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Saint Mary's beacon. [volume] (Leonard Town, Md.) 1867-1983, January 16, 1868, Image 2

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ST. 31 A 11 Y T.T A CON
- u. m ik
• -m- -
(■ V' ! TT-i. M VUV 1.M.1.-I.K
--,.t VS, r J/ ft : ■■
; • tT ] • •
~ . - trt ir :in
( ' ’1 r- .; i ■ ■'
i-ai l - ' ' *
i ■ ■ . ’ ■ - ■
: tlufcclli vfuliliil ■
r ’c- dhir <• u u.< *-r •' : - ■ ;t "
in •r r: '1.,-1T'■ UtlV' .jU.ro The ihi-ddnn
, . ' J
T , i, r> j ■!! ; : 1 '• ‘ ■
▼ult-arcnd | i ' ' " ‘
c : 1••• air ly virtually tmeeu
tJ i • •
I- j If. A.- a I :-rlin - .' ■ • r--m '
. i 1 theory f I ■ : ' -
1i tl ta r. turn *• ■ M-' : *' ’ •“ a
I; ; .■; I i . I.■ 1 llUs aV. ,■ ’• I i• •
- . • :;r I-.-: i- ■- 1 " r - ’’
,r... i t ii■ < mi,! , !■:• ! 71 1 '■-* •
■] ; ■ . ur- r< i tl..- ’• ' l •' :■
, i,t t > l.'.i.i, v. A'.::-,'-' ■ ' n v ' 1
n fin! * r ■ Vi* ant* ot • , an It it.
of Mr. 'l'}mm, *■ ’ ’• I - ' r
•• ! i: v.ic !.• - 1•' n it
i] rr.-'-r, ■ ’*•- t •• i
hi- T-ii in •' •' •'■ Ui ' ' !-i ' ‘
ui ui'* . ‘
vr.y the. if.; ' n "• '* ' Svr ' - "
I, n, or will 1 I '' *' 'i ' ■ *'• ’ “ ' ’
I: iin 1. ai. own;, <• ’■ 1: ■ v ’ 1
- •■ ; him. at ..111-', i hovcnr.r
r - , t ) ur r, M ■ v ‘ ■ ‘
1 . n s ■ ui:!’ •' ■■* '• • " r ’* i;
IV 11'it wli . ' •
I. , : n.ii -1 • I - "
. ,^,-r\ I ■tn t" } < ! !.;• !i
•■a! . Voire llu- 1 ilutit.t of Ini
ii ■ .nill ■■■ ■ lt ‘ ■* •
ii. Miner af sit ail .-at >l\ *‘i-' '
his .:u 11 1 i :i to ti.< ;r >t' ! ‘ r ‘
~! ! it->t in- will tin* 11 •' i ' '' ’
Vi r it. in asni • >-l ’■ t' l '''. ' r -- : ! ‘ '
,!, 1.. | i ::I. ..!•!■ tv ll (t ’ *"' t
7. >, !■ olin-lvrt'l io. ui oi'lni
i,r: .iiscv Lf Mt 1..n act .1 l--i- it ly cit 1 .-
1 ., , .
, r 1 -v?-I '!i <• 1 t;n‘ I.* _r ia til ’■ •
I': : 1 rut ■
in, .I r> j rt . f tl-- rint.-mh-nt
~f !; 11!i. 1 ■:rn '•!■ I' 1' r }' • '• 1 "
. ■ ! ■ T . .
tho j;r. at t'-ty ..f ■urr- ;• ‘ft> tr- ut
t ; :•! t . I m m! ’• r 11 >, '
1, ■:■o' • ■ v. have ”li ht that
V ; !.i V til I r 'it i t itut •a•- ly
,■ i: in v f> v- ] .at- ; ‘■'• v,tvn v, ‘* al I!: ’
' ;
t :
j tin- n■ ai:> r ..f do i t.i '< r <
n. tin 1.1 y :;r '• an m -
;i.i .. .. r i!.. fit. t. Tin- uun !- r o.’ 1
I !s in atMi.lai..-.' up. n tin* ' n;
, x,;7 vi .•_<, iin mlriii.■• >-i ti. . m 0.,. ■:
in Til.y :ir l-'T :ir. ■.
~f niv i ' hr ■ it.; > !' ' 7 '"
mi iuor at-f of in the numl • r >■
1 ~n~i - i nil! and an incr. :im > t , • in in ■
putnhor of school h, '!-■ > n ] -ir d. Jf
, • ’ r , , ', ■. ivant
the J.ri's. n 1 :• -■
in u ■ I ;, n . in
,|u* t ■ tin tai ns 'lit‘. n• 1 ' 7■' 1
„•, n,o v\i.o will take lh<; tn ul ’n to
i;,i|iiir.' tor them. lut '
r-. t'.., t i- . ! <‘tir Jr--i : t -i :• m 1 t -
• tin. ti.-n i' ii.tii.i’.. ly st:j nor to n••
~, w , u J, it n;j r.<l. an 1 i> ' ; ;nly in
(■r, ai in /in a-iiiitv and u-v 'n'ncss, tin n
no ii' Inom, . t; at as!: ’ ' 1 ! ! ’
i \iv*> to it in tin >' ’> at; tt; at J f
i T. pro sure v. ill 1 <■ nta le nj it th- j rc>-
slatur !■• ’ ' ' r
< T 1* 1 ' Sat ViT\
ti...n \inj i t ;:i; *r> o’ : '
’] I o '.i:>t i't ■ n i*. t’ t’ ■ • :
i-truth t\ of the s. lo'ls is t o f;.r nr ■ \vd
fr.-n, th. ! i The s e. ; .1 i . tl ./ t'„.
; V ■ ftl . C. t'.tral hi' s'
. '.mo T; . th i i is. that. : - m ■t r
f nr nii in' r- •>! t .< 1 ur . , p
inn a! | ■■. if,:,., th- ir \ w r n;'_\ i u.-f-t
t -. . : partiican 1 ■ •
inter. t>. ’lhi Kurth is. the <\] ■: -- d‘
t!e*s\ -tent
i 1 f;t.e . f the nr. •t! < hit
p. rini. nhi tit n.'-it Ir; n y :'■■■' ' Wl
, ha ftrs thi i -’i '
he w. ii f in.■' i. lut li.e •r: } :•>
to r- lit- 'v ti -in witut \\ ... ’ Z '> '
snipervis n • the sel 'ls. ‘"lff say?
the v j i ti.,'. t ii> ut. ■ ;he p. v.i r vs- ;
{ > t tr. i. i t r.i tif tl i- to he withheld le
i it le v i rnl altee he a: ti- ■ -t. u
I , .ss will 1 slow if net entirely
V.' \ pt. j'.. ' wet : r :iy :. " ' w
t \ . at; iin i - no:
| \•- ;! 'i ,h run 1, :m • win
is I'. ih d ur-i fs vi.sir.-l hk I
he r tl.an in thi it .na.-> i.o ut .
>t* i i < ■;" •
■ h f mill ti;-..: T .p, ; - >
i; ui t rhij ut
in i, . ■ off ts It is . > \
have a >i..p -\s!eui and will lee....op
es: o ... .. ; • \ ; u. . ■ ..ii : in; ; Mat
'.. n. ' t i.u\e an tth sy-ti in. it
, i’. Ih -il . s tvn p;u i t.t a i ii s u.i u-
C'Ati . > that . Maty la:. ! in lh- ■ Ul -
t ishumn thi 'vt -el . I yi e.r. 1 _l7l
tel i ,s win tet -.in- I'- r t.h u r. --t
Ul :\!.;,iuit of !'.hi •'* pv r - 1.,-'.
. u ‘.ltd wg U i-hu ;al i-.v-ti i 7l
. i i t. r '. in -trtM * ... rn ti. re
.s' iif j r i j Ti ■ -not -in s of I■• >
-h ■ ’ in van w r r uch w- rV
' . . noiny and efficiency
l ’ • IJ ’ I > t ' 1 ■ ■ ‘‘j : ‘‘ '■ •"■''J-
T ’ 7; -IT:- h-r ♦’ - to the
• p •• I. V. hi '. will ,
• r nr. ?in this la ’n ic. It re
• T ; ; s vn a'i y p ;' n a t.t I
-• • 1 ’’ th- V.. r-’c. !.-•• jt -r-iit s h
O] ■ ■ -
. ie s tL e r- r
: i n.t .-h. !j j n. Uy t;.,-
■’! •■ h ■a i ' nr- 4 1: ■re 11;at. -!.- pay- - .
A! !i-h thpr. -• nt F\n>ti-th and throw
. ui, - , n; n its e’.vn r*' - s urns, and
• M inst ad of paying 1 nts
lied t j y n arly 3G
■r. rh ?I ": • r•r‘ln r[ h lie .-el •- !-
In 11.t.i;* - :i• n. it ai'..; - ;- us jas
tt • ■
1 ... *
• ity r-n
--: lr. Tnn'ing, giv f the
M \ -
!:■ i- in hs, i yt ar ofettr pul iic schools.
;>■ tv,i ]. rai.u’ir ;r the h-k of! ringing upon
! >r. 1 . ur- n. - 11.. cltarg' -- iihauv
n - ' r.i ; a i.ei’url airurrat. n soerty.
we 10-. st, tl.al, ill Ti*i ei-unty tliO Mate.
t!ie ! work heeu L It. r done than ,
,in .e.r ■ mi, t..hii _ r all ti diffieulti • into
' .■ n j0,.1 tl, it. in in. r -untv
;■ ‘ , , ■ . ■
-. !; 1 n.• ov in. nt ui; ier the j r -••ut
- \ ,:i I dir. eliv tree. :.hle to the ea- ■
( n v nd.. i ■ r _'\ ->f tie: -junty hup. tm
■i-nt i; ,n Sr. M: ey s, W e _-r.e h : -v,
]■• r'- report.
I r - - h • -ti: n.i* n.y see- nd An
ne, 1 !i ■ er i i, !; 1 \\< ik in Si.
M.lev’s C v. W, iiuve ! - u gelting
•;. . h ■ ■ •!.■ this V. r. Ail ■nr
' ii -. no -: f wi.i it were uni; - ,
have I ■ :t ruj aired, turiu-n d.
.noi ta ei-uti rt-i Me. 1 1 ’Ui* to w of.es ;
. u ••.(• j ! .ii fnrut •iioii tty th*- Ma:<- 1 ’.l'm
vi ]■;■; t, a.iolt, li.-Ve !■• ea i Uiit aiolsilp
■ d with tin- >p> r . -a. l.viry house
},. , a pro-, i ; 1 n .th a snore an i a ,
I, u. I:-' - .ard. In rder t-> g. t the funds j
to ,-, - rv t<* r- j iif and ! n.'d. we were j
I (■< ..ip-Ih'd to sitsp. ltd Sell, olsfor one term, j
V e: d in re in w 1, 'its s are urginth
: need,-I.- _ ’ |
j ( )|;r ■■■•],.. 1-. W .th feW exceptions, have j
I• . eit iioit.g vvi 11. n ali/envr all r. a ne.M ■ j
’ ,-xj.. . us. ti.in ti atti nd hett ran 1
:i t • inct tile re.- in their stu
... 1 , uhi. as i- Usual, say it.uch in ;
I ! ... 11, htlt pi. Ter sta'i-lies, as
writ:, n r. - : an- expect, d to gh w. j
i■ ■ ,■ u j ring ii e tin e fnn of the
jI- v. ; ; ; i the t■ rr ; ilng l< ruts ot
tie- ! iv. :.r. <ur j regr. - is - h .n - .
. i - h in I s o7,
. . increase of
iiulsOG, -6
V niiiuls r oflpupil in I i: ' ; . S'>o
•■!■■: I. !■.•', 1;. ;■ ■ '
7:. . v . 027
1 s> 7. of 172.
. 1 iu
•i-J-T, ' 7 in 1 -t>7, ;-27!
A\. ; . f ,-h sch lar i'n 1' 'h
(■’ 12.< n' in' 1 ' '-7. 1 i .2".
Av ■!- I - ;of. a!i dif'i rent ; r.pil, in
; , th- ii tiii - i -ft-iii - ; l.s of .ur whit •
, ir- n.. -'r 01-goi* _• nee have at;- u.h -1
i-nr lh ; ’f- Se!,lid- war, an 1 wen
ihe I ui’.t wii.eh are r. • h !, and ,
ai, \ ■'■.-! \ ;,-kt d i.-r. all Ihe children t f t r.c
tioiially jirov 1 for
{ a. - f ... !.. is a- ner.i'iy are , mg m!;
o; tin- ol room. 1 wi-h I vu! ! say
th'.. f all of ill tn. T! ■ n r ■ -we-v. r I
ft he S In i Is and T< a h rs el sow It re.
I i-Uei -lh d 1 am with i ur i wn
\7, ha. o i: : so much ■ f u • e-.at.i.-al drill.
s vsll ;a v.:til f- -] et lor es
.l :11.• i o.renn.-lnni'.'il nix. r.-i::, s.
i 1 iall iu a very pr -
n nd - ■ :v
--lus i;ne-s *w
. - ■' -1 mil . : '
ir | -art of tin nitty, s' ill attracts the
It has ac
tent I -- ;eu!i vof In-true - o n. at i'a. - head
r\ VI y
f 1 ■' lh'v Mr - ■
A i,si ;ds aa n y f-r 1 y- in miu.- - vi
\. is v* rv l . 1% st in . y all wl
11 to say thru the Systet
: : .j 1 n el- dig weil ill rid- I n? -y. and
I p! 7 y may
wi-h ami sei k for ta.-ro ot the popniar x le- |
: . i.t in i- i t.<-nil nd ' tv;; - .- i. l!.e\
w h to i.ave i ntro! of the select mu and ,
. 1,..;!.0L1 U.i lit . 1 th.uir isiueali' -ttal
- , . and I think ti..,: -i-u-itive- .
n -- ii- it ii. - \ j iut i.-e. nelusivcev
i.i. n - do ir. in’ !■„. nt e. mj • iter.-; -n ;
•of d..i Idigi . -i intersst-s ci their eitu-lren.
!- d. o i. d; to e’n.a _e all eoin.j iasnt
f;■ Sy -It ■ 1.'...;;;.-- tip.
;, r < el at 1 • it; Si
.. ;
taut resi A-ft tn the up; or section, and.
r v..‘ - ..I lir'si a.; .e f :sr that tio
,n, Mo- n r r d ;g- i.e v i.-r I lo -
Sit vert I iiel ■ lied ; ial tnd ro
i ■ 1 •
hav v tis] ~ ;t. - fear, and
: S-, -■ \ _ do. c u ;;;■ r.! il - i>n.
11. nod. not that J• ; ular i .hueati.-nai
- j lor by i
iti M I. . -iature.
Mv ( ii ,: - have don theif duty.
, - , i !;;t VO die ted V :
list V> ....
.ns,!- fi \] :. nee and :d . y .d.w.y
--.1 1... - . . ti j r- nil, ur i .-;ct ;.o tS -
lary's d oon.'
(s of the Coun
,v. 1 i v '. s :. 11 .ui lif it.- .n
--v’d.u; ido ;;; i to. ottr übh‘.
1 ’: .7 I, o.s well as many others
in tv < and }
..... ii. • . .. 1 i.avi aeicd v;tu a x.cw
,c ;iu ini. I s’- , i ] > l.tc veto; w L la i
v \jilit I. Si ad n.y-.lays.
la , r.hit eo vv i: it ti -• I-'of h- li-'r
R. , o ; C w’n .;. c. • let er ie. 7 .
[ -, to li.e K'.uducss ami V- urti'.-y
w; .*v i: . * } ■ ■ •*• -■' *
can. I . - n • I 5..;.,l a.w, y
that out - " 4 ' - -
in twi> - uU* /e an ; >f-diiy .
(Cor j ftl Beat
Washington Jan loth. 1 v '.C.
r.-piT-'-.- is ag:. ri up* n wh -h. t- the
p* }.’ *.*f this unfortui.at- town, is w rse
{■• 'til- n.-*.-*a! i famine. T:. two
-- jut jt j ’.*• ;i n.i* ry at
rt i ' .I Mt (.’• tj t:r puts on: t-r
--■ r s'.;, tb- r - ■ fas* ti. w have n
lime t L•. ... re tl y .ana
•her at t. -. r k- pus . R-ng. isj • ■•i-
I i -' L . - -
t S - ’
. rranjre i w plaits- tortur
to digr.de ami j urMi unarmed im n ■
at. ' 'l' kucil ss und star,mg women and
for this ( r t bo tl nl\ - oc
r-at i* >n : ir sen pt fat hers. It is
all v>. r\ w 11 f.*r such fiend* inhuman
firm a* !.■ w h Id • •;:* in ('••! rr- t*car
r ■ ti th game ti. y have in Land. A\ bile ,
the war was g* it..' <*n, they were th- fel
lows wh- staved a: home ami shouted‘hur
rah , I - v> I a'" "ti an 1 ri -lore tne mar o.u
Ibig ami k*-cp the Union safe,*’ in U>l. j
Form-v's st y t 1 • ■ st u ftl ir
Now t restored tbo I ui
tl- itsUi.-l - • ; liv.-.-i tin-’ treu.-ure hay-- been
■ am! ir I m.-t a ha.
t--:> are d- in" all la tie ir y w- r to i-:. :tk
up ami u< -tn v what :t east so much to |
■ t.M. In I- .in 2 ov-t the hst "t names j
that so te! ru our legislative, rolls, we
ti re- that •tu m:le man that ever was in
a l ittle, except th‘a of S-hcnek (that |
might v l-utmmr) ?ud lie made such ;••*> i
time away that hr- wit. 1 !u- le-.-n di
live ever since. M hen the rank and till
<,i.t r*. -1 the army at the h< :;nh;' g 1 * t.u
\v..r. it v.asf-r tne r-storatlou vl’the 1 n.on j
a- it w ;s, and a... a the s Idlers sa.-i so 1
belli v’d tin \w*rel. -n st. All the tru
and >_*•■ i d lighting men ay the sane n -w.
! at- i it is only the shirks and hi spital hum- j
i mers, Hi our gallan ay -a-h i mem-j
I of (’onuTi ■*. that now, o:iward-!ike.
ru I -i* the i r v of d ivii with the white man ;
an- i up \v itn the u- gro. _ [
■\\p !.- g<it n. Bank ■’ pardon. We had
f--r.: tteti his gallant and distinguished scr
vi-.-s in the ti'ld, where, tor so lone a
tint -. In tilled with admiral 1 ability the
j iet of C -tiuiiis.-ary General t ■ bio'- ••wall
.iaehsi tbs division of the Confederate ar-
I my of Virginia. ’1 he Cem ml i.-> a mod—t
t■.*.xi and do.- not j-urli his claims, which j
, is tu forgot him. We hoj •ht will
re ivt our aj-olotry ami not teel offend'd.
The condition of the n gn> j> ijiulatiou
! in this lit v i.*. truly frightful and such as
re-j-tiires the iuime-liatc atid energetic in
i’ t Tii n nee of the legislature. Thousands i
I of a! !e-b" bed m irio. s in this city are i
; Without visible J|.(*:.-11S of SUpJuTt. Slid lIVC j
| 1. v 1-eutrimr from door to door ami stealing
whatever they can lay their hands on,— .
! rc are in this city numt r us-org u ized
hau ls of negro lliiev’i sof the met per- j
„l character who nightly commit whole- j
, sale a -1 daring rel 1 erh s in spite of every
j..- ,-aution that can he tal The city -
jail m crowded with n gro tin -ves, dfo.es I
~f \VI ar snt oil t-> he IN nit ntiary
at cv-.t> term of she t’rlniiii:-l Court only i
make room fi-r to w trap to take their ;
- jduci sin jail. In passing rm ofth- new*:
! -V.U],-!, t- s just *■ stullislicd for the \ ■■■m - j
tit the j. -r, <m is as;--nislicd l-> >:•*' th*• ;
itnmeti'c cr v. is of id ic-l odi.-I u -groes '
standing" packed in a s iid sv;— in tV-*t* "f i
the <h--r, waiting, l-u-ek*. t in hat.d, for j
,j, n. all-.-v.-n,-c. W !;i! ■th n gro
ar. tli :■ ih | cud ut ■th ' rity ■ four
citizens for fl daily • ■ : -
tanners are hegtrieg tuem to c -mo to itf
. , rnfry and n eciv ■ good vag s and sh. 1-
ter for timir s-T\i-e<. lint no —.-o 1- ng as
the ji -p e will fc i them and they can j
steal cii- ugii to wear, they will never i
work they are as loppy as they wi-h t--
, he. White this is to iml, no one can t il.
Should you < n j loy one of the numbers j
that come to your dvr every day a-ktng
to lo hired, th. clmncis are that they i
will hot remain oy.ra w.-ek or two, and '
• <J ,t time lie y must have every
k*T It a \ f-r lee-.su re and th* n-" of your
; uw< even: rs in th wi ck r *eive :
iu ry. u t tin n< v timn ing t
tit;,! all v'ur own and your wif. *> cl thing
.• i:.e, with cverv sj non ami valttal hin the '
liottsi', and v>ur wife must *et to w.-rk to
' ; -c! l;i ak fast. Vet. we read of the U UK- j
! \i, ,-kit of th* 1 Fre- dman’s Bureau.
V, c are i-u-i In w h- te st ami d-.oi!- th
f e- ; men 'ti rc, h- * w wll tui v: to w.-rk, how
Huvi'-its to educate tin m*a lv. s .and th ir ■
child n and 1 > ■ ‘ : ■*-• the ir
I-lae, sin soei- ty diow til they-an to vot*
' >;d I’ll olikes* - f-trust, to liee.euo ItU 111-1
1 f Coiiveitli-’iis, and make laws and
i u 1\ e, assur il V, ar ot opin
tluU the Freedman s Bureau doe- not
t. li t’ne truth on all ■ evasions, and that the ;
■ : - {'the i .wl st such
■ I and al it w hsu toss
I , , n teaeie. is a liutohttg f t tiic 1 1 rs:
1V..-a r and has j v.-i a t-n 1 tali tire—lack i
F 1 ;, v's ojiitkion m-twiths!anting.
inti. I i rant. it s ■ . av-ws l.imse’fas
laving been in fuv- r ■ f tli-- fee- nstrueiton
, n ,i" * tigress from the first, so say .
.. . ; ..,1 | ... i>. Mr. Ims *t. Ict -re setul
ing in his' veto, ask, ' Cranks et-inioU of
: . . i. was tl emj ideally pj •-
t.. it. Brant exprCs- -d the same*-pin
k n a j r.-mim ;:t Washington ]-o!itictan.
lenie.l ItJs all vry well
iPr p to 1-e in favor (f it now. since,
kke Tilth-hat Titmouse, hi'f:;-aids have
rid him what to say. Ben Wade was
t ight afti r a! 1 .
r. old I • . ■ s eel rated . r
n-ing tl v . - t with a large
ami j-ret tv g-■•* i e-nni any ef male and t
tm.le is rformers. But it hats now not tin
mi as W '
- ful heat 1 nev
er, dulta Mortimer and the Fowler sis-.
The preset.t company - - :
itul w ilido wel the j,resent day of lad ac
atai. aetres'i s hit's B m- n.
.j. ~ er. is r ....v w.-r rful. ami Mul- ’
: iusi i v rat\-d negi pet rm
, . pay w . for llu tii pass 1 l
. k ; *, it was a s
mil r ; ark., te > tr-. utnstane- - . t rat s -
n.an-V eftk. ; .t g.k'.gn.k. ito the
I ; lid have gened
• ; Kv. . rug M-.r. w.... .; .vrn.-u ,
-st is still t ■ an - : '
I -... . . -.
\ \V
, . . r or t
' ' '' ■
i v • i i. i *
ton to !;iuua \\r wt * .v ivi
- , - b\ Broug play
■ ; . st wt k ..’ N 1 m - a®
al, drew ptvttv < -t Ijts - - :.i ]-*ay ' !• -
k.-C . -s ; . • W > r*,”‘ ara
n 4. vt think, as popular as times past.
Bt>uj.ham is certainly a finished actor and
ntt of the lest j aust-Ti since the days of
Tn 11-sj-i,. He introduced for the first
uie (we think; Its j-!ay -k --Bavid Cop
']*-fSiid.'’ Brougham, *• the unfortunate
Mteawher, was jn-rtcet and was thoroughly
appreciated It the audience, wae. t--r a
wi-aiir, laught .1 at the pr> }>er tune.
Lull, as Uri ih M cp | layeyl. a hnirablr
He j - haracter of t
i ..: 1 v ~ n a- w Uas v
wl ■■ to see il dot He s i * t have a
perfect appreciation of th - 1 ir tei f
Keep and to enter intf> it wit'i a spirit
which I ” sustainc-l tt.c enure
playmSm; . fthctn -?t eru- Icriß.csh-t d-wu
f r'oer Ln ti. ir llv s at; I called it j-rit
tv go.xl acting. But don't let us cad to
mini the nst of the Company. rh a
batch of miserable aj'.-k g'.cs lor actors i
i never walked the stage ; indeed, it is al-,
most impossible to say which was the
worst, the Company or the Orchestra, tor ,
in truth, both are so had that wc lose our |
1 temper wh* n the curtain is up and our
nervous svstciu gets in a knot when it is
down. VVe shall have V. allach an I I'a
• venport this week at Wall’s Optra Hou-e. !
with their Company. Then we shall h<
bless i with fis t- lass acting, - uly to sp il
us when they leave.
Congress has n t yet got well under
way—things seem to drag. M e!!. we sup
, • tl;- ir blo -1 *n<*u: y t ; th y have
bceaat home for the holiday' and nave
- from timir li.juor and a y t th-y
, • <t • tei ugh of the V\ .i' 1 , n
tangle-leg on 1 ■ ar i to make rhttn savage.
Ikf->re the storm it is gem rally oatm at. 1
in a very short tim-' we shall have i* hot
l-en ugh in the way of Negro tills an*l laws
to make ail hand* start. Tin rc is a storm
of line kind coming and no one s -ems to j
know from which fjaar;- r. It seems to bt .
■ev* rv man Pt himself" as the .Jackass
>aid when- he danced among t.‘ e chick* ns.
Mr. Stevens must b* up to s■•m*sthing. tor
he always no ans mischief when he is
■ juict. When he opens his batteries you j
may rel v on it he will make i rery shot
toll iu some quarter. The ot Janua
ry banquet p:.'- d off in the m- st brilliant
manner. V< u will see ae. nq-o tc n, • -rt
ill the Intelligencer .ofail that was sai l and
done on the occasion, tiiert. tore, it. will
■ he needless tor me to sj>cair of it.
So much f:-ult lias been found with my !
list letter iu conscijucnce of its great ,
length, that 1 shall study hereafter to!
compress as much as .1 can to enable you
t devote more of your space to other mat- j
[From th< Montgomery ('o. *S< nt nul.) 1
Tuk Hon. B. G. HAUIUS.
The True a paper printed ,
on the Kastern siiore of air.ryl nil, iudes-.
eantiug’ou the relative merits of the seve
ral gentlemen whose names are sp not
for the scat in the Senate : t the 1 uited
Siates, (nov pcctipied by the il in. llever
dv Ji-liiisi.n, hut vvl'.ose t**rni exj-ires on j
thy !tli <<f March. 1 sU, and wh**se jdace is
t. bt Gil .I y the \ r nt !. 'gislature, . thus
snca’i.s of our late distinguished IT-pro. oa
tallv in Congress ;
“While wo will not have a word of j
censure tor any one w ..'in out B-gtsiUtur*.
will elect, our own preference for this jtosi- !
tinn is forthe Hon. Bcnjamitu C. Harris. ,
and were we a i.n mbc-r of ttic l.egishitaro
ite would receive our un’tvnn-.-.ts vote.- —
Vet v.e do not propose to raise his name
a: t k,- head of our c damn or to sdveafe
hid claims ; that would he “i \es lab *r
lost." Mr. Harris is n t available; hm
democracy is und -ult. dly genuine, hut it :
.h U'it moi.orn.i ai ; he It. >met. . prin
ciples, but he has not lac late improve
ments; be is too hold, too h'-ti-B too,
candid, too fearless, too consistent ; he 1
w m't tempom- 1 en *igh ; tent saoriSoe
jinncii'le tor exp. -iu ney ; isn f conip*.s<
- i the material that eti'crs into the e*>it.pu
of a modern jiolith ian ; he will do'
i, ry well for jn.st.' ot dang. r. but not for ,
positions ot profit ; ills s rvices ar*' inval
uable in driving tl. enemy from the field,
hut inefficient tu ••■'llcv'ttng t* e spoils . he |
ha- talien upon the wrong times ; hr should
have lived iu the dnys or Jackson, wh-. u ;
i ~*h qu ditieri wore eon .;d- rod virtu s—
u* it iic'rf, when tln‘y are regarded scarce
ly less th u vices."
To all of which, above, we moat hearti
ly sub eribe. e\e. |>t in,so far as it alludes
tk Mr. Harris' a lit god want of availabili
ty •
What Benjamin BT Harris, the hold
and fearless champion ■ f j q' ular right*.
the man who, above ell otiur*. had t.ie
firmness to heard the lion in its
ami to enunciate, on the floor of tin.- Bump
Congress, the mcinorahlo sentiment, that
■ ■ J, pod to Cod th k uth ti ight ■ ■ r
e . lojugated 1" He not avail 11< 1 ['•■v
on such ; al h r lash ! Did his con
stituents so think, when, in B'-l, after
having once tried him, they, the people,
lorsed his availal yby re-elt ng
( ugress by a 1 g 1\ iucr is i
majority And tins, t \at a time when
i hi- name was not even allowed to b- prin
t'- i mi the tieaets iu this cm uty, l ut w here.
■notwithstanding this attempt t
ti,'* <{-.;he received a tnousand
majority V
l)•- rather, indeed, has representative
governim-nt so tar degenerated iu these
L nited States that the honesty, candor,
fearlessness and c uslstcuey attrii u'cd to
Mr. Harris iu the above extract, are □•*
longi. r to he considered virtu, s in a public
man k Our Others did n.'t so think, but,
! on the contrary, were --•> extrem- ly eau
, ti-.us tu t'.r.' regard, that into the .tain,'
of t: mo it'ner than men j -<s- sed * t sti-.-h
,s ulvl t h ; •’ at rust t..
honor ; I dignity the Stat
W e h-T-e, therefor* it tl mcmlvers*
~f our i :■ s- nt legislature will give to this
- - . t careful let iou it
serves, and i t sufi th mselv stu be in
luei Iby tl son so loss jar gon of iuteres
i d j luce-hunters, who, regardless of the
.. nty a . ir ter of th State, advo
ute t! iims of that man only who will
Ut most likely to lend himself to t
i ■•!:.; h'luu*. :.t of tr.. ’r own -elfish u. signs.
B. • " cling Mr. H irris to t Senat
of the I ted States, the Legis itun ■-
not on', v re tied the will ■ f mc.r e t.stitu
uts, at i give new life and vig *r to the
, git - f th< State, but, at t
ti , send Joy and glad ss to :■ irts
fall tru Dem 'ratst n igh att un
try .wl are 1 ■ king ' m srd, with a ix
ivut tet>, t fhv r*-uhr n*u>a? f -*#
- ■■ ■*——
prineijdes of justice and right f*w which S
tiiev have ever conten.ievi, and to which
the country is indebted tor ail its past and ,
pr**grvsivo greatness.
Il in I net oi t use very princi
ples that Mr, Harris, whilst in Congress,
s * ie'alousiy labored. and f r width ho has
endeared himself not only t his immedi
a;e constituents, but to the Democracy all
over the country.
Ever dignified and courteous in h.s
manner, vet firm as the “Bock ot tiibra.-
ti : . ■ be w. old, if elected to the Senate of
ti.e Unite i St it-t s. be an ornament there
of which Maryland might well be j>r*'ui,
for now. more than ever, the c untry
needs the presence of just such men in the ■
councils of the nation.
And, so believing, we go for Benjamin
B. Harris before the world.
‘•Their Name is Legion," may be ap-*
plied t*> the innumerable di-eascs to which
the skin is subject. It would be well for
tl; so who are afflicted with apparently
1 neural lo ulei rs. ('id son s. erysipelas and
ruj tions, to u- Gract sCelebrated Salve.
I which cures in a very short time, cute,
burns, sc.dds. flesh wounds, Ac.
On the ‘Jih inst., bvtheßcv. Mr. Mtr
phv. \VM. S. BO 1* BABE to Miss Oil AK
-I.OXI KBIT f li Kit.
On the loth inst., by the Rev. Father
Iv ine. K.N l J N( >KRIS to Miss
Or. the same day, by the Rev. Father
Dewolf, JOS. F. Bl \ to Miss MAR
On the ISthMn*!., by the Rev. Father
Eulers. RICHARD T.* ABELL vo Miss ;
At the residence of his brother-in-law
iu Patuxent district, on Frkitiv morning
! last, JOHN F. CAMPBELL, aged about
35. May he rest in peace.
At the residence of her husband in
Patux-ut D.erk-t, on the l-lthiust , Mrs. i
( ALBERT WOO!). , <
On the morning of the 14th instant,
Mr ELEANOR MiI,BURN, relict ..f i
the hit • John Milburn, in the SOth year
of her age
On the loth intant, after a lingering
illness. JOHN J>l NAM AY, agid about'
00 v 'ars.
Uu the ntorniyg of the 11th instant, of .
Pneumonia, Mrs. ANNIE BISCOK, eon
soft of R 'bert Biscoe, in the liFth year
! of her age.
On the the loth instant of Pneumonia,
W.M. <i. GREEN WELL, aged about 45
On tlie Ist itisti n t, at his rcsidene * in
i litis eountv. Ov*\\ ALD B. BROOKE, in I
• the 73fd year of his ago.
Tito rude blasts of Winter are upon us: ,
j the tree of life has, again been shaken ; ;
aiiotlu r of its branches has fall-n a wav 1
■ Another link has been broken which binds 1
the present to the past I True, the sub- i-.
ji ct of this notice had reached, and even
l exceed© 1, the full period allotted to the I
life of man ; but his demise has left a void
in society which mortal endeavor na
seek in vain to lid. In j>ers>ui. in habit, 1
in manner and in character, Mr. Brooke
was a true n prcsent.itive. both traditioii
, al and Jiistorie, of the proud old century
: which gave him birth. Iu him were haj>-
pilv hh-nded all the elements which eon
' stituts the man and the gentleman ; for. j
; to the austere virtues of The past, he ad- '
d -d many of the graceful aecoii.p!l'iimenta
|of the present age. A philosopher by ,
temperament ; en r a true friend, nor ever (
bug an enemy ; ex voting to bluntness, :
vt>t ever generous and ehivalric ; h:s faults, J
;ifhe ha t them, are obscured from or
view l y our vivid n collection of his many
>lr. Brooke wa<, wo believe, a lineal
! descendant of Oswald B. Brooke, who
i hel l the jio.-ition of j rivate Secretary to
the first Lord Baltimore. From that pc-'
riod io the jr- -*nt, his family haVe rest- 1
ded in tiiis county—rand have been imbu- |
ed with that t ue catholicity ofsjorit vvltich
tna-h* illu.-trions the care- r of ttte jiatron
of lb-ir anc'-ator. The deceased was not
remarkable for his observance of tic /’-ntm
of religion, but in spirit none w-re .truer ;
than he. L- tus hope and trust, there
fore, that whatever of careless omission
inav be eljarged to him as a practical
Christian, has been more than counterbal
anced bv !iis faithful and untiring devo
tion to the spirit of true Biinstiau philoi
ot)!l V". 75 j'ivtrat in jKlif.
i_ .
To Atlnii;iistrators f Executors,
| AM required t ■ cr.fi :1k- attenrion of all \4-
I i;ii:...'tra(ors ami Kv-cio.crs w ho-r ailtnnos
tr are < i.; tv lb in twelve months s)u*l
. - , ud tn
( . I ’ . er.il Laws. liaut ss from
the Circuit Court have hcvn referred to thA of
(iee. and it is essential ill many instances that
the K\( > uto: - .-"1 Administrators should pass
theif :iu .; " ■ ouiitj 1 would also call th*- at
liait.oti of Ca.ir ii.o!- t .Srti n L '., Arti ic :■ t.
Code Pui ;. Ce-liTral I, ,s. in reUrente to a--
J. T. M. RALLY',
S Leg.ster.
Jan, I*., IsOS—tf.
Lcoiuiriitotcn, M l i
His coran.cr.rc .jthe practice of ; .i> profi>. i
* ntn Lft ' mil wt, st. Mary * County. Md
1 prompt y att t i *to sni busii r*
. :.tr - te-1 to : - care. 11 may always le
f un !at the U:nc of lht t aiur.asiaoL.ers
vu r t
Dec 14, lg6o—tf
Public Notice.
There will tea m ‘ting * f:hc Orj hans’
Court • n Tuesday next, the til st instant.
Bv rder,
R. gistcr of Will*.
Jan. 10. I*o*—lt.
1 i
Trustee’s Safe
of valuable
I¥Y virtue of an order from the Circuit
3 Court for S'int Mary's county, sit
ting a* a Court of Equity, and hearing
. d;\ - e ot the 4:h day of January. ISGB. the
un ior.-iguoa, as Trustees, will offer at
pub lie sale at the Court House door iu
Leonanitowa, on
j.'l uesday, the 11th day of Feb
ruary next,
between the hour* of 10 o’clock, a m and
4 o'clock, p iu., the following real estate,
to wit :
All that part of the real estate f *nncrly
owned by Jeremiah Artis, deceased, which
wa* s 'ld by the late George C Morgan, '
as Trustee, to Jeremiah Artis, Jr , and
which embraces part of th* tracts of laud j
cal ed
lU'dl NECK;
Taylor's Choice.
Thi* hind has the advantages of a wa
ter location and has fair
and otlo r improvements upon it. The
soil is l'O'hl and well adapted to the cul
ture of
To persons wishing to engage in the ;
Oyster business this property off rs many j
oxcelUnt :J vanfaffes., and for agricultural
purposes it is sufficiently large for the
present labor system.
a* prescribed by the‘order. are CASH.
Upon tlie payment of the purchase mo
ney, the Trustees, will execute a deed to
the purchaser, free, clear and discharged
from all the claims of the parties to this
suit and of those claiming under them.
11 FORD.
Jan Id, 18G7 ts.
A Book for every Southern
m.*T' Ktluciituiy thi Orji’uin Daughters <•/
the South.
Just published in a neat and attractive
volume, of 524 p iges. I'd mo , printed j
ou super cal ndered paper. Embellish- I
ed with as Kinb' matic Frontispiece by j
Sheppard, in tar o n tine and superb I
bin lings, at £2, £2 s'*, and §0
pn- c py. j
A Second, Revised, and Enlarged Eui- i
tion of
The rapid sale of the “S uthern Poems 1
of the A\ nr," induces mo to offer to the i
public a Seem i Edi’ion—Revised and j
Enlarged, with many New Poem*, which
1 1 is hoped wi 1 enhance the interest and j
; value of too book.
; lam most grateful for the kind recep- |
lion which this collection of Poems has j
met with—and the sympathy and gem r- j
us aid whicji has thus far attended my |
efforts. Already, through the means j
! thus acquired, 1 have provided for the '
maintt nance and cducatioi of twenty-five !
Southern girls, and 1 trust that the sale j
of another cdi/imi will enable me to accom
plish a* much more.
I app al to all go d people to aid me iu
this effort : o prov.de for the worn- n of the
South, (the future mother* of the coun
try.) the timely boon of cducsti n. Many
of t hi?e •children are tiro orphans of sol
diert, from whom they have inherited no h
ing but an honorable name, and the last
hours of more than one of whom I wasen
abled .to s >othe by the promise that I would
do something tor the little ones they left
behind them. That promise, I trust, this
humble effort may enable me in part to
Iu soliciting orders for this New Edi
tion. which may he considered almost a
New Rook, the Publishers will sirnp'y add.
that in co-op* rating with Miss Mason in
the truly laudable object contemplated in
publishing this volume, neither pains nor
expense have been spared tj) is-ue it in a
stile of elegance and neatness, to compare
favorably with any sirui'ar work published
in thi* country.
Sent by Mail, prepaid, on receipt
j ,of the price, for either style.
MURPHY A CO.. Publishers,
l v 2 Baltimore St., Baltimore.
Jan IG, I^GS.
ill J i luu.
I'nitcd tildes Internal Revenue,
Asst. A?csor’s Office, sth District, MJ.
Leonardtown. Jan. 13, 18G8.
ALL persons in lOth division of the
sth District of Maryland, who may bo
subject to A-scssiucnt f.>r Income or Spe
cial lax under, the Is terral lb venue laws
< f the United Ctat s for the yea* ISG7,
. r.-resp-•of.n y requited to make their
returns to me *
Ac-t Assessor.
Jan IG, 2t.
• Administrators 9 Sale
n v virtue of an order from the Or
j 13 phan*? Court of Baint Mary’s ceutw
{ ty, the undersigned, Administrator* of (.)<
B Bit* ke, late of said county, deera.vd.
, will uffet at public sale on the prettrises
: iu Patuxcht district, on
THURSDAY, the 23d January ncsl.
between the hours of 10 o'clock, a m and 4
o'clock, p in., the personal property of
the deceased, consisting of
Terms of sale, are : For all snms often
‘ dollars or under, cash ; for sums abo*fi
' that amount a credit of four months will
be given, with security to be approved by *
the Administrators.
Jan IG, IS6S—ts.
OTIUE is hereby given, that at the
i i expira'ton of thirty days from this
j date, the undersigned intend to apply to
| County ( ommissioners of Saint Mary's
county to locate a public road, coauneno*
mg at a Holly Tree whore once stiod a
Sehoi'l House, being on the land of Col R
H Miles, and running thence through the
lands of Win Mattmghy of Win., Col R
H Miles, Mr.*. R. Cheseldinc, Mrs. G.
Ihoinpsou. J. Bernard Long, Darnel J.
Pay ne, John Morris and wife, and the
j “Elm barm, to a boundary chesnut
i standing at the corner of said I’avneV
I farm ; or to take sueh other course as the
the examiner's appointed by the County
! I oii.uiissiouers, aforesaid, shall iu their
judgment and discretion think best.
& others.
Jan IG, lSb'B—3Uj*t.
Joseph T Ward & Christiana Ward
his Wile & others,
A T Johnson Sr others.
In the Circuit Court for Si Mary’s county,
silting as a Court of Equity.
No IS7 E.
B 5 virtue of authority vested in me, a**
Clerk of the Ctrnrt Court for Saint Ma
rt’s county, by tlie “(.'.Hie .( Public General
Laws” ol this'Stat*', it is hereby order—
e.l that the Amltfor’s Report, tiled in
! ibis case, be ratified and confirmed, un-
J less cause to tire contrary !*• shown on or In fortr
| the tlnr.i Monday of Mu eh next; provided
! copy of tiiis notice be published in Iho
Saint Mary’s /‘ntron, oncC a wet k for three*
i sit vesstve weeks pirnr to the third Monday
of Mwr b nest
True copt —Test ;
Jan 10, 18 8— 3w.
Win M Abell. Adtnr., of
Louisa Dean,
Ellen S KChard 8. others.
In the Circuit Court (or St Mary’s County,
ruling as a Court of Equity.
A . f_o N E.
83 \ virtue ot authority vested in mo, as-
S 3 Oik of ibo Circuit Court for St Mi-
I \’s eotinty. by the “Code of Public Gene
ral I,ius ot this .State, it is hereby ordered
ii.st ll.i And 1.., Report lik'd in this cose r
| ■ ratified aid cvi firmed, unless cause to the
I contrary be sliioku on <r before the liiir.l
Monday ot Mari}li next; provided a copy of
I ibis order be pubi-bed lu the St Mary’s
; it ic- ii. onee . week 1 r three successive We* ks
i prior to Die third Monday iff March next,
. . .INGA C MAi-IER, d’k.
1 True olpv — 1'
d.Nt . A. CAM ALTER, Cl’k.
Jun IC, 18C3—Cw.
3 -dub M Risi ih*. Adtnr of
j Peter P Smith,
Thomas U Drayton A Co.
| Iu the l 'ircuit Court lor St Mary’s county,,
bittii.g as a Court o( Equity.
No bl N E.
BV virtue of authority vested in rn-*, as
Clerk of l!i3 Circuit Court for St Mary’s
I Countv, I v the “(Vide of ‘Public General-
I I 1 ,aw” of this .State, i* is hereby ordere 1 tint
: 1 ibe A mlitor’s Report filed in this cause be rat
i ilied .md confirmed, unless cause to the contra*
, j ry be shown on or before the tenth day of
( February next ; provided a Copy of tins or
j der be inserted in the St Mary’s Deacon,
! fiticc a week for three successive weeks piior
to the sai 1 tenth dav of Feliruary next.
k j JNO A CAM A LIEU, Ci’k.
True cojiv—Test;
1 Jad 16, 1808—3 w.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the trubtcrifcer
Inis ojn.lined from the Orphans Courf of
St. Mary sl’ounty, Maryland, letters teslamon
tarv on the personal estate of Janies L Foiwclt,
t tale t St. Mary's . utility, deceased. All persona
. liaring 1 aims agaiii-t the said deceased are here
:by warm 1 to rxhil.il itir same with pro[*cr
| "oucln rs then <*f. to the subscriber, un or \>vfor
the hist day ol July, ltu>B, otherwise Ihvy naiv
j be excluded by law from all benefit of the said
estate. Given under mi baud this loth day of
Jan 18oS.
j Executor.
Jan lu, 136S—4xv.
fkJOTICE is hereby given, that the sularribcrs
■ h.oi from the Orphans’ Court of
St. Mary .-County. Maryland, letters of ndniinia
‘ tranon on itic persona! estate ot O It Hnxvkr,
1 late of St. Mary s county, deceased. All
C [versons hav H.g claims a-ain-l the said deceased
- arc liervliy u .trued to exliil>it the same w ith uro-
B per v..... in rs : reof, the sutjsrriber*. on cr be
fore the .'’■l*: >l,iy of July , I*sB. otherwise they
• mar be excluded uy htv\ from al! !*enefit of tb*
r said estate. Given under our hands/.hi* lf,tb
dar of Jan., 18t>8.
4 Jsn 16, 1868— 4t.

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