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Hospital Notes
Mrs. Elliot Holder admitted July
11. dismissed July 14.
Mrs. William Gibson and baby
girl dismissed July 12,
Mrs. Lewis Miller admitted July
8, baby son born.
Raymond Knotts was dismissed
July 10; Jonas Bjorheim was ad
** 13 :_
July 7.
Mrs. Etna Hunter was admitted
Baptist Ladies Aid
The Baptist Ladies Aid and Mis
Church Friday^ evening^Juls^^dtîf
at e 'gh, o'clocf ÎS g conLctmn
with the regular meeting will be
a miscellaneous Bridal shower m
honor of Mrs. Bud Beagle, the for
mer Mqry Livengood. Mary has
been one of the faithful young
people of our Church from child
hood and we wish in this way to
express our appreciation to her and
our best wishes for her and her
husband's life together. All friends
of hers or her husband are cor
dially invited to this shower. All
members bring sandwiches or cook
Bridal Shower
A miscellaneous shower was given
in honor of Mrs. Charles Purdy.
formerly Vivian Frost, at the CYO
hall, Friday night, July 12. The
shower was given by Mrs. Burr
Alverson, Mrs. Lynn Purdy, Mrs.
Ed Arnold, Mrs. J. Robbe, Mrs. Win
Harvey. Mrs. Elsie Frost, Mrs. J.
Many lovely and useful gifts were
presented to the bride, after which
a delicious lunch was served by the
Family Picnic
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Scott had
a family picnic at their cabin on
Glen Lake July 4th. Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Art Brock of
Libby, Mr. and Mrs. Connie Black
well of Libby. Albert Brock and
family, Roy Brock and family, Guy
Brock and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Wellington Brock of Rexford, Mr.
and Mrs. Bob Nichols of Butte, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Marvel of Rexford,
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brock, Dale
Mills and Fiancee of Spokane, Bill
Fewkes, Mildred Fewkes, and Mrs.
Servicemen's Banquet .
A seven o'clock banquet dinner
was given all returned Service men
by the Baptist Ladies Aid, in the
banquet rooms of the Baptist church,
The tables were beautifully decora
ted with the National colors. A
bout seventy persons were served,
fifty of them being servicemen.
Fewkes of Rexford.
Rev. Lewno was Toastmaster of the
evening. A song was sung by Mrs.
Jean Benson and also one by Rev.
Lewno, they were both accompan
ied by Mrs. Hooper. Talks were
given by Dr. Clark, A. J, Barney
and O, A. Knapp. Mrs. St. Clair
gave two readings that were en
joyed by all.
Welcome Home favors were made
by the Young Peoples Guild and
were very appropriate. The prog
ram was closed by all uniting in
singing "America.' '
The Eureka study club held an
open meeting at Sabin's Theatre
Thursday July 11. A fair crowd of;
people from Eureka and surround-1
ing country were on hand to meet
the candidates, about twenty of
whom attended and were introduced
to the assembly by Mr. W. John
son. Each candidate spoke for
few minutes, telling something of
his qualifications and aims, should
The members of the organization
were gratified by the response of(
the candidates and the audience and
hope this will be a forerunner
other civic meetings of like nature.
The success of this one was due
in no small measure to the untir-|at
ing efforts of the committee, Vic-.
toria Crowley, Mary Frances Ing-1
ram and Olga Johnson.
The president of the study club,
Mrs. Dode Beman wishes to take
this opportunity to thank Mr. John
son for acting as chairman for the
meeting; also Mr. Sabin for so
erously allowing us the use of his
theatre.—Secretry, Ethel Long.
Study Club
he be elected.
regular meeting Tuesday night July
9th, with thirteen officers present,
The Youth and Adult drill and de
gree teams conferred the first and
second degrees upon the following
candidates: Mr. and Mrs. Kit Hed-1
ges, Neal Fergerson, Russell Stroud
and Claude Hearn. Bina Hudon
conducted the action song, 'Chester,' ;
between degrees. Sister Johnson j
announced that a recipe book was
being compiled to have on sale at
the Fair this fall.
Sistèr Erickson gave a report on
the dance given by the Grange
Youth July 6th. Howard Helms re
ported on the dance July 4th. Bro.
Mackey talked about the dextrose
situation. Orval West reported on
the plans for the Fair this fall.
Brother Mackey reported on the
method of disposal of the Case Bill
and the Hobbs Anti-Racketeering
Bill. He also gave a report on vot
ing in the coming primaries. Bro.
Klinke spoke briefly on REA and
the set-up for weed control.
Tobacco Valley Grange News
Tobacco Valley Grange held its
Brother Lenarz announced that
Brother Taylor of Idaho will soon
be here in the interest of Grange,
Eastside Grange has extended an
invitation to us to their annual pic
A communication from the State
Secretary, Orin Kendall, was read
in regard to the extension fee, the ;
financing of the National Bldg., and,
the State and National Sessions.
nie at Lake Blaine July 28th.
| Thank j*ou for remembrances
were received from the following
people; Bessie Butts and family
A. C. Mackev and family Emily
Carpenter. Lucy West and Aenes
Badgley. R '
Bill Badgely was reported hos
pitalized and Ross had the misfor-7
tune to cut his hand badlv
Sister Jackson annonneeri thr> a
one-act plays to be given July 17
It 18 £ 2* — Grange Ä "
! Grange closed in regular form for
the usual social hour.
Mr and Mrs, Dick Jewel of
Scobey, Mont., are visiting at
Joe Terpstra home.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sletvold. of
Wold Point, and Mr. and Mrs. John
Terpstra, of Scobey. left Sunday for
their homes after spending a week
voting relatives in Eureka.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Berg and
daughter, of Devon, Mont. are
s P«mdmg a two weeks' vacation
v . lsltlI lfi relatives and friends in Eur-,
*ka. Trego and Stryker.
D * and Mrs. Chester Clark and
family returned last Sunday from,
a 7,000 mile trip through Jasper
and Winnepeg. Canada, Chic^o ;
Michigan and Yellowstone Nation- '
a ] Park. They resumed their trip j
Monday by train, expecting to at
tend medical convention in Seattle
a "d then go on to visit San Fran- j
Cisco and Yosemite National Park,
Calif., returning to Eureka the lat
ter „P art of July.
Miss ^Helen Schagel and Steriing
Schagel returned from Spokane af
vl siLng their sister for several
da ys. They were accompanied home |
by two little nephews who will
stay with them for a few days, Mrs.
Schagel remained in Spokane where
she is confined in the St. Lukes
hospital. She has infection in her
fo °t and leg.
Mrs. Jewell Thomas and children
are visiting friends and relatives in
. Barbara Jean McCollough is spend-I
ln g a few weeks with her father.
The funeral for Bobby Bernhart,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bern
hart was Friday, July 12. Inter
ment was in the Eureka cemetery.
Mrs. Ear! Gilbert had the mis
fortune to run a rusty nail in a
vericose vein which has proved
quite serious.
William Schagel of Spencer, Ida,
is visiting in Eureka. He was ac
companied by his little grandson,
Word has been received of the
marriage of Beatrice Ruffcorn, of
Missoula, to Hugh A. McLaughln
of Dixon. The bride was the for
mer Beatrice Frost who spent part
of her school days in Eureka.
■ Jack Stevens made a trip to Mis
soula on business by plane, one day
last week.
! The Royal Neighbors semi-annual
audit was held at the home of Mrs.
Dell Pike, Thursday night, July 11.
Special Auditor was Margaret Zook,
(After the business was completed
a delicious lunch of ice cream and
cake was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rowe and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
Rowe and family, who made their
home in Eureka for many years are
visiting friends and relatives.
Ed Hendrickson returned Tuesday
from a visit in Missoula over the
j holidays. He brings word that
Mrs. Hendrickson is still in the
hospital but is improving and will
j soon be able to be moved to her
daughters home, Mrs. Sarah Har
; per.
j Richard Berry, cousin of Will
West is visiting friends and rela
tives for a few days in Eureka.
j Mr. and Mrs. Dan Garvin and
family are visiting at the home of
j Mr. and Mrs. Therman Gwyn.
Richard Schaale and Jim Costich
j went to Wolf Point to attend the
! Bill Benson spent between trains
( at home Tuesday. He is stationed
Devan, where he is working for
the Great Northern as operator.
Forrest Johnson of Oklahoma and
Farrel Johnson of Texas, brothers,
{have been visiting friends and rela
tives in Eureka. Both boys spent
most of their school days in Eur
eka. Farrel returned to Texas while
gen-(Forrest remained to spend a few
(months with his father who lives
near Rexford. These boys will be
remembered as "Little Bud" and
"Big Bud ''Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Tory were
Kalispell visitors Saturday. Their
daughter Barbara who is employed
at Woolworths in Kalispell accom
panied them home for the week
Mr. and Mrs. James Broderick
and family motored to Calgary to
attend the stampede,
Mrs. Zella Silver and three child
ren are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hardy
Irwin. Mrs. Silver is the daughter
of Mrs. Irwin,
fornia Sunday, where they intend
to spend two weeks vacation. Dr.
Robertson will continue to take
care of Dr. Clarks practice.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frost spent
several days in Eureka visiting
relatives and friends. Mrs. Frost
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Rich. From here the
Frosts left for Nebraska to visit
Mr. Frosts mother, Mrs. Mida Frost
who has been quite ill. She is
also the sister of Mr. C. B. Graves,
Dr. Clark and family left for Cali
Johnny Gibbons who is serving in
the U. S. Navy, is enjoying a leave
and is spending it with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gibbons.
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Stevens
and little son returned from Cali
fornia where Mr. Stevens has been
stationed. He has recently received
his discharge. They pan to make
their home in Eureka,
Mr. and Mrs. Benditti and fam
ily of Libby were visitors in Eur
ieka Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Henrietta Frost had as her
overnight guests, Mr. and Mrs.
Grover Smiley and daughter Es
tella of California.
Miss Joy Fluharty of Spokane i s
visiting friends and relatives for
a few weeks in Eureka.
Mr r , and Mrs. Belrich and daugh
tcr Lilban of Chicago have been
ß uests at the Rambosek home tho
P ast week. Mr. and Mrs. Albert
* ambosek are also visiting at the
home of Albert's parents, Mr. and;*»
August Rambosek. ^
Mr ; and ^rs. R° ber t Small and
daughter Ella Maurien and son
Bobby spent three days visaing
} be borne °* Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Mr. Ekhalt, manager of North
1 . , « ,, . ,, ,
f™ Motors went to Butte to attend
meet. He* was Accompanied 5 by his
bro * h * r " d hi
the:"",^ ,• c ,
'■<^nd M rs _ Merhn Scot.have.
H*, eir h ° U £ 6 ?/ sts
r w f ° p/t!* 5 ' and Mrs^'
1 Ï f /r ' * u
X, nil of« ^ erh " 1°
Spokane 'Y 110 , lS
F • o f r in ^ C °7',• * a so
ÎJ"' Sah c "™ 3 " d , 'f £ on -
c ft e slster °t Mrs.
M ,.' 3ri j „ , ,
ÏL n°°f er a
jn f past week attend-.
1 "?/ ri ^ e .î" eeb ,
, M 7 and l lrs ^anly A7verson and,
.°^ roy bave . , been vlsltin ß
t M M £ verson 3 par
Âhï Alverson '|
Mr an P f ' T , . T ,
wîfn.cal Lloyd .. Jobnson
Wednesday m Kalispell oni
M ' M M . , .
nf *i ' s ' Harry Chamberlain.
pL 11^ £ v ? ere t . vlsltors in Eur '!
ek w_^° V „ e n r H 'w/ 1 °ii^ b ' „ .. . (
f M „ r]iri Ell* ^ E. 0tt ' E° tb u r
;? iJjL EuiE 3 " d /Eif 6 *? Ug i h "
E„ f ' t ujf e vlsltors at the Merlin
^ ^ ] T ast w ,f k ' . ..
Dn Lpwe11 and hls mother
P r. ane i from T Cleard °u,
E/l/T f P r ri LaU T ra , Lowe11 apd
„ ° an ^, ^ r ' came by |
VupiEîluui 3 weeks |
eir cabin at Glen j
• ./■ 4,1 .f/ 1 Scott of Valcore is
wï Mr Scotts parents,
M T A and , M »|' Merlin Scott.
r ; f/* d /P lse are V1S1 ^'
at tbe Anderson Alverson home,
18 brother of Mrs. Burr Al
Mr. and Mrs. Art Hanson ofi
Scobey are spending a few weeks ;
at their abin at Glen Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Gael and
two boys are visiting friends and
relatives in Eureka.
Word has been received by Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Voorhees that their
son shipped for overseas July 12.
The Royal Neighbor Sewing Circle
picnic will be at the Zook cabin !
at Glen Lake. July 26. All mem-!
hers who wish to go will meet at !
Zooks corner at 12;45 sharp.
The Citizens Medical Reference
Bureau in a recent report declared
that compulsory health insurance
would result in medical control of
the individual by the government.
"The practice of the healing art
is not a commodity which can be
bottled up at a fixed price per per
son." the report states. "What is
meat to one person is poison to
another . . .
"Any attempt by the government
to establish and maintain a mono
poly of the healing art by compel
ling all wage earners to contribute
to the support of such a monopoly
must inevitably stifle progress and!
foster a mediocre type of treat
ment . . .
"The labor difficulties experien
ced during the past year and the
food crisis at home and abroad
should serve, as a reminder that the
Federal government has its hands
full to handle its own problems
without endeavoring to take over
the personal problems of the states
and the individuals in the respcc
tive states."
It is possible to extend Federal
assistance to the states in such mat
ters as tuberculosis and venereal
disease control and child welfare
without establishing a medical dic
tatorship in the process. The very
great progress made in voluntary
health insurance in recent years
points to the solution of medical
care problems in the nation,
YOU car handU MORE cuitomcrt easily,
quickly, accurately with efficiently
Select from
unusually nitle
sizes and styles
every business
lh J' political rally held at the
i tui 'ka Theatre on July 11th was
i }U( K' :d a success both by the can
~ ldi;,u ' and by those who attended.
; ^ lc »noting was of great value to
w , and '>-p c e-se<?ko r s alike.
j' some of the C a n d ld ates were
o attend, the majonty turn
1 J nd gave very ab e talks
,h time allotted, and there is
1-d it ion «Ôî* ga *i? e - d ad '
' 7 by making their ap
I fiance at the meeting. While the
tatl1 ' was filled almost to capa
' j'' 1 » 1 » f » er \ ce » f tbe mecti ng
att V nd <?d have been telling friends
and neighbors of their reactions.
The Eureka Study Club, which
|?P on f or ® d the meetin ß- wishes to
fW'the makta
the vvenine an interesting and
worth-whil" 0 n" The Club also
viish.stotakethis oooortnnitvfn
thank publicly Mr Frank Sabiri for
genercus donation of the thea re
thj ■ donation of the theatre
evening, end Mr. Wilfred
m. president of the Tobacco
Improvement Association,
acting as a very able chairman.
Eureka, Mont.
C. A. CLARK, M. D.
Your born and livestock can be as free
of Flies as your house.
Two tablespoonfuls of Dr. Hess Barn & Live
stock spray mixed with one gallon of water,
and each animal sprayed with one pint of this
mixture will be free of lies from 2 to 3 weeks.
The Eureka Drug Store
The Store with a purpose, "to serve you
H. WITHYCOMBE, Ph. G„ Proprietor
0vAL-£-f mblem of Excellence
in Petroleum Products
TWO hig reasons why ranchers and farmers remember
!.. Quality motor fuels and lubricants. 2. Prompt,
cheerful delivery. For tractor, truck, car or farm machinery,
specialized Oval-E quality products help provide ,r Happy
Motoring" and 'Tiappy Farming.
• • •

U 7 *'
*3*-- -**
Phone Your Carter Oil Dealer*
or Drive In Where Toe See This Emblem
n n
n n n n
Rail dills
a clcpled?
At noon November 18, 1883, more
than 50 different 'times'
ished in the United States and rail
way clocks and watches all wore set
to Standard Time, or four standards
of time (Eastern, Central, Mountain
and Pacific, each one hour apart).
Standard Time soon became general
and later was adopted in other
tries. It was sponsored and put into
effect by the General Time Conven
tion of Railway Managers, which later
became the American Railway Associ
ation and then the Association of
American Railroads.
was Standard Time
were aboi
Eureka Post No. 74 American
Legion meets the first and
third Friday of every month.
All veterans cordially welcome
DANCE: Sat. Night July 20
( Number of persons working on
farms June 1 was 4 per cent greater
I than a year earlier—total, including
family and hired workers, was 11,
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