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Publlabeit by COMKUl'S Wl .MJiU,
At ito UKJMt MU?a AM-, tot. 1Kb a*4 l*k
THJC UAIL1 1 ?K? will to nihil I mrj bwii ( ()'
,( MftoJ to < * ?< to a|J totoltol * ItH rr to , ?
wit. p?>toto to vto ?I h,m To mtotoibrn by to, a <t a
uaM, Si tor to mto 0(?n to 'to (iiwui, to payi
tortoto, >? to ton|il M Vto
ITU MUO-hilMLr I?K?, Ml to patotob I arar
?tonh> ato Btototor. to W par tor am ?r>; ?! to
!Maa erftoa, ato IIJ tor to. afw
TH W i >HAM a mj W|t narto aaeatrj
at,ialiiaI . * a mwk. buu, a* M* hi
>,.,*? ma** hicaxyf, ?i pa* ?aa , m?ae ai.pMa far a ; 4v<
ciiftaa for I* <* fo?? "* tli , teoatp aM < mm iM m
tti kna??"?"? fiam ataay dm*
r or rm nr ma ibhwi a*i> Bourn-rap- -malu
iSutm am> aau uijuv, wwthi \kra m.kmuvtr?u
lOeeagMmka are aow ! < <> i?l Manny, ft-? Waafc
mmurn *m M* Wmd, a* WH >,
tal Mai! Irak Mark <1 IU, la, itailay ucr|?k ) aeaaci
IB* deilr * * !*? >? II J elf. *r < uaabertand aalnakMM.
a. aiaienn* laae. and CMea?e f rprmm a kara
T'w-?f~ " * "*, r reaching ilea?MaatUB. a- aa , next day
ad coneer-UM Jir.iUy with axprua* true luiLnoleema, Cairo, and lh
uMweai and ft* W. Loute Katun*. he
T? rta* Me m * ' > aenwry af Me road n daylight lak
, aAar the 1.4*. a. im., ar A4d, p. m., train Oaaa Waatungton aad In
over at Cuinhartand <* itadtoaa*.
For Parkerabaif and all anuria a* the N,?-lhwvetar* Virginia re
Mke Me 3.44, p re . train V<* Rnrtetta and Cincinnati Bnilroad lah,
Ma MM. W-rhreaah
Uaketa aad iiaggaga Minaa M all gaartara, aad ever;
oihar puaaMl# fcctlity , will be (band upon thaa rue la.
War pal nafara far the laala aca of the Ball, mora ami Okie Mall
(ml edl Mare Waebinguia aa Mima r
Par all r"eaa baftamaa Waekagtou laaaWan aad lhedmaut lake th
7 *4, a. unta.
fur all alnuona between Piedmont and Wheeling, lake Me 1 11
p. m., Ma. lb connect with the Frederick train, lake the 3 44, p. im
Leave Waahiagwa tar IhMiei aa *14 aad 7.4*, a. at apd 3.4
ad 4.34, i>. in. U> Sen day a*3.44,p. a , only. '
Lean Baklu *e at AIM ami 140, a. m , aad 3.30 aad 4.4, p a
On (Malar al 4 3* a m , only
The T.44 aad 4.44 Iralaa only will *Mp *1 way tHOtma ami tuj Aa
7 151T*!iT'"an4 3.40,MM., are the chief connecting trema 14
Me Weei, aad the #10, 7 4*. aad 3 40 tram* tor the But
for further m** mutton inquire at the Baltimore aad Ohio Bat I ma.
Ticket Odkca, of THUS. a PAHPoNS. A rent Wa.htngu.ii
w p. smith.
Oct * Baiter >f Tranaportattoc, Dmuaoer.
WW a rravgemknt.
From Wi-iliN'.ms (7TTY to Virgin ut, Teuaeaeee. Georgia, 4 la ha ma
Btaataetppl lamtaiana, arkanaae, aad Trxaa
Through TVkcta nan be obtained *1 the yr?*i Soothe vet* rn Rati
IM uatee, ouri.er eT Pvunajlvann a venae ami *xth atroet, Waahmg
tea, aa board at Me Steam terry Moat (iooige Page, or al the OAca o
th Orange aad Alexandria Batlr<ed. al Alexandria
To Richmond. Hanvtlle, Lynchburg. Brntol. Eaoxville. Dahoa,
Atlanta, (Ttauanouea, MaahvtUe. Huntevitte Orand June
U mal Via, Dvleanv
Bt * kroct Route and Continuous Railway Connexions to Memphis
Affording greater Expedition and Comfort, and bang over 300 mile
ahoruw Uun by any other route.
1h team ferry boat 'Jorge ITige loaves the foot of Seventh a tree
at*h " cloak, a. m.,for Alexandria, where pamangora take the cars fo
Ratio* vvd, Charlottes nUe. Staunton, White Sulphur Springs, Wood
stork. he., and at 7p. in , for Itichoouiul and all points Houthwest
etuing euro and rh.se connexion* to Memphis
Baggage wagons and omnibuses leave the offlne, ra. avenue, at'
o'clock, a. a., and 7, p. bl
MMHs A. EVANS. Agent,
lone n tf Washington
ment. trmnww imvh<>vkD3CHKwi.e. from wakh
isultit DIKhl.T Ni ALL EARTH OF riffi SOUTH .t.Nli SOLTHWECI
via roWUC .-teamkrs and Richmond and idtiauc rail
ROAD CRI. Taio faet daily ones from Waehington for the Soutl
and Suithwest. Boaw lest o thrir berths, foot of foti street, at 6 ty
a. a., and 7 Id, p. a. I'snot-ngers by the morning boat ean obtain a dr.
c reak last on board and enjoy u pleasant ttall of i.1, hours down lb
wistmfiil r?tomar, passing o foil dew of Mount Vernon By th
evening beat they insure a good supper and a rnet of fonr hours I]
* intertable bertiu or state mm. and arrive in Richmond in umo t
aunt*, with all lite tratus for the *uth and South steal.
The great southern mall la conveyed over this mute.it being 4<
rniVn shorter and 100 miles lea railroading thou by any other route
making oertain connexiuua to
FgaraoiCKSstrao. Ihoueiao, a so iVraasHrau. Vibgisia : Wcloox as
WMkkkMB, N. C . Cmaiaaros. a. C; At urvTA,La. Moinuoaea
ajto duaiLx. Ana., Hmr to New < burnt xe Attn all ?ictrbe.v rma
axd rnwss.
Alan, connect at Richmond with the Danville, Scuthslde, Virginia
Tettaaaaee. and East Tennessee railroads
DaavtOe, Bristol, Paltnn.
i tiattanisiga, lluuteviUe, Memphis,
Lynchburg, Knoxville, Atlanta,
NaahviUe, Grand Junction, Moulgrnier j*,
and New Orloana.
Ptr through lieketa and further information of the mote, inquire a
the southern ticket office. No. 3T3 Pennsylvania avenue, one duo
caalof Browns Hotel, or on board the boats, foot of ?>th atroet.
August 17?ly Ticket Agent.
Reprint of (he BntiJe Rn ian and JRacbcoo>r i Magazine
X SCOTT A CO., New York, continue to puhliol
Ida the following ending iiritt-It periodicals, via:
a. the Euuranr.ii review. i -iug.)
| 3. THE NORTH BRITB91 REVIEW, rreeChurch)
These periodicals ably represent the three groat political parties o
Gnat Britain?wing, tory, and radical?but |?IIGn? forma ouly tun
feature of their character AA organs of the u?*t prufonnd writer
on science, literature, morality, and religion ibey stand, aa Ihev svei
have stood, unrivaljoi in the world of letters, being considered mdia
pensabtoto the scholar and the professional man. while to the inlelii
gam render txT every dans tltey f u rirlsh a more ore root and aaiitfar
lory record V the current literature of tlie day thrnugbout tlie worti
than can be possibly obtained from any other source.
The repetpt of advance shrew from the British publishers gives ad
dltiortAj value to Ihe-e reprints. uiasirbeli as ihey can now bo placet
in the hands at subscribers abtiu. an soon aa the original editions.
For all feur of the Renews...,. W at
Fir Blackwood s Magazine yy. ? ?
Kor Blackwood and two Reviews.. 7 (X
For lilackwood and three Reviews 0 ?
Ar Blackwood and the Amr Reviews ... 10 (X
TAYLOR is MAURY, Bnnknllers,
Afreets for Washington.
Jhn ? Mo 334 TVnn. avenue.
"JKwf HMbrfW >inti linmtifvl.''
WE have now on hand one of the largest and
ma varied assortment* of STEREnSTOPtC HCTTKHS oflrrot
1a Una tsty, oa glasi or paper, plain and colored. consisting of nnn
f the principal pheca of the United SUl?
We have, also, in greet variety. KlHou.'* oekhraied groups of par
lorand 'Uium-sUc scenes, waddings, christenings, pic nice, he., ftc
Wo ate ogbr a flee - .iUrtion of .tcr-vwopi. instrument* or varteni
nrte. anaMM te oar ow order. Actw instrument* and pie
aiea form the prettiest and moat mter noting present that nan be of
fend to old or j-oang.
TAYLOR ft MAURY. Booksellers.
"84 Dennsylvsnui aventto. agents tor Washington of the Amorirar
ihcreOMopw Company Jan 30
DA. CARD WELT.. Real Estate lutti Genera!
iVmmtevi .il Broker, hae lakea the ofBes. apaUirs. In No
i? Peoneylvanta avenue, where he protxnes to attend to ?eHmt ami
Viyiag real elate any -a her\. in the Union, renting .te and ootlsrting
"tea,and frrorurme houses on spot or inane. i?r any humnee* apper
tataiag to real entitle. with smcroeptnmai legal aid.
| the leiUement of rtaiaa of any description te the executive ,ie
l?rtmaata and hureaua of government ami Congress, and meml.*r.
tf Congress especially i taima of tile heart and vtlsreni ttew*p?|iei
prvte *>r <aheenplNMi? and advertising. hie experience bring meh at
<o ??Uia him to ftirniah the iwoeesnrv Ihrma and instmrtirm* to par
tte having ape , u* well aa attending to having odveeuaement* in
weted in anf or all of the paper* in tho lXetriri uf Adamite or eiee
"here at appHoatmn try letter or otherirlae to him : tho* saving tht
" peaae ef a trip to the oity. and prompt returns made
Ah" the m-goUaUoa of loans an good socurilv, and all desert]*
"tea of buamasa which may properly lie classed under the trend of a
general ootnir.tenn brokerage.
Rvrsanrn Hon. Wi?. A. Harris, .ftwmerfr of Mteaoirri ) Dr. A. Y
r (mm Cat. Jan. U Her ret, mayor HwWrt Waitach. sap. , ate
'ha proprietors of the '.tewe|ioper peon generally uf Rnshtagi""
. Mewra. J. ft G. B. Daven|iort and Hon. J it. Cavkio. Richmond Va
Wm. S. Ptoiner, Alu ghsny City Ht ; Od. A. T Bnrnley, Prank
*?*,My., aad John < Sargent, teg.. New Ynrt! city. Pn t?dtf
Opi'M MOo.ooo!
smnewinuiRRS ivmvi?PAixY liable
The only cfmpany in Washington I taring nosh a rtaoar in its charlee.
rthtol >! buildings, merchandise. fhrndnre. ftp., taken at tha lowest
m uL,
I'si lnd Rt sated capital of Ore nompaay, the individual 'lability
rlaeasef the charter renders the private fortune of each (BMthaMW
"ablate lemaa.
' as?Otenar if Uinnrrlrerita avrnur nr1 Tenth street
*? I" teyly. Bern, itoaii. ' ramus Mohan,
'Mn? r. ti. 'Uv, HtartMM nurw, ?i? Draw,
f Juaaph Brtur, M W. Halt
' VrM _Ko i-harp* nwtefhr jwllrtaa
" ii? P. How.awRKj. Juu?*-lp
L> H. KILLKT, Cornwall or at I-iw, hiw r?iiiov?d
i V bit ? ? U lila rixwi^nr* a TrwkHa R?w arm* nf K ??
tr? <imi II* will .xtoUtiw In lovntr ht? llnnima prliw-ipa*It
I" <- ? <m Uu> Ultima main *pf?if 'Vaart.
KiMMKl.i. HOU8K.?Thin nioe mm) o?oaiiom
hp? taw|? b-aaa oiwpuwd, awl will taa a?a *? lh?f?
'<t*4|'>nu ailtniM Ttw luttf* ?.:i it.iiwi *ith i<*n
Ion* ?*1 m awry riapain to mmj tan? la thta nr mar rabar *r.
TUitar <HIW ronaOwl wttti Utah***U*u<w? M ata Mm- I hava
< '1?4 It IV "aw(rtwll u> a?lawi aapprtwawt Urn Iwaaa. Ha
? wall kaowa lo iha tra*aliia( "nmr < r Tbr Kunnall Itaaaaa
liluala* na Cwat, batwaan 41, ? Ikk <UM> n The urmwHtaia
v iCiaitT of *? Valuta*I flmnl awl mt itaa rartmart bpl
A. r Kumnj.. r?naaw.
No* It?1)* E V CXMrmU AipnriaiawWal.
Ufa 0
%i) t \
t y"~" 1 j 1 - ' THi^TltllT--** 'T ' "IP
. "** "JP.t
VOL. XIV. NO. 304.
{ Tknufk hmt rw Cl isowMTt Asm JEM ml Rafhniii i Center*
wA (A* Mmn MA IIUnflM Uw/
tat (MA per Ami* ee ateoannuel x'Mta Other u
IHMtt rnpMMak run.
1 rpitK ntrain?rs of this Kae now make the paneage
? 1 Ihwm New York nod HWUMMri In ^rtf tun, leaving
See York ovary TnmW y? These day, and aetarday at neon, inn
, iswr 14, North river.
, (Mi nuDeliW] (WwMde.1 at Jartiavne
THOP. H. RtltefW, Wsdhlng km,
H. M. UM/ttWKU. *<?-, Htm York,
March S?Aly Igaau.
Huston Ice.
TIIE 8ub?crit?:r having ju?t retinites! from lteetou
:i.forms the iw -ua of Wa.ti.iigtuk end Georgetown thai ha baa
I Blade his cnutrocta with MW|?.nMi>le tkaw-r- Hr a full suppty, sad
, ; hav ing I ha must rxlrnalwe roJMiee (ar? conducting the trade. m now
' 1 pn^iarod u> Cur.iau U?? beat giaaUly of HA., aiul gaa. antra tMay.
' I ply dartag tho -ensue without flange < price
Dealers can he ''irnahert with whole cargo-* or la quantities m
I aud on as good or toattrr tartns rtmn can he made elsewhere
1 binU louisina, idaamlinats. vwdecseeerr* and Sshermee ?Ht
0 j do wall in patruaiaa lUia r.l.nn.kaaaas aa aa aa|wwat wagon wilt he
| kept at the offer daring lha day Sor Ihair accommodation.
> | PS mi I y cnamiiioro will ilad it to their lalrrrat lo call at tho odlco
and purchase ackoai. and trust not ranrrty to sotvante aa.l ih.ee Jr
AXJjLtoU to, on doll vary, on r
loaa otherwise arranged
Persona maiding la tho oinntry can got thetr suppHee from the at
d Oat, where wo is kept fianmaaily ua bead
i March 11 3m Ofloe turner 14th and f streets
1 I UtA sfrart. ? fm Aon north of Fmrnm^tma mm**,
HEO leave to announce to tlie citizenw of Washington
that they aro now prepared to ei.-cnte any order*
I wtusk thoy way be favored with in the
n.cMBiNii ?d8. am) amuM-mrm
'j I liounees The raepeedve branches will he under the supervision at
skilful wurfctnea from the North, where practical experience has
j luedo thein familiar with ail the modern improvements In fket.
bnwt of vmrkaM-n.
Ws invito Attention to our ?lwk of t HAXUKlJKttS and other gas
\ B. Strict Mtuuutm, promptness in the execration of orders, and
fnir prices induce ns lo hop?: Cor % share* of public patronage,
i Decaa?tr
j oKKTAi* A>n iVAUMUrrv.?British and Foreign Infirmary tor the
cfira of Oeafiwsn, Head *ud Mkid Comp hunts, spring Gardens,
'lutrwg Crmm. bmilwi, England. Cmauitmg surge?Hi, Oivkia* Hknky
Kog?4 ^kinnkic. esq Registered pursuant is act offkrlisment. Sec
, rclarv Joiix ifowsm e*q A new dttoortrj, being a ;*wltu c method
_ ' <>{awlf cure. wffhrdiug instant sad magical r*l?of to sufferers who may
have '. en leaf for 40 or 9# years, by nutans of* compound medicated
vapor applied to the external year. When the vapor is passing out,
' I it is bold bjr the sufferer for OM miuuto to the ear aTected and la*
a . tanliy the patient who previously was deaf, is enabled to hear corn
moo found < -onvomatiou. A few nights' use in a similar way will
J | guarantee to cure the most inveterate case of deafness and noteeH in
the bead. It is a atop (o empiricism .uid exorbitant foes Bulferers
p . wxtrcitioiy tknf by means of this can pMMlUjr mire thomucivos, in
a auy distant part of the world, without |iain. Thousands have bees
0 1 restored to parte* t bearing. and forever rescued from the snares of
i the numerous daagnrou* unqualified pretender* ?*f the present day.
4 ; Hospital and private testimonial*. tuul certificate* from the bum* etnij
mult physicians . i snrgeoua in England, in whose presence -lest' per
' sons have been cured, and many hundreds bf private patients cured.
can be seen or referred to. Any suflbrer <m the continent, or rear
" , d??ni .ik .uiv of tliv four quarters of the globe. can now be curol as
v j Una discovery can he sent to them, with n?*cessary pMMrtpttoas,
* j preparations, fcc., that will -liable them positively to core them selves.
?3 .'is. ia the cost of the means of cure, which mast be sent to the sec
b I rstary, Am* Powmu., esq., 33 spring Harden?. Charing Oroas, Iondon,
Knglnnd: it can be sent cither by banker's draft, payable In England,
t-- : :u- ouutry. Suffici- 1 lo cur-thr? > .*asea "f u.ovi .;r
erute deafoeas and noises iu the head, ?10 IQs. Jan 14?dly
FOR RALE OR FOR RENT, after the 20th March,
.i first class dwelling and highly -ornamented grounds on George
f town Heights The l*m?o will be sold on terms of liberal tune for
4 | pay smut. or will be rented, famished or iinAirnn?hed. Hie furniture
r is ail new and in vooipletr order. The grounds arc fully supplied with
choice fruit trews, and liandauoieiy hud i?ut with shrubbery, rendering
it ona of the most agreeable widencoa near Washington. Apply to
Me*?r* J AH C MeHUtRF. A CO., Wwehmrv.u
: Mar Iff?wolmo
Xo. 4M, 7(A ttnvi. cfpotiU Odd PH lot?' Hall.
1 TT'NORAVER and designer in general, nianufacI
I i turerand inventor of Ok new, improved wed presae., ?uchsue
engraver, wiMi engraver, muaio poacher, stencil cutter, copper
plate engraver, end lithographer. ts prepared to execute engraving*
on any meiat?on gold, Klver, hraae. copper, aloe), *c., in aa good a
workman.hip manner aa by any other establishment in the United
Stales The ???>..Tiber fuel* confident that all order* animated to
f I htm will give perfect sattabction, or no charges made.
" aKAL I'RESffiS,
rii vii fii IfAVn axn UljiOt SKaU.
woon BKbm
Jan 5?lyd AC., *C , &C.
Near corner of F and Fourteenth streets,
> Dee 7?If WASHINGTON, 0. ft
J . ,
J \ the War !)?|iortiu"iil at prtvalo sain.?H>r ?ub?cribera aru au
) llMrrtxcd to sell at private vale part of M No. 1, in square No. 170.
situated at tlie corner of New York avenue ami 17lli atmet went and
containing about;. .000 aqtiaro feet of ground, in proves by a two.
Wary brtek buttdtag.
Aiao, the throe story brick bouse and lot immediately north of
"Winder'* Building."
Wieee are both very valuable pieros of property, and will be mid
on accommodating terms. Apply to
JAB. C. Met;I;IRE k CO.,
Auctloonoers and Commlaawo Merchant*.
I March g?lawlm
AITANTED.?A Spanish ??nt Ionian wishes to giro
V T Ifarttcal ieasmn* in Spanish in oxrbnRf* for same in Italian
, and German with any gentleman or gentlemen anv?oant with (bene
' language?. Ilia old re-" can 1m ascertained at lite Union afltat.
| Jan 3ft?dlf
ane-pting a i beet No. 196 and 197 on the Treannry of die United
States, Washington, drawn by Capt M. 0 Meigs. U. ft. Engineer*,
in farnr of Henry Cady for McCnnn fc Hull. attorneys, or order. Ihr
| forty two hundred and thirty id* dollar* i?y Ore cents, under data of
11th March, ISM.
i Held cheek having hem mislaid, payment ha* lieen doppe.1 Thta
cheek had nor parsed Into the hands of the partb - in whose favor it
! wea drawn, and eon Id nor. therefore, he unort without rnering ttwlr
Mar 17?end lot Capt. of Engineer*
A VAN CAMP, DENTIST, has mtnrnwl to the
n cWy and resumed Ins practice,
itpefaiing mom* ind notrfonro 407 F at rem, flRween oth end Ttk
airrn n, ? doer* fboon Fnm (Wh. 'let 14- dlf
ante ? A ?te.laral.ip la the tidumblan Col lege, for the what*
i terra of four year*, will he sold fur a llule more men half price to
any person wishing to pumhaae me The scholarship pay for room
rent and tmtinn. wMnh ?* f7n per rear, I will aril fhr 11*4 cash, an
I the original!* worth gZM> or IftftO
Address (ATAUNE. care of T. B J We?bin*ton P O., D. C.
Dee dtf
T) CONSUMITTV EH.?A clergyman lisviag cured
hi* eon of eoo?ump?l"n in it* worst uage*. after being given hp
to'd* br the moat celebrated phrvtctin* derim. to moke known the
umdn of cere i wMeti proreo "leomolhl tn evnry <*ue> laihoa* storied
witli ouch* ,nM?. ami ooanoanptlon, and be trill send the anrae to
any address. frea of .barge.
Addran*. enrlcntng two stamps to pay rrftnni i?otngr.
iMmm n'M..
Mar 1 412rTHw 211 <>mn> siwi. .V. Y.
urn*. DruxsM*. CurUiu Mat.ria*>, ?ttd Hoam farnlahlou IWy
U(K"?rr -*rp?fnn?, now 'toolkit.
Taitmlrv nrnaaota 'to 'O iroat artnty
Now fyfe* Rrwaaata do ?mit i quality
Kilm hoary :? id}- do vwyy rtcb
Extra ?apor ingrain do cow |> dorm
Tory hoavy oil wool ttot.-h . trymiapa
Twtllod I'xMUa carprtta* tor Italia and "to**
V-tvet and Rrwrnla d? do do
Fiill.ttfdaoxtruhanvy aad rorj jioh !tonr oM-Uotha, cat to M
any of ?hap. ronwi. halt or |aaw|a
VwaWi, mlrwa, and tnfwd ruga ami mam
i Woo and acton muwp
11-4. i*-*. Id I <lriig**d crumb doth*
hughrh irttggom, all aidth-, by tha yard
vwt rinhly ombrnftomd lam oartaina
H.tio UiM. hrmamla. aad mpa for t trrtatnf
Whlin. ImC tduc. and tcroeu ?bado liauaa
Stair rwla, urtato lul'iraa. 4k.
Hat lay atton.lnd tt ttl*V k f*?. ft (rriwt '"arpoi kurtwti which look
pla< o In Vow Took aa ihr 410 and tah ml wo am now prwparod to
ndhr rrrtdot tadu. ?aala than an ho odhrdt-i aador ordtnarr nwrwwiatatw-oa
I'lirobaaora ara rn*p>i ifully avilrd to aa nomination at oar
. ? Hon* B*t a On
4<>? IS dlf
T> I.KT?Tha thrnw-wt/trv brick >inim. No. 423
I fifth wroot Mwm y aad V Ma. hath-rtfwn and ?aa. fctit,
' ? ? Inqatro na tha |irnah?a. WwrH-tf
mo. rtti I
By U? Prraitlrnt of the Ijsited WalN.
IN' purm?nc? ?f law, I, JAMKtt BUCHANAN,
PraesdenA at Ihe Lusted dtalas at ,1 mark a, 4a hrtif declare
sad make nun Hut |mblk aalea will be be d at Use m-lniain !<
mm* *< i la Sm Territory at .Nebraska, at the periods herukaftst
AS ska jwl oOn *4 HkiranuJ, wamwckn am Monday On
eyfuh day of Auyna not, for tha ilapasl 4 Ihe public lands with*
UM AsUuwing aw4 luuakm, eta.
Sartk ^ the bam Une aUatf <lti ikdh pHscdpsl ante
Ihe pert of In rniil|i aa, Oswalds ?f Me Mac aa4 ta, aa4 he*
breed Nuuatu fa rrallua. uf rang' 17.
The parts ut towtuUipe 1,1, 3. and 4, oolaaln at lht> Me sat Ma,
and Wf breed Nemaha reser radon and fractional towoaitti- 1 aad
?, uf Maps 11
n? pari at wcaship ear, 'salable at 4aIke and Ms resars sited;
lowa-hip 1 tha parts at luwaetstps 3, 4. and 6 nlaale at ike bait
breed N.-mwssa rencrrathm, and fractional township A at range lk.
The oar* <t tewnahip oar amenta id Uae Me aad root raai i rauoa;
towaahtpe 1, I, and 4; Ska |aaet of lownahtp 3, owleidr at Ike half
brand. Nemaha raasrvaona. and lowaaissp 4, at range 14.
Townships 1, 2, 2,4, 3, aad 4, of range 12.
Thvnabip* 1, 2, 2, 4, 2, and 4, at range 12.
fuwnahspit 1.1,24.1, aad 6, at rang" 11.
Towswhipa 1,1,3, 4, 3, ami *, at magi 14.
AS ike land atkaa aa llano earn 11. commi'iscmg ma Jtosntu/ 14* 4/12
iop </ MeyOemha had, f..r ika dkspnsai at Ike pnbka lands wskia ike
following named townships, rta.
Hartb ,J IV Oh bha and en* a/ UM sura piraa+al swnhaa
ruwhhVgp i, 4, g,4, p, 4kd 4, ?t nar 4.
TLe I arte it lowustupa 1 and 2, od iltn at ska Imlian suns raises;
and townships 3, 4. I, and 8, at range 8
The part ut township tsae inrtante of the Indian reserrntioQ; and
lowuships 3, 4, 4. and 4, at rung* 7.
The part id low uahtp tw antasde ut Ika iadlas rmsrestiiis, and
towns 1st pa 3, 4, 2, and 4, at nusgr 4.
The (>art or PswnaUip Han, ouutsdc of Use Indian reaerratsoa: and
townshipa 3, 4, 3, and 8, ut rassge k.
The pert." ut townahipe 1 and 2, ontatde of tho Itnlusa reservation I
sod towualsipe 3, 4, 4, aad 4, of range 4.
At Use land olhce at Nnums Cm, < dinm-acing as Jfowdnp, IV
.lew dag / August aeir', for the dispiuiU of Ike public lauds sulssu Use
foliowtug named towtubipr, via:
..VortA of tha bate Un and out of tha tiath principal mendsns
Fractional lownahip 7. of range 14.
Fractional lnwiwlhi? 7 and 8. at range 13Township
7; and fractional towuHlnps 8, 8, 10, 11. and 12,af range
Tbwathtps 7, 8, >, 10, 11, and 12; and faactsnaal township 12. at
range 13.
Towudtip* 7, 8, 0, 10, and 11 and fraawMuU lowaihi;s 12 and 13,
of range 12.
Townships 7, 8, 8, 10. and 11, and fractional township 12, at range
Townships 7, 8, 9, 10. and 11; and fractional townshipa 12, 12, and
14, uf range 10Township*
7, 8, 2, 10,11,12, and 12; aad fractional township* 14.
18, ami 18, of range 9.
At the land olllcs> at Nluminal Opr. commencing an Mnmlay. tht
twentyninth day / .lupoid hear, for the disposal at the pa bite Insula
wtthtu the following named townships, rue
-VortA of the bate lute and out af t ie math prineepal meridian.
Township* 7, 8,9.10, 11, 12, 12, 14, 13, and 10; aad fractional
township 17, Of range 8.
Towushiph 7, 8, 9, 10. 11, 12, 13. 14, 13, aad 10; and fractional
township 17, at range 7.
Tnwaii hi pa 7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 13, of range 8.
At the land otttoe at Omibi Org, commencing as IWoi.iy, tha fifth
day nf July not. for tha disposal of the public lacde within the following-named
town-tup*. viz.
.VortA of the bate line and wtat "f the sudA principal meridian.
Fractional townahipe 13. 14. 13, and 18, of range 14.
Fractional township,-. 13, 14, 14, 18, ami 17, of range 13.
Fraetsoual u>wiubi|? 12 anil 13: towu*bt|ai 14. 13. 18, and 17; and
j (racuouai township* 18, IV. 20, 21, ainl 22. uf range 12.
! Fractional townahip 12; nswuahipa 13, 14, 13, 18, 17, aad 18; and
fractional luwmhips 10. 2V, 21. 22. aad 23 of range II
Fractional townshipa 12, 13, and 14, lownaisipa 13. 14, 17, 18, 19,
! 20, 21, 22, and 23, of raugc 10.
' At Ihe land office at Omul Crrr, commencing as Monday, 'he twentyi
fifth tan / Jul? hear, for ihe dtspoeai of Use ;hilille land* within me
i lullowlng owned townships, via:
Xorth <J Uu bam lime and earn of the uMk principal msnJaan.
I Fmanai townships 14, 14, ami 14; townships IT, IS, It, St. 21
I 22. and 23. of range 9
Fractional townships 18 and 17; and townships 18,19, 20. and 21,
of range 9
Fractional township 17; and townships 18. 19, 20, and 21, of
range 7.
Fractional Imroabin 17, and townahipa 18, 19, 20. and SI, at
range 8.
Fractional towmililp 17; and township* 18, It, 20, and 21. at
i ran** ?
j Fractiuuai township 17; and towaaluiM 18, 19, 20, and 21 of
j ranged.
| At the land oflloe at Dakota, commencing on 1lowing, Ike eighteenth
! day if July meat, 0>r the diapneal of tbo public landa within the M|
lotvtag-namcd townahipa, via:
.Vnrtl rf 'V hoar line and eeut of the firth principal meridian.
Fractional township 27, of range 10.
The porta of townships 24 and 27, outside of the Indian reservation;
ainl frasKional townahipa 28 and 29. af ranges 9.
The part of tnwnahip 27, outatde of the Indian reaervaiion ; township
28, and fracttututi townships 20 and 30. of range 9.
Tbe part of township 27, outalde of the Indian reservation townships
28 and 29: and fractions! uiwnslilp 30. of range 7
Ths part of township 27. outside of the Indian reservation; townahliai
20 and 29, and fractional townships 30 and 31, of range 8.
Landa appropriated by law f?r the dae of achoola, Indian, military,
and other purj?*s<*?, will be excluded from the sales.
The offering of the above landa will he commenced on the daya ap
pointed and will proceed In tbe order in which they arc advertise.!.
until the Whole shall have heen offered, and the mint thus closed;
but no salo shall be Itcpt open longer than two weeks, and no private
entry of any of tbe lands will be admitted until after the expiration of
Iho two weeks.
Riven under my hand, at the city of Washington, this 22d day of
March, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and ttftv-nlne
By tbe President:
Tom. A Hrvnatrrx
Commissioner of the General Land OOre.
Every person entitled to the right of pre emption to any of tbo
lands within the lowmdup* una parts ci tnwniuipa annvn oauinrrsiec
l* required to establish tbs Mine to the satisfaction <K the register and
receiver of the proper land office, and make payment 'hertfor or men
a*prartirahl* after tiring fkit nntiee. and before the dnjr appointed for \
tte> cominencemcnt of the public sale at din lamia embracing Um>
trad claimed; otherwise ?ucb claim rill be forfeited.
Commissioner of the General land Office. j
Vol*, i'nder the regulation* of the department, aa heretofore and ;
now erlatln*. no pevmeat ran be made for advertising proclamation*
except to audi imbNahora aa are * a lolly aulkoriied to poblbb by the i
CommiMioner of tbu General Land Office
Ap 3?wlletScp [Intel. It Star]
[No. 634.]
By the President of the United state*.
I TN pursuance of law, I, JAMBS BUCHANAN,
I President of the Culled States of America, do hereby dnclarc
, ami make known that public aalea will be hold at the 'iadertn en tinned j
' land office* in the State of Mumwirn, .at the periods hereinafter <ieaig
| listed. U> wtl r
At I be land office at Jarum* commencing on Monday. Ur lemfy I
I Mk time y July and, for the dieponal of llie vacant land* In tlm ode I
nnmhtrol socle ma, within tb - ondermentioond iown?btps, which re
mam to the rnited state* untkin lie milrt on rack ml* at the railroad
"from Jackaon to the Hne between the Slate of Mlmimdppl and the
state ti Alabama. subject, a* rnqalred by low, in a minimum of tarn
. dotfem and llfty centa par acre, vtr.:
9mIk and met of the Ckmtmm bam liar ami meridian.'
Township* 4, I, and 6. of rangoe 1,8, t. and 4.
Tiwnabip* a, 4, and 7, of range L
Township* i and 4, of range 4.
Al the land office at Arncara. commencing on liouday. ike uarnty- j
ytfc day / July no*, for the disposal < < the vacant land* in I he odd ,
donffimed sectymr, wlthta the indernsentlened rnwnahips, which re
i naaiu in Uie Hailed Stale* mtkin etm mike n retek tide of the railroad I
I " from Jackson to lhe Hue lietween the State of Miasvnppi and lbe i
State of Alabama;" subject, a* required by law to a minimum or twit j
dollar' and fifty cole par acre. tM:
.Vorfh and sad of '** Ckmtam bam Itm* ami meridian
Tnenrhlpa 4 and 7, <jf range 5.
TViwuehlin 5, 4. and 7, of range* 4, 7, 4, 9, 10. 11, 12, IS. and 14.
1 Tbwnabip 7. of range It
TnwnsMpa 4 and 7.nf range* 17 and IS.
! load* appropriated by lew ftw Use pen of sehoela, military, Indian. i
I <uid other parpaeee. ingether with the -swamp and overflowed
i land*, will be oaclnded troni the sale..
Tbe tracts along the line of the railroad will be mid, *obk*ct in the I
j right nf way granted by * -! of 4lh August, ISM. for sen! railroad !
and tbe pnrOenlar tract* on I by the route wttl be enld a* containing ,
W? ...-Wi.i.a. raoiunohvo) v dhfiUtll On ihd ..ifu 1:11 nl i?a ffiillwant .Uiuf.
. Uona.
Hi* -flhrtn* of Um> ahire and* will be miimnd m tit* dare ap
...inted and will proceed id I ho order ia wliich ihoy are adrertiaed
mill Ih- whole shall have Seen offered nnd lha aalaa thin rl.aee.t. bat
; in sale .hall be kept open humor than iwo weeka, mid do private en
I try Id any of the landa will he admitted until after lha expiration of
I lha two weeh?
Oiven under my hand, at Uaaaaty of Wmhiualnn ihta'wenty eecoed
day Of March. ann<? Iiohr.ni m ihaaaanrt "Ighi hundred and fifty
Rt the IVaaldent
Tana A Max swim,
OnhWIaatriaar < the Heaeial land (lfln.
wtick to mB-KMrrniv cimiiuirm.
Krary prwoaat ai.lltled twthe rlaht of pre n?pHim to ana id thalaada
within the lownahtpa tier. enumerated a required te aalahlwh lha
wiana la lha aSaMlia of lha radtater end raeeirar nf lhe proper land
Cdhoa, and ina*o peymeut therefor an aoaa aa practicable aflar earing
'hw notice, and lietorr the day appointed *w the iunmeivemenl nf
lha pwMtc -ate of the landa eaohrarla* the Irani helmed athwrwla*
such claim wlU ha IMMSd.
Cuhlialmiuat l of the Ileaeral lead 0*w
N'.rrx?I nner the raftilatiotia af the department, aa harUndue sad ,
now eriattaa, no pay.await nan ha mad* for artraciiatna
I reept te await pahhilwua aa era ylilalh anMha In it to ptilihi li try the 1
I Hiwaml allien r if I he Oneral um CShaw
I Ap???l?w (1st ?Staf^
amd fH cofcsrrnmon ?
rND^Y- APRIL 10, 1859.
? ? .mm fN? ?M )
iljritar Fr?sM?al *1 (Ur Vailed States.
TN 2pm..J Uw.T iAMJKb BliCHVNAN,
I : radical of the I'altad Mataa . f A?rica, 4m hmrmtof de.iarv | j
I ai m-.*?biwwa id. pwMe ?l.c will be bate it (Ik. i.iti rni?0111 j
ua ass u?luia?>dr??i,ae?>^i'i>.n>iniriian [
latrd u?>t?
At -he land > fflc a Itcaaroo, rn.niwrm ' Sunday, UtmJ^k I
wUt Amjmmtmt* At Am i>nn?l of tho potrttc tabdi within [
UM 1t V"**t IMtMlilplf Vtl; I
Mill Km I
Tw* iMttp 4. of raois a.
fmX ; J, 4 and^uf range 22.
n.v. I>pi t ?. 4, ? u4 S. an.t th. partt of > ?>m 7 and ?, I
icf.tAa 4< KM UOK41. iwatwtM, 4 mag** tt.
Ha porn of lowuahip 2 oot<..t. of Ike Indian reoorfSdon. awn I
bitI.* A A.oat ; on. w porta of lowaiSip 7, oaSSde of the In |
iwu. P lirtfl SlMMi if rsiuv thk
TbepStn V lownahip 1. entail* of Ike Indiau roonrrotfcn Uiou I
dupe 14,1. mat 0 and da porta if biwaotap 7, ?olio 4f Ua Indian
'SfS. S ranga St.
Th? PAfU f tnwniliip 2, >uUtd* of Ua in Ann nwrrutM; town
ibipo 2, 4. and a - onA the porta of tawmMpeS aad 7, eatable <4 Ua I
ladles rmermmUum, ml iqii.o W
Ru porta of mwiwbinl miiad. ml ma Indian rooorroiwo, ibwn?hlp
1 and ike porta of tijouvtnpo 14, i( and 6, oataajf of Uio Indian
rrerrva?I or rango 17.
Tim ,<frta uf luouabip 1, ooimAo of tao InAas ?ermtaio, townstup
1 and Cut porta of tnooakip J, .-utaiAe of Ua; ladtau ran ullon,
of rango 16.
fowiutaio, 1 o?wt 1. and th? porta of townoAipo 3, 6, A, 6. u4 7, I
:ltata ft tt.? Indian r?rotMS of rang. IS.
Toaoidnpe 1, 2, 1. 4, A, and ? and the pa? ?tap 7, ?? 1
of Ike Indtaa r enervation, of rango 14
Tnornahipo 1.1, S, 4, ?, and 4. and the parts of townrHIp 7. ontaide
of Ua lndtan ro? vtatoa. of rango IS.
At Ua lend office if Kiraimn owmmeorini: rm Jhutdaf, (Ac wane
tmm<A day mf StfWAr ?A, tor the dap?I ?f Ua pabiw laaita irnhia
the following naaad uiwuahlpo, trta:
South V (Ac I? liac ?A as* if I km aMS prfnripwl atarfcfion.
Tbwnahipa 1. 2, 3, 4, ?, and A; and the parte, ouuhle of the Indian [
reaervailue, of tawuahip 7, of range 12.
Tbwoahlpn I, 2, 3, 4. 5, and 6. and the parta oouida uf Ua Indian I
reeirrafkat, of triwoatiip 7, of rango II.
Tow ox hip* 1,2*. *. *, and 6; and the parta outa.de ef the Indian
rrcervatiou, of awnaMpa 7, 8, 9. and lo, of rang. 10
Tuwnsblpa 1, 2, 3, 4, A, 6, 7, ?, ?, and 10, uf raagu 14
At the kaml office at l.taimi, aomuonclag oa Monday. (Ac rtah
lonatA la, of July me*, lor the dmpuoal of Ua public taudo within the
following named townships. via
Mnuffi <tf the bate lint and tost y tkr txxLk principal meridian.
TV ports of township* 17 and IK, outside of IV luduui reserve
una townships 19, 90. and 21; and tho part* of township 21, nstmSs
of tho Lndtsn reaervatiou, of range 22
The parts of lowiship 17, outshle of tho Indian reservation: tewndnp*
19, 19, 29, 21, ausl 22, of range 21.
Till- parts .if townships 12. IS. 14. IS, IS, and 17, oustde of the Indian
rcervstien township 18 19, 20 ft, and 22, of range 20.
TV parts of lowualdp* 11 aud IX wiisale of the Indian reservation .
town-dnpa IS and 14, the parts of townships 19, IS. and 17. outside af
the ludian reservation townships 19, 19, 20, 21. aud 22, of range 19
Townships 11. 12, IS, and 14; the parts of townships IS, IS. 17, IS, \
and 19. oasatrie of the Indian reservation; townships 30, 21, aud 22, of
range 18.
Tuwnshipa 11, 12, la, and 14; the parts of townabtpn IS and 19,
outside of ihe Indian reservation, townships 20, 21, and 22, of range
At the land office at Lac-mnvix, commencing on Man lap. Ike tutrntp.
teamd dap </ August not lor the disposal if the public land* within
tho tuikra mg uaineu townships, via:
Month of (he bam Una and east of (he ruth principal meridian
Townships 11, 12, 13. and 14 the part* of townships IS anil 19,
outside of the Indian reaerviuioo; township* 20, 21. and 22. of range
The parts sf townships 11 aud 12,outside of the Indian reservation:
township.-. 13 and 14 the part* of townships 15 and 19, outside of Iho
Indian reservation townships 20. 21. and 22. of range 15.
The pari of low:.chip 12, south oi the luUuui reservation; town
ships 13 aud 14, the parts of townships 16 and 19, out,ido of the Indian
reservation; township* 20. 21, and 22. of range 14.
The part of township 12. south of the Indian reservation; township*
13 and 14: the |?rts of tewoahip* 15. IS, 17, 18. *nd 19. outside of the
Indian rescrTauoa, t>>wn*bips 20, 21. and 22, of range 13.
At the land office at Laooartoh, oommeneing an Mondap, tk' twelfth
dap y September neat, for the dupneal of the public lands within the
following-named townships, vhr:
Mouth of Ike bate luie and rati y Ike sixth principal meridian.
The part of township 12. sooth of the Indian r*>or\-*tloo; townahlpa
13, 14. 15, IS. 17. 18 19. 20. 21, anil 22. >f range II
The p*rt ol towusl.ip 12, south of the Indian reservation township ,
13; the part* of townships 14. 16, 10. 17 and 18. outside of the Indian 1
; reservation, township* 19, 20. 21, aud 22, if range 11.
The parte if township* 19, 11, and 12, outatde of the Indian reser
I vUUtn township 13; the parts if township 14 and 18, oouide of the
j Indian reservation: townships 19, 20, 21. and 22, of range 10.
I Townships M, II, M, and IS; tV ports of township* 14 and 18,
- outside of tho Indian raserratioo; Uiwushlps 19. 20, 21, and 22, of
, range 9.
At the load office at Ononis, commencing an Mondap, the tmentpninth
dap y August next, for the disposal of the public lands williiu
j tho following cainc'. townships, vis:
&mtk of Ike bale Une and carl of the tixtk principal meridian.
Township* s, 7, 8. 9. 10, 11. 12. and 13; aod the pari* if townships
14. 15, IS, and 17, outside of the Indian reoorvailon. of range 8. i
Townships 8, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12, 14, 15, IS, and 17, if range 7.
Townships 8. 7, 8. 9, aud 10; the part* of town*hi(w 11 ami 12. outside
or the military reservation; lownabips 12, 14, IS, 10, and 17, of
range S.
At the laud office at thins*, commencing an Mondap. tk* nindmntk
lav of September not), lor the impuMl o? uie purine lands wtlhin the
! follow inf named townships, viz:
SntUk <f Uie bate Iifk and out of the rintk principal meridian.
Towiubt|M 0, 7, 8, 9, sad 10: lh? parts at township* 11 ami 11, oat!
shift of the military renerv.vUou, ttnrnahlps 13, M, 16, 13, and 17, of
' range '
TWnshipa 7, 8, 9, 10,11. 12, 13, and 14, of range 4,
i Township* 3. 9, 10,11, 12, 13. athl 14. of range 1.
Lands appropriated bj Inn Tor Ui? use of school*. Indian, military,
iand other purposes will ho MOhM from the sales.
The offering of the above lands will he commenced on ilio days appointed,
and wtll proceed In the order In'which Uley are advertised
i until the whole ahail have been olfored, and the sales thus rinsed;
; hat no sale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private
entry of any of tho lands will be admitted until after the expiration
of ilia two weeks.
Given tinder my hand, at tho city of Washington. thU 22.1 day of
j ilarch, anno Domini 1169.
By the President
i Thus. A. Htwoaioai.
Commissioner of the General Land Office
Nonca to nMMM claimants
Kvery person entitled to lite right of pre empuon to any of tho
lands wtihtn the townships and parts of townobipa alioro enumerated
is required to eetaldlsh tho same tn the .satisfaction of the register and
receiver of the ,troper land office, and make jiayment tberelor as Ms
a? proctleahle after seeing this ltotlne. and heftire tha day apiointed
| lor the rommencomeut of Uie pntdw anto ef the lands rmhrartag the
tract churned, otherwise such claim will bo forfeited
Oromlswoner of the (iener.il Land Office.
Nora.?Under the rogolatioiis of the department, an heretofore and
wis existing, no payment nan he made foe adtrortlsing proclamations
except in such publishers as ertt epei ialle nteSmrimd to pnbMi by
iheCommWawner at tho General Laud fifflco
Ap S-tWlstSep [Iht- k Star]
? Wxentstrms, March J3, 1869.
ON THK IHTinON of Charles J Woolsnn, id Cleveland Ohio, pray
in? for Ibe extension uf a tau nt granted p. him on the wth day .if
,*e|'Uinit>er 1M6, for an unprt.veroeot In "oooktng storoo." (br seven
years from the ex^rattno rf said patent, which lakeo place on the
9th day of .September. I*fd?
4 i* ordered thai the oud petition 1* heard a* the Patent Odlee on
Monday. the tad of Angunt nnt.at 12 o'clock. m . and >11 |m?m art
limtriivi t? appear and ?hnw canne, if any they hare, why eald pe?
tin* iwtftt not to ho pintoft
PonutWa nppomog the extension am reajatfed in Ale in the Hntc-nt
office their ohjecnun*, aperaitllv awl forth in w nUni;, at lout twenty
lays twfbre the hay of beating, all I'^umny AM by either party ?
he lined m the aald heartily mint he tak>n and tranruiitted m accordance
with the rnlea of the "Hire which win be fornlahed on applies
The, testimony ut theraaewlll tie cloeed on the Ach of A ay net, rtepn
ilium*. and othiT iwper* rolled itpnn aeteetlmony, rnuat be filed to the
dAo* on or heforo'tha mommy of that lay, the irgtrmem* If any.
wit bin ten !?v MMMMf
ordered, *teo, that tin* nonce be published In the Union, Waehtng
ton, D. G.ami Daily Advertteer. (hocttoan. 'Hon, once a week for
three wardca the Arnt publication to he at leant airty lay* before
the 224 of August next, the day of lieartay.
trtinir rVmi ntiMriiinwr nf Pafhnl*
P. a. Rditom of iha abort paporn will plaaan copy, u4 road iMr
bill* in the Palm! OlBce, with ? pa|mr oocUtnln* (hto ntdloa.
Mar HP?lawjtw
[No. MB 1
Of Ike remxal qf Ikt Lind Offie* from P-rcWA.HA* to PorrLAXD,
to tk* State qf MllWWOTt
TN at-twmiancn with tlio provtaiona of the act of
Ofi?riaa. nntlUad "An Art MtoaatoMp nhanam la the In rail? of
laa4 artlcm. approved March .id. ISM. ,t m hereby daqttrad and made
known that the oflon S>r dm ?aJe M pohlk: land* at Bi <ai>ui. la iW
Mala of Mimairrra, will ha renwrred to Pnatrjira, a? iha brad of the
Ray of anyaator. la ?*M ?. m <ar aaWy " peered ? pna-CirmMr
Further nnuoe aa u> Urn prenee time of ckwaay iha ..?ra at Ba.
Iiaaan. and reopening II at Portland, will ha Hawed ay the rnglaaat
and ranalvnr for the dMrlrt.
Idraa wader my haad at tba city of Washington thta tttb day nf
March. A. D t?M>
Ht order of iha PnaMaat
CfflHWikwr of the (kaeral Laad iifflra
Mar 3h?wdw (ItiteUMkar
MOItK NEW HOOKS AT I'Hll.l'K lhr Ito^ !
mm* tad >u Horn fly the author <? klagdawa HuAwd '
lih> of Vorth da- ro an loner p. By B Jmger. late Prtdraanv
-f tofagy and HManv \n Iha Oottage of Mew farrey. axrtated by H. 1
C l*i 11?. M n , with aaaarm lUaatrattana from tyrdaaM m Iha
-aidant at iha aadnr
Mat*. A loan Jearrn with .Uortrill at am* a nap. % ton anther nf I
peep * P?y. 'Bsadlar Without Thort. hr |
?-- - ? ?* r*<MvtiW rmtr iv?karii*r.
DM 1* anal Iraala udM, II
Apr* I jataara Mi and l?h an m j
I ^
, hM ! 1 A** J* I' U
hnu of rronM wW
SRTAKhTt tunmuix. nM aad endorsed " rrnpoasls ibr >U?j
hippllm, ' aill la* received at Ikes Bum aaut Wakwk. ? m ,
sa WadwsaA^ the kOth day of April next, lor furuishin* aad deliv i
srtag (oa rootle** laa days'asuce. aaosptlbe Maemt,** whvh Are
teya" MUV Shan bp glvm (be ?yery twenty thousand pounds re
posed; at M? baited Hates navy parks at OmrlastewB, m imrhs
srtu Brooklyn, Now Yak , ia4 losport Virginia a oat. quantities
mtg at tba following uMaa ait may ha rrqutred or erderwd from the I
fentraeinni by tho chief if this bursas, ur by (ba rtepacMVrm
nwe.nag ameers af tbe mitt navy yarda. during the hw yanr aadiag
hiae *> lm, VIZ ; I
Utaemii, flntxr rtoa, irtod apples pickles, sugar, taa, ooftee, feeaaa, j
*Tba"hmf iTaCi be asade wbully from iweet super 80* oar, or the
mane* eta rr t Mm yrar Ifitl or ISM, bat tdml a all nm be uaau
'actured fYotu Soar made uf Um cro|> immediately preceding tba lalaa
.( tba rpqaMttoog Ibr Um same ; aad shall be Mir 'T'al IB quality,
aad < otdorni in Mar aad shapa, to tba taiupMe ahich at? deposo- d in
ihe aaM aavy yard* dull h- properly baked, thoroughly Ml la drkjd.
well parked.aad debreredfreeflfcbareaiatbeVaUetl-kakrt.iafiod, .
awail wall-dried, bright lour barrels, Willi the luada well sseored.
>r la ait aad water light whiskey or *f*n barrola, at the aptiuu uI
the bureau
kbe detar ahaU be equal to tba hart fhshmaad aa.l Baklmnre brands,
and of the manufacture of wheat grown 1a the jear 1841 or ISM
Deaaball la ad oaaaa be raaoidbrmredfruoi purr aoaoil fresh ground
wheat at the crop lauaedlalrly praoeda< the dales at the requisition
lie the aav : shah be perfcctly sweet ami in all reapoets uf the beet
quality. and shah bo deUrarwd in good .bippmg order, free of all
eharge In the I'tttted Males. In the beat nam , wall seasoned. sound. 1
bright barrets or hair barrets, as tbe cam may ha?the suved aad
beading* u> be id i sd oak ef Uw Mat quality strong aud well hoapad,
? Ith lining l~rq? arw.ud acti hri-l ami eqtntT In qsadwy to aua|il;
barrel at raid nary yard* . two half barrets to be oooatderrd as a
barrel, aad not more ihnc uae-eisth tlie required quantity to be la
half barrels.
Tbe rMe shall be of the eery beat quality and of the crop itnmadl
aleiy preceding the dates of Um requisitions foe Mb* earns.
Th- dried applet shall be of the beet quality, aad shall b# prepared
by mm drying only, aad of Ike crop of tba annum immadtataly pre
' dim* the dates of the requisition* ibr the saau . and shall be deliT
ered la paokagea nuuialag am awwa than three hundred panada.
The pleklos shall he put up ta iron bound casks, aad each caok
shall oootaln one galled ef uoloaa. one gaHoe of peppers. and eight
gallons of medium cucumber*. 4fty to the gallon, aud Use vega lahba
la each shall weigh gfty seven pounds, snd thry eely be paid hr :
sud sorb cask shall then be Oiled with while ?to. viDegar sr at least
Ik degrees at streogth, sud equal in French vinegar: the casks, vega
tabtan. and vusegar shall Coohirro aad be equal in all raepeoki b> the
samples deposited at the shore.uamed navy yanla, and the contractors
shall warrant sod guaranty that they will keep good and sound
The iron hoops .o Um bar rein containing whiskey, molasses, vuaefar,
aud tackles ku be well pauttod with red lead.
nte sugar shall he according to sample* at the laid navy yards
and be dry iml fit lor psstking.
Tti<- lea Anil be or food quality young kyeoa, equal to the <tta
pioa at said navy yarda, and be delivered In half and quarter chests
Ha oudbe (bail be equal to the beet Cain armrdtng u> sample
The beaaa shall In of Uie very Inst quality a bite beam, aad thai;
be of thosrop immediately preceding the dates of the reqnistUoa for
the Mate. 04 pound* to be Lik -it ae one bushel
The molssaos shall be rully equal to the rery heat quality of New
Orleans inolaseo*, aud aball be dekvured in new. well-seasoned re-loak
barrel*. with while pine beads nut leaa than 1 ij tneh thick: Ibe
slaras not luaa than fc loch thick; the barrels In' he thrtnquarters
hooped, and. In additiun. to have four troo boops, cae on each bilge,
1 inch In width and 1-16th Inch thick, and coe on each chime 1 jginch
hi width and 1-lfffe-taoh duck, and shall be thoroughly ooopered
iud placed in the beat shipping condition.
The vinegar aball be of the first quality, equal to the standard of
Ibe Lulled States Pbarotaonpieia, ami shall contain no slier titan
acetic aud, and shall b? delivered m barn-la similar in all respect,
to those required for molasses, with llie exception Uiat wkitr oal
sC-.vea and heads sliall be Ribsutiitrd for red oak slaves and white
pine beasts, aad shall be thoroughly coopered aad placed in the bud
-hipping order
Tin- whiskey shall be made wholly from grain, sound and merchant
able, and tie full first prof according u> the I niust Htalce custom bouse
standard, and shall be double rectified. It shall lie delivered in good,
new, souud, bright, three-quarters hooped. \vell-scawned white oak
barrels, With while <?k bead., the heads io lie made of three piece
beading, and well painted , the staves not to be las* than b Inch
thick, and the heads not leas than \ inch thick and onnh barrel
shall ba coopered, In addition, wit): one three penny iron hoop on
each taiga lj* inch m width, and llfith-inch thick and one threepenny
hisip >n each chime, i ts-inch la width, and 1-ldth-tneh (hick
as per diagram The whole to he pat in guod .hipping order, free of
all charge to the United State*
All the foregoing described arlk-lea. embracing casks barrels hall
barrels, and boxes, shall be subject to such In* pee Hon as the ebb-ruf
Uils bureau may dirert the inspecting officer to be ppouil--d 'ty the
Navy Department All inspection* to he at tin- place of delivery
HWcuU may, boweTer. be tasnected at the place of manufacture, hni :
will in all nnsen lie subject to a anal inapection at the piece of dellTery I
before I tills are signed therefor.
The prices of all the foregoing articles to he lite same throughout !
the year, ami hidden- may oflhr for one or inure articles
All the casks, barrels and half barrels, botes or pet-Lag**, shall !
lie atarko-l with their oontenls and the contractor < name All the
barrels and lutlf barrels of floor, broad, and pickle* sliall have, in ad dtiion
to the above, the year when trannlbei-tred or i?it up marked
uprm them.
The sam(des referred to in thi? advertl-emi nt are this-e g.-trrled for
lite ensulns fiscal year, and Saw no n/ovnevlit nteh as hot* beei jwevt'oMsfy
The quantity of theec articles which will bo required cannot !> precisely
stated. They will probably be about?
To he offered fbr.
Btacuit 1. WO .CM lbs per 100 I be.
FVsir 1,400 bhts ..per bbl
Wee 2b0,00<> lbs ... per lb.
Dried apples 140,000 lbs per lb.
Pickles, 1MVOOO lb* . |>er lb.
rhigar. Mil.000 Ib0....per lb.
TVa 4.VOOO lb* tier lb
Ooflbe 25.000 lb*....par lb.
Bran*.. T.flOO btwli per bush.
Molasses * ... 20 .000 nix pergxl
Vinegar * 22,000 note per gal.
Wbiakcy 10,060 gals.. .per gal
The quantities of any or all may be increased or diminish'd is the
service may hereafter require. Tile contract* will tberefiwe lie made,
not for specific quantities. hot for each quantities as the service may
require Ui he delivered at those navy-yards respectively
Contractors not residing at the place, where delivsrle* are required
most establish agencies at such places, that no delay may arise in
furnishing what mayTbereqnlrhd . and when a contractor Oulg prompt
If to comply with a requisition, the Chief of the Bureau of Provisions
and Clothing shall be authorised u>directpurrliases 10 he made to sop.
ply the dellcieocy, under the penalty u. he expressed in the ooatract;
the record of a requisition, or a duplicate copy thereof, at the Bureau
of Provisions and nothing, or at cither of Iho navy rants aforesaid,
shall be evidence that foeh reqolMtlori has been made and received
Separate offers must he made for each article at each of the aforesaid
navy yards and In case more than one article Is contained ;a
the oflbr. Hie Chief of the Barcati will have the right to accept one or
more of the articles contained m sad) otTSr. nnd reject the remainder,
and bidders whose proposals are accepted rand none others) will he
forthwith notlUed, aud as early as prartlcahle a otmtroct will be
transmitted to them for execution, which contract must be returned
to the bureau within ten days, exclusive of the Unte required lor the
regular transmission of the mail.
Two or more approved sureties, in a sum equal to the estimated
amount of the respective oooiraci", will be required, and twenty per
centum in addition will hs withheld from the amount of atl payments
on account thereof ae onllateral security. In addition, to seoare
Its performance, and not In any event to be paid until It Is in
all respects complied with; etghty per centum of the aanonat
if all deliveries mode will be paid by the nary agent within thirty
days after blUs, duly authenticated. shall have been presented to
iUnnk farms of proposals may he obtained on application to the
navy agent, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire , Huston, New York,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Norfolk, l'aasaoola, and at this
A record, or duplicate af the letter mfbrmln* a Mdder of the eoorp
tancr of bis proposal, urlll he deemed a notification thereof within the
meaning uf the act of 184?. and his hid will be made and accepted in
nonfarmtty with this understanding
Kvory offer made mast be accompanied (as directed in the act of
Gungnuu making appropriations fhr the naval SOi itui for 1*44- 4TV
approved 1Mb August, 18441) by a written g'lnrauter. signed by oae
or mere rtrqsmslhle persons, to the effict tliat he or they undertake
that the ladder or bidders will. If his or thetT bid be accepted, enter
into an obligation within Ore day*, with good and siHfirtent sureties,
to furnish tile supplies |*opo-ed. The burosa will not he nMtgaled to
consider any prigweal unlew acoompanu.l by the guarantee required
by law the competi-itcy if the gnaniniee ui V certified by Lhc navy
agent, district attorney or coliectnr of the customs
rw atUmivm tj ladder- m sotted to Iht mm/dm and hsrifpthiii f ortirlsm
rwftwrwd, OI, wt fkr onpnfuis Jar imp am, a j est bat rigid roetparhmt
wVTI V marts hetamea fkc irfudet if end and ike sample ami cam
treat, rvrmeusg sm Iknlfnll Hon Ibis; and tkrlr aitmtirm ii diss par
Ia-ulariy directed<otfir jmrt msiidisw y t7fb Jfcrck, HUM. ami Is
Ikr art cf (he. luth Input 184#.
ami 17 -lrwdw
KinurxaTs Osrww March fit 1H#
NOTICE i? hereby given thnt Hcmiom inencd to
osrners of wagona. certs. and drays will expire on the first
UfiiidftV in 4*tril nn?l thai moid Itaanaaa niiikt la rrnoietMi m (unni.li
uw with taw, at thin otto* wttblu ten Oay* aflrr Unit time.
wiij.ta? mhrfian,
Mar ??<HApl FU?Vlrr
a No. 1 aiticiaof atari Ma* oaai, red aah,?.
Do da do whiwaah. MIA
Do do nut-atxa coal, 'tncidadlr the cbaapeat cool la Ute
markat oboro yroooo bar* moll ww rancor* or making gtnrm
i Md alawat aaalastraijr tor ooaklag IbrnaggMM* tba northor* ctilm.
Men $k por ton.
Atan, 1YlT*rt<ai coal, Tory froo burning, caring nothing bat Iba
A (Bad artiaia gaaraalnd, tAM It* to the tan.
T.J k w m HALT,
nic YW comer 18M. wot C ?U,, Mo. M7 mi
Tbot of nth 8*root, balow War Oavartnn nt.
Marttk itb- lot
NEW LUMBER YARD?Tlw muloraignbd, W
<ig recently ukoa charge ?< tiaa mow lambar Yard na -Arth
ww end tba Oute'. rmpnctfully invito um mtoaiion of donbr* in
mbm g?o. i ?H V in <-i amino ih? atock hoforo pnr. hunt oiarwh. r
Theetnok of Whtae Pino laiiahnr. ffcorrr Aah. In, i'opUr, bo , M
very nupamir ami nroU eeaaoaod. and will be mid at Mm tnwont aaeh
I'rtrna ^ ^ OOLTMtN k HI.WItlltK,
li Tba miharrthore hmra (hr reto about Ihirty aerm of lae.1 idion.lag
tba thna of Joaapb H. Bradley, eng. rrtiWi rtmy will rfdl law
JAM. C. MrfiUIRK k rti ,
May 2t?endTw Auctioneer* and fommm?ion Merchant* |
Sptrlal n*Uc? t* tiktcrlktm
tmjmnI ' * mMm?Mmi mm* W*f*?* ?"? * " MS?
4 ?.* ?ai4?MHi ' ?4 * ???? ? ?T ?k?r*rm4 4}i?H
i>?MkrHlai (m?riy KaMt* miB Im (if?a lo ) xrribars H|
Mm M*? kampIMM ?r* 4M t M am ,C$H
fcsiM ?f IM ntwnWif, m4 m> i -31
i'uker* mM I'MIOM |?
?'iH tWW^UIMW |>JM
' mmmbj * ? . mmiimmmimmu .?m ff?ji
4* 1 MMMS iu;i 4m iMMta . ISM raBB
1 4m i ?# *< .. 4m imm ism ujsl
| 4? ImwU Mil 4? 111 .1 MM jci|l
MvfatrttMM. mm4 Mil |I|I? Im'mnm muMiMlnli im4m??4 m isftS
WIMM MM IhrtMM M WMMfc Will >m (SMm>IM ?I, MMMMM pMf MqMMM* (W MMMfe r''SM
umimm ww ul im. milmmi Mllll mm M MM? u. ll>m 4m|Ij. mm js|
MMtM fMM m*LX> Im? MM?fc .mmMHIIM. MM MSM M?fl4 4M?kiM |(Mji
hM IWiylH MMlMM. , Alsi
a. WFW
KKARaTK PtodimAL-i. reatod and iaia.a.? lti|i.aato tor Navir
Ctothtag and rimMa* tfcli HuK." wfilbe rwini< at ihM oAce until
berlost. a m.,sa the U6 to? of M.y neat tor fttrnlahtag end <to
Utoftag (en reed* lag siitjr 4?]ri' aettoe) to ana* or MW af the
Hif fanltitCtoitowm - - r~: lliallia, W?w Tort or
Virginia, Ih. |uaiuun below nvento?cd U uiy or all of the
fattowtojtstoto -sad article. ar awry uliitotog and cliilhtog materials,
and ?urb further naaaiuraa of the aaaia as w] tw nilwi 1 l.jr the
rhbdsf ?h? harem. Or by toe cewmiaiUato m the wud nary yarda.
respacuraty l?ai to. towel year c i tag oa toe let day ef
My ndki.'Mu! cioUag oil the JUUi day at June, 1MB. n?
Cttoal-CMI (VUa
Rtoerlato pea Jaalreto. .... 1,000
Mae cloth wowsers . ...1,000
Blue satinet iiuatol 1,000
CkamS?Ansalm CMUy
blue fett pee j 11 ton......... e....l,0to
Btoe Tall caps! , 4,000
Taaarf Clot(ftp.
War ianeui jumper* li.l... .>fc. 1,000
Blue Oanuol o\ ershtrts MM
Hue toanul andaMMto ..S.4M
Blue (Lionel drawers .? . 3.000
Cua 4 ~*loara Clothing.
Omvanduck troerwrs '.. S.ooo
tor up lay sheeting freatos S,MQ
aa MM.
Blue tauaet ?v v ij ?/" 10
Clmh .?Mar Piamri
Maa daaael ; ?. 1*. yarda. 80,(MO
Uto r. toito), Ma*, toad YewHw
Barnaic) ahecttoB. -..yards, 10.08O
ruvu dor* ...r.:. ..., do 10,000
Bhu nankin J., to 10,000
/; </ ) Cum I.- Am
CaUWunlnued Mow palm, 3,00*
mtmktoehora to. 4,000
Ctato 9?Jtoto.
Woollen sort,- ...., palm, I.OOO
Ci ua 10.? fcrfi mai I
Vattraaeaa, (with 2 covers Aw east) . 3,000
CUto U.?JMn4.tr
Blankets ,... "v~ -MOO
Cum 13.-BmdktnHrf,
m-Mk-Wlk handkenfuelh 4.000
(Mm may he made for one or more daaans, at the option of tho
ladder , but all lha aruulos embraoed la a daae must ba bM I'or
Each eiaas will be conalderod hy Itself. and the contrail tor I hat
oUaa Will he awarded to toe Mdrtor whose propoamla tor the arttclaa
comprised la the clew are lowest In the 441 regale
The cloth for Ike pm JaekoU -hall lie twilled pilot cleth, pure iadiKO
blue, wool-dyad It .thall b? 64 luehoa wide, and wotgh 3d ounces
par yard It shall have a hrt on oarlt edge coin posed af 34 white
Uir arts, of all wool. All plooes watglaiig lata than 26 ounces per
yard wilt lie rejected: and each lutie at about 300 yarda must average
The mamSeaa clothing shall tie of foil cloth, dyed pure Indigo blue,
mnde of good wool ouly. au.1 shall conform u> the eign e, color gra.l.i
at wool, and in all other reapooU to the samples deposited st the
nary yarda
Tho cloth for blue cloth trousers ahull be twilled, all wool, and
pore indlgpi blue, wool dycd li shall lutve a list on each edge com
posed at 34 while threads, of all wool. All |ueona under 17), oone's
per yard will be rejected, ,?0d each bale or about BOO yarda musi
average 18 ounces par yard ?'
The satinet must lie 37 inches wide inside of list, which Bat must
consist of not lees than 13 white woollen threads on each edge of the
ciuth. woven in the whole length of lite piece , must urei?h not Ic.h
than 91) ounces per yard, to otmuin in each piece alwiut 28 yards ilia
sarpuiem be cottoo, pore indigo blue, yarn dyed; and tie lilting
wool, pure indigo bine, wool-dyed. Each bale of 400 yaribi shall aver
age uiue ami a halt uuncea t? the yard,and no piece shall be below
9 V ounces to the yard. The satiuct trowaers must be made . f
material Uku the abort'. The pilot cloth. broadcloth. and satinet of
which garment* are ma.In, shall be well * ponged before made n|>.
TUt Uanne! most be all wool, wool-dyed pore indigo blue, and
I willed; must lte ID pieces of about ad yard* iu length, 37 inches
wide, weighing f> ounces per yard. with a Hit op each edge of 4 whitn
woollen >iirea.U woven in tlie whole length of the piece. To bo
packed in bale* of 10 pieces, the pieces to bo rolled separately wit*. w<
cloth boards; each hale to contain 500 yartta and l&AS? pounds
Annuel. \'o piece to have a leas average weight than 4 8 10 ounces
per yard.
The overstiirta. undershirt*, drawers,and jumper*! inuet be made
of flannel likethe above
The Barn?ley sheeting must he free from cotton, M inches in
width: v ight, twelve wnceg 31 100 per yard: texture 4 by 4 la 1 16
i orb.
The canvas duck must In* free from cotton 27 inches in width, and
about SO yards iu the piece, double thread warp and flttiog; weight
eight ouncei 23-100 per yard texture. P by 10 lo inch.
The times must he plainly sfoinped wltlt ibe . ulraciork name,
number of the shoe, and year when made. The eizea (o ue in He.
following proportions for each 100 pairs, unless otherwise ordered,
viz: 8 of No. a. I." id No. d, 28 ui No, 7, ii of No. 8, 16 of Mo. ?, 7 of
No 10 and 1 of No 11 They must ' -inform in nil reapecta lo the
samples at the yards, and tic delivered in good, strong boxes, the
lops of which lo he securely ffcetened with screws, ami each box lo
contain 28 pairs, In these proportions, vli : 8 pnlri of Mo 8, with 17
of N?, 6. 13 of No. 7, with 12 of No. 6. or rior iom, 10 of No, 9, with
7 of No. 10. and 2 of No. 11. The ealf skin aud Icip-skin shoes to be
packed m separate boxes.
TTie woollen socks ninst be woven or knit, Indigo mixed, all wool,
shall be woil snowed, and m color and quality fully equal to
Tlie maUresaes must weigh ten pounds, including ticking,'which is
to lie cat 0 feet lo length and 31 inches wide. Ttie covers must
measure 71 inehes in length ami 29 Indies in width The Imir, lick
ing, and covers must conform to samples.
The nwkiu must he equal lo the beet blue American nankin. 26
melius wide, texture & threads by 4 threads lo ttie 16th of an inch,
dyed will, purr llmgal indigo
The blankets must weigh six imonda per pair, and measure 58 by
78 niches ench A hale of 80 pairs muri weigh 300 pounds, aud no
pair shall weigh lens than 6 pounds 13 ounces They must bo
made or dean wool, aud each blanket must be marked "U. 3. Navy,"
Mri ill thf sample.
The black Silk handkerchiefs must be 31 jg by 81 Ja inches, and
weigh one ounce and 12 grains Troy . texture 14 by 23 to OM-cighth
ui an inch.
Bidders fbr the above will specify whether the article* they propose
Mi furnish are to he of the growth, production, and mnnufu. i uru
of the Culled States, as a preference will be given to such.
A schedule of the three siren for ?act> 100 pieces of made, up clothing
wiu be found with the samples at the respective yards; and all the
aiewe artleles including the necessary buttons rings, fcr are lo he
fully equal la the quality, texture, odor, weight and finish of male
rial, and conform In pattern, sines, and workmanship lo said samples
The number or quantity which will he required of each of the fore,
going articles cannot be precisely taied. It will not he loss, however,
than the quantity spectfted In the foregoing bet. The contracts will,
? ... .u,. -?-Uin# ,jr .-srh ?r as ineiflel. and for
?It further quantity a* the* bureau may require flu prict moot 6r
uniform tU ail Ike Motions.
Alt the above urttclen must ha nthjeet to such inu|>action at tha
place of delivery aa the itoot of UiM bun? ?? ilirrvt: and no artiole
will be raoelT<vl that la not fully equal to the sample la ovary re
s|- ct, and ivlia li dots ant soaftvrm U tka ?U potations and psnvbitoii <
of the contract to be made
Tha whole must he delivered at the risk awl expense of tlie eon
tractor. Kach box and lialc to be marked with the on?actor-*
name Tin inspecting officer* to be appointed by the .Vary Depart
The oBbra mnat ItaUnttol-'li the prices (he each nrttcte mentem' ii n
a class, and mnat lie calculated to cover every eapeaee attending the
fulfilment of the .oatract including the ueeeaoary button*.
In Caae of failure on the pari of the l onu aetoi a tit rtettver the nrr
oral art idee which may be ordered from thorn, ha pofw lua and V
pnyer ownKty. the chtef ot the Bureau of Provision* and i lothttig ehail
lie authorised to porch**' or direct porohaae* U> be nude of what
may he required to -mpply the deficiency, under the penalty to be ex
prnmad In the contract tha record of a reqiiUltwm, or ? dopUcai
copy thereof, at tlie Bureau of Provision* and ' 'lotlilug, or at vtther >f
the navy-yard* aforesaid. shall hn svldrutos that such requbiltWi hat
been made and received.
Two or more approved mretnw In a turn eqna! to (he estimate. I
amount of the reeparuve vontracta will be required, and I weal V per
centum will lie withheld from lite amount df at! pnytaenia on ie
count thereof mm ootlaf al sorority. and not In any runt in he paid
until It Is la all rmpacta oomplmd with nod ghty per centum of tho
auuiuat or all deliveries made vrtH be paid by the navy agent wltblu
thirty dayn after in plicate btlia, duly euilMmocuted. shall bavw been
presented to him
Ittddeia a tee.. i>ropouala shall bS accepted (and none other* i will
be Rirthaith notified, and as early aa practicable a contract wilt tio
iruwtadW to ttiem for aacouttou, * hash oewtcacl most lie (Wtanied to
die bureau within flee days exiJnstre at the time required for tits teg
alar tranaaWSMn of the mall
A record or diqihrate of tho letter informing* bidder of tbu accupt
aaoe W hl? jwopnaa; will lie deemed i notification fhereof within tlie
inaanlng >* the act of 1?4? and his bid will he made and accepted in
coaformhy with thle understanding
Every offi-r mada muet ha areampaidai (at dtreotvd n the act of
Ongitsa making appropriations for the naral servtse for INS 17,
approved loth August. IH4U) by a written gnaraateu. rtgW'1 by on? i
or more riwpoaalhle Bin ? , to tlx- t that be or they inert. ' i- 14
that Pie bidder or IiUMi m well, If hw *r ilmlr bid be antejUad. enter H
into an obhptloo wuhtn fiva days, with good and sufficient sarefi,.
to fbrntsli the supplies propound The bareaa will pat be obligated to
consider any prnpoaul uniem *<-contpanted by tha (MraMaa reqn-.'d
by law.; the oceipeien. f tbe guarantee to he certified by the oav
* ?>?,4werlel eltorwy, or ttw mllwikir uT the eeelflew.
mnnk fnrmt of profaaU ma, b, cHnmat on apf iirtitm I, tkr mx-y
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