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Wool Industry
1 Twelve per cert or one-eighth of
aU the fibre used in thf. msnufac;
;ture of clothing in the United States
ilast year \yas wool. One bülion
pounds of this material was thus
utilized. Previous peacetime usage
usually ran about 600 million
pounds. Sheep are unique farm and
range animals. They produce two
crops—lambs, which are fattened
tor market, and wool. Most range
•wes clip in the neighborhood of 10
pounds of wool each spring. Under
range conditions most ewes have
•ingle lambs. Under farm condi
tions one-third to one-half of them
have twins.
A Lot of Water
The tropical Amazon basin Is
nearly as , large as the United
States. Rain totals as much as 200
inches a year in the Amazon jun
gles. The river, 4.000 miles long, Is
the world's greatest in volume of
ihe water it carries. It has 1,100
• tributaries. The largest ocean
steamers can travel 1,000 miles up
the Amazon during the period of
low water.
Compulsory Pasteurization
First compulsory nasteurization
law was enacted in 1908 in Chicago.
All milk for our armed forces and
88 per cent of the fluid milk supply
in U. S. cities of oveY 10,000 is
Health service says: "The public
health value of pasteurization is
unanimously agreed upon by health
The U, S. Public
Crackling in Radio y
Inside radios is a largç tubing
condenser, which has
movable j
plates controlled by the tuning,
knob. Crackling noise probably is
caused by a bit of dirt connecting
the plates. A pipe cleaner run be
tween the plates may stop the
crackling noise. '» 1
History of Glass
The secret of making colorless,
or "flint," glass was discovered in )
England. In the 16th century, how- ,
ever, Venetians discovered the for- j
mula for absolutely colorless andi
transparent glass and were able to j
blow it to extreme thinness.
Crappie accounted for near^' a !
quarter of all fish caught if) Mis-1
souri last year, leading all other '
species. The sneered-at earn ranked
third, just behind green sunfish.
Those Missouri Fish
boloy cemented carbide, made from j
tungsten and lamnblack have been j
produced for sewing the toughest of
Sews Toughest Fabrics
Needles with a point tip of car
'Discovered Easter Island
Easter island was discovered April
6, 1772, by the Dutch Admiral
Jacob Roggenwein, who thus named
the isle because the event took place
on Easter Sunday.
Indian Asthma Remedy
For an asthma remedy. American
Indians boiled alder oil. covered the
head with a blanket and inhaled the
Operating Railways
There are 44 railway companies
in the United States which operate
more than 1.000 miles of railroad]
Incandescent Lamp Heat
The filament of a 60-watt incan-'
descent lamp runs a temperature
of 4,314 degrees, 10 limes the heat
an oven necessary to brown a pie
Perverse Fellow
Thomas Gainsborough painted his
famous "Blue Boy" to disprove
statement that blue should not
massed in a painting.
Eleetrie Invalid Car
A new development is an electric
invalid car. the batteries of which
can be recharged overnight
plugging into a house circuit.
Start of Forest Fires
It has been estimated that 85 per
cent of forest fires are set deliber
ately and that tourists start thé
other 15 per cent.
Keep Tools Clean
Home garden tools should be
thorougltly cleaned after.each usa.
They should be wiped with an oiled
rag to prevent rusting.
Big Time Bowling
American Bowling congress.. or-,
ganized in 1895, is the world's lirgi
est sports organization.
Fires and Matches
One tree makes a million match
es, one match destroys a million
Clean That Skillet
Vinegar and salt boiled in an iron,
skillet will remove all burned or
black spots.
Statue of Virgin
The colossal iron statue of the
Virgin atop St. Christopher hill,
Chile, is 72 feet high. *
Snow Is Always There
Some of JK mountain peaks
around Sun Valley, Ida., never lose
their snow.
Emerald Production
Colombia has the world's largest
production of emeralds.
Leads in Coffee
Brazil grows about two-thirds pf
the world's coffee.
Loosening Sugar
A slice of apple may be used
loosen brown sugar which has be
come hard and lumpy. Brown sug
ar hardens when allowed to dry out.
To restore the moisture, put the sug
ar in a tight container, a large glass
jar with a screw top or a metal
canister, and include a slice of ap
ple on a bit. of waxed paper so the
apple does not touch the sugar. In
a few days the sugar will absorb
enough moisture to be loose again.
To prevent brown sugar from hard
ening, put it into a glass jar
when the package is opened and
keep it tightly closed. Air soon dries
out the sugar if left in a paper pack
Brnsblng Blankets
Maybe you brush your blankets to
bring up the nap after laundering
them, but try extra brushing be
tween launderings too. This keeps
them soft and fluffy. Don't be afraid
to wash fluffy bedroom slippers of
pile fabrics. Wash them as you
vtauld fluffy toy animals or chenille
robes. Don't wring at all, but
squeeze gently in a towel to remove
some of the moisture and brush up
the soft nap.
Simple Trick
There is a simple trick to turning
jellied cranberry sauce, or any other
jelly, out of a can without spoiling
the shape of the mold. Punch a
small hole in the bottom of the can
first. Then remove the top with an
opener that slices the tin evenly
around the can. The hole in the bot
tom allows enough air to get in at
this point so that the jelly will slide
out easily without the help of a knife.
Aluminum in Color
Aluminum, formerly confined to
natural color, now is produced in
an y shade from pale green to deep
pur pi e . Blue, orange and gold
sheets are available. To produce
the color, the metal first is treated
in an electro-chemical bath, then
dyed. The dye works deep into the
pores of the material and becomes
permanently absorbed.
Measures Moisture
The succulometer, invented by
University of Maryland,
the moisture content of corn on the
ear, a good index as to when corn is
ready for packing. The mechanism
eliminates the factor of human
error and aids the farmer in deter
mining when the corn is ready to be
Dental Field
Men in New England and the Mid
dle Atlantic states are better pros
pec t s for the dentist than those in
the South and Middlewest, accord
ing to Comdr. Carl Schlack of the
Naval Medical Research institute.
The navy found more cavities
among the Easterners, he reported.
Ancient Calendar
A calendar system more exact
j than any used in Europe until the
1 Gregorian reform was developed by
I the Maya-speo?:ing tribes of north
i ern Guatemala and Yucatan who ex
j isted until shortly before discovery
of America.
Cooking Eggs
Shells are less likely to break
eggs are at room temperature rath
er than cold when put to cook in hot
water. Probably a better conking
method is to put the eggs in cold
water and bring egg and water to
simmering temperature together.
Construct Pipeline
Construction of a "Big Inch" pipe
line is planned in Sweden. The pipe
line will carry American oil deliv
ered by tankers to the west coast of
the country across the nation to
Stockholm on the Baltic
Difficult Test
One automobile tire maker tests
his product by having
equipped with his tires driven at 35
miles per hour* over railroad ties
spaced 20 inches apart.
a car
Good Swimmers
Although an 80-ton whale
swim as fast as 10 miles per hour,
he rates far behind a salmon, which
can skim through the water at 30
miles an hour.
Intelligence of Animals
Cows are said to possess
native" intelligence than horses,
although horses can be taught
chanical movements more easily.
Candles from Beeswax
Candles were made from tallow,
beeswax or bayberry until 1866,
when wax was first made from
troleum at Corry. Pa.
Highest Humidity
In Louisiana's sugar country, the
humidity usually is higher than at
any other point in the United States.
Same Stuff
Tile used in modern buildings is
similar to that used in Egyptian
structures erected 6,000 years ago.
Cypress Swamp
Big Cypress swamp in the Ever
glades of Florida is a morass cov
ering two million acres.
Combustion and Hay
Ten per cent of harvested hay Is
destroyed annually by spontaneous
Ghvernment Monopoly
Czechoslovakia motion pictures
are now « government monopoly.
Not Soon Enough
• After hopping off, fleas turn and
travel tail-first through the air.
Color Among Apes
As far as skin color is concerned,
chimpanzees have race differences
among Them just as do humans.
The hair hides the chimpanzees'
skins but if large numbers are ex
amined it is found that the color of
the skin varies all the way from
Caucasian white to Negro black, re
ports Dr. Adolph H. Schultz of
Johns Hopkins Medical sch ool in
the American Journal of Physical
Anthropology. In practically all of
their characteristics the apes, and
other animals usually considered as
forming very uniform species, vary
much more widely than do human
beings the world over, he reports.
Omar on Screen
Omar Khayyan, 12th century poet
whose "Rubaiyat" is better known
to the West than any other Persian
product except carpets, is going on
the screen. A company has been
formed in Teheran but, owing to
lack of studios and trained techni
cians there, the leading artists win
go to India to shoot many of the
scenes of the film "Omar Khay
Alcohol From Whey
Alcohol is being produced from
milk by using a by-product, whey,
now being dumped into rivers by
cheese manufacturers. The process,
developed in department of agricul
ture laboratories, uses a yeast to
ferment the lactose, or milk sugar,
contained in the whey. The protein
residue remaining after the alcohol
has been extracted is reported to
be a valuable cattle food.
Copper from Chile
Ninety per cent of South Amer
ica's copper comes 'rom Chile,
which also leads all South Ameri
can countries in production of
coal and iron. The half a million
tons of pure copper mined annually
rhii. on
rh. C ™ldTprcdu"lo"
Among subjects taught by horn« i
demonstration agents are: Child de- j
velopment and family life, clothing, I
Home Demonstration Work
. P , . .
food preservation, home grounds |
improvement, home furnishings,
nutrition, home management, j
money management and recreation,
Dyeing Knit Garments
Jersey and knit garments should
very seldom be dyed. Being more
enc^&ntiKia «„
su eptible to damage than oven
fabrics, there may be felting and
distortion of knitted garments dur- j
mg the process of dyeing. ,
The Washington museum at Sul
grave Manor. England, home of the ;
Washington family, contains many |
important relics of America's first
Tiybute to Washington
Earthquake in Lisbon
The earthquake in Lisbon in 1755
was so great that it disturbed wa
ters in Loch Momond, 1,220 miles
away in Scotland, according to En
cyclopaedia Britannica.
Control of Lawn Weeds
Pasture, roadsides, fence rows, ,
ditches, feed lots, lawns and similar
places can be treated effectively
with 2. 4-D for weed control.
Makes Retter Soap
A soao preservative, known as
polyethylene polyamine, keeps
granular soap products from be
coming discolored and rancid.
Water Holds Them All
The world's largest and smallest
animals live in water. The largest j
are the whales, the smallest, the !
one-celled microscopic amoeba.
Purchase of Soybeans
More than 500 million pounds of
soybean flour was purchased by
UNRRA from United States farm
Big Egg Losses
More than half a million eggs are j
lost each year in the United States
due to poor hatchability—money
loss. $15,835,000.
See Halley's Comet
Halley's comet comes every 78
years, having been seen in history
29 times. It is next due in 1986.
Submarine Under Water
A large submarine can run unde.*
water five to six hours, depending
upon its battery capacity.
Powder In Your Tires
A powder has been developed that
when blown into motor car inner
tubes reduces radio static.
Papa Fish Takes Over
The female channel cat, after lay
ing her eggs, is chased from the
nest, the male taking over.
Marriage Failures
Twenty* years ago only one hi
every 20 British marriages was a
failure. Today it is one in seven.
Valuable Turkey Feathers
Turkeys will average a pound or
more of feathers which can be sold
profitably by turkey raisers.
' Straddles Equator
Ecuador derives its name from
the fact that it lies directly on tho
Miles of Lipstick
American women in a single year
bought 8,000 miles of lipstick.
Arable Iowa Land
Iowa leads the nation in the larg
est percentage of arable land.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W Miller were
business visitors Tuesday in Kalis
Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Endicott and
family enjoyed the weekend holi
day at Boisverts.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baeth
turned from an extended trip to
the coast last weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zwang, Mr.
and Mr?. W. E. ParUow and daugh-'
ter Merrill vacationed over the 4th
at Calgary and Banff.
i Mr. and Mrs. Myron Tinker had
difficulty in preserving their over
the vacation weekend provisions
when their electric refrigerator
burned out the morning of the 4th.
Mrs. A. W. Faragher of Seattle,
who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
L, G. Klenck, returned home the
latter part of last week. Mrs. Far
agher is Mr. Klinck's sister.
Miss Margaret McGuigan of St
Paul, came Thursday of last week
to visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer Switzer, Sr. Miss Guigan,
who is Mrs. Switzer's niece, is an
air stewardess between Minneapolis
and New; York.
The County Commissioners held
their regular monthly meeting Mon
dav. Business consisted of paying
claims. The Commissioners accom
panied by the County Clerk and
Surveyor made a business trip to
Troy yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Rolseth re
turned last week from Minneapolis,
Minn., where they attended a re
union of former citizens of Selbu.
Norway, who now live in the United
States. The Rolseths report a very
pleasant gathering and trip.
A group of members of the for
mer "Dinty Moore Club'' met Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
E. J. Barkee to enjoy a party given
as a shower for Mrs. Tom Brindley;
and in honor of Mrs. W. J. Dor
rington of Conrad, who with her
,. ._, P . ... JP . ,
^'husband is visiting at the home of
»"• D"
rington. The ex-"Dinty Moores" re
port a very pleasant afternoon, with
the bride receiving many attractive
and useful gifts,
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Barkee and
son. Jim, visited over the July 4th
vacation at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Hillis and daughter Dianna
Maie of The Dalles, Ore. Mrs. Hillis
is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bar
kee. On the return trip the Libby
fclk topped in Spokane where they
*'. SI ,' etl at A the b ° me of Mrs - Mabel
cd at which Mrs. Wellers two
jj aug hters and their families were
i_ Uftnt They are Mr and Mrs
Charles Rutter and son, Robert,
Fhelton, Wash., and Mr. and Mrs. |
Cliff Brown and daughter, Barbara,
Spokane. Mr. Weller's niece and
husband. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Decker!
of Spokane were also present.
Ill I
Friday and Saturday, July 11-12
■ Broadcast;
July 5,1947
use nr milk in cookino...its thrifty
3 For ...
No. 2Vi Tin .
Yorkshire, Sliced—Pound
3 lobUopoon, (mI,
cut onion
2 ubUapooaa hot
abort «nice
V* cup Sour
Cook onion slowly 5 min. in shorten
ing. Blend in flour, salt and pepper.
I Stir in tomatoes. Boil slowly and stir
j 9 min. Heat milk to boiling.
J tomato mixture and milk from heat,
f Stir tomato mixture into hot milk. Do
f not heat after combining. Serve hot
on toast topped with bacon. Serves 4
[ A To use peeled, cut-up fresh toma
increase amount to 2% cups and
10 minutes.
Vt cup Pm Milk
5 POUNDS ...
18 POUNDS ..
Beef - Veol - Pork
Chickens - Fish
Ice Cream
Birds Eye Frozen
Sweet—46 Ounce
24 In Box ..
125 Foot Roll ..
Food For Pets— 2Vi Tin.
Shredded—2 For ..
Phone 105
It Pays
! Miss Bette Rubard and room-1
[mate, Miss Gloria Swanson, spent
Saturday and Sunday at the home
oi Mrs John Rubard. They re- :
turned to Spokane Sunday evening. !
C & R
Purina Egg Mash
Genera] Feed Egg Mash
Purina Chick Starter
Purina Growing Mash
Pig Feed
Dairy Feeds: Milk-Mor Dairy, Molasses Dairy, 16%
Dairy Feed.
, Ground Oats and Barley
We also handle the Cargill Stock & Poultry Feeds,
including Egg Mash and Pellets; Growing Mash;
Dairy Feeds and Pellets and Call Meal.
Oyster Shell
We handle Cess Pools, Septic Tanks, Pumice Building
Blocks and Bricks.
J. A. Courtright and Stuart Risley
Phone 26F3 or 2S-M or call at farm 1 mile South of City Limits

Other Chick Feeds
Giant Size
Giant Size
3 Pounds .
2 Pounds, 8 ounce
Thursday, July 3,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robertson and
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Robert
son visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Hrabik in Kalispell the
4th of July.

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