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s v
Western News
Devoted to the Development of Libby and of Lincoln County
Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, Thursday, June 13, 1946
Number 4
Two Die When
Truck and Car
Hit Head-on
M International pick UP drived b?
Cassius Duncan 21 of P Libby met!
a Pontiac sedan driven by Morey.|the
According to State Patrolman
W. Riddle, Duncan, accompanied by
Booker, Dale E. Nickols 21, Oak
land. Calif, (formerly of Libby),
Donna A. Miller. 16 Libby Annie
Boothman, Libby and Joyce Thomp
son. Libby, had been at the club,
and was coming from there to Lib
by when they met the Pontiac sedan
driven by Morey, who was accom
panied by Clarence W. Hoyt, 17,
Ural. Ellen L. Norse. 16, Ural.Helen
Jean Morey, 15, Ural, and Donald
DeShazer, 15, Rexford. The patrol
man stated that Duncan, under the
influence of liquor, was on the left
side of the road With his 5 com
panions riding in the seat of the,
pick-up. Morey pulled to the ex-;
treme edge on his side of the high
way, but the two cars struck, both 1
gomg at high speed. '
The patrolman, who was cruising
west on the highway, arrived at
the scene of the accident several
minutes after the crash and, took
over the rescue Work. He adminis-(
tered first aid to Morey, who inf
addition to internal injuries and a
crushed pelvis, receded severe cuts
about the throat. He also cared for
several of the worst injured and
arranged for all who were able, to
be conveyed to St. John's Lutheran
Hospital in Libby. He speaks high
ly of help given him by those at
the scene of the wreck, and also
given by the Libby police force and
Fatal Accident Sat. Eve
Takes Lives of Anthony
Morey and Wm. Booker
Two killed, six seriously injured
and three suffering from shock and
bruises is the toll from the head-on
collision which occurred at 11:15
o'clock last Saturday night. The
accident happened about a mile east
of the Cedar Creek Club on U. S.
2 .
from the Sheriff's office.
Injuries received include Clarence
H6yt, lacerations and bruises; Ellen
L. Norse, fractured collar bone, head
contusions and abrasions, shoulder
and knee injuries; Heleç Jean Mor-1
ey severe lacerations about head
and face with contusions, injuries;
to right shoulder, left thigh and
ieg and loss of several teeth; Don-,
ald DeShazer, cut about head and
face, sprained arm and wrist,
loss of some teeth; Cassius Duncan,
severe lacerations of head and face
and possible internal injuries; Dale
Nichols, sprained hand; Donna
sprained ankle and multiple
tusions face and hands; Annie Booth
man, slight injuries; Joyce Thomp
son, lacerated face and head and
loss of front teeth. All the injured
suffered severe shock.
The body of Booker was brought
to the Gompf Funeral home in Lib
by. The truck and car, both com
plete wrecks, were towed in by
Jaqueth and Charnholm.
Booker, recently discharged from
the U. S. Air Service, had been
Libby for 12 days preceding his
death and was employed by the J.
Neils Lumber Company. His body
will be shipped to Spokane for cre
mation, after which the ashes will
be sent to his mother, Mrs. W. H.
Frazier, Clarksdale, Miss. Services
will be held tomorrow at 3:00 p. m.
from the Gompf Funeral Home for
Anthony Morey. Interment will be
made in the Libby Cemetery.
A coroner's inquest was held Tues
day evening, the jury being com
posed of Paul Church, Walter E.
Partlow, Leonard R. Sleizer, Don
ald C. Hargreaves, Fred H. Maurer
and Harold W. Miller. The follow
ing is from the jury's report.
"We the coroner's jury find from
the evidence submitted that Wil
lacerations on left leg,
,. „ „ , , , ,
liam Green Booker and Anthony
Morey were killed as a result of
the criminal negligence and under
circumstances not excusable or
justifiable by law. by one, Cassius
C. R. Montgomery
Circus Soturdoy
The C. R. Montgomery Circus will
show here Saturday, June 15. The
advance agents promise a very fine
wild animal show and menagerie,
Ac an in^Maamanf
6 nf
âfrf™ ^arrSf"L°/c T ^
made arrangements to allow the
children into the afternoon perfor-|
mance if they present the ad on
another page of The Western News
ânei 35c
Don't fail to take the ad with'you,
kiddies, as this is a reduced price
and you are sure to want to see
the big show.
L. J. Brown and Bob Brin ton
were business visitors Tuesday in
Marilyn Cone Has
School Honors
Miss Marilvn Cone of Trov was
recently elected to the National Col
leciate Radio Guild National sne^h
honorary and awarded snec aMion
ors for her outstanding work in the
radio field at Washington State
College 8 te
Miâ Cone has been associated
wiîh KWSC? five* SÄ
educational station at Pullman
the past three years, participating
in writing, directing and producing
approximately 10,000*
Miss Cone will continue her work;_,
Pullman as summer student
teacher and assistant director a tj
. . _ .
k r L
Mrs ranfirnprn
To Head Drive

A. T. Hibbard. State Chairman of
Treasury Department's U.
R.jSavmgs Bonds Division, today an
nounced that Jessie S. Fagerberg
: Wl11 bead tbe campaign in this
1 c °unty to stimulate the sale of Sav
in 8 s Bonds during the national
tb ^ campaign, June 6 to July 4.
i Mrs. Fagerberg, who took a promi
j nen t part in the sale of bonds dur-!p;
Jthe war, is a member of Mr.
Hibbard s Advisory Committee, com
Pp»ed of civic leaders throughout i
the state.
The national thrift campaign will
furt include an organized solicita
V on dn ye such as featured war loan
d ?y s - ,Instead. Mrs. Fagerberg ex
P^ned. its purpose will be to em
P hasiz e need for continued invest
ment of excess funds while con
turner goods are scarce, help to
ward off runaway inflation, and to
tlmStir th fhHft' SOnal beneflt * of sys '
te !? atlc . .
In . urging all citizens to continue;
3, uym Ç Bonds, Mrs..
Fagerberg said: The people of
Montana purchased $236,498, QQÛ of i
F and G bonds during the war.
J n the first four months of this j
year, the people m this state have
mvested $10,723,422 m Savings
Honds, an average of more than
$2,680,000 per month. It is evident,
J bat 5 >ur citizens and our commum- j
ties face , a more prosperous future,
as a result of this commendable sav
in «5 T r ^ ord - u J
Until merchandise and consumer
a t
6oo ds . become available, we can
build future security for ourselves
and f utu r e prosperity for our
j by con tmuing to invest in
U. S. Savings Bonds.
n « r. I .
KUral btUaCntS
RprG|V0 DiolomaS

and; Supt. Jessie S. Fagerberg has
; awarded ..ighth grade diplomas to
| fwenty-three rural school students.
| b e list reads as follows:
A. Joseph Beagle Ural
James Morey .Ural
r^ e ^!f y A? anS i bei i ry ^ ar î an j
Keith Ahrenkiel .Warland
Kenneth Alkire Warland
Donald DeShazer ...Rexford
Raymond Becquart .Rexford
i er i y ? e J elty , .Mamcke
Richagd Kenelty .Manicke
Mary Jean STielly .Manicke
Howard Aemisegger .Fortine;
Jack Dickinson .Fortine^of
Edward Shiflett . vZll™
Julia Hume . Fortine
Verna McKenzie ..!.Fortine
Adeline Morris Fortine
DeLoris Bergette.' . Pinkham
Alan Brock .Tooley Lake
Joyce Cole .Tooley Lake I
Lloyd Kidder .Sylvanite I
Eddie Berg .Stryker
Sally Martin .Stryker I
Pauline White . Stryker
The five highest in the county
were Keith Ahrenkiel, with an
average of 93, Kenneth Alkire with
91, Julia • Hume with 90, Joseph
Beagle with 89, and Lloyd Kidder
with 88. '
A erouo of membpr*? nf thn
A group of members of the I
Presbyterian Church gathered at
the Manse on Tuesday evening of
this week to work on the yard. This
is the first project which the mem-■
bers of the congregation are under
taking to do through volunteer
This work has been set forth by
the Planning Committee which met !
(last Thursday at the Manse. Var-j
I ious projects of improvement of the
I church property are to be done by )
j the volunteer labor of members and
I friends of the church.
1 __ _
' JJ,
î Word has been received that thejed
road work west of Troy on U. S. 2,
^ scheduled to begin this week. I
; This has b | en ^ th ho
£or several mo nths.
i _
1 A meeting will be held Thursday
evening, J une 20, at 8 P. M. in the
Community Room of the Courthouse
1° complete a Lincoln County Demo
cratic Central Committee and out
line a program for the coming elec
M. G. Adkins, Acting Sec'y.
An ad on another page of this
issue announces that the Melody
M Vf iC u Shop at 5 1 ? Mineral which
^ 11 be operated by Bob Bigelow
U5 ,îî° w open for business The shop
W l. 1 carry a line of re Çords. music
? nd m ®l rument accessories and var
10US i oth ^ r * mus,cal and musicians
| supplies. Mr. Bigelow invites every
1 °v 6 to inspect his stock of mer *
( C J^ d .. lse _
for'ii •
. Cax, n . . ■ •.
Müll fl tO 111 StOtfiS POWCT CODipOliy IllvitGS
D . . . k, |^ K . 7 ,
Publ,c 1° Inspect Newly Completed
Water Pr °J ect on Flo * er Creek
| • -
_ . t ^ J
Itie grounds at the new dam on
Flower Creek will be open to the
Public du '. 1 "* tbe hours
p. m to 9:00 p. m. next Monday
,and Tuesday. June 17-18
. pubbc - 15 mvited to visit the
Power Comnlnv M ° Untam StateS
P —-
S.jD.J rinA (Zun C l..k
IVOO 0110 V3Un V^IUD
n- ; ■ IQ
committee in charge, composed of
Forrest DeRosia Chairman Rav
va i ru a u Kpmn and Cpnrgp Rin^
th? annual picnic ß of R the
Ljbbv Rod and Gun Club will be
held at the ^ Ftoh EtatehS^ thl
evening of JunTlS
Members with transportation a
va HaSe are requested fo be at the
£j ty jj a jj t i ater t h an g.ßQ _ m
""pSSUif wiS"Jtion
£ aTe Requested to'meet
A11 spo rtsmen are urged to at
tend Memberships will be avail
ab j e at the picnic ,
. —which
The Order of the Rainbow for ;
Girls, Assembly No. 5, Libby Mon- *
tana met on May 27 for Instal-j
lation of officers. Helen Swimley,
outgoing Worthy Advisor, acted as!
installing officer and Mrs. Ray '
Rice acted as installing marshal 1
New officers in their order of im
portance are; Worthy Advisor, Helea-wi^bfe
Church; Worthy Associate Advisor?]
Pat Gooselaw; Charity, Mary Har -1
ris; Hope. Ruth Hepner; Chaplain,
Alberta Watt; Drill Leader. Geor- to
gianna Erhard. Color stations are
Leone Harris, Mary Ellen Erhard,
Catherine Church, Joan Larsen.
com-jArdyce Gillespie, Lyla Brennan and
June Baney. A mother-daughter
I banquet was held before the meet
witb Mrs. Frank Baney. Mother
Advisor, as toast mistress.
; Several of the mothers made de
lightfully informal speeches and
. i ater formed the Rainbow Mother's
Club. Mrs. Alberta Rowland was un
animously voted president, secre
I tary, and treasurer.
The first meeting of the new
officers was held on June 10, and
Shelia McCrory, Barbara Rawlings,
and Charlotte Becker were initiated
into the ° rder - Proficiency certifi
cates were presented to the girls
who had taken the proficiency work
and passed the tests given by Mrs.
Bob Hileman, members of the Ram
bow Advisory Board, some time ago.
After the meeting a group por
trait was taken by Clay Parker.
Refreshments were served by some
the mother*?_Rainbow Renorter
ot the mothers—Rainbow Re porter.
ST JOHN'S i ttttifran
Admitted: Walter Smoot, Troy
Sunday, June 9; David J. Wynn,
Thursday, June 6; Robert Beasley,
June 10 for a tonsilectomy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. William
Delaney, June 6, a boy.
Released: Mrs. George Monio, Mrs.
R- E. Clay, and John Rickerts, all
of Troy, Saturday, June 8; Mrs.
Wilfred Becker and Mrs. John Ncl
son and babies Wednesday, June
12. .
Admitted following the Saturday
night accident were: Donald De
Shazer, Rexford; Anthony Morey,
Clarence W. Hoyt, Helen Morey,
EIlen L - Norse - Ural î Cassius Dun
j Thompson. Annie Booth
man Donna Miller Ubby and Dale
E. Nickols, Oakland. Calif. Anne
D .. , , rm
oothman and J °y ce Thompson
were released the same night and
Tony More y died early Sunday
morning. The others were released
Sunday with tb f exception of Cas
?ius Duncan, who is still a patient
m . e hospital suffering with con
us ? lon °* * be bram and other in
unes -
Relatives and friends of the young J
couple were present and a pleasant
itime was spent in visiting.
Delicious refreshments were ser
ved to conclude the enjoyable even
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson, who
wer-ewecently married, were honor
last Friday evening at a miscel
laneous shower held at the A. L.
Johnson home,
Libby—Maurice William Echo,
navy; Harold E. Snyder, army.
Spokane—Alice M. McReU, mar
ine corps.
The Cabinet Grange is sponsoring
a 4th of July Celebration at the
Lake Creek Shool House. A very
füll days program and beef bar
be< î ue is Planned and there will be
entertainment and fun for every
one. The days festivities start at
1:30 and will continue until 12:00
p. m. An ad on another page of
issue gives the days program
™ dctail - _
MlINSFL-THf»MA<! rïtf«
The Marriage of Mary Munsel
and Paul B. Thomas took {dace Sat
urday, June 8, here in Libby, with
z %:j„ y R ° y
if tiilïp
. Mr Thomas " fl t present employ
£ d as r a P ainter b y the J. Neils Lum
KOOTFNAI vaiifv rnAvrv
' WED - JUNE 5
The regular meeting of the Koo
tenai Valiev Grange wa? hein
Wednesday evening, June 5th, with
a ver y good attendance.
Five new members Mr and Mrs
Frank Perkins. Mr. and ' Mrf Gus
Fdstrum and Edwin Edstrum were
given the obligation to the* SSd
a nd fouth degrles by Master Shel
den Mr s. Julia Beebe gave an in-1
teresting and informative talk abôüt
the various proposed hospltaliza-1
plans, their advantages dis
advantages, and adaptability to local
The legislative committee report
ed favorably on the two resolutions
had been referred to them 1
°ne resolution opposed the adoption
of a sales tax in Montana and the
other favored legislation to abolish
bill boards along our highways. The
Grange voted to approve both reso
luctions and'to present them at the b
next Pomona meeting.
The motion presented at the pre
vious meeting to change our by- E
laws and meeting nights was voted
uporv_and hereafter our meetings)
held on the firsthand third '
Frway of each month. « committee's
consisting of Messrs. Pickens. Ba- !
renz. and Courtright was apopintedi 3
meet with the County Commis - 1
sioners in regard to the employment 1
of a County Agent.
A memorial service was held
honor of our departed member
Florence Stevens. The lecture hour
was devoted to personal reminis-1
cenes by various members.
Lunch of sandwiches and coffee
was served by the Burrell and Wey-!
demeyer families and in addition
two large birthday cakes, baked by
Mrs. Grambauer in honor of Mrs
Burell's and Mrs. Vanderwood's
birthdays were cut and served. The
members were seated at the tables
according to their birthday months,
and each group was called upon
present a skit, stunt or song.
All of which provided much en
joyment and amusement and when
the meeting broke up all departed
for home replete with good food
and in a merry mood.-Grange Re
porter. 8
j oe McCallum was given a pleas
ar *t surprise last week when a broth
er ' whom he had not seen
for 42 years, came from Sitka,
Alaska for a visit here.
. Louis McCallum went to Alaska
in . 1898 during the big gold rush
and has been all over Alaska,
mining and prospecting up to
*he present time. He has made
three trips to the states in that time,
finally settling in Sitka.
Mr. McCallum spent a week here
with his brother and left Monday,
f° r Butte. After transacting busi
nes s there, hé was to go on to Cali-1
fornia to visit a sister, Mrs. Chas.
Vick of Santa Monica.
v „nwiriv bipadtc
John F Bowen Strout Rcaltv
Agent repoT^ S tolSng
Anna R. Seims sold property on
of ln LewisR>wn eV Mont t0 J ' CUS ° r
John F. Bowen sold a home on
Louisiana Ave. to Dexter Rieman i
of Libby.
Miles City—(U.R)—Quick action by i
the father of five-year-old Matthew
Winsley, Powderville, saved the
youth from serious illness or pos
sible death from the bite of a deadly
The father sucked the blood from
the wound, killed the snake and
rushed the boy to a Miles City
hospital where serum was adminis
tered. Consequently, the boy suf
fered only minor effects of the bite. !
Herman Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. i
Horace Cole and Mr. and Mrs. Chris
Anderson, Missoula, drove out Sun
day to visit at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. G. D. Leach. Other
guests at the Leach home are Mrs.
Lloyd Harbottle and daughter Gy
nel of Yakima, Wn., who came Sun
day for a week's visit.
The stockmen of the Libby Creek
district met Saturday, June 8. at
the courthouse for the purpose of
starting a livestock association which
will be known as the Libby Creek
Liv«tock Association.
"Officers elected were Tom Booth
"S.. -To. Olson Sec.
I »^ d ^? lze ; ,Rm Collier
ectors , will announce the
«m. Æ
« ^ Wf. ».
urged to attend a11 meetings .
. .... ■■■
IL 11 I | "
|y|||| I JniAri
| |||| Öl IU LJI IIUI I
' ' BM ^ 1 11,V/I 1
^ I I
Sinn ( ontr^rt
cal Union Lumber and Sawmill
Workers 2581 effective June 8, 1946,
and thereafter from year to year,
subject to 30 days previous notice
before any termini date beginning
with June 1, 1947.
• 'ïf contrac } includes bracket ad
Jushnents. and one weeks vacation
at pay ^° r , tbose haying been
Companys payroll June 1,
1^® and on ibe payroll June 1,
I 947 - a " d haying worked 1400 hours.
® ra ^ ket adjustments and a two
veeks va " tl0n wdh ful1 P a y wil1
be g ' ven those employees who were
P n th f P a yr° n t . June 194 2 and
h f ve be f n > n the continuous em
^* oyrnen t of the company until
June 1947 '
k . ---
N ohlP-F pFO HQnn
[? 0D,e r ergUSOn
Rifpc limp 7
J U MC L. .

Miss Ada May Noble, daughter of
Mrs. Myrtle Clark and Mr. Gor- P
don A. Ferguson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Ferguson, both of Lib- a
y. were united in marriage Sun- r
day, June 2, at the home of the
bride's mother in Libby. The Rev. î
Boy Fort, pastor of the Libby
Methodist Church officiating. nf
The bride was attired in a light
t>lue suit and wore a white veil iädi
corsage of rosebuds. Her brides-^
maid, Mrs. Burfah Price also wore
light blue suit and a corsage of [,
rosebuds. The bridegroom was at
tended by his brother, Eddie Fergu
Libby Cr. Stockmen
Form Association
j son as best man.
in' Following the ceremony which
joccured at 9-30 a. m., the
mother served ice cream and cake.
the table being decorated with ligh-L„
ted candles and a bouquet of roses.
!The couple left at 11:30 for a
din ß tri P to Spokane and Richville,
Wash., returning to Libby Thursday
of last week.
Mrs. Ferguson is well known and
! respected in Libby, and Mr. Fergu
son has recently been discharged
from tbe Navy in which he served
! during the war.
toi Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson are now
a * home in the Oliver Decker resi
den ce in Libby. Mr. Ferguson is
i employee! at Burgan's and Mrs. Fer
guson ^ continuin 6 her work at The
Fountain Cafe.
rj '«I
^0110001111 UeiOOlS
I -LL n 1 C J
' /
j ^ J 4 v 4 . u L „
The Sandpoint Kootenai baseball
team trounced Libby vets 12 to 1
lon the Libby home grounds Sun-,
da y afternoon before an enthusias
' ^ lc 44ft S rou P., local fans. f
"The Libby boys just weren t up!
par and, although we had great,
support from the spectators, fair i
decisions from the officials and a j
l nic< : , da y f ° r . playi i? g ' L W J^ . Just
.couldnt do the job Dutch Deister, I
I manäger of the locals reported. The ;
defeat was due primarily to too j
! man y errors and an off day for the;Law
Pitchers he said. "We promise
!some real iy good games during the
season and we do appreciate the !
support that the crowd has given
us n n u . - , f
D. Daugharty just getting out of
the se J vlc K e 3 1S
Kntmy Bar^S *.'°
Thc Libby te y m will play Copc .
land Sunda y > n Idaho.
D , wcro ,, ,,,
The flat over-all increase of 10
percent in telegraph rates and re-1
visions and eliminations of certain
classes of service authorized by the 1
Federal Communications Commis- i
sion will become effective at 12:01 (
AM Wednesday Juno 12. Thc West
ern Union Telegraph Company an-iney
, ,
weather during the past week as
finished by the local Ranger
The following is a report of the
Max. Min. Free.
June 6
June 7
June 8 ..
June 9 ..
June 10 ...
June 11 ...
June 12 ...
The annmmc«^«* # u r> nr >
i ar „ f nr l *° f B ' V? 1 '
coln rountv nn fr0 i? J* 1 ?'
£ VÄhS
announcement column Mr Wailae*
as mentioned previously in the West
ern News, if nominted will
? » yrasTt-S
and a good businessm^ **
G. C. Earle announces »hie wn nt -
for re-election on the reoubllean
ticket to the office of County Clerk
and Recorder. Mr. Earle vrtu> ser
ved with the Forest Seîvte^ü,
Lincoln county for 11 years is too
«™ce and if re-elected is in posi
t,on to give the taxpayers the
mum for their money
FJ? 16 ™ 1 " 1 ' El i rek£ i'. 1 a, î nounces
| that he has filed on the
Democratic ticket for the off.ee of
n°ict I l^* C0I L imS ^° ner fr0 ™ 1116 Third
Lustncl. Mr. Dierman has lived in
J, y ^ or ^ years. He has
, , d in business m Eur
ka Ihe past 15 years. He is
^J h _ e ri s " pport of j h . e . vote "
. , y Primaries, and if nonu
el ^ ted - Promises to give
JJe ,public ^effiaen^.and honest
V1 ^ n ^ h iî seaks ,., ,
candidate to We for
p nt!nne r . tbe . democratic ticket,
5,°.L Garnson ' . M . r ; Garrison
J®f n 8 *™ed " a constable m Lin
anH i« pv^ f ° r w 16 - P ? St 20 years
mett Wd
her that at
r . tbe fg e of 20, he trailed
t hSr hideo^rin 0 a^bârr
Lnn ic oie/, 6 3 j arr ' . Gbt
. j nt and fmge T
Lthmic en 4 f° rcem c ot
b ov Hp t a??.° n 'V la i wb *u
inr^Tn r n ,mtv =l,^ C 3» aintfcd i wl Vl
ÎTominatpH p ^ op i e \.^
1ri u,;)! m«ir« he feels that
familiar offl cc- be mg
mm/ino 3nd capab l e
rummiJnrÜVv ,
nsumppq thU: Khnke, j
office ]] e " ele ? t ' 00
thehreserît F j 1 S inke
?Jilv SnÄftÄ'
Wo d l- ■ work
Political Pot
Is Boiling
„ „ IC1 5 n v.' . practi cal.
nnd «.„n nnaiif-^Sr . busmessman '
bride's"J* ,n . eve J y wa X
pra i pa ^y in the gen
nri ^ a n n °un
„ nrr „ *i 1 PU °„ can llcket -
wed-1™.! ^ arr V tne announcement this
nfTj „^ " erson f< ^
instruction Mr AnrU™° ? Ub ^^
h ^ who ser
m. )VV a ar .. c-nält years in the
l ; a fTo -?• rt tne tl / ne
liwiîf t ikk, • C Zon '£ as
L,™ „ f „J > i )y sin ^ e and has
^ a " Pay fL f ° r K „ tb f , past J 5
f . a J t ■ ,,. g ® home here Ht
'lL • y 9 rs ,n ie .L!bhy
of thp ' j lin ; nr g Hi „if arS t£f principa l
t ., uoht in wLlanrf^n hilf 8 *!? 180
t . hi d . arvJ . ad three
K ™ ex P ene,lce in Beav er
experience ,n
i - b rt i ral , and
£ 3 g . rai ^ a P rf
Montana State Normal College.
P t ' lIlo «:"£„il as * d K specia I work
at Minnesota Teachers College,
Morehead. Minn. He has a life
elementary State Certificate for
teaching. He is announcing on the
democratic ticket.
An advertisement announcing the
candidacy of Oliver Philips for re
election to the office of County At
torney appears in this issue. Mr.
Phillips is running subject to the
Republican primary election. _
has just completed his first term as
county attorney, giving the county
efficient service. He is a graduate
from the University of Michigan
School and has practiced Law
in Montana for the past 27 years,
He and Mrs. Phillips own and oper
ate the Lincoln County Abstract
Co., which they purchased from Mrs.
M D ' Rowland Mr. PhiUips ex
penence as county attorney has
glven him the best of preparation
T ' Smnd ^ -
The Wallace Real Estate Agency
announces the following real estate
transactions during the past week.
Bert G. Erickson sold his ranch
five miles east of Libby to Walter
Jazanc. Mr. Erickson is construct
ing a home in Libby and will move
in as soon as it is completed.
Robert McCann sold his house in
Libby to Charles Pilney.
will take possession immedia
The transaction is_under way for
the sale of the Harold E. Bitterman
home on Lincoln Boulevard.
Mr. PU
Libby Picnic In
Portland, Oregon
All former Libby, Montana, resi
dents in and around Portland are
invited to a "Libby Picnic" in Wash
ington Park on June 23. Bring
your friends and your lunch for a
get together at 12 noon —Committee.

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