivered at the exponas <4
he contractor, In Dostou, Hons.; Now York and Albany, N, Y. ; Phllalelnhla
aud Pittsburg, Pa. ; Baltimore, Md. ; Washington, p. C. ;
tictuuoud, Va. ; Haicigh, S C. ; Charleston, S. C. ; Havauuab, lit ;
iobile, Ala. ; New Orleans1l<a. ; KuoxvlUe, Nashville. and Memphis,
.'eun. | Louiiville, Ky. ; Cincinnati, Ohio; 84. Loul*, Mo. ; and Chi
ago, ill., in such quantities, and at such such times as the de
>artmeut may require and order , and tbey arc to be rigid'y ln*pe< l?*d
before delivery, aud nun*' are to be received which shall be taforlur,
u uny respect, to the sjwcimenH adopted as tho standard bags.
The proposal* should Si-octfy tho price of each article proposed to
>e furnished. No proposal will l>e considered, If not accompanied
villi specimens or samples of each article bid for, showing the
oast ruction, sixe, and quality of map" rials and workmauahlp fttfrred,
md also with a written guarantee from he jmtmous proposed as sure
tea, (whose responsibility must he certified by tbe postmaster of tb?
)lac.o where they reside,) thai they wiillvecome responsible, on suf
Iclent boud, for the due (sMTorniunco of the cuntruct, In ra.-e ouch I
myil be accepted.
The KjH'cimeus or samples must he delivered at this de^uirtment on
?r before the 26tli day of April noxt, end those which shall have ac
omponled the accepted proposals will, lu connexion with su* b pro
xisals, form the basis of the contracts to be made. Every specimen
ubmttted should be well and distinctly marked with the uumbordc
koting Its size, and liave afllx*Ml to It a sample of tho material*, (can
'as or leather,) of which It it muUo. All specimen* deposited by
udders which can, with safety and convenience, bo used In the mail
oi vice, will be jmUl for at the prices spM^tfed In tbe proposals rela ;
ingto the same.
A docislou ou the bids will be made on or before the third day of
lay next ; and the accepted bidder or bidders will be required to
uter into contract, with sufficient boud and sureties, ou or Im?
ure the twenty first day of June next.
TiMtnaVlo bidder* to estltn?t? the number of the dlfliretit Itlud* ot
niul bag* which wUl probably be required, they ere luformedUiut
liero were furnlabed Tor tho UHO of the department duriiif the year
rbk'h eodoil 3Utb June lust: 12,bull canvas mull bugs ; 8,110 leather
mil poaches ; 4,400 can van mall |>oucbea, ami 600 bone-mall bags.
The pro|<osals should be endorsed outside, "proposals for Hail
lags," and be addressed to tho ol\Mtmaster 0< nerai."
Jan 19?lawl2w l'oeluiastor (ioneral.
[No. G30.]
By the Pretlslent of the United Statea.
[JAMES BUCHANAN, President of the United
, Statics of America, in pursuance of the provUtou* of the act of
ougrsss entitled "An ar.tlu relation to the land* sold tu the 4|H?
urg, lute St. Helena, land district, In the SUM of Ijnuhiiaua, andau ,
torilhtg tho reaurvey of certain lamia in Maid dUtrict," approved i
.ugust 29, 1842, and of tho acta of Congress authorizing tho sale of
He puhiic lands, do hereby declare and make known that a public j
ale will be held ut tho land office at Gkju&nhbuku, In the Suto of
iQI'IBIana, commencing on MtmiUty, the second ilay of May next, for
!io Male of tho unappropriated aud vacant tracts of public laud til
at fd within the limits of tho follow lug-named towuahlp* aud frac
nnal townships, according to the approved plan resurveyed, to
South of the lau line ami wed of the principal meridian.
Townships 1, 3, and 4, and fractional township* & and 8, of
ange 1.
TownnhipH 1, 2, and 3, and fractional townahlp 4, ot range 2.
Townships 1 nnd 2, of range 3.
Fractional townBbipH 1, 2, and 8, of range 4.
Fractional township 1, of range 5.
South of the base lint and east of {Ac principal meridian.
Town* hi pi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, of range 1.
TowuahlpH 5, 0, and 7, of range 2. J
Townships 6 and 7, of rauge 8.
Township* 5, ti, aud 7, and fractional township 8, of range 4
Fractional tow uuhip 8, of ruuge 8. |
Townahlp 8, of rango 8.
Fractional townships 8 and 9, of range tf. I
Townships 4, 5, 6, and 7, and fractional towo?hlp 8, of rouge 19.
Township 5, of rango 11.
Fractional township 8, of range 12.
Township 8, of rango 13.
lands covered by confirmed private claims, appropriated by law
>r the use of schools, military, and other purpose.*, together with th?
swamp and overflowed," granted to the Bute by the act* of Con
reas approvod March 2,1849, aud Scplembor 28, 1850; also, all
lioso tracts for which the patouta have been Mimed or appiiod for by
lie day appointed for ths cotninenceuimt of the sale, or w hich shall
ot have been finally acted upon by that time, under the provision*
fthouctof 29th August, 1842, hereinbefore mentioned, will it asluded
from the sale.
The offering of the above mentioned lands will be commenced ou the
ay appointed, and will proceed in tho order in which they are adorUsed,
until the whole shall have bean, offered, aud the Hal ajUu*
losed; but the salo shall not be kept open longer than two weeks,
nd no private entry of any of tho lauds will be admitted until after
i? expiration of the two weeks.
Given under my baud, ut tho city of Washington, thin 11th day of
anuary, Anuo lx>miui one thousand eight hundred aud flfty-nluo.
By tho Frosldont:
Twos. A.HmiucKi,
Commissioner of the General Ixtud Office.
F.very person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the
inda within tho townships and fractional townships above mentioned
\ required u> establish the same to the HutiHfactiou of the register and ?
scclror ut tlie proper land oiUco, and mjJce payment therefor at toon
9 practicable ajter tteiny this wilier, and buluro the day appoint*.'
>r tli* eoiDincftcetuent of til* piiliHr sale of th? lunda embracing
10 tract claimed ; olhorwtso auch claim will be forfeited.
Commission** of the Uouersi UinJ OfflcC
Nont.?Under the regulations of the department, a* heretofore
ad now exiling, no payment can be made lor advertising prorlataa
una except to xucb publisher! as are specially authorized to publish
y the Oommlshloner of tb? Cetera) land filllce.
Jan 10?lawlSer [lntlt-Slnr]
U \Vahui>oit?N, February 18, 1869.
O.V THE PETITION of Richard If. Hoe, of New York, N Y., pray
iK fbr the extension of a patent grunted to 1dm ut? the l?.i May,
845. for an improvement In "Printing Presses,'* fbr seven years from
ic expliutlou of paid patent. which taken piano on the Ut of May,
It It ordered that the Raid petition bo heard at the Patent Oftlco on
[onday, April 18, at 12 o'clock, m.; and all person* are notified to
ppear aud show cause, If any they have, why said petition ought n'*
) be granted. /
PiriMi opposing the extension are required to (lie lit tht Patent Of
ce their objections, *sperl ill}- aet forth in writing, at leant twenty da) *
efora th* day of hearing ; all testimony Uled by either party to be
sed at the aaid hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance
ritli the rules of the ollloe, which will be furnished on application.
The testimony in the caac will be closed on the 4th of April next; I
epwminm, him oilier popera reimu upon na laautDony. hum ue >
i the office on or In fore the morning of that day ; the argtmioulH, If
ny, wlttiiu ten day* thereafter.
Ordered, also, that tin* notice be puhllehed In the Fnlon, Waahlnf
in, TV C., ami Itay nook, New VoHt, earn-a week for three mere*
ive week*, the flrat of said publication* to be at leaal sixty Jays be
ire the 18th of April next, the ilay nf hearing.
joftmi holt,
Com in lee loner of Patents
P. fl.- Kditora of the aimve imperii will please copy, and aend I heir
Ills to the Patent Office, with a fatper containing thla notice.
Feb IS?lawlw
ITMtKN'CH BUOKH Illustrated.
I Phyaiolngir da (hail Par llrlllnt *tt m in c
lea Fahtilutne Popolalrca IS rente
1'abloe dc Fontaine. 2b acute
(Kuvrea Pontl^nm do Bolloan. 3b ecu Is .
Hiatolra I Italic S3 cents.
Illxtoiro de Ha vote Par Claude (ienoix 40 caadt.
Abd E! Ko.ler Par loon Pic*. .17 centa
Hlatolrc de la Gnerre de I lade. 40 centa.
Rrbaatopol, Hl-dolre de la Ooerre d'orient ?o oente
Klnbiirn, lilelolrn de la Onerre d'Orient 40 rents
Ualakoir, Hntolre de la Ooerre d'Orieut. 40 cents
1st Knaaie et IEurope. 40 rente.
tjm Ttirea et lea Hn?a. a. 40 centa.
Imper tad from Parta
A RUB PftoTOG RA t'H IC VlkvVaOf NTAuTka,
Montreal, >'e? York. Ticonderoga Mount Vernon, Tomb tf
laslilngton, and Rie Pubic- |l>nldlnir? of ty? -mutton dire 14 liy *1
Hee *1 eaett
Wot tala by TAYLOR k MAt'RV,
Feb lb tyafcaafer*, |b| ISaa. atetnia

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