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«ö» i
The Westekn • News
A 0
Devoted to the Development of Libby and of Lincoln County
Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, Thursday, January 17, 1946
Number 35
Train Strikes
Troy Man on
Section Crew
The Body of Charles Peck
Found Frldav Afternoon
rounn rrway Alternoon
Lying by G. N. Track

VIT ARC POP n « h pnin
-i.VIvcs I t/lv KA1LKUA1)
Sheriff Baney s office when a phone
call from a railroad employee stated
a man had been struck by a train
of Kootenai Falls.
Twenty minutes later the Sheriff
Sheriff James
of Char
les Peck of Troy,
beside the track.
about section
the Great Northern, was
working with a crew near the Falls,
According to information from the
Sheriff's office;-just a few minutes
before the westbound passenger,
train passed, he had left his crew

and walked along the track some
200 yards, being around the bend
and out of sight when struck. *■
Fragments of clothing and por
lions of his body showed that the
young man had been carried about
150-ft by the train. He lay three
feet from the end of the ties, be
tween the railroad and the river,
The Sheriff, who is also county cor
oner, assisted by Mr. Reedy and
members of the crew brought the
body to the Gompf Funeral home
in Libby.
„Charles Peck, son of Mr. and
^ rS ', f ^ Seph Rt>ck * ( w as borp April
17 1917, at Stonehill, Mont., and
died January 11. 1946 aged 29
years, 6 months and 24 days. He
is pieceded in death by his father
and a brother. He is survived by
his mother Mrs. James-Sklenicka
of Newton Falls. Ohio; a half-sister.
tes. Johnny Matosky of Akron,
Ohio; and four sisters. Mrs. Elsie
Boothman of Libby. Mrs. Olga June
Cox of Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs.
Irene Wyrock of New Port, Wash..
and Mrs. Merrill Wilson of West
Wdlmgton, Conn,
h graveside 0 sc 7 lces we *o
!h d TXK dnesday . at 2:0( t P- m at
the Libby cemetery with the Rev.
. Koy i*ort of the Libby Methodist
lurch officiäting.
A S «r rs '< G ^ a June Cox
ana Mrs. A. Wycock arrived for the
Cooler Wpnfhpr fhp
MICI Tt CUlflcr me
P., | a I nc f \À/ _ ^ I.
Following is a daily report as
furnished by the Libby Ranger Sta
Mens vi.h# »
wtrMorw? d y Night Lea * :ue
Fofest Service . H 22
Mi S'i . ""H 23
Libby Transfer.2? 2?
Hî«K 1.—. - 1 , 30
cap Wii Nelsnn 1 27S 16 Wlth handl '
High individual' c/ri« u
can Inhnnu,.! 7 ai th handl "
&.". obn Lovick, 741.
dirnnVnmTf % ng ® ßa Tfi^ lth han 'i
HU-'h tlS erV,Ce ' ll 11 ^ .. i
liigh team series with handicap,
EÄÄ nr x I
Men s Wednesday Night League. ;
QM,f ' t' ... 80 21 1
Sdvw Eoa f .30 21
Ä .27 24
St H?ah rd ri M °!i 0IS , . 16 35
Hi g h individual game with ban
dl Tfio'h Wn P arsaw< 292 -
H L Pr.
37 23 .02
32 05
29 08
13—No record
36 08
34 08
33 08
Bowling League
.. Hlgh mrhvidu 3 ! series Wlth han
• .-1?
High individual single game witt
"ÄIlftL*-,- n .
diçap, R. Roberts. 756. ^
High team single game with han-i
dicap. Libby Motorsf 1093.
0-3 .•
28 f ie J
.c 28 tie c- f
Hiah dr,crier „er,, r u „ ,
gh single game, Lillian Roberts,
M.th ' • .. __
High series, Dorothy McClain, 539.
bno£ ?m game ' ,eam> The
boose, 703.
nfoig Series ' team ' The Caboose,
uu b ' • ,
Hteh ^ smgle game, team, with
handicap, Brown's Hi-Power 1052.
Hl |£ o ri u S ' tea ZL with h^dicap,
The Cb^e, M.
Hieh^team études 8 '
mnlitp B1 4S b handicap,
Zonolite v 3145.
Women's 1 League, Thursday Night
Standings Won Lost
Brown's Hi Power .34
The Caboose
V. F. W, ...
Model Cgje ..
The Regional Forester's Office,
U. S. Forest Service, Missoula.
Montana, has announced the ad
vertisement of 270,000 poles and
30,500 cords of pulpwood plus other
products, for sale, with bids to be
opened on February 6th. This is
the first sizeable offering of limber
within the Sheep Creek block
which is 21 miles from White Sup
phur Springs and within the Lewis
■ «T *• i e> » é~,
and Clark National Forest, Great
. ^ 1 ^ on *. a f na - , Tbe " umbt . r °. f
* poles offered for sale has been baaed
lengths in demand for 1 Rural
- ( t tnfication lines I he sale will
s f. own mt0 ve seperate
ggmg units.
I Imi Ar%r I )a|i , r A
I l| Ilf |||\ lç LJ I I |\£j
^ | ||y/| (J IVvIvJjv
k A * 11 Aff
|\/| 11 | | I T T A Y C
| ~ 1111 II | | H( \
Afxii the
Nelis Lumber Co. and the Local
day morning week, J Neils
offered a of
hour raise in wages, six days a |
week, for a period of six weeks or
until the Spring breakup, accord
ing to statements issued by Abner
Role and Ed Dutton, presidents
the above respective locals, and
Walter Neils of the lumber com
The Union presidents further
state the proposal has not been tak
! en up with the union members so
i far since the issue is one of rate
of pay per hour, rathervthan num
her of hours worked.
Role, as president of the union,
sent a telegram to the OPA office
at Washington. D. C., to straighten
out the conrovcrsy on increase in
price of lumber. He has received,
no answer as yet. but said when
he does receive an answer, it yvill.
be published in the current edition ,
oMhe News.
The union also sent a telegram
to Kenneth DaVis, executive-secre
tary of .the Norhwest Council. Davis*
issued a statemen that Snyder of
Economic Recnoversion had talked
to pine operators and stated they
|ould p;fy 12 ^ cents and have j
margin for profit and they could
I receive price relief on another 2 ] /à ;
■ cent raise. 1
The above discussion says Mr. ;
Davis, was with pine operators in 1
Kla m ath FaHs. Ore. The informa- j
tion was received from pine em-j
1 ployers in the Spokane area.
A meeting was held Thursday i
night of last week by the Libby i
unions to consider an across
i board offer on the part of the
| Neils Company of 15c per hour
j raise in wages. This if accepted
could éstablish a minimum rate
I lumber and sawmill workers
i 9? Mi cents per hour and for
gers Of $1.00. A secret ballot
j taken which resulted in a vote
* 48 in favor of accepting the offer
' and 190 °PP°sed to the
I - . .
Despite the fact that it would
have been most pleasant to "sleep
in" last Sunday morning, nine hardy
members of the Libby Ski Club
arose before dawn, donned enough
clothes to shield them from the
wintry blast, gathered their beloved
paraphernalia, hied themselves to
the M ° ntana Cafe ' crawled into the
straw-fil ed van of a GI truck, and
f artad for the Ratekin cabin on
Leigh Creek for a day's outing,
^ t the , end of the fifteen miles
th % t /u Uck could P roceed no further
and the remaining three miles were
travelled on skis.
Upon arrival at the cabin, fire
builder president, Pete Ramlo, soon
had cheering fires going in both
stoves and cook and chaSffeir Carl
ton Joughin mixed up a huge bowl
of hot cake batter, fried bacon and
eggs, made gallons of coffee and
fed the e^nf The appetites "f
everyone present were most
and the cook was complimented
on his culinary art.
Libby Ski Club
Enjoys Party
. 0 f enjoyment was a large bunch
-aicap,ip^„'T„x h 3 f äu
Fjeseth shovelled it off. A short
aiSCÄÄti cm
Se d ®
and * ith th » exception o? a bSS
j bunch°arrived home^saf^ th
and wfth tfilh h T« ? f mu SOUpd
) nüal tÄ "ÏÜ!":
J . ..
i'm nd M I S ~ Ghris l\amlo, Pete Ramlo.
! Tom Robertson, ICarlton Joughlin,
j Aimer Fjeseth, and. J ohn Ronning.
r 1 ! r
Clarencet E. Shafer left Wednes
day . for . Phoenix, Arizona where
he is going into a garage business
5Ü, Ç larence , reoently
received his discharge from the
Army after being m service three
years, with two years overseas duty
m the European theatre of war.
He has been visiting his grand
Parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Baker
fu Ual trip was . not possible during
; the war and it was a pleasure to
Those making the trip were Mrs.
_ bn . »Finnland« -.Inez Ratekin, Mr.
Ramlo, Pete Ramlo.
ICarlton Joughlin,
ai\d John Ronning.
Lions To Make
Relief Drive
The Victory Clothing Collection
relief is to bo
lieaded this month by the local
Lions organization according to ac
tion taken last Monday evening.
The need is dire for through the
war . toi .„ allied Countries, men.
women and ch ii dre n are suffering
j n w j n ter cold for lack of proper
The local drive will be handled
with Ernest Wood as chairman. It
to make the
morning, January 27. which
time those contributng will hr re
quested to bundle the whole.
warm clothing they can spare for
and place
fully tied-up on the curb, when
be by
the The
to around
your comfortable home fire these
pepole among our
suffering from hunger
and cold, and many a garment)
hanging unused in your closets will
do much, to ease the suffering of!
some of these destitute folks. Fur
of^thcr details concerning the drive
will be published in next week's!
A resolution asking for a school
bond election for the purpose of
raising $65,000 for a new gymnas-i
ium, has been drawn up by the
Post War Planning Committee and
was presented to the club by Paul
Church. The resolution received
the unaminous endorsement of the
club. Petitions asking for the elec
tion will be circulated in the near
Paul Church and L. J, Brown ■
were appointed to assist city chair
man II. S. Hcpncr in the March
of Dimes Drive now on. The club
also voted to contribute $10 to the
War Fund for relief, and $12 was
awarded the Boy Scout organiza
tion for their participation in the
waste papér di ve last summer.
One guest. Paul Burr of the Kalis
pell Mercantile Co. was present as
the guest of L. J. Brown Ross
Hibbs of the Western News was
another guest. The program was
furnished by the publicity com
mittee, Lions Walt Partlow arid
Russ Littell, who presented a nu«-lXK
her of New Years Resolutions
which the members of the club I f
had recently made. Several of the
Resolutions and the reasons back of
them were quite enlightening.
the I The next meeting will have
J. j membership committee in charge
of the entertainment.
i . .
of 1
Tickets for the Libby (Chamber
of Commerce Forestry/Canquet
be held at the Mdösn-Hall. January
26 at 6:30 are" now on sale. As
only 125 can be accomodated for
the banquet, tickets are being of
fered Chamber of Commerce mem
bers first. .Extra tickets will be
sold to the general public after
members have been given an op
portunity to buy a ticket
Ticket sale is being handled by
the Forestry committee which in
elude K. A Klehm ' chairman
George» Neils. Howard' e. Ahlskog'
Ted Kessell Wm Powell Max
Sturm and À. C. AustiS
The committee belives an ev
cellent program of speakers will be
i on hand
The dinner will be served by the
First J'resbyterian ladies.
The first contribution received fur
the iVÄrpäÄ Drive
received from Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Buti, according to information eiv-1
en bv Hil Hei ner rhairmm nf th,
drive P ' Cha,rman 0f ,ha
Forestry Banquet
Tickets On Sale
meeting. Throe wheel chair quilts
- H » *u t
the pnb" to7tho"'Ssistan^lS
Gave" ß GlftS f ° r the Yank ' s Who
G v f< *u . . „ . ,
niÄ 1 "ïï^.. d l 1 î"Jï. ^
j Leonard Wood Memorial (American
: r ontwc, k„ a—T
_ BBp
The contribution was made from
*he National President's Project
Fund, of the national organization,.
raised by contributions from Auxi
liary Units throughout the country.
; The check was given to Dr. Perry
Burgess, President of the Founda- '
jiion and author of "Who Walk A
| lone." who is leading a world-wide
fight for the eradicaton of leprosy.
Other recent contributions from
the Auxiliary to the leprosy work'w-.
indue $1 000 by the Department
of Iowa from tiie Mary VireinÏÏ
Fifteen thousand dollars for la
boratory research in the study of
leprosy has been presented to the
: Leprosy Foundation) by the Ameri
can Legion Auxiliary.
! ~
i tbe National President's Project
Fund, of the national organization,.
^ -p
Bwfe lfc.
^ iK'
* " I «t * ffiï
£pi [ je '-M

KL* 4|Wà 'Ï '
»1 I MM J I
«-a qyLS 1<L%* '* SÊÊÊIÊÊ
jSHra< IBP fek^yiikr iHB
mBKÊÊ , - -slH[
1 V'^^B|^B
. ; .^ BHB^
."/* .

Fir st view of his son was had by 1st Lieut. H. R. Richards. Jr.
when the troop ship Sea Flier docked at terminal No. 4 from
Okinawa and he was greeted by his wife, Midge, who had flown
from South Carolina to greet him. Also on hand were his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Richards, 4427 NE 38th avenue.
—— — -
Ç/«nf a. I I n ^
£ am
p a s Pn fop , t i mu .
Western Nwi nrr i y » Wa , S ', n th f
showed the mihl,!hW R and
eSNmi f T w' % y ir }*
vers These îunî
r *Uhm S. i. io^ -22 '
Ät f Sentcr bnrf âhv* ii,»' f&5*® ayS
volvers to use hra« !h!n! re '
cartridges Smith & ÄJ
the Colts Comn.nv in th»ir g
The eons 7 j A
7 2 shofî Artrfri Zô nniJ tk u !
re i breaks'binef»« «nAmo»«- 1
stead of H™n !! !n ltf P J2 ß P 1
nnfall »"I In ■ " C "k ü eaP .' i
with 'a rod* theeliin,w Jr L ched out
covert Inm *h,. L 1! f ,, ß re '
KOSC Mr s, n»,.r g J°w,t hlS pur ' '
L'^i „ bcnttr has put a new (
whiVh ^ Si n he t 8 uns -. both of i
Tho nh™. ^ f orkln «. con -j
^ d ' ls In th ï f. nr» o?
0 fi n n fanciers fcature of mteicst
g Iancie rs.
\A/ • i
the n « ,
^ '

j I wish to ask the sportsmen to
j co-operate with the State Fish
Hatchery in seeing that traps in !
I the Thompson and Loon Lakes are i
i not bothered.
L State Department is going j
to !. c °nsiderable expense in the tak- j
J ng of rough fish as a stream and ;
T ke 'mprovement. as well as for
£ i:sb food, and so far not a trip has!
been made that some traps have i
n °t been tampered with. |
There is a penalty for molesting 1
state tra P s which we hope will
n °t be necessary to use. 1
11 JS ver F seldom that any Trout
are found m the traps and they
are rele ased at once by the Depart
ment and are not of a sufficient 1
quantity for anyone to risk the.
chance of a court sentence.
State Fish Hatchery. Libby, j
dud burse TAKES
I Hamid tR„H^ R,.rc 0 f
! "J °} V" 1 ^ d) , B " rse ' forn ier man-,
| a g er of the local Burgan store, has
| ^assumed his duties here after two
f. ea " absen 5?- which he spent in
th 5 Navy - . Mr Burse had the ex- 1 a
that gOCS with st ' r * «
i Pa C f fi e 3 m,neswee P er m the
aI , ,
1 SOon as br can ^ ind living
quarters, his family will come from
Colvdle, Wash., to make their home
Alvers ' jn - who has been man
jagti for the past year, will be
I Nl '' IBEK .
^ mi
Libby _ Dickson R. Veldman.
SSm'o!'"»!? ArmvTwiilS"'w!
Christiansen, Army; Charles E. Car
rell. Army; George J.' Skranak,
Army; John R. Hennessy Army,
_.,-izer Arrny'°James"c Bowen*
Army Joe L Johnston Armv '
rov _ NeoAi c; R-Jriio «tag
Durward Keith MoFl.-ov
Kuwahara Armv r-, m ,7w
Army y ' ' '
Rexford_FmH n Moicnn A. rr,»-
Francis H i „„cH,,,, ' ' '
Carl F Roach Kv Armv I^o
k Collar aL-L
i Fc khi ff wh /r n NT y ' ^°«f i d
L " tM îd MM l!
Wi'n ic - Wh '-tefisb. Army.
ju,ach ^y Army^Edem^ filler
nw ' aV*«. rS2. y * Edg i r "• Dlllei •
°h C A rCn< îj Swanson,
N^n" 'A ,my ' ' d . H „ r St |,? ley '
A ^ D ? lbert A W ' Elory '
U " A '
Robert L
l Slcizer
ß ex
■ I LI *. L.
LOCQl rtOlChCry
-p ■ », r
. * ,
! A s . ucc ÇSsful season has just been
| commoted on the^ take and/^hip
î 06 " 1 r of eastern bhook eggs taken
S^" 1 Lakcs r Alvo [, d a nd Kilbrennen.
?, » ? n . Gcn -. H ' , R| Pley reports
^-^tai-iiumbcF- of eggs shipped
thcsc lakcs amount to 3,050,
q, • » J
v.f 'J P £ Cn i S - ^ere made to Great
, '* s ' Timbei, Emigrant, Lewis
J own - Anaconda, Somers and Ar
r Th ^ j ore R°* n i are . stat ^ hatch
, ' Rod ^ ral hatcheries receiving
. from Lin coln county are
at . . B ° zeman and Crcston, with
W ,' hlch coo P e,atlon > n planting
aIi ° ca ^, lcd ,,ut -
A' sufficient number of eggs arc
ke P^ at the local hatchery to insure
f°. od ca "-' of ad local streams and
I V/l I Ivl 3 Will
wi ^ * v il I
» WU UGl I ll»\
The Libby high school basketball
tcam w °n two games last weekend
defeating the high school team from
Eureka Friday night by a score
1° 25 and Saturday night win
ning from the Creston. B. C. team
b ^ a 57 to 31 score.
Li J>by showed much better form
on the floor than they did the pre
vious week and their shooting
muc h more effective. Durng the
Eureka game both Libby and
eka scored 26 per cent of their at
tempted shots. Nelson of Libby
was high point man of the Friday
mght ß ame with Earle playing
ver y good game. Korn of Eureka
* ore , d 10 Points and Meirle. also of
Eureka scored 7 points for the visit
The score by quarters:
kk - 0 , Total
Libby .8 10 6 11 35
Eu i'^ ka . 5 7 8 5 251
T u. e game J w ith Creston Saturday
night proved to be a fast scoring
and interesting game from every
standpoint. Libby started the game
with much vigor and maintained
comforatble lead throughout The
rst half Proved more spirited tSn
the last period, but Creston kept
fighting to overcome the local's
lead. Libbv scorers incPuded Ad
amson, II; Dagwoed, »" Nelson.15
and DeRosia. 12. Patrick and Wig
gan of Creston scored 8 points each.
Libby scored 37 cent of their
attempts. Nelson of Libby played
, " srorcby Toiai
I.ihby 11 21 K 17 M
,™ n » s
J -
' CNH> '' N ° T ' CE
io^V^! "an^of ° f r the Local Un '
7«fio. 25 w nd the t L °ggors Union
" 8 ? h(; mém^of the" ïniras tS |
W -a havc ' bcen attem Pting to pro
Vlde Some rel,ef for members in
urgent need of it, and who are un
cm P lo yed and who are not eligible !
^?, r unemployment compensation.
The reason in certain cases that
, we have given relief, is that there
have been no blanks here for mem
bcrS who are eli ß>ble for unemploy
mcnt compensation.
Abner Role, Pres. Lumber &
gawmil' Workers Local Union j
No. 2581
Ed «ii 011, Prcs ' Loggers Un *
»on 2662.
c ^'L E ' ParUo, J[ spent Friday and j
Saturday on a buying trip to Spo
Discuss Fish &
Game Rulings
, Kfommending that
a 110 high lakes in Lincoln
eonrffv with the extent ion of How
T -»ke * n ««*»"«» '♦ill
I' Tul
-on- pi ♦'■o . op „,, r „
tho TiHh *' * G„„ n„h
diih at tu« ma d o jf«
^nmmonWat c ^ ffar ^i n „ t ),„
, ' na t, '' ncor ic tH„
p. c,n
t»- f or
' Cf> f»5=hir**» in addition to h/>i n g
onm diirm n fha f;shi
'»nson. It —ns •xv-ommondt** tv, a t
ofho- mi, n tv
,hn c ' ,r "'' romil.ii inn^ that were
he the enrne
bast vee- thopah the advisability
some le n pfh and eond arene-« n t
and con regarding
the same.
^he nurchase of the eremosed
! r »TIe range north of tho Kootenai
! and ''di-'epnt to th e F]vi n g field,
| v r Rs endorsed bv the Huh It was
0,50 '' otr 't to provide in the future
f f r the annnintment of a nomina
*ing committno which will nresent
ja renort at, February meetings, at
which {ime new officer« each vear
will be vot^d imnn, th««« being
.elected to take office on March 1st
| following.
E. K» Bêche nnd Ira Karnes witfi
^T 16 U. S. Wildlife Service who are
working In cooperation with the
Montana Fish & Game Commission,
i were present and Mr Rc e be exnlain
| ed their oresenre in Lincoln county
where Karnes will he stationed for
tiMw-^rfke winter'in'nreda
torv nnim-' control. Incidentlv the
r-edator hunters are on the look
out for any old horses available
for use bait in their covote carn
naign. The work of the service
in this section is mainly devoted to
the-control of the covote popula
tion. though where cougars are pre
valent, government hunters also
heln keeo their number down.
„ The noxt meeting of the Rod &
Gun cl"b will he February 19 at
i which time t>e election of officers
; for the ensuing year will be held,
1. 1 Q4«
' •
^"sepd TiiPcrJav
wac r*'
^-»nctdprntinn of
'np Gommjs
Installation . of Officers for
year ]94fi wag hp]d at the j 0 0 F
' Hall by Medora Rebekah Lodge No.
on n M ? nda y evening. January 7.
'f'j 5 Ru î Vanderwood was instal
i nu and Mrs
Blanchard as vice-grand. Other of
' nSta j Ied A w l re: Mildred Buck >
pas ^. ffrarld; Audrey Daggett, re
| S. ordin e secretary; Lucille Hayden,
of|/ nanc * a ^ secretary; Grace BrowrtT
*f ea s^ rer î Jessie Noel, nianist; Bes
1 ^ C owers, warden; Esther Oer
j tel flag bearer; Sylvia McGrew.
! conductress; Victoria Baney, chap
1 lain; Nora Williamson, righL sup
was'^-m to . V 'f e grand: Catherine
1 Wl " larr >s. left supporter to vice
Eur-|f rand; Hester Dunn, right suppor
( ,1. to noble g ra nd: Millie Measner.
„ 4t .f u , Dp ° rter to nob le grand; Mabel
| „ itefield, outside guardian; Ida
a f lartle - mside guardian. Nora Wil
" a mson was installing officer and
""|* a ™ ,er was installing mar
® ha1 *- Others assisting were: Irene
Walke T r ' N - ina Bar -
bnm. L< m T ?" erson - , La "> e Wü
I bams ' EfTle KltIe F a nd Zella Ram
Following the meeting ice cream
I ?nd cookies were served in the din
mg room by the committee.
* m»- 04 tbe most *mpressive in
ft™* 0 given by
§l c *' ° n ° n Gr T "*f. J.°°^
pi uf® Wedne s d ay. January 9 .
^ ben tbey were hosts to Montana
TTfnT. a ? d „9 binct Gl ^es tor
i Id ! t ? 1 . latlon -
as ® ls lj I ng . W J } b the Instal
MTrp-irof'^W F ^ yd B °wen. Master;
m g n Weydemeyer. Chaplain;
baucr assisted with the* °
On Wednesday. January 16. the
' '°ljSSS*%
is hoped that a large group will be
present to enjoy the fun.—Grange
ReP ° rter '
The Reverend L. H. Ayers will
amve in Libby today, January 17
tl) succeed Reverend F. A. Dalton
as Past 01 ' of the Assembly of God/"'
Rcv Ayers comes here from the
Clt y of Spokane, where he has been
ministering for the past two years.
Previous to this, he was engaged
in the ministry the city of Bill
ings for four and one-half years.
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