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THCH3D A V MORNING .W.-raVr 1% 19C7
To C oßrrsrovns:\rs •- The eommnni
fat lon of r, “B*.U nu.r- nr In r* pK to the
rritinsm y-f r.ur V* T 'is’Jrir rf on correspon
dent R M'S U \f~<r Mitchell jj T'.' t Wftt
t<*n in r.< r to < nt:11? it to admission
in onr '’•unmn^.
“Or- f of in oM Baem-lor” ha* been
received and will appear in our next is
Cjn. "ir Co’fp.t—ll*x. Jennie Fokd
a*:p Mi irroKß, Pmmiivo.—TV* Cir
cuit C irl since onr b***t i-Mt- k'.s lr ; n
energetical! v engage I w.*!: tin buGnes
before it an I line disposed if a number ' f
important on the civil do.-kef. the
nfl-t intereTing o which tr* the f..lh w
J Kemp Jones v*. M. C Tone*. Ac
tion for '.orvicce rendered, Ac. Jury
Trial. Vrr.iicf for th<* t ’ tint ill and d.un
tir’-'s *-.j, O r 'i)‘t. M.vMox an 1
Key fir ■! untiff Harris for def *n lr-r*.
Mot>on made hr d '-nKut’s coun ß el f>r
a n- w trial M*>ti m overrul-d.
The f’ctitlon ofTh irims \V Gough for
the benefit af the Tr-om-nf Laws. Ob
jected to on tin- o' the Trustee* in an
equity p>-occr,lirior f. , r the of his prop
‘•I tv. (’onih A D vvns f.r *.. K*l• n< r and
Judge Grain and I! ( ] . TI-■ r r . in opjmsi-
Ban D< ; 1| v [Jis Ihitc.r. Jude,.
M.acrud r, t Judire I* i r I not f-eintr quali- j
fled in s;t m tlio e- ue Y u-rondine the !
pr>flfion on the "ronnd ri.nf the State bw 1
eti the 'in ji rt of ItiKi.l voncy whs super- j
cec.l.o] by the General Bankrupt Law.
On th< enininal ooehet, the foil mg j
♦•a have bo,-ii tri.-J :
.'■late t i . M Bowles Assault and j
battery Suhiidtted to the Court Judg
rjicuf. 11 1 y find fine,] £I 0 :uiJ eosts. —
Blokistenc fur State. Combs A Downs
for defendant.
Fume vs. Farm*. Aforult and battery,
Sui united to the Court and not guilty con-
Vf< I **■ .by the State. Same counsel.
State v J.uues < Been. c.Jorcl. As
* ull with intent to bill. Submitted to the |
Court. Judgment, not guilty. iiiakis-j
lialcne for State Key f.r traverser.
State VS. Jehu II"]' n, colored. In- J
' f * _ ,
diriment t->r i urgmrv Sul miffed to tu j
U*urt. .1 u cim-nt guilty. Mot’on tnad • '
for mw trial and over: tiled Dlahistonc j
for State. Kty au.l Mathews (i r travrr- '
Same ys, :, e. Indictment, for horse i
iteMling. Submitted to t):e Ceurt. .1 |
nuut, m l guilty, lilaklbt' uc for State j
Key fur (rrver"r.
State vs. \\ rp McCuire Tudlelinrnr for j
larceny. Jury trial. Jury unable to
• yree nd dis, harmed. lllakisture for!
State Harris and Maddox fir defence j
Slate vs. I‘bilip ITewe. Tudu *nirnt fur j
taking an 1 e:;rrv : ng ;vr,y timber Dc-!
murrer to iiidietine.it and demurrer pw*
tained. H'nkitone for Stntc Maddox
for defence.
S ate VtfcsAico. H I!, color,d. Av-aulf
uri.ll>a'( r\. Suhinilled to (he Court.---
Judgment. .Miilty, ntui p, ntencc.l to i :
nionfhp imprisonment in (hr cmititv jail, i
Bbkisfoue State. Briscoe aud Math- ■
, w > fAr il> V'nce
'Staters Harrison Long. Indictment !
for nji.an <1 ug’;t r I’, o.runed until the j
kt'd Mi ’ ay in January next in conse- j
CTj nee ef the .vpi tii'c of the niut iropor
fant wifn- .p for the State. ’[‘he eas* of
Mi t* utre . in which tin ,urv failed to agree,
a.*p also pc { ( !n n for trial at th, sanie
Aft* r tin trr.; pcft. u of srineoth, rhup
iur 1. of no V V Cl r.< r.d i t n . tin
Cciirt then adnr:;, dto *!;, ‘Ji, IM, uday n
J.Mt-m r. at'
Sa M\u\ p Fnu: Svm:nk;;v. —‘i he
buihiii cp ot this in-’itnt n ! tve been re- 1
1 entlv is tit’i o . i j ai*t, . ? ! arc mov m
exc, lien: .re t,en .t i, -ili fnrtl ■ r im-
TTio etc, i!ts on I■ cm ari c. nn n:j !ni■ d by.
t!ie Trustots. we harn. I'nd.r the m;m
sgciuetit i 1 Mio il.'.i■•.liner, tl. ■ Seminary ;
is bepiv.rung to show signs of nt;,.;!\ ami i J
proepentv. and i lienc som to see it *
, i
Mkc die hotiora-bli p.•> turn it is entitled ' ,
t, an; r.g t;>• nui>.-n ■,t ; n.ale eiluco
t'.on in the couiifr; . I here is ii ’ good ,
r ason vd y it •oif; ;• ' tak- a h
pifi >n :u I there is (ho str* u.r st reason in '
ilie w rid whv it .u!I I • patron!? ■I by
T-‘l h nte oT ur onr, u in r r lerer. ■ to'•
foreign retie. >, J [ ,r;ur. •. I; is located ’
in onr midst, it is e, no noted 1 v onr own j
I c'4'le. it a cheap as (';• r 8 "h cl>, and
it vlue.iti.-ual a.;v. -it-i/i . are ap great as
those of auv in -tu’i ■; w t’i w! di we nr
nrejuaiuted. a recent order of (he j
Traste'-s. six juj are alh wed to be re- :
ecived into the iu-rirnti-Mi free of tuition j
ftea T 'r furte.er particulars, oomn uui- j
CAtc with M;.' Gardiner, St. luig ?.>’ I‘. J
0 . Md.
TnAsßiOir:\<j Hat —Tiwlaj has been t
f~l np*rf bv both the President of the j
Coiled States and the Governor of the
C*ate a* * day of thanksgiving to the .Al
mighty for the innuv 1 ouutiep which He i
biu* byvrfowcd upon u.a during the past J
veat, aud it i> recommended that the neo
s 1 I
from all Rex-uhr j-ur- J
♦ "
(C-rrespondence of the Beacon.)
Washington, Nov. 25th.
I Major Daniel Sickles, as a Major Gwn-
I era! hno more. May we never look on
j Iris like again. Did it never strike you
ias very singular that the three men who
were the first and most ardent advocate
,j of -ec-Jon, who did most to bring on
. : ’he war and urged ir most untiringly on
. j th-' Southern i> ojdc, turned out lobe tliree
, of the no s' rm-reihvs tyrat.ts the world ever
c aw ? Slant n. Sickles, cud Butler, the
Danton, Ilob< *-r.;• rre and Marat of the
Am i van rev nation, and had they been
allowed to folkw the bent of their own in
clinations unrestrained, the borrow of
the French Revolution wi uld have faded
■ intu insignificance beside tne re-ts of tii it
in, n. No one eat; put In- finger on a sin
_le achievement of • itfmr of the two who
i re the title of Major G> neral that would
have enritl-'d him to wear the stripes of a
; Corporal. Sickles blundered at Gottv.-
I burg, 10-t Inf* b ig, and had it iiOt been for
! th<* two Army Corps sent to Ids relic , lie
! never w u! 1 have g.t a man out alive. —
That, I believe, was his and last ox
' ph.it ap a military man A for Butler,
he could not keep his hands off the prop
i i rty of oth* r urn long enough to get un
iderfire. Ido not think he was ever
i near, r than ten mileH to any fight aud
tlx n he wa- in Fort Monroe with the gat' s
; locked an I sentrii g doubled, whil- Magru
! der was chewing up his men at Big Beth
. n 1
| el.
j th.l. Jack Forney rtlln rpuz/.h sby a little
I remark of his, while announcing the final
j election returns, m d/y ot this city,
i He save that Krnturkij, Mirylmd and
1 ptl iunirt arc held /o/ the /Ph'lx. hut _N -'it
Vnrk ilcrts the Pimocratir ticket.- W hat
! dues the Colonel mean V A\ e, of the uu- 1
| instructed, have always been taught that
( any one who dared to differ with the povv- j
j ers that b. (no matt-T how Inyal he might j
be) was a Democrat, a Democrat was a |
Cniiperlu ad, a t opperhead a Bcbel ami
Rebel a Secessionist. But now I find
that after all the curses loud and deep
that have been poured out on New
York and the Northern rebels, the Col.
draws the line, fimis the right-thinking
nu n of the North are not the rebels and
| copperheads he has been cursing and
| wanting to hang tor the last seven years,
I but his old first-love Democrats. I sus
; peel the Col. has a motive in this, as he
intends to have Maryland, Delaware and j
Kentucky reconstructed, but New ork
I m>t having negroes enough to carry the
I State, will be allowed to live on in her
j ignorance and nev< r know the blessings
! ~f negro rule 'Hie gamcMicre now is to
I force in gro suffrage on the South
while the North forever keeps clear of i f
j Negroes are to bo allowed to vote, but not i
Ito bold office. Radicals here say that j
j with the constructed South. Maryland, I
and Delayvare added, with what 1
j States they ran carry at the North and |
i West, with several new States they can i
; admit which will give them what vote !
fh.-v please, they are sure of President, j
! Vice-President and a large majority in ,
jb.l li houses of Congress. But, I fear. ;
1 that before this can be brought about some j
one will get Hurt. It is now a Fettled |
j ffet that the attempt will be made to toree
; negro suffrage upon Maryland and to" dis- j
! franchise the whites, ami what the result
; will be no one can tell.
As vni will see by the papers the c
i N • ■ • i
I iam l lv is upon us -( ongre-s is in session. ,
I All Sumner, as usual, led off with the!
Negro question- introducing a bill to j
strike out the word white from the city i
eb.art'T and make all im n eiigioh' A*r any i
"ffee of ; rofit or trust. In future we shall I
i have two-thirds negroes on all juries I
ami 'he largest share in the Police force.
Will it i; i Iv iutorotim: to soo .'i wluto
Ulan marelud up the Avenue, in charge!
■fa 1■; ' \ gger. in full uniform, billy in ■
hand. roa.iv to apply it with full force, if j
he f els like it, for the amus. im ut of hi'- j
fell w-blacks .' \t.-i tins is the reward
the i irir. n< of this District g. t for having j
furui-iicd more sohliers to put down the !
Rebellion, than any State in the Cnioii in |
proportion to population \\ iiat ( otigress |
intends to do, no mortal can. as yet. eon- j
jtiture Much will depend on Mr. Ste- j
veus If he is able to t Vce bis place in
the House and work as he did last session,
he will lash the small fry into obedience
ami will stop at nothing. 1 hear that he
has greatlv improved *a health since his
arrival in Washington lak. tuc 01-i lion
-v- tiling blood from afar, he -c in- to be j
Oolleetiug ail bis energies for a final as- ,
-ault upon the down-trodden pev’ple ofthe .
South. Ido not think there ever was a
■, ,11 who more pertectly ttmu t sto<nl tin \
r fiaement of eruelty or who knew la tter !
hew to apply the in-tnnueut so to re- !
lain the life and prolong the tor'ure ot tin
victim The buried hate of years is in ;
his heart and likv Sumner he will spen i j
the la.-t moments ef his life in framing i
m it methods of cm 11y dhere one
great diffenuce between the two men ■
Mevcns is known to be a man of unffincli- ,
inc courage, while JMimuer it universally
f- - |
pointed st as one of the great<-st cowards i
in the world. I much regretted, when I
last passed through the Kotuda of the
Capitol, to *ke (h*t that most exquisite
and towelling effort of modern art. the.
Christian M *rtvrs, had Won taken down
ami u miserable daub, the hlme Market at
St Louif. put in its jlaeo. Moll—it is
u U f?*,:••*] the®'' Wr
down Ruben's “Descent from the Cross/
j *
■to make political capital. I wonder that
1 the old revolutionary picture* in the Ro^
j tunda are not torn out and a series ■
I paintings substituted for them, such
i ! H
; “The N egrooi first vote,*’ “Whippiiß
a N••press iu NortfcCarolina by Johnson
tneii” and the like. Lc-t the special artitti
of Frank W.sln* and. of Harper's Weekly,
who Were on the spot, paint tln-m, and let
I the editors of both papers writ*- the histfj
j ry w:‘h that truthjidlest they are so cele
: brated for and it would take and help the
i cause of the Union, without a doubt.
The Rev. Dr. Newman Hall lectured
ti a very slim audience al Wall’s Opera
, | house ou Friday night. I did not at first
understand what the lecture was to b
1 ab"Ut, but when he nut introduced by
Wiuou the cut was out o! the bag nud it
I vvai obvious chat it was intended lor a
* ! poUticai trick, but it failed.
1 ! M
rs. Lander is at all &. lam tritely sor
ry to see Mrs. L. attempting those plays
I by which Riston has made for herself
' sUi.h an enviable fume. Never wc-ro two
people more totally different in appearance
: and style of acting. Mrs. Lander is no
; more suited to act the character of Queen
: Klizabeth or Marie Stuart than Kintori
; would be to < play of an t irL-h jclouh4
i ber-maid. Mrs. Lander’s attempt to play
, Qa. •eu Klixabelb was acknowledged ou all
j hands to be a complete failure. Mrs.
j Lander has great merits as an actit.-s,
i ami in the 01-i plays we formerly had the
; pleasure of seeing her perform, we must
I acknowledge that she has no equal.
As ymi sec by th** papers,* that priieo
jof snobs, Charles Dickens, is again in
■ America, and the American people h;vc
; neither lynched him nor treated him to
| a coat of tar and feathers.
| W e sincerely hope that, on hij return
i to KngJand, Mr. Dickens will give us wv
\ tiier edition of Martin Chuizlewit aid
| American Notes, in which he will shew
I up, in his best style, the boot-licks w.iO
arc bowing and fawning before him. TLc
whole cause of Mr. Dickon’* hatred to tkc
American people was his failure to pru
cure an international copy-right law, for
which a bill, was introduced into Congress
by Mr. Clay when Mr. Dickens was last
in the United States. Had Mr. Dickens
spoken the truih when lie gave u* such a
tongue-lashing, ilie tiling would not have
been so bad. But for a low police repor
ter, with the vermin of the work-house
scarcely off him, to come here and criti- j
else tho manners of the ladies ami gentle- I
men of this country, was an intuit hard to
be endured with pat ionco. To set his foot
on our shores again after this, shows more
quiet impudence than we thought even
Dickens was master of, with ail his cheek.
The city is filled with strangers —an un
i usual thing so early in the season. Sight-■
| seeing seeing tu be their only occupation.
I I saw one “green-one” feeding iu
j pocket for his pocket-book, but, at the hut
i accounts, he had not succeeded in catching
fup to it. J suppose some one had taken I
jit to take care nf it for him. From some !
! "f iiie fae-'g I see- among the crowds now
i in the city, I don’t think the genth man’s j
; p.*eket-book will be returned to him very j
j The prize-fight bet ween Celyerand Kel- !
j ly is to take place to-morrow, and, asusu
’ J. the city is beieg filled with th; ‘vc. wno
gv*nrrally come in droves to look out for
green-horns. The light-fingered gentry
i thieve their way on here, get into the
j crowd around the prize ring, don’t leave a
1 watch *.r a pocket-book, ami then tlimve •
j their way back to New York. I saw a j
j man strip in the priicring for an im prom- j
I tu fiL'ht and every article of his clothing ;
i was stolen as fast as he laid it on the ,
i ground, from his groat coat to his under
shirt . You mav ju igo ot his feelings when.
; the fight not corning off. he went to dress -
himself and found he had nothing left but
! hi* pantaloons and boots, not even a hat
au -i lie several miles from home and the
dr bitter cold. 1 have hoard i.uvn called
sc ni l .in that they would take the shirt off
a man’s back, hut never saw it before.
1 fear I mav have made my letter too
long, but iu a place like this, there are so
manv to write about, that I find it
impossible to put into fewer words a short
notice of the thousan 1 and one tluturs one
hear* of in this v..st city of reports.

ATajou AVm. O. Kv.—)Ve notice in a ;
l.iti S*'uthern journal that the gentleman
whose name heads this notice has pulled *
up stakes in Alabama :uul settled himsrlt
with Messrs. K1 iwr A Goodwin. St, L-ni- ,
• is. Mo. The paper iu question speaks of
: Maj t Key.a* a “reliable, active, prompt,
f upright busim ss man,‘ ail of which we
1 are prepared to swear to upon t ie spot. with ;
: the addendum, that he u* ouc ot the clov- j
, crest fellows afloat.
i ■
. .. . ■ -
| 13
Sottiiekn Sortrry.—Simulianeouslv i
i -1
with the issue of tiic Home •R'urnal ap
pears Southern Society, published at No. ]
i -ggR \V Baltimore St., at four d*llars
’ |
1 yrr year. A hasty glance auzurea or that ;
l itis an enterprise whoso success BftUi- ,
more may well be proud of. Nos. *. aud j
. J are on our table, and are each filled ;
with a van. t v of literary matter of such a ;
standard, as to secure ter it the hearty
-cod iU nd keen appr.viatlou ofthe cul- j
(!-.>'•>] T c-wry Th*TC. j
Tiik Imtbaciime\t Question. —Tie
lynajoritj report of the Judiciary Comnut-
Jtftee, submitted to CoOgress on Monday la.t.
that the I’resident be im-
of high crirr--* and mivlcmeaii' r>
PLXothing ; said of hi' status pen ling a Je
tt isoii oq l!;c impeachment. Two minor
s' ity reports, dissenting from t.:i• * i i
sion? of th majority, were also submitted,
t The Baltim- re Su >3v i , that "w ■ baroly
-suppose that ti e majority of the eommit
- it c have anv expectation of their rev an
e nieudaiion L ...g adopted by the House, or
if it is, that it will be sustained by p pu
* lJ. ar sentiment. It looks like a jsjliueal
a [trick.” In this latter remark, we fuIU
b.. . '
t ioD ’ur, nor do we anticipate any practical
* result whatever from the recommendation
committee, except perhaps a mid
t .greater intensification of the public hatred i
* Cm,crus*.
• _T
_ 1 | Tuium to Jixjue Burnt. —M hen the
i ir-r 1 Jjjar was called by the Court to 1
, on
Attorney, Col. Blaksitoue, on the |
of that body, presented the following ,
p#er which he desired that their Honors
ir Courß
Mi Ig. s J’o/J. ani
Mev it Please Von; ITonok* :—I he
Grand Jurors of St. Mary’s county for
• the present November term, being sulici
■ tious to have placed upon record, home
} enduring testimony of their respect and
affection for the lion. George Brent, re
cently elevated to the bench of the Court
of Appeals, and so long and honorably
connected with the administration of jus‘-
tico in this county, respectfully ask of
your Honor?, that the following rc.-olu- |
tions may be entered upon the minutes of;
your Honorable Court, if they shall meet 1
J • 1 ‘
your Honors approbation.
Resolved by the Grand Jurors <-f St. j
Mary’s for themselves and in behalf of
i their fellow-citin iis of the county, That ,
(the Hon. George Brent has entitled him-I
I self to a lasting and affectionate remem-j
1 bianco in our county by bis uniform kind
| ness and courtesy of man u r, exhibited alike !
ito rich and poor, upon the bench as wi ll ;
las in social intercourse with our com- ,
J munitj.
j Resolved, That the gratitude of our
i entire people is due to Judge Brent for I
! til** prompt, able and impartial manner in
; which he has administered the law while !
j in our mi Ist, ever tempering ju-tlcc with
1 merer, but ever discharging ins duty
i without fear, favor or affection.
Resolved, That Judge Brent carries!
j with him to the now Held of usefulness
ami honor, to which he has recently been '
j called, the love, respect and admiration of;
lour people and their wannest wishes for .
j his future happiness and welfare.
After the reading of the paper. Col. ;
Blakistone pronounced an eloquent and l
pertinent eulogy upon Judge Brent, re- j
| fering in happy terms to his ability and j
| purity as a jurist and to his courteous and |
j Amiable charact r as a gentleman. Judge ;
i Ford, on part of the Court, responded in
a brief address, paying a handsome com- I
plimefit to the judicial and personal char- i
acter of Judge Brent, and concluded by j
I ordering the rcsoiutions oi the (irand o ury ;
t to bo entered among the minutes <>{ the
' Court.
.... *-•
i C. I. Dckant, Hbuk. —The loilowing |
J letter, addressed by Mr. Durant to the j
! Kdit'TS of the Baltimore Gazette, will
I sufficiently explain itself without any com-
I nieiit of ours.
Lsosabdtowx. Sr. M.uv x Coi'ntv, ) j
November H). IStn. ) 1
fo the Editors of the H>xltimore Gazette : j
Dear Sirs —My attention has been cal- j
led to the official report of the November
| election, in the Gazette of the Srh instant,
r where 1 am set down a Radical eandt iao j
| for Clerk of the Circuit Court for this |
j county. * !
To what class of Radicals I belong 1 |
i would like to be informed,
j in September. I'SH. 1 was arrested in 1
Frederick city. Maryland, as a m-mber
of the House of Delegates from this conn- ■
tv ; the only one from this county tiiaf
took his seat tlc-re. /
Since that time my opinion? have un- ;
dorgone very little, or n ' change. and I
trust, volt will do me tin- jii-t;.- to put me
right before the puohc, ami especial \ \v..h
mv brave comrades, who c msc to! .ir the
horrors of the prison rather than yield 3 to ‘
the tyrant.
Year obedient servant.
C. I. Dlt.ant.
| The Gazette publishes the above letter ,
; and “takes pleasure in correeting the in
(justice which was accident ally dme Mr ,
i Durant." While upon this subject, we
1 1 t
I may state, that the Baltimore papers, in ,
making up their returns id the late e.--e
--tion, erroneously clasifi“*i two otuer g‘'u- j
| tlemen of pur county with tae radicals. |
! Messrs Joseph T. Gough and Milliam b
! Loach, both of whom are as sound demo- '
crats as can be found i • the •''tate. M.-
| takes sometimes occur in the best regula
ted families an I newspaper people are n >
more exempt from them fnan etne. b -* 1 "
j ib.Er.K to rur: Cocsty
i_ \ t a meeting of the Comity ( ’ouimis- I
j sioners on Tuesday last, James H. G,l |
ison. Ksqr.. the able and efficient < lerk to .
! the old. wu elected Clerk to the new;
| board for the ensuing two years. He
j selection of Mr. ’.lson will genei.l ,
I . .
t satistaetion.
— —: i :
• A distressing t rwigh. causes tic
! friend* of the sufferer almost as much pam
ias the sufferer hiuiselt, and s.iouid
• immediate attention. Dr. istsr’s Hal
nm of Wild Cherry jK'edi;y cur. se -ugiio
I colds, inuud.aa. sore mrom. v. H w ‘‘
silwnvs relievo m iuiu\
. well *%ttr>t<si cases it hi* effectod a pcrßs t i
Tax SpetihriN lli, at Jo’ ;;n the
title of a m w weekly j ri-oii. nl just issu
jed in Baltiincn-. by John V S'ater R Co.
Ir is :m eigh* page -bevt. prlun I on very
! fine paper. ;;ti 1 in -'t . ■ -.t tike the
New \ i•; k L lger. though if the first
number, wuh h i> all w have vet receiv
ed, he an indb atb.n of what may f !1 w\
it is infinitely superior to -’tbe L r - r
any otlu r B.init <r w -eklv yd !>!;< i in t’o
No.-tli. and the peer of that with vchi.’i tl
names of Morris and W ill s have b on .
indlsveluMv linked, i. > utle-rn li -:ur
[ Journal numbers among its • utnbutfr.s
Simms, Cooke, llavne, lio’.u.o,
! Tuomp fc on and scores of ethers, w!.o>-
| culture and genius cannot fail to main it
1 a wel'ome visitor to <. -, y fir. >i Ic.
m \rihi:d.
;• 0:\ the ffl't lustatu. i-v lli A lv v Fkatls
( Daeeiarnn. . JOHN A L‘l N BAR to
! t’ATiilMllN F I! CLAKKK.
! On the ffdth in-taut, bv the Rev. Fatb
! . r Boone. ALLKN d \ Lilli to Mi-s A!.,
• D’H VA i'LS.
f Our tlianks are respect full v returned to
, the parties last named for a liberal slice
ul the bride's cake, and we a-k tiiem to
accept, not only our grateful acknowledg
ments for their kind r -cognition, but our
: warmest wi-lus for their luture hai pnuss
and welfare j
On the 12-4tli instant, FR ANCIS, son of
Job. and 11. C. Forrest, aged ~ years ami
i 7 months.
“The Lord hath given and the Lord
bath tak*u awav ; blessed be the name oi
; the Lord.”
Late .Sheriff's Sale
2 V virtue of wo writs of Fi ti Facias,
8 i-su'-d out of the (’Routt Con;f for
1 Saint 'larv s county, one ;il the -nit of
i Ft <neis Neale, Bcojaiti'U G. Harris and
(John li. Neale, trading under tbe lirm
| and style of.ale, II tri'S .V (h>., an 1 one
j at tin suit of Fr me'* Seale, Bei.jatliii* G
II .riis ami John II Nh-aie, traning tin *er
the fir... and s \ e id Neale. ILor sA (b> ,
agu'iist rite goods a - d cha'tels, lands an i
1 tenements of Isaac- Se.-, and to nie diree
i tai, I ha\ t*SiiEeJ and taken in t \eeiition
till the right, title, inter. claim, arid d;-
: maud, at law and in equiv, < t the s.dd
; Isaac See, m and to the loiiov.i.'.g jo-'p
: erty, to wit t
1, .SCOW,
i 1 o,\ CART.
•J Timber Waggons atnl Hurncs?,
3 Coughs,
('> Wlnal Harrows,
S Mill s,
j 3 Yoke of < Hen,
1 Timber ( art.
1 (Jrii)i? Stone,
i Steam engine and fixtures thereto at
1 Steam engine am) fixtures thereto at
I 1 B.dlows and Snrth’s tools.
Hi.()(•(> Railroad tics,
6,1)00 Feet of Scanflin
‘JO,0(10 Feet I in h ibue Lumber.
’ -i,(Vit) V ,-t J im h Fine Lu-.n'oer,
j IJg.tjO ji'i-.-r () ik liUm' er,
3 'lts I: t. i (hits,
1 Si-i Ra IroaJ I rui ks,
j ii to I >g-,
I 6 I’iosa-Cul Saws,
iiot ul caff .mcr s to .s,
3 t )\ chains,
• 171 cor 1..- of nine vm on sii -re.
•g;6 i...ids of o k wood ' u there,
3 ludsiea'ls,
3 Maitrt ssck,
3 pair of Sheet?,
I lot of pillow rase?,
3 Single Blankets,
I Writing D*. sk,
(> ' 'ban s,
L U of t 'r. ck-i-ry ware .
i I’m Sab;
1 Cat jet on Flour,
i dor. n A xet.
|,V) (lords of (lak wood in wo. ds
Ami I hereby give n lice, that on
i Moutlay, ILth • 1 \ of ])c
ermbt r, 1807,
on tin' > r iid >t - of s.nd Isaac >ce, b< t v - n
th-hour.-r.t id oh-i.i-.-k. a. in., and 6
oh" .. k, p. m , 1 will xpo'C to put lie auc
tion tins abov ■ i aim -1 pr per*y, ?’ s )/o .
in 1 t;.k-U( in . .v eUM n to ’in hi In st ’ nl
-1 ,I<.|- f r ci; >h I. - 111 -1 y 'aid bbt.-, int< r- st
I Hid cos is do and to t oe-mo <lue ill reoti.
■ FR ' N IS M G()DD \RD.
Late sheriff
Nov fi''. 1 'd7 ts.
r ( >xyj r; A 7;, i v Si) Tl< ’ll.
Johns IJ -pkms b fk-cr?
! v-
Tiiorr.as W G sigh.
! In the < *ii f' ’ t’ S- M .r>’s -Hit ■ .
Bitting a< t < ’ . ; '. ■ t 1 Iq-tf r.
0:;M ill-.D,? 2_* 1 >' N v .l -.7
ti 11 uul ri ■
; o-r A. (ram £ii<! Id. G. I' u i', • • •* ,
or thg ■ • ■ ’ t • real estuti
nm i --- - ■ ’■ ’ ■ 1 v 1 '
. .v, on or i VI • ik’-d f D
yoti.i -rl.V;]'■ 'A I- : a -j-v ■ I t -
.r I• it t ’ .: ’ao ett Marv s Beivzvn,
.-a ■. foi ’ ' ■ ■ ■ '■' i 1
1 to tt.e -a- i filin’ u - .-f i). .•• in or 1 ■ v*
11, > i, |i. :. v.aio tbv of &ah;s to
•' 5--,uoo.
D. R. M \GvA DF.'R
,\ps c age Ju g-a
True- copy—Tep-t:
J.Vi A CAM A LI FR. (Ik.
i N v
J GIF Fad Term o( moh Institution c >m
menrivl on tin* ITlli of Stp'c-i o-r, tig.
Bv .1 ri c-rt .itikr d I’ip 'iotin ? Ini -to->,
-i\ I.npi wilt ■*' re- t-.ve-l i..t * t ' .o 11. . ttl rtiiu.
f. rs f h.it : -i fr *
i-.: cfrcuuirs. and furlh'T inf want m., ad
MISS HAlb'.NKll.
I S’. Jn jifs 1' 0., Md.
Nor. C*, lfi's7- tf.
Constable's Sale
Re.nl Ksfafe and
> . •
Personal Property.
;7I V vD'or f a writ of F-ri lac is- j
> ,1 }v<;or go X. Alvey. one. t* '
th Jus : ' Peacie of be State of
M.l r v!:in i. tn an-1 f'T S iin f Marx s CO'.ir
>'iv. at the suit of Thorna-s Irari-rr, use ft
t .■ uu - > II Alvey. n gainst ho g( --• and
j ehm 1-. lands an 1 t. m menfs of Hrirti-'-n
RX. v, and to me directed. I have .*vzed |
! and taken in txccuiiou ail the righf, fitiO.
*c! ; : nv, intero -t and estate at law ana in j
; .-(ji.iry <>f !. •. Ilnn-ism: Rosey. in an i
t th "owing ;• r•! erty to wit ;
I (Vo tra :- m 1 cnvls • iv.-l called alld
1 V n \vit I■ v * j..- ♦ . 1 wit : ♦•am. s.
| containing
MS acres
i* ■ :
> and .*> 1 p-rcin s ;
. .
■ • containing
60 acres, ,
in 'i or less.
Also a LOT OR HR V>S.
Ai d I hereby give n tier, ti er rn
I iiurstla;*, tlie lOtli tl o o! IV
CTinbnr, IroT,
I>< tw .-n tin hours i 10 '-’-h. a m
: a I:, i Id V o ]■;, m . o- rh-.- pi .inis ,-s of ;!n
; -.11.i ii• - • in < I.ail. ■ c Hall Hi-vnct, 1
j \Vi ! ! r.H- '1 I { ; 111,I.; Mt|ctl<>(| lil v’
i aliov,* >1 set tied jr- .nal [ r.i ( i tv lo tlo
, h all -t Laid rI ': cash and. on il.e same
j <IRV. b >v e I. the llon.x ; I 2 o clock, 111 ,
n i’ cn . I\. p >ii.. i will (mic <dto s 1
.at j 1 1 1 1 ic- am ioo in dm xi lage of 1 liar- ;
Init. 1 5:0?, i,. (d il.ti c Hail distri -t. the
al)\i nan, ir.a! r- -, < * seized an 1 ta
li-m oi ( \ -.i• i"i t > 'lt ■IV ,'!n st b -Id- r for ,
I cash, to sati-tv tii-- slid d* lit. interest an I
I costs, due an ito b.a mo dn Hot on.
( o. sttttde.
Nov dS. L7 ts
Constable’s Male
: _v i
P V virtue ■ f four writs o f I ri 1’ cro*.
i iwaoi !v t L-orgc X. Alvev. one of
> the du-lie-'S of flic iVace of the State of
| Mavvlanl, in and .or Saint Mary's-omit y.
one, at the suit (•{ Maria I’. Mint in ; one
'at the suit of Thomas Ha* her ; one at tin 1
I -nit of The.minim* llam-m. and one at
the suit of lloliins in A' i> is-- *c, assignees
otd. .H Turn r, ng.-iia-t tie* poods and
i-liaftcls, limit and t-mem nts of 11 arrison j
Hosey, and to me dn -ft al 1 have seized ,
| and taken in ox. eutmn tJ! the r:-"!;’, ii
ilo, eiaiin, int. m-xi :t ;,r law ‘and
in (ajuity ol the said Harrison Hose-y, in
ami t - the bdloa’innr |.|Miier'V, to wit :
*• T t
Two tracts or (i.arcels d laud ealooi. atm
known by the following names,
i bno..tl tt u Co.triii., . ;
,A ry;v?vH
'ru M , %3* w.vaA **** iMV
and i> 1 {a i In s ;
Si i J jt i j ,V*
c mtaiom-;
60 acrew,
more or less
And I li‘roby give police, lii.it on
I }iu!S(!,m\, fh<‘ tin',' of De
ft comber, iSt>7,
between the lionr- -T I’d .’elo k, rn and
• .i’e -ink J> m, in tin- vidam of l ii 1 ■ rf.
ill II in < 'lnirhiltc I lad d s r ct, I w 11 IT> r
ir tmi I li • a ; ri in, (lie - r r v hove
i sn. I. mi x 1/ i n i -ki n in it; uti -n
t i! i I,:!, st i for cash, tu .Vis \
Siil I* i o.cr-sl mid costs due- aud to
1 ecotu ■ due 11 1 r- -o
Not. IX, IsdT—ts,
A MSI it \ m.i-:
i AlC.fi i '/it Lhliiiii
H wid -a ’■ v piivMih- ihe fa: m on
1 i wiki-I. 11 h X . n-w r -id ', !ei e.i
.on St Hi, me ,ds li i v i- (d.-ij ieo IM-*i i f
j and kn in n- “I*A HI ** i 1-W 1A I
i-'K iA>"liii if ii ( > LI) ’ 'ld.i.- h r;:i ( nn
*,iiiis d it* aei< - i t .■ ,1. nV.r* <>r 1 s, and
: hi- o* | I Hbeh uk-u,o .it h .ving •.! ut a
fleusiid • n j 11. AH il dlil'.hS A
n.ur par:: i! . r d'-o.jti.n i< nit -ieemed
•n c-" >• \at i- :. n.e. i, nd a;p i s -n- .
-ir mi - ot !i .r -li i.-M ii p are a viu i ta call an ! '
v o-w i lie in -i.
The tcr-i.s arrnc-haif cash, th<- 1-a’ I
ain-e on i :a! !■ rns ■ s to time, s-i j Ct
!-i ;i.': i naait, or no. o- km-Wi on apple a- ,
to oi to the ni.-l- r.-:jiu i. w.h -e p-ol i foce
IS trie Head of Ml i e!Hi ill s lluv. Md.
Nov. dS, I s-GT—td.
For Rent,
i ’’
rglllL STOLL linl SL and FIX-'
M J I MILS at Si i e’.i Whuf, n .o
1 St. (’.eim-nds Hay, tor r.n*.
: If is an cxecliin* and w li-estabiish* c!
j ace Hr b sm-s,- and pr- ms wishing to
eisga • in no r . ■ooi.ze'g \T’>ui.l - i i i
of.'.nil it. 1 1 nas :: jav: t k ii/ffa on aot li
i' 41
, cate n to
l . I'. IIAWKINs
■ N'iv -J- I.X if.
The Fr. si-h nt eftlo- Fniti d Slat s h,-
1 a Tr^ ntt : ‘ v ‘ - '■" d• f November
instant, as a uav ot thank.-n'ivin-a i
, i *| IhJ
Oi-vi-ViVl tie* e<umtrv thorax
t*ill. Slat.- ..f Manland mV dd.
i nil roes-a to > operate in liun.tUnff
thetusclv. > 1 ch-.v Almighty Hoi for E|,,
many bimutios "iiieh haw in-on s 0 j,p r .
al’y K St-nx etl upon them during t b e -, B l t
V • (r,u ‘ w! ■ 1 : : } *a> h... e blessed
wall pLe-tv. L: in eeili \ |,.uv w t - ri . ason
til To I nankin! lor tm- i:enhiiv g r , Vfl i j
j our aeitT-i ml inti i<-is. in the continued
, ,u{\ ;m-, m-nt w.'.ltin our hor urs of
cu!:rr o -nam-iv,- and tin- ',-r.r : n- :
... , |-*'UUS
ol i.i’ ■-r Xr is -,t lcs.- a can- i... - c
! iri'i.v. :;n-l praise tla: i • \‘:;i'
1-i'i-x .•oss::i" in u; ral and - ,
u.ic. ‘ ti- ■.; rttng t!ie x, •
, 1 : rot 11 1 no. am! - _
. charm l i a a -ie-f
Iha Hi.';" 1. grateful
; t ~l-■ -ns - f the Hi \ ;io f .
i • M AN. I to-. e .
’ryle-ii do r. guest T •' ‘'AV.
tie- -Mh ill' ei N't . S' till, 1,0 M . t
j apart as a uiv of le.nk'giving
* Frai'c to tile Liver of all g 0...!, :U . (
*->e pt-ople ot he State of Maryland do
nl" tr.ii i front all > .-eular■'pursuit* fat {h;
I i
<iivi a under my hand, smi G,e A
;■ ’>• L. S ' great tscal of the State of Mary- T
+ e,s. :^ k.nu at the i-ily ul Anuaimlis,
to:.' i 1--V. nth day ot November in ;
year .-1 mir H nd m- th uisand eight hun
dred and sl\iy \ u
I*\ tin- 'lovcreor ;
.UM . Ai . I CU i KK,
So.-n t.irv .if Slate
N-v -Ji. ImJT id.
Xi'. IHV. F iidVil/XM).
O.N apphc.i ho* of 1.. rge M 'i ng e , ;
\ m is \i ■; i .id-ni ... <1 Its \J l(1
m St. Mai i’s (VIIIIJ .. ,-<- 1 -id. It i nr.K n- 1
y iho ('. nii, ill. I ti e i id ,\. ,i 0,-n.. . u
n ■'i!y tin cu-,-.a -. t sn ■ - i j 1 1 ,
Ila:I i! n in- ills' ■ lid t i .n- i| a, -: , ;
--I i!i i<i : 'i i• ; 1 I i.S ,a \ , o.a a
~ ic lit .*> i.- 1 ..a i■IIV : i a... \. 1 - s
I r tii- den i. ai.-i t.iai - o>ii r :-c j-io h * i
I - f.Ce a 111 lil 111 e ic ; i uI, k until I Ini sa . J |„i
day oi I- - • i Vi. n .i in-11.
I r*4
JA.s. Ih M, K \/.i t
Id t i I V> a,
(i-r .St. .Mars p iaunts
X -v. •>!, IS.-T -l<i.
litKiiti on.
W ILF has just rclurjidl from the
Isiliimure and New \ork inmkils
with a heisy ,nl iili-nial duck of aph ndi i
I \I j L atii \\ iX i lull 1 1 <M> HS eaibr ac
every vaiil) ;u.d tit i-riii'i iu at LAIHKS’
IHLI "* (■ (ii <I) ■■. \vl. 1 1 1 1 lie a- i.eis iiciling
it pre-os IVi 1 111 J.. I • .dloiod tii aplli-ss. L’aii,
ex imitu- an ! j.i Ige for y on: st 1 vch.
Nos - Ll, fob';
u tj ii ij H o 1 il 1 1!j .
A V virtu of n h en-e i f th '’in-., t
S (‘ art far Saint Marv * e s i
t-- ,g i|. -i ('"iip o' 1’■•o iy, i n
.■„n o : • wliiol Xami.-I IL rut
;a nr,.! ! n -u;a- 11 nld-ai d
its. an- 1 1 fi-rniant.s, and i
1-a H7i II da V"I A ilgllsf. 1
.-I m'.e-L as Trust* o, will < ‘ -e
..; til.- i hail I i ! -ns -d'l .tu r
an -
I tU‘Si!;i\ , lilt, 1 i 01;. ol 1 >r
ccmlx r in \t,
hefirecn the hour? <<f ID <> elook. . tu ,
?n-l 1 o' lock, p. ui., the followiug n-l cc
lu'e, to wit ;
One tract t r pmcel of land celled *cd
knomi as
ft. *;iiim ssncf.
iv;ng a rid In in.- i n the ye. ini 1 ,!■ ei i.o>
Histrict of I M ..r% s eautiiy mid coaiam
7 J ncrcs,
more or !r*n.
'l ie- land I- loeat-d on tiie '‘Three
X-ii In-1 .'oad,” within aln ait two inSle*af
the IM'iisi iit River and has considerable
limh.-r ir m it. 'I Inn is n mi a;l
Dwelling House
on tin' j ’I inis' S.
ihe - -il <1 I his ha i.d is etc. In-Ilf and can
In- i , 'Di a- | i tiuoii • a-. iii\ in lln- 'tait
1 rins i f ah ,n- pi - m tla d by the De
ere ,ai ; ()i third ol the purchase mo
rn v ra ea-’h on tin- 'lav ot -ale, and tlo- ro
ido• in o', nil instalments at nue and two
vrir.s civi.r tin- del rrei pay in- -its he
- onf.•• 1 ],t In- i i.nis "i t!i pm oij:icr, witii
h Mintv to be a| pu>* i-d 1 y I hi- J rvisit e,
:1,1 i ! . !.r ir | st (i-ijn till- day tii -ale
V h- n nil tin [ nre!;:.*. U. in ' ‘ hall be
it'd, I!, i :>! it' v- ,11 i x ecu I r a deed to lln
■ , fie, cl no di ciiarg i ffuU> .-^
ii J i■, a I 11 s A 'ln* pari jo- to 11 1 is s.it. fttnl of
th b■ claimiag uadi r tin m
Ti uslrc
Nov. It, 1 ST is.
B R( id! and after the date of this n
li i i respect full v inform tin- puulh*
1 that 1 will not s!11 j on ho-.ni my \cssvl. t>r
conveyance any HRIH 1\ S nnh-s-s tin*
-freig!:t has 1- mi prepaid nor for a less
than rjd per thousand
(dot IT, I S G7—ow.
run SHElilhT.
.TtTIX XlMtiriv H a-nnine * m ■
c v tnlmate f..r Sh."-- r f tie Herti • 1
~.,u vr .I T*. iv .mix r ;pp. rl-sl I • * l j ß
thr.inul t o c >uul\ wi.d •>! i * *
IMrlnr' >
Nn-. :h a- t.

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