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, laS’d
\ At the January Session, l s< *.
f t*i timsiiep bv At"rr:OHiT'i.]
Am \ tto am*ml the ’> '_r. th . r
‘ ,iclr of tlic ..f 1*.1.™.-r.l
Laws, title ‘ Draining Land. h> ud
nint: tfuTctu the following -eliuiis.
it,, if enacted bv the General Assembly
of Maryland, That the following aeJi
fioiia! Sections ho u.lJe.l to the twenty.
.ightl. Article of the Ok* of 1 uUtc
, r ,l Law® to he numbered, one bun *re‘l
an 1 two, one hundred ami three ami one
-• hundred ami four.
Sec. 10-2. The Commissioner? appoint
c.l by the County Commissioners t-> lay
off ami ditch. before proceeding to Jo so.
Khali give at least ten Jay, n.-m ‘ "1 tier
intention to proceed with the x. “turn Ol
their roimnW.oii, by adverttsemeiit ?; t
- of the nio-t public ]Jat ‘ - in
' .limit ot tne |,| .J I I‘. I
an t s l,a!l he confirmed by the
5 nnim-loiierd without such no
tice ah ill have be shown to have been giv
Sec 10:5. The County Commissioners
whall -in their first meeting after receiving
any return „f proceedit.gsAof H.eh ditch
Commissioner®, appoint a *iy to hear o
jeetions to Mieh return anJ to ratity or re
ject ll.e same, ami they thtill give at least
twenty Jays notice hy publication in some
newspaper publishe.l in the c anty, an
if „o I mer he publi-heJ in the county, bv
a J vert cement set up In at least /our of
the most public places in the mighbor
lIOOJ of such proposed ditch, of the time
f,, r Mich hearing, ami the cost ot such aJ
vertisem-lit shall be taxed by the... against
tin- petitioner or petitioners tor such ditch,
unless the return shall be ratified am the
Jit.-b opene.l, when the same shall oe
charged agahist the tuml provided tor su li
See. 10-1. The Treasurer of the Jiteh
in executing the power confereJ on him
i v the eighty-firth Section of this Article,
shall proceed as follows, he shall leave
with the person taxable and mfleeting to
~C :U his house, ami if he ha ve no house.
put (lie same in the mail addressed
11 him at his u.-ual port olbee, a notice of
rlie anion-iit due from him, and if tin' l"‘ i- -
v, 11 taxaWe shall neglect to pay for the
xp., c , ef one month from the date of sad
notice, then the said Treasurer shall pro
eel in person to levy tin* amount duo and
t.. sell the property levied upon, 111 the
cine way. ami after the same notice that
a Collector may for taxes.
AVe certify that the aforegoing is a true
copy of an net which passed the General
Assembly of Maryland, January session,
isb7. T . ~,
AV. 11. C(>LE,
Chief (Merit House of Delegates,
Secretary of the Senate.
Pec. 25, ist'i .
An Act to authorize the County ( ommis
missi.-tiers of the several counties to
levy the county taxes on the baMs ot
the assessment*of eighteen hundred and
sixty-six. and the State tax upon the
basis of the assessment ol eightei 11 hun
dred and titty two.
Section i. He it enacted by the Gene
ral Assembly of Maryland that the Coun
ty Commissioners of t|ie several counties
of this State, in which Fite assessment
shall have hern completed at the time of
making the levy f'T local purposes, ami
having due regard to additions or -nb
straetioiis that may be required to bo mode
bv any law which may be passed at tin*
present session of the General Assembly,
he and they are hereby authorized to levy
the county taxes of their respective coun
ties upon the basis of the assessment of
eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and the
C ;atc (ax upon the baris of the assessment
l eighteen hundred and titty-two.
See. *2. And he it d. That
Act shall lake effect from the date of its
AA'e certify that the aforegoing is a true
copy of an net which passed the General
Assembly of Maryland. January session.
Chief Clerk House of Delegate?.
Secretary of the Senate.
Pee. 25, 18(17.
An Act to repeal the Fourth Section of
the Forty-Third Article of the Code of
0 „f Public General Laws, relating to
Habeas Corpus, and re-enact the fol
lowing sections in lieu thereof.
Section 1 Ik it enacted by the Gene
ral Assembly of Maryland. That section
four of the forty-third article ot the Code
, f Public General Isiws, relating to Ha
beas Corpus is hereby repealed, and the
following section re-enacted in lieu tin ri
S<c. J The writ ot habeas corpus shall
I e MTved by delivering it to the officer or
(i her person to whom it is directed, or by
having it at the prison or place in which
(he party slicing it out is detained, and
such officer or other person shall forth
with, or within such reasonable time as
the Court shall direct, make his return of
the writ and cause the person detained to
bo brought before the Court or Judge, ac
r >rding to the command of the writ, and
shall likewise certify the true cause of his
detainer or imprisonmnent fd nn . v ) or un
der what color or pretence such person is
confined or restrained of his liberty.
Sec. ‘2. And Ik* it further enacted.
That this Act shall takif effect from the
date of it? passage.
AVe certify that the aforegoing is a true
copy of an Act which pas* d the Ge. oral
Assembly of Maryland, January session.
Chief Clerk House of Delegates.
Secretary of the Senate
Dto. 25.
I , I
| An Act to authorize the purchase or con
demnation of certain lands in the city }
of Annapolis, and ia Anne Arundel
countv for the public use of the I nitod
State® as part of the Naval Academy, ,
and to cede to the I nited States con- ,
current jurisdiction over such lands,
and to exempt the same from taxation.
1 AVhereas, it is represented to this Gen
eral Assembly by the Vice Admiral iu
command of the Naval Academy of An
’ napulis, that the Government of the Uni- ;
| t o ,l State® needs at this time further ad- j
• * ditions of territory in.an I near Annapolis
.| to the pn -- at enelosun-s i-f the Acade
. ! my for the pul lie use as part of the Aead
. ! emy grounds, and desires to'purchase the 1
1 ! same/and that it is apprehended that the
• United States may not be able to acquire
|-aid lands at this time at a fair and just
1 price from the owners thereof, hy n asou
’ | nf - o ic of said, owners being under age, i
f. iiK c >vrt, now resident of Anne Arun
-1 1 d,l county, or mm compos mentis, or be
‘ f cause the’ agents of the United States may ,
not he able to agree with such owners as
to the value of such property ; and where- ,
1 as this General A> a-mhly is th -irimis to
' ’ •'' I' T _i *' r -•• liie-T of the 1 lilted.
‘ ! Slates*authorities, that provision stiouia
he made hv law for coudemning such lands
for the puldic use, :is part ot the Naval
Academy, in tin* event of the l nited
; States not being able to purchase the same. |
f and is also willing to cede to the LTiited
1 States concurrent jurisdiction over such
- lands when the same shaM have been pur
• chafed or condemned as hereinafter pro
t vided ; therefore,
Section 1. Be it enacted hy the (lunc
! ral AsMMiibly of Maryland, That whenev
. er the United States shall make applica
• ' tion to the owner of any lots or parcel of
’ | land tying in the city of Annapolis to the j
' : North and East of King George street in j
' said citv, or situate in Anne Arundid j
' j county South of the Severn river, to pur.
’ j ehase the tame for the public use as part j
' ! of the Naval Academy, and the agents ot j
the United States cannot agree with such
owners to the value of such lots or paiccls ;
of land, or in case such owners shall he a j
minor, or non compos mentis, or a femme i
covert, or non-resident of Anne Arundel i
county, it shall and may be lawful for any j
Justice of the IVaee fur Anne Arumh 1 |
county or Annapobs, upon aj>plic:itioii to 1
linn made in behalf of the I nited States, ,
j jv.-oe his warrant directed to the sherifl
| ( ,f \,,,ie Arundel county, authori/ang and
: re>ju 11111 g him to summon twenty di.-m- i
1 tercsted persons, not related to or eon- j
; net ted with any owner or owners of such
| property and having tlie qualifications ot
jurors, to meet at or near the property "ii |
{ a day to he appointed by the slieiitl, after
not less than ten or more than twenty
days notice to the owner or owners, their
guardians or committee* as tin* east* may i
be, and lu ease of the mm-resldencc ofthe
owner or owners by like notice in some 1
newspaper published m the city ol All
-a polls j and f any of the persons sum
moned shall not attend, the sheriff shall ;
immediately summon as many other jurors j
as shall he necessary with those 111 atten
dance to furnish a panel ot twenty in at
tendance, and from the panel oat h party
i m;i \ .strike tour, and if eight he not struck,
| the’sheriff may. strike as many with those
j struck by the parties as will make eight
’ ; and the remaining twelve shall act :i£ a
1 j jury of Inquest of damages, who, before;
they act as such, shall severally take an .
nath or affirmation to he administered hy
the sheriff, that he will honestly and im
partially value and assess the damages
j sustained hy said owner or owners hy the !
: use, occupation, and condemnation ot such |
property for the extension of tin* said
Academy grounds ; the said jury shall re
duce their inquisition to writing and sign
and seal the same ; and the sheriff shall
make return thereof with the warrant to
the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Anne
! Arundel county, to be filed in his office,
and it shall he confirmed hy t he said Court.
at its next session if no sufficient cause be
j i how 11 to the contrary , and recorded; it
tin* same hi* set aside the t ourt shall di
rect another inquisition to be takigi under
the same warrant in the manner prescrib
ed by this Act. and the inquisition shall
I describe the propert v hv uu tes and hounds,
with the quantity or duration id interest
in the same so valued, and such condem
nation and valuation when paid ortemler
| ed to the owner or vest in
I the United States the estate and interest
in the same thus valued as fully as if it
had been legally conveyed by the owner
thereof, and if the valuation shall not lu* ‘
! accepted when tendered, it may He reeeiv
i t -d at auv time thereafter ; and all the ex
penses shall be paid by the I nited iMutes.
j See. tL And be it enacted, That the
said sheriff, in execution of such warrant
I or warrants, may adjourn from time to
j time until the same shall be completed.
j See, o. And bo it furtlu r; enacted, That
‘j all the provisions ot the Act ot January
• session, eighteen hundred and sixty-six,
| chapter sixty-eight, relating to the cession
|of concurrent jurisdiction to the I nited j
! States over the lands in the city of An- j
napolis therein described, whenever the j
same should be conveyed to the 1 nited
States, by deed duly executed, and ex
empting from taxation property therein
described, shall extend and apply to any
lands within the said city, or Anne Arun
j del eountv, duly conveyed by deed or con
demned to the ( nited States by virtue iff
the provisions ot this Act.
See. 4. And he it enacted, That this
act shall take effect from the date of its
i passage.
i ' t
; Wo certify that the aforegoing is a true
1 copy of an act which passed the General
Assembly of Maryland. January session. !
W. K. COLE. |
Chief Clerk House of Delegates,
Secretary ot the Senate.
Doc. 25, 1807.

\n Act to appropriate one hundred thou- j
and dollars for the relief of destitute
people iu States wanted by civil war.
Whereas, it has conic to the knowledge j
of this General Assembly that in couse- |
queuce of the destruction of property and
j the failure of crops iu many parts ot th©
j Slates of Virginia, North and South Var
! oliua, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missis
sippi. Louisian*. Texas, Arkansas and Ten
nessee, great number of helpless people
i hate been reduced to want, and ar* i u
! danger of starvation, a d whereas it is toe j
auty i f those who hue escaped each e i s
to give out ol their abundance to their less
favored brethern ; therefore,
| Section 1. Be it enacted by the Gener
al A-scmbly of M aryland, That the sum
’of one hundred thousand dollar®, be and
the same is hereby appropriated out of any 1
money iu the Treasury, not otherwise ap- 1
pn-priated, and to be paid to the p rsons, ■
mid for the purposes hereinafter uesigna
: ted.
j Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That it in '
the judgment of the Treasurer, the demand
upon the Treasury require that the money
to be used under this Act shall be return
ied to the Treasury, during the current ‘
year, it shall lx* the duty of the Treaur- !
cr, and he is hereby authorir J, with the
assent of the Governor and Comptroller,
to cause Bonds of the State of Maryland j
to the amount of one hundred thousand I
dollars, iu denominations of not less than I
five hundrtd dollars ea.h, and bearing j
t coutmns for interest, payable semi-annuai-
Iv. at six percent, per annum, to be issued ,
in the usual form, and proposals for the j
purchase of said Bonds shall be invested
! v the said Treasurer by public advertisc
u.oi.t. in Mich papers as he mav select.
f*cc. And he it enacted, 1 hat said ;
B*iiiHs shall be redeemable iu six years
from this date.
Bec. 4. And be it enacted, That fur j
I the p'yment of the interest and the re
demption of the principal of the said |
Bonds, when due, there shall be levied ’
upon the assessable property of the Btate, :
a lax of one cent in the one hundred dol
lars, to be collected as other taxes arqjnow
collected, and the proceeds of said tax shall
be paid to the Treasurer ofthe State and
’ he by him set apart for the payment of the ,
interest and for the redemption of the !
principal of said Bonds, and he shall in- |
vest the surplus of receipts from the said ;
1 tax after {laying interest, as a sinking ,
1 fund for the redemption of said Bunds. j
1 5. And be it enacted, That the ;
money hereby appropriated shall be paid (
by the Treasurer to a commission consist- ;
; it.g ofthe Governor of the Blate, the i’re.s-
1 ideut fur the time being of the Corn Kx- j
i change and Board of J rade in the citv of
Baltimore, and Laurence Baugston, who
! shall call to their assistance three other
jndk iuus and benevolent persons, who shall
| serve without compensation,, and under
whose joint direction and discretion, the
said sum of one hundred thousand dollars
j shall be invested iu the purchase of such
' articles of food and raiment as, in their :
judgment, tire most needed by the destitute
people in the States aforesaid, and which :
articles shall he despatched to their des- j
tinations and distributed under the direc- j
tion ofthe said commission with as little j
1 delay and expense as possible.
I Sec,. t‘>. And be it enacted. That the
said commission shall keep an exact and ;
particular account of the manner in which 1
the* said sum shall be* disposed ot by them, j
and cause a copy ot said account to be
j lodged in the* office ofthe Comptroller of
i the Treasury.
See. 7. And he it enacted That tills
Act shall take effect from the date of its
/We certify that the aforegoing is a true
copy of an act which passed the* General
Assembly of Maryland, January session,
I s f>7. !
W. 11. COLE,
Chief Clerk House of Delegates, j
Secretary of the Senate. :
Doc. 25, 1807. j
An Act to amend an Act entitled, “An
Act to authorize the* .purchase or con- |
demuatioii of certain lands iu the city of!
Annapolis and iu Anne Arundel county
for the public use of the l uitcd States
as part of the Naval Academy, and to
cede to the United States concurrent
jurisdiction over such lauds, and to ex
empt the same from taxation,” passed
at this session of the General Assem
Section 1. Be it enacted by tlie Gene- ,
ral Assembly of Maryland, That tin* pro- |
visions ot the* aforesaid Act, passed March .
eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, |
shall apply in every respect whatever to I
lands in the city of Annapolis lying to the
north and east ot thelincot King Georges
stiv:-t extended north westwardly from
Tabernacle street to the shores of Grave
yard or College Creek.
See. 2. And be it enacted, That this
Act shall take effect from the date of its
We certify that the aforegoing is a true
copy of an net which passed the General
Assembly of Maryland, January session,
Chief Clerk House it Delegates,
Secretary of the Senate.
Dec. 25, 1807.
fIIHE a. Ivertiser, having been restored to
health in a tew weeks by a very simple
remedy, after having suffered for several years
with a severe lung affection, and that dread
disease Consumption—is anxious to make 1
known to Ins tcllow-sullcicrs the means of |
To all who d *.-ire it. he will send a copy
of tlie prescription used (free of charge), with .
the directions for preparihg and u.ing the j
same, which they will tind a sfRE erK for ,
CoNsi MCTi n. Asthma, Hboxcimtis,Corons, (
Comm, and a’l Throat and Lung Affections, j 1
The onlv ohjM tof tne advertiser in wilding 1 1
the Vrescriptioii is to beaetit tiie atfhcted, 1
spread intormation which lie conceives to be 1
invaluable, and in* hopes every sufferer will 1
trv liis remedy, n> it will co.M tl.etu nottiing,
and may prove a blessing. Parties w ishing j
t!io.prescription, fuee by return mail, will j
please address.
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York.
May ‘2l>, 1857—1 v.
k Gentleman who slide red tor yesrs from
2*. Netveia Debility, Premature Decay, and ; ]
all the effects ol youth lul indiscretion, will, 1
f..r tin* sake of suffering humanity, send free 1
to ail who need if, the recipe ami directions •
tor making the simple remedy by which he ■
was cured, fcofferers wishing to protil by *
iit* adverlMt* experience, can do by ad- 1
dressing, in perfect confidence.
42 Cellar Btreet, New York.
May 25,1867—1 y.
Planing flliil & fumbet
asu, ooors, &c.
East Fails Avenue,
Warehouse, No. 65 West l*ratt street,
| Nov.*22. 18C6 —ly.
Bibb'* Patent Tobacco Firing Apparatus!
Perfect Sneers* '
Save Your Crop, ivul Secure High Price*.
Y r OCR attention is called to our patent ar
raugement for Curing Tobacco, the de
mand Hir which has s • rapidly eticreascd, that
we have Ix'cn competed to increase our fa
cilities (<>r supplying them.
No I’lan*er si mu d be without ono as they
not only suet the cr<-p. hut p'V f" r t.hem
se ves. out of the largely increased price pro
cured for the tobacco, the first year.
Ihscriplive Circu irs and lull particulars
sent gratis, on apphration.
address, or call on
bibb * co.,
BaUinicte Stove House;
39 Light Sleet Bal
-lug 15, 1867—6 m.
Sarah Milburn,
V 8
Wm K Clarke, Admr.,
of Jos Milburn & others.
In the Circuit Court for St Mary’s County,
sitting as a Court of Equity.
No. 105 N Equity.
BV virtue ul authority vested in me, as
Clerk of the Circuit Court for St Mary’s
County, hv the “Code of Public General
Laws” of this State, it is hereby ordered i hat
the Report of Win II Clarke, Trustee, filed in
thiscanse.be ratified and confirmed, unless
cause to the contrary be shown on before the
third M* nday cl Nov., next -provided a copy
of this order be published in the Saint Mary’s
Beacon, once a week lor three successive
weeks prior to the third Monday of Nov, next.
The report states the land .sold for 85653 50
True copv—Test :
/NO A CAM ALI Ell, Cl’k.
Get 17, IStlT—3w.
New Strawberries for ISG7-8.
The best Amateur Bkkkv in Cultivation.
Price (by mail, postage paid,) £3 per doz
“A perpetual, large-fruited, Strawberry
of the Pile Class.”
Price (by mail, postage paid, §1 for 2
plants, $5 per doz.
Send for illustrate! descriptive circular, j
We also cfTor a largi and splendid stock of |
Fruit and Ornauental Trees , Crape
Vines, Sunil Fruits, dv.,
of which wo mail Descriptive Catalogues,
with prices, to all applicants.
Central Nurseries,
York. Pu.
Sept. 5, 1807~2tn.
Thomas j. daio. john l herb
W li olesal( roce i* s
Commission iilmlinuls,
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco,
No 27 Chcupsidc,
Jf fT Personal attention given to sales
of Grain.
jC-f?” Orders promptly attended to.
Feb 14, 1>67.—1y
Florist, Seedsman and Nurseryman,
BAi.Ti more.
Nurscncs on the Hooksfown road, adjoining
Druid Hill Park.
Would invite the attention of!
tl'.c citizens of the county to his
stiH'k ot GARDE N S K K DS.
■ft . FLOWER NEK 1) 8, FIIF IT j
TKhw, GRAPE VINES, and all small I
Fruits. Evergreen and Ornamental Shade
Trees, Green House, Hot House and Hardy
Plants, Roses, and Flowering No rubs and
and all kinds of Vegetable Plants.
Sept. 5,' 18(37"—ly.
notice. |
riTH E undersigned take this method ofinform- |
X ms the public that they are still associated [
together in the Carpenter’s business, r.nd will |
contract for the building of Houses of every!
description. All work will he exec iteu with
dispatch, and, m all contracts for Dwellings
special attention will he paid la Bricklaying
Plastering ard Painting.
All orders ddrease*l lo them t Leonard town,
\H . will receive prompt attention.
c FOR at) iior.se.
June 6, 1867 —ly
__ ~ ■ •
IVJOTICE is hereby given, that the suLscnWrs '
have obtained from the Orphans' Court of
St Marv’s countv, Maryland. letters of adminis
tration on the personal'estate of llran Tubman, j
late of St. Marv’s county, deceased. .AH persons
having claim* aeainst the said deer***! are- here
by w arned to exhibit the same w ith pro;, r v ouch
ere thereof, to the snlr- riU-rs on or U-forv the 1
21 st dav of June, LtfoS. otherwise they may U
excluded Lv law from all benefit of the said es
tate, Given under our baud* this 14th day of
, Administrator*, w *.
Great Bargains to be had at the
Brotni Store % Formerly kepi by
1 Simms 4* Ford.
ThU ii the place to get good tnd cheap
Here you will get the worth ol your
Call and Examine-
Tiir. subscribers have just receive*! a well
selecte*i assortment of
Fail am! Winter Goods,
Bought at r ites which will enable them to
sell Cheap, and to which they most respect
fullv invite their friends and the pablic gen
erally to call and examine lef<>rc purchasing
elsewhere, as they arc resolve*.! not to be I n
detsold. Their motto will he ‘ Quick Sales
and Small profits.” Our Stock consists in
part of. Black Cloths, Cawimeres*. Satinets.
3 4 and r*-4 full Linscys; Siik and Col
-ored Trimmings, at I wool’ Delaines, Cole red
Alpacas, Poplins, Plaid, Dress Goods, &c.
Also a fine assortment of Domestic Goods,
such as Prints. Ginghams. Brown and Bleach
el Shirtings. H<>siery, Notions, Ac.
liar ware. Queensware, Groceriee. Shoes,
liootsand Hats, all of tlie above Goods and
j many more we oti’er low fi>r c.ish.
I The Highest Price Given lor Cotton Rags.
All kinds of Fur bought.
IS Conrad, Agent.
Oct 17, 1867—tf.
Insolvent Notice.
Petition for ( In the Circuit Court
Insolvency, j for St Mary's county
BV virtue of authority vested in me. as
Clerk ol the Cicmt Court for Saint Ma
ri 's county, by t. C< ol public General
Laws” of.tins S • i. iicreby ordered that
John Alvcv. i 1 ". tn.olveni Petitioner, be
and appear before the said court on the third
Mo-d.iv ol Nov., next, to answer such iu-
Ter r <’.;utorieK c a I legal ions as hig creditors, en
dorse! s, or s .-unties may allege or propose
against him, and that said Insolvent cause a
copy of this notice to be published in the
Saint Mary’s Gazette, once a week for three
months, previuiia to said third Monday of
Nov., next,
True copy —Test :
Aug. 1. 1807 —3nr.
Petition for ) In the Circuit Court
Insolvency. J for St. Mary’s County.
BY virtue of a nth riiy vested in me as
Clerk of the Circuit Court f*r St. Ma
ry’s county, by the “Code of Public General
La ws”of this State, it is hereby ordered that
Richard Bond, an Insolvent Petitioner be
and appear liefore the said Court on the third
Monday of Nov next, to answer such inter
rogatories or allegations as his creditors, en
) dorsers or securities may allege or propose
against him and that said Insolvent cause a
copy of this notice to be published in the St.
Miry’s Gazette once a week for three
months, previous to said third .Monday of
Nov next.
True copv—Test:
JNO. A. CA MALI Eli, Cl’k;
,74ng. 15. 1867 —3m.
In the matter of tiie Petition of L \V B
Hutchins, an Insolvent Petitioner.
In the Circuit Court for St Mary’s county.
No. 8 Inso’vent Petitions.
BY virtue of authority vested in me, as
Clerk of the Circift Court for Saint Ma
ri’s county, by the “Code of Public General
Laws” of this Slate, it is hereby ordered
that the Auditor's Report, marked l> *>f the
Personal Property of said Insolvent, filed in
this case, be ratified and confirmed, un
less cause to the contrary lx; shown on or before
the third Monday of Nov., next; provided a
copy of this notice be published in the
Saint Mary’s Benton, once a week for three
successive weeks prior to the third Monday
of Nov., next.
True copy—Test :
Oct 17, 1867—3 iv.
S C Thompson A others,
Leo II Hayden & others.
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s O'tinty,
. sitting as a Court of Equity.
No 150 N B.
BY virtue of authority vested in me as
Clerk of the Circuit Court for St Mary’s
j county, bv the ‘Code* 1 Public General Laws”
|of this State, it it hereby ordered, that
(he Repot t ol Robert. C Combs and James
j S Downs, Trustees, filed in this cause.
|be ratifh 1 and c t.firmed, unless cause
to the coiit: ry, bes! own on or before the tinrd
J Mi ndav *'f Nov next, provided a copy of this
j order be inserted in the Saii.t Mary’s /Jot
con once in each of three successive weeks
1 prior to the th-rd Mon* lay of Nov m-xt.
1 The Report states the land sold for s'*bo.
True copy— Tet :
Oct 17, 1867—3 w.
In the matter ol the Insolvency of JasT
, In the Circuit Court Dt St Mary’s County.
No 8 Jnrd cents.
ORDERED, this 30th Jay of Oct , 18C.7,
that the Report n. ie by Jas 8 Downs,
Trustee, filed in this ca.-c, lr ratified and con
firmed, miles* cause t*> the contrary be shown
jon or before the third Monday of January
next ; provided a copy of this order l>e puh
! H-hed .u the St. Mari ’s Be icon, once a week
| for throe successive we**ks prior to the third
I Monday of January next.
The report states that the tract of land cai-
J led “ScuUli Neck ’ sold for 84h(0.
Bpccml Judge.
True copy—Test ;
Oct 31, 1867 —3 w.
Plantation .Machinery,
Engines, Horse Powers, Grist Mills, Ag*
i(cultural Implements
Of every description iu store, and for ealc
at >be lowest rates, by J B Fuller,
47 Dey reet, New York cit-~.
' the People ok St. Mary’s Coi-*ty. •
; -*■ —The late change* made
by me in facilities for operat
ing on Ihe natural teeth, loca- ,
tiou of office, Ac., justify the following i
statement in regard to myaelf.
, My mode of operating on the natural teeth I
will not only be scientific but will embrace ;
, every improvement known to tmxlern Den
. liatry. and will lx* of ;he mildest character. I
j carefully avoiding the infliction of the alight- j
est uunece sary pain. and will be adapter! to j
I , the age, health, constitution and oervoUJ con- i
! ditioo of the patient, thereby offering the
; greatest encouragement to those who are de
sirous of preserving their teeth, and who,
i through fear alone, permit their premature
Mv present minimtm cha<-g will l>e £3
jht filling, bn; more expensive operations
: can be stipulated for.
| Should any filling inserted by me wHliin
' the last two years come out or fail to give j
, ! satisfaction, 1 will eithei refund the amount
paid for such operation or deduct the tame
1 from bill when paid. Such cases will be
treated at my own cost, including travelling
, 1 and hotel expense*.
a j ring. r. d s„
Cor, Charles and Saratoga Streets,
Baltimore, Md,
Oct. 10, ISOT—tf,
.Vo. 1.
Schenck’s Seaweed Tonic.
Tlvs medicine, invented by Pr J If Schenk
of Philadelphia, is intended to dissolve the food j
j and make it into chime, the first process of di- :
J ges ion. By cleansing ihe stomach with
; SoheticK’s Mandrake Pills, the Tonic soon re
! stor s the appetite, and food lhat could not l>e
eaten before using u will be easily digested.
Consumption cannot be cured by Schenck
Pulmonic Syrup unless the stomach and liver
is made heal'hy and the apj*etiie restored, hence
the Tome and Pd!s are required in nearly every I
ease of COn iiniptimi. A half dozen bottles of j
the SEA W Bit I) I’PNIC and iliree or four box- i
oofih i MAN* \KE PIL/.S will cur- any j
ordinary ease of .'sp.-psia.
Pr Schenck r.v'k.s pro'essic.; 1 visit* in New
York, Boston, ; nd at ins prtiicip-,1 OtKv in j
Plulade’ph'a every we<k. See daily papers of
j each place, or his pamphlet un consumption for
his days for \b nation,
i Please observe, when purrhasirg, that the
| two likenesses iif ihe Doctor, one when in the
i last inge of Consumption. and the other as h*
! naw is, in perfect health, arc on the Government
Hold by nil Druggists and Dealers, price
$1 50 per buttle, or $7.50 the half-dozen. All
etters for a lvic? should be addressed to Dr.
Schenck’s Pi iueipal Office, Nu 15 North tilh
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. General Wholesale
Agents ; Dennis Barnes A Co., N V.; S S
Nance, Baltimore, Md,; John D Park p, ('m- J
j cmnaii Walker A- Tuy or, Chicago, 111.; Col
lins Bros., -Si Lo us, Mo.
Jan 24, lMi7 — ly.
•Vo. 2.
Consumption Curable by Dr
Schenck’s Medicine.
I TO CURE CONSUMP TION, the system ■
m ist be prepared so that the lungs will heal, j
. To accomplish this (he liter and stomach must |
i fust l>e cleansed and an appetite created for good |
wholesome food, which by these medicines will
be digested properly, and good healthy blood
mad - ; thus building tin the constitution.- —
SC 11ENCK ’S MA N I)UA K E PI LLS •leanse I
the stomach of all bilious or mucous accumula*
i lions, and, by using the- Sea Weed Tonic in
; connection, the appetite is restored.
tricious as well as medicinal, and, by using the j
three remedies, all impurities are expelled from
the system, and good, who'-some blood made,
winch will repel all disease. If patients will
take these medicines according lo directions.
Consumption very frequently m its last stage
yeilds readily to their action Take the pills
frequently, to cleanse the liver and stomach.—
I itocs not follow that because the bowe's are
not costive they are not required, for sometimes ;
i in dttirrhtca they are necessary. The stomach !
I must be kept healiliy, and an appetite created
to allow the Pulmonic ■ s y nip to • lon the res- j
< piratory organs properly and allay any irrita
tion. I'lien all that is required to perform n
; permanent cure is, to prevent taking cold. Ex
ercise about the rooms as much as possible, eat
all tbe richest food—fat meat, game, and, in
; fact, anything the appetite craves ; but be
particular and masticate well.
Jan 31, 1867—1 y.
JVo. 3.
Dr. Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup.
| This great medicine cured Pr J H Schenck,
I the Proprietor, of Pulmonary Consumption,
i when it had assumed its most formidable aspect,
1 and when speedy death appeared to lie inevita
j ble. Mis physicians pmnoooc d his case in
| curable, when tip commenced the use of this
! simple but powerful remedy. Mis health was re
! stored in a very short lime, and no return of the
I disease has been apprehended, for all the symp-
I toms qim kly (Its qipeared, and his present weigh
I ■ more than two hundred pounds,
j Since his recovery, he has devoted his ntten-
I tion exclusively to the cure of Consumption a.id
| tbe diseases winch aie usually complicated with
i it and the cures effected by his medicines have
1 been very nuinerou * and iru'y wonder il. Pr
i Schenck makes lof s-ionaf visits to several of
the larger cities weekly, where he has s large
| concourse o( patients. and it is truly nstomsh
i ing to see poor con unqcivcs tli.it have lo be
’ ■ lifted out of their can ■s, and in afi w months
! healthy, robust • <-r o s |>n Sl'll ENCK ’S !
PULMONIC SY '. U*’. .-il’ \ WEEP TON IC, j
and .MANDRAKE PM ,1 .S are gen i c'l>• ~'| r< * (
qoirrd in coring Com c option. Full do - ctio-ia ;
accompany esc! . ho 1 lirt .my one can take them j
without seeing Or. SchetcX , but when it is con
i venienl it is best ’o see him. Me gives advice j
ree, but for a thorough exiniM intiori with his |
; | Respir*meter Ins fee is ihree dodars.
Please observe, when purchasing, thnt the
j two likenesses of the Doctor—one when in the
j last stage of Consumption, and the other ns he
i now is, in perfect health—are on ihe Govern*
j menl etamp.
K*ld by all Druggists and Dealers. Price
isl 50 per bottle, or $7 50 the half dozen. Let
■ tern for advice should always be directed to Pr
' Schenck’s Principal Office. 15 North fith st.,;
Philadelphia, P', General Who'esiile Agents: .
Dennis ({arnes A CM., N Y S S (lance, Bal
imme, Md. ; John 1) Park, Cincinnati, Ohio ; I
i Walker A Taylor, Chicago, HI.,- Collins Bros., ;
i St Lou:*, Mo.
Feb 7‘ 1867 — Iy.
Jam<-s K I^mglcy,
Jar C Milbnrn *
C A H Milbnrn.
In the Circuit Court for St Mary’s county, j
hitting as a (kmrt of F.quity
No N K.
F% V virtue of authority vested in me as Clerk
U ol the Circuit Court l>r St Mars's coun
ty, by the “Oslo of Public General Laws” of
: tins Slate, it is hereby ordered, 'lint
the Report of Janies S. Downs, Trns
i tee, fibs] in this case, he ratified and con
firmed, unless cause to tlie contrary be shown
i on or before the third Monday of Novem
ber next ; provided a copy of this notice he
published in the Saint Mary’s Bearim.
once a week for three success! ve weeks prior
to the third Monday of November next.
The report state* the land sold for £.5 22i>
True copy—Test.
CM 17. 1877—3 w.
Hum gjallto Prate '
tM imltral. tsek m LI’NC Vt.\ til, ULAM'LKS,
| mo<-rl>lo skvKlt.ii into * fine leokinir nd j'tritol
1 her*
To kcri-r* (\> ili i>r>'i>sr.vtt.*n i* InrsluaN*. \
I I‘ ißCrtuo tlie i|UUilil) ami (hr •(iisliljr I
mnets tou r.
~ _ •
I In all <ti.n'aws cf Swtao, >,,oii ij
a n ir’. a
or entirely privcnfisl tf pb*'n in time, •"certain
prvvon'ivo ami care for tin - v-olcnv
Price ‘is Cunt) per Paper, o-1 * apcr for tl.
ruEr-.Kto ur
i .V. FOITTZ X into.,
AT tllEUl
Uo. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore, lid. <
y.*€ Sal** l*y ami Slvrvkci-|HTf IhrvugU
' out tlie l uilctl States.
Succeßß*'r t S A Foltz Js. Bho.
For Sale by Win. A. Loker & Co. ; agent
Ixjonanltown. Md.
Not. 23, IHiii; —lv —Sept b’B. 1867.
Apire nnlntnlile and htghlv beneficial 'l*on.
ic, perfectly hnrmlrsK in its compoßtliop,
j being nurelv vegetable. Will cur*
I 1)1 \ U It IK) 1-7 A ;
UFA IIT It I’lt N ;
FKV Kit \ ACS C F , i
Depression ol spirils I
And all lhosedisea.*e.s pertaining to a we tknnd <S
i mptiired con st 11 n 11. m . Miglily rec.-um Milled ■
j o weak and ilehc lie IcmnleH to rcstci. llizm to w
lit- bloom of iie.iltli. 'l' i y Hi which is lh# i
only way to prove its nit riiH.
Pr opt let ora, .
35 Cbeapßide,
For Hale t y N Conrad and J F 1-enwick
Leonard Town ; /. O Smith and J L .WiMuirn,
Ridge ; Bean, A/ckav A. (70., Saint Inigoeu;
J.l .fl Is lan, Great Mill*; J T /fond, IVrk
Mall, and 11 J .’i/arahall, George’s iatund;
and by deale ru I h rouglmiil the country .
( HOK i: ItOTTLi;I) M(|i oits • (fl
t 'lmice Old Cabinet Wbik*y, 8 Bottb* to
gallon, per Dozen. 00 S
“Old ”6 •* “ “ 1o co I
“ •• Rye “ ”H “ “ “ 800 _
“ “ '• “ •• (j “ •- “11 00
*• “ /jo.irbon “8 “ '* '* 800
, •• •• *• “f, “ ** “11 00
Port Wine. 8 “ “ “ 700
.. u c .< .< < lo 00
GCognac Brandy. 8 “ “ " 800
“ “ 6 00
An gust 211, IH(s7—ly.
nAX’INti logjifed tinmsclvc.s at the Sioro t
lately kept by Mr. James F. Abell, in
Leonardfown, the nnder.'ign< ! announce their 0
i intention to keep constantly on hand all ar
ticle* of MKKJH AN IM>K n-Ttally n,et a tih .
in a country establi>haient, which Kiev vvi 1 i
i veil as low for cash or to piinetn.il custom as
j they can be’ purchased elsewhere in the coun
ty, They respect hilly solicit a slmre if pub
lic encouragement and pledge tiiemselvr.s to
\ leave nothing in their power undone to iie
*Vv it.
iaeutiAniiown. Aldt
July 25, 1867—tf.
47 Dey street. New York city.
PortaWc am! Stationery
Steam Engines and Boilers ,
From 2 to 2fD Horse Dower.
Most approved Circular and Uptight Saw
Mill , (Irist Mills, Sugar Mills and ail kind*
of Mining and DUtif.tii.iD Muhia**ry , <5
hand and built to order. M
Shafting. Dullics, Leather ami ™
Rubber Belting, and nil kinds of Irou and
Woo*l- working machinery. <^
X<*' Machinery and Kulroad supplies Os
n store, ami shippt**! at the lowest rates,
aug ‘_ M d, IHfiT liu.
Ihe Pennsylvania House , " •
* No*. 3.77 aml 3.7 *.( C Street, .
Jirttrrrn I. 1 , iim/ ♦ l//i Sfrf* ,
| v
Fiir. umlersigned, Lie o ' th# *
Jjji ie* “.M rll)i> ro ’ I loune, ” Prince
ill fZ < oimiy, rrH[iectfully Jo
mfornis - htn fiomd.-, mid tlie pub
-1 lie generally tfuii he ban taken the nbovr-named
Hotel, and in piejinrcd tn ncconimodale Iran- A
hicnt or pei inanenl bnarder*. Cor transient
biciril sg .70 per day. Thankful forth* flatter
ir.g patronage extended t Inin tn Prince Geor
County, he will be nioxt happy to tsee In*
old fnenda at 1 is new location.
Leominltown, Port Tobacco, Rock
i ville and Upper Marlborough Stages start fiom
iht* Mouhc every morning.
March 28, 1867—if
JAMES H. ALVKV is ar.no'inct*l as a
candidate for Slitriff iu 1809 aril will re-
I eeive for that position the enthusiastic sup
. port of the I’tot'l.lE.
, Sot 11, HC7.

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