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11 VS.
NO. 3.
. . 1
I have attempted in two previous
fl f ••Tin* Beacon” to point outline of the
crr.r - ntnl < vils trf <ur existing system of!
/ 'n, hi 1/m ••/]'ment —have ref *rn:d to facts
• : ~ ! occiirreneis and consequences direct
ly traceable, a< ! think, to its imperfec-j
t' ,:i have cal!* •! attention to evil results
vrliiHi hare already flowed from it and
, hielf must continue to exert a baneful
inflm.nee ti) on the ho.lv politic so Ion" a
t ti , -rate of things continues, and I appeal ;
i , a iv man of candor to say if he cannot see :
■ \f j,.. has not S' ii—these effects, and if .
to y an* not large'y if not exclusively |
, to tliis plan of having an iiidiseriini- |
iiate sw eji stake political race. 1 here
s iou 1• 1 certainly exist liiiCng all classes—-
and more especially with tho • whos** in
tellect and capacity qualify them to . re
charge the duties of our several < !he* s,
either local or State —a d- .re t Keleyate
public morals, to frown down and repfov
and discourage vice, and i > lessen, so far
: in them In s, all tendency to d-gi oiera- (
ry and exeo-8. The stability of govern-l
n.ent the purity of fcL<* Ud it >x -die
v, i, loin of legi'latioii —the faitl/ul cxceii
tioii ■ f the law the g< ■1 ot s-ovi-ety ia 1
tie* safety an 1 sanctity “fib ■ firesi'le —
demand tl t m ic ans -h .aid be bdi ”:i
--tr i !b\ w ’ !i i.h* more’s tb- :ut tii
' t'l llldepend' He" ot the
ca , |, >
1„. v. • to a. that tin* e! 'lg'*
Vd.-h 1 no -I- that Uie jr e.-s ef re
.,,i im, t,. ii'uulnaling conventions—will
piodne one of lb >e great revolutions
Milliei -nt to make every heart—already
■3'di e. irtul above 11 things and despetitc
’ wicked,” as p\ire and Immaculate ns
tie* fall of Adam, but throw out
,! ■ bl ue 1 intimation that >ts purity might
b. h-s liable I" contamination if a difler-,
I 111 course Wi re auh km to tlio.se reeking j
ofl.'e ■at the h: Ii!:; ot the people when
ally every oilice is till'd by an elect' I <
|- iM 1 io\ \i;v. Of course there are Idem-j
i hi in <v i \ plau that mortal man eat; !
d.-vise there are no means by which earn- j
paigns can 1 e conduct'd, as yet discover- j
,d. but more or 1 " ot tire evils eoinpla 11- ,
1 11 of are . ppareidly ins p'-rable and im v-/
it,,1,1 ,1 at w hat we cniten 1 for isdhe
/, Ji,,t Ihe hKn , and I U"\\ propose* to !
,p, .. f. w ivn-oiis which occur t<> my 1
mind assat; -factory w hy a resort to the < 'on- j
veution 8x !' in wirtild be proinotive ol tbe |
I I result! both -morally and politically. 1
j nit it is -Grid it is 1 *"I i* V 'here are t 00,.,
mi:n v aspirants -some o them if not nm.i- 1
ina, d would be <; ssatistied and soUied. j
Very well be it so ill mg a party rule j
that t In* nominee ol the Con vent ion sievebl j
receive tin* support of every -orthodox |
S' member ot the part y, how could a tetiae
lory and disappointed aspirant oppose
liiiu without voluntarily reading hua-adt
out of (he party V We (ind that for many
years back it has been the custom of our
i-itioual or rather oxen national organi
-/.ations to have tl e‘r Nominating Coiiven- ,
(ions the whole strength oj the party be
in.' concent 1 at'a!, the candidate ] t
forward by >nch conventions had the hot
possible chance ot cdeetion. l>nt tin* hi>-
;.„rv of the great 1> nn -ratie party shows
how fatal to success was the dictiine that
II multitude of can lidates was llu* suiest
means of election :r*ho’ there may he j
wisdom in a mult nde ot counsel, the
former theory resulte I in a division and
in (he ruin of the Party a least so far as
im etfeeti one s was involved.
The same custom has prevailed in re
’* t j fere nee t" our State "dicers and llu* same
lsi equally ti ne in nearly all the counties
t •* ' in (he State* and to my personal knowl
edge with satisfactory n- ilts. It nomi
nating conventions are thus used as Hie
miiSß of keeping up a solid party organiza- 1
HtmcHw'whore—and ifw-see h .*■ J evils as j
, ■-i iuj.nrcly tho ease—than from our sy stem . :
•If WO find the ro.r /•/•/< fairly expressed
—if we find the several oli ees in the s *v- |*
<*raT counties tilled by eonipi ten* ineum
ftents and bear no complaint or murmur
I'm to eoMKNTioNS being uut uilv in ina
d so tbal tlie peoi !o are elteated out "I
itioir 1 eteroiue and ’•! ‘ ll t‘ v, de
for ; -1 obnox;. us .ill 1 itu . pablo e tidiwato.
l 11 me w!v w e anr.e.t eo a’l '. do ii' ew ise
jj (P,. r ,. ’ ou. ( ood i, son w!iy \ 1 an- ;
U ot. wl vwe 1 aid. suit. Iw. uKI 1- gl ’d (
under'-; . u* toreo o, it, and un.d.
that r ;.s. n . \a 1 shall : nsi-.f upon it
tl, ,t thi is. ’> better system than our 1
present 1 . >
1 uhl . ■ >*d that preliintnavy to ,
e\ orv els ti. * have I’rimary Meetings .
as usuul tins twenty-live or fifty d-de
rat s tis in e.u 1. district he elected hv the
\. • r'■ of>.aid district to meet in Convention
in l.eonardtown I would have tho num
-1 ?• large because by that means (he oV
ic v ;;on w> nhl 1 e more likely to be obviated
that the r vcki.x.; riioccss might he re-
rorted to. The small districts would thus
have the same weight in tin* Convention as 1
the h rrrer ones which would involve no j
iii’Ustieo to anv Pet them meet and
t ; ug cut such candidates tor the several (
ollieis as llu v dee mnl nu*st snitalle.-
t liis heinr *lone. what would follow; \\ hv
il' there is no material party opposition all 1
that is ncees arv is ‘or the tiommee to |
s(i\ quietlv at home, attend to his busi
ness. chat with his friends when he meets
m. and when elected uisehargo taith-
ml 1 v the dutu sof his ofliee. Put if there j
be an organized oppesition let it be ot an- j
ether party let not tin* honse be divided
ggninst itself and let the uprising can
didates meet and lay their claims for of- ,
(iee, 1 fmn their merits, lu tore the people
and let them decide. I admit lucre wou.d
be a great deal of wire pulling, or it is ‘
probable there would be. in the several
districts antecedent to the meeting of the
convention, but tbe time would U* short and
the character of the men selected as IVI- 1
ogates wo nld he such as to almost abolish •
this abominable habit of catering f>r pub
lic favor.
No man can Ik* more opposed than am
1 to having candidates nominated by a
convention composed ot IVlegates from
!. 1* 1 -11 i> t when they are stdeeted as
tin V now are at times at Primary Meetings.
A p*-earranged (kHumittee tt five or six
weieet Pelegates to speak perhaps for ;
4UU voters when they are respectively- one
Kadietl one Republican, one Know
Nothin", one IVmoerat uml one Non-com
mi,td on the liiit of Delegates, but wd.cn
tin* people ape. brought to understand that
th.X 1...V0 llio riglit and .be oho* P- j
-hem of correcting ibis they will
\ —■ 1
turn out at the Primary meetings and vof^B
with as much alaerhy as if at a general |
election. They will sec that sueh men*
are sent as Delegates as are most suitable 1
1 to their views —men irho trill alto re fleet ,
! thslr ru-its.
In a future No. some farther iutima- '
tiuns will Le thrown .-ut.
- * S.
1 'll —!■■■ I ——■
TrirnSDAV MORNING Decpniber 2~. 18GT.
The next Pkesiuesty. —Tlic politicians
are even thus early taking' initiative mea
sures to marshal and con solid te their for- .
ces for the coming Presidential Campaign.
Chicago has been determined on as the
city in which the Republican Presidential
Convention is to be held and present in- ,
dieations point to the probability of Gen. ]
Grant’s nomination by that organization. 1
The democrats, as yet, have not Jetermin
cd where their Convention shall be held
nor have anv developments transpir d in- | '
dicative of a certain and settled pr- rence
"it tlieir part for anv particular p- rs 'ii as
a standard-beant. Thus mirli may be
sat'd v predieatod "t tlii> !att< r organ'izaVion ,
that, while it will insist upon no
tiv tests of jiolitleal orihodoxy as regard
the past, it will <h maud of all who
future support a thorough identification
with its present aims and purposes. No
half-hearted, milk and water leader will
suit the coming times or satisfy the re
quirements 'of existing democratic senfi
m nt. That sentiment, however loving
ly it may have bleu led with the halting
policy movements of the war and since,
is now in no temper to he satisfied with j
less than a live, full-blooded democrat for
a leader. And there are plenty -of such j
in the party and when the Horn comes the ;
man, we predict, will be found. Nor will
this sentiment rest content, as regardscer
tain I'uudaniT'ntal landmarks, vith less
than the f ull ancient duetr;n<gs ot the par
ty. It will insist upon (he of '
the old (’(institution limitations
upon l-Vderal power in that instrument
shall he rt speeded. If willdeman 1 that the :
mastership which the Cyn^bGovernment 1
usurped in our ]>oliti<al syst'in during the
war shall he abdicated and that tio* Sta.es
shall h * restore.! to tlieir full legal power
and dignity in the union. 1 pon these. •
and upon certain other rudluiental points,
il will listen to no compromise. No man,
therefore, who is not in accord with toe
democratic party v;pon then* issues will be
a I le to command its supp. rt in any nomi
nating convention. A live, lu!!- ! dood- d
democrat aud a clear, square /temoera i*
platform are now the requirements ot dem
ocrat ie sentiment. Aud both these will
he obtained.
That the struggle will he desperate, we
know, buf the issue, in oar judgment, is
no longer a matter ot doubt. All the
signs of the lime* point unmistakably to
the triumph "t the democratic party Uithe
next Presidential election and to its lule ,
iu this country for many years to come.
No Paver Next Week.—ln accor
dance with a custom of this office, and to | 1
allow our employees an opportunity to en
joy the “hallowed and the gracious time”
of Christmas, we shall publish no paper i
next week. We hope this short holliday
will enable iu to perfect an auangement
(or establishing at Annapolis a regular
correspondence with the Deacon curing
the session of the legislature and to in- i (
ancTiratc other improvements wo have in
contemplation. At any rate, weemeon
tidentlv promise, that nothing ut trouble
< r expense will be aVoidcd during the |
eoniiii" year that may he necessary to
make the Beacon deserving ot the lil or
al patronage it has ever received at the
hands of the people of St. Mary h.
Ot r Washington Ookbescon pent. — ji
W e regret to anm tmee to oer readers, ■
that Avearelikelv to loose the services ot our 1
popular Washington correspondent ‘Dot *
for several months to come, as business
will call him away from the Federal capi- 1
tal until the Spring. We are. however, 1
in treatv for the services of another eor- '
respondent at the same place and expect ’
to he aide to present the first of a series ot 1
letters from him in our issue ot January, ; ’
the ‘Jib, ISOS.
I 1
Passino Away. —The snow, which tor
the past ten days or more has covered the
earth in these parts, under the inthu nee
of recent rains, is rapidy passing away.
• and at present writing is scarcely to le
seen, except.on shady. Northern expo
sures. The present promise Is. that we
shall have cold clear weather for t’hrist
nias. The windy weather to day f Mon
day) has had the effect of drying tho earth,
and the travel, consequently, on the pub
lic roads has K en greatly improved.
Rka Father Pom no —The old friends
of Father potting in onr county and their
name is legion will be pleased, we are
confident, to leant, that he is in fiuo spir
its and in (he enjoyment of las usual ex- <
ccllent health. He is still stationed at 1
St. Mary’s church. Boston. ; (
and laboring with characteristic earnest- 1
nce iu the duties of his sacred office. t 1
• /
H Hi
- !. w• ■ v'--^^V^BBHHHHBHHBBp
le. ;:i'-e f the g- 1
| enjoy them, with nothing of trouble or
ansi., ty to mar the pleasantries of the oc
Complimentary. —The Prive C> nrqi
>m. in speaking of the manner in which
His Honor, Judge Ford acquitted himself
during the recent term of the Prince
George’s court, says :
“It is proper to add that tho conduct of
the term by Judge Ford brought to him
the universal applause of our people for
the ability, energy and courtesy which he
Have you a Cough, P"ld, pain in the ’
Chest, or Bronchitis? In fact, have you the
premonitory symptoms of the “insatiate
arelcr,” Consumption ? If so, know that <
y lief is withlmyour reach In the ot-
Dr. Wistar s Balsam ok W ild Pukrrv,
which in many cases where hop" had tied,
has snatched the victim from tiw yawning
(Correspondence of the Beacon.)
Washington Doe. 2Jnl, l>*t)7.
A merry Cii;i.?tmas to the Editor and
tho readers ut th .- Beacon .' By the time
tills reaches you, y u will be on the eve ot
Christmas dinners and egg-nog and many
a sturdy gobbler- that strutted in all his
pride and glory will have bench! the sun
rise for the last time. Christmas is be
ginning here in all its glory. Numbers
are already beginning to exchange whis
key straight for egg-nog an I apple-toddy,
and a few cases of indigestion from eating
too freely of mince-pie are reported to the
doctors. This is but a foretaste of what j
is to come when tho mixed drinks aud ;
mince-pics get under full headway. The
toy-shops arc a Maze of splendor and the ,
eves of the young people are open Vide
with >' ouishiiß-nt at the piles of pretty
things made to take the money out ot de
voted mother’s pockets and please the
young folks. r l oy-shops, jewellers chops,
furniture stores, fancy stores, furnishing |
stores, all are crowded, and pockets must |
suffer and suffer badly. One and all are
expecting something, and it is curious to
enter one of the stores and hear the
strange things called tor, from a penny
whistle to a live hundred dollar ring. A
few days before last Christmas, we saw-two
* ,
very pretty girls enter a store and one oi j
them nurehased the most costly revolver j
1 I
in tho house l" present to a young gentle- ,
man friend. Whether tho ball with the :
powder behind it (a la Miss Harris) was
j Resented or the revolver, we have, as yet,
npvr learned. Perhaps tho gentleman
came up to the mark, did the tiling hand
somely and got both girl and revolver. —
Many will be tho disappointments before
this week vs over and many a poor fellow,
before tho next year is half out, will sigh
deeply for the money he has lavished on
his Eliza Jane, and wish mos’t heartily he
had never seen her on Christmas day,
18(57. Many a poor fellow, on the other
hand, has been saving for months to pre
sent to lu* f ‘*nd Anastatia a hand
some but when he pre
sents ir. she turns up her nose—it cost 1
only t .venty dollars. He gets the cold ,
shoal ! r, for she had her eye on that three
thousand dollar diamond in Galt’s win
dow —we saw her looking at it. ly op
posite neighbor’s eldest daughter isa Ap vt
ing a gold watch and chain from her
Charles Aug -tus (don’t toll it tho tM
me.) Charles Augustus gets nine dollars
a week and works hard tor it, but Charles :
Augustus indulges in a little game of i
“draw” and don’t throw a cock-tail over 1
his shoulder. G tit does a cash business,
so we have set onr w its to work to find out
where the watch and chain afo to come
from. As f>r ourselves, if we can give
Betsey and our twelve girls a smell ot
roast turkey, we shall l*c thanktul* Me
intend to have it served on our one large
ilish, and let the children, like the ghosts
in Macbeth. come in. one at a time, take ,
their smell and then go out. The inside
of the stores presents a beautiful an 1 iuter
oting sight, but the outside presents an
other picture and at no time can it he bet
tor seen than at present. Outside, gazing
iu at the win lows of tho confectionary
stores with hungry eyes, stand little chil
dren. scantily clad, with their little swol
len I are feet on the hard-packed frozen
snow. Thev gaze on the beauties within
but think of them, not a- luxuries, but as
something to allay the gnawings of huu-;
ger. Thev have started out without a
crust for breakfast —perhaps they had no
supper —all night they have lain on the
bare garret t: ** r, and counted, as they lay
awake all the freezing night, every chime
from Bt. .Movsius’ steeple which brought
nearer the dfc-wn No gift is tossed to
them by the. elegantly attired ladies who
sweep -bv to their costly carriages and
liveried servants' stand waiting at the
eurb-stone They*draw up tlieir flowing
drap< ries. afraid of the oontaminati. n*ofa
touch. The little eyes stare after them as
they roll away —iu some perhaps you may 1
tee a tear which at cals down the wan cheek i
r T
•of the little beggar jxirl wh n she find? her
prayer unnoticed and thinks she must
ifk'Tam to-night battle 'with hunger and
But perhaps he may sleep and in
one : right dr.n:;. that shall
r. IBw little do w - think or
suffer;:. * an i w int that are
at our sided Why is
i there not food an I shelter tor all Bast
yrcek was one ol the must intense cold that
has been fir, s > early, in this climate for
mauv vcars. The snow has fallen suffi
ciently deop to give us capital sleighing
! aid the clash of sleigh bells is heard from
ulrht to morning. Sleighs of all kinds and
sires filled with all kinds of passengers flash
* Ayerv moment The livery-stable keep
er# are having a harvest and the horses
their wind broken. Five dollars an hour
is the modest price asked for a single horse
sleigh, Sixty dollars a day would, wo
think, make a hole in the income of the
j best man we know even in war times.—
I Where the money conu s from is more than
i we,can say at present.
The Committee to wait on the Presi
dent in behalf of Dr. Mudd, has not yet,
I think, had an interview, with him. It
4C to be feared that nothing to the bene
of the Doctor will grow out of it, while
such men as 11 < lt and the members of the
i Military Comm' : n are about Washing T
tun. The whole trjal was a compete I ur
lesijuc of justice from beginning 1 • end.
What Dr. Mu Id. or any of the party mow
' at the Dry Tortuga?, w re s:nt there for,
we have never been able to learn. Ihe
principal charge against P.*. Mu l l was
his shooting at one of his negroes who he
believed attempted h's life, f>r on that
point II >lt se-uned to bear wita all Ills
force when the least thing was offered in
the Doctor’s defence. and compa
ny entered on that trial with full determ
ination to murder every soul they could
get their hands on and to have one glori
ous feast of blood. Not one word of evi
dence did they allow that could possibly
benefit one of the prisoners Every ob
j jeetiou made by Holt was sustainou and
every objection ma le by the defence was
overruled. Days and weeks the grand trag
! eJy wasgoing on, every avenue for squares,
to the prison bristled with the bayonets of
soldiers. It was a glorious feast for the
struii;: minded ones who would crowd within
a yard of the railing in front of Mrs. Sur
ratt and ask each other, loud onough for
J the poor lady to hear, “ Dou t bdie look
i like a devil V” “1 hope they will hang
her, don’t you T and hundreds of such
expressions. J here sat Mrs. Sir.ratt,
manacled down, with a heavy blaeiv tod
over her face, exposed fur weeks in in
tensely hot weather, to tlie gaze and in
sults of a heartless rabble. 1 hat was but
the be cunning of what was to come. Mil
-1 Jtary eoutmissions were to be tlie order of
the day and woe to him or her \y.io dared
to differ with the powers that be -it was
! treason and your fate was sealed. Ihe
old Penitentiary was to have been the
Basilic of modern times and it never was
to be empty. Davis, Bee, Stephens and
every man who had taken sides with the
South, was to be confiuedftlicrc and hung,
no time allowed for the shortest prayer ;
trial in the morning—execution in the
evening. A dozen or so of executions
was to be gotten up to give Holt, Stan
ton, Wade and Sumner an appetite for
dinner. Blood was to* flow like water.
But for the manly interference of Mr.
Johnson the civil courts would this day
be closed and have existed only in name.
| It is to bo hope 1 that the honest people
iof tlds country will keep fresh iu their
' minds the acts of eruoky perpetrated by
the rulers in those days and, when the
time shall come, make each and every one
answer at the bar of’ ’.dice tor the black
est and most born. :o crimes that e\a r a
-a nation.
Frank Leslie of last Saturday is out
i with another great sensation picture —the
whipping of a Negro iu Delaware. Two
i men were convicted, sonic months since
in Delaware of burglary, ami, by the laws
of that State, wore sentenced to be whip
ped. The white man is seen in tae dis
tance with his hand to his eyes crying,
but, iu the fore-ground, in full view,
stands the negro being whipped by the
Sheriff —the observed of all observers.—
It woub 1 lie but an act of simple justice
if the Editors.of certain weekly illustra
ted papers could l*o placed "i the same
position and be condemned t'o receive one
lash on their # baeks for every falsehood
they liave'illustiated and published dur
ing the last sown years. By the time it
was over there would not be much of them
left. These illustrated papers, by the
.Toss and unblushing falsehoods they
have Ih n ] u’ lishing during and since the
war. have done mure to mi-h ad public
opinion ami to keep up bitterness of feel-
I | Ul r iu the Nation than all the other pa
per? in the country. There has been no
falsehood too gross for them to publish.
Thev have coined millions, roll in luxury,
are received iu decent society and are
limited upon as honest men—all obtained
bv poisoning the public mind with false
hoods of the basest ami most slanderous
1 character, which tiny know to bo such at
the time that they publish them, and
which had their origin in their own cor
rupt imagination. The dsy is not far dis
tant when this Nat b n will find how they
have been deceived and when that day
ooaiee it will B- one of terrible reckoning.
General Grant's letter of lvic# to ihe j
President made its appearance in the In
telligencer of Wednesday. We think
I the people bore the removal of Stanton
j and Sheridan remarkably well, the (lone
mi’s opinion to the contrary not withstand
j ing As yet we see no signs of civil war,
j and Congress, with the removal of Stan
-1 ton and Sheridan staring them in the
, face, dared not impeach the President. —
iln our bumble opinion the people will
bear the removal of a great many more iff
; the same sort and not con.plain. Indeed
we may say that the more that are remo -
■ ed the better. We think a large majority of
hmo st white m n will be pleased to see
Sheridan retire to private life.
Congress adjourned on Friday evening.
1 j We earnestly hope its members xsill re
: maiu much longer than they intended, as
“ the people are heartily tired of hearing
‘ their vulgarity and abuse, as these con
s ! statute their chief stock in trade. The
- i country can well afford to do without them
i for gome time to come and the unfurtu
j nate tax-pavers will save by their absence.
The weather has 'moderated c msi Icmbly
within the last twelve hours ami the rain
of last night and to-day has carried ofl
. some of the snow audSee. I nless it turns
morning, the river will be
■ open sufficiently for navigation to bo re
. sumed, which will be a great bl ssing, as
oysters are getting very scarce and are of
a bad quality. Winter, ym know, with
out o sters is hardly bearable.
- D vr.
fj. nrrw 1 i■■■— —■ lO,l
At “Overton,” the residence of the
bride, on the Pith instant, by the 1/'■
George K. Warner, S. 11. 11 A Cl. I'. 11
of North Carolina, and A M KM A, daugh
ter of the late Hon. Augustus 11. Sellers,
of Calvert County.
At the same time and place, by the
Key. Geo. K. Warner, lion. DAN 188
U. MAG !H ID-ill and Miss MAUYSUL
LIiUS, both of Calvert County.
At the Cathedral, in Baltimore, on the
iTth instant, by the Rev. Dr. Coskery,
WILLIAM WT COMBS, of this county,
to Miss 1. J. SLATBU, ot Baltimore
. city.
j Incidents unil Switches <>J Liji in tin i uu
• fClii I'dCl/,
Comprising Narratives of Personal Adven
ture. Army Lite, Naval Adventure,
Home Life, Partisan Daring,
Life iu the (’amp, Field ami
Hospital, Togt thcrwilh
the S 'Ugs. Bal
lads, Anec
dote and
morous Incidents of the war for
Southern Independence.
There is certain portion of the war that
| will never go into the regular histori ;s,
j nor be embodied iu romance or poetry,
• i whieb is a very real part ot it, and will, it
• preserved, convey to succeeding geuera
• I nous a better idea ot the spinl of the con
flict than many dry icporls or careful nar
ratives of even-a, and lilts part may be cal
led the gossip, the ;un, the pathos of the
war. This illustrates the character of the
leaders, the humor of the sol dors, the ut—
• yotioii of women., the bravery ot men, the
pluck ot our he.o s, the lomanee and hard
ships ot the service.
The V aliant and Bravo He tried, the
' Picturesque and Dramatic, n Witty and
Marvelous, the lender aim I’alhetie, and
the whole Panorama ot the War are here
iluillingly portrayed in a, masterly 'man
ner, at oaee historical and romantic, reti
t tiering it the most bniLant
:.ud readable book that me wat
forth. X
Amusement as well as instruction mav
1 Lm_ 1 und in tveiy page, us graphic tit.tail.
In n.o,t wilyaud authentic Bi t. • , are
skdilully interwoven in this woikotUUra
. : ry art.
tend" for Circulars and see our terms,-
and a lull description ot the work. A.-
dress, JUNB6 Bii J !’H LIPS A GO.,
Philadelphia* Pa.
Dec. lid. BG7 —tf.
, j
James Jov is others,
| vs
James S Joy A others.
In the Circuit Court f> rSt Mary’s county,
sitting as a Court ol Equity
y O a 3 N I*.,
BV virtue of authority vc*ie<! in.me ns Clerk
ol the Circuit Court L>r St Man’s niim
’ i t>v the o; I’libli-* (lotM-ral I n" -” l
ti.i- S' o<-. ;t is hereby ordcml, 'i.at t c Aul>
tor’s R-p. -rt. tred in tins cast*, be iat; tied and
coi firmed, uni* s-. enn.-e to li.y eoutr .ry be
shown on or before the land M a.o.ay id
Jan., next; provided a copy # >i t-his notice in
j pubUshe I in tac Saint Mary'# I'mc u.
once a week for tiirce successive weeks prior
to the thiul Monday i f January next.
j.no'a CAM ALIKE, Cl’k.
True copy—Te-t .
Dec ‘-5, 18jT—3w.
All por?ons indebted to me on Medical
hereby requested to crime ;
forward, on or l*cfure the Isl day of Jan-
next ami settle the ?annc by casli or |
j Fee 25.18G7— 2m.
I ‘ „
Law Co-Partne
TI3 E und reigned have formed a Taw c< -
partnership under the name of Maddux
A Crate. They will practice in ti c Con t.t
St. Mary’s and the adjo'nng c. Unties aid
| also in the Court of Appeals.
K-pcial attention pM to t’e ooTlccti >n of
e'.dms against indir dual- - , the Sta*> > r the
Ci -v.nun 'tit. Prompt attei tmn given to .1 1
bu i e-a en’rusfed to : -ir ml argy. -I
Add is. Maddi x -V Cl Leon mit* w:i,
St. Marv’s countv, M l.
Dec. 25, ISo7—tf.
Godlove K K me,
Janies B Thor. as.
la the Circuit Court lor Si Mary’s countv,
sitting a* a Court of Equity.
No 93 \ E.
BY v rtue of author’'y vested in me as
Clerk tile Circuit Court for St Mary’s
county, by the “(Aide o Public G *n ei a! Lavs s ’
of this Slate, it is hereby ordered, that the
Auditors Ut port, tiled in this case, be rati tied
an 1 continued, unless cause to the contrary be
; shown or before the third Mon las - of hm
l nary i.e; provided a c-py l i .* rder
be j. . - in the St Mury ■I! i • a
s\tvk f. r three suocess.se weeks prior to Uie j
third Monday of Janu.oiv next,
JNo A C s.MAI/U'.U. Cl’k. I
True f pv—t’lfist ; C .— 1
Dec l'.\ ISG7 —bsv.
VJOTIOK is liervhv gi\ n. that the sul svril r
. !i i. <o.mined from the Orphans’ Cmn l of '
1> j . \! .rs! \M, let; s f adnr.uis- (
era:lot; oa ill j-t aa il estate ot A. I’. lari' a.
lal ■o:St V i s counts . tsisttl. AI! ps; . s
hum- in. 1 disee.used in n - ,
l\ ..... to xliiViit‘dio.i.iie w .... prepy: - \011v..-
e tiierto', t ’ 'he suh r, aor betore tin* ,
e.,. , ,i.iv Ilf June. 1- s. i.j erwi.-o tin s may l t !
! f,. hi! \ ! iss from all ’ metu of the s. id o
f;i'e. (liven under my h .ud* this It h day of
Dec., 18.>7.
Ad uiiuisliiUor.
Dec 10, 18G7 —4w.
Y E will sell at V ivate Sa> a very j
▼ desirable Hole farm in the Facto- !
rv District, ebgibly located, haring a
oiod DWELLIN’ 1'
aui fair
upon it, ami containing
Tilts land v.’il! be so*d for jjx'2'd)(> one ,
half fish and the balance at 12 inoudi
Attorneys for the Uuncr. j
! Doc. 12 TSO7 —*.f.
N s. 22 and 21 S Calvert si., I! timuro Md. j
Manulacmvers ol
A LfvicuUuml .1 mp 1 meat 3
ri, \ . 73, i <f ' rr 1- ? B'l 33 3 •
\V nolcsale and ..■ 1 ' >r: in
SEEDS, FEUTIId/. ■ i; s \M* \c; iICDL
TCHAD 11 Alii >\V A UK.
sorrumt.v Anr.vrs you
‘•Buckeve’ Moss ing ami Heaping M n bines j
Wa'-oner’b Celebrated (Grain and linano |
Dulls." i
“Ain rican” Sugar Vi mind Evaporators, j
The •‘SsvpcpfJtakes’’ ’. i.r - -ions.uni G.caners,
( Pant’s Grain Crude
The Celebrated “M.a , u.- d” Wlieci Horu
I takes.
MontgomeryV Roikav ’A heat I’ans.
The “Keysti ae” Ci ler .<lms.
Hutchinson’s Family Wine anil Cider Mills,
am! a general stock of Implements and J’j
chincry, embracing nearly every v.o.ty in
The above Machines have all of the latest
improvements, and arc c .ntidcntly recom
mended as the best of the kind, in the coun
* r .V •
I'ejiftirimr ports of ami <f the, ohorr ,Marhi
nent I iroi>lml. and .Aarion s-rcpoircl ol ,s!i< i I
Wo pave in store a!ir - n I carefuMy .SC
1, ted n ; of Car! , ■’ 1 and Flower
Seeds, v.'.i<h ss e cm ill •' recommend as
1 res.i a;.- uinne. So a - oi eol onr Seed
Ca'aloguc. giving practical directions for
plant i Is iri< ties ol > 1 .
(ho , v■, 1 Flower binds f rwaidcd by
IU ill.
J o . . I 81)7 —I yr,
1 ' l t'rii.- (. idSS
(.i ft
JJoardhifj House,
No. 7G Sharp etreet I’. df inv>re,
f.ocated one square from 1 A( K U D -, pot
an ] three squares from E. S. bteatu Boat
MIC. C.USTAVrS Wifi CUT, late of
Chester!->svn. l\fiit ( ’o„ Md.. informs her
friend* an i tin 1 pul'iiic, gem hv, that sin*
\s ill ai c nmi slate, on reas m s -• terms. Tran- |
„icnt, I*< r n.iner.t and Table ifUAKDEKS.
bkpt. 2u, IS67—Cm.
Selling Oil at Cost J
{IUK the purpose of making room for
. a w STOf’K of FALL (D>!)DS, I
; [ am • up my at f SI TMEH
(i(K)DS at COST. My g 'oii ro* all
nurchtuc i ut’the lowi st Now York prices,
and are a 1 ip-w and fash'otiablc styles,
i Give uc uu early call!
Loouardtown, M l.
| July >S, I<G7—tf.
Thom as - j. ruii,. joiin l ukub
\V Si oicinlt 1 b'lof rr h
; vCotnmission iHcriljantci,
A I S ) I>K AI. HUS 1 N
Wines, Liquors, t’ig us .u, i T bacco.
No 27 Uheapsido,
1 Li Pi more.
jtatf" Personal attention given to sales
e ~
cf frain.
X- rf~ (Ud'-fs prouiptlyk-aUcuded to,
Feb 11, 1^67. —ly

Jtorlholoic's Corfml^^Hl

: r,\ kkv i>Msc:ni’!Tox. Mmlm I
Vj H
The ’ "T, - . H
You A. I
" V,
A :• ioul:oral Wars H
7 ill St., below Pi mi. A vc. \Vah- HB H
ington, D. C. I
2o King St., Alexandria, \ I
JMiNUiNsi lv M \ i - .S, I
of all kin is repaired at .short notice. I
| HAY ITilv-SEs, W I
i I
( I
IN; iEi ls :
hominy mills, \
1 (OliEiT
HAY and STRAW Cl T’l EDS, Ac,, Ac.
FARM W A '.UN'S, <vc.
I am also Agent for
In conncefi . with my extensive AG
established large REPAIR Y~^
where all kind- of Machinery and Imple
ments can be repaired ut sk >rt notice,
' experienced Macliiui>t.
A grrcultural Warehouse®,
bob 7th. St., below Penn. Are. Wash
ington, D. C ,
2b King St., A’czaodrifc, Vf.
Dec 19, 18^7-31.

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