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Devoted to the Pevel opt—it of Libby and of Lincoln County
Libby, Lincoln County, Montant, Thursday, April 17, 1947
Number 4(f
Lions To Start
Drive For The
Club Discusses Two
Plans for Operation
Of New Institution
The Libby Lions are 100
hind the movement for a new Lib-1
by hospital to be financed by the
community, and large enough to
care for the Libby-Troy communi
ties and as much more of Lincoln
county as is necessary. An enthus
iastic meeting was held Monday
evening, April 14 at which a number
spoke on the subject aiyi the club
voted to sponsor a program to unite
the community in a combined effort
to finance the project.
Lion President Barkee after car
ing for the routine business of the
evening, turned the meeting over to
Lion Paul Church as hospital chair
man. Walter Neils, vice president
of the J. Neils Lumber Company,
was present and gave the history of
the local hospital, now known as
St. John's Lutheran Hospital. This
institution was started some 20
years ago by Dr. Martin, who in
the early days of the recent war,
sold the hospital to the present
rST'fLnSî SUDPOr t"" from
S j Neils LSmbe, STpany and
since Dr. Martin left, has been
consisting^,! Ä
thev h^e considered iSirï fera
new hospital. However the con
gregation will need community as
sistance should they be able to raise
?hfp 1 rojict fUndS t0 g ° ahe8d With
Dr CaTrns gave a short discussion
of the gSrîî hcJoitol and^Sl
cal needs of the community Se
SUÄSutton ™ Äed to?
15 beds The doctor stated that to
adequately careftu^ South Lincoln
thereshould I toa
ie^ ha^iUL He stated
ofiiirt «
rims abcroximataRS^^
000 ner bed He also Tteted that
oresent the local hosoital an
allv handlel atout 125 mater
nitv cases 100 maiS oDerftio^s and
Lomo^ tot^hunXdtonsefec
toutes hundred tonselec
The ohvsician stronclv emohasized
thf need of *rnore °mediifaT men^îf
the community, stating that there
slioulri be at least two doctors in
Libby, and there should also be
a physician in Troy. At present
Dr. Cairns is having up to 40 pa
tients daily, which is far more work
than anv onp doctor can carp for
either with satisfaction to himself
nr hi<s natipnte As a monev mak
ing proposition remarked the phy
s ici an ^ hospital does not rate
but a modern hosoital in Libby
will after it is set P pp and opérai
ST be self suppmrting most of the
tmg be sett supporting most ot me
Two plans were discussed for
■Sü S
ïïu"be°° d vâSd' h fn m ?Se
VoTrJ/ hv in iS
visor y toard d 'appomted from other
community sources The hospital
will be for the use of all physic
Pf r?L«in gxithpr ufitb
this plan or should the second plan
to foltew^d which is te mlke tto
hospital a strictly non-religious
n^ denominat ona affa r fmfncld
and admbiisteredbv toerommJtotv
Ind an^ nterSted o«S3T
H the^communitv cooperated
the St John's Church^it is under
SSid thîfKLta
organization for building, will be
used in the project, as well as the
equipment which the present hos
pital now has, which is excellent
second pla^^foHow^tto -huïh
:ä 4'..£iTÄ 1"
After a thorough discussion of the
nrnnosed set uns a nole of the in
dividual Lion U mem tors* was 1 taken,
not* as an official vote but as a pe£
.nd' ,AA
that the club members are whole
heartedly in favor of working hand
in hand with the St John's Church
financing and building the rifewl
hospital, "nie club reserved official
action as to preference at the meet
ing, but did officially instruct its
hospital committee to begin theipf
work pf contacting other community
gMBcatk>ns with the intent of
imnching a move to make the new
hospital become a reality in the
very near
The Bolyard Grocery it Market
installed the very latest
frosted food cabinets
A-Door Thermopam slid
. JBolyard states Suit the cm
e* to«
trSEite (uh ^
■ I*''
n ns i
t. -
■. it ■■
-1 -
il X
i !.

'This : i8 the latest photograph of the Gonzaga University glee cWB taken in December 1948 when
the group appeared before a capacity audience of 200 people in QB Gonzaga University auditorium
in Spokane. This outstanding group of entertainers will appear in formal concert here April 17,
under sponsorship of Libby Lions. The appearance of the clùÿ'us will mark the resumption of
the traditional annual tour of Montana interrupted by the war in 1941. The club is under the
direction of Mr. Lyle Moore, who has returned 42000 people in Be Oonzaga University auditorium
in the air transport command. f ,
r> • T. I _ I „
DGGin i U DG TC U IQ i
| ßStlflQ l fOQrQm
3 9
A Oiinly-wid. Tubercular Patch
£•«« jSSE^cJSSt."
tb ? s , wee ^» ,n irthoi M ntetrirlX
Ä Jfeggqy.lPîSS:
cutlÄ"'"' 1 '''"
Mrs. Dietrick has been in this
WOrk t îeSra
* ous . v ^
d '^i£ °il S. C fmm
Great Falls, . oc
cupied a similj&tjPoÄiÄt fcr five
y« ars . .
In addition to flte tehool work,
! M
ab * y hoR1 clm *9nS/ b fL P*** 8 ^? 0
ChÜdren, parent« arid all others in
tereÄt *^ *« taking the test This
w i U ** announced later. The pro
■«**"" « being worked outsat the
Icioo 1 and the county at large
through the office ôf W. J. Ander
son count V superintendent.
The service wil1 ^ rtirel V free
to tb e entire community and is fi
nanced through the Lincoln county
Christmas S eal Fund of which Mrs
Duvia Craven is chairman. It is
hoped that all citizens of Lincoln
to malte th e program a success.
^ work is preliminary to a visit
from Moblle ^1. -
■ .« i rt t p■ .
Llbbv GGruCfl Cl lib
. _ _
MeetS April 15

The Garden Club met at the home
of Mrs - G raca Nelson with 17 mem
bers and 3 guejts present. A very
interesting article was read by the
secretary written by Mrs , Louise
DeDuc. the tiU e "I Like Spring
sî- Ä'fiisas 'tSVvTI
«»U •» by ,n
exchange of plants. A gift of a
,ovel y ^ « lass v **e was bought,
** * iven to Mrs Pea , rl R*pley
who recently moved to Arlee where
Mr. and Mrs. Ripley will make
their home - Mrs Ripley a for
mer club member.
A discussion was conducted in
re « ards to the show of Early Flow
ers & sur(r to « et y° ur entr V
b,anks for the " Before and Mter
F,ower - Shrub or Photos. Un
der supervision of Mrs. Doris Chap
- R Trinnali 5 «.ull heain
on - ra ti n n nf evervnne u/ili he areat.
, p aDDre ciated Mrs Esther frfnieht
was cl ?osen from the club to meet
VE-rï w,
î ovely i?" ch v T w " served by the hos
^* rs ' Nelson and Mrs. Littell.
TÎ ,e *J ie, u plac ® °f meetin g will be
 hom , e , of B ^ s Eyra Shan '
hAtz * r <- M " 2OTb -
The Garden Club contest will
close September 30 at midnight,
an d not as stated in last weeks
paper, April 31 is the closing date
f° r entering the contest Members
th e contest committee in the club
ar ®> Mr *- W. R. Littell, Mrs. Orlo
Johnson and Mrs. Harold Thomp
In case you missed read'n
last weeks paper about tbe
Beautification contest, hunt Jt up
see what the rules are. Then take
your picture, get your blank, fill
it out and band it to one of the
committee. Blank* may be obtginea
from any Garden dub memb er.
Mrs. 1* S. Welch has completed the
decorating of her jewelry and gift
shop, the infenar color* being date«
. The Montana , Study «npU*.
brary. Twenty-two membeni were
P^ent at most of the meetings, and
sev « nteen visitors have come on«
f r J twlce u each : ***. average at
' roguteT"members Tre^^AgathA
Howard Ahlskog, Paul Church.
Dutton, Herman Ficke, O. L. Q$
tespie, Wm. Guernsey, Mrs. J. 1.
Hood Carlton Joughin, Orlo Joh*
* son, Mrs. R. W. LeDuc, Mrs. W- ft
Littell, George Neils, Inez Rateki»
Mrs, H. W Redfield, Donald RA
Mrs, Clive Roark. Mrs. Fred
Son . Mt . and Mrs. A. C. ShTlSSS^
Mis' Kenneth Spencer, and Wm. E.
Steams. Miss Inez Ratekin acted
aS chairman and Mrs. Redfield, sec
rotary of the group.
A study of the book LIFE IN,
MONTANA by the state staff of
the Montana Study was the main
basis of the discussions and the ten
chapter topics were led by d.f
members of the group.
At the completion of the course
a compilation was made of the var
J«" 8 improvements that had
been discussed and it was decided
-! ' ! 'Lr9 nso !. a community-wide meet
mg May 9, at 8 p. m.. at the Junior
H ^'" A " dit ° rium t0 discuss a pos
bi It wasi&
Mont. Study t
I If 11XI I I I II If VH
s: e program.
als o decided to place an advertise
ment in the Western News this
week, putting forth the list of ;
recommendations which might serve
as a basis for further discussion and
The Montana Study Group was
;=yr , a "
CIcOH-Up Week
A_,:l 91 ff.
April 4 I "ZO j
The annual city clean-up week
will be from April 21 to April 2«th
All rubbish should be placed in :
boxes, barrels or bags so that it
may be picked up by the city trucks
gratis. The hauling wUl begin on
Monday April 28th up to and in
eluding the 30th.
The City Council and the Health
Officer request that all property
er l d0 a ^ orough ' job .K of . clean '
y° ur r ubbish can
Ule ^ aW ^ y U « leSS a 15
icontainers. By order of
i nffiner V Cou f*^^ and Clty 9 /
-;- ~
Boseboll Meeting
Mond . ay ' Apnl 21
Plans for organization of a Base- j
ball team are underway with the ;
Harper Erdman post sponsoring the
tcam th is year. "Pop" Godfrey will
b em™ ge r ^
M °H d ^
Aprd ^ lst at baB diamond at
which time further plans will be
Track Meet Here
Sot., April 19
• —
As we go to press Coach La
Roque calls to say that there will
be a dual Track Meet between Lib
by and Bonners Ferry Saturday.
The track meet will be conducted
here at Libby.
The Rev. Mullen of Plains will
iday evening at
I and there will
y night of next
, Tfanzsday and
be a fellowship
begin services
the Church of
be a meeting
hfe ^ ^
L* Hatchery*at^Ariee. The m ee.
jto was sponsored by the Libby Rod
* om ^ U t n nt C ^ b s expreïîed regarding
tht ^o rk o^RavPn'Iland h!f "ea£"
A beautiful Sheaffer Pen & Pencil
* et was presented, to Mr Ripley by
President Ray Kujawa of the Ubby
Rod & Gun Club. An equally ac
JSSSSSe rîzor pÄ
foursome electric razor presented
President Roy Maness of the
, k
( S*wrtr s talks were also given by
J . N «' lar ' D* 8 *. M^Ier, and,
d ° hnn ' e Sheehan. The latter will
^ ke tU Mr - Rl P ley ^ f 1 "* 85 toreman
of **" L l bb / Hatchery, and was
resent u • F / lda ^ e ^ enmg . to help
™ or t h>s fnend and contemporary.
?nd to meet old friends and new
10 Llb by _
D , TT. .
Rod OPCl GuH Club
. |
PropOSCS NeW Site i
pQf* KluS Pond

At a meeting of the Libby Rod
Gun Club Tuesday in
Ovef 100 sportsmen and friends!
Jrom îxibby and TrOy met Fridayj
evening at' the Legion Hall to honor
Foretoan George Ripley
tchery, and express their re- j
of the Lib-1
the community rooirt of the court
house, the club went on record as
disapproving of the present site for
the "Kids Fond" and appointed a
committee to investigate the pos
sibilities of a proposed site at the
State Fish Hatchery. Their reasons
aswrarï «r
to b. "n this h^wevï
a, the construction of it could not
be completed in time.
Members of the club also de
cided to offer a $10 prize and pos
session of the cup for one year to
be awarded to the member who
catches the largest trout the open
mg day of fishing season. This
fish must to caught in Lincoln
County. Ruben Hamann and O J.
Nollar will act as judges with F. L.
DeRosia as alternate. More detaiLs
will follow later after further plans
have been madc -
_ • *
_ , . .

SK LKffi
ern News. Mrs. Mills states that
they are planning on obtaining as
sistance from the Rainbow girls who
will canvass the city and the girl
I»«"- 1
to 5 d ® AP 26th Î 1 P
p. .
Everyone 4s urged to support this
drive which is for a worthy cause.
Mrs. E. A. Rice and Mrs. J. C.
McCallum entertained at a very nice
Pinochle party Sunday night in
honor of theft- respective husbands
birthdays, at the home of Mrs. E. A.
High for men was won by Joe
McCallum, low by AI Hammel,
High for ladies, Mrs. Hammel low
Mrs. Ray Rice. Sandwiches, salad,
two lovely birthday cakes and cof
fee were served at the close of the
twnini... __ .
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross Hibbs left
Friday of last week for a three
which they
relative« in
wi ll *
vacation during
visit friends and
and Colorado
Last week the J. Neils Lumber
Company furnished oil and laid it
along California Avenue from the
north end of the city to its in
| tersection with U. S. 2 at 9th
I Street.
This work made a big improve
ment in conditions along the street
which wjs differing from a super
abundance^« dust caused by the
passing of heavy logging trucks,
The company has the gratitude of
business houses and dwellers a
! long California.
Some Born Lucky
Or Get That Way
st August Harold Barenz, who
live.', on a farm just outside Libby
on the South Libby
billfold containing $147
was working in the hay at the time
and on learning of the loss, spent
many hoyrs searching for his lost
monej but without success. Finally
the family decided that those bills
were probably lining a gopher's
winter quarters.
Wednesday of last week, while
walking across the field, Mr. Barenz
glanced down and there lay the bill
fold at his feet.
P. C.. Fred Metzger; Sr. V. C.
Robert Lampton; Jr. V. P.. Elmer
A**'*"* 4- u' S* ,<?*•& Jr ' :
Adj., H. W. Miller; Chaplain Warren
Brown; Post Adv., Joe Fennessy Jr.;
Surgeon. Calvin Kerns; Off. of Day,
Gus t Adamson; Patriotic Instr., Wal
ter McCallum; Post
Ludvikson; Service
dum; Guard, Clair
Trustee. Russell Whitefield.
T he spring district meeting of the
VFW .was held Sunday in Hot
Springs, The Libby delegation r e- Dr
port a good attendance, a worth- j
while meeting, and state that Hot
Springs is a good host town. l
Those attending from the local ,
post include: Clair Schneider, Gusti a
Snw^v 0 "' ^ ilc
Miller, Vernon Friend, Jack Eng- tal
Wa ä te {j w CC M 1 n m ' Warron ,
B A ■
The VFW Auxiliary s district,
organization met at the same timeL
and place. Mrs. John
Hill, lost a
in bills. He
. Examination of
the contents showed that while the
bills were somewhat weathered and
brittle from lying all winter under
the snow, they were all there and
not damaged too much for use.
Some folks are either born lucky
or get that way!
VFW Installs
New Officers
With Past State Commander Jack
England serving as installing of
ficer, the new officers of Harper
Erdman Post No. 1548 Veterans of
Foreign Wars, were installed Thurs
day evening of last week. The im
pressive ritualistic service was used
and the following men took of
Historian, Isaac
Off., John Be
by presided as president of the or-!
ganization, and Mrs. Irvin Flesher
served as secretary-treasurer. The,
local auxiliary was represented by
Mrs. H. W. Miller, Mrs, Warren
Brown. Mrs. Lena McCallum and
Mrs. Ralph Gunther. The ladies
^ ^
Car Strikes Fire
Deportment Truck
The Libby Fire Department has
made three runs during the past
week. Saturday evening it was
called to the Pete Detjens resi
dence where the garage and wood
shed were badly damaged before the
company could arrive. The fire
broke out again between 12 a. m.
and 1 a. m which necessitated a
second run to the Detjens property.
Tuesday morning a gasoline en
gine ignited a tar pot containing tar
wh ' ch be l n i us $ l 0 re £ air V
,00 ^ a * î,^ e Bre
^ as Quickly handled before serious
damage resulted.
F a ^u driV p n byFra u k hn Sweet
night whfle it" was envoûte* 1 1^ the
the firemen, riding on the right
side of the truck, was thrown from
P ... . ... I
the vehicle and receivedI injuries to i
his right shoulder according to Fire i
Chief George Wood.
On complaint of fire department
authorities. Sweet was charged with
not giving right-of-way to a fire
truck enroute to fire and crashing
into it at 4th and Mineral.. > He
pleaded guilty to the charge and
was assessed damages to the fire
truck amounting to $50, plus a $25
fine for failure to observe traffic
rules in regard to the fire depart
ment. His case was held in Police
Magistrate Elmer Switzer, Sr.'s court
Monday evening, ai-^ which time
another driver was fined $5 for
backing across traffic >rito the wrong
lane, and a lady driver was fined
$10 for cutting the corner of an
intersection and striking a car.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Tester and
family visited at the home of Mrs.
Tester's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. O.
McCallum Sunday and Monday of
last week before leaving fey their.
new boote «f Nexen.' : - •
• *
The Libby Pioneer Society held
its annual business meeting and
dance at the Moose Hall last Sat
urday evening with over 90 pres
ent - This pleasant affair is usually
held in January or February but
because of inclement weather and
other unfàvorabie conditions it
President W E. Dexter led the
meeting at which time the follow
ing officers were elected for the
coming year: President, W. S. Dex
ter; Vice-President, W, J. Harm
Secretary, Mrs James J. Ready
Treasurer, Mrs. W. W. Blew; Board
Member, Max Sturm. Mr. Harris
and Mr. Sturm take the places of
Ferd Peterson and Frank Baney
who have moved to other towns
Improvement of Pioneer Park
was discussed and preliminary plans
made to make it a more convenient
picnic place. .•
The collections of old time pic
tures from the Pioneer Society
case in the Library was the center
of much attention. There are a flow
added pictures each year but all ml
them, old and new, received much
The Grand March, led by Mr. w
Mrs. James J. Reedy, was the start
the dancing part of the evening.
This was followed by square dances
circle two-steps and other well
loved old-fashioned dances with' a
few modern ones. Clarence Brown;
Mrs. Hilda McCallum and Bert Day
furnished the peppy music.
At 11:30 everyone paused for
freshments. The dining tables were
beautifully decorated with lace
table cloths and bouquets of sweet
peas. Sandwiches, pickles and
coffee were enjoyed by all. After
this interlude of eating and visiting
the dancing started again and kept
fast pace until after 1:30. The
agility and tirelessness of these
pioneer people is amazing.
Committees for the evening werer
Hall and Coffee, W. E. Dexter;
Music, Mrs. W. W. Blew and Mrs.
J. Reedy; Publicity, Mrs. J. J.
Reedy; Table Decorations, Mrs. Geo.
Smith, chairman. Mrs. Max Sturm,
Mrs. James Christie and Mrs. Fred
Cloutier; Cards. J. J. Reedy and
Inez Ratekin; Floor Managers, W,
Blew and Carl Rawlings.
Libby Pioneers
Get Together
The , enior rla „ np J!"
a er am at thro! nnl
2Ä a °_ f H ° n n e n a f*
Junior Hivh Anrfifori..™ 0 ** 3t
%hS4 You
Gillespie 'is an exciting fareo
0 .,t .k. (, na , niawoa K i«rce
-^PPCting doctor Specialist in men
diseases (Dick Austin) by a
sophisticated lady thief, (Fayetta
.Tishor . She warns the doctor that
HnnnnoH k,. nt u„ r '„lu.
we f ry . 6 fl J m mess è nger (Fred
Senior Class Will
Give Short Plays
on an un
Brnwnl i« comma to moot
the doctor - s offjee^and
jnsist sh „ has hi ^ ®" d r1 î. hat h w
7' hen th _ es P « .. .
pear i nec klace she g had orH P r P H nn
îcï? 0 vïïî-to the dnrfnr^
bu f Zn ïh. Ini in
without navment the
-ä {jäisk
wHIT con tinual inloniip
tJKSR 0 T , 5 , .JT ne
brumes the coînedv oTèrroîlTo^a
smashuo conclusion °
"Elmor" is tailor matte fnr nni.a
,u Ä«.» L ,2^ ?°, Ug *
scn ce who rises to heights* of hero
fsm *n his defense of hi, neilSSSi
ijttle Cinderella sister Susie g fPatsv
B urner ) The beaSuI h .
twTn^sister J (Marv^ Ä rmp S5
Marior e Jo Talsma) and fhi easv
gS motheJ (Gwen Hoin) aÎÂ
doveVly outwitted to Etoer even
T ÆrfffïÆ
burglars, and dire situations. Jeane's
boy-friend. (Bill Hafferman) plays
ia reluctant second fiddle to Elmer's
mastery of every situation and
Pinney"^^ thc^obTe^v^t^ien^oMhe
"The Birthday of the Infanta"
presents pageantry in setting and
costume and music; and bitter drama
in the co iorful story of the little
dwarf (Dean Madison) from the
woods who had been bought from
father to dance for the beauti
ful Spanish princess, (Lyla Bren
nan) on her birthday. The cold
palace nobility, interpreted by Dick
Austin as Don Pedro, Gwen Homan
as the Duahess, and Fred Brown as
Carlos, feel nothing but revulsion
for the pathetic creature who, love«
the princess, and who, not knowing
he is ugly, believes she loves him.
The Chamberlain (Ralph Swimley)
kind and understanding, adds a note
of warmth to the play. The Rages
are played by Ila Moe Whitefield
and Fayetta Tisher.
Although burning permits are not
required until May i, humidity and
frequent afternoon winds suöteee
sufficiently d{y on snout
north slopes te «ftew fires to
spread Débris burning is safe only
e - , '

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